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In the middle of the night

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Subject 329-G was quite … peculiar, the Soldier decided, looking at her from the corner of his eye.


Not the Soldier, James, he reminded himself.


He reached over to tuck the blanket she was cocooned in more firmly around her neck, fingers lightly brushing against the bite mark present. The woman in question shivered slightly, rubbing her cheek against his hand and he pulled back immediately, the steering wheel creaking slightly under his tight grip.


He also concluded that she was special. Important, his brain supplied, helpfully.

He would keep her safe.


He would keep them safe.





Darcy had lost count of the days, probably weeks, it has been since she’d been abducted. Not that she’d known exactly how long it had been- for all she knows, she’d been knocked out for a while when they’d brought her in. Apparently tasers don’t work that well with an entire team of steroid pumped, jack booted thugs. The only comfort she’d found while being tackled against a wall, dropping the groceries in her hands in the process, was that she’d butted her head really hard against the nose of goon number 1 and his blood hadn’t stopped flowing yet. The fact that it was sticking to her front through her tee shirt was disgusting but she’ll take what she can get during such a time of distress.


She had tried kneeing the one holding her up against the wall with a strong grip on her neck but that had resulted in a knife being pressed under her jaw.

“Would hate for a pretty face like yours to die a gruesome death, little girl.”


“Fuck you,” was all that she managed to choke out before something was being injected in her arm by one of the other assholes and the last thing she remembered was being picked up over the shoulders of one of the assholes that wore a uniform that had a skull with tentacles of an octopus as an insignia.

She had tried faking being unconscious when she did come around but apparently she was being monitored very closely for no sooner had she closed her eyes against and tried to let her body go lax against the mattress she was lying on, the metal door (definitely reinforced) to her room opened up with a bang. She would have groaned at the loud noise had her mouth not felt like sand. Or maybe she wouldn’t have – she didn’t want to give them any satisfaction.

“Get up,” came the order in a voice whose was definitely American, his accent was Boston if she had to guess, as a chair was heard scraping on the floor, stopping about five feet ahead of her.

Darcy pushed her hair back and sat up, leaning as far away from as it was possible, pressing herself against the wall and glaring at the man dressed in a crisp pinstripe suit. Had the circumstances been different and if he hadn’t clearly been involved in this whole “kidnap Darcy” thing, she would’ve said that he was definitely hot and totally her type. If she’d met him in passing, the easy smile on his face would have her placing him under the Charming Alpha column in her mind. Right now though, she wanted to claw his eyes out.


What was it that Coulson and Muscles had told her back in New Mexico for such situations? Right. It’ll be hard but don’t panic and don’t lash out. It’s what they want, it’s what they want …

She was eyeing the two guards standing the door, both armed with at least one gun from what she could see when the guy in front of her spoke up. One beta and one alpha. Fuck.

“You might have already decided that we’re the bad guys, I won’t bother correcting you there; that doesn’t work. Never does. We do know you, Miss Lewis. We have been keeping a close eye on you ever since the events of London. And because of your proximity to Dr. Foster, we were hoping that we could,” he paused, seeming to look for the correct word, “settle on something that benefits both parties involved. What do you say to that?” he asked, a grin stretching across his face and arms spreading.

I say fuck you, Darcy thought bitterly, crossing her arms around her middle, trying to look intimidating. Not that it did anything in her favour because she was sitting on a mattress that had been laid on a floor.

The man in front of her bent down to rest his forearms on his thighs before saying, “I hadn’t expected that to work, if I’m being honest with you. Tell me, what do you know about HYDRA?” he asked, leaning back again.

That gained her attention, the quick manner in which her eyes flitted back to his face was definitely what he’d expected if she had to go by the pleased smirk he was wearing.

Because HYDRA was said to have been ridded off when SHIELD had been founded.
HYDRA had fallen after Captain America went down in that plane in 1945.


That was the whole point of SHIELD being founded.


“You seem to be a bright girl, Darcy. Long story short, yes we’re still around. In fact only a small percentage of SHIELD employees aren’t involved in our ploy to … conquer the world if you will,” he said with a grin that had Darcy’s stomach churning.

“Anyway, we believe that having an army from outer space would be helpful for our cause, you know? Or at the very least if we could lay our hands on their tech, we’d be unstoppable.” What the fuck. What the actual living fuck.

