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An Offering for the Pharaoh

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Levi wipes the sweat on his forehead and stared down at the last stack of books on the table. That should feed the crazy scientist for at least an hour.

Levi had never been breaking a sweat working at the library since only a few people actually came to visit or ask for an assistance. Usually people will go in and browser on their own but not this one particular visitor.

Her name is Hange Zoe, an archeologist. Ms. Zoe got this brown hair tied into a messy pony tail, Levi can't help but think that maybe she just got out of bed and tied her hair before dashing to the library. She wore thick glasses and a lab coat that for some reason she always wore it. He barely saw her eat or go out to eat since it's against the rules to bring food inside the building. She would mumble occasionally while taking notes, sometimes Levi would find her giggling on her own. Levi doesn't judge that, he understand it very well he might giggle while reading his books or sometimes laugh out of the blue but it's very strange for Ms. Zoe to giggle while reading a fucking history book!

She came on spring and visit the library starting from 8 in the morning and leaves during closing time. She doesn't browser on her own she but she got a list of history books with her and it's Levi job to locate them. Every day she had a new list for Levi to locate and to the raven's surprise, he never knew the library even have those books, some were almost torn and some are even older than his great grandfather.

"Oh, thank you so much!" she chirp at Levi with a big smile.

Usually Levi will leave her be and take a rest while drinking a cup of tea but he follows his curiosity this time. He knew all the books were about "archeology" shit but his interest sparks every time he saw the books' title or when he skims through the pages. Levi was never a fan of history or antiques he is more on the fantasy side but maybe a little reality won't hurt him.

He decided to join the beta on her table after he took two cups full of tea. He took the seat in front of her and place the cup near the opened book that she's reading. She didn't even notice the raven.

Levi cleared his throat to grab her attention. She perked up at the noise them her eyes landed on the cup.

"Would you like some?" he gestured at the cup.

"Wait! This is allowed?! Of courses it is! Thank you!"

Levi didn't have a chance to answer when she took the cup and drain the warm tea like it was water.

"Thank you!" She smiled at him. Her eyes darts around the table, a frown painted on her face when she didn't saw what she expected. "There are no biscuits."

Levi wants to grab a hard bond book and smack it on her head. He raise a brow at her instead, "I gave you tea for free, be contented."

"But! Tea always goes with biscuits or cake!" she wave her arms around like it was a catastrophe to not have biscuits or cake when drinking tea.

"Foods are not allowed," Levi said flatly before taking a sip on his tea.

"Awww!" she whined and pouted like a child.

"Oh! I'm Hange Zoe by the way!" she extended her hand to Levi. "You probably know me already since you keep records who ever comes in and out of this place."

Levi glared her hands with disgust, he didn't know where that come from and all the germs might be lurking in there. To be polite, Levi just wave his hand. "I'm Levi. Levi Ackerman, as you can see I work here."

"Must be great! Being surrounded with all of these great books everyday!" Hange hug the open book that she's reading on her chest.

"Yeah. It is great," Levi smiled at himself. He loved working in the library, it is quite and full of books to read, not to mention the low number of people who visit the library made him happy and gave him opportunities to read more.

"Awww! I wish I could work here too and read all day!" she cheered, placing her open book in the table and run her fingers on the pages. "But... I can't."

"Why is that? Isn't that your job as an archeologist? You study ancient stuff and shit."

"Yeah but that's only a part. I want a full time like your work!" She taps the table with enthusiasm.

"Please lower your voice," Levi glared at her.

"But we're the only one here!" Hange shouted, letting her voice echoes to prove her point.

"I'm just doing my job," he sighs. Eyes roam at the open book in front of Hange, his stormy blue eyes landed on a specific word. Alpha.

"Yes! Alphas exist thousands years ago!" Hange supplied.

Fuck he must have said it out loud but he didn't regret it, Hange started telling him the book she's reading like she wrote it herself.

In the world where Levi is currently living there are no Alphas, the world is compose of Betas and Omegas. What Levi learned in schools that Alphas were wiped out because they're the main weapons during wars. But Hange made his knowledge wider about the rare yet powerful dynamic. When Egypt was young, the Alpha bloodlines only flows through the blood streams of the Pharaohs, the ruler of ancient times.

Hange pointed at the black and white picture of the hieroglyphics on her book. The Rogue Prince. An Alpha. He got emeralds for his eyes which the green color eye color is very rare during those times. The Rogue Prince gain his title for being stubborn and rebellious on his parents according to the hieroglyphics.

