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With Bakugou, every glance is a glare

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Katsuki Bakugou was fucking pissed at first.

His classmates have got the annoying habit of interacting with each other, and now those idiots were dating instead of focusing on become heroes. And that made him angry because he wanted more competition. More competition was always better. He wanted to be the undisputable number one and he needed to destroy everyone to accomplish that. Everyone.

First one was that useless idiot, Deku. He somehow grew a pair and finally asked round face Uraraka out. She accepted, of course. Even an idiot like Kaminari – before and after using his electricity – was able to see how they were disgustingly in love. Only those two remained painfully oblivious to their feelings. How that fucking coward found the courage was beyond Katsuki’s comprehension.

And what made him angrier is that they became super fucking clingy. Who would have thought that those two idiots would lost all their shame after starting dating? Well, at least after the entire school found out when Uraraka won her first fight against Kirishima during the last Festival (second year) and kissed that scrub on the mouth. The idiots forgot, in the heat of the moment, that it was a secret and they were live on national television. Katsuki wasn’t surprised, though.

“So, I thought you were going to catch up to me, Deku?”, Katsuki confronted him one day.

“What you mean, Kacchan?”

“I’m talking about Round-Face. You are all lovey-dovey with her now, right? It makes me wanna fucking puke”.

“What? Are you jealous?”

“Shut up, you son of a bitch”, Katsuki yelled. A little calmer, he continued: “I want you focused on catching up to me, because when I win, you won’t have any fucking excuses. I fucking told you, I am the motherfucking undisputable number one”.

“Oh”, Deku laughed. It kind of surprised Katsuki – he never saw Deku acting that calm in front of him before. They had a somewhat better relation, but not that good. It kind of made him a little uneasy, too. “Are you worried Ochako will hold me back? Hey, do you remember your fight with her, back in the first year?”

“Of course I do. I remember everyone I murder in a fight”.

“You use the word murder too freely”.

“Shut the fuck up and go to your point”.

“Right. Do you remember how strong she was?”

Katsuki took a few seconds to answer. “Yeah”, he said slowly.

“So why would you think she could hold me back? It’s quite the opposite, she makes me move forward. As a matter of fact, she does that to me since literally the first time I saw her”.

“Oh, Deku, that sounds… so fucking cheesy”.

“Maybe. But it’s the truth. Look closely during our training sessions. You’ll see”.

And look closely he did. It turned out it was fucking for real. Deku got more confident. In the team exercises, he would naturally give orders when necessary and he stopped stuttering like the dickless idiot of a little bitch he used to be, too. During the individual exercises, his confidence alone was already improving. Katsuki hated to admit, but Deku was reminding him of younger All Might. They were very different, of course. But also incredibly similar. It was fucking hard to put on words.

That realization made Katsuki really mad. In a good way, though. He wouldn’t let that bastard catch up that easily. He improved a lot thanks to Round Face? Well, all Katsuki had to do was to keep improving even more.

During one training with the idiots of class B, Deku was teamed up with Earphone Girl Jirou, Arrogant Copycat Asshole and the girl with the hands. They were fighting against Tokoyami, Animal Dude and… Frankly, Katsuki barely remembered the faces of the other two. One was a guy with a green mohawk and the other was a dude without any remarkable characteristics. And Deku was fucking murdering them. He put Copycat on the line when he tried to dismiss Deku’s leadership and guided them through the battle. He acted as a decoy, because the other four thought Deku was the main threat, and them made the other three attack them from behind. And when he it necessary, he defeated Tokoyami after a brief but intense match.

Katsuki looked to Uraraka, who had that annoying googly eyes while looking at the screen. “Hey, Uraraka”, he called. She looked at him surprised. “Not worse than trash”.


“Just take the fucking complement”.

“Oh, that was a compliment? And about what?”

“Forget it”, he said.

So, oddly enough, Deku and Round Face wasn’t the worst thing that ever happened to class A, Katsuki had to admit. But then, the Ice-and-Fire Bastard started dating that Nerdy Chick with the big pair of… Ermh, the Nerdy Chick. The Purple Goblin couldn’t shut up about it.

