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Dancing King

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Tensions in glee club were always high, but this week in particular was really taking a toll on Mike. Something had gone down yet again between Finn, Quinn and Rachel and in all honesty, he was sick of it. Mike didn’t understand how so much drama in so little time could accumulate between three people. His own break up with Tina had been quiet and mutual, they had both wanted different things and after a few weeks of strained conversations, they were now close friends again. No muss, no fuss.

The others however, haven’t quite grasped the fact that relationships in high school were not all that mattered in the world. Sure, some of the time they worked out and it was great when high school sweethearts got their happy ending. But the vast majority of people meet their significant other outside of school. Outside of the confines of classes and petty drama. And let it be known, in glee club, petty drama was fuel that kept it running.

Staying out of it all was his way of staying sane.

That, however, did not mean his stress levels stayed low. Glee was his family, he loved them all, but he couldn't stand them and their antics everyday. Dancing was his escape. His escape from the drama of Glee, from the pressures of school and the high expectations of his parents. His escape from everything. And he treasured it.

His preferred dance studio was on the edge of town in quite a secluded area, perfect for Mike as his parents still did not approve of anything non-academic. This also meant that it was usually empty which was why it was a shock to see another person in there.

The man was tall, around Finn’s height, had dark green eyes and thick, wavy blond hair which fell just past his ears. He was cute. Stealing one last confused yet appreciative glance through the window, Mike walked to the sign in desk to present his membership card before heading to the locker room. His usual locker near the showers was still free, so he walked over to it removing his school bag as he went. Itching to begin dancing, he quickly stuffed his bag and jacket into the locker, grabbed his phone and locked the door.

Just as he was make his way to the studio, the cute guy walked into the locker room, glistening with sweat, earphones in, completely in his own world. The blond man walked over to his locker to grab a towel before turning to head towards the showers, a smile appearing as he noticed Mike. Pulling his earphones out, he walked over extending one hand.

“Hi, I didn’t expect anyone to be here, I’m Brian”

Smiling, Mike shook Brian’s hand, “I didn’t expect to see anyone either, I’m Mike. Do you come here often?”

At that, Brian smirked, “Are you flirting with me, Mike ?”

Blushing slightly, but also not wanting to dissuade the seemingly interested man, Mike replied “It was an honest question, unless you don’t want it to be?”

After hearing his reply, Brian’s smirk transformed into a softer, more sincere smile. Anyone with eyes could tell that Mike was gorgeous and an apparent dancer to boot. It had been a while since he had been in any relationship and never with someone who shared his love of dance. Heart beating fast with excitement and mind full of what-could-be’s, Brian quickly responded, “I really don’t want it to be!”

Smiling softly at the other man’s eagerness, Mike reached for his phone and unlocked it.

“I hope you don’t mind giving me your number then?”

“Only if you don’t mind going out for coffee some time.” Brian replied handing his own phone to Mike as he reached for the shorter man’s phone, inputting his contact details quickly before handing it back to Mike.

Smiling, Mike read his new date’s details, chuckling at the salsa dancer by his name.

“I would love to, Mr Blackbourn. Tomorrow, 4PM at the Lima Bean?”

“It’s a date, Mr Chang.”