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Mystic Little Mountain Town (South Park Japanese Folklore/Yokai AU)

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The boat bobbed up and down as it started to reach the pier.

The captain looked as his home country got closer. He had just come back from a place called England and was looking forward to getting home and telling his wife all his adventures.

Little did he know, but he had a stow away on the boat. This person had been hiding the entire trip, eating some food the captain and his crew had brought back with them.

As they reached the pier the unknown figure managed to sneak off the boat.

They were still quite a way from the village, but the figure knew that this was where he needed to be. He hoped his Japanese skills were good enough.

‘Oh, I jolly hope I get the answers I need here. I don’t want my trip to have been a waste of time. Now to try and find local inn to rest. I am thoroughly knackered. You can do this Pip, you just have to stay calm.’

Pip made sure his cap was firmly on his head, and headed off towards the village.





“Okay, so we know she’s hiding in this area now.”

Damien looked up at Kenny as he pointed on his map to the area his Shinigami had been looking.

Kenny nodded, “I’m sure of it. I know it’s still a lot of ground to cover, but I am getting better at finding her magic trail now. It may be similar to my own, but I’m starting to sense tiny differences.”

Damien smirked slightly, “That’s good Kenny. I’m glad you’re making progress.”

The God then smiled slightly, “On a different note, how are you and Butters doing? You seem to talk with him the most out of anybody.”

The Shinigami smiled, “Oh yeah, it’s going well. Last time we were talking about the differences of the village now and when I first became a spirit myself. There’s a few changes but it really aren’t lot to when I was alive. He was so fascinated his eyes just seemed to sparkle in curiosity.”

Damien started to smile. He had known Kenny for a hundred years and knew what was going on. Damien decided to dig a little further to see if Kenny knew himself. Yes Kenny was a flirt, but he wanted to see if he knew he had a crush on the kappa.

“So.... Is there a reason you see Butters all the time?”

Kenny looked up and flushed crimson slightly. Most people probably wouldn’t have noticed, but Damien saw immediately.

“Well, I did make a promise, and I really want to protect him. It’s the same feeling I get with Karen you know. It’s really intense.”

Damien laughed, “Seems like we have two Tweek and Craig situations by the sounds of it.”

Kenny froze, “.... what do you mean by that...”

Damien stood up and walked next to Kenny, “You know how EVERYONE knows Tweek and Craig love each other except the two themselves. Well Kenny, it sounds an awful lot like you have at least a crush on Butters.”

Kenny started off normal, but his face slowly darkened as the biggest blush Damien had ever seen on the boy came across his face.

“W-w-w-what are you talking about! He’s my friend! I would never.... I mean I may have flirted with everyone, but I think I’d know if I had a crush! I’m Kenny Mccormick! I have you know that I am the most perceptive when it come to this kind of thing. Heck I know that Stan and Kyle already have a thing for eachother. I am the master of flirting and the best at any sexual situation!”

Damien laughed, “Kenny, I have known you for a hundred years and I can tell. I see how you are with Karen and I know it’s similar but different with Butters. Think about it okay. Have you ever thought even once about it?”

Kenny was silent as he thought, ‘I have thought I cared about him similar to Karen, but a crush. I mean do I.......’

Kenny looked at the God once more and started to glare as he figured it out, ‘......Shit... I’m as hopeless as Tucker is...’

Kenny then spoke in annoyed tone, “I swear if you tell anyone-“

Damien smiled and patted Kenny’s head, “Not my place, Ken~

Kenny’s glare got more prominent, “... I will scythe you.”

Damien laughed, “I’d like to see you try.”

Damien then froze as he felt something in the air. Something had just entered the perimeter of Damien’s domain. It was faint, but he sensed power and magic he’d never felt before.

Kenny stopped his glaring as he saw Damien’s face change and look out over the village.

“What is it?”

Damien closed his eyes as he tried to get a better feel of what it was.

“... Something we have never encountered before. I feel a magic I have never felt in my life.”

Kenny stood up in alarm, “Is it dangerous?”

Damien opened his eyes, “I can’t tell. It appears to be walking. It’s very faint so I can’t pinpoint it for definite.”

Kenny rose up into the air, “Want me to go look?”

Damien nodded, “See if you can, but prioritise Leslie. She is the bigger danger after all.”

Kenny smiled as he left the cave.

Still something was weighing on his mind, ‘I like Butters. It never occurred to me.... but I can’t deny, after thinking about it I know it has to be true...Shit...’





