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The Secret Member

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We all heard the story of 13 Members of the Sohma family that turn into the 13 Animals of the Zodiac and that the cat wasn't part of the Zodiac. Well, what if there was another member of the Sohma Family that wasn't part of the Zodiacs like the cat wasn't and that the God had kept it a secret nor ever telling a soul in 19 years.

It's been a year since Tohru Honda met Yuki Sohma(the prince of their high school and they're dating now). Tohru still lives in the house with Yuki's odd older cousin, Shigure Sohma and his other cousin, Kyo Sohma who has always been trying to beat Yuki that way he could finally be a true member of the family.

On a calm peaceful Saturday at Shigure's house, they get a phone call from Hatori saying that Akito wishes to see all of the Sohmas including Kyo and Tohru at the main house for a shocking secret that Akito has kept from the Sohmas for 19 years.

What is the shocking secret Akito has kept from them?

Who is The Memeber they had never heard of or seen in 19 years?

Will This Member understand Kyo's pain of being an outcast to the Sohma family?

What animal form does this secret member take when their hugged or stressed?

Will Love bloom between this secret member and someone or will living under Akito's control for 19 years leave this member too weak to fend for herself?



Hatori: 24

Shigure: 22

Akito: 20

Kyo: 19

Yuki: 19

Tohru: 18

Serena: 19

Paring: Kyo x Serena