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The Worst Creation of All

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See, the whole point of changing the computer codes was to make sure it was hard for the bad guys to hack. And then of course for the good guys to be able to figure out their messages hidden as well. Pidge was in charge of all of this. So they and Hunk decided to do something rather specific for this. 

They added the 'owo' extension to all the Galra code they deciphered.

Which ended up looking like...

pwince wotow is now a fugitive of the empiwe! empewow zawkon wants him dead ow awive. OwO if found feew fwee to kiww him on sight!! OwO

"...we've created a monster," Hunk said finally after he saw this. 

"Maybe humans shouldn't play god after all," Pidge agreed. 

But the two of them both knew they wouldn't stop this either. It was too good.