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Mystic Little Mountain Town (South Park Japanese Folklore/Yokai AU)

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Butters leapt out of the water and flipped in the air. He landed back in the water perfectly. He slowed down before bursting just his head out of the water and smiled at Kenny.

Kenny gave him applause for that one, “You’re getting better at flips Leo.”

Butters smile grew even wider, “Thanks Ken. You didn’t have to come back you know. I understand that you have an important job.”

Kenny smiled warmly at the Kappa, “Are you kidding? I’m here because I want to be, besides I hated I had to leave so quickly.”

Butters slowly climbed out of the lake and sat beside Kenny. Both spirits were now dangling their feet in the water. Kenny scooped up some water and poured it into the dish on Butters’ head.

“You lost some water getting out Leo, I don’t want you getting paralysed after all.”

Butters just smiled, “Thanks Ken. You’re such a great friend.”

As the two stared out over the water, they both saw a figure fly towards them.

Kenny stood up and grinned, “Hey Jimmy. What can we do for you?”

Jimmy floated down towards them, “H-hey Kenny, B-b-butters. Everyone is c-c-c-coming to the l-lake to skate on it.”

Butters looked confused, “But how are they going to do that Jimmy? The water isn’t frozen at the moment.”

Jimmy beamed at Butters, “W-w-with T-tweek. He’s got a f-f-f-f-f-frozen t-touch after all.”

Butters turned to Kenny again, “Oh yeah! Ken did say Tweek was a snow spirit now.”

Jimmy nodded, “Y-yeah. I was s-s-s-sent on a-ahead to get you out of the w-water. D-don’t want to f-f-f-f-freeze you B-butters.”

As they were talking, the lake slowly started to make sounds as the water started to chill. Butters saw that at the very edge, frozen fractals were forming and spreading across the water. At first you could barely see it, but as the ice got thicker it turned whiter. The area started to get frost covered. The only water that didn’t freeze was the water in Butters head.

Kenny made sure by checking, which was difficult as Butters was just taller than him.

“Kappa magic, it must stop your head water from freezing and hurting you.”

It was then that Butters, Jimmy and Kenny saw a small light and a lot of figures.

At the front was Stan holding a small lantern. The lantern changed back into Kyle as they approached the lake edge. Behind them was Wendy who was talking to Red and Heidi. Next was Bebe and Clyde who were talking to Token. Scott was behind them holding a lantern that quickly shifted back into Cartman the first chance he got. Nichole was holding Timmy while walking with Kevin and Craig but Craig wasn’t really listening to them. Craig was looking behind himself at the final figure who was staying a good few feet away from everyone else. Tweek was looking scared as he approached the lake edge. He calmed seeing Butters out of the water.

Jimmy floated back over to Tweek. Tweek freaked when Jimmy got close.

Jimmy laughed, “T-tweek, I’m a g-g-ghost. You c-can’t freeze me. If you c-c-could I’d b-b-b-be a s-shit one.”

Jimmy even passed his hand through Tweek to demonstrate this.

Tweek smiled faintly, “I’m glad I gahh won’t hurt you. Controlling my powers is the worst. I already froze my entire cave.”

Kenny walked over with Butters and smirked, “So I heard you lot are going to ice skate. Thank you for not freezing Butters.”

The group looked over to see the green scales of their old human friend. He had gotten one of the most drastic changes of the class.

Clyde gasped, “I knew you came back Butters but this is the first I’ve seen you.”

Butters rubbed his webbed knuckles together in nervousness, “Well I was all nervous that you fellas would pick on me so I mostly stay here by myself. I do want to welcome you all though. Now how are we going to skate?”

Everyone started to scratch their heads.

They hadn’t thought that far ahead. Most of them had shoes with animal bones on the bottom for skating at their houses, but being dead and all, they didn’t have them anymore. Heck spirits like Token, Heidi and Butters didn’t even have shoes anymore.

Tweek however just slowly stepped onto the ice. As he did, his powers made tiny ice blades on his shoes. Tweek gulped as he kicked off and managed to skate into the middle of the lake. The other spirits watched.

Clyde yelled, “That’s it! Tweek can use his powers and make blades on our shoes! We can also find some twigs and use Bebe’s thread to make some shoes for Token, Butters and Heidi. Heidi can even have a sled made from of twigs!”

Heidi laughed, “I’m fine Clyde. I don’t mind just watching. But that is a good idea.”

Clyde turned to Tweek who was looking nervous, “Think you can do it tea cup!”

Tweek shook in fear, “But what if I mess up and freeze someone’s leg and then it falls off! That is way too much pressure!”

Craig tried to calm him, but Kenny interrupted him.

“Or we can ask someone with more experience at using magic. I know your there Damien.”

Damien then came out of the forest, a scowl was on his face as normal.

“I was hiding you idiot. I just wanted to know what was going on. I felt a huge burst of power.”

