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Ryan posts about Chris Cornell's passing

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I didn't let myself post yesterday because I feared it'd be nothing but depressing word vomit, all over the keyboard.

The fact is, Chris Cornell was a major musical influence on me. Soundgarden rose right as I rioted into adolescence, providing a big chunk of the soundtrack for my formative teen years. He was a fantastically talented lyricist, songwriter, singer, musician, performer. I'm still in shock.

Every word I said is what I mean
Everything I gave is what I need
Everything I held is what I freed
And everything I've shown is what I feel

Buying lies and stealing jokes
and laughing every time I choke
Biding all the time you took

Now I know why you've been taken
Now I know why you've been taken

- Soundgarden, "Slaves and Bulldozers"

RIP Chris

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