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Team Fortress 2 AU

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It was naturally a peaceful night in the moonlit woods, birds chirping in the bushy trees until a loud and bellowing mechanical roar echoed through the woods instantly making the birds escape from the trees, giving out panicked chirps from the sudden noise.

Then, bushes started to ruffle for a few minutes until a running body came out of the bundles of the bushes and instantly started to run as fast as the figure can naturally go.

The running figure that ran frantically past the bushes was a female human, and she has tanned almond skin complexion, with long caramel chestnut hair that is down to the middle of her back with the left-hand side of her temple is dyed in a light cyan blue colored dye.

She is wearing a pair of opaque blue square glasses with round corners, a blue, white, cerulean, peacock, and sky cameo sweater with a hoodie that is enormous that reaches down to her thighs, with pockets on the sides and a silver zipper in the front, and with frost hems at the ends of the sleeves and the lowest part of the garment.

She is also wearing a pair of blue jeans that are at the bottom of her ankles, and a pair of light purple, and light blue shoes with white shoelaces.

The female has her hood up over her head, covering her face from anyone that is roaming around in the forest and on her back is a denim blue backpack decorated with black flowers.

The female is speeding from one side to the other of the woods, panting after each step as she takes, and the look upon her face looked sad because the tear stains on her rosy cheeks, but genuinely terrified with genuine fear as well.

She ran desperately past the trees, darted from one side to the other of the grassy meadows, rushed through the grass like plains without stopping instantly to take a break, and instantly tore between bushes, not bothering if they are toxic with itching acid or prickly to make her stop to carefully pick all of them off her body.

As she sped through the mysterious forest, as another mechanical bellowing roar echoed through the trees, intentionally causing more birds to fly out of the trees and flew out into the opening, and she gasped in genuine fear, undoubtedly hearing the fearful noise too.

She merely slowed down her pace slightly and glanced fearfully over her shoulder, still running past the trees, dodging them at each turn.

An enormous machine, towering above the female like a mighty giant would, with glowing blue eyes, a metal jaw, a blue metal undershirt with a yellow symbol that is shaped like a mighty fist on each shoulder, a black metal like a bulletproof vest with a black metal ammunition like mighty chest wear over his shoulder and his front, gray metal like pants and dark metal “boots.”

The giant robot immediately gave out a mechanical roar like the previous ones that it undoubtedly did when its optics instantly caught sight of her and directly chased after the terrified girl, growling fiercely in a monstrous, wicked way that she can never imagine in her fearful dreams.

She quickened her slightly reasonable pace than before and bolted as fast as she could through the deep forest, while the giant robot was chasing after her, but the terrible speed was slow because of the considerable weight of the modern machine.

As she ran desperately, even more, faster than before, naturally worried she might get killed very swiftly if slowing down and not knowing the terrible machine is merely losing vision of her, she raced deep into the dark woods, not caring to stop instantly and take a break from all the running.

Then, suddenly, she tripped over an exposed dead branch of a leftover tree that it had discarded during the time and landed on something metal, which also landed onto her right-hand side of her temple, instantly knocked her out easily and blackened out from that direct impact of the strange metal thing.

After what had been seemingly unusual hours, she finally gradually opened her eyes from the loud distorted noises that loudly echoed around her, which her eye color somehow turned into steel blue and clearly heard loud yelling furiously in different locations of where she is precise, with earthshaking footsteps.

Wait a minute.

‘Earthshaking footsteps?’

She jolted up onto her bottom from the ground and instantly noticed that the area around where she is precise, looked more… bigger around her than normal size back at home.

Even though… where is home?

She cautiously rose to her sore feet, sore from running through the lush forest that she was running in, carefully trying to see if all of this is naturally a lucid dream, and after she got up from the dirty ground, she started cautiously to walk away from her spot, looking for a private restroom where she can use it and comfortably fix what has been misplaced before.

At that moment, a ginormous boot in a dark color landed right in front of her, possible inches away from her face, and she immediately gave out a surprised cry before quickly covered her mouth with both of her hands, worried that the new mighty giant might instantly hear the startled scream from her and decided to kidnap her from the place that she undoubtedly appeared at.

As extraordinary luck would typically have it, she or he hasn’t heard her scream from the ground below him or her.

After that, the boot moved away from in front of her, and she looked up in genuine fear and then startled at whom the boot belongs to.

A massive man, with light skin color, and wearing a soldier like helmet on top of his head, which is covering his eyes from seeing anything, which was great, because she could’ve been seen by him if it weren’t for that helmet.

He is also wearing a red jacket that is at the bottom to his waist, with orange symbols that are in a shape of a rocket, a white undershirt underneath, a black waistband around his mighty chest with two yellow striped grenades attached to it, another dark belt around his waistline with two pouches on each side of his sides, crow color pants that are carefully tucked into his black ankle-high boots.

