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Mystic Little Mountain Town (South Park Japanese Folklore/Yokai AU)

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“Did you really think I would be pleased with this?”

Henrietta glared at Pip as he started to cook in the kitchen again.

Pip turned to her, “Well, this is more for me Miss Bigg-“

“DON’T CALL ME THAT YOU FUCKER!” Henrietta screamed. Her eyes glowed intensely to show her displeasure.

Pip bowed his head as the wolf inside him felt compelled to, “I’m so sorry. I’m trying to be a gentlemen so I’m used to calling people by their surnames. As I wanted to say, this food is for me. I just can’t bring myself to eat wild animals. I’d rather eat human food.”

Pete scoffed, “But you aren’t human anymore. Stop trying to conform. The humans would kill you in a second if they knew what you were.”

Henrietta growled, “Not just humans, I will kill him in a second if he keeps this up. He doesn’t hunt, he locks himself in his room, he chains himself up on full moons. He’s not a werewolf, he’s a coward! My brother is more of a wolf than he is!”

Michael walked over to Henrietta, his stick tapping the creaky floorboards as he did.

“Don’t feel bad Henrietta. This is all Pete’s fault anyway.”

“Yeah, don’t beat yourself up. How about you read some Edgar Allan Poe to relax. I’ll deal with the British shit head.” Frikle stated.

Before Henrietta could unleash the small demon on Pip, Bradley ran down the stairs, grabbed Pip’s food and Pip and then ran back up the stairs.

Henrietta was about to yell after them, but she figured it was too much effort.

“At least my brother got him out of my sight. I need a run to get some space.”

Henrietta went behind her screen before leaving as a wolf. She was twice the size of everyone else and her fur was jet black. The others all shifted and they all ran outside to catch dinner for themselves.

Bradley and Pip however were in Bradley’s room. Bradley passed the food to Pip after he’d taken a bit for himself.

He smiled at Pip, “Don’t listen to her, if you want to keep eating this stuff, do it. I actually think it’s better than raw stuff off the bone, and that’s coming from a pure blood. Seriously, chocolate, beef stew, everything you bring or cook is so tasty.”

Pip smiled sadly as he ate, “Thank you Mr Bi... Bradley. I just can’t bring myself to hurt a creature, even for food. I mean when I changed back the first time I could taste the blood. It made me feel sick. People already kill animals as livestock, I’m not adding to the list by killing more when I don’t need too.”

Bradley looked at Pip hard. He could see how much Pip hated being what he was now. He understood also being in a place where you’re hated. He had to stay due to his bloodline, but he wanted to save Pip from his fate. Bradley couldn’t change his own, but he would do anything to help his only friend.

Bradley smiled as he spoke, “Pip... How would you react if I said their might be a way to break your curse.”

Pip looked up wide eyed as Bradley continued, “I once looked into some of the old books my sister and parents used to have. One mentioned a way to break beast curses. It’s more a myth but it may help. I’ve hid this from the others as they are fine with what they are. I can’t sit by however and watch you become more and more miserable.”

Pip put his food down and gave his full attention to Bradley, “If you know anything, even if it’s a myth, I will listen.”

Bradley nodded, “It is said that there are ancient beings with more magic than us pure bloods. They say that God’s used to walk these earths thousands of years ago. They had the powers to shape nature and all life, even death. Many of them were skilled in magic and could gift people powers as well as take them away. Now, they say that all of them left when humanity started to become more independent and find ways to stop them, however it is said that there is one place they may still reside.”

Pip looked at Bradley with all the hope in the world.

Bradley turned to his window as he spoke, “The mountains of Japan. There are many tales of Gods and spirits that come from that place. They are places full of mystical power apparently and there are still tales that say that strange things happen. I know it might not be true, but that is all I know. Again this is just from some books I once found.”

Pip stood up, “I am willing to take that chance.”

Bradley turned and looked at Pip. His eyes were red, but not in anger. Bradley knew that this was a look of pure determination.

