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When Izuku steps out of his apartment building that morning, he’s greeted by the bright sun and blooming cherry blossom trees. The weather is nice, and Izuku is secretly glad he decides to go out even with only two hours of sleep. Spring is in full swing, and he wonders if his friends would go with him for a Hanami. He’d ask Kirishima later. The walk to the station is brief and the train is not overly full, which Izuku is grateful for. The whole train ride, he swipes his phone for news, and finds nothing interesting, so he resorts to playing 2048. He gets to 4096 when he gets to his stop.

There’s nothing more heavenly than the scent of coffee after a full night without much sleep.

That’s what Izuku thinks, anyway, as he enters his favorite coffeeshop, hidden between a drugstore and a clothing store in the center of the city. His sleep-deprived mind begs for coffee, and he promises himself he’d sleep at least seven hours today. He’s been so busy working these past few days. Last night he was talking with people from London for almost three hours and when he realizes the time it was already two a.m., hence the lack of sleep last night. There are a couple paperworks he needs to review, but for now, he’ll just take a break and finish everything after.

“Deku!” Uraraka waves from her seat, near the window. Izuku waves back and takes the seat across Uraraka. He drops his bag to the floor.

“Hey, Uraraka."

Uraraka slides a tall americano towards him. “Here, you look like you need it.” With a grateful smile, Izuku accepts it. She even fixed it with cream. Uraraka waves to a waiter and orders pancakes for both of them. One with fruits and one with ham—Izuku’s favorite.

“How long have you been awake?” Uraraka asks casually, sipping her own cappuccino. Izuku scratches his cheek and smiles sheepishly. Uraraka pouts. “You gotta stop torturing your body like that.”

“I know. But you know I have a lot to learn, and if I’m going to start taking the mantle from my father, I need to learn faster.

“There’s no need to rush—your father already said so,” Uraraka chides. “Once in a while, you gotta stop and enjoy life. Anyway, when was the last time you went on a date? I can introduce you to my coworkers, you know.”

Now he pouts. “No. The last time you fixed me up with someone, that someone turned out to be a weirdo. She had such daddy issues and she kept glancing at my junk.”

Uraraka giggles. “That was an honest mistake! I mean, she looks so normal at work and I didn’t know she was such a pervert.”

“How’s work?” it's an attempt to divert Uraraka's attention from his love life (or lack thereof).

Uraraka beams. When their pancakes arrive, Uraraka is already in the middle of telling Izuku about the new doctor in her hospital. They eat and chat for a while, Uraraka even takes another cappuccino to go. Izuku is grateful that she doesn’t seem mad he’s spacing out—mostly because he’s close to falling asleep. Uraraka insists that she pays, and Izuku gives up. He’d get her something nice later. They separate, Uraraka going to the hospital and Izuku to the bookstore.

The walk to his bookstore doesn’t take long, only one block away from the café and close to Uraraka’s hospital. He greets Kaminari, who stands at the register fiddling with the sound system and heads to the third floor, where they set up the employees’ break room and offices. It’s where Izuku works most of the time and where he nurtures a small army of potted succulents just for fun. He opens his laptop and sets to work, opting to abandon the paperwork for now. If he’s lucky, he can get a couple hours of nap.

Izuku only intended to answer emails and call some people, and yet he manages to finish up the paperwork he set aside. Maybe Uraraka was right—he’s such a workaholic. When he looks to the clock, it’s almost one p.m and his stomach grumbles angrily, reminding him of how long ago breakfast was. He packs up, and goes to the first floor, silently wondering who’s on shift this morning. Maybe he can help a little. Jirou takes care of the staff and the overall operation of the bookstore. She and Kirishima are good partners, and Izuku thanks the gods he struck a friendship with them.

He approaches Jirou, busy stocking the nonfiction section. Jirou grins upon seeing him.

“Hey, Midoriya.”

“Hey, Jirou. Anything I can help?”

Jirou motions to the stack of books near him. “Help me out? Koda can’t come, he’s got the flu. The store’s not busy, it’s Monday after all. Denki and Shiozaki can take care everything else.”

Izuku walks to the register, stores his backpack there and goes to help Jirou after tying his apron. There are only a few customers inside the store, the only sounds in the store are the soft music Jirou picked and Shiozaki helping a customer out. The bell on the door jingles, signaling a customer, causing Izuku to look up automatically.

“Welcome to Yuuei Books!”

Izuku feels like he’s gone to heaven and sees an angel. That’s how he’s going to call the man entering the bookstore. Because holy hell if the man isn’t Izuku’s ideal dream man. Jirou knowingly pats his shoulder in sympathy, chuckling from Izuku’s expression.

“Go get him,” she teases.

The man wears a very nice charcoal suit—custom made, perhaps. His hair is striking, half snow white and half crimson. He’s very attractive, and if Izuku ever had a crisis about his sexuality, this man would erase it immediately—not that he ever doubts his bisexual ass. Izuku’s poor heart thumps wildly when the man approaches him and Jirou, carrying himself with grace and commanding aura. And Izuku can only stare at him helplessly like a total dork.

“Hello,” his voice is deep, melodic. Closer, Izuku notices his eyes are as striking as his hair. The left one is the color of crystal blue gemstone, while the right one is a clear gray. The burn scar around his left eye doesn’t make him less attractive—if anything, it makes him more beautiful in a dangerous way. “Do you have any Dan Brown’s novels in stock?”

“Uh—um, yeah,” Izuku stammers. “I’ll help you find them.”

The man walks slightly behind Izuku as he guides him to the thriller section. Their bookstore—Yuuei Books—carries translated books as well as original English books. Izuku’s love for reading was wholly supported by his father, and when he suggested Izuku opens a bookstore to at least turning profits from something he loves, Izuku agrees. Izuku watches the man walks slowly, fingers tracing the books’ spines almost reverently, oddly graceful (or it could be just Izuku’s unbelievably weak heart when it comes to pretty boys). In a short time, the man has three Dan Brown’s books in English on his hands.

Say something, idiot. “Do you like to read?” Izuku blurts out. Mentally he smacks his own head. Izuku bemoans his social ineptitude and awkwardness.

The man shakes his head, red and white hair swishing from the movement. It looks so soft, God help him Izuku has to hide his hands behind his back lest he’ll be tempted to touch his hair—that would be embarrassing. “Not really. I usually only read nonfiction. It’s for my sister’s birthday, she loves reading.”

“Do you want to look for other books?” Izuku fidgets. The man lifts his eyes and smiles and wow. Inwardly, Izuku groans. This guy is so out of his league, it’s unfair. Izuku is usually barely coherent near gorgeous boys, let alone gorgeous and rich boys like this guy. “We also have nonfiction books.”

“Not today, no. Maybe next time. Do you have any gift bag I can place this in?”

Izuku nods and points the guy to the back of the store, where they put stationaries on display. After getting what he needs, the guy goes to the register area. Kaminari is talking to a customer and hands her purchase in their signature black paper bag. Seeing Izuku, Kaminari smiles widely. The pretty guy puts down his purchases.

“Good afternoon,” he scans the books quickly. “That will be 6200 yen. Would you like to pick a ribbon or a card?” Kaminari points to the small display of premade ribbons and several cards behind him.

The guy nods. “Yes.”

Silently, Izuku walks to the display. “Which one, Sir?”

The front door opens and a muscular blond guy in black suit—the kind of suit worn by bodyguards or government agents—walks to the dual-haired guy. “Todoroki-san, we have to go. Your father wants you in the meeting.”

The guy—Todoroki—sighs. “Goddammit,” he sighs tiredly. “I’ll take that white ribbon, please.”

Kaminari places the books inside the gift bag and accepts the man’s credit card, and Izuku quickly fixes the ribbons on the bag. Izuku refuses to add the ribbon to the man’s bill. With a small nod and a thank you, the man follows his bodyguard out.

“He’s pretty,” Kaminari sighs dreamily. Izuku buries his face in his hands.

“Too pretty for mere mortals like us,” he murmurs.

“You could have, like, asked for his number,” Kaminari teases, bumping Izuku’s shoulder with his. “I totally would, but then Kyouka will string my balls and I like them in place, thank you very much.”

“Kaminari, I could barely string a complete sentence without looking like an absolute dweeb.”

Kaminari laughs.

Izuku takes his bag from under the register and leaves with a cheerful wave to his friends—he refused to call them employees, because they treat him as a friend even though he signs their paychecks. It’s getting hotter outside, but for Izuku, it’s still comfortable enough to walk around in. He thinks about his work, which seems to be unending, but he already committed himself to it even if he technically already owns a business—as small as it is. He still has a lot to learn and improve, although his mother said he’s already learned so much. Everything he learns of business, he credited to his stepfather. Without him, Izuku doesn’t know what he would become.

Speaking of which.

His phone rings, a special ringtone he sets just for his parents. He swipes his thumb on the screen to answer, smiling. “Hello. I was just thinking about you.”

A tinny laugh from the other side. “What are you thinking about, my boy?”

“Hmm. Mostly just the reports from our European offices. And whatever we need to do for the new office in Dubai. Do you think Kan-san would like to move to Dubai?” with practiced ease, he moves through the sidewalk, avoiding other pedestrians. “We can send Kacchan or Nejire-san for the first few months with Kan-san. I think Kan-san will love Dubai, he already told me he’s kind of bored with Tokyo anyway and he wants a tour in the desert. And Kacchan is coming back from London next week.”

His stepfather hums. “I did ask Kan if he’d go to Dubai. He said yes, but give him time to assemble his own team—you know he’s picky about his teams. I’ll be sure to suggest Katsuki and Nejire-kun to him.”

“Sorry for rambling,” Izuku says sheepishly. “Why are you calling, Dad?”

“Your mother wants you to come for dinner tonight.”

Izuku perks up. “Yeah. Okay. I’m going home for a nap, tell Mom I’m coming around 6.30.”

“You didn’t sleep last night, did you?” his stepfather sounds resigned.


“Go home and sleep, my boy. I’ll tell Inko you’re coming tonight. But you better not look like a zombie,” he scolds playfully.

“Okay, Dad.”

He texts Uraraka on the train back home, wanting to rant about his newest gay crush.


To : Uraraka Ochako

Urarakaaaaaaa! I met someone very very gorgeous at the bookstore today

From : Uraraka Ochako

Oya? Pic or it didn’t happen

To : Uraraka Ochako

Like I could get his picture without looking like a creep

From : Uraraka Ochako

Lmao. Did you at least get his number?

To : Uraraka Ochako


From : Uraraka Ochako

Lol you useless bisexual. Got an emergency, gotta go! Later!


Izuku pockets his phone and waits for his stop. Once he gets home and changes his clothes, he fixes himself a ham sandwich. He settles down on the sofa, scanning his emails, just in case something important happens. There’s news about Todoroki Enji stepping down from his position as the CEO of Endeavor Corporation. He skips that—he already knows from his father. After several minutes he puts down his tablet and lies down on his couch. He falls asleep within thirty seconds.

That morning, Shouto wakes up a little bit disoriented. The effects of three consecutive nights of all-nighter, perhaps. He rubs his eyes, squinting to see the clock, and curses when he realizes he has less than 30 minutes to go his father’s office—his, starting from today. Strangely, the thought doesn’t excite him, not at all. Most people would be ecstatic.

He forgoes breakfast and nods to Ojiro when he gets to his car. Checking his iPad, he only has an email reminding him of the conference today. His stomach twists. Starting from today, his responsibility is going to get too big too fast. While men his age are enjoying their life, Shouto is forced to carry the burden of the Todoroki name, even if that burden is something he chose to carry for his mother’s sake. Absentmindedly, he swipes the previous emails from his father—or his secretary, more likely—with the profiles of several young daughters of his father’s business partners. He’s reading an info for a Hatsume Mei, daughter of an influential scientist and a brilliant engineer on her own, when Ojiro announces that they’ve arrived.

It’s not like he never told his father that he’s gay. His father’s rather traditional views don’t allow him to accept that his ‘perfect’ son is less than perfect. Shouto dated a few girls here and there to appease his father, but it’s likely with him appointed as the new CEO of Endeavor, he’d have to settle down, willingly or not.

He heads to his office first to get his papers and some more coffee. He thought of sneaking in some whiskey, but dismisses it because he needs a clear head today. He strides out of his office with papers in one hand and a tall paper cup in the other.

“Sir,” Kendou calls, hurrying after him. “Fuyumi-san called just now, to remind you for the dinner today. She said she couldn’t reach you on your phone.”

Shouto hands his papers to Kendou and fishes his phone out, groaning because it’s dead. “Can you charge it, please?”

“Certainly, Sir.”

“Why today,” he mumbles, taking back his papers.

Kendou blinks, her hand with a matching ring to Momo’s slackens, nearly dropping Shouto’s phone. “It’s Fuyumi-san’s birthday.”

He curses. He didn’t have a chance to go buy a present, what’s with everything that’s been going on this week. He contemplates cheating and have Momo pick up a present, though he dismisses it because Momo will get something outrageous just to give his sister a blackmail material.

“Fucking great. And Kendou, stop with the Sir.”

Kendou grins, and Shouto huffs. Thanking Kendou, he takes the elevator to the ground floor, where they set up the conference rooms. He inspects his reflection on the elevator’s mirrored wall. He resists the urge to flip his hair to cover his scar. Momo said he’s so distractingly yummy (“And trust me, if I said that, it’s a goddamn fact! I’m a lesbian with a gorgeous fiancée and even I appreciate the view.”) Every time he sees his reflection in the mirror though, he only sees the blue eye that drove his mother to madness—his father’s eye.

The conference room is almost packed full with selected journalists that their PR team contacted. Shouto peers from his spot behind the back wall, feeling nervous in a weird way. His father, Todoroki Enji, was forced to take an early retirement from their board members, not even to hold the chairman position. Most of them were uneasy because of the rumors surrounding Enji’s business dealings. Shouto personally thinks that his father is a shitty human being in general. Shouto isn’t nervous about taking over the company. His father has been training him since he was a kid, so he’s pretty confident with his skills as a leader. If there’s one thing he’s thankful of, it’s that his father did train him well.

He’s more nervous about how this would affect his life. Fuyumi is getting married in a few months, but still lives in the same house with Enji, and Enji’s temper isn’t something pretty. His mother, on the other hand, will be taken home with Shouto to receive care at home after almost two decades of living in the hospital, as part of their agreement. His brothers are already pissed because despite being the youngest, Shouto is chosen as the next CEO.

“Shouto-sama,” a PR assistant bows in front of him, startling Shouto. “We’re starting in five.”

Endeavor’s PR manager, Ashido, pops up beside him. “Let’s go, Todoroki-san. You’re entering after your father.”

He looks to the side, where his father stands, arms crossed an a rather fierce scowl twisting his face. Oh, he knows Enji hates being sidelined. The rumors of his father’s bad habits (and subsequently causing his bad reputation) made their shareholders uneasy. Most of them are quite open-minded, but when that rumors include too-obvious bribes, hiring escorts, extravagant gifts for young women Enji are rumored to be in affairs with, and a loose tie to a Yakuza family, they felt the need to take action. Enji decided to put Shouto in his shoes as compromise, and as much as he hates it, now Shouto can’t back up.

Standing on the podium beside his father is surreal, and uncomfortable. He faces the swarm of reporters, trying not to duck down from the barrage of camera flashes. He tunes down his father’s droning voice, his excuses of stepping down (“It’s time to spend more time with my family.” What a bullshit), and his responses of the reporters’ questions.

Endeavor grips his left bicep, startling him. “My son, Shouto, is a very capable leader and he will bring success to Endeavor.”

Shouto says his piece after Enji, the speech composed by Ashido and Sero. He recites it with a small fake smile, mostly just to reassure people that he’ll bring Endeavor to be more successful. Better. In more ways than they know. He phases out of his speech, and after he gets off the stage and ushered to the prep room by Sero, he buries his face into his knees, shaking slightly.

A small hand rubs his shoulders, and he looks up to see Momo crouching in front of the couch, dressed in her power suit and full makeup. So different from the usual Momo who likes lounging out in nothing but oversized T-shirts without makeup. Kendou stands behind her, guarding the door of the room, eyes a little sad.

“You okay?” Momo asks.

Shouto exhales. “Kendou, you didn’t need to call Momo.”

Kendou shrugs helplessly. “You look like you need her, Todoroki.”

“It's okay. I was invited, anyway. And Itsuka said you need help getting Fuyumi-san’s present.”

He shakes his head. “I’ll get her some books or something like jewelry.”

“Oh! I’ve been visiting this one bookstore near Shibuya station,” Momo sits beside him on the couch, manicured nails tapping on her phone. Shouto’s phone dings, signaling a message from Momo—an address and Shouto notes that it’s not too far from here. She's distracting him, and Shouto is grateful for that. “They have like, original English books and translated works, but their collection is amazing! The owner apparently keeps pretty rare books upstairs. They are very expensive, though, but Fuyumi-san might like a rare book.”

Five minutes later, Kendou and Momo sneak him out of Endeavor’s office, stuffing him into the backseat of a sedan with Ojiro and Satou to accompany him. Shouto watches the city passes him, the sedate—yet crowded—traffic on Tokyo’s Roppongi turns into the busy bustle of a more touristy area of Shibuya. Ojiro stops the car in front of a small European-style three-story building decorated with hanging pots of plants. Shouto steps out of the car and looks around, fascinated with the books displayed behind the large windows and some framed quirky quotes scattered among the books, Yuuei Books etched beautifully on the window.

He opens the door and a small bell jingles from above him.

“Welcome to Yuuei Books.”

The inside of the bookstore is bright and it has nice atmosphere. The store is fairly quiet, the noise from outside is muted (probably by one hell of a nice soundproofing system), only the sound of a slow English music and the hushed chatters between a few people can be heard. A blonde man with a black streak on one side stands on the register. From where he stands, he can see two people (a dark haired guy and a short woman) standing in the aisle marked Nonfiction in Japanese and English. He walks to them.

“Hello,” he says, a bit hesitantly. “Do you have any Dan Brown’s novels in stock?” He remembers Fuyumi saying that she likes Dan Brown, and some of her favorite books were destroyed by their father in a fit of rage after Fuyumi announced she would be marrying a man from a common family.

“Uh—um, yeah,” the guy stutters, hands clenching and unclenching in a nervous gesture. “I’ll help you find them.”

Shouto follows the guy, walking slower to appreciate the man’s attractiveness. Up close, his green eyes are captivating and his wavy hair has dark green tint on it, soft-looking and touchable-looking. He’s a little bit shorter than himself, Shouto can probably fit his chin on top of the man’s head.

He shakes his head to rid that thought, stopping on Thriller section. He quickly picks three books.

“Do you like to read?” the man asks. His voice is soft, deep. Shouto kinda wants to hear more.

“Not really. I usually only read nonfiction. It’s for my sister’s birthday, she loves reading.”

“Do you want to look for other books? We also have nonfiction books over there.” The man’s smile can put the sun to shame. Shouto wants to look away but can’t.

As much as he wants to be in the company of this man longer, he still has tons to do. “Not today, no. Maybe next time. Do you have any gift bag I can place this in?” He swears there will be a next time.

The green haired man points him to the back of the store, and Shouto picks a glossy back gift bag before heading to the register. At least this way he doesn’t have to wrap them.

“Good afternoon,” the blond man greets cheerfully. “That will be 6200 yen. Would you like to pick a ribbon or a card?”


“Which one, Sir?” the green haired man asks.

He opens his mouth to answer when the bell jingles and Ojiro walks in. “Todoroki-san, we have to go. Your father wants you in the meeting.”

“Goddammit,” he sighs. “I’ll take that white ribbon, please.”

The green haired man refuses to add his ribbon to his bill, blushing slightly when he says that. Shouto can only nod and follows Ojiro out. Ojiro opens the door and Shouto climbs into the car, pulling his phone out.


To : Yaoyorozu Momo

You never told me there’s a cute guy working there

From : Yaoyorozu Momo

Heh. Which cute guy? I recall a few cuties working there

To : Yaoyorozu Momo

Short, green hair, green eyes, smiles brilliant

From : Yaoyorozu Momo

That would be Midoriya then

To : Yaoyorozu Momo

I'm coming back to the bookstore

From : Yaoyorozu Momo

Lmao good luck!


Chapter Text

Izuku’s car glides into his parents’ estate near the edge of Tokyo, a box of cheesecake that his mother likes from the bakery near his apartment sitting on the passenger seat. He waves to the security guards and parks in front of the door. He remembers when he took his friends to visit his mother, they all said the house is like a palace. The estate contains the main house, a staff’s house, a guest’s house, and a very vast garden that his mother tends. The main house is a tribute for his father’s years back in America—it’s modern and sleek, but very welcoming because his mother is a wonderful homemaker.

“Good evening, Young Master Izuku,” a staff bows to him once he’s past the foyer. Izuku smiles, still a little bit shy even though he practically grew up in this house.

“Good evening. Where are Mom and Dad?”

“They’re in the back deck, Sir.”

Thanking her, Izuku makes his way to the back deck. He can hear his father’s laugh from the backyard, his mother’s playful reprimand, and Mighty’s excited barks. When the golden retriever sees Izuku, she barrels into him with an excited yip, nearly bowling Izuku over on his ass. He scratches her ears lovingly, handing the cake box to a hovering maid before Mighty shoves her nose on it.

“Hello, Mighty. You miss me?”

The dog barks twice. Izuku straightens and hugs his mother.

“Hello, Mom.”

Midoriya Inko—now Yagi—kisses his cheek. Inko is a lovely woman with hair darker than Izuku’s, currently pulled up into a loose bun. She’s even shorter than Izuku and up close he’s pretty sure she’s lost some weight. He’d have to nag her later. All his life, his mother is an unwavering pillar of support, loving and caring for Izuku even after the disaster that was his father’s trial and imprisonment. He fears his mother as much as he loves her, though. When angered, Inko’s wrath is something to behold, and not even his father is brave enough to incite her anger.

“Izuku! Nice of you for visiting,” she whacks him with a soup ladle. Izuku rubs his arm.

“You know I have—”

“Work,” she interrupts, scowling playfully. “I’m getting older, you know. Spend some more time with your parents.” Inko pushes Izuku to his stepfather. “Go greet him. He misses you too.”

“Slander,” Yagi Toshinori calls out in mock-offend. “Lies. I talk to Izuku everyday.”

Inko laughs. Izuku hugs his stepfather. In contrast from Inko, Toshinori is tall and skinny, blond hair looks silvery under the artificial light. His blue eyes are sharp and intelligent, but Izuku knows they hold so much compassion and love. Izuku never forgets to pray in gratitude for Toshinori every time he visits the shrine. A family man, Toshinori dedicates his work for his family and he treats his employees very kindly, thus the reason why his employees are loyal to him and why the media loves him. Nowadays, per his doctors’ demands, Toshinori enjoys vacations around the globe with his mother, leaving the everyday operation to people he trusts. Just three days ago, his parents arrived from a week of vacation in Rome.

“Hi, Dad. How was Rome?”

“Pretty. Your mother found delights in trying new food,” Toshinori holds his belly. “I may have gained a few more pounds. Do you know Italians have big appetite?”

“Can’t be bigger than Gran’s love for taiyaki,” he retorts, laughing.

“They dedicate hours for lunch! And wine! So much wine, Izuku.”

Inko calls for them and they all sit on the small dining table. His mother fusses and frets over Izuku’s poor eating habits (“I told you to eat more vegetables, Izuku!”), dumping a huge serving of lasagna on his plate and Toshinori’s. Izuku feels relaxed, just spending time with his parents and talking about basically everything—except work, or else Inko will whack him and his father again with a spoon—catching up with each other. He has to admits that he can't spend much time anymore with them, not since he opened the bookstore and training with Aizawa and Gran. It makes him realize how much he misses his parents.

After dinner, Inko leaves him and his father alone, claiming she needs to call her friends. Izuku pours more wine for Toshinori and refills his coffee. They enjoy the sound of the small waterfall on the koi pond in silence, sipping their drinks. Mighty lays her head on Izuku’s knees.

“I’m getting old,” Toshinori announces absentmindedly, swirling his wine. “Think I should hand over the business soon?”

Izuku shrugs. “You thinking of following Todoroki Enji’s path?” With a small frown, he thinks back to the pretty guy from today. Todoroki. Could he be one of Enji’s children? His parents—and Izuku to an extend—aren’t really involved in the social scenes of Tokyo’s elites. Toshinori goes to galas and dinners from time to time, but he rarely takes Izuku and Inko with him, preferring to keep them away from the spotlight. As a result, Izuku doesn’t keep up with the social side of being the son of a CEO. He’s fine with that.

Toshinori doesn’t say anything for a while. “Not really. I enjoy being active with you guys. I don’t really want to step down. But I might not have any say on that.” He puts down his wineglass.

His father’s health has been an issue lately. As much as Toshinori likes being involved with his company, his doctors had advised him to take a step back, hence his frequent impromptu vacations with Inko.

“Who’s taking over for Endeavor?”

“His son—I don’t know which one, he has three sons and one daughter.”

“Must be an amazing guy to take over Enji’s business,” Izuku comments.

“They do say the boy is exceptional. Keen business sense and intelligent. Handsome, too. They also said he hates his father.”

Izuku snorts. From what little interaction he’s had with Enji, the man is such an overbearing asshat. Even Kacchan dislikes the man with a passion.

“No wonder.”

Toshinori starts talking about their next vacation to Florida—partly because Toshinori misses Miami and planning to visit his old haunts. Inko comes outside and sits beside Izuku, joining their conversation. It’s almost ten when Izuku kisses his parents goodbye.

“My boy,” Toshinori grips his arm, face serious. “Do not push yourself too hard. You’re young—life has so much to offer for you. The company is in good hands.”

On the drive home, Izuku contemplates on what his father said. True, currently, the All Might Enterprises is in a very healthy state. All Might’s long arms and various divisions keep the company in steady profits, not to mention all their international offices and unique business units custom-made for each country.

Gran Torino, Toshinori’s foster father, is currently sitting on the Chairman position, but he’s been thinking of moving to Hokkaido for a peaceful retirement (when Toshinori asked him why he didn’t want to move out of country, like in a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific, he said he’d miss taiyaki too much. Technically, Gran can have frozen taiyaki flown in with a private jet. Izuku definitely has a weird grandfather). If that’s the case, Toshinori will be appointed as Chairman, and Izuku as his successor. Toshinori and Aizawa had agreed to not put him in the CEO position immediately, since they think Izuku isn’t ready yet.

Izuku still thinks he needs to improve his business knowledge. He needs to learn faster. At least Izuku went to business school so he’s not going in completely blind. Thanks to Gran and Aizawa’s careful supervision (he’s not going to say patient, because Aizawa is not the most patient man on the face of the earth), he’s doing pretty well and has begun attending important business meetings. Yamada-san helps him with the intricate moves of socializing with Tokyo’s finest, as well as coaching him to be more confident. So many things to learn, but he honestly doesn’t mind, even though Izuku knows his father won’t begrudge him if he’s content with his bookstore and quiet life. The life of a CEO is not an easy path—and often lonely.

As he rides the elevator to his floor, he wonders if he’s good enough to lead in place of his father. For the sakes of his parents, though, he’ll do his damnedest to try. 


From : Aizawa Shouta (

To : Midoriya Izuku (

Subject : Study Material


Got some documents you have to look at. These are reports on our shares last year, and financial reports for this year’s first quarter. See if we can improve anything. Give me a brief summary after you read them.


Aizawa Shouta

Chief of Financial Officer

All Might Enterprises, Tokyo, Japan



P.S. Hizashi said you should practice on how to dress formally. He’s sending you youtube tutorials after lunch.




From : Midoriya Izuku (

To : Aizawa Shouta (

Subject : RE: Study Material


Will do. Give me a few days, there’s something I need to do at the bookstore.

Thank you for your help, Sensei.


Midoriya Izuku

Yuuei Books, Tokyo


P.S. I know you’re jabbing at my poor ability to tie a necktie properly…


 The last two weeks have been hellish, to put it mildly. Between board meetings, conference with their international branches, smoothing over the change of leadership, and neverending paperwork, Shouto is ready to just run away screaming. One would think as a CEO, he’d deal with less paperwork, not more. His board members are still skeptical that he can do a good job in leading the company, adding more stress.

Shouto has taken to perfecting his mask—the stoic and unreadable CEO, fearless and confident and terrifyingly capable. It’s an effort to keep himself from breaking, a defense mechanism. It’s a bad habit that took Momo years to break, yet Shouto can feel himself slipping back to it. He doesn’t want people to know how much he detests being the CEO. But he has a plan, and he needs to establish himself before executing that plan, lest his father would intervene.

If it wasn’t for his wonderful, wonderful friends, Shouto might just succumb to depression. Iida, his newly-appointed vice-CEO, has done his best to alleviate some of Shouto’s workload, as do the rest of his chief officers. Momo has taken it upon herself to have Kendou brings an extra bento for him—Kendou places the bento boxes every morning on his desk, and she nags him until he eats at least half of it.

The only silver lining in this whole mess is his mother. Shouto only agreed to Enji’s demands because his father used his mother as a bargaining chip. As for now, her moving into an apartment in Shouto’s building is the result of his agreement with his father—his freedom for hers. It does feel like selling his soul to the devil. For Shouto, though, nothing is too much to sacrifice when it comes to his mother.

He had promised himself to visit the bookstore, but with little to no free time, he couldn’t even take a proper break. It’s a very sunny day outside, and he lucks out with a thick folder on his desk, reading reports for their new projects (how it is that they have so many new projects? In so many different countries? Who the hell approved them for God’s sakes).

“You need a break,” Kendou says, frowning. Shouto looks at her wearily. He knows he looks like zombie incarnate.

“Can’t. We have too much things to do before we start the project in Hong Kong.”

“Nope,” she forcefully pulls the folder Shouto has been agonizing over away, tone firm. “You’re leaving, at least for the rest of the day.”

“What would I even do?” Shouto asks, bewildered. He doesn’t have any hobby, and most of his friends are also his coworkers.

“I don’t know!” she throws her hands up, exasperated. “Like, take a walk, shop, or something. Go get some naps. Adopt cats. Visit the bookstore’s cutie. Anything!”

Kendou turns around, not taking any argument from Shouto, saying “I’ll call Ojiro!” loud enough for Shouto to hear. He knows Kendou can (and will) lift him bodily out of his office, so he packs up and shoots a text to Iida. He takes the private elevator and strolls through the lobby, nodding to some of his employees when he passes them. Ojiro opens the door for him and he hops on.

“Where to, Sir?”

“The bookstore.”

Ojiro looks at him from the rearview mirror, smiling teasingly. “This has something to do with a ‘cutie’ who’s working there?” He starts the car.

Shouto scowls. “How did you know?”

“Tooru and Kendou are good friends, Todoroki."

“Figures,” he mumbles.

“But I agree with Kendou,” Ojiro says after a few minutes of silence. “You need a break once in a while. You were a project manager and then suddenly you are a CEO. It must have been overwhelming. And nobody will blame you for taking a day off.”

“Thanks, Ojiro.” And Shouto means it. Had he been his father, he would treat his employees as his subordinate, barely giving them the time of the day. But Ojiro, Kendou, Iida, Hagakure, Tokoyami, and the others are also his friends. Back when he was young, Shouto found it very difficult to form friendships. It’s only thanks to Momo and Iida, who relentlessly befriended him since high school even when he didn’t know the first thing about being a friend.

They’re silent again until Ojiro stops the car right in front of the bookstore. Shouto takes off his jacket, leaving it in the car. He checks his watch—it’s almost 1 pm. He walks into the bookstore, and is calmed instantly. The music is something pop today, one of the top charters being played frequently on radio.

“Welcome to Yuuei Books!”

Shouto lets the door close behind him, and there, manning the register, is the man from last time—Midoriya. The cutie, his mind supplies. Guess Momo’s nickname had stuck. The other man smiles a wide smile at Shouto. “Hello, you’re back! Did your sister like the books?”

Shouto finds himself tongue-tied. The man’s smile is radiant, and the freckles he had noticed on his previous visit are distracting Shouto from any coherent thoughts.

“She does,” Shouto replies. “Said it’s a good thing I bought her three books, because I nearly forgot her birthday.”

“Like a bribe,” the other man grins. He fiddles with a pen, looking up at Shouto, green eyes sparkling. “You here to get books for yourself?”

And to see you too. Shouto refrains from saying that, though. He does have some semblance of self-control. “I guess. I’m just browsing. I don’t really have time to read but reading is the easiest way to relax.”

The man hums. “That’s true. Any idea what you want to read?” He steps out of the register area, standing near Shouto. He’s not as short as Shouto remembers though (maybe that smile really skewed his perceptions, after all). And dear God he’s built. Muscles subtly fill his red t-shirt, he’s wide shouldered and broad chested despite his small stature. His black apron only accentuated that, tapering from wide torso to slim hips.

Relax. Stop ogling him.

“What would you recommend?” Shouto asks instead.

“That’s why I asked you if you would like to read something specific,” he scratches the back of his neck, grinning sheepishly. “I have a lot of favorite books—though, almost all of them are fiction. I rarely read nonfiction except for weird motivational books my friend Kacchan recommends me to read, and even most of them are like manual on anger management. It’s not like I need to read them, Kacchan is the one with temper. I’m sure you have a preferred genre and…” he trails off suddenly, hiding his flaming cheeks in his hands. “I’m rambling. Oh God I talked your ears off and I haven’t even introduced myself.”

Cute. This guy is too cute.

The smile he aims at Shouto this time is unfairly wide, pulling his freckled cheeks and crinkling the corners of his eyes. “My name is Midoriya Izuku.” He bows quickly.

“Todoroki Shouto,” Shouto replies, feeling winded and a little dazed from Midoriya’s smile.

Midoriya’s smile falters for a bit, before firming and gesturing for the fiction area. “Here. Have you read many fantasy books?”

“Like… Harry Potter?” Shouto walks beside Midoriya this time, heading to the fantasy aisle. There aren’t many customers, and it feels like they’re the only people inside the store. The only other employee visible is a redheaded man, crouching to tidy up a lower shelf. Midoriya nods. Shouto scans the shelf quickly. “Ah, no.”

Midoriya stops, and he looks at Shouto wide-eyed. “You’ve never read Harry Potter?” his tone is disbelieving and a little indignant, like Shouto has done something wrong to upset Midoriya—maybe he has, who knows?

He fiddles with his cufflinks, feeling nervous. “I’m afraid no. Are the books good?”


Izuku gapes at Todoroki. Really. How come he never reads Harry Potter?

Todoroki’s face is calm, though Izuku notes a slight nervousness on his tone. His eyes flick down and see Todoroki’s right hand fiddling his silver cufflink. Izuku is pretty sure that Todoroki is really one of the Todorokis, from his designer dress shirt and shoes. He doesn’t miss the elegant—and if he remembers correctly, limited edition—watch he wears too.

“Todoroki-kun,” Izuku looks at him seriously. “Harry Potter is like, a rite of passage. At some point of your life, you gotta read them.” He pulls the first book, Sorcerer’s Stone, from the shelf. “Here—read this book first, and come back for the second book after you finish it.”

Todoroki accepts the book gingerly, flipping it to read the back cover. Izuku finds him intriguing. He doesn’t talk much and his voice is on the quiet side, but that’s maybe because Izuku is still a virtual stranger. So far, he only manages to garner a couple of small smiles from Todoroki, just a quirk of the corner of his mouth. If a small smile could send Izuku’s heart racing, he’s curious what a laugh would do to him. Probably kill him.

“Okay,” Todoroki hugs the book close to his chest, and it’s so endearing. “You do have the second book, right?”

“If it’s sold out, you’re welcome to borrow mine,” Izuku promises. “I have all the books in the series and also the companion books.”

Todoroki’s heterochromatic eyes widen slightly. “What? There are companion books?”

“Uh-huh. The whole Harry Potter franchise is…massive.”

“Oh,” he looks down, brows furrowing.

“Don’t be intimidated!” Izuku assures Todoroki hastily. “You’re probably busy with works and all that. My offer stands, anytime.”

At the mention of works, Todoroki’s shoulders stiffen. His furrow deepens.

“Thank you.”

So, no work talk then. “What about the movies?” Izuku tries to dispel the uneasy atmosphere around them. “You’ve watched them?”

Gradually, Todoroki relaxes. “I have, but I don’t remember. In college I used to go to my friends’ movie nights. All I remember is that Hogwarts is a cool place.”

Izuku chuckles. “You’re right. When I was a kid, I used to wish my Hogwarts letter would come.”

Todoroki nods, then turning around to browse the shelf. Izuku isn’t sure what to make of him. His first impression of him is that Todoroki is quiet, like he talks only what he needs to say. His eyes though, as beautiful as they are, hide a certain kind of sadness. Now that he has the time to inspect Todoroki closely, he’s not as flawless as Izuku thought initially, but still more…enticing? Captivating?

Yeah. This gay crush is getting a little out of hand, if he starts waxing poetic to a man he’s only seen twice.

Todoroki doesn’t take any more book, so Izuku follows him back to the register a few minutes later. Mustering up all his courage, he writes his number on the receipt when Todoroki isn’t looking.

“I’d like to stay a little longer,” Todoroki starts hesitantly. He doesn’t look at Izuku, his eyes trained to the counter. “But…do you mind if I visit,” his Adam’s apple bobs. “More often? I mean, when I finish this book.”

Izuku freezes, nearly dropping Todoroki’s book. “Sure! I mean, I might not be here everyday or at any given time, but you can come visit anytime!” he hands the book and the receipt to Todoroki, embarrassed now. “I, uh, wrote my number there? You can text me about anyth—um, the book or what you want to read next.”

Todoroki tucks the receipt carefully into his breast pocket. “Thank you.”

Izuku grins, trying to ignore his flaming cheeks. “You’re welcome, Todoroki-kun.”

He’s gifted with a small but genuine smile, and Todoroki even gives him a small wave. Izuku returns it, watching him until Todoroki disappears outside.

Izuku startles when he hears Kirishima’s loud laugh. He looks over to see his friend doubles over laughing, holding on to a shelf.

“Dude, Zu, you’re like, so obvious!” Kirishima cries. “Wait until I tell Jirou!”

“Shut it,” he mumbles, mortified. Is it so transparent?

Kirishima gives him a toothy grin. “He’s gorgeous. And he’s a Todoroki, isn’t he? So he’s loaded. Not like you need a sugar daddy, though.”

“Kiri, stop,” Izuku groans. “Go back to work, you slacker.”

“I’m not the one catering to my crush,” Kirishima pokes his tongue out childishly. He hands Izuku a piece of paper. “Anyway, you need to call Awase to send more of these books. We’re almost out.” 


From : Unknown Number

Is this Midoriya Izuku?

To : Unknown Number

Yes. Who’s this?

From : Unknown Number

It’s Todoroki

To : Todoroki Shouto

Hello Todoroki-kun! (≧▽≦)/



To : Todoroki Shouto

So? You started the book or not yet?

From : Todoroki Shouto

It’s a slow progress. Work has been hectic

I’m only two chapters into the book

To : Todoroki Shouto

What do you think?

From : Todoroki Shouto

It’s certainly… something

I like it so far

To : Todoroki Shouto


Glad you like it!

From : Todoroki Shouto

If the rest of the series are as good, I’ll take more of your recommendations

To : Todoroki Shouto

The rest of the books are amazing. You won’t be disappointed

And I would love to recommend more!



To : Midoriya Izuku

I almost finished the book

<attached picture>

From : Midoriya Izuku

Less than a week! I thought you had work :O

To : Midoriya Izuku

I binge read half of the book this weekend

From : Midoriya Izuku

Great! Come back to the bookstore whenever! I’ll have the second book ready



From : Yaoyorozu Momo

Since when do you read fantasy books?

To : Yaoyorozu Momo

I’m going to fire Kendou

From : Yaoyorozu Momo

No you won’t. You need my bae too much to fire her

Besides, I’m pretty sure you won’t tolerate anyone else butting into your business

To : Yaoyorozu Momo

I don’t recall getting two mothers butting into my business

From : Yaoyorozu Momo

You’re more like an honorary brother

A socially awkward brother

Now spill

To : Yaoyorozu Momo


From : Yaoyorozu Momo

Yes. Spill


I won’t rest until you spill

I will keep bugging you

And I won’t let you rest in peace

And I will get Itsuka to nag more

And you will give in to pressure

To : Yaoyorozu Momo


Midoriya recommended it

It’s Harry Potter. He was offended when I told him I’ve never read it

From : Yaoyorozu Momo

YOU NEVER DID? Forget Midoriya, now I’M offended jfc



To : Midoriya Izuku

The books are getting longer?

From : Midoriya Izuku

:O yeah, there are more to tell!

The farther you are into the series, it’s getting more complicated

To : Midoriya Izuku

You know it’ll more likely take me a year to finish the entire series, right?

From : Midoriya Izuku

You said you’re a slow reader, Todoroki-kun, but you manage to almost finish the first book in less than two weeks

It won’t take you a year

I believe in you o(≧▽≦)o



To : Aizawa Shouta (

From : Midoriya Izuku (

Subject : Summary of The Previous Study Material



I attached my summary for the reports. You said I should come for more study sessions, so if you’re free whenever please contact me.


Midoriya Izuku

Yueei Books, Tokyo



From : Todoroki Shouto

I know I said I’ll be visiting the bookstore tomorrow

But I have to go to Hong Kong for a week

I’m so sorry, Midoriya

To : Todoroki Shouto

It’s okay, Todoroki-kun!

Your job should come first

From : Todoroki Shouto

I promise I’ll visit soon

And I’ll bring back souvenirs

To : Todoroki Shouto

Have a safe trip, Todoroki-kun! (⌒‿⌒)



From : Aizawa Shouta

Kid. Come to my office tomorrow morning

To : Aizawa Shouta

Yes, Sensei

From : Aizawa Shouta

Drop the sensei, Midoriya

To : Aizawa Shouta

I can’t. You’re my teacher

It's like I'll be disrespecting you

From : Aizawa Shouta

You don’t call Hizashi sensei. He’s your teacher too

To : Aizawa Shouta

Because he whines when I call him that

I can’t stand his whining

From : Aizawa Shouta

Fine. Whatever



From : Bakugou Katsuki

Nerd. You better not fucking late tomorrow

We have too fucking much to do

To : Bakugou Katsuki

I'm going to Hitoshi's place first. And I'm taking the train

From : Bakugou Katsuki

For fuck's sake. You have a car, you shitty nerd

Use it

To : Bakugou Katsuki

Traffic, Kacchan. It'll get us longer from Hitoshi's to the office if we take the car

From : Bakugou Katsuki

Why the fuck are you going to Eyebags' place?


You know what

Just wait there Deku, 7 am sharp

I'm fucking picking the two of you shitheads up

To : Bakugou Katsuki

Thanks Kacchan ( ̄ε ̄@)

From : Bakugou Katsuki

Shut up Deku



To : Todoroki Shouto

What’s your favorite food?

From : Todoroki Shouto

Soba. What’s yours?

To : Todoroki Shouto

Katsudon. Favorite color?

From : Todoroki Shouto


What brings this on?

To : Todoroki Shouto

Mine’s green

I want to get to know you more

<( ̄︶ ̄)>

From : Todoroki Shouto

Fair enough

Where did you go for college?

To : Todoroki Shouto

Abroad. You?

From : Todoroki Shouto

Not telling until you do

To : Todoroki Shouto

You don’t play fair!

From : Todoroki Shouto

Neither do you

To : Todoroki Shouto

Yale. Graduated four years ago

Now you

From : Todoroki Shouto

Harvard. Same graduating year

To : Todoroki Shouto


You were in Harvard?? You’re amazing!

From : Todoroki Shouto

You’re smart too

You graduated from Yale

Why work in the bookstore?

To : Todoroki Shouto

I know working there might seem dumb because I have a degree from a prestigious business school

But I like it there

From : Todoroki Shouto

I’m not judging

I’m glad you get to work in a place you love

To : Todoroki Shouto

How’s Hong Kong, Todoroki-kun?

Doing fine?

From : Todoroki Shouto

It’s pretty nice here

Crowded. Almost like Tokyo



To : Uraraka Ochako

How do I ask the guy I’m crushing on out for a date?

From : Uraraka Ochako

Just ask them, silly

To : Uraraka Ochako

What if he says no?

From : Uraraka Ochako

Ask again

To : Uraraka Ochako

Yeah, but if he says no again?

From : Uraraka Ochako

He’d be dumb to say no

Sorry, gotta go!

Just ask him out! He won’t say no



To : Midoriya Izuku

Hong Kong sucks

From : Midoriya Izuku

What happened?

To : Midoriya Izuku

I got lost on the way back to the hotel

And I can’t read or speak Chinese, so I called one of my coworkers

He picked me up from what I’m sure was a red light district

I was nearly mauled by boobs

From : Midoriya Izuku

No way!

To : Midoriya Izuku

<attached picture>

Look at that and tell me it’s not a red light district

From : Midoriya Izuku

asjkslajkdh I think I’m dying



To : Yaoyorozu Momo

He’s adorable

From : Yaoyorozu Momo

You told me that already

Like, a hundred times

To : Yaoyorozu Momo

Momo, I think I like him

From : Yaoyorozu Momo

No shit, Sherlock

Does he know about your work?

