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The Three Bears Experiment (as imagined by Richard Gross, consulting editor of Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour 1999)

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An experiment was conducted by Bears et al (1984) in regards to whether bears relieve themselves of digestive waste in a forest clearing. In replicating the original ‘Goldilocks’ experiment, Bears concluded that indeed they must not have 'been' in the woods - as the smallest bowl of porridge was still warm enough to be deemed be 'just right.' This has been supported by Locks (1987) in a follow up experiment, as to whether a diet of solid porridge would cause waste excrement to stick to fur. This possibility would give the bears a time delay, resulting in P. Bear's porridge being 'just right' and B. Bear's porridge being 'too cold.' The conclusion is that if they did indeed defecate in the woods, Locks (1987) concurs that they didn't do so in the original experiment of Bear et al (1984).