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Go Fish

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Park Jimin had never liked violence. He was never very fond of violent action movies and if he saw even the slightest hint of a fight starting, he would turn around and walk away.

Yet here he sat. 


And he was gonna kill Kim Taehyung.

Now Taehyung had always been a good friend. The best actually. He would listen to him the way no one else would. He would cry with him on the bathroom floor at 3 in the morning. He would always consider Jimin’s feelings, even over his own.

Yet here he sat.


And he was gonna kill Kim Taehyung.

Jimin wasn’t exactly much of a party guy. He went to a party every once in a while, of course, and he couldn't claim it was necessarily boring, but he would rather do something else.

He preferred frat parties over bars any day - liking the chaotic none judgemental atmosphere better - yet Taehyung had persuaded him into coming to the bar anyway.

A double date was what he called it.

At those words, Jimin had immediately said no.


But Taehyung was determined and when he was determined nothing could change his mind.

The boy had been crushing on a guy from his music class for months, and luckily it wasn’t a completely one-sided crush that would end in misery and broken hearts.

After months of low-key flirting, Hajun had finally asked him out, and Taehyung - being the good friend he thought he was - asked Hajun if they could go on a double date. Taehyung would bring a friend, and so would He.

That’s how they had ended up at this bar.

Jimin hadn’t been here before, but he couldn’t deny that it was a classy place. It was big enough to fit hundreds of people. Big enough to drink half of Seoul under the table in minutes with their multiple bars and the endless amount of alcohol.

And sitting there alone, it somehow felt even bigger then it did at first.

The date had started out fine. Hajun’s friend, Jiwoo, was quite handsome, with a pretty smile, a tall lean body, and great hair. On top of that, he was also very polite and Jimin had immediately felt quite at ease in the boy's presence.

They had found a table in one of the corners of the bar and sat down minutes after arrival and Jimin had been grateful for the quietness it gave him.

At first, they all made small talk, but the friendly atmosphere didn't last long before Taehyung and Hajun started scooching closer and closer until they were practically sitting on each other’s labs.

It was quite clear they were already in their own world - talking with their faces centimeters apart - so Jimin turned his full attention to Jiwoo, not interested in seeing his best friend make out aggressively right next to him.

Taehyung didn't seem to mind and Jimin wondered if the boy had momentarily forgotten he was there as well. That he had dragged him along against his will.

Jiwoo seemed to think the same and they looked at each other and tried to conceal smiles, as they seemingly did their best to avoid their best friends' eyes. Not that the two boys saw anything but each other anyway.

It took a few awkward minutes in silence until Jiwoo spoke up first and Jimin was grateful for his courage to do so when he didn't have it himself. He didn't know what to say.

“You’re a dance major, right?” he asked, and Jimin nodded.

“I’ve seen you leave the dance studio every now and then,” he said. “I have astronomy in the same building every other Friday.”

“You’ve seen me on campus?”

He had been told that Hajun’s friend went to the same university as them, but their dorms were in different buildings and they shared no classes, so Jimin had never seen him at the school.

Now that Jiwoo had noticed him, he suddenly felt very embarrassed that he hadn’t noticed the other boy as well.

“Yeah, every now and then.” He gave Jimin a shy smile, and he couldn’t help but feel his cheeks heat up a bit at the flattering reaction.

He had never had anyone be so shy around him. It was both flattering and somewhat really embarrassing at the same time.

“So, you’re an astronomy major?” asked Jimin, trying to take attention away from his blushing cheeks.

Jiwoo nodded. “Yeah, astronomy has always fascinated me,” he told Jimin. The boy suddenly looked much more composed and Jimin figured it was probably the familiar topic change.

“How so?” he asked - wanting to put the boy at ease once again.

Jiwoo leaned in a little and rested his hands on the table as he got himself more comfortable and Jimin liked the change in his body language. It didn't feel so awkward now that Jiwoo didn't look so shy.

“I don’t know, I’ve just always loved the stars. They have always intrigued me you know?” Jimin nodded along even though he didn’t really find the stars that interesting. For him they were just tiny lights on the sky, nothing special really.

“They are millions of years old and millions of lightyears away yet they shine so bright on the sky every night.” Jimin couldn't help but smile at Jiwoo's clear love for the stars.

There was something about people talking about their passions that always intrigued Jimin. He had always thought that people were the most beautiful when they did that, which was really fucking cheesy but also really fucking true.

There was something about the confidence that entered their blood as they shared their greatest loves, Jimin found incredibly fascinating.

“I’ve never thought of that, but I guess you’re right,” he said. Jiwoo smiled in return, obviously pleased Jimin found it interesting as well.

They went on with the small talk - talking about a few different things, nothing really deep or personal, just the surface, but Jimin didn’t mind. He didn't like going too deep and he didn't like feeling too exposed. 

But the surface was good. The surface was safe.

They ordered a few more drinks until they both agreed that they probably shouldn’t drink much more since none of them wanted to be hungover the next morning.

After some time, Jiwoo got up and asked Jimin if he wanted to dance and the boy could already feel his cheeks redden by the mere thought of him having to dance awkwardly at the dancefloor.

Now Jimin pride himself to be a good dancer, but he didn’t do much party dancing.

That was too fucking embarrassing and Jimin was usually too fucking sober to try.

However, seeing Jiwoo’s outheld hand, he knew refusing would be rude, so he took his hand and followed him to the dancefloor, secretly hoping the world would end on his way to it so he didn't have to dance.

It started out really fucking awkward, and it kind stayed that way the entire time.

Jiwoo didn’t have a problem doing the usual party dancing, but Jimin was struggling. Even though he was a bit drunk, he still felt awkward. He was sure he had felt the alcohol in his bloodstream as they sat by the table, but once he stepped foot on the dance floor, he suddenly became painfully sober.

He could once again feel his cheeks redden from embarrassment.

Jiwoo leaned in with a teasing smile on his lips, and Jimin had a feeling he knew what he was going to say even before he said it.

“I thought you were one of the best dancers at the University of Seoul,” said Jiwoo - smiling teasingly.

“Well, not in party dancing.”

Jiwoo's expression changed from a shy smile to a confused wriggle of the nose and Jimin furrowed his own brows in confusion. He couldn’t hear the phone ringing because of the loud music, but the other boy must’ve felt it vibrate in his pocket as he pulled it out.

Jimin took a glance at the screen, seeing the word 'mom' pop up on the display.

Jiwoo looked at the screen for quite some time, clearly debating whether or not he should answer the phone while he was with Jimin.

“Just take it, I don’t mind,” hurried Jimin to say.

Jiwoo shook his head and declined the call. “No, that would be rude. Don’t worry, my mother will understand when I tell her I was on a date with such a handsome guy.”

Jimin was taken back by the sudden compliment and shyly smiled at Jiwoo who grinned back. It felt awkward being complimented so freely, and it felt oddly unsatisfying for some reason. 

It didn't make his stomach erupt in butterflies the way he thought it would. Instead, it made him feel slightly out of his comfort zone.

He felt horrible for feeling like that over something as kind as a compliment.

They didn’t dance for long before Jiwoo’s phone vibrated again and Jimin knew without a doubt that it was his mother. Jiwoo was once again debating whether or not he should answer.

“Please just take it, I really don’t mind,” said Jimin more determined than before. Part of him didn't mind the interruption.

Jiwoo looked up uncertain as to what he should do. “Are you sure?” Jimin nodded.

“If she calls twice it must be important. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine for 5 minutes.”

Jiwoo nodded, gave Jimin a smile and left the dancefloor to answer the phone call.

It wasn’t until Jimin stood on the dancefloor alone that he realized he was actually standing on the dance floor all alone.

He looked around trying to figure out how he could stand less awkward as he waited for Jiwoo to return, but he never found the stupid trick, because the awkwardness never went away.

No one was looking at him yet he felt like everyone was as his body stood completely still between all the other dancing bodies on the dancefloor. 

Luckily Jiwoo returned a few minutes later and Jimin was so happy to see him, he didn’t notice the frown on his face at first.

“Ah, Jiwoo it’s so good to- what happened?”

Jiwoo clenched the phone in his hand hard enough to turn his knuckles white before he looked up at Jimin with a troubled expression.

“It’s my father. He collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.”

Jimin’s eyes widened at the horrible news that was suddenly thrown at him and he felt a painful pang of sympathy in his chest as he looked at the troubled look on Jiwoo's face.

“That’s awful,” he exclaimed. “Is he okay? Are you okay?” He gently placed a hand on Jiwoo’s arm, hoping the gesture would be somewhat comforting, but he wasn't all that good at comforting people so he wasn't sure whether it made a difference or not.

“Me? No- I mean, yes- I don’t know,” he answered honestly.

“You should go,” he insisted - feeling guilty for keeping the boy here when he shouldn't stay.

“I can’t just leave you here,” Jiwoo replied, and Jimin couldn’t help but be flattered that Jiwoo was thinking of him even in a situation like this. They didn't know each other after all. He owed him nothing. Especially not something like this.

“No, don’t worry about it, I’ll go with Taehyung or some shit. Please don’t think of me, just go.” Jiwoo didn’t look all that sure. “Jiwoo please go, your family needs you. I’ll be just fine, I promise.” He gave Jiwoo a reassuring smile - hoping it would comfort the boy's troubled mind and at last, it seemed to do the trick.

“I’ll make it up to you, I swear,” he finally said. Jimin merely nodded as he gently pushed the boy's shoulder - telling him not to wait any longer.

He gave him one last smile before he hurried out of the bar and Jimin followed him with his eyes until he no longer could.

Jimin stood still at the dancefloor a few seconds more before he went back to their table - not wanting to continue to humiliate himself on the dance floor. Especially, not when he no longer had anyone he could wait for.

Yet the only thing he found when he arrived was an empty table. It had already been wiped clean - almost as if no one had ever sitten there at all.

Jimin could already feel the anger rise in him at the lack of notification on the two love birds departure, but he pushed it down and decided to search the bar for them - hoping they hadn't left him there.

The chances of them leaving were quite big, but Jimin hoped Taehyung had been smart enough to stay until he came back.

Or at least find him if they were in such a rush to go suck each other's dicks in one of their dorm rooms.

When there was no sight of them anywhere, Jimin could feel the anger resurface. He stuck his hands in his pockets - searching for his phone - as he came up with a rather long speech he was more than ready to throw at his best friend.

However, he quickly realized he didn’t have his phone in any of his pockets.

Or his wallet.

Or his keys.


In sheer panic, Jimin went through the bar twice, before he admitted to himself that the two boys were long gone and he was forced to ask at the bar if he wanted any hope of making it home.

He stood at the bar for a few seconds before he got the bartender’s attention. He was a tall man, clearly very fit and maybe in his late 20’s or early 30’s and Jimin was surprised with the kindness in his eyes considering the huge tattoo on his neck.

“What can I do for you?” he asked Jimin and the boy felt a little loss for words.

“Do you, um, know where the guys at that table went?” he asked and pointed at the empty table in the corner he had been sitting by an hour ago. The bartender looked in the direction he pointed before he shrugged.

“I think left about 20 minutes ago, though I’m not completely sure.”

Jimin sighed heavily and almost collapsed onto one of the barstools as he felt his soul leave his poor body. It was the news he had counted on getting but not hoped for.

“You okay buddy?” the bartender asked and Jimin just shook his head.

“Did the guy leave you here alone?” he asked. Jimin shook his head again a little unsure. Technically he had, but he wasn't exactly to blame.

“No, I was with this guy, but he had to leave.” The bartender gave Jimin an apologetic look, and the boy was quite sure he had misinterpreted his answer.

“Hold on,” the bartender said and went over to the other side of the bar - leaving Jimin a little puzzled behind.

A minute later the bartender returned with a drink in his hand and placed it in front of Jimin. The boy eyes the pink drink closely before he frantically shook his head.

“Oh no, I don’t have any money,” Jimin hurried to say, but the bartender only pushed the drink closer to him.

“It’s on the house,” he said. “Getting dumped sucks.”

Jimin was about to explain that he certainly hadn’t been dumped, but looking at the drink in front of him, he swallowed his pride and merely thanked the man for his kindness.

It wasn't as if it really mattered anyway and it felt stupid to correct the man and lose a free drink for something a juvenile as his stupid pride.

It didn’t take him long to finish it. Thirst mixed together with despair giving him enough motivation to practically empty it in one sip. The alcohol burned his throat, but Jimin didn't exactly mind. There was no reason to stay sober anymore and God knows he could use the intoxication that came with it.

The bartender returned a little while later and chuckled when he the already finished the drink standing neatly on the counter.

“That went down fast,” he said amused.

Jimin shrugged. “Too bad there isn’t more of it,” he said and looked at the bartender with innocent eyes as he played with the empty glass between his fingers in a desperate attempt to seem as persuading as possible.

“I know what you’re trying to say, kid,” said the bartender as he exclaimed a deep chuckle. “But I can’t just keep giving out free drinks.”

Jimin leaned back in the barstool, a fake, sad smile on his lips. “It’s just so hard being dumped,” he said and once again the bartender chuckled.

“Okay fine, but not a word to anyone.” Jimin nodded eagerly.

“I’ll keep it so secret I won't even tell myself,” he said and gave the bartender a salute, somehow thinking that was the appropriate response in his intoxicated state of mind.

He waited a few minutes before the bartender returned with a new drink and the boy could almost feel his fingers tingle with need. he found it quite pitiful that this was the highlight of his night.

He reached out for the new drink, but the bartender snatched it back just before he could get a hold of it.


“When you’re done with this you go straight home, alright?” Jimin hurried to nod, needing the alcohol now and not caring much about the requirements for doing so.

“Straight home,” he repeated and took the drink eagerly.

Then the bartender disappeared once again and Jimin was left with his drink, a weird mix of pineapple juice, vodka and something else he couldn't quite pinpoint at the moment.

“And why are you sitting here all alone?”

Jimin turned around so fast the drink almost fell from his hands as he came face to face with dark brown eyes.

He recognized the eyes instantly. Almost embarrassingly fast if he had to say so himself.

They weren't exactly friends after all even if they both were second years and attended the same literature class.

Though it wasn't strange to see his face around campus every now and then. It wasn't exactly a face you could ignore even if you wanted to. Nor was his name.

He had many friends at the university according to Jimin's limited knowledge, but most of the time when he saw him, he was by himself.

And it appeared that tonight he was as well. 

“Jun- Jeon Jungkook?”

He sat down in the barstool next to Jimin without an invite to do so and smiled arrogantly as if he owned it somehow.

It suddenly occurred to the boy that Jungkook probably didn’t know who the fuck he was and must find it incredibly creepy that Jimin knew him.

“Ji- Park Jimin,” he said. “We have literature together.”

“I know,” said Jungkook, his smile not faltering for even a second as if he expected the words and was amused by them.

Jimin made an ‘o’ with his mouth and awkwardly nodded, not knowing what else to say to the boy next to him.

“So,” said Jungkook, breaking the short-lived silence between them. “Why are you sitting here all alone?” Jimin merely shrugged at that, not having a direct answer for that.

“I have awful friends,” he replied and Jungkook chuckled.

For some reason, he really liked that sound.

“Well, that sucks.” Jimin nodded in agreement.

“So why are you sitting here all alone?”

“I’m not sitting here alone. You’re here with me.” Jimin rolled his eyes, but he couldn’t help the childish giggle and he had a feeling it was the alcohol's fault. At least, he hoped it was.

“You know what I mean,” he said and Jungkook shrugged nonchalantly.

“I thought it was a good idea to go to a bar, and I was obviously right,” he said and gave Jimin a smug smile as if there was a dirty undertone to his words, and it wouldn't exactly be a surprise if there was.

Jimin was well aware of the boy's reputation after all.

He didn’t know if it the was the big amount of alcohol in his blood, the warmth in the bar or embarrassment, but Jimin could feel his cheeks redden.

“Cute,” cooed Jungkook and Jimin shyly covered his cheeks with his hands - trying to stop his blushing but failing in doing so.

“Stop that,” he said.


“It’s embarrassing.” Jungkook only laughed more at that, making Jimin blush even harder than he already was.

Silence spread between them and while Jimin found it incredibly awkward, Jungkook seemed to find it greatly amusing.

Not knowing what to say or really do, Jimin reached out for his drink and quickly finished it in one sip before he placed it back on the counter before him.

“Well,” Jimin said, breaking the silence. “I promised I would go home when I finished that.”

Jungkook raised an eyebrow. “And who did you promise that to?” Jimin pointed at the bartender with his head and Jungkook looked behind him. There was an odd look on his face as he located the bartender but Jimin had no idea of what it could mean so he simply ignored it.

“He gave him the drink for free, but only if I went home once I finished it.” He pointed at the empty glass. “Finished,” he stated as if it wasn't already obvious.

“And how do you plan on going home?” Jungkook asked. There was an edge to his voice as if he knew something Jimin didn't, but the boy hardly paid it much mind in his intoxicated state.

He didn't question why Jungkook seemed like he already knew the answer before Jimin did.

“Well, I thought I would just call for a taxi and- fuck.”

He had completely forgotten that Taehyung had left with pretty much everything he owned, which basically meant he was stranded at this bar for the time being.

“Taehyung has my wallet,” he said. “And my phone. And my keys.”

He was really fucked.

Jungkook clearly didn’t share Jimin’s concern as he merely chuckled at the boy's distress and Jimin felt slightly insulted by the fact that his misery seemed to amuse the other boy.

“That’s a really shitty situation you got yourself in,” he stated and Jimin nodded in agreement.

“I don’t have money for a taxi. I can’t even call anyone for help, but even if I could I don’t have the keys to my dorm and my roommate won’t be home until late afternoon tomorrow, well today actually. I guess I could crash in Tae’s room, his roommate would mind, but I need to get back to the university first, but I...” He was rambling like crazy, saying things Jungkook probably had no interest in hearing.

He paused his rambling for a second to look up at Jungkook and the boy looked conflicted between amusement and confusion.

“What should I do?” he asked, genuinely wanting a solution, and not sober enough to know the other boy didn't have the answer.

For a moment Jungkook just looked at Jimin’s face, very confused by his sudden words.

Then the fucker started laughing.

“Well, I guess I could give you money for a taxi,” said Jungkook, and Jimin’s eyes lit up at the sudden act of kindness he hadn't expected to get from anyone, let alone Jeon Jungkook.

“Really? That is so kind of you, you have no idea how much-.“

“I didn’t say I would do it for free.”

Jimin’s smile faded in a second as the new knowledge hit him.

“Well, I don’t have any money right now, obviously, but I will totally pay you back tomorrow, I promise.” However, Jungkook shook his head, not interested in Jimin's offer at all.

“I don’t want your money.”

"You don’t?” Jungkook shook his head. “Then what do you want?” asked the boy a little skeptical.

Jungkook looked between his eyes as if he was searching for something before he spoke again.

“How about a game?”

“A game?”

“Yes, a game. If you win I’ll give you the money for a taxi, and you don’t even have to pay me back.”

“What kind of game?”

Jungkook shrugged. “A card game?”

“Yeah, but which one? Because I’m not good at that many card games.”

“You pick. Anything you want.” Jimin narrowed his eyes as he thought about it, needing time to think it over. Card games weren't his forté.

He couldn’t figure out why Jungkook was suggesting they played a game at all. It sounded rather silly and childish.

Couldn’t he just give him the damn money and let him pay him back tomorrow?

“Wait,” he said. “What if you win? What do you get?” Jungkook smirked at that - clearly sitting on a secret he didn't want to share just yet.

“We’ll get to that when I win.”

When? Don’t be cocky,” said Jimin, but he couldn’t help the giggle that followed his words as if Jungkook's answer had been amusing.

He was clearly still drunk.

“So, what game are we playing?”

“Go Fish.”

“Go Fish? Really?” The disbelief clear in the other boy's voice.

Jimin shrugged. “It’s the only game I’m somewhat decent at. You said I could pick. I pick Go Fish.”

“Fair enough,” said Jungkook. He turned towards the bar and snapped his fingers to get the bartender's attention. The man registered it immediately, almost as if he had been waiting for it. “Can we borrow a deck of cards?” The bartender eyed the two boys for a second before he nodded and pulled up a deck of cards from under the counter. He placed it in front of the two boys as he locked eyes with Jungkook for just a second longer.

“Already on to a new guy?” said the bartender and grinned at Jimin. There was an amusement underneath his voice Jimin couldn't interpret, but he hardly cared enough to do so anyway.

“Getting dumped really sucks,” Jimin repeated, though he was smiling as he spoke.

"I feel you, buddy,” replied the bartender before he left the two boys alone.

“Dumped?” Jungkook questioned. He didn't look so surprised though.

“He gave me free drinks because he thought I had been dumped. I just didn’t correct him.” Jungkook chuckled.

“Well shall we?” he asked and gestured to the cards.

“Isn’t it a bit unfair though?”

“How so?” questioned Jungkook.

“Well, I’m clearly drunk,” he said and pointed at himself. “And you clearly aren’t.” He pointed at Jungkook.

“I see, then how about I drink a few drinks and then we’re even?”

Jimin thought about it before he nodded in agreement. “That’s fair, I think.”

“Good. Head over to that table and I’ll be there in a few minutes.” A pout spread at Jimin's lips as the taller boy so shamelessly ordered him around. “I said now Jimin,” repeated Jungkook when the boy didn't move, and Jimin was surprised when his body moved before his mind registered it.

Jungkook joined him a few minutes later just as he promised, with two drinks and the cards.

“So, what exactly was the reason for you coming here?” asked Jungkook and started drinking his drinks.

“I was on a double date,” explained Jimin - feeling his stomach turn at the thought. He certainly wasn't doing that again.

“A double date? Then how come you end up alone?”

Because he was fucking unlucky, but he didn't say that.

“Tae and Hajun are probably going at it in Hajun’s dorm room, and Jiwoo’s father collapsed, so he really can’t be blamed.” He had really been hit by bad luck tonight and wondered if this was another stop on the way or a brighter path ahead.

“Then it’s good I showed up, don’t you think?” said Jungkook and smirked as if his presence was the greatest gift the boy could get.

Jimin was too flustered to answer so he just ignored the question since Jungkook's smirk somehow tightened his pants and made his palms sweaty. He blamed it on the drink even though he knew it wasn't as simple as that.

“Are we playing or what?” Jungkook emptied the last of his second drink and nodded before he pushed the empty glasses out of his way. “Go Fish,” he repeated and placed all the cards on the table in front of them in a big messy pile.

“It’s seven cards, right?” asked Jimin as he started collecting cards.


“You start with seven cards, don’t you?”

“I thought you were good at Go Fish?”

“Well, I was when I was like, eleven, or something,” exclaimed the boy defensively.

Jungkook chuckled at Jimin's reaction as he collected seven cards himself. “Yes, it’s seven.”

Then they began the game.

Jimin was doing pretty well if he had to say so himself. He already had 3 books while Jungkook had none and he wasn't sure if it was the alcohol or his ego, but one of them was the cause of the wide smile on his lips.

“Seems like I’ll get home tonight after all,” said Jimin cheerfully.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, I’m still gonna win.”

“I don’t think so,” said Jimin. “But if you do, what is it you win again?”

There was a long silence before Jungkook spoke.


Jimin snapped his head up and looked at him.


“If you win I’ll give you money for a taxi, but if I win, I own you.”

Jimin looked at Jungkook long and hard before he started to giggle amusedly. “Yeah, right,” he said as he looked through the cards in his hands.

“I’m not kidding.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I’m not.” Jimin frowned as he lifted his gaze to meet Jungkook's eyes and he shivered under the intenseness in them.

“Nobody owns me, I’m not a thing,” replied the boy - feeling quite insulted by the sudden objectification.

“You want to go home, right?”

“Well, yeah of course.”

“Then stop complaining. If you don’t like the terms then all you have to do is win.”

“You bet your ass I'll fucking win.”






Jimin lost.

Quite big actually.

He hadn’t gotten more than 3 books and it’s was somehow a bit humiliating to lose to significantly.

“Fuck,” muttered Jimin under his breath.

“I guess you weren’t as good at Go Fish as you thought.”

Jimin placed his forehead on the table gently and closed his eyes to minimize the dizziness he felt from the alcohol. “My memory has failed me,” uttered Jimin with a groan.

He could feel the room turning and realized that he should probably leave now if he wanted to make it back to the university before morning.

“I’ll leave now,” said Jimin and got up from his seat. It obviously wasn’t the best idea because the alcohol in his blood made his legs wobbly and if I weren’t for Jungkook’s strong arms, he would’ve fallen.

Jimin grabbed on to Jungkook’s arms and gently squeezed them in a pointless attempt to steady himself. “You’re really strong,” said Jimin in amazement, knowing it was the alcohol in his blood that talked, but not really caring at the moment.

Jungkook chuckled amused at the odd comment and though Jimin knew he should be embarrassed, he didn't feel it in this state of intoxication. “Come on, let’s get you a taxi.”

“But I lost,” he said - puzzled by Jungkook’s words.

“I can’t just let you go out there like this,” said Jungkook. “I take good care of what’s mine.”

Jimin was about to tell him that that was pure bullshit because he certainly wasn't Jungkook's, but Jungkook pulled him towards the exit before he could say anything and Jimin didn't have the strength to fight it.

Once they got out on the street Jungkook easily got a taxi. He gently guided Jimin into the car and placed him elegantly in the seat. He buckled the boy's seatbelt before he jumped into the taxi as well.

Jimin’s eyes suddenly felt incredibly heavy and before he knew it, he placed his head on Jungkook’s shoulder and felt exhaustion overtake him.

He fell asleep before the taxi even started to move.

He hardly even heard what directions Jungkook gave the taxi driver.

Though he was quite sure he didn’t recognize the address.

Chapter Text

Park Jimin awoke with a killer headache.

He could feel the sun on his back, which meant Yoongi was already up. He always opened the curtains, knowing Jimin always woke up when the sun shined through the window. It was his subtle way of waking Jimin up without actually waking him up himself.

Jimin rolled over, ready to throw a pillow at Yoongi or maybe yell at him a little bit. However, he soon realized, that Yoongi wasn’t lying in the bed next to his.

Because there wasn’t actually a bed next to his.

Instead of Yoongi’s bed, there was a gigantic window. And instead of his own small bed, there was a king-sized one. The sheets were much softer than his own. It took him a second to realize he was sleeping on actual silk. He had never before felt such softness against his bare skin.

Jimin sat up so fast he got dizzy - squeezing his eyes shut to keep the headache from getting worse. He looked around the room yet he found nothing familiar. There wasn't a single piece of furniture in the room he had seen before.

The room was big. Five times as big as his and Yoongi’s dorm room. A chandelier was hanging from the ceiling, a big hole in the wall showed a living room and Jimin could even see the edge of a kitchen if he leaned a little to the left. This place was huge and probably really expensive.

Where the hell was he?

Last night's memories came washing over him faster than expected and it intensified the banging headache he was feeling. The double date, Taehyung ditching him at the bar, a lot of drinks, and then- 


His voice barely coming through in the large room. It sounded weirdly remote in the huge apartment and it sent chills down his spine.

The last thing he remembered was getting in the taxi with Jungkook. He didn't even remember getting out of the taxi let alone into someone's apartment and into their bed.

“Jungkook?” he called again, his voice a little louder. “Jung-“

He heard the sound of a door opening and the boy snapped his head in the direction. He watched as Jungkook came out of what Jimin presumed was the bathroom, with a hairbrush in his hand.

“Yes?” Jimin was baffled by how casual he sounded considering the circumstances. As if there wasn't a strange boy lying in his bed.

Jimin could only stare at him in the threshold to the bathroom. He had no idea what to say to the boy. He didn't know what would be appropriate and what wouldn't be.

He shifted awkwardly in the bed and felt the silk sheets caress his exposed legs. Dread washed over him as he realized he wasn’t wearing any pants. His eyes doubled in size as he quickly ran his hands down his body to see if he was missing any other clothing. To his relief, he wasn't missing anything else. 

“Oh God, we didn’t… did we?” he asked horrified. He was sure he hadn’t been so drunk that he would forget sleeping with someone, but sitting in Jungkook’s bed without pants on he suddenly felt unsure. He was blackout drunk last night. Lots of things could've happened.

Jungkook chuckled amusedly. “No, we didn’t,” he said. He ran the hairbrush through his dark hair a few times - radiating nothing but indifference as if the situation was nothing out of the ordinary to him.

Jimin was sure if it should comfort him or not.

“I figured it would be uncomfortable for you to sleep with your jeans on, so I took them off.” Jimin nodded wordlessly - to flustered to talk. He couldn't stop the blushing of his cheeks at the thought of Jungkook stripping him in his sleep. The thought of Jungkook exposing his naked skin so easily and looking at him at his most vulnerable state.

A silence filled the room between the two boys who until last night was total strangers to one another. None of them said anything. Jimin could feel Jungkook’s eyes on him, but he was too embarrassed to look at him. Too shy to make eye contact. He had no idea what he was supposed to do now.

He had never been in this kind of situation before, so what the fuck was he supposed to do now? What was he supposed to say? What was he supposed to even think?

It took a couple of seconds before Jimin figured Jungkook was probably waiting for him to get out.

He quickly got out of the bed and stood awkwardly beside it as he contemplated what his next approach should be.

“So, um, thank you for, um, the help last night,” he said, stumbling over the words. “I’ll just… go now.” He looked around the room, his eyes glancing over Jungkook but not settling on him, too afraid to actually look at him.

He wasn’t even sure why he was embarrassed, they didn’t do anything, yet he couldn’t stop it. He couldn't stop his blushing cheeks and the awkward tapping of his fingers.

“Where are my pants?” There was a long silence following his question before Jungkook suddenly chuckled unexpectedly. Jimin looked at him, really looked at him, for the first time since he woke up.

“What’s so funny?”


Jimin blinked a few times as he processed Jungkook's shameless answer. The boy didn't look the least bit shameful about blurting that out. He smug about it and it made Jimin's whole face turn crimson.

He placed his cool hand against his burning cheek - wishing for the love of God that his face wouldn't turn every situation even more embarrassing than it already was.

He looked away from Jungkook and once again searched the floor for his pants. It didn’t make any difference though, because he still couldn’t find the suckers.

“Where were my pants again?”  Jungkook stood still for a moment - simply observing the flustered boy in his apartment and Jimin wondered what he was thinking. What made him look at him like that. Then he walked over to the armchair in the corner of the room and picked up a pair of neatly folded pants Jimin recognized immediately in relief.

He awkwardly walked over to Jungkook as he tried his best to cover as much of his exposed legs as he possibly could. Though he wasn’t able to cover much with his hands. Practically nothing at all.

“Thank you for giving me a ride home from the bar, even though I lost,” said Jimin and reached out for his pants. “And thank you for letting me crash here. I hope it wasn’t too much trouble.” Jimin did his best to sound as polite as he possibly could while maintaining a casual indifferent smile that wasn't too much nor too little.

He grabbed his pants, yet Jungkook didn’t let go - making Jimin stubble back slightly when his attempt failed. He stood dumbfounded for a second - looking at Jungkook's fingers still wrapped tightly around the hem of his pants.

“Um, you have to let go of my pants in order for me to put them on.” Jimin laughed awkwardly, finding the situation really bizarre. He tugged at his pants but the other boy's grip was too strong.

“Maybe I don’t want you to put them on.”

Jimin’s head snapped up and his eyes widened as he looked into Jungkook’s dark gaze. The boy had an unreadable look in his eyes Jimin couldn't even guess what could mean. Yet he wasn't sure he wanted to know regardless. He had a hard time processing Jungkook’s words at it was. He hoped he was kidding. Hoped he was trying to lighten the mood with an innocent joke.

If that was the case, that was just great. Jimin had met a fucking comedian.

“Do you always blush this much?”

Jimin was too shocked to register Jungkook's hand on his burning cheek until it was too late to stop him. It was a gentle touch and Jimin hated that he didn't understand the intentions behind it.

"Unfortunately,” said Jimin in a quiet voice, unable to take his eyes off Jungkook, even though he was dying from the embarrassment it was giving him.

Why was Jungkook acting so casual? As if they weren't two strangers who had never before held a conversation. As if they didn't know each other at all.

“It’s cute.”

“It’s annoying.”

Jimin tucked on his pants again, yet Jungkook still didn’t release them. He held on to them and Jimin loathed the pleased look in his eyes. It felt condescending somehow, but maybe he was misunderstanding the situation.

“Can I please get my pants?” Jungkook moved his hand away from Jimin’s cheek at last and Jimin almost felt as if it left a cool handprint where it had touched him. A wide smirk spread on the boy's face and Jimin furrowed his brows in confusion and annoyance.

Jimin could feel an anger rise inside of him. He couldn't deny it had been kind of Jungkook to help him home last night and even let him stay the night - if you didn't count the silly card game - but this was ridiculous. This was stupid.

“Look, I’m grateful for your help last night, but I really need to get back to my dorm, so if you could just please let go so I can get dressed, it would be fucking great.” Jimin’s voice was surprisingly stern and steady considering how anxious he felt.

He pulled once more - a little harder this time - and Jungkook let go. Jimin didn't understand how he could look smug about that as well. As if he was winning ever time.

“Thank you,” said Jimin, but the annoyance was clear in his voice. “I’ll pay you back for the taxi when I get back to my dorm,” said Jimin as he struggled with putting on his pants.

“I’ve already said I don’t want your money.” Jimin buttoned his pants quickly - not bothering to make do it neatly - before he looked up at Jungkook once again.

“Well, you’re getting them. I’d rather not be in debt to you.”

He didn’t know Jeon Jungkook very well. But he was quite certain he wasn’t someone one would like to be in debt to. With a father rich enough to buy half a city, Jungkook wouldn’t be the type to want money from others, and Jimin certainly wasn’t giving him anything else.

He stood still for a second before making his way towards the door - contemplating whether or not he should turn around and say goodbye to Jungkook or simply leave. He eventually decided against saying goodbye in favor of escaping this mess faster.

He really just wanted to get home.

Yet Jungkook seemed to have other plans.

In the blink of an eye, Jungkook had grabbed Jimin’s arm, turned him around and practically slammed him up against the bedroom wall - sending a wave of shock through his body. He would lie if he said it hadn’t been painful, yet the pain was the last thing he was focusing on as he almost stood nose to nose with Jeon Jungkook.

What was happening here? What the fuck was happening?

“I don’t remember allowing you to leave.”

Jungkook’s eyes scanned over Jimin’s paling face and the boy suddenly felt even smaller in front of the taller boy.

“I don’t need your permission to leave, Jungkook.”

“Yes, you do. In case you’ve forgotten, I own you, sweet cheeks.” Jimin frowned his brows in anger and annoyance.

What the hell was he saying?

“No, you don’t,” he answered.

“The game last night. You lost, I won, therefore you are mine.”

Bafflement washed over Jimin in heavy waves and he was sure a vein was close to popping in his forehead. It was a stupid game of Go Fish, that didn’t mean anything. Jimin had been drunk and desperate to get home. He had been vulnerable and easily persuaded.

“It was a dumb game of cards, Jungkook, so stop being a dick and let go of me.” Jimin tried to push back the boy in front of him, but he didn't move even an inch.

Of course, it was surprising considering the limited amount of force the boy was putting into it.

Jungkook leaned in closer and Jimin could feel his breath ghost over his cheek intimidatingly. It made his breath hitch in his throat and his palms moist from nervousness.

He swallowed hard - the lump in his throat almost unbearable.

“We made a deal and I won. Not to mention I was generous enough to get you home despite the fact that you lost.”

“And I’m going to pay you back, so we’re even.”

“That wasn’t part of the deal.”

Jungkook’s eyes burned holes in him and his deep, raspy chuckle clawed at his skin. He looked at Jimin as if he was a shiny new toy and the boy had a hard time keeping eye contact. Jungkook was incredibly intimidating.

“Jungkook, this is ridiculous.” Jimin looked between his eyes, searching for something - anything - that could explain why Jungkook was doing this.

Looking around the massive room, Jimin couldn’t imagine that Jungkook was missing something. He had everything anyone could dream of and more. Maybe he was simply bored.

Maybe this was a game made by a bored, spoiled boy.

“No, Jimin. And we’re only getting started.”

Jungkook leaned forward, his nose was so close to Jimin’s he could almost feel it on his own. Jungkook’s gaze shifted between his eyes and his lips, and as he leaned in, even more, Jimin was sure he was going to kiss him.

He was surprised by himself when he realized that if Jungkook actually tried to kiss him, he probably wasn’t going to stop him.

Why wouldn't he stop him?

Jungkook’s lips brushed by his, but they didn't linger for long. Instead of kissing his lips, Jungkook kissed his jaw. Then he started trailing kisses along Jimin’s jaw and down his throat. He subconsciously closed his eyes and leaned his head back without even realizing he was doing so. His body and mind were no longer communicating.

Jungkook’s lips were warm and soft and gentle in a surprising way, and Jimin couldn’t even pretend not to like it.

It had been months since someone had touched him like this. Months since he had felt the heat from another person's body or felt the softness of someone's hands run down his body with smug intentions. He had made it clear to everyone - including himself - that he hadn’t minded at all. That the missing warmth coming from someone else wasn't a need he wanted to be fulfilled right now.

Standing here, with Jungkook’s lips against his throat and his hands on his exposed skin, Jimin knew it was a goddamn lie.

Jungkook’s lips attached themselves to the smaller boy's throat and he sucked so hard on his skin it was going to leave a mark. He wanted to object, he wanted to worry about the consequences of a visible mark, but for a second he wanted the mark on his body.

Just for a second.

He knew standing here in the first place was a bad idea, leaving with solid proof of his stay was even worse. Yet Jimin didn’t have the strength or the will to stop it. It felt like Jungkook’s touches were going straight to forming arousal.

Jimin couldn’t even remember the last time so little intimacy had turned him on that much.

Before Jimin could even process it, a moan escaped his lips.

Time stood still for a second and the air around them felt awfully heavy as Jungkook stopped kissing his throat. Embarrassment rushed through Jimin's trembling body and it made everything in him cringe.

One thing was enjoying this, another thing was to show Jungkook he was enjoying it.

Jungkook locked eyes with him, a pleased smiled plastered on his lips - clearly satisfied with himself.

He placed his thumb on Jimin’s lips and parted them slightly. Jimin didn't push him away, he simply allowed Jungkook to do as he pleased.

“You sound so beautiful,” he said, and Jimin, once again, swallowed hard. “I can’t wait to hear you moan my name, baby.”

Those words snapped Jimin back to the reality he was in.

His eyes widen and he pulled his head back so fast he practically slammed it into the wall. It seemed his body moved before his head could even register it, because he slammed his foot down on Jungkook’s toe, and as he jumped back in both pain and shook, Jimin ran for the door.

It wasn’t the smoothest escape plan.

He nearly fell over his own two feet four times in the three seconds it took for him to reach the door. He bent down to grab his shoes and turned around to see Jungkook leaning against the wall and looking at Jimin with an amused grin on his face as if his reaction had been hilarious.

As if Jimin's defiance was amusing to the boy and not bothersome the way it was meant to be.

“Where- where am I exactly?” he asked hesitantly. “And how do I get back to the university?”

It took a moment for Jungkook to respond as he studied him, the amused grin never leaving his face. Jimin had an urge to wipe the grin right off his goddamn face. He was tired of these games.

“Papa’s coffee house is just down the street.”

Jimin nodded - recognizing the name instantly. Pretty much every single student at Seoul University went there at least twice a week, Jimin included. Which meant he couldn't be far from the university. Maybe 20 minutes or so.

Jimin didn't give Jungkook a verbal reply before he turned around and grabbed the doorknob forcefully.

He pulled a few times before he realized that door was of course locked, and then he used an embarrassingly long time trying to figure out how to unlock the big, fancy door so he could open it and escape.

“Do you need money for a taxi?”

“Shove your money up your ass Jeon Jungkook!” yelled Jimin and hurried to close the door after him as he ran down the stairs.

Chapter Text

Park Jimin made it back to the university in less than 15 minutes. He basically ran the whole way back and he wasn’t even sure why. He had no plans whatsoever, and it wasn’t like Jungkook was gonna chase him down the street.

Yet Jimin had run for his dear life.

It was still early in the morning and knowing Taehyung he would probably first be back around noon. There was no need to stress, no need to fear, yet panic was all that raced through the boy's blood.

It was simple really. All he just had to make it back to his dorm and pretend he had been there all along. Yet it felt impossible at the moment. As if everyone could see on him he was a walking lie.

He made his way through campus doing his best to avoid any familiar faces. While it wouldn't exactly be juicy news that Park Jimin made his way across campus ground in the early hours of the morning, it was still an act he would rather not be caught doing.

The people who knew him would probably grill him. Or worse; tell Taehyung. Something he would never be in the mood for.

When he finally reached his dorm room he grabbed the doorknob frantically - ready to rip it open and lay down in the safety of his bed. He could, however, not open the door at all. The realization hit him like a punch to his gut as he remembered Yoongi's absence.

How could he forget that Yoongi wasn’t coming back until later that day?

He placed his head against the door and softly banged it against it a few times as he mentally cursed himself for forgetting that in the stress of everything.

Why was everything going against him today?

After a few minutes of a mental crisis, Jimin went over to his neighbor and knocked on the door a lot softer than he had on his own. It took a few minutes before the door was opened and a very tired - not to mention annoyed - Jung Hoseok came into view. His hair was a mess from sleep, his eyes were half-closed and he was only wearing underwear.

“You better have a damn good reason for waking me up this fucking early in the weekend.” Jimin tried pushing the door open without a word, but Hoseok didn’t let him. “You are not coming in without a good reason and an apology.”

Hoseok's annoyance was justified but Jimin couldn't help the frustrated sigh that left his lips.

“Please, Hobi. I’ve had a shitty morning, please let me in.”

Hoseok looked at him for a long time before he finally surrendered with a sigh and open the door for Jimin to enter. He made his way into the small dorm room and threw himself onto Taehyung’s messy bed. He placed his arm over his eyes and let his body relax for the first time since he woke up now that he was finally in the comfort of familiarity.

Hoseok sat down on his own bed and threw Jimin a raised eyebrow as he looked at him with question marks glittering in his eyes.

“So,” he said. “Spill.”

Jimin shook his head defeatedly. He wasn't in the mood to share anything, but he knew he had to share at least something. He didn't want the boy in front of him to know everything. He didn't want anyone to know everything. It was too messy.

“Taehyung ditched me at the bar last night, and he left with all of my stuff. Like my phone and my wallet and my keys and my fucking dignity.” Hoseok chuckled amusedly at Jimin's misery.

“Sounds like Taehyung. Always in a hurry.” Jimin nodded in agreement. “Seems like your neck had a great night though. That’s a pretty hickey you got there.”

Panic shot through the boy like a catching fire and his eyes widened almost comically in realization. He had forgotten all about Jungkook's mark on his neck. He slapped his hand over the hickey embarrassedly and cleared his throat as he prepared himself to lie.

“It’s um… It was my date. Jiwoo.”

“He seems like a kinky guy.”

“Totally,” he muttered in agreement.

He moved his arm away from his eyes but was immediately blinded by the sun that shined through the window. He squeezed his eyes shut as he wiggled further down on the bed to escape the aggressive light.

“How do you sleep with the sun shining in every morning?” Hoseok shrugged indifferently.

“I always forget to close the curtains, so I guess I’ve gotten used to it.”

Jimin said nothing in return as he simply rolled around in the bed until he was facing the wall and his back was towards his neighbor. He let himself close his eyes once again as he relished in the safety Taehyung's messy bed was giving him.

They were no were close to being as soft as Jungkook's sheets and it annoyed him that he knew had something to compare to. Especially, when he liked the other sheets better.

“You’re not gonna tell me what happened last night, are you?”


“You’re so mean.” Jimin turned around to face Hoseok and spotted a teasing pout on the boy's lips. He didn't look bothered with the missing knowledge, but it did seem to amuse him the slightest.

“When Tae comes back, please tell him I slept here.” The prayer had barely left Jimin's lips before Hoseok groaned in annoyance. The boy was an excellent secret keeping but he was no fan of doing so.

Jimin had learned that little quirk about him early on when he had begged the boy to lie on his behalf to avoid having to attend lame parties or whatever else Taehyung wanted to drag him to. Not to mention, covering for him when he practiced in the studio way past what was allowed.

“Fine, but you owe me.” Jimin nodded in agreement.

“I owe you a lot.”

“Yeah, you do. Almost 2 years of covering your ass. I’m expecting a car anytime soon,” said Hoseok. The boy rose from the bed and made his way towards the bathroom - picking up a few clothing items on the way.

After a few seconds, Hoseok emerged again fully dressed and with a toothbrush in his mouth.

“You can just go back to sleep, Hobi. I promise I won’t disturb you,” said Jimin but Hoseok shook his head.

“I’m up now. And dressed. I couldn't sleep anymore even if I wanted to.”

“Sorry.” Hoseok waved his hand to dismiss the boy's apology.

“Don’t sweat it." He sent the boy apologetic smile, but Hoseok dismissed it again - not needed an apology from him.

At last, Jimin pushed his body into motion and rose from Taehyung's bed in favor of nearing his messy closet. He threw himself into the mess and searched desperately for a clean shirt he could wear.

“What are you doing now? It wasn’t enough to take advantage of my kindness, you also have to steal from my roommate?”

He pulled out a white t-shirt from Taehyung’s closet before he took off his own shirt and threw in on the messy bed. The material of the shirt was soft against his fingers as he pulled it over his head and down his torso.

Taehyung was only a little bit bigger than himself, so the shirt fit him quite nicely. He never really took advantage of their shared size, but Taehyung surely did. The only way Jimin would be able to count all of the times he caught Taehyung in his clothes, was if he was holding a calculator.

And the boy was nowhere near remorseful about that

“If Tae comes back and I’m still in my clothes from last night, he’s probably not gonna believe I slept here.” Hoseok threw himself on his bed and chuckled amused. He didn't seem overly surprised by Jimin's dedication to this. 

“You’re really committed to your lie, huh? What did you do last night that was so scandalous?”

Jimin grabbed a random shirt from Taehyung’s closet and threw it at the amused boy, who easily grabbed it long before it could hit him and threw it on the dirty floor.

“It’s nothing,” said Jimin - lying through his teeth.

“It surely doesn’t sound like nothing.”

“Well, stop sticking your nose in my business, you dick.” Laughter filled the dorm room but it certainly didn't come from the younger boy.

“Since you showed up at my doorstep in the middle of the night, it became my business too.”

“It’s 9 in the morning Hoseok. And no, so go back to sleep.”

“No-can-do, sweetheart.”

He had just managed to take off his pants when the door swung open and a tired - oddly depressing - Taehyung made his way into the dorm room. He walked straight towards his way to his bed and he threw his jacket on the floor before he threw himself on the bed with a loud uncharacteristic groan.

Jimin and Hoseok exchanged confused looks as they gazed at the unfamiliar boy who had just stepped into the room.

“What’s up, Tae?” asked Hoseok and Taehyung reluctantly looked at him.

“Let’s just say Hajun wasn’t exactly as great as I thought he was gonna be. Like he wasn’t bad in bed, I just didn’t feel any connection between us, you know? And I was so sure we- Jimin? What are you doing here?”

His lips parted in disbelief as he stared at his best friend - insulted with his inability to notice him when he was right there

He had walked right past him and hadn’t even noticed him.

“He slept here,” said Hoseok. “All night.” He gave Jimin a sly smirk and winked teasingly. The boy glared back at him, and to his luck, Taehyung seemed too caught up in his own thoughts to register anything else.

“Where’s Jiwoo?”

“With his family I presume.”

Taehyung raised his head and looked at Jimin - confusion clear on his face as he searched his eyes for answers.

“Huh. I was sure you were gonna hook up. I thought you really hit it off.” He sounded genuinely surprised. Jimin kind of wanted to ask him where he got that assumption from when he had barely paid attention to him at all last night, but he refrained himself from doing so.

Jimin sat down on the bed before he gentle grabbed Taehyung’s leg and rubbed it carefully. The boy loved it, and over time it had simply become a habit of Jimin’s to do so every now and then.

“We did, but halfway through the third song, he got a call from his mom. His father collapsed apparently.” Taehyung’s eye widened.

“Oh shit.”

“Yeah,” he agreed. “Oh shit.”

“If I knew that I wouldn’t have left without you. Especially since my night wasn’t as good as I thought it would be,” he said - mumbling the last part as if he didn't intend for anyone to hear it.

“Tae, you had no way of knowing Jiwoo’s father would collapse so there was really nothing you could do,” said Jimin - desperately trying to reassure his best friend, but it didn't seem to make much of a difference as the boy shrugged.

“I shouldn’t have left without telling you.”

“You shouldn’t have left with all of my stuff, you fucking idiot.”

Taehyung’s eyes widened at the realization and the look on his face was almost comical.

“Fuck. I’m so sorry, Jiminie, I totally forgot I had your keys and your wallet.” Jimin gently slapped Taehyung’s leg and moved to sit further back on the bed.

“I made it home so it’s fine. As long as you still have my stuff, otherwise I will kill you."

Taehyung turned around and reached out for his jacket on the floor. He was clearly struggling to reach it, but neither Jimin nor Hoseok made any move to help him pick it up.

“Geez, thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it,” said the boy - sarcasm clear in his voice.

“Don’t mention it,” said the older boy and winked at Taehyung, making Jimin snort amused.

Finally, Taehyung managed to reach his jacket and sat up in his bed again. He went through the pockets and pulled out two phones, two wallets and two set of keys. He tossed Jimin his stuff and placed his own stuff on his bedside table with an exhausted sigh.

Jimin tried to turn on his phone but soon discovered there was no battery left at all. he was certain he hadn't used it much last night, yet everything seemed a little hazy.

“Did you use my phone last night?” he asked and Taehyung nodded shamelessly.

“Yeah, we went through all of your nudes and had a great laugh.”

Jimin hit his leg hard, making the boy flinch and pout as he rubbed his now sore leg.

“I’m kidding, we just used your phone to play some music.” Jimin wrinkled his nose in disgust. Those weren't the words he had hoped to hear.

“You used my phone to play music while you had sex?”

“Yeah, and it didn’t work very well. It still sucked.”

“Well, you clearly didn’t play the right music then. What did you play? “Not Big” by Lily Allen?” Hoseok chuckled - amused at his own silly joke - and Taehyung threw his pillow at him without much luck.

“It’s not funny, okay? I really thought Hajun was the one, you know? But I just didn’t feel anything. Like he’s sweet and all, but it’s not enough.”

“Tae, the first time with someone sucks sometimes, doesn’t mean they can’t be the one,” said Hoseok and threw the pillow back at Taehyung much gentler than the other boy had.

“The sex was good, but I don’t really feel the need to sleep with him again, and that’s kinda required in a relationship.”

“Not necessarily.”

“It is for me,” sighed the boy and squeezed his eyes shut.

“Did you tell Hajun?” asked Jimin.

“Well, that’s the good part. I kinda got the same vibe from him, so no hearts are gonna be broken.” At that Taehyung gave them a genuine smile. The first one since he had arrived and it filled Jimin with relief. He knew how much Taehyung hated turning someone down or hurting someone’s feelings. He was too kind. Too sweet.

He was the epidemy of sunshine and love and genuine care. Jimin had never met a more outgoing and positive person than Kim Taehyung. The boy was shameless and unfiltered at times, but he would always look on the bright sides.

And everybody just always loved him, and that resulted in many friends wherever he went. Which was why Jimin had been more than surprised when Taehyung had chosen him to be his best friend, or soulmate as he so cheesily called it.

He wasn't used to being someone’s first choice.

A simple friend, sure, but no one had ever proudly declared that he was their best friend the way Taehyung had.

He had forced himself into his life on the first day at university and never left his side since.

Jimin had arrived a little late to the dorms and was rushing to unpack before the assembly for the new students in the great hall. He had been panicking as he roamed around the unfamiliar place in a hurry.

His roommate, who he hadn’t even met yet, had already unpacked all of his things and left, leaving Jimin completely lost. Taehyung must have heard the sound of distress coming from Jimin’s room next door because suddenly he stood in the door and asked the boy if he needed help.

Jimin had turned him down at first - insisting that he could manage it and that Taehyung should just go to the assembly - but Taehyung had refused. He had grabbed Jimin’s boxes and help him unpack no matter how many times Jimin told him to go to the assembly they were already running late for.

This resulted in both of them coming very late.

That of course meant that they had to discreetly sneak into the great hall without being noticed. And of course, they managed to shut the door too loudly and watch in horror as the entire hall, including the teachers, turned the attention towards them and watched as they awkwardly made their way to two empty seats in the front.

Jimin had found it quite embarrassing, but Taehyung had thought it was absolutely hilarious.

It had bonded them together in a way Jimin could never verbally explain.

“That’s great, Taehyung. Sucks that it didn’t work out though,” said Hoseok, but Taehyung merely shrugged.

“It is what it is.” Hoseok and Jimin nodded in agreement - both not sure if that was the response the boy desired but sure what else to do.

“Well, since I’m up anyway, how about some coffee at Papa’s?” said Hoseok and got up from the bed to grab his things and stuff them into his pockets. Taehyung nodded in agreement before he too got up and started putting on his shoes.

“Coffee sounds really good right now.”

Jimin didn't verbally agree, but there was nothing on earth he would rather do right now than get coffee. After everything that had happened this morning and last night, coffee was exactly what he needed. What he craved.

“I’ll just go change and grab my ja- Taehyung, where’s my jacket?” The boy looked up at the mention of his name, but he looked clueless.

“I don’t have your jacket. Didn’t you wear it at the bar?”

Jimin tried to recall last night. He had been wearing his jacket, hadn’t he? He was sure he had, but then where was it?

Did he leave it at the bar or did he-

The realization hit him like a train and knocking all air out of his lungs as his eyes widened in what he presumed was fear.

He had forgotten it at Jungkook’s.

He had been so caught up in getting the hell out of the boy's apartment, that he had completely forgotten about his stupid jacket.

“Shit,” he cursed under his breath.


“I- I forgot it at the bar.” Taehyung shook his head like a disappointed parent before he sent the boy a teasing wink.

“You’re really stupid you know that?” Jimin nodded. That was not unknown knowledge to the boy.

“I’ll go change. Back in a minute,” said Jimin and rushed to the door.

“Hey, you’re wearing my shirt,” yelled Taehyung after him. “You better wash it before you returned it. You smell like cheap booze and sexual frustrations. It’s disgusting.”

Jimin flipped him off before he ran out of the room, and over to his own. He fumbled with the keys for a minute before he got the door open and stumbled into the room. He put on some fresh pants and a fresh shirt and remembered to pluck in his phone before he grabbed a sweater and his wallet.

He hurried out of the room just as Taehyung and Hoseok came out of theirs and hurried to join them.

“Shall we?” asked Hoseok as he yawned - demonstrating just how much he needed caffeine.

“Still practically asleep I see,” said Taehyung teasingly.

“Which is why I need coffee. Now.”

“That makes two of us,” said Jimin.

“Make that three."

The sound of the door locking was heard from behind Jimin before he felt Taehyung come up behind him and put a gentle hand on his back. He caressed him shortly in a comforting manner before he let go and instead came up beside him - flashing him a wide grin as he did so.

It was comforting to see a smile on the boy's face after his unfortunate confession and so when his face shifted into a more confused look, Jimin was slightly disappointed.

“Since I had all of your stuff, how did you make it home?”

The air went cold around him and his mouth went dry as he registered Taehyung's question. It was a simple question that required a simple answer, but it wasn't until now he realized he hadn't thought about coming up with on. He had completely forgotten about that detail in his much thought-out plan.

“I- I borrowed some money from someone from the university who was at the bar,” he lied.

“Who?” Jimin thought about coming up with a false name to give the boy, but Taehyung knew practically everyone. He would quickly realize it was a lie and then he had a much bigger explanation to do.

“I don’t remember his name.”


“Come on let’s go,” said Hoseok and grabbed the two boys by their wrist and dragged them along.

Jimin mouthed a ‘thank you’ and Hoseok smiled in return - a teasing spark in his eyes.










The coffee shop was surprisingly full considering how early it was on a Saturday.

The three boys stood in the doorway and looked around for an empty table in the sea of students. It wasn't unusual to see the place this crowed on a Saturday, but it was immensely annoying.

“There,” exclaimed Hoseok and pointed at an empty table in the corner of the coffee shop. They hurried to make their way through the crowd of coffee thirsty university students before someone else spotted the table. Jimin hurried to place himself in the chair in the corner - giving him a full view of the entire coffee shop and its customers. He always enjoyed observing the people around him.

“So, what are you guys having?” asked Taehyung as he tapped his fingers on the table impatiently.

“I kinda want an iced latte, but I think my body needs a good old black coffee to wake up,” said Hoseok - looking very deep in thought over his choice of drink.

“I just want a coffee with some milk,” said Jimin and leaned back in the chair.

“I think I want that too,” announced Taehyung. “You know what, no milk. The stronger the better.”

A sour expression formed on Taehyung’s face and Jimin realize with great dismay that the whole thing with Hajun was bothering him even more than he first let on. It troubled him even when it should be over.

Hajun wasn't the first guy Taehyung shared a bed with, in their time at the university. He wasn't even the first guy since the beginning of their second year, seven months ago, but it was quite clear he was meant to be the last.

There had been lots of flings and hookups and crushes, but nothing had ever progressed. Nothing had ever evolved the way Taehyung had wished it would. He was picky - too picky according to others - but the boy knew what he wanted. And he refused to settle for less.

Of course, in the last year and a half, Jimin had had no boyfriend and no real fling whatsoever.

He had shared a few kisses and one or two nights with someone, but nothing more than that. It wasn't his thing to do meaningless hookups. When morning came, he always seemed to regret it.

Of course, no one else had ever been very eager to repeat their time together, so Jimin never assumed it was more than nothing special.

Taehyung had tried to lessen his feeling of inadequacy by uselessly trying to convince him that Jungwon from their math class was crushing on him. However, Jimin had shut him down every time, feeling quite embarrassed with Taehyung's ridiculousness.

Jungwon was too sweet, too handsome and too widely adored to be crushing on him.

There was no way he was interested in Jimin.

However, it wasn't as if Jimin was really looking for something. He was busy enough with assignments, dance practice, and work, but it would’ve been nice to know he had a few options.

If he was interested that is.

Which he wasn’t.

Though he would lie if he said his little encounter with Jungkook hadn’t made him realize how desperately he truely craved intimacy with another person. Maybe something more than just intimacy.

“I’ll go order,” said Hoseok - ripping Jimin out of his thoughts - and rose from his chair. “Sehun’s over there and need to talk to him about our biology assignment.” Taehyung and Jimin both nodded and watch as the boy approached the other table where Sehun seated with a few friends of his. It was impossible to hear what they were saying but smiles and excited greetings were exchanged between the boys.

Jimin didn't personally know any of them. All he knew was that they were a year above him and Taehyung, as was Hoseok and his roommate.

“I hope he talks fast, cause I’m craving my daily dose of caffeine,” said Taehyung as he continued to tap his fingertips against the surface of the table.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if they started talking about something else and he totally forgot about us.”

“No way he wouldn’t- that asshole just sat down.”

Jimin turned his attention towards the table, and true enough, Hoseok had sat down at the table and by the way, he moved his hands animatedly and with a huge grin on his face, it was clear they weren’t talking about biology.

“That son of a bitch. I’ll go order then. And I’ll spit in his coffee.”

Jimin chuckled in amusement, but just as his eyes drifted over the crowd of students around him, his eyes landed on something specific.

Or rather someone.

Standing a few feet from the counter with an arrogant smile on his face and a paper cup of coffee in his hands, was Jungkook. He was talking with a tall brown-haired boy Jimin had no way of recognizing with his back turned towards him. Though he doubted he would know him even if he saw his face.

Taehyung was about to get up from his chair, but Jimin stopped him before he could get further than a few inches.

“I’ll go,” he said, and before Taehyung could object, Jimin was out of his seat.

He practically elbowed his way through the crowd as he tried to make his way toward Jungkook. He wasn't sure what to say or even do. His mind hadn't gotten to that part yet.

However, he didn’t make it far before he was bluntly stopped by a stray bag on the floor. He caught himself before he fell on his face, but the incident still attracted the attention of a few students nearby. Specifically, the owner of the bag he nearly tripped over.

“I’m so sorry,” hurried Jimin to say as he turned to the table where he presumed the bag belonged.

“It’s okay, I shouldn’t have my bag lying around like- oh, Jimin.” The boy looked up at the voice that spoke and recognized who it was instantly. He was the first friend he had made in dance class, and his face was therefor not one he would easily forget.

“Oh, hey Jonghyun.” Jimin sent him a relieved smile and internally thanked God that he hadn’t tripped over a stranger’s bag.

He hurried to greet the three other guys sitting around the table - not wanting to be rude even though he didn't know any of them.

“I totally didn’t see where I was going.” Jonghyun waved his hand in the air to dismiss Jimin's apology as he used his foot to kick the bag under the table.

“Don’t sweat it. Just be careful. We can’t have you breaking a bone when the dance festival is coming up,” teased Jonghyun. "Now that we're second years and actually allowed to participate."

A rush of excitement ran through him at the mention and a small smile spread on his lips. The festival had occupied his mind every day for months, yet he hadn't thought about it even once since yesterday.

Other things had been more pressing.

“Yes, it would seriously suck if I couldn’t compete in the dance festival.”

“If you don’t we will surely lose.”

Jimin laughed shyly at Jonghyun's flattering words, but he knew it was surely a lie.

Seoul university had never made much of a name for themselves at the annual dance festival, but Jimin knew he was nowhere good enough to change that. The university wasn't exclusively dance-orientated and so they usually feel short against other universities that specialized in just that. 

They hadn't won more than a few medals until last year when Hoseok brought home a 3rd place trophy for the first time in 7 years. That had been enough for the university to appoint the boy dance teacher despite the fact that he was merely a third-year himself.

“As if. The team is crazily talented, they could easily win without me.” Jonghyun shook his head disagreement and Jimin's shyness intensified.

“That’s so not true. Remember the performance we did at the beginning of our first semester? You literally stole the show." Jimin giggled shyly as he diverted his eyes to stop himself from getting too flustered over the compliment.

He remembered the performance quite vividly. He also remembered the attention he had received afterward. However, it simmered down quite quickly once everyone realized he wasn't really that interesting of a guy.

He was average at best.

"However, not putting you on the stage would surely minimize the risk of someone falling, since you are, without a doubt, the clumsiest one on the team.”

“You dick,” giggled Jimin offendedly and the two boys shared a grin. “Well, I should go order or Taehyung's gonna kill me. He is itching for some caffeine.” Jonghyun chuckled before he bid him goodbye and Jimin returned the gesture with a smile.

It took a second for him to remember what he was following, and then another second to realize that what he was looking for, was no longer there.

Jungkook was no longer standing by the counter and neither was the tall brown-haired boy he was with.

He considered whether or not he should look for him or just drop it and kiss goodbye to his jacket. It was old anyway.

Yet before he could drop it completely, something inside of him decided that he might as well give it a try, and if he didn’t find him in the next minute he would forget about it altogether.

He looked around the shop quickly but realized that if Jungkook was still here, the only place he could be was the bathroom. He located the basement door and elbowed his way through the crowd towards the door hastily.

He ripped open the door and walked down the stairs with determined steps. He didn't know where the confidence came from, but maybe a part of him didn't actually believe Jungkook was still here. That made it so much easier to be brave.

He had just swung around the corner when he nearly tripped over his own feet as he bumped right into a firm chest. An apology was right on the tip of his tongue, but when he looked up and made eye contact with two familiar brown eyes, the apology died instantly.

For a second Jungkook looked mildly surprised too, yet he quickly recovered and an already too familiar smiled formed on his lips.

“I didn’t think I would run into you this quickly. Quite literally.”

“I- I needed coffee,” was all that came out of Jimin’s useless mouth.

“Well, if coffee was all you needed, I could’ve taken you for some. I was going to ask you this morning, but you left quite suddenly.”

“That’s because you-” The words quickly died on Jimin’s tongue as he realized what his mouth was about to say. He was refused to say it.

“I what?” asked Jungkook and took a step forward.

In response, Jimin took a step back.

“You know- you- It doesn’t matter, I just need my jacket. I left it at your place.”

“Ask nicely and I will consider it.”

“I don’t need to ask nicely to get back my jacket.”

“Yes, you do. It’s common courtesy to ask nicely when one wants something, Jimin. Don’t be rude.”

Jungkook smiled innocently, but Jimin knew he was anything but that. There was a spark of mischief in his eyes and an intimidating aura radiating off him that made goosebumps form under Jimin's skin.

“Can I please have my jacket back you arrogant ass?” Jimin practically spat out the words.

Jungkook ignored the last bit of his sentence as he let out a raspy chuckle.

“Well, of course, you can. Anything for you, sweet cheeks.” He followed up his words with a flirtatious wink and Jimin nearly broke his neck as he looked away quickly.

He wished the boy would stop teasing him so shamelessly.

Jungkook stepped forward and snuck his arms around his waist before he pulled him closer in one quick movement. Jimin placed his hands against Jungkook’s chest out of pure instinct and did his best to distance himself from the boy as much as he could. He had a hard time looking a the boy with small proximity between them, but he refused to show the boy it bothered him.

“You’re so cute,” cooed Jungkook and used his free hand to sweep aside Jimin’s hair - exposing his forehead.

Jimin slapped his hand away - earning another amused smile from the boy as if Jimin's action was exactly what he had counted on. And maybe he had.

“Stop calling me that.”

“Why? It’s true.”

“It’s weird.”

“Alright then,” smiled Jungkook.

“I just need my jacket, Jungkook. Can you cut the crab and just hand it over?”

“Well, why don’t you come with me back to my place and get it yourself?” His voice was challenging but Jimin had no desire to compete against him in another game he was fated to lose.

“No thanks, I’d rather poke out my eyes with a fork.”

Jungkook wrinkled his nose in discomfort at Jimin's words, but the smile on his lips didn't fade.

“That sounds uncomfortable.”

“Not as uncomfortable as going with you.”

“You wound me,” replied the taller boy, his voice filled with feigning hurt.

“You know what? Just keep the jacket then, it was old anyway.” He once again tried to get out of Jungkook’s arms but failed miserably - the boy's arm tighter around him than he first believed. This man was unexpectedly strong.

“You think you that’ll get you off the hook? Oh no, baby, it’s not that easy.” Jimin’s eyes widened at the nickname - a rising blush covering his cheeks in both embarrassment and shyness.

He had never been called that before.

There was a short silence - Jimin too speechless to come up with a reply to the boy's words - until Jungkook noticed the hickey he had left on the boy's throat.

“You look good with it,” he said, clearly admiring his own handiwork. “I like it.”

“Well, I don’t, so don’t do it again.”

“I won't do it unless you want me too.”

“I wouldn’t-” but the words once again died on his tongue as Jungkook’s face came closer unexpectedly.

“It’s okay, baby,” said Jungkook with a raspy chuckle. Then he released his grip around Jimin’s waist and the boy nearly fell without the support Jungkook had offeree him. He hadn’t realized he had actually leaned on Jungkook until he let him go and he nearly stubbled forward - using a few seconds to regain his balance.

“Till next time,” he said and winked at the boy shamelessly before he walked past him towards the door to the coffee shop. Every step oozing of confidence and arrogance.

Jimin stood still for a second - having a hard time comprehending what has just happened. He had come down here with a clear purpose: to get his jacket back. Yet here stood, with no jacket and no words, yet a whole lot of anger and confusion.

