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Crystal Cygne

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It had been 17 years since the Audrey 2 incident. Seymour Krelborn and Audrey Fulquard were happily married, and they had a 15 year old daughter named Elisa. The family left Skid Row and moved to Moscow, Russia, after Elisa was born.

However, today was the day that the family's life would change...

Ladybug (Ladybug finishing her transformation)

Cat Noir (Cat Noir finishing his transformation)

Crystal Cygne (Crystal Cygne finishing her transformation)

Cottontail (Cottontail finishing her transformation)

We've been preparing (Ladybug, Cat Noir, Crystal Cygne and Cottontail on patrol)

Sharing (Elisa helping Sakura with her Footloose lines)

Training (Luka and Elisa meditating together, holding hands)

Studying A to Z (Elisa raising her hand in class)

Bonding (Elisa and Sakura hugging)

Battling (Cat Noir destroying Captain Hardrock's ship with Cataclysm)

Laughing  (Elisa laughing at Nathaniel's drawing of Hawk Moth's defeat)

Gettin' crazy, you and me (Luka kissing Elisa)

'Cause it's coming soon (The window in Hawk Moth's lair opening)

When we all meet our destiny (Luka and Elisa standing under the moonlight in each other's arms)

Under the Parisian moon (Ladybug, Cat Noir, Crystal Cygne and Cottontail stand side by side, now joined by Rena Rouge, Carapace and Queen Bee)



Audrey Fulquard climbed up the stairs to wake her sleeping daughter. She knocked on the door.

"Elisa, sweetie, time to get up."

Elisa groaned. "Five more minutes, Mom..."

"Elisa, now means now. Your father and I have big news."

The door opened, and out stepped a girl with vibrant platinum blonde hair, pale skin, and vivid emerald eyes. This was Elisa Krelborn-Fulquard.

"Is it good or bad news?"

Audrey put a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "It's very good news, sweetie. Come with me. Your father's waiting."

Audrey and Elisa went downstairs to the living room, where Seymour Krelborn, Elisa's father, was waiting.

"Seymour, I brought Elisa."

Seymour went to kiss his wife and hug his daughter. "Morning, Audrey. Morning, Elisa, how's my little princess?"

"Daaaaadd!" Elisa complained. "I'm 15 years old! There's no need to call me little anymore!"

"Now, Elisa, even though you're a teenager, you'll still be our baby." Seymour ruffled his daughter's hair.

Elisa rolled her eyes. "Seriously, Dad?"

Seymour and Audrey led their daughter to the couch.

"Elisa, your mother and I have wonderful news. I'm sure she told you."

"She did." Elisa replied.

"Sweetie, we're going to move to Paris."

"What?!" Elisa gasped. "But I love it here in Moscow!"

"Your father and I love it here too, Elisa." Audrey sighed. "But think of this as a wonderful new opportunity! You get to go to a new school, make new friends, and get to see new places!"

Elisa sighed. "How long until we move?"

"We'll be leaving in three weeks."

Elisa nodded before heading up to her room to call her best friend, Sakura Morris.

"Elisa, so nice to talk to you today!"

"Sakura, can you please come over? I have something to tell you."


Elisa hung up. Five minutes later, Sakura was at the door. Audrey let her in.

"Elisa's in her room."

"Thank you, Mrs. Krelborn-Fulquard!"

Sakura went up to her friend's room and knocked on the door. Elisa opened the door and gave her friend a hug.

"Please come in."

Elisa shut the door and sat on her bed with Sakura.

"What's the matter, Elisa?"

"Sakura, my parents and I are moving."

"Whaaaattttt?!" Sakura yelled. "You're leaving Moscow?! When?!"

"Yes, and in three weeks."

"I'm going to miss you SO much, Elisa."

"You too, Sakura." Elisa took out her flute and blew a few notes.

Sakura smiled. "Elisa, I know I've said this multiple times, but you are a wonderful flute player."

Elisa giggled. "Well, Sakura, I've always believed music to be simpler than words."

Sakura nodded. "I see. Can you play a song on your flute?"

Elisa smiled. "I sure can."

Sakura closed her eyes and listened to the beautiful melody Elisa played on her flute.

When she finished, Elisa put a hand on her friend's shoulder. "Once I leave, be sure to call me once every week, ok?"

Sakura nodded before pulling Elisa into another hug. "I will."