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Mystic Little Mountain Town (South Park Japanese Folklore/Yokai AU)

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Knock knock

“Tweek? It’s me, Tricia. Can you open the door?”

Tricia looked at Tweek’s door in sadness. No answer came from inside.

Tricia sighed and held back the tears as she knocked the secret knock that only her, Tweek and Craig knew. They did this so that Tweek wouldn’t answer the door to his parents as much and get roped into more shifts at the tea house. Her brother had come up with the idea. He had always been smart like that.

When she finished tapping out the rhythm she was familiar with, the door slowly opened. Tricia almost burst into tears at the site of Tweek.

His hair was in more of a mess than usual, his nails needed to be cut, and his eyes had the worst bags she’d ever seen. Thankfully she saw empty bowels in his room so she knew he’d been eating at least unlike last time she’d visited. She also saw that his obi was tied sideways and one end of the obi was dragging on the floor. She could hardly judge him though, getting dressed herself was bad enough.

Tweek tilted his head, letting Tricia know she could come inside. She bows slightly before entering and sat on his floor. She looked around and saw that his futon looked as if it hadn’t been made in over a week. She also green powder from the tea Tweek had was all over the floor. She knew that this had to be the one laced with opium as the room smelt weird. Craig had told her the Tweak tea secret as he wanted her to be safe and not get addicted like everyone else in the village. She too had kept the secret to protect Tweek. Tweek didn't even know she knew. Craig had told her he would worry too much if she did.

She turned back to Tweek and smiled sadly. She knew Tweek needed to do what they had planned today, both of them did. It would be hard, but it was necessary.

Tricia broke the silence first, “Tweek, I’m sorry I took so long. Getting ready to leave was horrible as I had trouble tying my obi.”

Tricia fought back the tears as she spoke, “Craig used to help me with it and I...”

Tweek hugged the small girl as a few tears escaped her eyes.

Tweek managed to stop his tears, too many had fallen today anyway.

Tricia pulled away before standing up once more.

She took Tweek’s hand in support, “Come on, we both need to do this. It would be impossible to go by ourselves in case we broke down, so we have to do this together, for Craig...”

Tweek nodded as he smiled sadly.

“For Craig...”

Before they left though, Tweek stopped Tricia and began to re-tie her obi for her. He had done it before as Craig had taught him when they were younger. He still felt bad he couldn’t tie his own obi very well, but he had always seemed to be better at tying other peoples.

Tricia smiled and then returned the favour by tying Tweek’s. It was difficult as he was taller, but she managed. One side was still longer than the other though.

Tweek took Tricia’s hand once more, and the went to the place they had been dreading all week.

Craig’s grave...





Tricia and Tweek slowly walked into the graveyard. Both could feel the weight of each step they took. It felt like a force that was crushing them from above, but they walked on, holding each other’s hands for support.

Tweek looked around, ‘This place used to not have many graves, now about half of it is just my class from the past few months. We all had hopes for the future, now more than half of them are lying in the ground.’

Tweek couldn’t help but feel a chill. Over the past four months, more and more of his classmates had been brought here. He hated how he felt as he watched them disappear one by one.

Tricia stopped and ran ahead. She then called Tweek over once she had confirmed it was the right grave. Tweek really felt the weight then as he walked towards the grave he dreaded to see the most.

The grave of Craig Tucker, the boy he had loved for seven years.

He felt like his back was going to break and that his heart would fall out of his mouth.

Tricia pulled the incense from her sleeve, she tried to light it but her vision became cloudy as more tears streamed from her eyes.

Tweek carefully lit the incense instead and helped Tricia kneel down. He then joined her.

Tricia spoke first, “Hey asshole... I know you’d be mad if I started getting all serious on you now so I’ll still keep calling you what I always called you. I brought Tweek with me today. I know you’d probably yell at me for stressing him out, but we decided to do this together so don’t worry you dork. Anyway, it took us a lot to come here today. Tweek has been so brave to do this.”

Tricia turned to Tweek, “You can speak if you want, just say what’s in your heart.”

Tweek took a deep breath in. His shakes calmed as he spoke.

