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A Rebel Leader and his Brave Princess

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The Princess

Octavia shook me awake to the sounds of clicks and the smell of blood and sweat in the muggy upper chamber to our pod. Our daily quest to keep one of our own alive and regain contact is raging on. I sit up in bed and quickly tie my hair back with a rag strip into a low pony tail and then pull my socks on my feet. I pull my shoes on and stand to my feet tiredly going to see about Jasper. Today is the third day out of three that Bellamy gave us to get Jasper up or he was going to kill him. Or 'end his suffering' as he put it. I pull the blanket down to see bandages wrapped tightly around Jasper's torso.

"Morning, we're out of water," she stated blankly going back to tending the fire. I nodded as I started to unwrap the deep wound and looking over the healing before applying a bit of the herbs to keep it clean. And then start wrapping it with a fresh, well a washed reused bandage. I start at the top wrap three times then tug it till it's tight then repeat careful not to bother the crushed plants I'd spread over it.

"How do you feel Jasper?" I asked as I wrapped it around the top of his chest. He looked a little stronger to me, but weather or not it'd be enough for Bellamy we won't know until he comes up to check. And by then, there won't be anything at all we can do.

"You know, living," He joked smiling, despite his fear or the hell that surrounds us he was sunshine. He's scared, he practically curled up in a ball when Murphy came in for some stitches in his arm. But he's braver than all of us deep down. I laugh and give the bandage a strong final tug before tying it off. I pat his shoulder encouragingly before standing up and going to pull my jacket on.

"We need fire wood as well," Wells said stepping over to pull his jacket on beside me rubbing his eyes. Wells had always been the person that could sleep for three days straight and still wake up and feel tired. I used to make fun of him for it as a kid, now I don't see a yawn from him as anything other than a liability. One of us weaker should we have to fight grounders or the camp leaders. Weakness isn't something we can afford down here.

"Three days is up," Finn said bitterly fiddling with his knife in his usual corner with his knees pressed up against his chest. "Bellamy is probably sharpening his axe as we speak or getting ready to send Murphy up here to do it for him like the coward he is." He growled the end out even more bitterly tossing the knife down.

"Well breaking a weapon isn't going to help," I lectured him slightly going to help pry the hatch open, we've kept it locked since the night Murphy tried to kill Jasper.

"Yeah, 'Tavs why don't you go call your pet psychopath off?" Jasper said smiling trying to stand up and is quickly pushed back by Monty and then given a quick kiss. I roll my eyes, out of all the relationships on the ground Monty, Jasper and Octavia's have to be the cutest.

"That was a nice way of saying sit back down before you kill yourself," Jasper joked as Octavia stepped back over to him.

"What am I gonna do, send him to his tent without supper?" She asked pressing her lips to his forehead. "Still a little warm, but improving," she concluded before kissing him then Monty. "And if I did, he might find out I was dating you two and you'd get hung from trees."

"I'll take my life being at risk minus over protective bigot brother," Monty muttered going back to working on the silver discarded bands that once adorned wrists of others. With that Wells and I pull the bar free and open the hatch and jump down to the rest of the pod.

I see children lacking bit of clothing running about playing, while the oldest and maturest of us wash clothes and feed the fire up from coals to a medium blaze. The cloths are hung by parachute cables to dry. This image is the image I wish the ark could see, us at our best and most tender. To let them know that the ground was safe and ready for us grounders or not. But this image lasts an hour at the most, because of Bellamy Blake. The self-elected leader, and his two goons, Murphy and Atom. The moment they step out of his tent after planning the day, the image leaves for complete chaos.

I walk by a group of kids kicking a ball made from leaves and pinned with sticks. They laugh as I walk over to dunk the bucket into the larger one. And then carry it back meeting Wells who has fire wood in hand. As trouble comes, Bellamy leaves his tent staring at me as if I'm a meal walking towards me.

"Clarke, you know what today is right?" he smirked looking me up and down, I try very hard to hide the fact my skin is crawling. I glance to Wells who is giving me a protective glance stepping closer.

"Thursday," I say walk by him to avoid further confrontation, but his goons stop me dead in my tracks. I try to walk by him to no avail. I sigh turning back to him.

"Is the kid up or not Princess?" he asks putting a hand on my shoulder, I shake it off in disgust. His touch makes my skin crawl, he's been doing it every time he finds a chance recently. I deeply despised him before that though. He may have already doomed us all, we can't take the grounders alone. We don't get help soon or let them know its safe and the human race will be gone, all of it. But he doesn't care about them or any of us, just that he doesn't get caught.

