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Shaping the Vessel

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Shaping the Vessel

Konoha broke Naruto, trying to kill the demon inside. Kyuubi takes this chance and gives the boy a very special kekkei genkai. Now it’s up to him how he will use it.

Chap 1 New Power

Naruto was dragged out of his home and thrown into an alley way. He was beaten, and broken by the villagers cursing at him calling him the demon fox. He couldn’t breath, he couldn’t move, and soon the world turned dark around him.

He thought after becoming a ninja things would be better, but they weren’t. He barely learned anything, Iruka was the only one who treated him well. It hurt, everything hurt.

When his eyes opened he wasn’t in the alley anymore. He was in front of a large cage. “Well if it isn’t my little jailer.”

Blurry eyes stare up at the Kyuubi. “Well they sure did a number on you.” Naruto can’t move, his body felt hot.

“Don’t worry I’ll fix you up, good as new.” his chakra slipped through the bars.

“You…are the…demon fox?”

“Indeed I am,” he says, the chakra hadn’t reached the boy yet.

“If I die, you die to right?”

“You aren’t gonna die, I won’t let you.”

“If I let you go what will happen to the village?”

Kyuubi laughed. “I’ll destroy the fools for trapping me.”

Just as Kyuubi’s chakra was about to reach him, Naruto’s blue chakra seeped out and pushed it away. “This is no time to be stubborn, take my chakra.”

“No,” Naruto says and Kyuubi’s tails bang on the bars.

“You stupid brat, do you want to die?”

“No…of course not, the village only hates me because of you, but the village shouldn’t hate you either, and you shouldn’t hate the village.” a small pool of blood began to form beneath the blonde. “I feel cold.”

“That’s cause you are dying you idiot!” Kyuubi’s chakra tried to reach him again. “Damn you do you intend to take me with you?!” he growled.

“No, I’ll let you out, but only if you promise not to hurt the village.”

“Like hell, you don’t know what they’ve done!”

“No I don’t but I’ve heard stories, and felt the villagers rage. I can see your rage to Kyuubi.”

“Feh, as if you know me.”

“I know your willing to die instead of making a deal.”

“You know what happens, if you release me you’ll die.”

“Yeah, but why should you care about that?” the brat was smirking.

“Fine I swear on my name, Kurama. I will not harm anyone in this village.” Naruto’s blood forms a seal and Kyuubi’s cage opens up.

“Kurama…that’s a nice name…” he passes out, the shadow of death was thick on him.

Kurama blushed. “Stupid kid,” he released his chakra began to heal the boy. He sat down and healed the boy. “I’m not gonna let you die brat, in fact I’m gonna give you a gift!” He chuckled. “With the cage gone our senses will be linked, I’m gonna enjoy this as much as you are.”

When Naruto awoke he found himself back in his room. He was naked, he could tell from the sun light dancing across his skin. “What the heck?” he got up and toppled over. His balance was gone, and he felt heavier for some reason. He felt something moving behind him and he looked back. “WHAT THE FUCK!”

He had a tail, and not a fox tail, but a long flesh cock like tail. Not only that his manhood had doubled in size. “Do you like it?” a dark voice spoke.


“That’s right.” he put a hand on his seal and found himself inside his soul. The cage was open and the Kyuubi was lounging around.

“Why didn’t you leave, and what is all this?” he grabbed his tail and felt a jolt of pleasure race through him.

“Well, I thought about it and I don’t have anywhere to go. So I’m gonna crash here.”

“Inside me?”

“Speaking of,” as if on cue, Naruto’s new tail acted, coiling so the tip rested against his man hole.

“Oi oi oi, what are you ahhh!” the tail penetrated his ass. From all the porn books he read and being a virgin he thought anal penetration was gonna hurt. Nope, not this, his tail was special.

As it penetrated his no longer virgin man hole all Naruto could feel was pleasure. Inch after glorious inch stuffed inside, a feeling of fullness and friction sent Naruto’s brain ablaze.

