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Magicians Ward

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Meeting the Magician


Little Felicity Megan Smoak, age six, sat in her room working on her math problems, her teacher had started to give her higher grade level work, sometimes even asking another teacher from a higher grade level to come and get her for their classes math and science sessions. Not only was she advanced in math, but also her other subjects as well. She had already jumped grades, two to be exact. Her school in Vegas didn't think they could let, or wouldn't let, her jump anymore grades. For her to have jumped the grades she had was a very impressive thing, the school system had never seen a student like her before. The school didn't have the resources to allow her to continue to advance in grades, or to properly challenge her mind, the teachers themselves were asking her into their classes just so the small girl wouldn't get so bored during the day. The computer lab instructor even let her go into the lab at random times when classes weren't inside to show her the different parts of computers.

As she worked on her homework, her mother spent her rare day off doing the housework that Felicity couldn't do. Due to how often Donna, Felicity's mother, had to work to ensure Felicity had everything she needed, Felicity learned how to do the basic things around the house. Her father had Left them a year prior, abandoning his wife and five year old daughter. Donna was a cocktail waitress and had to take on extra shifts to pay all of the bills. So little Felicity didn't mind using the vacuum, or pulling a chair up to the counter to wash her bowl and spoon. Their neighbor, a kind older lady, came over occasionally to do the laundry if Donna had been working to much and didn't have time to do the task.

Recently Donna's brother, Andrew, had been trying to help Donna pay bills. Donna refused, wanting to teach herself and Felicity they didn't need someone to take care of them. The only help Donna was willing to take from her brother, was finding a way for Felicity to get the education she deserved. So Donna accepted her brothers help when he told her he knew a couple of people who could get Felicity into a good school, a school that would understand Felicity's intelligence.

Andrew was a business man, an honest one, who wanted nothing less than to give his niece the world. He wanted to give her anything she could ever have asked for, he himself couldn't have children so made to give his niece what he would give his kids, if he could have them. Andrew called a few of his contacts, one of which was Robert Queen, explained to them about his sister and her extremely intelligent daughter. Robert and his wife Moira agreed to meet the young girl and her mother, they were even bringing along their good friend Malcolm Merlyn. That is who Donna was waiting for to arrive.

'Thud, thud' was the knocking of the front door. Donna set down the hand towel she held in her hands, and walked to the door. She paused a moment to take a deep breath to calm herself, before smiling and opening the door. On her front step was two men in obviously custom business suits, one of the men had dark brown almost black hair while the other had light brown almost blonde hair. Not far behind the two men was a strikingly beautiful blonde woman, who wore a fashionable feminine suit.

"Hi, you must be Malcolm and Robert." Donna spoke to the two men as the woman made her way from the car to the porch. "And you must be Moira."

"Donna, I presume?" Robert said holding his hand out to shake her hand. When Donna shook his hand a small child appeared behind her. When Moira's eyes landed on the small girl she 'gasped', allowing a smile to grace her lips. Felicity stood there wearing a pink shirt with a panda on it, a pink skirt and black sneakers. Her brown hair spilled down her back past her butt in ringlets, her glasses hung loosely to the tip of her nose.

"Hi," Felicity whispered shyly, giving a small wave.

"Sweetie, these are the people your uncle Andrew has been talking about." Donna spoke, sending her six year old a reassuring smile.

"Are you Mrs. Queen?" Felicity asked Moira shyly.

"Yes sweetie I'm Mrs. Queen, you can Call me Moira if you would like." Moira said with a smile.

"Okay, are you Mr. Queen?" Felicity asked looking at the blonde man, who was in fact Robert Queen.

"Yes sweetheart, I'm Mr. Queen. Please call me Robert." Robert said giving the shy girl a reassuring smile.

"I'm Malcolm Merlyn. Lovely to meet you Ms. Smoak." Malcolm stepped forward taking Felicity's hand in his own. Felicity smiled brightly at him, due to him treating her as he would an adult. He had taken her hand in greeting rather than altering his voice to a softer tone many used on children. Even though Felicity smiled brightly up at Malcolm, something in her eyes gave slight sign that they could see something dark in Malcolm's.

"Um... this way please to the living room." Donna said before leading them into the small living room with one couch and two chairs.

As the three other adults followed Donna into to the living room they looked at pictures that hung on the wall. One was of Felicity wearing ballet flats, a blue dress, and a tiara. In the picture Felicity could be seen smiling up at a man, the man shared similar features to Felicity including hair color.

"You make a beautiful princess." Moira said while gazing at the picture with a soft smile on her face.

"I'm not a princess," Felicity stated. Moira looked to the small child and saw hurt in her eyes.

"You are absolutely right sweetheart, you are not a princess.  You're going to be so much more than that." Moira smiled taking the child's words into consideration.