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Give Your Heart a Break

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And they did show Henry what love looked like, by loving each other. Of course, this was no easy task for either of them, but they fought their urges to close themselves off and run from their feelings. Over the next several months, with every, 'I love you,' they grew closer, until each of them knew that they couldn't live without the other, no matter how frightened, vulnerable, and exposed they felt.

Still, it wasn't as though they had simply gotten rid of their reservations. It wasn't uncommon for either of them to say, 'I just don't understand why you want me.' Each of them found it hard to believe, and every now and then, their insecurities took over.

"Come on," Regina would say. "Really. Why do you love me? Why me?"

"Because you're you," Emma would respond simply. "And that's all I've ever wanted you to be."

"But I'm evil. I've killed-"

"I don't care, and you're not evil. You were in pain. You're still in pain. I can see that, and I understand. But you're not that person anymore."

"But I was!" the brunette cried. "I was."

"And it's a part of who you are now. That's okay. There's nothing I don't love about you."

"Oh, Emma..." Regina breathed. "You're perfect."

The slightest words you said

Have all gone to my head

I hear angels sing in your voice

When you pull me close

Feelings I've never known

They mean everything

And leave me no choice

When their anniversary rolled around, Emma knew exactly how she wanted to celebrate. However, she wasn't so sure that Regina would feel the same, which absolutely terrified her.

They had both taken the day off from work to spend time with each other, and Emma had spent the night at Regina's place the night before. The blonde opened her eyes first, woken by the sting of anticipation and anxiety. Per usual, she took careful note of how peaceful the mayor looked when she slept, with her cheek turned towards Emma and her arm resting above her head. It was perfect, really. Though the sheriff was reluctant to wake the sleeping beauty (she almost never did), her desire to do so overcame any reservations that she had. She found it impossible to contain her nervous excitement.

She leaned in until her lips were close to her lover's ear and whispered, "Babe... Time to wake up." When the woman's eyes fluttered open, she said, "Good morning, my queen. Happy anniversary."

As Regina still seemed to be in a sleepy fog, Emma nodded toward the bedside table, encouraging her to look over. What she saw was the vase of elegant flowers that Emma had placed there after the brunette had fallen asleep.

"Oh, Emma," the mayor gasped, throwing her arms around her lover. "They're beautiful."

"As are you, darling. As are you."

Light on my heart, light on my feet

Light in your eyes I can't even speak

Do you even know how you make me weak?

They spent the day together, barely leaving each other's sides, as Henry spent the day with his grandparents. Emma surprised Regina with a candlelit dinner (after forbidding her from entering the kitchen for a few hours that afternoon), and when it was served, the woman stared at in awe. It wasn't like the sheriff to cook anything, except maybe breakfast, or macaroni and cheese for their son, but she quickly found that what Emma had prepared, a pot roast with vegetables, was absolutely delectable.

"Em, this is great!" Regina said, after the very first bite. "Who knew you could cook?"

"Hey, shut up! I can cook! I just don't like to..."

The brunette laughed at this and reached across the table to squeeze the woman's hand, which earned a smile from her lover.

Once they had finished the meal and Emma had cleared the table then rinsed all the dishes, she sat back down at the table, this time beside her lover rather than across from her.

She took the woman's hand and slowly asked, "So... What do you think about a walk down by the water?"

"What, now? Isn't it kind of late for that?"

"There are plenty of lights. It won't be dark."


"Just a quick walk? Please?"

But what Emma was planning was a little bit more than a walk.

Sensing Emma's enthusiasm, Regina finally agreed with a slight smile, saying, "Alright."

When the younger woman pulled up by the water and parked, the two sat in silence, staring out the windshield as the small waves flowed into the water's edge. Finally, Emma got out of the car and hurried to the passenger's side, before Regina could exit the vehicle, and opened the door for her.

Not surprised by this act to chivalry (it was a regular thing, coming from her lover), but still wholly grateful for it, she smiled at the woman and kissed her cheek. Emma took her hand and led her to the pier where they carefully stepped onto the dock and walked out to its farthest point. For a while, the two of them just stared out at the water, wondering at what was beneath, and said nothing.

After some time, though, Emma sat down, with her legs hanging over the edge, and tugged Regina down gently until she was sitting beside her.

I'm a lightweight

Better be careful what you say

With every word I'm blown away

You're in control of my heart

I'm a lightweight

Easy to fall, easy to break

With every move my whole world shakes

Keep me from falling apart

"This was a good idea," Regina told her, squeezing the woman's hand and gripping it tightly.

"Yeah," the blonde replied. "It's beautiful out here. I've always loved the water. Back in Boston, I used to watching the boats in the harbor, especially at night. I like this too, though. No boats. Just peace and the sound of the water."

"Thank you for bringing me here, Emma."

"Thank you for joining me, darling. I treasure every moment I spend with you, and wouldn't trade this for the world. There's no one I'd rather be here with."