Jungkook was not gonna get away with this, but as he neared the door, Jimin feared he might.

“Hey, asshole! You owe me a jacket,” he yelled after him - not really sure the words mattered all that much anymore. If the jacket even mattered anymore.

“Sure, baby,” he replied as he kept walking, taking Jimin’s threat very casually. It didn't stop nor did it seem to even affect him.

“Jungkook!” called the boy, but when the door shut after him Jimin realized he wasn’t going to come back. The hallway fell silent around him and it bothered him much more than it ever had.

He pushed his body into motion and hurried after the arrogant boy - ready to give him a piece of his mind - but once he was through the door, Jungkook was nowhere to be found.

He was gone.

For a moment Jimin just stood still. There wasn’t really anything going through his head as he blinked repeatedly, he was just... baffled. He didn't understand what was up with that guy. He didn't understand why this was happening, and why it was happening now.

They had been going to the same university for a year and a half. They had never really had any form of communication before nor did they have any mutual friends. There was nothing there could make any sense of any of it.

Why would Jungkook suddenly take such an interest in him was weird.

Did the guy have an ulterior motive? Was it a dare? A bet? A punishment?

He didn't want to jump to conclusions but there was no logical explanation.

However, if it was a dare, then the big question was who had put him up to it.

Jimin didn’t know any of Jungkook’s friends, which meant that the chance that one of them daring Jungkook to – hook up with him? – was highly unlikely.

Yet it was still incredibly annoying.

Jimin finally convinced his body to move one foot at a time. He kept his head down as he hurried over to their table. Though, this time around he made sure not to trip over someone’s bag again - having been embarrassed enough for one day.

Zigzagging through the crowd of students was tough, but after a year one learns the tricks. Which meant that Jimin could make his way through a crowd a whole lot faster now than when he was a first-year.

He practically collapsed into his chair - sighing loudly as he did so, feeling oddly exhausted all of a sudden. He looked up to see both Hoseok and Taehyung staring at him with furrowed eyebrows and unspoken words at the tip of their tongues.


“I’m expecting an apology any time now,” said Taehyung and took a sip of his coffee.

“For what? I haven’t done anything.”

Taehyung sat the coffee mug down so aggressively it almost spilled all over the table and Jimin readied himself for what was to come.

“Exactly! You haven’t done anything! You said you’d get coffee. Did you get coffee?” Jimin opened his mouth to answer, but Taehyung clearly wasn’t looking for an answer. “No! No, you didn’t. You came back with nothing but disappointment and crushed coffee dreams. I hope you’re happy.”

Jimin really wanted to tell him that coffee was the absolutely last thing on his mind right now, but he bit his tongue.

“You got your coffee, so why are you complaining?” said Jimin and pointed at the coffee on the table in front of Taehyung.

“My sweet and caring and wonderful roommate Hoseok brought me this coffee. He even brought you yours even though you clearly don’t deserve it.” Hoseok leaned back his chair - not saying a word as he took a sip of his coffee - but he was clearly very flattered by the sweet words coming out of Taehyung’s mouth.

“You said you’d spit in his coffee because he sat down with Sehun.”

Hoseok chocked on his coffee.

“He said what now?”

“He called you an asshole and said he would go get the coffees and spit in yours.” Taehyung glared at him - his eyes borderline hateful. He was clearly doing his best to kill him with his eyes alone.

Jimin didn’t care though. He took a sip of his own coffee and gave Taehyung a sweet, innocent smile.

“I love you,” said Taehyung, and gave Hoseok a finger heart. “I hate you,” he said to Jimin and gave him the finger.


“Now, now kids, behave.” And just like kids, both Taehyung and Jimin turned to Hoseok and stuck their tongues out at him.

While the two friends were very different in many ways, there was one thing they would always have in common.

Childish behavior.

“I should really hang out with people my own age more.”

“Yeah, but where’s the fun in that?” Jimin agreed.

“We make you feel younger.” Hoseok clearly didn’t like that remark, cause he wrinkled his nose in disagreement.

“You make it sound like I’m old. I’m one year older than you two, so shut it.”

In reality, it was actually more the other way around. Sometimes it felt more like Hoseok was the younger one. He had the energy of a toddler and the mind of an infant. But the two best friends liked to tease him.

“That’s still a whole year. Do you know how many more bowls of rice you've eaten? A lot.” Hoseok obviously missed the point of Taehyung’s comment, cause the next thing they knew he placed his hand over his heart and exclaimed the fakest sound of pain Jimin had ever heard.

“Are you calling me fat?” Jimin snorted. “It wasn’t enough to insult my age, you had to bring my weight into it? Uh, you are a nasty little boy Kim Taehyung.”

Taehyung tried to open his mouth to either continue the joke or come up with some sort of apology, but Hoseok was faster.

“Nasty!” he repeated and put the coffee mug to his lips and loudly took a sip.

“I want a new roommate.”

“Why? Do my fat ass take up all the space?”

“No, but your butthurt feelings are keeping me up at night.”

“It didn’t seem to be a problem last night when you were snoring loudly. Seriously, can’t you just sleep quietly like the rest of us? Do you really need attention while you sleep too?”

“Ha!” exclaimed Taehyung. “I didn’t even sleep at the dorm last night, so suck it, Hobi!”

“I could hear you all the way from Hajun’s dorm room. I’m surprised he didn’t kick you out in the middle of the night, you loud, obnoxious man-child.” Taehyung gasped insulted.

“You’re dead to me.”

“You’ve been dead to me for years!”

Jimin happily watched his two friends argue and couldn’t help but laugh when Taehyung shot another funny, yet true, insult at Hoseok, and he shot an even funnier, yet true, insult back at him.

And just like that Jimin forgot about his little run-in with Jungkook.

For around 30 minutes or so.

Chapter Text

Park Jimin loved his roommate Min Yoongi.

They hadn’t had the greatest beginning. They hadn't exactly come off to the greatest start, but now Jimin couldn’t imagine a better roommate. He couldn't imagine anyone else waiting for him when he pushed open the dorm room door at any moment of the day.

Yoongi was a bit on the quiet side when it came to new faces, and in the beginning, Jimin had mistaken his quietness for irritation. Sometimes even silent anger.

For the first 2 months of Jimin's first year at the university, he had been convinced Yoongi hated him.

He tried everything to get on the boy's good side - wishing for nothing more than a good relationship with his roommate - but nothing seemed to work for. He had only gotten more and more convinced of the boy's dislike towards him.

He would bring Yoongi food when he was too busy with homework or his music. He would make sure to clean regularly so Yoongi wouldn’t be annoyed with his mess. He would do whatever he could without being too obvious.

But Yoongi’s attitude towards him didn’t really change that much.

He eventually realized that Yoongi didn’t hate him at all and he never had. The boy was just more timid than he was used too. He was quieter and less enthusiastic about socializing with others. He just wasn’t really a stereotypical people person.

Once Yoongi's wall came down, Jimin saw his mistake immediately and felt embarrassed over how much he had read into the boy's actions and totally misunderstood everything.

Yoongi wasn’t actually all that quiet and indifferent towards people as he first believed he was. He could be silly and funny and miserably sarcastic. He was nowhere near as black and white as Jimin had foolishly convinced himself he was.

Jimin loved a lot of things about Yoongi, but the thing about him, that Jimin had grown to love the most, was his subtle ways of showing how much he cared.

Two months into his first year, Jimin fell ill with influenza. He absolutely hated it, not because he was sick, but because that forced him to stay in his dorm room, with Yoongi, for 6 six days straight.

And he was completely convinced that Yoongi found it incredibly annoying.

The boy had not been very verbal about the whole deal. He had asked a few times a day if he could get him something or do anything, but Jimin had embarrassedly rejected his offer each time - not wanting to annoy the boy further the way he was absolutely certain he already was. 

Yoongi hadn't looked either happy nor disappointed with the rejection - leaving Jimin clueless as to what the boy wanted from him.

On the fifth day, Taehyung had stormed into their dorm room and begged Jimin to let him borrow his black dress shirt for something the boy had never heard in his fever haze.

Jimin had groaned, rolled over and ignored Taehyung as persistently as he could, but his best friend was stubborn as well. However, when Taehyung practically jumped onto his bed, he eventually surrendered and told Taehyung to just take whatever he needed from his closet.

The younger boy had beamed with glee and hurried to his closet, only to be filled with disappointment when he couldn’t seem to find what he needed.

“Jimin, where’s the shirt?”

“It’s not there?”


“Then it’s probably in my laundry basket.” Taehyung groaned in a mix between annoyance and disappointment and Jimin rolled his eyes at his friend's reaction.

“Well, I’m so sorry that I wear my own clothes,” said the boy - sarcasm dripping from his voice. “And since I’ve been sick for the last five days, I haven’t really had the time to do laundry.”

Taehyung's eyes roamed over Jimin’s almost empty closet before he wiggled his nose in sympathy. “Well, I hope you do soon because you got no clean clothes.” Jimin rolled over in his bed with a loud groan - not interesting in hearing more bad news while his fever was still so high.

“Shit, I have to go. Get well soon, Jiminie!” said the boy suddenly as stormed towards the door. “See you later Yoongi!” The boy barely acknowledged Taehyung’s goodbye, only nodded to answer as if the two hadn't known each other for two months already.

Jimin looked over at Yoongi, who had his back turned to him, and wondered what the boy was thinking. He was completely lost in his computer, where he quietly composed his music as if he was the only boy in the world.

He was amazing at it, that much Jimin knew from his limited knowledge, but he had only heard snips of his music every once in a while. Mostly by accident, but Jimin took what he could get.

He had fallen asleep not long after - his fever stealing all of his energy in an instant - and when he woke up five hours later, he woke up to an empty laundry basket and a pile of clean, folded clothes on his desk.

At his bedtable stood a glass of water and a pack of peanuts. A small detail that gave Yoongi away in an instant. He was the only one he knew who eat peanuts like an addict.

However, Yoongi was nowhere to be seen.

It was late in the evening so Jimin had assumed he was probably out eating. But 20 minutes later, Yoongi returned with a takeout bag from Kimchi Princess and placed it at Jimin’s bed table as indifferently as one possibly could be.

“I hope you’re hungry,” said Yoongi and sat down in his desk chair. He made no move to roll the chair closer to the boy on the bed and they were therefor left with a somewhat awkward distance between them.

Jimin sat in silence for a long time - having a hard time comprehending Yoongi’s actions - as his gaze shifted from the food to Yoongi.

“Jimin, you really need to eat. You haven’t eaten any proper food in 5 days. You’ll just get sicker.”

The boy's senses returned to him slowly before he finally pushed his body into motion and sat up in his bed. He reached out for the takeout bag and realized right away that the bag was too heavy for there to be food to only one. He looked into the bag and only saw one set of chopsticks. He shifted his gaze to Yoongi and furrowed his brows in confusion.

“There’s only one set of chopsticks.”

“Yeah? Do you need two sets?” Jimin shook his head dumbfounded.

“Well, no, but you’ll need them. Won't you?” Then it was Yoongi’s turn to shake his head.

“It’s just for you. I’m not hungry.”

It had taken a second for Jimin's fever delusional brain to connect the dots in front of him. The boy before him had gone all the way down to Kimchi Princess just to get food for him. He would've had a hard time understanding that even without a high fever.

The realization left a warm feeling in his body he was certain wasn't fever-induced. It was a feeling he had never thought Yoongi would bring him.

He bent his neck to take another look down the large takeout bag - spotting a big portion of rice, a small paper bag with dumplings, a large portion of beef and vegetables.

There was no way he would ever be able to eat all of it.

“I can’t eat all of this. Eat with me?”

“It’s okay Jimin I’m not-”

“Please, Yoongi. I don’t want to eat alone. Besides, you need food too and peanuts aren’t proper food.”

Yoongi hesitated for a second too long before he finally curled his lips into an amused smile and slowly rolled his desk chair over to Jimin’s bed. He helped the boy unpack the food before he wordlessly rose from his chair and left the room. Jimin was left staring after him for a minute or two before he returned once again - a set of chopstick in his hand.

“Where did you-”

“Hoseok always have chopstick lying around. I don’t know why maybe so he is prepared for moments like this.”

Jimin couldn't help but giggle at the boy's unintentional silliness and the boy must've been smitten with the lighter atmosphere because a smile spread on his lips as well. A beautiful gummy smile Jimin hadn’t seen very often.

They eat in silence for a long time, before Jimin finally couldn't take it anymore and spoke up. “Thank you for doing my laundry, you really didn’t have too.” Yoongi stuffed an entire dumpling into his mouth and chewed it rather slowly as he regarded the other boy.

He had almost swallowed the bit when he spoke. “It’s no problem, I had to clean my own anyway.” He diverted his eyes almost instantly as he bent his neck to look down at the dumplings before him. He looked very focused on the food all of a sudden.

Jimin's eyes shifted their attention towards Yoongi's laundry basket behind him. It was trapped between his bed and his desk - too big for the limited space.

It was stuffed to the brim with dirty clothes.

“I’ll pay you back for the laundry, and the food.” Yoongi shook his head and waved his hand in the air to dismiss his offer.

“Don’t. It’s my treat.”


“I won’t accept your money so shut up and eat before it gets cold.” Yoongi went back to eating, ignoring Jimin’s eyes on him. He refused to look up at him, but Jimin was content enough with being ignored like this. It didn't feel bad at all because he knew the boy had malice intentions. 

At least, he knew that now.

He knew the boy cared in his own way.

Yes, Park Jimin loved his roommate Min Yoongi.

Which was why he couldn’t help but smile when he, at 3 in the afternoon, opened the door to his dorm room to find Yoongi sitting in front of his computer. The boy was sitting in his desk chair in an oversized black hoodie with black skinny jeans and his black hair looking like a hot mess.

“Hey,” greeted the boy. He looked up for a split second before he directed his attention to his computer screen once again.

“Hey, Yoongi. How was your weekend?” Jimin threw himself on his bed - bouncing slightly as he tried to get comfortable.

If only he had woken up in this bed this morning.

Then life would’ve been normal, and simple and boring again. Right now, Jimin craved normal and boring like crazy.

“Good, I guess. My brother got promoted, so that’s great.” Yoongi sounded so casual Jimin couldn’t help but laugh.


“Your brother getting promoted is amazing, the least you can do is show just the tiniest amount of human happiness,” teased Jimin.

“Why? It’s not like I got promoted.”

Jimin leaned back in his bed and looked up at his white, boring celling he so desperately wanted to have slept under last night.

“No, who would ever promote you, you’re useless.” Yoongi grabbed the nearest object on his desk, which happened to be his dirty socks and threw them at the bratty boy on the bed. “That’s disgusting, Yoongi, don’t you ever wash your socks?”

“If I did, it wouldn’t be fun for me to throw them at you, now would it?”

Jimin shrugged in dissatisfied agreement.

“So,” said Yoongi. “How was your weekend?”

The last two days flashed before his eyes and left a troubling feeling in his gut and a dizzy spell in his mind. His tongue grew double in size as he struggled with saying a word.

“Uneventful,” answered the boy at last. He wasn't sure if it was convincing, but Yoongi didn't seem to notice the slight difference.

“By the pretty hickey on your throat, it can’t have been completely uneventful.” The boy's voice was nonchalant as he spoke, but Jimin's heart skipped a beat as he registered the words. He hurried to cover the hickey with his hands as if it would make a difference at this point.

He hated how observing Yoongi was at times.

“I was on a double date with Taehyung.”

“He finally asked out Hajun?” His voice sounded very casual, but Jimin knew Yoongi well enough to know the difference in his voice. Even though it was practically impossible for the human ear to hear.

The boy was happy for his friend. He would rather die than admit to that, but he was pleased with Taehyung's success.

He would never be very verbal with his care of the blond boy, but Jimin knew he did care. 

While Jimin had had no problem befriending Hoseok, Taehyung had had a few problems befriending Yoongi. It had been a rather forceful friendship the boy had tried to push onto Jimin's quiet roommate and it had not ended very well for him. Yoongi had done his best to avoid any friendship with him; ignored him, pushed away his physical affection and even rejected the boy's friendship requests online.

Yoongi had befriended Hoseok pretty quickly though, much to Taehyung’s dismay.

“I saw him first!” had Taehyung childishly told Hoseok, but the boy hardly cared about something so juvenile.

In the end, though, Yoongi had given in.

Taehyung had that effect on most people. He either made you loved him from the start, or he eventually grew on you like athlete's foot.

“Yeah, but don’t mention him to Taehyung.”

“Why? I thought they liked each other.”

“Yeah, they did. They just didn’t really like sleeping with each other.”

“Oh. Well, that sucks, since Taehyung love sex.”

A snicker ripped through Jimin's throat and bit down on his lower lip to refrain himself from laughing too loudly.

“What? It’s true.”

Jimin couldn't disagree with the fact. Taehyung was quite shameless when it came to sex. He didn't much care what other people thought as long as he was satisfied himself. He was very verbal about that as well.


“Hey, Jimin?” He snapped his head up to look at his roommate.

“Yeah?” Yoongi cleared his throat before he continued.

“There’s this… music night at The Blue Lagoon this Tuesday. I was wondering if you wanted to go with me? You don’t have too, it’s kinda dumb, I mean the price is way too high. Don’t they know university students hang out there? As if we have the money to-”

“Of course, I’ll come.”

“Really? Thanks, Jiminie.”

Jimin couldn't help but find the request odd. Yoongi didn’t really go to The Blue Lagoon since there were too many drunk university students and too little decent music. He liked going to more quiet bars where he could drink in peace and didn't have to run into somewhat familiar faces.

It was a mentality Jimin shared most of the time, which meant the two boys were excellent drinking buddies. If one of them had had a rough day, the other grabbed their jackets and without even saying it, they knew just where they were going.

It was a silent understanding they had with each other. Something Jimin had never experienced with anyone else before.

“Why do you wanna go there? You hate the Blue Lagoon.”

“Of course I do. Their prices are too high and they costumers are idiots.”

“Then why?”

A pregnant silence spread in the room and Jimin furrowed his brows in confusion. he had expected the atmosphere to change like this and wondered what Yoongi felt so hesitantly about sharing. He hurried to sit up as he eagerly waited for Yoongi to explain.

“You know that demo I finished a couple of weeks ago?”

“Yeah, of course,” replied the boy.

“I emailed it to Kim Minho, the owner of the bar, and he wrote back a few days ago.”

“A re you serious? Shit, Yoongi, that's fucking great! I can’t wait to see you perform that song in front of-”

“I’m not performing.”

The boy cut him off shamelessly and Jimin's excitement died a little as he registered the words. He had really wanted to see Yoongi in action. For a year and a half, he had patiently waited for the boy to finally chase the sky he was secretly aiming for.

He knew Yoongi knew he was good too. Yet he always kept it to himself, as if it was his deepest, darkest secrets.

And maybe it was.

“If you’re not performing what are you doing?”




A half grin took place on Jimin's lips as he sighed in amused annoyance at Yoongi's good-for-nothing reply.

“You gotta give me something I can work with because you’re making no sense.”

“Sorry, I forgot your brain can’t think for itself.”

“Asshole.” Yoongi chuckled - clearly pleased with his joke.

“They’re just playing my track. I’m not preforming.”

“You’re good Yoongi- You should go show those talentless university students how it’s done.” Yoongi didn’t seem to agree as he shrugged uninterested in the image Jimin was trying to lure him into.

“I don’t want people to know it’s me. I just want to know what people think.”

“How are they not going to know it’s you? It’s your voice Yoongi. Not to mention your name.”

“I gave Minho a different name, and I highly doubt anyone is going to recognize my voice." He shrugged indifferently - truly not believing anyone would ever recognize his voice. "I just want some anonymous feedback, no recognition.”

Jimin sighed heavily, but he let it go anyway. There was no reason to argue with Yoongi, he never gave in. He was incredibly stubborn at times. Sometimes even too stubborn for his own good, but Jimin couldn't declare himself conductor and preach to a choir who wouldn't listen.

“You do you,” said Jimin and rose from his messy bed. “I’m going to the dance studio, but I’ll definitely be there on Tuesday.”

Yoongi typed away on his computer as he spoke - not even bothering to turn around to look at him. “Don’t practice too late. If you’re not back by 10 I’m going to throw your pillow in the toilet.” Jimin grabbed his sports bag from the floor and swung it over his shoulder as he teasingly sent Yoongi a sour face of.

“If you touch my pillow I will kill you, Min Yoongi. You don’t toy with a man’s pillow.” He stuffed a water bottle, some granola bars, a towel, and some clean clothes down his bag and struggled with zipping it shut while walking towards the door at the same time.

“Then you better be back before 10.”

Jimin merely laughed at Yoongi's threat as he exited their dorm room - remembering to take his phone, keys, and wallet with him.

He was not going to end up in a similar situation as last night. From now on, he would never let another human being hold his stuff.

Especially not Kim Taehyung.

Never again.








The dance studio was in one of the buildings the furthest away from Jimin’s dorm. It was only around 5 minutes if you walked fast, but in 3 in the morning, after hours of intense practice, those 5 minutes felt like days.

It had been some time since Jimin had practice so late, but he never forgot the exhausting 5 minutes’ walk at 2 am.

He pushed open the door to the building and was hit with a wave of warm air. It was in the middle of March, but the school still turned on the heat in that particular building. Jimin had no idea why they did that. It was a waste of money, but he did somehow enjoy the warm air in the dance studio.

It felt more comfortable and welcoming that way.

The building was called ‘the dance building’ by most of the students since there were only two other classes in the building, and the dance studio took most of the space.

Jimin walked passed one of the doors. ‘Astronomy’ was written on it, and Jimin’s stomach turned.

He felt bad that he hadn’t actually thought about Jiwoo since last night. Not even once had he crossed his mind unless it was Taehyung brining him up, and even then, Jiwoo left his mind quickly again.

Replaced by another.

Did this count as cheating? Technically it didn’t at all. Jimin and Jiwoo weren’t dating. They had been on one date. Still, Jimin couldn’t shake the feeling that he had somehow done something wrong. Was this how it felt to be in a relationship?

Jimin wouldn’t know.

He walked down the hall and opened the door to the dance studio. Jimin hadn’t expected anyone to be at the studio since it was in the middle of the day on a Sunday, but he was shocked to find not only one but four of his classmates to be in the studio.

They weren’t dancing yet, merely stretching so they couldn’t have been here long. The music was on, it was quite loud even, but Jimin had been too caught up in his own thoughts to hear it.

“Oh shit. Sorry I though the studio was empty.” All four students turned to look at him.

“Hey Jimin,” said Dohun, a short, blond-haired boy from Jimin’s dance class.

Behind him sat two other males from their class, and a girl. Jimin wasn’t really friends with the other two males. They were in the year above and way too posh and rude for Jimin’s liking.

Though he did like one of them better than the other.

However, he knew Hyeon. They had chemistry together.

The subject that is.

She was incredibly quiet, something one wouldn’t have thought if they saw her dancing. She was fierce on stage, despite her small size, she just wasn’t very fierce off the stage. Her dark, red hair gave her the fierce look she unfortunately only took advantage of when she danced. But though she was quiet, she was not shy.

She was the prime example of someone who didn’t talk and just silently judged everyone around them.

“I don’t want to disturb, I’ll come back later,” said Jimin and turned around to leave.

“Don’t. Just come practice with us, we could need the help,” laughed Dohun. The two other males in the studio, Chiwon, and Kangmin, didn’t seem to agree.

They were too proud to ask for help from a second year.

And especially from Jimin of all people.

Hyeon looked unfazed by the sudden expansion of their group. Her and Jimin got a long quite well. They could small talk if need be, but most of the time they just had an unspoken understanding that that wasn’t their thing.

None of them were very good at small talk, so they just didn’t do it. No need for both of them to sit through the pain.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll stay.” Jimin placed his bag in the corner of the dance studio and went over to join the other four students sitting in a circle.

Chiwon glared at him as Jimin stretch out. For some reason, that guy just didn’t like him very much.

He didn’t really know why, neither when it had started, but for a long time he had just disliked him.

Jimin bent over to reach his feet, just as the others, but because the third years’ eyes on him, Jimin decided to give him something to look at. He reached out as far as he could, and without a problem, he bent like cooked spaghetti and stretched beyond his feet. Something Chiwon certainly couldn’t do.

He couldn’t help but smile as the older male rolled his eyes.

“How about you Jimin?” Jimin looked up and met Dohun’s eyes.

“What?” He had spaced out completely, not hearing a word of what Dohun had said.

“Are you nervous for the summer festival?” Jimin simply shrugged.

“Well, maybe when we get closer, but right now, no.”

Dohun clearly thought it was something to be nervous about months in advanced, cause he widened his eyes in surprise. “Really? Not at all? But you’re going to compete. Isn’t it your first solo dance at the university?” the words were practically falling out of Dohun’s mouth.

Deep down a little part of Jimin’s heart skipped a beat.

He had of course known he was gonna be one of the second years who were gonna compete. But even though he had known that all along, it felt like it was only hitting him now.

He hadn’t preformed solo since he was 16. Maybe he had told himself it wasn’t a big deal and that’s why he hadn’t thought so much about it.

He had been fucking lying to himself.

“Well, it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve ever danced solo. It’s gonna be fine.” He was lying his ass off. Was he sweating? Could they see he was sweating?

“Someone sure sounds confident in his own abilities,” Chiwon commented, sounding almost disgusted.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” answered Jimin, looking him straight in the eyes.

Chiwon was just about to answer, probably ready with another sarcastic or even insulting comment, but Hyeon spoke first. “I thought we were gonna practice.” She got up from the floor and went over to the speakers to change the song.

They all slowly got up from the floor. Chiwon was still glaring at Jimin, and Jimin was sure that he was going to snap at any moment now and kick Chiwon’s ass.

What was wrong with this guy?

“Are you going to dance or are you going to stare at Jimin?” Hyeon’s voice snapped both of the two males out of their intense glaring competition. Jimin snorted and Chiwon somehow looked very embarrassed.

He obviously didn’t like being called out on his bullshit.

“Come on guys I wanna get this routine down before dinner. Let’s go!” said Kangmin and clapped his hand to get everyone’s attention.

“Yeah, I’m not interested in being here longer than necessary,” said Chiwon and once again looked at Jimin.

Something told him it wasn’t the studio Chiwon had a problem with. But that was of course just Jimin’s own personal belief.

Jimin had mentioned this to Hoseok a few times. Not that he had been complaining or ‘telling mom’, but because he wanted to know if he was the only one Chiwon hated.

Apparently, he was, because Hoseok had noticed nothing.

“He is a great guy, Jimin, you just need to get to know him.” Jimin had no desire to get to know him. He could fall off the face of the earth for all Jimin cared. Him and his posh friend, Kangmin. Though Kangmin was nowhere near the same level of asshole as Chiwon was.

They were both great dancers of course, much to Jimin’s annoyance. And they liked to make everyone around them know.

Jimin couldn’t understand how anyone on the dance team could make it through more than 5 minutes with them.

Chiwon especially.

They were both tall, at least a head taller than Jimin. And they were both lean and had brown hair. Their shoulders were broad and their clothes were ridiculously expensive. It didn’t really make it better that they were actually somewhat decent looking.

Jimin wished he could deny it but looking at them objectively he had to admit they weren’t horrible to look at.

Even Chiwon.

“We need to do our best cause Jeon Corporation is sponsoring the summer festival this year.” Jimin turned his head towards Dohun so fast he was sure he got whiplash. Huh?

“Seriously? Didn’t think summer festivals were something Jeon Junghoon would sponsor,” said Hyeon casually.

“Doesn’t he only sponsor, like, sports events and charity events? Why would he sponsor a summer festival?” Jimin hated agreeing with Kangmin, but he had too.

Why was Jungkook’s dad sponsoring a silly summer festival?

“It’s probably just because his son is attending the university.”

“He didn’t do it last year, though.” Hyeon shrugged.

“What do I know Dohun? Let’s just practice so we can give a good performance.” Everyone seemed to agree and found their position on the floor.

It took a little longer for Jimin to find his position. Chiwon was sending daggers his way, probably because he was so slow. But Jimin didn’t care.

Not even a little bit.

Not even at all.






Dohun, Hyeon, Chiwon, and Kangmin called it quits around 6 pm. Which was, according to Dohun, practically night.

The four dance students were going out for some pizza, and Hyeon asked if Jimin wanted to tag along. “You need food too,” she had said. Jimin had declined.

Not because Chiwon and Kangmin were both throwing daggers his way, but because he needed to practice. Needed to feel his heart racing and his body burn.

“Don’t overdo yourself,” was the last thing Dohun had said to him, and 2 hours later he was definitely overdoing himself. He had a tendency to do that. Not really on purpose, just because that was the way he did things.

He either succeeded or died trying.

He took off his sweater and threw it on the floor a few meters from him. He didn’t know why he hadn’t done that hours ago, cause it was warm as hell, but he must have been too caught up in his dancing too notice that he was boiling like a dumpling.

“Why can’t I get this fucking move right?!” he exclaimed.

This one single move had been bugging him for the last 2 hours. If only his perfectionist brain would let him go home, it would be great. His brain wouldn’t let him though.

Neither would his body even though it was aching for rest.

He fell down on the floor in both exhaustion and frustration. He closed his eyes and breathed heavily.

“Fine.” He sighed. “I’ll take a 10-minute break and then I’ll continue,” he said to no one. “Just 10 minutes.”

His entire body gave in at those words. Almost as if his body was doing its absolute best to take advantage of the 10-minute rest. And probably make it a hundred times harder for him to get back up again.

Great. Even his own body was betraying him.

For some reason, he started thinking about Jungkook again. Weirdly enough, the first thing Jimin thought was, “What is he doing right now?” He didn’t really know why it should matter.

It wasn’t like it was going to change anything.

He just suddenly found himself being curious.

The most likely scenario was probably that Jungkook was lying in his large, soft bed, inside his large, expensive apartment. Maybe he was sleeping, maybe he was watching TV.

Jimin couldn’t possibly know cause he didn’t know Jungkook at all. What he liked, what he disliked. Nothing. Well, expect for the fact that he seemed to enjoy making Jimin into an embarrassing, blushing mess.

Park Jimin didn’t know Jeon Jungkook. But he hated him anyway.






When Jimin woke up, it was even darker outside.

No sunshine shinned through the windows, only the dimed light from the celling lighted up the large dance studio.

Oh shit.

He sat up fast. How long had he been sleeping? Beside him stood a bottle of water and behind ham laid his sweater, curled up as a little pillow. He definitely hadn’t used his sweater as a pillow when he had fallen asleep.

Then who-

“I told you to be back before 10 you stupid idiot.” In the door stood Yoongi, a clear unmistakably frown on his face, that Jimin was the only one who knew what really meant. Jimin knew him well enough to see when he was angry, even if everyone else couldn’t.

And Yoongi was pissed.

“What time is it?” asked Jimin and scratched his eye.

“Over 10 that much I can tell you.” Jimin didn’t answer, he just looked at Yoongi with an apologetic look on his face. “10:45 or something.” Jimin groaned loudly and threw himself back on the cold, hard floor.

A 10-minute break his ass. If he kept slagging off this much, even Chiwon and Kangmin was going to catch up to him.

Hell, even Yoongi would be able to do better, and that boy had no rhythm in his small, fragile and pale body.

“Jimin if you’re exhausted then come home and sleep. Please don’t sleep here.” All of the silent anger Yoongi had gathered up vanished into thin air, and all that was left was concern. Jimin had a tendency to make Yoongi concerned.

He did stupid things all the time. It was a wonder Yoongi hadn’t changed the locks on the door and locked Jimin out yet.

“I’m sorry, I was just gonna take 10 minutes and then I fell asleep.” He looked up to meet Yoongi’s gaze. “I’m sorry you had to come all the way over here.” Yoongi kneeled down beside Jimin.

“It’s fine I needed some fresh air anyway.”

“You always need fresh air. Seriously, you’re fresh-air deprived.”

Yoongi shrugged. “There’s air in our dorm room,” he simply said. Jimin snorted. Laughing felt good.

“It’s not fresh Yoongi, you’ve been breathing the same air for almost 2 years now.”

“Not true. I open the window every now and then.”

“No, I open the window, you close the window.”

They laughed for a good minute. None of them saying anything. They just sat there. Laughing. Smiling. Jimin somehow felt like he could breathe again.

“You didn’t throw my pillow in the toilet, right?” Yoongi’s long silence was nowhere near reassuring. Finally, he shook his head. “Let this be a warning to you. Next time your pillow will end up in the toilet.” That was the best thing Jimin had heard all night.

Oddly enough.

“Come on Jiminie, let’s go home and sleep. You need it.” Yoongi got up and reached out to help Jimin up from the floor. He happily wrapped his own small and cold hand around Yoongi’s larger and warmer hand. Getting up was a little difficult. Jimin’s legs were practically useless and Yoongi was, well, very weak.

So it wasn’t easy.

“You need to work out some more, Yoongi.”

“You need to shut up before I shove a cactus up your ass, Jimin.” Jimin only answered with a laugh.

When Jimin was standing somewhat stable on his feet, Yoongi let go and went over to grab Jimin’s bag. Jimin bent down to pick up the water bottle and his sweatshirt. He reached out to grab his bag from Yoongi’s shoulder, but Yoongi stepped to the side so Jimin couldn’t reach it.

Then he silently exited the dance studio.

Jimin hurried after him, putting on his sweater and taking a large sip of his water bottle. “Thanks, Yoongi.”

“As I said, I needed the air.” Jimin swallowed a large sip of water and almost choked on it, but he forced more water down his dry throat anyway.

“No, I mean for the water and the sweater-pillow.” Yoongi raised his eyebrows. “

The sweater-pillow? I thought that was you.”

Jimin, once again, almost choked on his water.

If Yoongi hadn’t done it, then who had?

Chapter Text

Park Jimin didn’t hate Mondays as much as the majority of the world.

Sure, it sucked that the weekend had ended and that school started up again. It sucked that he couldn’t sleep till noon if he wanted to.

But Jimin didn’t hate Mondays. All of his favorite classes were on Mondays. Not to mention that they had special Monday offers at the Japanese restaurant Kanagawa.

If there were one thing Jimin loved more than the name of the restaurant, which was pretty fucking funny, it was the food. They had the best sushi, and Jimin loved sushi.

Basically, every Monday for the past 4 months, Taehyung and Jimin had gone to Kanagawa to eat.

Taehyung was the only one of Jimin’s close friends who liked Sushi. He had in vain tried to beg Yoongi to come with him on the rare Mondays were Taehyung couldn’t come.

Yoongi had shut him down immediately and even frowned his nose in disgust. Also, Hoseok said no every time Jimin brought it up. Jimin had terrible taste in friends it appeared.

So no, Park Jimin didn’t hate Mondays. They were quite great actually.

What he did hate, however, was his obnoxious, old and grumpy math teacher, Don Hojin.

His hair was white as snow, well those few strands of hair he had left on his head. He was smaller than even Jimin. He always wore brown ugly pants and a coffee-stained shirt.

As a cherry on top, he absolutely loathed Jimin.

And that just had to ruin Jimin’s Monday.

“This is the second time this semester you haven’t turned in your assignment on time.” Jimin had been cornered by him on his way to his history class.

It was unusual for teachers to seek out the students outside of their own class, especially if it was only about two late assignments. Usual that wouldn’t happen until the student hadn’t handed it at least more than 5.

But Don Hojin just loved to grill Jimin every shot he got.

“I’ve been busy with other classes, but I promise it won’t happen again, Mr. Don.” Jimin had politely bowed to his teacher, but Don Hojin didn’t seem to care.

“You’re already on your way to fail math.” That was untrue. Jimin hadn’t failed a single test in math, despite his teacher’s desperate will to fail him.

“If you keep spending all of your time on your dance, it’s not just math you’ll fail. And you need good grades if you want any hope of getting a somewhat decent carrier after this.”

Jimin clenched his fists. Jimin absolutely hated his math teacher.

“It’s very kind of you to worry about my education,” said Jimin.

“I will do my best to take away that worry.” His math teacher clearly thought Jimin was being undeniably rude. Though Jimin couldn’t blame him. He had tried his best to be as politely rude as he possibly could.

“Don’t be cheeky, Mr. Park. I don’t like your attitude.”

No, he just didn’t like Jimin in general.

“Of course, Mr. Don, it won’t happen again.”

Jimin’s teacher apparently didn’t want to look at him anymore, so with one last ‘hmpf’, he turned around and walked away. Once he had turned his back to Jimin, Jimin started fighting the air, imagining it was Don Hojin he was punching.

A few bypassing students gave him weird looks, but Jimin was to busy kicking the air’s ass to notice.

Ah, yes, Mondays were amazing.




History was one of Jimin’s favorite subjects.

Not only was he pretty good at it, but his history teacher was also his favorite teacher.

Ryu Minho was in many ways very young, but at the same time very old. He was in his mid-forties but felt much younger than that when you talked with him. However, his knowledge of history was so precise it felt like he himself had been there hundreds of years ago.

Jimin found his seat in the front of the class and sat down. He unpacked his bag and placed his computer, notebook, and pen on his desk.

Jimin was in no way the teacher’s pet, and he did not kiss his teachers’ asses. But in history, Jimin did his best. For some reason, he had a need to make Mr. Ryu proud of him. He would never admit it to anyone, but getting Mr. Ryu’s approval was one of the best things Jimin knew.

“Ready as always I see Mr. Park.” Jimin looked up from his computer and met Mr. Ryu’s eyes. Soft hazelnut eyes, messy brown hair and half of his shirt tucked down his pants. He usually wore glasses, just to complete the stereotypical university-history-teacher look, but it seemed he had left them at home today.

“Always ready to learn some history,” said Jimin and mentally cursed himself for sounding like the biggest fucking ass-licker in the world.

“As expected from my best student.” Jimin was glad Mr. Ryu went over to his desk to prepare for class, cause Jimin’s face turned 50 shades of red.

Jimin was hiding his face behind his computer screen when someone dumped down in the chair beside him. Jimin looked up in confusion. No one sat beside him in history.

It wasn’t necessarily because he had no friends in his history class.

He had friends of course.

Well, one friend to be correct.

And by friend he meant that they had done one assignment together and had a pleasant enough time talking but hadn’t really talked since.

Jimin had lots of friends.

“Muyeol?” Muyeol smiled brightly. “In the flesh,” he said.

Why was he sitting next to Jimin?

“Not to be rude, but what exactly are you doing here? You sit in the back.” Jimin realized pretty quickly that he had definitely been rude.

“What? As if we have assigned seats.” Well, that was technically true, but everyone always sat in their usual seats.

“Not technically.”

“And today I felt like sitting, here. Next to you. Park Jimin.” He smiled smugly as if he knew something Jimin didn’t.

“I can’t stop you,” said Jimin and went back to looking at his computer. “But if you disturb me I will cut off your dick.”

Jimin didn’t kid around when it came to history. This was a subject he had almost a hundred percent chance of nailing, he was not gonna let Nam Muyeol fuck it up.

He didn’t take any of his classes seriously. Jimin knew that since they had quite a lot of classes together. But they had never really spoken.

Which made this even more confusing.

“Calm down Park, I’m not here to make you fail,” he said and put his hands in the air as if Jimin was pointing a gun at him. “Then why are you here?”

Muyeol didn’t have time to answer before Mr. Ryu spoke. “Good afternoon everybody! Today we’re gonna talk about The Great Korean Empire.” He clapped his hands to get everyone’s attention, then he carried on. “The Great Korean Empire was proclaimed in October 1897, after the Donghak Peasant Revolution of 1894 to 1895 and…”

“I don’t get how you can find this interesting,” whispered Muyeol. Jimin didn’t look at him as he harshly answered in a whisper.

“Is this your way of telling me you don’t like your dick very much?” Muyeol laughed.

Thankfully quietly so no one heard but Jimin. “You’re funny. Why haven’t I talked with you before.” Jimin did his best to tune him out as he wrote down notes on what Mr. Ryu was saying on his computer.

“If only you had started seeing Jungkook a little earlier. Are you dating?”

“Wha-” exclaimed Jimin loud enough to get the attention of the whole class. They all turned to him, the teacher included.

“Something wrong Jimin?” asked Mr. Ryu. Jimin hurried to shake his head.

“No, not at all, Mr. Ryu.” “Very well, let’s carry on.”

Mr. Ryu went back to teaching and Jimin turned to Muyeol.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Muyeol looked very pleased with himself. “Oh, was it supposed to be a secret?” “No. Since there’s nothing to hide.”

How the fuck did Muyeol know anything. Had he seen them at the bar? Even if he had, there was no indication that they were in any sort of relationship.

So what the hell was he getting at?

“Did you really think you could sneak out of his apartment at 9 in the morning without anyone noticing?” What? Jungkook’s apartment was far from the university, how had he seen him leaving? Was he stalking him? No that was ridiculous. Muyeol had no reason to do that.

So how?

“How the fuck did you know that?” whispered Jimin.

“I was visiting a friend that lived nearby.” Well, that was just Jimin’s luck.

The one-time Jimin had been desperate to be invisible, he had been seen.

“Why are you telling me this? Me and Jungkook have nothing going on.” Jimin looked up at Mr. Ryu, who luckily seemed too caught up in his own teaching to notice his two students whispering right in front of him.

Never before had Jimin been so glad that Mr. Ryu wasn’t paying attention to him.

“Let’s see if everyone else will think the same thing. Though I highly doubt it.” Jimin looked him the eyes and tried his best to be as intimidating as possible.

“What is it you want Muyeol?” Muyeol’s smile widened, obviously pleased with Jimin’s question.

“Kiss me.”

Jimin’s eyes widened and his cheeks heated up.

“Wha- what the hell are you-” Muyeol started laughing. That fucking jerk.

“I’m kidding, but the look on your face is priceless.”

“You fucking dick,” said Jimin and glared at him like nothing else before.

“I’m failing history,” Muyeol explained. Well, that was a shocker. As if that was the only class he was failing.

“You’re good at history.” Jimin raised an eyebrow. “You want me to tutor you?” Muyeol frowned his nose as if he was disgusted by Jimin’s question.

“God no, I want you to do my assignments.“

“No way in-”

“Then I’m telling everybody.”

Jimin had never wanted to cut someone’s dick off and stuff it their mouth as badly as he did right now.

He looked at Muyeol long and hard, debating whether or not he should say yes.

In the end, Jimin knew that agreeing would be for the best.

“Fine you fucking asshole.” Muyeol ignored the last part and smiled brightly.

“Nice doing business with you Park Jimin, your secret is safe with me. At least for a little while.”

Jimin was just about to hit him square in the face when Mr. Ryu’s voice stopped him.

“Boys do I need to separate the two of you?” They both shook their heads, though Muyeol smiled while Jimin frowned.

“No, not at all Mr. Ryu, we’ll be quiet,” said Muyeol.

“Our lips are sealed.” He raised his hand to his mouth and sealed his lips as if they were a zipper.

And just like that Jimin’s favorite class, had become his most hated class.




When the bell finally rang, indicating that the class was over, Jimin packed his things faster than humanly possible. He needed to get out of there and far away from Mr. Nam Dickface Muyeol.

Jimin liked Mondays, why did the universe have to ruin that?

Jimin exited the classroom so fast he nearly walked right into someone standing outside.

“Sorry I wasn’t- Tae?” The person, Tae, standing in front of him, smiled brightly.

“Jimin. Finally. I’ve been calling you like crazy.”

Was he an idiot?

“I had class Tae. I’m very sorry I can’t pick up the phone in the middle of history.” Everyone seemed to seek out Jimin today.

Since when was he so goddamn popular?

And how did he undo it?

“That’s okay Jimin don’t sweat it.” Jimin bit his tongue to refrain him from yelling at Taehyung. He wasn’t actually sorry.

“What do you want Tae?” said Jimin, forcing his voice to be as calm as possible.

“Well, here’s the thing Jimin, I’m so sorry, but I can’t go to Kanagawa with you tonight.”

No. Taehyung was not dumping him today.

Of all days why did he have to dump him today?

Why do you hate me world? thought Jimin bitterly.

Taehyung hurried to explain before Jimin could speak. “You see my parents are in Seoul and they wanted to see me, so they were like; ‘how about dinner tonight at Yoki?’ And I said of course that I couldn’t cause it’s our date night, but they said that tonight was the only night that they were free, so I said that-”

“Wow, wow, wow, Tae settle down. It’s okay. I get it. Go eat with your family.” Taehyung visibly relaxed.

“Ah thank you Jimin, you’re the best.” No, he really wasn’t. But Taehyung didn’t have to know that.

“When your family is in town I’ll get you a free pass out of whatever we’re were supposed to do.“ His family visiting. Yeah of course. Because that’s what families do.

They visit each other.


“Even if it’s k drama night. I promise you a free pass.”

“Thanks,” said Jimin. Though it would be a free pass he wouldn't be needing. But of course, Taehyung didn’t have to know that.

Taehyung’s phone rang, so he pulled it out of his pocket and answered the call. “Hey, mama. Yeah, I’ll be there in 20 minutes. No, he said it was fine.” Taehyung winked at Jimin, and Jimin did his best to smile back.

“Yeah we should do that, I’ll tell him. Yes okay, mama. Yeah, see you.” Taehyung ended the call and placed his phone back in his pocket.

“Mama apologizes and said that next time they’re in town we’re all going out for dinner.”

“That sounds nice, Tae. Say thanks when you see her.”

“Will do babe,” said Taehyung and gave Jimin two finger hearts. Jimin laughed.

Despite his sour mood, Muyeol, Taehyung dumbing him and well, everything else, Jimin genuinely laughed.

And oh boy, did it feel good.

This was why Taehyung was his soulmate. He helped him even when he didn’t know it.

“You’re so cheesy, now go before you’ll be late. Don’t keep your parents waiting.”

“You’re the best Jiminie! I’ll see you later okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, now go cheat on me with your parents.” That sounded quite wrong, but Taehyung thankfully understood what he meant.

Then Taehyung turned around and left him standing in the deserted hallway alone. What are best friends for?




When Jimin opened the door to his dorm room, he was met with an all too familiar sight. Yoongi was sitting in all black, and hunched over his desk, aggressively typing on his computer.

Another smashing musical hit, Jimin was sure.

“Do you even go to class, Yoongi?”

“Am I suppose to?” By the smell in the air, Jimin knew Yoongi had been there all day and hadn’t even bothered to open the window.

“Of course not. You attend university to not get an education.” Yoongi shrugged.

He took everything too casually.

“It’s a wonder they haven’t kicked you out yet. You never attend any of your classes. Do the teachers even know you exist?”

“Ha, ha, ha, very funny Jiminie.” Jimin smiled proudly as he kicked off his dirty shoes and sat down on Yoongi’s bed. That way Yoongi didn’t have his back turned to him.

“You need to come out more Yoongi. You’re always here when I’m here.”

“You want some space?”

“No, I want you to come out more.”

It wasn’t completely true that Yoongi never got out of their dorm. He did attend most of his classes, well just enough classes so he wouldn’t be kicked out. Luckily for him, he was smart enough to get good grades despite his lack of attendance.

He also did leave the dorm room to hang out with his friends in his music class and to go out eating with Jimin and to do other things Jimin didn’t know what was. So yes, Yoongi did leave their room, just not very often if he could help it.

“Which is why I’m taking you out tonight,” said Jimin resting his chin at the edge of Yoongi’s desk and looked up at him with puppy eyes, ready to beg Yoongi to come with him.

“I’m not going to Kanagawa with you.” Yoongi didn’t even spare Jimin a single glance, clearly aware of which tricks Jimin was trying to use on him.

“Have you been stood up by Tae?” Yes, his horrible best friend had stood him in the last minute.

Jimin had been looking forward to sushi tonight. He needed sushi tonight.

“Yeah, his parents are in town, they’re taking him to Yoki.”

“Yoki? The sushi restaurant down by the cinema?”

“Yes. If that isn’t a big fat middle finger in my face, I don’t know what is.” Of course, Jimin couldn’t be angry. Taehyung didn’t see his parents all that often.

Well, he saw his parents more often than Jimin, but then again, who at the university didn’t?

So Jimin wasn’t angry. He was just starving for sushi and he really wished he had someone to eat it with. Damn his sushi hating friends.

“You don’t think I can convince Hobi to go with me, do you?” Yoongi shook his head.

“Thought so.”

Jimin leaned back to lay down on Yoongi’s bed. His bed was softer that Jimin’s. He supposed that was fair since Yoongi slept a whole lot more than Jimin did, but he was still a little sour about the fact that Yoongi got it first.

He had tried his best to convince Yoongi that they could shift bed every once in a while, but Yoongi always said no. Always.

Luckily, Yoongi let Jimin sleep in his bed if he wasn’t using it. Just another great thing about Min Yoongi.

“You up for some pizza?” he asked Yoongi, getting himself ready to get up from the comforting embrace that was Yoongi’s bed.


“Wha- why not?” exclaimed Jimin, sitting up a whole lot faster than anticipated.

“I don’t feel like pizza.”

“Then barbeque?”




“You don’t wanna go out eating with me, do you?”

“No.” Yoongi’s answers were too fast, too casual and too honest.

“Why not? I’m the best company you’ll ever get.”

“You’re also the loudest, and I need peace to finish my assignment.”

“Sorry,” said Jimin, feeling quite guilty suddenly.

Yoongi always respected his space, sometimes Jimin forgot that Yoongi needed space too.

“It’s okay.”

Jimin decided this was probably the right moment to get the hell out of their dorm room and let Yoongi work in peace. He got up from the bed and made his way to his own bed.

Their dorm room wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t exactly small either. There was room for two relatively big beds and two bedside tables, two desks and two closets, bigger than the closet Jimin had had before. That didn’t really say anything about their dorm room closet, more about the closet Jimin previously owned.

Since every piece for furniture in the room was pushed up against the walls of the room, they had quite a lot of floor space in the middle. They took advantage of that, by throwing all of their clothes, and other stupid things, on the floor all the time.

The only thing that was really small was their tiny bathroom. Or well, not exactly a bathroom, since they had no shower. Only a toilet and a pathetic excuse for a sink. And the community showers were just kick-you-in-the-crotch-spit-on-your-neck fantastic.

Jimin went over to collect his shoes, which had landed two completely different placed in the room. One of them had made it’s way all the way to the bathroom door and the other had landed next to a big shopping bag from Saint Laurent.

Wait. What the hell was that doing here?

“Yoongi have you been spending your life savings on Saint Laurent again?” joked Jimin and picked up the fancy shopping bag. Yoongi turned around. “Oh, yeah, a guy came by with it. Said it was for you.”


“What do you mean someone just stopped by with a fucking Saint Laurent bag for me? I couldn’t even afford to breathe the air in a Saint Laurent shop. Who at this university has the-”


“It was Jeon Jungkook. You know, that guy from your lit class. The rich one.”

“I know who Jeon Jungkook is.”

Who the fuck didn’t?

Jimin opened the shopping bag and pulled out a black jacket. Jimin had to admit the jacket was really cool. If it had been a several 100.000 won cheaper, Jimin would’ve bought it himself.

But he was not accepting anything from Jeon Jungkook.

“When was this?”

“I don’t know 2, maybe 3 hours ago. While you had history.” Why did everything just happen while he had history? And what the hell was Jungkook thinking? He couldn’t just randomly come by with a jacket that costs millions of won.

Jimin hadn’t actually meant it when he had told Jungkook he owed him a new jacket. Not to mention, that even if Jimin had meant that he owed him a new jacket, he didn’t mean a goddamn Saint Laurent jacket.

He can’t wear something that costs more than everything he has ever owned.

And will own.

He met Yoongi’s eyes. They were silently observing him. “Are you not going to ask me why Jeon Jungkook stopped by with a Saint Laurent jacket?” He wasn’t sure how many more times he could say ‘Saint Laurent’ before he lost his mind.

“As long as you’re not selling your body for Saint Laurent, I don’t care.”

“Of course not I wouldn’t sell my body for any-”

“Do it for Gucci instead, they’re ten times better than Saint Laurent.”

“I’m not prostituting my body for any designer brand.” Yoongi opened his mouth but was shut down immediately.

“If you want designer goods, sell your own body!” Yoongi raised his hands in surrender.

“Just don’t tell anyone okay?” The last thing he needed was for this to come out. If people knew that Jeon Jungkook had bought a jacket to several million won to Park Jimin, they were gonna start talking. And come up with ridicules explanations that made no sense.

Not mention that Taehyung would grill him so hard they would be serving barbeque for months.

“Not even Tae?” 

“Especially not Tae.” The fact that Taehyung was Jimin’s best friend didn’t really make so much sense with all of the secrets he kept from him. Jimin was a horrible friend.

“I won’t tell a soul then. But if Jungkook comes by with more designer goods, I’m keeping it.” Jimin rolled his eyes. As if Yoongi was even interested in designer goods.

“Sure. You can keep all you want.”

“Great,” said Yoongi and gave Jimin a cheeky smile.

That bastard.

“Do you have a big bag or something?” asked Jimin looking around the room.

“What do you need a big bag for? The jacket is already in a bag Jimin.”

“I know that Yoongi, but I’m not going around campus with a fucking Saint Laurent bag.” As if anyone would believe Jimin could afford something that expensive. They were gonna think he had stolen it.

Yoongi said nothing, put pointed at a pile of clothes and books and other shit in the corner of the room. How could Yoongi find anything in this mess? Lying under the pill of shit was a plastic bag. He grabbed it and stuffed the 3 or 4 million won jacket down the dirty plastic bag.

Jimin wasn’t keen on designer clothes, but it felt wrong stuffing such a cool jacket down such a dirty bag.

Jimin hurried to put on his shoes before he grabbed the plastic bag and stormed towards the door.

“Where are you going?” 

“I’m returning this fucking jacket.” He ripped the door open, ready to hunt down Jeon Jungkook.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” Jimin turned around and found Yoongi holding the Saint Laurent bag in his hand, examining it like it was poisonous. 

“Burn the evidence,” said Jimin and stormed out the dorm room.




Finding Jungkook turned out to be even more difficult than Jimin would’ve thought. For some reason, he had expected to find him in the middle of a large crowd of students.

Isn’t that how rich people live their life? Surrounded by superficial people.

Jimin would never know.

Of course, the next thought was to just go directly to Jungkook’s apartment, but that wouldn’t only be weird and creepy, it would be like admitting defeat.

Which didn’t really make sense, but still crossed his mind.

He checked his phone. 5:23 pm, there was a big possibility that Jungkook wasn’t even on campus anymore. Most classes finished around 4 or 5.

Please dear God let Jungkook still be here somewhere.

Jimin checked the library, not that he had really expected Jungkook to be there, but he still thought he should give him the benefit of the doubt.

Afterward, Jimin decided to look for him in the university canteen. A place where the university sold cheap, bad food that gave people stomach aches and diarrhea. Jimin learned that the hard way, which was why he never ate at the school.

Next was the dance studio. Jimin was confident he wasn’t there, but he checked anyway. However, only a few first years were in the dance studio. They asked Jimin to join them, but he politely declined, saying he had important business.

Which he had.

He was gonna kick Jungkook’s expensive ass.

Jimin was just about to give up when he found him. He was sitting outside on a bench with a small book in his hands. Jimin was quite far away, but he could recognize the book from their literature class. They were currently reading Namok by Park Wan-suh.

For some reason, the sight surprised Jimin. He wasn’t sure what he had expected about Jungkook’s dedication to his education, but it couldn’t have been high since the sight of Jungkook reading homework shocked him.

Jimin stood still for a minute, gathering the courage to face Jungkook.

He inhaled deeply and exhaled again. Here goes nothing.

Then he walked towards Jungkook.

Though his footsteps became less and less confident the closer he came.

Oh boy, what had he gotten himself into?

Chapter Text

Park Jimin wasn’t so fond of taking risks most of the time.

Sure he sometimes threw himself into situations that had a small chance of succeeding, but mostly he didn’t do things unless he was pretty sure he would succeed.

If he threw himself into situations and didn’t succeed it would just be embarrassing, and Jimin hated being embarrassed.

Which was also why Jimin never really bragged, if he had anything to brag about. If he said that he was the best at Sing Star and he then lost, it would be pretty fucking embarrassing.

Dance was the only thing in the world Jimin had no trouble bragging about. Because he always succeeded.

His time at the university had been very safe when it came to Jimin’s fear of risks. There hadn’t been any reason to take risks when it came to his school subjects. There hadn’t been any reason to take risks when it came to his friends, it was all pretty chill.

Not even dance had forced him to take risks.

So far Jimin had made it through one-and-a-half-year risk-free.

Of course that all just had to change the moment Jimin met Jeon Jungkook. Because walking towards Jungkook on a boring Monday afternoon in March felt like the biggest risk of all.

Something told Jimin this wouldn’t be the last risk he would be taking in the near future.

Jimin dumbed the dirty plastic bag right next to Jungkook and the taller boy looked up, clearly surprised. He quickly smiled though, just like he had at the coffee shop yesterday.

“Jimin,” he said, and just the sound of Jungkook saying his name made something stir inside Jimin.

Fucking Jeon Jungkook.

“Here.” He pointed at the plastic bag. “Return it. Take the money. Give it to a charity or some shit, I don’t care.” Jungkook eyed the plastic bag as if he was afraid something would jump out of it. Then he slowly opened the bag and looked inside to find the expensive Saint Laurent jacket stuffed inside.

“Not your style? I can’t find another if you’d like.”

“Wha- no I- no I don’t want another, I don’t want anything.” Jungkook moved to sit on top of the table of the bench, and just like that Jungkook was taller than him.

Why did this bench have to be so tall?

“But you said I owed you a jacket, love.”

This guy…

“I didn’t actually mean you should go out and buy me a jacket. And even if I did I didn’t mean a fucking Saint Laurent jacket.”

“What do you have against Saint Laurent?” Jungkook was clearly enjoying this weird ass conversation.

And he clearly found it very amusing that Jimin had a hard time speaking probably.

“I don’t have anything against Saint Laurent, I have something against getting expensive jackets from juvenile dicks.” Jimin was proud at how steady and somewhat calm his voice was, despite the fact that his insides were on fire.

“I’m not the first juvenile dick who has bought you an expensive jacket?” Jungkook placed his hand over his heart as if Jimin had hurt his feelings.

“No,” said Jimin. “You’re like the third so don’t think you’re anything special.” Jimin’s words were harsh, but Jungkook didn’t seem to care.

He never stopped smiling, which was incredibly annoying.

“You wound me Park Jimin.”

Was this somehow funny to him? Was he fucking teasing him? What the hell was going on?

“I’m gonna wound you a whole lot more if you keep this shit up.” It was supposed to sound like a threat. Make Jungkook know he couldn’t just fuck around with Jimin.

Jimin knew he wasn’t very threating, but Jungkook didn’t have to know that.

“I can’t wait.” And then he winked at Jimin. He had the audacity to fucking wink at him. This wasn’t meant to sound kinky or something. It was meant to make Jungkook piss off.

Was this guy stupid?

“I’m not- you’re not- fuck off Jungkook, this isn’t happening.” He wasn’t really sure what he was referring too, but no matter what it was, it wasn’t happening. That’s for sure.

So Jungkook could try his best to get under Jimin’s skin, but he wouldn’t succeed.

Not one bit.

Not even close.

“Blushing again I see.” And Jungkook reached out to touch Jimin’s cheek, but he hurried to step back so Jungkook couldn’t reach.

“Stop that,” he exclaimed. “Stop teasing me it’s not my fault my face hates me.” At that Jungkook laughed. A deep, yet boyish laugh that Jimin somehow found very endearing.

“How could anyone hate you?” The comment stunned Jimin. He widened his eyes a bit and had a hard time answering. He wanted to say that there were quite a few.

Especially in his dance class, but nothing came out.

“Why did you put the jacket in a plastic bag? You do know it came in a bag, right?” Why did Jimin associate himself with people like this? First Yoongi and now Jungkook.

Did they think he was stupid?

“I can’t walk around with a goddamn Saint Laurent bag, Jungkook, I’ll get mugged for sure.” Jimin didn’t have a very dangerous aura. No one would be afraid of mugging him since he was too small and scrawny to put up much of a fight. He was not going to walk around with a damn invite to do so.

“As if I would let that happen.” Jimin’s face heated up at Jungkook’s comment.

“Can you please stop with the silly flirting? It’s not a goddamn game Jungkook.” Jungkook smiled knowingly at that, and Jimin mentally cursed himself for saying the word ‘game’.

He walked right into that one himself.

“But it is, Jimin. And I’m just collecting my price.”

No he fucking wasn’t. Jimin wasn’t a price, or an object or a plaything. He was a stupid boy who did something stupid because he had been desperate.

But he was not a thing.

That was the last thing Jimin was.

“Stop saying that,” said Jimin, sighing deeply. “And don’t buy me expensive shit, I don’t want it. Use your money for something better and just give me my jacket back.” Jungkook seemed kinda surprised by this as if he hadn’t expected Jimin to say that.

Was he shocked that Jimin didn’t want his blood money? Jimin was many things, but a gold digger wasn’t one of them.

“I’m sorry,” said Jungkook, his voice sounding genuinely sorry.

Jimin was so taken back by Jungkook’s sudden apologetic words that he didn’t notice Jungkook’s hand gently wrapping around his wrist and slowly pulling him closer.

He stood close enough for his thighs to touch the edge of the table between Jungkook’s thighs.

Everything in Jimin’s head was telling him to take a big step back, but Jimin found himself too shocked and too mesmerized by Jungkook’s beautiful brown eyes to do anything.

How could a stranger have such a big effect on him?

He didn’t even know Jungkook, though Jimin couldn’t deny that Jungkook was without a doubt the most handsome man Jimin had ever been this close to.

Maybe even the most handsome man he had ever seen, even from afar.

Jungkook searched every last bit of Jimin’s face as if he was searching for something. Maybe he was making sure that Jimin wasn’t going to push him away or go too far if Jimin didn’t want that.

Jungkook was leaning in extremely slowly and Jimin was certain he did that to give Jimin a chance to step back. But Jimin didn’t step back. He didn’t do anything other than looking into Jungkook’s eyes.

Did he even think? Did anything go through his mind right now?

Jimin didn’t know.

He was aware that they were still on campus, and though they were quite far away, there was still a big risk someone would see them.

Yet Jimin still didn’t pull back.

Then Jungkook’s face came closer, and closer, and closer.

And then-

“I want the plastic bag back.”

Jungkook pulled back, leaned his head a bit to the side and looked dumbfound at Jimin.


“The plastic bag,” said Jimin and pointed at the bag. “It’s not really mine, it’s my roommate’s so… I will need it back.”

What the fuck was he talking about? Yoongi didn’t give a shit about a dirty plastic bag.

Jungkook chuckled. He seemed to do that a lot. Not that Jimin was really complaining. Though if anyone asked him that he would deny.

“I’ll be sure to give you back the plastic bag.” Jimin merely nodded.

Was he breathing? How long could a human go without air?

Well, Jimin was about to find out apparently.

“Let’s go get some sushi, what do you say?”



Jungkook pulled Jimin a little closer and placed his hands on Jimin’s lower back. It wasn’t cold, but Jimin got goosebumps.

“I’m sorry Taehyung couldn’t come with you to Kanagawa, but luckily you have me.”

Well, wasn’t Jimin just the luckiest goddamn guy in the world? Jungkook looked at him as if he was truly giving Jimin the greatest gift of all.

“How did you- Are you stalking me?” exclaimed Jimin, taking a step back. Jungkook’s arms fell to his sides, and Jimin suddenly regretted getting out of his embrace.

“If I say yes would you be creeped out?”

“Yes, but I wouldn’t exactly be surprised.”

Jungkook didn’t exactly give out the stalker vibe, he seemed too busy to have time for that. He did, however, have a tendency to be where Jimin was all the time.

Well, only the last two days, but still.

“Your roommate told me you were going eating with Taehyung and judging by the fact that your still here, I figured he stood you up.” To think his own roommate sold him out. Yoongi you traitor.

“Well, he shouldn’t have told you anything, it doesn’t concern you.”

“But I want it to concern me.”

“Yeah, well too bad.”

Jungkook jumped down from the table of the bench and placed himself directly in front of Jimin. He was even taller than before. Jungkook looked down at Jimin, who once again felt even smaller in front of the tall boy.

“If you let me take you out tonight, I might consider giving you back your jacket.”

Now he was blackmailing him?

Oh, Jungkook had some nerve.

“I don’t give in to blackmail.” That was a complete lie since Jimin merely hours ago had agreed to do someone’s homework because of blackmail.

What an unfair world he lived in.

“Then don’t think of it as blackmail. Think of it as a proposition. A very good one I may add.” It wasn’t hard to see that Jungkook’s dad was one of the best businessmen in South Korea.

“No.” Jimin sounded rather childish, but he didn’t care. Jungkook sighed.

“Fine, then I guess you don’t want your jacket back.”

Then he walked right passed Jimin. Without anither word or even anoter look, Jungkook walked right passed him as if he was completely unbothered by anything.

Jimin knew he should somehow be happy that Jungkook was walking away from him, finally leaving him alone.

But all Jimin felt was anger and disappointment.

“Wait!” he called after Jungkook, and he turned around, a big, fat, smug smile on his lips.

“Yes?” Jimin walked towards him, inhaling deeply.

“Fine, alright. Fine. But I want my jacket unharmed otherwise I will kill you.”

For his jacket. That was why was agreeing. For his jacket.

“Come alone and the jacket will not be harmed.” Jimin rolled his eyes, but he couldn’t help but smile just a little bit.

“Let’s go,” said Jungkook and grabbed Jimin’s wrist gently.

“Wait, the jacket.” Jimin pointed at the dirty plastic bag which contained millions of won in the form of a jacket.

“Just leave it.”


“What the hell do you mean, ‘just leave it’ do you even realized what it is?”

Jungkook shrugged nonchalantly. “It’s a jacket. I’ve seen one of those before Jimin.”

This guy was unbelievable.

Jimin gently shook Jungkook’s hand off his wrist and went back to the bench to collect the plastic bag.

“I’m not letting a Saint Laurent jacket laying around like that. The jacket doesn’t deserve that.”

“I knew you liked it.” Jimin just grabbed Jungkook’s wrist at pulled him with him.

“Yeah, yeah, now shut up and let’s go.” Jungkook chuckled as he followed Jimin.




The good thing about Kanagawa was the fact that it wasn’t overly crowded, like ever. There were much better sushi restaurants in Seoul, heck even near the university. Like Yoki. But Jimin and Taehyung had fallen in love with this sushi restaurant. The place was cozy and small and the staff was incredibly sweet.

What more could one wish for?

Jungkook didn’t seem to share Jimin’s love for the place. He wrinkled his nose in disgust the moment they walked into the place.

“If you don’t like it you can just leave,” said Jimin, kinda insulted by Jungkook’s reaction to his favorite restaurant.

“No. It’s… cozy.”

“Your lies suck,” exclaimed Jimin and waved over Ga Hyuk, the owner of the restaurant and one of Jimin’s favorite people.

Ga Hyuk was just about to reach them when Jungkook leaned down and whispered into Jimin’s ear.

“That’s not the only thing I’m willing to suck.”

Jimin choked on his tongue.

“Jimin? Are you okay my boy?” Ga Hyuk looked concerned, while Jungkook looked very proud.

Fucking asshole.

“Yes, I’m- I’m fine,” stuttered Jimin and smiled at Ga Hyuk to reassure him.

“Where’s Taehyung?” asked Hyuk.

“He’s with his family, so I brought a replacement,” Jimin said pointing at Jungkook, who waved at Hyuk.

