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Conny stared at Tazuki and opened his mouth.


“Oh my gosh! Conny’s first word is going to be ‘Kamiya’.”

“Kyahhh. That’s so adorable.” Imaginary flowers and sparkles began to appear around both Sora and Motegi who was hugging Isao.

“I wouldn’t put too much hope on it. He probably wanted to say kani (crab) or karei (flounder) or whatever food that starts with ‘ka’.”

“Tazuki, please have some faith in Conny.” Although I can totally imagine Conny said that. Sora sweat-dropped.

“I can totally hear you said that in your head, Kashiwagi.”

Sora pouted. “Stop reading my mind.”

“It’s your fault for wearing your heart at your sleeve. You just make me want to bully you even more.” Tazuki smirked.

“Hmph. Meanie.” He turned his attention towards the little mummy on his shoulder and tickled him. “Let’s ignore that meanie, Mii-kun.”


“Well, at least Conny can talk. I don’t think Mukumuku can-” Daichi’s words were cut off by the said baku who landed harshly on his head.

Conny took a deep breath and sent a flying kick towards Tazuki who side-stepped him. The little oni continued to gaze at Tazuki intently from the table he landed on.


Everyone’s attention was back to Conny.

Conny pointed his little right hand at the blue-haired teen. “Baka.”

Silent loomed over the living room for three seconds as everyone was processing Conny’s first word. Then, the whole room burst into laughter.

“Hahahaha. I didn’t expect that. Good job, Conny. I’ll make you your favourite dessert later.” Sora said between his laughter and clutched his stomach. “Oh crap, my stomach hurt.”

Mii-kun froze. [Hurt. Sora hurt.] Tears threatened to flow down the mummy’s cheek.

“I’m alright, Mii-kun. Don’t cry. It is just that it has been a long time since I laughed so hard.” Sora gently patted Mii-kun in his failed attempt to stop laughing.

“Damn, now I’m kind of glad Mukumuku can’t talk. Pffttt hahahaha.” The blond-haired teen continued to laugh despite falling off from his chair.

Motegi tried to suppress her laughter but seeing both Sora and Daichi kept laughing didn’t really do much to help her. “Sorry, Tacchan. I don’t mean to laugh at you, but, this is just so……..” She ended up joining the two teens.

“You guys…..” Irk marks began to appear on Tazuki’s forehead. “If you don’t stop laughing within the next three seconds, I’m going to lock the three of you with your beloved Kaede-sama in a room for a whole day.”

Tazuki’s threat was promptly ignored by the three of them.

Meanwhile, standing beside Mukumuku and Isao on the table was Conny, with his thumb up as he enjoyed the show in front of him.