The prince was forced into an arrange marriage from another tribe, stubborn as he is, he refused but his parents pushed him on the edge: He is only allowed to rule the Egypt if he follows his parents for once. Eager to rule vast lands and concur such power, the prince followed his parents only to betray them by killing his bride right after his coronation.

Of course, the bride's tribe didn't like any of his stubbornness which result to a war. The Rogue Prince did the unexpected for the victory of his tribe, he welcomed magic. He sacrificed his parents to acquire magic, weld it as his own and made himself a god.

Hange flipped the page and pointed at another series of pictures. It shows a monster, a giant beast of destruction and death. With this, he claimed victory but that's not all, the Rogue Pharaoh can control the weather and lands, feeding his people with delicious food and providing his city with gold. He gained his people's trust, loyalty and love.

But the new Pharaoh is stubborn as always, he wanted a bride but not just any bride he wanted a bride that will make his instincts bend, a bride that won't run in fear and hide from him. But his magic and dominant scent only made the search difficult, his people offered all the virgin Omegas but none suited the Pharaoh's liking. Patience running thin, the Rogue Pharaoh stole Omegas in other tribes until war broke again. This time he abused his power and kill who ever opposed to his will. His people feared the worst: their ruler had been swallowed by black magic and power, they have no choice but to put him to his place, otherwise he will keep stealing Omegas and inviting more wars. They put an end to this with a help of a sorcerers, they put him to sleep, mummified and buried under the earth. Though his people still offer their hearts to him for protecting their lands and feeding their empty stomach. They knew that their ruler forgave them for their actions because the lands remained fertile and weathers' helped them on tight times like droughts. Their beloved ruler still provides for them even when a new line of royal blood was on the throne.

So they prayed for thanks every day and sometimes they even offered new Omegas from their tribe on the Pharaoh's grave but nothing came, not even a sign. The elders claimed that the Rogue Pharaoh is still alive because of his powerful magic and still waiting for his bride.

"And that's how the Alpha dynamics didn't reach our generation!" Hange sang.

"So you're telling me that the dynamic didn't reach our generation because some brat of a prince refuse suck it up and provide an Alpha brat?" Levi cross his arms on his chest.


"Well, that's stupid."

"Levi, perhaps the people before saw that the dynamic is nothing but power. When the last Alpha- the Rogue Pharaoh was put into place, the new ruler was a Beta and they probably saw or feel, well, equality." Hange shrugs and arrange the books in her table into stacks. "They didn't know that the future generations needed Alphas in the first place."

Alphas were know as the elite dynamic, their skills were far better compared to Betas. They say that Alphas were great leaders and breeders. Though, the population is compose of Omegas which can give birth despite of the gender, the population is running thin because of the low birth rate. Scientists believe that the perfect match were Alphas and Omegas since Beta had low chances of breeding an Omega.

"Whatever, but it was a nice story," Levi took the mugs and went to the sink, Hange follows him like a dog.

"It is! There is so much to learn about history!" Hange cheers. "I can't wait to learn more about the Rouge Pharaoh!"

"Wait," Levi pause what his doing and turned off the sink. "You mean all this time you've only been researching about that brat prince?"

"Yes! Because some books only mentioned him, some have small yet specific and important details about him. Another thing is these information had been scattered on different books. Other books didn't mentioned about him but the pictures of hieroglyphics on other books provides, shows the presence of the prince, not much though, but his symbol was there!"


"The key." Hange took his notebook and showed the symbol. It looks like a normal key though, like you can see it in a cartoon or something.

"For a prince, he choose a very unique design." sarcasm lace on his voice.

"I think he had a weird taste too," Hange nodded in agreement.

"So," Levi continued washing the cups. "You said that the ancient people believe that the Pharaoh is still alive and waiting for a bride, perhaps he still haven't seen one after a lot of Omegas went to look in his casket."

"What do you mean Levi?"

"What? Isn't the brat prince in display cases by now? Like on some museum or some shit because I haven't payed any attention during the tour in high school."

"The prince's grave was never discovered even now."

"Oh, my bad." Levi wipes the cups and returned them in the cabinets. "Well, if he is in a museum I bet his name will be 'Brat Prince'."

"Hahahaha! That will be hilarious!" Hange booms. Levi cringed at the volume of her voice.