“Oh, that was too bad but glad you had someone to take with you.”

Yes, Jimin was very lucky.

“Your usual table?” Jimin nodded. It felt like cheating somehow to sit at his and Taehyung’s table, but that table was hidden away in the corner of the restaurant. And Jimin didn’t really wanna be seen right now.

Hyuk guided the two boys over to one of the booths and placed two menu cards on the table. “Just call when you’re ready.” They both nodded and sat down on opposite sides of the table as Hyuk left them.

Jimin grabbed his menu card and held out in front of him so he couldn’t see Jungkook. He wasn’t really reading the menu since he had been there so often he could recite it in his sleep if he had to.

No, he needed, for just 10 seconds, not pretend Jungkook wasn’t there. Since the moment Jimin had dumped the plastic bag down beside Jungkook, he hadn’t been able to probably breathe.

The plastic bag was stuffed into the corner of the booth next to Jimin. He still had a hard time comprehending the fact that Jungkook had done something so ridiculous. It had been stupid and creepy, yet Jimin found himself being somewhat flattered.

No one had ever bought Jimin flowers, much less a Saint Laurent jacket.

Jungkook’s finger wrapped around the top of the menu card and gently pulled it down so they could see each other.

“You’re being rude again, Jimin.” Couldn’t Jungkook please stop saying his name? It sparked something inside Jimin he didn’t like.

“I’m just reading the menu card Jungkook,” he answered. “That’s what you do at a restaurant. They’re not here for fun.”

“You knew what you were having from the moment you walked in here, Jimin. There’s no need to look at the menu.”

Jimin let go of the menu card. “Wha- that's-” stuttered Jimin. He didn’t like when people assumed things, Especially not when they were right.

“Just look at your own, will you?” said Jimin and pointed at the menu card in front of Jungkook which hadn’t been opened yet.

“I don’t need to. I’ll have the same as you.”

“Who says you’d like the same thing as me?”

“I have faith in your taste in sushi.”

It was a faith Jimin wanted to put to the test as he waved over Hyuk.

“So what can I get you two boys?” Jimin opened the menu card and pointed to number 23.

“We would like a number 23, Hyuk, with extra mayo sauce.” Hyuk’s eyes widened slightly as he looked at Jimin and then Jungkook.

“Are you sure Jimin, I mean last time you-”

“I’m sure.” Jimin smiled innocently so Jungkook wouldn’t get suspicious.

Hyuk grabbed the two menu cards, a little smile playing on his lips. “Always the daredevil,” he commented and Jimin raised his shoulder as a way of saying, ‘what can I say? I live for danger’.

“And what would you like to drink?”

“Um, two Sprites.”

“I don’t really like-”

“Two large sprites, thank you.” Jimin smiled at Jungkook innocently. But the son of a bitch, looked like he found it amusing.

“It’ll be coming right up.” Then Hyuk left with the two menu cards stuck under his arm.

The two boys were left alone in silence. The silence was as uncomfortable as Jimin remembered, but this time it seemed like Jungkook agreed. He was playing with his fingers and Jimin could feel his leg bouncing under the table.

Was he… nervous?

“Is this your first time eating sushi?” asked Jimin.

Jungkook shook his head. “No.”

“Then why is your leg bouncing like crazy under the table?”

Jungkook immediately stopped his leg.

“It’s not.” Jimin rolled his eyes.

He sure was a bad liar.

“So,” started Jungkook. “Why dance?” The question was quite random, but at least it wasn't too deep and personal.

He leaned back, resting his head against the side of the booth and shrugged.

“Because I’m good at it,” he answered.

For as long as he could remember, Jimin had been dancing.

He had started out in the local dance center in Busan. It wasn’t anywhere near good. The teachers were bad, the students couldn’t care less about dance and the place itself was small and gross.

But Jimin attended the school because it was incredibly cheap, and his mother couldn’t afford to let Jimin dance in a better dance school. She could hardly even afford to let him be taught there.

But his mother wanted something good for him.

She wanted him to have something that made him happy.

Of course, his father disapproved of Jimin’s passion for dance. There was no future in dance, he would always say.

But then again, his father disapproved of basically everything Jimin did.

“There must be a better reason,” said Jungkook. “You don’t strike me as the type to dedicate your life to something you aren’t passionate about.” For a moment the two boys merely looked at each other.

Jungkook was waiting for Jimin to talk, and Jimin was waiting for his mouth to come up with something.

Jungkook was right, which was incredibly annoying, but nonetheless true. Jimin didn’t do something just because he was good at it. If he didn’t like it, then he would waste time on it. It was, however, the same attitude that made him fall behind in many classes.

His selective view of things wasn’t always that great.

“I am passionate about it,” he finally said. “Dance makes me feel… good.” It was a lame explanation, mostly because dance did so much more for him than just making him feel good. But he didn’t know how to express it.

How do you express your feelings for something that has kept you sane since you were a child?

“How long have you been dancing?”

“Since I was a child.” Jungkook nodded, but he didn’t really seem surprised.

“I saw you at the dance performance your dance class did last year.” Jimin’s breath got caught in his throat.

Jungkook and he had been going to the same university for almost 2 years, yet the fact that Jungkook and seen him long before they had met at the bar hadn’t crossed his mind.

“You’re good.” Jimin blushed. “Clearly the best on the team.” Jungkook needed to shut up before Jimin’s face turned into a tomato.

“Why are you blushing, you must be used to hearing this.”

In a way he was. He had been told multiple times that he was good at dancing. Hoseok would tell him in the middle of practice when Jimin nailed the move, and Taehyung would tell him when he was feeling down.

But why did it feel so much different when Jungkook said it?

For some reason, Jimin believed him when he said it. Believe that he was that good. It just sounded so… genuine… when Jungkook said it.

“I’m just… It’s nice to hear someone say it, that’s all.” And it was true. Hearing it from Jungkook was even nicer, but Jimin was going to keep that to himself.

“Then I’m glad I said it.”

They didn’t have time to say anymore, because Hyuk was making his way towards their table, a plate filled with sushi in one hand and a tray with two Sprites and a bowel in the other. He placed the big plate in the middle, the two sodas on the sides and lastly, he placed a little bowl of an orange liquid in front of Jimin.

“Now you be careful alright, boy? I don’t want what happened last time to happen again,” warned Hyuk. Jimin just nodded, and though Hyuk didn’t look the slightest reassured, he eventually left.

Jungkook turned to Jimin. “What happened last time?” Jimin picked up his chopsticks.

“Me and Tae practically died. But don’t worry, I’m sure that won’t happen again.”

Jungkook raised an eyebrow doubtfully. “What do you mean died?”

“Eat before it gets cold,” said Jimin. “

It’s sushi. It’s supposed to be cold.”

“Just eat your damn food.” Jungkook looked at the food in front of him, examining it closely.

Then he tilted his head in one quick movement before he picked up a piece of sushi.

He was just about to put it in his mouth when Jimin slid the bowl of orange liquid across the table to him.

“What is it?” Jimin gestured for Jungkook to dip his piece of sushi down the bowl. Jungkook hesitated.

“It’s spicy isn’t it?” Jungkook took Jimin’s silence as a yes. “You’re trying to poison me.”

At that, Jimin burst out laughing. Jungkook eventually joined him, though he was probably laughing more over Jimin’s laughter than anything else. Jimin had a tendency to laugh with his entire body.

“Yes Jungkook, I took you to my favorite sushi restaurant to poison you.”

“I knew it.” Jimin stuck his tongue at Jungkook.

“Now man up an eat it,” said Jimin and once again gestured for Jungkook to dip his sushi in the sauce.

“I’m only eating it if you are.” Jimin sighed. Of course, he was.

“Fine. You eat and then I’ll eat afterward.”

Jungkook shook his head. “No, no, no that’s not how this will go.”

Jungkook put the piece of sushi back on the plate, placed his chopsticks on the table and leaned forward as if he was about to tell Jimin a deep, dark secret. Curious, Jimin leaned forward too.

Just a little bit.

“Let’s play a game.” At that Jimin pulled back immediately all interest fading away instantly.

“Fuck no,” he said.

Jungkook grinned. “What? Why not? It’s fun.”

Jimin shook his head forcefully. “Nah ha,” he said. “I’m never playing a game with you again. Never.”

“Of course you are. We’re going to play a lot of games together.” Jimin blinked speechlessly.


“But how about this,” Jungkook continued, completely unfazed by the words that had just left his mouth. “If you win, then our game from last Saturday will be completely forgotten.” Jimin narrowed his eyes.

Another game by Jeon Jungkook. What a child he was.

“I’m not agreeing to anything before you tell me exactly what you win if you win,” said Jimin. He was not gonna be fucked over again.

“It’s pretty simple actually,” Jungkook explained. “If I win, our game from last Saturday still counts, and you have to go on a date with me.” Jimin’s mouth fell open.

He had to what now?

They fell completely silent. The only thing Jimin could hear was the sound of the bell ringing, signaling another costumer’s arrival.

“A date?” Jungkook nodded. “You want to go on a date? With… me?”

Jungkook sighed, obviously frustrated with Jimin’s inability to understand anything. “Yes. I wanna take you out on a proper date.”

Jimin understood every word in that sentence, but when he put them all together, they didn’t make sense at all.

“Why do you wanna take me out on a date?” Jimin sounding genuinely confused.

“That’s none of your business.”


“You do that quite a lot.”

“Wha- you-“

“You did it again.”

“Stop.” Jungkook raised his hands in surrender.

“Either we’re playing or we’re not,” said Jungkook.

“I’m not playing if I don’t why you-”

“Either we play or we don’t Jimin.” Jungkook’s voice held so much power. And dominance. Jimin instantly nodded and Jungkook smiled pleased.

“Well then here’s the rules. We take the same amount of sauce on our own plat, the person who needs to drink first or the person who can’t finish, loses. Alright?” That was a game Jimin could play. He wasn’t the biggest fan of spicy food, but he was sure he was better at it than Jungkook.

“Yeah, alright, I’m in.”


Then Jungkook poured a pretty big amount of the sauce out on Jimin’s plate and then his afterward. Jimin eyed him closely making sure they had the same amount. “You need more.” It looked like Jungkook was going to protest, but eventually decided against it and poured himself some more.

“Ready?” asked Jungkook, and Jimin nodded hesitantly.

Was he really ready?




Jimin was struggling.

A lot actually.

They had both eaten around half of their sauce and Jimin was dying. He felt like he was sweating like a pig, his nose was definitely running, and he could feel tears in his eyes.

Now Jungkook was struggling too. Jimin could see that. His face had visibly heated up and every once in a while, he exhaled and inhaled very deeply to suck some cool air into his mouth. Jimin did that same.

Just five times as often as Jungkook.

Yes, they were both struggling, but Jimin was definitely struggling way more than Jungkook. He was so gonna lose.


“If you're thirsty,” said Jimin and choked on the extra amount of saliva in his mouth. “Just drink.”

It was a pitiful sight. Two 21-year-old guys sitting in a booth in a sushi restaurant and dying out of stubbornness.

“I’m not thirsty,” said Jungkook, but he certainly sounded both thirsty and like someone who was dying. Which seemed about right. Jungkook grabbed another piece of sushi and dipped it in the sauce. He was clearly having an internal crisis, debating whether or not he should eat it.

He did eventually eat it.

Jimin reached out for a piece. He dipped in the sauce and lifted it to his mouth.

You can do this, said Jimin to himself - being his own personal cheerleader.

But just as Jimin was about to eat the piece, the fire in his mouth magnified and he threw the piece of sushi on his plate and grabbed his drink.

He drank practically every last drop of Sprite before he sat the glass down. Sprite was in no way good at putting out fires in one’s mouth, but the cold liquid still helped a little bit.

Jimin didn’t have to look up at Jungkook to know he was smirking.

Why couldn’t he win anything?

“I’m looking forward to our date,” said Jungkook, still sounding like there was a fire burning in his mouth.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” said Jimin. “You can drink your Sprite now, I’ve already lost.” Jungkook pushed the glass away from himself.

“I told you I don’t like Sprite,” he said, but he sounded almost smug about it.

Did he really hate Sprit so much he would rather burn up from the inside than to drink it?

That’s cheating!

“You could’ve said something, we could’ve ordered you some water before we started,” said Jimin, feeling kinda bad for forcing Sprite on him. “Speaking of water,” said Jimin and stuck out his tongue to feel the cool air in his mouth. “I could really use some right now.” Talking with his tongue out was quite difficult.

Jungkook waved at Hyuk to get his attention and shouted that they needed some water. A minute later placed Hyuk a jug of water at their table.

“I told you to be careful, Jiminie,” said Hyuk, but he couldn’t contain his smile as he did so.

At least he wasn’t vomiting again.

Both Jimin and Jungkook gave him a quick ‘thank you’ and then they emptied the jug of water in 10 seconds.

“I don’t like your games Jungkook,” said Jimin, his tongue still burning but not as much as before.

“I like them.” Of course, he did. He won every single one of them.

Jimin opened his mouth to inhale some more cold air. “Just drink my Sprite,” said Jungkook.


“Yeah, I’m not gonna drink it. And you seem to be needing it.” Jungkook smiled smugly.

“Fuck off,” said Jimin and drank the entire glass of Sprite in one go.

“You never seize to amaze me,” Jungkook said.

“Yes, yes, I’m quite amazing.”

Jimin looked around the almost deserted restaurant. It was the same brown, ugly tables as always. The same somewhat dirty floor. The same uncomfortable chairs. The same old sushi chefs. It looked exactly as it always did when Jimin was there with Taehyung.

Yet it had a completely different feel today.

“How can you look so chill? Your mouth was just grilled by the flames of Mount Doom.”

“I’m too cool to be burned by anything.”

“you’re such a huge dork,” laughed Jimin - not really intentionally, but nonetheless he was laughing.

“If it makes you laugh, then I can be whatever you want.”

“Again, you’re such a dork.”

It was starting to get a little dark outside so Jimin pulled out his phone to see what times it was. 7:34 pm. It wasn’t really all that late, but Jimin thought it would be a good excuse to end their – date? – now.

“It’s getting late, I should probably head back before Yoongi gets worried.”

“Or we could go for some coffee. I know a great place nearby.”

“I don’t drink coffee,” said Jimin.

"And you said I was a bad liar,” laughed Jungkook. Jimin thought he would’ve been offended by Jimin’s attempt of rejecting his offer, but Jungkook was smiling.

“Just a cup of coffee. I promise I don’t bit.” Jimin didn’t believe that for a second. Before Jimin could answer Jungkook once again waved at Hyuk, this time asking for the check. Hyuk nodded and went behind the counter to get it.

“Jungkook it really is getting late, I shouldn’t-” Hyuk had arrived at their table and placed the check on the table and Jimin reached down the pockets of his pants to pull out his wallet.

Jungkook was faster though, and by the time Jimin had pulled out his wallet Jungkook had already given Hyuk two 50.000 won bills and told him to keep the rest.

Jungkook had just tipped more than the meal itself had cost.

Hyuk thanked them, said goodbye to them both and told Jimin to say hello to Taehyung. Then he left them alone.

“How much do I owe you?” asked Jimin, placing his wallet on the table.

“How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t want your money?” Couldn’t he just for one goddamn time take the money and call it even.

“You need to stop using your money on me. I know I’m no millionaire but I can pay for myself.” Jimin still had a tiny amount of pride left in his body. Jungkook was not going to take that from him.

“I like paying for you,” said Jungkook, resting his elbows on the table and leaning in closer.

“Get yourself a new kink, Jeon Jungkook.”

“But I don’t want to.” Jungkook leaned in even further over the table, but Jimin was not having it.

He placed his palm against Jungkook’s forehead and pushed him back. Though Jungkook looked somewhat disappointed, he did nothing.

“Take me out for coffee then.”

“I’m not taking you out for coffee Jungkook.” Jungkook sighed, displeased with Jimin’s refusal to go have coffee with him.

“Fine. Then you owe me 50.000 won.”

Come again?

“What are you talking about?”

“50.000 won, that’s half of the check.”

“No, it isn’t! I’m not paying 50.000 won because you don’t know how to tip probably!”

“Then take me for coffee.” Jungkook was such a gigantic asshole it was a wonder someone hadn’t kicked his ass yet.

Seemed like Jimin would be the first.

“You’re such a…” mumbled Jimin as he opened his wallet, looking for his money. He checked his wallet three times before he could conclude that he only had around 15.000 won in there.


“Having trouble paying me back?” asked Jungkook and took a sip of his glass of water. Jimin cursed a few times, then stuffed his wallet back in his pocket.

His eyes landed on the dirty plastic bag next to him.

A smile spread on his face.

He grabbed it and placed it on the table in front of Jungkook.

“Keep the change,” said Jimin and winked at him.

Jungkook burst out laughing. Jimin didn’t even realize it but he was smiling too. Big time.

“Nice try Jimin, but that’s not enough.”

“This jacket probably costs more than a million won, I think it’s enough.” Jungkook grabbed the plastic bag and tossed in the corner of the booth.

“Go out for coffee with me.” It wasn’t a question, but Jimin answered anyway.

“Jungkook I’m not-”

“I wasn’t asking Sweet cheeks.”

It was the same voice.

The same he annoyingly authoritarian and dominating voice that somehow made Jimin bend to his will.

“In case you’re forgetting I own your sweet little ass. So get up, we’re going for coffee.” Jimin nodded speechless, his mouth slightly open as he stared at Jungkook.

“Wonderful,” said Jungkook. “It’s not far from here.”

Then he grabbed the plastic bag and got up while Jimin followed him without complaining.

Chapter Text

Park Jimin knew the area around Seoul University quite well.

He had been to most of the restaurants, cafés, shops and what else could be found in Seoul’s streets. Jimin loved walking around in the streets. He loved the lights late at night, and the sights of people in a hurry in the afternoon, and the sound of birds singing in the morning.

Jimin loved the streets of Seoul, and he knew them pretty damn well.

He had gotten a job at the cinema a few blocks away from the university, right before he started his first year. He had made it his mission to try every restaurant, every café and visit every shop on the way to and from work.

After 4 months, Jimin had succeeded.

Another 4 months later and Jimin had visited every restaurant, café, and shop within a mile’s radius.

Jimin knew this city like the back of his pocket.

But he had no clue where the fuck Jungkook was going.

“I thought you said it was nearby,” complained Jimin after they had been walking for 20 minutes straight. They hadn’t talked very much, mostly walked in silence, with a few sentences here and there.

Jungkook had asked Jimin whether he was freezing since he, for obvious reasons, had no jacket.

“Just put on the jacket,” had Jungkook said multiple times. Jimin had refused every time, saying he wasn’t freezing.

Jimin was acting childish, he knew that much. But now he had taken it this far, if he gave in now he would just look like a big fucking idiot.

It was a matter of principle now.

Not to mention the fact that Jimin was terrified of wearing expensive clothes. It was a stupid fear, but he was always afraid of ruining it, so he just refused to wear it.

Jimin didn’t own anything expensive for two reasons. Firstly, he wouldn’t wear it or use it, cause he would be too afraid to destroy it.

And secondly, he could hardly afford to pay for his dorm room, much less expensive clothes or other expensive unnecessary possessions.

“We’re almost there,” said Jungkook.

Jimin didn’t believe him.

“Do I really have to tell you that you said that 10 minutes ago too, and where sill not there? You need to give me something to work with here Jungkook cause I’m getting frustrated.”

He wasn’t actually frustrated with the distance. He didn’t mind walking, it was calming somehow.

What he was frustrated with, was the horrible silence and the anticipation of what was coming.

It’s just coffee, he kept reminding himself. But he felt on edge.

Jungkook seemed to have the ability to keep him on edge. Not helping him back up and not pushing over either.

As if he was sitting I constant uncertainty.

“Yeah well, this time I mean it.” Jimin narrowed his eyes at him, still not quite believing him. The streets were getting darker and darker, and it felt like they were walking further and further away from centrum.

“Are you going to kill me? Is that what’s happening here? Manslaughter?” Jungkook chuckled as he shook his head. “No, but don’t tempt me.”

They walked for another 3 minutes, then Jungkook stopped walking so suddenly, Jimin walked right into him.

“Jung- are we there?” Jimin looked around. It was pretty dark, not many shops around them were opened and so the most of the street was drowning in darkness.

The only shop shining brightly was a little discrete coffee shop hidden behind larger shops. It was one of those places you would never find unless you were looking for it.

“It’s nice,” said Jimin. And it truly was. It looked cozy from the outside, he couldn’t even imagine how cozy it would look from the inside.

“I’m glad you think so,” said Jungkook. “Shall we?” He looked behind him for Jimin and reached out his hand for Jimin to take. Jimin looked at his outstretched hand long and hard.

Should he…?

Jungkook clearly had enough. He rolled his eyes and grabbed Jimin’s wrist and pulled him with him towards the coffee shop. It felt like Jungkook’s hand was burning holes in his wrist.

As they opened the door, a bell rang announcing their arrival to the rest of the coffee shop. Well, only to 4 other customers. This place sure wasn’t all that popular. Jimin couldn’t help but wonder why Jungkook wanted to come here. How he even knew about it.

A small coffee shop like this seemed too cheap for a billionaire like Jungkook.

“Jungkook!” The two boys looked up as a young man came towards them, a big smile on his face. He was tall, had dark brown hair and broad shoulders. Like really broad shoulders.

For some reason, he looked a lot like Jungkook. Just taller and with an older face. Was this his brother?

Did Jungkook even have a brother?

“Hi Jin,” greeted Jungkook. The boy, Jin, smiled at Jungkook, but he quickly looked at Jimin and an even wider smile spread on his face. He had kind eyes, beautiful plump lips, and a sweet smile. Jimin already liked the guy.

“It’s so nice to meet you Jimin!” exclaimed Jin and pulled Jimin in for a hug. He stood still for an awkward whole second before he wrapped his arms around Jin and hugged him back.

Damn this guy was a great hugger.

Then it hit him. How the fuck did Jin know him. Did he go to the university? No, he couldn’t have, Jimin would’ve noticed him for sure, so how…?

“Jimin meet Jin, Jin meet Jimin.” Jungkook introduced them to each other but it was safe to say the had already made themselves acquaintances.

“Nice to finally meet you,” said Jin.


“Yeah you too, but-”

“A table for two,” hurried Jungkook to say and by the look in Jin’s eyes, Jimin could only assume Jungkook had glared at him. Jin looked down at Jimin and smiled brightly.

“As you wish.”

Jin grabbed two menu cards and guided them over to a small table pushed up against one of the walls of the coffee shop.

The table was really small while the two armchairs placed on either side of the table were really big. Jimin sat down in one of them and Jungkook sat down in the other, while he placed the dirty plastic bag under the table. Jimin placed his arms on the armrest and relaxed in the comfortable embrace of the soft chair.

Jin placed the two menu cards on the table. “I’ll back in a minute. Behave yourselves until then.” Neither of them had time to answer before Jin left them alone.

For the second time that day, Jimin and Jungkook were sitting in silence, in front of each other, with two menu cards on the table.


“What do you want?” asked Jungkook, catching Jimin’s attention.

“Um, I’ll just have the same as you.” He didn’t know the place, and since Jungkook seemed to know it, he would just let him decided.

Jungkook raised an eyebrow. “Do you really dare give me that power? Are you not afraid I’ll get revenge?”

“Unless you ask them to spit in my coffee I don’t know how they could fuck up a cup of coffee that much.”

“You underestimate Jin. He can do anything.”

Well, that was comforting.

“I trust you,” said Jimin and Jungkook smiled at that.

“But if my coffee isn’t exceptional I’ll never forgive you.” Jungkook lifted his hands in surrender.

“Okay, okay, I’ll get you the best coffee there is.” Jungkook looked through the menu card.

Since Jimin himself wasn’t looking through the menu card, he decided to check out the coffee shop.

The ceiling was covered in fairy lights. Some were red, some were blue, some were green. There were lights in every color of the rainbow.

None of the tables or the chairs were the same. All of them different. There were armchairs, ordinary chairs, sofas, all in different colors and shapes. There we big tables, tall tables, small tables, and long tables. Nothing in the shop seemed to be the same. It probably looked very disorderly and chaotic for a lot of people, but Jimin liked it. It was cozy. It was nice.

Jimin actually liked this place quite a lot.

When he had checked out the entire place with his eyes, he looked back at Jungkook. He was still looking through the menu card, obviously having a hard time deciding.

Jungkook had clearly been here a lot, so why did it take so long for him to order?

Jungkook tilted his head to the side and stuck his tongue out just a tiny bit. He looked like he was really concentrating and for some reason Jimin found it adorable.

Jimin suddenly felt like he was looking at a different person. It was still the same messy dark brown hair. Still the same brown eyes. Still the same pink lips and sharp jawline.

Yet suddenly he didn’t feel as intimidating as before.

Jimin found himself liking it.

And then he pushed the thought away.

Fuck off brain.

“So what are you torn between?” asked Jimin, desperately wanting this side of Jungkook to go away, cause it was making him question things he didn’t want answers to.

“Caramel or chocolate?” he asked. Still the same face. The same adorable expression covering Jungkook’s almost flawless face.

Could it please fuck off so Jimin could go back to hating the arrogant, intimidating douchebag sitting in front of him?

“Guess,” said Jimin, hoping a game would turn the prince back into a frog.


“Yeah. Let’s see if you can guess right.” And then Jungkook’s smug smile was back and Jimin somehow felt relieved.

“And if I do? If I get it right. What do I get?” Jimin sighed, but he couldn’t help but smile over the fact that Jungkook had said exactly what he had expected him to say.

Did he already know Jungkook so well that he could predict his actions? Creepy.

“You won’t be getting anything since you will be losing,” said Jimin.

“How many games do we have to play in order for you to realize I never lose?”

“Don’t be cocky, you’re not winning this time.” Jungkook didn’t seem to be unsure of his own abilities.

What an arrogant ass he was.

“Then no cheating,” he said. “If I get it right, you have to admit it.” Jimin nodded.

“I wouldn’t cheat,” he answered. Jungkook hit the table a few times with his knuckles as he got up from the armchair.

“I’ll be right back.” Then he made his way over to Jin.

Jimin watched him as he walked.

Of course, it was as creepy as it sounded, but Jimin didn’t take his eyes off him.

He walked as if he was on a runway 24/7. His legs were long, and his waist somehow very small, that was very obvious since his white shirt was tucked down his black pants. His shoulders weren’t as broad as Jin’s but they were a whole lot broader than Jimin’s. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up just under the elbow, revealing his arms. Jimin could see his very visible veins under his skin.

Jimin didn’t know why, but he had always found it incredibly attractive.

Jimin was too caught up in studying Jungkook’s… lower half of his body… to notice that Jungkook had turned his head and was watching him too.

Jimin immediately looked away, his cheeks flaring up. His face needed to calm the fuck down before Jungkook returned.

And because the world had made their own we-hate-Jimin club, Jungkook sat down not even a second later. A full-on grin on his face.

“It’s rude to stare Jimin.” 

"I wasn’t staring.”

“Then what were you doing?” asked Jungkook.

“Practicing to sleep with my eyes open, I’m doing progress.”

“A man of many talents.”

He was indeed.

So talented it hurt.

“So what do I win?”

“You’re not winning anything.”

“A game without prices? That’s just boring, Jimin.” Of course, it was. Jungkook always needed something in return.

Didn’t he know one could have fun for free?

“Sure, there’s a price. You’re just not getting it.”

“Okay then, what will you get if you win?”


“When,” Jungkook repeated.

“When I win I get my jacket.” Jungkook blinked in disappointment.

“Your jacket?” Jimin nodded. “You could win whatever, and you want your jacket? Haven’t I already told you, that you can have your jacket back?”

“Well, I don’t know what else to say. I don’t think there’s anything else I want.”

Jungkook leaned back in the chair and exclaimed a sound of both disappointment and annoyance.

What was so wrong with that price? What had he expected him to want?

“Fine. Then what if I win? What do I get?”

“What do you want?” asked Jimin, almost afraid of the answer.

“A second date.”

“No way.” Jungkook pouted. “Don’t pout, it won’t help your case.” Jungkook wrinkled his nose in annoyance.

“Fine. The how about this,” he said. “If I win you pay the bill.”

Jimin looked at him confused. “I thought I was already paying the bill.

Wasn’t that the whole point in going for coffee?”

Jungkook shrugged. “I couldn’t come up with anything better.”

Jimin had a feeling that was untrue. Jungkook wasn’t the type of person to just run out of ideas. He always had something up his sleeves, Jimin just knew it. So why he wasn’t putting any of it on the table was weird.

But Jimin didn’t point it out, in case it gave Jungkook any new, funny ideas.

“Then would that mean you will pay if I win?”

“I thought you were very clear on the ‘when’,” mocked Jungkook.

“Then would that mean you will pay when I win?” Jungkook nodded.

Then what was the point really in coming here?

“Now that that’s settled, how about we-”

Jimin never got hear Jungkook’s proposition, cause Jin had arrived at their table, a tray with two coffee mugs in his hand.

“A cappuccino for the little asshole,” said Jin, and placed a mug in front of Jungkook, a sweet smiled on his lips, despite his choice of words.

“And a surprise for the sweet Jimin.” Jimin legit giggled as Jin placed the mug in front of him.

Jin was undeniably charming. Now Jimin didn’t consider himself an easily charmed guy, but he had only known Jin for 5 minutes and he was already smitten.

It was unbelievable that he was willingly friends with Jungkook.

Or who knew? Maybe Jungkook was holding him hostage.

Jin stood still at their table, looking from Jungkook to Jimin while smiling brightly. Was he waiting for something? Both Jungkook and Jimin looked at him funnily. Now Jimin was mostly curious as to what he was doing, while Jungkook seemed rather annoyed.

Finally, Jungkook spoke, “You can go now, Jin. I don’t think we need assistance drinking our coffee.” Jin pouted.

“But I wanna see if your right,” he said, and pouted even more.

“Nope, get lost.” Jin stuck his tongue out at Jungkook, who funnily enough did the same.

The childish behavior reminded Jimin of him and Taehyung.

“Fine,” said Jin finally. “But my money’s on Jimin. You’re not getting it right, Jungkook.” He stuck his tongue out at Jungkook one last time, then turned around in a half pirouette and walked away. Jin walked like a model too. His long skinny legs moving elegantly with every step he took.

Jimin looked down at the coffee mug in front of him. It was a cute little cup, with hearts decoration the sides. The milk on top of the coffee was shaped into a heart, and Jimin wondered if it was Jin himself that had made it.

It was awfully well done.

He grabbed the mug and lifted it to his mouth, then he gently blew on it. Jungkook studied him closely. He hadn’t even touched his own coffee mug yet, probably too caught up in whether he had won or not.

Jimin inhaled through his nose in hopes of figuring out which one it was, but he couldn’t smell it. It just smelled like sweet coffee. He placed the mug to his lips and gently took a sip. The coffee was sweet, and though Jimin wasn’t always the biggest fan of sweet coffee, he found this one enjoyable.

The taste was strong.

Jimin mentally cursed.

“So?” asked Jungkook. He looked excited. Like a child on Christmas day.

“You were wrong,” said Jimin and placed the mug on the table again.

“I like chocolate the best.”

Jungkook looked somewhat disappointed, and Jimin suddenly felt guilty for lying to him.

“Of course you do,” said Jungkook. But this time with a knowingly smile, as if he knew Jimin was lying.

However, if he did, he said nothing.

“It appears you don’t win every time,” Jungkook said nothing, he just smiled.

That bastard.

Was Jimin really that easy to read? He knew he wasn’t the best liar, but he was decent enough to fool most people.

Especially people like Jungkook, who didn’t know him at all.

“Well since the check is on you, I could really eat some dessert.” Jungkook seemed to agree since his eyes brightened at the mention of dessert. Well, at least Jungkook was a dessert lover.

Not all hope was lost for his redemption.

“What would you like?” Jimin grabbed one of the menu cards and looked through it. They had a surprisingly large selection of desserts.

Chocolate cake, ice cream, brownies, red velvet cake, muffins, cupcakes and much more. Jimin had a sudden urge to try it all, but he knew he couldn’t eat it. He could hardly eat a whole dessert by himself.

“This is tough,” complained Jimin. “Everything sounds good, how am I supposed to choose?”

“Choose what sounds best right now,” said Jungkook. But Jimin didn’t know what sounded best. All of it sounded the best. “We can try the other desserts next time.”

Jimin didn’t really have time to register Jungkook’s comment, so he just ignored it at continued to look at the dessert selection.

Jimin was really a big dessert lover. Probably the biggest dessert lover he knew. Now Yoongi ate dessert if it was free. Taehyung ate dessert when he was either really sad or really happy. And Hoseok ate when he was drunk or hungover. So if it was just a normal night at a restaurant, none of them would want dessert.

Jimin’s friends sucked.

“Can we share something?” asked Jimin, still looking at the selection of desserts, trying hard to make up his mind.


“Yeah, I can’t eat a whole dessert by myself.” He looked up at Jungkook. He looked calm somehow. Unlike earlier that night when his leg was bouncing and he was playing with his fingers.

What had changed?

“You seem more comfortable,” said Jimin, trying to discreetly ask him what the hell had been going on at the sushi restaurant.


“Yeah, you seemed out of it at Kanagawa.” Jungkook crossed his legs and leaned back in the chair, probably trying to visibly show that he was completely calm and comfortable.

“I just feel good when I’m here. It’s always comforting being here.” For a moment it looked like he was reliving a memory. And by the smile on his lips, it appeared to be a good memory.

Jimin found himself curious. “Why?” he asked. Jungkook shrugged as if he didn’t know, but Jimin knew there was a reason. His curiosity only grew because of this, but he decided he wouldn’t push him.

It didn’t concern Jimin, so if Jungkook didn’t want to share, he in no way had too.

“I’ve just been here often,” Jungkook concluded, not sharing anymore. Jimin nodded. He didn’t wanna pry so he figured saying nothing was for the best.

“Are you up for ice cream?” Jimin wasn’t really all that keen on ice cream at the moment.

“Yeah, sure, if you want ice cream, let’s have ice cream,” he said. Jungkook turned his head towards the kitchen.

“Jin!” he yelled so suddenly Jimin jumped in surprise. “We want ice cream!”

Luckily, Jimin and Jungkook were the only two customers in the coffee shop, so no one else was bothered by Jungkook’s yelling.

“Ask nicely you prick!” yelled Jin from the kitchen.


“Then you aren’t getting ice cream!”

“Are you really gonna refuse Jimin some ice cream!” There was a long silence, and Jungkook awaited Jin’s reply with a knowing smile on his face.

After another second or two, Jin answered. “I curse the day you were born!” he yelled, and apparently that meant he was going to come with some ice cream, cause Jungkook leaned back in the chair and smiled at Jimin as if nothing had happened.

“They make great ice cream,” he just said.

Jimin did his absolute fucking best to refrain himself from bursting out laughing.

“How long have you known Jin?” asked Jimin, trying to start a conversation.

“Since we were kids,” Jungkook said. Jimin nodded. “His mother is a family friend.” There it was again. That little thing Jungkook did when his expression became unnaturally neutral as if whatever he talked about was totally insignificant.

But Jimin didn’t believe it was insignificant. He just didn’t want to share it.

Jimin could relate to that.

Another pregnant silence spread and Jimin wished that Jin would come with the ice cream soon, so they could eat it and go home. Why the fuck had he suggested they should have ice cream?

Was he an idiot?

Jungkook was tapping his armrest with his knuckles as if he was impatient. Jimin wondered if he found the silence unbearable too, and wished for the ice cream to come soon, just like he did.

But apparently ice cream wasn’t really top priority for Jungkook.

“Do you really want ice cream?” he asked.


“Ice cream. Do you really want it?”

Had Jungkook somehow detected that Jimin didn’t actually want ice cream? How easy was he to read, if Jungkook could see even that?

“Well, yeah it’s fine, I don’t mind, I mean-”

Jungkook got up from his armchair and walked over to place himself directly in front of Jimin. He placed his hands on the armrest on Jimin’s armchair and leaned in, while Jimin leaned back.

What- what was he doing?

“I just thought we should skip the ice cream.”

“Wh-why?” asked Jimin, while his cheeks flared up.


“Don’t you want your jacket?”

Why was he- oh.

“You’re not just going to give it to me tomorrow, are you?” Jungkook slowly shook his head, his eyes locked on Jimin’s.

He was so close. So close Jimin could feel his breath on his cheek. So close Jimin could see his own reflection in Jungkook’s eyes. So close Jimin felt like he could feel Jungkook’s lips on his throat as he had felt just yesterday.

Jimin’s dick twitched in his pants.

He was not getting hard by being too close to Jeon Jungkook.

That was not happening. Nope.

But as Jungkook stood hovering over Jimin, looking down on him with such hungry eyes, Jimin suddenly realized that he wanted to pull him closer. Jimin wanted Jungkook’s lips on his throat and his hands on his body.

And Jimin realized something else too.

He had spent the whole day feeling so conflicted when it came to Jungkook.

Feeling lost because he didn’t know what the fuck was going on. As he felt his dick twitch in his pants, he realized that what he was feeling was just a pretty fucking big sexual attraction to Jungkook.

Which made sense, since he was basically a walking sex God.

But it also made it fairly easy to solve. Maybe he literally just needed to fuck Jungkook out of his system and then that was that.

Problem solved.


“Let’s get out of here,” said Jungkook, and Jimin nodded.

Jungkook grabbed the plastic back and turned to walk away.

“Aren’t you gonna pay?” Jimin asked.

“I get friend discount,” he said.

He got a 100% friend discount? Jimin wrinkled his nose in disgust. Jungkook was loaded. He had the money to buy this place, but he didn’t even want to pay a little bill.

What a fucking douchebag, that lied behind such a good-looking façade.

That only made Jimin even more sure that his attraction to Jungkook was purely sexual.

As if he could ever like such a stuck-up guy.

Jimin didn’t want to fight Jungkook over a bill, mostly because he knew Jungkook was too stubborn to give in. Instead, Jimin hurried to pull out his wallet and placed all 15.000 won he had on the table. Jin deserved a big tip.

He was too kind to be fucked over like this.

After Jimin had placed the money on the table, he hurried over to Jungkook. Jin came out of the kitchen just as Jungkook opened the door, ready to leave.

“Are you leaving?” he asked and pouted once again.

Jin was cute when he pouted, unlike Jimin who looked like an idiot. “But I just got you ice cream.” Jin was standing with the bowl of ice cream in his hands. The sight looked almost sad. He looked like an abandoned puppy.

Jimin felt guilty.

“We can stay and eat the-”

“We’re leaving. See you later Jin,” said Jungkook and opened the door. If that’s how Jungkook treated his friends, Jimin most certainly didn’t want to be his friend.

“I hate you Jeon Jungkook. You’re gonna die alone!” said Jin, but he didn’t look mad, considering Jungkook’s rude behavior. Jin really put up with a lot being friends with Jungkook.

“I love you too,” said Jungkook and winked at Jin. Then Jin looked at Jimin.

“It was really nice meeting you Jimin, I hope you’ll come by again.” Jimin nodded.

“Sure,” he said, and actually meant it.

Of course, he was not coming by with Jungkook again.

Jungkook held the door and Jimin walked out of the cute little coffee shop and right into uncertainty.

Chapter Text

Park Jimin was an experienced walker. But it wasn’t until a few years ago he started doing it for enjoyment and not because he felt like he had too.

A few years ago, Jimin walked when he had had a little too big of a dinner and need to burn some of the calories so he could remain elegant and light as a feather when he danced.

When he started at the university, Jimin went for a walk almost every evening. At that time Jimin had mostly walked to give Yoongi some space since he thought Yoongi didn’t like his company.

But now, over a year later, Jimin still went for a walk most nights.

Yes, Jimin enjoyed walks, but he had not enjoyed any of tonight’s walks.

Jungkook’s apartment was luckily just around the corner. 3 minutes and 34 seconds to be exact. Not that Jimin was counting. He certainly didn’t do that because he felt both awkward and nervous.

Not at all.

Cause what was there to be nervous about?

Jungkook’s apartment building was even bigger and even more ravishing than Jimin remembered. Of course, he hadn’t had the time to appreciate it since he was storming out of the building as if the fucking devil was chasing him.

Which in a way he was?

If the devil was tall, dark-haired and good looking that is.

Jungkook entered a code on the door and a second later it opened for them. Jungkook turned to Jimin and took a step to the side so Jimin could go in first. What a gentleman he had found.

Jimin hurried to walk in, not wanting Jungkook to wait too long.

He didn’t remember the place all that well. The big, elegant hall was pretty and unbelievably big.

However, one thing he did remember very well was where the stairs were. Because he had been running down those damn stairs so fast he had basically been tumbling down. Jimin didn’t remember which floor Jungkook lived at, but he knew that he had run down a whole lot of fucking stairs.

And he did not look forward to walking up all those stairs again.

“Jimin?” Jimin turned around. “The elevator is over there.” Jungkook pointed at a big, fancy steel door at the other side of the hall.

“There’s an elevator?”

“Of course, did you expect me to walk all the way up to the 12th floor every day?”

No, because Jimin hadn’t even thought that far.

They made their way to the elevator and Jungkook pressed the button and they both waited. Jimin was just about to break the silence with a lame fact about elevators and how around 26 people died in elevators each year in the US, but the elevator door opened and they both went in.

The elevator was just as pretty on the inside as the outside. Jimin had for some reason expected one of those employees that stood in the elevator and pressed the buttons for the people getting in.

But the elevator was empty, and Jungkook had to press the button to the 12th floor himself.

The elevator started moving and Jimin inhaled deeply.

It felt so easy going up to Jungkook’s apartment in the elevator, which was, of course, the whole purpose with an elevator. But for some weird ass reason, it made him glad he had taken the stairs yesterday.

Jimin didn’t deserve an easy escape from Jungkook’s apartment.

He deserved to run down the stairs from the 12th floor so he didn’t have time to think too much.

An elevator was too easy, and Jimin didn’t deserve easy.

The elevator stopped right in front of a door, which had to be Jungkook’s because it looked like there was only one door on the entire floor.

Which meant that Jimin had run right past the elevator.

It had been right in front of him, and he hadn’t seen it.

Jungkook opened the door and they both entered. They kicked their shoes off and Jungkook closed the door after Jimin who stood awkwardly still a few feet from the now closed door.

He had been here just yesterday, but it felt like years ago. The room was just like he remembered, though.

Well, he hadn’t really had the time to look around when he stormed out, but most of it he recognized.

The entire apartment was basically one big room. And when Jimin said one big room, he meant a big fucking huge room, 10 times the size of his own dorm room.

To his right was a big living room. The wall was a big window, just like in Jungkook’s bedroom. To his left was a big kitchen. Smooth surfaces of marble. A huge fridge, a big island in the middle of the kitchen with bar stools around it and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, just like in Jungkook’s bedroom.

The bedroom was in front of him. There wasn’t a door separating the bedroom from the rest of the apartment, just a big hole in the wall.

Jungkook’s apartment was fancy and sophisticated and Jimin was definitely not jealous.

“You can sit down you know,” said Jungkook and snapped Jimin out of his thoughts.

“Huh? Yeah, I know,” he answered, trying to act confident and nonchalant at the same time.

“Do you want anything to drink?”

Jungkook made his way to the kitchen and opened a lot of drawers and cupboards, pulling out cups and pots and other things.

Jimin slowly walked over the kitchen and sat down on one of the barstools around the kitchen island.

“You don’t have to make anything.” Jungkook didn’t stop pulling out different things from the drawers and cupboards.

“It’s okay, I was planning on making something for myself anyway.”

“Well okay then.”

Jungkook pulled out a carton of chocolate milk from the fridge and placed it on the kitchen counter.

“What about some hot chocolate?”

Something in Jungkook’s voice told Jimin he was teasing him.

Of course.

Jimin should’ve expected some more teasing before the night was over.

“Yes. I love chocolate,” Jimin said, trying to remind Jungkook of his very real and honest love for chocolate. “Ah ha,” said Jungkook.

He was leaning over the kitchen counter with his back turned to Jimin. He had rolled his sleeves even further up his arms as he poured the chocolate milk into a pot on the stove, and his arms were just looking damn fine.

Jimin had to look away to control his dick.

The apartment was beautiful, it really was, but Jimin couldn’t help but notice the lack of personality. It looked like a hotel room where people stayed a few days, never staying for too long.

It didn’t look like a home.

Jimin saw no photos, no colors, no indication of life.

It felt… lonely.

“Do you live here alone?”

“Do you see anyone else in here?”

No that's what’s bothering him.

“Isn’t it lonely?”

The words left his mouth before he could stop them.

Jungkook didn’t answer, and since his back was turned to Jimin, he didn’t know which expression covered his face.

“I’m sorry,” hurried Jimin to say. “I didn’t mean to pry it’s just… it looks so empty.”

He wished he could just shut up. Jungkook’s personal life didn’t concern him.

He had to stop being so unnaturally curious.

“What? Are you volunteering to move in?” chuckled Jungkook, trying to smoothly avoid Jimin’s question.

Though Jimin noticed. He was no idiot.

Well, not right in this very second at least.

“Keep on dreaming,” Jimin said and rolled his eyes.

“One could hope,” answered Jungkook.

He stirred in the chocolate milk. It smelled good, and Jimin found himself getting very thirsty.

“Do you have whipped creme?” asked Jimin. Jungkook shrugged.

“I’m not sure, look in the fridge,” he said and pointed at the fridge. Jimin jumped down from the barstool and made his way to it.

The fridge was just like the rest of the apartment. Almost empty and without any form of personality whatsoever. There was nothing in there that told him anything about Jungkook.

What he liked, what he disliked.


Jungkook had some chocolate milk, a few bottles of water, and some other different drinks. He had almost no food, and Jimin got the feeling he almost never cooked. He probably ate take-out or at restaurants most nights. If not every night.

“You don’t cook very often, do you?”

“What gives you that idea?” chuckled Jungkook, still stirring the chocolate milk in the pot.

“Well, the lack of food in the fridge is giving you away.”

Jungkook said nothing, but he was definitely laughing quietly, cause his shoulders were jumping slightly.

“Can you even cook? Or do you have a personal chef to do that?”

“No personal chef,” said Jungkook. “And yes, I can cook, I just don’t want to.”


“Cooking for one person is boring.”


That was what Jungkook meant. Jimin could hear it in his voice.

Jimin didn’t want to comment on Jungkook’s words, so he bent down to look for the whipped cream on the lower shelves. Though the action was futile since there was none. Jimin wrinkled his nose in disappointment.

“You don’t have any whipped cream.” Jungkook turned to look inside the fridge.

“There’s no whipped cream Jungkook, you don’t have to look.”

If there had been whipped cream in that fridge, Jimin would’ve found it, considering how few items there were in there.

“But there’s cream,” said Jungkook.

“Well do you have a whisk?” Jungkook thought about it for a second, then he shook his head. Of course, he didn’t.

Jungkook had everything and nothing at the same time.

“You really need to buy some kitchen supplies,” said Jimin, and grabbed the cream. He closed the fridge and placed the cream on the counter.

“Do you have a small plastic bag?” Jungkook pointed at one of the draws beside him.

“Why do you need that?” Jimin sent him a knowingly smile.

“I know a little trick.”

Jungkook looked very interested in whatever Jimin was about to do because his attention on the chocolate milk died out because he was stirring it slower and slower.

Jimin opened the small plastic bag and poured half of the cream into it. Then he tied a knot on the bag, making sure it was tight and then he started shaking it violently. Jungkook chuckled, and Jimin laughed.

“What? You don’t know this little trick?” Jungkook shook his head, but he kept his eyes locked on Jimin.

Hardly even blinking.

“I’m not really that primitive. If I want whipped cream I’ll buy whipped cream in a can.”

“Yeah, well not all of us could afford whipped cream in a can, or a whisk, so we had to improvise.”

Jungkook’s smiled faded at that. Jimin saw a flash of pity in his eyes. Though Jimin wasn’t sure why Jungkook pitied him. He didn’t know anything about Jimin’s life.

In the end, Jimin ignored it and continued.

“I’ve gotten quite good at it over the years. It used to take me 2 and a half minutes, now I can do it in 38 seconds.” By the look in Jungkook’s eyes, Jimin hurried to stop him. “And no, we’re not betting on it.”

Jungkook let go of the kitchen spoon and raised his hands in surrender.

“Well, it’s a useful talent I must say. What can’t you do?” he asked and moved the pot of chocolate milk off the stove.

“Win at Go Fish, apparently.”

“Lucky for me.” 

Why is that again?

“Can you hand me the cups?” Jimin put down the plastic bag and collected the cups for Jungkook.

“Here you go.” He placed the cups next to Jungkook and he quickly thanked him before he started pouring the hot chocolate milk into the them.

“There’s spoons in that drawer over there.” He pointed at one of the draws a little further down with his elbow since both his hands were occupied. Jimin went over to get some spoons. Two teaspoons and a big one for the whipped cream.

He placed the teaspoon in the filled cups and opened the plastic bag. “How much do you want?” “A lot.” Jimin chuckled and poured a big spoonful of whipped cream down his cup.

He was about to pour some in his own cup when Jungkook spoke, “More.”


“Yea, more, that’s not enough.” Jimin rolled his eyes and gave him another spoonful.

“Enough?” asked Jimin and looked up at Jungkook. He thought about it for a minute, then he nodded.


Then Jimin took the last whipped cream, which was basically as much as Jungkook.

Jimin grabbed his mug and sat down on his barstool again. Jungkook grabbed his mug and sat down on the barstool on the other side of the kitchen island. They sat there for a minute in silence, just drinking their hot chocolate milk. It was surprisingly good, considering it was just a cartoon of store-bought chocolate milk.

“The whipped cream is good,” Said Jungkook. He didn’t look up at Jimin as he spoke, his eyes were glued to the mug in his hands as he took another sip.

“Thanks, I have years of experience on my back.”

“I can tell.”

An awkward silence, Jimin couldn't stand spread, and the smaller boy was desperate for it to end.

“So,” said Jimin, and Jungkook looked up.

“The weather is… nice.” Jungkook turned to look out the gigantic window wall.

“It’s night.”

“Oh, I hadn’t realized,” said Jimin, the sarcasm dripping from his voice.

“Then why’d you point it out?” asked Jungkook indifferently.

“It’s a conversation starter Jungkook.”

“It’s a horrible conversation starter. Even worse since it’s night.”

Jimin’s eye twitched.

“You suck at conversations.” Jimin widened his eyes, feeling quite insulted.

“Excuse you, but I’m great at conversations.” That wasn’t true. He really did suck at small talk.

“Then you should’ve come up with a better conversation starter.”

“If you’re so great at conversations, then you start one.”

Jimin took a large sip of his hot chocolate milk and glared at Jungkook, who smiled in return.

“What do you want to do after you graduate?” Jimin felt a little surprised. He had hoped Jungkook would come up with a superficial conversation starter that didn’t involve Jimin’s personal thoughts and feelings.

Something that just didn’t involve Jimin.

“I’m not sure,” he said honestly. “I wanna dance, but there’s no future in that.”

“That’s stupid, who told you that?”

My father.

But he didn’t say that out loud.

“No one, I just- well I just know it.” Jungkook didn’t seem to believe him, but Jimin didn’t care.

“What about you? What do you wanna do?”

“You’re really talented Jimin, I know you can pursue dance if you just believe in yourself.” It was surprisingly motivating to hear, but Jimin didn’t let Jungkook get away with dodging his question.

“Nuh uh, we’ve only talked about me tonight. Now it’s your turn to share.” Not that they had talked all that much about Jimin, but certainly a whole lot more than about Jungkook.

“I’m probably going to take over my father’s company.” His voice was very neutral. Almost too natural.

“Is that what you want?”

“My father has been preparing me for it since I was old enough to walk.”

“But do you want to?” Jungkook seemed lost.

As if no one had ever asked him that before.

“I think so,” he finally said, but he sounded uncertain. “I mean it’s not like I can be anything else, right?” He laughed halfheartedly and Jimin felt saddened.

“What do you like to do?” asked Jimin and took a sip of his hot chocolate milk.

“I don’t know,” said Jungkook.

Yes he did, he just didn’t want to share it.

“There must be something that makes you happy. Something that makes you feel good.” Jungkook thought about for a minute, then he spoke.


Jimin chocked on his hot chocolate milk.

“You’re so innocent,” laughed Jungkook, obviously very amused.

“I’m not innocent,” exclaimed Jimin, but his cheeks heated up.

“I’ve- you know- I-,” he stammered and Jungkook raised his eyebrow while a big smiled spread on his face.


“It’s not that- You know- Oh, just fuck off you dick.”

He placed the mug to his lips and tilted it so much he couldn’t see Jungkook.

And there was the Jungkook Jimin knew and loathed.

“Forget I ever asked, you pervert.” Jungkook chuckled.

“Tell me how you feel when you dance.”


“Maybe if you tell me how dance makes me feel, I can see if something makes me feel the same way.”

Jimin hesitated. Dance was almost sacred to him. Not something he shared with people. Something he kept to himself.

But he found himself answering anyway.

“You know that feeling when you’re drunk, but not so drunk that you feel sick and can’t stand or see clearly? That stage right between really drunk and sober. When you’re happy, and you have all the energy of the world inside your body, and you just wanna let it out. You just wanna get on the highest point in the world and shout to the world that it can suck your dick.”

Jungkook chuckled silently at that, but he kept his eyes glued to Jimin observing him closely, a never-ending smile on his lips.

Jimin couldn’t help but notice the difference in Jungkook’s eyes.

Jimin had known from the moment Jungkook had cornered him in his apartment Sunday morning that Jungkook was sexually attracted to him. He could see it in his eyes when he looked at him.

But now Jungkook was looking at Jimin with different eyes. With soft, almost hypnotized eyes, and Jimin couldn’t figure out what had changed.

Did he see Jimin as more than a piece of ass now or what?

Jimin pushed the thoughts away and continued.

“You feel like you can do anything. All your problems seem insignificant cause you’re living in the moment. You are thinking about this very moment and nothing else. No worries, no bad feelings, just the electricity going through your body like drugs.”

There was a short silence where Jimin felt relieved, almost happy that he was finally able to describe it. Jungkook seemed to be thinking long and hard about it, probably trying to understand.

“Like an orgasm?” he finally said, and Jimin wanted to punch him.

“Stop comparing everything to sex, you perverted asshole!” But Jimin couldn’t help but smile. Just a little bit.

“But yeah, I suppose you can make that comparison if you try hard enough.” Jungkook grinned like a little kid, obviously pleased with himself.


“So what?”

“Did it remind you of something?”

“It reminded me of sex.” If Jimin had been close enough, he would have kicked his ass.

“I hate you.” Jungkook laughed.

“I’m kidding, well not exactly, but you know.”

“You’re an ass, forget I said anything.”

“I’m sorry,” he said as he tried to stop laughing.

“I’m sorry, but no I don’t think I’ve felt that way. At least not away from of the bedroom.”

“Don’t tempt me to kick your ass.”

“Okay, okay.” He raised his hands in surrender. “I wish I had felt something like that, it sounds amazing, I can see why you love to dance if it feels like that.” There was something in Jungkook’s voice that made Jimin think he was lying when he said he had never felt like that.

Something had clicked in Jungkook’s eyes as Jimin had spoken, and now he was denying it.

To Jimin and maybe to himself too.

Sitting here in front of Jungkook, he suddenly felt more human, and that made Jimin question why he hated him.

Or still did.

Jimin didn’t know anymore.

From the very moment, Jungkook had blackmailed him at the bar, Jimin had found him immensely annoying. And then he had cornered Jimin the morning after, making him into a blushing, awkward hot mess, which Jungkook had found very amusing, and stolen his jacket.

Well, Kind of.

Jimin had started hating him after that.

And then he had bought Jimin a fucking expensive jacket as if he was trying to by his affection or his body or whatever.

From the moment they had met it felt like Jimin had done his best to find new things that could justify his hatred. He hadn’t even been aware that he was doing it, but he had.

Jungkook was still arrogant. He was still annoying and stuck-up and a fucking dick who couldn’t even pay for a cup of coffee, but Jimin didn’t think he hated him anymore.

Which was bad.

It would all have been so much easier if he could just continue to hate him.

“When you find something that makes you feel like that, hold on to it,” said Jimin. “If anyone stands in your way kick their ass. That feeling is worth pursuing.”

“Who says I’ll ever find it?”

“I do.” Jungkook said nothing, he just looked at him with those eyes.

Those annoyingly kind eyes.

Jimin needed them gone so he could fuck Jungkook out of his system and move on with his life. He now had double up on history assignments, he didn’t have time to think of this too.

He drank the last bit of his hot chocolate milk and pushed the mug towards Jungkook.

“I’m done,” he said. Jungkook finished his too. Then he got up from the barstool and grabbed both mugs. He went over to the sink to wash them and Jimin went around the kitchen island and jumped up to sit on it where Jungkook’s mug had been a few seconds ago.

“Can you get my jacket?”

“You’re already leaving?”


Jungkook looked at him for a moment, then he went into his bedroom to collect Jimin’s jacket.

It was time to get Jungkook out of his system the only way he could think of.

Jungkook came back and threw Jimin’s jacket at the stool next to the sofa and went over to Jimin who was still sitting on the counter, dangling his legs in both nervousness and anticipation. Jungkook placed himself in between Jimin’s thighs with his hands placed on either side of him.

Jimin was trapped. But he didn’t mind this time.

“You’re not in a hurry, are you?” asked Jungkook. Jimin shook his head.

Well, he had no plans. Though he was in a hurry to get rid of his sexual frustrations.

He needed Jungkook to fuck him, and he needed it to be now.

“Good,” said Jungkook and leaned in. He placed a sweet gently kiss to Jimin’s cheek and Jimin wondered if Jungkook could feel the intense heat in his cheeks against his lips. If he did, he didn’t say anything.

He just kept kissing him.

On the cheek, on the chin, on the throat, even on his forehead.

Every kiss was soft and gentle and Jimin couldn’t deny how good they felt.

However, he was not here to be kissed gently. He was he to get Jungkook out of his system in the only way he could think of. “I didn’t take you as a gentle kisser,” Jimin said as Jungkook kissed his jaw.

He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, enjoying Jungkook’s lips on him again.

“I thought you would enjoy it.” And he did. He did enjoy it very much, but Jimin didn’t need gentle right now.

That was just going to make it even harder to leave.

“Not right now,” he answered honestly. He could feel Jungkook smirk against his throat and then he snuck his arms around Jimin’s waist and pulled him closer in one swift movement so Jimin was pressed up against Jungkook’s firm chest. Jungkook’s hands were definitely not gentle anymore.

They were rough, and so were his kisses.

But Jimin liked it.

This was better, he told himself.

And it wasn’t a complete lie.

Jungkook was kissing and sucking on Jimin’s throat and Jimin couldn’t help but moan. Jungkook was good. He had probably done it a lot of times. Jimin did his best to push that thought away.

Jungkook might have been with a hell of a lot of people, but right now he was with Jimin, and Jimin was definitely going to get the best out of it.

“I- I lied,” stuttered Jimin. Jungkook didn’t stop kissing Jimin’s throat, which made it harder for him to talk.

“The coffee,” he said, his breath getting stuck in his throat. “I do like ca- caramel the best.” Jungkook chuckled.

“I know,” he said.

“You’re not mad?”

Jungkook stopped kissing his throat and raised his head to look Jimin in the eyes.

Jimin was quite sure he looked pretty hazy as if he had already been fucked, and he suddenly felt embarrassed that it didn’t take more than that to turn him into a hot mess.

“I don’t care,” he said. “I always win in the end.” He sent Jimin a quick smug smile before he went back to attacking Jimin’s throat.

He wasn’t prepared for Jungkook’s lips to attach themselves to his throat so quickly and he gasped in both shock and pleasure.

“Ah, Jung- Jungkook,” moaned Jimin.

“I knew I would love it when you moaned my name, baby.”

“Shu- shut up.”

Jungkook’s hands found their way under Jimin’s shirt and Jimin shivered when Jungkook’s cold hands touched his burning skin.

“You’re cold.”

“You’re hot.” Jimin tried to laugh, but it was rather difficult when he was moaning at the same time.

Jimin could feel his dick hardening in his pants and he grabbed the front of Jungkook’s shirt and pulled him even closer.

“You drive me crazy,” said Jungkook.

“So- sorry.”

“Don’t be. I love it.” Jungkook ran his hands down Jimin’s back and slowly settled them on Jimin’s hips, squeezing them gently.

Jungkook was definitely getting as hard as Jimin, cause he could feel Jungkook’s bulge against his jeans.

It was really happening.

Then Jungkook moved his hands from Jimin’s hips to the top of his pants and he started fumbling with his zipper.

It was as if something clicked in Jimin’s mind. As if he was finally becoming aware of what was about to happen. And he found himself wanting to pull away. He was confused.

This was what he wanted. What his dick wanted. What his mind wanted.

But maybe not his heart.

Jimin couldn’t fuck people he didn’t know. He couldn’t. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t.

Not after trying it.

The second guy Jimin had slept was a guy at the university. It happened a few months into his first year. He met him at a party.

There wasn’t really much of a story to tell. They were both drunk. They found each other attractive so they snuck into one of the bedrooms of the house and fucked.

It wasn’t great, it wasn’t horrible.

Jimin knew it wasn’t going to be anything special. It was going to be two guys who was sexual attracted to each other, who then fucked cause they were horny. It wasn’t anything more than that. Jimin knew that. But the moment they had made it into the bedroom, Jimin felt uncomfortable. He was sleeping with a stranger.

Someone he knew nothing about.

Someone who knew nothing about him.

What he liked or what he disliked.


Jimin had pushed through the bad feeling in his stomach, cause he was pretty fucking horny, but afterward, Jimin had regretted it. He found himself feeling dirty. Feeling strange. As if he wasn’t himself.

He didn’t like that feeling.

He thought about it for a few weeks afterward. Almost every day he would think about it. He didn’t know why he couldn’t let it go. He just couldn’t. It was weird, he knew that.

Taehyung had done it. Hoseok had done it. Even Yoongi had probably done it. And Jungkook certainly had.

So why couldn’t he just fuck someone without knowing them?

Without thinking about it weeks afterward.

He just couldn’t. That wasn’t Jimin.

Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s hands and pushed them off his pants.

“I- I can’t do this Jungkook.”

Jungkook immediately stopped to look up at him, and Jimin was relived. He hadn’t expected Jungkook to force his hands on him, but he had thought he would put up at least a little fight since he seemed to be pretty fucking horny. But he hadn’t. He pulled away immediately.

“I thought I could, but I can’t. That’s not me. I can’t just sleep with someone I don’t know.” He grabbed Jungkook’s shirt again. He didn’t pull him close, but he didn’t exactly push him away either.

He just held onto him.

For a little while.

“Then get to know me,” said Jungkook, looking almost desperate. “I want you to get to know me. I want to-”

Jimin looked into his eyes. Really looked. And he wished he could look away, cause he didn’t like what he saw.

He didn’t like the hurt and desperate look.

He didn’t like the fact that he saw so many emotions in Jungkook’s eyes he felt dizzy.

“Why?” asked Jimin, trying his best not to stutter.

“Because it matters,” he said as if it explained everything.

“Wha- what matters?”


For once, Jungkook didn’t smile smugly or knowingly or teasingly. He looked genuine.

And that terrified Jimin.

He couldn’t do this.

Getting involved with Jeon Jungkook would be his death. They were from two different worlds. Jungkook was from a rich, important family. Everywhere he went all eyes were on him. Everyone wanted to know his business. Jimin could only assume that he had been born with a silver spoon up his ass, never having to fight for anything.

Unlike Jimin who had had to fend for himself practically his whole life. Who avoided the spotlight when he could, who wasn’t anybody important.

They were too different.

They were going to burn each other out.

Jimin just knew it.

No matter how much he actually wanted to stay right here, he couldn’t. Because if he stayed, he would start to see all the other sides to Jungkook that Jimin had only seen glimpses of tonight.

And Jimin wasn’t sure he would be able to go back once he had seen them.

Because he had liked what he had seen. Because he knew that the longer he was around Jungkook, the more he would want to stay.

There were more to Jungkook - Jimin had realized that tonight - but Jungkook was like a modern, male Medusa. If Jimin looked him in eyes, he would turn to stone. He didn’t want to be a stone.

Distancing himself from Jungkook was purely self-preservation.

He was saving himself.

And probably Jungkook too in a way.

He didn’t really want Jimin, and he certainly wasn’t staying long enough to see Jungkook realize that.

“This- I- I can’t.”

Jimin pushed Jungkook away and jumped down the counter, and then gently pushing him out of the way so he could make his way towards the door. He grabbed his jacket – he was not gonna leave it here again – and then grabbed the door handle and ripped the door open.

He turned to Jungkook and he immediately regretted it.

Jungkook looked lost.

He looked confused.

Most of all he looked hurt.

“I’m- I’m so sorry, Jungkook.”

Jungkook didn’t reply, but Jimin didn’t expect him to. He hurried out the door and closed it after him.

The elevator was right in front of him, almost as if it was mocking him.

Jimin hesitated.

Then he ran towards the stairs.

Chapter Text

Park Jimin usually woke up before Min Yoongi. On the weekdays that is. On the weekends Yoongi had a tendency to wake up before him and discreetly wake him by opening the curtains.

Jimin had a theory that Yoongi only woke up early if early was around 9 am of course because he didn’t mind waking up when he had no plans.

On the weekdays Yoongi would wake up with a groan because he had to go to class. On the weekends he would wake up relatively early because he could work on his music or go out eating or whatever.

Unfortunately for Yoongi, today was a weekday.

“Yoongi get up, it’s 7.30.” That didn’t seem to do anything for Yoongi. He just rolled over and ignored Jimin. “You gotta go to class Yoongi.” Jimin got out of his bed and made his way towards the bathroom.

He looked at himself in the mirror the moment he entered the bathroom and immediately regretted it.

He looked like shit.

Absolute shit.

It had been no surprise to Jimin that he had had a fucking hard time falling asleep. He had turned and turned and he still couldn’t sleep.

Jimin was quite certain he finally fell asleep around 5 am, which meant he had slept for 2 and a half hours.

He felt tired. But more mentally than physically.

He grabbed his toothbrush, applied some toothpaste and started brushing his teeth reluctantly.

He wanted to sleep. He needed to sleep. But he knew that if he went back to bed he wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway, so it was pointless. Lying awake in bed would just make him think and Jimin didn’t want to think at all right now.

When had woken up, he had made a resolution.

Today was going to be a Jeon Jungkook free day. He would not see him if he could help it. Not talking about him or to him. And most important, not think of him.

Not even a little bit.

He went out of the bathroom and saw Yoongi still lying in his bed. “Yoongi you can’t keep missing your morning classes.” That seemed to at least get Yoongi’s attention. Just a little bit.

“Leave me alone,” he groaned. He was so grumpy in the morning.

“I’ll go take a shower, when I’m back you’re out of that bed, capiche?” Yoongi said nothing, but Jimin knew he had heard him, so he gathered his things and walked out of the dorm room and down the hall towards the showers.





Jimin absolutely hated community showers.

The first couple of months at the university, Jimin would mostly shower at around 2 am, because there was not a soul in the showers at that time. Jimin had gotten more used to it now.

He didn’t shower at night, though he still tried to shower early or late so he could avoid as many people as possible.

When he opened the door to the showers he could hear the faint sound of someone talking. Luckily it didn’t sound like there were more than two or three so Jimin didn’t mind.

Until he saw who it was that is.