“I SWEAR FOR GOD IF I HEAR YOU WHINING ONE MORE TIME, I WILL LITERALLY MURDER YOU”, he decided to intervene with Purple Goblin first. Because that relationship was annoying for two reasons: that annoying Purple Goblin’s complaints; and Ice-and-Fire Bastard getting all giggly. In that order. Mineta shut the fuck up, at least in front of Katsuki.

And Nerdy Chick was also a competent hero before the relationship, if she got near him he could catch Ice and Fire Bastard’s edginess. Katsuki decided to confront him about it.

“Well”, he said in a serious tone that pissed Katsuki even more, “I can’t do much about Mineta, but I’ll talk to him later, because he makes my girlfriend a little uncomfortable. But I’m sure he will understand, he’s getting better lately”.


“As for me and Momo, don’t worry. I feel much more… lighter thanks to her. I know you heard that stuff I told Midoriya a long time ago… About my, let’s put in this way, troubled family. Well, after all this time, using my quirk still was a heavy task to me emotionally, even with Midoriya’s help. But now, it’s not so bad anymore. I think she’s making me stronger”.

“Oh, so you are in saying the same cheesy shit that Deku said too?”

“You had this conversation with Midoriya? About Uraraka?”, Todoroki seemed to almost smile, like he was mocking Katsuki. “You sure are concerned about your classmates”.

“Shut up”.

“You said yourself that Mineta was the least of your concerns… That means he is a concern, though”.


“And Momo and I were definitively a concern”.

“Okay”, Katsuki said with an unnaturally calm voice. “I WILL KILL YOU, THEN I WILL RESSURRECT YOU AND THEN I WILL MURDER YOU AGAIN”.

But the bastard was able to dodge his punches. Then, they were scolded by Hound Dog and, Katsuki had to admit, that guy was one of the few people on Earth that could make him feel a little scared. The way he lost the ability to speak coherent human language when he was angry was… unsettling.

And both Todoroki and Yaoyorozu were becoming better together, in the same way both Deku and Uraraka were. That was fine for Katsuki. More competition meant more rivals and a more satisfying victory. He wanted to show them all… that he was the number one, and no one else.

Then, the second biggest idiot on the surface of the globe found a girlfriend: Denki Kaminari. And he was only second to himself, after he went ‘whey’. He started dating Jirou. Katsuki always found her tolerable as a person, because she was good with music and always took the lead on the Cultural Festivals. Both of them. She was competent as a hero, but she lacked the drive. Kaminari had the same problem, that idiot. He was good, but he didn’t have the hunger that other students like Katsuki himself, Kirishima, Uraraka, Todoroki and even Deku had.


“What did I do?”, Kaminari asked. He was cornered by Katsuki when he was leaving his room.

“You always had insufficient brain cells to function, but I can’t believe you keep doing this shit”.

“Dude, what the heck? Can you… maybe chill?”

“ME? CHILL? I don’t know such word!”, Katsuki yelled and Kaminari laughed.

“Look, I have no time for whatever is bugging you. I asked Yaoyorozu’s help with this thing and…”

“Let me guess? It’s something about your girlfriend?”

“Well, sort of? I want to impress Kyoka with some tricks and I asked Yaomomo to create this thing that helps me train my electricity a little. You know, like we did on the Training Camp after things went to… well, shit”.

“Ah”, Katsuki lost his words for a second. His objectives might be a little unconventional, but in the end he wanted to get stronger, right? So, there wasn’t really an issue there. “Sure”.

“Sure? What happened about, I quote, murdering me?”

Katsuki answered menacingly: “Do you want to be murdered by me, fuckface?”

“Ahhh, not really, no, sorry…”, he laughed. “I’m leaving now. I also asked that crazy chick from Support for some help, too. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see Kyoka’s face after I go all out and don’t go ‘whey’ at all”.

“I bet she won’t even notice”.

“Hahahaha, very funny Kacchan”.


So, Kaminari was also free to go, even if he was a fucking useless brainless idiot.

But did class A stop at three couples? Of fucking course no. Ojirou and… Invisible Chick? Haga… Something? Well, they started dating, too.