"Aren't archeologist supposed to dig dirt and find hundred years old shit on the ground?"

"Yep! That's another part of my job but for now research is on the top list."

"How hard is it to dig out the brat prince?"

"Well, for some reasons his grave was not in the pyramids. Like he was buried in a different and more sacred location. No one knew where it was."

"Sad." Levi move to her table again and took the stacks of books.

"Hey! Let me help!" Hange took the rest of the books. "Lead the way!"

"Thanks..." Levi hesitate for a moment but decided to accept the help. These books are heavy shits.

The days went by as usual, less visitors as always but Levi got himself a friend and a good story teller, too good.... Hange won't stop talking shit. At least the Beta is now helping him locate the books and carry them to her table. Levi thought it was good to have someone to talk to but he regret it when his brain melted at the amount of information. There is just too much history lesson in one day.

"Okay, after that you have to record there names in here," Levi instructed the at the new guy.

"Yes! Sir!" the new Omega said with pure excitement. "Am I going to put their numbers and address too?" His bright blue eyes landed on him.

"No, just do it if they will borrow a book."

"Oh, of course!"

Levi watch as the new employee sort out the files. His name is Armin Arlert, an Omega who share the same love for books. Thank god there is someone in earth who still loves to read and work for the library, now Levi had a permanent helper.

"Good Morning!" Hange burst through the doors and hopped her way to the reception. She immediately saw Armin and ogled over him. "Who's this?"

"Armin Arlert, a new employee." Levi supplied. "Armin, this is Hange our regular."

"Hi! OMG! We had a regular?!" He bounce on his heels.

"Yeah..." Levi signs and rub his eyes. Odd, Hange is not this early.

"Wait! So Levi can have a break when you're here!"

A Break? Now that Levi thought about it, he can finally have a vacation now there is someone who will look after the library.

"You mean, Mr. Ackerman never had a vacation before?" Armin gasped and turned to him. "You're the only one working here?"

"Well, not everyone wants to work in a boring building full of books." Levi shrugged.

"Awww! Poor Levi!" Hange swing her arm on Armin's shoulder. "Can you do him a favor and allow him to have a vacation?"


"I don't mind Mr. Ackerman. I mean, it's not hard to follow protocols and not much visitors will come during this time of season." Armin smiled at him.

"Well, that's...." Levi trails off.

"Levi, you need a vacation. I mean look at you!" Hange gestured at him. "You're skin barely seen the rays of sunshine!"

Armin nodded in agreement.

"Okay, okay. I'll go somewhere...." Levi mentally counted his savings.

"You should come with me!" Hange hopped her way to Levi and sling her arm on his shoulders.

"And where on earth are you taking me?"


"Egypt?" Levi brush her arm off him and stared at Hange in disbelief. "Are you shitting me?"

"What?! No! This is the real deal! My company called me for assistance and maybe.... I can snag you some plane tickets while I'm at it." Hange snickered.

"No, you are not stealing for me. I'm actually thinking a beach will do or something."

"I'm not going to steal anything! The big boss is my best friend and I think he'll allow me to have a plus one!"

"Ohhh! Egypt is wonderful! I've been there before! It was worth it!" Armin offered.

Levi looked at both of them. "I don't know, I haven't travel that far. And I might be a nuisance on your work."

"Pfft! Nuisance?! I've been a nuisance to you since I came here! I think it's your turn." she playfully punch his shoulder.

"Fair enough... Armin are you sure you're okay here alone?" Levi turned to Armin only to find him busy with a book.

"Yep! As long I have books to read, I'm cool." He said without looking up from his book.

"See?! Everything will be a-o-k!" Hange pushed Levi to the doors. "Bye Armin! It's nice to meet you!"

"Bye!" Armin manage to say before the doors closed.


Levi packed all the necessities in an order manner on his luggage. He doesn't want to over pack, just a backpack and one luggage will do.

"So... when we reach Egypt what's going to happened next?" He ask Hange who is making herself home in his tiny apartment.

"We're going to visit pyramids and watch hieroglyphics for real! It will be like going on a museum but only much cooler!"

Levi can't help the excitement growing inside him, all those times he only saw hieroglyphics and pyramids on pictures and books but tomorrow he will finally see the real deal!

"Levi we are going to Egypt tomorrow! This is exciting!"

Levi can't help but agree.