“I will do whatever I need. I will go wherever. I’ve never really had a home anyway so I am more than willing to bet everything I have on this story. If werewolves exist then the chances of other tales being true are even more likely.”

Bradley smiled, “If you want to go, we’ll have to somehow get you to Japan you know. Do even know any Japanese?”

Pip’s look lost its edge when his eyes turn back to blue, “Errr.... I know the basics from when Estella went on her different culture craze. I had to learn a little as she started speaking it herself and punished me when I didn’t understand her commands.”

Bradley then laughed, “How many languages did you have to learn the basics in?”

Pip fiddled with his hat, “....I think it was about twelve in the end... But Japanese was actually one of the more simple ones I enjoyed. I can’t read it, but I can do very basic structure, nothing fancy. I studied it myself when I could by sneaking into the library or saving some of the books she tried to burn.”

Bradley looked serious again, “Wow... Estella really is a bitch.”

Pip laughed nervously, “You have no bloody idea.”

Bradley then smiled, “Well it seems you were lucky she did that. And I can help you get there.”

Pip looked up as he lifted his hat to see Bradley’s face, “How?”

Bradley looked out the window again, “I know some paranormal investigators that can help us. They know what I am as they came here once. I managed to persuade them to avoid this area. We talk now and then when we need favours. I often see them when I go out ‘hunting’. They will also be interested to know if the legend is true. After Henrietta gets back and the pack goes to sleep, I’ll take you.”

Pip hugged Bradley then, “Thank you Bradley! You truly are a good friend.”

Bradley’s eyes welded up with tears. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been touched in a calming way. His sister never had, she’d only held him to pin him down and attack him. He had never had a friend care about him like this.

Bradley couldn’t help but let one tear fall as he spoke in barely a whisper, “No, you’re the one who is a good friend.”





That night the two wolves escaped the house and ran. They stayed in human form, but they were still faster than normal humans.

Pip followed Bradley as he ran further and further into the forest, only stopping when they came to a clearing.

Pip sat on a tree stump, getting his breath back as Bradley smelled the air.

“They appear to be a bit late.”

Pip looked up at the pure blood, “How can you tell?”

Bradley laughed, “Smell. The wind is blowing towards us and I can smell them. They’re quite far as the smell is faint.”

In a matter of minutes however, two new shapes entered the clearing. Pip saw that one of them appeared to have a shovel and wore dirty clothes. He was smoking a cigarette and was glaring at his companion. Said companion has a cutlass on his belt and had his blond hair brushed and well kept. His orange top was pristine with puffy sleeves. Pip also noticed two tiny scars in his neck.

The orange boy spotted them first, “Bradley, my good friend. I do hope you have been well.”

Bradley smiled and shook the boy’s hand, “Hello Gregory. I thank you for coming to meet us. I guess Christophe got my message then?”

The boy with the shovel, Christophe, glared as he walked over, “I could tell ze minute I smelt your blood. Werewolf blood smells ze worst. Why do you always have to summon us zis way.”

Pip was confused then, and slightly annoyed as he wasn't fond of French people, but he ignored that voice. He knew Bradley couldn’t of sent a letter, so how he messaged them with blood was a mystery.

Gregory however saw the boy’s face and came over, “I am terribly sorry. I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Gregory. Gregory of Yardale. I am just a human that happens to know the crazy world you are a part of. This is my companion, he’s called Christophe but he would prefer you call him the Mole. Don’t ask me why, I’ve tried to understand for years now.”

Christophe glared, “Listen here you faggot, I am ze Mole because I am ze Mole. I dig tunnels to help us both. I don’t need to explain it to you anymore zhan I need to explain it to zat bastard known as God.”

Pip looked quite uncomfortable as Gregory started to argue back, “Look, I can’t help that your angry about having to smell werewolf blood, but this mission could help you. You want to be human too don’t you?”

Christophe scoffed, “Zhis mission involves finding a God. I hate God. He cursed me to be a half vampire. Do you zhink I will ever forgive ze faggot zat did zhis to me? I’ve never zeen a sunrise or the sun for zat matter. I hate my mother for getting knocked up by a vampire in ze first place. Zat bitch never helped me. She left me for her God saying I was a spawn of evil. I-“

“GUYS, FOCUS!” Bradley yelled.

