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Persona Paradise: A Collection of Stories

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"Oh man, this is going to be so awesome!"

Ryuji Sakamoto through his arms in the air and smiled. He was sitting in a small theatre. Next to him were Junpei Iori and Yosuke Hanamura.

"I know right? The girls are going to do a Fashion-Show, just for us. This is going to be amazing." Yosuke exclaimed with a grin.

"Yeah, this is amazing." Junpei leaned back in his seat and let his mind wander around. "Yukari, Rise and Ann, three super beautiful models are dressing up just for us. We are going to witness something that we won't forget for the rest of our life!"

"Yeah. I can't wait to see Rise-Chan."

"I am sure Ann will be the best part of this!"

"What? No! Rise!"

"No! Ann!"


While Yosuke and Ryuji were discussing which girl was better, Junpei came to a terrifying conclusion.

"Guys I think we might have doomed ourselves!"

The others stopped and looked at him.

"Think about it. If the girls show up, they want to know who we think looks best right?"

"Yeah." Ryuji him a questioning look. "That's how competitions work."

"Yes, but the problem is, no matter who we chose, the other girls will be angry because we didn't choose them. And the girl we chose will be angry because we hurt the other girl's feelings!"

"Does that mean, no matter who we chose, we will be hated?" Yosuke's smile vanished.

"Wait," the blond boy interrupted them. "But isn't this a fashion competition? Isn't it the point of a competition that someone wins?"

"That's not how girls work, you idiot!" Yosuke yelled.

"Oh no. I think there are coming."

Meanwhile on the stage, behind the curtain

Yukari, Rise and Ann were talking to each other.

"Oh god, you two look so beautiful!"

"Oh, come on Yukari," Ann giggled. "You look amazing."

"But you don't look bad either. Your blond hair is really nice, Ann. I am jealous. The boys will lose their mind if they see this!"

Rise grabbed the curtain and pulled it aside.

"Hellooo Booooys!~"

The reaction wasn't as expected




And with that, the three were running out of the room.

The girls just stared at the empty seats.