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The Blood Trials

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Bette hadn't had much contact with her older cousin, Bruce, in years, but the news of his death still rocked her to her core. She was bored out of her mind, flicking through the channels, when she stopped on the news. Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd, killed in an explosion, and she only found out through the news.

So that was... well, that was pretty fucking horrible.

Her first instinct was to call Dick, but if this had reached the news by now, then she was pretty sure he'd be with the ginger girl from school. Bette knew she was the Commissioner's kid, a friend of Artemis's, and Dick's crush, but her name always slipped her mind.

But the point was, Dick would talk to her before Bette. And it didn't really matter if Bette needed wanted to talk about this, because Dick was Bruce's son. She was just the cousin that occasionally appeared around Christmas.

She curled herself into a ball, biting down on her lip. Bruce was a good cousin. Hell, he was the closest thing she ever had to a father. He'd actually pay attention to her and ask how her day went and she still remembered the time he went to one of her tennis games.

And now he was gone. So was Jason, and Bette could remember him from Gotham Academy. He was angry, a little rough around the edges, but he was a good kid. He got along well with Artemis and Bette used to lend him some old books lying around Kane Manor.

Both of them being-- being not alive was wrong. It was so fucking wrong and she couldn't stop herself from crying. They were family, even if they didn't always talk, and now they were dead.

She wasn't used to this kind of pain. Obviously, she felt it when Kathy died, but Kathy had been the only person in her life for years. Literal years, and the only person Bette came close to caring about was Artemis. Artemis was a completely different kind of love and Bette found herself wanting to grab the phone and call her.

That wouldn't be fair though. They were kinda friends now, but things were still awkward since they broke up. Calling her like this wouldn't be good for either of them.

She choked back a sob as the news report continued, with mentions of the Joker. This wasn't right. Bruce was-- he wasn't the kind of person you expected to ever be gone. And Jason was way too alive to ever be gone.

Bette curled herself into a small ball, allowing the sobs to wrack her body.