He looked like he is precisely 50 ft. taller than her, and she genuinely felt like she is going to instantly faint at that moment on the spot, but she carefully managed to naturally take it all into her body without instantly losing one possible inch of the overwhelming feeling.

He seemed to be angry about something that happened earlier before she got here because he is gritting his pearly teeth, with a slightly red face, when he yelled in a booming voice that sounded gruff and in an American accent, that made her immediately cover her ears with both of her hands, genuinely trying to intentionally block out the raging screaming from him, “SCOUT! GET YOUR FUCKIN’ ASS HERE RIGHT NOW!”

She never ever felt so frightened in her life that she instantly started to shake uncontrollably from head to toe, and wished to go back to the lush forest that she is running in and sincerely hoped that this all of this is naturally a terrible nightmare and wakes up on the similar ground as before, on cool green grass.

Before long, he instantly started to storm away from the spot where he was standing impatiently, instantly noticing the “Scout” that he had called wasn’t coming towards him when called and as he was stomping towards another spot, his footsteps rumbled the earth that made her tremble more in genuine fear, as she almost collapsed on the ground from each footstep stomped on the ground.

Be glad she wasn’t underneath his booted feet.

After a minute had passed, another person ran over to him, and he was a thin young man, with light skin color, steel blue eyes, and chestnut hair from underneath his crow colored hat, because the hat wasn’t covering the back of his head like the familiar people that she has met back at her home.

On top of his hat is a one earpiece headphone on top, and wearing a short-sleeved red shirt, tucked into his crow colored pants that are shoved into his thigh high, tight white socks and dark sneakers with two white stripes on the side with black shoelaces.

He is presumably the Scout that the scary massive man that is almost standing inches away from her mentioned while shouting out to him.

“What?!” he snapped, sounded annoyed, his voice sounded snarky and American like the other man that required for him. “What da fuck do ya want?!”

“WHERE IS THE FUCKIN’ MEDIC?!” the helmeted man screamed in fierce anger, stomping his foot down on the ground.

She couldn’t help but cover her ears more trying to intentionally block the thunderous shouting from between the two of them.

“I don’t know,” the Scout scoffed, shrugging his shoulders.

“‘DON’T KNOW’ MY ASS, WHERE IS HE?!” he screamed again in more anger, this time, he stormed over to him and grabbed the collar of his short-sleeved red shirt with both of his hands, almost lifting him up from the ground.

“Well, go tell Hardhat or somethin’! I don’t know jack shit ‘bout where he is!” he said anxiously, merely trying to get out his fierce grip on his shirt.

“HE’S BUSY LIKE THE REST OF THE FUCKIN’ TEAM!” he yelled, again, almost shaking the Scout like a doll. “DO YOU KNOW WHERE HE IS, MAGGOT! ANSWER ME, GODDAMNIT!”

Before long the both of them got engaged in a heated argument, and she instantly began wisely leaving from the two, until she is far away and immediately started to speed, fast as she can go, even though she’s exhausted from running earlier in the lush forest.

As soon as she got far away from the two cursing and arguing mighty giants, she sighed gently and finally stopped for a breath, in a covered area where there is welcome shade for her to be protected from both the sun and the giants.

She inhaled and exhaled slowly as she panted as her mouth felt dry from breathing in and out repeatedly from running away from a fierce monster back at home and from the two arguing giants.

She knelt down and carefully places her palms of her hands on her knees for breathing, and she inhaled and exhaled.

After a moment of gathering fresh breaths of air to run again, she looked keenly behind her back at the two arguing giants, shouting at each other and something immediately appeared behind them, looming over them like a lengthening shadow, which instantly made her gasp in mild shock.

It was the same robot, but this time, the “machine” undoubtedly has real skin like a modern human would that is in a light color, and he is bald with no chance of hair and very enormous to her height if she was, and he is towering above his teammates that are nevertheless arguing.

He is bearing the apparent similarities to the robot version of him, but he is wearing a bullet ammunition belt over his right shoulder, and a dark vest over a red shirt with the same symbols, but orange, twin black fingerless gloves, crow colored pants that are shoved into his dark ankle-high boots.

“Enough!” he scolded, as his enormous hands gripped both of the giants’ heads, making the both of them stopping instantly their heated argument over a missing medic, as the helmeted man’s hands gently released the Scout’s shirt, as he was just dangling from the ground, like a piece of local meat dangling on a meat hook.

His gentle voice sounded deep and loud, but with a thick Russian accent.

But why would a 50-foot tall “robot” merely say that to them?

Wouldn’t he instantly kill them right there on the spot?

“We find doktor by looking. Leetle Scout goes there. Leetle Soldier goes there.” the enormous Russian ordered calmly, gently releasing their heads from his enormous hands as the Scout is back down on the ground and pointing in the directions, which is up in a tower at the other side of the base and the wooden base behind their back, to the left-hand side.