To : Yaoyorozu Momo

I don’t think so

We never talk about our jobs

From : Yaoyorozu Momo

Breach the topic, Shouto

Be honest to him

He probably doesn’t expect you to be the CEO of Endeavor

To : Yaoyorozu Momo

Why? I like the way we are now

I don’t have to talk about work with him

It feels more honest that way

And I’m pretty sure he at least guessed I’m a part of Endeavor

From : Yaoyorozu Momo

Reporters, Shou. Maybe you’re not dating him yet, but sometimes it’s a deal breaker

You don’t know if he’s averse to attention or not

Press can be brutal

To : Yaoyorozu Momo

Maybe later. After I get back from Hong Kong

From : Yaoyorozu Momo

Have it your way then

But make sure you do it



To : Midoriya Izuku

I’m back

I brought souvenirs

From : Midoriya Izuku

Oooooh, welcome back Todoroki-kun!

To : Midoriya Izuku

Are you working tomorrow?

From : Midoriya Izuku

Yeah! You’re coming?

To : Midoriya Izuku

Yes. I’m taking the day off tomorrow

From : Midoriya Izuku

If you need to rest, then rest!

You must be tired from your trip

To : Midoriya Izuku

I want to see you


You’re not answering are you okay?

From : Midoriya Izuku

I’m okay! Honest!

I want to see you too (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

Come before lunch?

Then maybe we can have lunch together

To : Midoriya Izuku


I will come around 11. Sounds good?

From : Midoriya Izuku

Sounds great!

I can’t wait! Don’t forget the souvenirs!



Chapter Text

“Yo, Midoriya,” Kaminari nudges him, tilting his head to the door. Izuku looks up, and he grins when he sees who’s coming inside. His heart flutters, and he has to wonder how come he’s feeling this way, especially since he and Todoroki only saw each other twice and they only texted for the last two weeks. Izuku ignores Kaminari’s knowing look, because yeah, he’s so obvious about his crush.


Todoroki offers a small smile as he approaches Izuku. He’s holding a small paper bag in one hand. He’s dressed casually in jeans, a black T-shirt, and a grey hoodie. It’s such an interesting contrast—Todoroki dressed up sharply in suits and Todoroki in casual clothes. In suit, he looked intimidating and formidable, but out of the suit, he looks more approachable. He’s not sure which one is his favorite. Both are a hazard to his health.

“Hello, Midoriya,” Todoroki places the bag on the counter.

“Hello, Todoroki-kun. Nice to see you again,” Izuku peeks into the bag, delighted. “Is that my souvenirs?”

Todoroki shrugs, his expression soft. “I promised, didn’t I?”

Izuku takes the bag. “Thank you for the souvenirs, Todoroki-kun. Would you like to get upstairs? It’s quieter there.”

The bookstore is packed today. Apparently, a nearby school dismissed their students early, and they flock to the bookstore. Koda, Shiozaki, and Jirou are busy helping the students. Izuku already called Kirishima earlier, and he said he’d bring reinforcements.

Todoroki smiles gratefully. “Can we?”

“Yeah. My other coworkers are coming too, so I can take a break. I’ve been here since morning anyway.”

Izuku leads Todoroki to the stair, hidden behind a display of art supplies. “No one can come upstairs unless they are accompanied by an employee. We have a collection of old books and some are pretty fragile.”

Todoroki sucks a sharp breath when he sees the contents of the second floor. It’s a large area filled, with bookshelves lining two walls full of beautifully-bound books. Floor-to-ceiling windows are supplying natural lights from the front side of the store. The room is air-conditioned but it’s not cold, just enough not to make the room feel stuffy. Two large armchairs, a bench, a sofa, and a small coffee table are placed in the middle of the room. Izuku personally made sure only minimal sound can be heard from this room, he even paid for better soundproofing than the one downstairs.

It’s a safe haven for Izuku. Most of his collections were from Gran and his father, and he adds to it over the years. His father has a small library on his home office, but Izuku inherits Toshinori’s large collection of books. His mother swears they are blood father and son, from their love of books alone. As well off as he is, Izuku doesn’t live in a big apartment, and the bookstore is the perfect place to store his books. Izuku even offers some of these books for sale, marked with small price tag on the cover, to make space for newer books.


As if in a trance, Todoroki walks toward the shelf dedicated for old Japanese literature works. He looks at Izuku, hand outstretched, asking permission with his eyes. Izuku nods, entranced by Todoroki’s reverence in handling a book.

“You can use the room whenever you want, Todoroki-kun,” Izuku smiles at him. “Just tell whoever’s in the register, I’ll tell them you’re welcome here.”

Todoroki raises an eyebrow. “You said customer can’t come here alone?”

Izuku scratches the back of his neck. “Well, I’d like to think you’re not just our usual customer?” he poses that as a question. The corners of Todoroki’s eyes crinkles.

“I’d love to read here,” he replies honestly. "This room is... peaceful. And quiet."

Izuku—not creepily, he tells himself—watches Todoroki flips the book open. The quiet around them breaks when Izuku’s stomach growls. Embarrassed, he glares at his offending belly. He hears a chuckle, and his head snaps up. Todoroki’s free hand covers his mouth, but his eyes are sparkling and crinkling and…

He’s so beautiful.

Todoroki’s cheeks turn pink, and he looks back down to the book he’s holding, when Izuku realizes he said that out loud. He smacks his forehead, covering his eyes with both hands. Oh, fuck him sideways. Where the hell is his filter?

“Forget I said that oh my God it’s so embarrassing I wanna die—”


“—I didn’t mean to say that out loud I’m so sorry Todoroki-kun—”


“—you must feel so uncomfortable God me and my big mouth—”


Izuku snaps his mouth shut, eyes wide. Todoroki is leaning closer to him, book still held in his hand. His heart drums a rapid beat, because this close he can see Todoroki’s beautiful mismatched eyes and specks of colors in them. He has a bag under his right eye, the one under his left eye unnoticeable, but it’s not enough to ruin his beauty. If anything, it makes him look normal. Izuku wants to rub his thumbs under his eyes, and damn him if it isn’t a weird thought on its own.

“It’s okay,” Todoroki whispers. “Um, for what it’s worth, I think you’re beautiful too, Midoriya.”

Izuku lets out a mortifying squeak. “What?”

Todoroki huffs, but Izuku sees fondness in his eyes, and God, it’s so so unfair how beautiful this man is. “You’re hungry. What about we go get lunch now?”

“Uh,” Izuku stutters, brain a little fried. “Yeah. Just, uh, let me take your souvenirs to the break room upstairs, okay?”

Todoroki nods, and Izuku turns around to flee. His heart still pounds rapidly, his breath choppy because he can’t believe Todoroki said that! It’s one thing for him to blurt out that he thinks Todoroki’s beautiful—it seems like his brain to mouth filter disappears when he’s in front of Todoroki. But Todoroki is so serious, so genuine, when he said that Izuku is beautiful, and as embarrassed as he is, Izuku is very flattered because Todoroki thinks so.

The most beautiful man he’s ever known told him he’s beautiful. Izuku pinches his left hand, and yep, he’s not dreaming.

Izuku puts the souvenir bag in his office, takes his apron off, and grabs his jacket and the second Harry Potter book he prepared for Todoroki, before going back to the second floor. Todoroki stands in front of the window, looking out to the traffic below.

“Todoroki-kun,” he calls softly. Todoroki turns around, the sunshine from outside silhouetting his body, and Izuku can’t read his expression. “Are you in the mood of eating anything specific?”

Izuku spots a hint of a smile on Todoroki’s face when he walks toward Izuku. “Anything than Chinese. Frankly, I’m a little sick of Chinese food.”

He laughs. “Figures. That’s great! I heard there’s a farmer’s market in Mitake Park, if you don’t mind walking for a bit.” He holds out the book he’s holding to Todoroki. “Here, I promised you the second book. You’re finished with the first, aren’t you?”

“Oh, thank you Midoriya,” Todoroki accepts the book, weighing the book in his hand. He traces the cover. “How much?”

“It’s a gift.”

“I can’t accept that.”

“You already gave me souvenirs from your trip. And I did promise you I’d have the second book ready.” Izuku has made sure the edition for the entire series is the same. He even set aside the whole series for Todoroki. Not that Todoroki should know.

Todoroki dips his head, and smiles a little. “Okay then. So, farmer’s market?”

“Have you been to one before?”

Todoroki doesn’t answer until they get back to the first floor. Todoroki takes a baseball cap in Harvard’s crimson out of his pocket and fixes it to his head. The cap is old, evidently a remnant from his college days. Like this, he looks less like an executive. Izuku waves to Koda, ignoring Kaminari and Jirou’s blatant eyebrows wiggle—Ugh. He discreetly glares at them, opening the door for Todoroki.

“I’ve never been to a farmer’s market before.”

Izuku blinks. “You kidding?”

The walk to the park isn’t far. The sidewalk isn’t terribly jampacked by pedestrians, since it’s a weekday and not quite the lunch hour. They walk side by side, almost close enough to touch. The weather is warmer today, but Izuku is glad he grabbed the jacket. He glances at his companion, who’s looking contemplative.

“No. I’ve never had a chance before. I’m actually curious, you know.”

“Huh.” Izuku can’t decide if Todoroki is sheltered, or just closed off. Even as a kid, Izuku and his mother often visited farmer’s markets. “I’ll make sure your first experience is pleasant, Todoroki-kun.”

Todoroki gazes down at him and gives him another smile, eyes shadowed by his cap. “Okay. I’ll hold you to that.”

Izuku is giddy. He had thought getting close to Todoroki was going to be difficult, but as proven with his willingness to respond to his texts, Izuku is really, really glad to be wrong. He has a dry sense of humor, and gives off the vibes of a sheltered childhood—he sometimes didn’t understand when Izuku made geeky reference to pop cultures. And Todoroki always replies his texts, even if it took him a long time to do so. So far, Todoroki hasn’t really told Izuku about his life, but if there’s something Izuku is proud of, it’s his patience and sheer stubbornness, so he will wait until Todoroki is comfortable with him.

They chat amiably about people around them. Izuku tells Todoroki about Uraraka and his friends at the bookstore. Todoroki tells him about Yaoyorozu and Kendou, his PA who acts like his mother sometimes. Izuku actually knows Yaoyorozu from Jirou, and he’s met Yaoyorozu twice when she visited the bookstore previously.

Izuku is relieved when they arrive at the park and the farmer’s market isn’t terribly packed. Small tables are arranged neatly and displayed a considerable amounts of food. Todoroki takes a step back, seemingly hesitant.

“Are you okay, Todoroki-kun?”


“Oh,” Izuku looks around. “We can get something to eat and find a bench or something. What do you think?”

Todoroki still looks unsure. Izuku bites his lip and slowly extends his right hand, saying nothing, silently praying he doesn’t look like an idiot for offering his hand like this. Todoroki looks at his hand, and even more slowly, puts his left hand on Izuku’s. He tries to ignore the feeling of Todoroki’s soft skin on his own calloused fingers. Todoroki squeezes his hand lightly. His hand is warm, and Izuku wills his own hand not to sweat. It’ll be beyond awkward.

“Are you in the mood for yakitori?” Izuku leads them to the yakitori stall.

“Whatever you want,” Todoroki answers quietly. When Izuku glances back at Todoroki, he’s actually looking around with awed expression, eyes slightly wide. Izuku doesn’t let go of Todoroki’s hand when he orders two yakitori and two orange juices. He pays before thanking the vendor, ignoring Todoroki’s frown when he puts away his wallet.

“Hey, do you like strawberry?” Izuku nods to a nearby vendor selling fresh strawberries. Judging by Todoroki’s excited eyes, the answer is hell yes. Izuku chuckles before tugging Todoroki’s hand. “Come on. We’ll get some too.”

Todoroki insists on paying for the strawberries, and because it’s not worth the arguing, Izuku relents. They end up buying three packs of strawberries. Izuku lets go of Todoroki’s hand so he can eat the strawberry, fondness filling his heart because Todoroki looks so young and so damned happy eating a strawberry. They find a park bench away from the farmer’s market, and Izuku gives the yakitori to Todoroki.

“I’ve never eaten something from a street vendor,” Todoroki murmurs, inspecting his yakitori before taking a bite.

“Really? Why?”

“I don’t want you to think I’m some kind of elitist,” Todoroki shrugs. “But really, it’s just because I’ve never had a chance to do this. My father would throw a fit if he saw me coming near a street vendor.”

The way he talks about his father hints at some kind of resentment. “My father used to take me to eat cheap greasy food,” something that Inko frowned upon but didn’t protest, because it was a way for Izuku and Toshinori to bond. “I’m sorry that your father is such a pompous guy.”

Todoroki barks out a surprised laugh. “You’re not wrong, though.”

Izuku grins. “Yeah?”

“My father is very… strict and to be honest, he’s not a pleasant person,” Todoroki sighs. “Can I ask something?”

Izuku nods. “Sure.” He eats more of his yakitori—he is hungry after all.

“Do you know Todoroki Enji?”

Izuku pauses. “Yes,” he answers carefully. “I mean, he was the head of Endeavor, right? I guessed you are one of his kids, since you have the same name.”

Todoroki leans on the bench, eyes closed. “You guessed right.”

They’re quiet for a few minutes, Todoroki forgetting his food and Izuku wringing his hands. “I’m sorry, Todoroki-kun,” he says, feeling awful all of a sudden. “It’s something you don’t want to talk about, isn’t it?”

“It’s okay. My last name is pretty recognizable,” Todoroki opens his eyes and they’re piercing Izuku’s with an intensity he doesn’t really know what to make of. “People actually often recognize me on the spot, so I was surprised when you didn’t say anything about my father.”

“Why would I?” Izuku is honestly confused. “I mean, I’m befriending you, not your father, Todoroki-kun. If you don’t want to say anything about him, I won’t ask.”

“Oh,” Todoroki mumbles. “You’re not playing fair, Midoriya Izuku.”


Todoroki laughs quietly. “Nothing. Are you finished?”

“You haven’t eaten much, you know. You’ll get even thinner and I’d be able to bench-press you,” Izuku slaps his hand to his mouth, horrified. “Oh God!”

Todoroki makes a show of looking at Izuku’s body from top to bottom. “You do look pretty strong.”

Izuku groans. Yep. His brain to mouth filter is basically nonexistent around Todoroki. Todoroki chuckles when Izuku shoves his forgotten yakitori to his hands.

“Stop laughing or I’ll die of embarrassment.”

Todoroki complies, still chuckling lightly. They finish their meal in comfortable silence, sharing the unfinished pack of strawberries. Izuku gathers the trash after they’re done, but they still sit there, both seemingly unwilling to break the silence.

“I was actually going to ask if you’re free this Saturday.”

Todoroki moves his head to look at Izuku, a smile ghosting over his lips. “You’re asking me now, aren’t you?”

Izuku can’t help the nervous chuckle from bubbling. “Yeah, sorry about that. So?”


“Are you free this Saturday, Todoroki-kun?”

Todoroki hums. “Are you planning something?”

“We’re closing the bookstore this Saturday, we’re going for a Hanami before the cherry blossoms fall,” Izuku explains. “You can even take your friends. The more the merrier, isn’t it?”

Todoroki’s mouth twitches. “You know, seems like everything you plan is something I’d be doing for the first time.”

“You’re joking, right?” Izuku exclaims, perplexed.

“No,” Todoroki shakes his head. “I’ve never been to a Hanami with friends before.” He looks…embarrassed for admitting that. His voice is quiet. “To be honest, I don’t even have that many friends.”

Izuku is honestly surprised. Hanami is like a tradition in Japan, why has he never gone to one before with his friends? Todoroki doesn’t seem to shy away from doing things outside of his comfort zone, so it’s not because Todoroki is averse. If anything, he was genuinely curious about the farmer’s market when Izuku mentioned it. Was Enji controlling every single aspect of Todoroki’s life? What kind of childhood did Todoroki have?

Enji is strict—that what Toshinori said. But to an extent that his son never went to a Hanami?

“It’s okay. I’m your friend too, Todoroki-kun,” Izuku says cheerfully, wanting to show Todoroki that it’s perfectly okay if he was sheltered in childhood. “Try come around to the bookstore more often. Sooner or later, my friends there will befriend you too.”

Izuku stands up. “Wanna take a stroll? The weather is too pleasant to pass.”

Todoroki nods, and Izuku doesn’t miss the curve of his mouth or the hand Todoroki offers for him. Izuku doesn’t hesitate to take it, and warmth bubbles in his chest when Todoroki squeezes his hand lightly.




 Shouto doesn’t know why he spilled the fact that he doesn’t have many friends to Midoriya. And that his childhood was actually pretty sad. Honesty is not one of his habits, after all, to dump too much information on a first date (yes, he admits to himself that it was a date in his mind, sue him). Something in Midoriya’s eyes prompted him to open his mouth, though.

He knows his childhood is not entirely normal. Instead of playing with friends, he went to parties and galas with his father, learning from early age how to handle social gatherings. Instead of spending his free time from school at the park, he was forced to learn business under his father’s suffocating presence. For him, Enji has always been the one thing preventing him from experiencing simple pleasures in life.

Midoriya is different. From what little he told Shouto over texts, he actually loves his parents and his parents support whatever decision Midoriya has. Midoriya takes pleasure in every little things he does, smiles openly, and laughs brilliantly. He’s Shouto’s total opposite.

Shouto puts down his pen and leans back on his chair. Midoriya asked him to come to Chidorigafuchi on Saturday at nine. He already texted Momo, and she agreed to come after Jirou sent her a text to. He even asked Iida, though Iida needs to confirm his plans with his brother first before agreeing. His circle of friends is, unsurprisingly, very small. Before, it doesn’t bother him, but after receiving a confirmation from Midoriya about how many people is coming, he’s suddenly very aware that as rich as he is, there isn’t many people he could call friends.

His phone chimes, signaling a new text. Looking at the sender, he can’t help the small smile and the rush of fondness from coming. 


From : Midoriya Izuku

<attached image>

This reminds me of you (◕‿◕)


Shouto laughs. Midoriya sent him an image of a small pot of cactus, topped with what looks like red and white flowers, impossibly parted in the middle so the colors are separated perfectly. Just like his hair.

Shouto shoots up from his chair and stalks to Kendou’s desk outside his office. She starts when she sees him.

“What’s wrong?”

Saying nothing, he takes a photo of the small bonsai tree Momo gave Kendou last month. Kendou stares at him, mouth agape.

“Why are you taking pictures of my plant?”

“Just feel like it,” he answers noncommittally, sending the photo to Midoriya. 


To : Midoriya Izuku

<attached picture>


“Are you okay, Todoroki?” now Kendou sound genuinely worried, as if he's gone bonkers. “Should I clear up your schedule today? Do you need a week off?”

Shouto thinks about it for a moment. “Just my afternoon, please?”

“Oh, okay.” 


From : Midoriya Izuku

Are you implying I look like a plant?

( ̄~ ̄ )

To : Midoriya Izuku

Have you seen your hair?

From : Midoriya Izuku

Mean! (╥﹏╥)

Don't call me out like that, Todoroki-kun

To : Midoriya Izuku

Are you working this afternoon?

From : Midoriya Izuku

The bookstore closes at six. Why?

To : Midoriya Izuku

Want to grab dinner?

From : Midoriya Izuku

Ooo yes! Meet you here at six?

To : Midoriya Izuku



 “Come on!” Kendou drags Momo’s arm happily. “Walk faster, Momo!”

Shouto walks leisurely behind them with Iida, their hands holding containers of food Kendou prepared for the Hanami. Tokoyami walks behind them with Sero and Ashido, hands equally full with supplies. When Iida told Tokoyami they’re going to a Hanami, Tokoyami had asked to take Ashido and Sero with them too. And that’s how Shouto finds himself with six friends heading to watch the cherry blossoms. He actually extended the invitation to Hagakure and Ojiro—after asking Midoriya if he could invite more people, which he’d said yes to—but they’re visiting Hagakure’s parents this weekend so they declined.

Midoriya and his group—rather large, if Shouto has to admit—picked a place near the river and under two big sakura trees. They have blankets laid on the ground, with baskets and containers of food scattered among them. He recognizes Jirou, Kaminari, and Kirishima—they’ve become friendly after his visits to the bookstore. There’s a loud blond arguing with Kirishima, two girls helping Jirou to arrange the food, and another guy prepping a camera on a tripod.

Jirou waves to them. “Guys! Over here!”

Momo hugs Jirou, who slaps her back and kisses Kendou on her cheek. “I miss you. You haven’t been around the bookstore lately!”

“Wedding prep,” Momo answers. Jirou only nods sagely.

“Todoroki-kun,” Midoriya walks towards him, wordlessly holds out his hand to take some of Shouto’s burden. “Here, I’ll help.”

“You don’t have to,” Shouto says, but he lets Midoriya takes two containers anyway.

“What are you guys bringing?” he lifts one container and inspects it as if he can see through the plastic. “Looks heavy.”

“Kendou made them,” Shouto lets Midoriya lead them to one of the blankets. “I haven’t introduced you to my friends yet.”

“I think introduction is in order,” Midoriya replies easily, laughing. “I’ve got a couple more friends coming, they’re still on the way.”

A brunette peers at them curiously when they plop down on the blanket, sitting side by side. Shouto stretches his legs and tilts his head back, feeling the breeze ruffling his hair and the smell of cherry blossoms around him.

“What do you got here?” Midoriya pokes at Shouto’s camera bag. He takes out his camera. Photography is a casual hobby for him, though after taking over the CEO position, his time to hunt pictures is shrinking to occasional weekends.

Shouto aims the camera at Midoriya, who laughs and tries to evade him, covering his face with his arms. He gets a couple pictures nonetheless. He hums, satisfied, but wanting to capture more. He aims the camera around him, where his friends mingle with Midoriya’s and laugh together. Jirou is helping Iida unpack their food, while Tokoyami and the other camera guy unfold another blanket. The loud blond starts stealing cookies, and the brunette girl whacks him with a napkin. He snaps pictures almost mindlessly, capturing the faces of everyone present.

When three other people, presumably Midoriya’s friends, arrive they finally introduce themselves. Momo already knows Jirou and Kaminari—the blond guy with black streak. Todoroki is introduced to the brunette and the other girl, Uraraka and Asui. The other camera guy, Tetsutetsu, is actually Kirishima’s boyfriend. Bakugou Katsuki, the explosive blond who likes curses and talks brashly to everyone, even Midoriya, his childhood friend. The three newcomers are a big guy called Koda, a quiet purple-haired guy named Shinsou, and Midoriya’s other employee Shiozaki.

Iida and Tokoyami hit it off with Uraraka, Asui, and Shinsou immediately. They are laughing about something and chatting amiably. Ashido and Sero has joined Kaminari and Kirishima in their quest to tease Bakugou mercilessly while Tetsutetsu uses his camera to record everything, causing loud swears and even louder laughs between them. Koda, Shiozaki, and Jirou are talking abot wedding logistic with Momo and Kendou. Midoriya has roped him into showing the pictures on his camera. Shouto, feeling inexplicably shy, lets Midoriya sit close to check the pictures. He can even smell Midoriya's hair if he leans down a little bit. It looks impossibly fluffy.

“Ooh,” Midoriya coos at the picture of a couple of cats he took at Tofukuji Temple. “These are so good, Todoroki-kun. You’re very talented.”

“Thanks,” he whispers.

“Yo, Deku, stop flirting with your boyfriend and come fucking help me with these!” Bakugou barks, startling them. Midoriya jumps away from Shouto’s side.

“Kacchan!” he whines, red crawling up his neck and face.

“We’re not dating,” Shouto states simply, despite his mind screams not yet but soon. If Midoriya would have him.

“Yet,” he hears Jirou whispers loudly. Momo and Kendou laugh—traitors.

“Stop dawdling, asshole!”

“Yeah, yeah, coming,” Midoriya grumbles, sending an apologetic smile to Shouto before standing to help Bakugou distributing wine and sake. “What would you like to drink?”

“Wine, please.”

Midoriya gives a thumbs up and jogs to Bakugou. Shouto closes his eyes. He’s never been this relaxed around so many people before, but these are his friends and Midoriya’s. He ignores Bakugou’s yells to Ashido, and when someone sits down beside him, he expects that to be Midoriya, but rather surprised to find Uraraka instead.

“Enjoying the day so far, Todoroki-san?” she asks with a smile.

“Just Todoroki is fine, Uraraka-san.”

“Then you can drop the honorifics too,” she chirps, cheerfully. She’s almost like Midoriya in demeanor. “Deku told me a lot about you.”

“Oh,” he’s speechless. “Deku?”

“It’s Bakugou’s nickname for him,” she shrugs. “Say, Todoroki. Do you like Deku?”

He choked on air. “Excuse me?”

“Deku smiles more around you,” there’s a note of wistfulness in her voice. “Or, he smiles differently at you. I don’t know how exactly, but he’s different around you.”

“I think he always smiles like that,” beautifully, but Shouto doesn’t say that. He’s stuck on what Uraraka said. Differently how?

“Like the sun,” Uraraka smiles knowingly. “Just, don’t hurt Deku, okay? Whatever your intention is.”

Shouto looks at Uraraka. She’s staring at him seriously, though Shouto can see something moves behind her eyes. Some kind of sadness that he doesn’t understand. Uraraka is Midoriya’s best friend, so he kinda understands why Uraraka would ask that from him. Yeah, he’d like their relationship to be more, but for now, friendship is enough. Shouto doesn’t intend to hurt Midoriya in any way, in any case.

“I won’t,” he promises. Uraraka nods.

Midoriya comes to them, holding three wine glasses and a plate. “You’re not planning something suspicious, are you?”

“Who do you think I am?” Uraraka laughs. She stands up and takes one glass from Midoriya, before flouncing away, yelling, “I’ll leave you lovebirds alone now!”

“Oh, for God’s sake,” Midoriya scowls. He drops beside Shouto and offers him the wine. He also has sakuramochi and other snacks, which he puts in front of them. “I also brought the snacks. We can have lunch later if you want.”

Shouto picks up a sakuramochi. They drink in silence, occasionally laugh—Shouto only chuckles, he can’t muster up the courage to laugh as openly as Midoriya—together when Kaminari or Sero manage to agitate Bakugou into yelling profanities. With Midoriya, silence is never uncomfortable. Midoriya sure talks a lot, but he gets that Shouto prefers calm, understands that being quiet doesn’t mean Shouto isn’t listening.

“This is nice, isn’t it?” Midoriya whispers. Shouto looks at him.


“Hanami with friends,” he emphasizes. “Are you having fun?”

With the sound of laughter and easy conversation around him, Midoriya smiling earnestly beside him, and the rush of feelings in his heart, Shouto can say he’s honestly having fun. This, right here, he's not Todoroki Shouto, the CEO of Endeavor. He's just Shouto, a young man sitting beside his crush and enjoying the cherry blossoms with his friends.


"How do you flirt with a guy you like?”

They are lounging on Momo’s living room after dinner. Momo often forces him to have dinner with them, to ensure that he eats right. Never mind that Momo can’t cook, her motherly instinct always goes overdrive when it comes to Shouto. Momo nearly drops her nail polish bottle. “Excuse me?”

“Babe, careful!” Kendou grumbles. “You’re gonna ruin my nails.”

“Sorry,” Momo kisses Kendou’s cheek apologetically. “What did you say?” she directs this question at Shouto. He hunches on his seat, hugging a throw pillow to his chest. He’s never felt so awkward asking a question to Momo—not even as awkward as when he asked her on how to reject a girl’s affections.

“How. Do. You. Flirt.” He grits out.

“Ooooooh!” Kendou tries to clap her hands but unable to because Momo is holding he right hand. “The cutie!”

“Midoriya,” Momo corrects. “Jirou told me Midoriya always looks happy after your lunches. He also, I quoted ‘smiles dopily after Todoroki drops him back’. Itsuka, stop moving around, for Goodness’s sake!”

Oh. Shouto feels his cheeks warming at that.

"And at the Hanami yesterday, he was sticking close to you," Momo points out.

“I was really curious about where you’ve been going to these past few days,” Kendou admits. “You never said anything and you didn’t even take Ojiro with you.”

“I can drive just fine,” Shouto says dryly.

Momo puts her nail polish away. Kendou pats her cheek before laying down on the couch. “Flirting, huh. Send him flowers. Or food. Haven't you been doing that these past few weeks? Wait, are you sure he’s into dudes?”

Momo lifts Kendou’s feet to her lap. “He swings both ways. Jirou confirmed it.”

“Ooo, nice. One thing off your worries.”

“Flowers,” Shouto imagines Midoriya would love a flower arrangement, since he said he keeps plants at home. “Nice idea.”

“You already took him to lunches, and you had officially met his friends too, so I think it’s safe to assume that Midoriya, at least, will be receptive,” Kendou pops a chocolate to her mouth. “Just asking, are you sure? Pursuing a relationship with him, I mean. There are a lot of things you don’t know about him. And from what I gather, you haven’t told him many things about yourself.”

Somehow, it sounds foreboding. Shouto shakes the uneasiness away. “That’s kinda the plan. I want to get to know him more, and I want him to be clear about my intentions anyway.” He knows enough of Midoriya to safely say he’s very attracted to him, not just because Midoriya is hot, but also because Midoriya is genuinely kind. He thanks the Gods that Midoriya is not taken, as baffling as it is.

“The point is,” Momo interrupts. “Just shower him with affections. Gifts saying that you care and think about him. Don’t do anything extravagant, though, not until you really know that’s what he really likes.”

“I can do that,” Shouto murmurs, already on his phone to search for a nearby florist.

“Okay then,” Kendou claps happily. “We’ll help you out, don’t worry! You’ve helped us, it’s time to return the favor.”

Izuku is doing inventory when Jirou slams a bouquet of brightly-colored flowers on the counter. He drops his pen and glares at Jirou.

“What’s that for?”

“It’s for you,” Jirou pushes the bouquet to him.

“How come you never give me flowers?” Kaminari pouts at his girlfriend. She smacks his arm with a ruler in answer.

“Should be the other way around, dumbass.”

“I gave you sushi last week!”

“Leftover sushi!”

“It’s the thoughts that matters! Flowers are overrated anyway.” At that, Jirou scowls. Kaminari’s grin is unrepentant.

Ignoring his friends’ bickering—it’s a daily occurrence, he’s no longer surprised they bicker as much as they make out—Izuku fishes the card out and flips it open. Printed out neatly is Todoroki’s name, without any additional message. He carefully picks the bouquet and walks upstairs to put the flowers in a vase.

He takes a picture and sends it to Todoroki. 


To : Todoroki Shouto

Thank you for the flowers! They’re beautiful

From : Todoroki Shouto

You’re welcome. Glad you like them

Have a good day, Midoriya

To : Todoroki Shouto

You too, Todoroki-kun!


Izuku giddily pumps his fist in the air, squealing a little like a schoolgirl. At this point, he’s no longer denying it.

He really is in love with Todoroki Shouto.

Tenya is sure he’s seen Midoriya Izuku and Bakugou Katsuki somewhere.

He’s just not sure when and where. He’s pretty sure they never introduced themselves before the Hanami. Midoriya and Bakugou aren’t household names, he’d recognize them if they were.

It’s a feeling he can’t shake, however.


His PA looks up from his tablet. “Yes, Iida-san?”

“Do you know the name Midoriya or Bakugou?”

“Bakugou?” he ponders it for a few moments. “Bakugou Katsuki? The guy from All Might?”


“He’s a project manager, usually for their overseas projects. I don’t know any Midoriya though.”

Tenya regards this new info seriously. He’s heard from Todoroki that Midoriya works in a bookstore and that Bakugou is his childhood friend, so maybe Midoriya has nothing to do with All Might. There’s a nagging feeling in the back of his mind, though, and Tenya has learned to always trust his instinct. He supposes he’d have to wait and see. He doesn’t want his friend to get hurt, so he’ll keep an eye on Midoriya.

“Toshi? Are you okay, dear?”

Toshinori coughs a couple times, covering his mouth with a handkerchief. Specks of blood stained the handkerchief, and his heart sinks to the ground.

It’s getting worse.

Inko pops in from the kitchen, frowning at him. “What’s wrong?” She sees the blood-stained handkerchief and gasps. “Oh. Oh no. I’ll call the driver, we’ll go to the hospital now.”

He stops Inko with a gentle hand. “Don’t worry, Inko. We’ll go if I don’t get better by tomorrow, okay?”

“Are you sure?” Inko frets, hands gripping Toshinori’s arms. "Toshi, you're starting to cough blood. It's a serious thing!"

Toshinori reassures Inko that he’ll be fine, and after a few moments, she agrees to wait until tomorrow albeit with worry still clear on her face. But this makes him think. He probably should introduce Izuku as his successor soon. As much as he loathes to dump the burden onto his shoulders, he needs to do this. His time is up, and Izuku's days of anonymity are over.

He calls Aizawa and Gran Torino.

Chapter Text

This past week has been nothing but amazing for Izuku. After the Hanami, he is closer to Todoroki than he ever dared to be. Their texting has turned into phone calls, albeit short ones. Whenever Izuku sends him meme or random pictures, Todoroki always replies with another meme. Whenever they are together, his heart is a tangle of feelings between love, fondness, and relief.  Whatever he’s feeling for Todoroki is stronger than what he experienced before.

He doesn’t know when his infatuation turned into full blown love. Todoroki is by no means the most perfect human being on earth. He still tends to be quiet and unreadable. Talking to Todoroki is surprisingly easy, despite not being talkative. That’s fine, Izuku talks enough for the both of them.


Izuku isn’t in the mood for restaurant food tonight, so when Todoroki asked him out to dinner, Izuku suggested they cook dinner instead, which led to Todoroki offering his home for tonight. He did admit he doesn’t know how to cook, so Izuku is honor-bound to cook something fantastic. That’s why Izuku is kind of a mess, because he’s going to go to Todoroki’s home and he’s fretting enough to make Kirishima banish him to the office.

His phone chimes and he pulls it out to see a text from Uraraka.



From : Uraraka Ochako

You up for the bar tonight? We haven’t gone out together for days

I miss you :(


Feeling slightly guilty because he ditches his best friend for a guy, he silently promises to make it up to Uraraka.



To : Uraraka Ochako

I have a date tonight! I’m so sorry!

I feel horrible. I miss you too

From : Uraraka Ochako

That’s fine. Brunch this Sunday, then?

To : Uraraka Ochako

Yeah! You pick the place, my treat


He continues reading the reports Aizawa gave him yesterday, jotting down things to ask Aizawa the next time they meet. He gets a text from his father, telling him to get a new tuxedo for their gala this weekend. Izuku replies with an affirmative. He doesn’t notice the time until a knock startles him out of his focus. Todoroki is leaning on the open door, raising an eyebrow.

“This is your office?”

Izuku turns off his tablet and puts it in his backpack. He laughs nervously.


Todoroki steps in and looks around, taking in the pictures of Izuku and his friends on the wall, a corkboard and a whiteboard full of messages, and the pots of succulents near the window. His office isn’t big, just enough to fit an armchair for him to doze, a filing cabinet, and his desk.

“You didn’t tell me you are the owner of the bookstore,” Todoroki sits on the armchair, tone mild. He’s ditched his suit jacket, the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to his elbow. His hair is a bit disheveled, mixing some strands of red hair and white hair together.

“I’m sorry,” Izuku chuckles. “To be fair, the bookstore is owned by me, Kirishima, and Jirou. I just happen to have the office for myself. Are we still going to go to your place?” Izuku peers at him. “If you don’t feel like it, we can order delivery, you know.”

“As long as you’re cooking, I’ll be fine,” Todoroki answers easily. “Are you done?”

“Yep. Just let me lock the door and tell Kirishima.”

Todoroki is already holding his jacket, and gallantly offers to help Izuku put it on. Blushing, he lets Todoroki helps him. Todoroki flicks his hoodie to his head, causing Izuku to sputters out a laugh. Back downstairs, Todoroki holds out his hand, expectant. Izuku doesn’t hesitate to grab it.

Todoroki’s Lexus glides smoothly on the busy streets of Tokyo, Todoroki handling it with ease and confidence. It’s unbearably sexy, the way Todoroki drives. His strong hands gripping the wheel, forearms flexing with each movement. Izuku has been on Todoroki’s passenger seat a few times, yet he always finds himself distracted by the image Todoroki offers him. There’s something so appealing about Todoroki in a luxury sports car, and Izuku can’t help but ogle. Discreetly, of course. He doesn’t want Todoroki thinking he’s a pervert.

Todoroki steers them away from Shibuya, EDM music thrumming in low volume just enough as background music, to the Shinjuku area, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Tokyo. Considering who his family is, Izuku is not surprised. His father also owns an apartment in Shinjuku, though it’s now used as a guest house, convenient because All Might Enterprises’s headquarter is in Hiroo. His parents moved to Setagaya in favor of a bigger estate when they married, while Izuku bought an apartment in Jiyugaoka a year back.

They park in front of a supermarket near the station. Todoroki, honestly, looks slightly uncomfortable, fidgeting with his hands. Izuku takes a stab in the dark and asks Todoroki about it.

“I’ve never had to buy my own grocery,” his shoulders hunch, embarrassment coloring his cheeks, and Izuku laughs a little.

“Another first time moment?” Izuku teases, bumping his shoulder to Todoroki. Todoroki looks down on him fondly.


Todoroki opts to push the grocery cart, while Izuku mumbles away about things to buy. He laughs again when Todoroki sheepishly tells him there’s basically nothing on his fridge (“I’m rarely home anyway, and my housekeeper cooks at her own home and brings reheat-able food to my place.”), so Izuku goes wild with his purchases.

“By the way,” Izuku drops a pack of butter in the cart. “What do you want to eat, Todoroki-kun?”

He hums, eyes scanning the products, expression adorably confused. “I don’t know. I trust you not to poison me.”

“I won’t poison you, I promise. What about spaghetti and meatballs?”

“I like spaghetti.”

“Spaghetti and meatballs, it is,” Izuku picks a pack of meat. “To be honest, I don’t really know how to cook Japanese food, and since my father is half American, my mother rarely cooks Japanese food.”

Todoroki stops. “Your father is half American?”

“My stepfather,” Izuku clarifies. “Do you need to pick up anything else, Todoroki-kun?”

Todoroki shakes his head. “I can always ask my housekeeper later.”

“Okay then.” They head to the register, and after a brief war on who’s paying (which Izuku wins), they load their grocery to the car.

“My apartment isn’t far from here,” Todoroki says as he drives away from the supermarket.

“You said your office is in Roppongi. It’s a little far from there,” Izuku notes.

Todoroki shrugs a shoulder. “Yeah. But imagine if I live close to my office. I won’t be getting home at all.”

It’s another pleasant small talk until they stop in front of a high rise. Todoroki gets out of the car, and Izuku follows. They gather their grocery, and Todoroki hands the key to a valet. “Come on, Midoriya.”

Izuku takes in the sleek lobby, the stern-faced receptionist eyeing him judgmentally. He looks away, keeping up with Todoroki to the elevator. He swipes a card and the door opens. Silently, Izuku stands beside Todoroki, watching as the numbers flash until they get to the top floor.

A gleaming wooden door greets them. Todoroki enters a security code and pushes the door open. Izuku looks around curiously. The apartment has two floors and from the entrance, he can see the floor-to-ceiling windows displaying the night lights of Shinjuku. It’s all modern lines and contemporary furniture, comfortable without being stuffy. What strikes him as odd is the lack of personal touch. As Todoroki guides him to his to-die-for kitchen, he’s not seeing any personal picture lining the walls. There is a photograph of Boston's skyline, the tiny signature on it reads Shouto. Everything is neat, looking like it’s barely lived in.

He’s even more dumbfounded when he sees the content of his big fridge. His own fridge is full of fruits, cheese, or takeaway cartons. He always has the essentials. But Todoroki’s fridge has nothing else than water, a carton of eggs, and milk.

“Sorry. I told you I have nothing on my fridge,” Todoroki mumbles.

Izuku gestures to the open fridge. “What are you eating then, Todoroki-kun?” Oh, if his mother saw this, she would fill the fridge to the brim with supplies, all the while scolding him about the importance of healthy meals. Something Izuku has experienced before.

Todoroki doesn’t answer, and when Izuku looks at him, he’s chewing his bottom lip. “I don’t really eat snacks. My housekeeper usually leaves something microwaveable, or I just have some delivered.”

“Hmm, okay,” Izuku takes off his jacket and sets to work. Fortunately, he bought everything he’s going to need, seeing how bare Todoroki’s kitchen is.

“Can I help?” Todoroki looks adorable like that, hovering, eager to help.

“Change out of your clothes first, Todoroki-kun. I wouldn’t want to get your shirt dirty.”

Todoroki looks down at his clothes, shrugs. “Alright. Help yourself, then.” He leaves Izuku. Izuku opens the cabinets, searching for a pot and a pan. It’s weird that Todoroki has a rather nice set of kitchen appliances, but they all look brand new. The only things look even remotely used are the coffee machine and the microwave. He shakes his head in exasperation.

When Todoroki comes back, he’s changed into a black sweatpants and a blue short sleeved V-neck. Izuku is already boiling the water and preparing the meatballs, so he asks Todoroki to cut bread for some garlic bread. Todoroki holds the knife awkwardly, and fearing he would cut open his wrist instead, Izuku pushes Todoroki to the kitchen island.

“Sit down, Todoroki-kun,” he orders. Todoroki gives him a sheepish smile.


“Sure,” Izuku continues cooking, now with Todoroki watching him work. Todoroki pours him a glass of wine, which he sips in between checking the food. Soon, a soft English song starts playing from the apartment’s audio system. He actually recognizes it, so he sings along to the female singer. He steals Todoroki’s phone and scrolls through his Spotify, finding the song he wants.

I found the love for me.

Izuku sings perfectly in tune with the singer, body moving in outrageous movements as if he’s dancing with an invisible partner, and Todoroki laughs at his antics. His singing voice is admittedly not good, but he’ll do this again if it brings out a genuine laugh from Todoroki. He’s smiling wide, eyes nearly closed, body shaking from mirth.

Izuku’s never seen a more beautiful sight.

I don’t deserve this, you look perfect tonight.

Twenty minutes and a few more songs later, they have two plates of spaghetti and a plate of garlic bread. Izuku settles on the stool across Todoroki. Todoroki looks close to drooling, eliciting a chuckle from Izuku.

“Itadakimasu!” they say in unison. Izuku watches Todoroki digs in, relieved when he lets out a delighted sigh.

“This is delicious,” he praises. Izuku smiles.

“Thank you.”

For a few moments, the only sound in the apartment is the clinks of silverwares. Izuku steals glances at Todoroki, who’s enjoying his meal immensely if the hums are any indication.

“Who taught you to cook?” Todoroki stabs a meatball.

“Back in America, I lived in an international dorm. My roommate was Italian, so he taught me a lot of recipes. He was like our resident cook, so I picked up some things from him,” Izuku finishes his meal. He pours more wine for him and Todoroki. “I was, for all intents and purposes, a poor student in a foreign country. My parents limited the help they were giving, so I could be more independent.”

He worked as a barista in college and TA-ing for his professors, and aside from tuition fees and occasional living expenses, Izuku rarely asked for money, even though his father is the richest man in Japan. It wasn’t easy, but it made him appreciate a hard work.

Todoroki looks pensive. “My father was angry when I tried to work part-time. Maybe that’s why I’m… spoiled.”

“Being spoiled isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Todoroki-kun,” Izuku says gently. “You won’t believe how many of my dorm mates were absolutely useless for menial housework. You’re doing what you can do now, and besides, you have the means anyway.”

“Huh,” he doesn’t say anything. “Maybe I should learn how to do chores.”

“You can operate a coffee machine, and that’s enough,” Izuku jokes. Todoroki snickers.

After loading the dishwasher, Todoroki grabs his hand gently and brings him out to the balcony. The balcony has two chairs and a small table between them. Their conversation is never stilted, Izuku can talk about anything and Todoroki would always reply with his opinions. It’s incredibly fun, talking with Todoroki. His humor, his deadpan expression, everything about Todoroki only cements the fact that Izuku is so head over heels for this man.

Todoroki is eyeing his right hand. “What happened?”

“This?” Izuku lifts his hand. The scars and the crooked fingers no longer bother him, though he still can’t draw as well as before. “It was an accident, my third year of college. It was pretty bad, took me half a year of physiotherapy.”

“Oh,” Todoroki touches the scar on Izuku’s palm. Izuku lets his hand relax, and Todoroki slots his own fingers between Izuku’s rougher ones. They fit oddly, but to Izuku, it’s perfect.

“I should go home,” he reluctantly says, when it’s nearing 10 PM. He has to go to the office tomorrow, so he needs sleep.

“I’ll take you home.”

“No, Todoroki-kun. You’ve been drinking, and it’s late. I’ll get a cab,” Izuku stands. Todoroki, hesitantly, follows him back inside, where he gathers his things. As Izuku is putting on his jacket, Todoroki puts a hand to his cheek, startling him.

“Thank you for tonight,” he says, thumb brushing the apple of Izuku’s cheek. Izuku feels his face flush. Todoroki is so close, he can see his eyes burning with intensity.

“You’re welcome, Todoroki-kun. I have fun, too,” Izuku murmurs.

Todoroki searches Izuku’s face, and finding (or not finding) what he’s looking for, he leans in. “Can I kiss you?”