His new cock rose to full mast. He looked down at his new girth and length, he had always been at least 5.5 inches long. Now he was rocking a rock hard 11 inch dick. It throbbed and pulsed with each new inch of his tail.

As his penis dripped his tail leaked inside him. The tail began to work in and out of his ass. Naruto panted and groaned, his large cock bobbing back and forth. “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

“Feels good yeah?”

“Yes!” he moaned.

“Yes it does.” Kyuubi moaned, all the pleasure Naruto felt he felt. His tongue hung out of his mouth his own beastly cock rose from it’s sheath. “Want to know what feels even better?”

“Wha-ahhh-ttt?” he moaned.

“Feel those inner walls squeezing your tail, now imagine some guy wrapped around your dick.” Naruto did, his mind flooding with images of just that.

Kyuubi could see them all. Kiba, Shikamaru, Sasuke, Shino, Chouji, even Iruka. “You find these men special yes?”

“Yes!” Naruto moaned as his cock tail brushed something good inside him.

“That’s your prostate, all men have it.” The tail began ramming that spot again and again. “Feel that friction?” Naruto nodded. “Feel that pleasure?” he nodded again. “Want more?”

“Fuck yes!” his cock pulsed and he wanted to cum, feeling a coiling in his stomach.

“Good!” Kyuubi started stroking his cock, and the pleasure went right to Naruto’s penis.

“Ahhhhh!” the boy’s hips buck blowing his load, his semen sprayed all over his floor. As he did his tail flooded his ass with cum.

The changes became solidified, and Naruto’s balls got bigger. His tail sank out of his ass, his body absorbing the semen. His body changed as his chakra mixed with a little Kyuubi’s. His body would now break down all physical waste and turn it into pure chakra and energy. Naruto only needed 4 hours of sleep and his ass was purely made for sex. ‘That should awaken your alpha instincts nicely, your tail is gonna be the only thing you want up your ass, while your dick will seek out to please the holes of your new bitches.’ Kyuubi put his paws behind his head.

Life inside Naruto was gonna be a whole lot better now. The Kyuubi trained Naruto in ninjutsu and genjutsu, teaching him how to use Shadow Clones, and using genjutsu to mask his tail.

The boy stopped wearing underwear, which left a nice bulge in his orange pants. Kyuubi’s training routine allowed Naruto to get fit. Thanks to the training Naruto was able to pass his exams.

Iruka was pleased with Naruto’s results. He visited Naruto’s home to give him the news personally. “Congratulations Naruto-kun you passed the Genin exam.”

“Really that’s great!” Naruto smiled. “Will you join me for some tea and celebration ramen, Iruka-sensei?”

“Sure why not,” Iruka came inside. As the ramen was cooking Naruto made tea, Iruka was sitting at the table.

Naruto manifested his cock tail, giving a few strokes he added a few drops of pre to Iruka’s tea. He masked his tail with genjutsu before returning to Iruka. “Ramen should be done in a few minutes.” he set the tea down and Iruka drank it.

“Wow, this tea tastes so good.” Iruka couldn’t drink it fast enough. “Can I have more.”

“Of course,” Naruto went back to the kitchen and once again dosed Iruka’s tea with his cock tail’s pre. He gave some to Iruka, and as Iruka drank it he got hotter. His cheeks turned red in a blush.

“You are really cute when you blush sensei.”

“Naruto you shouldn’t tease your elders.”

“I mean it, Iruka-sensei you are very cute.”

Iruka’s heart fluttered. “Is it hot in here?”

“No, but feel free to get comfortable.” The ramen was ready and Naruto went to go get it. Iruka couldn’t stop himself, he removed his jacket and undershirt. He was a little sweaty, and his heart was racing. His nipples were hard and perky.

His cock was throbbing in his pants. He couldn’t take it, his fat 8 incher was pushing at the fabric of his pants. The tip rubbing, and rubbing, and rubbing! It was maddening, forgetting he was in his student’s home he rolled off his pants and sighed.