He tossed his clothes on the bench, took off his clothes and wrapped his towel around his waist. Then he walked towards the showers, humming quietly to himself and picked the shower the furthest to the right, away from the two other boys. Then he placed his towel on the hook, walked into the shower and turned on the water.

The water started out cold as ice, but Jimin didn’t mind. He needed to wake up.

Each shower was separated by shower curtains. It was quite easy to just open the shower curtains and peep on each other, but everyone seemed to respect each other’s space so Jimin didn’t complain.

Of course, there always had be an exception to the unofficial rule.

“Thought it was you Park Jimin.”

Jimin turned around so quickly he almost slipped on the wet floor.

Nam Muyeol had pulled apart the shower curtains and was staring at Jimin with a childish grin on his face.

He had a towel wrapped around his waist, which was a hell of a lot more than Jimin, who was completely butt naked.

Jimin grabbed the shower curtain and tried to forcefully pull it shut, but Muyeol was fighting him. In the end, Jimin grabbed the shower curtain to his left and did his best to wrap it around the lower half of his body. He hurried to shut off the water.

“No need to hide, you got something to be proud of that’s for sure.” Muyeol was smiling like a douchebag and Jimin wanted to slap him. But he was too busy holding on to the shower curtain. “I can see why Jungkook would want to tap that ass.” Jimin swallowed hard at that. Why did Muyeol have to be such a first-class pig? And why the fuck did he have to bring up… Him?

“This has been a wonderful conversation indeed,” said Jimin sarcastically. “But I would prefer it if we could continue this another time. Like a few days after never.” Jimin spat out the words, but Muyeol’s smile didn’t fade.

Not even a little bit.

“Why? Our conversations are so great.”

“No, they’re not, so get the fuck out of here if you wanna keep your dick attached to your body.”

“You keep saying that. Do you really wanna see my dick that badly?” Muyeol raised his eyebrow and he smirked.

“No I don’t- just- fuck the fuck off Muyeol.”

“Come on Jiminie, I’m just kidding around.” Muyeol’s wide grin said otherwise though.

“What do you want Muyeol? And make it fast, cause I wanna shower.”

Of all the guys who lived in the same building as Jimin, why did it have to Muyeol who took a shower at the same time as him? Jimin had a never-ending supply of bad luck.

He was surprised he hadn’t been hit by a truck yet.

Or something worse.

Like meeting Jeon Jungkook.

Oh right.

That did happen.

“You have a tendency to get straight to the point. I like that.”

“Well, you don’t. I dislike that.” Jimin awkwardly shifted, making sure the shower curtain stayed where it was supposed to.

Muyeol was not going to see even the smallest bit of Jimin’s butt.

“I honestly just wanted to remind you that we have a history assignment coming up.” Jimin mentally cursed. Of course, they did. As if Jimin didn’t have enough things on his plate.

Was it even worth it?

There was nothing going on between him and Jungkook. Not anymore at least. Did it really matter that people knew?

Jimin knew the answer to that.

“You could’ve told me another time you idiot! Like in history class, or some shit like that. Not while I was taking a goddamn shower!” Jimin hissed out the words.

“Okay, I detect a little anger here, correct me if I’m wrong.”

Jimin absolutely loathed this guy.

“I will kill you.”

“Okay, a lot of anger.” Jimin glared at him.

“Okay, okay. I was gonna, but then I heard your sweet little voice and thought this would be a whole lot funnier.”

“You got your fun, now get lost.”

Muyeol let go of the curtain and raised his hands in surrender. “Alright, alright, I’ll let you have your shower.”

Jimin hurried to grab the shower curtain to pull it shut, but Muyeol was a little faster.

“Oh, and I saw your lover boy on campus an hour ago.” Jimin’s eyes widened and Muyeol seemed to be very pleased with that reaction. “Did he come by to give his little lover a… good wakeup call…?”

Jimin really wanted to die right now.

“He looked rather down though. Trouble in paradise?”

“Shut up Muyeol!”

“Well by the look on his face I thought you might’ve left him at the altar or something,” Muyeol laughed, clearly not aware of how accurate that actually was.

Well of course not 100%, but same feel.

“Get your disgusting nose out of my business!”

“No need to be rude about my cute, little nose.” His nose was anything but cute.

“Just leave me alone okay, I’ll do the damn assignments just fuck off.”

Muyeol seemed pleased with that. “I always enjoy our time together.” Then he winked at Jimin and let go of the shower curtain. Jimin pulled it shut immediately and stood frozen for a moment, making sure Muyeol had left the shower before he turned on the water again.

He let the hot water hit him in the face.

For a moment he wondered if it was possible he could drown in a shower.

He found himself eager to found out.






When Jimin got back to his dorm room after taking a long, scolding shower, he found Yoongi lying exactly where he had left him 45 minutes ago. Jimin wasn’t surprised.

Not even a little bit.

He wondered if he should say something, but he knew it was useless. Instead, he put down his things and literally jumped on top of Yoongi.

“What the-” said Yoongi and since he was lying on his side he could only turn his head, so he did and look up at Jimin.

“You gave me no choice Yoongi. I’m trying to save your education.” Yoongi tried to push Jimin off, but Jimin had the upper hand. He was stronger than Yoongi and actually awake.

Yoongi didn’t put up much of a fight when he was awake, much less when he was practically asleep.

“Stop being an educational hero and get off me.” Yoongi sounded tired, but not annoyed or angry.

“No,” said Jimin sounding like a little kid.

Then he leaned forward so he was practically lying on top of Yoongi.

“You know, it’s even harder for me to get up with you lying on top of me.”

“Are you gonna get up if I move?”


“Then let’s cuddle.” Yoongi let out a breathless laugh, probably having a hard time breathing deeply with Jimin lying on top of him.

Yoongi and Jimin cuddled every now and then.

Mostly at night if Jimin woke up from a nightmare. So when Jimin quietly called Yoongi’s name in the middle of the night, Yoongi merely lifted up his duvet and Jimin would sneak under it wordlessly.

It wasn’t anything they talked about during the day. They didn’t even comment on it during the night. It was just a silent understanding they had. Jimin couldn’t even remember when it had started, it just had, and Jimin was forever grateful.

Now Jimin and Taehyung cuddled quite frequently. Taehyung absolutely loved to cuddle, and often said he slept the best when someone was lying next to him. He loved wrapping his arm around his bed buddy and Jimin didn’t mind being that bed buddy every now and then.

Even during the days, Taehyung and Jimin would just lie in bed on their phones and cuddle.

It was a natural thing for them. It had been odd in the beginning, since Jimin had never really had such an intimate friendship with someone, but Taehyung quickly grew on him.

“Are you okay?” Jimin raised his head in surprise and looked at Yoongi.

He suddenly looked so serious.

“What do you mean?” Yoongi looked at Jimin long and hard before he spoke.

“You’ve just been a little off the last few days. I was just worried.”

Jimin thought he had concealed everything that had been going on since Saturday quite well, but apparently, Yoongi had seen right through him.

Like he always did.

“Yeah, I’m fine Yoongi, don’t worry about me.”

“I can’t really do that Jiminie.”

“You can try.”

“I wouldn’t be successful.” Jimin hugged Yoongi tighter.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Worrying. Even though I don’t want you too.” Yoongi laughed.

It was a funny friendship they had the two of them. They had deep moments, but once they passed, it was as they had never happened.

But that’s what Jimin liked. It seemed incredibly weird, but he liked it.

It was as if you could get whatever bothered you off your chest, and then it was forgotten. Yoongi wouldn’t mention it unless Jimin wanted to, and the other way around, that way they weren’t walking around like constant reminders to the other.

“Now get off so I can get ready for class.”


“Yeah, yeah, as if you would let me keep sleeping anyway.” That was true. Jimin got up and so did Yoongi. He was just a lot slower than Jimin.

“I have a tutoring session with Namjoon in 15, and then classes afterward, so won’t be back before at least 3 pm.” Yoongi yawned, ran his fingers through his messy, black hair and nodded.

“I’ll probably stay after music class and play a little anyway.”

Jimin originally started telling Yoongi his daily schedule to discreetly tell Yoongi when he had the room to himself. Now it was just a habit and Yoongi had started doing it too.

“I’ll see you later,” called Jimin. He picked up his bag pack with all of his books.

He had just opened the door when Yoongi spoke.

“Um, Jimin?” Jimin turned around.

“Yeah?” Yoongi pulled off his shirt and threw it on the floor next to at least 4 other shirts.

Then he used a second to look through the room for a clean shirt before he looked up at Jimin.

“You’re still coming, right? Tonight.” For a minute Jimin was about to ask what was happening tonight, but then he recalled what Yoongi had asked him just yesterday.

He felt unbelievably guilty for forgetting.

How could he forget that?

He was the worst roommate in the universe.

“Yeah, of course, Yoongi, of course, I’ll be there. Ready to support you with all I got!” Jimin gave Yoongi a big smile, hoping Yoongi hadn’t seen the surprised expression on his face.

“Thanks, Jiminie. It means a lot to me.” Yoongi exhaled deeply, obviously relieved that Jimin hadn’t changed his mind.

“I didn’t wanna go alone.”

“You’ll never go anywhere alone if I can help it.”

Yoongi threw the clean shirt he had in his hands at Jimin.

“Stop being cheesy and go to your tutoring session. I don’t wanna look at you annoying face anymore.” Jimin laughed.

Then he left.






Jimin absolutely sucked at English. He wasn’t sure why he was so bad at it, but he was. English just didn’t come naturally to him. He just couldn’t get the hang of it.

Luckily Kim Namjoon came to his rescue not long into Jimin’s first year.

Namjoon was one of Yoongi’s closest friends. They were in the same year, had music classes together and shared the same love for composing music and rapping.

Yoongi had been the one to suggest that Namjoon could tutor him. Jimin had quickly said no since he didn’t know Namjoon and didn’t feel like he would force that upon him.

However, Namjoon had been totally up for it. He had agreed immediately, and when Jimin had told him that he really didn’t have to do it, Namjoon had insisted, so Jimin just said thank you.

Over the last year and a half, Namjoon had tutored Jimin almost once a week, which meant that they had become very close. They weren’t exactly those type of friends who hang out together just the two of them, but they always enjoyed each other’s company.

Namjoon was also really great friends with Hoseok. They had a lot of classes together and though they seemed very different, just like him and Yoongi, they were incredibly close, just like him and Yoongi.

Namjoon was a sweet, friendly, very clumsy genius.

“Well, don’t you look absolutely refreshed this morning?” asked Namjoon sarcastically as soon as Jimin sat down in the chair next to him.

“Slept like a baby,” replied Jimin.

“I can see that.” Namjoon opened his notebooks and took out a few pencils and an eraser.

“Are you prepared for the quiz tomorrow?” Jimin squeezed his eyes shut and cursed.

“Shit I totally forgot.” Namjoon sighed, but not annoyed or angry. Almost as if he knew he was going to get that answer.

“Do you even wanna pass English Jimin?” Jimin placed his forehead on the table.

“If I say no would you be surprised?”

“No, but I think your teachers would be a little disappointed.”

“Screw the teachers,” said Jimin, and raised his head.

It was completely quiet around them, which of course was the whole purpose of a library. People didn’t hang out randomly at the library, so only those who actually studied came. Jimin himself visited the library quite frequently.

There was something about the quietness Jimin enjoyed very much.

But right now Jimin needed there to be noisy so he couldn’t hear his own thoughts.

“Let’s just start with the quiz and then we’ll look at the assignment afterward.” Jimin nodded.

“Sounds like a good plan.”






After an hour of intense English tutoring, where Jimin had almost cried twice, they finally decided to call it quits.

“I’m sorry I have to put you through this every week,” said Jimin, feeling extremely guilty that Namjoon use his spare time on Jimin and he showed so little progress it hurt. Namjoon dismissed it with his hand.

“It’s fine. I like tutoring.” Jimin raised an eyebrow.

“Really?” he said in pure disbelieve.

“I mean I could use my time on something worse,” he just said and grinned.

In that moment Jimin couldn’t think of anything worse than spending one’s time with Jimin. He pitied himself for being forced to spend so much time with himself.

Why was he so pathetic at the moment?

“Yeah, like stick a fork in your eye,” said Jimin and Namjoon laughed. “Seriously, I owe you big time, Namjoon. I would’ve failed English long ago if it hadn’t been for you.” Namjoon closed his books and placed his pencils back in his pencil case.

“I’m sure you’ll find a way to repay me,” said Namjoon.

“I like Ryan Plushies.”

Jimin turned to look at Namjoon, expecting to see a huge grin on his face, but Namjoon looked serious.

“Really?” Namjoon nodded, completely serious about his plushies.

“I collect them.”

Jimin laughed. He couldn’t help it.

Namjoon looked at him a little confused and maybe a little embarrassed. “Why are you laughing?” Jimin immediately tried to simmer down his laughter, since he didn’t want to insult Namjoon, though he did find a little funny.

Okay, a lot.

It’s not every day you hear a 22-year-old saying he collects plushies.

“No I’m sorry it’s not funny, it’s just,” started Jimin, trying to find the right words so Namjoon wouldn’t feel hurt.

“I’ve seen you perform in music class, and I have never seen someone looking as badass as you.”

“What? A man can’t kill it on stage and collect plushies at the same time?”

“Usually no, but you somehow make it work.”

“Thanks. I think.”

Then they both laughed.

Namjoon wasn’t as shy about his music as Yoongi. He had performed in the music class several times. Jimin had watched every now and then when he went there with Hoseok or Taehyung, or to wait for Yoongi to be done so they could go out for some dinner.

Namjoon was fucking talented.

“I really wish I could repay you by tutoring you, but you’re literally good at every class at this university. It’s really fucking annoying.” Namjoon just shrugged, but the smile on his face told Jimin he liked the compliment.

“Well, you could buy me dinner at the new Korean barbeque down the street.” Jimin sent Namjoon a raised eyebrow and a dirty smile.

“Kim Namjoon are you asking me to ask you out? You? A taken man.” Namjoon burst out laughing.

“No I was asking you to buy me dinner so I wouldn’t starve to death,” he said.

“But you could buy me a drink instead.” Jimin smiled smugly at him.

“I’m still not asking you to ask me out, I literally just need to get a drink. It has been way too long since I went out.”

Jimin thought about it for a moment. He hadn’t been drunk since Saturday, which wasn’t even that long ago. Like 3 days, but it felt like an eternity, and Jimin needed alcohol.

Which was probably a terrible idea, but he needed it.

“I’m going to the Blue Lagoon with Yoongi tonight,” said Jimin. “Let me pay you back by buying you drinks the whole night. Which will be like 2 and a half drinks, but still.” Namjoon squeezed his eyes shut and laughed.

“Well, 2 and a half drinks are better than nothing.” Jimin agreed.

“Why’s Yoongi going to the Blue Lagoon, though? He hates that place.” Jimin threw the last of his books into his bag rather aggressively since he hated those damn books.

“They’re playing his song.” Namjoon widened his eyes in surprise.

“What? He’s performing?” Jimin shook his head.

“No, they are just playing his song. He even gave them a fake name so no one knows it’s him.”

“Why? He deserves the recognition.”

“That’s what I said!” exclaimed Jimin and pointed at himself to clarify that it was, in fact, him who had said that too.

“Yoongi is so weird. He could literally slay this entire fucking university but he chooses not to.” Jimin nodded aggressively, agreeing eagerly.

“I don’t know when we’ll be there, but I’ll text you as soon as I can,” said Jimin and got up.

“Sounds good,” replied Namjoon and got up too.

“Great job today,” said Namjoon and raised his hand. Jimin high fived him.

“Not really, but I appreciate your lie.” Then they parted ways.

Namjoon went to his math class.

And Jimin?

Jimin went to his literature class.






The moment Jimin had walked into the classroom, he wanted to die.

He had arrived early to make sure that he came before Jungkook. If he even showed up that is. Which Jimin kind of hoped he didn’t. He could not look him in the eye after last night.

He just couldn’t.

He sat at his usual seat, which was luckily far away from Jungkook’s usual seat in the back. There were only 4 other students in the class, none of who Jimin was really friends with.

Jimin took out his laptop, ready to take notes.

He was so focused on his laptop he didn’t notice someone dumping down in the chair next to him. He looked up in shock.

“Hey Jimin.” Dohun greeted, who had sat down in the chair.

Which wasn’t really surprising since they always sat next to each other.

It wasn’t because they were all that close, but they did dance together quite frequently and they had a pleasant enough time talking, so they just had an unspoken agreement that they sat next to each other in literature.

Dohun was exceptionally sweet. Just like he had been in the dance studio Sunday night, unlike the two other males who unfortunately had to be in the studio too. He was very friendly and happy, but also had a tendency to get nervous quite easily.

Just like he had about the Summer Festival, which didn’t start until June the 1st.

“Hey Dohun,” Jimin said, but his heart wasn’t really in the greeting. Luckily Dohun didn’t know him well enough to detect that.

“Have you finished Namok by Park Wan-suh?”

“Shit,” exclaimed Jimin. He had totally forgotten. He had planned on finishing it over the weekend, but he totally forgot. Jungkook had really been messing with even his education. Not just his mind, or his body, or even his heart a little bit.

But his education too.

When Jeon Jungkook fucked something up, he thoroughly fucked something up.

“I can give you my notes if you want? I have it all in here anyway,” said Dohun and pointed at his head with a cheeky grin.

“Thanks, Dohun you have no idea how grateful I am,” said Jimin and almost hugged him.

“You’re welcome. I bet you have been busy with dance practice so it’s an honor to help.” Jimin did his best to give Dohun the fakest smile he could muster as he accepted the noted.

If only that had been the reason.

Dohun gave Jimin a sweet, friendly smile, but Jimin paid it no attention because the door was opened and in came Jeon Jungkook.

It felt surreal. As if time slowed down and Jimin just starred at Jungkook making his way through the classroom and sat down in his seat in the back.

Jimin was staring, and he couldn’t look away even if he wanted to. Muyeol had been right. Jungkook didn’t look like the same as the last few days.

He didn’t walk like the world owed him something.

He didn’t smile like he knew everything that went on around him.

He didn’t have that adventurous spark in his eyes.

Jeon Jungkook looked painfully ordinary, in the worst possible way.

Jungkook turned his head and they made eye contact. Jimin wanted to break it immediately, but he found himself unable to do that.

And when he finally could, he regretted he hadn’t been able to do it sooner.

Jungkook’s eyes were cold. Not dead, but cold. The same look you would see in the eyes of a stranger who didn’t really want to be where he currently was.
He looked strange.

That was the only thing Jimin could use to describe what he saw.

And just like that, Jungkook looked away. As if it was the easiest thing to do.

“Attention class!” Jimin snapped his head in the direction of his teacher. “So I hope everyone has finished Namok because the first task of today is to talk with each other about it. I want you to share the things you noticed and listen to each other’s opinions on the book.”

Jimin looked down at the paper in his hands with Dohun’s notes and skimmed it quickly. He knew it didn’t really matter since he would just be talking to Dohun and he already knew Jimin hadn’t read, but he didn’t want to be completely clueless.

The class slowly started to talk to the person they sat next to, but the teacher stopped them.

“No, no,” he said and everyone looked up.

“You’re not talking with your table partner. I’m splitting you into pairs.”

Oh no.

His teacher pulled out a little piece of paper from his bag and unfolded it.

Jimin held his breath.

It was just his luck. He was always so fucking lucky. He had never been paired up with Jungkook before, but of course, it was going to happen today, of all days of course-

“… Park Jimin and Rim Byunghoon…”

Jimin was so happy he could cry.

After all the pairs had been called, all the students got up and found their partners. Jimin sat down across from Rim Byunghoon, and though he didn’t know him at all, Jimin wanted to kiss him in gratitude.

Jungkook was talking with a brown-haired boy a few tables away. Jimin did his best to stare as little as possible, but sometimes he looked a little too long.

Luckily Jungkook didn’t seem to spare him even the smallest glance, which made Jimin both glad and disappointed.

Couldn’t he stop thinking so much about it? He was the one who had rejected Jungkook.

He was the one who had run away.

He was the one who had ended whatever had happened or was about to happen.

That was all him.

So now he had to let it go.

Jimin explained to Byunghoon that he hadn’t actually finished the book and the notes he had was Dohun’s, but Byunghoon didn’t really seem to care.

They quickly talked about the book and ended up being finished before everyone else, who was still talking.

Jimin couldn’t help himself.

He slowly turned his head an inch to his right so he could see Jungkook out of the corner of his eye. For the first time that day, Jimin saw a little smile on his lips as he spoke with the boy. Jimin didn’t know him, but he had seen him with Jungkook before, so he assumed they were friends.

However, the smile quickly faded once Jungkook made eye contact with Jimin.

Jimin looked away immediately, feeling rather embarrassed and ashamed.

“Are everyone done?” All the students turned towards the teacher and basically, everyone said yes.

“Very well.” The teacher clapped his hands.

“I hope you learned something new and useful. Because you’re going to pass that information on to your next partner.”

Jimin physically felt like he had to throw up.

And once his teacher announced the new pairs, Jimin was sure he was going to run to the bathroom and throw up the sushi from yesterday, his breakfast and his will to live.

Jungkook clearly wasn’t going to come over to Jimin, so after a minute of Jimin being too stubborn and too afraid to get up, he slowly rose to his feet and walked over to Jungkook’s table where he sat down in the chair opposite him.

He was sure he wasn’t breathing again.

Jimin looked down at the paper in his hands with Dohun’s notes and placed it on the table in front of him.

“So,” started Jimin, his voice weak. “Namok starts off in-”

“Those aren’t your notes.” Jimin looked up at him.

Jungkook was leaning back in his chair with his arms crossed over his chest.

“That’s not your handwriting. You didn’t finish, huh?” said Jungkook almost mockingly. 

“No my weekend didn’t exactly go as planned.” 

“That makes two of us,” said Jungkook in a whisper, as if he didn’t actually want anyone to hear.

“What do you-”

“What if our partner hasn’t finished the book?” yelled Jungkook to the teacher, getting everyone’s attention. Everyone was looking, listening. Jimin’s face heated up like never before.

Had Jungkook just… outed him to the teacher?

That fucking-

“Well if that is the case then I suppose you just have to do all the work Jungkook since your partner hasn’t.” Jimin wanted to die. He wanted the earth to swallow him whole.

Luckily Jimin didn’t really care that much about his literature teacher’s opinion of him, but he was still pissed that Jungkook had given his teacher a bad impression of him.

“Why did you have to do that?” hissed Jimin, once everyone had gone back to talking with their own partner.

“I was genuinely interested in knowing what I'm supposed to do.”

It appeared his lies still sucked.

“You’re such a fucking ass Jungkook.” Jungkook merely raised his eyebrow as if he had no interest in whatever Jimin was saying. He didn’t answer, which only pissed Jimin off even more.

Why was he acting like this?

Sure, Jimin knew last night must have been quite terrible for him too, but couldn’t he just try to be civil?

Jimin sighed. “Can’t we just talk about the book? I know I haven’t-”

“No thank you.” Jimin wanted to scream. Why was he being so goddamn salty?

“Why are you acting this way?” At that, Jungkook’s eyes flared with a little more than just annoyance.

“Why the fuck do you think?” Jimin wasn’t sure if he should be glad or sad that Jungkook wasn’t trying to act as if nothing had happened.

“Look, Jungkook-” 

“I don’t want to hear you explain anything. So just shut up.” Jungkook’s voice wasn’t as harsh as his words, but it still stung.

“I don’t have to explain myself,” exclaimed Jimin.

“I didn’t do anything wrong.” At that, Jungkook laughed unamused.

“Saint Park Jimin.”

“Shut up.”

“Oh, so you’re allowed to talk but I’m not?”

Jimin slowly folded the paper in his hands, trying to calm himself down so he wouldn’t grab Jungkook by his collar and slam his face down on the table.

“Did you even for one second try to put yourself in my situation?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You might fuck around okay? I don’t judge you, we all have our own ways of getting by, but that’s not my way.” Jungkook wanted to say something but Jimin was faster.

“Don’t think I’m like you. I don’t fuck around. Never have, never will. And even if I did, I would never do it with an emotionally constipated jerk like you.” That seemed to hit Jungkook where it hurt.

“I am not emotional constipated! Your view on life is just so superficial and selective. You only see what you wanna see,” said Jungkook, obviously doing his best not to shout.

“Do you think a wanna see a guy I barely know, who barely knows me, buy my ass with a stupid game and a Saint Laurent jacket? No that’s not the world I wish to see Jungkook.”

That seemed to stun Jungkook. It certainly wasn’t what he had expected to hear.

“Alright, everyone!” The teacher clapped to get everyone’s attention.

“If you could all come back to your seats we can continue.”

Jimin grabbed his piece of paper, that he hadn’t gotten much use out of, but simultaneously Jungkook reached forward to grab Jimin’s wrist, his expression soft.

“Jimin that wasn’t even near what I wanted to-”

“I can’t believe I actually wasted a good night's sleep thinking about this. I thought about apologizing,” said Jimin, and sent Jungkook the most disgusted look he could muster and shook off his hand on his wrist.

“I’m glad I didn’t waste my breath on something so useless.”

Jungkook looked shocked, then he opened his mouth to speak, but Jimin got up before he could.

Fuck Jeon Jungkook and his stupid ass.






Jimin walked towards his dorm room with heavy, reluctantly steps. Never before in the history of man had someone wanted to go to bed and stay there till the end of the world, as badly as Jimin.

He smashed his key into the keyhole rather aggressively and unlocked the door. He pushed it open with his foot and stormed in, his head hanging low.


Jimin screamed. And jumped at least 34 feet into the air.

“What the fuck Yoongi?!” Yoongi looked rather relaxed laying in his bed, holding his phone tight in his hand.


“I- I thought you would be at the music studio. You said you would be at the music studio.”

Jimin’s heart was beating rapidly in his chest.

“I changed my mind,” Yoongi shrugged. Jimin inhaled deeply, trying to calm down his heart from the heart attack.

“Jesus, you scared the shit out of me.”

“Sorry.” Jimin dismissed it with his hand.

“It’s fine, I’m just- well yeah it’s fine.”

Jimin threw his bag at the floor and then himself down on his bed with a deep sigh.

“Rough day?”


Yoongi said nothing. Yoongi never pried, and Jimin was grateful for that.

Especially right now, since the last thing he wanted was to talk.

“We’re drinking tonight right?” asked Jimin.

“Do you wanna drink?”


“Then we’re drinking.” Jimin smiled at Yoongi, who smiled in return.

Though his smile wasn’t as happy.

“When are we leaving?” asked Jimin, taking out his phone so he could text Namjoon.

“I thought we could go around 8 pm.” Jimin nodded.

“Sounds good, I’ll tell Namjoon.”

Then he texted Namjoon, saying he could meet them at the bar around 8:20 pm.

“Namjoon?” Yoongi looked at him confused. “What do you mean?” Jimin hit send and turned his head to look at Yoongi.

“Yeah, I wanted to buy him a drink as thank you for tutoring me and since we’re going out tonight at figured tonight would be good.”

Yoongi sat up in his bed to really look at Jimin.

“You invited him to come tonight?”

“Yeah, I- Did you not want that?” Jimin looked at Yoongi, he didn’t really look all that happy.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think you would mind since Namjoon really loves your music too.”

That didn’t seem to make Yoongi feel any better.

“Jimin I didn’t want anyone else to come.” Yoongi sounded genuinely mad, and Jimin sat up quickly in his bed.

“I just thought you wanted-”

“I wanted you to come because I didn’t want to go alone.”

He paused for a moment, then continued.

“And since we live together, and you’ve already heard some it I figured it would be easier if it was you.”

Jimin squeezed his eyes shut and mentally cursed.

“Fuck,” he cursed out loud.

“I’m so sorry Yoongi, I really didn’t think it was a big deal.” The moment those words had left Jimin’s mouth, he wanted to take them back so badly.

He mentally cursed again.

“I suppose it isn’t,” mumbled Yoongi, got up and walked towards the door.

Jimin hurried to get up and caught Yoongi’s hand, stopping him from walking out. Yoongi seemed quite surprised by Jimin’s action and looked at him with wide, confused eyes.

“Yoongi I’m so sorry,” he started, holding Yoongi’s big hand tightly between his two small hands.

“This was about you and only you, and then I went against what you wanted. I’m so fucking sorry.”

Yoongi looked at Jimin long and hard, the same surprised look on his face. Then after a few seconds, his eyes softened.

“It’s fine,” he just said. Jimin shook his head.

“No, it’s not fine Yoongi. It’s a total dick move and you have every right to throw my-” he held a dramatic pause. “-pillow down the toilet.” Yoongi laughed.

“Stop being such a drama queen.”

Yoongi was too kind, and Jimin was unbelievably selfish. He had fucked up. Big time. And Yoongi had forgiven him. Jimin didn’t deserve that, but he was grateful anyway.

Yoongi tried to gently shake Jimin’s hands off him, but Jimin held on.

Yoongi shook his hand more violently.

“Let go of my hand you ass,” said Yoongi, trying to use force to rip Jimin’s hands off of him.

“I’m not letting go before you smile.”

“I have smiled you imbecile,” exclaimed Yoongi.

“Oh.” Then Jimin let go of Yoongi’s hand and Yoongi used his newly freed hand to hit Jimin in the back of his head.

“You know what that’s for,” said Yoongi and turned around.

“Where are you going?” called Jimin.

“I’m getting my laundry.”

“Oh, I thought you were- never mind. I’ll be ready at 8.”

Yoongi raised his thumb as he exited the dorm room.

Jimin sighed in relief.

After one of the worst days to date, things suddenly seemed to go well.

Too well.

And Jimin was naïve enough to think it would last.

Chapter Text

Park Jimin had never really liked the Blue Lagoon. Of course, he didn’t hate it as much as Min Yoongi, who probably hated it more than anyone else.

Which was odd considering he had sent his song to this place of all places, but Jimin didn’t judge.

The Blue Lagoon was an old bar near the university. It had been there for 30 years or more and so no matter how much it sucked, people came because that’s just what everyone did. It was almost as a tradition.

Jimin still liked frat parties the best, but if this placed was the only place he could get alcohol tonight, it would be sufficient. Jimin needed his alcohol.

When Jimin and Yoongi arrived at the Blue Lagoon at around 8.15pm the placed was pretty filled. Jimin had seen it more crowded, but it was still a lot of people for a normal Tuesday night.

“Do you know when they’ll play your song?” asked Jimin just as they entered the bar. Yoongi shook his head.

“Probably in an hour or so.”

“Are you not gonna ask them? I mean wouldn’t it be nice to know?”

Yoongi shrugged. “I suppose, but it’s not like I’m gonna leave so eventually I’ll hear it right?”

Well, that was technically true.

Yoongi looked very relaxed, to the ordinary eye, though Jimin could see small hints of nervousness underneath a very nonchalant façade. “I can’t wait to hear it Yoongi,” said Jimin and nudged Yoongi in the side with his elbow.

“I already know it’s gonna be fucking amazing.” Yoongi smiled at that.

“You think so?”

“I know so. Min Yoongi is gonna slay this bar and no one is gonna know.”

They made their way through the crowd to the bar.

The place looked like a stereotypical bar. It was not as fancy as the one Jimin had been to Saturday night and certainly not as big, but it was cozy. And a little bit gross too.

There were a bar, a few pool tables and a very small stage where they played karaoke every now and then. In front of the stage was a dance floor, but hardly anyone danced.

Like ever.

“What do you want?” asked Yoongi.

“Are you buying?”

“It’s the least I can do since you came with me.” Jimin felt a strong urge to hug the living shit out of Yoongi.

“You are without a doubt the best roommate known to mankind Min Yoongi.” Yoongi nodded in agreement.

“So what do you want?” he asked again since Jimin never answered.

“Just the strongest they have,” replied Jimin, and Yoongi narrowed his eyes at him.

“Are you sure Jimin I mean-”

“Yeah, I need the strongest.” For a moment it looked like Yoongi was going to protest, but then he turned to the bartender and ordered two drinks of the strongest liquor they had.

Jimin raised an eyebrow at him. “If you’re going hard, so am I.” Jimin grinned.

“It’s always an honor to go down with you.”

Despite the many people, Jimin and Yoongi got there drinks pretty fast. They each took a sip and made the same funny expression when they tasted the strong liquor. “That’s some strong shit,” said Yoongi and Jimin nodded in agreement.

Then Jimin caught the sight of some light brown hair and saw Namjoon making his way through the crowd. He hadn’t seen Yoongi and Jimin yet so Jimin nudged to Yoongi that they should go get him before he got lost.

The poor boy had the worst sense of directions.

“Namjoon!” called Jimin as they neared the tall boy. He was wearing a white shirt tucked down his black pants and the first 3 buttons were open revealing his collarbone and some of his chest. His hair was styled just a little bit.

Kim Namjoon looked good.

Like really good.

Unlike Jimin who looked like a fashion mistake. He had put on some ripped black jeans and a boring grey long-sleeved shirt which was loosely tucked down his pants.

But unlike on Namjoon, who made it look classy, Jimin looked messy, as if he either hadn’t had the time to tuck it down probably or pull it out probably.

“You look good Namjoon,” greeted Jimin. Namjoon looked up at his two arriving friends a big smile on his face. And a slight blush on his cheeks.

“Hey, guys. You look good too,” he said, though it was a complete lie.

At least on Jimin’s part.

Yoongi was wearing almost the same ripped jeans as Jimin, but he was wearing a white t-shirt with a grey, stylish jacket, Jimin didn’t even know he owned. It certainly wasn’t a jacket Jimin had imagined would be hidden under the piles of black clothes on their dorm room floor.

“Thanks,” said Yoongi and gave Namjoon a smile.

“I can’t wait to hear your song Yoongi,” said Namjoon ecstatically and Jimin squeezed his eyes shut and mentally cursed.

Yoongi’s smile faded a little bit and so did Namjoon’s. He looked from Jimin to Yoongi, and Jimin could just see the confusion on his face clear as day. “Did I- did I say something wrong?”

Poor Namjoon, was all that raced through Jimin's head.

Yoongi just shook his head.

“I’ll go talk to Minho.” Then he turned to leave before either of the two others could say anything.

Namjoon immediately turned to Jimin, an almost terrified expression on his face. “What did I do?” he asked. Jimin watched Yoongi disappear in the crowd before he spoke.

“You didn’t do anything, it’s me.” Namjoon didn’t seem to think of that as a good explanation.

“I must have done something for Yoongi to look like that.”

“Yoongi invited me because he didn’t want to go alone, but he didn’t actually want anyone to come.”

Namjoon made an ‘o’ with his mouth.

“I’m so sorry I put you in this position Namjoon.”

“Don’t apologize to me,” he said. “I’m not mad.”

“I know, I just feel horrible for doing this to Yoongi, and to you.”

“Did you apologize?” Jimin nodded aggressively.

“Yeah of course, but I know he’s still a little pissed and I totally get that. I’ll just have to make it up to him somehow.” Namjoon nodded, indicating he thought it was a good plan.

Now Jimin just had to come up with a plan.

“You haven’t told anyone about it right?” At that Namjoon became really quiet.

Jimin looked up at him and the guilty look on his face did not make Jimin feel good.

“Namjoon who have you told?“ A guilty look overtook Namjoon's soft features.

“I might have told my boyfriend,” he said. Namjoon looked quite guilty, but Jimin found himself relaxing a little bit at that. Namjoon’s boyfriend didn’t go the university, and he didn’t know Yoongi either, so it wouldn’t matter.

It wasn’t like he was going to come anyway, so who cared?

He sighed and took a sip of his drink, making another sour expression when he tasted the strong liquor.

“And I kind of invited him to come tonight.”

Jimin swallowed the sip so fast it hurt his throat. “You did what?” Namjoon looked very guilty as he looked down at his hands.

“I’m sorry I just didn’t really think it would be a big deal since he likes Yoongi, well he hasn’t met him but he likes what I’ve told him about him. He was totally going to support him too so I didn’t believe it would-”


Both boys turned their head in the direction of the voice.

Namjoon smiled big when he saw his boyfriend walk towards him.

Jimin stopped breathing when he saw who accompanied him.

“Seokjin is… Jin?” Namjoon turned to look at Jimin.

“You know him?” Jimin didn’t have time to answer because Jin and Jungkook had stopped right in front of him.

It appeared that Jungkook hadn’t seen Jimin yet and had a few blissful, oblivious seconds more than Jimin had had.

However, when Jungkook did see Jimin, his eyes widened too and by the looks of it, he wasn’t really breathing either.

Namjoon had of course spoken of his boyfriend many times, but he had always referred to him as Seokjin, and never as Jin. So Jimin had never made the connection.

Why did Namjoon have to date Jin of all people?

“Hey Jin,” greeted Namjoon and kissed Jin’s cheek. “This is Jimin,” he then said and introduced Jimin to the two boys he had been with just 24 hours ago. “Jimin this is my boyfriend Jin and his friend Jungkook. You have literature together, don’t you?”

Both Jimin and Jungkook nodded slowly, still looking at each other.

And still not really breathing either.

“So Seokjin is Jin,” laughed Jimin, though there was no amusement in his voice.

“It’s nice to see you again Jimin,” said Jin and smiled brightly. Jungkook mustn’t have told him anything.

“You know each other?” asked Namjoon and wrapped his arm around Jin’s waist.

“Yeah, I came by the coffee shop yesterday for some… coffee” said Jimin and practically everyone looked at him a little funny. “You know cause that’s what you drink… in a coffee shop.”

Jimin wanted to die.

“Yeah, he came by-”

“Alone,” hurried Jimin to say. “You know me, always walking around alone. A lone wolf,” he laughed humorlessly.

What was he saying?

Jin looked at him funny, and then at Jungkook, who was still looking at Jimin.

Did he look… hurt? Jimin didn’t want to look long enough to find out.

“It’s a lovely place don’t you think?” asked Namjoon, completely oblivious to what was really going on.

“Yes, yes, it’s a really wonderful place,” replied Jimin, uttering the first truth in the last 4 minutes.

There was a very short pause and Jimin felt so awkward. He needed to get away now.

“I think I need a drink,” said Jimin and half heartily laughed again. They all looked down at the half-filled glass in his hands. Jimin quickly raised it to his mouth and emptied the entire glass in one go.

He nearly choked on the strong liquor but swallowed it down.

“Would you look at that,” he said. “Empty. Ready for a refill. Excuse me.” He forced a big, polite smile, then he rushed to the bar while the three boys looked at him very confused.

Which was totally understandable.

When Jimin had finally made his way to the bar, he dumped down in an empty barstool and waved at the bartender.

“What can I do for you?”

“Give me the strongest you got,” he replied.

“Rough night?”

“You have no idea.” Jimin smiled bitterly and the bartend went to work.

After a minute a glass was placed in front of Jimin and he quickly took a sip. The liquor was as strong as the last one, but this time Jimin didn’t make a sour expression.

This was exactly what he needed.

“Someone seems to have a wonderful night.” Jimin looked to his left and found Chiwon sitting in a barstool a few feet away.

“I’ve never had a better night,” he said and raised his glass in a toast.

“I can see that. The question is why?”

Jimin was not in the mood for Chiwon’s mockery, but he was not going to let him see Jimin almost vulnerable.

“Oh it’s nothing big, just won the fucking lottery,” he said and took a sip of his drink. Chiwon chuckled, but it was not because he was amused, more like he was laughing at Jimin.

“Then I would’ve believed you would spend your money on something a little classier than this.”

“I happen to like this place,” he said, though it wasn’t really true.

Jimin sighed deeply, trying his best to push Jungkook away from his thoughts. Why did he have to come here? Of all places why here? He didn’t want to see Jungkook so soon after their conversation this morning.

Jimin was not exactly proud of what he had said to him.

“It’s a lousy place so of course, you like it.” Jimin glared at him.

“Well since you’re here as well, I guess that says something about you too, doesn’t it?” Jimin sent him an innocent smile and Chiwon wrinkled his nose in disgust.

“So mature,” he replied.

Jimin wanted to tell him that he had started but knew that was not only proving Chiwon’s words right, but also a waste of breath.

“Why are you even sitting here? Can’t you get lost Chiwon? I’m really not in the mood to look at you.” That seemed to make Chiwon pleased because his smiled hovering as if he had somehow won the argument.

“Because watching you be miserable is a wonderful sight.”

Jimin stuck his tongue out at him.

“Or are you hoping the alcohol in my blood would make me desperate enough to suck your dick?”

That seemed to make Chiwon speechless for a moment - the hovering smile fading from his face really fast.

“As if I would ever want that,” he said disgusted. Jimin narrowed his eyes at him.

Was that why Chiwon hated him? Because he was gay?

What a homophobic doucebag.

“Don’t worry, I would never get that desperate.” For a moment Chiwon looked almost insulted. He sure wasn’t used to getting rejected.

“I hope your night sucks,” he said and got up from the barstool.

“Now that you’re leaving it just got a little better,” Jimin called after him as he hurried away.

Jimin had just taken another sip of his drink when Jin dumped down in the stool next to him.

“So, spill. What’s the deal with you and Jungkook?”


“It sure doesn’t look like nothing.”

Jimin placed the drink to his lips and drank very slowly so he didn’t have to answer.

However, Jin grabbed the glass from Jimin and sat it down on the table rather hard. “Jungkook looked like he had seen a ghost when he saw you. You better tell me why my best friend looks like that before I kick your ass.”

Jimin looked at him surprised. He had not expected something like that to come out of Jin’s mouth. He was too sweet to threaten anyone.

“We just didn’t match.” It was true. They didn’t. Even though Jimin found himself wishing they did just a little bit.

“What? Did you even give him a chance?” Jimin paused for a few seconds, then he slowly shook his head a little bit.

“Listen Jin, we would ever work okay? There was no need to go down a road that leads to nowhere.”

Jin looked disappointed, and Jimin found himself wishing he would just look angry instead. 

“You don’t know that.”

“I do. He is a rich, stuck up guy who can’t even pay for a cup of coffee.” Jin fell silent for a second, then he laughed. “What?” Jimin looked at Jin in absolute confusion.

Why was that funny? Jin had been the one who had been fucked over by his own best friend, so why was he the one laughing?

“I almost forgot about that. Thanks for the tip, but you really didn’t have too.” 

“Well, I couldn’t just let Jungkook leave without paying.”

“Jungkook don’t have to pay.” Jin was too good to be best friend with someone who never tipped him.

“What a good friend,” said Jimin sarcastically and emptied his drink in one go.

“No I mean he doesn’t have to pay since he owns the place.” Jimin choked on his drink.

“He what now?” Jin laughed at Jimin’s reaction.

“Yeah. He bought it last year. He pays for everything. The bills, the paychecks, to keep the furniture intact. Everything.”

“Why would he do that? Those chairs a hideous.” Jin shrugged.

“Jungkook likes them.”

Of course, Jimin felt unbelievably guilty for assuming the worst. An unpleasant feeling spread in his stomach and he actually really wanted to apologize to Jungkook for being such a first-class asshole, though his stupid pride probably wouldn’t let him.

But why hadn’t he just told him?

“Why did he buy it? He doesn’t strike me as the type to own a little coffee shop.”

“It’s important to him.”


“Ask him.” Jimin looked down at the table.

For some reason, he had a hard time looking Jin in the eyes right now.

“I probably shouldn’t,” he finally said. “I’ve been kind of an ass.” Jin dismissed his words by waving his hand in the air.

“He would understand why you got upset about the bill.”

Something told Jimin that that was true.

“No, it’s not just that. We didn’t exactly have a pretty conversation in literature today.”

“Then apologize,” Jin said as if it was the easiest thing in the world.

“He wasn’t exactly a saint either!” exclaimed Jimin.

“He never is,” replied Jin as if it excused his actions and words earlier today.

“That doesn’t excuse anything! If he’s always an ass why the fuck do you even wanna be friends with him?” Jin had that face again.

That face of disappointed mixed with… pity.

“He’s a good person Jimin, you just have to give him a chance.”

Why was Jin so keen on making something happen between the two of them?

Why did he even care? This had nothing to with him.

For some reason, Jimin could feel himself getting pissed off.

He wasn’t exactly sure why cause Jin wasn’t doing anything bad. He was being annoyingly sweet and somewhat understanding. But Jimin was getting pissed.

He was sure it was the large amount of strong liquor which was finally hitting him hard.

He looked at Jin who studied him closely, probably trying to find out what was going through his head.

Jimin suddenly felt a huge urge to tell Jin to just fuck off because he was not in the mood to deal with anything Jeon Jungkook related, but luckily for Jimin, the music was cut off and the owner of the bar emerged on the little stage.

Every head turned towards him.

“So everyone, we received this song a few days ago, and he asked us if we wanted to play it.” Jimin looked through the crowd trying to find Yoongi. He couldn’t see him.

“I don’t usually do this kind of things so don’t get any funny ideas you little punks,” Minho said, though there was no anger in his voice. “But this song is really fucking good, so here it goes. He gave us a name, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t his real name. I hope,” said Minho and mumbled the last bit.

“So give it up for Agust D.” The bar clapped and then the song was played. Jimin recognized it immediately. Jimin had heard a lot of the song, but he knew he hadn’t heard it all, and he was looking forward to it.

Yoongi had a very casual, quiet voice 90% of the time he talked. He sounded quite tired all the time, but not in this song. Yoongi was spitting fire. Every word he spat out was filled with more emotion than Jimin could ever imagine.

He was rapping with the speed of light and Jimin couldn’t help but smile at some of the lines Yoongi had used.

Jimin already knew Yoongi was the most talented guy he knew. Yet Yoongi once again proved that Jimin hadn’t even seen past the surface yet.

When the song ended, Jimin held his breath. This was the hour of truth. This was the moment that could either rise Yoongi to the top or tear him down. Jimin knew that Yoongi would show he didn’t care if people didn’t like it, but Jimin knew it would hurt him deep down.

And as the song ended a drunk guy in the middle of the crowd cheered loudly as he raised his drink in the air. Then everyone else started yelling and cheering too and before Jimin could even comprehend it, everyone was clapping and Jimin had never felt happier and relieved before.

“He’s good.” Jimin turned around. He had almost forgotten Jin was still sitting beside him. “He’s amazing,” agreed Jimin.

There was a short silence. The anger in Jimin had slowly vanished, but he knew that if Jin brought up Jungkook’s name he was going to flip.

Why was he acting like this?


“I have to find Yoongi,” hurried Jimin to say, interrupting Jin.

“Yeah of course,” said Jin, and sounded somewhat disappointed. Jimin jumped off the barstool and turned to Jin.

“I’m sorry Jin, I’m just- I suck.”

This was the most honest Jimin had been all night.

He gave Jin a drunk smile and Jin chuckled. “No you don’t,” said Jin, but Jimin almost didn’t hear him cause he was already walking away.

It took a few minutes to locate Yoongi.

When Jimin finally found him standing close to the wall, talking to Namjoon, Jimin ran towards them. Yoongi almost didn’t have time to register Jimin’s presence before Jimin tackled him in a hug.

“You fucking slayed this stupid bar!”

“Shut up!” hurried Yoongi to say, looking around to make sure no one heard.

“I’m sorry, I’m just fucking happy,” said Jimin, feeling the liquor swimming round in his blood.

Namjoon greeted Jimin with a little nod, and Jimin smiled.

“You really liked it?” Yoongi looked almost afraid of the answer as he studied Jimin’s every move closely.

“Liked it? I fucking loved it Yoongi!” Yoongi’s whole face brightened.


“Yes you idiot!” shouted Jimin over the loud music they had played after Yoongi’s song had finished.

“Thanks,” said Yoongi.

He was trying to hide his smile, but Jimin could see it clear as day.

“What’d you think Namjoon?” asked Jimin, wanting Yoongi to hear some more praise. Jimin narrowed his eyes as the world around him started to spin a little.

He was getting hit hard.

“I thought it was fucking brilliant.” Jimin smiled brightly, happy Namjoon liked it too. Though he knew he would.

“If I don’t get my act together I’ll never reach you,” laughed Namjoon and nudged Yoongi in the side with his elbow.

“It’ll take a miracle for you to reach me,” said Yoongi and smiled smugly.

“You bastard,” replied Namjoon and laughed.

Jimin instantly felt a million times better.

“Hey Jin was wondering if we wanted to come by the coffee shop someday soon?” asked Namjoon, looking between Yoongi and Jimin, a hopeful expression on his face.

And just like that Jimin felt worse again.

“I haven’t even introduced you guys to him probably and he is kinda forcing me to force you to spend time with him.” Namjoon laughed, but Jimin saw the unmistakable look of fondness on his face.

That kind of fondness that means that no matter how weird Jin’s demand was, Namjoon would absolutely love it, and do everything in his power to make it happen.

“Besides, the only one of my friends he’s met is Hobi and I need to prove to him that I have more friends.” Yoongi grinned at that.

“Yeah sure,” said Yoongi. Namjoon’s face lit up.

Then he looked at Jimin and he panicked.

“Jimin what do you-”

“I could really use a drink, what about you guys?” he asked, trying to smoothly avoid Namjoon’s question.

Both boys in front of Jimin exchanged a look before they turned to look at him. “Jimin I don’t think you should drink more tonight.” Jimin dismissed his words with a waved of his hand in the air.

“Pff,” he said. “I could go on for hours.” He stumbled forward and tried his best to find his foothold.

That of course only seemed to confirm Yoongi’s statement.

“Jimin please-“

“I’m fine Yoongi,” said Jimin. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

Then he hurried to turn around before the two boys could stop him.

As he made his way towards the bar, he couldn’t help but wonder how it had gotten so bad in his head that he had to drink himself to death.

Whatever situation he was currently in, it wasn’t this fucking bad.

It wasn’t bad enough for him to drink until he passed out. It wasn’t a fucking big deal, but Jimin couldn’t stop thinking about it.

But he needed to.

Maybe it was the guilt he needed to drown. Maybe it was the anxiousness. Maybe it was the stupid feelings Jimin had a hard time shaking. His mind was at war, and no matter what side would win, Jimin had a feeling he was going to lose in the end.

He was too caught up in his thoughts, that he didn’t realize he was walking right into someone. Jimin stubbled back, and since he was drunk it was even harder for him to find his foothold.

Luckily two strong arms grabbed him so he didn’t fall.

“I’m sorry I didn’t- You.”

Jungkook looked down at him an unreadable expression on his face.

“Hey,” he just said.

“Hey? Hey?!” Jimin wriggled himself out of Jungkook’s arms.

“Go say hey to someone else,” said Jimin and tried to walk past Jungkook.

But Jungkook blocked his way - taking a step to the side and hindering Jimin in going anywhere.

“Jimin please stop.”

Jimin didn’t want to. He tried to move his feet forward but Jungkook was holding him back, one of his arms wrapped around Jimin’s waist. And it didn’t even look like Jungkook was putting much effort into it.

How weak was he if Jungkook could hold him back so easily?

“No. I’m not stopping for anyone. Let go of me I need something to drink.”

Jungkook wrapped his other arm around Jimin to stop him from going to the bar. Jimin was moving his feet, but he didn’t get anywhere.

It was as if he was walking on a treadmill.

“Stop it Jungkook you huge asshat!” exclaimed Jimin. He could hear Jungkook chuckle.

“It isn’t funny!” Jimin was sounding like a child. He turned to look at Jungkook and pouted. Jungkook smiled as he looked at Jimin pouting like a kid.

“I just want to talk to you Jimin. Please.” Jimin looked at him long and hard. He looked both anxious and hopeful.

Finally, Jimin sighed.

“Buy me a drink and we can talk.” Jungkook didn’t exactly smile at that.

“Jimin you’re wasted, you shouldn’t drink anymore.”

“You are not my father. Either you buy me a drink and we talk, or I will go buy one myself and not talk with you.” Jungkook seemed to be debating whether or not he should agree.

Eventually, he did.

“Fine.” Then Jungkook tightened his grip on Jimin so he wouldn’t fall and took him to the bar.

Jimin dumped down in one of the barstools for the second time in the last 15 minutes. “The strongest you got,” said Jimin as the bartender neared him. It was the same as before and when he recognized Jimin he laughed.

“Your night seems to get better and better huh?”

“You have no idea,” said Jimin sarcastically.

Jungkook was looking at him, but Jimin ignored him.

2 minutes later a drink was placed in front of Jimin and he happily took a sip. “Take care of him, he’s been drinking all night,” said the bartender to Jungkook, though there was a hint of amusement in his voice.

“Don’t worry,” said Jungkook- not taking his eyes off the smaller boy in the bar stool, drinking his drink with determination. “I’ll take care of him.” Jimin ignored their conversation and drank his drink.

He had drunk half of it when Jungkook took it from his hands and placed it on the table out of Jimin’s reach.


“Now we talk.”

“You and Jin are stupid,” pouted Jimin. Jungkook gave him a funny look, and for a moment it looked like he was about to ask what Jimin meant by that, but then he decided he didn’t care.

“Look Jimin about earlier I want to explain-”

“I don’t want to hear your explanation so just shut up,” said Jimin, using Jungkook’s words from earlier against him. “Isn’t that what you said to me?”

Jungkook’s eye twitched.

“I know it wasn’t fair of me.”

“You got that right.”

“But you weren’t exactly being fair either.” At that Jimin looked up at Jungkook so fast he was sure he got whiplash.

“Me? I was not fair? I was the fairest of them all!”

That wasn’t exactly what he meant, but Jungkook got the point.

He hoped.

“If you would just stop being so fucking narrow-minded all of this could’ve been avoided,” argued Jungkook - looking rather annoyed with Jimin's inability to agree with him.

“I’m not narrow-minded! I just called you out on your bullshit and you didn’t like it!”

They were fighting like children.

“What bullshit?” demanded Jungkook to know.

“Like that fucking game of Go Fish!” Jimin reached out for the drink, but Jungkook pushed it further out of his reach.

“You knew the rules when we started! It’s not my fault you suck at Go Fish!”

Their argument was turning into a hot mess. Luckily the bar was loud enough for no one to hear them. 

“That doesn’t matter! You can’t just say you own me because I lost. That’s not how the world works!”

“If you didn’t like it, you could’ve said no!”

“No, I couldn’t! I couldn’t come home!”

They were shouting like kids, but luckily the music was so loud no one around them heard them.

“That’s not my fault!”

“It might as well have been your fault!” Jungkook bit his lip, obviously trying his best to refrain himself for saying something stupid.

Jimin couldn’t help but see that Jungkook actually had the exact same expression of a little kid not getting his way.

Jimin didn’t even want to know what type of kid he looked like right now.

“It doesn’t matter. You lost. I won. I own you and I say you will stop being a fucking idiot and just listen to me!” Jimin opened his mouth and gasped in utter disbelieve. How dare he?

“I’m not a thing you butthole!”

Then he blew Jungkook a raspberry, like the child he was, got up from the barstool and made his way to the door that lead out to the alley behind the bar.

He had just pushed the door open and walked 4 steps when Jungkook yelled from behind.

“Don’t walk away from me when we’re talking!” he had let the door slam shut after he had exited and was standing a few feet from Jimin, looking furious.

Jimin turned around. It was dark outside, but the light from the lamppost right behind him made it possible to see Jungkook’s face. Even furious Jungkook was handsome.


“I just ended the conversation.”

“Oh no, that’s not how this works.”

“Yes it is!” yelled Jimin. “That’s actually exactly how a conversation works! It takes two people to converse and I’m walking away!” Jimin turned to take a step, though he had a hard time walking with the alcohol, in his blood.

But Jungkook’s voice stopped him again. “Stop walking you idiot, you’re drunk as fuck!”

“Oh thank you mister obvious I didn’t know.” Sarcasm dripping from his voice.

“Jimin just let me take you home.” For the first times in the last 5 minutes, Jungkook didn’t look angry, but rather concerned.

“You’re not taking me anywhere you prick! I’m walking home on my own!”

“Jimin be-”

It appeared it was the wrong moment to ignore Jungkook, as Jimin turned around and walked right into the lamppost behind him.

“…careful,” finished Jungkook, though the warning was quite futile.

Jimin yelled in pain.

As he raised his hands to his nose, he quickly realized he was bleeding. His hands were quickly covered in blood, and the sight of the liquid oozing out of him freaked him out more than the pain.

Oh shit.

Jungkook ran to him and placed himself in front of Jimin - holding him steady as he bent down so he could take a good look at Jimin’s blood covered face.

Jimin could feel the blood dripping down his face, down his chin and dripping on the ground. It hurt like hell and Jimin did his best to hold back tears - not wanting to cry in front of Jungkook.

“Are you okay?” The concern was clear in Jungkook's voice, and for some reason Jimin hated it. Hated how quickly Jungkook lost his anger when Jimin was too stubborn to do the same most of the time. Hated how soft his voice was and how easily it melted away the anger in Jimin's chest.

“My nose is bleeding what do you think?” sneered Jimin, but it felt more like a relax than genuine anger.

It was as if the hit had sobered him up. His head hurt like hell, but he couldn’t feel the alcohol in his system anymore. It was still there, of course, Jimin just couldn’t feel it.

They were silent for a long time until Jimin spoke - his voice free of anger and annoyance. “I think I need to go to the hospital.”

That snapped Jungkook out of his frozen state.

“Oh yeah, of course,” he hurried to say. “But I think we need to stop the blood first.” He looked around as if he was looking for something he could use to stop Jimin’s nose from bleeding, but of course, nothing useful was lying around the back alley of a bar.

He then looked down at the shirt he had on underneath his jacket and the conclusion he came to was not exactly to Jimin's liking. 

Or maybe it was.

And that was the problem.

Jimin shook his head. “No. you are not taking your shirt off. That’s a big no, no.” Jungkook smirked at that.

“Why?” he asked slyly. 

“Just... just find something else.” Jungkook was already taking his jacket off - not listening to Jimin's plea at all.

“There’s nothing else Jimin, just take the shirt before you bleed to death.” Jungkook had taken off his jacket and was holding it between his legs as he grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled it over his head.

The moment Jimin saw Jungkook’s naked chest, his face heated up and he hurried to turn around so Jungkook wouldn’t see. The last thing he needed right now was to show Jungkook that his naked chest made him blush like a little school girl.

“Here,” said Jungkook, but Jimin didn’t turn around. It was almost as if he physically couldn't, his stubborn pride keeping him in place.

Then Jimin felt the soft t-shirt against his cheeks as Jungkook held it out for him to take. Jimin slowly took the shirt and put it to his nose, staining it with his blood.

It smelled good. Unbelievably good. Jimin was surprised he could even smell anything with his fucked-up nose, but Jungkook’s scent came through, and it was oddly calming.

“I’m sorry,” said Jimin, his voice muffled by the shirt covering his face. Jimin turned to Jungkook, but immediately regretted it when he saw the huge grin covering his face.

“Cute,” he said, and Jimin just knew he was talking about his heated cheeks.

“Just shut up and take me to the hospital.” Jungkook didn't reply to that, he merely laughed as he put his arm around Jimin and guided him to the street so they could get a taxi.




Jimin’s nose wasn’t broken.


He was, however, in a lot of fucking pain.

Upon their arrival at the hospital, a nurse had guided Jimin to a hospital room and told him to wait there for the doctor.

She had told Jungkook he had to stay outside since he wasn’t family nor spouse and therefore wasn’t allowed to be in there.

Jungkook had argued that “it was just a fucking nosebleed so there was no reason to follow that stupid rule.”

Then the nurse had told him that “if it’s just a fucking nosebleed then there is no reason for you to be in there.”

At that, Jungkook had immediately tried to take back his words.

In the end, after Jungkook had asked at least a million times, the nurse finally sighed in surrender and allowed Jungkook to stay with Jimin.

After 10 minutes of awkward silence, the doctor finally arrived. He looked at Jimin’s nose quickly and concluded that Jimin didn’t need anything but some painkillers to make him more comfortable.

He gave Jimin a bottle of pills, told him he should be careful and then politely told them to get out of his hospital room.

After they had made their way out of the hospital they somehow ended up at a bench not far from there.

Jimin was still clutching Jungkook’s bloodstained shirt in his hand as they sat on the bench, a few inches between them.

He wondered if Jungkook even wanted it back. He could easily buy a new one, but Jimin didn’t make assumptions on Jungkook’s behalf anymore.

He was done with all the stupid assumptions that somehow never ended up being right.

Well sometimes, but certainly not all the time.

“Do you want the shirt back?” asked Jimin. Jungkook turned his head towards him.

“I’ll wash it of course,” Jimin hurried to say since Jungkook, of course, didn’t want a bloodstained shirt back. Jungkook shook his head.

“No, it’s fine. Just throw it away.” A little part of Jimin didn’t actually want to throw it away.

Which was unbelievably disgusting.

Sitting in the silence next to Jungkook, Jimin felt incredibly uncomfortable. All the anger for Jungkook had vanished the moment he had hit his head into that lamppost.

All that was left was just guilt.

And exhaustion.

He was tired.

Tired of wasting so much time trying to paint a villain portrait of Jungkook in his head.

Jungkook wasn’t the bad guy.

Not entirely at least.

“I was thinking about apologizing,” said Jimin. He knew he owed Jungkook that much. And of course, Jungkook had to apologize as well, since he had been a dick too.

Quite a big dick if Jimin had to be honest.

Jungkook chuckled. “Park Jimin are you apologizing to me?”

“No I thought about it, I didn’t actually say I was gonna do it.” Jungkook just laughed, and Jimin couldn’t help but smile.

Which didn’t really feel all that good because of his fucking up nose. He squeezed his eyes shut and let out a pained sigh at the throbbing sensation in his nose.

“Are you okay?” Jimin just nodded, not able to say anything at the moment.

And maybe that was for the best. He wasn't sure what to tell Jungkook right now. He owed him an apology - he knew that - but somehow it was hard to say. It wasn't that apologizing was a generally hard thing for Jimin to do, there was just something about apologizing to Jungkook that made his pride and stubbornness go into overdrive.

Maybe it was just because Jungkook wasn't like anyone Jimin had ever met before. 

“I’m sorry Jimin.”

Jimin was taken back by the sudden words and widened his eyes in surprise. He had not expected Jungkook to so easily apologize. Not after everything that had happened the last couple of days.

He inhaled deeply as he awkwardly fidgeted with his fingers in his lap - gathering strength to utter the same words to Jungkook. 

“I’m sorry too. I- I didn’t mean to hurt you yesterday. To be honest, I didn’t think it was even going to hurt you.”

“Of course it hurt, how could it not?” Jimin wasn’t sure if Jungkook actually wanted an answer to that, but he gave him one anyway.

“I just figure you could find someone else to hook up with. I mean you’re not bad looking so it wouldn’t exactly be difficult for you.”

Jungkook laughed at that. A real, genuine laughed Jimin found unbelievably endearing. Annoyingly so.


“Not bad looking', huh? Is that a compliment Park Jimin?”

“Forget it, I take it back.” Jungkook just shook his head in amusement while he looked at Jimin with a kind look in his eyes. No desire, no smugness, but with genuine fondness.

And Jimin really liked it. He didn't want to like it, but he did.

“No that’s not how it works with compliments. You can take them back.”

“Watch me,” said Jimin trying to sound cold, but his smile kind of ruined it for him.

“I don’t want to hook up with anyone else,” said Jungkook quite suddenly.

“I only want you.” Jimin blushed at that and looked down at the bloodstained shirt in his hands. “Is that your way of persuading me into bed with you? Cause it’s not working.”

Jungkook leaned back against the bench and inhaled deeply as if he was gathering the courage to speak.

“I don’t just wanna sleep with you Jimin,” he finally said.

Jimin looked him the eyes, trying to see if he was serious or not.

Jimin wouldn’t be surprised if this was the outcome of Jungkook’s horrible humor.

“I mean I really wanna sleep with you,” Jungkook confessed and sent Jimin a huge grin. Jimin couldn’t help but laugh.

“But I wanna do so much more than that.”

“Like what?” Jimin found himself asking. He wasn’t sure why. Maybe a big part of him just wanted to understand what was going on in Jungkook’s head.

“I wanna take you on fancy dates. And buy you flowers. And make you smile.” Jimin felt a warm feeling spread in his stomach and his cheeks heating up as those words raced through his mind.

No one had ever wanted to do any of those things for him. But even if they had, no one had done it.

Jimin had never actually thought he even wanted it. But hearing Jungkook telling him that, he suddenly found himself craving it.

“I hate flowers,” he just said, since he didn’t want to comment on the other things.

He didn’t even know what he would’ve said to it.

“Then I’ll get you something else. Whatever you want.” Jimin shook his head.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t want you to buy me anything.”

“But I want to.”

“Get yourself a new kink Jeon Jungkook,” laughed Jimin, repeating what he had told him just yesterday.

Though it felt ages ago.

“Everything involving you is my kink.” Jimin gently pushed him.

“Stop being creepy.”

But he laughed.

He laughed because, for the first time since he met Jungkook, he felt completely comfortable with him.

Something he never thought should happen.

“If you didn’t want to just sleep with me, why did you come on to me any chance you got?” Jungkook looked away, and Jimin was sure he saw an embarrassed look on his face.

Jeon Jungkook was embarrassed.

“I didn’t know how else to show you I was interested. I know sex. I’m good with sex.” Funnily enough, that didn’t exactly make Jimin feel all that better.

“But I’m not exactly good with… the other stuff.”

“What? Are you bad at feelings?” asked Jimin. His voice was teasing - cheeky even - but the look that overtook Jungkook's otherwise soft features sent shivers down his spine. 

“I’m not bad a feelings Jimin,” he said sternly. “I know what I feel, I’m not confused by my feelings.”

Jimin instantly felt guilt forming in his chest and he looked away from Jungkook's eyes. Jimin had been teasing, but maybe that wasn't the type of teasing Jungkook liked.

And how would Jimin know? He didn't even know Jungkook.  

“I just don’t always know how to express them.”

Jimin was speechless at Jungkook’s honesty. He hadn’t expected Jungkook to tell him that. He hadn't expected him to tell him something that felt personal - maybe even too personal - not now, not ever.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make assumptions.” Jungkook dismissed his apology with his hand.

“It’s okay, I can’t really blame you for thinking it.”

But he should.

Jimin had been judgmental and kind of rude.

Many of the assumptions he had had about Jungkook was mean and even turned out not to be true. The Jungkook Jimin had created in his head was not the Jungkook sitting in beside him on the bench outside of the hospital.

Maybe it was time for Jimin to make some new assumptions.

Some positive assumptions.

“The coffee shop,” Jimin said. “Why didn’t you just tell me you owned it?”

It was something Jimin had wondered ever since Jin had told him merely hours ago.

“I was afraid you would think I was some rich, doucebag who bought a coffee shop just to show he could.” Jimin could understand that. He had expressed his disgust with Jungkook’s show of wealth quite a lot.

Buying him an expensive jacket just because he could.

Jimin didn’t blame him for thinking of him like that.

Hell, even Jimin would have thought of him like that.

“Well, I thought you were an even bigger dick because you didn’t even pay for a lousy cup of coffee. I tipped cause I felt bad for Jin.”

“Yeah, Jin told me that,” he laughed, obviously finding it funny that Jimin had actually paid for a cup of coffee when Jungkook owned the entire fucking coffee shop.

“Well, how could I not think that when you don’t tell me anything? If you want to have any form of relationship with people you need to learn how to tell them things.”

Jungkook seemed to actually listen and take it in, which somehow surprised Jimin, who hadn’t really thought Jungkook would listen.

Jimin needed to fuck the fuck off with these assumptions before he kicked his own ass.

