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Finding My Way Back to You

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"I'm going then," Draco Malfoy was awkwardly standing at the door to the kitchen with his hands in his pockets. He was honestly lost for words. What do you say to your lover before you leave him for good? Nothing really. There was nothing he could say that would make all of this better. He was leaving the best part of his life behind and facing what was expected of him all along. He watched the other man's back still wearing pyjamas and a well-worn shirt.

Harry Potter took a deep breath before facing Draco, his back to the sink. He looked him over from head to toe in his regular suit because this might be the last time he would be doing it. The moment Draco left Harry would lose him forever. "You got everything?"

"Yes, Kreacher moved everything back to the Manor."

Harry nodded in acknowledgement as he didn't know what else to say. He crossed his arms on his chest as he leaned back on the edge of the sink. "That's good. You keep forgetting things."


"This is it then, huh? This is farewell. It's been good, while it lasts."

"Harry, I---"

"Don't. Please. Let's not go there." Harry smiled weakly at his lover, ex-lover now. "Clean cut, right?"

Draco clenched his hands into fists inside his pockets to stop himself from reaching out to Harry and begging him to take him back, to stop him from leaving. They had to do this. There was no happy ending waiting for them. What they had was responsibilities and expectations. And they both didn't have the strength to fight against it.

"You should leave."

"Take care of yourself, love. Please," Draco asked, his voice pleading. He knew Harry was prone to neglecting himself for the greater good, whatever that means. He let his gaze linger a bit more, taking in as much as he could of the man who changed his life, the man who showed him the light and gave him direction. He turned to leave after what felt like a long while. He stopped just before the door that would take him out of Harry's life and pinched the bridge of his nose to stop the tears that was threatening. When he was sure they won't just spill over he opened the door and closed it gently behind him for the last time.

Harry heard the door close and the tell-tale pop and all the emotions he had been holding in came crashing in on him. He slumped on the floor and let himself cry for his loss. He vaguely wondered how he would survive without Draco when it's only just been a few moments and it already felt like he was dying.


Daily Prophet

Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass to tie the knot


"So Malfoy moved out?" Ron inquired as he perused the Daily Prophet.

Harry looked up a bit from the parchments he was studying. Ron dropped by at his office before going out on surveillance. As Senior Auror he was not required to be on the field unless it's a high profile case or there was an emergency. He removed his glasses to rub his eyes before turning back to his work. "He doesn't have a choice, does he? He was summoned to perform his duties. His words not mine."

Ron chuckled before folding the paper. "I honestly thought he'll go through with leaving his father, to hell with inheritance."

"He won't get anywhere if Lucius disowns him. We need him in the Wizengamot." Fuck it, Harry knew the reason why they were all doing this. They swore to do anything to avoid another Voldemort incident and to be able to do that they need to be in power. Malfoy in Wizengamot, Hermione as near to the Minister as possible, Severus Snape in Hogwarts as Headmaster, Ron in the field with the public and him as Head Auror. They were so near the goal but it meant giving up on some things. They couldn't be together. Its not going to do them any good if it became public knowledge that the Saviour was in a romantic relationship with another man who happened to be a former Death Eater.

"Mate. Mate!"

"Yeah, sorry."

"I know we are at a critical point right now but you got to remember we have 'Mione and Snape running this show. All we have to do is follow them."

He nodded at Ron. His friend was right with Hermione and Severus planning everything, all he had to do was endure not being with his lover and watching him marry another. Just the thought of it hurt so much, it was going to kill him.



Malfoy Manor


Draco turned to see the person he had been yearning for in the past months. They promised to stay out of each other's life as much as they could to make it easier but damn it, the absence is slowly suffocating him. He was about to tie himself to another person that he would not be able to love fully or at all. Because his heart and whatever had been left of his soul was already owned by this man. This selfless man who would give up his life for the world and the only thing he could do to help him achieve his goals were to give up on him.

"It would have been suspicious if I didn't come and well Severus said this would be the best place to be seen," Harry stepped into the room keeping the door ajar behind him. "I don't want to be here and witness your wedding for myself but like always duty calls."

Draco reached for him and wrapped him in his arms, he squeezed him in his embrace afraid of letting him go. He blinked a few times to vanish the tears before releasing Harry to cup the side of his face in his palms. "It'll be better. I promise." He took out his wand and pointed it on the ring finger of their right hand as they entwined them. He murmured a spell and made a ring of light appear around it.

"What did you do," Harry pulled back his hand from him and clutched it.

"It'll make it easier somehow. Let me just say this now before everything else get out of our control." He grasped both of Harry's hands again and brought them to his lips on a gentle kiss. "It doesn't matter who I'm married to or who I lay down with at night, my everything belongs to you. And always remember we are doing this go make sure no child would have to go through what we experienced."

They were so wrapped up in their declaration that they didn't hear a suppressed sob from just outside the door as the future Madam Malfoy suppressed her own tears.


At first everything was a blurry of emotions, all of them trying to kill him from the inside. But as he watched Astoria slide the ring on Draco's finger everything just disappeared. It was like a heavy weight on his chest that has been lifted but he didn't feel any relief. He knew something was missing from him and he couldn't remember what it was.

"Is everything alright, Harry?"

Harry turned to see Ginny standing beside him. He vaguely recalled that she arrived in time for this wedding from her tour with her Quidditch team. He felt her hand on his arm but it felt strange. He looked around and his eyes fell on the groom. Draco caught his eyes and their gazes lingered for a while before the other man nodded at him in what seemed like reassurance before turning back back to the crowd waiting to greet them. Draco's subtle support seemed more natural than Ginny's hand on him but he shook the thought. He needed to concentrate on the visitors since they were here to be seen by them. Severus and Draco used this event to gather the political majority in Wizengamot and he would not let their efforts go in vain. This would cement his way up the Ministry and from there he would rebuild the wizarding world, that was if they didn't bugger it up further. Oh well.


Daily Prophet

New Head Auror announced engagement to Famous Quidditch Keeper Ginny Weasley

Draco folded the paper to try and forget the headline. He closed his eyes as he leaned back on his chair. He knew the announcement was inevitable but it still shocked him. With this he would completely lose Harry. He was sitting there for a while when he felt someone pat his hand and he opened his eyes to see his wife who was looking at him kindly. He just had to thank Merlin for his choice of wife.

"I'll do everything I can go support the two of you. What you are trying to do for our world, I'll give everything I can to see it come true."

"I'm so lucky to have you, Astoria. And I'm so sorry to sentence you to a life with me."

Astoria shook her head at him. "You gave me everything that you have, Draco. I won't hold it against you that you could not give me something that is not yours anymore."