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Have Courage and Be Kind

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Once upon a time, there was a kingdom named Daibazaal. It was a mighty yet fearful kingdom ruled by King Zarkon and Queen Haggar. Everyone in the land feared them for they ruled them like slaves. All that tried defying them were never seen again. Children were taken from their homes and forced to work in the mines, women were forced to work in the fields to gather food, men worked in the mines as rock collectors. It didn't matter what race you were. If you were not Galra, you were nothing to the Royals' eyes. The Galra were a mean, savage group of people. Knowing they could get away with anything and everything, everyone else suffered from the other citizens and their rulers. It wasn't until a group called the Blade decided it was time to take the throne. The battle was planned for years, then the date finally came. The members of the Blade attacked in the silence of the night. By the time morning arose everyone, many Galra were dead in their positions. The King himself was mortally wounded and his Queen was powerless. The kingdom rejoiced as they watched the Galra retreated from the kingdom, praising the Blade for their glorious work. But now they needed a new ruler. Kolivan, the leader of the Blade, offered the position to one of his most trusted Captains. Krolia and her husband. They were not sure what the kingdom would say, but the people seemed pleased to know that they were given the choice. So they were sworn in as the new King and Queen. However, they changed the name. So the kingdom entirely could start anew. Mamora. At last! The people could find happiness in being in the kingdom once again! Families that fled from the violence and danger came flooding back to be reunited with those that stayed, the econimic status of the kingdom was salvaged and restored to its former glory, all was well in the kingdom of Marmora. 

Ah yes, the beautiful kingdom of Marmora. A peaceful land in which people fear the Galra no more. Farms no longer have unpaid servants and everyone works with a smile on their faces. It truly was a land to finally build families and teach their young about the beauty that was concealed by slavery and violence. Just passed the village, a few miles north; there were many merchants and farmers living in peace with their land. The most known family was the Mcclains. They were a large family that many others liked working for. The oldest children help tend to the chores around the property and the young were nice and sweet to their nannies. The nannies spend time with the young ones along with the parents. They always admired how Mr. and Mrs. Mcclain never stopped loving their children or gave them to the nannies to deal alone. They soon let go a couple that had opportunities of a lifetime, never wanting to keep those that wanted to work with something more. Leaving a handful of cooks, maids, and workers for outside chores. But all children helped out, not one worker was without a little helper. 

Soon Mrs. Mcclain had her last child, a young boy whom they named Lance. Now Lance wasn't like his older siblings; when they saw the world as it was, Lance saw the world as it should be. With a little hint of magic. Would explain why he was a happy child and especially when he talked to the animals as if they could talk back to him. Even as a child, Lance was a beautiful person. Inside and out. He never said anything without properly addressing the other, he never forgot to say please and thank you. Not only his manners but his appearance. For he was blessed with beauty from the top of his head to his little toes. Skin like caramel, so soft and sweet. Hair like chocolate, never messy or dirty even if he played in the dirt. But his eyes were the true gem of his appearance. Eyes as blue as the ocean, a mixture, a variety of what the color Blue could offer an artist. 

The Mcclain estate was large for the father worked as a merchant, traveling from east to west to sell or buy certain objects. He ran a factory that collected what others did not want and turns them into something that everyone wanted. That was pure magic to Lance's mind. Along with the money Mr. Mcclain earned, the estate was never filled with the best or most expensive items in the world. It was homey, cozy and warm. Just like they wanted. The property was big enough for a large house with many rooms to fill along with a garden in the back, a stable for many of the animals they had, and as well as a little field just to run around and play. The Mcclains almost always spent a while in the fields, climbing trees and admiring the beautiful clear skies. Watching as the world passed by them. To Lance, it was like a kingdom all for their own. The estate was their castle and the workers were friends that helped, the outside was Lance's playground. He loved the outside, especially the river close to the estate. Anyone could find the young boy either in the trees or in the river, playing to his heart's content. 