“Why would da Doc be over there?” the Scout asked, sounding confused.

“That is where keeps bird,” He casually answered.

“FINE! I’LL GO OVER THERE!” the American fiercely barked that is promptly named Soldier, going over to where the Russian pointed.

“And I’ll just go over there where ya said it.” the Scout said, walking in the other direction where the Russian pointed.

After the both of them left, the giant Russian sighed, muttering fiercely something in Russian, which luckily Stephanie can’t translate, sounding relieved to carefully move the two arguing away from each other, but annoyed too.

He walked over to a different place, leaving her alone in the middle of nowhere.

She had never felt this confused and scared before.

What happened to her while she was knocked out?

She walked away from the spot she was standing and went carefully into the empty plain, without anyone instantly noticing her.

At that moment, the speakers turned on, and she jolted out from her skin, startled by the ear-piercing static of the speakers, as she carefully covered her ears to intentionally block the noises out.

Mission begins in 10 seconds.” a mysterious voice suddenly informed, through the speakers. “Mission begins in 10 seconds.

She winced in genuine fear, genuinely scared that someone or something might kill instantly her in 10 seconds!

She instantly started running for cover until the speakers turned on again, and she frantically looks around for cover to carefully hide from the fierce fighting.

5, 4, 3, 2,” the mysterious voice counted, counting down to zero. “1. Begin!

At that moment, the ground started shaking again and footsteps echoed through the earth, and she squeaked in fear, startled at the sudden movement of the ground.

She ran over to an enormous rock and carefully hid behind it as the loaded guns fired instantly in random directions and loud screams echoed through the air, as splatters of red liquids landed on the ground along with pieces of organs.

She had never ever felt this genuinely scared in her life.

Of course on some rare occasions on haunted mansions on a joyous celebration of Halloween in October, she could get frightened and thrilled at the same time about that, but this is very different from the past.

The female ran again from the spot that she was standing on and instantly noticed a corner, in between concrete and wood, and sighed in slight relief.

The female ran towards the corner, looking out for incoming bullets or organs and tried climbing up, but it was extremely too sleek for her fingers to instantly hook onto anything nor on the cracks too.

She whimpered in genuine fear and instantly shifted the other way around in the fierce fight, naturally wondering if there is somewhere else to hide instead of this spot instead.

Then, a monstrous shadow loomed over her, and she instantly froze in genuine fear, right in the spot where she is standing at.

She quickly turned around from where she is and instantly noticed the same Russian giant that she encountered earlier was standing in front of her, except facing backward with his back towards her.

Suddenly, he landed backward, possible inches away from her body, dead on the ground as visible bullet holes were left on his mighty chest, as well as a large shotgun shot in his chest, revealing some of his organs that are bleeding out, as well as a missing heart.

She was genuinely shocked, disgusted and horrified to instantly see him like that.

At that moment, she undoubtedly tried moving one of her legs to step carefully over the corpse, but she was carefully pinned to the corner by his enormous arm!

She gasped and carefully placed her hands on the corpse’s arm, feeling the cold rating off of him and tried to push away from him, but he was too massive for her to move his arm to the side to escape from the battlefield.

She groaned in slight annoyance and in genuine fear and was going to try once more to move the corpse again from her body until she undoubtedly heard footsteps again.

They were sharp, but light footsteps and they also sounded like they are in a mighty hurry too.

Oh, no.

She frantically tried to squirm, trying to get out of the corner until the footsteps got closer and stopped instantly in front of the corpse.

She fearfully glanced up from looking down at the corpse that was carefully pinning her to the corner and saw another enormous man.

This man has short and smooth jet black hair, that is slightly graying of the modern age that he is going through on the sides of his sideburns at the ears, steel blue eye color, and fair skin color.

He is wearing a light gray like a white long coat that reaches down to his ankles and has orange logos that are shaped in a plus symbol, but when he is kneeling down to the ground so that she could see it much better, and underneath, she could see a white undershirt beneath his long doctor jacket and a red tie, along with a pair of red rubber gloves that almost reaches to his elbows and small round glasses.

He was also wearing a crow colored pants shoved into a pair of black boots that are up to his mid-leg.

The giant man is a doctor, to her own fear.

She always fears of doctors since she was a baby.

She fondly remembered her dear mother had once told her she was carefully wrapped in a blanket to be warm from being cold and was angry about that since they had left her in the room.

That man “was” gazing keenly at her, and she started shaking, in fear, scared to death to see a phobia of her own, mixed with something that she fears right now.

Then, the doctor sighed wistfully and carefully lifted up his right hand, placing it on the right side of his temple, and instantly started to gently stroke it, looking annoyed.

“Zhis team…” he groaned, in a thick German accent.