“Now, I’m aware that you majored, or at least were majoring, in political science and this isn’t exactly your area of expertise but we’re hoping that staying with Dr Foster for 2 years will have had something rub off on you. Oh how rude of me, do you want a glass of water? You aren’t really speaking like you normally do,” he said, standing up to reach the water purifier standing to her left, but Darcy could only widen her eyes in disbelief at what he’d said.

As he walked back over, he smirked and said, “Ah, yes. We have been watching you for quite a while now. Does the name Ian Boothby ring any bells?” he asked crouching down in front of her, offering her a paper cup. Darcy Lewis, you are not going to crack. You have to stay calm. Make Thor proud. Make Clint proud. Make Son of Coul proud. Which was a difficult task when all she wanted to do was empty the non-existent contents of her stomach.

She levelled her gaze with his and took the proffered paper cup filled with water. If her hands shook slightly while bringing it up to her mouth, either he didn’t care or he’d expected it if the bored expression on his face was anything to go by. While Darcy was greedily gulping down water, the man in front of her, who was too close to her, hummed pleasantly and reached out to pat her head. When she flinched back and threw the cup at him, he caught it with one hand and the other was flicking off the drops of water that had fallen on his suit.

He stood up to walk back to his chair, sitting in it before saying, “Anyway, Mr Boothby has been extremely accommodating. It would have continued to work out had you not placed so many blocks over Jane Foster’s research from Thor Odinson's first visit. I’m surprised someone like you could encrypt files to such an extent but I have learnt not to underestimate people.”

Darcy was biting the inside of her cheek to keep herself grounded. Ian? The adorable albeit clumsy beta? What a fucking jackass. Thank fuck Thor took Jane back to the States.

Which is also the reason why Darcy had decided to stay behind. She was currently staying (renting) at Jane’s mom's apartment with Ian the fucking jackass, packing up the rest of Jane’s stuff while looking after Eric. Ian. If she saw him again, she’d rip off his limbs. Or tase his balls. Both – she’d do both.

“So basically, we require someone like you to help us get what we want. HYDRA can be very … rewarding.”

Darcy took this as her cue to speak up, “Listen up you bunch of megalomaniac Nazis. First, I’m Jewish so there’s no way in hell that I’m joining your fucked up organization. Second, tell Ian to suck it because if SHIELD hasn’t been able to crack my encryption, there’s no way he will. Third, Thor will rip off every limb of yours once he finds you. And lastly, fuck you,” she spat at him.


The man in front of her wiped his face using a handkerchief before he was looming over her and because Darcy had decided to stand her ground, he had been able to reach out and grab her hair in a painful grip that hand her winning and clawing at his arm. “Listen up little girl, in case you hadn’t noticed, I was being polite. Also, we can make sure that your friends don’t notice your sudden disappearance before you are let out because we have the means to ensure that. There are a number of different ways that we can make you agree to our every whim and fancy. But for what you did just now? I think we’ll go with the more fun route,” he gave her hair another tug before pulling away and walking towards the door, “You’re on suppressants, aren’t you? How long do you think you’ll last without them. We checked your records, you’ve only experienced one full heat back when you were 15. I’ll make sure you enjoy it this time around,” he turned around to face her when he reached the entrance of her room, “I’m sure you know how powerful trauma bonds canbe,” before leaving with the guards. Darcy let of a wait as the metal door slammed shut and started sobbing.

Over the course of next two weeks, she had no physical interaction with any person. Darcy’s routine was wake up, go to the toilet behind a plastic partition, drink water and eat whatever items of food had been left for her, listen to Mr. Jackass drone over the speakers about what he’d do to her once she was in full heat , making her scream and cry in frustration before he’d end each one of their “talks” by asking her whether she’d agree to help them out. Every time she’d lash out, her room would be gassed and she’d black out. Every time when she woke up after that, a plate of food would be left waiting for her. Her current utensils had been made out of sturdy Styrofoam after she’d tried to slit her thighs open with the metal fork that had been given to her on one occasion. She hadn’t succeeded, by the way. As soon as she’d managed to stab herself deep enough, her room had been gassed and she had woken up to stitches on her thighs and what seemed to be a two hour long lecture from someone who was already set on calling her his Omega. As a punishment, she hadn’t been given food for three days, surviving solely on water and sleep. The third week however, had been gruesome. Whatever suppressants she’d ad in her body when she had been brought in had been flushed out long ago and the decrease in quantity of what little food was being given to her was starting to take a toll on her. She knew it was all being done to trigger her heat and she had wanted to do nothing more than die. Her nails were bitten down in fear and frustration and her lips chewed raw. Darcy would wake up in the middle of the night with sweat plastering her hair to her face. The only comfort that she had found was that her captor had to leave the country for a little while but he’d told her, “Don’t be afraid little girl, when I come back, you’ll be ready for me. I’ll take great pleasure in making you mine.”