Izuku’s heart seizes. “Su-sure,” he stutters. Unconsciously, he licks his lips. Todoroki’s hooded eyes lock on Izuku’s, and slowly, he kisses Izuku chastely.

Making a sound of dissatisfaction, Izuku stands on his tiptoes, arms circling Todoroki’s neck, and kisses him back. His heartbeat doubles, triples, going absolutely crazy. Todoroki’s hand moves to his hip, the other still holding Izuku’s face, as they deepen the kiss. Todoroki tastes like wine, his lips are soft and warm, and Izuku is loath to let him go. Izuku’s hands grip the hair on the back of Todoroki’s neck, feeling the soft strands in his rough fingers. Todoroki’s tongue traces the seam of Izuku’s lips, dizzying and intoxicating.

They kiss for an eternity, it seems, for Izuku. He feels like he can kiss Todoroki forever. The need to breathe wins, though, and he grins upon seeing Todoroki’s expression. He’s closing his eyes, forehead touching Izuku’s, as he gently nuzzles his nose with the softest smile on his face.

“Good night, Midoriya.”

“Good night, Todoroki.”

Todoroki runs a hand through Izuku’s hair. “Be careful, okay? I’ll tell the front desk to call a cab for you.”

Izuku nods, still dazed. “Okay.” Reluctantly, he lets go of Todoroki.

Todoroki holds his hand until they’re in front of the elevator. Izuku kisses Todoroki’s cheek, fingers caressing his scar gently.

“I’ll text you later?”

Todoroki nods. The elevator door opens, and Izuku steps in. Todoroki squeezes his hand and lets go. They smile, dopily, at each other until the door closes and the elevator starts its descent. On the way home, inside the cab, Izuku touches his lips, remembering the shape of Todoroki’s mouth on him.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

There's a small complication.

Todoroki's father's hatred for All Might and his own father.

Izuku has heard from his father about the rivalry Enji seems to be hellbent on continuing. Apparently, it started in business school. Toshinori was the top student, and Enji was always being compared to Toshinori by their professors and peers. And then Toshinori inherited All Might from Gran Torino while Enji had to start from the bottom for Endeavor. The resentment is so strong, Toshinori even heard that Enji was actually training his young son to surpass Toshinori and bring the company—and subsequently, Toshinori—down from the domination of Japan’s business world. He knows Todoroki and his father isn’t in good terms relationship-wise, but who knows if Todoroki actually feels the same way as his father? What if Todoroki actually hates Toshinori like Enji does? It's gonna get way too complicated.

He needs to tell Todoroki and hopes for the best. Because he's in too deep, and he doesn't want this to end badly.


All Might Enterprises


You are cordially invited to

the 50th Company Anniversary Gala

Saturday, April 14th

6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Four Seasons Hotel Marunouchi, Tokyo


Please contact Aoyama Yuuga (+81-5-9988-5555) to RSVP


 Ochako wakes up feeling sort of shitty, but it’s understandable, because she remembers drinking so much last night. Her alcohol tolerance is usually high, but she was frustrated and angry after losing a patient, so she let loose and drunk a lot of cocktails and a couple shots of tequila. She groans, her head feels like it’s splitting up.

The bed doesn’t smell like hers, however. With a sinking feeling, she recognizes it.

Bakugou isn’t on the bed, but she hears the showers running. Silently, Ochako rises from the bed and starts gathering her things—thankfully, she’s still fully clothed, so that means they weren’t doing anything last night. Bakugou was thoughtful enough to charge her phone. It’s weird to see an explosive guy being kind. She’s just putting on her jacket when the showers stop, and Bakugou comes out a few seconds later, toned body wrapped only in a towel.

“Stop drinking too much, Round Face,” Bakugou says grumbly. “Especially if your roommate isn’t around. I’m not your fucking babysitter.”

“We… we didn’t have sex last night, did we?”

Bakugou looks at her like she’s gone crazy. “What? Fuck no. You were too wasted, and I’m an asshole but I’m not such a fucking jerk to take an advantage of you.”

“I, uh, I should go,” Ochako zips her jacket close. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, Bakugou.”

A hand stops her from opening the bedroom door. “What triggered it this time?” he asks, completely serious. “Deku?”

The stab of pain in her heart is so acute, she only nods and looks down. She wants to cry, really, her eyes sting so bad from trying to rein in her tears.

Knowing the guy you’re in love with is in love with someone else suck. Ochako never feels more miserable. The worst thing is, Todoroki is so nice. The way Deku talks about him makes it obvious he thinks the world of Todoroki.

“He’s… he looked at Todoroki like he’s his everything,” the dam breaks. It hurts too much, she wants to rip her heart out, and she settles on clutching her chest. “He’s completely smitten with him. It fucking hurts.” She leans her head on the door, her head pounding not only from hangover but also from heartache. “Why not me? Why Todoroki? What does he have that I don’t?”

Sobs wrack her body, releasing the pent up frustration she’s been feeling these past weeks. Bakugou puts his hand on her back, oddly gently. “You’re not in any condition to be alone, Round Face. Come on, I’ll make breakfast. You can stay here until the gala tonight.”

She dutifully lets Bakugou leads her back to the bed. Bakugou rummages through his drawers and throws a large T-shirt and a boxer at her. “Take a fucking shower. You stink like cheap booze.”

“You know Tetsutetsu doesn’t sell cheap booze,” she sniffs, but complies anyway. She feels a bit better after shower, so she doesn’t complain much. Bakugou is gone from the bedroom, but the sounds of clanging and sizzling is unmistakable, so she trudges to the kitchen wearing only Bakugou’s t-shirt and boxer. Bakugou already prepared coffee, a water bottle, and two pills on the dining table. She downs the pills and half of the water, and almost instantly feel a tiny bit less woozy.

“I told you to tell him ages ago,” Bakugou starts without preamble. “Now he’s found a guy as ridiculous as he is, and you’re here chasing away your hangover and being fucking miserable on my kitchen.”

Ochako drops her head to the table, whining.

“He’s a CEO.”

Ochako’s head snaps up, and she groans as it sends a painful spike. “Who?”

“Todoroki Shouto. He’s Endeavor’s CEO.” Bakugou puts a plate of pancakes and bacon in front of Ochako. “You better eat all of that, Round Face.”

“Wait, wait,” Ochako shakes her head. “What d’you mean he’s Endeavor’s CEO.”

“Fucking eat your breakfast!” Bakugou snaps. He slams a plate of his own and shovels his pancakes to his mouth. “Exactly what I said. He’s Endeavor’s new CEO. I don’t know if Deku knows, but seeing how close they are, I guess he does.”

“Great,” Ochako mumbles. “Of course he’d be in love with a rich guy.”

Bakugou snorts. “Deku doesn’t need a rich guy. You’re insulting him by thinking he’d fall in love with fucking money.”

“I know,” she shoves a spoonful of pancakes. “It just sucks.”

They’re silent as they eat their breakfast. Ochako looks up when she’s done, finding Bakugou looking at her strangely.


“It needs to stop,” Bakugou stands to gather their dirty plates. “You and me.”

Ochako’s stomach cramps, not from the hangover. “Huh?”

“Don’t call me when you need to vent off your frustration,” Bakugou says bluntly. “The sex is great, Uraraka, but I’m fucking tired being the consolation prize.”

“What?” her voice is scratchy, because shit, she wants to cry again.

Bakugou is the only one besides Tsuyu who knows the extent of her feelings to Deku. It is shitty of her to come to Bakugou, again and again, anytime she needs to cope. Bakugou didn’t reject her—he never did—but that doesn’t mean they should continue this… arrangement.

“Because you’re in love with Deku. And you know I’m a bastard, but I have feelings too. I’d like to be with someone who genuinely likes my asshole self, not just because I’m convenient.”

“Oh,” she swallows the lump in her throat. “I’m sorry. I’ve not been fair to you.”

“Yeah,” Bakugou walks to the living room, Ochako following him like a lost puppy. “I have to go pick up my tuxedo. You can stay here, whatever. You know where I keep the spare key.” He picks up his jacket. “Just… Round Face, get your shit together, you hear me?”

Ochako nods, dumbly, and watches Bakugou slams the door close on his way out. She slumps into the couch, drained from energy, tears flowing as she sobs roughly.

She’s lost Izuku because she's a coward.

And now it seems she’s losing another friend because she's a cruel human being.

What has her life becoming into?

 Shouto feels like he’s currently on constant high. The reason is Midoriya Izuku.

After the Hanami, he decided to seriously court Midoriya, something that he doesn’t regret. Kendou cleared his schedule and rearranged his meetings so he can take Midoriya to lunches or dinners. Midoriya is a delight to be around. He blushes easily, laugh even easier, and he has a tendency to ramble about anything and everything. He’s an only child and his mother remarried to a man he considers a father long before they even got married.

In turn, Shouto gives him a little about his life. He tells Midoriya about his siblings and his mother, steering clear from the topic of his father. Midoriya asks nothing, simply listening to him when he unloads or telling him jokes about the customers in the bookstore. They ordered dinner in twice, sitting side by side on the bookstore’s second floor—although Midoriya says no books around when they eat, which is understandable.

Being with him is surprisingly easy. For someone who never has easy in his life, Shouto appreciates that easiness. He relishes each smile Midoriya sends his way—he’s so free with his smiles, so there are many. Midoriya’s energy is contagious, and Momo has pointed out the small changes in his demeanor.

Their kiss a few days ago only cemented the fact that Shouto is probably a goner for this man.

Oh, who’s he kidding. He’s already a goner since the first time they met.

“You’re smiling more, it’s borderline creepy,” Momo drapes her body on his couch. “What happens to the cold, unreadable Todoroki Shouto?”

Shouto scoffs, putting on his tuxedo jacket. “What are you talking about?”

“You’re changing, in a good way,” Momo emphasizes. She whistles when Kendou comes out of the guest room, wearing a gold dress. The hair stylish follows behind her. “You look gorgeous, Itsuka.”

“You too, Mo,” Kendou bends down to kiss Momo. “Careful, don’t ruin your hairdo. Todoroki, are you done?”

Shouto fixes his bowtie. “Yep.”

Momo checks her phone. “The limo’s downstairs. Shall we go now?”

“Yeah!” Kendou links her arm through Momo’s. Todoroki hands a check to the hair stylish, who politely bows and leaves. They decided to dress up at Shouto’s apartment, seeing as Momo’s apartment is too far from Chiyoda.

“What were you guys talking about?” Kendou asks when they’re settled nicely inside the limo.

“Midoriya-san,” Momo leans into Shouto’s side. “He’s a good influence.”

Kendou nods in agreement. “You’re right. You’re more relaxed, Todoroki. Less tense. You’re going home in timely manner, and you rarely forget lunch,” Kendou says.

“And he smiles more,” Momo smirks teasingly. “Don’t you think he’s more handsome when he’s smiling? He looks less like a dragon now.” Shouto pinches her arm, earning a yelp.

“Shut up, both of you.”

Kendou laughs.

He’s resigned to the fact that these two women love riling him up, so he endures more teasing from Momo and Kendou.

“I’m actually scared,” he confesses a while later.

“Care to tell me why?” Momo prods gently.

“It’s terrifying, how I feel towards Midoriya,” Shouto looks out the window. “What if… what if he’s disgusted with me? I’m not perfect, and he’s so wonderful, Momo. He deserves more than me. What if he realizes that he’s so much better off without me?” Shouto, unconsciously, touches his scar. He thinks about his father, his mother, and his damned self. Midoriya is too good for him, he feels so undeserving of Midoriya’s attention. He’s a selfish man, though, and as much as he hates himself, he can’t bear to let Midoriya go. He’s the only good thing Shouto has (beside his mother and sister), and he aches when he thinks of Midoriya leaving him.

“Todoroki Shouto, listen to me.” Momo’s stern tone breaks him out of his self-loathing. “You’re a wonderful person. Midoriya is a wonderful guy too. You deserve each other. Has he shown any sign that he’d leave?” Shouto shakes his head. “I’m sad that you think you’re a terrible person. You’re not, Shouto.”

“What if I’m just like my father?” And that, is the root of all his problems. “I’ll hurt him, Momo.”

“No, you won’t!” Kendou says fiercely, gripping Shouto’s hands. “You love him, you won’t hurt him. I’m sure.”

“You’re so kind, Shouto. This,” Momo jabs his thigh. “The fact that you’re scared of hurting him? It makes you way better than your father.”

Shouto nods, weakly. The car glides into a stop.

“For now, smile,” Kendou says, cheerful.

Shouto gets out of the car, greeted by the flashing lights and yells from the reporters. He helps Momo and Kendou out of the limo, and silently follows behind them as they enter the hotel. Momo and Kendou are getting many attention from the press, since she’s the heir of the Yaoyorozu Law Firm and is engaged to another woman. They are dazzling together, Momo in ice-blue dress and Kendou in gold dress, complimenting each other perfectly.

Shouto wants that. With Midoriya, if possible.

As they enter hotel’s ballroom, Shouto scans his surrounding, not meeting anyone’s eyes. Previously, it’s his father who attended All Might’s annual gala as Endeavor’s CEO. It’s his first time coming to this gala. People dressed to the nines are mingling, the soft sounds of clinking champagne glasses and the classical number played by a string quartet being the background noise. He spies Yagi Toshinori and his wife, standing near the stage where he would be giving a speech, talking to the mayor.

He looks around, recognizing some people, important people from the government and business moguls, and also All Might's employees wearing a pin of their company's logo. He makes sure not to lose Kendou and Momo, thankfully, they’re talking to a woman in slinky silver dress he doesn’t recognize. He snatches a champagne glass and is waylaid by an old business partner of his father, so he’s stuck hearing him talk nonsense, waiting until they can sit down for their dinner.

As their dinner is announced, he feels Momo walking beside him as they head to their designated table.

"Don't forget your donation check," Momo murmurs. Shouto nods. He pulls out the chair for Momo, then for Kendou, and he's sitting down when the Yamada, their host's MC, calls for Yagi to the stage.

Yagi is wearing a tuxedo too, blond hair acceptably messy, as he stands on the stage. He gives a bright smile to his guests, before clearing his throat.

"First, I would like to thank everyone who took their time to come," he says. "It's a delight, to be celebrating All Might's Enterprises 50th birthday. We wouldn't stand here without your supports." He bows to the audience. "Thank you for supporting All Might. In the future, I hope for your continuing supports as well."

A round of applause rings through the ballroom. Shouto gives a polite clap.

"And I would like to make an announcement," the audience goes silent. "It is not a secret that I'm not in my best health now. I'm unable to perform my duties as All Might's CEO. It is with my deepest regrets, that I am resigning as All Might's CEO, and handing over the rein of CEO to my CFO, Aizawa Shouta."

"Is that right?" Shouto asks Momo in a whisper. The audience starts murmuring, shocked about the announcement.

"Yagi is sick, that's why his CFO has been taking over his duties," she replies.

"And I will be introducing my heir, my son, who, when he's ready, will be All Might Enterprises' next CEO."

Another round of shocked whispers goes through the guests. "Heir?" Shouto never heard about Yagi's only child, because Yagi guards his family's privacy with a tenacity. Momo lifts a shoulder, bewildered.

Shouto spots the mop of familiar green hair as he walks up the stage. Momo gasps.

"Holy shit."

Shouto's throat catches, because, there he is, Midoriya, standing beside Yagi and bowing to the audience. A buzz has taken over his mind.


Midoriya Izuku is Yagi Toshinori's fucking son.

His heart races as a thousand thoughts flits through his mind, because, fuck, why did Midoriya never tell him he's the sole heir of All Might? Their business rival?

He feels... betrayed. That the man he's sorta in love with is actually his business rival. Midoriya must have been laughing the entire time they were together, because what's more effective way to bring down a business rival than making that business rival fall in love with you?

It's a lie, his mind screams. It's all lies! He doesn't care about you!

Midoriya isn't like that.

Then why the hell isn't he telling you he's Yagi's son?


He's going to bring you down.

Emotions make you weak, Shouto, remembers that. His father's mocking voice echoes. All Might will mercilessly bury our business, make sure you're as merciless as they are. Bury them before they bury you.


Momo is gripping his hand tightly, as if sensing his turmoil. Shouto, unable to stand the stifling air, stands up abruptly. His movement draws Midoriya's eyes, who looks at him in surprise and... horror? He doesn't care anymore. People are staring at him curiously, adding to the suffocating feelings. Shouto doesn't look at him as he strides to the side entrance, trying to get away from their scrutiny. He's outside of the ballroom when a hand grabs his forearm. He yanks his hand away viciously.


"You lied!" he wants to shout, but it comes out a strangled whisper. "You never told me you're Yagi's fucking son!"

Midoriya flinches. "I didn't think it was important, Todoroki-kun."

Shouto laughs, but it's an ugly sound. "You didn't think it was important even when you knew, you knew from the start, that I'm Endeavor's CEO?" utter hurt colors his words. His emotion is all tangled up, confusion warring with betrayal and anger.

"What?" Midoriya takes a step back, mouth opens. "You're what?"

"Don't play dumb!"

"I'm not playing dumb!" Midoriya moves his hands wildly. "Todoroki-kun, I didn't know you're Endeavor's CEO!"

"All this time, I talked to you about my father and his crazy expectations, my shitty childhood, unknowing you're the enemy," he snorts bitterly. Shouto tries to ignore the hurt in Midoriya's eyes, the way his lips wobble, because he doesn't want to think how much Midoriya hurts him—how much his hurt expression hurts him. "Was it funny, Midoriya? Was it an elaborate scheme for All Might?"

"No!" Midoriya tries to grab Shouto's hand, but he slaps his hand away. Tears spring from Midoriya's eyes. "It's not like that, Todoroki-kun. I really like you! I didn't—"

Momo and Bakugou burst through the side entrance, Uraraka and Kendou hot on their heels. He pays them no mind.

"Just stop," he sighs in resignation. "Just... stop the charade, Midoriya."

"It's not a charade!"

"You've had chances to tell me about your father! Hey, Todoroki, my father is Yagi Toshinori, was it so hard to say?"

"I was going to tell you," Midoriya says weakly. "I didn't want you to find out like this, because I know, I know you hate my father. I know you see it as the reason why your father is pushing you hard."

"That's bullshit," Shouto snaps. Midoriya whimpers out a quiet "I'm so sorry," but Shouto is too fucking angry to actually listen to Midoriya. "You could've told me! I told you things I never told anyone else, and you didn't even tell me about the fact that you're Yagi's son. That's too fucked up, Midoriya, and so fucking unfair."

"Shouto—" Momo tries to calm him down, but withers when he looks at her angrily.

"Momo, I love you, but stay out of this."

"Halfie," Bakugou warns. "Stop before you're saying anything you'd regret."

He ignores Bakugou's warning. "I don't want to see you ever again. If I ever did, it would be on the boardroom," Shouto turns on his heels. "Congratulations, by the way. I hope Yagi gets well soon."

Midoriya doesn't follow him this time.

But nothing can prevent him from hearing the muffled sob that escapes Midoriya's lips.

Shouto runs.

Chapter Text





7 Missed Calls

Yaoyorozu Momo





3 Missed Calls

Kendou Itsuka





5 Missed Calls

Midoriya Izuku





2 Voicemails

[8:30 PM] Todoroki-kun, please pick up the phone. We really need to talk. I’m so sorry, I’m sorry I hurt you. I wasn’t playing with you, I swear. What I feel isn’t a lie, please believe me. Will you give me a chance to explain? If you want me to leave after that, I’ll go, but please, don’t shut me out. Please pick up the phone.

[9:12 PM] Todoroki? Are you home safe? Just answer the phone, for God’s sake. I know you need time, but at least tell me you’re safe and okay. Call me back when you get this.


Four days, and there’s no contact from Todoroki.

He tried calling him, and texting him. When it was becoming clear Todoroki’s not going to answer, he stops. He doesn’t quite know what to do now. Izuku’s been staring holes into his phone, still having that sliver of hopes that Todoroki would call him back.

I don't want to see you ever again.

Izuku curls up tighter on his couch, burying his face in a pillow and huddling deeper into his blankets. He tries to banish the image of Todoroki that night, so cold and so angry at him. Izuku understands why, he really does, and he feels stupid for not telling him sooner about his family.

When he jumped off the stage, startling his father and earning a look of utter disapproval from Yamada-san, the only thing in his mind was to get to Todoroki. Izuku knows, if he was in Todoroki’s shoes, he’d get mad to, because really, would you really want to get blindsided like that in a public event? However, he didn’t prepare himself for Todoroki’s reaction. He looked so wounded, as if Izuku had stuck a knife right to his chest.

That had hurt him so much, seeing that look in Todoroki’s eyes and knowing he was the cause.

The other thing rattling him is that Todoroki’s role as Endeavor’s CEO.

In hindsight, it should have been obvious to Izuku. Really, who can afford a lavish apartment in Shinjuku besides business moguls? He was so foolish, because even though Todoroki never explicitly said he’s Endeavor’s CEO, he doesn’t hide the fact that he’s really loaded. It’s not a bad thing, per se. Izuku doesn’t care about Todoroki’s status.

Was it funny, Midoriya? Was it an elaborate scheme for All Might?

He has to make him see that it wasn’t like that for Izuku. It’s too important—Todoroki is too important for him to give it up like this and let everything crumbles to nothing.

A hand tugs his tangle of blankets sharply. “Get up, Izuku!”

“No!” Izuku muffles a whine. “Go away, ‘Toshi.”

“You’ve been acting miserable, it’s getting old. Stop whining and do something about it,” Hitoshi tugs harder. Izuku resists even harder.

“Let me die in peace, Hitoshi.”

“Hell no. Get up, or I’ll get Bakugou to drag you out of here,” Hitoshi gives up on tugging the blankets, and sits on the lump instead. Izuku yelps.

“Get off me!” he flails. Hitoshi leans his body even more into Izuku’s. “You’re heavy!”

“Of course I am, I’ve been working out,” Hitoshi says in completely flat tone. “Now, are you getting up or not? You have some explaining to do to Uncle Toshinori and Uncle Shouta. Do I have to call Aunt Inko?”

“No!” Izuku sits up straight, dislodging his blankets. “Just… just let me think.”

“You look like shit,” Hitoshi says bluntly. He eyes Izuku critically, judging, despite his own heavy eyebags and perpetual tired frown.

“Thank you,” Izuku pouts. He knows he looks like a hot mess. He hasn’t eaten properly, or sleeping properly. Shit, he needs to pull himself together.

“Your eyebags are more impressive than mine.”

“Hitoshi, shut up,” Izuku groans, flopping back down. Hitoshi flicks his forehead not so gently.

“I’m sick of seeing you moping around.”

“I know,” Izuku mumbles. “I just… Hitoshi, I think he hates me now.”

Hitoshi flicks his forehead again, harder. “Izu, for such a smart guy, you’re incredibly stupid. Are you sure Todoroki hates you? And are you not going to do anything about it? Just lay down and take it? It’s not like you at all,” his lips curl in disgust.

“No,” he whispers. Hitoshi is right. It’s not like him to just give up.

“Your first mistake was not telling him straight away you’re a Yagi. You knew he’s a Todoroki, so it was going to cause a problem with his father, at the very least, for you two to see each other,” Hitoshi continues, merciless. “Fix it. I know you can. If Todoroki’s too much of an asshole and not hear you out, you can move on knowing you’ve done what you can.”

His front door bangs open, and Uraraka comes in carrying takeout boxes.

“Oh good, you’re resurfacing,” she comments, snappish, looking at him from top to bottom with judging eyes. “Take a shower. You look like shit. Shinsou, help me with these.”

“Gee, thanks,” Izuku pushes Hitoshi away from him to stand up, a bit woozy from lack of proper food. Hitoshi rolls his eyes.

Uraraka punches his shoulder, hard. “Go on, we’ll eat and watch cheesy movies after this, and we will talk about how you’re gonna get Todoroki back.”

Izuku rubs his shoulder. She packs a punch when she wants to. “Really? Does everyone know?”

“I think Bakugou told Toshinori-san,” Uraraka answers, to his dismay. “Because, Deku, you freaking vaulted from the stage, right in front of a hundred guests of Tokyo’s elites. You’re lucky Bakugou was there, because your mother would have come and berate you for the next century.”

Izuku sighs. Of course. His mother had called, and he gave her a vague answer about him and Todoroki, promising he’d explain to her later. He could practically feel his mother’s disappointment, and she only said, “If you really loved him, you should fix it, whatever it takes.”

Yeah. Enough moping. Time to fix things.

He takes a long shower, and eats whatever Uraraka and Hitoshi dump at his plate. His lets his friends distract him with cheesy Netflix shows. And his mind starts to work, because he can’t lose Todoroki.

He’s too important.

He refuses to lose him without a fight.


Katsuki is so done.

Deku’s mood has gone on longer than he expected. That, in itself, speaks volume of the depth of his feelings to the half-and-half bastard. It’s fucking creepy seeing Deku mope around like a pathetic loser, seeing as he usually has no trouble smiling even after his shittiest day.

“Bakugou,” Hado nudges him. “Come on, we’re gonna be late.”

Katsuki grumbles, but follows Hado out of the car. They enter the expansive lobby of Endeavor’s main office, which is, in Katsuki’s opinion, too fucking much with gleaming marbles and glasses and gold ornaments. He likes the lobby of their own office more. They meet Toogata, Kan-san, and Nemuri-san, who’s chatting between themselves. Surprisingly, Iida stands a bit away from them, looking uncomfortable.

“Four Eyes,” Katsuki nods at Iida, a display of politeness—though Uraraka said he’s as polite as an angry Pitbull, what the fuck ever.

He’s thinking about Uraraka again. It’s getting fucking annoying.

“Bakugou-kun,” Iida replies, stiffly.

“What’s crawling up your ass?”

Iida shakes his head. “Is Midoriya-kun not coming?”

Katsuki snorts. Figures. “Nah. He’s not in this project, so it’s just me and Hado,” he jerks his thumb toward the blue haired woman. "You got a problem with that?"

“I see,” Iida mutters. Katsuki ignores him, and jogs towards his coworkers. Together, they take the elevator to the 21st floor, Iida acting as their guide.

Katsuki really hopes he’s not encountering Halfie, because he doesn’t know if he can keep himself from beating him up. He’s not sure what the bastard’s deal is, it’s not like Deku sold his firstborn to the Devil or something like that to warrant that level of anger. He’s not an expert in relationship though (just look at the mess of him and Round Face), so he’s not in a place to judge.

Fortunately for Halfie’s pretty face, he’s not in the meeting. Iida leads it in place of Todoroki. It drags on longer than he expected, and by the end of the meeting, he’s in a foul mood and in dire need of caffeine.

“The meeting was too fucking long.”

Hado slaps the back of his head. “Act professional. This is your job. And this is our first joint project with Endeavor, it's too important for you to mess it up.”

Bakugou snarls at her, who only sticks his tongue out, undeterred. He and Toogata leave the meeting room together, the others staying back to exchange pleasantries with people from Endeavor.

“What’s got you so angry this time?” Toogata presses the elevator button.

“I’m fucking angry all the time!”

“Yeah, but it’s different this time,” Toogata smirks. “Something’s bothering you. More than usual.”

Katsuki doesn’t deign him with an answer. They ride the elevator down together, and once the door opens, he stalks out, wanting to be out of this place of unnecessary opulence and get back to his own office.

He stops five steps from the elevator, growl rising from his chest.

The half-and-half bastard’s icy eyes are staring back at him.


It’s been four days, and Shouto misses Midoriya terribly.

Granted, he was the one who said he didn’t want to see him anymore. Looking back, he’s ashamed to say that he was overreacting. Regardless of how much Midoriya had hurt him by not being honest, he didn’t deserve him lashing out like a petulant child. He acted rashly, out of anger, and it's so uncharacteristically him.

He didn’t answer Midoriya’s calls and texts at first, because he was still too shaken. This past two days, he just doesn't know how to apologize to Midoriya, not realizing how much he's actually looking forward to Midoriya's texts until they stopped yesterday.

Momo had to literally kick his ass to snap him out of it.

“You’re a fool!” she had screamed at him. “A cowardly fool!” Kendou had to hold her back from punching Shouto. “You threw away your one chance of happiness because of this…this silly thing! It could have been resolved if you weren’t such an ass and start facing your problems instead!”

Shouto glared at her, still feeling righteous. “You don’t understand.”

“I’m your fucking best friend for twenty years, do you really think I don’t understand? He’s not your rival!” she had snapped at him. “Midoriya is not your rival. Yagi is not your rival! They are your father’s, for fuck’s sake!”

“He didn’t trust me enough!” Shouto snapped back. And that’s what pissed him off more than Midoriya’s parentage. Momo didn’t back down, she got right up to his face instead, eyes blazing furiously.

“Is that it?” Momo did punch him on the chest at that. “Shouto, I can’t believe you. Of course he wouldn’t trust you not to immediately freak out, you basically only knew each other for about a month. You said he already knew you’re a Todoroki, he must have been aware there’s some kind of hatred between your father and his. If you were him, would you really risk it?”

I didn't want you to find out like this, because I know, I know you hate my father. I know you see it as the reason why your father is pushing you hard.

“Do you even hate Yagi?” Momo was relentless. “Tell me, do you even know Yagi enough to hate him? I didn’t know you’re such a judgmental ass.” Momo pivoted on her heels and stomped angrily to his door. "I swear to God, Shouto, if you don't pull your head out of your ass, I'm going to kill you."

"She's right. Todoroki, please think about this. You and Midoriya, you guys have been doing so well. You have a good thing with him. Do you really want to throw it away for a misunderstanding?" Kendou patted his arm. "Are you really okay with that?" She smiled sadly, before waving and followed her fiancee out.

It was enough to make him think. And think hard he does.

That's how he came to the conclusion that Momo, once again, was right. Well, Momo is often right. He didn’t give Midoriya a chance to explain, refused to talk to him. They could've talked things out, at least, Shouto should've listened to what Midoriya needed to say.

He's pretty certain that he doesn't want to lose Midoriya for such a petty matter. They can work it out. That's it, if Midoriya still wants to give him a chance to fix this.

He gets out of his car, thanking Ojiro. Kendou follows behind him, rattling his schedule for tomorrow as he planned to take the afternoon off. He wants to go to the bookstore, see if Midoriya's there, and maybe, they can finally talk. He swipes his phone open, intending to text Midoriya. His employees bow as he passes the lobby, but he stops dead when someone blocks his path.

“Halfie,” Bakugou says, face twisted into a scowl. “We need to fucking talk.”

He knows what Bakugou wants to talk about. “We don’t,” Shouto sidesteps him to the elevator. “Can you get out of here?”

“No can do,” Bakugou moves fast and grabs his shirt, shoving him to the wall. Kendou gasps and she moves to intervene, but a buff blonde man in blue suit holds her back.

“Bakugou won’t hurt him. Not too much, anyway.”

“Bakugou, get your hand off of me,” Shouto says, calmly, but his eyes betray his own fury. He doesn't like people touching him without permission, and Bakugou most definitely does not have that.

“Listen, you half and half bastard,” Bakugou snarls at his face, voice quiet and menacing. “Have some fucking decency and tell Deku off properly, because he’s still pining for you and it’s so fucking annoying. I don’t know why you’re so fucking mad at Deku, but you two have to fix this before it’s too fucking late, so fucking fix it.”

“He lied to me,” Shouto hisses. It’s sounds more like a feeble excuse. Even he realizes how stupid it sounds. Bakugou doesn't need to know that he already intended to clear things up with Midoriya.

“Is that all?” Bakugou shoves him again, clearly ignoring the horrified looks they’re getting from other people in the lobby. “You’re angry because he lied to you? Motherfucker, if there’s one thing I get from this shitshow is that Deku was worried about your reaction, and he didn’t lie because he wanted to. Seems like he was right to worry, huh?”

His patience snaps. “Bakugou, I said, get off me.”

“No, you’ll listen to me, you bastard. What, exactly, are you angry for? Because Deku lied? Or because your pride is hurt? People lied, you asshat, don’t act like a fucking saint!”

It’s like a blow to the chest, because shit, Bakugou is right. He’s a proud person, and Midoriya not telling him about Yagi is a blow to his pride, because he trusts Midoriya and he expects Midoriya to trust him too. It irks him so much that Bakugou, of all people, points it out so bluntly.

Just like Momo yesterday, Bakugou is relentless in his protective fury. “You’re an asshole, you know that? Do you know how much Deku likes you? And you avoid him because boo hoo you’re hurt he didn’t tell you about Toshinori!”

It's not like that, Todoroki-kun. I really like you!


He’s really an idiot.

Bakugou lets him go, sneering. “Let me ask you one fucking thing, Halfie. This fucked up rivalry,” he jabs a finger to Shouto’s shoulder. “Is it yours and Deku’s? Isn’t it between your shitty father and Toshinori?”

Shouto blinks.

 “You and Deku, you’re different from your fathers. If you insist on carrying the legacy of this stupid rivalry from your father, be my fucking guest. And do us all a favor of staying away from Deku, because he deserves better than a guy who sees him only as the enemy.”

“Let’s go, before they call security,” the blond man says mildly, hand on Bakugou’s shoulder.

“You’re no different than your father,” Bakugou lands his last blow. “Heartless businessmen, caring about nothing but their own damned self.”

Bakugou stalks to the entrance, cursing under his breath. The blond man bows to Todoroki.

“I apologize for his… explosive speech. He’s only looking out for his friend,” he smiles cordially, but his tone is cold. “My name is Toogata Mirio, from All Might Enterprises. It’s nice to meet you, Todoroki-shacho.”

“Likewise,” he answers automatically. Toogata dips his head and follows after Bakugou.

Mind reeling, he pays no mind to people who watched their spectacle, entering the elevator to get to his office, Kendou hot on his heels.

“Are you okay?”

Shouto shrugs. “He didn’t hurt me.”

“Yeah, but what he said…”

"He didn't say anything wrong," he answers mildly. "Momo already said that, remember?"

“Okay,” she whispers, placating him. “It’s okay, just, I’m here if you want to talk.”

Shouto nods.

"You have a conference call before you take off for the afternoon," Kendou reminds him. "And after that, you can go get your man!"




From : Todoroki Shouto

I'm sorry

I overreacted

Can we talk?



Izuku bites his lower lip. His heart flutters, as Todoroki finally texts him back.

"Zu!" Kirishima, panting, slams his office door opens. Izuku squeaks.


Kirishima gestures wildly, his usual grin nonexistent, replaced by clear lines of worry. "We have reporters outside. Jirou called your father and he sent security, but it's disturbing the customers. We're closing early."

His eyes widen, as realization slams home.

Of course, now that his father had announced him the heir, the press is curious about him. He's enjoyed the anonymity for years, staying away from the spotlight. Being the heir of Japan's biggest company will undoubtedly pushes him into the center of attention. It's not something he enjoys, but he has to get used to it nonetheless.

Idly, he wonders how much this will affect his relationship with Todoroki, seeing as Todoroki is also the head of Japan's another big company. It's a worry for another day. For now, he has some more pressing matters to attend, which is appeasing his customers.

"Oh," Izuku slumps on his chair. "Fuck."

"I'm sorry," Kirishima pats his shoulder in sympathy. "I know it's hard. We're here for you, okay? A real man will not leave a friend in need."

"Thanks, Kirishima," Izuku stands. "Come on, we got reporters to deal with."

Downstairs, it's controlled panic between Izuku's friends. Shiozaki is herding the last customers out of the store's back door. Izuku bows, apologizing profusely. His confused customers wave it away, and after everyone is out, Shiozaki locked the back door. Izuku peers to the front windows, seeing the reporters and flashing cameras, and immediately feels nauseous.

"I'm sorry," he says miserably. "It's going to affect you guys and the bookstore. I don't know how they found out about this place. We might need to close the store for a few days until it dies down a little, because I'm not sure it will die down completely, people are too curious about me and I guess the reporters are going to try finding any scraps of info about me—"

"Midoriya, breathe," Kaminari slings an arm around Izuku's shoulders. "Hey, it's okay. We can take care of ourselves. You do what you need to do."

"Yeah, you don't even need to come to the office," Jirou bumps his hip with hers. "Lay low for a while. We can survive without you." Koda and Shiozaki murmurs their encouragements too.

"Thank you," he heaves a relieved sigh. "Thank you guys." Belatedly, he realizes his father's security team just inside the door. Izuku approaches them.

"I'm so sorry for troubling you," he bows quickly to Ishiyama, his father's head of personal security team.

"Part of the job, Young Master Izuku," he smiles kindly. "We should get you out of here. Would you like to be back to your home, or should we go the the estate?"

"Let's just go to the Shinjuku's apartment," it's probably safer for him, and it's close to Todoroki's, just in case they need to meet later. It's only a matter of time until they find his apartment. He might need to move to a better secured apartment. The thought only makes him more depressed.

Kirishima appears behind him, holding his yellow backpack.

"Go. I'll call you later."

Izuku nods. Ishiyama barks out an order to his men, and they flank Izuku, creating a barrier.

"You and you, get two more guys and stay here, get cars to take Young Master's friends home," he tells his men. "You call the others to help securing the store tomorrow. Get security to the Shinjuku's home. I'm getting extra security for the estate too."

Izuku keeps his head down as they herd him outside, and he's immediately attacked by the barrage of questions and camera flashes. Ishiyama keeps an arm on his back, and he slides into the car after Izuku.

"You've got the drill about talking to the press, right?" Ishiyama asks. Izuku nods, as Yamada-san has told him about talking (or not talking) to the press without All Might's PR team. They need to take precautions, after all. His father has a lot of enemies too.

The city blurs outside the car's window. Izuku pulls his phone out, and replies to Todoroki's text.



To : Todoroki Shouto

Thank you for giving me a chance, Todoroki-kun

I'm not at the bookstore, tho. I don't think I'm going there for a few days at least

Can I call you later?


He puts his phone back to his jacket pocket. A horn blares, startling Izuku. He just has enough time to cover his face with his right arm, as a car barrels into theirs. There's a weightless sensation, then a sickening crunch fills his ears, and the car flips twice before it stops, resting on the side. His arm's twisted in an awkward angle, and his head bounced hard on the window, snapping his neck painfully.

Todoroki-kun, was the last thing in his mind before it goes black.


Shouto is pulling on his jacket when his phone vibrates on the desk. It's an unknown number, so he cautiously answers.


"Todoroki-shachou," he doesn't recognize the voice at the end of the line. "I'm sorry for calling you so suddenly. I got your number from Iida-fukushachou. It's Yagi Toshinori."

He straightens up. "Yagi-kaicho."

"I have been informed that you and my son are... close," Yagi says, carefully. There's something unreadable in his tone.

Shouto clenches his fist. "Is that going to be a problem, Yagi-kaicho."

"To be honest, as long as he's happy, I don't care who he's in relationship with. I just have a simple question, Todoroki-shachou."


"Do you care about my son?" Yagi asks, blunt.

There's no hesitation as Shouto answers a short, "Yes."

"Good, that's good," Yagi lets out a breath. "I've heard from young Uraraka and young Hitoshi, and I was just making sure."

"Yagi-kaichou, is there a purpose for this phone call?"

"I just don't want you to hear from the news. Izuku was in an accident about an hour ago."

His heart stops, then restarts, painfully. "He what?" he chokes out. "Is he okay?" Please, God, please let him be okay.

"He was taken to the Keio University's Hospital, I believe. I'm on my way."

"Thank you, Yagi-kaicho." He hangs up and calls Ojiro. "Ojiro, I need the car, right now!"

He runs to the elevator, ignoring Kendou's calls. His heart is beating rapidly in fear. He'd never forgive himself if something happens to Midoriya. Ojiro is already downstairs, and Shouto sits shotgun.

"To Keio's hospital. Quickly!"

Ojiro nods, driving them fast towards Shinjuku.

"What's going on?" he asks, still concentrating on the road.

"Midoriya was in an accident," something clogs his throat. He feels wetness on his cheek, and he's surprised to find that his eyes are wet too.

"I'll get us there fast," grimly, Ojiro steps on the gas.

Shouto jumps out of the car before Ojiro fully stops, running into the emergency area. Realizing he has no idea Midoriya is, he calls Yagi's number.


"Where is he? I'm here."

"Room 312, third floor."

"Thank you." He doesn't take the elevator, he runs to the stairs, taking it two at a times. He looks around once he's on third floor, striding to room 312, not surprised to see the door guarded by three bodyguards.

They silently let him pass—Yagi must have informed them about him. He opens the door carefully. Yagi Toshinori is sitting on Midoriya’s bedside, talking in a hushed tone to someone on the phone. He turns to look at the door when Shouto opens it, and he smiles sadly when he recognizes Shouto, hanging up with a quiet, "Call Uraraka too."


Shouto bows deeply. “Yagi-kaicho.” He straightens, and he gets a full look at Midoriya. His right arm is in a cast, bruises and cuts mar his face, and he looks so unnaturally pale. For someone who is the embodiment of the sun, it’s so scary seeing him so vulnerable and cold. He swallows the lump in his throat as he approaches the bed.

“Just Yagi is okay, Todoroki-shachou. No need to be so formal.”

“Only if you drop the shachou, Yagi-san.” Yagi only smiles.

“He’s okay. Got his arm broken—not the first time. He broke his rib too, and he has a nice concussion,” Yagi chuckles, but it’s a little strained. His shoulders are slumped. “But he’ll be fine. He just needs some rest, because I heard from young Hitoshi he hasn’t been sleeping well. Sit down, young Todoroki.”

Shouto takes a seat on the unoccupied chair on the other side of Midoriya's bed. “Yagi-san,” Shouto starts, although he doesn’t know what to say. How much does Yagi know about them?

“It was my decision when we started hiding his identity,” Yagi fiddles with Midoriya's blanket. “Well, not hiding, exactly. I made no secret that I have a son, not of my blood but of my heart. Two, if you count young Katsuki too. We don’t flaunt it because I believe Izuku needs space to grow into his own person. Izuku still insisted that he train, though, so one day he could lead All Might.”

The open affection and love in Yagi’s face makes Shouto’s heart aches in longing, and envy. How does it feel to have a parent so proud of him like Yagi? Not that his mother isn’t proud of him, but she weren’t there when he grew up. Yagi caresses Midoriya’s hair. “He’s so bright, my son. I dropped the responsibility to him too fast because I am physically unwell. You know very well about that kind of responsibility, don’t you?”

“Yes.” It’s crushing, the weight of that responsibility on your shoulders, even if you want to hold it. He's experienced it firsthand, the stress and the pressure as the leader of a company responsible for almost fifty thousands employees.

“Imagine my surprise when he told me he’s close to you,” Yagi laughs a little. “And that he didn’t know you are Endeavor’s new CEO.”

“I didn’t know he was your son.”

“Young Todoroki, most people didn’t know Izuku is my son, don’t worry about it,” Yagi says. "To be honest, I don't know the extent of your relationship. But Izuku told me that you've been... distant with each other. I'm sorry, if our secrecy caused you and Izuku any trouble."

God, how could he ever think he hates Yagi? The man is so kind, so gentle, so very not Enji.

“You said you care about him,” Yagi’s eyes are so intense, penetrating, as if he could read into Shouto’s soul. Try as he might, Shouto can’t lie to this man.

“Yes.” I love him, and I was too stubborn to forgive him or ask for his forgiveness.

“Then, when he wakes up, tell him that, will you?” Yagi stands, groaning as he keeps a hand on his lower back. “I’m getting too old. I’ll head down to get some food, okay? And arrange for my wife to come home from Beijing. You’re welcome to stay.”

Yagi whistles a tune, walking out of the room. Shouto grips Midoriya's left hand, carefully, noting how cold his hand is. He rubs his hands to Midoriya's in an attempt to warm it.

"Wake up, Izuku," he kisses the back of his hand. "Wake up. Please."


When he opens his eyes, the first thing he registers is the pain in his arm and the dull throb in his head. Something heavy is resting on his left arm. He struggles to open his eyes, and he whines when brightness flood his vision.


The heavy something lifts and his eyes catch the red and white blurs. It’s too bright for his poor, abused eyes, so he shuts his eyes closed.

“Midoriya? You're awake?”

He recognizes his voice. He would, anywhere and anytime.

“To… roki?”

“I’m here,” Todoroki squeezes his hand. “I’m here, Izuku.”

“Hurts,” Izuku whimpers. Now that he’s more alert, the pain in his rib is starting to make its presence known. Overall, his body feels like one giant bruises. “Wha?”

“Shh, you’re okay,” a hand is stroking his hair. “You had an accident.”

Oh. He remembers the drive from the bookstore, and the sickening crunch after the crash. His memories are a bit fuzzy, though. Weakly, he grips Todoroki’s hand.

“Stay,” he whispers. “Please.”

“I’m not leaving,” Todoroki says firmly. “Never again.”

He tries to smile, but it feels like a hassle so he settles on humming. Izuku manages to open his eyes again after a few second. Todoroki is sitting beside him, hand stroking his arm. He looks so relieved, and he gives him a tentative smile.

"Welcome back," Todoroki murmurs. "You had me worried."

"Sorry," Izuku says weakly. "I'm sorry Todoroki-kun. I'm so sorry for hurting you."

Carefully, Todoroki lays his head on the pillow near Izuku's shoulder, hand still entwined with his while the other arm curls around his chest. "It's okay. I'm sorry, too. I'm sorry for being so stubborn, and I'm sorry for hurting you too."

