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The Räe Legacy

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Nervousness pulsed through Ty, a feeling she wasn't used too.  She was one of the galaxy's most skilled smugglers - a gunslinger that made gang bosses quake in their boots!  She's shouldn't be pacing like this.  Glancing around the small room, Ty thought this was an odd place to meet - Carrick Station had plenty more luxurious and comfortable meeting areas.  Maybe it was a Jedi thing?

A Jedi... by the maker, her sister - her TWIN - wasn't just a Jedi.  She was a really, really, REALLY important Jedi.  A powerful one too, if rumors were true.  Ty didn't know much about the inner workings of the Jedi - in fact, if she were honest she tried to avoid them whenever possible.  In her line of work, you learned fast that Jedi were bad news.

Ruffling her already messy hair, Ty wondered what the hold up was.  She managed to show up on time to this... meeting?  Reunion?  Where was her sister?  They were identical twins so it's not like she wouldn't recognize her... Maker!  Why was she so nervous??

She'd learned of her sister's whereabouts mostly by accident.  Risha was doing some digging on the holonet and came across a Republic dispatch that mentioned "Jedi Knight Kai’sha Räe" - the name was so similar... their parents clearly weren't very original.  After a little more research, Risha had found a holo of the Jedi and it rocked Ty's entire world.

The petite nose, eyes too big for her face... she was the twin sister that Ty couldn't remember ever knowing.  The one that the Jedi had taken when they were just toddlers.  The one her mother had cried about.  The one her father didn't discuss and got angry about if she was ever mentioned.  The family's pride and joy - the twin that wasn't a massive screw up like Ty had been.

What if Kai'sha was just as disappointed in Ty as their parents had been?  What if Kai'sha looked at her and saw nothing but missed opportunity and regret?  Jedi could read minds, right?  What if she looked into Ty's head and saw the years of spice addiction, the revolving door of troubled relationships?  Maybe this was a bad idea.

Convinced this was a horrible mistake, Ty walked quickly toward the exit.  But before she made it out of the room, the door slid open... she was here.  Kai'sha wore a blank face - feelings carefully hidden.  As if frozen, the two women stood perfectly still, staring at each other.   Ty was vaguely aware of Kai'sha's hair being several shades darker than her own - more like their father's.  Her clothing more elaborate than Ty expected - she wasn't a "normal" Jedi by the look of things.  Ty smiled.  Kai'sha smiled back.

Without knowing who moved first, the two sisters were suddenly in a tight embrace, tears falling down both faces as they held one another tightly.

"I knew we'd meet again," Kai'sha whispered, her voice serene and smooth.

"Yeah, you couldn't hide from me forever."