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The Night Terror

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My name is Night Terror. They used to call me Hanabi.

I say 'used to' because I'm not the same as I once was. I was the star of the show. I was my father's favorite. I was the greatest Shinobi on the planet, I'm sure of it. I had everything exactly the way I wanted it. People feared and respected me by the time I was eleven years old. Yeah, that's the description of the ultimate badass ninja which was me. I say this in past tense for a reason.

Because I was betrayed.

My cousin (if you want to call him that… I call him Fuckass, but that's just me), Neji "Fuckass" Hyuuga, used some sort of crazy fucked up jutsu to rip my arms to shreds. Yep. You read me right. He sent his raping chakra through my hands and blasted through my tenketsu all the way to my elbows. Both of my hands. Now I can't even use chakra the way a ninja ought to. Hand signs are meaningless. Worse, I can't even use the Gentle Fist.

Hm. Let me back up a bit. In case you don't know anything about the Hyuuga family, we're a bunch of stuck up assholes who have this special way of fighting. It's called the Gentle Fist. The basic premise is that we have the most amazing control over chakra, both ours and any other person's. We can see another person's chakra network using a special eye jutsu known as the Byakugan. Also, if one is skilled enough, they can release chakra from any point in their body. But what we are most known for is our fighting style, the Gentle Fist. We use it to insert a little of our own chakra into the body of our opponent to disrupt the flow of chakra. It's intensely painful, and if done correctly can cause death. No big deal.

Except that to me, it's a very big deal. A huge fucking deal. Because Fuckass took that from me. Without the use of the chakra that should be in my hands, I no longer have a gentle fist. In fact, what I really have is a pair of useless, bony claws that I stuff into pretty black gloves that hurt like the fires of hell. My forearms and hands are constantly in searing pain. I get headaches from it, it hurts that bad. I've been seeing doctors since then, but nothing helps. I'm a lost cause. My father even took me to see the best medics in the other great villages while the Leaf Village was destroyed by Akatsuki. Back then I thought that he still loved me, but it turns out it was just his desperate attempt to keep me from humiliating the great Hyuuga family.

I have a sister, you might care to know. Her name is Hinata Hyuuga. She gets to keep our name because my father loves her more now. I'm an even greater disappointment than she used to be because even though she's weaker than me, at least she can use her chakra. I'm more useless than Rock Lee now. At least, that's what Father says when he thinks I can't hear. He likes to pretend I'm invisible now. I embarrass him. He dotes on my darling, sweet older sister because she's going to be the head of the family when Father is gone. What will happen to me? I don't think anyone cares.

But I care.

I'll tell you what will happen to me. I'm going to get my revenge. I'm going to take everything that means anything to my family away from them. I'm going to destroy them all myself. And when it's all over, I'm going to piss on their ashes and laugh while I drink in celebration with Death himself. I hope everyone knows it's me, too. I hope the whole world knows what they did. I want them to kiss my feet and apologize, but I won't accept it. I'll never forgive them.

Fuck this world and everyone in it. I worked hard for everything I had, and now she has it instead. Hinata, the Great Disappointment. Fuck her, too.

I know all about her little crush on the great hero, Naruto Uzumaki. Hokage now, is he? Apparently 10 years ago he saved the world or some shit. There was this epic zombie ninja named Madara. He was the greatest Shinobi to have ever lived. Immortal and everything. I wanted to be that, someday. I still will. You just watch. I've been working even harder when no one is looking—which they aren't because they don't care about me anymore. I've got a surprise for them that is going to make them shit themselves and run screaming.

Anyway. Naruto and Hinata started dating after the war ended. They're all married and stuff now. Kids and everything. I'm going to change that. Then I'm going to kill her in front of father so that he knows how big of a mistake he made in setting me aside. Then I'm going to kill Father for being such a douche canoe.

And Fuckass? I'm going to kill him in one on one combat. He'll never see me coming. But before I do that, I'm going to rip out his chakra points one by one. Not the way he did it to me. With a knife. A dull one.

And then I'm going to slaughter my whole family because the Hyuugas are a messed up cesspool of arrogant pricks who don't care about you as a person, and it's their fault that I can't be the ninja I was always meant to be.

Game on, mother fucker. Game on.