At that moment, he got up to his considerable height and knelt down slightly, and reached beyond to the giant dead Russian's side, with his left hand and his right hand on the mighty shoulder, completely missing her in the middle of the both and with all his might that he naturally gathered, he gently pulled the corpse off of her from the corner, and she still couldn’t move out of the way, escaping into a base for protection or moving away from him in a different area, she was stuck in genuine fear, right there, right now in the corner that she is stuck in earlier.

After he had flipped him over, he gently stretched out his back and carefully put a hand on his spine, gingerly rubbing it in pain from the massive weight of the Russian.

“Heavy, jou really need to lay off zhe sandviches en my opinion,” He mumbled.

Then, he knelt down again and was going to do something to the Russian, when he finally glanced at her, and she instantly froze, sincerely hoping he didn’t notice her right there.

But, did he really catch a glimpse of her, just standing there in the corner of the spot she is standing at earlier?

The possible answer was naturally, yes.

He took another look at her, with a slightly puzzled look on his face, and she squeaked in genuine fear and genuinely tried to make herself small against the corner she is pressed against.

His steel-blue eyes widen in mild shock to see someone smaller than him, undoubtedly standing in front of him, as his glasses only fell off his nose a bit to the tip, until he reached over with his right hand to his glasses and gently pushed them back into place with his first finger on his right gloved hand, still gazing at her for a moment.

She was genuinely terrified that she was being stared at by a doctor because of her considerable size and how small she is.

After a moment of staring, he gently shook his head, carefully ignoring of what he just saw standing before him and reached over to his small round glasses with both of his hands and gently took them off of his nose bridge, looking thoughtfully at them in case of dirt or fingerprints from him.

After a while of looking for any dirt or fingerprints on his lens, he carefully placed them back on, gazing thoughtfully at her once more.

He gently shook his head once more again, carefully ignoring the smaller person that is standing before him and glanced over at the body, which apparently disappeared while he was distracted.

“I forgot zhere es a respawning area here…” he mumbled again, sounding slightly annoyed at himself. “I’m maybe also hallucinating from all of zhe stress too.”

This is her excellent chance to move away from the giant doctor!

She cautiously started moving cautiously, until he glanced over at her, and she instantly froze at where she is precise, slightly possible inches away from the corner that she was in.

At that moment, he sighed gently and stood up on his feet and walked over to her, slowly and carefully, as she was typically trying to gently force herself small against the corner that she immediately went back to.

A doctor captured her in the middle of her act to escape.

One of her mightiest fears of her life.

When he got close enough to her, he slowly knelt down on one knee, and she was shaking uncontrollably from head to toe, scared that he might eagerly open her up once captured in his hands.

They were staring at each other for a moment, and she is pondering what he is going to do to her and what will he do to her and how is she going to get out of this mess?

Then, he suddenly reached over to her with his right hand to instantly seize her, and she couldn’t help herself, but quickly closed her eyes for the sudden grab as she quickly lifted up her arms over her face, glancing away in genuine fear sincerely hoping all of this will end peacefully, but instead, she didn’t feel anything genuinely touching her body.

Not even a digit from any of his both enormous hands.

She gradually withdrew her arms in slight confusion and concern and glanced back at the doctor and instantly noticed he wasn’t gazing at her but at something else than her.

She glanced over to where his arm is and instantly noticed he instead grabbed a rare beetle that was typically going to her, and to her shock, it was precisely at dog-sized.

When she was almost at his considerable size, bugs were just merely bug-sized.

He flung it away from her to the right-hand side as he only landed on its back, before going back up to its legs and ran away from the both of them, as he gently wiped his hand on his pants, to naturally get the dirt off his hand from the discovered bug that he instantly caught.

After he had carefully wiped his right hand on his pants, he carefully placed his right hand back on the ground for support as he slightly knelt down for a closer look of her, and he instantly noticed her shaking uncontrollably, so, he slightly tilted his head to the right in considerable confusion.

Before he could say gently something to her to ask her a question about why she is doing here and how on Earth did she get small, when he and the girl instantly overheard a loud voice, thick with a Scottish accent called out, “MEDIC!”

He glanced over his shoulder, gazing out of the deserted plain, and she was still petrified with genuine fear, genuinely worried about the giant doctor, so much that her legs wouldn’t stop shaking uncontrollably, even though desperately tried merely stopping with her own strength in her mind.

He glanced back at her, and she jolted in fear when he glanced back at her, and to her own fear, reached over with both hands this time, he gently scooped the frightened girl upwards with his right hand from the ground, as his left hand was making a protective wall for her to be safe for the trip up to his height.

She was still shaking in genuine fear when he suddenly reached over to her with both of his gentle hands, so, she tried to move away from the hands, until he scooped her up in his palm, and she squeaked in startlement and fear, before pushing herself up in a gentle push up from the fleshy platform that she is precisely on top as he gradually withdrew his hand up towards his chest, up high in the air off the ground.