As Pip entered the town he started to read the signs for the shops as best he could. His Japanese was not good as he had only learnt a bit in preparation for his journey, but he thought going to ‘Tweak bro’s tea’ might be a good place to start to find somewhere to stay. Tea shops, like pubs, were good for information, but Pip didn’t want to get pissed on alcohol, especially with what tonight was.

He opened the door and was greeted by a woman with short brunette hair. She smiled at Pip.

“Welcome to Tweak bro’s tea hut, would you like some tea?”

Pip understood everything and spoke back as best he could.

“Good mor- sorry. I mean, good afternoon, I would like one tea please.”

Mrs Tweak smiled again as she spoke in basic Japanese for him, “Of, course. One minute please.”

As she showed Pip to his table she started to prepare the tea for him, using an unlaced batch in case he was here to talk about business with another country.

She looked at his clothes, not used to seeing someone wear anything different then a kimono.

“That is a strange outfit. I’m not used to seeing anything like it.”

Pip looked down at his Red blazer, white button shirt and blue tailored trousers. He then checked his brown scarf was still in place before adjusting his cap.

“I do stick out in this. My apologies.”

Pip then spoke again, “Excuse me, do you know where I could find a room to sleep for night? I have travelled a long way from England and it would be a jolly big help.”

Mrs Tweak spoke cheerily, “I knew you were not from around here. England is a long way to come by yourself. Are you here for any particular reason?”

Pip, getting more confident with his speaking, smiled as he spoke again.

“I wanted to see the mountains mostly. We don’t have many where I came from. I wanted to study them. They say that Japan the mountains are the most beautiful.”

Mrs Tweak nodded, “Well, we only have one in this village, but if you really want to stay we have a local inn two doors down. It’s very cheap too.”

Mrs Tweak finished making the tea and held it out to Pip. Pip took it and bowed.

“Thank you ever so much.”

Mrs Tweak bowed as she rose to help the other customers.

Pip sipped his tea as he thought of what to do next, ‘Well that was useful. And one mountain will make my search easier.’

Pip then looked at the sky, seeing the sun start to lower, ‘I am worried about tonight though.’





As Pip settled into his room he put his bag of his few belongings down.

He looked out the window and saw the moon start to shine. It was full.

Pip sighed as he opened his bag and changed his trousers into a similar pair that were ripped. He then undid his shirt and blazer before he loosened his brown scarf. He sighed as night completely fell.

The moon really shone through the night and Pip sighed once more.

“Well, at least everyone is now in doors, I’d hate to hurt them.”

Pip then started to feel the pains he was too familiar with. He opened his paper window before he collapsed to the floor.

He bit down on the wood he had brought with his as his bones started to shift.

His fingernails started to grow and turn grey as they morphed into claws.

Pip tried not to scream as his skull changed shape and a snout appeared. Fur started to grow and his ears changed.

His eyes turned red and finally the pain stopped.

Pip growled as his transformation was complete thanks to the light of the full moon. Pip was still inside the beast he had become, but he was still not used to controlling himself yet. He ran to the window and leaped out before running into the forest.





Not long after the sun had set, Damien felt an explosion of power. This power was neither evil or good, but Damien was worried as it was so different to anything he’d ever known. It was old, that was all he knew.

Kenny looked at Damien as he turned and ran from the mountain.  Kenny had not seen the God run this fast in a while.

“Damien, slow down! Why are you running?!”

Damien didn’t answer, to focused on following the power.

Other spirits like Bebe and Stan also saw the God run from his mountain home. They followed after him, joining in with Kenny trying to find out what was going on. Token was worried that it was something to do with the ‘She’ Damien had mentioned long ago.

Damien stopped deep in the forest. He could hear pained growls from what was in front of him.

Damien saw a creature that looked similar to Kyle, but had the colours of Cartman. It was holding its head in its mighty claws. It was more beast than human.

Kenny and the rest of the spirits that had followed finally caught up with Damien and gasped when they saw the creature.

Damien crouched down and held his hand out to the creature. The creature opened its red eyes and looked at Damien. It opened its mouth, trying to form words, but only growls escaped its drooling snout of a mouth. The creature then whined as it tried to run away. Damien however slowly touched the creature’s head. It calmed instantly and looked at Damien once more. Damien carefully picked up the creature and turned to head back home.

Bebe also brushed the creature’s fur, “What is it?”

Damien’s eyes looked serious as he walked, “I don’t know, but I think we’ll know when the sun comes back up.”

He then addressed Kenny, “Where did the power source lead Kenny.”

Kenny looked serious as walked on the other side to Bebe, “It was just a kid in weird clothes. This creature is wearing the same clothes. Last I saw he had a room at the local inn.”