Izuku, head foggy from painkillers, tilts his head to kiss Todoroki's soft hair. He smells like mint. Todoroki's snort is the only indication that yep, he said that out loud. He doesn't have energy to be embarrassed, though. He'd do that when he finds the willpower to stay awake.

"I really miss you, Shouto." Eyes heavy, Izuku gives in to the temptation of sleep, smiling.

Had he stayed awake, he wouldn't miss Todoroki's blush or his soft "I miss you too, Izuku."

Chapter Text

The next time he opens his eyes, he feels marginally less like shit, but sore as heck. It’s dark outside. Disoriented, Izuku looks around, and finds Todoroki reading the second Harry Potter book beside him, the book propped on Izuku’s hip so he can hold his hand.

Todoroki looks up and his heterochromatic eyes settle on Izuku’s face. “Hey.”

“Hey yourself,” Izuku croaks. He lifts his right arm. “Damn. I broke it again.”

“How many times now?” Todoroki’s lips curved upward, eyes soft. Izuku pretends to think, but in all honesty, he kinda forgets how many times he’s broken his limbs. Back in high school and college, he was very reckless (still is, but that’s beside the points, he hasn’t broken anything since he came home from America), so broken bones and dislocated joins were his norms.

“I don’t know,” he says finally. “It’s the second time in my right arm.”

“I don’t know whether to be scared or impressed,” Todoroki closes his book. “By the way,Uraraka and Shinsou went outside to get dinner. Bakugou is picking up your mom. Your father went home to change.”

Izuku blinks. “Oh shit. I was on an accident,” he mutters dumbly. Todoroki looks at him, exasperated.

“Yes, you were.”

“Oh shit!” Izuku exclaims, eyes wide. “Ishiyama and the others!”

“Ishiyama and your driver are okay, banged up but no broken bones. You are the only one bad enough to warrant an overnight stay.”

“Oh,” relieved, he slumps back. “What day is it?”

“Still Thursday, but it’s about seven now,” Todoroki answers, his slender fingers caressing Izuku’s crooked ones. He suddenly feels so self-conscious about his scarred hands. “I think Uraraka managed to put the fear of God in me.”


Todoroki chuckles without much humor. “She tore me a new one. I deserved that, though.”

Oh right. They were… is fighting the right word? Todoroki’s here, so they’re probably okay, right? His head still feels like a jumbled mess.

“And Bakugou kinda confronted me today, at the office,” Todoroki continues, fingers moving to Izuku’s palm. “He said… things.”

“Oh,” Izuku doesn’t know what to say about that. “Sorry. My friends are crazy protective.”

Todoroki smiles. “It’s good to know that you’re surrounded by people who love you, and are protective of you.”

“You should do that more often,” Izuku gives him a cheesy grin.


“Smiling. It looks good on you.”

Todoroki flushes. Izuku can’t help but find that endearing—well, he finds everything about Todoroki endearing, that’s how much of a sap he is. Seeing as he’s the head of Endeavor, Izuku imagines there aren’t many times you can catch him in less than composed demeanor.

It sobers him up, and reminds him about their fight. “Todoroki-kun,” Izuku tries to sit up. And fails. With a peeved huff, he settles back, looking at the other man seriously. “I’m sorry.”

“We don’t have to talk about it—”

“We do!” Izuku interrupts. “Todoroki-kun—”

“—yet,” Todoroki finishes. “Let’s just… shit,” Todoroki’s hand loosens, but Izuku grips it harder. Todoroki doesn’t look at him, focusing on their joined hands instead. “I promised that we'll talk. But, maybe not now.”

“Okay,” Izuku looks at the ceiling. “We really need to talk, Todoroki-kun. I understand why you reacted that way, but I'd like to know why, too.”

The door slams open, interrupting whatever Todoroki is going to say, revealing his sniffling mother and murderous best friend. Todoroki leaps up from his seat, standing close to Izuku’s bed.


“Mom!” Izuku really struggles to sit up. “Todoroki-kun, help me, please.”

With a sigh, Todoroki helps him sits up, propped by his pillows, though he’s aided—unnecessarily—by his fussing mother, who’s already crying and patting his casted arm. Kacchan has the single, most infuriated glint in his eyes, and Izuku squeaks involuntarily. He curls his body towards Todoroki unconsciously.

“Fucking Deku!” Kacchan stalks to him. He points a glare to Todoroki, before standing near his mother. Mom only looks exasperated at Kacchan. “How many times do I have to tell you? Stop trying to kill yourself, you stupid nerd!”

“It’s not even my fault this time!” Izuku protests. “I didn’t drive the car.”

“Stop trying to kill yourself!” Kacchan repeats, expression still thunderous. “You’re going to give your parents heart attack!”

“Katsuki,” his mother pats Kacchan’s shoulder, and his pissy attitude ebbs away. Kacchan has never been able to defy his mother, no matter how furious he is. His parents have been Kacchan’s too as they grew up after Kacchan lost both his own parents on a plane crash, and if there’s one weakness Kacchan has, it’s Mom. “Oh,” Mom blinks at Todoroki, seeming surprised at his presence. “Oh my. Todoroki-shachou. It’s nice to meet you, I just wished it isn’t under such circumstance.” She bows at Todoroki.

Visibly flustered, Todoroki bows deeply. “It’s nice to meet you, Yagi-san.”

“Just Inko is fine, dear,” Mom smiles tentatively. She shoots a questioning glance at Izuku, and Izuku just shrugs. Honestly, he doesn’t know what to say to his mother. He and Todoroki still haven’t properly talked, anyway.

Kacchan literally pushes Mom’s shoulders, forcing her to sit. “I’ll get us some dinner. I’m starving.”

“Can you—”

“Fuck no,” Kacchan answers before Izuku can finish. “You can eat gross hospital food for all I care. Stupid nerd.”

Izuku pouts, even though he knows it will have no effect whatsoever. “Kacchan! Just convenient store’s bento is fine.” He really doesn’t want to eat hospital food. “Or onigiri. Or pudding.”

“Fuck you,” Kacchan stomps out of the room. Mom doesn’t admonish him, she knows very well trying to tame Kacchan’s colorful mouth is damn near impossible.

“I should probably go,” awkwardly, Todoroki reaches for his jacket.

“What?” Izuku’s hand shoots to grab his sleeve. “But—”

“We’ll talk tomorrow,” Todoroki reassures him. He puts on his jacket—which is actually his suit jacket. He must have come straight from his office. “I promise. I’ll come in the morning, okay?”

Reluctantly, Izuku lets go of him. Todoroki puts a hand to Izuku’s curls, stroking his hair for a few seconds.

“Try to rest,” he murmurs. Todoroki bows to his mother, before walking out of the door and closing it firmly.

“So, that’s your Todoroki,” Mom muses. She looks around his hospital room, and Izuku belatedly notices several bouquets around the room. “He’s handsome.”

“Moooooom,” he whines. Mom chuckles. Izuku doesn’t protest about the your Todoroki, though, he knows himself well enough. He likes the idea of calling Todoroki his.

“I suppose he must be if you had to jump off a stage in front of the mayor to chase him.”

He still can’t believe he basically embarrassed his parents in front of their guests. “Stop teasing me about that,” he grumbles. “My head still hurts.”

“What happened?” in an instant, she turns worried. “Katsuki just said you were riding the car with Ishiyama-san.”

He chews his lower lip. “I… only remember that we were driving from the bookstore. There were reporters trying to get my statement. I didn’t know, I heard the horn and then this car hit us.”

“Oh dear,” Mom slumps in her chair. “We can’t really avoid the press, huh?”

“We already prepared for that, Mom. You and Dad managed to keep me away from the media, and now that they knew who I am and where to find me, I don’t think they’d stop at nothing.”

The door opens again, and this time it’s Uraraka and Hitoshi. Hitoshi is holding a plastic bag, and Izuku hopes it’s some kind of dinner for him.

“Deku!” Uraraka approaches. She gives a quick bow to his mother before throwing her arms around his shoulders. “I’m glad you’re awake!”

Hitoshi gives Mom a quick kiss on the cheek. “Aunt Inko. Sorry your son had to cut your trip short.”

“Hey, that’s unfair!” Izuku grumbles. Hitoshi pinches his nose tightly, Izuku splutters, flailing to dislodge Hitoshi’s hand. “Oi!”

“That’s for worrying us,” Hitoshi tightens his hand for good measures, and releases Izuku’s nose. Hitoshi takes out a cup of fruit salad from the plastic bag. “Here, you can have this, since you hate hospital food so much.” He also takes several apples and chocolate bars from the bag, putting them on his bedside table.

“I love you, ‘Toshi!” Izuku grins, popping up the lid and shoves a spoonful of fruit in his mouth. A bit difficult with one arm in cast and laying on a bed, but he tries to make do.

“Yeah, yeah, I love you too, you masochist.”

“You really scared us!” Uraraka hits his left shoulder. “Hey, where’s Todoroki?”

“He went home,” Mom answers. "Who told him Izuku's here?"

“Toshinori-san called him, apparently,” Uraraka perches on Izuku’s bed. Her worried eyes roam over Izuku. “Toshinori-san said he didn’t leave, at all.”

"Izuku said he was going to talk to Todoroki, and since Todoroki was here, I'd say it went well," Hitoshi hands him his phone. “We got your phone from the nurses.”

Mom nods in understanding. “I'm glad you and Todoroki worked it out. I’m going to call your father,” Mom stands. She doesn’t leave the room, just stands near the window with phone in hand. “Toshi?”

Hitoshi opens a chocolate bar and bites into it like a savage. “So… you and Todoroki finally made up?”

“Not exactly,” Izuku keeps spooning his salad awkwardly with his left hand. It’s not enough to satisfy his hunger though, he really hopes Kacchan takes pity on him and gets him something else. “I mean, we still need to talk, but he didn’t seem comfortable talking because Mom and Kacchan were here. We made it clear that we’re both sorry, though.”

Hitoshi breaks a chunk of chocolate and feeds it to his mouth, Izuku accepts happily.

“For what it’s worth, I hope you guys clear things up,” Uraraka says. Her tone is weird, like it’s forced, but Izuku can’t read why. “You were being really pitiful.”

“Don’t I know it,” he mumbles.

The door slams open, startling Izuku. Kacchan barges in, bearing a bag of something. He eyes his (rather pitiful) attempt at feeding himself, snorts, and rummages through the bag. “Here, you fuck.”

It’s a sandwich. It looks surprisingly good, though Hitoshi looks at it suspiciously. “You didn’t get this from hospital cafeteria, did you?”

“Hell no. As if I’d want to swallow something that gross,” Kacchan’s lips curl in disgust.

“That’s what you said.”

Kacchan punches Hitoshi’s bicep, hard. He rubs at it silently. Izuku tries hard not to think about Kacchan and Hitoshi once upon a time—as boyfriends. They broke up but surprisingly, they work better as friends than as lovers, so their relationship is a weird mix between fondness, nostalgia, and sarcastic barbs exchanged in friendly manners.

His mother finishes her phone call and joins them. She accepts Kacchan’s sandwich offering, Kacchan sitting on Izuku’s other side.

“Your father wants to rest, so he’s coming back tomorrow. I should probably head back and rest as well,” his mother tears the wrapping of her sandwich. “Katsuki, you’re coming home, too. Toshi said you have a meeting to lead tomorrow.” At this, Kacchan growls. “Hitoshi too. You’re doing a routine check tomorrow, right?”

Hitoshi murmurs a yes, breaks off another chunk of chocolate, and shoves it unceremoniously to Izuku’s mouth. Izuku licks his fingers in retaliation, and Hitoshi wipes them on his cast, expression disgusted.

“I have a shift tomorrow morning, too,” Uraraka chimes in. “I really need to go home and rest.”

“Oh, Katsuki can take you home, right, Katsuki?”

It’s an innocent question, but to Izuku’s surprise, his body stiffens. Hitoshi peers up at Kacchan, then looks at Uraraka. Izuku notices Uraraka’s hunched shoulders, and it only piques his interest. Hitoshi catches his eyes, eyebrow raises.

“Um, I can go home on my own,” Uraraka whispers. Mom shakes her head.

“Nonsense, it’s too far to your apartment. You should go with Katsuki.”

“I can take her home,” Hitoshi offers. Uraraka smiles gratefully at him. Kacchan, surprisingly, says nothing.

Mom relents. “Okay. Katsuki, can you drive me home?”

Kacchan doesn’t look at anyone as he nods his affirmation. Now that Izuku takes a closer look, Uraraka and Kacchan don’t really talk much. Sure, they’re not the best of friends, but Uraraka and Kacchan usually engage in a friendly banter, since Uraraka seems to rile Kacchan more than anyone else. Kacchan is suspiciously subdued, and he doesn’t look at Uraraka even as she and Hitoshi say their goodbye fifteen minutes later.

Izuku needs to find out what’s wrong with them.

“Call me if you need anything,” his mother messes with his blankets, arranging them to her heart’s content. Izuku sighs.

“Okay, Mom.”

“Really, Izuku. Call me.”

“Yes, Mom.”

Mom sighs. “There are two guards outside your door. There will be another two guards near the elevator patrolling the hallways around this room. Your father instructed them not to let anyone but us, the doctors, or Todoroki inside.”

“Isn’t it a little excessive?”

Kacchan shoves his hands to his jacket pockets. “It’s for precautions.” He frowns. "Your father has this weird theory that you could be a target of assassination."

“I can’t object, can I?”

“Of course not, you stupid nerd.”

Izuku pulls at Kacchan’s jacket sleeve, motioning for him to bend down. He does, albeit with a scowl on his face.

“What’s wrong with you and Uraraka?”

Kacchan pulls away, face schooled into a neutral mask. “Nothing.” That really raises his concern, though. Before Izuku can say anything, Kacchan mutters, “Drop it, Deku.”

“’Kay,” Izuku releases his hold. “You can talk to me, you know.”

Kacchan looks at him strangely. “This is not something I can discuss with you,” he says carefully.

Swallowing his disappointment, Izuku nods. Kacchan waits until his mother finishes her fussing, and then they leave together.

Izuku sinks back to his bed. There’s just so much going on. Todoroki, his sudden celebrity status, Kacchan. Not to mention, his body still feels too sore and he’s getting sleepy from the painkillers. He sighs.

He’d tackle it one at a time.

After he gets some more sleep.


Shouto drives to the hospital, not clad in suit but in casual clothes. He canceled all his schedule today, though not without admonishments from Iida. He trusts Iida, so he's not worried that the company is going to crumble without him there. He told Momo & Kendou about Midoriya when he was in the hospital yesterday, and they sent a flower arrangement right away.

This morning, he found out that most news channels were reporting on Midoriya’s accident. The guy driving the other car ran a red light in alarmingly high speed, crashing his car to Midoriya’s and a truck. The driver died on scene. Midoriya and his men were injured, but alive. The truck driver was injured too. He saw the wreckage on the footages, stomach grew nauseous as he realized there was a real possibility that Midoriya could have died yesterday. If it weren’t for the sturdy car he was in, Midoriya would have been in worse condition.

He parks his car and fixes his black beanie to his hair. He doesn’t need anyone recognizing him, especially reporters, though he can’t spot any. He walks behind a group of nurses and heads to Midoriya’s floor. Four guards are standing in the hallway. They all bow when he passes, which is weird, but not important. He opens Midoriya’s door to find him sitting on the edge of his bed, wiggling his foot. Midoriya whips his head around, and smiles brightly when he sees Shouto.

“Good morning, Todoroki-kun.” His mouth forms a wide O. “You wear glasses?”

Shouto blinks, hand rising to touch his glasses. “Uh, yeah. I don’t really need them, but sometimes I get tired after reading something for a long time.” It’s also good for a disguise. He takes off his beanie, but not his glasses.

Midoriya tilts his head curiously. “You don’t want to wear contacts?”

Shouto shakes his head. He chooses to sit beside Midoriya. “How are you feeling?”

Midoriya stretches his left arm. “Better. I mean, my concussion is mostly gone. Just a slight headache. And my arm doesn’t feel painful at all. I can go home tomorrow, at the latest.” He chews his lip. “So, is it okay if I talk?”

He seems nervous. Shouto reaches out to hold Midoriya’s wrist, and Midoriya slides his hand so their fingers are entwined. After a couple of deep breaths, Midoriya scoots on the bed so he faces Shouto. Shouto mimics his posture, they sit face to face, Midoriya’s feet on the bed while Shouto’s still hanging at the edge of the bed.

“I’m sorry for not telling you straight away that I’m All Might’s heir.”

Shouto listens, saying nothing. Midoriya continues, eyes not quite meeting Shouto. “Honestly, I didn’t even consider that you could be Endeavor’s CEO. You’re smart and charismatic, now I feel so stupid for thinking that. I just thought that I needed to tell you soon, because I remembered my dad saying something about your father’s… competitive nature. I thought that could be a problem, I know my father wouldn’t have said anything about us being close, but your father might have, and that worried me. I completely forgot that my father would have invited you—the CEO of Endeavor—to attend the gala.” He chuckles ruefully. “I didn’t mean for you to find out that way.”

“I was upset,” Shouto says, remembering his confusion and anger from that night. “I thought you trusted me, and then I found out about your father, and I felt…” he trails off.

“Betrayed?” Midoriya finishes, green eyes sad and understanding. “You were right to feel that way, Todoroki-kun. And please remember, I did—do—trust you, so much. I was stupid, thinking I could tell you after the gala, I didn’t know why I thought that.”

“Do you know I hate my father?”

Midoriya dips his head low. “I heard from my father that you and your father aren’t on the best terms.”

What a polite way to call the burning contempt he feels for Todoroki Enji.

“My father conditioned me to hate everything about Yagi, and All Might,” Shouto focuses on Midoriya’s nose. There are freckles scattered on his cheeks, but there are none on the bridge of his nose. “From the very beginning, he trained me to be the best, and to someday surpass Yagi’s achievements. He wants to be the best, and he will do anything to bring your father down, including dirty moves. I was of a mind that Yagi would do the same as him.”

The extent of his training is left unsaid. It's not a pleasant story.

Midoriya’s fingers tighten. “I realized how stupid it was, when I met your father personally. He loves you, he would never make you do anything like that. He’s so different from my father.” The glaring difference is the way Yagi treats Midoriya—with love and care. Enji never looks at Shouto with other than greed or sneer. “Bury them before they bury you. Burn them down before they burn you down, that’s what he used to say when he forced me to study business.”

“Oh, Todoroki-kun,” Midoriya sighs out softly. “Your father is a horrible human being.”

That draws out a chuckle from him, and he looks up to a smiling Midoriya. His smile calms him. “We’ve established that, yeah. He’s a shitty father.”

“What changed your mind, before you met my father?”

“I’m not sure,” Shouto says, honestly. “I mean, I kinda already realized that I was being an ass to you. And I realized that I acted like my father, which, terrified me because I don’t want to be like my father. I didn’t want that, to lose something precious for me because of a perceived rivalry—and one that I don’t actually have anything to do with.”

Midoriya’s cheeks pinken. “P-precious?”

Shouto hums, eyes locked to Midoriya’s. “Momo and Bakugou kinda helped me with that.”

“Kacchan?” Midoriya sputters. “Kacchan?!” he exclaims in disbelief. “How?!”

“Didn’t I tell you he confronted me yesterday? In public, no less,” he’s still somehow astounded by Bakugou’s don’t-give-a-shit attitude. “He was really mad at me and said things that made me think about my behavior.”

“Whoa,” Midoriya, stunned, shakes his head. “I can’t believe he did that. Wait, I can. He and Hitoshi were disgusted by me moping around, and Kacchan was probably pissed and worried, that’s just the way he is. He has weird ways to show that he’s concerned about his friends, sometimes I still don’t know if he’s just shy or something, because he’s usually very violent about it. Hitoshi was mostly worried because he said it wasn’t like me, and he’s right, and Hitoshi probably ranted to Kacchan and Kacchan was pressed to say something to you.”

 “Wait,” something nags at him. “You were moping?”

Midoriya stops rambling about Shinsou—Shouto was a bit worried when Shinsou looked at him intently yesterday, while Uraraka loudly expressed her displeasure to Shouto. He was legitimately concerned that Shinsou would murder him in his sleep, the man has a very intense aura despite his quiet demeanor.

“Uh, yes.” Midoriya flushes bright red. “I mean, I was really sad, Todoroki-kun. I re-really thought you wouldn’t want to see me again,” his voice breaks. “And I really missed yo-you and talking to you and Hitoshi and Kacchan probably caught on to that.”

Midoriya’s eyes shine with unshed tears. Shouto swallows heavily, before leaning close and wraps Midoriya in his arms, careful of his right arm. Midoriya whimpers, muffling his sob to his shoulder, his good arm wrapped around Shouto’s waist.

“I’m sorry, Midoriya,” regrets settle deep within him. “I was a real jerk to you. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

“Just don’t do that again,” Midoriya says in a strangled whisper. “Please.”

Shouto kisses Midoriya’s temple. “I promise.”

Midoriya pulls away, sniffling. “I feel really gross. I need to shower,” he eyes his casted arm. “I haven’t showered since yesterday, ugh.” He grimaces, nose scrunches up, making Shouto laugh.

There are still so many things they have to talk about. Shouto is not under any assumption that they’re done with this particular subject, and Midoriya seems to deliberately steer them away from the topic of their fathers. They can talk more later—they have time.

“I’ll get the nurse then,” Shouto stands. He doesn’t resist the urge to peck Midoriya’s lips lightly. Midoriya smiles bashfully at him.

Shouto does get a nurse to help Midoriya. He doesn’t offer to help him, despite how much he secretly wants to. While Midoriya and the nurse are in the bathroom, one of the guards knocks the door to let another nurse in, carrying Midoriya’s breakfast. That makes him realize he hasn’t had breakfast yet.

He busies himself with looking at the flower arrangements around Midoriya’s room. There’s a big one, signed “The Bookstore Dudes and Ladies”. He chuckles at that. Next are smaller ones, one from Hatsume Mei (he doesn’t know Midoriya knows her), a Kan Sekijirou, a Kayama Nemuri, one from “Shouta & Hizashi”, one from Momo herself, and one signed simply with “Mirio, Tamaki, & Nejire.”

“I didn’t know there are so many flowers.”

He turns around to see Midoriya, a towel held on his hand, the nurse behind him. He walks slowly towards Shouto, looking pained with each step. Shouto holds out his hands, Midoriya takes them gratefully and leans into him. “You have many friends, right?”

Midoriya presses his forehead to Shouto’s shoulder. “Mm. Who are these from?”

Shouto takes an arrangement of white roses. “It’s from Hatsume Mei.”

“Ooh,” Midoriya pulls away slightly, looking at the roses. “I haven’t seen Mei in a long time.”

“Are you feeling better?” Midoriya smells faintly of clean soap. “Your breakfast is here.”

“Ugh, I hate hospital food,” Midoriya grumbles. “Besides, it’s not like I can eat very well. I only have one working hand and sadly, I’m not as ambidextrous as I’d like to be.”

“I’ll feed you.”

Midoriya looks up at him, blinking in surprise. “Huh?”

Shouto feels heat creeping up his neck. “I’ll, uh, help you eat.”

“But I hate hospital food,” Midoriya whines.

Shouto chuckles, heart bursting with fondness for this man. “I remember. Eat the breakfast like a good boy, I’ll see if I can smuggle something for lunch. How about that?”

“Promise?” he looks so excited and hopeful. Shouto will do anything to keep him that way.


Midoriya settles back happily on his bed. Shouto sits beside him after getting the breakfast tray. He has to admit, it looks unappetizing as hell. He holds the chopsticks to take some of the rice.

“Hey, Todoroki-kun,” Midoriya opens his mouth dutifully to take the rice. “Have you tried that Mexican restaurant in Omotesando? Sombrero?”

Shouto shakes his head, perplexed by the topic, but he plays along, offering him fish. “No, why? Do you want to go there?”

“I kinda want to,” Midoriya chews, expression thoughtful. “I was thinking of taking you there this weekend, if everything went well with our… talk.”

“Like a date?” Shouto can’t help smiling at that. “It’s been a long time since I had good Mexican foods.”

“Me too! Back in Yale, my friend Jose tried to teach me how to cook Mexican food. It didn’t go as well as my attempt on Italian,” Midoriya starts regaling him on his college days, about how he almost burned the dorm’s kitchen while trying to cook some Mexican food. Shouto alternates between trying to shove food to Midoriya and attempting to hold his laughs as Midoriya tells him about his friends and their shenanigans in the international dorm, causing several small fires or broken appliances.

That’s how Yagi Toshinori and his wife find them, Shouto holding a spoon to Midoriya’s lips as Midoriya gestures wildly with his hands, both laughing.

“Mom! Dad!” Midoriya brightens. Shouto lowers the bowl he’s holding, suddenly nervous.

If they find it weird that he’s sitting close to their son, they say nothing. Yagi simply kisses Midoriya’s hair, and his wife coos at Midoriya.

“You’re eating the breakfast!” she says in wonder. “Wow.” She turns to Shouto, whispering conspiratorially. “I’m glad he didn’t fuss too much this morning. You were here when he made the puppy eyes to Katsuki yesterday, right?”

“Mom!” Midoriya buries his face in his left hand. “Stop embarrassing me, my God!”

“We made a deal, I’ll get him food for lunch if he eats his breakfast nicely,” Shouto admits. Midoriya’s mother and Yagi laugh. Midoriya whines, mumbling about meddling moms and betrayals.

“How could you, Todoroki-kun?”

Yagi coughs, surprising his wife and his son. “Dear, are you alright?”

Yagi waves her away. “It’s just a cough, Inko. There’s hardly any blood, don’t worry.”

“Dad—” Midoriya starts, but Yagi cuts him off.

“Izuku, stop worrying, at least for now,” he says sternly.

There’s a knock on the door, it opens to reveal Toogata and a guard. He bows. “Yagi-san, Inko-san. Izuku.” He looks at Shouto in surprise, before bowing again. “Todoroki-shachou.”

“Mirio!” Midoriya shows his respect by dipping his head. “How are you? And your partners?”

Toogata and the guard walk farther into the room after closing the door. “I’m fine. Nejire is pregnant, you know. Tamaki is away on business in Hokkaido.”

“Nejire-san didn’t tell me that!” Midoriya says, clearly delighted. “Congratulations!”

“Ah, thank you. We’re only two months into the pregnancy,” Toogata smiles fondly. “Actually, I’m here to tell you guys something. Yagi-san, Izuku’s apartment is, as of now, being swarmed by reporters. It’s not safe for Izuku to come home. I think Izuku needs to go somewhere else.”

Yagi’s expression tightens. “He can come home with us.”

“No!” Midoriya shakes his head, curls bouncing wildly. “I can go with Hitoshi or Kacchan. I can’t go with you, Dad.”

“Yagi-san, you’re scheduled to go to Beijing tomorrow. Shinsou is going to Seattle this weekend,” Toogata points out. He looks back at Izuku. “Frankly, you’ll need to stay with someone else, since your right arm is out of commission. And Shinsou’s apartment’s security is lacking.”

Midoriya looks dejected, frowning and tugging his bottom lip.

“He can stay with me.”

Five heads swing towards him. Shouto shrugs. “I have a big apartment, and a housekeeper. I don’t need to go anywhere for at least two weeks, I can take a week off to help Midoriya. Our security is tight, reporters won’t be able to come into the building.” And this will give them more opportunities to get closer. Shouto isn’t going to waste that chance.

“Todoroki-kun,” Midoriya grips his forearm. “I don’t want to impose.”

“It makes sense,” Toogata nods thoughtfully. “Are you really okay with this, Todoroki-shachou?”



Shouto takes Midoriya’s hand in his. “Izuku, it’s okay. And I want you close to me,” he whispers, low enough to ensure only Midoriya hears it. “Please?”

Midoriya sighs. “Fine. But you’re not taking a week off.”

“I need the week off anyway,” Shouto replies offhandedly.

Yagi looks reluctant. His wife is more worried. “Todoroki-shachou, it’s such a bother to you. We really don’t want to impose, and we can have people to look after Izuku at our home.”

Yagi puts a hand to his wife’s shoulder. “If Izuku’s okay with this, and young Todoroki too, I don’t see why not. Besides, it’s not like any of us is going to be here. Katsuki is going to Dubai next Tuesday. We can’t ask young Uraraka to take care of Izuku. Really, young Todoroki is our most sensible option.”

“You can visit Midoriya at my place, anytime,” Shouto promises. “I’ll put your names to the guest list.”

Midoriya’s mother looks resigned. “Fine. Mirio-kun, would you be a dear and get Izuku’s things? Enough for a week, at least.”

As his mother rattles off instructions to Toogata and his father calls his assistant, Midoriya puts his head on Shouto’s shoulder. “This is weird. Are you sure it’s okay?”

Shouto wraps an arm around Midoriya’s shoulders. “Yes, Midoriya. Don't worry about it, really.”

“You called me Izuku,” he chuckles. Shouto shrugs. Midoriya peers up at him shyly.

“I’ll get the doctor, ask if you could be released today,” Yagi’s amused tone startle them. He looks at them with warmth in his blue eyes. “Young Todoroki, thank you for your help.” He bends down to whisper in Shouto’s ear. “And take care of him, will you? Remember what you said to me yesterday.”

Shouto nods solemnly. “Yes, Yagi-san.”

Yagi straightens up. “That’s settled then!” he leaves to get the doctor.

The next hour passes in a blur. The doctor, a kind man in his mid-forties, agrees to let Midoriya go home as long as he has someone to keep an eye on him. Toogata and Yagi left to go to their office, while Midoriya's mom went with the nurse to take care of Midoriya's discharge papers. Shouto called Momo to get some clothes for Midoriya, and she comes bearing a bag emblazoned with Prada's logo.

"I'm glad you're okay, Midoriya-san," Momo drops the bag on the bed. Midoriya peeks into the bag.

"What's this for?"

"Shouto said your clothes are ruined, and it would be better for you to go home in clean clothes, not hospital scrub," Momo pulls out a short-sleeved shirt and three pairs of jeans. "I don't know if I got your size right, so I got three, just in case. And don't bother paying me back," she chides when Midoriya opens his mouth, to protest, maybe.

Shouto helps Midoriya changing his clothes, a little distracted by the dips and valleys of Midoriya's torso. Momo jabs his side, a knowing smirk plastered on her face. A moment later, Midoriya's mother comes in followed by the nurse, seemingly charmed by Momo's polite behavior.

"Thank you for helping Izuku, Yaoyorozu-san," she says as she and Momo gather Midoriya's things.

"It's not a problem at all, Inko-san." Momo takes the Harry Potter book from Midoriya's bedside. "Is this yours?"

Shouto nods. He helps Midoriya sorts the flowers. He only takes the cards and gives the nurse the rest of the flowers. He sways a couple times, claiming it's the effect of the painkillers. The nurse hands them Midoriya's meds, mostly painkillers, but there are bandages and such, with strict instructions on how to use them.

Another nurse comes in with a wheelchair. Midoriya pouts when Shouto glares at him to sit, but complies when Shouto threatens to princess carry him.

"I'll get my car," Shouto says to Midoriya, when he's ready to go, Momo and his mother walking behind the nurse pushing the wheelchair, the bodyguards flanking them. Fortunately, the lobby is fairly deserted, and they get Midoriya inside his car with minimal fuss. Momo gives Midoriya's things to one of Midoriya's bodyguards.

"They will follow you back to your apartment," Momo gives him a small bag of chocolate bars. "That's for Midoriya, by the way. Inko-san said a Toogata Mirio is coming to your place later to drop the rest of Midoriya's things."

Inko-san bends down to whisper something to Midoriya. Midoriya nods drowsily. His mother pats his hair twice.

"Todoroki-shachou, do you mind if I come tonight and bring dinner?"

As if Shouto will say no. "I don't mind, Inko-san."

"Okay," she gives Shouto a quick hug, surprising him. "Thank you for taking care of him. We owe you one."

"I'm doing this for Midoriya, Inko-san. No need to owe me," Shouto gives her a hesitant smile.

"My husband told me you care about Izuku," she stands on her tiptoes and kisses his cheek. "That's all that matters, Todoroki-shachou. He's a difficult child, but I hope you'll stick close to him no matter what."

He has a weird feeling that Yagi Inko just gave him her blessing. "Please just call me Shouto, or Todoroki."

"Todoroki, then." She waves at him, before a bodyguard ushers her inside a sedan. He and Momo watch as the sedan drives away, then she claps her hands once.

"I gotta get back to work," Momo hugs him. "I'll come visit sometimes tomorrow, okay?"

Shouto waves to Momo before getting in his car as well. Midoriya is dozing against the car window, eyes heavy. Shouto turns on the ignition.

"Ready?" he puts his hand on Midoriya's knee. Midoriya blinks his eyes open, and gifts him with a radiant—if a little sleepy—smile.


Chapter Text

The drive to Todoroki’s apartment is filled with Izuku’s chatters with pop Japanese music in the background. Todoroki doesn’t say much, but he smiles a lot, and it makes Izuku’s heart goes wild. Todoroki enters the building via the basement parking lot, and stops in his designated parking space.

Todoroki helps him get out of the car, despite his protests that he can do it alone. He supports Izuku when he sways on his feet. “You okay?” Todoroki slings Izuku’s backpack onto his shoulder, making Izuku giggle at the image of Todoroki toting his dorky yellow backpack. To his eternal surprise, the backpack survived the accident with minimal damage. It’s a little dirty, but nothing a good wash can’t fix.

“I’m just sleepy,” Izuku mumbles, blinking a few times to keep his eyes open. “The painkillers are messing with my sleep cycle.”

Izuku yelps when he feels his feet leave the ground, and to his eternal embarrassment, he realizes Todoroki is carrying him bridal style. Holy hell, he’s strong. Izuku is not exactly a lightweight—he knows his own body, and he’s muscled, thank you very much—but Todoroki is lifting him like he weights no more than a stack of papers.

“Todoroki-kun!” Izuku clutches his shoulder, his right arm dangles awkwardly. “I’m too heavy, put me down.”

“Nah,” Todoroki strides to the elevator with ease, steps sure and steady. “I can handle your weight for a few minutes. Don’t wiggle too much, I don’t want to drop you. Press the button, will you?”

Izuku presses the button. The elevator door opens instantly, and Todoroki steps in.

“Press the top floor button.”

He does so and watches the door close. Todoroki adjusts him in his arms, humming a little. “You’re not as heavy as I expected.”

Izuku doesn’t know what to make of that. “I was really scrawny as a kid. Dad hired a trainer for me and Kacchan, for basic self-defense and exercise regiments.”

“That’s good. You’re short, you’d look weird without the muscles.”

“Short?” Izuku sputters, indignant. But he’s kinda glad Todoroki notices his muscles, it does his bi heart good.

Todoroki gives him a small grin. The elevator dings, and Todoroki steps out. He presses the buttons on the keypad. “My security code is 298876. It locks automatically every time we close the door, but you can open it from the inside without the code, unless you turn on the security alarm for the night.”

In the daylight, the apartment gets a fair amount of sunshine from the windows. It’s bright and warm inside. Izuku finds himself liking the atmosphere in the lights of the day as much as the ambience at night. Todoroki lowers him gently on the couch. “Stay here for a while, you need to drink your meds first.”

The landline rings. Todoroki takes it from its place near the TV, holding it as he walks to the kitchen. “Yes? Oh, send them up. Yeah. I have a guest for the week. His name is Midoriya Izuku. Yes. Thank you.”

Todoroki leaves him for a few minutes, and Izuku takes the time to get comfortable. The couch has several black throw pillows, and Izuku arranges them so he can lean comfortably. Todoroki won’t mind, besides, he doesn’t want to see a bed yet since he’s spent too much time in the hospital bed. Todoroki comes back with two tall glasses of water.

“I’m afraid I still have nothing to eat,” he puts the glasses on the coffee table. “My fridge is pathetically empty. But you have the chocolate from the hospital, so you can still have some snack.”

Izuku blows a puff of air towards Todoroki, faking an upset face. “I can’t believe you, Todoroki-kun. Snacking is very essential for the human’s body.”

Todoroki snorts. “For you, maybe,” he bends, rummaging through the plastic bag from the hospital. “I barely have time to eat, Midoriya. My essential is coffee, and I have unmatched skill in coffee-making.”

“Good to know my need in coffee will be fulfilled,” Izuku teases. His stomach gurgles suddenly, reminding him of his basic needs. “Hey Todoroki-kun, didn’t you promise me lunch?” He also remembers his mother wanting to send dinner tonight. Somehow, he feels so ravenous—maybe it’s the effect of the painkillers.

Todoroki blinks at him. “Well, yeah. Are you hungry already?” at his nod, Todoroki picks up his phone. “Ojiro? Can you do me a favor?” He moves away from Izuku, speaking low to his phone.

The intercom buzzes. Todoroki walks to the door and lets in a smiling Mirio as he hangs up on his phone. Mirio is carrying a small duffel bag and Izuku’s laptop case. Behind him, a guard is carrying the shopping bag from Yaoyorozu, most likely filled with the miscellaneous things from the hospital. Mirio bows. “Todoroki-sachou.” He holds out the duffel bag and the laptop case. “I brought Izuku’s stuffs.”

“Thank you, Toogata-san,” Todoroki leads them to the couch.

“Hey, Mirio. Do me a favor?”

Mirio puts everything on the coffee table. “Depends.”

“Get us some snacks? Todoroki-kun’s supplies are low,” Izuku jerks his thumb towards Todoroki. Todoroki flicks his ear, making Izuku sticks his tongue out in response. “You don’t have snacks, Todoroki-kun. I’m a growing boy, I need nutrition.” Todoroki brings a hand to his mouth to stifle his laughter, but still, there’s crinkles in the corners of his eyes. Izuku beams. He really likes it when Todoroki smiles, and if his dorkiness can make him laugh, so be it.

“Chips and popcorns aren’t nutrition,” Mirio scoffs. “I’ll get someone deliver them later.”

Mirio bows again. “I’ll take my leave. Take care, Izuku. Have a nice day, Todoroki-sachou.”

Todoroki sees them out. Izuku takes the time to check what Mirio brought him. There are a couple of sweatpants and button-up shirts. Mirio also brought his laptop, his phone charger, and his headphone. He figures it’s enough for a few days. He needs to get Mirio and his family gifts—especially because Nejire-san is pregnant. And he has to repay Yaoyorozu for the new jeans and shirt somewhat.

Todoroki comes back and settles beside him with his own Mac. “Mind if I take care of something?”

Izuku waves it away. “It’s okay, Todoroki-kun. I don’t expect you to neglect your work. I know you must be busy.” He grabs his laptop. “So, what’s your Wi-Fi password?”

They work in companionable silence, Izuku with his laptop propped on a pillow, and Todoroki still wearing his glasses. It makes him look more serious, but cute. Izuku scans his emails, reminding himself to start working with Aizawa’s newest report. An email from Aizawa also reminds him that he’s taking a position as a Senior Officer, as soon as he’s healed. The air around them is a comfortable one, and Izuku doesn’t look up from his laptop until the intercom buzzes again.

The blond man he’s seen a few times with Todoroki, Ojiro, comes in with a couple plastic bags, the scent of food wafting from them, making Izuku’s stomach grumbles again. Loudly. Todoroki stares at him. “Are you that hungry?”

Izuku covers his face with his arm, embarrassed beyond belief. Todoroki shakes his head fondly as he and Ojiro spread the food on the table. Izuku spies a box marked carne guisada, another with carne asada, a container of chicken quesadillas, two more containers of guacamole and nachos, and there’s even a box of churros. His mouth waters.

“Thank you, Ojiro.”

Izuku, fingers already hovering over the food, glances up at the blond man. Wow. He’s so rude. “Thank you, Ojiro-san. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

Ojiro gives them a bright smile. “It’s no problem Midoriya-san. Todoroki-san. I’m going back to the office, then. I’ll send today’s documents later.”

“Leave them on the front desk, and please tell them not to let anyone up unless it’s Yagi-san—Toshinori or Inko—or Yaoyorozu.”

Ojiro bows, then turns to leave. Izuku waits until the door closes before pouncing on the food. Todoroki sits again, taking a box of carne guisada and a plastic fork.

“Mm,” Izuku digs into his own takeout box. It has the logo of a sombrero hat and ‘Sombrero’ written in katakana. “The food’s pretty good. I can see myself frequenting this place.”

Todoroki hums in agreement. He has a box of carne asada in one hand, a fork in his other hand. “What do you get?”

“Carne guisada,” Izuku starts shoveling his food. “You want some?” Izuku holds a spoonful of food in the air.

Todoroki simply opens his mouth, accepting Izuku’s offering. Izuku’s hear jackhammers so fast, he’s almost afraid Todoroki can hear it. It’s so… strangely intimate, as Izuku still doesn’t know where they stand exactly. Sure, they talked a little bit, but he can see there’s still so much to say between them, and there’s still issues they need to work with. Hopefully, Todoroki would stand beside him as they navigate their relationship.

“It’s good,” Todoroki licks his lips. Izuku wants to lick them, see if he tastes as good—knowing from experience, he does taste good. Heat pools in the bottom of his stomach and turns his cheeks pink.

It’s fun, being with Todoroki, even if it’s just eating and stealing food from each other’s box. Todoroki turns on the TV, though none of them really watch it. Between them, they nearly demolish all the food. Todoroki is not a messy eater—not like Izuku—but he eats fast and he eats plenty.

Izuku is watching a bear documentary on National Geographic channel as Todoroki cleans up the table. He wanted to help, but Todoroki forced him bodily to stay still on the couch. Todoroki thrusts his pill bottle at him when he’s done.

“Here. If you’re feeling better tomorrow, we can stop the meds.”

Izuku can feel the sharp pain on his arm, and that’s the cue for him to take his meds. He pops two pills to his mouth, exaggerating his movements for Todoroki’s benefits. Todoroki snorts again. Even without the meds, he already feels sleepy. Ugh, he hopes this all-time sleepiness would just go away. It’s making his body all weird and lethargic. Izuku nods off against the arm of the couch, curling up on his side.

A hand caresses his hair. A weight settles on the space near his chest. “If you’re gonna sleep, let’s get you to bed,” it feels nice, Todoroki’s hand in his hair. The warm and fuzzy feelings in his chest expand to an epic proportion.

Kacchan said Todoroki as CEO is unflappable. Cold. Detached. Izuku feels nothing but his warmth and affections.

Izuku scoots around and plops his head on Todoroki’s thigh. “This is warm. I don’t wanna move.”

Todoroki lets out an amused snort. Izuku can feel him getting comfortable. “Sure, whatever. Don’t blame me if you feel sore again.”

Izuku nuzzles his face to Todoroki’s belly. He’d blame it to the painkillers later—it makes a great excuse. Todoroki’s hand keeps caressing his hair tenderly, and it’s not long until he falls asleep, secure in the knowledge that Todoroki will keep him safe.


He wakes up with a jolt. Shouto looks around blearily, realizing it’s just the intercom buzzing that woke him up. Careful not to wake a sleeping Midoriya, he stands and reaches the door. He glances at the clock, surprised when it’s almost six o’clock already. Inko-san must be outside his door.

“Hello, Todoroki-san,” Inko-san bows politely. She’s accompanied by Shinsou, who’s holding a big bag of something. “Do you mind if we come in?”

“No, no. Please come in, Inko-san,” Shouto opens the door wider, letting Inko-san step in with Shinsou. Shinsou is looking around his apartment with calm curiosity. He nods to Shouto.

The man makes him slightly uncomfortable. He’s quiet and calm, the exact opposite of Midoriya and Bakugou. There’s something in his eyes that makes Shouto not want to cross him, though. Shouto is pretty sure Shinsou will not hesitate to murder him if he did something stupid again.

“Where’s Izuku?” Inko-san looks around, and finds Midoriya’s slumbering body. She sighs good naturedly. “Hitoshi, dear, wake him up, will you? Todoroki-san, can I borrow your kitchen?”

Shouto directs Inko-san towards his kitchen, where she promptly prepares the dishes with ease, shooing Shouto away when he tries to help. 

“Sure,” Shinsou moves towards the couch. Without hesitation, Shinsou pinches Midoriya’s nose, causing him to snort and sputter with a confused yelp.

“’Toshi!” Midoriya blinks sluggishly. “Whatcha doin here?”

“Dinner,” Shinsou says succinctly. “Up!” he hefts Midoriya’s body to sitting position. Midoriya lets himself be manhandled, nodding sleepily for a few seconds, before flopping back onto the couch.

“Want… Shouto,” he mumbles, eyes still closed.

Shouto’s spine tingles. It’s not the first time Midoriya calls him by name, but it definitely caught him off guard. Shinsou looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

“He wants you.”

“I heard that,” he replies wryly. Shouto walks towards the couch. Midoriya looks peaceful, Shouto doesn’t want to wake him up. “Midoriya? Come on, wake up.” He pokes Midoriya’s freckled cheek. Midoriya opens his eyes lazily. “Your mom is here.”

“Uhn,” he groans. He valiantly tries to sit up, but fails. Shinsou snorts.

Shouto sighs, lifting Midoriya to sitting position. He continues to hold his shoulders until Midoriya is lucid enough to sit on his own. It’s cute—Midoriya is cute. Shouto squeezes his shoulders.

“Oh, hi, Hitoshi,” Midoriya greets him haltingly, clearly still drowsy.

“Hi, Izuku,” Shinsou flicks his cheek. “Come on, we have katsudon.”