As she was getting up into the air, she went over onto her bottom and with her right hand, she gripped his thumb tightly for support as for some strange reason, his gentle fingers slightly curled inward in a protective move, for some reason generously supporting her from accidentally falling off his gentle hands, down to the ground.

When he carefully lifted her up to his chest level, he instantly started to get up to his feet, and she typically began to hyperventilate in fear, but her mighty grip on his thumb is tightly secured.

When he instantly got to his maximum height, while still carefully carrying the little girl in his right palm, he carefully observed in his familiar surroundings for a key moment, checking for anyone else like his team members or someone else, before gently withdrawing his left hand from his right hand and pulled back the pocket on the left-hand side of his chest and carefully placed her inside his breast pocket as he instantly heard a soft startled squeak, fortunately, escaping from her, but muffled when she entered the pocket.

After he had carefully placed her in his chest pocket of his coat, he instantly reached over his shoulder to his pack on his back and carefully pulled out a nozzle like a machine and placed his right hand on the handle at the top.

“MEDIC!” The same Irish man’s familiar voice called on the right.

“All right! I’m coming!” he called back to the Irish man, as he quickly ran over, instantly recognizing the frightened girl in his pocket, so he watched out for any incoming missiles.

After a whole hour of fighting, as she was listening anxiously to the loud yelling, guns firing, and the shrill cries of terrible pain, along with the overpowering smells of copper everywhere, the speakers turned on again and the same voice said, “You won!

He sighed gently in relief and could feel the girl inside his chest pocket, shaking uncontrollably in genuine fear from something that typically happened he didn’t notice as he was fighting fiercely.

He pondered for a key moment about why she is genuinely frightened as he walked back into the RED base until he instantly recognized something.

She’s genuinely frightened about him because of his considerable height and the dangerous things that he could do to her if wanting to.

He winced in mild annoyance at his apparent lack of direct knowledge and sighed gently, as he carefully placed a gentle hand on his forehead.

“Ich bin ein totaler Idiot,” he softly mumbled in fluent German, sounding annoyed at himself.

At that moment, he wandered back to the base and when he got inside, he looked around for a moment, and everyone else was in the similar room, carefully cleaning some stuff off their weapons, and doing their own stuff.

He walked over to the cleared table and instantly reached over his shoulder with the nozzle attached it to the backpack and took off the backpack from his back and opened his locker.

As he was tidying, he carefully kept undoubtedly feeling the frightened girl trembling in his pocket, so he properly finished up cleaning off the dirt and walked away from the locker room, into a long hallway.

As he wandered through the hallway, he looked around for anyone else with him and sighed gently.

He stopped instantly typically walking in the middle of the hallway and with his right hand, he instantly reached into his right chest pocket, and he heard her whimper in genuine fear as she scrambled to the bottom of the pocket, desperately trying to get away from his trunk sized fingers until he carefully brushed his digits over her loaded backpack on her back.

He gently pinched her backpack, not too much to instantly destroy the things inside from his incredible strength and hoist her out of his pocket, up to his face, as her backpack is gently pinched between his first finger and thumb.

She looked absolutely frightened out of her wits when she was in front of his face and started to shake in fear from the look of his face, worriedly thinking that she is perfect for an experiment or worse, for something to eat since he hasn’t eaten anything for breakfast.

He glanced all over her body for a moment, observing some scrapes on her elbows, and knees, cuts on her hands from falling onto her knees from running from something and a normally sized bruise on the right side of her temple.

He was silent for a moment, before placing her back into his chest pocket and walked directly towards a room, as she was in his pocket, still shaking, but a bit quiet at the lullaby of his strong beating heartbeat.

At that key moment, he stopped instantly in a Medic Bay and walked over to a metal surface and reached back into his chest pocket and this time, lightly wrapped his fingers around her waist this time and gently pulled her out of his pocket and gently placed her onto the counter.

“Vait right here,” he gently ordered, seeing her jolt from the sudden sound of his voice, sounding calm and gentle, trying to reasonably assure her that he’s not an actual killing machine that she instantly saw or undoubtedly heard from inside his chest pocket. “I’m just going to get some medical bandages for jour vounds.”

She glanced away from him for a key moment, before nodding her head slightly at him, slowly trusting his mutual trust towards her, properly understanding what he is typically doing to her.

He nodded gently back towards her, understanding that she is slowly trusting her by his trust and gently turned his back around towards her and naturally headed in the direction of a cabinet and carefully opened the cupboard, getting Q-tips, cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide.

She was quiet as he collected some things to mend people when injured until she glanced at her side and encountered a gas-masked figure, staring at her from the table, the chin on top of the surface.