"I love you, Emma..."

"I..." the blonde tried, suddenly struck by the nervousness she'd been feeling in waves all day. "Regina..."

"What is it, babe? What's the matter?"

"I love you too... and I..." she tried again, then reached into her pocket with a shaking hand. When Regina looked at her in confusion, Emma's heart stopped, but she managed to pull out the small item she was looking for and finally said, "Regina Mills..."

"Honey, what's wrong?"

"Regina Mills," the blonde choked out. "Will you marry me?"

"Oh, my God, Emma," Regina gasped. "Of course I'll marry you!"

Make a promise, please

You'll always be in reach

Just in case I need

You there when I call

This is all so new

Seems too good to be true

Could this really be

A safe place to fall

To Regina's surprise (but not at all to Emma's), her lover began to cry as soon as she saw the brunette standing at the end of the isle. The woman's father cried next, once he'd walked her the rest of the way to her bride. When she saw the tears in Emma's eyes, Regina also started to cry. It was Mary Margaret's turn next as she watched them say their 'I do's.' The only person whose eyes seemed to be dry was their son. He was simply grinning proudly from ear to ear at both of his mothers, who seemed - despite crying - happier than he had ever seen them.

Of course, the ceremony was beautiful, and once the reception began, this was pointed out by numerous people, including their friends Ruby and Belle. As Emma chatted with them, her father approached the brunette, who stood awkwardly on her own near the back of the room.

"Regina," he started, "I want you to know..."

"That you'll kill me if I hurt her?" the brunette cut him off, forcing a nervous laugh.

"No, Regina. I want you to know that I'm happy to have you in this family, and that you will always have my love."

Eyes wide and completely at a loss for what to say, the woman stared at him in disbelief, only muttering, "I..."

"I mean that. My wife might be apprehensive, but that's only because she wants to protect Emma as best she can. But I trust you, and I believe that you love her, and that you'll take care of her, which is all I could ever ask of you. I'm proud of you for who you've become, and who you are to my daughter."


"You don't have to say anything. I know things were strained between us in the past, which, of course, is understandable, but things are also very different now. You're not that person, and I don't believe that you ever will be again. You are a good person, Regina, and you deserve all the love in the world."

"I... Thank you, David... Thank you so, so much. You can't possibly know how much that means to me."

To her surprise, he pulled her into a tight, tender hug and held her there with his hand placed protectively on her back. At first, her muscles tensed, but when he didn't pull away, she relaxed into his embrace and started to cry again.

"I am so sorry that your father couldn't be here to see this, Regina. He would be so, so proud of you."

Of course, this only served to make her tears pour faster, but when the man pulled away, he wiped them with his thumbs until they were gone.

Light on my heart, light on my feet

Light in your eyes I can't even speak

Do you even know how you make me weak?

A week later, after the honeymoon, Emma sat on the couch in the mansion on Mifflin Street, beside her wife, quietly looking at the photos of their family that were sitting on the mantle of the fireplace.

"Regina," she said suddenly. "What did he sat to you at the reception?"


"My father. What did he say?"

"I... It was sort of... you know..."

"I thought we didn't keep secrets from each other?"

"We don't!" the brunette cried. "I just... He..."

"Was he rude to you?! Did he-"

"No! No, not at all. He just... He said..."

"What did he say, Regina?"

"He said... that I would always have his love... and that he was happy to have me in his family... and that..."

"Babe?" Emma asked, when the woman's voice went quiet as she trailed off.

"He hugged me, and then he said... that my father would be proud of me," the brunette finally told her, tears welling in her eyes at the confession.

"He would be," her wife said quickly.

"Your dad said he was proud of me too."

"Wow," the blonde said with a bright smile. "He really does love you."

I'm a lightweight

Better be careful what you say

With every word I'm blown away

You're in control of my heart

I'm a lightweight

Easy to fall, easy to break

With every move my whole world shakes

Keep me from falling apart

Keep me from falling down

For the next few months, the newlyweds acted as such, barely parting for work or other individual errands. Most of what they did, they did together. To everyone else's surprise, they did not grow tired of each other, or even aggravated by the other's irritating habits (including the way Emma drove her queen crazy by leaving her dirty laundry on the bedroom floor, or the way Regina just had to do the dishes as soon as they were made, and never the following day). Rather, the traits that probably should have been annoying to them became endearing qualities that actually helped them to bond. Besides, at night, they were able to take their frustrations out on each other in the bedroom, and by morning, any small irritation had dissipated.

Not surprisingly, though, their very first real argument was about their son.

"Come on, Mom!" Henry whined loudly. "I wanna do it! I can do it!"

"I know you can do it!" Regina snapped. "That's not the point!"

"Regina, come on," Emma cut in. "He's smart. Advanced placement classes look good on college applications. He's worked hard to get here."

"I know he's smart! Don't stand there and tell me how smart my son is!"