Gregory turned and bowed to them both, “My apologies for his foul mouth.”

Pip bowed back, “It’s okay. Ahh, my name is Pip, Pip Pirrup. I’m a turned werewolf. May I ask how you’re going to help?”

Gregory smiled, “Of course. You see we’re going to help sneak you on board a ship that will leave for Japan. We’re going to use the tunnels that me and Christophe made to get you there. That way we avoid vampire territory. The vampires would go crazy if a werewolf entered you see. I’m sure you know that the two clans have be fighting each other. Henrietta, the alpha. and Mike… I mean Vampir, the dark prince of vampires, are always at each other's throats. Once we get you in a ship, you’re on your own. Find out what you can, and if you do get your curse broken, let us know and we’ll come to break Christophe’s. As a half vampire he isn’t immortal, but he can’t go in the sun either. The purple eyes give that away too. All the weaknesses with none of the positives and all that. That is why we want to help.”

Christophe scoffed again, “He’ll never find God. Zhat bastard would never help even if he did.”

Gregory sighed, “I swear Christophe if you don’t shut up I’m not letting you have my blood and you can starve.”

Christophe took a drag from his cigarette, “I’ll eat some rats. Zhey are better than your shitty blood.”

Gregory started to rub his temples, “This coming from the same man who said rat’s blood tasted like poison. Anyway, we need to get going now if we want to reach the tunnel before dawn hits.”

Christophe smelled the air then, “I don’t want to be burn to a crisp. And we have other jobs we need to do too. We paranormal investigators are busy people.”

Pip turned to Bradley, “Let’s go.”

Bradley looked at the ground, “I cannot come with you Pip.”

Pip looked shocked, “But, you can get away from your sister, you can be free. I can’t abandon my friend.”

Bradley smiled, “My sister is the last family I have after our parents were killed. I may be a conformist to her, but I’m still a pure blood. They can’t harm me too much as I am needed for our bloodline to live Pip. Don’t worry my friend, as a member of your pack I am always with you. If you need help ever, all you simply need to do is howl for me and I will hear you. Normally only the alpha would hear, but I am a pure blood and let’s face it, out of the two purebloods you know we have more in common. Howl before your curse is broken and I will let Christophe know so he can get his curse broken too.”

Bradley then hugged Pip, “I know we’ve only know each other for a month or two, but I consider you my family. Now get moving before Henrietta and the rest of the pack tries to stop us. GO!”

Pip smiled as he released Bradley, “Thank you.”

He then turned to Gregory and Christophe and the group started to walk.

Bradley smiled, “Godspeed Pip.”





“Zhe docks will be above us in a bit. It should be easy to find a way to sneak you aboard.”

Pip nodded to Christophe as they continued to walk.

Gregory patted his shoulder, “We’ll get you there safely chap. We always finish a job with the best service. We do any job that a supernatural needs. All except killing.”

Christophe scoffed again, “Only if zhey try to kill us first do we kill. My shovel and your cutlass have killed you faggot.”

Gregory sighed, “Why do you never call me by my name. We’ve know each other for how long?”

Christophe shrugged his shoulders, “Maybe seven years. You expect me to remember zhat shit. I know we protect each other but it doesn’t mean I’m buddy buddy with you.”

Christophe then saw his makeshift ladder and started to climb, “Follow, ze mission is almost complete. Don’t either of you fuck it up now. And God better not fuck it up either.”

Gregory sighed again as he let Pip go in front of him and the group climbed up.

The docks were a little busy, but Christophe and Gregory used the darkness to their advantage. They moved Pip and listened for anything that would tell them where the ships were going.

Pip however did manage to hear a something that caught his ear.

“(I want to get home to see my wife soon. She will be interested in all my tales.)”

“(Yes captain. We’re just getting the last of the supplies on board and we’ll leave at first light.)”

