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Scientific Methods

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They'd been dating for three months, sleeping together for two, and Jemma had never ever seen Skye look as flushed as she did when Jemma steppped around the corner into the living room. The others were gone; away for three days on a mission desperately in need of Fitz's engineering expertise. Jemma and Skye would've gone, should've, but the biologic samples from their last alien run-in needed near constant supervision. Jemma had to stay behind, and another agent had to stay with her in case of an emergency. Routine protocol really.

Of course Jemma knew the smirk on Coulson's face when she requested Skye means he knows exactly what she's doing. That's strange in itself because even she doesn't exactly know what she's doing. All she really knows is that last week when she'd forgotten to do laundry and slipped into something slightly sexier, Skye had taken the initiative to give her three sets of consecutive orgasms. Ever since Jemma's mind had obsessed over just how Skye's lingerie interests worked. What colors, textures, and cuts were her favorites? Which of Jemma's underwear sets turned her on the most? Jemma just had to find out. For science of course.

Jemma honestly believed that Skye almost fell off the couch (if not from actual shock then for dramatic affect) when Jemma appeared in tiny black lace panties and a matching bra with little rosettes strategically covering her nipples . The book Skye was reading (Angry Kids Hit Things, lesbians and baseball of course) fell to the floor. Skye was flushed, wide-eyed, and looked about ready to vibrate straight out of her shirt. Ah yes, the effects of some well placed fabric.

Jemma bit her lip to keep from sighing at the look on Skye's face. She had to focus. Behind her back her hands tightened on her scientific journal and number 2 pencil. This was, after all, for science and science was nothing without notes of the experiment. Skye couldn't know she was being studied because her reaction might change the outcome. Jemma didn't think it was going to be that hard to distract her, in fact she was positive it would be easy. She sashayed forward and sat down on Skye's lap. She even made sure to push her breasts forward into the other girl's face in order to set her scientific journal on the little table to her right.

"There's no way I forgot my own birthday," Skye breathed.

"There's no way you forgot we're all alone on this plane," Jemma teased. With practiced ease she flipped the pen in her hand and began to take note of Skye's outward signs of arousal. She noted the tint of the girls cheeks as Skye's arms slid across her hips, the heat of Skye's palms against her stomach as they kissed, the dilation of Skye's pupils as she stared into those gorgeous eyes. It was a damn good thing she could write without looking because Skye was distracting her almost as much as Jemma was distracting Skye in the first place.

It wasn't long before Skye noticed the absence of Jemma's other hand and went in search of it. That second one was really important. Without it their activities would be lopsided. She slipped her hand onto Jemma's bicep and it was thrown off immediately.

"What're you doing?" Skye whined. She wanted that hand in symmetrical alignment with Jemma's other one, specifically on her chest. Jemma shushed her and tried to move her hand up to the pulse point on Skye's neck. It was the last measurement she needed, and a good thing too because she was starting to get fuzzy around the edges. Skye immediately tried to pull it back down to her breast. Jemma sighed.

"Skye," she whimpered under her breath, just let me take your pulse before I lose my grip! It wasn't normally a sound she made, more annoyed than aroused. Skye noticed immediately and Jemma cursed the world for giving her such a considerate girlfriend.

"What?" Skye asked, pulling back slightly to look into Jemma's eyes.

"Nothing," she whispered as she brought her fingers to that slender and delicious neck. She tilted her head up and nudged Skye towards a still fading hickey. Skye nearly fell for it, her mouth going straight to the spot on Jemma's neck. Over her head Jemma watched the clock. Her teeth were practically drawing blood against her lip, her only anchor in keeping her focus. Skye was making her dizzy. She just needed that last number.

"Wait a second," Skye's voice said through the haze. Jemma looked down and realized that Skye had pulled away from her and put some distance between them.

"Are you taking my pulse?" Skye asked curiously. It was then she noticed Jemma's hand, pressed flat to her journal now.

"And taking notes?" she added in confusion.

"I promise it's not what it looks like," Jemma said quickly. Skye squinted at her.

"It looks like you're experimenting on me with your hot sex clothes," she said matter-of-factly. Jemma turned an even deeper shade of red than she already was.

"Perhaps, but... not exactly?" she tried to sound convincing but failed miserably. Skye scowled at her for another moment before nodding toward the journal.

"Well, write my pulse down," she said. Jemma quickly scribbled the number down and slammed the notebook shut. Skye grinned at her.

"Why do I have a feeling that we have to do this for every single one of your outfits?" she teased. Jemma smirked at her.

"Well you can't just do one test," she sassed back. Skye laughed and ran her hands up to unclip Jemma's bra and toss it to the side.

"Just bear in mind that when we're done with yours we're going to have to do mine, just to keep it even," she whispered into Jemma's ear. Jemma shuddered at the thought of Skye in anything even remotely close to what she was wearing. Skye grinned wickedly.

"And you're still going to take the notes," she said.

If Skye ever got Jemma to moan that loudly again it would be a miracle.

(It was only fifteen minutes later that Jemma was regretting ever attempting the experiment in the first place.

"How are you going to record this?" Skye kept asking, "results inconclusive due to the overwhelming desire to have boobs fondle? Subject was chosen based on her supremely good looks and fantastic abs? Experiment prep interrupted several times by fingers in vagina? I mean seriously how are you going to do it?"

"Shut up and fuck me, Skye," Jemma growled.

"But Jemma, the SCIENCE!")