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When They Find Out

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EDI is curious when she finds out.

She’s the first one to know, obviously. Commander Shepard and Officer Vakarian are private about it, but there’s no hiding their budding affair when it’s going on inside of her.

Jeff tells her that’s the creepiest way she could have phrased it. Also that eavesdropping is rude, but there’s not much she can do about that.

She scans the extranet for information on turian-human relations, and finds surprisingly little. Resentment from the war still lingers, and the extreme difference in biologies seems to put them off from each other in general.

When she removes species from the equation, and looks for examples more specific to Shepard and Garrus’ dynamic, the idea becomes a bit clearer. Organics in high stress situations, especially the sort that involve death as a highly potential outcome, such as, say, a suicide mission, often find solace in connecting with other beings in various ways, including sexual.

Though she has no real data to base the theory on, the probability that their sexual connection is based only on the idea of ‘blowing off steam’ seems low. It is unclear even to her why this seems to be the case. She wonders if it is similar to what organics refer to as ‘intuition.’

She resolves to observe closely as things develop.