“You right. You’re totally right.” Jimin felt proud that he had taught Jeon Jungkook something. Though Jimin must admit it was a pretty obvious thing one does when they have to form any kind of relationship with other people.

“So about that date.”

“What date?” asked Jimin. “You know the one I won fair and square at the sushi restaurant yesterday.” Jimin had completely forgotten about that.

Mostly because he never thought it would actually happen.

“I thought we made it clear these games don’t count.”

“We did no such thing. I won, you lost. You owe me a date.” Jimin wanted to be mad at Jungkook's words - he really did - but for some reason, he just... wasn't.

It was exactly these stupid games that kept biting him the butt, but somehow, he didn’t really feel any anger in him.


“What?” Jungkook sounded generally surprised, and Jimin didn’t blame him. He had been surprised by his answer too.


“But if you bring me flowers I will kick your ass.” Jungkook’s face turned into a huge grin.

“No flowers. Got it.”

Flower just really wasn't his thing.

“So Friday?”

“Friday.” Jungkook smiled softly and so did Jimin.

“Oh shit, I should probably call Yoongi. He’s probably worried as fuck.” He took out his phone.

11 missed calls from Yoongi, a couple from Namjoon and a lot of text messages from both of them.

“Shit, they’re gonna kill me.”

“Can they wait till after Friday?” Jimin stuck his tongue out at Jungkook who did the same.

What a couple of children.

“I better call him.”

“Call in the taxi on our way back to the university,” Jungkook said and got up. He reached out for Jimin and helped him up.

Then they walked towards the street and tried to get a taxi.

“Thank you Jungkook.” Jungkook didn’t answer but Jimin didn’t mind. He didn’t mind at all.

Jimin wasn’t sure what the hell he had agreed to with this date.

But he found himself rather excited to find out.

Chapter Text

Park Jimin absolutely loved his job at the cinema.

He had gotten the job right before he started university, because otherwise he wouldn’t be able to pay for his dorm room, much less his education. Being financially independent was both a blessing and a curse.

A blessing, because no one could tell him what to do with his leftover money.

A curse, because, well, he couldn’t just borrow money from daddy dearest when he couldn’t afford dinner.

But no matter how many times he complained when he had to go to work, he wouldn’t quit even if he had all the money in the world.

It wasn’t because his job was all that cool.

It wasn’t because he had the most amazing collogues, though Nari and Junsu were sweethearts. It wasn’t because his boss was the best, he was actually quite the doucebag at times.

It was because Jimin liked the atmosphere.

He liked watching the people come and go. He liked watching couples go on movie dates. He liked watching elderly people come in and see the latest action movie. He liked sneaking into the movie theaters when the cinema was almost deserted and watch whatever was playing.

Jimin liked so many things about the cinema.

But running into Jiwoo at the cinema wasn’t one of them.

“Jimin can you take care of theater 4?” Jimin really didn’t want to. He hated theater 4. It always smelled funny, and all they played there were children’s movies, and children didn’t know how to eat popcorn probably.

“Do I really have to?” Nari looked up from the desk she was sitting behind, selling tickets, though no one had bought one in the last 46 minutes.

“Yes you do Jimin. We’re all busy working here, you’re the only free one.”

Nari smiled sweetly, but it didn’t make Jimin melt like it did some many other guys.

“Come on, Nari. You’re not doing anything right now, no one is coming to buy tickets at 21pm on a boring Wednesday. Just clean the theater. Please.” He was begging, but Nari was immune to it after listening to it for almost 2 years.

“I did it last time Jimin, it’s your turn.”

Everyone hated that theater.

In the past, the working employees would play rock-paper-scissors, and the loser would do it. But after Junsu had lost 4 times in a row, everyone took pity on him and decided they would take turns instead.

Jimin had been all in for the idea since Junsu was one of his favorite colleagues, but now he wished he hadn’t voted for that idea.

“Is Suho working today?” asked Jimin. Nari shook her head.

“He can’t do it either, he's working in the shop.” Jimin sighed deeply.

“What if I take your next shift?” Jimin smiled brightly, hoping the sweet offer would make her reconsider.


“Wha- why not? It’s a great offer.”

“Yeah, but I happen to need the money so I’ll take all the shifts I can.”

Jimin could understand that since he had the same need for money.

“Okay fine I’ll fucking do it,” said Jimin with clenched teeth.

“Yay,” said Nari, voice filled with fake glee.

“Good boy.” She winked at Jimin who blew her a raspberry. Jimin had a tendency to do that when he didn’t have a good come back.

At last, Jimin took reluctant steps towards theater 4. He went by the supply closet and grabbed the vacuum cleaner, then he entered the theater, or what Jimin liked to call it, cinematic hell.

The moment the door opened Jimin sighed deeply. It still smelled like shit and there was popcorn everywhere. On the floor, on the seats, on everything. Jimin had checked how many people had been in there.

Only about 20, but by the look of the mess, it looked more like there had been 50.

Jimin plugged in the vacuum cleaner and started cleaning the theater. Over the last 2 years, Jimin had become exceptionally good at vacuuming. He could do an entire theater in 40 minutes.

Which didn’t sound that fast, but in the beginning, it took him at least an hour and a half.

For some reason, Jimin wondered how fast Jungkook could do it.

He found himself wanting to challenge him, just so he could finally win something. This time he was 134% sure he would win. Something told Jimin Jungkook didn’t vacuum often. If he even did at all.

Jimin quietly laughed as he imagined Jungkook fumbling with the vacuum cleaner, trying to figure out how it worked.

Jimin hadn’t seen Jungkook all day.

And Jimin had been happy about it.

He wasn’t exactly sure of what he would say if he bumped into him.

Would they start up a casual conversation since they no longer -hated?- each other?

Would it be awkward? Weird? Uncomfortable?

Somehow Jimin knew it wouldn’t be awful, but he was nervous.

Nervous about the date.

Nervous, because now he cared about what Jungkook thought of him.

Now it mattered that he didn’t say something stupid or awful.

What he did and what he said here on out mattered and that made Jimin shiver.

It was so much easier when Jimin didn’t care. Stupid feelings.

Jimin started with the back row, slowly making his way through the theater. It was a pain in the ass, but Jimin had plugged in his earphones and was humming to the tune of Bang Bang Bang, by Big Bang. Jimin was a proud fan.

And after listening to almost all of Big Bang’s songs, he was finally done with the horrible theater. He unplugged the vacuum cleaner, rolled in the cord and exited the theater. He took the vacuum cleaner to the supply closet and then he made his way towards Nari.

Only he stopped once he saw who was buying a ticket.

Jiwoo and Hajun were standing in front of Nari, and she was laughing big time, obviously smitten by the two handsome men in front of him.

Jimin had to say that Jiwoo was still as handsome as he had been Saturday. He smiled brightly to Nari, the same sweet smile he had sent Jimin not even a week ago.

He was well dressed, almost as well dressed as he had been Saturday.

Jiwoo looked just as good as he had Saturday, yet Jimin didn’t really feel the attraction. Jungkook had really messed up his standards in men. Jiwoo was smoking hot, but Jungkook was out of this world.

Jimin wasn’t waiting around for Jiwoo to notice him. He looked around for a quick escape and luckily found the door to the bathrooms close by. He looked towards Nari and the two boys, and when he was certain they wouldn’t look, he sneaked into the bathrooms.

He closed the door and leaned against it, sighing deeply.

The last person he wanted to meet at the moment was Jiwoo. Jiwoo was incredibly sweet and he didn’t deserve being lied to, which was probably what Jimin would do if Jiwoo asked him about, well, anything regarding Saturday night or anything that followed.

Jimin had really done nothing but lying the last few days, he needed to stop.

After around 5 minutes, Jimin was sure the coast was clear so he slowly opened the door and exited his hiding place. Luckily, Jiwoo and Hajun were nowhere to be seen, so Jimin walked over to Nari. Ready to ask what movie they were watching so he knew when they would be out.

“Why were you hiding?” asked Nari the moment Jimin stopped next to her desk.

“I wasn’t- I mean I’m not hiding.”

“I saw you. You ran into the bathroom so quickly I thought you had peed your pants or something.”

“Well, maybe I had.” Nari narrowed her eyes.

“You’re crushing on one of them? I wouldn’t blame you, they are handsome.” Jimin shook his head and dumped down on the chair next to Nari’s behind the counter.

“Sorry sister, but I’m pretty sure they both swing for my team and not yours.” Nari looked at Jimin and pouted.


“Pretty much. They seemed very gay on that double date me and Tae were on with them. But hey, they could be swinging for both what do I know.”

Nari looked at Jimin with a cheeky smile on her face. “While that does suck for me, I’m curious to know why you’re hiding from your own date. Did you get dumped?” Jimin felt insulted.

“Who says he dumped me? Maybe I dumped him.”

“Did you?”

“Technically no but-”

“No buts.” Nari laughed and nudged him in the side with her elbow.

Now it was Jimin’s turn to pout.

“They won’t be out for another 2 hours so you’re safe until then.” Jimin nodded as a thank you, send her smile and then he got up.

Tonight he had the duty of cleaning pretty much everywhere at the cinema. It was boring as fuck, but cleaning meant he didn’t have to wear his ‘service smile’ and talk with his ‘service voice’.

He didn’t have to fake smiles while the customers acted like dicks.

He could turn his back to people because nobody bothered the cleaning lady.

Jimin was without a doubt the best at cleaning at the cinema and he was damn proud of that.

Mostly because he actually liked cleaning every now and then.

He wasn’t a crazy cleaner. He didn’t hate messes. His eye didn’t twitch when there was already a mess 10 minutes after he cleaned.

Sure it was annoying, but Jimin knew that nothing could be clean forever.

Especially when you lived with Min Yoongi and was friends with Kim Taehyung.

It was nice when things were clean, but it was a necessity.

Only when he needed to focus on something else or when he was nervous. Cleaning had a strange way of taking his mind off whatever he was thinking about. He had suggested it to Taehyung, but he had walked away the minute Jimin had said the word ‘cleaning’.

“Hey Jimin.” Jimin turned around to find Junsu sitting behind the counter in the candy store.

“A kid spilled his drink outside theater 7.” Jimin squeezed his eyes shut and sighed deeply.

Of course, a stupid little kid couldn’t control his own drink.

“Great, just great,” muttered Jimin. “Have fun!” called Junsu after him as he turned to walk towards the supply closet.

Jimin gave him the finger.

He grabbed some towels, a mob and a bucket of water. Then he reluctantly made his way towards theater 7.

It wasn’t as horrible as he would’ve thought. It was luckily a kid-sized soda so there wasn’t all that much. Though it was still annoying as fuck.

He bent down to start cleaning up the soda, while mentally cursing the little shit.

Jimin liked kids. They were usually sweet and adorable, but when he was working, kids were his worst nightmare.

Jimin didn’t have any siblings.

Growing up he both hated and loved it.

He hated it because he would’ve loved to have someone to play with. His mother often took him to the park to play, but he didn’t know any of the other kids at the playground and therefore he always played alone. If he had a brother or a sister, then he wouldn’t have had to play by himself all the time.

But he was also glad he didn’t have any siblings.

He didn’t want someone else to go through the same gray childhood as him. He didn’t want someone else to grow up too soon and to see things going south way too early in life.

It sucked big time.

He did, however, have a cousin his age on his father’s side.

Not that they had any form of relationship. They had played together one or two times when they were children, but once his father left, he took his entire privileged family with him. Not that Jimin was really mourning the loss. His cousin had always been kind of stuck up.

Jimin knew Jungkook didn’t have any siblings, but he wondered if he had any cousins or such his age. If he had played with them when he was a child too.

Jimin wondered if there were even a small part of their lives which was somehow similar.

Jimin would really like that.


A voice from behind him startled him and he almost fell forward as he was cleaning the floor.

He knew who was standing behind him, but he somehow thought that if he just didn’t turn around then it wasn’t actually him.

“I didn’t know you worked here.”

Jimin finally turned his head to see Jiwoo standing a few feet from him, smiling sweetly, obviously thinking this encounter was a pleasant surprise.

Jimin didn’t really agree.

“Hey Jiwoo,” he said and slowly got up from the floor.

“Yeah, I work here.” Well, obviously he worked here, he wouldn’t be wearing a uniform if he didn’t, but what else was he supposed to say?

“I’m glad I bumped into you,” he said and Jimin immediately felt so guilty for feeling the exact opposite.

“I was going to call you as soon as I could on Sunday but I realized I didn’t have your number. I asked Hajun, but he thought it would be awkward to ask Taehyung since they don’t really… you know.” He laughed half heartily and sent Jimin a smile.

“Yeah, is Hajun okay? Taehyung has been a little down because of it.” Jimin knew Taehyung would appreciate it if Jiwoo would pass that on to Hajun, so Jimin hoped he would.

“Yeah, Hajun has too. It’s really too bad it didn’t work out.” Jimin nodded in agreement. It would’ve been nice if it could’ve just worked out.

“I hope that doesn’t make you rethink giving me a chance to make it up to you for Saturday.” Jimin looked at him surprised.

He had really hoped Jiwoo wouldn’t bring it up. He really wished Jiwoo would’ve thought it was a bad idea for them to see each other again since their friends weren’t a thing anymore.

“I- I’m not sure. I mean do you not think it’s a little weird?” Jimin asked, hoping Jiwoo would eventually agree.

It didn’t seem like he did though.

Son of a-

“No, I mean it’s not like they hate each other,” he awkwardly laughed.

He seemed… nervous.

“And they were the ones setting us up.” That was annoyingly true.

Taehyung would actually be happy as fuck if Jiwoo and Jimin started dating. Not only because he wants Jimin to get out there, but because he was the one setting them up and would be annoyingly proud of himself if he succeeded.

“No I suppose that’s true,” mumbled Jimin more to himself than to Jiwoo.

“So when can I ask you out again?” Jiwoo looked so hopeful and Jimin felt so fucking horrible.

“I- I,”

“You’re not seeing anyone else right? Cause that would really suck.” Once again, he laughed awkwardly, obviously feeling very nervous. But this time he did look and sound a little scared of Jimin’s answer.

“No!” exclaimed Jimin, almost a little too fast. “I mean no, no I’m not seeing anyone else.” Jimin felt so fucking guilty for saying that since he was literally going on a date this very fucking Friday. But Jiwoo couldn’t know that.

No one could.

“Oh, that’s- that’s really good. So can I ask you out on a second date?” He watched Jimin very closely, a hopeful smile on his face.

Jimin couldn’t crush him like that, but he couldn’t exactly go on a date with him either.

“I’m- I’m really busy at the moment. With the summer festival coming up and I’m behind in many classes and I just- I’m just so busy, I’m sorry.” Jiwoo looked disappointed, but he didn’t look hurt, which means that Jiwoo didn’t know Jimin was lying to him.

“Oh, that’s- That’s fine, I mean I get it. You have a lot on your plate I get it.” Jimin felt so relieved and horrible at the same time.

“But I hope you’ll let me take you out once you’re not so busy.” Jiwoo smiled brightly.

Why couldn’t he just stop being so goddamn sweet?

“Jiwoo you don’t have to-”

“No I want to. I won’t take a no for an answer. I’ll ask you again another time and then you better be free.” He grinned big time and Jimin wished he would stop.


“Nope, no. I can’t hear you.” He covered his ears. “I’ll ask you again another time,” he laughed.

Then he turned to walk back to the cinema Jimin figured must have been where he came from.

Jimin was a horrible, horrible person and Jiwoo deserved so much better than to be with someone like him.

And Jungkook?

Jungkook was a dick, but he deserved better too.

However, Jimin was too selfish to let him go.






Dance class Thursday morning was both horrible and wonderful. Horrible because it was the first class in the morning and he had to look at Chiwon’s face merely minutes after he woke up.

Wonderful because he fucking loved to dance.

This morning had been especially anticipated for the whole class since it was today it was announced who would dance at the summer festival.

Jimin had been more curious in seeing whether or not Chiwon and Kangmin should dance. He wished they weren’t picked since it would be so satisfying to see their sulky faces.

However, that wish didn’t come true.

“So congratulation to everyone who is gonna do a solo, I hope you’ll make us proud at the festival. And everyone else, you’re all talented enough to do a solo but unfortunately, not everyone can, but there’s always the group dances and next year, for those who don’t graduate this year.” Hoseok smiled brightly to the dance class.

Somewhere beaming with glee, some were pouting and some looked nonchalant.

“I want everyone who is doing a solo to work hard! If you need help with choreography or has trouble choosing a song or some other shit, just come to me, I’ll help you.”

Jimin nearly choked on his own tongue when he realized he had absolutely no idea of what he should do the festival.

He hadn’t even thought about it once, completely forgetting that he had to pick a dance style, a song and make a whole damn choreography to it. He was so fucked and he hadn’t even been aware of it.

“So everyone!” Hoseok clapped his hands. “Let’s work on our group dance, shall we?” Everyone agreed and so the music was turned on and practice started.

Chiwon and Kangmin were standing in the front. They always did that. Jimin stood in the front because Hoseok had told him to, Kangmin and Chiwon stood in the front because they wanted to show off to the younger students.

They were graduating this year and were some of the oldest students in the class.

Most of the class was made up of first years and third years. But there were more from Jimin’s year than from Kangmin and Chiwon’s year since dance class hadn’t really been all that special before Hoseok took over.

It annoyed the shit out of Jimin that Kangmin and Chiwon were two years older than him. That gave them a pretty easy way to look down on Jimin and treat him like a child.

Fucking doucebags.

Jimin danced with all he had, but he somehow didn’t feel like he was present in this moment. His mind was somewhere else entirely.

He was thinking about the summer festival, figuring out what the fuck he was supposed to do.

He was thinking about Jiwoo, and how big of a fucking dick he was for lying to him the night before.

And that, of course, led to Jungkook.

Everything had a way of leading to Jungkook. He was so annoyingly present in Jimin’s head very often.

They were going out tomorrow, but Jimin still knew nothing of what their plans where. Were they going out for dinner? Were they doing some sort of activity? What the hell would they be doing?

Jimin really wanted to know, but he didn’t want to seek out Jungkook and he didn’t even have his phone number.

Jimin didn’t exactly want to ask for it, but he didn’t exactly want to not have it.

He was so fucking confusing he was confusing himself.

“Jimin!” Hoseok voice pulled Jimin out of his thoughts. “It’s break time, go get some water. You don’t look all that present.” Jimin shook his head to wake up and then he nodded.

”Sorry, I was thinking about… the summer festival.” At that Hoseok grinned.

“I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do.” Neither could Jimin. “And you can always come to me if you need help or advice or whatever.”

“Thanks, Hobi, I appreciate it.”

They exchanged bright smiles and then Hoseok ended the break.

“Let’s go, everybody! Time to start up again.”






Jimin had headed straight back to the dance studio after his last class. The moment his class had been dismissed Jimin had rushed out of the door before everyone else and ran all the way to the dance studio.

He had been on edge since dance class this morning. He had no idea what he was going to do for the festival and it was stressing him out. He had 6 weeks to figure it out, but that felt like no time at all to Jimin at the moment.

He couldn’t believe he had missed such a big fucking detail in the plan.

He should’ve figured this out weeks ago, considering he knew he was going to do a solo. Yet he had forgotten.

Stupid, stupid boy.

The moment he had entered the studio he had tossed his bag in the corner and went straight for the stereo to plug in his phone.

He went through all of his songs trying to find one he wanted to dance to. He went through all genres, all playlists. Everything.

And nothing. After 20 minutes straight, he found nothing.

Not even something that could inspire him.


In the end, he just put on the song for the group dance and decided to practice that. Maybe dancing would help shake is mind and come up with something.

However, that did not happen.

Nothing went through his mind. He could hardly think. He felt powerless. He felt useless. He felt horrible. It was as if there were a war going on inside his head and he was losing it.

He wasn’t sure what was happening, but he suddenly felt so overwhelmed. He felt like he was physically in pain. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t do any of it. He would fail.

He knew he would fail and then his father would be right.

He felt like the music was getting louder and louder and it was suffocating him. The whole room was suffocating him.

Jimin didn’t even realize that his eyes were watering.

His heart started beating rapidly and he felt like he couldn’t breathe.

He slowly sat down doing his best to calm down his heart and inhale deeply.

He was shaking like crazy trying his best to catch his breath.

It took some time before Jimin could breathe somewhat normal again.

What the fuck was happening? It was just a stupid dance. It was just a stupid dance festival. It was just his stupid fucking father.

Why did all matter so damn much?

Then suddenly the music was turned off.


Jimin flinched at the sound of his name.

He hadn’t thought anyone would come here. He was sure no one would be bothering him tonight, but of course, he came.

When Jimin wanted to see him the least he showed up.

Jimin quickly dried his eyes before he turned his head to look at Jungkook standing by the stereo. He was dressed in black jeans, a grey shirt, and a black jacket. He looked effortlessly handsome.

Damn him.

Jimin looked effortlessly ugly in his sweaty sweatpants and t-shirt.

Jungkook was standing with a plastic bag from Kanagawa in his hand as he looked down at Jimin on the floor, concern clear on his face.

Jimin immediately looked away, feeling ashamed that Jungkook saw him like his. He was sitting on the cold floor, his eyes red and wet from tears. He was still shaking though not as much as before and his heart was still beating a little bit too fast.

“Jung- Jungkook? What are you doing here?”

Jungkook stood still for a moment then he went over to Jimin and sat down right in front of him.

He didn’t say anything he just started unpacking the take-out bag, placing plastic boxes of sushi on the floor along with some soya sauce and chopsticks. Jimin felt speechless as he looked at Jungkook.

What was he doing?

“Jungkook what are you doing?” Jimin finally asked as Jungkook unpacked the last things from the bag.

“I’m bringing you food,” he merely said. “I can see that,” said Jimin.

“But why?”

Jungkook looked up at him for the first time since he said down, and Jimin kind of wish he hadn’t. Because Jungkook’s eyes were practically looking into his soul and Jimin didn’t want that at the moment.

“I’m making sure you remember to eat.” Jimin blinked rapidly in surprise.

He wasn’t so sure what the hell was going on.

He was even more surprised by the fact that Jungkook hadn’t asked about what the fuck had been going on 3 minutes ago.

Jimin looked like an absolute mess and Jungkook hadn’t commented on it.

Not yet at least.

“I can take of myself,” said Jimin, not wanting Jungkook to think Jimin was a child who couldn’t care for himself.

Jungkook started opening the plastic boxes. “I know you can,” he said, opening the last plastic box and then he looked up at Jimin. “But sometimes you forget, and then you have to let someone else do it for you. Just for a little while at least.”

Then he grinned at Jimin and that somehow made Jimin feel ten times better. Jimin’s cheeks redden and he looked down at his hands.

He hadn’t even realized it, but his heart rate was slowing down and his breathing was getting better.

He had been so shocked at seeing Jungkook that he had forgotten to focus on his inability to breathe and somehow that had made it go away.

“You didn’t have to,” said Jimin, still avoiding Jungkook’s eyes.

“I wanted to.” Jimin cracked a smile, but since he was looking down at his hands, Jungkook didn’t see it.

Jungkook pushed a plastic box with sushi towards Jimin and handed him a set of chopsticks. Jimin hesitated for a minute, then he took them and Jungkook smiled as if he had been afraid Jimin wouldn’t take them.

They started eating in silence.

Jimin didn’t know what to say to Jungkook. He still felt so ashamed and his cheeks were still red. He didn’t know why Jungkook didn’t talk, but he was afraid to ask.

The only sound that was heard in the studio was the sound of chopsticks hitting the plastic boxes. It wasn’t a particularly pleasant sound, but Jimin somehow still preferred over the sound of their voices.

Jungkook must have remembered what kind of sushi Jimin liked, cause his plastic box was filled with all of the pieces sushi he liked. Jungkook must have paid attention to what pieces of sushi he took at the restaurant on Monday, otherwise, Jimin didn’t know how he would’ve known that.

“How did you know I was here?” asked Jimin, breaking the silence with his quiet voice.

“If I said I was stalking you would you be creeped out?” That made Jimin laughed.

It was a painful laugh since his chest was still hurting a little bit and his throat felt raw, but it was a laugh nonetheless.

Jungkook grinned at that, glad Jimin laughed.

“Yes, but I wouldn’t exactly be surprised,” he laughed and so did Jungkook, obviously remembering that fact that Jimin had said those exact words to him 4 days ago too.

“I asked your roommate,” said Jungkook, revealing the truth behind his knowledge of his whereabouts.

That made Jimin looked up and his eyes widened.

He had talked with Yoongi?

“You- you spoke to Yoongi? Wh- what did you say?”

Jimin felt anxious. He didn’t want Jungkook to talk with Yoongi.

He didn’t want anyone to talk to Jungkook.

No one was supposed to know.

It looked like Jungkook understood that from Jimin’s question, because he looked slightly hurt for a second, and Jimin, of course, felt guilty once again.

“I just said we had a literature assignment and I needed help.” Jimin sighed relieved.

Jungkook looked down at his sushi and Jimin could still see the hurt look on his face and he absolutely hated it.

“Jungkook it’s no- I’m not-” “It’s okay Jimin. I get it.”

Jungkook actually looked understanding and Jimin had no idea how he could.

Jimin had just indicated that he didn’t want anyone to know that he and Jungkook knew each other. Yet here they sat and Jungkook looked like Jimin had every reason to act like this.

“I’m sorry,” said Jimin, not knowing what else to say.

Jungkook shook his head as he ate a piece of Sushi.

“It’s okay Jimin, it really is,” he said when he had swallowed the piece.

Jimin just looked at him, trying to figure out if he was lying or actually telling the truth. By the look on his face, it looked like he was telling the truth, but Jimin knew he wasn’t.

And Jimin understood that. If he had been Jungkook he would’ve been visibly hurt, maybe even angry, but Jungkook wasn’t.

“Are you not going to ask about…?” asked Jimin, not being able to not address the gigantic elephant that was filling the entire room.

“Do you want me to ask about it?”

“No,” said Jimin honestly.

“Then I won’t ask. You can tell me when you want. And if you don’t want to ever that’s cool too.”

Jimin couldn’t help but feel absolutely baffled by the way Jungkook handled this.

He wasn’t prying, he wasn’t demanding that Jimin told him, he hadn’t even been angry at Jimin for keeping him a secret.

It felt uncharacteristic of Jungkook, but Jimin liked it.

“I mean I’m really fucking dying to know,” he said and grinned. “But I won’t force it out of you.” That, however, was totally characteristic of Jungkook. Jimin snorted.

“Do you want to know what we’re doing tomorrow?” Jimin was surprised at the randomness for a moment, but then he nodded. Jungkook smiled.

“Okay. I’m going to pick you up at 7,” he started, never taking his eyes off of Jimin, who had a hard time keeping eye contact but refused to look away at the same time. “Then I’m going to take you to my favorite restaurant in all of Seoul, and you’re going to taste the best kimchi you will ever taste in your entire life.” Jungkook was smiling like crazy and it was insanely contentious.

Jimin was smiling too. How could he not when Jungkook was sitting there in front of him, smiling like an idiot?

“For dessert, we’re having chocolate pudding.”

Jimin knew why he was doing this.

Jungkook had made it clear Tuesday night he didn’t want to tell Jimin. Which meant the only reason why he was telling this, was to make Jimin feel better by talking about something completely different.

By taking all the attention away from Jimin.

“I don’t like pudding,” said Jimin.

“You don’t?” Jimin shook his head.

“How funny. Neither do I.” He winked at Jimin and then continued explaining their date. “Then we’re going for a walk through the streets of Seoul, and I’ll take you to see all of my favorite places. I’ll take you to the spring fair and I’ll win you a teddy bear, cause I’m great at archery.”

Jimin couldn’t stop smiling and it felt absolutely amazing.

“And I’ll take you down to the origami stand and we’ll do- why are you laughing?”

Jimin hadn’t meant to laugh out loud at that, but he couldn’t help it.

“I just didn’t take you for an origami man that’s all.”

“I can be anything as long as you take me.” Jimin gently hit him the chest.

“Stop being an idiot,” he said, but he was blushing. Then they both laughed.

And then the silence came back. Until Jimin broke it a few seconds later.

“I don’t know what to do for the summer festival,” he confessed.

Jungkook said nothing and Jimin took as a sign that he should go on.

“That’s why I was freaking out. I know it’s stupid cause it’s just a fucking summer festival but I- I don’t know why.”

Jimin felt stupid saying it out loud. ''

He had felt stupid thinking it, but that was nothing compared with how it felt to say it.

Jungkook must think he was an idiot.

“It’s not stupid Jimin. It means something to you, that’s why it’s stressing you. That’s not stupid.”

“It sure feels stupid,” mumbled Jimin.

“Well, it’s not.”

Jimin ate another piece of sushi, then he placed the chopsticks on the floor.

“What do you like to dance?”

“What do you mean?”

Jungkook placed the chopsticks on the floor too and gave Jimin his entire attention. “What do you like to dance the most? Do you like to dance to upbeat music? Or slow music? Do you want to dance the robot?” Jungkook laughed and Jimin hit him again. “What kind of feeling do you like to have when you dance?” That made Jimin’s brain go blank.

He had no idea.

He just liked to dance.

Wasn’t it the same no matter which dance he danced?

“I’m not sure. I like that feeling when I feel light. You know like a piece of the dust in the wind? Wow, that sounded stupid. But I mean-” He couldn’t find the words. “I like to feel beautiful.”

Jimin hadn’t even registered that those words left his mouth.

He felt so embarrassed cause who the fuck says that?

Not to mention that it didn’t even make sense.

“No! That’s not- I didn’t mean that I want to- Cause who says that?”

He tried in vain to take back his words. He had no idea how those words had left his mouth. He hadn’t even thought those words in his mind, but somehow, he had said them out loud.

Jungkook must think he was a fucking moron.

“Do contemporary,” said Jungkook. “You would look absolutely beautiful dancing contemporary.” They locked eyes and Jimin was blushing.

Why did every compliment from Jungkook mean so much more to him then from literally anyone else? What kind of superpower did Jungkook possess?

“I think I should get back before Yoongi gets worried.” Jungkook looked a little disappointed at Jimin words, but he nodded nonetheless.

“That’s probably a good idea. We can’t have him worrying about you all the time.” Jimin helped Jungkook clean up the plastic boxes.

“Well it’s only around 7 pm and we have a 10 o’clock rule,” says Jimin, though he’s not sure why since it’s totally irrelevant for Jungkook to know.

“Then what if you’re not back by 10?”

“He comes and drag me by my ear all the way back,” laughed Jimin, trying to make a little joke.

“Every time?” asked Jungkook. Jimin nodded, though he wasn’t sure why Jungkook would ask that.

“Good. We can’t have you sleep here all night,” he laughed, and so did Jimin because it had happened once or twice before.

Though Jungkook didn’t need to know that.

Because he didn’t know that right?

“Let’s go,” said Jungkook and got up. He picked up the plastic bag and then he reached out to help Jimin up. Jimin took it, which had been a good idea because his body wasn’t holding him very well.

“Are you okay?” “I will be,” replied Jimin and gave Jungkook a confident smile.

Jimin went over to grab his bag and Jungkook waited for him by the door. “Let me take you back to your dorm room,” he said. Jimin was about do decline.

He didn’t want anybody seeing Jeon Jungkook walking him back to his dorm room.

It seemed that Jungkook read his mind. “I’ll just walk you to your building.”

Jimin hesitated again, but then he nodded, and together they exited the dance building.

The five-minute walk was pleasant enough. They didn’t really talk, but it didn’t seem like either of them minded.

The air was surprisingly warm and Jimin could hear the sound of laughter nearby, which was a pleasant sound.

“Why did you come tonight Jungkook? Not that I don’t appreciate it,” hurried Jimin to say. “But why?”

What Jungkook had done for him tonight had been kind as fuck.

He had helped quite a lot, and he probably didn’t even know it.

But why was the big question?

“After Tuesday I just-“ Jungkook was having a hard time finding the right words. “I guess I was just worried you might have changed your mind when you woke up sober the next morning or something.”

Jimin could understand that. His behavior Tuesday has been quite surprising he had to admit that.

“I get that. But no.” Jungkook seemed very pleased with that answer because he smiled in relief.

“At least not yet, so if you start behaving like a fucking dick again I might cut yours off.”

The threat of cutting off his dick made Jungkook grin. “You seem awfully interested in my dick. If you want to see it just ask.” Jungkook smiled smugly, and it felt so normal that Jimin couldn’t help but giggle.

“Keep it in your pants Jeon Jungkook.” “It’s hard when I’m around you.”

Jungkook came closer and Jimin pushed him back.

“I was serious about cutting off your dick.”

“I know. It, strangely enough, turned me on quite a lot.”

“Ew, Jungkook.”

But Jimin didn’t sound disgusted at all, even though he probably should be a little bit.

Jungkook leaned in and placed a gentle kiss to Jimin’s cheek. “Goodnight,” he said, and before Jimin even had the chance to reply, he walked away.

Then Jimin entered his building and found his way to his dorm room.

Yoongi was lying on his bed when Jimin came in. He had his phone in his hand and was probably scrolling through music.

“Hey,” greeted Jimin and Yoongi looked up.

“Hey,” he replied.

Jimin threw his bag on the floor and jumped onto his bed. It felt good to lie down on his soft bed.

Though it wasn’t as soft as Yoongi’s.

It had been a strange day.

It had been hard.

It had been painful.

It had been frustrating.

But it had weirdly enough ended quite lovely.

Something he definitely hadn’t counted on an hour ago.

“Did you help Jungkook with his assignment?”

“Huh?” Yoongi looked over at him.

“Oh, yeah, he needed quite the help, he’s kind of an idiot.” He tried not to laugh, but he couldn’t help it.

“What’s so funny?” asked Yoongi, looked rather annoyed he didn’t understand the joke.

“Nothing.” Yoongi nodded, but he didn’t seem convinced. Then he went back to his phone.



Jimin chewed on his bottom lip before he spoke.

“I’m doing contemporary to the summer festival.” That seemed to get Yoongi’s full attention.

“Really?” he asked, voice filled with glee.

“Yeah, I want to do that.”

He hadn’t really thought about contemporary before Jungkook had suggested it, which made him feel quite stupid since he danced a lot of contemporary at Busan School of Arts.

“And I was wondering,” said Jimin and cleared his throat. “Do you want to play the piano while I dance Yoongi?”

Yoongi sat up in his bed, throwing the phone down on the bed.

“Really?” He looked so surprised and Jimin couldn’t help but wonder why.

Yoongi was the most talented guy he knew, having Yoongi play would be a fucking honor.

So why did Yoongi look like playing for Jimin was the honor?

“Yeah, I want you up there with me Yoongi. I would feel so much better knowing you were beside me.” Yoongi’s eyes softened completely and a sweet smile spread on his lips.

“I would love to Jimin.”

“Thank you.”

They were quiet for a while, then Yoongi picked up his pillow and threw it at Jimin, who was too slow to catch it.

“What the fuck Yoongi? We were having a moment,” exclaimed Jimin.

Yoongi picked up his phone and started scrolling through it again.

“Moment’s over, now sleep.”

Jimin threw the pillow back at him, but Yoongi was faster than Jimin had been and caught it before it hit him square in the face.

“It’s 7.30pm Yoongi.”

“Then do something else.” Yoongi put the pillow under his head and lied down again.

“What are you doing?”

“Watching YouTube videos,” replied Yoongi.

Jimin was quiet for a moment, then he spoke.

“Can I watch too?” Yoongi looked at him out of the corner of his eye.

It looked like he was debating internally whether or not he should say yes.

In the end, he surrendered.

“Fine,” he said. Jimin did a little ‘yay’ then he jumped onto Yoongi’s bed and lied down beside him, his cheek resting on Yoongi’s shoulder.

“You’re watching baking tutorials,” commented Jimin.

“If you don’t like it you can fuck off,” said Yoongi, but Jimin just laughed and snuggled closer to him.

Together they watched at least 15 different baking videos, and Jimin actually learned how to make hazelnut brownies.

In theory that is.

Chapter Text

Park Jimin loved watching k-dramas with Taehyung.

Not because he was really that much into it, but because Taehyung was. He really fucking loved it and though Jimin liked it too, it was nothing compared to Taehyung.

It’s a religion, he would say.

They started having a k-drama day when they started their second year. At first, it was the first Friday of the month because neither of them had the time to do it more often because they were stressed out at the beginning of the semester. But gradually, they started doing it a little more. Every other Friday it was now.

And today was one of those Fridays.

Of course, Jimin had a hard time focusing on the series because all he could think about was his date with Jungkook, which was starting in precisely 2 hours and 48 minutes.

“This part is so fucking funny,” exclaimed Taehyung, not taking his eyes off of the little computer screen.

They were laying in Taehyung’s bed. Taehyung had the computer on his lap, while Jimin was lying next to him, his cheek resting on Taehyung’s shoulder and his arm resting on his stomach.

“See!” said Taehyung and pointed at the screen. “Look at his face! He was not expecting that, holy shit. I laughed like crazy when I first saw it.” Jimin found it funny too, but certainly not as funny as Taehyung did.

He had insisted that they watched a new k-drama he had found. “I am not a robot,” it was called. Taehyung had already watched the first 3 episodes and he told Jimin they just had to watch it together. Jimin complied instantly because he was weak to Taehyung’s demands.

Especially now since Jimin was such a horrible friend to him.

“Can’t wait to the day we can get robots too,” said Jimin. 

“I don’t,” replied Taehyung, still watching the little screen with great interest even though he had already seen it.

“Why? Then we can have robots do things for us.”

“Yeah, or they’ll end up killing us. Once they get human intelligence we’re all doomed.”

“Yeah but till then they can do our homework and cook dinner and walk our dogs.”

“You don’t have a dog.”

“Then they can walk you.” Taehyung hit his arm hard and Jimin laughed, proud of his joke.

Jimin couldn’t focus on the series and he had known that from the beginning. Actually, he wasn’t even aware that the robot they had brought the man, whose name he couldn’t remember, was, in fact, a real girl.

He had missed that very essential part of the plot. After that, he merely gave up on the series.

He wondered if Jungkook was as nervous as he was. If Jungkook was speculating what he was going to wear right now as well, even though there were almost 3 hours until their date.

Was he thinking this much too?

Jimin was kind of hoping he was because it would make it all so much easier if they were on the same page.

Though Jimin had a feeling Jungkook was very calm at the moment. He was always annoyingly calm no matter what happened.

That was so unfair it hurt.

“Jimin you’re not paying attention.” Jimin blinked rapidly, trying to adjust to the world outside of his thoughts.

“I am,” argued Jimin, though he knew it was futile since Taehyung knew him too well.

“Then what happened after she broke the box?” challenged Taehyung, already knowing he would win.

“She… she gives him a new one?” Taehyung sighed, then he paused the series and turned his full attention towards Jimin.

“What the fuck is happening inside your pretty little head Jimin? Cause you’re usually not this distracted on k-drama day.” That was true. He usually paid attention.

For a moment Jimin thought about telling him. Thought of finally telling someone that he was going on a date with Jeon Jungkook, who actually unofficial own Jimin’s ass.

And that Jimin actually didn’t really mind all that much anymore.

He didn’t end up telling Taehyung.

He wasn’t really sure why.

“The- the dance competition is really fucking with my brain Tae.” While that was definitely true, it wasn’t what was bothering him right at this moment.

“I thought you said you knew what you were gonna do?” “I do, but I still have to come up with choreography and shit. It’s a lot of work Tae.”

And now he had to include Jungkook in that equation. Which was really fucking frustrating because he really didn’t have time to figure it out.

And he really sucked at math.

“I can help you, you know? And Hobi wants to help too. He’s already asked me if you need help.”

“Why doesn’t he just ask me?”

“Because he knows how annoyingly stubborn you are. You would just insist he should do his own and not think of you and that you were fine even though you weren’t.” That was creepily accurate.

“Get the fuck out of my head,” said Jimin, but his voice held no anger.

“It’s not my fault you so easy to read.” Jimin hit his arm again.

“I’m not easy to read.” And it was true, since Taehyung, or anyone for that matter, didn’t know what he had been doing all week.

Jimin still had a hard time thinking about the fact that he had only know Jungkook for less than a week, yet the dark-haired boy already filled his thoughts so much. He had hated him like the plague the first three days, he really had.

Jungkook had been intimidating and pushing all of his buttons, even buttons he didn’t know he had.

Then he had gone out with him Monday and everything had changed.

Because Jungkook wasn’t really what he had thought. He wasn’t a complete dick. Not all the time.

But Jimin had pulled away because he was scared. Jimin realized that.

He had been scared and his defends mechanism had kicked in. He had fled instead of facing the fact that he actually wanted to get to know Jungkook better.

Jimin was still fairly certain Jungkook was going to be his doom, but he had decided to just enjoy it while it lasted.

And if it didn’t work out, then it was just too bad.

Luckily Jungkook was only one boy amongst many.

Well, he was a little bit better than most boys, but still just a boy regardless.

“Just say the words and I’ll be there. You know that.” Jimin hugged Taehyung tighter.

He really didn’t deserve this beautiful boy.



Should he tell him? He looked up at the boy, at the way his blond locks covered his forehead and a bit of his eyes. He looked at his mono eyelid and his double eyelid. He looked at his pink lips and his sharp jawline.

Kim Taehyung was insanely hot, and Jimin constantly wondered how he hadn’t fallen in love with him.

Maybe his heart was sparing him the loss of the best person he would ever meet.

Finally, his heart was on his side.

“You have something between your teeth.”

“What?” Taehyung started licking his teeth and using his annoyingly pretty fingernails to find whatever was in his teeth, though the action was meaningless since he didn’t have anything between his teeth.

“Did I get it?” he showed Jimin his teeth, and Jimin nodded.

“Imagine if I had gone out with something between my teeth. Talk about social suicide.” Jimin couldn’t help laughing since Taehyung was making a big deal out of something that hadn’t even happened. Lying was just so much easier than telling the truth.

The door was kicked open and in came Hoseok, followed by Namjoon. “I swear Namjoon if you complain just one more time I will end your life here and now. Kiss your boyfriend goodbye cause you’re not gonna see him again.” Hoseok sat down on his bed and threw his bag at the floor.

“I’m not complaining I’m just saying that-”

“That it doesn’t sound as good as Yoongi’s, yeah, yeah I heard you.”

Namjoon sat down in Hoseok desk chair. “Seriously, he is killing it nowadays. He has always been killing it, but more so these days.”

“Why?” asked Hoseok, and Jimin immediately looked at Namjoon who looked back at him.

This time, however, he didn’t have the same guilty face as he had Tuesday night when he had admitted that he had told Jin.

“He has just been going to the studio so much and I just know he’s working on a masterpiece, and I’m working on nothing. Nothing!” exclaimed Namjoon in frustrations.

Poor boy, it appeared he had been completely discouraged by Yoongi’s song.

Jimin wanted to tell him that really shouldn’t since he was insanely talented himself, but he didn’t have time before Taehyung spoke. “We’re trying to have a moment over here, can you please be frustrated in silence?” asked Taehyung, but he was grinning.

“Oh, I’m sorry the sound of my career dying is a nuisance to you.”

“Your career isn’t dying, stop being a drama queen,” said Hoseok, and by the sound of his voice, this wasn’t the first time he had said that.

“It could be,” muttered Namjoon.

“Namjoon your songs are amazing, stop doubting yourself.” Namjoon sent Jimin a grateful smile.

Sometimes Namjoon just needed a little reassuring.

“Maybe some good old sex will help you loosen up. I’m sure Jin is willing to help you,” said Hoseok and winked at Namjoon.

Hoseok had a tendency to stick his nose in everyone’s business.

“Speaking of,” said Taehyung and got everyone’s attention.

“When do we get to meet him? Only Hobi has met him and I’m far greater company than him.” Hoseok gasped insulted, and was about to saying something, probably an insult Taehyung’s way, but Namjoon spoke first.

“Don’t worry, Seokjin is forcing me to ask you out for dinner or something.” Taehyung’s eyes lit up.

“Really? You heard that Jimin?” he nudged to Jimin. “We’re finally going to meet the boy who is capable of dating this clumsy idiot.”

For a moment it seemed like Namjoon was going to argue, but he probably knew he couldn’t win so he said nothing.

Jimin wondered if Namjoon was going to tell them Jimin had already met him, but it seemed like Namjoon wouldn’t do that. He was probably afraid to tell the wrong person the wrong thing again after he told Jin about Yoongi’s song.

“I’ve met him,” said Jimin and everyone turned their heads towards him.

“What? That’s not fair,” whined Taehyung. “Am I really the last to meet him?” Both Jimin and Namjoon laughed as Taehyung looked at them as if they had somehow betrayed him.

“Where did you meet him?” asked Hoseok, looking at Jimin.

“He came by the coffee shop Seokjin works at.”

There he was again calling Jin for Seokjin. Jimin didn’t understand why, since Seokjin sounded so formally, but maybe it was a couple thing he didn’t know about.

“Seokjin works at a coffee shop?” asked Taehyung, though Namjoon had just said it.

“Yeah, he does. It’s a little far from the university.”

“It’s nice,” said Jimin. “We should go sometime.”

Jimin found Namjoon looking at him with a big smile on his face. He had obviously been afraid Jimin didn’t want to do it after his little stunt Tuesday night.

Jimin didn’t blame him since he had been totally obvious when he had avoided the question.

“He came by the Blue Lagoon too,” said Jimin.

He suddenly had a huge urge to tell as many truths as he could.

Of course, Jimin had told Taehyung he had been to the Blue Lagoon with Namjoon and Yoongi, just not told him about Yoongi’s song.

He was kind of forced to do it when he came home with a sore nose. Taehyung had been quite pissed off by the fact that Jimin hadn’t invited him, but his anger had quickly turned into concern instead.

“This is just not fair,” said Taehyung again. “I stay home one night and everything just happens. Everyone meets Seokjin and Jimin hits his nose and everyone had fun without me.”

“I wasn’t there either,” said Hoseok and raised his hand in the air indicating that it was, in fact, him who hadn’t been there either.

“Yeah, but you’re a pain the ass, no one wants you to come to anything.” Hoseok threw his pillow at Taehyung.

They had such a unique friendship those two.

“Speaking of,” said Namjoon and turned his attention towards Jimin. “What the hell happened? One minute you were there and the next you were gone.”

Of course, the question didn’t take Jimin by surprised this time, since he had already thought of an excuse. He was not repeating the mistake he had made with Taehyung.

“I drank a little too much, walked right into the door to the alley as I was trying to come out for some air. Got a cap and went to the hospital.”

It wasn’t a complete lie, he just didn’t say he wasn’t alone.

It was so much easier to lie when he was practically telling the truth.

Kind of.

“Why the hell didn’t you come to get us?” Namjoon sounded generally annoyed.

“I didn’t wanna disturb you guys, and it really wasn’t a big deal.” Namjoon looked like he wanted to argue, but then let it go. 

“Next time you come to us, okay?” Jimin nodded.

“Well now that we established that Jimin is a first-class dick who is too stubborn for his own good, can we get back to watching our k-drama?” asked Taehyung.

“Oh yeah, it’s k-drama Friday.” Hoseok got up from the bed and dragged Namjoon with him out of the dorm room. “Let’s go Joonie, the kids are watching their series.”

Taehyung gave him the finger and Hoseok sent him a kiss, then they closed the door behind them.

“So,” said Taehyung and started the k-drama again. “Pay attention to the screen or I’m choking you in a non-kinky way.” Jimin just hit his chest.

Then he placed his cheek on Taehyung’s shoulder again and they watch their series.

It was actually quite funny once Jimin paid attention to it.

They ended up seeing 3 more episodes before Jimin told Taehyung had to do homework, he then hurried out of his best friend’s dorm room and into his own where he spent 30 minutes picking clothes.

Going on dates sucked decided Jimin.




In the end, Jimin had decided to wear skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and the most stylish jacket he owned.

Which wasn’t really all that stylish, but whatever.

He had actually put on a very small amount of make-up, but he kind of hoped Jungkook wouldn’t notice. Since it would be a little embarrassing for some reason if Jungkook knew he had made such a big deal out of it.

He waited for Jungkook by the entrance to his building and hoped Jungkook wouldn’t figure out why.

Jimin felt like the biggest fucking dick.

He really did.

What he was doing was the sickest dick move. But he wasn’t ready for people to know he was involved with Jeon Jungkook.

As friends or whatever else there was.

It was a mix of not wanting people to stick their nose in his business the same way many people did Jungkook, and not wanting people to judge him and give him unnecessary attention.

Jimin had heard quite a lot about Jungkook the last two years because for some reason his business was the talk of the town.

Who he was seeing, what he had been doing in the weekend, what he had had for fucking breakfast.

Jimin didn’t know why people were so fucking interest.

He was a good-looking, rich kid. Was that really enough to make every person around him so damn curious?

Apparently, it was.

But Jimin didn’t want to be a part of it. Jungkook could get his attention, but Jimin didn’t want any of it. He just wanted to stay low.

Why couldn’t Jungkook just be a nobody like Jimin? It would make everything so much easier.

“You look good.”

Jimin turned around to see Jungkook standing behind him.

Jesus, how long had he been standing there?

“Tha- thanks,” said Jimin fumbling over the words.

His cheeks heated up.

No, no, NO.

Luckily, Jimin’s cheeks were on his side tonight, so they didn’t heat up all that much and Jungkook didn’t see it.

“You look good too.” And Jungkook really did. But it didn’t look like he had gone out of his way to look like that. It was just a given for him. He always looked good.


“Thanks, but who's gonna notice me when I’m standing next to you.” He grinned and Jimin hit his shoulder.

That was so untrue and he fucking knew it. Standing next to Jungkook, no one was even going to notice there was another person beside him.

“Why are you standing out here? I could’ve just come and get you.”

Jimin’s throat instantly became dry and he had a hard time swallowing. He wanted to come up with a small lie, saying he did it because he needed the air, and not because he didn’t want his building to see Jeon Jungkook seek him out at 7 pm on a Friday.

People were going to talk for sure.

Jungkook understood Jimin’s silence quite fast.

Which was both a blessing and a curse.

Jungkook awkwardly cleared his throat. “Shall we?” he asked and forced a smile. Jimin instantly nodded and followed him.

They walked in silence for a few minutes and Jimin absolutely hated it.

He kept thinking about something he could say.

Anything that could break the silence.

Something casual and stupid that could break the silence in a pleasant way. Anything dumb that could-

“So the weather is nice,” said Jungkook and Jimin looked up at him.

He was holding back a smile, but he was clearly finding his joke really funny.

Jungkook was being a fucking dork, but Jimin couldn't help the laugh bubbling in him.

And it felt wonderful.

“Yeah,” agreed Jimin, once his laughter died down.

“The weather is really nice.”

It really wasn’t.

The air was chilly and strong, but who the fuck cared?

That wasn’t the point anyway.

“I thought you said you were good at conversation starters?” teased Jimin as the continued walking, not looking at each other.

“I am, I’m just mocking you.”

“Oh, I hadn’t realized,” said Jimin sarcastically.

“Then it’s good I said it. We can’t have you going around believing I’m bad at conversation starters.”

This was nice. It was casual and pleasant and not forced. It felt dangerously natural.

So natural he was scared of getting addicted to it.

“I was actually planning on getting my driver to drive us to the restaurant, but I figured you would rather walk,” explained Jungkook. “Not to mention it would only confirm all your prejudices about me.”

Jungkook had a smile on his lips, obviously joking, but he also knew that it wasn’t a complete lie.

At least it wouldn’t have been 3 days ago, now it was more like half true and half false.

“I already told you I’m trying to cut down on my prejudices,” whine Jimin, kind of insulted Jungkook brought it up again after he had decided not to that anymore.

“Yeah, I know, but I also know that doing a cold turkey has a tendency to end in relapses.” Jimin pushed him in the side.

“Yah, I’m not that weak!” he said.

“Whatever you say sweet cheeks,” said Jungkook and winked at Jimin. He did that quite a lot and Jimin would lie if he said it didn’t make his dick twitch in his pants.

Jungkook was such a walking sex God it was almost scary.

“So where are you taking me?” asked Jimin, wanting to change the topic before his cheeks heated up.

“I’m not telling you.”

“Wha- why not?”

“It would ruin the surprise.”

Jimin didn’t have a great argument to that, so instead, he did the most childish thing he could think of. He tripped Jungkook. He stumbled forward before he could find his foothold again.

“Someone is playing with fire,” he said, sounding pretty fucking kinky.

“What can I say? I live for danger.” That was a big fat lie.

If Jimin could go through his entire life in bubble wrap and a helmet, he fucking would.

“I’m sure you do.”

The walked down a street Jimin had walked down many times before. It was the same street he walked down every time he had to go to work.

Jimin had tried practically every restaurant on his way to work and visited every shop. But not the restaurants and the shops on this particular street.

He called it “can-put-me-in-debt-until-I-die.”

“When are we there?” asked Jimin, getting quite impatient.

“Soon,” said Jungkook, and Jimin pouted.

“Don’t pout.” Jungkook didn’t even look at him when he said that.

“I wasn’t,” replied Jimin, though he definitely was.

“Don’t lie,” said Jungkook, and while his words definitely had a playful undertone, it also had a quite dominating undertone that made Jimin shiver.

Jungkook stopped and Jimin almost walked right into him.

“We’re here,” he clarified and gestured to a big, fancy building Jimin had walked by at least a thousand times.

Of course, he had never entered since he knew he wouldn’t even be able to afford a glass of water, much less actual food.

“This is where we're supposed to eat?” It was a rather strange question, but Jimin had never eaten at such a classy and expensive place before.

Never in his 21 years of life had he set foot inside such a fancy restaurant and he suddenly felt so self-conscious.

Would they be able to see on him that he was too broke to eat here?

Would the be able to smell it on him that his bank account was practically in zero?

“What? You’ve been here before?” Jungkook sounded displeased as if he actually believed Jimin had eaten here before.

“Of course I haven’t Jungkook. Have you seen the prices on those menu cards? It would put me in debt until the day I died.” Jungkook seemed to find that quite funny because he was chuckling beside him.

“I’m glad. It would suck if you had been here before.”

He went to the door and grabbed the door handle, ready to enter the restaurant with Jimin.

But Jimin hadn’t moved.

He looked back at the uncertain look on Jimin’s face and spoke again.

“I’m taking you out Jimin, so stop worrying about the price.” That didn’t really make Jimin feel all that better. He really didn’t like it when Jungkook used so much money on him. It made him feel somewhat small as if he was unable to provide for himself.

Not to mention he was sure people would be able to see that he didn’t really belong at such a fancy place.

“You know there’s a great pizza place down the street I haven’t been to either.” That was a lie. Of course, he had.

Jungkook released the door handle and walked down to Jimin.

“Jimin,” he said, and Jimin shivered as the taller boy looked down at him with such a piercing gaze.

“I’m taking you out, so I’m paying. Get your cute little ass into the restaurant and order whatever you want.” That was any college student’s wet dream, but Jimin’s dick didn’t really twitch at the words.

Of course, the sound of those words was a completely different story. Jungkook had such a sexy voice even when he wasn’t trying to sound sexy.


“No?” Jimin just shook his head.

“You really like disobeying me, don’t you?” The smug smile on Jungkook’s lips told Jimin he didn’t really mind. Not at all.

“Someone has to,” said Jimin, and swallowed hard.

“Well, you’re the only one who can get away with it.” Those words made something warm spread in Jimin’s stomach.

Was he really the only one?

Jimin had his doubts, but he pushed them away.

“Can’t we just eat at a less fancy place? I’m really not dressed for it.” Which was pretty sad, since it was probably some of the fanciest clothes he owned.

“No. Now come with me or I’ll carry you.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” said Jimin, but Jungkook was a daredevil. He bent down and grabbed Jimin around his legs and swung him over his shoulder.

Jimin yelled and hit him with all his strength. “You put me down right now Jeon Jungkook or I swear to God I will fucking kill you.” Jungkook was chuckling, finding the situation funny, but Jimin really didn’t. It was really fucking embarrassing.

He kept on trying to fight Jungkook off, but Jungkook was too strong.

He looked around and saw a few bypassing people send them funny looks.

Jimin felt so fucking embarrassed.

“Then obey me,” he said.

Jimin fucking hated him. Why did he somehow always find a way to piss Jimin off? Jungkook had many gifts.

“Okay fine! Fine!” said Jimin, sounding as pissed off and frustrated as he felt.


“Now put me the fuck down Jungkook.”


Jimin stopped fighting.


“Excuse me?” said Jimin, not quite believing what Jungkook had just said.

He wanted Jimin to beg him? To fucking beg him?

“You heard me. Beg me and I’ll put you down.” “Stop being such a dominating dickhead!” whines Jimin.


Then Jungkook started making his way towards the door and Jimin panicked. He had not believed Jungkook would actually carry him into the restaurant but now it seemed likely.

“Please!” pleaded Jimin. “Put me down Jungkook. Please, please, please!” Jungkook stopped and Jimin had a strong feeling he was smiling victoriously.

“Good boy,” he said and gently put Jimin down.

Jimin refused to look at Jungkook as he straightened his clothes.

When he finally did look up, Jungkook was looking at him with raised eyebrows as if he was waiting for something.

“What now?” sighed Jimin.

“You’re welcome?”

“You want me to thank you when you’re the one being a dick?”

The audacity.



Jungkook sighed, the same way one would sigh when a little child was being unreasonable, but Jimin had every right to be pissed.

Jungkook bent down to once again pick up Jimin, but Jimin jumped back. “Okay, okay, thank you!”

Jungkook stood up and grabbed Jimin’s hand, pulling him with him into the restaurant, with a smile on his lips.

The place was even fancier on the inside. Jimin couldn’t help but gap at the stunning sight. This place was actually truly beautiful. He looked around at the guests. They were all wearing fancy clothes and Jimin instantly felt self-conscious again.

Goddamn it.

“Hey what can- Jungkook!” Jimin looked at the girl behind the counter.

“Hey Sung,” greeted Jungkook with a smile, and Jimin could just see her eyes light up like fireworks.

Who the hell was she?

She was annoyingly beautiful. She had long black hair and was petite with a pretty smile. She was wearing a tight white shirt and a black tie, just like all the other waiters.

Who the hell was she?

“It has been too long Jungkook. I was so happy when I saw your name under reservations! You have to come by more often.”

Like hell, he had to.

What was happening?

“Yeah, I’ve been busy, I apologize for that.” The girl, Sung, looked like she was wetting her panties just by looking at Jungkook and Jimin felt himself getting extremely pissed off.

“That’s ok-”

“Are we going to stand here all night?”

Jimin immediately regretted saying that, but he couldn’t take it back now.

Why had he even said that?

Sung looked at him as if she had first noticed him now, which she probably had.

Jungkook had been lying like hell when he said no one would notice him next to Jimin. It was the other way around and he fucking knew it.

Of course, her face quickly turned into an annoyed smiled.

“And who is this?” asked Sung, clearly wishing it would go away.

She looked back at Jungkook, not sparing Jimin a second glance.

How petty could one get? Though Jimin had mere seconds ago been just as petty.

“My date, Jimin.”

Sung seemed to choke on the words, clearly both surprised and annoyed. But Jimin didn’t care this time, because Jungkook had just proudly told this annoying girl that he was on a date with Jimin.

She could suck it.

And by that, he, of course, meant she could suck some low-quality dick and not the dick she wanted to suck.

“Oh.” Was all that left the girl’s mouth.

“Well your table is this way,” she said and grabbed two menu cards before she quickly guided them to an empty table for two.

“I’ll come back and take your order in a few minutes.” She didn’t look at Jimin as she said that and then she hurried away.

They were both looking at the menu cards, but Jimin really wasn’t paying attention to anything that was written on it.

“Something wrong?” asked Jungkook a knowing smile on his lips.

“No,” said Jimin, still looking at the menu card so he didn’t have to look up at Jungkook.

“Are you sure? You seemed a little off when we were talking to Sungi.”


He had a fucking nickname for her?!

“You must be close since you call her that.” The words sounded a lot saltier than he wanted them to.

He continued to look through the menu card, not reading a single word written in it.

“Yeah, we dated last year.” Jimin really didn’t like the way his stomach turned at those words.

“Oh, fun,” said Jimin, and mentally cursed at himself.

What the fuck kind of reply was that?

“I’m totally kidding, Jimin,” laughed Jungkook. While it did make Jimin feel a little better, it also pissed him off a little.

Jimin didn’t answer, he kept his eyes fixated on the menu card, hoping to distract himself.

“Were you jealous Jimin?” asked Jungkook and the smug smile on his face pissed Jimin even more off.

“I don’t care who you date. Date whoever you want,” he said, a little harder than he meant it.

Jungkook didn’t reply to that, and Jimin was too afraid to look up at him because he had a strong feeling he knew what kind of look Jungkook had on his face.

They were saved by the arrival of Sung. And for the first and last time ever, Jimin was happy to see her.

“Do you know what you want?” she asked, only looking at Jungkook.

For a moment Jungkook didn’t look up at her. His eyes were fixated on Jimin, his expression unreadable.

Then he turned his attention to Sung and gave her the most charming, and flirtatious, smile he had.

“We would like two of today’s special,” he said.

Jimin didn’t know what today’s special was, but he didn’t really want to ask right now.

Sung smiled brightly, obviously glad to finally have Jungkook’s full attention.

Jimin hardly even felt guilty for the words running through his mind.

Attention whore.

“Of course!” she said and grabbed the menu cards. She actually snatched the menu card right out of Jimin’s hands.

What a bitch.

She was about to leave when Jungkook grabbed her wrist and pulled her a little closer. “And then a bottle of red wine,” he said, still smiling so charmingly even Jimin felt his cheeks redden.

“You know which one I like.” Then he winked at her. He fucking winked at her.

She nodded. “Of course, I do.”

For the first time since she arrived, she looked at Jimin. Only to give him a smug smile as if she had now won whatever they had been playing. Then she left, obviously in a good mood.

A weird silence spread.

Jungkook was resting his elbow on the table and his chin on his hands as he looked at Jimin with a very victorious smile on his lips.

Jimin however, refused to look him in the eye. He was being a fucking dick, flirting with Sung like that. But what annoyed him the most was the fact that it was actually affecting him.

He wasn’t jealous. He really wasn’t.

He just didn’t like going on dates where his date flirted with other people. Though this was his first date.

“So,” said Jungkook, breaking the silence. “How’s it going with the dance competition?”

Jimin knew that deep down that question was genuine, but he also knew that Jungkook’s playful smile showed that he merely wanted to break the silence and not actually talk about anything important, which pissed Jimin off, because this dance competition was important.

“Good,” he just said, returning Jungkook’s gaze. “Couldn’t go any better.”

Another fat lie escaping Jimin’s lips. Jungkook’s eyes softened a bit, and Jimin was certain he was thinking of the little incident that happened just last night.

“Are you sure?” he asked, and this time the playful smile was gone.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because of last night, I wasn’t sure yo-”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Jimin wasn’t sure why he had said that. Why he had denied something they both knew had happened. He just suddenly had an urge to put up a wall, and he didn’t really know why.

Suddenly Jungkook just came too close, exceptionally fast.

Jungkook seemed disappointed, but he didn’t seem to be insulted, which Jimin was somewhat relieved about.

“Someone seems to be in an awfully good mood tonight,” said Jungkook sarcastically, but he had a hint of a smile on his lips because he knew why Jimin was being salty.

Jimin needed to stop being so obvious.

“It has never been better,” smiled Jimin, though the smile was painfully forced.

“It seems like it.” They were having an unofficial starring contest. Jimin refused to look away first, but so did Jungkook.

Jungkook’s piercing eyes were looking right into his soul and Jimin shivered. How could one man hold so much power in a simple look? Everything about Jungkook just screamed power.

Finally, Jimin started blushing a little bit and he couldn’t keep looking into Jungkook’s eyes.

“Cute,” said Jungkook, like he always did when Jimin’s face betrayed him.

“Save the compliments for your girlfriend.”

Jimin mentally cursed himself.


“Oh, so that’s what this is about,” said Jungkook, though he had of course known that from the start, even if Jimin refused to admit it.

”No.” Jungkook raised an eyebrow at him, but Jimin didn’t confess to anything.

Then a bottle of wine was placed on the table and both boys looked up slightly surprised. They clearly hadn’t noticed Sung’s arrival.

“A bottle of your favorite red wine Jungkook,” said Sung, saying Jungkook’s name so sensual Jimin felt like he was hearing something that wasn’t supposed to be heard outside of the bedroom.

Jungkook turned his attention to her and smiled his charming smile again.

He was such a fucking dick.

“Thank you so much Sungi, you have no idea how much I have longed for this wine.” Sung blushed at the nickname making it obvious this was the first time he had called her that.

By the red cheek, Jimin assumed she liked it very much.

“Anything for you,” she said, but this time she seemed a little shyer, still taken back by the nickname.

She proceeded to open the bottle and pour the wine into the wine glass on the table. She grabbed the bottle and placed the head to the edge of Jungkook’s wine glass.

She was nervous because she was actually shaking a little bit.

Literally, fucking shaking.

Jimin was about to burst with annoyance.

Then Jungkook placed his hand on hers and helped her pour the wine.

“Let me help you,” he said, his voice sweet like sugar. His big hand covered hers and it looked annoyingly perfect.

Jimin knew it was stupid, but he couldn’t help but look at the two people in front of him and see how well they actually looked together.

Jungkook looked like the rich boy he was, and Sung? Well, Sung looked like the perfect wife, who would be waiting for him at their expensive house, kissing him when he came home, and accompany him to fancy parties where they would stand in expensive clothes and their arms linked together.

They looked so annoyingly perfect together Jimin had to look away.

He looked to his left where he saw a boy sitting by the table next to them a few feet away. He was playing with the food on his plate, looking rather bored.

He had brown hair and was dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt and dark pants.

He was handsome, no doubt about it.

He was sitting with another boy and a girl, they seemed deep in a conversation, and the boy wasn’t part of it.

The boy finally caught Jimin starring.

Jimin was about to look away, embarrassed that he had been caught staring at a stranger, but the boy smiled. And Jimin recognized the smile. It wasn’t a smile he had received many times, but Taehyung had. And Jungkook.

It was the kind of smile that was more than just polite.

“Your food will be right up,” she said and got Jimin’s attention.

He tore his eyes from the boy.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jimin could see Jungkook send her a sweet smile and Sung blushing before he hurried away.

Jimin looked down at the wine bottle on the table and his empty wine glass.

“Don’t play with the poor girl’s heart Jungkook.”

“Who says I’m playing?”

He was smiling so smugly Jimin wanted nothing more than to kick him under the table.

“You’re a horrible date,” said Jimin, trying his best to sound as indifferent as possible. Jungkook did not get to see that he got under Jimin’s skin.

“Oh right,” said Jungkook, making a fake gasp. “We’re on a date.”

Jimin’s eye twitched.

That son of a bitch.

Jimin didn’t reply, merely looked at everything around them.

The big room that seemed almost like a ballroom. At least 40 tables, most of them occupied by guests in fancy clothes. A nice sound of violin from the speakers and waiters walking with grace. This place was painfully classy.

What the hell was Jimin doing there?

He looked at Jungkook and saw that he was looking at something by the bar. Jimin looked and saw Sung standing behind the counter making a cocktail.

Jimin knew why he was doing it, but that didn’t make it better. He was doing his absolute best to try and make Jimin jealous and he was almost succeeding.

“Someone seems to be thirsting for a cocktail,” said Jimin and Jungkook turned his head towards him.

“Indeed,” he replied.


“Then you should order one, shouldn’t you?” said Jimin and placed his elbows on the table, giving Jungkook a challenging look. Jungkook reciprocated it.