The fundoshi he was wearing was soaked with pre, tented by his fat cock. ‘Still too hot!’ he removed his fundoshi. With a sigh his hard cock snapped up. ‘That’s better!’ one hand wrapped around his cock he began stroking himself, the other played with his heavy balls.

“Here it is, Iruka-Sensei!” the blonde came back.

“Naruto!” the brunette gasped. Naruto eyed his teacher, the man was very fit, hard well honed body, plump ass in back with a nice cock, big balls and a sexy nest of brown pubes crowning his crotch, in the front.

“Something wrong Sensei?” Iruka’s gaze fell to the bulge in his student’s pants.

‘What am I doing?’ his face got closer and closer to the large bulge. ‘This is my student.’ the smell made his penis twitch. ‘My Naruto!’ Iruka came face to face with Naruto’s bulge, he smiled and nuzzled the huge piece.

Naruto’s fingers run through brown hair. “See something you like Sensei?” the older male nods. “Go ahead and unwrap it.”

Iruka obeys, all rational thought drowned out by the throbbing in his crotch, and the delicious musk emanating from the blonde. He undoes the blonde’s pants and gets slapped by the blonde’s big cock. “So big!”

“Enjoy,” Iruka does, licking his shaft. The boy begins to leak pre, and Iruka get’s a taste from the tap. His eyes widened.

Lips wrapped around the tip and he began to suck on the cock head. Pre spilled into his mouth over his tongue and down his throat. ‘So Good!’ he shivered, his own manhood twitching like crazy.

Naruto let his cock tail free from his genjutsu. Iruka paid no mind, clinging to Naruto’s hips, on his knees and shaking his ass tantalizingly.

The cock tail reaches out to the older male’s ass. Iruka gasped feeling something poke his hole. Before he could pull off his tasty treat, the cock tail pushed in and Iruka’s eyes widened.

Pleasure! Pure raw, hot, stretching pleasure! Iruka was bi he’d been with men and women before, but he always topped. Now as the cock tail penetrated his no longer virgin hole, he couldn’t see himself topping again.

As pre filled his mouth, the tail pumped some into his ass.

Iruka sucked Naruto’s dick into his mouth, with each inch he sucked down he was rewarded with another inch of his cock tail. His insides felt hot, and wet.

Kyuubi growled, the teacher’s mouth felt amazing. Soon he could feel the lips around the base. ‘Good choice kid!’

Naruto moaned, his penis throbbing in the wetness of his mouth. He undid Iruka’s hair tie and let the strands fall.

Despite the double stimulus to Naruto, it was in fact Iruka that came first. Perhaps it was the way the blonde’s long cock tasted, or the way it roamed over his tongue and filled his throat, or perhaps it was the friction inside his ass, or the powerful jabs to his sweet spot.

Iruka’s cum spills all over the floor. Naruto follows suit, and cums from his cock and tail. Iruka moans as he’s filled by both ends, his belly and ass pumped full of jizz.

Kyuubi chuckled, Naruto’s semen was that of a demon, a few drops was enough to make a man hot and horny but drinking and taking the full load inside well…

Naruto pulled his cock tail out and Iruka groaned. “Naruto, more please!” he rolled over and stuck his ass in the air. His hands reached back and spreads his cheeks. Giving the blonde a full view of his gaping cum filled hole. “Please I need you.”

“Do you want to be my mate Iruka?”

“Yes! Please, breed me make me yours!” Naruto slides his dick between Iruka’s ass cheeks.

“Silly sensei, you already are.” he lines his cock up and pushes in. Iruka howls in pleasure, Naruto’s thick cock felt amazing in his ass. The friction was perfect, fullness divine, warmth satisfactory.

Iruka braced himself and Naruto went to town, fucking his teacher into a lust filled haze. “Fuck sensei you smell so good.” Iruka moans, bucking back to impale himself on Naruto’s rod.

The room was filled with the sounds of skin striking skin, Naruto’s grunts, and Iruka’s moans.

His moans silenced soon enough as Naruto’s cock tail was offered to Iruka. The brunette didn’t hesitate he wrapped his lips around the head and sucked on it hungrily.

