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"It's you again! You never learn, do you?" Jungkook says to a rebellious Taehyung. "Why am I the one who is always blessed to see your face?" He sarcastically snorts at the rebel.

Taehyung remains quiet but smirks at Jungkook.

"Speak something... you never remain quiet!" Jungkook says as he verifies the complaints received. The paper is filled with complaints received from the glitchers against rebels, with only a few from thieves.
"Yoongi.. Yoongi! There are four complaints against Yoongi. I have to catch him again." Jungkook exasperates

"Problem, ranger?" Taehyung sneers at Jungkook. Standing behind the bars, he looks around the patrol station. This is like a second house for him since he gets caught by Jungkook almost every day.

Jungkook glares at him annoyed, but Taehyung gives him a scornful laugh.

"You know Yoongi, right?" Jungkook asks Taehyung.
"Yeah... not much of a fan though!"
"Do you know where he is?"
"I might!" Taehyung mocks the younger.

“Taehyung!” Jungkook controls himself from shouting at the rebel. “Why do you keep making mistakes and end up here? Don’t you learn at all? Can’t you be like the others and let me live peacefully?”

“Ranger, I don’t want to harm you in any way, but I have to live... I need money and I will not let anything get in my path!” Taehyung says stony-faced.

“Then rot here!”

“Ouch! Words like those don’t sound good when you speak. Aren’t you the angel?” Taehyung mocks him.

Jungkook is addressed as an angel by the Glitchers in his town, town Ruby, as he takes utter care in protecting them from any harm. Even though he is very young, he is determined to maintain peace around him. He is the youngest of all the rangers and the most skillful one. So, he is assigned to take rebels under control.

“Taehyung! Tell me where Yoongi is!!” Jungkook asks in a threatening voice but Taehyung is accustomed to it.

“I am bored now!” Taehyung goes away from the bars and settles down near the wall. “I won’t go to house today. Get food for me too.” Taehyung fake-yawns and takes out the jackstones from his pocket, annoying Jungkook even more by ignoring his words.

Jungkook has had enough. He unlocks the cell and punches Taehyung in his face as the elder groans a little.

Taehyung doesn’t fight back because he knows that fighting a ranger who's in duty will get him punished for a week and he has to temporarily move to different town.He can’t afford to do that as each town has different rules of their own.

Jungkook hits the wall in frustration and settles down beside Taehyung. “What do you want, Taehyung?”
“Money!” Taehyung answers as he wipes the blood coming from his mouth using his palm.

Taehyung snorts. “You know nothing, Jungkook. You want to remain blind. You are a coward-” Jungkook enraged, punches him again and walks out of the cell, locking Taehyung inside.
“I am not a coward!” Jungkook screams and walks away.




“Teacher, can I know how we get the food we eat?” an elementary school kid asks his teacher, Seokjin.
“You are too young to understand it.” Jin crouches down to the kid’s level and ruffles his hair. “I'll tell you when you grow up.”
“Okay!” The kid runs away into playground.

Jin walks towards his house.

In this world, house means a place where random groups of people stay together. All of them are of same gender; male. None of the people know how they are born, how the population continues, how the food they eat is produced…
All they know is that, the Lords give them money for the work they do. The meager amount of money they earn is not enough and so, thieves are quite common in this world. The money they have, fetches them food. There are vending machines in all the Glitchers' towns. Food can be purchased from those machines and no matter what, Glitchers can’t seem to break the machines. The Perfects collect the money from the machine and get the food packets. Those packets are refilled into the machines by the working Glitchers.
Occasionally, there will be some broken vending machines, which the normal people think that the rebels broke. In that case, the food packets and the money are quietly taken away by the Glitchers. Next day, the Perfects repair it and put the blame on rebels, punishing them.

Life of Glitchers is tough. They don’t get enough money for their needs, many can’t afford to eat properly, they can’t even afford a place to live. So, kind-hearted people who have enough money with them, build houses where they let others live, often for free or sometimes for a small amount of money.