“Mmph?” the masked figure muffled in confusion when it noticed that she was staring at its “eyes.”

She screamed out in fear at the sight of the gas-masked figure and the medic whipped around to see what she screamed about, just to notice a gas-masked figure, wearing a black gas mask, a red jumpsuit with orange symbols at the forearms in a shape of a flame and wearing black suspender straps on top of the shoulders and black gloves with yellow tips at the fingers and around the rim of the glove and over the chest is a belt and black combat boots.

“Pyro!” he exclaimed, scolding at the masked figure. “Don’t do zhat to her! Jou might accidentally hurt her on accident.”

The Pyro, the masked figure’s official name circled their head around to him and muffled, “Mrrdrr, mhh mhmh mh mh?”

The doctor sighed gently in slight annoyance and answered gently the muffled question, “Because she es traumatized. Apparently, our size frightened her too much during zhe battle. Be glad I found her en time before she even passes out from all of zhis fear.”

The Pyro gave generously out a “mmh” that sounded slight in gentle sadness and in rare acknowledgment about his reasonable explanation and glanced back at the terrified stricken girl as she jolted from the black “eyes” that were staring down at her and was quiet for a key moment.

“Mrrdrr? Mhh mhmh mhh mhhh?” the Pyro muffled again, as the figure pointed at her, instantly making her feel slightly nervous about the pointing.

“I found her en zhe battlefield, stuck en a corner vhere our Heavy was shot at,” he carefully explained to their question.

“Mhh.” the Pyro muffled again, carefully removing the pointing digit from her, as she was slightly relieved to be unpointed at, properly acknowledging his explanation, as the doors of the Medic Bay opened, revealing to be the same Scout from before.

“Yo Doc, I…” he trailed off when he instantly noticed her sitting at ease on the cleared table in front of the distracted Pyro who was staring at her with a nervous and worried look underneath the mask, as she was staring back in genuine fear, genuinely worried about what it, they, she or he might do to her.

She was quiet for a moment, not even noticing the curious Scout right behind the Pyro, until she was suddenly grabbed at her right leg from the side and pulled up into the air, upside down, as her loaded backpack was luckily on the counter, from her taking it off when the doctor was typically getting medical supplies for her to mend her wounds and was in front of a pair of steel-blue eyes.

Unfortunately, the pair of steel-blue eyes, rightfully belongs to the same Scout that she saw earlier with the other man that was shouting fiercely at him really, really ground shaking loudly.

He naturally has her right leg gently pinched between his first finger and thumb on his right hand.

“Yo Doc, where didja find her?” he asked, frightening her almost to death at the height of being too far away from the ground and being extremely close to someone else’s face.

“Hmm? Ach!” the doctor’s familiar voice exclaimed to the other side when he instantly noticed the Scout holding her in his fingers.

Then, his red-gloved rubber hand quickly reached over to the Scout’s left ear and pinched between his first finger and thumb.

“Vhat are jou zhinking?!” he exclaimed fiercely in fierce anger. “Jou don’t hold her by her leg!”

“Ow! Doc!” he exclaimed in pain, inadvertently releasing his grip on her leg.

As the Scout released her leg, plunging her to the ground as she felt her heart stopped from the sudden drop until caught by something leathery feeling underneath her bottom.

She sat up in the mysterious feeling and glanced anxiously over her shoulder to instantly see the same enormous guy that she noticed earlier, and she naturally thought her heart stopped instantly at the familiar sight of the giant Russian, that died right in front of her on the modern battlefield.

How did he return to the living?

Was it something about this “respawning” area that the medic prominently mentioned while their first meeting?

He was apparently kneeling down on one knee, and his right hand was underneath her as a rescue platform for her to be safe on top instead of landing on the ground to her death, as his left is on the ground, as a pillar for his balance.

She felt slightly protected in his enormous hand, instead of intentionally crashing towards the ground, sending instantly her to her imminent death, but still worried that he might kill instantly her later.

After she had been instantly caught with his enormous right hand, he stood up to his much taller feet than the Medic’s height that he has been held at and shouted fiercely, which startled her almost to death, and his accent is thick with a Russian accent, now that she can undoubtedly hear her closer, “Enough!”

The Pyro, Medic and the Scout glanced at him after they both had finished their arguments, and he glanced back at the terrified stiffened girl, now with her hands on top of her head, shaking uncontrollably from head to toe, crying now silently to herself, terrified of this situation that she is in, frightened that she might be typically pulled into it too between the both of them.

“Look at poor lettle mouse. Scared to death because you babies,” he commented, gazing at her with a concerned look in his eyes, as she jolted in fear, worried he might be furious at her too.

“Maybe she’s scared of ya instead.” the Scout sneered, as the Medic’s hand moved away from his ear, as he stroked it in pain from the harsh pinch from the Medic.