“Hey Craig. It’s me. I’m really sad you’re gone you know. I... I really cared about you. You were my gahh best friend. I wish you were still here so I could hug you and make you tea just like we always did. With you gone, I feel like my life is standing still. Scott convinced me to start eating again so I don’t starve, but sleep still is the hardest. My dad tried to get me to work, but a crow scratched his eye out when he tried to force me. I almost feel like you sent that crow to help. I know it’s stupid but you nugh never know. I’ve been trying my hardest you know. You always said I was capable of more than I think, but with you gone I really don’t think that’s the case anymore.”

Tweek then started to cry, “I want everyone to come back. Whatever took you I want it to stop. Wendy and I are the last ones.... I want to play tag with you all again, or play hide and seek like we did when we were kids. I just want you all, even Cartman, to be back here so life can return to normal. You guys were more of a family to me than parents ever will be. I know my mom tries, but....”

Tweek wiped his eyes as he reached into his sleeve and produced his tea tools. He also pulled out a small cup, the cup that Craig always used. He then got to work as he started to make tea with all the grace he could muster. Even in his grief, he still would make the best cup of tea in the world, for Craig.

“This cup always belonged to you. I think it’s only fair that I return it to you.”

Tricia could only watch as Tweek made the tea her brother always loved.

‘Craig, I really wish you could see this. I know you never told Tweek, but I can see how much you cared for each other. I just wished you had the courage to tell him while you were here. Anyone can see how he cared for you too.’

As Tweek finished, he placed the cup at the foot of Craig’s grave.

“I hope you like this.. It’s the last of my sakura green tea.”

Tweek then stood up and bowed to Craig’s grave.

“Goodbye Craig.... you meant the world to me. It may take a while, but please wait for me on the other side. All of you.”

As Tweek walked away, Tricia stood up and said a final few words.

“Hey, bro, I’m going to do something for you. I promise to see Tweek all the time. I care about him too, just in a very different way. He was like my second brother. All your friends were like that to me. Even when I was being a brat you let me play and hang out with you. It’s the least I can do for you.”

Tricia then stood up, “You were the best brother in the whole world.”





Just before the two left, they went to each of the other graves and said good bye to everyone. They made special stops at Clyde, Jimmy and Token’s graves.

Tweek first stopped at Clyde’s grave and placed a small piece mochi on the grave.

“This was always your favourite sweet Clyde. I’m sorry I couldn’t bring that exotic food you liked but it was far too expensive.”

He then turned to Jimmy’s grave where he placed a small haiku he’d written. It was a joke he’d told Jimmy once that made the comedian laugh really hard.

“This joke is yours. It always was. I think you deserve to have it.”

Lastly, he turned to Token’s gave. He placed the calligraphy brush Token had gotten him when they were younger. It had a special grip so it wouldn’t break as easily as his other brushes when he shook.

“I know you got this for me, but I want you to have it as you wrote far more than me.”

Tricia rubbed his back as Tweek finally lost his composure.

He screamed into the sky.


Tricia cried as Tweek just screamed his heart out. Every emotion Tweek had been holding onto escaped him all at once. His knees gave out and he fell onto the ground. Tricia supported him as he hugged her. She even heard Tweek silently say the thing he’d been keeping in the bottom of his heart for the past seven years.

“Craig, I love you...”


Little did Tweek know, but a small black crow that was sitting on Craig’s grave. It was staring at Tweek and Tricia.

Some tears fell out of the crows eyes.

‘Tweek.... I’m so sorry you had to feel all these emotions. I feel worse that I’m the one who made you feel them. You should never do this to the person you love. Tweek, I don’t deserve you. I just hope you can learn to still let people into your heart and that someday you will find a girl you can share your life with. I know I never stood a chance, but I just wanted to dream. Tricia, please care for him. He needs it. I also hope you have a good future sis… don't take any shit from anyone, just be you.’

Craig watched as Tweek and Tricia left.

Craig shifted back into his tengu form and collapsed to the floor and cried his heart out too, just like Tweek had done.

“Tweek, I love you...”