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Bubbles and Her English Man

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Chapter 1

The blue serene ocean looked sublime from 35,000 ft above. Unfortunately, even that sublimity was not able to help me from the heartbreak of what I had left behind. Whoever said life is an ice cream so enjoy it, should be punched in the face. They don’t have an experience of it dripping all over and making a sticky mess. That’s what my life was, a stupid sticky mess.

I am Maya Bridges and this is my story.

I come from a very normal and loving family of four. Mom, dad and my little brother. I had an amazing childhood, growing up with the best of friends and fabulous neighbors. Speaking of whom, my best friend from primary school is our beloved Captain America. Yes, you read that right. Chris and I were practically attached at the hip for most parts of our growing up. Our parents thought we would eventually start dating but that was never what we had felt for each other. He was my friend and that is all I wanted him to be and so was with him.

An announcement by the flight attendant about landing in half hour woke me up from my thoughts and I was back to reality. After Immigration, customs and painfully slow baggage claim, I walk out into the chill spring breeze of Boston.

From nowhere, I am enveloped by what feels like a brick house. I know the arms around me. I know the cologne. I know I am safe. Right now, I don’t want him to let go.

“Bubbles, I missed you”. Chris has been the only constant in my life. Him, his family and my family. One lone tear drips down. We let go of each other. I look at him. And again, he has managed to make me smile, despite my pathetic state. He is trying to disguise himself and failing at it, at least to me. He is wearing a fake mustache and a baseball cap and sunglasses. I can recognise him blindfolded. I’m glad that hoards of his female fans have not recognised him. Selfishly, I get my friend all to myself, for the moment.

“Beats, you have no idea how much I missed you. I know I sound all gooey and disgusting but I have never felt this happy to see you. We have been so busy with things that I forgot how it is to talk to you Beats. I am sorry have not been in touch”. He stops dead on his tracks and turns me to him. I can see a flow of emotions in this eyes. He wants to say a lot of things but all he does is just stare for a sec and then speaks. “Bubbles, you are my best girl. You will always be my best girl. I love you to bits Bubbles. How can you say things like this? There is not a day I don’t think about how you are doing. I know you have been through the wringer and I know who’s butt I need to kick. Trust me I will but for now let’s just go home. Stef and Dan are waiting for you. And I am sure Scott has his ninja skills ready”. There is my Beats. I have no idea how we came up with such lame names for each other but it has stuck. Our families have grown to like it after begging us to stop embarrassing them. At this moment, I feel like things can be better. Or at least I can hope.

People are walking around, oblivious to the fact that Captain America is among them. And we are headed home. Home. the only place I want to be right.