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Mystic Little Mountain Town (South Park Japanese Folklore/Yokai AU)

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Butters sighed to himself as he looked at the lake water. He knew he shouldn’t be here as it wasn’t safe, yet his heart always brought him back here.... back to the water he died in.... and the place where Kenny had been so kind to him.

His heart ached so bad. He felt numb. Nothing he did ever made him feel happy anymore.

Butters face turned cold as he got lost in his thoughts again.

‘Leslie..... I will get revenge for Kenny! I know spiders hate water... I will drown you!’

Butter dived into the water and a few seconds later sprang to the surface. He fired water out of his beak. He repeated this action again and again, even when he flipped and his water bowl became empty, he just fell back in the water and recovered.

He didn’t care about his own safety anymore.

Someone he loved was taken from him.

And they would come to regret that decision forever!

Butters knew it was wrong to wish such hate on someone, but he couldn’t help himself. Part of his heart was gone and the only way it would find peace was if Leslie ceased to exist!

The kappa finally crawled out of the water and looked at the forest. His eyes glowed dangerously. Even though he was partially blind in one eye now, the hate behind it was obvious if anyone could see him.

But Butters was alone.

Just like he had always been until Kenny had reached out his hand to him.

He regretted so much not realising until it was too late that it was love he felt, and that Kenny felt it too.

Butters shook his head as he walked towards the forest.

‘I don’t care if it costs me my life... no one will care if I disappear anyway.... I can’t let her keep winning! We’ve all lost so much because of her! I have to stop this cycle of death and despair! She has to die! If not than everyone will continue to suffer!’

The water spirit soldiered on into the dense forest.





Butters was starting to flag. For hours he’d been wondering and all he’d seen were wild animals. His skin was starting to feel dry and a headache was setting in. The hot sun was taking its toll and Butters knew that if he didn’t find water soon he’d be stuck. He was severely dehydrated. He held onto to the trees so his remaining water didn’t spill out. If he tripped on a root it was game over.

Fortunately, the kappa saw a grey wolf. He knew from the clothes that it was Pip.

The werewolf boy was alone for once, currently using his claws to punch a tree. He scratched and punched the mighty tree, dodging invisible attacks as well. Butters knew that he was also training.

The wolf growled but stopped when he saw Butters. Pip instantly shifted back to human form and ran to him, catching him in his arms as he fell.

“Butters! Oh gosh, you’re burning up! Stay with me! Oh bugger, we got to dash to the lake now!”

Butters let Pip place him on his back and piggy back ride him back to the lake. The wolf boy sniffed the air the whole time just to make sure no danger got them. When he saw the lake he ran and dropped Butters in. The second the cool moisture touched his skin, Butters felt re-energised.

The Kappa burst to the surface and took a few breaths, “... Thank you... Pip.”

The boy nodded as he collapsed to the ground, his legs exhausted, “It was my pleasure... but you ought not to be out here Butters. Leslie might have found you and then you would have been in a real pickle.”

Butters looked away, “I know... I was looking for her....”

Pip looked worried then, “You can’t take her on alone... look what almost happened to Stan! What did happen to my friends! She is a beast that won’t hesitate to kill you, and when she does she’ll just take your soul to heal herself.”

Tears streamed from Butters eyes as he looked at Pip, “YOU DON’T THINK I KNOW THAT! I JUST CAN’T LET HER LIVE PIP!”

Pip’s eyes widened as Butters sobbed, “She took him away.... she took him away before I could realise how I felt! I feel empty Pip! I know I had a life before I met him and that I should be over this pain by now.... but every time I close my eyes I see him! I see his kind face as he reaches his hand out to me!.... Why.... why didn’t I take that hand when I had the chance!”

Pip sat down at the side of the lake and gave him a sad smile, “.... Tell me...”

Butters looked up in confusion as Pip continued, “Please... tell me how you felt and what he did for you.”

Butters eye still streamed as a melancholy smile graced his lips, “Every time he called me Leo my heart jumped. I always thought it was from surprise, but soon the way he called me just.... anyway..... he’d just sit with me... just like you are now. We’d share our feelings, our dreams. It was mostly boring stuff, but even so I loved it so much. He always knew how to put a smile on my face. Even when I was down because no one visited that often, he could make it go upside down in a matter of minutes.”

Pip listened to his words. He felt a little selfish for thinking it, but the way Butters described it sounded exactly like his feelings and emotions to Damien. It made him realise how much pain it would cause him if the God really did die. It made him boil with anger that Leslie would inflict such an emotion on Butters.

His eyes glowed red as he looked at the crying Kappa, “..... That’s it.... no.... not anymore.”

Butters looked up as Pip gritted his teeth and pure anger took over him, “Enough is a pissing enough! That bloody fucking bitch is getting her arse handed to her today!”

Butters looked shocked at how the normally kind and gentle Pip had changed, “I’m buggering sick of how that bitch treats us! And I’m sick of the rest of us cowering like scared mice! Well, fuck it! If we’re all going to die anyway us bastards might as well go out with a fucking bang right!?”

Butters looked up as Pip glared at him, “You feel it too right? You’re sick that we just stay in the village and try to find safety, yet none of us have actually done a thing to go find her! We’ve been doing this all wrong and that’s what she wanted! We’ve all separated ourselves when we should have rallied together!”

Butters nodded as he got out of the water, “I’m sick.... I’m sick that everyone is acting like Kenny never existed than going after the source of the problem. Yes, I get that everyone is scared, but doing nothing is cheapening his memory! We should be fighting back! There is one of her and a mini army of us! If we band together there’s nothing we can’t do! Fear has just choked us!”

Determination filled Pip’s eyes, “Let’s go!”

He grabbed Butter’s webbed hand and pulled. The kappa flashed a look of confusion at the wolf but Pip continued to walk. He stopped for a second and looked at the water spirit again.

“We’re going to the mountain and we’re gathering everyone... we are making this a fight....”

Butters nodded as the two boys ran. The mountain wasn’t far and in a few minutes they were face to face with Damien.

The God looked at Pip with a worried expression, “Pip, what goi-”

“Call everyone here! We’re ending this.... TODAY!”

Damien looked mad that he was cut off, but Pip’s eyes held something that made the God nod.

Pip smiled, “Time to show Leslie the true power of a wrath God and his spirits!”

Damien nodded as a scowl appeared on his features, “... You remind me of him.... both of you.... he never gave up either... You’re right.... I am a wrath God! AND I REFUSE TO BE MADE INTO SOME PUNK ASS LITTLE BITCH!”

Damien clapped his hands and a faint signal spread through the air.

Come to the mountain..... it is time to fight!

Both Pip and Butters watched from the cave entrance as shapes started to move.

Pip eyes became thin slits as he looked out over the village, his wolf fangs coming out of his gums and his nails growing longer, “Either we fight today.... or we die trying!”

Butters nodded as he lifted his hand. Small balls of water formed in them. The kappa had never done this before, but he knew it would be useful, “No more holding back.”

Damien joined them as his eyes also glowed. Powerful fire danced around his gauntlets making embers rise off himself, “No more cowering.”

They all spoke in unison as they closed their eyes.

“Tonight that bitch dies!”