“Yeah?” he brightens. It takes a few moments for him to stand up without Shouto propping him. “My mom makes the best katsudon. Wait, it’s a close second to the katsudon we ate in Osaka. And that one we ate in Hokkaido. It’s crazy popular, we stayed in line to get them for like, an hour before they got us some seats.”

Shouto lets Midoriya mumbles away about the katsudons he’s tried, herding him to the dining table. Shinsou is helping Inko-san setting the table. As soon as she sees Midoriya, she fusses around him again, literally pushing him down to sit. Seeing Inko-san with Midoriya causes a small ache in his heart—he never has that with his mother. His mother was always too afraid of his father to show excessive affections. It makes him realizes how vastly different their upbringings were.

Shouto accepts the katsudon from Inko-san graciously, sitting down beside Midoriya. Midoriya can still use the fingers of his right hand, though with difficulties since his entire forearm and wrist are in a cast. Inko-san hands him a spoon, which Midoriya uses with his left hand. It’s awkward, but Shouto isn’t keen on spoon-feeding Midoriya with his mother and his best friend in the room.

Shouto settles on watching Midoriya closely in case he needs help, mostly listening to him talk to his mother and Shinsou about anything and everything. Inko-san and Shinsou speak in between Midoriya’s bouts of chatters. It’s weird for Shouto—a lively dinner with family. It reminds him of his own statement weeks ago, that Midoriya seems to make Shouto do things that he never did before.

It doesn’t seem so bad—doing many firsts with Midoriya, sharing them with him. It makes him long for more time spent with Midoriya.

Maybe he’d get that.

Shouto definitely hopes so.

Hitoshi loves Izuku.

Like a brother, of course. He’s his best friend ever since his uncle Shouta introduced them at a work function. They were six. When his father died and his uncle adopted him, his uncle’s job often took him away for a long time. That was when the Yagi family took him in, and he subsequently grew up with Izuku and Katsuki—after Katsuki’s own parents died when they were eight. For as long as he could remember, Inko and Toshinori are his honorary parents.

The point is, he knows Izuku inside out.

He knows his struggles when Izuku first realized he liked girls and boys, when they were still in middle school. He was there when Izuku got his first boyfriend in high school, when he witnessed the train wreck that was Katsuki’s own coming out with Izuku. He was with Izuku and Katsuki in America, though he went to MIT, been there when they picked up guys from the clubs and Izuku started gaining confidence in himself to date more seriously.

He’s seen him with guys and girls, yet he never sees him in love. He knows the difference of Izuku’s usual infatuation and his genuine feelings. Not that he’s ever seen Izuku being head over heels to someone, let alone a guy he’s only known for over a month.

Witnessing his depressing mood this past few days, seeing how Izuku and Todoroki interact, well, Hitoshi has no doubt Izuku is crazy about him.

Todoroki really cares about him, that much is obvious. The way he keeps gravitating towards Izuku, and being so attentive to him, Hitoshi is almost sure that Todoroki is almost as screwed as Izuku is.

It’s fascinating to see. Hitoshi, in a way, knows Todoroki’s reputation in the business world—inevitable, seeing he’s a pretty famous figure, and he can’t believe Izuku’s own obliviousness. Todoroki is not a man of many words. His uncle even said he’s an individual not to be underestimated, even when he was just a manager, and if he can describe the man, it would be cold, regardless of his business prowess. Back in the Hanami weeks ago, Todoroki didn’t talk much, as he was around Izuku more than the others. He had hears Todoroki’s whispered words back in the hospital, before Hitoshi came in. It’s not like he wanted to eavesdrop, but he was so curious about the man who managed to stole his best friend’s heart. Todoroki wasn’t cold, or indifferent, yesterday, as he spoke to Izuku.

Aunt Inko cooked something that would be easy for Izuku to eat, since he can’t use his right arm. Todoroki keeps looking at Izuku, silently helping him with his meal, even though there’s no outward indication that Izuku needs his help. Izuku, on his part, is blushing every time Todoroki touches him, and it’s pretty hilarious to see.

Aunt Inko doesn’t seem to notice—or if she does, she doesn’t mind—that his son is acting all lovey-dovey. He's glad Izuku's parents don't care about Izuku's sexuality.

“Hitoshi? You don’t like the food?” she asks worriedly, startling Hitoshi out of his musing.

Hitoshi glances at Izuku and Todoroki, who are basically pressed to one another.

Maybe he can stop worrying. He’ll just have to keep an eye on Todoroki. If he hurt his best friend the second time, he’d just have to make sure he has enough blackmail materials to ruin him.

Hitoshi shoves a spoonful to his mouth. “No, Aunt Inko. It’s delicious.”


After Inko-san and Shinsou left, Shouto calls Kendou to keep his schedule clear next week, despite Midoriya’s initial protests. He wants to use this time for getting to know Midoriya better, and if anything happens, he can always use the ‘I’m the CEO’ card.

“You do remember we have a board meeting this Tuesday,” Kendou says dryly. He can hear Momo yelling profanities to someone else in the background.

“I’ll still come,” he assures her. “I just won’t be at the office, unless it’s something really emergency.”

Kendou chuckles. “Wow. Okay. I’ll try to clear as much as I can. I’ll email you if there’s something that you can’t avoid. And I’ll get Iida to sign documents. Momo, darling, calm down!”

Shouto winces as Momo yells once more, then quieten. “Thank you, Kendou.”

“No problem. Just make sure I get my one month honeymoon break, and give us something amazing for wedding gift,” Kendou teases before she hangs up.

“What did Kendou-san say?” Midoriya wanders to the kitchen, yawning cutely. Shouto puts his phone back in his pocket and leans to the kitchen island.

“To get her an amazing wedding gift,” Shouto watches Midoriya opens the fridge to get the cheese sticks his mother brought them earlier—along with some more assorted snacks Shouto isn't sure he knows the names of. “Any idea?”

Midoriya hops up to one of the stools near Shouto’s hip, holding a container of cheese sticks. He chews one thoughtfully. “Unless it’s a tropical island somewhere, I don’t know what counts as ‘amazing wedding gift’, or you could pay for their honeymoon.”

Shouto snorts at the idea of a tropical island. The Yaoyorozu family already have one. “Nah. Momo’s family own an island already, she doesn’t need one more. Do you know maintaining an island is not a piece of cake?” Shouto takes a cheese stick. It’s pretty good. “They’re taking their honeymoon there.”

Midoriya squints. “Hmm, maybe you can give them a jet.”

The absurd suggestion startles a laugh out of him. “A jet? What the heck for?”

Midoriya grins. “Just in case they want to have dinner date in Hawaii.”


“No, seriously! They want amazing, and an island is off the table, so the next best thing is a private jet, right?”

Shouto shakes his head incredulously. “Have you ever seen someone giving a private jet for a wedding gift?”

“Um, no? You can be the first,” Midoriya replies brightly. He laughs again, and Midoriya joins him.

They decide to watch a movie. Midoriya doesn’t seem impressed with his nonexistent movie collection, so he plugs in his laptop to Shouto’s TV to watch Netflix together. Shouto presses his body into Midoriya’s, and he doesn’t seem to mind that at all. Instead, Midoriya cuddles closer, and Shouto throws a blanket around them as they binge watch Collateral.

Midoriya’s head gets heavier on his shoulder, and when Shouto peers down at him, he’s asleep, casted arm slung over his stomach. He mumbles something about cats, before settling down and falling asleep completely. Shouto turns the TV off, and carefully, gently, lifts Midoriya to his chest. Midoriya doesn’t stir even after Shouto lies him down on his bed. He reasons that if Midoriya needs him, he can hear him easier—but he knows that's just an excuse. He just wants Midoriya close.

Shouto changes his clothes and lies down beside Midoriya, watching his chest moves as he breathes. It's calming. Midoriya is calming. Shouto ponders the changes Midoriya brought him in his life. Before him, Shouto would not even consider to lower his guard and let someone else sleep next to him. Or carving time to see someone else. He never contemplates his lack of romantic relationship before, but with Midoriya, he starts to think that maybe, maybe being in love isn't so bad, if it's with Midoriya.

The next day, Shouto is awake before Midoriya. He glances at the alarm clock—6.42 AM. Midoriya is asleep face down, right arm stretched beside him. Shouto is suddenly remembering that he might need to help Midoriya showering. And that he doesn't know how to change the bandages on Midoriya's arm. He groans quietly.

Shouto rises carefully. Midoriya doesn't stir. He brushes his teeth before going to the kitchen to make coffee. It's Saturday, meaning that his housekeeper wouldn't be here. He can hire a nurse to help with changing Midoriya's bandages. Or he can do it on his own. Shouto grabs his tablet and as he waits for the coffee machine to finish, he looks up YouTube tutorials. He feels silly doing it, but he'd rather feel silly than risking Midoriya's wellbeing.

He pours some coffee and settles on the kitchen island for more videos. He's on his fourth video when Midoriya shuffles out of the bedroom, slouching and grumbling.

"G'morning," he mumbles. "Coffee?"

Shouto silently pours coffee for Midoriya. It takes a few minutes until Midoriya looks at him properly.

"What are you doing?" he tilts his head curiously.

"How to change your bandages and dressings."

"Oh," Midoriya sips his coffee, frowning when he realizes his cup is empty. He stands to pour more. "I can do it. You just need to hold the bandage in place."

"Will you teach me?"

Midoriya perks up. "Sure."

"I should prepare breakfast," Shouto stands, opening his fridge. Thankfully, Shinsou and Inko-san stocked it up—after Toogata told them that Midoriya needed his snacks. He has enough bread and eggs to make something easy for breakfast.

"Umm," Midoriya drops his forehead to Shouto's shoulder. "You sure you can manage breakfast?" it's said teasingly. Shouto huffs, indignant.

"I can make toasts and scramble eggs."

Midoriya laughs. He stands on his tiptoes, kissing Shouto's cheek. Impulsively, Shouto pulls him close and covers Midoriya's lips with his. Midoriya makes a surprised sound, before rising up again to meet Shouto's lips, one arm circling Shouto's nape. Shouto lifts Midoriya easily and plants him on the kitchen island. Midoriya is taller sitting on the island, Shouto has to tilt his head up to keep kissing him. Midoriya meets his lips eagerly, chasing him when Shouto pulls away to nip at his bottom lip. He nudges Midoriya's knees apart, settling comfortably between them, arms circling Midoriya's waist loosely.

Their kiss is wet and warm at the same time. It's unhurried—Shouto takes his time to map Midoriya's lips with his, hands caressing his torso tenderly. Midoriya tastes like his mint toothpaste, and to Shouto, he feels like home. Midoriya makes a low sound in his throat, kissing Shouto with a quiet passion he never associates with Midoriya Izuku. He's like a storm, a sun, passionate and cheery and bright, and the way Midoriya returns the kiss conveys a gentleness Shouto never experienced before. Midoriya's left hand cradles the back of his neck, gripping his hair, and Shouto wants nothing more than staying in this position forever.

A sound of something dropping pulls them out from their kiss. They break apart, Midoriya with a squeak, then hides his face in Shouto’s neck. Shouto glares at whoever’s intruding, but it loses the ferocity when he sees his sister.

Fuyumi bends to pick up her phone from the floor. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“Nee-san,” Shouto sighs. Midoriya peeks up from his hiding place, face burning red.

“Your sister?” he whispers, panicked. Shouto nods. Midoriya jumps down from his perch, nearly tripping over himself if not for Shouto’s arm around his waist.

“My name is Midoriya Izuku,” he bows to Fuyumi, voice shaking with nerve. “It’s nice to meet you, Todoroki-san.”

Fuyumi smiles encouragingly at Midoriya. “Ah, just call me Fuyumi, Midoriya-kun. It’s nice to meet you too.” She glances at Midoriya’s arm, concerned. “Oh, what happened?”

Midoriya lifts his right arm, grimacing. “Ah, it was an accident. I got this a lot.” Midoriya licks his lips nervously.

"I hope you get better soon," Fuyumi replies earnestly.

Shouto lets out an exasperated sigh. "Why are you here, Nee-san?"

Fuyumi shrugs delicately. "I was going to see if you want to take Mom out for breakfast with me. But seeing you have a guest with you, I suppose I'll take her out myself."

Shouto grimaces. He hasn't spend time with his mother for the week she's moved in. He needs to rectify that. But taking Midoriya to meet his mother is risky. He doesn't know how his mother will respond.

"Oh, you can go, Todoroki-kun. I can stay here," Midoriya interjects.

"No way!" Fuyumi waves her hand. "You can come if you want, if Shouto wants. We can make it a family breakfast!"

Midoriya sputters, face going red again. Shouto rubs his hand over his face. "Nee-san..."

"Mom would be glad to meet Midoriya-kun."

Midoriya looks at him uncertainly. Shouto sighs. "Would you like to? I mean, you'll get to meet my mother." He doesn't plan on this, but Fuyumi is persistent. She won't stop until she gets her ways. She looks strangely gleeful, eyes flicking over Shouto and Midoriya.

"Is that okay?" Midoriya fiddles with his hands. Shouto nods. "I'll go and change, then." He smiles tentatively to Fuyumi.

"Do you need help?" Shouto asks. Midoriya shakes his head. Shouto and Fuyumi watch him leave the kitchen for Shouto's bedroom. Shouto put his bag there last night after asking Midoriya if he'd be fine having his things in Shouto's room. Midoriya had shyly nodded and asked Shouto if he would be fine. Shouto didn't mind.

Fuyumi lifts an eyebrow.

“He’s cute,” Fuyumi whispers to his ear. Shouto blushes.

“Shut up,” he hisses. “I know he’s cute.”

“Boyfriend?” she has the audacity to wiggle her eyebrows and poke Shouto’s belly.

Shouto dodges. “No.”

“Not yet then,” she comments smugly. Shouto glares halfheartedly.

"I'm going to shower too," he mumbles, walking to his bedroom.

"Don't take too long!" Fuyumi says cheerfully. Shouto wants to kick her shin.

Midoriya is sitting in his bed, looking unsure. "I can't shower, not alone," he bites his lip. "Will you help me?"

Shouto's brain nearly short-circuits. "Uhm, okay."

They awkwardly moves to the en-suite bathroom. "You can't get your cast wet," Shouto opens his cabinet to look for something for cover. Finding nothing, he groans.

"I can keep my arm out of the water, but you'll have to soap me and uh, wash me," Midoriya ducks his head. Shouto sees the tips of his ears turn red. Shouto can feel his own heart beating rapidly. He can only nod in response. Midoriya takes off his shirt carefully, then steps out of his sweatpants.


Shouto is so not prepared.

He always thought that Midoriya hides some pretty decent muscles under his clothes. But seeing it is a whole different thing altogether. His imagination didn't prepare him for the reality. The man is packed. His small stature is compensated with wide shoulders tapering to narrow hips, sculpted abs begging to be explored, strong muscled thighs and...

Shouto averts his eyes. Midoriya shuffles and gets under the showerhead. Shouto gulps. He's not shy of his own body, so he promptly strips out of his clothes and stands behind Midoriya. His hands itch to grab his ass—his very good looking ass. It's rude, though, so he refrains himself. Midoriya is quiet as Shouto carefully maneuvers the showerhead to wet his body. Midoriya's skin is not perfectly smooth—there are scars and bumps, coloring his skin with stories. Shouto wants to know the story behind each scar.

"It's strange, isn't it?" Midoriya chuckles, arm raised dutifully so Shouto can lather soap the front of his body.

"What is?"

"This. Showering together, in the non-sexual way."

Shouto snorts. He rinses the suds away. "Nope. I like doing this, taking care of you."

Midoriya lets out a whine. "Don't say such things, Todoroki-kun."

Todoroki nips his neck, ripping a groan out of Midoriya's throat.

"We shouldn't let your sister wait," Midoriya turns around. His eyes roam over Shouto's torso, but snaps up before he reaches Shouto's lower body. His Adam's apple bobs. Throat dry, Shouto nods. He quickly rinses his own body, acutely aware of Midoriya's eyes on him. He bundles Midoriya into a plush bathrobe before doing the same to himself. He helps Midoriya dry off and gets dressed in another shirt and a pair of jeans. Shouto dresses in a black v-neck shirt and a pair of jeans, quickly stuffing his feet into his blue sneakers before helping Midoriya gets into his own red hi-tops.

Midoriya snatches his glasses from the bedside table mischievously. "Will you wear them? For me?"

Shouto looks at him dubiously. "Why?"

"You look good in glasses," Midoriya says cheekily. Resigned, Shouto ducks his head, letting Midoriya places the glasses. Midoriya beams. He skips happily out of the room, dragging Shouto behind him. Shouto manages to grab his coat on the way out.

Fuyumi is sipping coffee where he left her, looking at them with a suppressed smirk. Shouto rolls his eyes. Fuyumi lets out a tinkling laugh, grabbing her handbag from the kitchen island.

"I've called Mother to get ready."

They all pile up into the elevator. Shouto presses the button to his mother's floor—only ten floors down from his own penthouse.

"She lives here?" Midoriya whispers.

"We moved her here last week, before the gala," he answers. Midoriya hums.

The elevator opens to a hallway. Fuyumi walks in front of them, heading to the door closest to the elevator. She rings the bell in the intercom, the sign Todoroki under it.


"Mother, it's Fuyumi. I'm with Shouto and his boyfriend."

Midoriya splutters. Shouto kicks his sister's ankle without much heat.

The door opens to reveal a beautiful woman in a grey dress. Her snow white hair is pulled into a loose bun. She's pretty, with steel grey eyes and regal face. Midoriya bows.

"My name is Midoriya. Nice to meet you, Todoroki-san."

Mother looks surprised, before bowing slightly. "Hello, Midoriya-kun. It's nice to meet you too." Mother gives Midoriya a small smile. It's still brittle, awkward, but it's genuine. "Thank you for taking care of Shouto."

Shouto nearly facepalms. Midoriya looks flustered.

"Come on," Shouto sighs.

Fuyumi links his mother's arm with hers, guiding her to the elevator. Mother glances back to him, seeming unsure. There's questions in her eyes. Shouto shakes his head subtly. He'd explain to her later.

Shouto takes them to Grand Kitchen in Marunouchi's Palace Hotel. Midoriya rides shotgun, while in the backseat, Fuyumi and Mother talk about Mother's caretaker—they still need to find a housekeeper and a caretaker for his mother. After tossing his keys to the valet, he grabs Midoriya's left hand. The restaurant is fairly busy. Shouto asks for a private area, since he knows his mother won't be comfortable with too many people around. They are seated near the back of the restaurant, which suits him just fine. A waiter hands them a menu each.

"Pancakes?" Shouto doesn't look at his menu. He doesn't eat breakfast that much, he'd just order whatever Midoriya is having.

Midoriya nods. "It looks good." He closes his menu. Mother and Fuyumi are whispering closely, menus open in front of them.

"Your mother is so beautiful," Midoriya murmurs. "She was a Kurogane, wasn't she?"

He's not surprised Midoriya remembers. "You know my mother's maiden name?"

"My father has a longstanding friendship with the patriarch of the Kurogane family. I just remember my father said that your father's wife is a Kurogane."

The waiter comes back. Midoriya straightens, putting his injured arm under the table.

"Shouto, Midoriya-kun, what are you ordering?" his mother inquires softly.

"Just the pancakes," Midoriya rattles his order.

"I'll have the same."

Fuyumi and his mother order Japanese breakfast. The waiter leaves them.

"So, Midoriya-kun," Mother leans in. "What do you do?"

Midoriya smiles. "I work at a bookstore, Todoroki-san. Well, co-own it. It's near Shibuya's station."

"Oh," Mother's smile gets brighter. "I love reading. We don't usually get much activities in the hospital, but we always got books. Shouto and Fuyumi also brought me books."

Midoriya looks surprised at the hospital bit, but he keeps his smile and starts asking his mother about her book preference. Mother enthusiastically tells Midoriya about the books she likes, even after their breakfast come and they start eating. Midoriya patiently responds to Mother's each word, gently nudging her to speak more about other things she likes. Fuyumi and Shouto exchange glances. Shouto silently observes Midoriya and his mother interact. His mother still shyly, deliberately, gives Midoriya vague answers about herself, but she freely tells Midoriya about her current hobbies. But her smiles are what floor him. It's the smile Shouto remembers from his childhood. She looks genuinely happy to be talking to Midoriya.

The warmth settles closer to Shouto's heart.

After the breakfast, Fuyumi insists she takes their mother shopping, but Shouto should take Midoriya back. Shouto calls the car service to pick them up, conceding when his mother stares hard at him.

"You can come to my bookstore, Todoroki-san," Midoriya says to his mother as they wait in the hotel's lobby for their car. "Anytime."

His mother looks delighted. "It'd be a pleasure. And please, call me Rei."

Midoriya dips his head with a bright smile. Mother clasps her hands with Midoriya's.

"Take care, will you? Both of you. Do you mind if we talk again, Midoriya-kun?"

"I don't mind, Rei-san." To his surprise, Mother lifts her hand to pat Midoriya's cheek. Mother walks to Shouto, whispering in his ear.

"I need explanation on why are you dating Yagi's son, and we need to talk too."

Shouto isn't surprised his mother knows who Midoriya is. "Okay."

"And it's okay to be in love with him," Mother says quietly. "Even if your father won't be happy about it."

Shouto nods. Mother gives him another smile, before following Fuyumi outside.

Midoriya moves to stand beside him. "Your mother is nice, Todoroki-kun."

"I'm glad you like her," Shouto wraps an arm around Midoriya's.

"Let's go home, then?" Midoriya beams. It's like looking at the sun.

"Let's go home."

For Shouto, wherever Midoriya is, he would follow, because Midoriya is home. It's an unbearably sappy notion, but it's not like he doesn't know how much he likes—loves—Midoriya.

Arm in arm, Shouto guides Midoriya back home.

Todoroki's mother was a pleasant surprise.

She was timid and shy, but Izuku likes her. She was kind, too. She didn't look alarmed that her son is close to another man. And she's so very beautiful, almost the splitting image of Todoroki.

Fuyumi was also a surprise. He's still embarrassed that Todoroki's sister saw them making out. And he's still embarrassed that they took shower together. A pleasant tingle runs up his spine as he remembers the lines of muscles, the strong bulges of his arms and pecs. He managed to keep his eyes away from Todoroki's lower half, and he's glad for it, as he nearly combusts from the memory of Todoroki's body alone.

Now, a few hours after their breakfast, Izuku is scrolling through his news feed in Todoroki's bed. Curiously, Todoroki fell asleep first. It's still 7 PM. They spent the day just lazing around the apartment, dozing or watching mindless TV shows. They reheated some leftover from his mother the night before for a late lunch. Todoroki looked exhausted, so Izuku suggested they nap. Sleep eludes him though. Izuku looks around Todoroki's room. It's not as bare as the rest of the apartment, there are several photographs and knick-knacks on his dresser. Izuku squints, carefully rising from the bed to approach the dresser.

Among the photographs of Todoroki and his mother, him and his sister, him and his (possible) college friends, there's two more recent photographs. One is a photo of them at the Hanami, Midoriya leaning to Todoroki's shoulder, mouth open in a laugh. It's just the two of them, the others are not visible. The other one is a photo of him in the bookstore. Izuku is standing at the register, smiling to Jirou. The camera focused only to his smile with Jirou visible but blurred in the background, and it's so artfully done. Izuku melts.

A low whimper from Todoroki jerks him out of his thoughts. He whips his head towards Todoroki. Todoroki's body is twisting restlessly, face scrunched up. Nightmare. He runs to Todoroki's side.


Todoroki jerks awake, eyes wide. "Izuku?" his voice is raspy. Izuku runs his left hand in Todoroki's hair, noting that he's sweating.

"I'm here, I'm here," he says soothingly. Todoroki grips his right hand hard.

"You're here. He didn't take you away from me."

His heart twists painfully. He can guess who the he is. Must be his father.

"No, I'm here. I'm okay."

Todoroki sighs shakily. "He keeps popping up in my nightmares."

Jesus, what kind of childhood did Todoroki have, if he still has nightmares about his father?

“My father is… not a good role model,” Todoroki doesn’t say that out loud, but it’s still ringing through Izuku’s ears. “He was abusive—still is.”

Izuku lies in bed, facing Todoroki. “You don’t have to tell me anything, Todoroki-kun.”

Todoroki shakes his head. “I need to get it out of my chest. He was—is—an asshole. It was an arranged marriage between him and my mother. My mother didn’t even like him. He deemed his first three children as failures. I was his masterpiece, as I showed intelligence from early on. At first, he treated us all equally, but when my siblings failed to show the achievements he wanted, he discarded them and focused on me.”

Izuku notices the tremble in Todoroki’s hands. He holds them to his chest, earning a heavy sigh from Todoroki. “He was hard. Stern. But not in a good way. He pushed and pushed. He hit me, forced obedience from me. I never had a normal childhood. My mother tried her best to shield me from him, although she would get hit if she dared to defy him. She tried so hard. But then it reached the breaking point.”

Todoroki pulls a hand to touch his scar. He has a haunted look on his eyes, and Izuku hates that look. “My mother poured boiling water to my face, saying my left eye looked too much like my father’s. A monster’s eyes. She went insane from my father’s cruelty.”

Izuku swallows. His chest hurts, an overwhelming need to hug Todoroki is flooding his entire being, so he does. He wraps an arm around his waist, the other still holding Todoroki’s right hand. Todoroki takes a shuddering breath and presses his face to Izuku’s curls.

“After she was sent to a mental facility, my father’s treatments got worse. Fuyumi did what she could to help me, but there was a time when I wanted to end everything and just… disappear.”

Izuku chokes out a sob. “No.”

“He held my mother’s wellbeing over my head. He told me I exist because of him, because I was supposed to fulfill his ambitions to make Endeavor the best company in the world, and that I had to bring down All Might—your company—for good. Everything that I have, that’s because of him. That I owe him my life and my mother’s life.”

Misery seeps over his voice, choking Izuku with sheer heartbreak. To hear what he’s endured, Izuku feels the need to protect Todoroki from his father—from harm. Todoroki didn’t deserve that life. He doesn’t deserve to carry the sadness that still clings within him. He wants to carry that sadness for Todoroki. “Todoroki-kun.”

“I survived thanks to my own sheer stubbornness. I refused to let my mother suffer. I trained, I studied, just so my mother wouldn’t have to be around him, because Midoriya, I had no intention to let her stay around that monster.”

"In my dreams, I turn into my father. I abuse people around me," Todoroki pulls away to clutch at his face. "I look like my father, don't I? Hideous. My mother called me a monster. I really didn't want to be like him, but can I? I hurt my mother, I hurt you. Sometimes I hate myself and my appearance so much, because I look just like him."

“No, you didn't hurt us, Todoroki-kun. And no, you don't look like your father. I thought you look so much like your mother—beautiful, graceful, almost ethereal, even. Your eyes are beautiful, even if one has the same color as your father's, but they're your eyes, and that makes them beautiful beyond anything I've ever seen,” Izuku cradles Todoroki’s cheeks. “You’re a beautiful person—inside and out. I like your eyes. I like that you’re so gentle, that despite what your father tried to make you do, you still have that honesty and capacity to love. You love your mother and sister. You love Yaoyorozu-san, you love Kendou-san. You’re so kind, Todoroki-kun, even after what you endured in your childhood. Many people would have break under the pressure, but you went on for your mother.”

Todoroki’s eyes are wet. Izuku leans up to kiss his closed eyelid. “You’re so brave, Todoroki-kun. And you don’t owe anything from him. You managed to get your mother out of the hospital and still away from him. He no longer has any hold on you, because by making you the CEO, he gave you the power to be above him, in terms of chains of command.”

“I didn’t want to be the CEO. I was so afraid I’d mess up somehow, and then he’d try to hurt my mother to punish me.”

“It’s natural to feel afraid,” Izuku says. Oh, he really wants to kick Enji in the nuts for hurting this amazing man. “And that’s what makes you better than your father.”

Todoroki opens his eyes. Izuku gives him a small smile. “Your life is your own. It’s yours, Todoroki-kun, not his. The company is yours, not his, not anymore. You have the power to break away from him now.”

Todoroki lets out a loud sob. “I don’t know how, Midoriya.”

“Then we’ll do it together. We’ll find out how together.” It’s a solemn vow. “You’re not alone, not anymore.” Because I love you, and there’s no way in hell I’d ever leave you willingly.

"I'm such a baggage. Are you sure," Todoroki swallows heavily. "Are you sure you want to stay with me? I have shitty childhood, I don't know how to handle emotions well. I've never been in any serious relationship before. I might be too much to handle, Midoriya. I will make mistakes, and then you'll decide I'm not worth your time. You'll leave too."

It really hurts Izuku to hear Todoroki speaks so lowly of himself. "No, you might be the one who decides I'm too much to handle," Izuku chuckles, wetly, because he's crying too. "Don't you get it? I have the same fear. So how about we do this together, yeah, Shoucchan? We'll learn together—fall and rise together. How does that sound?"

Todoroki buries his face in his neck, body shaking from his muffled sobs. Izuku continues to hold him, whispering calming nonsense in his ear, until he can feel Todoroki’s body losing its stiffness and his breathing evens out.

Izuku kisses his temple, lingering on his skin. His fingers wipe the remnants of tears from his cheeks.

“No one will hurt you again,” Izuku mouths against Todoroki’s skin. “I promise.”

Chapter Text

They wake up tangled together on the couch, as sunlight streams through the uncovered windows. Izuku couldn’t sleep after Todoroki’s first bout of nightmare last night, so he stayed awake until around ten, scrolling through his Tumblr feed. Todoroki woke up after that, and they watched TV because both of them were too wired to sleep. Sometime after midnight, Izuku must have fallen asleep, and Todoroki must have followed right after.

Todoroki said little the whole night, but he clung to Izuku. Izuku didn’t mind, he kept a one-sided conversation about anything they watch on the TV. Todoroki shared more of himself. He’s worried about Fuyumi-san getting married, not that she’s marrying an asshole, but because their father makes it absolute hell for Fuyumi daring to marry a common man from a common family. He found out Todoroki is the one footing the bill for her wedding—despite Fuyumi-san’s protests. He’s worried about his mother readjusting to normal life after two decades of living in the hospital. He wants to reconcile with his estranged brothers. It’s all said in quiet voice, as if voicing them out loud scared him. It’s actually a little disconcerting to see such vulnerability in Todoroki, but he figures after a whole life of living on edge because of his father, Todoroki deserves to be vulnerable with someone he trusts.

Izuku is happy that someone turned out to be him.

He didn’t dare to hope too much at first, just in case Todoroki didn’t feel the same. The fact that Todoroki told him about his past kinda erased that doubt marginally, and the hope expands to an epic proportion.

Maybe he’d ask Todoroki to be his boyfriend. That thought brings a flush to his cheeks.

He still thinks Todoroki is out of his league, what’s with his gorgeous look and wealth. He knows his own worth isn’t something to scoff at, but it’s still incomparable to Todoroki’s. Todoroki can have anyone, and the fact that Todoroki is openly affectionate with him baffles him to no end. Unsure as he is to what it means, though, Izuku knows his own feelings very well. And he’s so in love with Todoroki it hurts. And if Todoroki would let him, Izuku will do everything in his power to treasure him.

Now, at almost eight AM on a Sunday, Izuku doesn’t feel the need to move—he doesn’t want to wake Todoroki just yet. He fell asleep on Izuku’s chest, and he really doesn’t want to wake him up because Todoroki looks so peaceful like this, all relaxed and is that a smile? Izuku puts his casted arm around Todoroki’s broad back, sighing. He wants to comfortably hug Todoroki, the man really needs all the affections he can get. Izuku settles on tangling his left hand in his dual-colored hair, curious about why he dyed his hair like that. The strands feel cool in his fingers.

Todoroki stirs. He looks up with lidded eyes. Izuku gives him a sappy smile, it feels too good, waking up to Todoroki’s face. He could get used to this every day.

Slow down, buddy.

“Good morning,” Izuku tugs at Todoroki’s hair gently, smoothing it away from his face.

“Morning,” Todoroki doesn’t move, but he presses the left side of his face to Izuku’s chest, looking away.


“Don’t look at me.” It’s said quietly—pleading.

“Why?” Izuku tries to sit up, but Todoroki whines low in his throat. Izuku lies back down. “Todoroki-kun?”

Todoroki says nothing, merely tightening his arm around Izuku’s waist. Izuku gives him an exasperated huff.

“Look at me, please?”

Todoroki moves his head slowly, one blue eye peeking from under his bangs.

“There you are,” Izuku smiles fondly. “Don’t hide your eyes—I love them.”

Todoroki flushes. Izuku finds it adorable. He gently guides Todoroki’s face toward him.

“I love your eyes.” Remembering what he said last night, Izuku leans in and kisses Todoroki’s scar just below his left eye. “They’re lovely.”

“Sap.” Todoroki’s mouth quirks upward, cheeks reddening more. It’s a small smile, filled with genuine warmth. Izuku can’t help his own sappy smile. Todoroki’s lids have fluttered close. He lets out a contented sigh and drops his chin to Izuku’s sternum. Izuku lets his fingers map his face—the sharp cheekbones, his pointed nose, the curve of his top lip, the edge of his scar. It’s a wonderful feeling, to be able to touch Todoroki like this.

They spend the morning like that, basking in each other’s presence. Sometimes Todoroki hums something that sounds a lot like notes of random classical music, Izuku content to just listen. As usual, though, his mind starts working as he thinks over what happened the previous night.

Todoroki Enji’s abuse. Todoroki’s less than ideal childhood. The fact that Rei-san was imprisoned and exiled from her own children—and that the Kurogane family, the old and powerful Kurogane, didn’t help her. Fuyumi-san’s upcoming wedding. And more importantly, how they’re going to face Enji once he finds out their close relationship—Izuku can imagine the man’s rage already.

First, he needs to keep Enji away from Todoroki and Rei-san. There’s always clauses in a political marriage as far as he knows. The Kurogane family is a prominent one, mainly based in Osaka, and he doubts they arranged the marriage without getting something in return from Enji. Enji is a smart man—there must be something in their marriage that prevents Rei-san from filing a divorce.

“Hey, Todoroki-kun, can I ask you a question?”

Todoroki hums in affirmation.

“Can your parents get a divorce?”

Todoroki turns his head more to gaze at Izuku. He looks contemplative. “I asked our lawyer about it a few months ago. He said it’s a political marriage, and technically, my mother can’t file for divorce. It would have to be my father. To be honest, I think the entire business partnership between the Kurogane family and the Todoroki was built entirely on their marriage.”

It was a trap so Rei-san couldn’t get away if she wanted to. Knowing her family pushed her into it fully aware of what would happen sickens him. “But we can still get a divorce for your mother,” Izuku surmises. Todoroki seems skeptical.

“We can, technically. But my father would never file for a divorce—that’s why he sent my mother away instead of divorcing her. The Kurogane would rather turn a blind eye than risking their partnership.”

He’s no stranger to the intricate—sometimes dirty—moves of politics and business, but still, it makes him mad that a family sacrificed one of their own like that. “I think we can get your father to divorce her,” Izuku looks at the ceiling. “We need to set up a few things, make sure that your father can’t touch you or your mother—or your sister for that matter.”

“My father still has friends in high places,” Todoroki says, dubious. “It would be hard.”

“We’re doing it together, right?” Izuku murmurs softly. “We can think of something that would shut your father completely out of your life. Besides, my father also has friends in high places.”

Todoroki bites his bottom lip.

“I want to do it,” he mumbles. “But, I think I’m still scared. If things went south—”

“Then we’ll make sure it won’t,” Izuku says firmly. “And I will protect you.”

Todoroki’s eyes soften. “I believe you.”

Now he needs to plan their moves. If Todoroki is afraid to make the moves—imagining the possible repercussions, Izuku doesn’t blame him—Izuku will. Izuku cups Todoroki’s cheek. “Do you mind if I bring someone in? He’ll help us, and I promise I won’t tell the details unless you do.”


Hitoshi takes a sip of coffee, glancing at Todoroki. They are all sitting on the kitchen island, after Izuku and Todoroki took a shower together—since Izuku can’t take a damn shower on his own—and after Izuku called Hitoshi and a delivery service for lunch. Hitoshi quietly ate his portion, not probing even though he must be burning with curiosity (“I need your help, ‘Toshi. Like, your brand of help. It’s urgent.”). Now they are lounging around, drinking coffee and talking idly, before Hitoshi breaks and asks him bluntly.

“You said you need help. What kind of help, anyway?”

Izuku groans, bemoaning his friend’s bluntness. “Tactful, ‘Toshi, tactful.” Todoroki snickers. “It has something to do with Todoroki-kun.”

Hitoshi eyes Todoroki shrewdly, then shrugs. “You said it’s an emergency. What’s the matter?”

“Not exactly an emergency, but I need to get you here fast because you’re leaving today,” Izuku frowns. “How much do you know about the Kurogane family?”

Hitoshi taps his fingers. “Old money, rich as fuck, crazy as hell patriarch, still have a lot of political influence in Osaka,” Hitoshi props his chin on his fist. “They’re uptight. Purity in their bloodline or some fucked up shit. Why?”

“Think you can find out about Kurogane Rei?”

Hitoshi raises an eyebrow, looking curious. “What do you want me to find? And who the hell is Kurogane Rei?”

“Everything. About the arranged marriage between her and Todoroki Enji.”

His eyes lights up in understanding, Hitoshi stares at him, and then at Todoroki. “Something fishy?”

“Fishy and smelly. I’m not in the place to tell the story, ‘Toshi,” Izuku glances at Todoroki. Todoroki reaches for his hand, gripping it reassuringly.  “But it would be great if you can find the dirt on Enji, and possibly something that could help her divorce that man.”

Hitoshi hums. “No-divorce clause?”


“Marital abuse?”

Todoroki clears his throat. “Marital and parental.”

Hitoshi straightens, scowling. “Shit. I know there’s a reason why I hate Enji.”

“Can you do it?” Izuku prods.

“I’m one of Japan’s best hackers, and All Might’s best investigator. Of course I can.” It's a statement of fact. Izuku knows very well what Hitoshi is capable of.

At his admission, Todoroki jolts in surprise. Not many people know Hitoshi is a prolific hacker, since he’s more known as a cyber security expert. “Nothing that could potentially hurt Rei-san. And nothing that could blow back to Todoroki-kun or his other siblings.”

Hitoshi reaches for the coffee pot to pour more coffee. “First name basis already?” he says it teasingly.

Izuku shrugs. “She doesn’t like to be called Todoroki.”

Hitoshi snorts, but his eyes are soft, full of understanding. “Understood.”

“If you need anything, please tell me,” Todoroki says. “I will do my best to help you.”

Hitoshi takes his phone out. “I’ll need details, Todoroki. Like, how long has it been going on and stuff.”

Todoroki takes a deep breath. “Possibly since the first second of their marriage.”

“Holy shit,” Hitoshi’s eyes widen, incredulous. “You serious? That would mean more than thirty years of… Enji’s abuse.”

Todoroki nods grimly. “I’m serious. It was a forced marriage. My mother didn't want to marry him, but I think her family threatened her. I heard from my uncle that my mother was actually engaged to someone else, before she married my father. It was actually a good thing that she stayed in a hospital for the past two decades. At least she was spared from further abuse.”

Hitoshi hums in consideration. “Can I ask why your mother was sent to the hospital?”

Todoroki’s body stiffens. Izuku nuzzles his face into his shoulder, feeling Todoroki’s arm around his waist. “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it. Hitoshi won’t mind.”

“No I won't. I'll never pry,” Hitoshi murmurs. “Why didn’t you do anything before now, Todoroki?”

Todoroki averts his gaze. “Because he had a hold on us—still does. The hospital my mother was in? It belonged to my father’s colleague. And if I did something, he would make my mother’s life—and my sister’s life—absolute hell. They've had enough.”

“What about you?”

Todoroki shrugs, not as nonchalant as he possibly aims to. “If I comply to whatever he wished, if I do whatever the hell he told me to do, he would spare my mother and my sister.”

The urge to kill Enji rises anew. Izuku grits his teeth. What kind of man does that to his family? Using them as mere tools, manipulating them to do whatever he wants. No wonder Enji hates his father—his father is more successful without needing to be an asshole.

“You know what?” Hitoshi looks to Izuku, eyes glinting dangerously. “I’ll do this for free. Just get me that Jamaican coffee and we’ll call it even.”

 “Your service couldn’t have come cheap,” Todoroki points out. Hitoshi stands up.

“Consider this a family service,” his voice is hard. “I hate abusive assholes, and I'd be happy getting rid of one. Izuku, I’ll call you when I find something. We’re gonna ruin him, I can promise you that.”

Todoroki looks down, clearly overwhelmed. Izuku rubs circles on his back, soothing him. When he lifts his head, he gives Hitoshi a smile. “Thank you for your help. I will get you a lifetime supply of the coffee.”

Hitoshi laughs. “Yeah, that’ll do. I gotta go and pack my shit, my plane leaves in four hours.”

“That’s just like you,” Izuku sticks out his tongue. “Don’t blame me if you left something important that you'd need there.”

Hitoshi cuffs his head. “Brat.”

“Asshole,” Izuku grins. Izuku walks him out. They stop near the elevator, Hitoshi putting on his coat.

“You do love him,” Hitoshi states, smiling softly at Izuku. Izuku nods.


“You know that there will be some blow back. Todoroki needs to prepare himself.”

That wouldn’t deter him. “I know, Hitoshi. I’m hoping we can minimize it. I just need that man away from Todoroki-kun.”

Hitoshi smiles, all teeth now. “After we’re done with him, he won’t even show his face in front of Todoroki.”

“That’s good!” Izuku hugs him one-armed. “Have a safe trip, ‘Toshi.”

“Take care. See you in a week,” Hitoshi ruffles his hair, waving and disappearing inside the elevator.

Izuku walks back inside after making sure he’s locked the door. Todoroki already moved to the balcony, and Izuku grabs a pack of Oreo from the fridge before shuffling outside. Todoroki glances at him with a smile, patting the chair beside him. Izuku plops down, chewing one cookie absentmindedly.

“You sure like your snacks,” Todoroki chuckles.

Izuku pops another cookie into his mouth. He holds one out to Todoroki, but instead of taking it on his own hand, Todoroki dips his head and takes it into his mouth, lips pressing to Izuku’s fingers for one second. Izuku stares dumbly, robotically shoves another cookie to his mouth to keep it from gaping like a fish. His fingers tingle from the contact.

After a few moments of silence, Todoroki breaks it. “Why are you doing this?”

“I like your mother, and I want to help her,” he answers honestly. “And because you need help too, Todoroki-kun.”


Hearing it, Shouto can’t help wondering how Midoriya perceives him as needing help. He doesn’t know how Midoriya knows that he needs help—he won't deny it. He’s been doing it on his own—defying his father while simultaneously trying his hardest to please him, waging a silent war against a man he’s not supposed to hate but does anyway.

And suddenly there he is, Midoriya, willing to help him and stand beside him. Shouto scoots closer on his chair then buries his face in Midoriya’s shoulder, heart bursting with relief and gratitude. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything. I promised you I’ll be here,” Midoriya kisses his neck. “I have the means to help you. And this way, you can avoid any repercussions, since you can honestly say you didn’t hire Hitoshi, or gotten someone else involved. It’s normal to tell and trust your boyfriend, but what the boyfriend does after that, it’s out of your control.”

His heart skips a beat. “Boyfriend?” He raises his head to look at Midoriya in the eyes.

Midoriya squeaks, face going pale. “Do—do you not agree? I’m sorry I was assuming that we were together. I mean, I like you so much, you’ve met my mother and I’ve met yours, and now I’m helping you. I’ll understand if you don’t want to date me, I’m lame and you’re out of my league, but I’ll still help you with this. Hitoshi won’t care—”


“—I’m sorry for assuming, Todoroki-kun. Oh God, am I making you uncomfortable by staying here? I’ll just go and crash at Hitoshi’s, I’m so sorry for—”

Shouto leans in and kisses him firmly. That does the trick. Midoriya’s eyes are wide, stunned, unsure. “Todoroki-kun?”

“First of all,” Shouto kisses Midoriya’s nose. “No, you’re not making me uncomfortable. I offered because I want you close.” He kisses his jaw next. “And I like you too. I really do.”

Midoriya whimpers, closing his eyes and pushing his face to Shouto’s chest.

“Also, I’d like to be your boyfriend.”

Midoriya peeks up, flushing. “This is embarrassing. I'm so embarrassed.”

Shouto laughs. He laughs freely, joyfully. Without warning, he stands and picks Midoriya up, causing the other man to shout in surprise, one hand gripping his shoulder tightly. Shouto spins them once, twice, Midoriya squealing and laughing with him, the sound of it drifting away with the wind, before dropping Midoriya back on his feet and hugs him tightly.

“Let’s be embarrassing together, then.”

Midoriya leans back, smiling. Shouto is sure his own smile is as wide as Midoriya’s, and it’s probably a stupid, silly smile, but he can’t find it in himself to care. He has Midoriya in his arms, and now he can call this man his boyfriend—boyfriend! He leans in, kissing Midoriya tenderly.

“I want you to call me Shouto,” he murmurs against Midoriya’s lips. “Or Shoucchan.”

Midoriya yelps. “You heard!” Midoriya hits his arm feebly. “That was embarrassing.”

“I like the nickname.”

