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The One Left Behind

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Watching and waiting, waiting and watching,

For the one they say shall never return

You listen to the words they say, but you can't understand,

'She can't be gone,' you say, 'She just can't'

You listen to the words of kindness of sorrow, and of pity, Watch them whimper and cry and you can't help but thinking:

'This isn't what she wants, this isn't what is real, stop crying for her, she'll come back, she always has and she always will.'

Every day you wait, looking around every corner, waiting for her at the bus stop, looking at her house.

But she never comes, and you begin to think she never will, but you still wait, thinking that this is all a dream.

It has to be a dream, because she would never leave you, she said so

But, you think, you left her and now she's not there…

You left her behind, and in turn, God made her leave you.