“Maybe I will.” 

They weren’t talking about a stupid cocktail and they both knew it.

The million-dollar question was who would point that out first.

And for the third time that night, Sung arrived at their table, two plates in her hands.

She placed one of them in front of Jimin, still not looking at him, and she gently placed one in front of Jungkook.

“Bonne appetite Jungkook.”

“Thanks,” said Jimin sounded rather rude but he didn’t care. Sung sent him a dirty look.

The kitty had claws.

“Ignore him,” said Jungkook, and Jimin wanted to kick him.

He was the one who had forced Jimin on this date and into this stupid restaurant and now he was telling this girl to ignore him like he was a nuisance.

How fucking dared he?

Jimin was just about to give these two lovebirds a piece of his mind, but Jungkook spoke first.

“The new uniforms are really great.” Then he gently grabbed the edge of Sung’s tie that was hanging loosely down her chest and stomach.

Jimin was pretty sure he popped a vein.

“Tha- thank you Jungkook. I’m glad you like them.” She stuttered a little because of the compliment, but she quickly regained her confidence.

“Though I knew you would.” She sent Jungkook the sexiest look she could, Jimin assumed, and Jungkook smiled back, and Jimin once again felt like he was intruding on an intimate moment.

Jimin looked down on the plate in front of him.

Apparently, today’s special was rice, shrimps and a mix of steamed vegetables and chili sauce. Jimin picked up one of the shrimps. They were still in their shell, so Jimin held between his fingers as he tried to pull out the shrimp, which seemed to be harder then he thought.

The shrimp slipped from his fingers and landed on Sung’s shirt, right under her breast.

“Oh, sorry. The sucker slipped.”

It really was an accident, but Jimin really didn’t mind at all. He really didn’t mind that the two people in front of him thought it was on purpose either.

“It’s okay,” said Sung, though she definitely didn’t think it was okay. But Jimin was still the guest and she was the waiter. Sung forced a smile Jimin’s way, who gladly smiled back.

“I’m very sorry,” said Jungkook, apologizing on Jimin’s behalf, though Jimin really didn’t want him to.

Jungkook grabbed his napkin and actually used it to help Sung clean her shirt. He was holding her shirt as he gently wiped the stain right under her fucking breast.

Jimin was never going on a date with Jungkook again.


He and Sung could live happily ever after if they wanted.

Jimin didn’t give a fuck.

“Thank you,” said Sung and her and Jungkook exchanged smiles.

Jimin gagged.

Sung seemed to finally realize she had been standing by their table for too long, because her eyes widened slightly and she politely said goodbye, to Jungkook at least, before she left again.

Jimin started eating again, and Jungkook slowly started as well.

“I thought we were supposed to have kimchi. Didn’t you say they had the best kimchi here?”

“I can ask for some,” said Jungkook and looked around the restaurant for Sung, Jimin presumed.

“No,” said Jimin a little too fast, and Jungkook looked very victorious.

“Why?” challenged Jungkook.

Jimin hated him.

Jungkook was going out of his way to make Jimin jealous, and Jimin was tired of it.

But two could play that game.

Even though Jungkook certainly was better at it than Jimin.

He looked to his left, looking for the boy at the table next to theirs, but he was nowhere to be seen. Neither was his friends and Jimin mentally cursed.

He just couldn’t win, could he?

But suddenly it was as if the heaven had heard his desperate cries. The boy was making his way towards the table again and Jimin knew he had to make his move know.

As the boy walked by their table Jimin did his best to discreetly hit his knife with his elbow and it landed right in front of the boy’s feet, who hurried to pick it up.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the boy said and gave Jimin the knife. He grabbed it, making sure to touch the boy’s hand as well.

“Oh no, it was my fault I’m very sorry.” Jimin gave the boy the sweetest smile he could, and the boy smiled back.

This was his chance of revenge.

“Luckily it was the clean knife that landed on you. It’s so hard to get chili sauce of pants,” he said, though he had no idea if it was true.

“Yeah that was lucky,” said the boy.

“I really didn’t think I would use three knives but now I’m glad I got that many,” Jimin laughed.

He didn’t know where the flirty nature came from. Maybe it was the fact that he was motivated by revenge.

Either way, he was glad.

“I’m Jimin by the way.”

“Ilsung,” said the boy.


They both turned their heads towards Jungkook who had a fake smile on his face. Though Ilsung didn’t know that.

“Nice meeting you,” he said, but quickly looked at Jimin again. “I hope your knife is fine,” the boy said and laughed. “It's fine. No need for an ambulance.”

It was quite a cringe conversation, but as long as they were talking Jimin didn’t mind.

“No need to stand Ilsung, you can sit. Your chair is right there.” Jimin meant that as an invitation to keep talking and Ilsung must’ve figured that out because he sat down but had his body turned towards Jimin. Jimin turned most of his body towards him too.

“Where are your friends?” asked Jimin. “They had to buy some towels, they’ll be back soon. I hope. Otherwise, they have left me here,” Ilsung laughed, and so did Jimin, a little exaggerated laugh, even though he didn’t really find it so funny.

“Let’s hope. Till then you can talk with me,” said Jimin and sent Ilsung a sweet smile that wasn’t all that genuine.

Of course, Jimin felt a little bad using Ilsung like this, but it wasn’t like this was going to hurt him.

They didn’t know each other.

“That’s very sweet of you.” Ilsung rolled the sleeves of his shirt up a little and Jimin noticed he had a tattoo on his right arm.

“You have a tattoo,” Jimin exclaimed. Ilsung looked down at his tattooed arm.

“Oh yeah, I do.” “Can I see it?” Ilsung blushed slightly, then he rolled his right sleeve up and stretched out his arm towards Jimin.

Jimin gently took his arm and ran his fingers over the tattoo. It wasn’t really Jimin’s style but Jimin made sure to touch Ilsung as much as he could.

The tattoo looked like an abstract interpretation of a fish, but it somehow looked a bit cool.

“It’s really cool. Didn’t it hurt?” 

“I little,” said Ilsung, and Jimin knew he was saying to appear cool. And he actually did.

“Isn’t it cool Jungkook?” Jimin looked at Jungkook with an innocent smile.

Jungkook did not seem pleased.

“A fish? That’s a bit lame isn’t it?”

“Ignore him,” said Jimin, using Jungkook’s words from earlier.

“I think it’s really pretty.” Jimin did his best to send Ilsung the most charming look he could and Ilsung’s cheeks redden. How was Jimin suddenly so good at flirting?

He just needed the right motivation apparently.

Jimin touched Ilsung’s arms a little longer, then Ilsung’s two friends arrived at the table.

“Ilsung are you ready to go? Oh,” said the girl when she saw that some guy she didn’t know was holding on to Ilsung’s arm.

“Yeah, just- just in a minute I-”

“It’s fine Ilsung I have to find the bathroom anyway,” said Jimin though it wasn’t true.

“Oh,” Ilsung said, obviously disappointed. “It was really nice to meet you Ilsung.” Jimin did his best to maintain eye contact and smile sweetly.

“You too.” Jimin ran his fingers down Ilsung’s arm as he got up and made his way towards, what he hoped was the bathroom, not looking at Jungkook at all.

At the back of the restaurant was a door with a sign saying ‘men’s bathroom’ on. Jimin opened the door and walked into a long, narrow hall. At the end of the hall was the door to the men’s bathroom.

The bathroom was just as fancy as Jimin had imagined. And unexpectedly empty. Apparently, men didn’t pee that often at fancy restaurants.

He really didn’t have to pee, so instead, he just decided to wash his fingers since he didn’t know what else to do.

He didn’t want to go back until he was 100% sure Ilsung was gone.

What a dick he was. Doing that to a boy he didn’t even know.

But Jungkook’s shameless flirting with Sung had sparked something in him he didn’t like.

He squeezed out some soap and washed his hands. The soap smelled good. Of course, he had expected that too from such a fancy place. He washed off the soap and dried his hands. He lifted his head and looked at himself in the mirror.

His make-up still looked good. It hadn’t been smutched yet. He actually didn’t look all that bad right now. Maybe it was the lighting in the bathroom, but Jimin took was he could get. His black hair was parted in the middle exposing his forehead. Usually, he didn’t part it.

He just walked around with a black mushroom on his head.

He gave himself one last look in the mirror, running a hand through his hair and then he exited the bathroom.

Just as Jimin stepped out he was roughly pushed up against the wall and in front of him stood Jungkook, pressing him against the wall. Jimin looked up into the taller boy’s dark eyes and saw the unmistakable look of lust.

Jimin’s mission had succeeded it seemed.

“And just what do you think you’re doing?” Jungkook asked, tightening his grip and Jimin’s wrist, pinning them to the wall.

“Going to the bathroom,” replied Jimin innocently.

“That’s not what I’m talking about and you know it.” Of course, Jimin knew it.

“You’re not allowed to flirt with anyone else. Not now, not ever.” Jungkook’s voice was demanding and he certainly wasn’t asking for Jimin’s point of view on the subject.

“Oh, so you can flirt, but I can’t?”

“I knew you were jealous,” said Jungkook and smirked victoriously.

“No I wasn’t,” exclaimed Jimin.

What a lie.

“I was,” confessed Jungkook without any shame, and Jimin was quite taken back. He didn’t think Jungkook would admit to that.

“I was jealous when you sent him those sweet smiles. And touched him with your soft hands.”

Jungkook released one of Jimin’s wrist and used his now free hand to grab Jimin’s hip and squeeze, which made Jimin gasp.

“It was driving me crazy.” Jungkook leaned it and placed a soft, wet kiss to Jimin’s jaw.

“The way he looked at you like you were his.” He trailed kisses down Jimin’s throat.

“You’re mine,” he said and bit Jimin on the smooth skin under his jaw, which made him moan.

“I’m the only one you’re allowed to smile at so sweetly. And touch so gently. Only me.” Jungkook was being a possessive dick, but the feeling spreading in Jimin’s stomach won over his stubborn pride.

“What about yo- you huh? You think you can go around fli- flirting with others but I can’t?”

“You know why I was doing that.”

“To make me jealous.”

“And I did, didn’t I?” Jimin didn’t want to answer so he just nodded.

Because as annoying as it was, it was true.

“I knew it.” Jungkook slid his leg in between Jimin and pressed himself closer into Jimin.

Jungkook’s thigh was touching Jimin’s crotch and Jimin couldn’t help but moan at the sensation.

“God you’re so stunning,” said Jungkook. He released Jimin’s other wrist and slid his hand under Jimin’s shirt. Jimin gasped as Jungkook’s cold fingers touched his burning skin.

“Someone- someone could see.” “Let them,” said Jungkook, and continued to attack Jimin’s throat with kisses and bits.

Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s shirt and pulled him even closer if it was possible. Jungkook groaned in satisfaction, obviously please with Jimin’s action.

He could feel the taller boy’s crotch against his leg and knew that his dick was twitching a little bit just like Jimin’s.

Jungkook continued kissing Jimin’s throat, but Jimin stopped him.

“No,” he said and Jungkook looked at him confused.

“You said you wanted to take me to the fair, take me to the fa- fair,” said Jimin and stuttered as Jungkook’s hand ran over his hips.

“You wanna go to the fair?” Jungkook raised an eyebrow.

He certainly hadn’t planned on going to the fair after this strange as fuck dinner.

“Yes. I wanna make origami.” Jimin sent Jungkook a cheeky smile, and he chuckled.

“Okay,” he said. “I’ll take you to the fair and show you the art of origami.”

Jimin laughed as he slowly released his grip on Jungkook’s shirt.

“I’m expecting a lot from you, so don’t disappoint.”

“I never disappoint.” Jungkook winked at Jimin and then he stepped back, freeing Jimin from the wall.

“Let’s go then.”

Jungkook held out his hand and Jimin hesitate a little before he took it.

“We have to pay the bill first,” said Jimin. “And don’t tell me you own this restaurant too. I won’t believe you.”

Jungkook shook his head as he laughed.

“No, no. I’ve already paid. I had a feeling we wouldn’t be eating anymore.” Jungkook was prepared for anything it seemed.

Why Jimin was still surprised at this point was a mystery.

The entered the restaurant and walked towards the exit. On their way, they walked by Sung, who looked disappointed.

She certainly had hoped she would be the one leaving with Jungkook.

“Thanks for tonight Sung,” said Jungkook, but not really giving her much attention. Jimin walked past her and gave her an exaggerated sweet smile.

Sung gave Jimin the dirtiest look he had seen on her face all night.

But Jimin didn’t give a shit. He was the one leaving with Jungkook, not her.

He was the on going to the spring fair with Jungkook, not her.

So honestly? She could go suck some low-quality dick for all he cared.

Chapter Text

Park Jimin had never been to the spring fair in the two years he had lived in Seoul. He had wanted to come, definitely, but for some reason he just never did.

Last year Taehyung had promised Jimin to take him to the fair, but then in the last minute, he canceled. Jimin didn’t talk to him in the following 3 days.

He was that salty.

Standing in the center of Seoul’s spring fair, Jimin was even saltier he hadn’t come sooner.

The place was beautiful. It was almost as a small village of stands and little shops and different rides. There were fairy lights everywhere and little kids running around with candy floss in all the colors of the rainbow. Jimin could hear the sound of music mixed with laughter and it sounded beautiful.

This placed was magical, that was the only word Jimin could use to describe it.

“I can’t believe you’ve lived in Seoul for two years and only went to the spring fair tonight.” Jimin turned to Jungkook standing beside him.

He was clearly mesmerized by the beautiful sight in front of him too. He wasn’t even looking at Jimin, he was looking at everything around him.

In the fairy lights, Jungkook looked stunning.

Which was kind of a problem, since Jimin still wanted to cut his balls off.

“I’m here now, that’s all that matters right?” 

“Indeed,” agreed Jungkook, and then he started to walk and Jimin followed wordlessly.

It felt weird walking behind Jungkook in complete silence. Jimin had a hard time gathering his thoughts.

Was he mad? Was he sad? Was he maybe hurt? Was he all of it? He probably was.

He was probably mad and angry and hurt and annoyed and irritated. You name it. But for some reason, he had a hard time identifying what is was.

Yes, seeing Jungkook flirt with Sung had made him irritated since they were on a date and it was just plain rude.

And yes, seeing Jungkook flirt with Sung had also humiliated him.

And yes, seeing Jungkook flirt with Sung had made him angry.

But the feeling he had been feeling the most was jealousy, and he didn’t like that.

He didn’t want to feel jealousy, he just wanted to be angry, and only angry. But when he saw Jungkook flirting with Sung, he felt jealous, and then when Jungkook kissed him so passionately, he had forgotten about jealousy and anger and what else he had been feeling.

If Jimin wanted to think clearly around Jungkook, he needed to be at least two feet away from him.

Which was why he walked behind Jungkook with a good distance between them.

And that was probably also why the mood was a little awkward at the moment.

“What do you want to see?” asked Jungkook, turning to Jimin.

He really didn’t know. He didn’t know what kind of things they had here. What shops and rides and food stands.

“I don’t know.”

The air around them was uncomfortably tense. Neither of them knew what to say, where to look or even how to breathe.

When Jungkook looked at Jimin, Jimin diverted his eyes, and when Jimin looked at Jungkook, Jungkook diverted his eyes.

It was so frustratingly uncomfortable.

It was simply plain awkward.

20 minutes ago, Jungkook had been kissing Jimin’s throat, pinning him against a wall and touched him so intimately, and now they were walking around with an awkward distance between them and an exchanging of useless words.

How had it suddenly changed so much?

Jimin was pretty certain it was him.

When they had left the restaurant, it had suddenly hit him. The different feelings he had felt all night, that had been forgotten the moment Jungkook touched him.

Why was he so easily persuaded by so little when it came to Jungkook?

He needed to get a fucking spine and stop being so goddamn easy.

“Do you wanna try the Ferris wheel?” Jungkook looked up and Jimin followed his eyes. Over them spun the Ferris wheel and Jimin felt dizzy just looking at how high it was.

He swallowed hard.

“Are you scared?” asked Jungkook, and when Jimin looked at him he was smiling smugly.

“No,” lied Jimin, doing his best to look and sound as indifferent as he could.

“Then let’s try it, shall we?” Jungkook turned to walked towards the Ferris wheel, but Jimin grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“Let’s, um, let’s do something else.” Jungkook smiled knowingly.

“I thought you weren’t scared.”

“I’m not,” argued Jimin. “It’s just…” Jungkook raised his eyebrow as he waited for Jimin’s answer.

“It’s just really high okay? What if I fall out? Or it breaks and we have to climb down. I’m a horrible climber!”

Jungkook had a hard time holding in a laugh.

Jimin glared at him, almost daring him to laugh, silently telling him that if he did, Jimin would kill him.

“Okay, we’ll do something else. Something on the ground.” Jimin nodded. He could do that. As long as it was on the ground Jimin was game.

They started walking again.

Still walking in silence.

Jimin a few feet behind Jungkook.

It just kept becoming more and more awkward and Jimin wondered if it was going to be like this for the rest of the night.

Were they going to walk two feet apart, not talking until they called it quits?

They walked by an ice cream stand, and Jimin’s mouth was watering.

"Jungkook?” called Jimin and Jungkook turned around, his expression unreadable. Though if Jimin had to guess, he would say Jungkook looked both surprised and glad Jimin called his name.

“I could really eat some ice cream,” said Jimin, looking at the ice cream stand not far from them.

The stand was practically calling his name. It wanted Jimin to come over and Jimin did not want to resist.

“I could go for some ice cream too,” agreed Jungkook. “I’m starving.”

Jimin immediately looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“And whose fault is that?”


Jimin glared at him and he quickly changed his answer.

“Mine,” he sighed, and Jimin smiled sarcastically.

“Ding, ding, ding, we got a winner.”

Jimin turned around, ready to run to the ice cream stand and order everything they had, but Jungkook gently wrapped his hand around Jimin’s wrist, stopping him from going.

“I’m sorry,” he said, and the genuine look in his eyes made Jimin turn towards him.

“Well you should be, you’ve been a dick all night.”

For a moment it seemed like Jungkook was about to open his mouth to argue, probably saying that Jimin had been a dick too, which in a way was a little true, but then he changed his mind.

“I know, that’s why I’m apologizing.” Jimin gently shook Jungkook’s hand off his wrist and Jungkook must have taken that as a bad sign, because for a moment he looked afraid Jimin was going to walk away.

“You shouldn’t have had to apologize Jungkook. You should’ve just not behaved like a jackass.”

Jungkook ran a hand through his hair and diverted his eyes from Jimin, looking around them instead.

“I had honestly forgotten she even worked there.”

“It’s not about her Jungkook, it’s about you. You’re the one acting like a child, not her,” he said, but then remembered Sung’s behavior and took back his words.

“Well, she did act like a fucking child, but you were an even bigger child.” Jungkook seemed to agree.

“I didn’t mean to make you angry, Jimin,” Said Jungkook. ”Okay, maybe I wanted to make you just a little bit angry.” He sent Jimin a little smile, but when Jimin didn’t smile back, it quickly faded.

“Why did you do it? Honestly Jungkook, why was it so important to you to try and make me jealous? I don’t get it.”

By the look on Jungkook’s face, it looked like he didn’t really get it either.

“You’re just so hard to read sometimes Jimin. I don’t know what’s going on in there,” Jungkook raised his hand and poked Jimin on his forehead. “And it scares me sometimes.”

For some reason those words - Jungkook’s honesty - made Jimin let out a breath he had been holding in for too long.

“There are easier ways to find out. Like, oh I don’t know, asking me?”

Jungkook raised an eyebrow, looking at Jimin as if he had said something stupid as if the answer was obvious.

“If I asked you what was going on in that pretty little head of yours, would you tell me? Honestly?”

Jimin didn’t answer, because he really wasn’t sure.

If Jungkook had straight out asked Jimin what was going through his head, what he was thinking and feeling, would he have told him? Would he have let Jungkook in and given him the power to hurt him?

Because that’s what happens when you let people in. When you show them, what is going on inside of you.

You give them the power to either hurt or heal you, and Jimin still didn’t know which of those Jungkook would end up doing.

“See,” said Jungkook, taking Jimin’s silence as a no.

"I don’t care Jungkook, you behaved like a juvenile dick, there’s no excuse.”

Jungkook looked painfully frustrated, and at first, Jimin was sure he was frustrated with Jimin’s inability to forgive his stupid actions, but then he understood that it wasn’t Jimin he was frustrated with.

It was himself.

“I’m really not good at this,” Jungkook confessed, looking slightly embarrassed.

“Geez what made you think that?” said Jimin sarcastically.

“An annoying, stubborn little dance major, whose left nostril is slightly bigger than the right.” Jimin immediately covered his nose with his hand.

“That’s not true!” he exclaimed, and Jungkook chuckled. “No, but your reaction was funny.” Jimin hit his shoulder.

“Don’t try and change the topic just because you’re the one who is wrong.”

Jungkook’s laughter quickly died down, and he looked down at his own feet. Jimin could see he was biting his bottom lip repeatedly.

Jimin was still pissed and a big part of him just wanted to go home right now. But a small part of him wanted to stay.

And that part won.

“You need to learn how to go on dates with people, Jungkook. I can’t be the first one to point this out to you.” Jungkook still didn’t look Jimin in the eye, and he couldn’t understand why.

What happened to the confident, arrogant Jeon Jungkook who could make Jimin shiver with just one look?

“You are,” said Jungkook. “I’m usually very charming on dates.”

“Then why the fuck are you such a jerk when you’re on a date with me?” Jungkook just kept making no sense. Jimin couldn’t understand any of his actions and it was tiring.

Was he ever going to understand Jeon Jungkook?

“Because this date was important, and I haven’t been on an important date before. Usually, I don’t go on dates to date.” Jimin raised a questionable eyebrow.

“If you don’t go on dates to date then what do you- oh.”

It looked like none of them were quite sure what to say to this, and Jimin was so glad the fair was so noisy otherwise this silence between the two of them would’ve been unbearable.

“I already told you I’m better with sex than feelings,” said Jungkook finally.

“You need to be good at both, Jungkook. There’s more to a relationship than sex.” Jimin wasn’t sure where all of this dating knowledge came from. He had never been in a real relationship himself so who was he to be the expert?

But even if he had never dated anyone before, it seemed he still knew more about it than Jungkook.

“I know that, I just haven’t done this before Jimin and I don’t know how. I know it’s a shit excuse, but it’s true.” Then he finally looked up at Jimin, his eyes determined and serious.

"I’m a feeling-virgin and I need you to pop my cherry.”

And that was it.

That was all it took for Jimin to laugh so hard he almost fell.

“What?” asked Jungkook looking confused and Jimin wouldn’t understand why.

Had he not heard himself?

“You- you need me to- wha-” he couldn’t stop laughing which made it incredibly difficult to talk.

“Stop laughing, I’m serious!” exclaimed Jungkook, and that only made Jimin laugh harder.

How could anyone say that and be serious? How was Jungkook not dying from laughter like Jimin?

It looked like Jungkook finally had enough of Jimin’s laughter.

“Asshole,” he muttered and turned to walk away, but Jimin grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

“I’m sorry,” he said, trying to stop laughing. “That’s just the best thing I’ve heard all day.” And it was true. Maybe even the best thing he had heard all year.

“Yeah, yeah, you’ve had your laugh, now help me,” Jungkook said, and Jimin could’ve sworn he saw Jungkook’s cheeks turn a very, very faded shade of pink.

“I’m not good at dates either Jungkook. This is my first you know, if we don’t count my horrible double date.” And Jimin certainly didn’t.

“But you seem so much better at it.” Jimin smiled rather proudly. That was something he never thought he should hear.

“Well, the first rule of going on dates is to not humiliate your date by flirting with someone else.” This was so obvious Jimin couldn’t comprehend that Jungkook hadn’t realized it sooner.

Jungkook’s eyes widened and Jimin got the feeling that he only now understood that Jimin hadn’t just been angry, he had also felt humiliated.

“Shit,” he cursed. “God, I’m so fucking sorry Jimin, I didn’t even- fuck. I’m sorry.”

And though Jimin tried not to, Jungkook’s apology softened him up a bit.

“I’m not saying it’s okay because it’s not,” said Jimin making it very clear. “But I’m willing to let you make it up to me.”

Jungkook’s expression immediately changed.

He looked so relieved and hopeful that Jimin couldn’t help but smile.

“I will. I promise I will,” said Jungkook and took a step towards Jimin who took a huge step back.

“And from now on no touching,” he said, and Jungkook looked confused. “And at least two feet apart.”

“What? Why?” asked Jungkook.

“Cause I can’t think straight when you’re so close.” Jimin immediately regretted saying that, because a smug smiled spread on Jungkook’s lips.

“Is that so?” he asked, clearly proud of his ability to turn Jimin’s brain into smush just by being too close to him.

“No. I just know that if you get too close I’ll slap you.” Jungkook seemed to let the subject go since Jimin wasn’t going to admit to anything so it was fruitless, but he didn’t stop smiling that annoyingly smug smile.

“Okay, I got it, no touching.” He raised his hands in surrender. Jimin gave him a long and hard look, making sure that Jungkook was being genuine. Not just about the touching, but also about promising to make it up to him.

He looked genuine, so Jimin decided to believe him.

“Good,” said Jimin. “Now go win me the biggest fucking teddy bear they have at this fair.” Jungkook grinned.

He reached out to grab Jimin’s wrist, but Jimin pulled his arm back.

“Ah, ah, no touching you perv.” Jungkook sighed, but he smiled.

“To archery, we go!” declared Jungkook and gestured to Jimin to follow him.

Jimin did so without complaint.

Ice cream totally forgotten.




“I really suck at this,” complained Jimin after his 6th shot where he didn’t even hit the target board.

It was a rather large target board, but he just couldn’t hit it.

The man that worked there was definitely having a great time watching Jimin struggle.

He was probably in his late 50’s, a little round and quite short. He had a kind smile though, so his laughter didn’t irritate Jimin.

Jimin grabbed a new arrow and carefully aimed at the target board.

Only to miss completely again.

“Stop laughing,” he exclaimed as Jungkook chuckled once again.

He had practically done that the entire time Jimin had been shooting.

What a jackass.

“I’m sorry,” apologized Jungkook, but it didn’t exactly sound genuine when he was laughing.

“Shoot your own arrows!” said Jimin and pointed at the bow and the 3 arrows that were placed on the table in front of Jungkook. He hadn’t even touched them yet.

“But it’s so much funnier watching you.”

“Then take a picture.”

He had of course been completely joking, but Jungkook took out his phone and Jimin turned around at pointed the arrow at him.

“I will shoot you,” he threatened.

“You’re gonna shoot me with a rubber arrow? Good luck sweet cheeks.” He winked at Jimin, who blew him a raspberry.

Jimin could hear the man laughing behind the table

“It might be rubber, but I can guarantee that it will hurt if I hit you in the eye.” Jungkook didn’t seem to be scared at all.

“That depends on your ability to aim, and it’s shit, so I’m not worried.”

“I’ll just aim for your knee then there’s a big possibility I’ll hit you in the eye. Or the dick.”

Yes, Jimin was that bad at shooting with a bow and arrow.

“If you just angle your arm the right way you would be able to hit it,” said Jungkook as he placed his phone back in his pocket. “You need to lift your arm higher Jimin.” Jimin tried to lift his arm a little higher, but it just felt awkward standing like that.

“Jimin, you have to-”

“I’m trying,” said Jimin, looking very concentrated.

Suddenly Jimin felt a hand on his arm and on his waist.

Jungkook was standing behind him trying to help him angle his body the right way.

Jungkook’s mouth was next to Jimin’s ear and he shivered as Jungkook tried to explain how he should stand.

He didn’t even hear what he was supposed to do, he was too occupied with feeling Jungkook’s breath against his ear and his hands on his body.

No, no, no.

He lifted his foot and slammed it down on Jungkook’s, who jumped back in pain.

“Wha- what the fuck was that for? I was trying to help,” he exclaimed.

“Two feet Jungkook! Two feet!” Jimin reminded him and Jungkook decided not to argue.

Jimin released his arrow, and once again he missed.

“I give up,” he sighed in frustration and placed the bow and arrow on the table.

“I thought you wanted the blue, fluffy teddy bear?” asked Jungkook.

“You said you would win it for me, so win it.”

And Jungkook did.

Try that is because he was surprisingly horrible.

Hitting everywhere but the center.

“I thought you said you were good archery. Were you lying to me?” Jimin teased after Jungkook once again didn’t hit anywhere near the center.

Jungkook had now promised he was going to win Jimin that blue, fluffy teddy bear, so he was determined to continue.

And he sucked.

Of course, he was better than Jimin, but he still sucked.

“I usually am,” complained Jungkook. “This bow is just horrible.”

“Don’t blame the bow,” replied Jimin, having a rather great time watching Jungkook struggle with something.

It felt good to know Jungkook wasn’t good at everything.

“Just give up Jungkook, it’s getting ridiculous.” Jungkook just shook his head, then he asked the man behind the table for more arrows, who gave him 3 more with a big grin on his face. He was obviously finding this rather funny too.

“I’m not stopping until I win,” said Jungkook determined, and Jimin sighed. “But I wanna make origami,” he whined.

“In a minute, Jimin.”

Jungkook shot 2 more arrows, not hitting anywhere near the center. All he had to do was hit the fucking center, how hard could it be?

Maybe he just needed some motivation.

“If you hit a ten, I’ll suck your dick.”

Jungkook stopped dead in his tracks and the man behind the table choked on his tongue.

For 3 whole seconds, none of them said anything. Jungkook just looked at Jimin and Jimin just smiled at him.

Then Jungkook turned towards the target board and hit a fucking ten.

He then immediately turned to Jimin grinning from ear to ear.

“I was obviously joking,” said Jimin, killing Jungkook’s excitement.

“You don’t toy with a man’s heart like that,” he pouted, and Jimin just laughed.

What a naïve idiot.

The man behind the table went over to pick up the blue, fluffy teddy bear and handed it to Jungkook. He still looked slightly taken back when he gave it to him.

“Well, I hope you can settle for the next best thing,” said the man. Jungkook grabbed the teddy bear, but he was still pouting.

“The next best thing would’ve been a handjob.”

The man once again choked on his tongue.

“Okay, we’re going, goodbye!” said Jimin. He waved at the man and grabbed Jungkook’s wrist, dragging him away from the archery stand.

“You know you could really use a filter every once in a while.”

“You’re the one volunteering to suck my dick, I think we’re equally as bad.” There was no point in arguing since Jungkook was right.

“Just take me to the origami stand.”

“Gladly.” And Jungkook guided them to the origami stand in the heart of the spring fair.




The stand was beautiful and filled with fairy lights. It was like a portal to a magical land. At least a thousand origamis hanging around.

Outside the shop was a lot of small tables where kids and adults were sitting, doing origami, talking and laughing. It was such a wonderful sight and Jimin found himself smiling without even realizing it.

“I didn’t know you liked origami that much,” said Jungkook, probably referring to the huge smile on Jimin’s face.

“I haven’t done it before,” he merely replied, not wanting to say that he was honestly just really fond of the sight in front of him.

“Let me teach you.” Jungkook went over to the origami stand, while Jimin stayed still, looking at the people sitting around the tables filled with paper in every color.

Jungkook exchanged a few words with the woman behind the table. Then he gave her some money and she gave him a big pile of different colored paper. Jungkook thanked her and then he came back to Jimin.

“Now you can make all the fucking origami you want.” Jimin looked at the impressive amount of paper in Jungkook’s hands.

“That’s way too much paper Jungkook, we’ll never be able to get through all of it.” Jungkook just shrugged.

“We’ll figure it out when we get to that. Now sit down.”

They looked around. The only place available was at a table with 2 kids and, who Jimin presumed, was their mother or something. The woman looked very young, in her early 30’s maybe. The boy looked to be around 8 maybe. And the little girl didn’t look more than more than 5.

Jungkook seemed to be a little annoyed that there wasn’t room any other place, but Jimin didn’t mind.

At least then, Jungkook couldn’t spontaneously attack him with touches.

“Can we sit here?” asked Jimin and the woman looked up.

“Yes of course,” she said and smiled so sweetly Jimin felt a warmness spread in his stomach.

She looked so much like his mother it hurt.

“Thank you.” Jimin sat down beside the girl and Jungkook placed the teddy bear beside the bench and then reluctantly sat down next to the boy on the other side of the table. The woman turned to look at Jungkook, who was sitting on the same side as him and smiled.

When Jungkook didn’t immediately smile back, Jimin kicked him under the table.

Then he smiled back.

“How do I start?” asked Jimin, looking down on all the paper in front of him.

“What do you want to make?” asked Jungkook looking at a blue, green and yellow piece of paper, probably trying to decide which to use.

“Well, what can I make?”

“Birds, butterflies, flowers-”

“I can make butterflies?”

“Sure, if you want.”

“I do.” Jimin picked up a blue piece of paper.

“Okay, you need to start by folding it diagonally.” Jimin did as Jungkook said.

“Like this?” Jungkook nodded.

“Then do the same on the other side.” Jimin followed Jungkook’s instructions.

Jimin was surprisingly good at being precise. It was probably because he was a dancer.

Everything had to be very precise when he danced.

“I did it!” exclaimed Jimin, holding up the finished origami proudly. Jungkook grinned.

“It’s really pretty,” said the women next to them, and the compliment made Jimin blush slightly.

“Thank you,” he said shyly and the woman smiled so kindly.

Why did she remind him so much of his mother?

The same long black hair, the same kind eyes, and the same kind smile.

Jimin missed his mother, and he hadn’t really known how much until he sat in front of this woman.

“Yours is ugly.”

They all turned to the boy who was sitting next to Jungkook, looking at Jungkook’s origami. “Honey, don't be rude,” said his mother sternly.

“What are you talking about it’s fine,” said Jungkook, examining his origami closely, obviously thinking there was nothing wrong with it.

The boy seemed to ignore his mother, and just looked up at Jungkook and shook his head.

“It really isn’t. it doesn’t even look like a butterfly.”

Jimin did his best to conceal his laughter, but Jungkook immediately saw and glared at him.

“Just go back to your frog,” said Jungkook, pointing at the boy’s origami.

“It’s a bird!” exclaimed the boy.

“Then it’s an ugly bird.”

“Jungkook!” said Jimin sternly and kicked him under the table again.

“What?” Jimin’s eyes widen slightly and looked to the boy’s mother, afraid she would be mad at Jungkook for being rude. However, she just smiled amusedly as she worked on her own origami. Jimin felt relieved.

“Don’t crush the boy’s spirit Jungkook,” said Jimin as he took another piece of paper, this time a green.

“He can take it,” said Jungkook nonchalant, as if he knew the boy.

“I can take it,” agreed the boy, probably trying to sound rather grown up, though his childish voice ruined it for him.

They continued making origami in silence. Jimin made another butterfly since it was the only thing he could make. The little boy continued working on his bird, obviously feeling a little self-conscious about it after Jungkook called it a frog.

Jimin looked beside him at the little girl. She was struggling with folding the paper probably, with her small fingers. Jimin used a long time debating whether or not he should ask her if she wanted help.

Finally, he decided to ask. Worst case scenario she said no.

“Do you need help?” he asked, looking at the little girl. It took a few seconds for the girl to register that Jimin was talking to her. She looked up at him and then at her mother. She gave her daughter an encouraging smiled. Then the girl pushed the paper over to Jimin without saying anything.

“See if you fold it like this.” Jimin folded the paper in half. “And then place your thumb here.” He placed his thumb at the edge of the folded paper. “And then drag your thumb across like this.” The girl followed his fingers closely. “Then it’s easier to make it precise.”

The girl took the paper and tried to fold in on the other side. When she succeeded she smiled and looked up at Jimin, probably wanting his approval.

“Already an expert I see,” he said and the little girl smiled shyly.

“You really shouldn’t give people advice since that butterfly you’re making is crooked as shit.” Jimin narrowed his eyes at him.

“Don’t fucking curse in front of children.” Jimin froze as he realized he had just dropped the f-bomb in front of two kids and their mother.

Jungkook smiled rather smugly, finding it very funny that Jimin did exactly what he had just told him not to do.

“It’s okay,” said the boy. “I curse too. Fuck,” he said, probably demonstrating he indeed knew the word.

Jimin looked over at the mother, who sighed. “Honey, what have a told you about cursing?”

“But they’re doing it!” whined the boy.

“Yeah but they are not my children, you are, I say you can’t curse.”

Jimin looked away rather ashamed.

The woman must have seen it because she looked at him with kind eyes as she spoke.

“It’s okay,” she reassured him. “He would’ve found a way to curse anyway.”

“I’m sorry,” Jimin said, even though she had just said it was okay. She dismissed his apology with a wave of her hand.

“Don’t worry.”

“Girls don’t like it when you curse,” said Jungkook, not looking up from his origami butterfly, but he was clearly talking to the little boy.

“Girls don’t dig guys who curse.” The little boy seemed to think this over for a little while.

“Is that why you don’t have a girl?”

Jimin snorted.

“No,” said Jungkook. “That’s because I’m not into girls.” The boy gave him a questionable look.

“Then what are you into?”

“Angels,” said Jungkook and winked at Jimin - who rolled his eyes.

“But he’s not an angel,” said the boy and pointed at Jimin.

“He could be.”

“No he couldn’t, he’s a boy. Angels don’t exist.”

Jungkook looked down at the little boy. “How can you be sure?”

“Cause I haven’t seen one.” The little boy had completely forgotten about his origami, giving Jungkook all of his attention.

“You hadn’t seen me before tonight either, does that mean I didn’t exist before you saw me?” the little boy slowly shook his head, obviously mind blown by Jungkook’s words.

“So angels are real?” He looked so hopeful Jimin almost felt bad Jungkook was filling his head with nonsense.

“They could be and they couldn’t. We can never be sure.”

Jimin had completely forgotten about his own origami.

He was looking at Jungkook and only him.

He couldn’t help but wonder if Jungkook had children in his family since he seemed to be so good with kids.

“Hey keep you pointy, little elbows on your side of the table, dwarf.”

And just liked that Jimin retracted his words.

“You’re the one taking up all the space with you stupid butterflies!” the little boy whined.

“They’re prettier than your frogs.”

“Their birds!”

“They’re ugly birds!”

Jimin giggled as he watched the two fight like kids.

Well, the boy actually was a kid, so what was Jungkook’s excuse?

Jimin felt a small nudge and looked down at the little girl next to him. She was holding a little origami butterfly in her hands and looked up at Jimin.

“That’s really pretty,” he told her and she smiled at the compliment, obviously showing it to Jimin for approval and he happily gave it to her.

“What about this?” asked the boy and showed his crooked bird to Jimin.

He was about to tell the little boy it was pretty too, but of course, Jungkook opened his mouth first.

“I thought we already established it wasn’t pretty.” The boy blew Jungkook a raspberry.

“I wasn’t talking to you, butthole.”

“You’re a butthole,” Jungkook replied, sounding rather childish.

Jimin kicked him again. “Jungkook be nice.”

“He started,” Jungkook argued, but it really didn’t help his case. Jungkook just went back to his origami instead. He clearly knew it was a lost battle already.

As he worked he stuck his tongue out a little, just as he had at Jin’s, well Jungkook’s, coffee shop, when he had tried to pick what they wanted from the menu.

He looked just like he had looked back then.

Unexpectedly adorable, and Jimin had such a hard time comprehending that this was the same Jungkook whose touch could make him into jelly when he kissed Jimin so sinfully.

How many sides to Jungkook were there?

Jimin found himself rather excited to find out.

“Mom I want candy floss,” said the boy and looked to his mother.

“We just had dinner,” she replied and the boy certainly didn’t like that, since he started pouting.

“But I want candy floss.” When that clearly didn’t work, he tried something else. “Please, mom. Just a little one.” And he sent his mother puppy eyes that made even Jimin weak.

“Fine,” sighed his mother and the boy smiled victoriously.

“Could you keep an eye on them?” she asked, looking at Jimin and Jungkook.

“Yes of course,” replied Jimin.

“Thank you, you’re very sweet.”

She got up, ready to leave. “No I don’t want to stay with that!” whined the boy and pointed at Jungkook. Jungkook looked rather insulted for a minute.

“I don’t wanna stay with you either.”

“You’re mean.”

“No, I’m not. I’m the best company you’ll ever get, kid.”

The boy didn’t seem to agree, but the tiny smile on his lips showed Jimin that he actually liked Jungkook.

Just a little bit.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” said their mother and left.

Jimin looked down at the little girl next to him, who clearly didn’t like the fact that her mother left.

“I can’t figure out how to make a bird,” said Jimin, and the little girl looked up at him. “Your birds are really pretty. Can you show me?” She seemed to be debating it in her head. And it seemed like she couldn’t really decide if she should help Jimin or not.

“Eui doesn’t like talking to strangers,” said the boy. Jimin didn’t say anything, he just looked down at the girl, Eui, whose cheeks were red, obviously embarrassed by her bother’s comment.

“I wish you didn’t like talking to strangers,” said Jungkook and the little boy stuck his tongue out at him.

“I wish you didn’t like talking to kids.”

“I don’t.”

“Then stop talking to me!”

Watching a 21-year-old Jungkook arguing with an 8-year-old boy was a sight Jimin never thought he should see.

He certainly never thought he would find it so amusing and somehow endearing either.

Jimin felt a slight nudge in the side and looked down to see Eui gently holding on to his shirt. Jimin would lie if he said the action hadn’t melted his heart right there. This girl was so fucking adorable he wanted to put her in his pocket and never let her go.

She gestured for Jimin to pick up a piece of paper. He picked up a yellow piece. Then she started folding the paper slowly, doing it the way Jimin had shown her. Jimin followed her actions. It was more difficult to make a bird than a butterfly. Jimin was definitely struggling.

“You really suck.”

Jimin looked up at Jungkook who wrinkled his nose as he looked at the horribly folded paper in front of Jimin.

“You’re worse than him.” Jungkook pointed at the boy without looking at him. Jimin was surprised when the little boy actually agreed.

“Yeah, it’s really ugly.” Jimin felt incredibly insulted.

“It most certainly is not.”

“It kinda is though.”

Jimin tried to kick Jungkook again, but he must have seen it coming because he quickly moved his leg, smiling smugly as Jimin hit nothing.

“Even Eui thinks it’s ugly,” said the boy and pointed at his sister. Jimin looked down, and true enough, the little girl wrinkled her nose as she looked at the bird.

“Wha- Eui it’s pretty,” argued Jimin, but Eui didn’t support him. Jungkook chuckled, but he didn’t look up from his origami.

“Well, then help me,” begged Jimin and pushed his origami over to Eui, who picked it up and started fixing it the best she could.

“It’s a lost cause, Eui,” said Jungkook. “Let the bird die.” The little boy nodded.

Since when were those two on the same side?

“Fuck off,” said Jimin and mentally cursed when he realized he once again had cursed in front of children.

“Now don’t be rude, Jimin.” Jungkook looked very pleased, but Jimin certainly didn’t.

“I will smush you in your sleep,” threatened Jimin, but Jungkook seemed to like the threat.

“You’re staying the night with me?” Jimin rolled his eyes.

“Ew, you two are gross,” said the little boy looking at the two 21-year-olds rather disgusted.

“Then get lost if you can’t take it,” said Jungkook, not looking at the boy, but there was an amused smile on his lips.

“Why do you wanna date that?” It took a moment for Jimin to understand that the boy was talking to him.


“You’re really pretty,” said the boy, and Jimin instantly felt his cheeks redden.

“Don’t try and steal my man,” said Jungkook, but he didn’t sound worried. Jimin’s cheeks turned a darker shade of pink.

The boy, however, ignored Jungkook and kept looking at Jimin.

“But he’s really ugly, why would you date him?” Jimin couldn’t help but laughed as Jungkook glared at the little boy, who looked very proud of himself.

“Don’t think I won’t kick your ass kid.” The boy didn’t look scared.

It looked like the boy was about to say something, but then something else caught his attention.

“You won that?” asked the boy in excitement as he pointed at the blue teddy bear next to the bench. Jungkook nodded.

“Did you cheat?”

“What? No, I didn’t.” Jungkook sounded insulted that the boy even thought that.

“Aren’t you too old to have a teddy bear?”

“You can never be too old for a teddy bear,” said Jimin. He didn’t look up, his eyes fixated on his origami in Eui’s hands.

She was really good. She struggled with folding the paper precisely sometimes, but other than that she was good.

“Yes you can, and you two are too old.”

“Why? Do you want it?” Jungkook had been joking, but the boy took it seriously.

“Can I?” He looked so hopeful.


The boy pouted, but Jungkook was immune.

“You’re mean,” said the boy.

“Get used to it.”

Jimin almost felt bad for the kid. He crossed his arms over his chest and pouted.

Jimin suddenly had a great urge to go against Jungkook.

You can have it,” said Jimin and both of the boy in front of him looked at him. The boy looked happy and surprised, while Jungkook looked annoyed.


“No,” said Jungkook, glaring at Jimin.

“Yeah sure, you can.” The boy turned towards Jungkook who was sitting between the boy and the teddy bear. He reached out for the bear, but Jungkook gently pushed him back in his seat.

“I won it for you Jimin you can’t just give it away.” It was funny watching Jungkook looking so annoyed because he wanted to give a fucking teddy bear to a little kid. What had he honestly thought Jimin was going to use the teddy bear for? Collect dust in the corner?

“Which means it’s mine, I decided what to do with it.”

“Then do something else with it,” complained Jungkook. “Don’t give it to this rascal.”

The boy hit Jungkook on the shoulder.

“I’m not a rascal!”

“Yes, you are.”


“Kids!” said Jimin, looking at both boys. “Behave or I’ll kick both of your goddamn asses.” They both seemed to want to argue, but Jimin glared at them and they said nothing.

“Jungkook apologize.”

“What? No, I’m not gonna-”

“I will cut off your dick.”

They ended up having a staring contest, none of them backing down. Both of them doing their best to intimidate the other, and while Jimin was sure Jungkook would win since he was ten times more intimidating than Jimin, Jungkook eventually sighed and looked away.

“Fine,” he said. “I’m sorry you little shi-”


“…sweet boy.”

Jungkook looked like he wanted to throw up after saying those words, and the boy looked victorious.

“Now you apologize.” Jimin looked at the boy whose expression quickly changed.

“I don’t wanna,” he whined.

“Then you aren’t getting the bear.” That made Jungkook look down at the boy, smiling victoriously like the boy had just a few seconds ago.

“Apologize kid.”

It took a long time before the boy finally gave in, though he looked even more unhappy with apologizing than Jungkook had.

“I’m sorry,” the kid said, though he clearly didn’t mean it. The two boys had an unofficial staring contest and Jimin rolled his eyes.

“Jungkook stop staring at the kid and give him the fucking teddy bear.” This time Jimin didn’t bother internally curse at himself for cursing. The kid didn’t give a shit either.

Jungkook bent down to pick up the bear, and with a sigh, he basically threw it in the boy’s face. It didn’t seem like he minded though, he happily hugged the bear.

“Thank you,” he said, looking at Jimin.

“I really like you. Unlike-”

“Just go back to your shitty origami,” said Jungkook and picked up another piece of paper.

The table was filled with different kinds of origami in every color. Most of the ones in front of Jimin and Jungkook were pretty terrible, but the ones in front of Eui was beautiful.

“Why are yours so pretty Eui,” pouted Jimin. He had done exactly what Eui had shown him, yet they looked like shit while hers looked like art.

"I can’t take these ugly birds home.”

They were interrupted by the arrival of their mother who held a big, blue candy floss in her hand.

“Thank you so much for looking after them, I hope they behaved.” Jimin spoked before Jungkook could.

“They were very sweet.”

Jungkook glared at the little boy, but Jimin could see the invisible smile on his face.

He was doing his best to look annoyed, but he wasn’t.

He really wasn’t.

“Come, kids, let’s give the two sweet boys some privacy.”

“But I wanna stay,” whined the boy, and Jimin laughed as he remembered the fact that the boy had said the exact opposite 20 minutes ago.

“Honey,” warned his mother, and he sighed before he got up, the bear in his small hands.

“Where did you get the bear?” The boy pointed at Jimin and the woman looked at him puzzled, clearly trying to figure out if her son had just stolen a teddy bear.

“It’s okay,” reassured Jimin. “We gave it to him.” The woman’s eyes softened as she wrapped her arms around her son, who was hugging her tightly.

“How very sweet of you.” Jimin smiled in return.

“Goodbye Jimin!” said the boy and waved. Then the boy turned to Jungkook and blew him a raspberry.

For a moment Jimin feared Jungkook was going to give the boy the finger. Instead, Jungkook just sent him a death glare.

But there was no hate in his eyes.

“Let’s go Eui!” called her brother and ran off with the teddy bear in his arms. Eui looked at Jimin, and he was sure she was going to say something to him. But then she grabbed her origami bird and ran after her brother. Jimin sighed rather disappointed.

“Thank you again,” said the mother. “I wish you a good night.” Both boys returned her words and then she left.

“I hate kids,” muttered Jungkook, but Jimin knew it was a big fat lie.

At least right now.

Jimin suddenly caught something coming towards them.

Or rather someone.

Eui was making her way towards their table and placed herself next to Jimin, her origami bird in her hands.

“For you,” she just said and her voice was so sweet Jimin’s heart melted. Could he please keep this kid?

“Thank you Eui,” he said as he gently took the origami bird from her hands. The little girl gave Jimin the biggest smile he had seen on her all night, and then she ran back to her mother.

“Someone has a fan.”

“Someone is jealous.”

“I’m always jealous when it comes to you.”

Jungkook’s words made Jimin blush so he just ignored it.

“I’m still disappointed we didn’t get kimchi. You promised me the best kimchi I had ever tasted and I got nothing.” To be honest, Jimin really didn’t give a shit about the kimchi, but it was the first thing that popped into his stupid brain.

“Don’t worry. I’m gonna take you there many times.” Jungkook seemed to realize that that didn’t exactly melt Jimin’s heart the way he had hoped.

“On the days Sung doesn’t work.” Jimin just sighed.

“I don’t give a hit about Sung.” Jungkook raised his eyebrow, clearly not really believing him.

“Okay maybe I give a shit, but you can’t blame me. She’s hot. Even I would fuck her and I’m really into dick.” Jungkook snorted.

“Yeah well, I’m really into dick too. And when I say dick, I really just mean your dick.” Jimin rolled his eyes.

“Shut up. This dick is off limits to you.” Jungkook pouted.

“So cruel.”

Jimin compared his origami birds to the one Eui had given him. His were really ugly compared to hers. They were definitely not going to be shown to anyone, that’s for sure. He placed Eui’s origami in his pocket.

“But you were right,” said Jimin, getting Jungkook’s attention. “The restaurant was gorgeous. It sucked you were too much of a dick for me to really appreciate it, but it was really gorgeous.” Jungkook looked away from Jimin’s eyes, grinning slightly as if he had known Jimin wouldn’t stop grilling his ass.

“I love it too,” he just said. “I’ve been there like a million times. I was usually there with-”

Jungkook suddenly stopped talking. For a moment Jimin thought he was going to say he was there with some other guy, but the look on Jungkook’s face indicated something else.

This wasn’t about a past lover, so what was it?

“Jungkook I’m not going to pressure you into telling me, but I’m not gonna pretend it doesn’t frustrate me that you won’t let me. Not even a little bit.” Jungkook seemed to agree, but he also seemed to remain silent.

Jimin wanted to know.

He wanted Jungkook to tell him and it frustrated him that Jungkook still wouldn’t let him in, even after their multiple talks about being open with one another.

But then again.

Jimin kept things to himself too.

He wasn’t one to judge.

Jimin decided to get up. “Come one,” he said and held out his hand for Jungkook to take.

He looked really confused, probably surprised Jimin didn’t try and pry or force him to talk.

“I wanna try the carousel.” That seemed to snap Jungkook out of it. He grabbed Jimin’s hand and let himself be dragged away.

Jimin didn’t actually know where the carousel was, but he didn’t want to admit that to Jungkook, though he suspected he knew, so he just kept walking, trying to be confident in his steps.

They walked by a coffee stand, a basketball game and a water balloon game where one had to hit the balloons in order to win. Jimin already knew he would lose so he kept walking.

Finally, he spotted the carousel and rushed over to it, dragging Jungkook with him.

“Are you sure you wanna try the carousel?” asked Jungkook when he saw how many children were standing in line. He was obviously finding it rather embarrassing to try it when the only other people in line were no older than 10.

This, of course, only made Jimin want to try it even more.

“Are you embarrassed Jeon Jungkook?” Though he knew the answer. 

“No I’m not, fuck off, I just think carousels are boring.” 

“Well, I don’t. Let's go.”

Jimin practically pushed Jungkook through the little door and into the carousel, where they dumped down in what was supposed to be a caret.

It wasn’t until they were pressed against each other in the small seat, that Jimin realized that the caret was supposed to be somewhat romantic.

He swallowed hard at the realization.

“So,” said Jungkook, his face not far from Jimin’s.

Of course, Jimin then tried to lean back as much as he could, but they were still very close, practically sitting on each other’s laps.


“This is really going against your two-feet-rule, isn’t it?”

Oh yeah. Jimin had completely forgotten about that.

“So is this your way of saying you miss my touches?” He leaned in a little closer, so naturally, Jimin placed his hand on Jungkook’s face - holding him back.

“Easy lover boy, you’re staying on your side of the seat until this thing stops spinning.” Jungkook looked disappointed.

“Boo, you suck.”

“You wish,” said Jimin and cracked a grin, which Jungkook reciprocated.

“I knew there was some humor buried deep inside that un-funny body of yours.”

To say Jimin was insulted was an understatement.

“What? I’m fucking hilarious.” Jungkook laughed, but he wasn’t laughing with Jimin, he was laughing at him.

“Stop laughing you gigantic dick!” Jungkook didn’t stop.

“If I could get out of this shit thing, I would leave your ass here at this fair, and hope someone would come and stick a fucking cactus up your arrogant ass.”

The threat was futile. Jungkook continued to laugh.

“You such a…” muttered Jimin as he turned his body away from Jungkook, refusing to look at him.

But Jungkook wouldn’t let him.

He grabbed his shoulders and turned him around. Though it seemed to be a surprise to both of them that their faces ended up only a few inches apart.

Jimin’s breath got stuck in his throat as he stared into Jungkook’s dark eyes.

When Jimin heard others say ‘I felt like I was drowning in his beautiful dark eyes’ he had always found it rather stupid, unrealistic and cliché. But this was the only thing Jimin could use to describe this moment with.

Jungkook’s face came closer very slowly, and Jimin started to wonder if Jungkook’s lips would be as soft against Jimin’s lips as they were against his throat.

Or would they feel even softer?

Jimin wanted to kiss him.

He wanted to feel his lips against his own and taste Jungkook’s tongue, as gross as that sounded.

But kissing him tonight - after everything that had happened - felt like going back a step.

He had made it clear to Jungkook that they started over tonight. That he wasn’t going to let Jungkook keep this shit up. He had called him out on his bullshit and kissing him made Jimin feel as if he was the one giving in. Not Jungkook.

That Jungkook got his way. Not Jimin.

Jimin decided that from now one, Jungkook had to earn everything Jimin gave him. He had had his way far too often and now the roles were going to be reversed.

“I don’t kiss on the first date.”

Jimin pulled back, and Jungkook looked slightly annoyed with a mix of disappointment.

“What? 2 hours ago, you were ready to suck my dick, and now you can’t kiss me?” That was a shit argument since Jimin had been joking.

“I’ve matured in those 2 hours,” argued Jimin.

“Then un-mature.” Jungkook pulled back - resting his head against the side of the caret.

“No. I don’t kiss on the first date.”


“Cause they don’t do that in the movies.” At that Jungkook grinned.

“Well this isn’t a movie, sweet cheeks, it’s real life.”

If only it had been a movie, then all of this was guaranteed to have a happy ending.

“Come on let me play hard to get here. I haven’t been on a date before, I don’t know how they work okay? All I have to go from is the movies.”

Jungkook seemed to understand that.

“Fine, then when can I kiss you?”

Jimin tried to keep his face as natural as he could as he spoke.

“On the wedding day.”

It was meant as a big fat joke, but Jungkook seemed to take it dangerously seriously.

“I can’t wait then.” Then he winked and Jimin rolled his eyes.

“I was obviously joking.”

“Stop playing with my heart.” Jungkook held a hand over his very real, broken heart.

“Do you want me to propose to you now or can I take you out on a second date?”

“No and no.”

“What? Why the fuck not?” The carousel slowly started to stop and Jimin waited until the door was opened before he spoke.

“You can’t ask me out on a second date,” he said and got out of the caret. He looked back at Jungkook who hadn’t even gotten up yet. He was just looking at Jimin with a raised eyebrow.

“But you can win one.”

That was all it took for Jungkook to hurry out of the caret with a big smirk on his face.

“What are we playing?”


“Alright, sweet cheeks. Let’s go.”

Jungkook reached out for Jimin’s hand and gently pulled him with him towards the basketball game.


Jimin lost.

But he didn’t mind. Not even a little bit.

Of course, he knew he would lose. Since he fucking sucked at basketball.

But he didn’t tell Jungkook that.

Chapter Text

Park Jimin had never been better at lying than he was after meeting Jeon Jungkook.

It was as if Jungkook had awakened a possible opportunity to become a secret agent in him. Jimin was quite certain that if he was kidnapped right now and they tried to torture him into confessing what he had been doing on Friday, he wouldn’t say a word.

His lies had gotten smoother, faster to make and easier to believe.

He was now so good that Jimin himself wasn’t even sure if he knew Jeon Jungkook.

“I can’t believe you actually spent your entire Friday at the library Jimin,” said Hoseok. “It’s a fucking Friday and you spent in the library.”

“You were passed out in your bed at 9 pm with a cold cup of ramen at your bedtable and a manga in your arms. You’re not one to judge.” Hoseok kicked Taehyung under the table.

“Why is he here again? I don’t remember inviting him.”

All three boys were sitting around a small table at Papa’s coffee shop, with four cups of coffee on the table.

“Shut up Tae, I was practicing all day okay? I was tired as hell.” Taehyung merely sipped his coffee. “Don’t listen to him, Hobi, he’s just sulky cause no one wanted to hang out with him.”

“Of course I fucking am! My roommate fell asleep in the middle of the day-” Hoseok opened his mouth to protest, but Taehyung kept talking. “-and my best friend – no my soulmate – would rather sit in the fucking library than go out with me. I hate you people.”

Jimin wanted to feel bad, he really did.

But he couldn’t. Because his night had been great. Well the last part of it of course, but Jimin had decided that the first 2 hours were erased from the face of the earth.

So when Taehyung had told him he had been staying in his dorm room all night, watching k dramas with headphones on without anyone to talk about the series with, Jimin said sorry, but he didn’t mean it at all.

“I’ll go out with you next weekend Tae, I promise.”

“Can’t you go out with me tonight?” Taehyung sent Jimin the best puppy eyes he had, but Jimin looked away, knowing he was weak for them.

“I’m not going out with you on a fucking Tuesday Tae.” Taehyung pouted, then he looked at Hoseok, who merely shook his head.

“This isn’t fair, I’ve been bored out of my mind the last couple of days and none of you have done anything to make my shit life better.” The two other boys just rolled their eyes.

Taehyung was one of the biggest drama queens Jimin knew. And it could be about everything. Taehyung could drop a piece of toast, and the next thing he would say was how unfair the world was and how it was always the innocent ones who were fucked over by life.

“I’m being serious!”

“We know,” said Hoseok. “That’s why we’re rolling our eyes.” Taehyung looked incredibly insulted. He leaned back in his seat and took a long sip of his coffee, slurping loudly as he did so.

Hoseok ignored him and looked at Jimin. “So Jimin-” Taehyung purposely interrupted him, slurped obnoxiously loud and Hoseok sent him a glare.

“Tae mentioned you knew what you wanted to do for the dance festival.” Jimin nodded and took a sip of his own coffee. “I’m stoked you’re doing contemporary, no one at the team is gonna do it, but it sucks I can’t help you.”

Hoseok was great at pretty much every dance art. But contemporary wasn’t one of them. Of course, he knew how. Of course, he could do it. Of course, he looked cool. But his body wasn’t made for it. He didn’t have the feel.

Not that he minded, or anyone else did for that matter. Hoseok slayed everything else.

Contemporary was Jimin’s thing. No one from the dance team had ever been taught contemporary. Only Jimin. And though it sounded selfish, Jimin loved it. It was his thing. Only his thing.

“Of course you can help me Hobi. You might not be an expert, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to see if I look like a fucking whale or not.” That was the most important part. He never wanted to look or feel, like a whale when he danced ever again.

“I seriously can’t wait to see it Jimin. Do you know what you’re doing for music?”

“Yeah, Yoongi is gonna play the piano.”

Jimin had used the entire day Sunday with Yoongi trying to compose something. Jimin had told Yoongi he could just pick something he already knew. It really didn’t even have to be original, Jimin was happy as long as Yoongi wanted to play. But Yoongi had insisted.

He wanted to compose something original, and though Jimin felt so bad for forcing this into Yoongi’s already full schedule, he was fucking excited to hear the result.

“Yoongi’s gonna- he’s gonna play?” Jimin nodded.

“Yeah, he’s the best pianist I know. Not to mention I would feel so much better if he was up there with me.”

“Could he do that for Hobi too? I think he would like that very, very much.” Taehyung chuckled and Hoseok kicked him under the table. Hard.

“I can’t wait to, um, to hear it. It’s gonna be amazing. I know it.” Hoseok sent Jimin a quick smile before he took a big sip of his coffee, avoiding eye contact.

The doorbell sounded and in came a very tired looking Yoongi.

He made his way towards their table and dumped down in the chair next to Jimin and opposite Hoseok, who watched him closely. He said nothing as he grabbed the lukewarm cup of coffee in front of him and practically drank half of it in one go.

Then he placed the cup down and looked up at the 3 boys sitting around the table, all looking at him without saying anything.

“Sup,” he said and Taehyung snorted.

“On time as always,” he said. Yoongi didn’t really seem to care whether he was on time or not. He merely shrugged.

“I was caught up in something.”

“You always are,” commented Jimin, but there was no irritation in his voice.

“Just be glad I came.”

And Jimin certainly was.

And Taehyung, who grinned amusedly.

And Hoseok, who kept smiling.

“Were you working on Jimin’s music?” asked Taehyung, and Yoongi nodded.

Jimin should be over the moon that Yoongi spent so much time working on the music but he had made it clear that everything else in Yoongi’s schedule came first.

“Yoongi I’ve already told you I don’t want you to spend so much time on it. You have your own shit you need to do.”

Yoongi merely shrugged nonchalantly. “Yeah I know, I just wanna make it good. Besides, I don’t wanna do all the other shit I have to. I’m good at procrastinating.” He was indeed. Yoongi had basically procrastinated his way through his entire life. How he had come this far was a mystery.

“Yoongi you could use 5 minutes on it at it would still be good. You don’t have to put so much effort into it.” Yoongi turned to look at Jimin, a surprisingly determined look in his eyes.

“Is the dance important to you?”

“Well, yes of course, but-”

“Than I wanna make it perfect.” Jimin was about to protest, but eventually just sighed, a smile never leaving his lips. He nudged Yoongi in the side, not knowing how to express his gratitude with words.

“Why can’t I have such a good roommate?” exclaimed Taehyung. “I’m stuck with his stupid dipshit.” He pointed at Hoseok without looking at him.

“He can’t even remember to buy me dumplings when I ask.” Hoseok sighed.

“That’s two weeks ago you fucker, move on.” Taehyung turned to him, his finger raised in the air as if he was about to have a bitch flip.

“Not even in death would I move on.”

“Then can’t you just die now? That would save me a whole lot of painkillers.” Taehyung slapped his arm, but the action was gentle.

“Moving on,” said Jimin and got Hoseok attention.

“I know we aren’t exactly allowed to book the entire dance studio, but could you maybe pull some strings so I could be allowed to have it next Wednesday?” Hoseok looked at him confused.

“Why next Wednesday?”

“My only class has been canceled so I was gonna use the entire day focusing on the dance competition, and I’m not in the mood to accidentally see Chiwon’s stupid face if he decides to stop by.”

Chiwon practiced almost as often as Jimin, and unfortunately, that meant that their schedules overlapped annoyingly often. If he came by the dance studio, Jimin would not be able to get any work done.

That annoying jackass would use the entire time pissing Jimin off.

“Well, the last class is at 4 pm, but I suppose I could put up a note or something for the rest of the day.” Jimin wanted to kiss Hoseok.

“You’re the best Hobi, you really are.” Hoseok smiled in agreement.

“Is he still being a doucebag to you?” asked Taehyung, looking at Jimin.

“I don’t know what his problem is.” Jimin drank the last bit of his coffee and pushed his cup into the middle of the table.

“Well actually,” he said and everyone looked at him. “I bumped into him at the Blue Lagoon.” It wasn’t really an encounter he had thought about.

Once it had passed he had basically forgotten it, but now it suddenly resurfaced.

“I was at the bar getting a drink because-” he stopped himself before he said he had escaped to the bar to avoid Jeon Jungkook. “-because I was in need of alcohol. Just alcohol.” It seemed like his friends didn’t detect the slight slip up.

“Well long story short. I joked about sucking his dick, and I’m pretty sure he is a homophobe.”

It was clear his 3 friends focused on 3 different things in that sentence.

“You joked about sucking his dick?” asked Taehyung, unable to hold back a laugh.

“Chiwon is a homophobe?” asked Yoongi, his face strained.

“I thought Chiwon hated the Blue Lagoon,” wondered Hoseok, not really asking anyone in particular.

“I was drunk, he was a douchebag, it happened. And well, I’m not sure he’s a homophobe, but he looked pretty fucking disgusted when I said it. You should’ve seen his face though. It was quite funny.”

Taehyung seemed to see the humor in it even though he hadn’t even been there, but Yoongi didn’t.

“If he hates you because you’re gay then it’s seriously fucked up.” Jimin gentle placed his hand on Yoongi’s sleeve.

“It’s fine Yoongi, he’s just a dick so I don’t care.”

“I do!” said Yoongi.

“He’s right,” agreed Hoseok. “It’s not okay if that’s why he has it in for you.”

Jimin looked at his two friends, and though he appreciated that they cared, that it mattered to them too, he hadn’t said it to start this kind of conversation.

He had honestly just said it because he actually found it just a little funny.

“Listen, guys, I was just trying to tell a funny story here,” he said, making sure to smile to emphasize his point. That seemed to soften the two third years up, though Yoongi still looked a little strained.

“Not to mention that if he actually was a homophone, he would hate Hobi too, and he doesn’t.” Hoseok agreed.

“Maybe he just hates how effortlessly good my hair looks all the time,” said Jimin and smiled brightly, making all of his friends, even Yoongi, laugh.

“Yeah,” said Taehyung. “Or maybe he’s in love with you, but he can’t have you.”

“Or maybe he can see the future and knows you’re gonna beat him in the dance festival and that’s why he has hated you from the start.”

“He doesn’t have to be able to see the future to know that,” said Yoongi, and Jimin swung his arms around his roommate and hugged him tightly.

“Then he should hate me too,” said Hoseok.

“No,” replied Taehyung, almost too fast.

Hoseok kicked him and Taehyung hit him back.

“Kids,” said Jimin and got his two friends’ attention.

“Stop fighting or I’ll beat both your asses.”

“That’s so unfair.”

“I don’t care,” laughed Jimin.