“You know what”, he said to Ojirou, after a good sparring session between the two, “you are free to go, Tail-Dude”.

“Hmm, thank you?”

“You are fucking welcome”.

Katsuki didn’t even plan on approaching Tokoyami and Tsuyu when they started going out, because he knew from the get-go they weren’t the type of people to be distracted by romance. They were actually very discreet, something that pleased Katsuki immensely: Deku and Uraraka were surprisingly outgoing together; Todoroki and Yao-chick were giggling all the time together; Kaminari was naturally loud as fuck; so was that Invisible Chick. Tokoyami and Tsuyu were all right and had the decency of not bothering Katsuki that much.

“So, Pink Hair”.

“The name is Mina Ashido”, she corrected. “You know I hate when you do that”.

“Whatever”, he said. Sero and Kirishima, that were sitting together with them, laughed. “Anyways, I want to ask some shit”.

“Well, then ask me some shit”.

“You know how Deku, the Ice-and-Fire Bastard, Brainless Idiot, Tail Guy and Birdface are all dating someone?”

“Yeah…”, she said slowly, raising one eyebrow.

“With girls from our class?”

“Yes, I’m very aware of that”, she had a sideways grin.

“And you forgot about Iida”, Sero added.

“What? Glasses?”, Katsuki asked.

“Yeah, he is dating that girl from Support Class. Hatsume, I think”.

“Holy fuck, even him?”, Katsuki was legitimately surprised. “Well, I guess Glass is the annoying diligent type of guy, so something like dating won’t be a distraction to him”.

“What are you even saying, man?”, Kirishima asked.

“Doesn’t matter”, Katsuki went on. “So, six couples in our class, and Glasses is dating someone from the other class. That makes thirteen people currently in a relationship, out of twenty”.

“The Math checks out”, she agreed. “I think”.

“But why the girl who cares most about this shit isn’t on that list?”

“I… I don’t know what you mean”.

“You are the girly girl type, aren’t you?”, Katsuki grinned. “That strikes me as odd. I mean, on what planet idiots like Deku, Ice-and-Fire Bastard, Brainless or Glasses would find girls and Hair-for-Brains wouldn’t?”

“Wait, is that a complement?”, Kirishima wondered. “Also, w-what do I have to do with this subject? You’re talking about M-… Ashido”.

“I think you two are hiding something”, Katsuki concluded. “Spill the beans, shitheads”.

“Haha, what are you saying, Kacchan?”, Ashido said in a mocking tone. “Are you suggesting that Kirishima and I are in a secret relationship just waiting for the right moment to tell everyone? Nonsense!”

“Well, that was an incredibly specific denial”, Sero commented. “Now I think Bakugou is onto something”.

“It’s not manly to gossip, guys”, Kirishima warned.

“So there is something to gossip, right?”

Kirishima and Ashido exchanged glances. “Fine”, the red-haired boy said. “Don’t tell anybody. We are waiting for the manliest time to tell people about it”.

“Holy crap”, Sero said. “That is huge. Holy crap. Don’t worry, I won’t tell. But I have a question. What would be the manliest time?”

“Easy”, Ashido answered. “The moment there isn’t any other new couple to steal our thunder. I want the entire attention of the class when we announce, damn it!”

“Wow, that does make sense!”

“Really, Sero?”

“Not at all”, Sero deadpanned. He turned to Katsuki. “Can you believe those guys?”

“I actually can. Just think about it. It’s fucking Hair for Brains and Pink Girl after all”, he explained.

“Well, you do have a point”.

“So, Kirishima”, Katsuki provoked. “I hope you get all cozy in your relationship, it will be easier to murder you again next Sports Festival, like I did that day. Oh, that’s if you go to far and don’t lose on the first round”.

“Shut up, Kacchan”, Kirishima answered. “Uraraka was strong and she tricked me. And I will be the one to beat you in the next Sports Festival. Watching you losing and freaking out will be a sight to see”.


“Boys, calm down”, Ashido intervened. “And Bakugou, watch your filthy mouth. Hound Dog is glaring at us already. Oh, also: Bakugou and Kirishima, you guys will not murder each other”, she said. Ashido gave a calculated smile after a pause and continued. “After all, I’ll beat you both this time”.