The God turned towards Tweek, causing him to yelp.

“Hmmmm, so the power burst was him using his powers to freeze the lake. And he did this why?”

Clyde walked up to the God with a huge smile on his face, “We’re going to skate on it just like we used to when we were kids! Sort of like a party for being all back together you know! Problem is none of us have our bone skates anymore. We were going to ask Tweek to make use some ice ones like his, but he's scared of hurting us.”

Damien smirked, “Such a shame you don’t have a God here who can use his powers to make something like this.”

Damien then clapped his gold gauntlet hands together and nature seemed to answer him. Twigs came to his feet and the wind lifted him up. The twigs seem to change and attached to the bottom of his boots. He now had skates made of wood.

Damien smirked again as the spirits looked in amazement at him.

“I may be more linked to fire magic wise, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have a few tricks up my sleeve. I learned this when I was still a young kid when this lake froze over. Back then it was just a pond though. Now Kenny would you come here for a second?”

The Shinigami walked over to the Kishin and once again he clapped his hands together. Once more the earth listened as another set of wooden blades were made.

Damien scowled slightly, “I will do this for each of you, but just this once. We may have more magic back in this place, but it doesn’t mean I want to waste it for doing silly stuff like this.”

Damien then clapped his hands sixteen more times. Everyone started to lift up into the air slightly as nature made more wooden blades. In the case of Token and Butters, they got shoes made for them, and Heidi got a small sled just like Clyde envisioned.

Damien then turned to Jimmy, “Can you become corporeal for a second?”

Jimmy nodded and floated just above Token’s hands. He fell slightly as he landed, Token catching him as he knew that was what the comedian was planning.

Damien simply grabbed some branches off a tree and mutters a few words.

He passed them to Jimmy, “These aren’t as good as your bamboo crutches, but these should allow you to skate on the ice and not get hurt.”

Jimmy took them and bowed his head in thanks.

Damien then simply stood on the ice and skated away, leaping into the air and spinning three times before landing, “Well, are you going to use the skates I gave you are stand around like a bunch of goats all day.”

Cartman was the next one on, “Oh hell nah, I’m not letting some God show me up. I’ve got skating talent too. I bet Kahl can’t even stand up on the ice.”

Kyle, taking the bait, jumped onto the ice, “You want to bet fatass. I’m way better than you!”

Stan laughed as he followed his friend, “Can we have one day where you two don’t turn something into a competition?”

Both Kyle and Cartman turned to Stan, “NOT UNTIL I PROVE I’M BETTER!”

Kenny laughed before standing next to Butters, “You look a bit unsteady. Want me to hold your hand while you get on Leo?”

Butters nodded as he carefully put his first foot down on the ice.

Red hovered above the ice before flipping Craig off, “I challenge you to a race cousin. Last one can’t fly for 24 hours.”

Craig glared at her as he got onto the ice, “I’m not doing that. Call me a chicken all you like. I’m just going to enjoy being boring.”

Clyde on the other hand grinned, “I’ll race you! I’m a master at this after all!”

Clyde took one step, slipped, hit the ice, and his head came off.

Token laughed, “Someone may want to grab him before he’s used as a ball for a game.”

Bebe sighed, “I’m on it.”

The rest of the spirits all slowly got onto the ice.

They all could feel the joy of being together again. The pain of the last four months just melted away and they all held on to the feeling of absolute joy they all had. Damien and Kenny just felt like one of the gang now even with their far superior age.

Stan almost bashed into the Kishin God while skating thanks to Cartman pushing him out of the way. The God managed to slow the impact with his far more advanced skating skills.

Stan looked a bit sheepish, “I’m sorry about that.”

Damien was scowling, but it was not as harsh as it normally was, “It’s okay. We’re bound to hit each other as there’s a lot of us on here.”

Stan then looked at the four scar marks on the God’s side. They seemed to glow after he used his magic.

He pointed at them, “Damien, I’ve been meaning to ask. How did you get those? As a God you can probably heal really quickly, yet those haven’t. I assumed you must have gotten them recently after I first met you, but they’re still there.”

Damien looked at the scars and Stan swore he saw sadness in his eyes. It was short though as he went back to his normal scowl, making Stan think that it was the darkness making him see things.

“Stanly... I’d rather not talk about it. Now can we drop it?”

Stan gulped as he defiantly saw the God’s eyes glow.

Damien skated off as Kyle joined Stan.

“Dude! You don’t ask a God how he got an injury! It’s like asking someone who has a birthmark on their face if they’re just burned!”

Stan sighed, “Sorry, my curiosity got the better of me.”

Kyle then turned to see Cartman coming towards them. He shifted into rope to try and trip the two up, but Kyle and Stan jumped over the rope.

Cartman was cursing when he couldn’t stop himself and instead took out Damien.

Damien sailed through the air and landed face first on the ice, leaving a slight dent.

