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My Own Masterpiece (On Your Skin)

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Minhyuk stared at the colors too. “Huh,” Minhyuk huffed “I guess you have 3 soulmates.”

“I-I guess so” Changkyun stuttered. Minhyuk seemed to shrug it off, “We can figure it out after I nap.” Changkyun was hesitant but obliged.


When they woke up it was because Lihyun was shaking them awake. Well, Kihyun was only gently patting Changkyun’s face but was aggressively shaking minhyuk back and forth.


“Yah! Wake up lazy!” Kihyun huffed at Minhyuk angrily. “I’ve been trying to wake you two up for the past 10 minutes!” Kihyun took the edge of the blanket wrapped around them and yanked it off.

And that’s when he had took notice, There was orange and yellow smattering the skin all over Changkyun’s legs. Gold was also all over Minhyuk’s arms and a bit on his neck where Changkyun was tucked his head in while they napped.

“Minhyuk is also your soulmate?!?” Kihyun said, incredibly. Changkyun could only nod as that sentences brought the attention of the other members.

“How many soulmates do you have?” Wonho asked, his eyebrows furrowed. “I... have no idea” Changkyun truthfully said.

As leader, Shownu was quick to take charge of the situation. “Okay now that we have established that Minhyuk is also your soulmate, we can have dinner now.” Everyone agreed wholeheartedly. Changkyun had forgotten that they all just came back from practice, they must be really hungry. He felt bad for holding them up from eating and also…

“Ah! Kihyun-hyung! I’m sorry I didn’t help you with dinner today!” Changkyun apologized, eyes downcast. Kihyun’s lips twitched up in a smile, “Hey, it’s fine. It’s not like I don’t know how to cook without your extra help.”

Kihyun patted him on the shoulder and everyone could see the color peeking out from his wide-necked sweatshirt. The silver reflected off the lights as they got up to go have dinner.


Things were looking up for Changkyun. The other boys were nicer to him and talked to him more, still not at the skin ship level yet but they were slowly getting there.

After the Minhyuk incident, Minhyuk was extra affectionate. There wasn’t ever a time you could see Changkyun’s skin free of Minhyuk’s sunset orange and yellow. Some common places you would see color was: yellow and orange on his arms and sometimes of his knees; red on his knees, arms and occasionally his back and shoulders; and silver on his hands and wrist and sometimes the nape of his neck.

All this affection and really getting to know Minhyuk was making him fall. Hard. He could always feel his heart skip a beat whenever Minhyuk smiled his famous bright grin. He was glad Minhyuk was his soulmate.


Changkyun spotted his next chance for his next hyung. The sleepiest boy, Hyungwon. They had come back from an extra-grueling practice, nonstop for almost 12 hours and only 10 minute breaks every 4 hours.

They all shuffled to the car, too tired to even lift their feet. The boys all sluggishly sat in their seats and promptly collapsed in the uncomfortable car cushions.

Changkyun would usually sit next to someone he was familiar with, like Jooheon or Minhyuk, but today he didn’t even take notice. Too exhausted to care, he flopped into the seat right next to the window so that he could rest his head on the glass. Hyungwon, very slowly, sat down next to him and immediately started to lull to sleep.

Throughout the ride, his head rocked side to side or wherever gravity and physics decide to move his head. Changkyun, despite being half asleep still noticed and grimmanced . He’s going to have a really bad kink in his neck when he wakes up.

Changkyun decided then and there that this was his chance. He rubbed his eyes awake, and nudged Hyungwon awake. He didn’t wake up. That’s fine. I’ll just push his head onto my shoulder instead.

Gently pulling Hyungwon’s head onto his shoulder and placing it down caused a way too recognizable lightning strike on his neck and shoulder. Right where Hyungwon’s head lay.

I guess the gods decided also that this could wake Hyungwon up and he shot up (narrowly hitting Changkyun’s face in the process). Hyungwon stared at the place where he had felt the electric pulse on Changkyun neck with half open eyes before realizing what it was.

Changkyun did know what it was though, just by the feeling and scrambled for his phone’s camera to really confirm it.

And there it was, a royal blue mixed with some lighter and darker shades on the crook of his neck, dipping beneath his collar.

What the hell, Universe?