“No, she es scared of jou because of jour lack of carefulness!” the Medic snapped in mild annoyance.

“I was just curious ‘bout her!” the Scout snapped back.

The giant Russian growled fiercely a deep growl while glaring fiercely at the both of them after he had got up to his full height, carefully holding the tiny scared girl in his enormous hand at chest level and the Medic ignored the Scout’s nonviolent protests, gently scooped her out of the enormous giant’s gentle hand, as she slightly felt instantly relieved to be out of the giant Russian’s hand, worried to be accidentally squished inside if not careful.

“Herr Scout, zhat vas, not a correct vay to pick her up vhen jou vanted to see her again next time jou see her.” the Medic replied politely, as he carefully placed her in his right hand, near his chest, like carrying an adorable puppy. “Now, ef jou don’t mind, I have some tending to do vith her vounds, before sending her back to zhe home zhat she lives en. Her parents might be vorried about her being missing.”

The enormous Russian nodded his head thoughtfully, willingly agreeing with his possible explanation and left the Medic in the Medical Bay to do his work on the little girl’s wounds, as the Medic still has her in his gentle hands, shaking uncontrollably to death as the rest typically followed after him, all except the Pyro, who is stubborn to willingly leave the Medic Bay.

“Jou too Herr Pyro,” he replied politely, after carefully placing her back down on the same table where the Pyro was precisely at, staring straight at her, right next to her loaded backpack, then stuck a cotton ball on pair tweezers into the hydrogen peroxide.

The Pyro gave out a muffled, “Mmh…” as a nonviolent protest against his direct order, but sighed gently, willingly giving in his order as they stood up on their feet and walked out of the Medic Bay.

He sighed gently in slight annoyance after he had instantly heard the Medical Bay’s doors carefully closed behind his back, mumbling something in fluent German.

Luckily, she doesn’t know what he said fiercely in his own language.

He turned back around to her and politely asked, “Could jou pull up jour sleeves und pant legs? I’m guessing zhat jou went zhrough some pricker bushes und rocks vhen jou vere running.”

She shakily nodded her head, trying not to anger him, so, she carefully and slightly painfully pulled up her sleeves, promptly relieving to be small cuts, along with some visible bruises and scrapes on her legs.

After she gently pulled her up her pant legs and sleeves, he carefully placed the hydrogen peroxide back down on the cleared table and reached over to her with his left hand when she backed up in genuine fear, worried that he might do something worse to her like than what the other half of the team members undoubtedly did to her, as he stopped instantly, instantly noticing her moving away from him.

Except getting angry at her and dragging her closer to him, he instead gently curled his gentle fingers around her body, being careful to not trap her like a discovered bug, as his enormous fingers curled around her and instantly started to gently touch her wounds with the cotton ball in the tweezers.

She felt slightly calm that she is getting mended up with medical treatments, luckily not the syringes to instantly knock her out.

She cautiously watched as the Medic gently touched her wounds gently with the cotton ball, and then after her wounds were done with the hydrogen peroxide, slightly painfully with the mild pain from the modest cuts, he reached over to a small roll of white fabric bandages and being careful as he can, the Medic first places the tiny gauze pads down on the visible wounds on her arms, where she went instantly through the pricker bushes back in the lush forest, intentionally blocking the wounds from bleeding out during healing.

He gently wraps the fabric bandage around over the gauze pads, gently as he can without even tightening it to make her arm clot from being on too tight.

After he had mended her, she merely had her arms covered than her face, except the small bruise on the side of her head, so, she decided to let that heal without any help, since it is hidden by her hair and her legs too, after she rolled up the pant legs for him to see more wounds from the battle or the escape.

She reaches up to her sleeves that she has gently pulled up by his polite ask and gently pulls them down, covering the bandages that cover her arms.

“Zhere, now zhat jou are mended vithout any procedures nor stitches,” he replied, as he stood up fully from kneeling down to mend her wounds.

Her face went slightly pale in fear when he mentioned “stitches” as she started shaking more in fear.

He noticed her condition, so, he pulled back a draw from a desk of his and pulled out a small knitted blanket that someone has made for him, and he gently gave the small blanket to her as if it is a shock blanket to help her to calm down from her shock.

He reached over to a clipboard with a pencil laid across the top of the paper clipped to it and asked, “Please give me jour address to jour home und Miss Pauling vill take jou back home.”

She was silent for a moment, before glancing away, still worried and slightly concerned about his trust towards her, and he got curious and oddly, slightly concerned for her condition in the state that she is in.

“Are jou still traumatized?” he gently asked, deciding to ask something else than to push her over the edge of being comfortable.

She was going to reply to him a sarcastic remark, but, she thinks he might get too angry for that and might kill her, so, she only nodded her head, sadly answering to his direct question about her condition instead of her address to her family, and he sighed gently.