"Jesus, Regina... Calm down. I was just-"

"No," the brunette said sternly. "The answer is no."

"But Mom!" the boy cried. "Why?"

"Henry," the woman sighed. "It's too much."

"I can handle it!"

"The answer is no."

"Mom! What the hell!"

"Henry Daniel Mills! Watch your mouth!"

"Regina," her wife cut in. "This is ridiculous. He's smart enough, he's earned this, and he wants to take these classes."

"Three honors-level classes is too much!"

"Alright. Well, what about two?" the blonde tried, looking over at her son who was vigorously shaking his head.

"I want to take all of them!" he shouted. "Don't you think I'm smart enough?"

"Henry, it's not about that," his reluctant mother replied. "I don't want you to push yourself too hard!"

"I won't! I can handle it!"

"Henry! I said no, and that is the absolute end to this conversation."

"But Mom!"

"ENOUGH. Upstairs. Now."

"Mom!" he cried again, this time turning to the other woman standing beside him. "Do something!"

"Don't look to her like she's can override what I just said!"

"Are you serious, Regina?" Emma asked, gaping at her wife.

"I am so very serious, Emma. He's not taking any advanced placement classes, and that's final."

"It's not just your decision to make!"

"Well, it's certainly not yours."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"It means..." the brunette started, but quickly trailed off, realizing that what she was about to say was taking it too far, and that her frustration had taken over her ability reason.

"No. You know what? Forget it. I know exactly what you meant. I'm out of here."

Regina's mouth fell open, but before she could protest, Emma had grabbed her jacket, which was hanging by the mansion's entrance, threw it over her shoulder, and shut the door behind her.

"Screw this," Henry said suddenly, breaking the awkward silence as his mother stared at the front door. "And screw you."

Once again, Regina had no chance to protest or to scold him. Her son, without another word, quickly stomped up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door.

Drowned in your love

It's almost all too much

Handle with care

Say you'll be there

"Fuck," Regina cursed under her breath as she stood in the foyer, completely alone.

It was the first time she and her wife had really argued since they'd been married, and as soon as the argument ended, the brunette regretted her words. Still, what could she say now? Emma was gone, obviously hurt by the words she'd almost said and what she'd implied, and her son was furious with her. Had Emma even brought her phone with her when she'd left?

Regina looked for it around the living room and on the kitchen counter. Not finding the device anywhere and hoping her wife had brought it with her when she'd left the house, the mayor decided - not knowing what else she could do, other than remain silent and wait for her to come home - to send her a text message. She just hoped that Emma would see it and respond.


The woman responded two minutes later with a simple, 'What?'

'Come home, okay?'


'Because I love you. I made a mistake. I shouldn't have said what I said to you.'

Instead of responding, Emma tucked her phone back into her pocket and left the pier where she'd been sitting and taking in the view. After one other stop, she returned to the mansion. There, she sat in the driveway for ten minutes or so, just staring at the door.

Regina had heard her car pull in and had peeked out the window to make sure it was her, but quickly pulled the curtains closed once she'd confirmed this. The minutes ached past as she waited for her lover to open the front door, but as anxious as she was, she stayed seated in the den and tried to breathe deeply.

Eventually, Emma opened the front door, poking her head inside, and looked around for her wife. Not finding her in the foyer, she stepped further in, shutting the door behind her, then made her way down the hall to the den, where she found Regina sitting with her legs crossed (a position that they were both particularly fond of).

"Hey," Emma said shyly, hands behind her back, then approached the woman slowly.

When the blonde got down on one knee - something she hadn't done in quite some time - Regina sucked in a quick, shaky breath and found the air caught inside her as her lungs refused to exhale. As her wife pulled a bright, colorful bouquet of flowers - identical to the first one Emma had ever given her - from behind her back, the brunette began to cry.

"Oh, Emma," she whimpered. "Why? I was so horrible, and I-"

"Because I never should have left you like that, and I am so, so sorry."

"I love you so fucking much," Regina cried, taking the flowers with one hand and wrapping her arms around her lover. "I'm sorry too."

"And I love you," Emma replied, finally offering up a smile. "So what are we going to do now?" she asked as she pulled away. "About the honors classes, I mean."

"We're going to tell Henry that we're sorry we argued in front of him, and that you and I will discuss it together and come up with a decision as a team."

"What? Really?"

"Really, baby. Any decision I make, I want to make with you. As a couple."

"Mrs. Mills... There is no other queen I'd rather serve. You are the light of my life that keeps me going every day, and there is nothing I wouldn't do for you and our son."

"And you are the shining star in mine. The only knight I'll ever love."

Oh, I'm a lightweight

Better be careful what you say

With every word I'm blown away

You're in control of my heart

I'm a lightweight

Easy to fall, easy to break

With every move my whole world shakes

Keep me from falling apart

Keep me from falling apart

Keep me from falling apart, oh

Falling apart