Damien turned to Token, “Grab his stuff from the inn. We need to know what we’re dealing with here.”

Token nodded, “I’ll tell Craig, he can fly in through the window in his crow form.”

Damien continued his walk back home.





The creature had fallen asleep in Damien’s arms and was resting the rest of the time. Craig had brought the bag that was in the room, but all it contained was a pair of undamaged trousers, some money and a small book with writing no one could read. Even Kevin couldn’t read it. Kenny had a hunch Kyle would, but Kyle was currently fighting with Cartman again and no one wanted to get in between them.

Kenny looked serious at the creature, “What do you think it is?”

Damien sighed, “I don’t know. It can shapeshift like a Kitsune and those kinds of spirits, but it can only do so when the sun is down judging from that magic burst.”

The sun started to rise then and the spirits watched as the creature slowly started to lose its fur and turn back into a human boy with hair that made him look a little like a girl. His cap was still firmly on his head.

Damien listened.

Thump thump

Damien gasped, “... it has a heartbeat. This means it’s not a spirit. This thing is alive!”

Pip slowly opened his blue eyes. He sat up and looked at the God and spirits in front of him.

The spirits looked back at him in amazement.

Pip smiled, “It is true. I found one.”

Damien looked at the boy, a scowl on his face, “What are you...”

Pip then lowered his head, “Please forgive my rudeness for last night. I cannot control my werewolf form very well, but I knew I had to get to the woods so I wouldn’t hurt anyone in that village.”

Damien looked confused, “Werewolf?”

Pip nodded, “The beast that takes over during the full moon. I can control it and change if I so wish at any other time, but it has full control on nights like the one that just passed.”

Pip then got on his knees and spoke again, “That is the reason I came here. I wanted to find a being such as yourself. I need your help.”

Kenny stood next to Damien, his scythe ready to defend him, “What help.”

Pip then bowed to the God, “I am begging you, please, take my curse away from me. I know ancient Gods such as yourself are one of the few creatures that can do it. I want to be human again. I don’t want to hurt anyone. Please.”

Damien eyes widened in shock. A few minutes ago he didn’t even know what this boy was, now he was bowing to him and asking for help. Damien was very interested in him. His curiosity had never been this big.

Damien then sighed, “I cannot grant your wish.”

Pip sat up, “If I have to do something first then I gladly will. If it’s because you don’t know me I give you my word as a gentlemen that I am telling the truth.”

Damien waved his hand, “It’s not because of that. I mean I physically can’t. There is not enough magic here to reverse what you want. If I did it now then I would die and so would all my other spirits. I cannot do that to them.”

Pip looked sad as he sighed, “I understand. I would never want to hurt you or your community. I will leave and head back to-“

Damien interrupted him, “Wait a second. Just because I don’t have the power now doesn’t mean I won’t eventually. Look, magic is slowly returning to my home. How about I make a deal with you?”

Pip stood up, “What kind of oh where are my gentleman manners.I never even said who I was. My name is Pip Pirrup, I come from England. What do I call you?”

Damien smiled slightly, “Damien Thorn, and my deal is this, you stay here so I can study what you are and learn about where you come from and I, in return, will protect you until I can grant your wish. I will teach you my language and you teach me what is in this book.”

Pip laughed, “Oh that just my diary. It’s written in English. Mr Thorn, I would be happy to take your deal, anything to get rid of my curse.”

Pip held out his hand, and the two shook on the agreement.

Kenny laughed before swinging his arm over Pip shoulders.

“Welcome Pip, get ready to have your mind blown at the magic and wonder of the impossible that lives in our world.”

Pip smiled, “Oh gosh. I hope I don’t make a bloody fool of myself.”





Leslie smiled to herself. While the false God was distracted with the new creature, she used some of her own powers to spy on what was going on through the eyes of a spider in the mountain. She had heard everything. She chanted her spell to make her spy die and then turned to Nathan.

“It seems we have a new player in the game. A being that can change forms at will whilst still being in living breathing flesh. He might be useful to us.”

Nathan smiled as he massaged one of his goddesses legs, “How will he be useful to you oh great one?”

Leslie smiled wickedly, “Damien finds him curious. Like Kenny we may be able to use him as a weakness to get close and finally cut him down from the throne.”

Nathan smiled, “That does sound useful oh powerful goddess.”

Leslie then leaned up and caressed Nathan’s cheek, “I may use you to get close to him too. This Pip seems far too trusting with his gentleman attitude he speaks of.”

Nathan touched the elongated fingers on his cheek, “Anything for you my lady.”

Leslie chuckled darkly to herself, “The game is finally starting.”