“Unfortunately jou have to stay here until jou are fully cured to tell me zhe address of jour home, zhen,” he replied gently, as he set the clipboard back down on the cleared table, right next to her. “I’ll be very certain zhat jou are perfectly safe here, und no one else vhould hurt jou.”

She was silent for a rare moment from his explanations, before nodding gently her head again, willingly agreeing to his possible explanations.

He instantly turned his back around and walked out of the doors of the Medic Bay, carefully opening one of them, and gently closing the door behind his back.

After she is left alone in the Medic Bay, she felt curious about why he looked genuinely concerned about him, and a little revealed that he’s gone and lucky that he didn’t use any needles on her to numb her wounds that would sting a bit if injected.

Outside the Medic Bay, the Medic explained the problems with his patient that he already cured are not fully cured to go back home until she is fully cured and the Scout sighed in slight annoyance and concern.

“So, you’re sayin’ she’s gunna stay here for a while until she’s fully cured?” he correctly explained in his own words.

The Medic nodded his head politely, answering to the Scout’s question and the enormous Russian placed his right hand on his clean-shaven head, thinking to himself about the Medic’s concerns.

“How da fuck are we gunna take care of a freakin’ small girl, even though we are freakin’ giants compared to her?!” he exclaimed fiercely.

“Then we be careful with tiny mouse,” the Russian replied, in broken English.

“Even though she is gunna walk around her like she gives a crap about what’s gunna happen ‘round here?” the Scout snapped.

The Medic sighed gently in slight annoyance and calmly replied, “Ve keep an eye out for her en case she es around here zhen. Ve don’t vant to make her more traumatized zhan right now.”

All three was quiet for a rare moment, before the Pyro muffled, “Mhh mhmh mhh mhh?”

“Zhe rest of zhe team?” the Medic replied curiously, translating what the Pyro asked him.

“We will tell them too.” The Russian replied.

The Pyro looked slightly relieved, but beyond the lenses of the gas mask, they looked uneasy and concerned about her being alone by herself.

Back in the Medic Bay, the girl was waiting patiently for the Medic to come back for any other wounds or anything that she didn’t notice as she grew up, as she was shaking slightly to herself from the encounter of the examples of war, but the Medic didn’t show up, so she felt concerned and nervous.

Has he and the rest of the team members forgotten all about her that is still in the Medic Bay?

But, the other half of her wants to leave badly, while the other half genuinely wants to stay put.

But alas the wants-to-leave side is more dominant than the other, so, she shakily stood up from the table, with the small knitted blanket on her back, as she glanced down at it, in a curious look, before sighing, knowing she has to stay here at the base.

She gently folded up the small knitted blanket, to leave it on the cleared table for the next smaller person than she would use it to calm down and carefully picked up the loaded backpack that she took off earlier, and glanced longingly over the side of the table, noticing how tall it is undoubtedly and how she would break a leg.

That would make the Medic more annoyed and have to mend her again.

Accordingly, she glanced over at the corner of the table, instantly noticing something was lavishly decorated along the side of the table’s leg so, being careful as she can, she crawled down to the bottom of the ground because of the notches on the table’s leg, and she cautiously descended closer to the bottom, she instantly jumped off the table leg and softly landed on the earth, with a muffled thump, but slightly twisted her ankle during the process.

She winced softly when she landed slightly roughly on the ground, gently rubbing her right ankle slightly in mild pain from the impact of the ground, before noticing a hole in the wall in a corner, so, she walked over to the hole noticing a dark hallway down, leading down to whatever is down there.

She gently took off her loaded backpack and gently set it down on the ground, before unzipping the backpack, comfortably reaching inside the backpack, rummaging for something inside.

After a couple of minutes of rummaging in her backpack, she gently pulled out two white armbands with velcro elastic black leather bands and the symbol of an army group.

She carefully peeled the velcro off of the bands and carefully places them over the sleeves of her sweater, up to her forearms, and tightened the velcro, so that they both won’t fall off while walking through the dark hallway in the wall.

After she carefully placed them on her arms, she gently puts on her loaded backpack back on her back and presses the black buttons at the ends, and they turned on after the click of the button, glowing brilliantly in a luminous red color, shining the way down the darkness of the hallway.

Before she could go into the hallway in the hole, she glances wistfully over her shoulder, to the enormous room at the Medic Bay’s doors, thinking to herself about the team members and why did they unanimously decide to keep her because of her economic condition, before sighing, and glancing back at the dark hallway, then entered the hole in the wall, miraculously disappearing into the darkness deep inside.

But, after she had miraculously disappeared into the hole in the wall, the Medic Bay’s doors opened, relieving to be the Pyro and when they instantly noticed she is gone, they muffled a soft, “Mhh…” before turning back around to the rest of the team, gently closing the door behind their backs, wisely leaving the room in silence.