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Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Yoongi could hear the sound of the clock behind him as he labored away at his desk.

'I'm almost done. I just have to finish this and then I can sleep."

He thought that to himself as he added yet another layer to the song he was working on. Exhaustion wasn't new to him. In fact, he was tired more often than not, but for some reason, this felt different. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath before propping himself up and going back to work.

In the other room, Hoseok was sitting on the couch, unable to sleep. He was worried for his hyung. He knew that the pale boy had never been good at taking care of himself, and he had been overworked before. He had been in his studio for a long time, and the orange-haired boy was growing concerned.

'I bet I'm just overthinking things,' he thought to himself. 'He's fallen asleep in there before. This probably isn't any different.'

But something was gnawing at him, so he pushed himself off of the couch.

He wandered into the kitchen and made some tea in the hopes that it could help Yoongi relax. When it was done, he poured it into a mug and made his way over to the Genius Lab's door. He knocked gently before calling,

"Hyung? I made you some tea."

There was a small grunt of acknowledgment which Hoseok took as permission to enter. He pushed the door open and walked inside. Seated at his desk, his face illuminated solely by the glow of the monitors in front of him, was Yoongi, completely and entirely focused on his task. Hoseok frowned slightly as he noticed the dark bags under his eyes and the strange red tint on his face.

He walked over to the desk and sat the tea down. Only when he heard the clunk of clay hitting wood did Yoongi look up.

"Oh, thanks, Hobi," he said, smiling gently. He picked up the mug and took a sip. He gave a satisfied sigh. It was his favorite flavor. "You know me too well."

Hoseok smiled as well, glad that his hyung was enjoying the tea. His face fell, however, as Yoongi's hands shook and he put the mug down with a little more force than necessary.

"Hyung, it's really late. You should get some rest," he said, his voice laced with worry.

"I'm almost done, Hobi. So close to perfection," Yoongi replied. "I just have to get this done. Figure out that last chord."

"Hyung, we both know you won't be satisfied until it's an absolute masterpiece, and I'm sure it will be, but you can't keep doing this to yourself! We're all worried--I'm worried about you. I just don't want you to hurt yourself."

Yoongi's eyes widened, before softening, and he replied,

"Thanks, Hobi, but I'm fine. Just let me work a little bit longer. Then I'll go to bed, I promise."

Hoseok was far from satisfied, but he nodded his head regardless and slipped out the door.

Once he was gone, Yoongi sighed and leaned back in his chair. He glanced down at the mug on his desk and closed his eyes. He felt bad about making the younger worry, he really did, but he was almost there! He exhaled before leaning forward again and starting his work.

Hoseok, meanwhile, was back in the living room, unable to sleep. He had tried, there's no doubt about that, but concern for the elder took over his thoughts. He had known the other for years and could tell when there was something wrong. During their brief exchange earlier, he had noticed the way the elder's hands shook, how his complexion was paler than normal but his face was red, and how his breaths came out in short pants. He had seen his hyung tired before, but not like this.

He was ripped out of his thoughts by a loud crash--the sound of something breaking. He shot up immediately and ran out into the hallway.

To his horror, there was Yoongi propped up against the wall, the shattered remains of the mug lying on the floor. The pale boy glanced up at Hoseok and muttered,

"Sorry, Hobi. I was just trying to return the--"

He was unable to finish his sentence as his grip faltered and he stumbled forward. Hoseok lunged forward, catching the elder in the nick of time and turning him over so he could see his face.

He held a hand up to the smaller boy's forehead.

"Hyung, you're burning up! Why didn't you tell me?!" he exclaimed, helping him up and over to the couch.

"Sorry," he replied in between pants. "I thought I was just... tired."

His breathing was labored now, and his eyes were closed. Hoseok knew he was awake though. He wasn't sure how, but he just knew.

"We can't stay here. We need to get back to your room. Can you walk?"

He managed a weak nod, and with Hoseok's help, they made it back to his room. Hoseok laid him on the bed before grabbing the blankets and pulling them up around him. His heart hurt as he saw the small boy shivering.

"I'm gonna go and grab medicine and water. I'll be right back," he said gently. Yoongi didn't respond. Hoseok glanced sadly in his direction before heading back into the kitchen to grab the medicine.

When he returned Yoongi was still in the same position as before. He walked over before gently prodding,

"Hyung, you need to sit up and take this."

With some difficulty, he managed to swallow the pills before lying back down. Hoseok got up and went to leave before he felt a hand grab onto his shirt weakly. He turned around to see Yoongi looking up at him groggily.

"Stay..." he muttered, still half-asleep and mind muddled by fever.

Hoseok hesitated slightly before setting the water-glass and pill bottle down and climbing into the bed next to the pale-haired boy.

The possibility of he himself getting sick only passed his mind briefly before sleep overtook him.

The next morning Yoongi's fever had passed and he was feeling good as new. They stood outside in the hallway awkwardly, Yoongi blushing slightly.

"Hey, Hobi," he started. "Uh, well, just, um, thanks for last night. I really appreciate it."

Hoseok replied, just as flustered, "Oh, uh, no problem. I was happy to be of help."

They smiled softly at each other until they were rudely interrupted by Namjoon calling,

"What are you two doing? We're gonna be late!"

"Coming!" Hoseok replied.

They grinned at each other as Hoseok held out his hand and said,

"Shall we?"