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 April 10th


It felt like the world was on fire. Fenrir coughed, looking through the smoke as he limped forward, trying to avoid shrapnel from the explosions. “R-Reynard!” The wolf yelled out; voice hoarse as he moved away from the sound of gunfire in the streets. He kept calling out for the wolf over the screams of people running, fire still erupting all over. Smoke covered the air, making it hard to even see a few feet ahead.

Fenrir knelt behind a car, slowing down to catch his breath. He attempted to use his radio, only to get no response. “Shit…” He grabbed his pistol with his paw, cocking it as he scanned the area for hostiles.

The wolf moved up, using each car as cover as he made his way down the street only to hear more gunshots whiz past him. He rolled over as several made their impact on a car door, piercing the metal easily. Fenrir let off a few shots blindly in their direction, hearing one hit the mark with a thump as a voice yelled out. Peering over the car, he could see a shape struggling to pull someone behind cover.

Another set of bullets shot out towards him, more frantic this time and shattering the car window. Fenrir saw the shape reloading and fired his pistol twice, hitting them in the face as they fell over behind the car. Fenrir waited before rushing over, gun still in paw as he hid behind the other car. He could see two wolves’, one with a hole in his head from Fenrir’s pistol. Sighing, he looked over the two bodies to see what the hell these mammals were doing.

Both had assault rifles, M4’s with holo sights. Fenrir, grabbed it, along with two magazines for the gun. Better safe than sorry. But his collection of the weapon was thwarted when he was rushed from the back, trying to choke him out. The wolf he had shot first was still alive, choking him out as Fenrir attempted to get out of his grip.

Fenrir’s vision was fading away, getting harder to breath as the wolf put his arm more around his neck. He clawed at him but his movements were getting slower, until suddenly the arm unlocked itself from around his neck.

Gasping for air, he struggled to breath again as he saw the wolf collapse to the floor, dart in his neck. He looked up, seeing a fox with a gun in his hand.

For a split second, he thought it was Reynard, but his hopes were dashed once he got a closer look.

While the fox did have similar orange fur as Reynard did, his eyes were different, a bright green that stood out to Fenrir. Dressed in a causal blue fatigues with the nametag "Wilde", the fox reached out a paw to help Fenrir up. 


"You okay?" Nick Wilde leaned against the car, looking back in case more appeared.

Fenrir nodded. "Y-yeah." He scratched his neck, still hurting after almost being choked out to death. "You see anymore of them around?"

Nick's eyes scanned the perimeter. "No... think we're safe for now."

He sighed a breath of relief. "Didn't think my first day off this month would go like this..." He chuckled before his face turned more serious. 

Fenrir looked over the nervous fox before he held out the other rifle on the ground. "Take this. You'll need it in case more come." 

Nick waited a bit before taking it quickly. "Alright..." 

Fenrir was about to ask him another question before the dead wolf's radio buzzed with a voice. Fenrir grabbed it before listening closely as the static cut off most of the words.

"Prisoners- taken underground- tunnels- Several officers- askMaster on route"  The message cut off as the device went out of power, Fenrir cursing in annoyance.

"Underground? Where the hell would be a good enough place to take them?" Fenrir sighed, before getting up. "We need to find a sewerway." He looked over at Nick. "You coming with?"

Nick nodded. "Yeah. Haven't found my partner since the blast. Only place she might be is with the others."

"Well, let's get going."