Pip poked Gregory to get his attention, “Those two were speaking Japanese just now. I’m jolly sure that that boat will be going there as soon as the sun comes up.”

Gregory nodded, “Alright, Christophe-“

“Ze mole!”

“...Mole.... we need to get to that ship, can you get us there.”

Christophe smiled, “Can a bird fly? Yes I can get you zhere.”

With some serious stealth skills, the three managed to climb aboard. Pip was almost spotted, but thanks to the darkness the person just thought it was his eyes playing tricks. Gregory found a small area behind a lot of boxes and pushed Pip into it.

“Right. You need to stay here until the boat gets to its destination. There’s food in here so eat that when you get hungry. Don’t get caught and stay hidden.”

Pip nodded, “Thank you both again. I promise I won’t let either of you chaps down.”

Gregory smiled, “Godspeed Pip.... Christophe, I know what you’re about to say and don’t you even start.”

Christophe sighed before he shook Pip’s hand, “Best of luck. Let us know ze truth when you can. Bradley will be listening. I want my curse destroyed so my hopes are with you. You may be a faggot yourself, but I know I can rely on you.”

Gregory smiled, “No why can’t you be like that normally?”

Christophe flipped him off, “Because I say so fucker.”

Gregory sighed again as the two left.

Pip closed his eyes and prayed to whatever he could.

‘Let me succeed. There must be a God that can break all these curses. I won’t give up until I find a way.’

Pip took out his diary and started to write. He needed to make sure he kept his goal in sight.





Pip closed the book he was reading and looked up at Damien.

“After that I hid and no one found me. I then arrived here, transformed, and you found me. You know the rest. I hope that I spoke well enough for you to understand. You have been a great help with teaching me better Japanese but I still worry I don’t get the grammar right.”

Damien looked at Pip intensely as he registered everything he’d just heard.

Damien closed his eyes, “.... You’ve had a hard life Pip. I’m so sorry you had to deal with all that.”

Pip closed his owns eyes, “Don’t apologise for anything Damien. You couldn’t have helped, and I would never change my past. Despite how bad it’s been I wouldn’t be who I am without it. Our past reflects our personalities. I doubt I’d be half as good as a gentleman I am if I hadn’t gone through all the bad I have. I care for the friends I have made and if my past was different I wouldn’t have met any of them.”

Damien nodded as he opened his eyes at the same time Pip did, “Pocket, he helped you escape at the cost of his life. Bradley, who is still cheering you on. And lastly Gregory and Christophe, who will come here to offer assistance if you need it as the Vanpear wants break his own curse.”

Pip nodded, “It’s Vampire, but yes. You did forget someone though.”

Damien raised a brow, “I did?”

Pip smiled, “You, Damien. You and everyone here have finally given me a place I can truly call home. Even if it’s only for a while I still appreciate all you have done for me.”

Pip bowed to Damien, “I trust you Damien. So if you ever need any help I will do my best. I even have outside help so if someone ever tries to hurt anyone here I can ask Gregory and Christophe to help.”

Damien looked at the boy, wondering if he knew about Leslie or something, but he sighed and muttered that it was impossible. He instead got up and went back to his throne.

“Thank you for telling me that story Pip. I understand why you want to be free. I will do all I can so I can grant that wish. I understand now why it is so important.”

Pip nodded, “Thank you Damien.”

Pip then looked at the cave entrance, “Well, I’m going to head out now. I promised to spend time with Scott and Kevin today after all. Good luck with your duties.”

Damien nodded as Pip left.

As Pip went down the path, he felt as if a huge weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

‘I’m glad I told someone. I know that Damien needs help too. I don’t know everything, but I hope my message of outside help got across without letting him know that I’m aware that there’s a creature out their causing trouble.’

Pip then looked up the sky.

‘....I hope one day I can hear his story too. I would like to know the story of the scars especially. But a gentleman never prys. I’ll wait until he feels ready to tell me. He is my friend and I want to lend an ear like he did for me today.’

Pip smiled as he headed down to meet his friends.