“BRING IT ON, YOU FU -- I mean, Ashido!”, Bakugou accepted the challenge.

So, that’s how Katsuki learned to accept every single couple on class, even the most annoying ones. But then, Sero decided to interrupt his peace of mind some time after. By them, Kirishima and Mina were already openly dating. Katsuki’s role on finding out about them early was addressed by them when they told the stories – only him and Aoyama were able to find out by themselves. Anyways, Soy Face was a piece of shit when he wanted.

“Bakugou, why were you interested in so many couples?”, he asked when they were leaving Present Mic’s class together.


“Whoah, getting touchy, right? What’s up with that? I mean, you were going out of your way to confront the guys”.

For some reason, Katsuki decided to be honest with him. “I wanted those idiots focused. Because then, they’ll have no excuses. I will defeat them while they go all out and I will be undisputable number one”.

“I see”, he put his hand on his chin, in a pensive stance. It reminded him of Deku. “I had other theory. I thought you were jealous”.


“Come on, I’m not saying you were jealous of them specifically. But you noticed how every single one of them got better after dating… I mean both the boys and girls. It’s because they have the support in their partner. Don’t you think so?”

“Yeah”, Katsuki unwillingly admitted. “Even Brainless is getting better. And he was a lost fucking cause”.

“You should ask someone out”, Sero said. “Although your personality drives sane girls away, I bet there are a lot of insane girls there who would date you. Somewhere on this world”.


“I’m just saying you should find yourself some girlfriend. Maybe you also would make fewer murder threats per day. It’s starting to get repetitive again”.

Katsuki couldn’t beat the crap out of Soy Face in that instant, but God smiled to him and made Sero his partner in the sparring session later that day. And, oh, did he spar…

But to Soy Face’s eternal joy, the week next he was proven right. In a way. Katsuki could only think there were some ironic God out there trying to prove him wrong about relationships in every instance and them sending someone to him.

And that someone was Camie.

She was annoying. So goddamn annoying. Katsuki couldn’t even understand what she was talking about half the time. And she was reckless, even a little ditzy. She would frequently space out during conversations, mainly to look at her cellphone. She made Katsuki mad all the time. It was during the Hero School Fair, where most hero students from many different schools and ages got together to train. According to the government, it was one way to improve the unity of the new generation of promising young heroes of Japan. To Katsuki, it was a chance to meet all his competition. He was determined to beat the crap out of every single one of them.

The security measures were intense, by the way. They had to do even blood tests to get in and out location. Only four people in the entire world knew ahead the location they would go – and the Prime Minister herself wasn’t one of them!

But that girl kept following him. Even after the end of the activities. Sero, that goddamn Soy Face, kept teasing him. “She’s into you, man. I’m telling, she’s into you. She likes your Baku-rage”.


“I’m not teasing you”, Sero said, and he meant it. Katsuki, for once, lost his words. He could see the sincerity in the face of that ugly bastard. “Evidence one. She actually said you are cute. Evidence two. She said, and I quote, ‘that tenacious blonde’s spirit is lit as fuck’. Final evidence. And she asked Kirishima your phone number”.

“Damn it, Sero, you weren’t supposed to tell”, Kirishima complained. “Not manly at all”.

“What the flame fuck is he talking about, Hair for Brains?”

“Who? I don’t know any Hair for Brains”. Kirishima did that bit every time he was fed up with Katsuki’s nicknames.


“Just tell him, people are looking at us weird”, Jirou said. She was at dinner table too, with her boyfriend Kaminari. Besides them and the ones already mentioned, Ashido was sitting next to Kirishima and this weird guy from Isamu Academy too, but Katsuki didn’t even bother to give him a nickname.

“All right”, Kirishima agreed. “She asked me your phone. I asked her why. She said that she noticed you and the other guy during the classes you did together. I asked who the other guy was. She said it was Todoroki, but he was already taken. I asked her if Bakugou was her second choice, because you are my bro and I want to protect you”.

“Sometimes”, Ashido chimed in, “I feel that I am your second choice”.

“Haha, very funny, this joke never gets old”, Kirishima gave a playful push on her arm.