Darcy was not ashamed to admit that she had cried her self to sleep that night. It was also the first time her room hadn’t been gassed to force her to fall asleep. Over the course of next few days, her meals had been limited to one everyday. Because they weren’t forcing her to fall asleep, Darcy woke up that night, after having fallen asleep while sobbing and whimpering, to angry shouts of protests and alarms blaring on the outside of her room. As she crawled over to the door, hoping and praying that someone had come to rescue her, her door was pulled open with so much force that it was hanging by the lower hinges only, filling her room with the red glow from the corridors, the sound of alarms blaring through the building louder now, and she was staring into sharp blue eyes from her place on the floor, long black hair shadowing his face. A monotonous voice was heard speaking through the commotion, “The Asset has broken through his programming on Level 2,” over and over again.

Alpha her body supplied unhelpfully.

Omega,” said the man towering over her.

“Please help me,” she whimpered, tears filling her eyes as she continued to look up at the man standing in front of her. She cowered back in fear when another man creeped around to peer at the two of them. The man in front of her whipped around and crushed the man’s neck with his, holy that’s a metal arm. Darcy let out a gasp when she saw the bodies already lying in front of the open door and was dragging herself backwards on her hands when the man in front of her kneeled down and turned his head to bare his neck to her.

Her instincts got better of her and she carefully crawled back over to him, sniffing the air and whimpering as she moved towards him, shuffling on her knees and pressing her nose against his throat, taking a deep sniff and sobbing with relief as the scents washed over her. Pine woods with earthy tones along with the smell of gunpowder, grease and something that was distinctly him.


“Alpha,” she croaked, pulling back to look at him.

And suddenly, it clicked in her brain.


This was her Alpha.


This was the Alpha that nature had decided was best suited for her.


And Jane complained about her partner being a God from outer space.


The metal arm was petting her head and Darcy let him. “My omega,” he whispered again, looking resolutely into her eyes.

The hissing sound of gas filling her room had her whimpering again.

The last thing Darcy remembered before passing out again was the number of soldiers it took to take down the metal armed man who was intent on giving hell to anyone that tried to enter her room.




The next time Darcy woke up, she was not in the cell she had spent the past torturous weeks. Blinking up at the harsh white lighting and glancing about at the sterile white surroundings made hope bloom in her chest. She’d been hooked up to a monitor and there was a drip attached to her left arm and was lying in a paper gown. Maybe she was in a hospital, maybe she had been rescued after all.

All of that however went away in a flash when a blonde woman in a lab coat followed closely by two guards wearing the same HYDRA uniforms as the ones that had abducted her. She whimpered and tried to curl away but the guards were quick to hold her down on either side.

“Ms. Lewis, I’m Dr. Stone. You had been sedated for the past two days along with a little something to help delay your heat. I believe the past few days have been somewhat distressing for you,” Darcy gave up on struggling and bit the inside of her cheek, willing herself not to cry, “There have been a change of plans, if you will. You see, the Asset has never broken through his programming. We have tried multiple times to get him to breed with a number of omegas but never succeeded. You however, your scent despite the fact that you hadn’t hit your full heat was potent enough to break through his programming. It couldn’t have been the scent of fear for a number of the previous participants had been exposed to some stimuli that caused fear to trigger an early heat. Since our seniors never had any success in procreating, the idea had been abandoned and the Asset was used for his true purpose,” she said, drawing out Darcy’s blood and going about things as if it was a routine check up. That nothing was out of the ordinary.


“However, what happened two nights ago was a big surprise for all of us. Which is why we decided to change the course of your future plans. We’d like to test your compatibility with the Asset. I hope you don’t mind the fact that we took the liberty to groom you to make look more… presentable if you will.”

Hot tears of shame were running down her face and she tuned out whatever was being said to her.

Why hasn’t anyone found me yet?

“I’m going to administer a small dose of a sedative to help you relax, Ms. Lewis. I wish you the best of luck.”



