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Drabbles-As long as we have to wait for their happy ending...

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After a long day at work, Rose was lying in their bed reading a book. She was so focused that she did not notice the entrance of a particular person.
When she heard a sudden clearing of a throat, she looked over the edge of her glasses. Luisa just stood dressed in a short black lace nightgown,
that did not leave much things to fantasize about,in the doorway. She was grinning mischievously at Rose and said, "Talk dirty to me ..."
as she climbed onto their bed and swung with her hips. She climbed onto Roses lap and bit her lip.
Rose turned her attention back to her book as she reminded Luisa of something: "... the dishes ..."
Luisa looked at Rose confused and opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted
by her girlfriend: "You still have not washed it though I asked you several times. "
Luisa groaned and squeezed her hips in Roses, but her girlfriend calmly read her book.
"I'll wash it tomorrow morning,babe. Right now I want you.“




When she got no reaction, Luisa jumped off the bed and ran to the kitchen while she was screaming,
"Damn crockery, you're destroying my sex life." Rose starts to giggle and goes to her closet
to put on some nice dressing that honors her girlfriend's efforts.
Because she knows exactly how much Luisa despises dishwashing.