Everyone gasped and was silent as the God lifted himself up.

“..... ha.”

Everyone looked confused as the Kishin God began to laugh.

“Hahahaha...haha. It’s been so long since I’ve had this much fun. I don’t care I fell, I’m just happy that there’s more spirits than there’s been in such a long time!”

Token looked at the God’s face and saw that the smile was genuine.

‘I knew you’d bond with us once you got to know us Damien. Didn’t I tell you that?’

Token continued to smile to himself.

Nichole looked up at Token and figured that the reason the boy had been spending so much time with the God was because that maybe Damien was just a little lonely. She smiled too.

Cartman shifted back and breathed a sigh of relief that the God wasn’t going to make his soul feel like it was on fire again.

Out in the bushes however, someone was annoyed.

Leslie looked at the group with thin eyes. The detest she held for the lot held no bounds.

‘Look at them all! Acting like idiots now they’re all together again! And none of them know the reason why they are dead or that I had my human help me! Well it matters not, my plan is only just starting. Now that Damien has spirits around him, more magic will return. Damien now has weakness and the longer they stay the more magic their souls will possess, after all, they are linked to Damien. I will become the true god that Damien will never be however. His powers will be mine and then those spirits will belong to me. I’ll kill those who don’t listen!’

A chill in the air started to wrap around the spider, causing her to feel weak.

‘For now I will leave, can’t have that Shinigami sensing me. I think I’ll go play with Nathan. He enjoys it when I tie him up and touch certain parts of him or slap him around the face. I think I’ll take my anger out on him. He is such a good puppet to me.’

As Leslie left the spirits continued their games. Jimmy was a goalie as they used Clyde’s head to try and score points. Bebe had to stop the boys as she was getting worried about her boyfriend. He smiled and calmed her down. Timmy started to hop on the ice, trying his best to not fall over.

Craig then skated over to Tweek, using his wings to break.

Tweek looked up at Craig, he was smiling as with his new powers he hadn’t fallen over once. In fact he was almost as good as Damien.

Craig smiled, “I feel a little sad that you’re so much better now. I used to help you stay up last time we did this.”

Tweek smirked, “Sorry Tucker. The student has become the master!”

Tweek laughed while Craig faked being upset, “Oh no. I guess you’ll just have to help me then.”

Craig took Tweek’s hand in his own. He was fine for a few seconds, but then pain started to set in as the ice started to encase his hand.

Tweek looked down as a look of fear crossed his face. Tweek released his hand and started to back away.

Craig tried to sooth him, “Tweek, it’s okay. I was the one who did that. Please don’t-“

But it was too late. Tweek turned and ran off back into the forest.

Heidi turned and yelled after him. Everyone stared.

“Tweek, no! If you go the lake will-“


Everyone froze and looked down. The ice was starting to melt already.

Ping ping!

Everyone turned and tried to run to the bank of the lake, but the skates broke the ice.


Everyone screamed as they fell in the water. Nichole grabbed Timmy before he sank and Jimmy just turned into a ghost again, dropping the crutches into the water.

Damien even fell, his elaborate clothes getting soaked.

Everyone was silent for a second before Cartman broke it.

“Mother fucker!”

Everyone grumbled as the magic skates fell to the bottom of the lake. Wendy and Butters were the only ones who were fine.

Wendy then smirked as she lifted her umbrella and, using her water powers, made a ball of water. She knew exactly who to hit.

“Hey Stan….”

Stan turned and got a ball of water in the face from his ex.

She laughed, “Bulls eye!”

Stan then smirked, “Two can play at that game!”

He then pushed the water and hit Wendy. In a panic Wendy hit Scott.

Wendy gasped, “Scott! I’m sorry, as a cat you probably hated that!”

Scott just smiled, “Don’t underethstimate me!”

Scott jumped before shifting into a giant rock. The rock hit the water and splashed everyone.

Clyde yelled from Bebe’s arms as Bebe had yet to sew his head back on, “WATER FIGHT!”

Butters then sprayed water in Kenny’s face by opening his beak and using what could only be described as a ‘Water gun’.

Kenny smirked, “Oh, it is on!”

Everyone started now enjoying the water. Damien just started laughing again as he quickly grabbed Clyde’s body and put it on dry land. He then started to fire water himself.

Craig however climbed out of the water and tried to flap his wings. The water made them too heavy to lift him so Craig just gritted his beak and ran.

‘I’m so sorry Tweek!’

Damien caught sight of him and smiled again, ‘Go get him Craig. And when you get him, just tell him what’s in your heart.’

Red however just looked at her cousin, knowing full well that Craig was such a mess that he’d just stutter before just calming Tweek and talk the whole night again.

‘Craig, you’re a dumbass.’

The spirits continued their water fight into the morning. They laughed so much that they’re lungs hurt, or at least where their lungs used to be hurt.

Damien smiled from the bottom of his heart.


End of Rebirth arc