Taehyung and Hoseok went back to bicker about something regarding their coffee. Apparently, Taehyung had taken a sip of Hoseok’s by mistake and now he was contemplating how to kill Taehyung quickest.

However, Jimin didn’t have time to get involved in the conversation. His phone started to vibrate in his pocket and he took it out.

A new message from Jungkook.

Jimin didn’t even try to deny how much that made his cheeks blush.

When they had parted ways Friday night, Jungkook had asked for his phone number and Jimin hadn’t hesitated to give it to him.

Though they didn’t really text all that often. Every once in while Jungkook would send one. Usually, it was a pointless message, but Jimin liked them anyway. He never texted first though. He didn’t know what to text.

‘Can I take you out tonight?’

Jimin’s lips turned into a discreet smile as he replied.

‘No. I’m doing homework. We’re going out on Friday. You gotta wait.’

To be honest, Jimin didn’t want to wait. But he still had to do Muyeol’s history assignment. Luckily, he had done his own yesterday.

‘But I don’t want to. And you did homework yesterday too.’

Jimin didn’t even have to see Jungkook’s face to know he was pouting.

He already knew him too well and it was almost scary.

‘That was history, today it is math.’

No. Today was unfortunately history too. But Jungkook couldn’t know that.

“Hey Jimin, what about you?” Jimin looked up at his 3 friends who were all looking at him.

“What?” Taehyung sighed as he repeated the question.

“I was just asking if you were on for a lunch date on Saturday?” Jimin nodded.

“Yeah sure, but why Saturday?” They went out eating often, but it was mostly always spontaneously. They weren’t really the planning types.

“Namjoon’s going to that meeting Saturday morning you know?” said Yoongi, and Jimin turned to him, still looking a little confused.


“Regarding the internship at Seoul Sound. The radio station.” Then Jimin remembered.

“Shit” They looked at him as if he was stupid and Jimin felt pretty fucking stupid. And the worst friend in the world.

“Fuck, I totally forgot. Yes, yes I’ll be there.”

“If he gets it, it’s a party lunch, and if he doesn’t, we’re going out for drinks.” Jimin agreed. Then he felt his phone vibrate again and looked down at 4 unanswered messages.

‘Can’t you do homework at my place then?’


‘Answer me.’


It was hard not to smile. If there was one thing Jimin didn’t think Jungkook was, it was this needy. Of course, he knew Jungkook was needy, just not needy the same way a little kid was needy.

But he was.

Oh boy, he was.

‘No. And fuck off.’

A big part of Jimin actually wanted to go, but then he wouldn’t be able to do his homework. Jungkook sent him a sad smiley and Jimin laughed.

“What is it?” Jimin looked up at Hoseok who seemed very interested in knowing what Jimin was doing under the table.

“I was just texting, um-” Jimin needed to come up with a name fast.

“Muyeol.” He mentally cursed for saying that name, but it was the first that popped up.

“Muyeol from your history class? I didn’t know you were friends with him?”

“You don’t have any friends in your history class Jimin,” said Taehyung and grinned. Jimin glared at him.

“We’re aren’t. I’m helping him with homework.” It was in a way true.

“Jesus Jimin, you’re helping half the university with homework. Think about yourself first,” said Yoongi. He really shouldn’t be the one to give out lectures, since he was thinking about Jimin’s dance competition before his own education and his own music.

“Who else are you helping?”

“Jungkook,” said Yoongi, and Jimin’s mouth went dry. He had completely forgotten that Yoongi thought Jimin had been helping him with homework.

“You’re helping Jeon Jungkook with homework? Couldn’t a rich kid like him just get a private tutor?” laughed Taehyung.

It wasn’t until now Jimin understood how judgmental he had sounded when he had made the same assumptions not long ago.

“Fuck off Tae, don’t assume shit.”

He mentally cursed when he realized how suspicious, and not to mention hard, that sounded.

He looked up at Taehyung. Saying he looked confused was an understatement.

“Sorry,” hurried Jimin to say. “I just don’t think we should assume shit without knowing the guy.”

Hoseok raised an eyebrow, a smug smile on his lips. “Jiminie,” he said. “Do you… like Jungkook?”

Of course, Hoseok was joking. He didn’t know shit. But Jimin spoke before he thought.

“No I fucking don’t, he’s a fucking dick.”

An awkward silence spread. Jimin wanted the earth to swallow him whole. Why couldn’t he just think before he spoke?

Finally, Taehyung spoke up. “He’s really not that bad Jimin.” All eyes were on Taehyung. “I have social studies with him. He’s a cool guy Jimin, I was just joking.” Jimin sighed.

“Yeah, yeah I know. Sorry I shouldn’t have snapped.”

The awkward silence didn’t really seem to go away, and finally, Jimin couldn’t take it anymore.

“I have a shit ton of homework,” he announced and got up from the chair.

“You wanna go back together?” asked Yoongi and looked slightly concerned. Jimin shook his head.

“I’m going to the library,” Yoongi said nothing, he just nodded.

“Bye guys, I’ll see you later.” It looked like both Taehyung and Hoseok were going to say something, but Jimin left before they could.

He mentally cursed himself the entire way to the library.

That was 16 minutes of profanity.




The library was deserted on a grey Tuesday night. Not that Jimin minded. He loved it. He absolutely loved the quietness. He even loved the loneliness right now.

It had taken him at least 20 minutes before he could get himself in the right mindset for history. His brain wasn’t cooperating. It hated him and Jimin hated it.

Why couldn’t it just stop overthinking the tiniest fucking shit and leave him be?

His mind was flowing with thoughts like ‘do they suspect?’ ‘would they hate me?’ ‘I fucked up.’ He couldn’t make it shut up.

Jimin knew that if he continued to see Jungkook, they would eventually find out.

But he couldn’t bring himself to tell them.

And he feared he never would.

He already felt like he had been keeping it a secret so long that it was too late to try and save it. He had already lied so many times, it was too late to try and backtrack now. He could only continue down the same road of lies and secrets and he hated it. But it was too late to take a U-turn.

He wondered if his mother would be disappointed with him. Would she be mad? Or maybe sad? Would she approve if Jimin got involved with Jeon Jungkook? He wasn’t sure.

He feared the answer.

He knew his father wouldn’t. But that probably had more to do with the fact that Jungkook was a man than anything else.

If he ever started seeing Jungkook publicly he knew it would get out of the university. People who didn’t even know him would know. And there was a big possibility his father would know.

He wasn’t sure if the thought terrified him or excited him.

Probably both.

He directed his attention to his computer screen again, doing his best to focus 100% on Muyeol’s history assignment. Of course, Jimin, and Muyeol knew that if he got an A, his teacher would be suspicious, so all Jimin da to do was get him a B, which wasn’t all that hard since he was pretty good at history.

But he still fucking hated it.

He had written around 6 sentences and they weren’t even good. Why did the Korean empire have to be such an annoying subject? Couldn’t his teacher have chosen something better?

The assignment had to be turned in tomorrow and he knew that if Muyeol didn’t get by tomorrow morning he was going to seek Jimin out and Jimin did not want that. His best course of action would be to find Muyeol early the next day, give it to him and run.

He tried to concentrate again. He couldn’t.

He called Jungkook.

He picked up on the fourth ring.


Jimin was glad Jungkook couldn’t see him because the nickname made him blush. Of course, he was not going to let Jungkook know that.

“Eat a dick,” Jimin replied, trying to sound as casual as possible.

“Only if it’s yours.” Jungkook’s voice was flirtatious and Jimin just knew he was smiling smugly on the other end of the line.

“Ew, you’re gross.”

“Only for you.”

Jimin said nothing, he merely smiled for himself, alone at the silent library.

“Are you okay?” asked Jungkook, and this time he sounded slightly concerned. Jimin hurried to nod, only to realized that Jungkook, of course, couldn’t see him. Though he kind of wished Jungkook could be here and see him.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just-” he held a pause trying to find something to say. He didn’t actually know what he wanted with this phone call. If he was being 100% honest he actually just wanted to hear Jungkook’s voice.

“I’m just stressed and I fucking hate homework and I just wanted a distraction.”

“I’m always willing to be your distraction,” replied Jungkook, his voice surprisingly serious.

Jimin didn’t reply to that, he merely felt his stomach fill with butterflies and didn’t try to fight it.

“Where are you? Do you want me to come? I can be there in 10. Probably.” Jimin really wanted to say yes. To tell him to come now, but then he wouldn’t get this stupid assignment done.

“I’m at the library, but don’t come,” he said. “I wouldn’t be able to get this history assignment done if you’re here.” He could hear Jungkook chuckled on the other end of the line and a smile was formed on Jimin’s lips.

Then it seemed like Jungkook remembered something.

“History? I thought you did history yesterday?” Jimin squeezed his eyes shut and mentally cursed. He was such a fucking idiot.

“I- I did, I just wanted to make it perfect,” said Jimin, trying his best to save it.

“Over-achiever as always I see.” That wasn’t really all that true. Not about everything at least.

“What can I say? That’s how I roll.” Jimin almost wanted to gag at those words. God, he sounded like a fucking lame idiot. Jungkook chuckled and Jimin instantly felt better again.

Damn that boy had superpowers.

“Sure you don’t want me to come? I can be really quiet next to you.” Jimin still found it strange when Jungkook showed this side of himself. It was so different than the one he had seen the first couple of days. Jimin liked it. Though he would lie if he said Jungkook’s confident and arrogant persona didn’t turn him on quite a lot.

“No. Stay in your bed.”

“How did you know I was in bed?” Jimin shrugged. It was honestly just a wild guess, but it felt kind of good being right.

“Because I’m standing outside your window,” joked Jimin, doing his best to sound as serious as possible.

“Then you suddenly grew 12 floors. Nice.” Jimin laughed.

They were both quiet for a moment, but it didn’t feel weird. It felt good just hearing Jungkook breathe, knowing he was on the other end of the line, even if he was physically far away.

“What are you doing?” asked Jimin.

“Jerking off,” replied Jungkook without hesitation or shame.

Jimin wanted to punch him. He seemed to want to do that quite a lot.

“I hate you.”

“No, you don’t, you-”

Jungkook stopped talking, and Jimin had a feeling he knew what Jungkook was about to say. But he had realized that even as a joke, those words were not going to be said out loud.

Not yet at least, though that thought was too terrifying to think of, so Jimin pushed it away.

“No really, what are you doing?” asked Jimin, wanting to change the topic, but also because he was genuinely curious.

“Why?” Jimin raised an eyebrow.

What was he doing since he was being so secretive? Was he really jerking off? No, Jungkook didn’t seem like the guy to be quiet while masturbating.

“Because I’m curious. And bored.”


“Okay?” The line went silent again, and Jimin was getting frustrated. Why the fuck was he being so suspicious?

“Are you doing something illegal? Like downloading porn or something?” Jungkook laughed at that.

“No,” he said, and Jimin somehow felt a little relieved, weirdly enough.

“I know I site, I can download it for free.” Jimin wanted to punch him again.

“I should never have called you, you disgusting butthole.”

“Ahh, baby are you jealous?”

“Of what?” asked Jimin, having a hard time figuring out why he should be jealous of Jungkook downloading porn.

“That I’m jerking off to other things than just the thought of you.” Jimin could hear the teasing smile in his words.

“You’re gross. If you ever think of me while you jerk off again, picture me cutting off your dick with a nail scissor, that’ll make you come fast, I can guarantee that.”

“I think I just did.” Jimin made a disgusted sound that made Jungkook laughed.

“I’m watching a movie,” Jungkook finally said, and Jimin felt almost disappointed that it wasn’t more interesting than that.

“Why couldn’t you just say that? What are you watching that’s so scandalous you wouldn’t tell me?” At that Jungkook went quiet.

“Jungkook?” Jungkook still didn’t say anything.

“Oh my god, you are watching porn, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m not.” Jungkook held a pause, then he spoke so fast Jimin couldn’t understand it.

"I’mwatchinglegallyblonde.” Jimin blinked.

“Huh?” Jungkook sighed deeply, then he spoke again.

“I’m watching Legally Blonde,” he confessed and Jimin laughed. “It’s a fucking good movie don’t judge me!” Jimin tried his best to try and stop laughing, but it was really fucking funny.

“It is, it’s just pretty fucking funny hearing Jeon Jungkook saying he is watching Legally Blonde.”

Jungkook merely chuckled in response. He obviously saw the humor in it too, which was probably why he hadn’t wanted to say it in the first place.

“If you wanna watch a good chick flick, you should watch She’s The Man.” Jungkook seemed to think it over for a moment.

“Only if you watch it with me.” Jimin could do that.



“Yeah okay.” Jimin could feel Jungkook’s smile all the way over here, and he wondered if Jungkook could feel his too.

“I should really finish this now though,” said Jimin, suddenly feeling his cheeks redden.

“You sure you don’t want me to come? I’ve seen this shit a million times, I know how it ends so I don’t mind skipping it.” Jimin shook his head.

“No. Watch your movie and I’ll do my homework.”

Jungkook seemed to understand this.

“Okay. Talk to you later?” And for a moment it sounded like Jungkook was afraid they wouldn’t.

“Yeah. I’ll talk to you later.”


“Yes you needy fuck,” laughed Jimin.

“How did you figure that out?”

“Because I’m incredibly smart and you're incredibly dumb.”

“Good point.” Jimin was full of good points, yet people continued to be surprised.

“Um, take care,” said Jimin, though it sounded more like a question. They had never spoken on the phone before and Jimin didn’t know how they should end it.

“Take care baby.” It didn’t appear like Jungkook had the same problem.

Jimin didn’t answer. He waited a few seconds, then he ended the call. A smile playing on his lips.

Now he just had to finish this fucking history assignment.




Giving Muyeol the finished assignment had been less painful than he had thought. Jimin had been sure he would spend his entire morning trying to find Muyeol.

He had prepared himself to find someone who knew him and ask for his dorm room or some shit like that. But instead, Muyeol had done it.

He had barged into Jimin’s dorm room at 8.30am. Luckily Yoongi had decided to go to class this morning so he wasn’t there.

Of course, Jimin had been furious and creeped out by the fact that Muyeol had asked someone for Jimin’s dorm and that he now knew where Jimin lived, but that saved him having to run around looking for the son of a bitch.

Jimin had rushed to throw the finished, printed, history assignment in his arms and practically pushed him out of his dorm room before the stupid smirk on Muyeol’s face would be turned into obnoxious words.

Afterward he hurried out of his dorm room and found Taehyung sitting at one of the benches on campus.

They had decided to spend their free period outside, studying, talking, whatever else they could come up with.

“It has been too long since we hung out,” had Taehyung said, and Jimin agreed.

He had been so occupied with Jungkook that he hadn’t even realized that he and Taehyung had spent so little time together the last couple of weeks.

Of course, they had still seen each other almost every day, but before Jungkook they had been inseparable.

After Jungkook, there had been a thin wall between them. A wall Jimin had created when he decided to keep Jungkook a secret from him.

“Namjoon we’ve been over this,” sighed Taehyung.

The 3 boys were sitting around a small bench in the warm spring heat. Practically the whole university was sitting outside too, enjoying the nice weather.

“Listen they’re gonna judge everything I do, okay. What if I mess up? What if I fucking break some of their equipment? They would kill me!” exclaimed Namjoon. He squeezed his eyes shut and leaned back. He covered his eyes with his arm and sighed deeply. “I would kill me.”

“Namjoon you’re not gonna fuck up, you’re fucking good at this shit. As for the clumsiness-” Namjoon removed his arm to look at Taehyung. “Well just don’t stand too close to the expensive shit and we’re good.” Namjoon just growled and covered his eyes again.

Namjoon had joined Taehyung and Jimin about an hour after they sat down on the bench.

He had dumped down on the bench with a sigh so deep Jimin was sure he had held it in for years.

Apparently, he hadn’t slept all night, which was kind of serious considering there were another 3 days until the job interview. If he couldn’t sleep now, he was never going to sleep Friday night.

“I’m not gonna get it. I can feel it. I’m not.”

Taehyung practically slammed his head down on the table out of pure frustrations. “Namjoon shut up. You’re gonna get this job.” Namjoon looked long and hard at Taehyung, probably trying to figure out if he should believe it or not.

Then he looked at Jimin who gave him an encouraging smile. It seemed like it worked because Namjoon smiled back.

“Wonderful,” said Taehyung, when he spotted the smile on Namjoon’s face. “Now fuck off, your negative aura is messing with my head.” The words were somewhat harsh, but the smile was cheeky.

Namjoon merely gave him the finger, then he got up.

“I’ll see you later Jiminie. Suck it Tae.”

“You wish!” called Taehyung after him as Namjoon left. But he was grinning like an idiot, clearly not insulted by Namjoon’s words.

“I really hate that guy,” muttered Taehyung. “He’s so talented but he’s so fucking stubborn he can’t even see it.” Jimin agreed, but he said nothing.

He hoped Jin was showering him with praise whenever he could, cause the poor, clumsy boy needed it. And something told Jimin that Namjoon would only truly believe it if Jin said it.

Love does that to people.

“What are you doing Friday?” asked Taehyung suddenly and Jimin swallowed hard.

“Nothing,” he said hesitantly.

“You wanna do something? I’m so bored and I miss hanging out with you.” Taehyung whined like a little child, and if Jimin hadn’t been internally panicking he would’ve laughed.

“Sorry Tae. I can’t.”

Taehyung snapped his head in Jimin’s direction, a frown on his face.

“But you just said you weren’t doing anything,” he whined.

“I forgot I was doing-” Jimin needed to think fast. Like really fucking fast so he didn’t come up with something stupid-


…like that.

Taehyung looked at him dumbfounded. “Laundry? Since when do you dedicate an entire day to laundry?” he practically laughed, clearly finding the answer stupid.

“Since I found out that having clean clothes is important.”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t take an entire fucking night to do laundry.” Jimin shrugged. He was quite certain he looked very indifferent right now, even though his insides were panicking.

“Listen I have been doing homework the entire week. I just want one fucking quiet night to myself.” The words were much harsher than Jimin had meant them.

He could see the surprised and slightly hurt look on Taehyung’s face and instantly felt like a fucking asshole.

“Sorry Tae, it got nothing to do with you it’s just-” He did his best to come up with something that could make Taehyung feel better. He fucking hated himself for doing this shit to his best friend.

“I’m just so stressed with everything, so I’m horrible company and I don’t want to ruin your night.” Jimin sighed deeply.

The lie rolled off his tongue quite easily, which didn’t make him feel any better. Quite the opposite actually.

“You could never make my night worse Jimin.” Taehyung’s smile was so sweet, so genuine and Jimin wanted to find the highest point in Seoul and jump down, hoping to die a slow and painful death like he deserved. Jimin didn’t deserve Taehyung. Or Yoongi. Or any one of his friends.

They were too good for him.

Damn, he was pathetic.

“Trust me, I can. But I don’t want to. What about Hobi?” Taehyung shrugged.

“Yeah I could do something with him, I just really wanna do something with you Jiminie. I see Hobi’s stupid face every morning. I wanna to look at something better.” Taehyung grinned and so did Jimin.

“Next week,” said Jimin. “Next week we’ll do something together. Just you and me. No one else.” That did seem to lift Taehyung’s mood.

“Then you gotta fucking promise Jimin, otherwise I will kill you.” Jimin just nodded. He could do that.

He had been neglecting Taehyung for too long and it wasn’t fair. He had been pushing him aside and he wouldn’t even tell him why. Not that the truth would make it all better. Coming clean now was not going to solve anything.

He started wondering if Jungkook went around telling people.

He knew Jin knew. Did Jungkook have anyone else outside of the university he had told? Had he told his parents? He was quite certain he hadn’t.

That could be because he respected Jimin’s wish to keep it a secret.

Or maybe he simply didn’t want them to know he was seeing a nobody when he was very much a somebody.

Jimin’s eyes caught something a little further away from the bench him and Taehyung was sitting at. Right there in the middle of the lawn stood Jeon Jungkook in all his glory. He was talking to two boys Jimin didn’t know.

He looked good. That was the first thing that popped up in Jimin’s mind when he laid his eyes on the tall boy. Of course, he always looked good so it wasn’t really a surprise, but Jimin still thought it.

It seemed like Jimin’s long stare was finally noticed by Jungkook.

He turned his head towards Jimin and smiled smugly at him. Obviously finding it funny he caught Jimin staring at him yet again.

Jimin didn’t look away though, as he had the last time he had been caught staring. He merely raises his eyebrow as if he was challenging Jungkook.

Jimin didn’t know what he was challenging him to, but it was something.

It was lucky the two boys Jungkook was with, was too occupied to notice that Jungkook had completely spaced out of their conversation and was looking at Jimin. Jimin would’ve killed them if someone noticed Jungkook’s obvious glances.

Unfortunately, someone did notice. Unfortunately someone he couldn’t kill.

“Is Jeon Jungkook staring at you?” Jimin didn’t take his eyes off of Jungkook as he answered Taehyung.

“Not if he wants to keep his balls intact he isn’t.” Taehyung snorted.

“Why are you giving the poor guy such a hard time? What did he ever do to you?” Taehyung’s tone was light and cheeky. He was merely joking.

“I just think he’s a pain in the ass,” Jimin said. “I feel sorry for his poor parents,” laughed Jimin. Though he really didn’t.

Jungkook seemed to be a good child.

Unlike Jimin.

But maybe his parents should’ve taught him that he couldn’t get everything he laid his eyes on. He was way too spoiled.

Jimin kept looking at Jungkook, who was smiling smugly at him. They kept their unofficial staring contest up until Jimin noticed that Taehyung was completely quiet beside him. He tore his eyes away from Jungkook and looked at Taehyung.

Taehyung wasn’t looking at him. He was looking down at his hands as he played with a piece of paper. He was biting his bottom lip.

What was happening?

“Tae?” Taehyung looked up almost startled at the sudden mention of his name.

“Yeah?” Jimin looked at him long and hard. He furrowed his eyebrows as he studied the younger boy closely.

“Tae what are you thinking?”

Taehyung hesitated for an annoyingly long time before he looked Jimin in the eyes.

“My parents are getting a divorce.”

Jimin didn’t see that coming. Of all the things he imagined Taehyung could’ve told him, that wasn’t one of them.

“What?” he just said.

“They told me last Monday. They’re still friends and all, they just don’t wanna… they don’t wanna be married anymore.” Jimin could see the painful expression on his best friends face and he wanted to wrap him into a tight embrace.

But first talk, then hug.

“They don’t hate each other, they’re just not… in love anymore.”

Jimin wasn’t really sure what to say in this situation. He wasn’t horrible at comforting, but in this particular field, he knew nothing.

His parents weren’t divorced. That required that they had been married in the first place. They hadn’t. They had never even been together.

“Fuck, I’m sorry Tae. Are you okay?” Taehyung nodded and smiled weakly. It was clear he was trying to appear okay, but Jimin knew his best friend.

Taehyung wasn’t okay.

“You’re not fine Tae, just… just tell me what you’re thinking so I can do everything in my power to make you feel better.” Jimin was begging for Taehyung to let him in, which was kind of hypocritically since he wasn’t letting Taehyung in.

“I don’t know what I need Jimin. I’m just… baffled. I knew it wasn’t great between them, but we’re a fucking family and they’re just being fucking selfish.” Taehyung sounded mad, but Jimin knew he was hurt.

“Family fucking sucks Tae, that’s why you got me.” Jimin hoped his words were somewhat a comfort to Taehyung, but Taehyung only cracked the tiniest smile.

“I just wished they could figure this out instead of fucking everything up.” He looked up at Jimin and Jimin instantly felt a need to wrap his arms around the boy. So he did.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Taehyung shrugged in Jimin’s arms.

“I was gonna do it when the right moment came, but it just never seemed to be the right moment to tell your best friend that your parents suck.” Taehyung got that right.

Jimin chuckled as he slowly released Taehyung, who was smiling slightly for the first time since his confession.

“I’m glad you told me now then.”

“Of course I would tell you Jimin,” said Taehyung, looking very serious.

“You’re my best friends, we share everything. I would never keep anything from you.”

Jimin felt really small suddenly. He felt really guilty and really awful and he wanted to die.

He suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to tell Taehyung.

About everything.

About his family.

About Jungkook.

Mostly he wanted to tell him about Jungkook.

Taehyung would never judge him.

He was his best friend.

He trusted him.

He loved him.

It was going to be okay.

“Tae I-”

“There you are you fucking moron, I’ve been calling you like crazy.”

Hoseok was walking towards them, a bright smile on his face despite his harsh words.
Jimin wasn’t sure if he was disappointed or relieved that he didn’t say.

Probably the latter.

“I forgot my keys and I need my laptop – hey Jiminie – so if you could just give me yours, it would be great.” Hoseok smiled sweetly at Taehyung as he extended his hands towards the younger boy.

Taehyung sighed deeply, and then he dumped his keys in Hoseok’s hands.

“You are the worst roommate ever.”

“Love you too. Bye Jiminie!” called Hoseok as he ran towards their building, a big grin on his face.

Taehyung turned to Jimin. “What were you gonna say before that son of a bitch interrupted?” Jimin just stared at him.

A new chance presented itself.

Should Jimin take it?

“It’s nothing,” he said, though it really wasn’t. “Just wanted to tell you I’m always here for you.”

While Jimin meant every word, it wasn’t the words he had wanted to say.

“Thanks,” said Taehyung, but he didn’t look completely convinced that Jimin wasn’t keeping something from him,

“Are you sure that’s what you wanted to say?”

“Yes. Yes, it’s all I wanted to say. Nothing more.”




Jimin felt like shit when he finally, at 9:34 pm, threw himself on his bed. He landed on his arm and it actually fucking hurt, but Jimin made no move to lessen the pain. He deserved the fucking pain. He just decided to lay there in the darkness.

Jimin wasn’t sure if he was relieved or disappointed that Yoongi for once wasn’t there when he got home.

He was relieved because he really didn’t want to look at any of his friends in the eye right now. They would see right through him. He knew it.

He was disappointed because if he was being honest he could use the older boy right now to make him feel better.

But did Jimin really deserve to feel better?

His best fucking friend had just told him something he had told no one else. Something that was a big deal to him. Something that was hurting him. Something he told Jimin because he believed Jimin deserved to know.

Jimin didn’t even deserve the damn air he was breathing.

At this point, he wasn’t even sure what he was doing.

There were so many things his friends deserved to know. Especially Taehyung. Yet Jimin held it in. He held it in until he couldn’t breathe.

Jimin hadn’t taken a good breath in more than 3 years.

Would Taehyung’s view of him change if he knew what a selfish asshole he truly was? If he knew Jimin had fucked over his own mother because he apparently didn’t give a shit about anyone but himself?

Would Taehyung still look at him with those kind eyes? Would he still hold him in those tight embraces? Would he still say his name so sweetly if he knew just how selfish Jimin really was?

Would Jungkook?

The door flung open and in came Yoongi.

He was holding an ice-latte in his hands, quietly sucking on the straw. He turned on the lights and looked over at Jimin.

Jimin just looked back at him as Yoongi slowly sucked on the straw. Had it been anyone else it had probably been awkward, but with Yoongi awkward moments happened so often they weren’t even awkward anymore.

They didn’t say anything, and Jimin had a feeling Yoongi was trying to figure out what mood Jimin was in and then what approach he should have to the younger boy.

Finally, Yoongi removed the straw from his lips and held the drink out for Jimin, though they were 3 feet apart so of course, Jimin couldn’t reach it.

“You want some?” Jimin shook his head.

“Not thirsty,” he just said. Yoongi placed the drink on his desk and started taking off his jacket and his shoes.

Jimin was certain Yoongi had spent the entire day at the music studio. He and Namjoon were the only one who stayed there so late.

“Yoongi?” Yoongi didn’t look up at Jimin as he took off his shoes, but Jimin knew he was listening.

For a moment Jimin thought about asking for advice on the Taehyung problem. Giving Yoongi the minimal information and then ask what he would do if he was Jimin.

But Jimin decided against it. He shouldn’t drag Yoongi into this.

“Nothing,” Jimin ended up saying. Because how would such a conversation begin?

Jimin was surprised when Yoongi didn’t push the subject. The older boy never pried, but he didn’t just let it go when he could see clear as day that something was wrong.

Why wasn't he asking?

For a moment Jimin was scared Yoongi was mad at him. Yoongi was usually very quiet, but not like this. This silence was rather uncomfortable and it wasn’t usually like that.

“Are you okay?” asked Jimin. He had expected Yoongi would be the one asking him that. That Yoongi would be the one who was concerned and wanted to make Jimin feel better.

Was it bad that he was a little disappointed?

Yes, it fucking was.

Finally, Yoongi looked up at Jimin. He didn’t look sad or angry, he looked… conflicted.

“Kwangho came by earlier.”

Kwangho worked at the admission office.

He had only come by 3 times.

Well, 4 today.

“Oh,” said Jimin, not knowing what else to say.

It had been months since he had last swung by, carrying something Jimin wished he would burn so he didn’t have to see it.

“It’s on your nightstand.” Jimin could see the concern on Yoongi’s face and he could hear the nervousness in his voice.

He was scared of Jimin’s reaction.

Last time, Jimin had cried for an hour and Yoongi had been unable to comfort him. He eventually stopped crying. But only because he was so exhausted he fell asleep.

He wondered if he would cry today too.

Right there on his nightstand was a letter.

The letter was small and thin and light. Yet it felt so heavy when Jimin picked it up.

He wasn’t sure he wanted to read it. Lately, he had thought so much of his mother, and it was almost ironic that the latter then came today. As if she knew he was thinking about her.

He just stared at the letter in his hands. He didn’t have the strength to open it and see what his mother had written.

He missed her. God, he missed her.

He knew she missed him too. She had written that in all of the letters she had sent him. They ended the same all of them.

He hadn’t seen her since he started university. He had plenty of opportunities. But he hadn’t taken any of them.

“Are you going to read it?” asked Yoongi and snapped Jimin out of his trance.

Yoongi was watching him closely, and though Yoongi usually was an unreadable book, at this moment Jimin knew what he was thinking.

“No,” Jimin sighed. “Not today. I can’t do it today.”

“I understand. Just come to me if you don’t wanna open it alone.”

Because that was the only to option he had. Read it with Yoongi or read it alone.

Since no one else knew.

Jimin hadn’t intended for Yoongi to find out. But when he had received the first letter, he broke down and Yoongi saw it all.

Jimin knew he couldn’t keep it from the older boy, so he told him.

He told him that his mother was ill.

He told him that he was sending her money every month because she couldn’t afford the help herself.

He told him that he hadn’t seen her since the beginning of university, because he was too afraid to face her.

What he hadn’t told Yoongi, was the real reason why he was too afraid to face her.

“Thanks, Yoongi. I’m really sorry.” He wasn’t really sure of what he was apologizing for, but somehow, he felt the need to do it.

He felt like he owed Yoongi that.

No, he owed Yoongi a whole lot more than that.

“It’s okay Jimin. I understand.”

No, he didn’t, but Jimin didn’t say that.

Jimin knew his life sucked.

And he knew he was rather pathetic sometimes.

And he knew that he was mediocrely fucked up if he had to say it.

But Jimin knew that there were people who had it worse. So he wasn’t going to drown in self-pity and claim he was the only one who knew real pain when he wasn't.

He was just another one.

“Do we hug now or…?”

Jimin blinked rapidly to come out of his trance. Yoongi was standing in front of him, his arms stretched out in an awkward attempt at offering a hug.

Yoongi really fucking sucked at this.

And Yoongi’s awkwardness was just what he needed right now.

He threw himself in Yoongi’s arms, hugging him tightly as he laughed into the older boy’s neck.

Yoongi hesitated for a few seconds before he wrapped his arms around Jimin, his embrace tighter than Jimin would’ve imagined. Almost as if he was afraid Jimin would disappear if he didn’t hold on.

“You smell like bleach, what the fuck have you been doing?” Jimin slowly pulled away from Yoongi, but he kept his arms on the older boy’s arms, not letting go completely.

“Namjoon spilled soy sauce in the studio and it just wouldn’t go away. We had to bring in the big guns.” Yoongi took a step back, obviously decided that their moment was officially over now. Jimin’s arms fell to his sides and he felt a little disappointed.

“For a moment there I thought you might have killed the poor boy and tried to erase the evidence.” Yoongi shrugged. “Maybe next time.” He looked so serious it was almost scary.

Yoongi turned around and made his way to the bathroom, probably getting ready for bed. Jimin was more than ready to jump under his blanket and embrace the sweet relief that was sleep. So he prayed that his stupid mind would let him sleep without putting up a fight.

He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and pulled it out.

‘Goodnight Sweet cheeks.’

That was all it said.

Those three words.

Nothing more, nothing less.

But suddenly Jimin felt 10 times better.

Someone thought of him when they didn’t have to.

Someone spent a few seconds on him even though they weren't obligated to do so.

Someone cared even though no one had asked them to.

Jimin had a hard time describing how fucking good that felt.

“Have you been using my underwear?”

Jimin directed his attention away from his phone and over at Yoongi who was standing in the threshold to the bathroom, with a pair of underwear in his hand. He did not look happy.

“What? No, I haven’t. I use my own. Yours are so uncomfortable.”

“No, they’re not! How do you even-” Yoongi seemed to stop talking and Jimin could see his ears get slightly red under his black mop of hair.

“Well if you haven’t used them then who has? Cause I don’t remember leaving them out here.” He pointed accusingly at Jimin with the underwear.

“I don’t know but I haven’t- That’s my underwear!” Jimin exclaimed when he finally realized that those underwear looked painfully familiar.

Yoongi’s whole face changed from slightly mad, to very embarrassed.

“Oh,” he said slowly and looked down at the underwear.

He then quickly realized that he probably shouldn’t keep holding on to them so he threw them on Jimin’s bed.

“My bad,” he said, smiled awkwardly and rushed into the bathroom again.

Jimin placed the letter in the bottom drawer, closing it rather hard.

Then he fell down on his bed and exhaled deeply.

He was ready for this stupid day to be over.

And he was ready for Friday to come.

Chapter Text

Park Jimin had always been quite good with his hands. He was quite amazing at guitar hero, he could give a mean handjob and he was pretty great at untangling headphones.

But one thing Jimin had never tried was pottery and he was positive he wouldn't be good at it.

“This is what you had planned for a second date? Pottery?” Jimin eyed the large room they had entered just a moment ago. There were tables and chairs and ovens and clay and old people. A lot of old people. Actually, there were only old people.

“Look I was panicking okay. I wanted to do something fun.” Jimin turned towards the boy and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“And in Jeon Jungkook’s world pottery is the equivalent to fun?” Jimin had a hard time suppressing a laugh. It certainly wasn't what he had expected when Jungkook had picked him up around 7. This time, Jimin had texted Jungkook a place they should meet up in advance, just so they could avoid the same awkward situation as last time.

When Jungkook had mysteriously told Jimin to follow him, but not telling him where to, Jimin had been both excited and frustrated at the unknown that awaited him.

Now he was just a little bit frustrated.

Jimin had been certain they were going on another fancy restaurant date, so he had dressed accordingly. Or he had tried to at least. His fanciest clothes were still Jungkook’s everyday clothes, which was still quite sad.

As he looked around the dirty room he really regretted wearing his favorite black skinny jeans if they were just going to be covered in clay.

“Have you ever tried pottery before, Jimin?” The boy shook his head as an answer. “Then you don’t know if it’s fun or not. So let’s find out.” Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s hand and led him over to two empty seats a little further away from the other people.

Jimin dumped down in the small stool and looked before him to see a little round table with a potter’s wheel on. He eyed it for a few seconds before he looked up at Jungkook for answers, but the boy just smiled at him without giving him any explanation.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” He winked at Jimin before he walked over to, who Jimin assumed, was the man who ran the pottery place. He was an old man with grey hair and a long, thin beard. He was wearing the same ugly, blue apron as the rest of the people in the room, but Jimin had to admit he bore it a little better than everyone else.

The older man’s eyes lit up when he saw Jungkook walk towards him, and Jimin was certain they knew each other. And by the look of it, quite well actually. The older man placed his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder as he spoke - his smile so big his eyes almost disappeared.

The two seemed to fall into a conversation that probably wasn’t about pottery, so Jimin decided to do something else instead of staring at them. He pulled out his phone and almost regretted it when he saw a few messages from Taehyung.

All of them were telling Jimin to come by when he was done with his laundry and the boy felt an uncomfortable rush in his stomach. He thought long and hard about whether he should answer His best friend, but in the end, he decided that not answering was the best, so he locked his phone and placed it back in his pocket with a heavy sigh.

“Sexting with someone else?”

Jimin almost flinched as a voice spoke from above him. He looked up at Jungkook who was standing in front of him and his little potter’s wheel. Two aprons were swung over the boy's shoulders, and he had a big bucket of water and a lot of clay in his hands.

“Yes,” replied Jimin without missing a beat and Jungkook seemed to be rather amused by that answer.

He placed the water and the clay on the floor between their seats, and then he leaned in towards Jimin - a little closer than the boy would've liked in this public place. “Naughty behavior Jiminie.” He had a smug smile on his lips and a spark of mischief in his eyes that made the smaller boy swallow hard and his cheeks redden.

“Someone needs to teach you some manners.”

Jimin could hardly argue with that, but now was not the place for a lesson. Jungkook wasn’t going to teach him anything other than pottery tonight.

Instead of replying to Jungkook's shameless words, Jimin grabbed one of the aprons from Jungkook’s shoulder and put it on as elegantly as he could while sitting down. Jungkook studied his every movement closely with an amused smile on his lips, obviously finding Jimin’s reaction quite funny.

“Are you gonna stand there all day with your dick out, ready for it to be cut off, or are we gonna make some pottery?” Jimin had never had a stronger desire to make pottery than in this very second.

Jungkook didn’t respond to that, he merely put on his apron and sat down in his own seat. 

“You and your dick threats. You seem to have a dick fetish,” chuckled Jungkook.

“Oh, did I forget to tell you I was gay? Well this is awkward,” said Jimin sarcastically.

“You didn’t have to. I see the way you eye my dick every time you can.” Jungkook said the words a little too loud and a few of the elderly people turned their heads their way. A deep blush spread on Jimin's cheeks at the unwanted attention and he turned towards the Jungkook and hit the boy's shoulder as hard as he could from his seat.

“You’re giving the old people a heart attack, dipshit.” Jungkook merely shrugged, clearly not bothered at all even if some of these old people actually did have a heart attack.

“I’m sure they’ve heard the word ‘dick’ before. Some of them have probably sucked some as well.” This time, however, Jungkook spoke quietly enough for none of the old people to hear.

“Yeah? Which ones?” asked Jimin and looked around at all of the people present. Jungkook leaned in next to Jimin and pointed at a man in a black t-shirt and the same ugly apron as the rest.

“How can you be sure? You can only see on half of his face.”

“I know my people,” said Jungkook - sounding almost insulted that Jimin could doubt his gaydar.

Jungkook leaned in a little closer as he tried to point at another man hidden behind the first. The boy's face came closer and closer to Jimin’s, and the smaller boy did everything in his power not to let it bother him.

While Jimin could hardly focus on anything else, Jungkook didn’t seem to struggle at all. It didn't seem like the boy lean in close to make Jimin into the flustering mess he was, but because he genuinely wanted to show Jimin who he was talking about.

Jungkook’s gaze was focused on the man, but the only thing Jimin could focus on was the fact that Jungkook’s face was so close to his, that if he turned his head a little to the left, their noses would touch.

It was an odd thing to focus on, but it was the only thing going through his mind.

Jimin wasn't paying the man any mind even as the taller boy eagerly pointed at him. His eyes were locked on Jungkook - he cheeks heating up as he felt Jungkook’s breathe on his cheek.

But for the first time ever, Jungkook seemed totally oblivious, as if he had no idea that his harmless little action was making Jimin’s palms sweaty, and his throat tight.

Finally, Jimin had had enough. 

He bent down and dipped his fingers in the bucket of water and sprayed it at Jungkook - who instantly jumped back in surprise.

“What the fuck?” he exclaimed and used the back of his hand to dry off the water Jimin had frantically sprayed on his face.

“We didn’t come here to test your gaydar. Now teach me to do pottery.” Jimin did his best to look away from Jungkook so the boy didn’t see his reddening cheeks.

“But using my gaydar is fun,” said Jungkook, obviously oblivious to the real reason Jimin was so eager to do pottery.

“Yeah, your gaydar is amazing, now put it away and teach me.” Jungkook seemed to surrender at last - still wonderfully oblivious to Jimin's flustered face.

“The first thing you do is take a lump of clay and put it on your wheel.” Jungkook picked up a lump of clay from the bag and placed it in the center of his wheel. Jimin eyed his movements before he did the same - picking up a clump of clay and place it on his own wheel.

“Then what?” he said, while awkwardly patting the clay in front of him - not knowing what else to do with it.

“Then you spank it.”

Jimin snapped his head in Jungkook’s direction so fast he was sure he would get whiplash. The boy was grinning like an idiot, and Jimin wasn’t sure if he should interpret it as a joke or not. He couldn't possibly be serious, could he?

“I am not spanking the clay, Jungkook.” Jimin was not going to look like a freak, spanking a lump of clay in front of a room filled with old people. There was still a small piece of pride left in Jimin and he refused to give it up by spanking a piece of clay.

“It’s part of pottery, baby. You gotta spank the clay.” Jimin wrinkled his nose in both disgust and discomfort as he eyed the lump of clay in front of him.

Suddenly it felt like the clay was mocking him. The fucking clay.

“Having trouble, sweet cheeks?” Jungkook's voice was on the verge of being mockingly and Jimin really wanted to stuff the clay down the boy's throat. He indeed had trouble. But it wasn’t the clay that was his goddamn problem right now. Well, it was one half of the problem. The other half was sitting right next to him.

“Need help?”

“No.” Jimin stubbornly rejected Jungkook’s offer as he placed his hands around the clay and slowly started to hit it. However, he was hitting it so softly it really didn’t make any difference.

“You fucking suck at spanking.” Jimin didn’t look at Jungkook, he just continued to hit the clay softly.

“I’m hitting it, aren’t I? So, what’s the problem?”

“You have to hit it hard, otherwise you’re just an idiot hitting a lump of clay.”

“I am an idiot hitting a lump of clay!” argued Jimin frustrated.

Jungkook sighed deeply and it only seemed to fuel Jimin's annoyance further.

“Stop caressing the clay and look at how I’m doing it.” Jungkook showed clear annoyance with Jimin’s inability to hit clay. What was the big deal anyway? Did it really make a difference if he beat the clay before he started? Apparently, it did. Which was incredibly annoying.

Jimin turned his eyes in Jungkook's direction and watched the boy hit the clay a lot harder than Jimin had. He really disliked the fact that Jungkook didn’t look the least bit stupid while he spanked his piece of clay into oblivion. The boy had clearly done this many times, and it showed.

“You wanna know my secret?” Jungkook looked at Jimin out of the corner of his eyes as he continued to hit the clay and Jimin nodded intrigued. Then Jungkook stopped and leaned in towards Jimin, who leaned in too out of curiosity.

“I’m imagining it’s your gorgeous ass.”

Jimin blushed deeply and pushed Jungkook away from him so hard he almost fell down the chair. Jungkook merely laughed like a maniac as he regained his balance on the chair, but Jimin couldn't stop the blush that instantly took over his face.

“Don’t talk about my ass while we’re doing pottery!” Unfortunately, Jimin had forgotten that they weren’t alone in the room, and awkwardly looked around to see a lot of unwanted eyes on them.

“I’m very sorry, he has no filter,” said Jungkook to the elderly people looking at them with judgmental eyes. Jimin merely hit Jungkook’s shoulder, not wanting to say anymore.

Reluctantly, he turned his attention back on the clay - looked at it long and hard and somehow hoping his intense stare would make the clay beat its own ass.

That didn’t happen, much to Jimin's dismay.

“Jimin, you just gotta hit the damn clay.” Jungkook was definitely getting frustrated and Jimin didn’t blame him. He just couldn't help but feel incredibly foolish.

Finally, he put his pride aside and started hitting the clay a little harder. He was quite sure he looked pretty awkward hitting the clay, and the grin on Jungkook’s face confirmed this.

“See, it wasn’t that hard. What’s your motivation?”

“I’m imagining it’s your face.” Jimin gave Jungkook an exaggerated smile and gave the clay and extra hard hit as he maintained eye contact with the boy.

“Ouch,” said Jungkook - obviously very amused.

It took a few hits before Jimin got used to how disgusting the clay felt in his hands. He didn't have to be a genius to know he would have clay everywhere once he was done. Under his nails, on his pants, everywhere.

“Now I’ve beaten this lump of clay, then what?”

“Then it’s all about forming it. What do you wanna make?” Jimin shrugged - not having much knowledge about what you could actually make out of a piece of clay.

“I don’t know. A cup?” Jimin wasn’t really sure what he should use a cup for, but it seemed fairly easy to make. Right?

“Okay let’s make cups then.” Jimin looked down at his lump of clay and wondered how that was ever going to become a cup.

“Watch what I do.” Jungkook started his potter’s wheel and placed his hands around the lump of clay as it began spinning. He kept dipping his fingers in the water as the clay spun around in his hands before he placed his thumb on the top and pressed down slightly. The clay slowly started to sink down in the middle and Jimin followed the movements intensely.

Jungkook looked like a pro. He looked annoyingly natural and annoyingly handsome.

“You try.” Jimin looked down at his own clay again. He dipped his hands in the water and placed them around the clay - awkwardly trying to get a good grip on it before he started the wheel.

The potter’s wheel was faster than he had believed and he had a hard time controlling the clay in his hesitant hands. “Wait, wait, wait!” yelled Jimin frantically to the clay, but the clay gave no fucks as it spun completely out of control.

He frantically stopped the potter’s wheel and looked at the sad excuse of a lump of clay before him - groaning annoyed at the sight.

“You need to have the right speed, otherwise you’ll just fuck it up.”

“Like I just did?”


A deep sigh escaped the smaller boy's lips before he placed his hands around the clay once more and started the wheel. This time a little slower - doing his best to maintain a good speed. It didn’t exactly go great, but it wasn’t completely horrible either. He tried to hollow the lump of clay with his thumb, but that didn't go as he had imagined it would. He didn’t exactly hollow it, he rather flattened it.

He looked over at Jungkook and was mildly annoyed when he saw great the boy was doing. He had practically already made the cup and to Jimin's great dismay, he was making it look incredibly easy.

“Can you-” Jimin cleared his throat and awkwardly looked over at Jungkook. “Can you maybe… help me?” It really went against his will to ask for help - especially from Jungkook of all people, who was going to be all smug about it - but Jimin was no fool. He needed help if he was ever going to make a stupid cup.

For a moment, Jungkook looked taken back by the request as he blinked a few times while looking at Jimin. Then his lips quirked into a smile. It wasn't smug nor mockingly, but rather kind. Almost as if he was happy Jimin wanted his help.

He didn't hesitate before he got up from his chair and walked over to the struggling boy. “Place your hands around the clay.” Jimin did as Jungkook said and awkwardly placed his hands on the clay like before.

“Then press your thumb down on the top. Just a little bit.” Jimin once again followed Jungkook's words, but this time it was a little harder to do so and he failed miserably.

He sighed deeply in frustrations - almost ready to throw in the towel. “This isn’t fucking working, Jungkook.” He was genuinely frustrated by the fact that he couldn’t do it.

“Wait a second.” Jungkook grabbed a stool from a nearby table and sat down on the other side of the Jimin's wheel.

“Place your hands again.” Jimin placed his hands on the clay and Jungkook gently placed his hands on top of his. It was an intimate feeling Jimin was sure he hadn't experienced before and the thought left a blush on his cheeks.

“Start the wheel.”

Jungkook's hands felt incredibly soft against his own and it sucked all air out of him in an instant. Too occupied with feeling Jungkook’s warm hands on his own, Jimin hardly heard what Jungkook said to him.



“Start the wheel. Slowly.” Jimin followed Jungkook's order and begun the wheel - doing his best to keep the speed under control.

The clay spun around in Jimin’s tiny hands, but he hardly felt it with Jungkook's on top of his. The only thing he felt was Jungkook’s hands. “Place your thumb on the top.” Jimin once again followed the boy's request and Jungkook did the same as he placed his thumb on top of Jimin's and pressed both their thumbs down on the clay - hollowing it slowly.

Jimin was quite certain Jungkook caressing his thumb wasn’t part of pottery, but he really didn’t mind as he subconsciously surrendered to the touch.

“See it’s not that hard.” The wheel continued to spin but Jimin diverted his eyes from the moving clay and instead looked at the boy before him. It seemed like Jungkook had had the same thought in mind because the boy was looking back at him with soft eyes.

For some reason, all that went through Jimin’s mind was how beautiful Jungkook's eyes looked right now. That seemed to be his only thought. They were sitting merely 20 inches apart, but it felt closer. He wasn't sure how, but somehow it just felt closer.

Finally, Jimin awkwardly diverted his eyes from Jungkook and cleared his throat before he spoke again. “So,” he started. “You, um, you come here often?” 

“Not that often.”

“You don’t take all your dates here to make pottery?” asked Jimin, mostly joking, but there was a slight fear it was true. A slight fear Jimin wasn't the only person Jungkook had brought here.

The boy shook his head and Jimin felt conflicted at the relief running through him. “No. You’re the only one I would bring here.” Jungkook’s words sounded so genuine Jimin felt a weird rush in his stomach.

“I feel so special.” An awkward laugh followed the boy's words as he tried not to be affected by Jungkook's blunt words, but he wasn't succeeding as much as he would've liked.

“You are.” 

Jungkook said it so casual - so naturally - as if it was just a given. There was no argument, there was no teasing, no mocking. It felt so… genuine.

Jungkook took a deep breath as if he was preparing himself to speak, and Jimin studied him closely - watching him bite his lips and felt his hands squeezed his own a little harder.

“I was here with my grandfather,” he said, and Jimin stayed quiet - indicating that Jungkook should continue, but not pressuring him to do so.

“We came here a lot when I was a child. Not as often when I got older, because I thought it was fucking embarrassing to do pottery with my grandfather.” Jungkook laughed at that, but the laughter sounded almost painful.

“Now I kind of wished I had taken him up on his offer a lot more.” It didn't take long for Jimin to understand Jungkook's words and it left a cold feeling in his chest. He almost felt physical pain in his body when he looked at the painful expression on Jungkook’s face.

“When did he die?” Jimin did he best to sound as gentle as he could, but he was sure no one could ever sound as gentle in situations like this as they would like to.

“Last year.”

“I’m so sorry Jungkook.” The boy shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal, but Jimin didn't have to know him well to look through his facade. This mattered a lot to the boy and it felt good to know that Jungkook trusted him enough to take him to this place and tell him about his grandfather.

“Tell me about him,” said Jimin, hoping Jungkook wouldn’t be offended by his request.

“He practically raised me,” began Jungkook. “He and my grandmother always took care of me. When my family and I moved to Seoul they moved with us, refusing to let me go alone.”

Jungkook seemed to be very focused on the clay as he spoke - clearly avoiding Jimin’s eyes - but Jimin didn’t mind as he simply let the boy do whatever made him most comfortable.

“He always had time for me. Always.” He held a pause, and for a few seconds, they worked on the clay in silence.

It didn’t feel weird or uncomfortable as Jimin had feard. Somehow, he felt at peace, and he hoped Jungkook did too.

“He always took me to the restaurant we went to. That’s why I love it so much. That’s why I wanted to take you there.”


Their conversation at the spring fair made more sense after the revelation and Jimin felt terrible for assuming it had been an old lover.

“He is- he was the most important person in my life. I miss him.” It was the first time Jimin had heard Jungkook sounding so vulnerable as he spoke to him. He sounded so… human, and it was almost scary to hear.

But it was also wonderful in a way.

Jimin pulled his thumbs out from under Jungkook’s and instead started caressing Jungkook’s thumbs. The motion seemed to catch Jungkook off guard for a moment, but then he eased into the touch.

“He sounds great. I would’ve loved to meet him.”

“He loved- would’ve loved you,” said Jungkook, stumbling over the words.

They continued to work on the clay. It was actually starting to look like a cup.

“I think I got the hang of it now,” said Jimin. “You can go finish your own.” Jungkook hesitated for a moment before he got up and went over to his own seat again.

“Let me show you how a cup is supposed to look.” Jungkook sent Jimin a grin, and Jimin returned it, happy Jungkook was smiling again even if it was because of his stupid arrogance.

“Mine is gonna be prettier, just you wait.”

“As if, sweet cheeks. I’ve been doing this shit a long time, you don’t stand a chance.”


Then they both started working intensely on their clay - having an unspoken competition it appeared.

After just 5 minutes Jungkook proudly showed off his well-made cup to Jimin, who blew him a raspberry before he went back to his own cup once again.

“Well, since I have a lot of time left I’ll just make another.” Jimin rolled his eyes - trying to block out the cocky asshole next to him.

“Yeah, yeah, make another stupid cup, you dick.” Jungkook said nothing as he took off the finished cup and placed it on the table before he took another lump of clay and started beating it, while Jimin hurried to finish his.

It wasn’t as pretty as Jungkook’s he had to admit that. Though he was only admitting that to himself.

“It’s pretty,” said Jungkook, though everyone knew it wasn’t. “Now you can go home and make yourself a cup of coffee in your homemade cup.” Jimin took the cup of the wheel and placed it on the table.

“Not really,” he said. “I don’t know how to make coffee.”

Jimin really regretted saying that when Jungkook turned to look at him in disbelief. “You don’t know how to make coffee?” Jimin shook his head.

“I’ve always just bought it. If I want coffee I’ll go to papa’s coffee house or make Yoongi do it.”

“You can’t go through life without know how to make coffee Jimin.” He rolled his eyes at Jungkook’s words. Who gave a damn if he could make coffee or not?

“Fuck off, it’s not a big deal.” Jimin rose to his feet and picked up his cup.

“Where shall I place it?” Jimin looked around the room, searching for the big oven.

“Over there.” Jungkook pointed behind him and Jimin followed Jungkook's finger as he hurried over to place his cup next to the oven.

The floor was covered in water and clay and Jimin had to do his best to avoid stepping in any of it on his way back. 

“Jungkook when do we-”

He had just arrived next to the boy when he slipped in a pool of water on the floor and stumbled right into Jungkook - sending him flying forward into his lump of clay.

The boy was just about to apologize but the words died on his tongue as he caught of glimpse of Jungkook's clay covered face. He couldn’t help himself as he broke into a fit of giggles - making every pair of eyes in the room looked at him. However, this time some of them actually laughed instead of glaring at them.

“Don’t laugh!” exclaimed Jungkook but the boy's outburst did nothing to kill Jimin's uncontrollable laughter.

Jungkook got up and Jimin did his best to stop his laughter as the boy took a few threatening steps closer to him. Even with clay in his entire face, Jimin had to admit that the boy still looked good.

“I’m gonna go wash this off. Can you take my cup to the oven?” Jimin nodded wordlessly as he struggled to contain a wide grin on his face.

“You are gonna regret laughing,” he threatened before he hurried out of the room and towards the bathroom. 

Jimin picked up the cup and placed it next to his own, next to the oven. Then he took off his apron and placed it on the chair - folding it neatly.

He was genuinely surprised by the fact that he had actually rather enjoyed himself tonight. He absolutely sucked at pottery, but he had to admit that it had been fun to try. He was not dismissing the thought that he would like to do it again.

“Let’s get out of here.” Jungkook emerged from the bathroom - his face clay-free and his wet bangs sticking to his clean forehead. He placed his own apron on the chair - not as neatly as Jimin had - and grabbed the smaller boy's wrist - dragging him with him.

“What about the mess?” 

“It’s fine. Xiu will do it.” Jimin looked behind him and spotted the owner of the pottery place smiling and waving at them like an excited child. He didn't seem to mind and Jimin couldn't help but wonder if Jungkook ever cleaned after he visited. He probably didn't.

“Bye,” yelled Jungkook and Jimin hardly had the time to wave goodbye before the taller boy dragged him out of the place.

”Where are you taking me?” asked Jimin, when Jungkook continued dragging him down the street and further away from the pottery place.

“I’m going to teach you how to make coffee.”

Oh God, he wasn’t… was he?

“We’re- we’re going to your place?” Jimin swallowed hard.

“We are,” Jungkook said knowingly, almost as if he could hear the panic in the smaller boy's voice.

“Can’t we- can’t we get some food first? I’m starving.”

He hoped that getting dinner would buy him some time before he was trapped in Jungkook’s apartment once again. It really hadn’t gone all that well the last time and the thought of going back left an uncomfortable tingle in his gut.

“We can grab some pizza on the way.” For the first time, Jimin really wanted to go to a fancy restaurant and eat a 5-course meal, just so he didn’t have to follow Jungkook to his apartment.

God, what was he going to do?





“Pour the ground coffee into the coffee filter.”


“Do you see any other coffee filters?”

“Be cocky and I’ll stuff it up your ass.”

“Who says I wouldn’t enjoy that?”

“Oh my God, you’re disgusting, I’m going home.” Jungkook lifted his hands in surrender.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop.” The smirk on his face said otherwise though.

Jungkook had taken Jimin to a pizza place right after they left the pottery place. Jimin had done his best to convince Jungkook to stay and eat at the pizza place, but Jungkook couldn’t be persuaded. The moment they had gotten the pizzas, Jungkook was dragging Jimin out of there and towards his apartment.

They had eaten the pizza quite fast and then Jungkook had decided it was time Jimin learned how to make coffee since it was such a disgrace that he didn’t already know.

Jimin had to admit it wasn’t as difficult as he first thought. Of course, it was the most basic coffee he was making, but Jimin was still rather proud of himself.

“Shit, I did it,” exclaimed Jimin in glee as the finished coffee started pouring down the coffee carafe.

“You’re not done until you taste it. What if it tastes like shit?” Jimin suddenly had a feeling it was going to taste like shit.

“Give me a cup and we’ll test it.” Jungkook grabbed a cup from the cupboard and handed it to Jimin.

He was just about to grab the carafe when Jungkook stopped him.

“No, no stop! The coffee isn’t done you idiot. See it’s still pouring out.” Jimin hadn’t really thought of that. 

"Then when do I know when it’s done?” Jungkook didn’t answer, he just looked at Jimin with a raised eyebrow and a look of disbelief on his face.

“When the coffee stops pouring. Got it,” said Jimin awkwardly, knowing his question was really fucking dumb.

Jimin tapped the kitchen table with his knuckles as he waited for the goddamn coffee to stop. Both boys merely looked at the coffee machine, waiting for it to stop.

Finally, it did. Jimin grabbed the carafe and carefully poured the coffee into the cup. As he handed it to Jungkook, he suddenly felt so anxious. What if it sucked?

Jungkook lifted the cup to his lips and took a sip. His expression was annoyingly unreadable and Jimin waited for him to say something.

“Is it…?” Jungkook rolled it around in his mouth before he swallowed and made a sour face.

“Wha- is it bad? Does it taste like shit?” He hurried to grab the cup from Jungkook’s hands and took a sip.

It tasted… fine. Just fine.

“You fucking dick, it tastes fine!” Jungkook started to chuckle and Jimin gently hit him on the chest.

“It’s my first time making coffee and then you pull shit like that? Shame on you.” Jungkook didn’t seem to be even remotely ashamed.

“I feel honored to pop your homemade-coffee-cherry.” Jimin glared at him.

“You are not popping anything, mister.” He took another sip of the coffee, then Jungkook grabbed it and took a sip himself.

“It is actually pretty good, considering you’ve never done it before.” Jimin smiled proudly.

“Really?” He sounded like a little child desperate for approval.

Jungkook laughed as he nodded. “A true master.”

Jungkook sipped the coffee again, and Jimin just studied him.

He couldn’t help himself. Jungkook looked unbelievably good right now. His white t-shirt revealed his muscular biceps and his firm chest. His skin was a little dark in the dim light and his hair was big and dark and messy, but Jimin adored it.

Jimin couldn’t understand how someone like Jeon Jungkook was interested in him. Jungkook could have anyone and everyone he wanted.

He looked like a God so why he had decided that he wanted to invest time in annoying the shit out of a nobody like Park Jimin, was a mystery.

It simply didn’t make sense.

But whatever reason Jungkook had, or didn’t have, it didn’t change anything right now.

It didn’t stop Jimin’s dick from twitching in his pants.

Or his palms from becoming sweaty.

Or for his heart to beat a little too fast.

So, when Jungkook put down the cup and sent Jimin a look that could end all wars, Jimin did the one thing he had wanted to do for so long.

Because suddenly Jimin wasn’t thinking straight.


He grabbed Jungkook’s shirt and pulled him towards himself.

And finally - after what seemed like an eternity - Jimin crashed their lips together.

For a very short second, Jungkook seemed too surprised to do anything. But then he wrapped his arms around Jimin’s waist and pulled him as close as possible, and then he deepened the kiss.

Jimin couldn’t explain how wonderful Jungkook’s lips felt against his own. They were even softer than he had imagined. And Jimin cursed himself for waiting so long to kiss him.

There was no fight for dominance in the kiss. Jungkook immediately dominated Jimin’s tongue with his own, and he didn’t object one bit. He just let the other boy take over.

Then Jungkook pulled back, just a little bit.

“I thought you said you wouldn’t kiss me until our wedding day.” Jimin looked at him in pure annoyance.

“You wanna argue over who said what, or do you wanna make out?”

“I wanna make out,” hurried Jungkook to say.

“Good call.”

Then Jimin wrapped his hands around Jungkook’s neck and practically forced the taller boy’s lips on his own again.

“Does that mean we’re married now?” asked Jungkook, through the kisses.

“No, and shut up.”

“We’re so married now.” The smaller boy merely kissed him a little more forcefully.

And damn it was good.

Jungkook started trailing kisses down Jimin’s throat, and Jimin was quite certain this was what heaven felt like.

But this time, Jimin didn’t want to beat around the bush. Jungkook had sucked on his throat enough times.

He wanted more now.

He needed more now.

More than he ever thought possible.

“Take me to the be- bedroom.”

Jimin felt a shiver as Jungkook placed a kiss right under his ear.

“You sure?” he asked, as he lifted his head to look Jimin in the eyes.

Jimin nodded. “I want this,” he said. “I want you.”

Jungkook looked so taken back as if he had never imagined those words to leave Jimin’s lips. Which is why he said it again.

“I want you Jungkook.”

He placed his hands on Jungkook’s cheeks and pulled his face closer, minimizing the distance between their faces.

“I want you so badly.”

For a moment Jimin was afraid Jungkook wasn’t breathing, but then he smiled so brightly and leaned in to capture Jimin’s lips in a kiss, which Jimin reciprocated immediately. And they continued kissing as Jungkook slowly started to walk back towards the bedroom, gently dragging Jimin with him.

It was a little difficult kissing and walking at the same time, but they both refused to separate their lips.

So, it just had to be 10 seconds of awkward kissing.

It took both of them by surprise when the back of Jungkook’s thighs hit the edge of the bed. While Jungkook seemed to try and maintain his balance, Jimin decided to push Jungkook so he fell down on his back.

Jimin merely smiled shyly down at Jungkook, as he straddled his lap sitting on top of Jungkook, who looked very into the position change.

“You can touch me you know,” said Jungkook almost teasingly as he saw how Jimin’s hands were resting awkwardly on his own thighs since he didn’t know where to place them.

“O- okay.” Jimin slowly placed his hands on Jungkook’s firm chest.

“Is this- is this okay?” It had been so long since Jimin had had sober sex and to be honest, he had no idea of what he was doing right now.

“It’s fucking amazing,” said Jungkook and grabbed the boy's thighs, squeezed them gently. Jimin gasped in surprise, but he liked the touch. More than he thought he would.

He leaned down and captured Jungkook’s lips in a soft kiss and it felt so undeniably good.

The taller boy’s hands slowly found their way to the buttons on Jimin’s jeans. Unlike last time, Jimin didn’t suddenly regret anything. This time Jungkook couldn’t get Jimin’s pants off of him fast enough.

Jungkook slipped his hand inside Jimin’s open pants and wasted no time starting to palm his half hard cock and he moaned loudly at the sensation.

God, it had been too long since another human had touched his dick.

“You like that?” Jimin squeezed his eyes shut as he nodded aggressively.

“Then tell me.”

“Wha- what?” asked Jimin, having a really hard time talking with Jungkook’s hand down his pants.

“Tell me how much you like it.” Jungkook picked up his pace and Jimin almost cried out from pleasure.

“Fu- fuck I love it, Jung- Jungkook.”

A satisfied smirk appeared on the taller boy’s lips and then in one swift movement, Jungkook turned them over so Jimin was the one on his back.

Jungkook was looking down at Jimin, whose cheeks were already heated up and he probably already looked like a hot mess. He wasn’t sure if he was just easily pleased or if Jungkook was just inhumanly good.

Probably both.

Jungkook took off Jimin’s shirt and tossed it on the floor, then he started kissing and licking his chest and collarbone, and Jimin couldn’t stop moaning as he felt the taller boy’s lips everywhere on him.

“Shit Jungkook this is- this is fucking amazing.” Jimin had a hard time lying still on the bed. He felt Jungkook smirk against his skin, clearly satisfied with his own abilities.

And he should be. That man had a gift.

“Sto- stop. I want you to-” Jimin couldn’t finish the sentence, too embarrassed to say it out loud, which Jungkook seemed to find that very amusing.

“You want me to what, baby?” He stopped kissing Jimin’s body and instead leaned it so close their noses were almost touching - his eyes boring into his with a mischevious glint in his eyes.

“You know,” said Jimin shyly. Jungkook shook his head, but he damn well knew.

“No, so tell me. Tell me what you want me to do with you.”

Jimin looked away awkwardly as he bit his lip.

“Please touch me again,” pleaded Jimin in a small voice, feeling really embarrassed.

“Look at me and say it again.”

Jimin really didn’t want to but in the end, his horniness won and he locked eyes with Jungkook - which deepened his blush immensely.

“Please touch me again, Jungkook. Please.” Jungkook grinned, and Jimin had the urge to caress his face.

“I would do anything for you, baby.” He leaned in to kiss Jimin’s lips and then his hand found its way to Jimin’s pants, where he started palming him again.

He started by stroking his hard cock in fast motions, but slowly the strokes got slower and slower and Jimin suddenly feared he was going to stop.

“Don't- don't stop," pleaded Jimin - the boy literally drowning in pleasure, and he hadn't felt like that in months, if not longer.

But It didn't seem like Jungkook listened to him as his movements came to an almost abrupt stop. The boy was holding Jimin's painfully hard cock motionlessly in his hand as he looked down at the boy with a teasing, cocky grin on his face as if Jimin's misery was amusing.

“What are you do- doing?”

“I told you, you would regret laughing.” For a moment Jimin was confused as to what he was talking about, but then he remembered the little incident at the pottery place. He remembered Jungkook's clay covered face and a giggle bloomed in the pit of his stomach at the image. 

“But it was really funny." 

“And I think this is really funny,” replied Jungkook as he continued to hold Jimin's cock motionlessly in his hand - not giving him any satisfaction whatsoever.

“Jungkook,” whined Jimin, feeling very sexually frustrated and in desperate need of a release. “I’m sorry, forgive me?” Jimin sent him the best puppy eyes he could muster - throwing away pride and stubbornness in exchange for Jungkook's mercy.

Finally, Jungkook leaned down to kiss Jimin once again and the boy hoped that was Jungkook's way of giving him his forgiveness.

“I’m gonna let this one pass this one time because I really wanna fuck you, baby, but next time you’re not getting away with it.”