The next time Darcy woke up, she was surrounded by blankets and quilts and was lying on a really comfortable mattress. She almost willed herself to go back to sleep when she was reminded of exactly what had happened to her. She sat up with a gasp, clutching a blanket to her front upon noticing the naked situation she was in. She pushed her hair behind her ear to look around her surroundings when she noticed the man from earlier was sitting up against the head board, looking at her curiously, arms folded over his impressive chest. He wasn’t wearing the black tactical outfit like that night, instead it was only a pair of sweatpants for him.

“You’re the Asset?” she asked in a soft voice.

He nodded slowly, offering her his flesh hand.

Darcy flinched and moved back into the cocoon of blankets.

Kitten, I won’t hurt you,” the man said, moving over to her side of the bed with his arms spread to seem less intimidating.

Darcy shook her head , those damned tears filling her eyes again, as she spoke, “I don’t speak Russian.”

The man paused and poked at the inside of his cheek with his tongue before speaking in a heavily accented English, “I don't want to hurt you, kitten.”

“You don’t even know me. And my name isn’t kitten or little girl or pet, it’s Darcy! Not Ms. Lewis, Darcy,” she sobbed, her face falling in her hands. Soon enough, a wall of muscle was holding her. The man who called himself “the Asset” was holding her in his lap, pulling anothwr blanket over her shoulders, swaddling her and running his flesh arm through her hair. Even though her face was pressed against his chest, she felt him bare his throat to her and Darcy reached up to press her face against the crook of his neck. Darcy pulled back to wipe away her tears with one hand and looked up at him. The expression on his face was one that read that he was at a loss at knowing what he should do.

“I’m in pre-heat, aren’t I?” she guessed with the way her body felt warm and the muscles in her lower abdomen seemed to pulse.

He man holding her nodded slowly in agreement.

Remembering how he had killed one of the guards using his metal arm, Darcy grabbed onto the bicep oh his metal arm. “You can kill me. I saw you do it earlier the guards.”

The Asset closed his eyes as a pained expression crossed over his face. When he opened them again, he cupped her cheek with his flesh arm and kissed the top of her head. “You are one thing that I don't see myself bringing any harm to myself to, kitten,” he said shaking his head at her

Darcy didn’t exactly understand what it was that he’d said but the meaning wasn’t entirely lost to her. She pulled herself away from him and he let her. She looked at him in disbelief and demanded, “You would rather force yourself on me? Force me to give birth to a child that will be taken away from me for some evil purpose?”

HYDRA isn’t evil, kitten. They want what is the best for everyone,” he said running his metal arm through his hair.

“I already told you I don’t speak Russian!”

Darcy was pushed on her back so quickly she was surprised she wasn’t facing a serious case of whiplash. “If I – if we don’t do this, they will take you to others that will not care for you. They will have them use you after their missions to blow off the remaining adrenaline and that would be your sole purpose,” the man said sharply.

“And you think you care for me?”

“I think I would want to.”

“Then you should just kill me,” she begged, tears spilling out and she’d say it was because of the sharp grip he had on her arms.

“I can’t.”


That night, Darcy cried herself until she fell asleep from exhaustion and it was only then that the Asset allowed himself to hold her.


The next morning had Darcy waking up sweaty and frustrated. The stabbing sensation in her lower abdomen along with the wetness present on her damp thighs confirmed her suspicions. She had hit her heat.

Her companion from the night before was no where to be found and Darcy made the effort required and relived her urge to pee in the toilet that was attached to the room, separated by a door. As soon as she’d washed her hands, she walked back into the room and laid down on the bed. She had tried to pace herself but failed terribly. She turned her body to the side where he had been occupying the bed last night. She pressed her nose against his pillow, breathing in his scent and groaning as shivers ran down her spine. Her breathing was laboured and her skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat. She tried to curl herself into a ball and tried to control her breathing. Letting out a frustrated groan she turned around on her back and reached up to palm her breasts with clammy hands, groaning in frustration when it wasn’t good enough. She hadn’t experienced a full heat a good nine years and waking up alone was definitely not doing her any favours. She had just reached down to press two fingers against her clit when a growl sounded through the room.

She opened her eyes to look up at the same blue eyes from last night standing at the foot of the bed, his own pupils blown wide when his eyes shift to look at the ministrations of her hands.

“Where did you go?”
“I’m in heat.”
I can see,” he said, moving around to his side of the bed.