"He speaks, sits up, feeds himself and only has a slight fever. He's as up as he's getting until the fever breaks," I say sharply, he's staring at me again. I glance to Wells he looks uneasy but nods to me letting me know he sees it.

"I want to see him," he shot back, I open my mouth speak but Wells cuts me off.

"Fine, but just you, they stay down here," Wells says walking closer to him trying to seem more imposing to him. I step up behind him glaring holes into Bellamy and Murphy both.

"Wai-" Murphy starts only to be met with a shove back from Bellamy.

"Fine kid, just me. Come on princess," I begrudgingly follow them up the hatch. I have to keep alert, a punch or a kick from me could save jasper's life.

When we pulled up to the top, Octavia and Jasper were sitting side by side and he was trying to put his goggles back together. She was reaching over trying to help him fix them.

"Stop," he laughed swatting her hand away from the goggles before holding them up. "Look you broke 'um."

"They were already broken," She laughed reaching towards the goggles again.

"Well you made the even brokener-" his flew open even wider at the sight of our visitor the dropping his goggles. The moment he stepped in the he sucked the out of the room. Terror runs over Octavia and Jasper's faces. Monty and Finn poised to attack with knife and a screw driver.

"As you can see he's fine. Leave," I glared placing the pot of water next to the fire pit before stirring the coals with the other knife to keep them going until the fire could be tended to.

"Jasper?" he addresses in a questioning tone staring at him, Bellamy looked surprised. If he was this surprised by this, I'd love to see him walk in on his baby sister pinned between the two them in an eager make-out session.

"Don't kill me I just stopped dying!" Jasper said to him raising his arms up in surrender his voice oozing slight fear. "Wait that came out wrong! I-I-I-."

"You're a riling him up Blake," Finn spat at smartly with a blank look plastered over his face. He was not amused at all, but seemed over all unshaken. I envy spacewalker for this, the ability to stare Bellamy in the eye unflinching. I like to think in world where he actually looked in my eyes instead of my chest it would be different.

"Bell, really he's fine and he won't make anymore noise if I have to gag him. I swear it," Octavia begs walking over to him staring him in the eyes pleadingly. "Please?"

Octavia's learned there's very little Bellamy won't do for her, her manipulation towards him is how we got three days to begin with. It is a weapon, its greater than two knives, a couple of screw divers and a barely functioning flimsy homemade sling shot could ever be.

"Touch him, I fucking dare you," we heard Monty say, everyone's head flipped around to see him bitterly seething. We expected a lash out, more yelling, violence of some type. But Bellamy me stood still for a minute, then smirked at Monty like the cocky son of bitch he is.

"Got guts kid, got guts," he then stole another glance at me before exiting the hatch. Bastard.

"Monty are you insane?" Finn questioned with a sigh of relief.

"Most likely it's one of the symptoms."

"Of what," Finn scoffed laughing.


The Rebel

I watch her, I watched her walk away with the prince and spacewalker away to get goggles his medicine. I watch her collect water, being sent for food. I see the wind blow her hair, and her lips turn up into a smile the way her hips move as she walks. I see the sparkle in her green eyes, how bad I want to run over and claim her as mine. Dare anyone else to touch her...

"Bellamy. Bellamy. Bel-lam-y!" I hear next to snapping me from my thoughts I turn to see Murphy slinging two more wrist bands in the fire. I watch them burn smirking.

"What's up, it seems like your somewhere else entirely," he said plopping beside me, if he only knew. But he being Murphy, seventeen locked up for years and completely stumped by any topic besides violence, I doubt he'd get it if he did.

"I'm fine, I know you did not just come all the way over here to ask me about my feelings so?" I ask him rubbing my eyes trying to play it off as being tired.

"The younger kids, and their bands. They'll have to come off eventually and just how? I'm even above doing the norm to a kid that age." He asked standing up and rubbing his hands clean on his pants. I racked my brain for a moment, how old was the youngest of us? I believe it was a three-year old girl who'd stolen food shortly after her parents were floated and instead of going through processing they just threw her into cell.

"I don't know," I shrug standing up to get ready for a hunt, he grabs my arm pulling me back.

"Listen man, I'm not the brains here and Atom's sure not. We can't do this without you, so whatever the fuck is wrong with you tell me. I'll do what I have to," He growled at me. I wanted to tell him to watch his tone, but I couldn't. I could told him I was fine and to get read for the hunt. I didn't. "Anything?" I ask amused, he nods at me and I smirk.

"I want Clarke Griffin."