Midoriya smiles shyly. “How about I call you Shoucchan in private?”

Shouto smiles back. It’s getting easier for him to smile now, and it’s all thanks to Midoriya. He feels lighter, the burden he’s been carrying lessened somewhat. “I’d love that.”

“Oh, and in that case, you can call me Izuku.”

“Okay, Izuku,” he tastes the name on his lips. It’s nice.

“How can you call me that casually?” Midoriya—no, Izuku—pouts.

Shouto kisses the pout away, smiling when he feels Izuku’s lips melt under his. “Because I’ve wanted to call you that for a long time.”

Izuku throws his arms around his shoulders. “We’re such saps, aren’t we?” he says against Shouto’s neck. Shouto squeezes him harder.

“Yeah. But I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Izuku looks up and beams at him.

“Me too, Shoucchan!”

Shouto lets Izuku cuddles into his chest, sitting him between his legs. Izuku puts his head on his shoulder, humming in contentment, as they watch the sky turns dark and the sun starts sinking, painting the town in ethereal oranges and purples.

Katsuki buzzes the bell of Halfie’s apartment impatiently on Monday night, tie loosened and suit jacket flung over one shoulder, one hand holding a pizza box. Thoughts and emotions are warring inside him. Uraraka tried to reach out a few times today, and as much as he hates the thought of ignoring Uraraka, he did. Work’s been crazy, but that’s inevitable anyway. He has a massive headache, he’s feeling grumpier than normal, and he needs someone to vent to. So he goes to see Deku since Hitoshi is battling a jetlag and flat out told him to go fuck himself when he called earlier.

Halfie opens the door with a scowl. “Bakugou.” Halfie wears glasses. Huh. He has to admit, the man is rather handsome, even with his scar. Katsuki would have loved to try getting into Halfie’s pants—in another universe where Deku isn’t in love with the bastard.

Katsuki shoulders past him. “Where’s Deku?”

“Living room.”

Katsuki storms inside, not caring about Halfie’s muttered ‘Rude asshole’. True to his words, Deku is sitting on the plush couch, surrounded by a fuckload of throw pillows like a king. He’s looking down, fiddling with his bandaged arm, seemingly unaware of Katsuki’s presence.

“Shoucchan? Can you get the bandages?”

God. What’s with that lame nickname? He drops the pizza box unceremoniously to the coffee table, startling Deku.


“Got pizza,” Katsuki grunts, throwing his body to a tiny space not covered by pillows. “I’m fucking hungry.”

“Then you should have eaten earlier without barging in here,” Halfie comments dryly. “Come on, Izuku, I’ll help.” He sits down beside Deku, and carefully starts unwrapping his cast.

“Fuck you, Halfie.”

“No thanks.”

“Kacchan,” Deku glares at him. "Play nice."

Katsuki glowers. “You suck as a host. Where’s my drink?”

Halfie throws him a dirty look, hands not pausing in their task. “You know what? You can just, I don’t know, make yourself at home and find the damn drink on your own. The kitchen's that way.” He jerks his head to what he hopes is the kitchen.

Taking it as invitation, Katsuki stands and stomps to the kitchen. Halfie has a nice dig, he’d give him that. He opens the big fridge, finds two cans of beer and a can of soda for Deku. When he comes back to the living room, Halfie and Deku are talking quietly, Deku apparently instructing Halfie on how to change his bandages.

“I’m leaving,” he blurts out. They both look at him simultaneously. Katsuki puts the cans on the coffee table, plopping down back on the couch.

Deku blinks, not understanding. “Huh?”

The half and half bastard finishes changing Izuku’s bandages, patting it twice. Deku kisses Halfie’s cheek, whispering a thank you. Katsuki looks away. They’re too fucking domestic for a couple who were just fighting less than a week ago, but again, he’s not in a place to judge. It’s good that they worked shit out though.

“Dubai. I’m taking a permanent post there.”

It was a hard decision. He needs to get away from Uraraka—she already destroyed him once, and he has too much pride to let it happen again. He’d just get sucked into Uraraka’s orbit again if he stayed. He couldn’t blame her, though, it was his fucking fault for not making his feelings clear since the very first time they had sex. He doesn’t really want to leave his best friends—his fucking family. But for the sake of his own sanity, he’d have to take the step to get over her.

Starting with distancing himself from Uraraka.

“Oh,” Deku frowns. “Why? I thought you wanted to stay in Tokyo for a couple more years.” He takes the soda can, pouting when he can’t get the tab open. Todoroki takes it from his hands and gives it back after he opens it. He takes the last beer for himself, leaning back into the couch beside Deku.

Katsuki can’t very well say, because I think I’m fucking in love with a girl who’s in love with you, we’ve been fucking for a while now, and I figured it’s unhealthy so I need to get away. Nope. No fucking thanks.

So he settles at, “I got a promotion. Can’t refuse it. Besides, Dubai sounds exciting.”

Katsuki decides to stare at the TV, without actually watching it. He can’t meet Deku’s eyes—he’d call his bluff in a heartbeat.  

“I bet you have another reasons,” Deku murmurs. Katsuki looks away from the TV, meeting his steady eyes. “Am I right?”

Deku has always been an observant little shit. He opens the pizza box and chews one aggressively. “Yeah.”

“Okay,” Deku pulls his knees to his chest. “So it’s permanent? You found an apartment?”

“Kan-san already got us places.”

Deku grins. “That’s neat. I can visit you there—it’ll be like a vacation.”

“You’re going to be there anyway, when the office opens officially,” Katsuki points out. “Don’t you remember? Aizawa told you to come in his stead for next month’s ceremony.”

Deku grunts. “Yeah, I know. Are you still going tomorrow?” Deku leans back to Todoroki’s side. Halfie puts his arm across Deku’s chest, holding him close. “You’re taking the company jet, right?”

Katsuki wants that. That easy intimacy. Fuck, it doesn’t even have to be with Uraraka—though, it would be really nice. He’s tired of meaningless fucks, carelessly moving from one bed to another, coming back to Uraraka when he’s becoming too restless because Uraraka’s presence always gave him a cold slap back to reality.

“I leave Thursday. I have tomorrow to pack up and settle things at the office. Kan-san goes first with Aizawa.”

Deku plays with Todoroki’s fingers. The half bastard doesn’t say anything, simply holding Deku and plays on his phone. “Do you need help with packing?”

Katsuki shakes his head. “Nah. I only need to pack a few things, I’m leaving the bulk of my shit here. Hitoshi can take care of the rest.”

Deku frowns again. “Are you sure?”

“Deku, you have only one functional arm, you’d be fucking useless anyway,” Katsuki deadpans. Deku grumbles, but doesn’t push.

“Alright. You’ve told Hitoshi then?”

Hitoshi is the only one who knows the messy tangle that is his relationship with Uraraka. It sours his mood even further, keeping this as a secret from Deku. “Yeah. I texted him.”

“Hitoshi’s gonna kick your ass.”

“He can damn well come to Dubai and kick my ass there.”

Deku grins. “We’re gonna visit you there often. Make sure your apartment has a guest room, Kacchan.”

Katsuki balks. “Fuck no. You and Halfie can afford a fucking hotel room. I don’t want to hear you two fucking through my wall.”

A pillow sails right to his face, startling out a laugh from Katsuki. He laughs harder when he sees Deku’s red face and Halfie’s embarrassed smile.

His problems are far from resolved. He know and is conscious that he’s running away. Running away won’t solve anything. But it’s the best thing he can do for now, so he’ll take it and try to work his shit out slowly.

“Fuckers,” he says without heat.

The next day, it takes Izuku nearly an hour coaxing Shouto to let him out of the apartment. He needs to visit the bookstore, for one. His friends haven’t visited for fear that the reporters would follow them. He’s been informed by Kirishima that most of the reporters left after Izuku’s accident, but there’s still the odd ones lurking around the area. Shouto is pretty adamant about him staying in the apartment, but with him gone all day for a business meeting, Izuku knows he won’t have anything to do in the apartment. In the end, he promised Shouto he’d bring his guards and take the car.

“If there’s anything you need at all, promise me you’ll call,” Shouto puts on his suit jacket. It fits his frame nicely, and he fights the urge to lick his lips. The black of his suit contrasts with his white-and-red hair, and he’s so unbearably gorgeous in the suit, looking so serious and dangerously handsome. Izuku likes seeing him in suits as much as he likes seeing him in sweatpants and his ratty old college T-shirts.

“I promise,” Izuku leans up to kiss Shouto’s jaw. “And I promise I won’t do anything taxing.”

Shouto wraps an arm around Izuku’s waist, leaning down to capture Izuku’s lips. Izuku feels his body relaxing, pliant in Shouto’s arms.

Shouto’s phone chimes, and he reluctantly lets Izuku go. “That’s probably Ojiro. I have to go.”

Izuku pats his cheek. “Have a good day, Shouto. Do you mind if I visit for lunch?”

Shouto raises an eyebrow. Izuku smiles sheepishly.

“I just want to see your office?” he poses it as a question. He actually wants to see Shouto in all his CEO glory, right in his own elements. Bet he’s freaking gorgeous like that, with the feel of power around him.

“Why? Wanna compare it to yours?” he says teasingly. Izuku shakes his head in exasperation.

“No. I just want to see you in work mode. I know I’m weird, ignore me,” Izuku turns away. Shouto holds his shoulder, preventing him from looking away. He has a soft smile gracing his lips.

“Okay, okay. Just come anytime. Tell Kendou you’re coming.” Shouto gives him one last kiss. “See you later, Izuku.”

Hearing his name from Shouto’s lips won’t get old. “Bye, Shouto.”

Shouto smiles softly before striding away, leaving Izuku in the living room. Izuku calls the bookstore first, confirming to Kirishima that he’s coming in a few hours.

To say his friends are excited is an understatement. Kirishima freaking yells and bowls him over with one of his infamous bone-crushing hugs. Kaminari contributes his own arms to their hug. Koda pats his shoulder, Shiozaki smiles shyly and gives him a pot of small rosebush as a get-well-soon present, and Jirou slaps his back roughly.

He misses them.

“We miss you around here!” Kirishima lets him go, smiling from ear to ear. “Are you getting better, though?”

“Yeah,” his bruises are healing nicely, so are the cuts on his face and arms. “Just need to heal the arm.”

Kirishima tugs his arm, motioning for upstairs. Izuku follows behind him, leaving his two guards downstairs with the others. They both sit on the armchairs. Kirishima looks serious but uneasy, and Izuku has a suspicion about the reason.

“Not that we don’t want you here, but maybe you should stay home for a while,” Kirishima suggests. “We had customers—er, people—who asked us about you and whether you were here or not. I think they just wanted some scoops about you—you’re Japan’s number one topic right now.”

Izuku looks down to his lap, heart heavy.

“We managed to steer them away and told them you’d be recovering and you wouldn’t be here for a while. I’m sorry, Midoriya. But that many reporters isn’t good for business,” Kirishima says regretfully. He looks genuinely upset to tell Izuku this, but Izuku doesn’t blame him.

He sighs. “Okay, I’ll stay out of here until it dies down.”

“You know we can handle the bookstore,” Kirishima smiles, reassuring him. “Don’t worry Midoriya.”

“I know.” He stands. “I’ll go upstairs and get a few stuffs. Can you tell the guards I’ll be out in a minute?”


Izuku trudges upstairs with a heavy heart. The bookstore is his safe space, and now he couldn’t go back, even if it’s only temporary. Upstairs in his office, he makes sure to pack up the five Harry Potter books he keeps for Shouto, before going back to the second floor to get some books for himself.

A guard intercepts him as he’s walking down the stairs. “Midoriya-san. We have reporters outside. We’re leaving via the back door.”

He swears, handing his bag of books to the guard. “Can you hold this for me? We should go now, then.”

Shiozaki and Jirou are waiting near the back entrance, where they usually receive shipments and stocks. “Take care of yourself, Midoriya,” Jirou opens the door for him. His car is waiting just outside the fence lining the store’s backyard.

“Thanks. Shiozaki, can you look after my succulents? I don’t want them dying.”

Shiozaki nods. “Sure, Midoriya.”

Izuku waves to his friends, before walking out briskly and getting into the car. He instructs his driver to go to a drive-thru, because he suddenly has a craving for greasy food. His phone chimes with incoming text.





From : Todoroki Shouto

Are you at the bookstore?

To : Todoroki Shouto

I’m done at the bookstore

Kirishima said it’s wiser and safer if I don’t go for a few days

From : Todoroki Shouto

I’m sorry to hear that

At least you’re safe from the reporters?

To : Todoroki Shouto

Yeah. I’m on my way to your office

From : Todoroki Shouto

I already told Kendou you're coming. You can go straight to my office

To : Todoroki Shouto

Thanks, Shoucchan (≧◡≦) ♡

I’m bringing lunch

From : Todoroki Shouto



Getting to Shouto’s office is a challenge.

First, when his car entering the gates of Endeavor's building, he spots an angry Todoroki Enji getting inside his car, before driving away. When he steps into Endeavor’s building, he never feels so out of place as he does right now. The receptionist eyes him skeptically, looking him from top to bottom. Izuku is a little insulted, and honestly mortified. Here he is wearing a simple shirt and jeans, casted arm in display holding a bag of burgers, among men and women in suits.

“Just call Kendou-san,” Izuku taps his finger to the desk when the receptionist refuses to budge. “Tell her Midoriya is here.”

The receptionist huffs, but lifts the phone to call Kendou—presumably, she might call security instead. She talks quietly on the phone, eyes widening immediately as she whips her head toward him. She puts the phone back with a shaking hand.

“Kendou-san told me to get you into the executive’s elevator,” she smiles nervously. “If you would follow me.”

Izuku silently follows behind the woman to a set of elevators. She stops in front of an elevator separated from the others. The door opens instantly.

“Just press the 25th floor, Midoriya-san.” She bows politely. Izuku steps into the elevator and presses the button. A quiet music accompanies him as he watches the floor numbers light up right until the 25th floor. When he steps out, he’s immediately greeted by a set of big desks and an expansive sitting area. There’s only four doors he can see—all marked with Chief of Operation Officer, Chief of Financial Officer, Vice Executive Officer, and Chief of Executive Officer. Kendou perks her head up from under one desk.

“Oh, Midoriya-san,” Kendou straightens from her crouching position. “Are you here to see Todoroki?”

Izuku nods, holding up his McDonald bag. “And lunch.”

“I think he’s not back yet,” Kendou gestures to the last door. “You can wait inside. Todoroki won’t mind. You can get anything from his fridge.”

Izuku bows in gratitude. “Thank you, Kendou-san.”

Izuku closes the door of Todoroki’s office and curiously looks around. The office is big, but that’s to be expected—he’s the CEO after all. The black wooden desk is placed in front of floor-to-ceilings windows, messy with papers and folders, and there’s two bookshelves of what looks like business books from where he stands. There’s a big sectional and a coffee table, even a small fridge and a coffee maker on top. He drops his paper bag on the coffee table, curiosity getting the better of him. He walks to the bookshelves, perusing the titles. There are several he read back in Yale, another few he’s seen on his dad’s bookshelves, almost all of them in English. His eyes drift to a collection of matryoshka dolls, framed diplomas and certificates of achievements, and a framed photo of Shouto’s graduation from Harvard on the upper shelf.

Younger Shouto looks… sad. Surprisingly, his hair is white on the photo, so he probably dyed his hair after he went back to Tokyo. Izuku frowns, mouth pulling down, because honestly, Shouto looks better with a smile on his face. On his graduation photo, Shouto is smiling, but he can see it’s a forced smile. Todoroki Enji is beside him, hand clasping Shouto’s shoulder, Fuyumi-san on his other side.

It makes Izuku wonder if Shouto really wanted to go to Harvard, or if he weren’t forced by his father, what his major would be. He’s smart, he could probably get a spot anywhere he’s wanted.

The sound of the door opening jars him out of his thoughts. Shouto steps in, murmuring something to Kendou. He smiles when he sees Izuku.

"Izuku," he breathes out.

"Hi," Izuku steps away from the bookshelf. Shouto walks closer and draws him into a tight embrace.

Shouto leans back. "Did you see my father on the way in?"

"Nah. He was entering his car before I got out of my car."

Shouto sighs in relief. "I don't think I'm ready for a confrontation with my dad. He'd blow his gasket when he finds out I'm dating you."

"Then just make sure you're not alone when he does," Izuku says seriously. "I don't like the idea of you alone with him. In any case."

Shouto nods in agreement. "I'll be careful. Beside, I don't want to ruin your and Shinsou's plan on ruining him."

Izuku grins. "Thank you, Shoucchan. Now come on, let's eat. I brought Big Mac."

Hitoshi, in his twenty six years of life, has seen many terrible things.

His hacker persona Caecus is, simply, a famous one, since he's been in the business for more than a decade. He's seen the deepest and the darkest part of the internet, what most people call the Deep Web. He's skilled, he knows how to cover his tracks, and he promises himself he won't get involved in any criminal activities. Slipping into that persona and wandering around to find out if Enji's name rings a bell there is very easy.

He's only been keeping an eye for two days when a fellow hacker tips him about Enji's past activities in the dark net.

Hitoshi shakes his head ruefully. That man really doesn't know how to be discreet.

His fingers dance on top of his keyboards, pulling commands and gathering data as he goes surfing in the dark net, being really careful not to leave any crumb.

He stops dead once he finds out where, exactly, Todoroki Enji has been sticking his fingers in.

Now, most hired hackers are really secretive about their clients and they know how to keep quiet. Hackers have the weirdest ethics. But Todoroki Enji either had an incompetent hacker, or didn't really care about his own safety (it looks more like the former, in Hitoshi's opinion), if the traces of his activities are still here, barely visible but noticeable if you look hard enough.

"Oh God," he scrolls down the screen, gut churning in dread. He really needs to tell Izuku and Todoroki about this. "Shit."

Chapter Text

Izuku is the kind of guy who doesn’t like staying still. He needs to constantly move—he feels useless when he’s not doing anything. Two days of doing nothing usually makes him really antsy and restless, but lo and behold, he enjoys staying inside with Shouto, caring for nothing but what they need to eat next. Maybe that’s just the company, but Izuku intends to make the most out of it.

“No, Shoucchan, you can’t mix mayonnaise in miso soup,” Izuku frowns. “Where the hell did you get the idea?”

Shouto looks helplessly at the tube of mayonnaise. “You know I’m useless in the kitchen.”

Izuku snorts ungracefully. “No shit,” it’s said in a fond tone though. “Didn’t your housekeeper leave food earlier?” he looks around the fridge, wondering when the hell they acquired so much snacks—probably his fault, since every time Mirio comes in the evening to deliver documents, he makes sure to buy them something, knowing Izuku’s appetite appears at any given time.

“I thought I could prepare something else,” Shouto gives him an embarrassed shrug.

Izuku locates the container of pre-prepared mac ‘n cheese. He’s sort of surprised Shouto’s housekeeper cooks so many Western food, but Shouto explained that once he got home from America, his tongue had been thoroughly reprogrammed to love Western food.

He scoops some from the container and puts the plate inside the microwave, then prepares for the second plate. He glances at Shouto, who’s pouring some wine. It became apparent to Izuku that Shouto likes wine, though he rarely drinks too much.

Living with Shouto for the past few days has made him noticing Shouto’s more peculiar habits. Like the fact that the man loves naps. They would be sitting in front of the TV, and when Izuku looks back at him, he’d be asleep. Shouto also has a cute habit of fiddling with his glasses when he’s thinking, or tugging on the hair covering his left eye.

Shouto works out. With such firm body, Izuku would be surprised if he doesn’t. He leaves in the morning to use the apartment’s gym facility—Shouto admitted he works out at random time, because his schedule is erratic. Shouto comes back sweaty and t-shirt plastered into the dips and valleys of his abs, and Izuku will silently suffer because he has the strongest urges to lick his abs.

He also loves cuddling—and damn, Izuku is ecstatic about that one. Even though they initially sit with some distance between them, in a few minutes Shouto would plaster himself to Izuku’s side, claiming he’s too cold. It’s too bad his right arm is out of commission, otherwise, he’d never let Shouto leave from their cuddle pile.

After both plates are sufficiently heated, Izuku lets Shouto brings the plates to the coffee table—they have taken the habit of eating together in front of the TV, even if it’s turned off and they’d only talk. It’s cozy, and homey. It’s comfortable and ridiculously domestic.

Izuku dreads the day he’s healed enough to be home on his own.

He realizes they’re moving fast with their relationship. Izuku reasons that he’s a guy who knows what he wants—and he wants Shouto. There’s no reason for him to hold back, and Shouto gives no sign of wanting him to hold back.

Dinner is another comfortable affair, with Izuku rambling about a movie he wants to watch. Shouto promises him they’d watch it together later this week.

When Shouto is in the kitchen to wash the dishes, his phone rings with an incoming FaceTime. Izuku grapples with the cushions, looking for his buried phone. He quickly answers when he finds it.


“How are you?” Hitoshi looks tired, as usual.

Izuku flops belly down on the couch (he ignores Shouto’s yelled “Don’t lay down after you eat, Izuku!”). “I’m good. You?”

“Peachy,” he yawns. “Shit, what time is it in Japan?”

“Around seven. Are you okay?”

Hitoshi grunts. The screen wobbles, before it settles back to show Hitoshi laying on the bed. “Not really, it’s like three here. Hey, I found some dirt on Enji.”


“More like a mountain,” Hitoshi mutters, a hint of disgust in his voice. “Listen, stay inside. Don’t go outside without your guards. The guy is petty as fuck—there’s no way telling what he’d do once he finds out about you and Todoroki.”

Izuku hums. “I already know that.”

“Enji has been dealing some shady shit. Like, borderline criminal shit. I think I found a way for you and Todoroki to deal with him. But wait until Saturday, yeah? I’ll go straight to Todoroki’s place when I land.”

Izuku nods in understanding, his gut churning. “Things that could potentially destroy him?”

“Izuku, we take him down, half of our city officials will be down too.”


Shouto wanders back to the living room, eyes narrowing at Izuku. Izuku tilts his phone a little so Shouto can see Hitoshi, and Shouto’s mouth purses in thought.

“So here’s our plan. I’ll call our lawyer—our personal lawyer, not the company’s—get him to draft some affidavit for us, and then to represent Todoroki’s mother when she gets the divorce. I’m pretty sure we can get whatever we want with the evidence I have.”

Hitoshi sounds grim. Izuku doesn’t really want to think about what kind of activities Enji is involved in. Shouto grips his shoulder hard. “Okay.”

Hitoshy yawn. “I got a meeting at nine, so I’m going to sleep. I’ll send you some of the things I found, show it to Todoroki too. He probably wants to see what kind of scumbag his father is. Use the encrypted email.”

Shouto’s grip hardens. Izuku shoots him a look. “’Kay. Good… morning, ‘Toshi. Don’t get captured by the FBI.”

“I’ve worked with our own government, I can handle myself,” Hitoshi says dryly. “Night, Izu.”

Hitoshi’s face winks out. Izuku puts his phone beside him on the couch. Shouto drapes half of his body on top of Izuku’s stomach. “What did he say?”

“He found evidence. I don’t know how, don’t ask,” Izuku grimaces. “It’s easier because we can genuinely say we know nothing of his net activities, and safer, if he ever get caught and we’re brought in for questioning. Unlikely, though, but it’s still a possibility.”

“Don’t start rambling yet,” Shouto mutters against his shirt. “What evidence?”

“Sorry,” Izuku starts carding Shouto’s hair. “I don’t know exactly, but Hitoshi is pretty sure we can get what we need from your father.”

“Blackmail,” Shouto peers up at him.

“Probably. If that’s the only way we can play it, then we will.”

“Fuck, I know my father isn’t nice, but I didn’t think he’d get involved with crimes.”

Izuku moves his right arm to a more comfortable position. “I’m not surprised. Sometimes, you gotta do anything to ensure your own success, and if it means dealing with the darker part of society, then so be it. I don’t think my father is completely innocent, or a clean businessman, but as far as I know, he already pulled away from his less than admirable deeds.”

Shouto says nothing. Izuku keeps caressing his hair, and watches as Shouto’s body relaxes and his eyes close, a tiny smile on his face. It’s a precious sight. He loves that Shouto feel safe enough to fall asleep around him.

His phone dings with Hitoshi’s incoming text, saying that he’s sent the email. Izuku moves Shouto’s body carefully, not wanting to disturb him. Shouto opens one grey eye. “’Zuku?”

“Sorry,” he arranges his boyfriend’s body so he can sit up. “I gotta take this. You can sleep if you want.”

Shouto closes his eye in response. Izuku grabs his laptop and opens the email software Hitoshi made for them, entering his email address and password quickly. He clicks the top mail, noticing it has large attachments.

The first file he opens is an archived photos. He scrolls down, frowning. Enji is in half of the photos, noticeable despite the blurry quality of the pictures. In one particular picture, Izuku tries to remember where he's seen the guy handing a duffel bag to someone else, Enji standing in the background.

It clicks when he scrolls to the next picture.

The current vice mayor of Tokyo.

There are more pictures of exchanged briefcases—money, he assumes. With people within the city council, and there's two ministers too. This is really some good blackmail materials. He opens a spreadsheet document, trying to decipher it, and it doesn't take long when he realizes this is probably a fabricated document for evading tax. It's color coded meticulously.

Hitoshi probably stole this from Enji's server. Holy shit.

There are another snippets of documents—proofs of document falsifications, illegal dealings, violations in regulations, and what surprised him is archived emails from one of the Yakuza's top dogs to Enji.

He's reading the archived emails when Shouto stirs awake. His boyfriend yawns. "Izuku? You look pale."

Wordlessly, Izuku slides the laptop to Shouto. Shouto scans the screen, eyes darkening little by little until he gets to the archived emails. He hisses furiously.

"He hired the Yakuza to kill a business competitor," Shouto states.

"He did."

"Not just once. Five times."

"There's paper trails of the payments he made," Izuku points out. "Hitoshi said he didn't sent all of his findings. This is just what he deemed important for us to know."

Shouto doesn't avert his gaze from the laptop screen. "How did he manage to find so many things?"

"Probably got into your father's personal server," Izuku shrugs.

He opens another folder Izuku hasn't seen yet. Izuku startles when Shouto stands abruptly and begins pacing, hands raking his already disheveled hair, cursing up a storm.

Izuku turns the screen back to him, heart falling to the bottom of his stomach. "My God."

"Human trafficking!" Shouto growls, angry. "I can't-it's just-he's fucking involved in human trafficking!"

"This is a crime," Izuku looks at the bound and gagged people in the pictures, sick to his soul. "He used shipping containers to smuggle them in and out of Japan." Izuku dreadfully opens another spreadsheet document, which seems to include some kind of order list. Holy Mother of God. There's list of ethnicity, body type, and so on, as if it's listing off the specification of a machine, not humans.

Shouto throws his hands up. "That asshole! All this time—fuck!" He turns on his heels. "We're throwing him in jail."

"Shouto, these information are obtained illegally," Izuku closes all the windows on his screen, nauseated. "We can't use it as evidence. And we don't know his exact capacities on all of this dealings. Is he a customer? Or is he the one providing?"

Shouto looks agitated. "I can't believe it," he sits back down on the armchair adjacent to the couch. "He's involved in criminal shits, Izuku, regardless of what he's actually doing. Murders, human trafficking." He drops his head to his hand. "God knows what else. And for what? Money? Status? I suspected some small time bribery, not these."

Izuku doesn't know what to say. Suspecting and knowing the extent of your own father's depravity...

"I'm sorry."

Shouto looks up, eyes brimming with unshed tears.

"My mother—all of us—were trapped with him for years," he croaks out. "The sick fuck."

Izuku stands and moves to his side, hugging Shouto's body close to his. Shouto clings to him, shuddering.

"We'll make sure he gets what he deserves," Izuku whispers. "He will get it, Shouto. Let's focus on getting Fuyumi and your mother away from his influence, and then we'll think of a way to tip the authorities."

Shouto nods against his stomach. "Okay."



To : Dad

Dad, can we talk?

I think I'm gonna need your help

From : Dad

Sure, Izuku, as long as I'm able to help.

To : Dad

It's about Todoroki-kun and his family

I think Enji has been doing criminal deeds

From : Dad

Don't make accusation without proof, my boy

To : Dad

We have the proof

I'm waiting for Hitoshi to come home and give me the rest

And Dad, you're gonna want to see this

From : Dad

Is it okay for me to know about young Todoroki's family situation?

To : Dad

He said yes. And honestly, we'll need as much support as we can get

But he's gonna be the one explaining

From : Dad

Okay then

Come tomorrow for brunch. Take young Todoroki with you too

To : Dad

Thank you, Dad

I love you

From : Dad

I love you too, my boy. Take care


"What's this?" Todoroki Enji growls, looking at pictures of his son and that bastard Yagi's son exiting Endeavor's office together. His hands are clenched in the folder containing information from his men's surveillance, after he became suspicious of his son's sudden and random absence from the office.

His secretary bows, terrified but trying not to let it show. "Young Master is taking a week off to take care of his sick boyfriend."

Enji closes the folder forcefully. "You saying my son is... dating the enemy?" he asks in a snarl, the words taste bitter.

That insolent brat. He's supposed to bring Endeavor to surpass All Might, not gallivanting around with the son of his biggest nemesis. Shouto has always been weak—easily manipulated with a threat to his dear mother. But he's an intelligent brat, smart enough to carry his legacy not like his older brothers. He's trained and taught the boy to get rid of his weaknesses, and romantic entanglements are nothing but weakness. He always told the boy to stop dealing with useless things like feelings.

This is no longer a petty rebellion. For Shouto to care about Yagi's son, to date him, it's a direct insubordination, a giant fuck you to Enji's legacy. And people who disobey him always pay the price.

This time, Enji will make sure both Shouto and Midoriya Izuku pay the price.

He will be the best. Endeavor will be the largest, the most successful business empire. Anything less in unacceptable.

He will do absolutely anything to make that goal a reality.

Even if it means making his son suffer.

Chapter Text

The next day, Izuku and Shouto arrive at his father’s estate, Shouto on the wheel. One of his father’s staff bows as they near the front door. The car slows to a stop.

“Let him take the car,” Izuku murmurs, opening the car door. Shouto drops the key onto the staff’s hand. “Hello. Is my father inside?”

“Good morning, Young Master. Master Toshinori is in the greenhouse, he said to let you and Young Master Todoroki in.”

Izuku nods, looping his arm through Shouto’s. “Mom?”

“The Mistress is away for breakfast with the mayor’s wife.”

It’s weird that his mother is more outgoing than his father. But Toshinori already resigned to the fact that his wife is more socially active than he is. “Thanks.” He leads Shouto inside. Shouto looks around curiously.

“This is where you grew up?”

They pass the foyer, more of his father staff bow to them when they walk farther into the house. Izuku feels a mild curiosity about Shouto’s own childhood home and how cute he must have been when he was a young kid.

“Yeah.” He steers them toward the east side of the house, the sunroom already visible from the verandah. They walk down the short stairs to reach the glass door, and Izuku opens the glass door of the greenhouse.

The sound of water splashing from the small fountain greets them. The greenhouse is slightly warm, and most of the flowers are in full bloom. His father is holding a watering can, humming along to an old English song playing from the small Bluetooth speaker.

Shouto stops walking. Izuku looks at his boyfriend in confusion, but Shouto only shakes his head, even though Izuku can see traces of nervousness in his otherwise impassive expression.


Toshinori turns his head, surprise turns into warm smile. “Oh, my boy. Hello there, young Todoroki.”

“Good morning, Yagi-san,” Shouto bows deeply. Toshinori puts the watering can on the ground.

“Let me wash my hands, and we can talk while having breakfast,” he heads to the sink hidden beneath lush ferns. “Izuku, be a dear and tell the staff to prepare breakfast.”

Izuku squeezes Shouto’s arm. “Sure, Dad.” He steps away from them, leaving Shouto alone with his father. A staff is waiting on the veranda, and Izuku informs her that his father is ready for breakfast. The staff bows and disappears inside the house. Not long after, the staff walks out carrying a tray, followed by two other staff.

Izuku walks back inside the greenhouse to find his father giving Shouto a pat on the shoulder, expression sympathetic. The staff arrange their breakfast on the coffee table on the corner of the greenhouse.

“Thank you,” Izuku thanks the staff. They bow before leaving the greenhouse. Izuku takes a seat on the bench on one side of the table, Shouto beside him. His father sits heavily, coughing a little. Both Izuku and Shouto stand, alarmed.


“I’m okay,” his father waves his hand in the air. “Just feeling a bit under the weather.”

Shouto sits back down, Izuku takes a few more seconds before following suit. Toshinori pours tea into his cup.

“Come on, boys. Eat before they get cold.”

Izuku eyes the assortments of American breakfast in front of them. Shouto looks at him in confusion, Izuku shrugs and takes a plate, filling it with sausages and bacon as to make it easier to eat with his left hand. Shouto does it more awkwardly, surreptitiously glancing at Toshinori, who looks at peace and hums to an invisible tune, closing his eyes.

They both listens to the splashes of water on the fountains, the quiet atmosphere that doesn’t really belong in a metropolitan like Tokyo. Bubble of peace like this is expensive, so they both enjoy it

“I’ll be taking my retirement in Kyoto,” Toshinori says without preamble, sipping from his cup. He doesn’t even open his eyes.

His mother, thankfully, already told that, so Izuku continues shoveling food into his mouth. Days of using his left hand has made him better at eating without having to bother Shouto to feed him. Shouto eats more leisurely, pausing to pour orange juice for them.

“Kyoto is lovely,” Shouto comments. “I’m sure you’ll love it there, Yagi-san.”

His father laughs. “Why so formal, young Shouto. You are dating my son, I think we’re past formalities now.” He takes a small muffin, picking at it with his hand.

Shouto chokes, shooting Izuku a betrayed glare.

“What?” Izuku stabs another sausage, putting it to his plate. “I told my parents yesterday. My mom would pester me to no end if I didn’t.”

Toshinori leans back on his chair. “Izuku isn’t much of a trouble, is he? I know he can be a handful,” he asks, eyes twinkling. Izuku groans.


Shouto shrugs, expression neutral. “No, Sir, no more than you imagined, at least.”

“Shouto!” Izuku wails, face getting hot. His father laughs again, shaking his head fondly.

“I’m glad you worked things out,” Toshinori says. “Now, Izuku told me about the… situation with your father, young Todoroki. I assume he wasn’t happy with this, seeing as he’s very adamant on treating me like an enemy.”

Shouto stiffens. “We haven’t told him yet, Ya—Toshinori-san.”

“Hitoshi found some things,” Izuku murmurs quietly, left hand reaching to cover Shouto’s right. “It was… not good.”

Toshinori sighs, tiredly. “I know, my boy. I have to admit, I wasn’t a total saint back when I and your grandfather just started our business. The world is business is a harsh one—especially if you want to rise to the top.”

For a moment, they are silent, each enjoying their breakfast, Izuku softly urging his father to drink his meds after he finishes his muffin. Amused, he complies, commenting to Shouto, “He’s as bad as his mother when he’s fussing.”

“I’ll show you fussing,” Izuku threatens, brandishing his fork.

Shouto chuckles, hand covering his mouth, eyes crinkling with amusement. Izuku smiles, happy his boyfriend feels at ease with his father.

“So, young Todoroki, would you tell me why you needed Hitoshi’s help?” Toshinori refills his tea, speaking calmly. “You totally don’t have to, if it’s a sensitive matter.”

Shouto puts his plate to the table, hand seeking Izuku’s. Izuku grips it reassuringly. He sees Shouto swallow, straightening his spine.

“It has everything to do with my mother.”

“Ah,” Toshinori eyes flash. “Will you tell me from the start?”

Shouto visibly braces himself. “It all started on their wedding day.”

 Shouto leaves the Yagi residence around eleven, saying he has some matters to attend at his office, despite it being Saturday, promising Izuku that he won’t take long and he’ll come back for lunch. Izuku chooses to stay to talk to his father. He kisses Izuku’s cheek, bows to Toshinori-san, and walks out of the greenhouse, heart heavy but strangely in a light mood.

He’s told them about his family, and he feels… better. Free.

He realized that he didn’t have much support as he grew up, and his friends only consist of Momo, Tenya, and Kendou, all of them couldn’t have helped him with his predicament. This time, he has Izuku, and behind him, his father.

He didn’t dare to hope that he could get away from his father. Now, that hope grows stronger.

Shouto arrives at his office. He takes the executive elevator, checking his phone for messages. When the elevator dings and opens to his floor, he steps out, eyes still trained on his phone.

Maybe that’s why he didn’t see the fist coming.

He stumbles to the wall, blinking to clear up the sharp pain bursting from his cheekbone. He looks up to see his father’s outraged face, and just behind him, Kendou is being held by two of his father’s goons, mouth covered by a large hand, silently crying. Oh, Momo is going to raise hell when she finds out.

His suit is roughly being jerked up, his father hand gripping his collar tight, nearly cutting Shouto’s breath. He coughs.

“You insolent brat!” that fist comes again, making contact with his gut. Shouto doubles over in pain, whimpering unconsciously. No matter how many times his father had hit him, it always surprises him when it comes. He tries to stand, tries to fight back, because he’s an adult now and he’s so close to a life free of his father. Then two hands close on his throat, making him focus on trying to breathe. He struggles to get that hand open, fingers scrambling and scratching. His father tightens his hold.

“You,” that low, furious tone makes his entire body seizes up. “You were supposed to surpass Yagi, not fucking his son!”

His lungs hurt, the lack of oxygen dizzying. He kicks out desperately, but Enji avoids it easily, and in turn, twists his left wrist until he hears a pop. He chokes on a scream—the bastard broke his wrist. Kendou lets out a muffled yell, struggling against the men holding her.

Enji releases him, and he crumbles to the ground, kneeling and gasping for air. A hand jerks his head roughly, forcing him to look up.

“You think you can get away with it?” Enji growls, eyes full of menace. “Remember, boy, your sister still lives with me. And I can still throw your mother back to the asylum. You do anything stupid, your sister and your mother will pay—and they will for this humiliation. And so will that Yagi brat.”

He never hates Todoroki Enji more than that moment.

“Stop playing house with that brat, break up with him, and focus on your job. If you don’t, don’t think I will hesitate to kill him. And you’re marrying Hatsume Mei in a month,” Enji kicks his body for good measures, and Shouto curls up into a ball. “You’re a Todoroki. You are going to bring down Yagi. That’s the whole purpose of your existence.”

He releases Shouto’s hair, facing Kendou. “Make sure you don’t tell anyone about this, Kendou,” he threatens. Kendou whimpers, eyes wide and wet. “Dead men tell no secrets, after all. You don’t want your fiancée suffering, do you?”

Kendou nods weakly. Enji’s men release her, and they get into the elevator. Kendou rushes to him, trembling.

“Shouto,” she calls out. “Shouto, answer me please.”

He coughs, groaning when his ribs protest. “Call Izuku, please.”

“The man has gone nuts,” Kendou scrambles to find his phone. “Oh, God, Shouto, he’s crazy.”

Shouto closes his eyes, feeling like he might throw up if he moves too much. His stomach hurts, his face also hurts, and it’s still hard for him to breathe.

“Midoriya? No-it’s not Todoroki. It’s Kendou, oh God, Midoriya—Izuku, please come here, quickly. Enji—he,” Kendou sobs. “He hurt Shouto.”

“I-I can’t,” Kendou stutters out. “Enji will be really angry if we call an ambulance, I’m sure his men are still around. Yes, yes, of course. I’m so sorry I couldn’t do anything, Izuku, please, please help him.”

There’s hands on his face, brushing his bangs away from his sweaty forehead. “We’ll get you out of here. I gotta call Ojiro, he’ll take you back to the Yagi’s residence. Midoriya can’t come, your father would find out if he came.”

Shouto nods. It feels like hours later when someone props him up. He feels less dizzy, though no less hurting.

“Come on, we’ll take the back door,” Ojiro murmurs, hauling him to his feet.

Kendou pushes his phone to his pocket. “I’ll, I will tell Tenya that you won’t be coming to the office for a few more days.” She carefully takes off his suit jacket and changes it to a hoodie—Izuku’s hoodie, the one he left at the office a couple days ago. She pulls the hood to his head.

“Don’t tell him about this,” Shouto rasps. He opens his eyes—well, his right eye. His left is swollen shut. “Tell no one else, Kendou, please.”

Kendou nods. “I will. Be careful, Ojiro.”

Ojiro nods grimly. He guides Shouto into the elevator. They get off on the second floor and Ojiro takes the stair to the first floor. It’s a smart move, because no one is around the hallway on the second floor, the conference halls are all unoccupied at Saturdays. It’s a painful process for Shouto. Ojiro takes them to the back of the office, past the cafeteria and pantries, out of the back door. The car is waiting, another driver behind the wheel. Ojiro carefully lays him down on the backseat and gets to the front.

“Yagi’s residence,” he tells the driver. “And you’re not seeing anything.”

Shouto doesn’t hear the driver’s response, tuning them out of his mind. He wants Izuku. He wants his arms around him, caressing him. He curls up, wishing Izuku is here to hold him.

The car rolls to a stop, and the doors open. There’s a gasp and curses, barked orders from Toshinori. Ojiro helps him out of the car. A familiar hand touches the right side of his face, and Shouto opens his eyes to see Izuku’s horrified expression.

“He did this to you!” he hisses, left hand clenching and unclenching. “He fucking did this to you. Oh, Shouto, I should have come with you.”

He shakes his head. “You shouldn’t. If he had seen you, he would’ve hurt you too.”

“Ojiro-kun, can you help him to the guest room on the left wing?” Izuku motions to a hovering staff. “Come on.”

Ojiro nods. Izuku sidles up to his other side and slings Shouto’s arm around his shoulders. Together, they wobble to an area separated by a koi pond and a small bridge. The staff holds the door open as Izuku and Ojiro help Shouto to the bed.

“Call Chiyo now, and tell my father to call Tsukauchi-san here,” Izuku says to the staff. She bows and leaves the room. “Ojiro-kun, what happened?”

Ojiro takes Shouto’s shoes off. “I don’t know the details. I was just taking Fuyumi-san home when Kendou called me. She said it was Enji.”

Izuku clenches his eyes shut. “He found out,” he groaned. “And he took it out to Shouto.”

“Apparently,” Ojiro agrees. Izuku unbuttons Shouto’s shirt, cursing a blue streak upon seeing the bruises on his torso.


The staff comes back with a bowl of warm water and hand towels. She puts it on the side table. Izuku wets the towel and carefully wipes away the dried blood on Shouto’s cheek, sitting beside him on the bed—the cut on his cheekbone is a little deep. There's also bruising on his throat—as if he was choked by large hands. Shouto doesn’t move, but he lets out a moan. Izuku just realizes that Shouto’s left wrist is swollen, angled awkwardly, seemingly broken. He drapes another wet towel on his wrist.

Oh, the bastard is going to pay for this.

“Sorry, ‘Zuku.”

“Don’t be,” Izuku kisses his jaw. “If anything, we can use this against him.”

“My mom…”

“I’m getting her out of the apartment. We’re going to stay here,” Izuku reassures him. “Ojiro-kun, can you pick up Fuyumi-san, as soon as possible? Make sure Enji isn’t home before you get her out of the house.”

Ojiro nods in understanding. “Got it. I will call Fuyumi-san on the way.”

“Thank you,” Izuku hears Ojiro leaves the room. Then he hears his father approaching. Izuku threads his fingers to Shouto’s hair.

“How is he?” his father asks. Izuku glances at him, not surprised seeing the anger on his face—anger for Shouto's behalf.

"The bastard broke his wrist, Dad."

Toshinori closes his eyes, hissing. "How could he do it to his own son?"

"I don't know," Izuku sobs, misery and anger rising inside him, and tears come unbidden. Shouto has closed his eyes, breathing steady. His forehead is crinkled, possibly in pain. He looks so fragile like this, and Izuku doesn't like it. "I should have been there."

Toshinori puts a hand on Izuku's shoulder. "It happened. We need to act now, Izuku. I'm afraid Enji will go the extremes after this—I don't want them suffer any more."

Izuku brushes his lips to Shouto's temple, to his scar.


"His plane is landing in a few hours."

The door to the room opens again to let Shuuzenji Chiyo in. She tsked when she sees Shouto laying on the bed.

"What now?" she stomps to the bed, eyes narrowing. The old woman sighs upon seeing Shouto's condition. "What is Enji's son doing here?"

Toshinori shrugs to his personal doctor helplessly. "The man beat him up."

"Because he found out we've been dating," Izuku sniffs. Dammit, they haven't even been dating for a week, and this happens. Izuku clenches his fists, feeling helpless.

Chiyo purses her lips. She motions to the staff following behind her. "Give me my bag. Did Enji broke the young man's wrist too?"

Izuku nods. Chiyo quickly examines it. "It's probably dislocated. I'll brace it for now, but we need to get him to the hospital for an X-ray," she sets to work, hands working surely and efficiently. Shouto opens his eyes in the middle of Chiyo's treatment.


Izuku kisses his lips softly. "I'm here."

Chiyo finishes bandaging his wrist. "Where else did he hit you?"

Shouto blinks. "My stomach. My face. He choked me."

Chiyo smacks Izuku's shoulder. "Get photos of his injuries. We'll need it for evidence. It can be reported as domestic assault."