“I don’t speak Russian,” she said breathlessly.

He finally looked up into her eyes and smirked before saying, “I know,” before bending down to slot his lips over hers. His metal arm held the arm that was reaching down between the two of them and pulled it up, over her head. Darcy whined before moaning with pleasure into his mouth as he settled between her thighs, his flesh arm pressing into her hip.

As he pulled back, Darcy rolled her hips against his, craving some friction, he growled at her, his fingers digging in deeper, causing her to whine in displeasure.

He raised up the arm that was held by his metal one and brought her hand to his mouth, licking at her fingers and humming in pleasure, causing Darcy to buck up her hips again.

Her groan of frustration when he pressed his fingers into her hips again as a warning was turned into a sigh of pleasure as he leaned down to graze his teeth against throat.
“Alpha,” she breathed out, turning her head to give him access to more skin and being disappointed when he chose to continue a path downwards, not paying attention to either of her stiff nipples.

Omega,” he said in a gruff voice before leaning down to flick his tongue against her swollen clit, causing her to moan and push her hips up at his face.

He spent a few seconds flicking his tongue against her clit, ceasing her frantic movements by pressing her hips down using his metal arm, his broad shoulders keeping her open for him without any difficulty. Darcy reached down to pull at his hair, her feet pressing down on the mattress to allow her to rock her hips against his mouth.

When he closed his lips around her clit to suck on it and pushing two fingers into her already soaking wet entrance, rubbing the calloused tips against the front of her walls, she came with an embarrassingly loud moan. Satisfied for now, she swallowed thickly when she looked at him licking his fingers humming appreciatively.

Darcy moaned, feeling the need return again, trying to think through the haze she reached up to press her hand over his metal one. 

When he gripped hers back, she asked him, “We have to do this?”

He nodded.

“What if I still don’t want this?”

He leaned over her to press his lips on her forehead. “They will sedate you and I – I’ll have to force myself on you.”

Darcy whimpered and blinked back her tears, ignoring the confused look on his face when she pushed him back to turn around on all fours, presenting herself to him in the traditional Omega like fashion.

The Asset growled, cold fingers skimming down the length of her spine, raising goosebumps in their wake.

“I need you to trust me, kitten,” he said in a low rumble over the telltale sounds of clothes rustling.


He leaned over her, pressing his muscled front to her back, his erection sliding between her thighs. “I need you to trust me, Darcy.”

“I do,” she breathed out when he hummed and reached down to rub the head of his thick cock against her slick clit. “I’m not moaning out “Asset” by the way so I need a name here,” she said, the apprehension returning when he finally lined himself against her entrance. She willed herself to not shy away. Running away from an alpha in a rut was the worst mistake you could make.

The Asset smiled at the calm she tried to portray for both of their benefit. He pressed a kiss against her shoulder before leaning over to whisper against her ear just as he slid inside her, “Yasha.”

The hype that surrounded the whole heat and rut thing was totally justified, Darcy thought as she moaned wantonly, pushing her hips back to meet his. Despite the terrible circumstances, she tried to focus on the man behind her. She had seen him kill people with his bare hands and he’d been nothing but gentle with her. She moaned again, leaning over on her forearms, allowing her hips to push back towards him, enjoying the way he fit so snugly inside her and the delicious friction that had her toes curling.

Yasha's hands were on her hips as he set a rhythm before he leaned over to grab a breast in his flesh arm, the callousness adding to the sensation she was feeling. He let it build his slow strokes, murmuring appreciations for her in Russian. It only took a few more strokes for the telltale signs of an orgasm reach up her spine and when he leaned over to suck on her ear lobe, pressing his slick front to her back, hand abandoning her breast to move over her clit, she came with a loud shout of his name, her pussy fluttering around his length in a manner that had him groaning. He helped her ride through her orgasm, pausing only when her breathing had calmed down and she was lying limp against him.

He grit his teeth, his metal arm snaking around her waist to pull her hips up. Darcy moaned, fingers clawing at the sheets and blankets under her as he drove himself inside her. The sounds of her moans, his grunts and their combined skin slapping against each other filled the room. It wasn’t long before she was gasping for breath again and when he raised his flesh hand to slap the soft skin of her ass, she came.

“Oh god oh god. Ah, Yasha!”