Naruto’s hands came around and began toying with the man’s perky nipples, he didn’t need to touch his cock. Each pinch to the perky nubs sent jolts straight down to his rod.

What’s more, Iruka’s sweet spot was being pummeled by his new master’s cock. Each hit, made the man’s inner walls tighten around his thrusting cock. “So tight!” Naruto purred.

Iruka moaned around his cock tail. The man was not a quick shot by far, but he couldn’t help cumming all over Naruto’s floor again. His ass clamping down on Naruto’s cock. “Fuck Iruka you are such a naughty boy.”

Proving his stamina and power and securing his place as alpha Naruto brought Iruka to three more orgasms before climaxing himself. He filled the man with plenty of pre, so much his hole was making sexy squishing noises. He was practically drunk with pre from the tail.

Naruto squeezed Iruka’s butt cheeks and came hard. Two sets of streams filled the man. The mess was cleaned up, and the blonde tucked him into bed. He ate both bowls of ramen himself and he joined Iruka in bed, his cock tail coiling around his waist. The two cuddled in orgasmic slumber.


When Iruka woke up he felt great, he felt so relaxed and energized, and his morning wood was throbbing. He soon found himself naked and in bed with his student. Events of the night before hit him like a ton of bricks. ‘Oh my god I had sex with my student, I had sex with Naruto I I I…’ he lost track of thought as he eyes Naruto’s morning wood. ‘I’m his mate, I belong to Naruto!’

He fondled the huge balls and began worshiping his cock. Naruto moaned in his sleep, his toes curling as Iruka sucked him off and pumped his own morning wood. “I never knew you were so slutty sensei, but I guess you aren’t my sensei anymore since I’m an official Genin.”

Iruka moaned around his cock. “Do you like my new appendage?” Iruka pulled off Naruto’s cock to gasp as the cock tail penetrated him. “It’s my new kekkei genkai.”

He had never heard of such a technique but his brain wasn’t trying to solve the mystery he was to busy rocking back and fucking himself on his tail. “It’s amazing Naruto-kun!”

Naruto chuckled and ruffled the man’s hair. “I’m glad you approve, I believe the others will like it to.”


“Yes, you are my first mate, you’ll be in charge of my harem and keeping them in line.”

“A harem?” he shivered.

“Yep, just imagine it, your ass and mouth belong to me, and I’ll feed you all the cum you like to, but your nice tool will be used to breed all the boy pussy you like.” Iruka shivered, Naruto stroked both their cocks. “I claim them first of course.”

It sounded nice, though he was distracted. Iruka felt the blonde’s chakra pulse through him. He had submitted to the blonde, and accepted him as his master. “It sounds perfect master.” he went back to sucking Naruto’s cock, and the cock tail twisted and wiggled in his ass.

After Naruto fills him with more cum, the two spend hours in each other’s arms making out. Naruto would make ramen, but Iruka spent his meals nursing from the delicious semen that came from Naruto’s tail. This was a special technique, the blonde creating a special man milk that his mates could drink and receive all the nutrients.

Iruka’s body shifted much like Naruto’s. So now they could fuck as much as they want, but one tiny change since Iruka was Naruto’s first bitch. His nipples were now able to produce milk for his alpha.

The brunette spent 2 hours with his arms bound above his head cutesy of Naruto’s tail. Naruto licked Iruka’s left pit, cleaning the sweat from his mate he then latched onto the left nipple and began to drink his delicious milk. Iruka moaned, feeling pleasure as his milk was drained and sucked away.

Naruto then licked the right pit, cleaning the sweat and inhaling the adult male’s musk. Damn he smelled good. He finished this little ritual by drinking from Iruka’s right nipple draining the milk.

This change wouldn’t be too difficult to bear as he’d only produce milk for Naruto, so they didn’t have to stop fucking to eat or drink.

Iruka was happy he had this time for his mate, but was a little excited to see who the next boy would join their little family.

To be continued