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In Due Time

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Ema, Nahyuta had come to realize, was always on time when she meant to be.

He supposed it was just another aspect of her usual personality, seeing time as just another thing to measure and control. Of course, this didn’t necessarily mean she was never late to anything, but if she was, it was probably on purpose. Nahyuta considered it a good sign that she usually showed up on time when he had a scheduled meeting with her. Clearly, against all odds, he was still somewhat in her good graces.

Given all this, he was rather confused when she called him one evening and told him she was late.

“What do you mean, late?” Nahyuta frowned in confusion, shuffling through the papers in his hands. Apollo glanced his way from the other side of the desk. “I wasn’t aware we were supposed to meet.”

Ema sighed, sounding exasperated. “Please tell me you’re playing stupid right now.”

“I would not insult you by doing so.” Nahyuta set down the documents, figuring this required his full attention. “I am entirely clueless as to what you mean.”

“Oh, for the… I’m late! Two weeks late! This never happens to me!”

“Late for what?” He was utterly lost at the moment. Two weeks sounded like more than a mere temporary mishap. At such scale he would have wondered if she was scheduled to have returned to Lost Angeles, if he hadn’t double-checked such things regularly.

“My period is late!”

Nahyuta froze. “Wait.” He frowned. “Wouldn’t that mean… you’re pregnant?”

“I don’t know! I haven’t done a test yet, but this is the first time I’ve been this late since I was in my teens. So… it’s possible.”

“Right.” Nahyuta drew a deep breath, trying to figure out what to say. Before he could come up with anything, though, Apollo plucked the phone out of his hand.

“Hi, Ema. Yeah, he’s kind of stunned at the moment. Want to fill me in?” Apollo listened for a moment, then nodded. “Right. I’ll get Datz to pick up the tests to keep gossip at bay for now. Nahyuta? Yes, I’ll make sure he wakes up at some point. Now don’t worry, okay? We’ll figure everything out, whatever the results. Call if you need anything in the meantime.”

Nahyuta was only half listening, his mind swirling. A moment later Apollo handed the phone back to him, the call finished. “Hey, Nahyuta? Earth’s calling.”

“Ema’s pregnant.” He could see Apollo about to respond, and caught himself. “No, she might be. But… it’s possible.”

“Yeah. And unless there’s something going on that I’ve missed, if it’s true, you’re responsible.” Apollo set a hand on Nahyuta’s shoulder. “…You okay?”

“Yes. Yes, I… I’m fine.” Still a bit stunned, but he was still confident enough about his statement. “Just… gathering my thoughts.”

“Take your time. Just don’t be an ass about this.” Apollo gave him a surprisingly fierce gaze. Well, maybe not all that surprising, considering this was Apollo. “I have access to plenty of very sharp women who would be happy to set you straight if you even think about that.”

“What?” Nahyuta blinked, then gasped in realization. “Of course not! I will support Ema no matter what!”

“Good. I’d have trouble picking which one to have lecture you first. After Ema herself had a go, of course.” Apollo’s frown turned into a smile. “Now. Let’s take care of all this paperwork so you can get over to her, hm? No matter what the test says, she’d probably appreciate the company.”

“Right. Let’s.” He probably could use the distraction or he’d simply start fretting, and that would do no good at all.

Ema would want him to get over in a timely fashion, no doubt.