Lance helped feed the animals in the backyard. Spreading corn and seeds to the chickens and ducks, ensuring their babies got some too. He giggled as his mice friends were playing. Platt was trying to eat the feed, of course. "Platt, you are a house mouse. Not an outdoor mouse. If you're hungry, you should have told me silly." He said, kneeling down to cup his hands. Allowing his friends to move to his palms, standing up once they were all there. "Lannnceee!" he heard, gasping in glee. "It's Papa!" He rushed to the well, setting his mice friends on the stone. "I'll be right back." Then dashed to the front, wanting to see his father once more. Upon arrival, his siblings were helping carry the boxes and bags down from the carriages. Sorting from fragile, valuable, product and more. His father glowed with a smile, seeing his youngest. "Lance!" In one swop, he was lifted in his father's arms. Giggling as they twirled in the air. "I missed you, Papa! So much!" Mrs. Mcclain smiled as she helped the workers bring in what could stay. A new piece of art just for the study. Everyone else got their own gifts from across the globe. Now, it was Lance's turn. 

"Oh, my boy! Mi Hijo! You've grown!" He gasped, making the boy giggle as his father held him close. Walking towards the stone bench surrounding the garden in the center of the gravel circle. Setting Lance down with a smile. "All your hermanos y hermanas got their gift. Would you like yours?" Lance smiled, "Papa, you know the greatest gift is you coming back. I don't need anything else." It made Mr. Mcclain's heart sore. Really anyone that heard followed behind. Lance was truly the kindest around. "Yes but even you deserve a gift. For being you." He pulled something out of his pocket. It looked like a rock, but up in the light was far more different. It was a beautiful gem. It wasn't big enough to be of great value or too small to be created into jewelry, just the right size to hold and pocket for some extra good luck. The color surprised Lance the most. It looked just like his eyes! Lance gasped, gladly holding his hands out to hold it carefully. "Oh, it's beautiful Papa! It looks like my eyes!" He exclaimed happily. Making his father chuckle in glee. "Indeed mi angel, indeed it is." 

The family was pleased, happy, joyful in their life. Everything seemed peaceful with the family loving each other so much. But even sorrow can happen with a happy family. No one could believe it, no one wanted to. How could they deal with their mother fall ill? Too ill to even go outside anymore, trapped in a single room where the doctor came in, checked her, then went out. It scared everyone, especially the father. All Lance knew was what he overheard, hidden behind a corner. It had been a couple of days, she wasn't getting any better. Lance sat in a chair beside the door to the study, where his mother sat. The doctor came out, whispering to the father whose face turned as white as snow. Like he was watching a ghost. "I understand, thank you, Doctor." Then allowed a maid to escort the doctor out. He looked to his older children, then to Lance. Who waited politely there. Quiet as a mouse. "Lance." His head lifted to his father. Eyes meeting such sorrowful looks. Did his siblings already say goodbye? It would appear they did once his father said, "Come. Your mother wants to see you." The little twelve-year-old boy stood up and held his father's hand as they walked into the study. His mother smiling softly at him. Oh, how beautiful she was and would always be. 

"Mi Hijo, mi precioso angelito. Come, please." She said, moving her legs to create space for Lance to sit. "I want to tell you a secret. A secret that will see you through all the trials life has to offer. You must always remember to have the courage and be kind." Lance's hand was taken into her cold one. "Will you promise me?" She whispered. Lance teared up. “Mama, please...” “Shhh I know my dear, I know. I know I will be leaving soon. But I do not want you, your brothers or sisters and your father to grieve for too long. I want you all to be happy in your lives. Can you promise that you will remember our little secret?" Lance hiccuped, nodding. "Yes, Mama." She looked like she breathed out in relief. "Good." She said, nodding a little. "Good." She looked over to her husband, who tried not to tear up for the fifth time this week. The older children came in shortly, giving Mrs. Mcclain a final hug as a loving, dear family. "I love you," She whispered to them. "I love you all, so much. So dearly."

Time passed and she died peacefully in her sleep. She was buried where the family had planned. A clean, new stone was engraved. Fresh flowers from the field were picked and everyone, even the workers in the estate, came to say their final goodbyes. For with time and years, the pain turned into a memory. As the years went on, each older child went off into the world. Each ensuring their father and youngest brother that they would write every day. Some headed to the east towards the ocean, where they wanted to work in a market as fishermen. Others headed south, towards the big city. Claiming it was a wild time but they soon were engaged then eloped. Wishing Lance and their father would attend the wedding. By each year, Lance grew even more beautiful than anyone could imagine. When he reached the age seventeen, not one who looked upon him could tell him truthfully how ugly he was. His eyes stayed as bright and gleeful, his sunlike smile never faded. It was something everyone loved seeing the young boy do. A smile that could light up any room he walked into.