Izuku scrambles off the bed to get his phone, snapping a few pictures of Shouto's face, neck, and torso. After he's done, Chiyo cleans up his wounds and starts treating them. 

"Have you called Tsukauchi?"

"He's on his way," Toshinori answers. 

"I've always known the man is not right in the head. Only assholes hit their family," Chiyo mutters. "Boy, did you have a witness?"

"Yeah," Shouto responds weakly. "My PA."

"Stupid man, leaving a witness," she clicks her tongue. "Izuku, give the pictures to Tsukauchi later. If you need me to testify, just call me." She finishes putting the last a small band-aid to the cut on Shouto's face. She packs up. "He should be fine now."

"Thank you, Chiyo-san," Izuku bows. Chiyo ruffles his hair affectionally and hands Shouto a lollipop. Surprised, Shouto accepts it.

"Take a rest, Todoroki-kun, and Izuku, stop fussing," Chiyo scolds him. "He'll need you to be strong, young man."

Izuku bows his head deeper. "Okay."

Chiyo stands, pulling Toshinori away from them. "I need to talk to you, Toshinori." Toshinori follows her dutifully out of the room. A moment later, it's just Izuku and Shouto in the room.

Izuku scoots on the bed and lies down beside Shouto, holding his hand. Shouto turns his body slightly toward Izuku. They're silent for a few moments, breathing each other in.

"I'm fine," he says quietly. Izuku shakes his head.

"But it's not fine, Shouto," Izuku presses his face to Shouto's arm. "What did he say?"

"Just that he'd make my mother and my sister pay," he murmurs. "And that what I did was a humiliation to him."

"My father is relocating your mother and your sister, so at least, they'll be away from him physically."

Shouto smiles tiredly. "I don't know what I'd do without you."

"I'm sort of the reason why your father was angry," Izuku points out. "If we weren't dating, your father would leave you guys alone."

Shouto tightens his hand. "You're wrong. I think he's going to explode sooner or later anyway. Us dating is just a catalyst, not a reason," he says fiercely. "And I wouldn't want it any other way, Izuku. Having you in my life is a blessing, and I'm thankful for you—so very thankful, remind me to visit a shrine later, okay? I would rather face his rage, than having it directed at my mother or my sister—or at you."

"But it's not fair for you, Shouto," Izuku can't hold in his tears. "You've suffered enough."

Shouto kisses him slow. "This will be the last time."

Izuku lifts their joined hands and kisses Shouto's knuckles. "It will. I promise." He sorta already failed his previous promise, but he'll do his damnedest to fulfill this one promise. "I won't let him lay his hands on you again—ever."

Shouto buries his face in his hair, body shaking, crying silently. Izuku joins him, tears streaming down his face, as he holds his lover close to him.

Chapter Text

The way Rei-san crumbles when she sees Shouto hurts Izuku. She looks devastated, hands fluttering over Shouto’s face, crying despite Shouto’s repeated reassurances that he’s fine.

“He-I left you with him!” she sobs brokenly. “Shouto, I’m so, so sorry.”

Shouto tries to smile, though it’s more of a pained grimace. “Mom, it’s not your fault.”

The crying doubles when Fuyumi-san arrives—that and a swearing foul enough to make Izuku’s ears burn. Thank God for his mother, who manages to steer the women away from Shouto and convinces them that Shouto needs to rest. The three women leave Shouto’s room, his mom insisting that she shows the Todoroki women their rooms and serves late lunch for all of them.

As soon as the door closes, Izuku clambers up to the bed, pressing his body as close as possible to Shouto’s. His boyfriend snuggles close to him.

Shouto puts his left arm on Izuku’s stomach. “We’re a pair, aren’t we?”

Izuku glances down at their bodies—his broken right arm and Shouto’s bandaged left wrist. Izuku snorts.

“Yeah, because matching broken bones are really in the rage now.”

Shouto chuckles. Izuku strokes Shouto’s hair idly.

“So, what happens now?” Shouto asks quietly.

“We have witnesses, and we have evidence. I think the assault could serve as a ground to start investigations on your father,” Izuku presses the tips of his fingers to the bruises on Shouto’s neck. “Tsukauchi-san can help us, my father trusts him. I didn’t expect your father to attack you in broad daylight, and in front of Kendou-san at that. It doesn’t really make sense. As for your mother and sister, Hitoshi will do something to make him sign the divorce papers. That reminds me, I need to call our lawyers. Do you have lawyers? Personal ones, not your corporate’s. And I think you can convince your board members to really kick your father out, once the court proceeding starts—”

“You’re mumbling,” Shouto murmurs sleepily. “I want to nap. Wake me up when your Tsukauchi comes, ‘kay?”

“Okay,” Izuku lets Shouto bury his face to his shoulder. The man is out in less than ten seconds. He reaches for his phone and texts Kacchan.




To : Bakugou Katsuki


Can you help me?

From : Bakugou Katsuki

It’s too fucking early, asshat

To : Bakugou Katsuki

I need to borrow your lawyers

We need a team of lawyers

Whaaa sorry I didn’t realize it’s still morning there

How’s Dubai?

From : Bakugou Katsuki

Whatever. Dubai’s too fucking hot

How many are you talking about?

Are you going to court with the emperor or something?

To : Bakugou Katsuki

No. Just Todoroki Enji

From : Bakugou Katsuki


Did he do something?

To : Bakugou Katsuki

I’ll call and tell you later

But yeah, he did

From : Bakugou Katsuki

Fine, whatever

You’re gonna pay them, though

To : Bakugou Katsuki

Thanks, Kacchan

I owe you one




To : Uraraka Ochako

Uraraka, can you do me a favor?

From : Uraraka Ochako

Sure. What’s up?

To : Uraraka Ochako

I need you to do an X-ray for Shouto

He broke his wrist

But we need to do it discreetly

From : Uraraka Ochako

Oh God. What happened?

Shouto? When did you guys start using first names?

To : Uraraka Ochako

Uhm, so, we’re dating

Like, since last weekend

From : Uraraka Ochako

DEKU! You didn’t tell me!

To : Uraraka Ochako


From : Uraraka Ochako

Come whenever, I have a double shift today

And Deku, we need to talk about keeping important news from your best friends

To : Uraraka Ochako

Thanks, Uraraka! I owe you one!


There’s a knock on the door. Izuku starts.


A staff peeks in, whispering just loud enough for Izuku to hear. “Young Master? Tsukauchi-san is here.”

“Oh,” he looks down at the sleeping Shouto. “Where is he?”

“Talking with the Master and your guests in the back deck.”


“She’s preparing lunch, Sir.”

“I’ll wake him up, then. Please wait for us.”

“Do you need assistance, Young Master?”

Izuku shakes his head, carefully extracting his arms from around Shouto. He sits up and yawns. “No, we can manage, I think. Thank you.”

The staff bows and closes the door. Izuku caresses Shouto’s face, trying to rouse him.

“Shouto? I need you to wake up.”

Shouto opens one blue eye. He nods and sits up gingerly, hissing and clutching his stomach when the pain flares up again.

Izuku starts to stand. “I’m gonna get them here, wait here and don’t move Shou—”

“No,” Shouto halts him with a hand on his thigh. “I can walk. I’ve been in worse pain than this. Just give me a moment.”

“Was that supposed to be reassuring?” Izuku asks, exasperated. “If anything, that only made me want to kick his ass.”

Shouto grins. He scoots over the bed and Izuku helps him stand. They manage to stand straight without crashing to the floor. They make their way out slowly, Shouto gripping Izuku’s arm, aware that Shouto’s still a little wobbly on his feet.

Inko shrieks when she sees them stepping to the back porch.

“You’re not supposed to be out of your room!” Inko swiftly guides Shouto to a chair. He sighs gratefully as he sits down.

Izuku bows to Tsukauchi. “Hello, Tsukauchi-san.”

“Good afternoon, Izuku-kun,” Tsukauchi smiles kindly. He looks at Shouto. “This is your boyfriend?”

Shouto bows his head. “Yes. I’m Todoroki Shouto. It’s nice to meet you, Tsukauchi-san.”

“Nice to meet you too, Todoroki-san. Although, it sure would be nicer if we met in a very different situation.”

Izuku takes a seat beside Shouto, who’s being fussed over by his mother and his sister. He shoots a helpless glance to Izuku, and he just laughs at his suffering. Inko shoves a full plate in front of him.

Tsukauchi says nothing as they eat, only observing Fuyumi-san and Rei-san with sharp eyes. Toshinori keeps glancing at Shouto and Izuku. Inko engages her guests with questions and stories. Soon enough, the plates are cleared, and all of them have some kind of drinks in front of them. Mighty comes barking and wagging her tail, a ball between her teeth, dropping it on Izuku’s lap. Izuku stands, ruffling Mighty’s head.

“Come on, you lug. I’ll throw the ball,” Izuku runs down the steps to the yard, Mighty running and barking excitedly after him.

He hears his mother excusing herself, and then his father appears beside him. Izuku throws the ball, watching as Mighty runs after it.

“I think they need to talk privately with Tsukauchi,” he says. When Mighty comes back and drops the ball on the ground, his father picks it up. He throws it, and Mighty runs again.

His phone buzzes in his pocket. Izuku takes it out to see a text from Hitoshi.

“Hitoshi is on his way here,” he puts his phone back to his pocket. “And I have Kacchan’s permission to borrow his lawyers.”

“I want to know what Hitoshi comes up with,” Toshinori sits on the grass and lets Mightry drape her big body over his lap. “The boy is very good with strategic plannings.”

Izuku sits beside Toshinori. “Dad, I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you.”

Toshinori hums. “What for, my boy?”

“For being an amazing father.” Especially after Izuku’s own father was arrested for murder when he was five. He doesn’t remember much, just that Toshinori has always been a warm presence on his life. His mother had been working as Toshinori’s secretary for four years when his father was sentenced to jail. They got married when he was six, because it turned out that Toshinori fell in love with his mother the first day they met.

“That’s not something you should be thanking me for, Izuku,” Toshinori ruffles his hair. “It’s an honor and a duty for me, as I promised you and your mother that I’d be a good father and a good husband for you two.”

“It’s just, when I see Shouto,” Izuku glances back to Shouto. He sits stiffly, as Rei-san cries and Fuyumi-san hugs her mother tight. Tsukauchi wears a sympathetic smile, hand holding Rei-san’s arm. “I’m reminded that not everyone is as lucky as I am to have you and Mom. Shouto was born into privilege, and yet his childhood… sucked. Sometimes I take it for granted, you know. Shouto is very kind, Dad, I just can’t believe he turned out okay with an abusive bastard as a father—but I’m grateful that he is, and it makes me angry at Enji, that he tried to make Shouto his carbon copy.”

Toshinori chuckles. “Boy, you should see the way you talk about him.”

Izuku buries his face to his knees, flushing. “I-I just, I love him so much, Dad. He doesn’t deserve this.”

“He doesn’t. No kid does.” Toshinori lays on the grass. “And he loves you too, you know.”

Izuku shakes his head. Yeah, he knows Shouto cares about him, though he won’t go too far to say that Shouto loves him. Izuku has always been aware that he’s in deep, but there’s the lingering insecurity that Shouto would see him as not worth his time.


Izuku turns his head toward his father. His father’s blond hair falls over his eyes, but he still senses his piercing gaze.

“I’m happy that you are my son. I’m so proud of you, my boy.”

Tears well up, and Izuku lets out a watery chuckle, heart bursting with love for the man who’s his father in everything but blood.

“Thanks, Dad. You’re the best.”

Toshinori grins. “Come on, don’t cry.”

And that only makes the tears come faster. Toshinori laughs, by now used to Izuku’s (and Inko’s) bouts of emotional crying.

Mighty perks up and barks, running back to the porch, nearly stepping on his father’s chest. Izuku sits up to see what gets her so excited.

Hitoshi crouches near the steps, arms outstretched to catch Mighty as she jumps at him. She bowls him over anyway, licking his face exuberantly. Hitoshi has always been Mighty’s favorite—to be fair though, the dog is an overly friendly one so she likes everyone.

“Your dog is a menace,” Izuku notes. His father groans.

“Mighty is your dog. You were the one who asked to get her.”

Izuku stands, holding out his hand to help his father. He takes it with a grumble. They walk to the porch together. Hitoshi straightens, albeit still on his sprawled position on the porch. He looks dead tired—as usual, but now, probably aided by jetlag—but he’s smiling.

“Nice to be home,” Hitoshi drawls, hugging Mighty’s body to him. “Anyone wants to tell me why Todoroki looks like he lost a round with the thugs?”

“Not the thugs,” Izuku says wryly. “Just Todoroki Enji.”

Hitoshi’s eyes darken. “Speaking of that scumbag, I have a plan. Want to hear?” he glances at Tsukauchi. The man raises his hands defensively.

“As long as you’re not explicitly breaking the laws, and as long as you don’t tell me the exact details, I’m not stopping you guys. I would like to get my hands on that man as well.”

Hitoshi stands. “Good. I think we need to get comfortable. There’s a hell lot of things I need to tell you guys.”


So for the next few days, Izuku and Hitoshi begins their planning.

Izuku and Shouto went to Uraraka’s hospital, and she took them for the X-ray without questions. She agreed to act as witness—she even got one of her friends to help them too.

“Will you ever tell me about what’s all this about?” Uraraka had asked as they waited for Shouto just outside the room.

“You will. Not now,” Izuku answered grimly. “We have too much at stake.”

Uraraka had nodded. “Okay.” She bit her lip. “Say, Deku, do you know where Bakugou is?”

Izuku blinked. “Huh? Kacchan?”

“He doesn’t answer my phone,” she fiddled with her coat. “He’s avoiding me… and I need to talk to him. To—apologize.”

“I thought you two acted strange back when I was in the hospital,” Izuku murmured, perplexed. He didn’t know Kacchan had been avoiding Uraraka—they were close enough and they had some kind of relationship separate from their mutual friendship with him. “Didn’t he tell you? He took a permanent post in Dubai.”

Uraraka’s eyes widened. “Dubai?”

“Yeah. He left last Thursday.”

“Oh,” she whispered. Uraraka looked stricken. “He didn’t tell me.”

They didn’t get the chance to talk more because Shouto came out from the X-ray room, and they were later informed that Shouto dislocated his wrist. As they left the hospital, Izuku had noted that Uraraka still looked slightly ill. He wanted to ask her about it, about what happened with her and Kacchan, but Uraraka had dodged his inquiry with a sad smile.

“It’s something we need to resolve by ourselves,” she had said. “I promise I’ll talk to you later about it.”

Izuku couldn’t blame her about it—he didn’t tell her about his and Shouto’s situation either.

They called the lawyers, and combined, they have thirteen of them, all eager to go head to head with Enji’s team of lawyers. They started pouring over Rei-san’s marriage contract—there’s no way to phrase it as other than contract, since they resembled a business contract and that had horrified Izuku—to find loopholes, working way overtime. They also looked over Shouto’s agreement with his father when he took over the CEO position—and they did find some loopholes there.

Izuku planned to give them hefty bonus when this all ends.

Shouto went back to work on Monday, but they keep the Todorokis inside the Yagi’s residence. Izuku formally pressed charges to Todoroki Enji for assault and Tsukauchi processed it, working with his own men for the warrant to search Enji’s office, since they can’t exactly use what Hitoshi found.

Enji has been blowing up Fuyumi’s phone, and Izuku’s men reported that he had been to Shouto’s building a few times. Fuyumi informed her fiancé, and on Monday, he went to the estate, bewildered about Fuyumi’s sudden disappearance, then agreed to lay low in case Enji bothers him.

When he asked Shouto about it, he said he wasn’t going to tell his brothers about their plans. He said they’ve abandoned their mother and didn’t so much as contact her, so Shouto felt he had no obligations to contact them.

Meanwhile, Hitoshi has been working with Tsukauchi on how to find the evidence they need by the book. It’s important that they do this without rousing suspicions on their methods. They need to give Enji no wiggle room.

Izuku went back to the bookstore on Tuesday, happy that things have returned to normal and found no reporters camped there. Kirishima still banished him from any work though, adamantly telling him to rest.

He spent his free times reading Harry Potter in bed with Shouto, and talked about their next steps. Shouto expressed his worry, but Izuku was fast to reassure him. Shouto snuggled to his side with a whispered, “I trust you.” It warms Izuku’s hard.

Aizawa confirmed that they’re having a business meeting with Endeavor’s board on Friday. Enji would be there. Hitoshi and Izuku would be attending too, even though both of them have ulterior motives—catching Enji off guard.

On Friday, Izuku and Hitoshi sit on the car with Aizawa in the driver seat. The man didn’t ask them about their sudden interest in attending the meeting—Izuku wouldn’t know what to say anyway. He fiddles with his bandaged arm—by now his cast had been removed, even though Chiyo-san griped and scolded him endlessly.

“Does it have anything to do with the lawyers?” Aizawa asks as they enter Endeavor’s building, straight to the basement parking.

“Yep,” Hitoshi doesn’t elaborate. Aizawa sighs long-sufferingly.

“As long as you pay them out of your own pocket, I don’t care.”

“Thanks, Uncle Shouta.”

They get out of the car and head to basement the elevator, a backpack held in Hitoshi’s hand. They’re greeted by Kendou when they get off the elevator on Shouto’s floor, who bows to Aizawa and hugs Izuku.

“The man is in the meeting room,” she whispers. Izuku nods. “I’ll take Aizawa-san and Shinsou-san to the meeting room.”

“I need to talk to Shouto first.” Izuku tells Kendou and slips inside Shouto’s office. His boyfriend is standing by the window, silhouetted by the sunlight streaming inside the office, Yaoyorozu talking to him. He turns around when he hears the door opens, smiling as Izuku approaches him. Yaoyorozu smirks and excuses herself, patting Izuku’s shoulder as she passes him. Izuku is once again struck by the realization that his boyfriend is hot, especially in his form-fitting suit.

Izuku has never thought himself to have a suit kink. But when the one wearing it is Shouto, there’s no denying it.

“Hey,” Izuku hugs him. Shouto props his chin on the top of his head. “Are you ready?”

Shouto wraps his arms around Izuku. “No.”

“Just let me and Hitoshi do the talking, okay? If anything happens, we have Aizawa to do damage control. Your mother is safe—my father won’t let your father’s men near her and my mother.”

Izuku feels the minute trembles in his boyfriend’s arms. “’Kay.” Shouto takes his hand, and they both walk out the office. Izuku keeps holding onto Shouto’s hand as they ride the elevator together, even when they finally enter the meeting room. All movements cease when they enter, Izuku lets go of his hand as Shouto takes his spot at the head of the meeting table.

Izuku takes a peek at Enji. The man is positively fuming, furious and hands clenched tight on top of the table. By now, he must have been notified about the assault charge. He doesn’t hide his fury when he sears Izuku with his eyes. Izuku holds his chin high in a silent challenge.

Come at us. You won’t tear us apart.

Aside of him, Hitoshi, and Aizawa, Mirio and Nejire-san are also attending the meeting. Aizawa acts as All Might’s representative, and it’s not hard to see why his father entrusted the CEO chair to him. He’s very charismatic and can be very scary when he wants too—Izuku has seen him cuddling with his five cats and doting on his husband to actually take him too seriously though. Shouto is attentive and the way he leads the meeting leaves his chest swelling with pride. When there’s a lull in the meeting, Aizawa leans in his direction.

“He’s a better CEO than his father,” he murmurs, eyeing Shouto with interest. “Enji had been brash and stubborn. The boy is more willing to see different approaches.”

“Enji is probably having an aneurysm, that his son is even considering a partnership with us,” Hitoshi pipes in with a snort. “And did you see their board members supporting Todoroki more than they do his father?”

“The way I see it, it won’t be long for the board to actually remove Enji,” Aizawa says then straightens.

The meeting continues without a glitch—even though Enji tries his best to undermine Shouto’s decisions. Izuku resists the urge to deck the man. They all stand when Shouto ends the meeting, bowing to him—Aizawa, Hitoshi, and Izuku included.

“And here we go,” Hitoshi whispers in Izuku’s ear. “We’ll be waiting.”

Izuku lingers in the meeting room, mingling with several of Endeavor’s board members and giving them his father’s regards. Mirio and Nejire-san take their leave, and a staff informs them that they’re serving lunch somewhere else, and soon enough they are leaving the meeting room in a group. Izuku sidles up closer to Shouto and takes his arm in his. This act doesn’t go unnoticed by a board member, who’s eyeing them curiously.

“Ah, Midoriya-san, are you and Todoroki-sachou dating?”

Shouto squeezes Izuku’s arm. “Yes, Maijima-san.”

“Congratulations!” Maijima exclaims, smiling. Izuku smiles shyly. He hears a grunt behind him, and by the way Shouto’s arm stiffens, he can guess who it was.

Shouto politely declined the lunch and instead leads Izuku back to his office. Predictably, Enji is following behind them, ordering his secretary to leave him. Kendou says nothing when they pass her desk—Hitoshi probably already told her what to do.

“We’re okay,” he says to Shouto, who looks at him fondly.

“We’re okay.”

“Midoriya-san, a word?” Enji poses it as a request, but Izuku knows he’s not allowed to refuse. Izuku glances over his shoulder, seeing Enji clenching and unclenching his fists.

“Sure, Todoroki-san. Can we at least talk inside?”

Enji gives him a terse nod, eyes shifting to Shouto. Izuku actually shivers involuntarily. That look promises murder.

Izuku walks into Shouto’s office first, Enji right behind him, and Shouto in the rear. Shouto locks the door after they are all inside, and Enji whirls around to face him as soon as he hears the door closing. Shouto's back hits the door as he takes a step back.

“I told you to break up with this…this bastard,” Enji takes a step toward Shouto. Izuku is fast to stand between him and Shouto.

“Oh no, you don’t, Todoroki-san,” Izuku pushes Enji’s chest. He feels Shouto freezing behind him. “Step back.”

“This brat pressed charge!” Enji yells, ignoring Izuku. He tries to sidestep Izuku, but Izuku is having none of it. “I fucking told you, Shouto, you do anything stupid—”

“Move back!” Izuku growls. “Stay the fuck away from Shouto, you hear me?”

Enji’s hand moves to push Izuku away. “He’s my fucking son, Midoriya-san.”

“And does that give you the right to beat him up?” a bored voice interjects.

Belatedly, Enji seems to realize that they’re not alone. Hitoshi and two lawyers, along with Yaoyorozu, are standing in the sitting area, facing them. Aizawa sits on the couch, sipping coffee, watching the spectacle unfold. Four of Izuku’s bodyguards silently move to guard the door.

“What is this?” Enji demands, his previous ire forgotten. “What’s the meaning of this?!”

“I’d like to say it’s nice to meet you, but I’d be lying,” Hitoshi says dryly.

Izuku pulls Shouto’s arm, leading him to them. He’s trembling, and Izuku doesn’t blame him for being terrified—the last time he’s seen Enji, the man was close to beating him unconscious. Yaoyorozu pushes Shouto down to sit beside Aizawa and she stands in front of him like some kind of warrior guarding her king. Izuku fully faces Enji, unleashing his own pent-up fury.

“You piece of shit,” he surprises himself with the menace in his voice. “Be thankful the only thing I charged you with was the assault. What would child and spousal abuse do to your reputation, huh?”

He takes a step closer to Enji. Hitoshi pulls up to his full height—and Hitoshi can actually be scary even if he says nothing—and positions himself beside Izuku, hands behind his back.

Enji stands vibrating with rage. He glares at Shouto.

“You forgot your agreement, Son.”

Shouto shakes his head. “You only said ‘No telling the media’, Father. Not my boyfriend. I didn’t sign to stay silent when it comes to my boyfriend, and technically, I wasn’t the one taking actions for your assault.”

“Bet you didn’t expect your son to have a boyfriend, let alone one who doesn't hesitate to fight you,” Hitoshi scoffs mockingly.

“So we have propositions, Enji-san,” Izuku motions to his lawyers. “Sign Rei-san’s divorce papers, and I will drop the assault charge.”

Enji recoils. “What the hell?”

One of the lawyers clears his throat. “On your prenuptial agreements with Todoroki Rei-san, maiden name Kurogane, it is stated that she couldn’t file the divorce under any circumstances. You, Todoroki Enji-san, is the only one who can.”

“So, your freedom in exchange of Rei-san’s freedom,” Izuku smiles a little savagely. “A fair exchange, isn’t it?”

Enji, if such thing is possible, looks even more incensed. “This is bullshit!”

“Oh, so the incentive is not enough?” Hitoshi tilts his head in fake confusion. “What about this?” he opens the folder he’s hidden behind his back, giving it to Enji. “I assure you, I haven’t told anyone about that… document.”

Enji pales when he sees inside the folder. “How did you find this?”

“I have my ways,” Hitoshi smiles beatifically. Izuku shivers. “Imagine, Todoroki-san,” Hitoshi steps closer to Enji, until he can murmur right in his ear. Izuku couldn’t hear what Hitoshi is saying, but he can guess by the look on Enji’s face.

Enji crumples the folder in his hands. “This is blackmail.”

“It’s something you’re very familiar with, isn’t it?” Hitoshi taunts. “Why? Afraid of the taste of your own medicine, Todoroki-san?”

“I want a sworn statement that not one single thing of this exchange will get out from this room,” Enji grits his teeth. Hitoshi nods.

“Okay. We don’t actually want to tell the world about Shouto’s home situation to the world anyway—for his sakes, not yours,” Izuku answers. One of the lawyers approaches them with a document in hand. The document is already signed by Izuku, Hitoshi, Aizawa, and Yaoyorozu, also by Izuku’s four bodyguards. Enji scans it, and quickly added his signature. The lawyer gives him a copy of the document.

“While we’re at it, you’re also signing a statement that you are not going to go after Rei-san and Fuyumi-san,” Izuku says. “They’re innocent in all of this. You’re not dragging them through your mess.”

“Fine!” Enji snaps, out of patience and Izuku knows being cornered and ambushed like this is denting his ego. “Bastards, all of you.”

“I can say the same,” Izuku retorts. “Seriously, Enji-san, you’re very lucky I’m willing to drop the charge. We just want you as far away from Shouto as possible. I really want to get my hands on you, but assault is a punishable crime,” he sneers. “Just sign the documents, Enji-san, and I will leave you alone.”

The other lawyer hands Enji the divorce papers. He doesn’t look twice at it before signing it.

Izuku feels a sense of triumph. The man doesn’t know what hit him.

Getting Rei-san the divorce is only their first step.

“Now, can I leave?” Enji snarls.

Izuku nods. “Thank you for your cooperation, Enji-san,” he says politely. “Our lawyers will be in touch with yours.”

Izuku’s bodyguards part when Enji stomps to the door, yanking it open and slamming it close with a force enough to rattle the heavy door.

Izuku sighs in relief, looking back at Shouto. Yaoyorozu is holding him against her shoulder. Aizawa looks a little bewildered. The lawyers are chatting excitedly with one another, pointing to the papers Enji signed.

“He really didn’t take a closer look at the papers,” Hitoshi murmurs in amazement. “The man really is stupid. Holy shit.”

“Midoriya-san, we’ll take the next course of action,” one of the lawyers, Fukidashi, bows to him. “We’ll take our leave.”

“Okay. Thank you for your help,” Izuku shakes their hands. “Really, thank you, all of you.”

“You can thank us after we’re finished,” the other lawyer, Kaibara, smiles gleefully. “Oh, man, this is gonna be big.”

“Take the bodyguards. I have more downstairs.”

Once the lawyers leave with three of the guards, Izuku plops down beside Shouto. “Shouto?” He doesn’t get a chance to do anything than calling his name before he gets an armful of his crying boyfriend.

“My mother is finally going to be free,” he mumbles against Izuku’s suit jacket. “Izuku, thank you. You did this, thank you.”

Izuku chuckles. “Don’t thank me. Hitoshi is the one who did the grunt works.”

“You did to,” Hitoshi pats Izuku’s hair.

“I provide the resources,” Izuku points out, dryly. Shouto surprises him by climbing up to his lap and kissing him deeply. Izuku cups his cheeks, tasting his tears and his gratitude. His thumbs rub at the tear tracks, fingers sliding to Shouto’s soft hair.

“What did I just witness?” Aizawa mutters. “No, seriously, what the hell, Hitoshi?”

Izuku and Shouto part, but Shouto immediately bury his face into Izuku’s hair, arms tight around him.

“You provide the extra intimidation,” Hitoshi replies with no hesitation. Aizawa sighs.

“Well, my job’s done, then,” he stands up and stretches. “The coffee is excellent, Yaoyorozu-san. I’ll be leaving, I have a shitload to do.” He ambles toward the door. The remaining guard opens the door for him. “Todoroki, for what it’s worth, I like it better when you are the one leading Endeavor. Your father was an overbearing bastard, and he wasn’t truly fit as a CEO anyway. I hope we both can have a beneficial partnership.” He steps out of the room after throwing them a small smile.

Yaoyorozu stands as well. “What’s gonna happen now?”

“First, Rei-san is getting the divorce. As we speak, it’s being processed,” Hitoshi glances at his watch. “And then. We get his ass.”


Within the next week, the divorce is finalized, courtesy of Toshinori’s vast connection in the judicial system. They're too happy to grant her the divorce. As promised, Todoroki Enji doesn’t contest it. Rei-san didn’t ask for any settlement, in exchange of a sworn statement that Enji would never contact her in any shapes and forms. They also get Fuyumi-san to live with Rei-san, finally away and out from Enji's toxic behaviors.

The next day, Todoroki Rei changes her name back to Kurogane.

And then she files the marital and child abuse charges. Someone conveniently tipped the media about the charges. Shouto and Fuyumi both stand beside her while she gives statements to the reporters.

The media is in uproar.

As the investigation of the abuse case proceeds, it also comes to light that Todoroki Enji allegedly hired the Yakuza to eliminate his business partners, and that he’s been evading tax for his personal assets. The court orders his arrest immediately.

Izuku is pretty sure that the further they are in the investigation, the police will find more.

He turns off the TV and curls up around Shouto as they both lay on the couch. Shouto often prefers to be the little spoon, and Izuku is always more than happy to hold him. Shouto is currently reading the third Harry Potter book, ignoring Izuku and the news about his father. His left wrist is healing nicely, and so is Izuku’s own broken arm. Izuku reclines on the arm of the couch, Shouto resting his back on his chest, an afghan blanket draped over their feet.

He’s thankful for the large comfy couch, because he’s not sure he wants to move away from their comfortable position.

The reporters are still bothering Shouto about him giving a statement—though a well-placed comment from his father managed to keep them away from Rei-san. They often holed up in Shouto’s apartment, Izuku continuing his training with Hizashi, and Shouto working from home. As he expected, the board members had been all horrified about Enji’s criminal allegations. They are doing their own internal investigation to see how much this will affect Endeavor as a whole. So far, they avoided being completely trashed in the stock market, due to Enji no longer being the CEO, though their stock price suffered. Shouto is certain they will manage just fine.

“We did it,” Izuku smiles against Shouto’s hair.

“We did,” Shouto mumbles. “I don’t care what happens to him now. As long as he’s staying the fuck away from Mom, it will be fine.” Shouto sits up. “You know, this isn’t what I imagined would happen when I first saw you in the bookstore.”

“Really?” Izuku peers up at him, smiling slightly. “What did you expect?”

“I expected a completely nondescript background, despite you being the most gorgeous person I’ve ever met,” Shouto answers bluntly. Izuku feels his face burning.

“Sho-Shoucchan! You can’t just say something like that without warning,” Izuku whines and hides his face in his arm. “Do you want to kill me?”

Shouto pulls his arm away from his face, and the smile on his face makes his embarrassment worth it. “It’s true. I was crushing hard on you since that first day—hell, I missed you so much when I was in Hong Kong, do you remember it? I didn’t expect you being Toshinori-san’s son, and I definitely didn’t expect you to help me get away from my father.”

“Shoucchan,” Izuku murmurs when Shouto leans in and kisses him.

“I didn’t expect you to be so sweet, so kind, so lovely,” Shouto pecks him all over his face, kissing his freckles, his nose. Izuku squirms, giggling softly. “So, so precious to me. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but thank you for choosing me.”

Tears well up in his eyes. “You’re precious to me too, Shouto.”

Shouto crushes him to his chest. “I’ve never been so happy in my life.”

“I’m glad I make you happy,” his voice is raspy, Izuku trying his hardest not to cry. “I’m lucky I get to call you mine.”

“I’m yours,” Shouto says earnestly, sweetly. He pulls away to gaze into Izuku’s wet eyes. “I’m yours, Izuku.”

Izuku chokes on the lump in his throat, heart swelling with love so big he doesn’t know how he manages to keep it from bursting. “I’m yours, Shouto.”

Shouto slips his hand in Izuku’s, entwining them together, and Izuku rubs Shouto’s left ring finger in a silent promise.

They fall asleep like that, holding each other, feeling safe in each other’s arms.

Chapter Text

“What do you mean, you’ve never finished watching Harry Potter?”

He didn’t mean to sound so upset, but well. That’s what happens when your boyfriend confesses he’s never seen the last two movies of Harry Potter.

Shouto’s hand moves to his collarbone, fingers caressing Izuku’s skin idly below his t-shirt. “Well, I just… I didn’t have the time. When in college we used to have movie nights and I did watch until the fifth movie—the one with the terrible woman in pink. But then I really didn’t have the inclination to watch alone.”

Izuku whacks him on the side, feeling personally offended. “We’re watching them. I’ll get ‘Toshi to get the DVD.”

They’re reclining on the couch, Izuku’s back on Shouto’s warm bare chest, propped up with a mountain of pillows around them, just lazing around in the warm Sunday morning. Izuku picks up his phone and starts typing with one hand. His right arm is almost fully healed now, and he only needs the bandages to keep his wrist stationary, but sometimes his fingers still feel too stiff. Shouto’s arm squeezes his middle.

“Are you hungry?” he asks. Izuku shakes his head no.

“It’s only eleven,” Izuku remarks dryly. “Are you hungry?”

Shouto buries his face in the crook of Izuku’s neck. “Not really.”


Shouto blows a warm breath to Izuku’s skin, tickling him. He barks out a startled chuckle. Shouto mouths at his skin. “Okay, okay, let’s go have lunch somewhere, I'll ask Hitoshi to meet us there,” Izuku laughs, squirming in Shouto’s arms. “I swear, you eat a ton.”

Shouto reluctantly lets his arms fall. “It’s almost lunch time.”

Izuku sits up, hand ruffling Shouto’s hair, mixing the red and white strands. “By the way, you’re a natural redhead, right?” he asks, since, who knows? He hasn’t had a chance to look closely at his boyfriend.

Shouto nods. “I started dyeing my hair because I knew my old man would blew his gasket. He did. I was happy.”

“You look cool like this,” Izuku grins, tugging a strand of red. He places his palm on Shouto’s—absolutely, perfectly—sculpted chest. “It’s like, your aesthetic. Your eyes don’t match so it’s okay if your hair doesn’t either, and you rock this look.” Paired with his usual work suits, he looks absolutely devastating. Izuku can’t help ogling him whenever Shouto dons his favorite dark suits for work.

“I had my hair white back in college,” Shouto muses, sitting up as well, leaning against Izuku’s shoulder like a big cat. His arms go around Izuku’s waist again. “Enji nearly strangled me.”

Izuku snorts. “Enji’s opinion doesn’t matter—especially now.”

“Especially now,” Shouto tilts his head and presses his lips to Izuku’s. Izuku responds in kind, draping his right arm to Shouto’s shoulder, opening his mouth to kiss him deeper, tongue tracing the seam of his boyfriend’s lips before nipping his lower lip gently. Izuku swallows his gasp and holds onto the back of Shouto’s head, feeling Shouto’s body relaxes in his hold. Shouto’s pulls back a little.


“Still hungry?” Izuku kisses the corner of his lips. Shouto grunts, shoving Izuku back down on the couch.

“Yes,” Shouto straddles his hips, hands going to Izuku’s wrists and pins them above his head. Izuku wriggles playfully.

“Another kind of hunger?”

Shouto leans down and kisses him.

Izuku moans when Shouto’s tongue enters his mouth, because yeah, he feels it. The heat pooling in the pit of his stomach, the insistent thrum of lust rushing in his veins. Shouto is a solid warmth above him, his lean body caging him in the most pleasant way. Shouto kisses him slowly, passionately, exploring his mouth thoroughly. Izuku responds in kind, chasing Shouto's lips and tongue with his. Izuku feels himself sinking into the kiss, grabbing Shouto’s strong bicep to hold on.

The phone rings.

They part with a gasp. Shouto’s mismatched eyes stared into his, pupils wide and dark with desire. He licks his lips, and Izuku reins in the need to capture those lips in his.

“Phone,” Shouto croaks, not moving away. “That’s yours.”

Izuku fumbles around and finds his phone on the table. It’s Kaibara, their lawyer. Shouto rolls away and stands, hand going to adjust himself in his sweatpants before he strolls to the kitchen, completely nonchalant. His back muscles ripple as he walks. Izuku gulps, his own pants uncomfortably tight.

“Midoriya here.”

“Midoriya-san,” Kaibara greets. “I was told by Tsukauchi-san that Todoroki Enji is officially charged with bribery, murders, and human trafficking. It’s not looking good for him, on top of the abuse charge.”

“Oh,” Izuku clears his throat. “We’re still representing Rei-san, aren’t we?”

“Yes. The abuse charge stands. We will be assisting Kurogane-san, but we still plan on pushing the charge, at the very least, get him a maximum sentence. And also,” Izuku hears the rustle of papers. “Enji requested to see Todoroki-san. Since he’s in holdings and Tsukauchi-san wanted the meeting to go under supervisions of the lawyers, they can accommodate the meeting in the station instead of the prison.”

“Oh,” Izuku sits up, head still feeling foggy. Snap out of it. “I’ll talk to Shouto. I think as long as they’re under surveillance, Shouto would be fine talking to him—I’ll come too. And also, don’t forget to settle their estate. Rei-san is still entitled for half of Enji’s money, be sure to get it, even if Rei-san didn’t want to.”

“On it, Midoriya-san. Anything else?”

Izuku hums, thinking. “Any problems with the Kurogane family?”

“Yes. They still want half of Enji’s money, the money that’s supposed to go to Kurogane-san, and I heard they will be suing us for defamation,” Izuku snorts at that—he can’t help it. “And also for false accusations. We can counter them easily, what’s with Kurogane-san’s pre-nuptial agreement.”

“Okay. If you need anything else, just call me or Hitoshi. No need to bother Rei-san or Fuyumi-san.”

“Yes, Midoriya-san.”

“Thank you for your hard work. Have a good day.”

“Good day, Midoriya-san.”

Shouto strolls back in, holding a bottle of water to his mouth. Izuku makes a grabby hand, throwing his phone back to the table. Shouto goes back to his position—draped on the couch, arms open, and Izuku gladly nuzzles back into his arms.

“Was that the lawyers?”

Izuku nods. “Your father was charged with murders, bribery, and the human trafficking. The cops are having a field day.” His boyfriend smells like lemongrass and sandalwood. Izuku shoves his nose into the crooks of Shouto’s throat, inhaling the scent—not like a creeper, Izuku says sternly to himself.

“I can imagine,” Shouto’s fingers tangle in his hair. “He’s been getting away from it for too long. It’s time for him to reap what he sows.”

“Shouto,” Izuku props his chin on Shouto’s pecs, looking up at him. Shouto peers down, eyebrow raised in question. “Your father wants to see you. Said he wanted to talk to you.”

Izuku feels his breath stutters. He smooths his palm on Shouto’s arm.

“The police will be there. As will the lawyers—ours and his. Tsukauchi-san probably wanted to know if he would divulge something to you,” he says, tone low and soothing. “And you won’t be alone. I’ll talk to Aizawa and Yamada if I can go with you—because we have the next week scheduled for my trainings.”

Shouto closes his eyes. “I don’t know why would the bastard want to see me.”

“I don’t either,” Izuku lays his cheek right on Shouto’s heart. The rhythmic beats calm him down like nothing else. “But, maybe there’s something worth knowing. You can get closure, maybe. It looks like he’s going to jail for a long time, too, and I have personal experience that closure is very important, at least to help you move on.”

Shouto hums quietly. Izuku feels it vibrating on his chest. “That’d be a good idea. Will you be there?”

“Of course!”

Shouto’s arms on his shoulders tightens.

“I’m sleepy,” Shouto murmurs.

“You said you’re hungry,” Izuku groans. “We’re meeting Hitoshi for lunch. In fact, we need to get ready.”

“Can’t you have Shinsou come here instead?” Shouto sounds petulant.

“Hitoshi will have my ass for it,” Izuku wiggles, trying to dislodge Shouto’s arms, to no avail. “Shouto, please. He’s bringing the Harry Potter DVDs too.”

Shouto finally releases him. Izuku jumps off the couch, fearing that Shouto’s pout would pull him back. Izuku resolutely walks into Shouto’s bedroom to get changed. Just as Izuku wriggles into his favorite T-shirt—with the word ‘Tuxedo’ on it—Shouto saunters into the bedroom.

“So we’re really going,” Shouto’s shoulders slump. He look adorably disappointed. “Alright. I’ll drive.” He walks into his walk-in closet.

Izuku plops down on the bed to put on his bright red hi-tops. “We can take a cab.”

“No,” Shouto yells from the depth of his massive walk-in closet. “Let’s not.”

Shouto’s phone rings as Izuku exits the bedroom, his Yale’s jacket in hand. It’s vibrating on the coffee table, the screen showing him that Fuyumi is calling. Izuku decides to answer.


“Hello, Fuyumi-san. I’m sorry, Shouto is in the bedroom.”

“Oh, Izuku-kun!” Fuyumi sounds surprised, but then she says in a rush. “Tell Shouto that we have an appointment tomorrow morning to pick my wedding dress, at nine. Mom will be there too. I’ll text the address.”

“Okay, Fuyumi-san. I’ll tell him,” Izuku glances to the bedroom door. Shouto isn’t out yet. “Do you need anything else?”

“You can come too! Your mother is coming with us.”

Izuku chuckles nervously. “Uh, maybe next time?”

“Shouto is going to whine because you’re not going to be there,” Fuyumi laughs lightly. “That’s all, then. See you later, Izuku-kun.”

“Bye, Fuyumi-san.”

“Is that my sister?”

Izuku yelps and whirls around to face Shouto. He’s changed into a pair of dark jeans and a black V-neck light sweater, hair slicked back a little to the side. He’s pulling on his grey blazer and he’s tapping the toe of his sneaker to the floor to get it comfortable. Izuku thanks the heavens that he gets to call this gorgeous human being his.

“Uh-huh,” Izuku hands him his phone. Shouto slides it into his jeans pocket. “She said you have a dress-shopping session tomorrow at nine.”

Shouto facepalms. "Oh God, I nearly forgot," he grumbles. “I gotta call Kendou, cancel the lunch tomorrow.” Shouto grabs his keys from the coffee table. “Come on.” He holds out his hand. Izuku takes it happily.

The weather outside is nice as they drive to the Italian restaurant they’re meeting Hitoshi at, a comfortable atmosphere falling on them. Izuku and Shouto hum along to the songs on the radio, most of which are top charters that Izuku has heard somewhere. When a particular song comes in a familiar tune, Izuku belts out the lyrics, looking at Shouto as he sings, changing the pronoun to fit them better.

“I found the guy, beautiful and sweet. I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.”

Shouto, seemingly recognizing the song, flushes red, eyes still trained on the road. Izuku pokes his cheek fondly.

“I see my future in your eyes.”

“Izuku,” Shouto mumbles, embarrassed. He glances at Izuku a few times, the flush on his cheeks not fading.

Izuku beams. He keeps singing until the song fades, and changes into another song, a less recognizable one.

Hitoshi is already waiting inside the Italian restaurant when they arrive, a cup of something—hopefully—not coffee in front of him. Izuku pulls out the chair for Shouto, who then kisses him shyly on the cheek. Hitoshi is looking at them pointedly.

“What?” Izuku sits on his own chair, beside Shouto’s. A waitress comes and gives them their menus.

Hitoshi shakes his head, smiling slightly. “Nothing.”

Izuku squints his eyes, suspicious. Hitoshi keeps saying nothing, just watches them closely. They order antipasto—Izuku and Shouto sharing one—and their main courses. When their waitress leaves, Hitoshi props up his chin on his fist.

“You guys doing okay?”

Shouto reaches for the bread basket on the table. “We’re good.” He shrugs.

"That's good. It's nice to see you guys happy and all lovey-dovey," Hitoshi sips his drink. "I'm happy for you two."

Izuku smiles to his bestfriend. “Thanks, 'Toshi. Oh, I need to update you something,” Izuku starts telling Hitoshi about the phone call from Kaibara. Their antipasto arrives just as he finishes telling him about Enji's request. Hitoshi looks contemplative.

“Enji is screwed anyway,” Shinsou stabs a prawn from his plate. “He was the one signing the documents. The clauses were pretty simple and obvious. He won’t win if he counter-sue us. And we’ve already opened the gate to more investigations, so yeah, unless he has no skeletons in his closet, all he can do is trying to get his sentence reduced.”

“What did you write in the clauses, by the way?” Shouto asks curiously. “I thought in their pre-nup Mom could never claim abuse if they ever get divorced.”

