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063. Waiting


"How are you feeling?"

Sue bumps open the door and holds it, letting a meek, wide-eyed Carrie inside first. Her parents weren't gonna be home until late. Better for them.

Carrie's arms tighten around her stack of books instinctively. "Still hurts," she mumbles.

Getting her period for the first time — oh boy, Sue had been eleven and cried about it for the whole night, throwing a temper tantrum to her mom and breaking her rainbow, unicorn-shaped music box. It just wasn't fair that she couldn't stay a kid.

And it wasn't fair what her now ex-bff Chris did in the bathroom, when Carrie had been scared half to death.

What Sue did, along with the other girls.

"Yeah, it's gonna be like that for a couple more days." Sue tries to grasp Carrie's shoulder reassuringly, backing up when the other girl startles in place, eyes becoming wider. Sue offers a friendly, little smile. "Wanna go upstairs, Carrie?"

Inviting her over to study for their exam can't solve every problem, but Sue thinks she's willing to try anything for a shot at forgiveness.

Carrie's face reddens, and she nods slowly.

Up in her third-story, off white bedroom, Sue ignores the red and slim-fit prom dress hanging out of her closet, pushing aside her gauzy, ivory canopy and the fashion magazines from her quilt.

Sue gets her a glass of water and a bag of salty, garlic-flavored chips and a small, ripely peeled tangerine on a paper plate, watching as the other girl doesn't touch a damn thing to eat for herself, rubbing her stomach and wincing occasionally.

"If you keep thinking about it, the pain will keep bothering you," Sue tells her, not trying to be mean or bossy about it, but getting frustrated by the watery, pathetic look in Carrie's stare.

The next thing Sue decides is to grab from the kitchen is pink-tinted saran wrap. She would never tell Tommy, but she went down on a girl who transferred to Colorado during their freshman year. They were both pretty drunk and horny after the pep rally, and Sue found herself crawling down the other girl's body, nuzzling her face between her pale, lightly freckled thighs, breathing her in.

From there, Sue doesn't remember much, except all of the gross, sticky fluid on her face and Tammy howling out her mind-blowing orgasm.

Carrie doesn't change from her sheepish, quiet demeanor, wiggling out of her overalls, but seems a little less reluctant after Sue explains what she's doing. She asks if the other girl was comfortable on her back, spreading a thin, pink layer against the entrance of Carrie's vagina, then doubling it.

There's not as much strawberry blonde hair between her legs, and a oozing of dark blood trickles out when Sue bumps her nose against her.

"Shit, I'm sorry," she giggles out, finding herself nervous of all things. Carrie's scent to her is a mix of the blood and a musky, sweet aroma. It's not bad, but it's not the most pleasant experience.

Sue presses her lips directly over the hood of Carrie's fleshy, enlarging clitoris, licking to get underneath, suckling in a awkward rhythm.

Grateful for putting a towel underneath Carrie's naked, squirming buttocks, when Sue discovers the large, clustering pool of menstrual blood later. Carrie doesn't shriek or moan, or pull Sue's hair violently — she's quiet as usual, biting her lip.

But there's no mistaking the awe left on her face.