The people who are not Glitchers are called Perfects. They are highly obedient to the Lords, who rule their world. Perfects do everything as per the Lords’ orders. They can’t seem to ‘think’ or have a free-will because of the way they are born.

Three months pass.

“Welcome to the class children. I am Seokjin, your teacher.” Jin addresses the class at the start of the academic year. “Since everyone of you are 13 years old, it is time for you to learn about our world and the people in it.
Now, everyone knows that we are called Glitchers, right?”

“Yes!” The class speaks in unison.
“Good! Do you know why we are called as Glitchers?”

The class remains quiet.

“Don’t worry. I’ll tell you. When we are created, there is a deviation from the usual way the others get created because of a glitch. So, we are named as Glitchers. The people who have no deviation in them are called the Perfects.”

“Who creates us?”

Jin acts as if he’s thinking for a moment, “The Lords, I guess!”

“Then how are we created?”
“That… you’ll get to know after a few years.” Jin smiles at them and continues with his lesson.

At the end of the day, he sees Hoseok, “What are you doing here?”
“Hyung, there are two Glitchers produced today. They were about to be thrown away by the Perfects but I rescued them. Do you have place in your house?”

Jin takes a deep sigh.

“The money we earn collectively at the house is barely enough for us. I’m not sure-”
“That’s fine, hyung! I’ll ask someone else.” Hoseok is about to walk away.
“Hoseok! I don’t want to give a negative answer but-”
“Hyung, I know how much you have sacrificed till now. But, the situation is becoming worse at every house. I am giving an effort at every house for help. So,…
Anyway, see you later.” Hoseok goes away, holding the Glitchers who are recently produced.

Jin’s heart clenches in pain. He wants to help. He wants to help as many people as he can. He already gave all his money and built a house for people to live in. There are only three people in his house who earn a decent amount of money and that has to be used to take care of twenty people at his house. With eyes filled in tears, he makes his way to the house.




“Taehyung! Aren’t you tired of being a rebel?”
“Why do I have to be Kook?”
“Kook? What am I to you, a friend?” Jungkook glares at him.
“Would never like to be one… I would rather die than become friends with a coward like you.”

Jungkook glares at him and strides towards him in anger. He grabs Taehyung’s collar using both of his hands, trying to threaten him.

“Have some respect towards your elders, Jungkook!” Taehyung grits his teeth.
“WHAT DO YOU REBELS WANT?” Jungkook screams at Taehyung.
“Something you would never dare to think of.

Something you would never strive for.”
“FREEDOM!” Taehyung shouts at him.

Jungkook releases his hold on Taehyung’s collar in shock.

"Yes, Kook! Freedom. You may not know anything about that word.” Taehyung goes into the cell and closes the barred door. “People call you an angel, but the truth is, you are just a coward.”

“Stop calling me a coward!” Jungkook hisses at the elder.
Taehyung doesn’t bother to hear his words.
“Tell me where Yoongi is. It has been months that I was trying to catch him.”
“I have told you that I don’t like him. So, I don’t keep a notice on where he goes.”
“Aren’t you both rebels?”
“That doesn't make us close to each other. We don't bother other's business.
We are against the Lords and their rules.”

“You steal money from people!!” Jungkook shouts at him.
“NO! I trade information for money. That is not stealing.” Taehyung says indignant.
“What’s the difference?” Jungkook crosses his arms in front of his chest and raises an eyebrow.
“YOU would never understand it because of the size of your brain and its contents.” Taehyung stretches a little. “Because of you, I can’t afford a meal for the next two days. So, don’t ask me any more questions as I don't want to waste my energy. I’ll sleep here.” Taehyung goes towards the wall, lying down in his usual place.

“I really can’t-”
“I am trying to save my energy here. Go away and do your patrolling!” Taehyung turns towards the wall and tries to sleep, ignoring Jungkook’s grunts.