“The documents he signed at your office made the pre-nup void. As long as their divorce is finalized, Rei-san can file for the abuse charge,” Hitoshi explains. “To be honest, I was expecting him to raise a fuss. But he didn’t. He was too arrogant. Probably thinking that we wouldn’t dare screw him over.”

The waitress brings in their meals—Izuku’s risotto, while both Shouto and Hitoshi order pasta—and their drinks. After thanking them, they tuck into their meals.

“The documents plainly said that I would drop the assault case. But it’s also stated that when Rei-san get the divorce, she could basically do everything previously prohibited by their pre-nup,” Izuku says, biting a piece of meat. He bats Hitoshi’s fork away when the man tries to steal Izuku’s sausage. “Leave my food alone, jerk.”

“So he’s facing the abuse charges. And I pointed Tsukauchi-san on where to look,” Hitoshi manages to steal Izuku’s food. Izuku stabs his hand with his fork in retaliation, making him wince. “They found the trails for the payments made to the Yakuza, and the human trafficking one. I have suspicions that the human trafficking was just a side, kinda like a hobby.”

"Thanks to you," Izuku points at him with his knife. Hitoshi knocks it with his own forks.

"I'll take credits when it's due. But really, I'm already happy I get to find dirt on him."

“I still don't like that the jerk wants to talk to Shouto,” Izuku mumbles, biting his sausage a little harder than necessary.

Hitoshi stops chewing, looking to Shouto. “Are you going to say yes?”

Shouto shrugs. “Do I have a choice?”

“You do,” Hitoshi and Izuku say in unison. Both of them snort, and Hitoshi coughs. 

"I mean, as long as he doesn't try to hurt you," Hitoshi gulps his water. "But in the end, it's your decision. The lawyers won't say anything about it."

“I want to know what he wants to talk about,” Izuku notices Shouto doesn’t eat much, despite protesting earlier saying he’s hungry. “He never asks to just ‘talk’ to me, usually he talks and I have no right to respond.”

Hitoshi hums in consideration. “Okay. At least, it’s going to be a controlled situation, right?”

“As if I will let it otherwise,” Izuku scowls, stabbing his sausage and shoves it to his mouth. Shouto dabs his napkin to the corner of Izuku's mouth, and his cheeks warms when he notices Hitoshi's knowing look.

The rest of their lunch is spent in lighthearted chats. Hitoshi asks about Fuyumi’s wedding. Izuku gossiping with Hitoshi about Kacchan’s current fling in Dubai—a beautiful Russian supermodel who also happens to be the youngest daughter of a Russian billionaire. Shouto telling them about Endeavor’s future business ventures and plans. They skip dessert and have a brief war on who's paying—Shouto wins because he runs off with their bills as Hitoshi and Izuku bicker. Hitoshi hands Izuku the Harry Potter DVDs he’s brought. Hitoshi gets to his own car, and he waves as he drives away.

Shouto drives them around Tokyo on the way back—home, Izuku’s mind supplies, it’s home—and they pick up grocery together. Izuku slips out to the florist next to the grocery store and bought a bouquet of colorful tulips. The face Shouto makes as he gives the bouquet to him is so beautiful, Izuku wants to freeze time and immortalize it. Shouto’s radiant smile doesn’t fade even after they arrive back to Shouto’s apartment.

I love him so much, Izuku thinks, as he watches Shouto carefully puts the flowers in a vase. I love him so much.


Dress shopping, in Shouto’s opinion, is mind-numbingly boring.

He dropped Izuku in front of All Might’s headquarters, and now he wishes he’d brought his boyfriend along. Shouto can only watch his sister, his mother, and Izuku’s mother fawn over each dress, fussing about hemlines and laces and what-not. He never gets to appreciate dresses, since the people he’s involved with tend to wear suits. It’s a good thing they only have this one shop to visit—the shop carries a large selection of wedding dress in any style and any color. Shouto sends Snapchat to Izuku, who’s just finished his meeting with people from Beijing. Izuku sends him a video of Yamada using some trophy as a microphone, Aizawa in the background, looking so done with his husband’s antics as Yamada serenades him to Frank Sinatra.

“Shouto? What do you think?”

Shouto looks up from his phone. His sister is wearing a white floor-length dress and veil, glasses slightly askew. Behind her, in the dressing room, an attendant stands fidgeting.

“You look beautiful,” Shouto says honestly. “Nee-san, whatever you’re picking, it’s going to be amazing on you.”

Fuyumi puts her hands on her hips, clicking her tongue. “You’re bored.”

“Of course,” Shouto mumbles, feeling guilty. “I’m sorry.”

“No, no, I understand,” Fuyumi carefully kneels in front of him. “Shouto, I want you to be a part of this. You’re going to walk me down the aisle, and I don’t want you to miss any of this.”

“I know, Nee-san,” Shouto holds her wrists. She’s so slender. “I love you, Nee-san. I really do. But there’s a reason why I have a personal shopper instead of shopping clothes by myself.”

Fuyumi laughs. “We should’ve asked Izuku-kun to come along.”

“He’s busy,” Shouto reminds her. "He's got a job to do."

“You can leave if you want,” Fuyumi ruffles his hair affectionally. “We narrowed down the options. We brought a driver with us, so don’t worry.” Fuyumi stands up, nearly toppling over because she steps on the hem of her dress. Shouto jumps up from his seat to catch her. “I won’t be taking this one. It’s too heavy. Oh, and Shouto, make sure you buy new tuxedo for the wedding—for you and Izuku-kun.”

Shouto scowls. “Can’t I use my old one?” The thought of getting fitted for new tuxedo only makes him depressed.

“No!” Fuyumi slaps his arm. “Buy new one. It’s an order.”

“Fine,” Shouto hesitates. “Nee-san, I need to tell you something.”

The attendant helps Fuyumi inside the dressing room to take the dress off and closes the door. “What is it?” Fuyumi yells from inside.

“Father wants to see me.”

“Huh?” the door opens, Fuyumi pokes her head out. “What do you mean?”

“He wants to, I don’t know, he said he wants to talk,” Shouto shrugs helplessly. Fuyumi’s mouth twists into a displeased frown.

“Is that necessary?” she pulls back and closes the door. “I mean, why would he? Now? After everything?”

“I think I should go, see what he wants,” Shouto fiddles with his phone, turning it on, thumbing the selfie of him and Izuku in his apartment—theirs, a voice in his mind whispers—he uses as his phone background.

Fuyumi comes out just in a robe. The attendant scurries away, muttering about measurements.

“Shouto, you can do whatever you think is the best for you,” Fuyumi fixes her glasses. “If you think talking to Father will do you good, then go ahead. In this case, you were the one dealing with him the most. He…hurt you the most.”

Shouto steps closer to hug his sister. Fuyumi is a little shorter than him, so she fits just under his chin. Fuyumi pats his back gently.

“Take Izuku-kun with you, yeah? He’d be a good moral support.”

“Sure,” he mumbles.

“Kids? Are you okay?” Inko-san interrupts, hands holding an assortment of jewelries. “Oh, am I interrupting something?”

Fuyumi shakes her head, pulling away from Shouto. “No, Inko-san. Are those my jewelries? Shouto, help me pick!”

Shouto sighs, resigning himself for more hours in the boutique. He obeys Fuyumi anyway, helping her picking and coordinating the jewelries to suit her best. He nods along when they finally settle on a simple white dress, and he even helps his mother picks the mother-of-the-bride dress. He silently refuses to budge when Fuyumi tries to pay, glaring at her as he hands over his credit card to the attendant. Fuyumi pouts then kisses his cheek.

He takes them to a late lunch and watch them drive away when they’re done, back to the Yagi’s residence where they’ve been staying this past few weeks. Toshinori and Inko set aside an entire wing for them, so his mother and his sister would have more privacy. Seeing as Toshinori has been travelling to their American offices without taking Inko with him, the ladies have been having fun planning Fuyumi’s wedding. Shouto tried to tell Inko-san that it’s not necessary for his mother and sister to impose, but Inko-san fixed him with a flat stare and told him not to worry. So he gave up. He now knows where Izuku gets his stubbornness from.

He pulls out his phone as he gets inside his car.

“Tsukauchi-san? It’s Todoroki.”


Shouto nods his thanks to Tsukauchi, without averting his eyes from his father. Tsukauchi leaves them alone, closing the door behind him.

Izuku is on the other side of the two-way mirror, watching them. Having him here brings him a measure of calm. Shouto takes his seat and observes his father.

Todoroki Enji has always been an imposing figure—physically and mentally. He abused his wife, neglected his other children, and he beat him up in the name of training. Years of harsh treatments had erased any kind of feelings toward the man, except hatred. The only things that kept him going were his mother and the determination of never becoming a man like him. Today, even without the suit and the expensive accessories he usually had on him, Enji is still as imposing as before.


Enji’s stare bores into him. Strangely, Shouto doesn’t feel intimidated, not at all. The effect this man has in his life has dulled. He no longer feels as scared as before.

“You wanted to see me.”

Enji doesn’t say anything. Shouto waits.


Shouto starts. “Why what?”

“Why did you do it? I'm your father.”

“Yes, you are. By blood. There are things that are unforgivable, Father. So I’m not going to explain myself,” Shouto says evenly. “You hurt Mom. You’ve been hurting me and Fuyumi and Daiki and Haru for a long time. I just though it needed to stop.”

“You sic your boyfriend on me.”

Shouto sighs. “No, Father. He did it because he wanted to—because you hurt me, and he couldn’t bear to see me hurt.”

Enji grits his teeth in annoyance. “I should’ve known. Your little boyfriend duped me. Making me sign those bloody documents. Blackmailing me.”

“He didn’t,” Shouto says gently. “We didn't blackmail you. We didn't do what you've never done before. You signed it on your own. Without reading it or consulting it to your lawyers. We would have waited—negotiated. We’re not barbarians.”

“Do you know how hard I worked for Endeavor to get to this point?!” Enji snarls, slamming his fists on the table. Shouto tries to hide his flinch. “And all of it was for nothing!”

“It was,” he agrees, heart pounding. “There are ways to ensure Endeavor’s success without resorting to bribery or murder. What you were doing only damaged Endeavor’s reputation. You just wanted the shortcut—wanted to best Yagi without really thinking of the consequences.”

Enji opens his mouth then shuts up, probably remembering that they’re being watched. “Just tell me why you did this.”

Shouto pinches the bridge of his nose. “I told you, Father. Did you genuinely, really think I wouldn’t fight back? Yes, I probably wouldn’t without Izuku behind me. But there would be time when I’d have enough and snap back.”

Shouto looks straight into Enji’s eyes. “No, I don’t hate you—not really. I just feel indifferent. You made my life miserable. You made Mom spent two decades of her life isolated from her kids. You tried to make me lose all feelings,” Shouto clenches his fists under the table. He remembers the beating, disguised as martial arts trainings. He remembers his father’s rough hands, pushing and punching, without him being able to fight back. He remembers the shouted words, “You did your best, didn’t you? But Father, I never wanted to be like you. You’re a good businessman, Father, but you are a shitty human being.”

Shouto looks away, to the mirror, only seeing his reflection and his father’s. Behind it, Izuku is waiting for him. The man who made him believe that feelings would never make him weak.

“In the end, you failed. I still feel love,” he continues, still looking at the mirror, hoping that Izuku is listening. “I found someone I love, someone I care deeply and who cares for me for who I am. I love Mom. I love Nee-san. I love my friends. And I love him. I have people who I love, and who love me back. What do you have now? You’re in jail, reputation in tatters, without anyone really on your side.”

It’s yours.

His mind, his body, his heart, are his alone. No matter how his father tried to shape him to be, how he wanted to own him. He’s his own person, and now he’s Izuku’s.

“As to your question,” Shouto stands up. There’s nothing more for him here. “I just wanted to free Mom from you. And Nee-san. Izuku wasn’t part of the plan. I didn’t expect for him to be my boyfriend—I didn’t expect his influence in all of this mess. If you have nothing else to say, Father, I’ll take my leave.”

He bows, for the last time. “Thank you. Because you trained me to be a good businessman, even though you tried to make me your carbon copy. I will ensure that Endeavor remains at the top, but now, with less questionable business practice. The company is mine now, Father. Rest assured, I will not let it crumble.”

Enji says nothing when Shouto walks to the open door, held by Tsukauchi-san.


Shouto looks back to Enji. He doesn’t look at him, attention on his clenched fists.

“You are a good businessman. Stay that way.”

It’s an acknowledgement. In a way, he knows his father has some semblance of twisted affection for him, if only to fulfill his own ambitions.

“Thank you. And I will.”

Tsukauchi-san closes the door. Izuku is waiting on the corridor, arms crossed. He uncrosses his arms when Shouto walks over to him, wordlessly opening them. Shouto collapses into Izuku’s embrace, exhaling shakily, taking solace in the familiar scent of sunshine and lemon and Izuku.

“It’s over,” Izuku murmurs, carding his hand through his hair. “You’re okay. You’re fine. You win.”


Izuku cups his cheeks and kisses him firmly. He stands on his tiptoes, mouth brushing Shouto’s ear.

“I love you, too.”

Shouto’s arms tighten.

"I love you so much, Shouto."

Shouto's heart threatens to burst. 

"Thank you," he whispers, heart in his throat. "Thank you, Izuku."

Izuku pulls back a little, lips wobbly and tears glimmering in his eye, but his smile is wide and happy. "Let's go home, yeah?"

Shouto nods and takes his hands. 

Chapter Text

“Welcome to Yuuei Books!” Kaminari grins widely. “Oh, Todoroki!”

Shouto gives a short nod and a small smile to Kaminari. “Hello, Kaminari. Is Izuku here?”

“He’s grabbing lunch with Kirishima and Kyouka. Didn’t you call him?”

Shouto shakes his head. “No, I didn’t. I’ll wait upstairs then.”


Shouto heads to the back of the store and trudges upstairs. He stops at the second floor, pulls one of Stephen King’s books Izuku owns, and sprawls down on one of the armchairs, back to one of the armrests and legs dangling on the other side. He’s just finishing the second chapter of the book (It is pretty intriguing) when he feels a pair of arms wrapping around his neck and lips pressing to his temple.

“Hey, Shouto. This is a nice surprise,” Izuku kisses his cheek next. Shouto squeezes his arm, a smile blooming on his face. He smiles more easily now, coaxed by Izuku’s own smiles. He still doesn’t smile much when he’s alone or when he’s working, but Izuku said progress is still progress.

“You’ve had lunch already?” Shouto tips his head up, looking to Izuku’s eyes. Izuku smiles down at him, green eyes sparkling in joy. Shouto absolutely loves Izuku’s eyes.

“If you don’t mind sharing, I’ve got a burger and a couple of fried chickens. Oh, I also have a cookie.”

“Sounds good,” Shouto straightens up. He tugs Izuku down by the neck and gives him a hard kiss on the mouth, grabbing his waist with both hands. Izuku steps closer between his knees, hands going to the back of his head and pulling at his hair.

“Mm,” Izuku breaks the kiss, blinking down dazedly. “As much as I love kissing you, I’m pretty hungry.”

Shouto reluctantly releases him, and Izuku tugs his hand. Shouto follows him to the bench, where Izuku put the bag from a nearby McDonalds. They sit facing each other, their food between them, legs tangled in a gesture of familiarity.

“Are you not busy at your office?” Izuku unwraps his burger.

Shouto shrugs, picking a fried chicken and delicately starts eating it. “Not really. I’m delegating most of the work to Maijima-san. We’re still voting for the chairman.”

Izuku stops chewing. “You should take it. Promote Maijima-san to the CEO position.”

Shouto blinks, surprised. “I don’t know if it’s a possibility.”

“Enji is stepping down as the chairman, right? By default, you are his successor. Though he may have different set of rules about it,” Izuku puts down the burger. “What’s on his will for his children?”

Shouto only vaguely remembers about the new will his father wrote just after placing him as CEO. “I don’t know, honestly.”

“What about your brothers? What’s their roles to the business?”

Daiki is already married and he resigned from Endeavor the moment Enji announced Shouto as his heir and the next CEO, and is now living in Boston. He broke contact with the Todoroki family, and didn’t bother to check up on their mother even though Shouto emailed him about it. Natsuo, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the business and opted to live his life in Dublin. His relationship with Natsuo is a little strained, but they’re on better term now that Enji is out of their lives. He called Mom once a week and will be coming for Fuyumi’s wedding. He also thanked Shouto for having the courage to get their mother back and fought his father.

If it wasn’t for Izuku, Shouto is pretty sure he’d still be living under Enji’s thumb.

“They have no ties to the company,” Shouto murmurs. “It is stated that if the chairman is ever get involved with criminal activities, the board can vote for the next chairman, and the shares the previous chairman owns will be transferred to the inheritor—me. He no longer has a chair in the board, and his shares are mine now. Enji doesn’t have any influence anymore, business-wise.”

Izuku hums thoughtfully. “So, you own the majority share, right? Isn’t the major shareholder entitled for the chairman position?”

Shouto nods, contemplating it. “I’ll talk to the board later.” It’s a good idea to consider. As the chairman, he wouldn’t need to be involved in the company’s day-to-day business matters. He’d have more time for Izuku and his family.

Izuku beams, picking his burger back. “Anyway, Yaoyorozu-san called me. She told me to get you a new suit because you’re going to be her best man,” Izuku raises an eyebrow. “Are you not gonna tell me about that?”

Shouto hunches his shoulders, strangely embarrassed. “I hate getting fitted for new suits.”

Izuku snorts. “You wear suits half of the time, Shouto.”

“I like wearing suits. I hate getting measured for them. I usually have the suits ready by my shopper, I just pick them up and wear them.”

Izuku laughs. Shouto will never cease to wonder how Izuku’s smiles can brighten him up—maybe it’s just the magic behind his smiles.

Maybe because seeing Izuku’s smiles makes him fall in love all over again.

Or maybe, Shouto is just too sappy for his own good.

“It’s my duty to make sure you don’t embarrass Yaoyorozu-san,” Izuku pokes his cheek, chuckling. Shouto bats his hand away.

“Your hand is greasy!” Shouto kicks his ankle. “You’re gonna get my face dirty.”

That only makes Izuku laughs harder.


Yaoyorozu’s wedding is set in the third weekend of June. Izuku practically had to drag Shouto to get his suit for Yaoyorozu’s wedding, and while they were at it, he made Shouto pick another suit for Fuyumi’s wedding. With many grunts and petulant pouts from Shouto, Izuku managed to get two suits for each of them. He didn’t know his boyfriend is so fussy.

Shouto is more relaxed, more carefree, now that Enji won’t be out of prison for a long time. The trial is still going for Enji, and it will be for a few more months. Rei-san won the divorce settlement and got half of Enji’s personal assets. Their lawyers are still busy getting things settled for Rei-san. She went back to her own apartment at the beginning of May with Fuyumi, although the two women still visit his mother at their estate or his mom comes to the apartment for a chat.

It’s a little weird, seeing his mother being so involved in Fuyumi’s wedding plans, almost single-handedly handling the majority of the planning, seeing as Rei-san is still not used to the outside world after years of living in the hospital. But he figures if Rei-san is happy, and his mother doesn’t mind, then he doesn’t think he has anything to worry about.

It’s not like Izuku is planning on breaking up with Shouto anyway, and their mothers being close isn’t a big deal for them both. Fuyumi is definitely ecstatic, because she gained a second mother and Yagi Inko is an absolutely capable party planner.

The second half of May is a busy time for them. The executive board of Endeavor voted Shouto as the new chairman and Maijima-san is now acting as the CEO of Endeavor. Iida remains as Endeavor’s vice CEO. He didn’t understand why Shouto leave the CEO chair, but he reluctantly accepted when Shouto explained to him—he didn’t even want to be the CEO in the first place. Kendou resigned from her position as executive assistant and decided to join Endeavor’s new charity division to give her more free time. Yaoyorozu is being promoted to senior legal officer of Endeavor.

With new positions assigned, Shouto stays at work longer, and goes home later, but Izuku doesn’t mind. It's only temporary for Shouto, before he takes a step back. Shouto doesn’t get many backlashes from the board and the shareholders, because legally, Endeavor is now his, and he leaves the CEO chair to a capable man. Shouto still has an office in the Endeavor building, but he no longer has to work full time and now has more time in his schedule. He even starts picking up photography again, with Izuku being his frequent subject.

On the other hand, Izuku starts taking up more responsibility from Aizawa. He’s preparing himself for the senior executive officer chair. He’s been more involved with All Might, doing more meetings and business functions with Aizawa and Hizashi, or sometimes with Kayama-san. He makes time for dinners with Shouto when they have the time, and he still dedicated weekends for them only.

Izuku goes to Dubai on the first week of June with Shouto once he’s been appointed as chairman, staying for over a week in Kacchan’s new apartment overlooking Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, and represents his father for their Dubai’s office opening. He gets some vacation time with Shouto, taking advantage of their lax schedule to be closer to his boyfriend.

Kacchan will be visiting Tokyo and had agreed to come to Fuyumi’s wedding in October, but he wouldn’t be coming for Yaoyorozu’s. He still plans to come in July for a vacation. There’s still a lingering tension between him and Uraraka, and he hopes they work it out. Izuku had found out during his stay in Dubai about Kacchan and Uraraka’s rocky relationship and that they weren’t in a good place when Kacchan left Tokyo.

He felt so betrayed initially because it turned out that Hitoshi already knew. When his two best friends explained to him about their reasons for keeping it a secret, he was torn between confusion, sadness, and anger. Confused, because he didn’t know Uraraka was in love with him, and he felt like a shitty friend for not noticing. Shittiest still because he never thought of Uraraka that way. Sadness and anger because Kacchan felt the need for keeping it a secret from him. He still hadn’t talked to Uraraka about it, feeling awkward about bringing it up, and because Uraraka herself never brings it up. She acts normally around him. Now that Uraraka is busy establishing her relationship with Kacchan (albeit a long distance one) and Izuku is also busy with Shouto and All Might, he doesn’t see her that often anymore. It’s still a load of problems they haven’t tackled yet, but as long as it doesn’t pose any harm to their friendship, Izuku won’t do anything. Besides, it looks like Kacchan and Uraraka are handling it well enough on their own. Izuku definitely doesn’t want to make it harder for Kacchan.

Izuku officially hands over the manager duties to Kirishima, although he still spends time there at least once a week. Jirou and Kaminari are hiring two new employees, and Izuku moves his succulents to Shouto’s apartment. He still goes back and forth from his own apartment to Shouto’s. Shouto visited his place a few times, but somehow, Izuku likes spending time in Shouto’s place more. Maybe that’s because they get to know each other, establishing their relationship and spending time together, in Shouto’s apartment.

Izuku thinks as long as he and Shouto are together, anywhere is fine (okay, that sounds incredibly mushy).

“Shouto!” Izuku yells from the en-suite bathroom, struggling (as usual) to do his tie, his gray jacket strewn on the bathroom counter. Even though Izuku has attended many meetings, he still doesn’t know how to tie properly, and it’s so embarrassing. “Shouto, babe, help me out!”

Shouto wanders in to the bathroom, properly dressed in his crisp black three-pieces suit. Izuku envies him, and at the same time, kinda wants to jump him. They still haven’t had sex—although things have been kind of hot and heavy, many times. So far, Shouto is content with other forms of intimacy, and Izuku doesn’t want to rush Shouto.

Shouto sighs exasperatedly, looking pointedly to his red tie. “Izuku.”

Izuku grins sheepishly. “Please?” he spreads out his arms. Shouto steps closer and starts doing his tie. Izuku places his hands on Shouto’s hips.

“How come you still can’t do your own tie?” he chides, gently nudging Izuku’s chin upward, hands working deftly on his tie. Izuku blows a raspberry, making Shouto chuckles. “I love you, but you’re too hopeless.” He smooths the tie over Izuku’s chest, lowering his head to kiss Izuku tenderly. “Come on, we’ll be late.”

“You look good,” Izuku pats Shouto’s breast pocket, tone low and unintentionally sultry. “Really, really good. I want to jump you.”

Shouto’s cheeks glow pink and he ducks his head, clearly mortified. “Izuku!”

Izuku giggles at the scandalized look in Shouto’s face. “You said we’re gonna be late. Come on, chop chop!”

Shouto grumbles, striding off to leave the bathroom. Izuku puts on his shoes and jogs out to the living room, where Shouto is waiting with phone in hand. Once again, he’s struck with how gorgeous his boyfriend is—he will never get tired of it, to be honest. His hair is slicked back a little, putting his scar on full display. He’s been more open and less shy with his scar, and Izuku is always ready to reassure him every time he has his doubts.

They drive to The Peninsula, where the wedding is taking place. They’re almost full two hours early, since Shouto is on the best man duty. When they arrive, Shouto is immediately whisked away by Yaoyorozu’s mother, helplessly looking to Izuku. Izuku doesn’t see his boyfriend until fifteen minutes before the ceremony starts. He waits in the reception room, helping Tetsutetsu setting up his cameras, or just chatting with the arriving guests—most of them he already knows.

The room is decorated simply in white and pink flowers. Seats are arranged in rows, a white carpet separating them in the middle to the makeshift altar, under the arch of blooming lilies and roses. There aren’t many guests, mostly they are friends and family of Yaoyorozu’s and Kendou’s. An officiant already waits under the arch, talking with one of the hotel’s staff. Izuku looks around, amazed with the simplicity and elegance of the venue.

Jirou, Kaminari, Kirishima, and Tetsutetsu are in attendance, and they sit close with Ashido, Sero, Tokoyami, Iida, Ojiro, and Hagakure, Ojiro’s girlfriend. Hitoshi and Uraraka arrive as right before the ceremony starts, Fuyumi and Rei-san in tow. Izuku sits beside Hitoshi in the second row, behind Yaoyorozu’s mother. Yaoyorozu appears at the end of the white carpet, clad in simple white dress, arm around Shouto’s. her black hair is done in a complicated twist and shows off her regal features. They make their way to the altar, and Yaoyorozu stops to wait, fidgeting, Shouto behind her. Shouto leans in and whispers something to Yaoyorozu, and the woman snorts delicately. Shouto grins, eyes flitting toward Izuku, and the grin turns into a soft smile. Izuku smiles back.

The music starts, and all the guests stand. A young girl in pink walks in, holding a basket of cushion and the brides’ rings. Izuku gets the full view of Kendou, in a long white dress and veil, hand in her father’s, making her way to the altar, smiling brilliantly behind her two bridesmaids. Yaoyorozu can’t hold in her wobbly smile, holding her hand out when Kendou reaches her. Yaoyorozu bows to Kendou’s father, and they face the officiant.

The ceremony is solemn and sweet. They say their vows and exchange their rings with little fanfares but with much unshed tears. When the officiant says “kiss the bride”, Yaoyorozu kisses Kendou deeply to the cheers of the guests. From there, the party commences, the brides being smothered in hugs and congratulations. Shouto approaches him and swoops in for a kiss, swallowing Izuku’s joyous laugh.

“I love you,” Shouto mumbles against his lips. Izuku returns the sentiment with a beaming smile.

“I love you too, Shoucchan.”

Shouto grabs Izuku’s right hand and presses a reverent kiss on his ring finger, making Izuku blush.

“One day,” Shouto looks up, intent burning in his eyes. “One day.”

“One day,” Izuku croaks out, smiling a trembling smile.

Shouto guides him to the reception area, where they sit with Fuyumi, Rei-san, Uraraka, and Hitoshi. The champagnes and wine flow freely, the foods are delicious, and Izuku can’t stop smiling. The happiness of people around him is contagious. Shouto gives a speech, to Yaoyorozu’s embarrassment and Kendou’s tinkling laughter, telling the guests about Yaoyorozu’s pining before Kendou eventually asked her out.

Shouto keeps his hand around Izuku’s the rest of the day, and touches him when they can’t hold hands properly. As the brides leave for their honeymoon and say their goodbye to the guests, Izuku waits on the sidelines for Shouto, who’s helping Yaoyorozu with the guests.

“It’s nice, isn’t it?”

Izuku turns his head to Rei-san, who’s smiling up at him. The resemblance with Shouto is much more pronounced when she smiles—Shouto really does take after his mom. Izuku nods.


“I want both of you to wear white on your wedding day too,” she comments nonchalantly. “And possibly, an outdoor wedding. Preferably in spring.”

Izuku chokes out on nothing, eyes wide. Rei-san laughs at his expression.

“Come on, I saw the way Shouto kept playing with your ring finger,” Rei-san smiles knowingly. “My son knows what he wants, darling boy. And he wants to put a ring on your finger.”

Izuku feels his face heats up. Now that he gets to know Rei-san better, he realizes that Rei-san has a mischievous strike in her. She’s still shy around strangers, but she’s not shy at all when it comes to teasing Izuku and Shouto.

“I want that too,” Izuku whispers. Rei-san leans her head on his shoulder briefly.

“I can’t imagine a better partner for my Shouto than you.”

Izuku looks down at her. Rei-san pats his cheek fondly.

Shouto and Izuku end up driving home with Rei-san and Fuyumi. It’s still around four in the afternoon, and Rei-san asks if they would come for dinner later. Shouto declines, saying he’s too tired, but they can have lunch together tomorrow if she wants. Fuyumi has to talk to her wedding planner, so they adjust the time for brunch instead.

They trudge to the apartment, leaning against each other. Shouto locks the door and ushers him inside the bedroom. Shouto sheds his jacket, but Izuku puts a hand to stop him when he starts unbuttoning his waistcoat.

Seeing Shouto in suit all day makes him itch to touch. He definitely has a suit kink. Izuku bites his bottom lip. “I want to touch you,” he says, a little nervous. “If that’s okay.”

Shouto visibly swallows and drops his arms. Izuku glides his hands to his boyfriend’s chest, savoring the broad plane of his torso and the strength hidden in the lean muscles. He undoes the buttons of Shouto’s waistcoat, holding Shouto’s gaze as he shrugs the waistcoat off, dropping it and the jacket unceremoniously to the floor. He doesn’t even care that the suit could get ruined.

“You’re so gorgeous,” Izuku leans up to kiss him, hands firmly on Shouto’s shoulders. He keeps kissing him as he unbuttons his shirt and shucks it off, feeling the heat of his body starting to affect him, the smooth skin a pleasure against his own rough hands. Shouto whimpers and tugs at Izuku’s own jacket impatiently.

“Off,” he moans. “Izuku, please.”

Izuku hurriedly takes off his own jacket and shirt, flinging it somewhere—he doesn’t have the capacity to care. He can only focus on Shouto. Their kiss turns desperate, with Shouto moaning and touching Izuku, demanding and persistent. Izuku keeps his grip on Shouto’s hips, grinding slowly against him. He’s so hard, it hurts. Shouto whimpers and pulls away from him, and Shouto looks absolutely stunning with heavy-lidded eyes and lips kiss-swollen.

Gaze dark with lust, Shouto palms Izuku’s cock through the fabric of his trouser. Izuku chokes.

“Fuck me,” he breathes out.

“Are you sure?”

Shouto tugs on Izuku’s belt. “Yes, Izuku. Please.”

Izuku swallows. “Alright.”

Shouto yelps when Izuku grabs the back of his thighs and hoists him up in the air, legs immediately going around Izuku’s waist to steady them. In this position, it’s clear to Izuku that his boyfriend is as hard as him, and he licks his lips in anticipation.

“Fuck, you’re so strong,” Shouto’s voice is practically dripping with unrestrained desire.

“You like that?” Izuku grins. Shouto kisses the grin off his face, and Izuku lets him take charge, easily holding him up in his arms. Their tongues meet, teeth bite and nip at lips, their soft moans and sighs become the music filling the quiet afternoon.

“Yeah,” Shouto breaks away, panting. “What else can you do?”

Izuku walks to the bed and throws Shouto on top of the comforter, eliciting another yelp. He bounces and snorts out a laugh.

“Want me to show you?” he crawls above Shouto, caging him under his arms.

Shouto gazes at him, love and desire reflected in his mismatched eyes. His solemn nod is the permission Izuku needs, and he dives in, intent on wrecking Shouto until nothing else matter, no one else matter, but the both of them here, in this bed. 


Shouto pads around the bedroom naked, rummaging through his drawers to find a pair of boxers—he’s pretty sure it’s actually Izuku’s, because it’s yellow and he doesn’t own yellow boxers. His body is sore in the most pleasant ways, and when he looks to the mirror, his neck and chest bear bruises from Izuku’s insistent—sinful—mouth. He’s a very skilled lover, and he made Shouto came four times, so Shouto has no complains. He can't wait to touch Izuku again, but considering he nearly broke his back on his last climax, he has to wait a little. He takes a short shower, feeling twinges here and there from their lovemaking, pleasantly satisfied.

Shouto sighs, smiling as he remembers the way Izuku held him—with reverence, love, and affection, things that Shouto never experienced before Izuku came into his life. He puts on his robe and the boxers, stepping out of the bathroom. He glances to the bed, finding Izuku still asleep, naked as the day he was born, snuggling up to the pillow Shouto used.

His stomach rumbles, reminding him that it’s time for dinner. He doesn’t wake his sleeping boyfriend yet, going to the kitchen to see what leftover they can eat for dinner. He finds karaage and heats it up. There’s no rice, though, so he looks into the fridge again and finds cold potato wedges. That would do.

He’s so concentrated with the task on hand, he doesn’t hear Izuku walking up behind him until Izuku wraps his arms around his middle and presses a kiss to the back of his neck.

“Hungry?” Shouto murmurs.


Shouto turns around, Izuku’s arms still on his waist, and drops a kiss to his nose. “Dinner will be ready soon.”

Izuku nods, smiling dopily, eyes still heavy. “Mkay. I’ll go shower.” Shouto melts on the inside, because fuck, the man is so adorable.

Ten minutes later they sit on the balcony, plates in hands, two bottles of water on the small table in front of them. Shouto still wears his robe, and Izuku is wearing one of Shouto’s T-shirt and black boxers—that, Shouto is sure, is his. Shouto replaced his old balcony chairs with a loveseat, and he loves cuddling up with Izuku in it, watching the city comes to life at night. They eat slowly, talking about their favorite parts in the wedding today—well, Izuku is rambling and Shouto is listening. They can hear the faint sound of the busy streets below them, but here, hundreds of feet above the ground, it’s like they’re in their own world.

“Wanna come for the summer festival?” Izuku asks, putting his plate on the table. “It’s next week. Kirishima and the others want to go too.”

Shouto nods. “Sure.” It's easier for him to come to a get-together Izuku organizes—one of the most noticeable changes Izuku brings into his life. Granted, he's not entirely comfortable going without Izuku, but maybe, with time, he'd get there too.

“Wear yukata, please,” Izuku adds, smiling cheekily. Shouto pinches his arm lightly.

“I don’t own a yukata.”

It's an excuse. Izuku can and will drag him to buy one.

“Don’t care, you can buy them,” Izuku sing-songs. Shouto sighs. “Aw, come oooooon, I wanna see you in yukata! Bet you’ll look real good in one.”

“You always say I look good,” Shouto remarks dryly. “Even when I’m just in a towel.”

“It’s no lie. You look good,” Izuku tilts his head up. Dutifully, Shouto gives him a kiss. Izuku grins. “You always look good.”

“As long as I get to see you in yukata too,” Shouto finishes off his last bite.

“That’s easy. I own yukatas.”

Shouto snorts. “Figures.”

“Hey, don’t mock me, I love festivals!” Izuku lays his head on Shouto’s lap. Shouto automatically starts carding his fingers through the green curls. They stay like that, not saying anything, just enjoying being together.

It brings to mind the one thing keeps circling in his head this last couple of weeks. It's a next step in their relationship—a huge step. Shouto doesn't know if they are ready for it, but he knows he wants it with all his heart. So he asks Izuku.



“Move in with me.”

There. Easy. To the point. Doesn't really settle his nerves, though. Izuku can still refuse.

Izuku blinks up at him. “What?”

Shouto’s fingers stop moving. “Move in with me. Please.”

Izuku blinks. And blinks again. Then his mouth drops open and he sits up so fast he nearly headbutts Shouto in the chin. Shouto leans back when Izuku shakes his shoulders.

“Are you sure?” Izuku demands, shaking him some more. “Are you really, really sure? I’m going to be a terrible roommate. Well, I know I can cook, but I can’t clean well and I’m noisy. I like to invite my friends often and I already thought I’d get a pet. I drink too much coffee and I’m prone of working late into the night. If I move in, you’ll have to deal with my many books and my many bad habits—”


“—but you can’t take it back because you offered—”


“—and once I move in I wouldn’t want to leave—”

Shouto kisses him hard. That shuts him up.

“I already know all of that. I want you to move in, because I can’t imagine a day where I don’t see your face the first thing in the morning. And you’ve been living here the past few months anyway,” Shouto reaches for Izuku’s hands, tangling them together. “I love you, and I want you with me. So please, move in with me.”

Izuku lets out a short laugh. “Okay. I love you too, and of course, I’ll move in.”

“Besides, it’s me who can’t cook. You’d have to cook for me,” Shouto says in a teasing lilt.

Izuku snorts and winks. “Doesn’t matter. I’d still get a full access to your body. And I get to live in a penthouse, so, win-win, right?”

Shouto laughs, a deep laugh that comes from within, feeling himself nearly bursts with happiness. He’d get to wake up with Izuku, every morning, and he’d get to fall asleep with this man, every night. They’d laugh and live together, being sad and happy together, and frankly, Shouto doesn’t know if anything is better than that. He crushes Izuku to his chest, muffling Izuku’s own laughter.

“I know you only want me for my body.”

Shouto ignores Izuku splutters and holds him close to his heart, chest still shaking with laughter.


Later that night, when they get ready for bed after Shouto got him off with his mouth and Izuku returned the favor, his phone lights up in the nightstand. Izuku unlocks his phone to see Tetsutetsu is sending pictures. Shouto snuggles close, content in his position as the little spoon, his soft snores audible in the silence.



From : Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

Got these for you. I’ll send an email, for better quality

Just in case you want to print them out


Izuku scrolls down, smiling as he views the photos. The photos are mostly of him and Shouto. There’s one of them with Yaoyorozu and Kendou. One of them with their friends (all of them, at this point, his friends are also Shouto’s), smiling to the camera, holding glasses or various silverwares (why Kirishima is holding a knife, he’s not sure). One of them of Shouto, with Fuyumi and Rei-san. There’s one of Izuku putting a pink rose on Shouto’s white hair behind his ear, Shouto is blushing and holding a handful of flowers Izuku plucked off from a nearby vase, and he remembers Iida scolding them for ruining a nice (expensive) flower arrangement. Shouto’s smile and the pure happiness in his eyes are visible in the photo.

The last photo makes him pause. In the photo, Shouto is kissing the ring finger of his right hand, gazing down into Izuku’s eyes. Izuku has his hand on Shouto’s arm. Both of them are smiling intimate smiles, radiating happiness and warmth. He remembers Shouto’s quiet declaration of one day.

One day.

One day, in the future, they’ll be legally tied to each other.

One day, it’s going to be him and Shouto, standing in front of their friends and family, ready to say their vows. Declaring their claims for each other.

One day, it’s going to be him and I. Together.

For the rest of their lives.

Chapter Text

The cherry blossom trees are blooming. From his balcony, the pink spots all across the city is a familiar, yet always fascinating, view. He sips on his coffee, wondering if Izuku would like to go for a Hanami this week.

He probably would. Izuku loves to go for a get-together with their friends. He always looks for any excuse to invite their friends over. Not that Shouto mind, of course. A year with Izuku had brought wonders in his life.

They just got home from Dubai yesterday, after visiting Bakugou and Uraraka. By this point, visiting the two is one of their monthly routine, since Izuku decided to be more hands-on with Dubai’s office after it shows promising growth in the past six months. Shouto’s schedule allows him to follow Izuku anywhere he goes, and that, is his favorite benefit of being a chairman.

His phone chimes from an incoming text, and he puts down his cup.


From : Midoriya Izuku

Shoucchan, are you free for lunch?


To : Midoriya Izuku

Sure. Sombrero?


From : Midoriya Izuku

Yep. See you at twelve?

I’m in the bookstore. Can you pick me up?


To : Midoriya Izuku

Okay. I love you


From : Midoriya Izuku

I love you too, Shoucchan

(≧◡≦) ♡


Shouto smiles softly. Saying I love you comes easy now, like breathing, because Izuku makes it a point to say it as much as possible.




To : Midoriya Izuku




Shouto pockets his phone and heads back inside. He has a colleague to meet and impress, and he needs to leave now if he wants to meet Izuku later.

“Welcome to Yuuei Books!”

The bookstore has a new employee, it seems. She looks like a middle school student, young and pretty, long silvery hair framing her sweet face.


“Can I help you?” her voice is small, but not shy. Soft.

“Eri! That’s Izuku’s man!” Kaminari calls from somewhere in the shop. Shouto glances around and finds him on top of the step stools in the far corner of the store, restocking.

The girl startles, eyes wide. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know,” she bows deep. “I’m Aizawa Eri.”

Oh, so this is the kid Aizawa-san and Yamada-san adopted last year. He's heard from Izuku that she was abused by his stepfather, and she ran into Yamada-san while escaping. Her stepfather went to prison after that, and Aizawa adopted her even though she's already fourteen. He never met her, since Izuku said that she was traumatized and Aizawa didn't let her get out of his sight for a few months after she came into their household.

“Todoroki Shouto,” Shouto bows his head. “Nice to meet you.”

"Nice to meet you too, Todoroki-san."

"Kaminari! You're not employing underage kids, are you?" Shouto asks, smiling at Eri to show her that he was only teasing. Kaminari's indignant 'No!' rings through the bookstore.

Eri smiles back, timidly. “I'm helping out for the spring break. Ai-Shouta-san said I should get out more. Izuku-san is upstairs. Should I call him down?”

“No,” Shouto smiles reassuringly. “It’s fine, Eri. I’ll get him. Thanks.”

Kaminari jumps down from the stool, grinning from ear to ear. To Shouto, he looks deliriously happy. Or just plain delirious. There are heavy bags under his eyes, and Shouto can only smile sympathetically.

“Baby keeping you up?”

Kaminari nods. “Holy shit, she’s as demanding as Kyouka. I love her and her mother, but now I have two Kyoukas and they mess with my sleep schedule,” he says cheerfully. “When you guys decide to adopt, make sure you don’t adopt a baby. At least you'd get more sleep if you have a toddler instead of an infant.”

He and Izuku have never discussed the possibility of a baby—they’re not even married yet. He knows someday Izuku would love to raise a child, and when that time comes, Shouto will support him wholeheartedly, and he will do his best not to be like his father—who is currently serving thirty years in prison. He waves to Kaminari and continues his journey to the third floor.

He doesn’t have to go up to the third floor, however, since Izuku is on the second floor, busy muttering under his breath while flipping the pages of a book. There’s a totebag full of books near his feet. Shouto leans against the door, observing Izuku. His hair is just as fluffy as usual, looking completely relaxed in his button up, jeans, and usual red hi-tops. The sunlight catches the glint of platinum in his right hand. Izuku suddenly lifts and turns his head toward Shouto. A smile blooms on his face, just as beautiful as the cherry blossom outside.


Shouto straightens and strolls toward him. Izuku tilts his head, and Shouto kisses him lightly. He recognizes the classic Dickens in Izuku’s hand. A glance to the totebag confirms that Izuku is getting Dickens’s books.

“Can I ask why you’re singling out Dickens?”

Izuku scratches the back of his neck. “Mom and Dad want to, I don’t know, being nostalgic or something. They used to spend time reading Dickens’s books. So Dad asked me to bring them the books.”

“Just like us,” Shouto teases him, one hand on the small of Izuku's back.

Izuku sticks out his tongue. “Yeah, but we read about young wizards. Not Dickens. Thank God you don't read classic—I don't really like classic all that much."

Shouto hums. “Are you done?”

“Uh-huh,” Izuku lifts the totebag and thrusts it to Shouto’s hands. “Can you wait downstairs? I’ll get my backpack.”

Shouto complies and trudges back downstairs, books in hand. Eri and Kaminari are helping customers, so he waits near the register, dropping the books on the counter. He idly looks at counter, then to the calendar, squinting when he realizes what day today is.

“Sorry I took too long,” Izuku bounds over to him, backpack strapped. Shouto smiles and kisses the top of his head.

“Hey, do you know what day is it?”

Izuku blinks up at him, grabbing the totebag from the counter. “Tuesday?”

“No,” Shouto drawls. He walks backward until he's nearly at the door, praying that no one enters for a few minutes. There are customers inside the bookstore, not many, but enough to make him nervous. He's about to embarrass himself here, so he clears his throat and gathers his courage. Izuku tilts his head curiously.

"Hello," he says from the door. "Do you have any Dan Brown's novels in stock?"

Understanding dawns, and Izuku beams, emerald eyes twinkling in gleeful amusement. "Yeah. I'll help you find them."

"When we're done, would you like to go out for lunch with me?" Shouto is aware the customers, Eri, and Kaminari are all staring at them, but only Kaminari knows what exactly he's doing. He pays them no mind, only focusing on Izuku—and it's not a hard feat.

Izuku approaches him, stands on his tiptoes, and kisses his lips gently.

"Of course I would, Todoroki-san."

"Today?" he lifts his right hand and cups Izuku's freckled cheek. His own ring glinting under the lights.

"Today. And every day after that," Izuku places his own right hand on Shouto's cheek. "Happy anniversary, Shouto."