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My Own Masterpiece (On Your Skin)

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Changkyun looked in horror at the shades of silver slowly creeping their way up to his wrist and stopping just past his carpus. Kihyun dropped the knife and stared at the blossoming gold on his knuckles, also spreading to where Changkyun’s had stopped. Kihyun blinked once… twice, before coming back to reality.

“I’m your soulmate? But I thought Jooheon was already yours?” Kihyun thought aloud. Changkyun was bewildered as well. Though it wasn’t uncommon for people to have multiple soulmates, he didn’t think that the universe would grant him such a blessing of numerous partners to love for all eternity.

“I… don’t know, hyung.” Changkyun faltered, maybe the universe was that kind.

Meanwhile thoughts were racing through Kihyun’s head.

Oh my god. He’s my soulmate. But he probably only likes Jooheon, I won’t have a chance with him. I’ve been too mean for him to forgive. But he forgave Jooheon and they’re best friends now so I have to have a chance!

Kihyun’s thoughts quickly caught up to his mouth as he, quite abruptly, yelled out,

“Changkyun I’m sorry! I’m sorry how I treated you, you didn’t deserve it!”

Changkyun was startled by the sudden volume change but smiled and responded,

“It’s fine hyung, I understand how you feel.” Kihyun wasn’t much for skinship so he only grinned and thanked him before glancing at him a bit longer and continued working on dinner. He had realized they had spent way too much time distracted by their soul marks and that the other members would be coming home very soon.


That night at dinner the boys were pleasantly surprised with warm food countering the frigid air outside. Kihyun grinned in pride and had told them how Changkyun had helped. Changkyun could feel his cheeks heat up in embarrassment as they all turned their attention on him.

“You did good kid”, Wonho complimented, Changkyun mumbled back a thanks in his embarrassment and shoved some of the food into his mouth. Damn, it really was good.
The atmosphere seemed to shatter for Changkyun when Shownu asked him,

“Hey, what’s on your hand?” Changkyun had hoped he wouldn’t notice. Changkyun thought for a second before figuring he shouldn’t fib in case it backfired and they would go back to hating him again for lying.

“Umm… It’s Kihyun-hyung’s soul mark, it appeared on me today when we were cooking” Everyone’s eyebrows seemed to furrow or shoot up.

“So Kihyun and Jooheon are both your soulmates?” Shownu questions, and both Changkyun and Kihyun nod.

“Well”, Shownu sighs, “Just don’t let it get in the way of the group okay?” Changkyun and Kihyun nodded with understanding again and the rest of dinner goes on smoothly. Well, other than the occasional glances from Jooheon.


After finding out that Kihyun and Jooheon were soulmates they talked to him more. Jooheon and him had more casual conversations everyday and soon became very close. Changkyun is falling in love with Jooheon. He never meant it to happen but speaking with Jooheon everyday and noticing small habits and his heart melting everytime Jooheon smiled at him made it unavoidable. Honestly, who can’t help but falling in love with the beauty of Lee Jooheon?

Kihyun is also getting closer to him too. They make dinner together every night and there is always conversation. Kihyun asks him about his day and Changkyun responds. When he messes up in practice and Wonho blows up Kihyun is always there to defend him and so is Jooheon.

Somehow in the midsts of all the preparing for their debut Changkyun has falling in love with both of them. Luckily for him though, they’re both his soulmates.

The other members also seemed to be nicer to him. Changkyun has no idea how it happened but he wasn’t complaining. Hyungwon made occasional conversation and Wonho and Shownu would also talk to him sometimes. Changkyun was just happy this would make his attempts of getting closer to them easier.


The change in attitude towards him made it easy to start getting ready to get closer with his loud and clingy hyung, Minhyuk. He had to tread extra careful with this hyung as Changkyun knew how angry and how much he had hated him but he seemed to be okay with him now so maybe he would let his guard down a little.

His chance had come one winter afternoon. He and Minhyuk were the only ones at home while the rest were scattered among different idol duties. Changkun walked out of his room to see Minhyuk shivering in a blanket cocoon watching TV. He took soft quiet steps toward his hyung before asking,

“You seem very cold hyung, do you wanna cuddle? I’ve heard that I’m very warm.” Minhyuk beamed a bright smile at him, opened up his cocoon and patted the spot next to him in an invitation.

Changkyun grinned right back at him before jumping into the space next to Minhyuk. Changkyun’s basketball shorts ride up a bit as Minhyuk wrapped his arms around his shoulders and throw his legs on top of Changkyun’s.

And that’s when both boys had felt an electric shot suddenly burst on their skin. Both of them looked down where they felt the shock to see right where Minhyuk’s legs had rested orange and yellow were now splotched on Changkyun’s thighs.

Changkyun froze, only being able to stare at what looked like sunsets smeared around his mid-thigh. The colors spread up his legs, disappearing under his shorts and stretching all the way past his knees.

Are you serious?!