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10 Months Old

Spock watched the sa-mekh person stand up from his chair and placed the item he had had in his hands on the table. Sa-mekh walked out of the room.

Spock eyed the item. He wanted it.

He dropped the teething toy he had been chewing on and crawled off his blanket and made his way over to the table. Walking was fairly new to him so he crawled instead. When he was before the table, Spock grabbed the edge of it and pulled himself up.

The sa-mekh person plays with this…thing…a lot, Spock thought. PADD. He calls it a PADD. I want to play with the PADD.

“Spock, sweetie, did you pull yourself up?”

Spock turned his head and looked at his mama on the couch. He liked the mama person. She was warm and nice and had food for him. Spock resisted smiling back but he failed.

“Oh, there’s a big grin,” she cooed.

Spock shook his head and looked away. She was a distraction to his goal: the PADD on the table.

“Are you hungry, Spock?”

Spock reached a chubby hand out to the item and then paused. Food? Why yes I am…no. PADD first and then food. Spock placed his hand on the item and intended to pull it closer when suddenly…

“Spock, rai,” the sa-mekh person appeared and took the item from Spock.

No? Why no? I want it. Spock stared grumpily up at sa-mekh. Sa-mekh looked down at him. Spock frequently looked at himself in the mirror that was upstairs. He thought he and sa-mekh looked alike. They had pointy ears and slanted things over their eyes. But he had his mama’s eyes he had been told.

“This is mine,” sa-mekh told him.


“Sarek, he’s curious,” mama said. 

Spock looked back at his mother. Yes, curious. I like that word. Make him give it to me, Mama. Spock pointed up to the PADD. “Mama, ad.”

“Yes, that is your dad,” she replied with a smile.

No, not dad. I do not know what a dad is. PADD. “Ad!”

“Sa-mekh,” sa-mekh chimed in. "I am your sa-mekh."

Spock looked up at him. Yes, that is you, but I want the PADD.

“Sarek,” his mama said again. "Let him play with it."

Who is Sarek?

“Amanda, he was curious yesterday in regards to my books. He pulled them all off the lower shelves then used one as a teether.”

My mouth hurt and I need to chew on something, Spock countered. “Up!” Spock made grabby hands up at sa-mekh.

Sarek placed the PADD down and when he went to pick up Spock, Spock moved away and went for the PADD again.

“Mine,” Spock repeated.

Mama chuckled while Father shook his head. Spock sat down with it and patted a chubby hand against the screen. It turned on. His eyes widened. "Oh." he said

Father sat down beside him and pulled Spock into his lap. “I was intending to teach you about computers and PADDs when you were a bit older, but we can begin today.”

Okay, Spock thought. But first. Spock held the PADD up. “Mine.” He bit down on one side.

Father sighed above him while Mama chuckled. The PADD was taken from him again as Mama stood up and walked over. She knelt down and picked Spock up.

“Why don’t we go eat, Spock?” she said, adjusting him on her hip.

Oh alright. I do like food. Let us go.

As they started to walk away, they heard Sarek mumbled, “She’s mine, too.”