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Hearkening to Destiny

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When you walk away 

You don't hear me say please

Oh baby, don't go

Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight

It's hard to let it go


Hold me

Whatever lies beyond this morning

Is a little later on

Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all

Nothing's like before



"Why... do I have to be alone..."


The voice echoed through the darkness as a purplish orb of false light drifted alone in an abyss of emptiness. Having embarked on a long and dark journey, the tainted orb finally reached its final destination. A life of wicked darkness in the past was surely to be the end of it, which was evident by the fractured form sinking into the deepest depths of eternal darkness. Now, because of the actions taken in that past, the lack of a body was its fate. Alone and for forever, it would seem. This tainted light knew what it lacked, but pondered over why it had to be so... miserable. There had to be a way to escape the loneliness. If only it were possible to not be alone in the darkness.


"This... This is the end?"  spoken in an echoing voice, the light sunk deeper until finally making it to an illuminated platform. The platform it hovered over was cracking away at one point and chipped away at a slow, steady pace. "I don't want... this fate."


From somewhere unknown, there was a whispering. It was far away at first, thought the lonely and despairing remnant. But, then the whispering became louder and surrounding. Giggles? It must have been a child's voice riding in the wind. "Hi!" an upbeat and cheerful voice popped up from out of nowhere. The suddenness of it was nearly startling. So... friendly.


"Hello?" answered the fractured orb. Just then, a mysterious light appeared from up above and descended into the chipping platform. Compared to the tainted light, this one was truly brilliant and warm.  "Who are you? No... What are you? Tell me why you are in this place."


"A new heart!" it replied in a bubbly tone. "I heard someone crying, and a light lead me to you. Why are you so... sad and lonely?"


Silence fell upon the sorrowful and corrupted light. A strange light appeared from the unknown, the other side of a mysterious veil. It spoke so kindly and straightforwardly. Disgusting. If there was to be anything coming for the broken heart, then it should have been eternal darkness. It was already wicked enough for the severe punishment. Repulsive. The utter thought of being helped by this fresh light was enough to make the darkest of the dark flee in horror. "This is what is left of mine," said the dark light. "Leave me alone! I don't need anyone. Even if... I am to fade away completely."


The newly born heart was confused by such a response, for it was also repulsive. Why would anyone reject a offering of help? To make the unwanted feel wanted was what it wanted to do. Yet, the warm light refused to be scared away. It was determined to save the damaged. "There's no reason to fade when you have me," the gentle voice dismissed the rude words as nothing, proceeding to reach out to the one who needed its light. "Join with my heart, and you won't have to be lonely anymore. I'll be your friend!"


Two hearts merging into one.


The very idea sounded ridiculous, but the fractures were filling in the platform. No more did it break away into nothingness. And, in a matter of moments, it became whole. Both hearts made the effort to touch one another, darkness to light and light to darkness. Something new was created as the void was filled. "Now you won't have to fade away," the heart of light giggled again, feeding the darkness with something whole. "I'll help you regain what you lost. Then you won't have to be stuck in the darkness any longer."


"Right."  Although reluctant at first, the darker half sampled the real light. How long had it been since it last touched the light? It felt quite nice.


"What I lost... will be mine again."


It was as if their hands were reaching out for one another. The being of darkness could feel the void within being filled the moment they touched. Surprisingly, it did feel nice but sleepiness was setting in. A heavy feeling and need for rest. 


"Until then, I need to sleep. I'll lend you my power... my successor. I'll give what direction I can..."