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Dog Walking

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“Come on Daisy” I called out as my puppy bounded about in the bushes of Highgate wood. She gave a high pitched bark and sped past me. I shook my head and walked on a little faster, my nose still buried in the book I was reading until I heard Daisy bark or attempt to sound threatening at another dog.

I cursed under my breath and ran towards the commotion with my book tucked under my arm, wishing I had taken her to puppy training classes instead of trying to train her myself. I found her up the path trying to face of another slightly older chocolate cocker spaniel.

“Daisy come here!” I shouted, trying to sound commanding, it wasn’t working.

“Bobby, mate come here” came a male voice from just around the corner, I squinted my glasses not quite the right prescription for me anymore. I was sure I knew that voice but where from.

Abruptly the man came almost skidding towards me and stopped before he fell over his dog. “Sorry, I was about to put him back on his lead but he ran off, he must have caught your dog’s sent” apologised the handsome stranger and he was handsome. He had bent down to put the lead back on his dog but as he straightened up to his full height I caught sight of his face. He had kind face with blue eyes behind his black square glasses, a bit of a beard and blonde wavy hair under his hat. I was still sure I recognised him from somewhere.

“Sorry” I blushed, tucking a peice of hair behind my ear, a habit I had if I ever got nervous “do I know you?”

The stranger looked down at his dog and I was sure I saw him grimace a bit, his puppy looked up at his own as if to say “it’s ok master, I’m here” The man looked back at me and gave me a smile. “No I don’t think so”

“Oh” I answered, “I thought I may have seen you around here before” I paused feeling awkward “Obviously not”

He cleared his throat “beautiful” was all he said.


“Your dog, beautiful colouring”

“Yes she is, aren’t you Daisy. She’s a Shetland Sheepdog or at least she will be once she’s grown up a bit” I stroked her head and she sat down and looked back at me as if to say “look at me aren’t I perfect”

“Daisy, love the name. This is Bobby” Bobby did the same as Daisy, I swore he was looking at Daisy and trying to flirt with her, Daisy however was getting distracted by a leaf that was blowing in her path.

“Thanks, she’s named after Daisy Buchanan from the Great Gatsby”

“One of my favourite books” said the stranger

I grinned “mine too” I showed him my well read copy that was under my arm.

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” he quoted. I blushed again, feeling the butterflies flutter in my chest. I was about to introduce myself when Bobby barked again.

“Sorry, he’s getting impatient. I must go. Nice to meet you Gatsby Girl, and you Daisy” said the man, he bent forward to give Daisy a stroke, she decided to roll over in the mud and show off her belly.


He gave me a smile and walked off, with Bobby leading the way.

“Y/n, that’s my actual name” I called out after him.

He turned round, still walking away “nice to meet you y/n” and he walked away.

I looked down at Daisy “well you were no help.” She walked off and I had run to catch her again, vowing never to let my dog off the lead.

A few hours later, I was sitting on my sofa with Daisy gently snoring beside me, I was scrolling through my Facebook when I saw a news headline flash up. Tom Hiddleston out and about with his dog Bobby in London. ‘Oh how ironic’ I thought ‘Bobby must be a popular name’ I nearly threw my phone across the room when I saw the picture underneath.

“Shit, I just met Tom Hiddleston” I said to Daisy, who didn’t really care at all.