“Fuck off. Pink, shut up. Red, finish it”.

“Are you going to refer to us as colors now?”, Kaminari asked.

“Maybe, Yellow”.

“Anyways”, Kirishima spoke again, “she said you guys were equally cute. Her words, not mine. But she liked the blonde’s hot head more. The blonde is you, by the way”.

“I figured that fucking much, thank you”.

“And I gave her cell phone because I don’t know, it would be funny to see your reaction. I told the guys, but I asked them to keep it quiet. Turns out it’s too much to ask Sero”.

“Sorry, man, but the cat was out of the bag”.

“I’ll just block her if she annoys me. Which she probably will”, Katsuki told them. But hell, he was intrigued and – he hated to admit – even a little excited.

She texted him later. Katsuki decided to answer her truthfully, in his usual moody way, but he did not block her. She was incredibly ditzy and sometimes vain, but she was not the worst. And, Katsuki couldn’t deny, she had a really tight body. You know, with the right curves in the right places and in great quantity, too.

After a few weeks, the texts were more intense. Katsuki caught himself anxious for her reply, longing for it during the day. He felt crazy. Never before something so distracting had happened to him. Nothing that took his mind away from his goal. Even things that blinded him of his objective of becoming the best were related to that objective – for example, his drive to humiliate Deku in his first battle (and he was humiliated in the end, a defeat that hurt him to that day) was because he felt... well, Katsuki wasn’t ready to talk about that. Yet.

He started to understand what the fuck she was talking about more often. She teased him about his bad humor. ‘With you’, she texted, ‘every glance is a glare’. He teased her back about her clumsiness. For the love of God, he thought, Katsuki fucking Bakugou was teasing back some girl via text. They even had their own inside jokes. Katsuki wasn’t able to fully open to her (even though he touched a little on his feelings toward All Might and Deku – but just a little), but she was open about hers. How she felt guilty about the incident with the crazy bitch from the Villain Alliance, those coward cunts. How she feared it would screw up her future as a hero. And Katsuki listened to her. Well, he read her messages actually, because it was a written conversation… Look, the point is that he paid attention to her!

The young boy didn’t know what the fuck was going on.

When he didn’t know what else to do, he went to the only person he could talk about that kind of shit: Deku. Funny thing how that nerd was the only person he could talk about feelings and shit. Even Kirishima, Kaminari or Sero – his friends… He couldn’t do it. Katsuki always wondered why.

“The question is simple, Kacchan. Do you like her?”

“I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you of all people for advice”.

“You said you text her all the time, since that training”.

“I do”.


“First, I was curious. Now, because it’s… I don’t know”.

“Hum”, Deku put his hand in his chin and Katsuki felt like he was being analyzed by him. “And you said you get crankier when she takes longer than usual to reply you”.

“I said cranky, you fuck-tard. Not crankier! Pay attention”.

Deku looked at Katsuki like he was trying not to laugh. Katsuki was about to yell at him, but he spoke first. “It doesn’t matter. I think it’s obvious you like her”.

“I figured”, Katsuki said, unhappy. But then… “Well, I guess it’s a good thing”.

“Yes, it is a good thing. Look at me and Ochako”.

“I actually try to look away from you fucks. But you got less weak and wimpy, I give you that. Ice and Fire Bastard too. He’s lighter lately, don’t you think?”

“I guess”, Deku raised one of his eyebrows.

“Everyone that got in a relationship got somehow stronger, even the biggest idiot in the entire face of the earth, Kaminari. Also, you”.


“Maybe I’ll get stronger too. Aizawa and All Might said I had to be friendlier and--”



“That’s not the right approach”.

“For what? Being a hero?”

“No. For being a couple”.

“How is that?”

“You should date her because you like her. Everything else – such as becoming a better person or a better hero – is just a consequence”.

Katsuki couldn’t find an answer for that. And he felt that, lately, Deku had the final word on their conversations more often than he did not. And that didn’t make him feel mad at all, for some reason.

He decided to wait and see. He wasn’t with the appropriate mindset to get in a relationship at the moment, that much was clear for him. But maybe, in the future…

He would wait and see.