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Namjoon ran as fast as he could. Stupid alarm. He had set it for 7 am hoping to get a good seat. It would be crowded by now. His favorite ramen shop. Aish.

At 8:28 he rushes into the shop. Or rather into the hoard of people outside it. You’d have thought there was a riot going on. No, their ramen was just that good.

“Excuse me! Coming through! Put that back in your pants young man!” Namjoon shouted while pushing through the crowd. Jackson would be expecting him. He had told the young owner that he would be there at seven. Once, Namjoon was late and Jackson called the police. Namjoon never missed ramen time. Never. Except for today.

People shouted in confusion and anger as Namjoon pushed to the front. When he reached, he burst into the kitchen.

“JACKSON!” Namjoon shouted. “I’m here! Don’t call the police!" When Namjoon entered he saw Jackson hastily cooking ramen. 

"Namjoon! I have lots of work, " Jackson shoved a bowl of ramen his way, "go and eat."

Namjoon eagerly grabbed his life source, thanked Jackson, and fled into the restaurant to try and get a seat. Of course, there were no good seats. People had taken to the floor. He saw a comfy looking corner booth, with only one other occupant. Score. He sat down across from him. 

The first thing that Namjoon's gay ass eyes caught was the man's face. It was so perfect, so handsome. The man was very focused on his food. Namjoon can see just how much he loved the ramen. Or rather, he can hear it. The man is basically moaning. People start staring. Ah, so that's why this booth was empty. Namjoon is trying not to burst out laughing, or start crying. Suddenly, the man looks up and shouts, "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN!" 

Namjoon felt something on his wrist. It was a pleasant tingling. Oh. Wait a second. OH. When Namjoon looked down he saw "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN" being inked by some invisible force onto his wrist. Onto his wrist, curling around his arm. He jerks his arm up to get a better look. And of course, there was a table right there. Namjoon's ramen spills all over the man and onto himself. Not again! "OMG IM SO SORRY I WILL CLEAN THIS UP! DO YOU NEED A TOWEL!" While Namjoon ran around, screaming the other man looks at his arm. 

This clumsy snack is my SOULMATE! He's been waiting to find the one for him. And he met him at his favorite place! Perfect. 

He stands up and held out his hand to Namjoon, "I'm Jin. Kim Seokjin."

Namjoon, still shaken, smiles and takes Jin's hand, "I'm Namjoon. Kim Namjoon."

"We're soulmates." Namjoon and Jin say at the same time. 

And suddenly they are on the floor laughing, soon to be found by a worried shop owner, wondering why his friend and favorite customer on the floor, covered in ramen, laughing hysterically.