This time as the walls of her pussy fluttered against his thick cock, she could feel him swelling the base. His knot, she thought as her arms gave away again. He with a loud growl, emptying himself inside her, he walls milking his seed. He turned them around, lying down against the bed, spooning her again and rocking their bodies as they waited for the swelling of his knot to reduce, pressing kisses against her shoulder and her hair, murmuring words of encouragement in a low voice.

She turned her face that was pressed against his flesh arm’s bicep, to his peering one. Reaching a hand behind her to pull his face over to hers, she murmured, “I don’t speak Russian, Yasha.”

“I know,” he replied with a smile, pressing a chaste kiss against her mouth.


Over the course of the next three days, he had made sure that Darcy was well taken care of, using any means necessary to satiate her heat and her need. He fed her and bathed her all the while keeping her away from the eyes the guards that would come into the room with supplies the pair even though they were betas. He nagged at her to eat, complaining that she was too thin, too weak to carry his pups and she in turn talked about her life outside the facility, before all of this.

On the last day of her heat, he took her again for what would be the last time in a while. However this time, she was straddling his hips, her breasts pressing against his firm chest, her clit rubbing against him whenever he helped her move her up and down his cock with his hands. Her own were clutching at his metal arm and in his hair as he licked into her mouth.

“Let me mark you, kitten,” he said gruffly as he pulled away and cupped her cheek with the metal hand. “They won’t harm you when they know you are mine.”

They had stopped moving, both looking into each other’s eyes. “You are leaving?”

Bucky closed his eyes at the shocked expression her face. “I have to,” he said, leaning his forehead against hers.

“How long?” she demanded.
“I don’t know.”
“What happens when you don’t come back?”

The Soldier opened his eyes at the hurt lacing her voice. “Let me mark you. If not me, my mark will make sure that no harm comes to you.”

He ran his arms over her back, both ignoring the way they we locked to each other down below.

“Promise me that you will come back.”

Bucky shook his head, the images of going under cryo flashing through his mind. “I can’t promise that, kitten.”

“If you bond me to you, permanently, you have to promise me that you will do everything to come back, Yasha.”

The Asset sighed before nodding in agreement. “I will try my best, kitten”

Darcy took his face in her hands, pressing a kiss against the corner of his mouth. “Do it.”

The next morning had Darcy crying at the loss of her new mate when she woke up to an empty nest and a still- healing bite mark.






The steering continued to creak under his harsh grip before he swerved their car off the road and onto the dirt. The sudden motion had Darcy waking up from the deep slumber she had been in ever since he had found her in the facility he had left burning a few hours ago. Alert blue eyes took in her surroundings before they turned to focus on him. He waited, patiently, for her to make the first move.


“You came back,” she said flatly.
“I made a promise, didn’t I.”
He shook his head, running a hand through his hair, looking the field surrounding them, “Not good.”


The sound of her unlocking her seatbelt had him looking at her before he raised his hand to shield himself from her assault. “How dare you leave me alone with those assholes! I’m two months pregnant. Pregnant, Yasha! And they kept me sedated most of the time because they don’t cater to the whims of pregnant ladies.”


“James,” he said softly, once she had deflated.

“What?” she demanded sharply.

“My name is James.”

“I’m the baby mama of a guy who doesn’t even know his own name?” she shrieked.

“Baby mama?” he inquired, turning his head to the side.

“Shut up.”

Turned around to fully face her, taking her hands in his, “Did they hurt you?”

“You mean other than the constant taunts about being the Asset's personal whore from the guards, the daily blood tests and the constant morning sickness? Nope,” she said, dryly. “Oh a guy named Pierce was praising my willingness in supporting his cause. That was before I kicked his shins, by the way.”

Good,” he said, patting her head.

“If you act all chummy again, I will eat you.”

Ungrateful little kitten,” he scoffed, shifting gears and driving back onto the road.

“In case you forgot, I don’t peak Russian.”

Wear your seatbelt,” he said ignoring her.

“English,” she huffed.
“Seatbelt, kitten.”
“Fuck you,” she said, putting on her seatbelt.

“Oh we will do that. Women are hormonal during pregnancy, yes?”


The blush adorning her cheeks filled his chest will affection. "Idiot," she muttered.

He offered her his flesh hand, looking at her out of the corner of his eye as she contemplated while chewing on her lip. When she placed her left one over his proffered hand, he pulled it up to kiss her knuckles.

“Don’t leave me.”


“I won’t.”