Jimin didn’t even give a shit about the last part of that sentence - even though he had a feeling they would eventually matter. But all he could focus on right now was Jungkook's filthy promise that appealed very much to Jimin's twitching dick in his hand.

Jungkook grabbed the edge of Jimin’s pants and ripped them off of him. He wasted no time taking off Jimin’s underwear too and grabbed Jimin’s hard cock in his large hand. Jimin let out a moan loud enough for the neighbors to hear as his cock finally got the attention his cock was craving.

Jungkook stroked Jimin’s dick and ran his thumb over the head where some pre-cum was leaking and spread it all over his cock.

“It feels good to know this dick is no longer off limits to me,” said Jungkook teasingly. “Now you’re all mine.”

Jungkook’s possessiveness weirdly enough turned Jimin on quite a lot - though he would never admit to it. And he realized that he really didn’t mind being Jungkook’s if it felt like this. 

“Yes,” moaned Jimin. “So, fucking- fucking take me.” Jungkook picked up his pace on Jimin’s dick as if his words gave him motivation - and maybe they did.

“You want me to make you mine?” Jungkook’s smug smile made Jimin’s dick twitch violently in his large hand and he caught the satisfied smile on Jungkook's lips when he noticed it.

How come the very things about Jungkook that Jimin had loathed 2 weeks ago, now was what he liked the most? His arrogance, his cockiness, his possessiveness spiked desire in him he didn't think he would ever feel. And maybe it wasn't all physical.

“Ye- yes, Jungkook. Make me yours.” Jimin wasn’t sure if he meant heart, body, soul or all of the above, but right now he really just wanted to be as close to Jungkook as he possibly could. Whatever that entitled. 

“I would love nothing more.”

Jungkook got up from the bed and took off his shirt, pants, and underwear and tossed it on the floor -  leaving Jimin anxious yet strangely excited for what was to come. Then he went over to his nightstand and took out a condom and a bottle of lube.

He tossed the condom on the bed and soaked his fingers in the lube before he placed himself between Jimin’s legs again - the smaller boy instantly parting his legs for him like a needy slut.

“Ready baby?” Jimin nodded aggressively, wanting to feel Jungkook inside of him in every way he could.

“Are you?”

“Yes, yes,” hurried Jimin to say, realizing Jungkook wanted him to tell him and not just nod.

Jungkook’s finger found their way to Jimin’s hole as he slowly circled it before one of his fingers slipped inside and Jimin moaned loudly at the sensation. It had been long since someone had last fingered him open but never before had it felt so intimate and oddly important in a strange way.


“A- amazing.”

Jimin grabbed the bedsheet in a tight grip, having a hard time controlling his pleasure as Jungkook's finger worked their magic in his tight hole.

He was gentle, but not in a boring way. He hit all the right spots with the right speed as if he had done this to Jimin specifically before.

This man was really a sex God.

“A- another,” pleaded Jimin, and tighten his grip on the bedsheet as he readied himself for more pleasure. Jungkook instantly complied, slipping a second finger into Jimin's slick hole and the boy had to bite his lip to refrain himself from crying out in pleasure.

Jungkook pumped his fingers in and out of Jimin fast, but he couldn’t get enough. He didn’t remember that getting fingered felt this fucking good. He had, of course, fingered himself a few times since he had needs and no one to help him satisfy them, but nothing compared to this.

Not even all of the sex and the masturbation Jimin had done in his entire life, measured up to this.

And Jungkook hadn’t even fucked him probably yet.

“I want yo- you Jungkook. Please – ah – fuck-” Jungkook seemed to get the hint.

He pulled out his fingers from Jimin’s hole and reached over for the condom. He put it on fast and smoothly - clearly, a prof - and Jimin could actually see the excitement on him and licked his lips in anticipation.

He started stroking his own hard cock coating it with the leftover lube on his fingers. Then he positioned himself between Jimin’s legs and parted them as much as possible - Jimin’s legs easily parted a bit more than most people’s.

“Someone is flexible,” chuckled Jungkook as he admired the boy.

“Perks of being a dancer.” Jungkook licked his lips as he looked down at Jimin - and the smaller boy swallowed hard at the desire flaring in Jungkook's eyes.

“We’re gonna get a lot of use out of that.” Jimin instantly started blushing like crazy and turned his head so he didn’t have to look at Jungkook - afraid it would only make the blush worse.

“Nah ah.” Jungkook leaned down and grabbed Jimin’s chin, gently forcing him to look at him.

“Look at me,” he said, his voice low and sensual. “Don’t look away from me, okay?”

“Ok- okay,” replied Jimin - obeying the command instantly.

Jungkook captured Jimin’s lips in a rough, wet kiss, and then he placed the tip of his cock at Jimin’s entrance - making the smaller boy moan.

“Ready?” asked Jungkook, not moving until Jimin said yes. “Keep your eyes on mine.” Jimin just nodded as he stared into Jungkook’s brown eyes, not even blinking. And probably not breathing either.

Jungkook gently crashed their lips together as he slowly pushed himself into Jimin’s hole. Jimin moaned, but Jungkook shut him up by kissing him again - hardly even giving him room to breathe, but for some reason, Jimin didn't really care.

“Shit you really a- are the biggest fucking dick,” laughed Jimin through the moans - finding it oddly relaxing to laugh even with Jungkook's cock far up his ass. It was clear Jungkook tried not to laugh, but he cracked a wide grin anyway and made something warm spread in Jimin's stomach.

“I fucking tol- told you didn’t I?”

“I just thought you were all talk and no show,” teased Jimin, though he always had had the feeling Jungkook was seriously loaded in those expensive pants.

“You wound me, Park Jimin.”

Jimin cracked a smile as he lifted his hand and placed it on Jungkook’s cheek - caressing it with his thumb. He could feel the heat radiate from Jungkook and his cheeks were turning slightly pink.

Fuck he looked gorgeous.

Jungkook placed both hands on either side of Jimin’s head as he thrust in and out of Jimin faster and deep making Jimin tilt his head back as he moaned loudly and squeezed his eyes shut.

Jungkook started thrusting in an out of Jimin a little deeper and hit Jimin’s prostate repeatedly, making him cry out in pleasure.

“Fu- fuck, Jungkook.” Jungkook merely studied Jimin closely and the smaller boy felt shy, yet too occupied by the pleasure to pay it much mind.

“You have no idea how fucking much I have wanted this, Jimin.” Jungkook placed his right hand against Jimin’s cheek and Jimin immediately placed his own hand on top of Jungkook’s and leaned into his touch - finding it comforting and intimately. 

Never before had he felt there was more in the sex he was having than just the physical part of it. It had never been intimately the why it was right now, with Jungkook, and that was strangely terrifying and incredibly welcoming. 

“Fuck you look so fucking beautiful lying here, taking my cock so good, baby.” Jimin had never loved a compliment more than that one. It was filthy and vulgar and... perfect in a way.

Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s cock and started stroking it fast as he slammed in and out of the smaller boy who had a hard time controlling his moans as his pleasure intensified.

“Kiss me,” begged Jimin - needing the boy's soft lips against his own - and Jungkook didn’t hesitate before he kissed Jimin with so much passion and hunger that Jimin almost got dizzy. Jungkook tasted like coffee and Jimin had never loved coffee more than in that moment.

“My coffee turned out really good,” said Jimin, wrapping his hand around Jungkook’s neck refusing to let him get too far away.

“It did. I’m never drinking anyone else’s coffee again,” said Jungkook and kissed Jimin again - as if he was sealing the promise with a kiss. “And I’m only taking it like this.”

“But then what was the point of- of making the cups?” giggled Jimin.

“I just wanted to show you how good I am with my hands.” At that Jungkook picked up his pace on his strokes on Jimin’s dick and Jimin bit his lips hard to silence a moan.

“You- you really a- are,” whispered Jimin out of breath, not being able to speak probably.

Jungkook’s thrusts started becoming more uncontrolled and Jimin could feel he was reaching his limit, but it seemed like he refused to give in.

However, Jimin couldn’t go on much longer and he didn't mind giving in and let the orgasm consume him. He could feel it build up in his body and readied himself for the release.

“I- I’m gonna-”

“You wanna come baby?” Jimin nodded aggressively, fisting the bedsheet and biting his lips - not being able to verbally confirm Jungkook's question.

“Ask nicely and I might consider letting you.” Jungkook slowed down on the speed in his thrusts and the strokes on Jimin’s cock and smiled smugly down at Jimin, who would’ve smacked him if he hadn’t been grabbing the bedsheet so hard.

“I will fucking cut off your- your motherfuc- fucking dick, Jeon Jungkook.” But it didn't sound so threatening through the weak voice and teary eyes.

“Someone really needs to learn some manners.” Jimin had no idea how Jungkook could speak so casual while thrusting into him so sinfully. Jimin was a stuttering mess having a hard time focusing on talking and taking Jungkook’s dick at the same time.

But Jungkook didn’t struggle between fucking and talking.

“Just please – ah – please Jungkook.” Jimin was pleading and Jungkook was being cruel. He started thrusting into Jimin faster, and Jimin got the feeling he was reaching his orgasm too.

“Kiss me, please ki- kiss me,” begged Jimin, having a huge urge to feel Jungkook’s lips on his again - especially now that he was so close to reaching the closest thing to heaven he knew existed.

Jungkook smiled almost too kindly at Jimin's request as he leaned down and kissed him so gently and softly, Jimin could feel a warmth in his stomach.

Why in the world had he denied himself Jungkook’s lips? He began to think that refusing to kiss Jungkook hadn’t been a punishment for Jungkook, but himself.

It seemed like Jungkook had finally decided to let Jimin come. He started stroking Jimin’s cock faster and planted a kiss on Jimin’s forehead before he spoke.

“Come for me, baby.”

And Jimin instantly complied his demand - his body trembling and his breath got caught in his throat as the climax hit him - almost knocking him out - and his cum, landing on his stomach. It ran through his entire body as he felt a deep, satisfaction in the pit of his stomach that was indescribable.

That was without a doubt the best orgasm he had ever experienced.

Fuck, you’re so fucking stunning, Jimin.” The smaller boy opened his eyes again to see Jungkook hovering over him - looking at him with such admiration that Jimin felt almost shy and flustered.

“No one is ever allowed to see you like this, God, I would kill anyone who got to see you like this.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and pulled Jungkook down by his neck to kiss him. “Luckily the list is very short.” Jungkook merely cracked a smile, probably not able to talk since he was reaching his own orgasm any second now.

The taller boy placed his forehead against the smaller boy's and with a few more heavy breaths and deep thrust, Jungkook moaned as he came - filling the condom with his cum. Jimin found himself blushing at the disappointment he felt that Jungkook hadn't come in his ass instead - suddenly having the urge to feel Jungkook fill him up with his cum and feel it slide out of him.

Jimin could feel Jungkook’s body tremble as he rode out his orgasm and nuzzled his face in the crook of Jimin's neck. Though he couldn’t exactly see Jungkook’s face, he had the feeling he looked fucking amazing while coming and found himself strangely excited to someday see it, which filled him with an odd sense of excitement.

Slowly Jungkook pulled out of Jimin - some of the lube escaping too and landing on the bed sheet. He took off the condom and threw it on the floor, then he lied down next to Jimin and pulled him into his arms - and away from the lube stained bedsheet - as he kissed his forehead softly.

“Are you just gonna let the condom lay on the floor? That’s gross Jungkook,” said Jimin and wrinkled his nose in disgust - though he should judge considering he had his own cum on his stomach.

“I’ll get it later. Right now I wanna lay here with you.” He pulled Jimin even closer, and Jimin placed his cheek against Jungkook’s firm chest.

“I never know when you’ll be gone again.”

The words were barely above a whisper and Jimin felt a pang of guilt and regret in his stomach. This wasn’t the kind of thoughts Jimin wanted Jungkook to have of him, but he didn’t blame him for having them.

“I’m here now.” Jimin knew it probably wasn’t much of a comfort since that didn’t guarantee that he stayed there, but it was all he could say.

Jimin gentle ran his fingers over Jungkook’s naked skin as the latter caressed his back. It felt so natural lying there in Jungkook’s arm. As if he was meant to lie there all day every day.

He had without a doubt just had the best sex in his life. Not that he had really had all that much sex, but this took the cake that’s for sure.

However, he couldn’t help but wondered if Jungkook felt the same. Jimin had a feeling he didn’t since he was incredibly inexperienced and had no idea of how to please Jungkook.

He wasn’t… disappointed, was he?

“Do I suck in bed?”

Jungkook stopped caressing Jimin’s back and waited a second before he looked down at him.

“What?” he asked, sounding both confused and amused.

“It’s just, none of the guys I have ever slept with wanted to sleep with me again.” At that Jungkook laughed, and Jimin hit his chest - feeling his cheeks flaring up.

“I’m being serious! I don’t wanna suck in bed.” He really didn’t. Not when Jungkook was this fucking good. He didn’t want to bore Jungkook. He didn't want him to wish for something else.

“You don’t suck in bed baby.” Jimin smiled a little to himself. “It’s your annoying personality that makes all the guys run for the hills.” Jimin sat up in one swift motion and glared down at Jungkook, who smiled mischievously.

“I’m a delight,” argued Jimin, and Jungkook merely pulled Jimin down in his arms again, not answering him.

“But seriously, do I suck? You can tell me the truth, I wouldn’t be mad.” Jimin suddenly felt a little insecure. “Okay, it would probably wound my ego a little bit,” he admitted.

“You were amazing Jimin. You are amazing.” Jungkook awkwardly leaned down to kiss Jimin on the lips, which was a little difficult since Jimin was lying on his chest, so he had to crock his neck in a weird position, but they made it work.

They somehow made it work.

“Suddenly feeling insecure after having the best sex of your life?”

“Wha- How did you kno-” Jimin immediately shut up when he realized he had walked right into Jungkook’s trap.


“Okay, but to be fair I can only compare you to 3 other guys, which means it’s not that hard coming out on top. I have a lot of people to compete with.” Jimin regretted saying the last part a little bit, but Jungkook seemed to brush it aside.

“There’s no competition when it comes to you, sweet cheeks.” Jimin just rolled his eyes, knowing that Jungkook was definitely lying his ass off.

“Are we really gonna build a relationship on lies?” asked Jimin, a little smile playing on his lips.

“We’re building a relationship?” Jimin just kissed away Jungkook’s smug smile instead of answering.

It was way too early to have that talk, but they were also way too far along to pretend it would never come.

“You’re just gonna ignore me, aren’t you?”

“Ding, ding, ding, we got ourselves a winner.”

“What did I win?”

“A very beautiful, very artistic, very unique, homemade cup.” Jungkook pouted.

“I want something else.” Jimin rolled out of Jungkook’s arms got up to rest on his elbows so he could look at Jungkook.

“You can’t get everything you want, dickface, be glad you get something.” That didn’t stop Jungkook in pouting like a little child.

“Stop pouting, and go throw out that condom,” said Jimin and pointed at the used condom on the floor. He wrinkled his nose in disgust again, but Jungkook made no attempt to get up and throw it out.



“You’re gross. I want a divorce.”

“I thought you said we weren’t married?”

“Well, we certainly aren’t now.” Jungkook pulled Jimin in and kissed him deeply.

Then Jimin’s phone rang.

Jimin immediately pulled back, almost as if they got caught and Jungkook looked slightly annoyed and a little hurt.

He crawled over to his pants on the floor and pulled out his phone.

It was Yoongi calling.

For a long moment, he debated whether he should answer it or not. He didn't know what to tell the boy.

The phone stopped ringing.

“I have to go,” said Jimin. “It’s already 11:20 and I have to get up early tomorrow.” Well, not exactly early, since the lunch was at 12, but he should probably go before Yoongi got suspicious.

“Or you could stay?” Jimin looked behind him at Jungkook. His expression was hard to read and Jimin wasn’t sure if he looked fearful, hopeful, anxious or whatever.

“I can’t Jungkook. I have that lunch thing tomorrow,” said Jimin, feeling like he had said that a lot of times by now.

“Take me with you.” Jimin really wished Jungkook would shut the hell up with that shit. He knew Jimin couldn’t do that.

“Jungkook you know that won’t happen.”


“Because… you know.”

“You don’t wanna show off your little mistress.” At that Jimin glared at Jungkook, he looked annoyingly accusing as he stared back at Jimin.

“You’re not a mistress Jungkook, don’t be an idiot.”

“I’m beginning to feel like one.” Jimin reached down and picked up his underwear.

“Yeah, well, that’s your problem.” He reached for his pants as well and rose from the bed.

“Stay,” Jungkook tried again, but this time Jimin refused to look at him.

“Stop okay?”

Jungkook fell silent and Jimin felt guilty.

He grabbed his shirt before he made his way to the bathroom and wiped his own cum off with a damp towel - hoping Jungkook wouldn't mind too much that he ruined his towel. Then he hurried to put on his clothes before he walked back into the bedroom to see Jungkook lying exactly where he left him.

“What should I tell Yoongi huh? He’s gonna be pretty fucking suspicious when I don’t come home.”

“You can tell him the truth?”

Why didn’t Jungkook fuckin get it? Their business wasn’t everybody else’s, why was he making such a big deal out of nothing?

“Fine,” said Jungkook, and Jimin could hear in his voice that he had nothing else to say on the matter.

Reluctantly Jimin made his way past the bed. He made the mistake of turning around and look at Jungkook, who was still lying naked on the bed. He couldn’t read his face, but he didn’t exactly like what he saw.

Goddamn him.

“I’ll… I’ll see you around,” said Jimin awkwardly.

Jungkook looked at him for a moment with an unreadable expression on his face as if he was deep in thought.

“Yeah, sure,” he said, sounding both exhausted and frustrated. Then Jungkook just turned around and got up from the bed and made his way to the bathroom.

Jimin was left standing at the edge of the bed rather awkwardly for a few seconds before he decided to just walk towards the door. There was no reason to prolong the goodbye.

It took him 7 seconds to reach the door and it was the longest 7 seconds of his life.

He felt so fucking guilty once again. Guilty for sleeping with Jungkook just for him to leave the moment they were done. Jungkook had fucked him well - almost lovingly if Jimin had to be completely honest - and he had held him close afterward, yet Jimin was fleeing like a coward.

And he was a coward, but he justified it by calling it self-preservation. 

Because he couldn't stay.

Not just because that would without a doubt make all of this more real and terrifying but also because he didn't know what to do afterward.

He just couldn’t stay because then he would have to come up with a fucking good excuse and what would that be? Yoongi would never believe him anyway. He would see right through him.

Yes, staying was a no go.

So why did he find himself walking back to Jungkook’s bedroom?

No less than a second later, Jungkook emerged from the bathroom wearing underwear. He looked quite surprised when he saw Jimin standing at the edge of the bed as his eyes widened.


Jimin awkwardly looked around, not wanting to look Jungkook in the eyes - his cheeks already reddening.

“I just- I mean I was gonna go but then I remembered that- that-”

Jungkook made his way toward Jimin and placed himself in front of him - yet Jimin still didn't look up as his cheeks heated up even more.

“Yoongi he’s gonna- But, um-” Jungkook gently wrapped his hands around Jimin’s wrist and pulled him a little closer.

“So yeah, I think I’m gonna-”


“I wanna stay.”

Jimin himself was surprised by his confession - not believing he actually had the guts to say those words.

Jungkook was obviously surprised too as he looked at the boy with wide eyes. But no more than a few seconds later, Jungkook's surprised expression melted into something softer as he smiled.

“Then stay.”

Jimin let Jungkook guide him on the bed. “Take off your clothes,” he said, but this time there was no perverted undertone to it. So Jimin took off his shirt and pants and crawled under the duvet with Jungkook once again but this time it almost felt more intimately than when they were naked.

And maybe in a way they were.

“But I have to get up at 11 tomorrow, because I need to-”

“Yeah, yeah, baby, we’ll make it.” Then Jungkook pulled Jimin into his arms and turned off the night lamp on the bed table.

“Goodnight baby.”

Jimin’s head was resting on Jungkook’s chest and he could feel the fall and rise as he breathed in and out.

It felt so peaceful.

It felt so calming.

He could feel the beating of Jungkook’s heart.

And he was quite certain his own heart was beating as fast as his.

Fuck, he liked this. Maybe a little too much.

“Goodnight Jungkook.”

He could feel the beating of Jungkook’s heart.

And he was quite certain his own heart was beating as fast as his.

Chapter Text

Park Jimin had never woken up in such a soft bed before. Not even Yoongi’s bed compared to the softness of Jungkook’s.

Of course the softness of the bed was nothing compared to the wonder that was Jungkook’s strong arms around him.

Jimin could feel the taller boy’s breath on his neck and his chest against his back. It was a sensation Jimin had never experienced before.

Yes, he had taken a nap with Taehyung and woken up like this a few times but knowing that it was Jungkook’s chest against his back and Jungkook’s breath on his neck made the whole thing a thousand times better.

And yes, maybe that had something to do with the fact that Jungkook’s was very much almost naked. Something Taehyung definitely never was.

Not that Jimin would really want him to.

By the peaceful rise and fall of Jungkook’s chest, Jimin assumed he was still very much asleep. Though Jimin had never seen Jungkook sleep before so he really didn’t know how he slept.

He very slowly and very carefully turned around in Jungkook’s arms so he was facing him. Jungkook’s long lashes were fluttering against his cheeks. His lips were slightly parted as he softly inhaled and exhaled.

He looked so peaceful and oddly innocent, and Jimin had a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that this man was fucking him into oblivion last night.

And Jimin would lie if he said he wasn’t already thirsting for Jungkook’s dick, even though it had only been hours since they had sex. Jungkook had really showed Jimin how fucking great sex could be.

Even better than he remembered.

It seemed that with only one fuck, Jungkook had awakened a sex addiction in Jimin he didn’t even knew he had.

However, looking at Jungkook’s beautiful face merely inches from his, Jimin just felt the urge to caress Jungkook’s cheek. So he did.

Jimin placed his hand on Jungkook’s cheek softly, not wanting to wake the boy. He slowly caressed his cheek with his thumb and scooched just a little bit closer.

Jungkook’s cheek was soft and smooth and Jimin hadn’t imagined that such a small action would give him such an oddly satisfying feeling.

He couldn’t help himself. He leaned forward very slowly, keeping his eyes open so he could see if Jungkook woke up.

When Jimin’s lips brushed Jungkook’s, and Jungkook still hadn’t made a move to wake up, Jimin closed his eyes and gently kissed the sleeping boy.

Jimin kept his lips pressed gently against Jungkook’s for a few seconds, adoring the softness he felt. He felt a warm feeling spread in his stomach, but he pushed it away, refusing to acknowledge it. He knew what that feeling meant. He wasn’t an idiot. But if he just didn’t address it, if he just pushed it away, then he could pretend it wasn’t there, and then all of this would be a hell of a lot easier.

Because liking Jungkook was one thing. Jimin could acknowledge that. He didn’t mind liking Jungkook. He didn’t mind liking spending time with him, and text him, and have sex with him. But it was the step further that he minded. And he feared he could eventually take that step, and that thought scared him.

Jimin slowly released Jungkook’s lips and got ready to pull away, afraid he would eventually wake the boy, but Jungkook wasn’t asleep.

As Jimin pulled his head back, Jungkook leaned in. He was faster than Jimin, and a surprised gasp escaped Jimin’s lips and Jungkook captured them in a kiss.

Jungkook’s arms found their way around Jimin’s waist and pulled him close to his chest, deepening the kiss, which Jimin finally reciprocated after the surprise.

The taller boy was smiling into the kiss, and Jimin couldn’t help but do the same. He wrapped his hand around Jungkook’s neck and buried his fingers in his soft hair.

“This is without a doubt the best way to wake up.”

The two boys pulled back their heads, but they made no move to widen the distance between their bodies.

Jimin played with a strand of Jungkook’s dark hair and Jungkook drew circles on Jimin’s back, making him shiver slightly.

Jimin thought of saying something sarcastic or make a joke because that’s what he always did when Jungkook made those sweet comments that made Jimin blush.

But in that moment Jimin didn’t want to joke around.

“It’s really nice,” Jimin replied. “I Like it.” Jungkook’s hesitant reply told Jimin he had expected a sarcastic comment.

“And here I thought you were gonna tell me breakfast in bed would’ve been better.” Jimin couldn’t help but laugh, since that was precisely what he had thought of before he decided to be sincere instead.

“Well, I didn’t wanna put pressure on you.”

“I don’t mind.” “Then make me the best breakfast in bed one can get.” Jungkook groaned as he buried his face in his pillow and Jimin giggled at the sight.

“Why are you groaning and burying your head in your pillow like a kid?” He continued to play with the strand of Jungkook’s hair, since it was obvious Jungkook enjoyed it.

“I don’t have any eggs. Or bacon. Or bread,” muttered Jungkook, though his voice was a little muffled by the pillow. “I don’t really have anything.” He looked up at Jimin and pulled the smaller boy a little closer. “I’ll make you breakfast in bed next time.”

Jungkook leaned in to capture Jimin’s lips, but Jimin pulled back, a mischievous smile on his face.

“Next time? Who says there’s gonna be a next time?” Jungkook blinked a few times as he processed Jimin’s words.

“Well… I-”

Jimin burst out laughing.

“I’m fucking with you Jungkook.”

It was fun for once seeing Jungkook being the one at loss for words. For once being the one fucking with Jungkook and not him fucking with Jimin.

In one quick movement, the taller boy had pushed off the duvet and had gotten on top of Jimin, hovering over him as he caged the smaller boy with his arms on either side of him. Jungkook had a devious smile on his lips, and Jimin felt a rush in his stomach.

“Somebody woke up with a wish to be punished.” Jimin merely rolled his eyes at Jungkook’s words.

“Don’t be sadistic just because I managed to fuck with you for once.”

“You fuck with me all the time Jimin, I’m just good at keeping my cool.”

“Clearly not as good as you think then.”

Jimin gave him a challenging smile, loving that he for once had the upper hand.

“You’re really asking to be pun-” Jimin silenced Jungkook with a hungry kiss. He got up on his elbows as he crashed their lips together. Jungkook didn’t even hesitate to kiss back, pushing his tongue inside Jimin’s mouth.

Neither of them had brushed their teeth last night or this morning, which was gross, but Jimin didn’t care enough to stop the kissing, even though he was a little anxious Jungkook would find it gross.

If he did, he didn’t care enough to stop the kiss.

“Seriously,” said Jungkook as they pulled apart and Jimin fell down on the bed again, unable to stay on his elbows any longer.

“Next time I’ll make you breakfast in bed.” Jimin laughed breathlessly as he shook his head.

“I really don’t give a shit about breakfast Jungkook.”

“But it’s the most important meal of the day.” People always told Jimin that every time he said he didn’t eat breakfast.

“I don’t know about that,” he just said. “I’ve always felt like lunch was the most important meal of the day.” Jungkook shook his head.

“Nope baby, that’s breakfast.” Jimin just shrugged, not really finding the conversation very interesting.

“Well, it was fine you didn’t make breakfast since I’ll be having lunch in-” Jimin reached out for his phone on the nightstand. “…46 minutes.” He was surprised they had slept that long.

He saw that he had two more missed calls from Yoongi, but Jimin ignored them.

“Can’t you just stay here all day?” asked Jungkook, already a pout on his face as he leaned down to kiss Jimin’s jaw.

“No, we’re gonna celebrate that Namjoon got a job at Seoul Sound.” Jimin didn’t bother saying they didn’t actually know if he was going to get it, since Jimin just knew he would.

Jungkook pulled back a little. “Namjoon?”

“Yeah, you know, Jin’s boyfriend.”

“Ah him. He’s cool.” Jimin chuckled.

“Yeah, he is. He’s amazing.” Jungkook placed a soft kiss to Jimin’s forehead, then he threw himself back on the bed next to him.

“So can’t I come?” Jimin felt a wave of annoyance rush over him. Did he really have to keep asking, when he knew the damn answer?

“Jungkook,” Jimin warned, hoping it was enough to make Jungkook back off. But of course, it wasn’t, since Jungkook was annoyingly persistent.

“I literally just took you out on a second date last night and fucked you good, and now you’re waking up in my bed, and you still wanna keep it a secret. Why?”

It was the first time Jungkook had asked that.

Until now it seemed like Jungkook had merely accepted it without demanding an explanation, but for the first time, he asked.

Jimin rolled over on his side so he was facing Jungkook. “The truth?” asked Jimin. Jungkook nodded, and he suddenly looked a little anxious. “I don’t want people to fuck around in my business the way they do yours. That’s why I didn’t want to get involved with you in the beginning.”

Jungkook seemed to think this over for a few seconds.

“What do you mean ‘fuck around in my business'?” Jimin was a little surprised Jungkook had to ask.

“Do you have any idea of how much shit I heard about you before I even met you? I’m probably one of the last people to receive gossip and even I always ended up hearing everything that is said about you.”

Jungkook swallowed hard at Jimin’s words.

“I guess I stopped paying attention to it so long ago I even forgot people were so fucking interested.” Jungkook sounded so defeated and Jimin felt saddened.

“I’m sorry Jungkook.” Jungkook exhaled deeply as he dismissed Jimin’s apology with a shake of his head.

“Don’t apologize. I guess I just didn’t really think so much of it. I’m used to it.” Jimin scooched a little closer.

“I don’t want people fucking around in my business Jungkook. I don’t want people to start making rumors and tell stories and shit just because they think we’re dating.” Jimin sighed.

“I didn’t even like hearing the stories about people I didn’t know, I would die if the next story I heard was about me.”

It seemed like Jungkook understood that. “Then why not tell your friends? I mean they aren’t gonna say shit. Right?” Jimin hurried to shake his head.

“No of course not, they wouldn’t do that.”

“Then why not?”

Jungkook’s hand started combing Jimin’s hair softly.

The action felt so oddly domestic and Jimin actually had a hard time remembering that this was the first time they did something like this and not the 100th time since it felt so weirdly natural.

“In the beginning, I just didn’t tell them because nothing was gonna happen and I knew they would make a big deal about it and tease me and constantly bring it up, and I was not in the mood for that. Especially Tae. He just loves to nag me any chance he gets.”

“And now?”

Jimin had to think of an answer for a few seconds since this was a question he hadn’t answered in his head before.

“I guess I just-” he paused, searching for the right words so he didn’t offend Jungkook in any way. “I’m still not sure what all of this is Jungkook.” He looked at Jungkook, keeping a close eye on his reactions to his words.

“I don’t wanna bring people into something I don’t know what is, and I’m not really someone who likes to go around involving people in my personal business.”

Jungkook wrinkled his eyebrows in confusion. “But they’re your friends.”

“I know. And I trust them with my life. I just-” He paused for a second. “I like having control over my life. And when things come out, then I don’t feel in control, and I don’t like that.”

Jimin sighed deeply, knowing what he was saying made zero sense.

“I know this doesn’t make any fucking sense and it’s a stupid reason, but I can’t help it.” It was a weird thing he had. There were certain things in Jimin’s life that he needed to have control over.

His family being one of them, and now Jungkook was another one of them.

“As long as it’s just you and me, then I’m in control. And I’m not afraid of one day hearing some stupid rumor about us.” Jungkook chuckled as he sighed.

“Just how many fucked up rumors have you heard?”

Jimin thought about it for a moment.

There were quite a lot of them.

Most of them were about his sex life or love life or whatever. A few were about his family and even less about his school.

“I once heard that a girl threw up on you because she got your dick stuck in her throat.” Jimin couldn’t help but laugh as he said it, finding it both absurd and hilarious that people would make something like that up.

“That’s not true,” said Jungkook, and Jimin continued to laugh. “She made it to the bathroom before she threw up.”

Jimin’s laughter slowly died down.

“What?” The disbelief was clear in his voice.

“Yeah, she hurried to the bathroom before she threw up. Poor girl had the worst gag reflex, I mean- oh you thought it hadn’t happened.” Jimin felt a slight blush on his cheeks.

He had mentioned that rumor because he was certain it hadn’t happened since it was clear Jungkook was gay.

“Well, I mean… you don’t really… play for that team?” Jungkook merely shrugged.

“I play for all of the teams,” he just said, as if it was the most casual thing in the world.

“So you’re… bisexual?” Jungkook shrugged again, and Jimin really wished he would piss off with that and just answer normally.

“I don’t really wanna label myself.” Jimin had a hard time understanding that.

He, of course, knew that it was different for everyone how important it was for them to be labeled and identify as something specific, but for him, his sexuality had always been such a big part of him.

He was gay.

That was one of the main things that defined him, and he like that. He wanted that. Knowing his sexual identity was important, so it was a little weird hearing Jungkook being so indifferent about it.

“I mean, I prefer one team over the others, but I don’t wanna say I’m something I don’t know if I am.”

“Please tell me that team is my team,” begged Jimin, a little grin on his face.

“Of course,” said Jungkook and kissed Jimin’s forehead. “I’m your team’s biggest cheerleader.” Jimin laughed and hit Jungkook’s chest softly.

“You’re a fucking dork.”

“Only for you.”

“Don’t be fucking cheesy.”

As the laughter died a comfortable silence spread.

Jimin rubbed his legs against the soft bedsheet. It was a hundred times softer than his and Yoongi’s. If he wasn’t careful he could definitely get addicted to this bed.

And the bed buddy.

Taehyung was going to be so jealous.

“Oh shit, I should probably get ready to go.” Jimin made a move to get up from the bed, but Jungkook pulled him back down.

“I haven’t given you permission to leave sweet cheeks.”

“I don’t need-”

“But you do. Don’t forget I made you mine last night.”

Jungkook pulled Jimin’s face closer to his, caressing his cheeks as he looked into his eyes.

“Don’t forget you begged me to.”

Jimin blushed at the memory. He didn’t regret it, he did, however, find it a little embarrassing that Jungkook said it so casual.

“Shut up Jungkook.”



Jungkook gave Jimin a long soft kiss before he pulled back and released him from his arms.

“Can I go now?”

“If you must.” A playful smile on Jungkook’s lips.

“Well, I must.” Jimin got up from the bed and made his way to the bathroom.

He splashed his face with cold water, hoping to wake himself up probably. Then he splashed some water in his armpits since he didn’t have the time to take a shower.

He just hoped he didn’t smell too much of sex. Taehyung was somehow always able to tell when it came to everybody around him. He could smell it, would he always say, but he was not going to smell anything today.

He made his way out of the bathroom. Jungkook had gotten up from the bed and was instead sitting on the edge of it. Jimin walked towards his clothes on the floor.

He put on his socks and his pants, but his shirt was gone.

“Jungkook have you seen my shirt?” Jungkook shook his head. “It’s not with your pants?” Obviously not when Jimin asked, but he didn’t say that. He got down on the floor and looked under the bed.


“Jesus, a shirt can’t just disappear like this.” To be fair, there were a lot of clothes on the floor, so it seemed like it actually could happen. “Now I’m gonna be late,” complained Jimin, getting quite frustrated.

Jungkook leaned back on the bed. “Then just take one of mine.”

Jimin hesitated for a minute. The thought of wearing Jungkook’s clothes both aroused him and terrified him.

Why, he wasn’t sure.

Finally, he went over to Jungkook’s gigantic closet and opened the double doors.

It was a bit messy, but so was the rest of the room, so Jimin wasn’t surprised. He looked through the clothes for a long time, not sure what to take. Jungkook was bigger than Jimin so everything was going to fit him. Well, he would be able to wear it, since it probably wouldn’t fit him all that well.

At last, he grabbed a grey hoodie, with the words ‘YOUTH WAKE UP’ on, and put it on.

When he turned around, Jungkook was looking at him with a satisfied smirk on his face. “Nice,” he just said, and Jimin felt a little self-conscious all of a sudden.

He probably didn’t even look as good in it as Jungkook.

“I’ll wash it and give it back soon,” hurried Jimin to say. Jungkook shrugged.

“It’s fine,” he said. “Keep it. I like seeing you in my clothes.” Jimin just shook his head as he blushed.

“Nope. I’m not accepting anything from you ever.” Jungkook just grinned, clearly knowing there was no point in arguing.

Jimin went over to grab his phone. It was 11:45, he should probably get going so he was one time.

“I’m going,” announced Jimin a little awkwardly. Jungkook nodded but said nothing as he stayed on the bed.

Was he going to walk Jimin to the door, or was this goodbye?

Jimin wasn’t sure.

After debating internally what he should do, he finally made his way over to Jungkook, crawling across the bed to where he was. He hurried to capture Jungkook’s lips in a sweet kiss.

As he tried to pull back Jungkook stopped him and kissed him deeper.

Jimin didn’t really want to pull away, but he had to go.

“I’m gonna be late,” he said and Jungkook sighed and let go of him.

“Fine. Go,” he said, sounding like a disappointed child.

“Don’t pout.”

“I’m not.”

“So are.”


Jimin laughed as he got up from the bed and walked towards the door.

He bent down to put on his shoes before he grabbed the doorknob. This time he didn’t spend a long time trying to open the door.

He knew the trick this time.

“I just knew you would look good in my clothes.” Jimin turned around to see Jungkook leaning against the wall to the bedroom, Jimin’s shirt in his hand and a smug smile on his face.

That son of a bitch.

“Oh my God, you little-”

“Have fun, baby!” called Jungkook, smiling a little too brightly for it to be a sincere smile.

Jimin gave him the finger, not having the time to kick his ass.

Then he walked out the door and closed it behind him. He walked into the elevator and went down to the first floor. Then he exited the building and made his way to the café he was going to meet his friends at.

Luckily, it wasn’t far from Jungkook’s apartment.




It appeared Jimin came last even though it was only 11:54. Since when were his friends so on time?

Taehyung spotted him first. He was sitting beside Namjoon with Yoongi across from him. Hoseok was sitting at the end of the table between Taehyung and Yoongi.

“Jiminie!” All the boys turned around at Taehyung’s exclamation. “Hey, guys.” He locked eyes with Yoongi and he felt a rush in his stomach. What was he going to tell him?

He had thought about it the whole way, but no good explanation had found its way into Jimin’s head.

He dumped down next to Yoongi and across from Namjoon. He swallowed hard as he met Yoongi’s eyes.

Was he going to ask?

“I’m really sorry Jiminie.” Jimin blinked repeatedly as he stared at Yoongi, his lips slightly parted. What?


“I tried calling you, but you didn’t pick up.” Jimin said nothing, he just waited in confusion for Yoongi to tell him why the fuck he was apologizing to him of all people.

“Yeah sorry I was- I was busy with, um, laundry.” He could feel Taehyung roll his eyes, but he was too occupied with Yoongi to look at him.

“It’s fine Jiminie, I just didn’t wanna worry you.” Jimin was so confused.

What the hell was Yoongi talking about?

“It got a little later than I thought so I just slept in the studio.” Jimin was quite certain he wasn’t breathing. Yoongi hadn’t come home last night.

Yoongi thought Jimin had been sleeping in the dorm. Yoongi the was the one apologizing to him.

This was almost to good to be true.

“But where were you this morning? I went by, but you weren’t there.” Jimin quickly snapped out of his trance.

“Yeah I, um, I went to the library.”

“You went to the fucking library on a Saturday?” exclaimed Taehyung. “I know you want good grades, but this is just stupid.”

Jimin hardly sparred Taehyung a glance, still too shocked by the fact that everything had gone so fucking smoothly it was almost scary.

“But yeah I was worried,” said Jimin, trying to maintain his cover. “But it’s okay. As long as you get a good night sleep tonight.”

That much was true.

Yoongi had slept at the music studio a few times before. It wasn’t really the same as when Jimin slept in the dance studio since there was an actual sofa bed in there, but he still didn’t like Yoongi sleeping there.

“Yeah I promise, I was just so close to finishing your music and I got carried away.” Jimin’s eyes lit up.

“You finished it?” Yoongi shrugged.

“Most of it,” he replied. “There’s still a few bits and pieces I wanna change.”

Jimin had a hard time getting mad at Yoongi for once again going against the rule that Jimin’s music competition wouldn’t take up too much of Yoongi’s schedule since it turned out to save Jimin’s ass.

“I can’t wait to hear it,” said Hoseok and smiled brightly at Yoongi, who gave a small smile in return.

“Yeah me too,” exclaimed Namjoon and leaned in on the table.

Jimin couldn’t help the smile spreading on his lips.

It was kind of weird, but hearing someone praise Yoongi felt even better than being praised himself. He really wasn’t sure why, but he just fucking loved it when Yoongi got the appreciation he deserved.

Maybe it was the fact that his parents didn’t support his wish to pursue music that made Jimin so eager for people to throw praise and love his way.

Maybe it was simply just because Yoongi deserved it.

“Yeah well, it’s probably not going to be finished till Wednesday, so can you just work with what I have?” Jimin immediately nodded.

“Yeah of course Yoongi.”

Yoongi was about to say something when Taehyung interrupted him. “Listen we’re not here to talk about Jimin’s dance competition. Though I do wish you luck Jiminie,” he gave Jimin his classic box smile. “So let’s order some food and some drinks and celebrate Namjoon.”

All the boys nodded in agreement and Jimin’s breath got caught in his throat.

Shit, he had totally forgotten.

“You got it?!” asked Jimin, though by the look on Namjoon’s face it was quite clear he did.

“I sure did. You’re looking at the newest addition to Seoul Sound.” Namjoon was grinning like an idiot, and Jimin was honestly so happy for his friend.

If anyone deserved this, it would be Namjoon. He had been working like crazy to get this job.

“I fucking told you, didn’t I?” exclaimed Jimin, smiling so brightly.

“Yeah, yeah, the guys have already told me that around 50 times. Get in line.” The boys nodded, telling Jimin they had indeed said ‘I told you so’ a few times to Namjoon.

“So let’s get some food, I’m starving,” said Taehyung, rubbing his empty stomach. “I really need some noodles right now.” Jimin strongly agreed. He was starving too, since he hadn’t been able to get any breakfast.

Not that he really minded.

He got something a lot better than breakfast.



“He is so gonna fail me, I can feel it. He seems to like every single person in that stupid class, expect me. He hates me,” complained Hoseok.

“Don’t be an idiot, he doesn’t hate you,” said Namjoon, but Taehyung didn’t seem to agree.

“I would fail you too if I were your teacher.” Hoseok turned to him, a genuinely curious look on his face.


“Cause you never do homework. I have never seen you do your math homework. Never.” Hoseok crossed his arms over his chest.

“But it’s hard you know? Math fucking sucks.”

He kept pouting as he ate a spoonful of rice.

“You just gotta suck it up,” said Yoongi, though he didn’t look up, too focused on the noodles between his chopsticks. “It’s only a few more months, and then there’s no math next year.”

That seemed to make Hoseok relax. “I can’t fucking wait it’s gonna be amazing. A math-free year. Haven’t had one of those in a long time.”

To say Jimin was envious was an understatement. Math had always been one of those classes he would always hate. It wasn’t as much the subject as it was his teacher.

Jimin fucking hated his math teacher.

And he hated Jimin too.

“Don Hojin hates me too Hobi, you’re not alone.” That didn’t seem to make Hoseok feel all that better. Not that Jimin had thought it would, he just wanted to point out that he was suffering Don Hojin’s wrath too.

“It’s true,” said Taehyung. “Don Hojin really don’t like you Jiminie. Like he doesn’t like me either but definitely more than you.” Jimin was just happy to have Taehyung in his math class.

That way he didn’t feel so alone and hated.

“Yeah, but at least you’re decent at math Jiminie, so even if he wanted to fail you, legally he can’t.”

“The law has no power over Don Hojin.” If Jimin’s math teacher wanted to fail him, he was cruel enough to find even the tiniest loophole in the law.

And it was a possibility.

Hoseok continued to complain about their math teacher, and the rest of the boys begun complaining about Hoseok’s complains, but none of that was important to Jimin right now.

Because the bell to the café rang, and in came someone Jimin really didn’t want to see right now.

What. The. Frick. Fuckery. Fuck.

“You made it!” exclaimed Namjoon when he saw his boyfriend, Hoseok’s complains completely forgotten.

Jin smiled at Namjoon and then at the rest of the table. “I said I would, didn’t I?” Namjoon got up from his seat and kissed Jin on the cheek.

It was such a sweet sight, but Jimin’s eyes were locked on someone else.

“I hope it’s okay I brought my friend Jungkook.” Jin’s eyes roamed over the boys and stayed at Jimin a little too long for it to be a coincidence.

“Of course, he is more than welcome.”

Speak for yourself, thought Jimin, not taking his eyes off Jungkook.

It was quite clear the taller boy tried to avoid looking at Jimin for too long at a time, but each time his eyes found him, Jungkook was smiling smugly, and Jimin wanted to die.

“Everybody this is Seokjin, well Jin,” introduced Namjoon, one of his arms wrapped around Jin’s waist, holding him close. “Well, you’ve met everybody, except Tae.” And Taehyung certainly didn’t seem to be pleased with that.

“Yes, and it’s fucking unfair I’m the last one to meet him.”

They all laughed at that, except Jimin, who was glaring at Jungkook with everything he had.

What the fuck was he thinking showing up here?

“And this is my friend Jungkook,” introduced Jin, and when his eyes landed on Jimin, it looked like he was holding back a laugh. Jimin really didn’t like the teasing going on right now, but at least it seemed like Jin wasn’t going to out his ass to his friends.

All of the boys greeted Jungkook, who smiled so sweetly back at them Jimin wanted to throw up.

“Well you’ve meet Jimin before, so why don’t you sit next to him,” said Namjoon, totally oblivious to everything going on.

“Of course I have,” said Jungkook, his smug smile widening as he neared the empty seat next to Jimin. “It’s so nice to see you again.”

Jimin sent him the sweetest smile he could, though it was quite clear it was very much fake.

Namjoon sat down in his seat across from Jimin, and Jin sat down next to him. He had the same smug smile on his face as Jungkook, though his smile was much more innocent looking than Jungkook’s.

Those two were really having the time of their life fucking with Jimin.

“Do you wanna order some food?” asked Namjoon and Jimin hurried to answer for them.

“Isn’t it too late?” All eyes were on him. “I mean, we’re almost done so we’re probably not staying much longer, right?” The confusion on his friends’ faces was clear.

“We have all day Jiminie, don’t worry.” Jimin really wanted to cut off Hoseok’s dick right now. He was just no help at all.

“I don’t. I have… homework.” Taehyung raised his eyebrow as he spoke.

“You said you finished all of it yesterday. That’s why you were having that weird laundry day.”

Jungkook snickered next to him, and Jimin was so close to smacking him in the back of the head, but he couldn’t do that in front of their friends, who was under the impression that they had only met once.

“Laundry day?” he laughed.

“Yeah, apparently Jimin is very dedicated to his laundry. He even refused to hang out with me,” pouted Taehyung sending Jimin some dirty looks, however, a little smile was playing at his lips.

“Yeah, and now that I think about it, I’m probably never gonna have one of those days again,” said Jimin, looking directly at Taehyung, even though it was very much Jungkook he was talking to.

“Stop talking about laundry all the time,” said Hoseok. “We’re here to celebrate Namjoon, and now that we’re all here, let us get our newest arrivals some drinks so we can toast.” Everyone happily agreed, expect for Jimin, who was doing his best to hide a frown.

What the hell was Jungkook thinking?

Jungkook and Jin both took a menu card from the table and started reading through it. Jin leaned into Namjoon, asking what he would recommend, so of course, Jungkook did the same. “Well, I haven’t been here before, so what can you recommend Jimin?”

To get the fuck out of here, thought Jimin, but he couldn’t exactly say that.

“Water is great,” he said. “Quick to make and quick to drink.” Jimin smiled sweetly, though he was sure Jungkook could hear the slightly threatening undertone to his voice.

“We didn’t come here to drink water Jimin,” called Taehyung from across the table.

“We’re getting drinks, don’t be a buzz kill.”

“Yeah, don’t be a buzzkill,” agreed Jungkook, and Jimin sent him a glare.

“Thanks for the support Jungkook,” said Taehyung pleased. “I like him very much.” He looked at Namjoon and Jin, clearly thanking Jin for bringing him along.

It appeared Jimin was the only one displeased with Jungkook’s presence.

Jimin didn’t even understand how all of his friends could be up for drinks at 12 am, but he figured university had fried their brains enough for them to no longer give a shit what time a day it was.

However, Jimin was not in the mood for drinks.

“Tae I’m not drinking at 12 am okay? If it was-”

Jimin’s breath got stuck in his throat as he felt a hand on his thigh, way too high up for it to be a coincidence.

But of course, nothing was ever a coincidence with Jeon Jungkook.

“- on second thought I could use a drink.” Taehyung looked conflicted between being happy and suspicious of Jimin’s sudden change of mind.

“Amazing! Let’s get some drinks.”

All the boy started talking about what kind of drinks they wanted, but all Jimin could focus on was Jungkook’s hand caressing his thigh.

He very slowly continued to run it up towards Jimin’s dick. Jimin swallowed hard. The worst part was that he could feel his dick twitch in his pants, and he knew Jungkook could feel it too since Jimin was awkwardly shifting in his seat.

Damn him.

Jimin couldn’t look at Jungkook, but out of the corner of his eye, he could see the very satisfied, smug smile on his lips. He was enjoying torturing Jimin. Not that it came as a surprise to Jimin.

Jungkook was a fucking asshole, so of course, he got off on torture.

“What about you Jimin?”

“Wha- what?” Namjoon had asked him a question and by the look on, not only his face but all the others’ too, it wasn’t the first time he had asked something. They were all looking at him and he felt his cheeks heat up.

It didn’t exactly help that Jungkook’s hand moved closer and closer to his dick.

“What do you want? To drink?” Namjoon asked again.

“Ju- just the same as Tae.” It was always safe to take the same as Taehyung since they had the same taste in alcohol.

“I’ll have that too,” said Jungkook.

Namjoon nodded, but he didn’t stop looking at Jimin a little funny.

“I’ll go order,” said Hoseok. “What are you having?” All the boys told Hoseok what they were having and then he went to the bar to order.

“So Jungkook.” They all looked at Taehyung, and for split second Jimin feared he had found out Jungkook was touching his dick under the table.

Luckily, Taehyung wasn’t so smart.

“Is Jimin as annoying in literature as he is in math?” Jimin exclaimed a gasp of disbelief.

“I’m the best fucking thing about ma- math,” said Jimin, but his voice cracked in the last part of his sentence because Jungkook’s hand moved up his thigh.

Thank God no one noticed.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever makes you happy Jiminie.” Taehyung hardly even looked at Jimin, he was just looking at Jungkook, waiting for him to speak.

“Oh no, he’s lovely.” Jimin blushed at that and Taehyung wrinkled his nose, clearly not convinced.

“Bullshit.” Jungkook chuckled.

“Yeah you’re right, he is a pain the ass.”

Jimin turned his head towards Jungkook so fast, he almost got whiplash. “Wha-” He stopped himself before he said something suspicious.

It seemed like Jungkook noticed that because he raised his eyebrows almost daring Jimin to continue.

Jimin sent him a glare that could kill, then he turned to Taehyung. “He wouldn’t know. He sits in the back of the class and sleeps in all the classes.” For a moment Jimin was afraid he might have said something stupid, but Jungkook just caressed his thigh with his thumb and the smaller boy shivered.

Jin, however, didn’t take it as lightly as Jungkook did. “I told you to start taking your classes more seriously,” he scolded, a clearly disappointed look on his face.

Jimin snorted and Jungkook squeezed his thigh as a warning.

“Calm down, mom.” Jin blew him a raspberry and Namjoon laughed, clearly adoring everything Jin did. Those two were so annoyingly sweet together.

“7 delicious drinks coming up,” said Hoseok as he dumped down in his seat again. Taehyung licked his lips in anticipation, clearly craving the Mojito he ordered.

“I hope they hurry,” said Yoongi, speaking for the first time in a long time. Jimin figured it had something to do with the fact that he was in the company of two people he didn’t know.

Yoongi wasn’t really a social butterfly.

“They better,” agreed Taehyung. Jimin did too. If he was going to spend an afternoon like this, he needed alcohol. That is if he didn’t cave in and run for the hills before too long.

Which was a highly likely scenario.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot.” Hoseok turned to look at Jimin. “The 4th years have dance class until 4 pm on Wednesday, but after that, the studio is all yours.” Jimin was in a mix between joy and annoyance.

“So should I expect you before 4 pm or after?” asked Hoseok, and Jimin thought about for a second. He knew whose stupid face he would see if he showed up before 4 pm, but he also wanted to get started as soon as he could.

“I’ll be there at 4 pm. I’ll just hope-” Jimin shivered at Jungkook’s hand once again moved over his thigh. “-that Chiwon doesn’t come to class.”

“It’s really fucked up he has to fuck up so many things just because he is being a dick to you,” said Yoongi, sounding more annoyed than Jimin would’ve believed anyone besides himself would sound.

“Who’s being a dick to Jimin?” Jimin had almost forgotten that the rest of Jungkook was here too, not just his hands and that he could very much hear their conversation.

“No one, just-“

“This 4th year, Chiwon,” answered Taehyung and Jimin mentally cursed himself for bringing him up in the first place.

“He’s been a dick to Jimin for like forever, and we don’t know why.”

“Well, we think he might be a homophobe,” said Hoseok.

Jimin didn’t look at Jungkook, but he could feel the change in his mood.

The hand on Jimin’s thigh became less playful. It was hard to describe how Jimin got that feeling from Jungkook’s touch, but he could feel the difference. Jungkook’s hand was somehow rougher on his thigh now, but the anger wasn’t directed at him.

“He’s a homophobe? Why do you think that?” Jungkook’s voice was stern, but no one beside Jimin seemed to detect the difference in him from just a second ago.

“Well, Jimin offered to suck his dick, and he didn’t seem to enjoy that,” laughed Taehyung, oblivious to the effect those words had on Jungkook. Jimin hurried to open his mouth to answer.

“Taehyung that’s not how it-”

“Yeah, yeah, I know you were joking but it’s still funny.”

“But we already agreed that that can’t be why Chiwon hates Jimin,” said Hoseok. It seemed like these guys were even more interested it Chiwon than Jimin was.

“Maybe he’s just jealous since Jimin is a better dancer than him.” They all turned to look at Jungkook. Jimin was blushing, no need to try and deny that.

The rest of the guys looked at him a little puzzled, and for a moment Jimin was sure their cover was blown.

Luckily his friends were idiots sometimes.

“No, because then he would hate me too.”

“You just won’t let that one go will you, Hobi?” Hoseok shook his head.

“But it’s true!” he exclaimed, and Taehyung rolled his eyes.

“You’re such an attention whore you know that?”

“Wha- that’s not- Namjoon!” whined Hoseok, sounding like a child telling his mother.

Namjoon just laughed. “While I do agree with the fact that you are better than him, I also agree with the fact that you are an attention whore.” Hoseok looked quite hurt. He turned to Yoongi, probably to get some support.

But he should know better than to turn to Yoongi for help.

“Don’t look at me,” he just said. Hoseok leaned back in his chair, crossed his arms over his chest and pouted like a baby.

"So cruel.”

“Don’t be meanies,” said Jin to the boys, a sweet smile on his lips.

“Thank you Jin!” said Hoseok, looking like he was ready to fall on his knees before the older boy.

The guys continued to bicker and pick on Hoseok and laugh and smile, but Jimin paid them no mind anymore. Jungkook’s hand was moving further and further up yet again, and Jimin felt his dick twitch.

Was it bad that this was actually turning Jimin on? Indeed it was. He couldn’t get a boner now.

Jungkook’s hand reached the top of Jimin’s thigh where he gave him a quick squeeze, and Jimin jumped in his seat as he exclaimed a gasp, loud enough for the whole table to look at him. “Are you okay Jimin?” asked Namjoon.

Jimin nodded and bit his lip, unable to answer with Jungkook’s hand so close to his dick.

“Are you sure?” asked Namjoon again. It was so incredibly embarrassing to have all of his friends look at him like that, while Jungkook was practically palming him under the table.

However, the most embarrassing thing was the fact that it turned Jimin on.

“Ye- yes, it just felt like someone kicked me under the table.” He was surprised when Taehyung took the blame.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t realize I hit you.” Jimin looked at him, his lips stretched into a thin line as he spoke.

“You should really be careful with that,” said Jimin, his voice strained. “It’s really not nice to do something like that when you are sitting with your friends. It’s very rude.”

Jimin looked directly at Taehyung as he spoke, but the words were once again aimed at Jungkook.

By the way, Jungkook started to squeeze Jimin’s thigh gently, it was clear he knew that.

And didn’t care.

“I can kick them too if it would make you feel better,” replied Taehyung, a small smile on his lips, but it was clear he was a little confused.

“No, you should just stop.”

Taehyung lifted his hands in surrender, but Jungkook didn’t stop.

His hands ran over Jimin’s half hard cock, and he finally had enough. He pushed his chair back and stood up. All eyes were on him. “I- I-” what was he going to say? “I forgot I had some literature shit I need to talk to Jungkook about.”

What the fuck was he saying?

It was a shit excuse, so he just hoped no one would be suspicious.

“On a Saturday? When are you going to stop thinking about school Jiminie?” whined Taehyung.

“Right after this,” he said through greeted teeth and sent Jungkook a glare.

He smiled sweetly in return.

“It’s just something regarding, um, the book we’re reading.” This time it was Yoongi’s turn to try and shoot a hole in his lie.

“I thought you finished that weeks ago?”

Why were all of his friends so goddamn good at remembering everything he had told them?

Couldn’t they just have shit memories like Jimin?

“We- we did, but I didn’t finish it in time, so as a punishment he has to tutor me.”

“I thought you were the one tutoring him.” Couldn’t Yoongi just shut up right now?

“Yes but um-”

“Poor Jungkook.” Jimin snapped his head in Taehyung’s direction.

“He is not the one you should feel sorry for!” said Jimin.

“Why not? He’s the one getting punished.”

They all laughed and Jimin was quite sure he felt a vein pop in his forehead.

“I hate all of you. I hope your dicks fall off.” It didn’t stop the boys from laughing and Jimin made an annoyed noise as he grabbed Jungkook’s arm. “We’re leaving.” Jimin caught Jin’s eyes and the older boy was smiling very knowingly.

Damn him.

Jungkook didn’t even try and conceal his pleased smirk as he got up. “It was nice to meet you all. I really hope you’ll invite me again next time.”

All of Jimin’s friends instantly promised him they would as they said goodbye and Jimin wished he could strangle every single one of them.

He dragged Jungkook out of the café as fast as he could, and he didn’t stop waling until Jimin found a deserted ally, he practically pushed Jungkook into.

They were finally standing in front of each other, though hidden deep inside the alley so no one would be able to see them.

Jimin couldn’t even form a proper sentence as he looked at Jungkook. “Wha- the fuck you- I can’t even-” Jungkook didn’t stop smiling, enjoying Jimin’s inability to talk properly. 

“Yes, baby?” Jimin pointed his finger at him and narrowed his eyes.

“You don’t get to call me that right now you dick.”

Jimin had been this close to getting a full-on boner under the table with all of his best friends around him. Jungkook was this close at fucking everything up.

“What the fuck were you thinking showing up? How did you even-” 

“Jin called.” Of course, Jin called. “He asked if I knew where the café was since he hadn’t been there before. Then I begged him to bring me.” Jungkook smiled so sweetly as if the action should’ve been flattering or somewhat romantic.

When Jimin crossed his arms over his chest and glared at Jungkook, he got the hint Jimin didn’t find it anywhere near flattering. “If it makes you feel better it took some time convincing him.” Jimin looked at him in disbelief.

“How the fuck was that supposed to make me feel better?”

Jungkook sighed deeply. “Look.” Jimin looked at him. “I know you said you didn’t want them to know, and I get that, but I just really wanted to meet them.” Jimin raised his eyebrows a little suspicious. 

“Why? They’re idiots. I mean I love them, but they’re idiots.”

He couldn’t understand why Jungkook wanted to go out of his way to meet Jimin’s friends.

“Yeah, but if they’re your friends then they must be pretty awesome.” Jungkook diverted his eyes from Jimin and scratched his neck.

Something Jimin had learned to recognize as a nervous habit Jungkook had.

“I don’t really have that many close friends,” he admitted, and Jimin could already feel the anger dissolve inside of him. “I mean I have Jin, but he doesn’t count since he… yeah well, I don’t really have any close friends, and I just…”

Jungkook didn’t finish his sentence, but he didn’t have too.

Jimin sighed. “Why couldn’t you just have a dick reason for doing this, so I could stay mad at you?” Jungkook looked up at Jimin, and a relieved smile spread on his lips when he noticed that Jimin was smiling a little bit.

“So I’m forgiven?” Jungkook took a step towards Jimin with a hopeful smile on his face, but Jimin took a step back. 

“For showing up? Sure. For almost giving me a boner under the table? Fuck no.”

Though his anger had practically vanished by now.

He just didn’t wanna let Jungkook think he could get away with whatever.

“Almost? Huh, I’m losing my magic it appears.” The taller boy laughed clearly amused by himself. And clearly not serious regarding his magic. 

“Stop laughing!” 

“But it’s funny.” 

“What if they had noticed?” Jungkook shrugged. 

“I’m sure they would find it funny too.”

This fucker.

Jimin let out a frustrated groan. “One of these days you’re gonna wake up with your right ball sack missing, and just know right now that the pain you will be in, will put a smile on my lips.” Jungkook grinned. 

“Why the right?” 

“Because I’m always right.”

He couldn’t help but smile at his own joke, even though he tried to stay indifferent.

“Well, you can do whatever you want with me if it makes you smile.” Jimin rolled his eyes so hard they almost rolled out of his head, but he smiled like a stupid idiot.

Because he was a stupid idiot.

“Now come here.” Jungkook grabbed the bottom of Jimin’s jacket, pulled him closer and kissed him passionately. Jimin thought he would have a hard time adjusting to the fact that he now had someone he could randomly kiss whenever they felt like it.

He had never had someone to do that with before.

But it felt strangely normal.

Strangely natural for him.

How fast had Jungkook gotten under his skin?

And it was as if Jungkook was thinking the same.

“Fuck it feels so good to just kiss you like this.” Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s shirt with both his hands.

“Then don’t fucking stop.” And Jungkook didn’t hesitate for a second before he kissed him again.

“But if you pull shit like this again, know your right ball sack is at stake.” Jungkook lifted his hands in surrender.

“I promise I won’t until you say it’s okay. I cherish my right ball sack too much to gamble with it.”


They kissed again. Not because they had too, but because they wanted to.

And it felt good.

“Well about that punishment…” Jimin hit Jungkook’s chest.

“No. Nah ah. Not a chance.” Jungkook pouted.

“You’re a meanie, you know that? Ji-meanie.” Jimin snorted, not because it was funny, but because it was so fucking stupid.

“Just come on.” Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s hand and dragged him out of the alley. 

“Where are we going?” 

“Your place.” When Jungkook’s eyes lit up, Jimin hurried to get the verbal fire extinguisher. “To watch a movie or some other non-sexual activity.”

The smile on Jungkook’s lips didn’t even fade.

It warmed Jimin’s heart a lot that Jungkook was just as satisfied with doing something non-sexual as he would’ve been for doing something sexual.

“Whatever you wanna do baby, I wanna do.”

Jimin said nothing, he just smiled to himself. Jungkook had a way with words that somehow always ended up making Jimin blush.



( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


“So have you started on your routine?” asked Hoseok. Jimin shook his head.

“I have most of the music, so I’m gonna start now, but I seriously have no idea how to begin.”

Wednesday had arrived faster than Jimin had expected, and now here he was, at 16:12 pm, ready to start working on his dance routine since he was going to have the entire dance studio to himself. If only Chiwon and the rest of the 14 pm class could hurry the fuck out.

Jimin was almost certain Chiwon was taking so long to leave just to piss off Jimin.

“Can I hear some of it?” asked Hoseok, his eyes bright and hopeful. 

“No you gotta wait. I want it to be a surprise.” Hoseok pouted. Strangely enough the only thing Jimin thought was ‘Jungkook is cuter when he pouts.’

Wow, he was really present in Jimin’s mind all the time.

“But I wanna hear what Yoongi has made. That guy is fucking brilliant.” Hoseok said the last bit so quietly, it was almost as if he was just saying it to himself.

“He is, but you gotta wait.” Hoseok seemed to think that was fair after all because he bent down and picked up his bag, getting ready to leave.

“And you’re sure you don’t want any help getting started?” Jimin rolled his eyes since it was the 5th time Hoseok had asked. He was grateful that Hoseok cared that much, but he just felt bad every time he had to turn him down.

“I’m fine. I’ll call you if I need help.” Hoseok nodded and then he turned to leave.

When Hoseok had left the studio, Jimin went over to plug in his phone and get ready to start the music.

Unfortunately, Chiwon was still in the studio.

“Don’t you have things you need to do?” asked Jimin annoyed. Chiwon shrugged.

“Annoying you is certainly fun.” Dickward.

“Get a new hobby, that one is getting old.” Jimin bent down to take off his sweatpants, revealing some quite short shorts underneath, but Jimin didn’t mind.

They made his ass look good, so he loved them.

Then he took off his sweater since he had a t-shirt on underneath. The studio was warm as fuck these days and Jimin was not dying from dehydration.

He had almost forgotten Chiwon was still there since he had been completely quiet. He looked at the older boy, who was standing awkwardly next to his bag. He wasn’t saying anything he was kind of just looking.

“Can you like leave now?” The annoyance clear in Jimin’s voice.

It took a few seconds to get Chiwon out of his thoughts. Then he shook his head in disbelief. 

“I knew you were always a sucker for attention, but dressing like a slut is taking it a little far don’t you think?”

Jimin was speechless at his words.

How fucking dared it?

Yes, Jimin loved receiving attention for his dancing, but regarding everything else, he didn’t want it. So why the fuck was Chiwon saying shit like that? Jimin clenched his fists and he felt like punching someone.

Preferably Chiwon.

“Just get the fuck out.”

For a moment Chiwon looked almost shocked to see how much his comment had affected Jimin, and it looked like he felt some sort of remorse.

For a second at least.

Then he went back to looking indifferent.

“Yeah sure, I’m leaving. Good luck with your dance.” But there was no sincerity behind his words, mockery maybe. Then he turned around and left.

Even when he had left the studio, the door slamming behind him, Jimin’s fist was still clenched and he still wanted to punch someone.

He tried to fight down his anger and knew the only thing that could take his mind off it was dance. So he started the music, sat down and listen to it, trying to picture some good dance moves in his head.

The music Yoongi had composed was beautiful. No, it was better than that. It was out of this world, but Jimin could fucking focus on it.

He was so frustrated with Chiwon, and then he was frustrated with himself for not being able to come up with anything useful.

This entire situation was fucking frustrating.

Jimin inhaled deeply and did his best to focus on the music again. It seemed to somewhat work to inhale and exhale deeply. At least regarding the Chiwon thing. He still couldn’t come up with anything useful regarding his dance.

Was he ever going to finish this? Was he even going to start it?

“Fuck!” he yelled. He couldn’t focus on the dance when he was like this. He needed to cool off, he needed…

He grabbed his phone and called Jungkook. Jimin swallowed hard as he heard the phone ring.

“Yes, baby?” Jimin chewed on his bottom lip for a few seconds before he spoke. 

“Can you… can you come to the dance studio?” Jimin could hear the sound of Jungkook moving, most likely sitting up in bed.

That boy spent a lot of time in bed.

“What? I mean yeah of course, but- are you okay?” All humor was immediately gone from Jungkook’s voice, and Jimin didn’t blame the alarms going off.

He had never called like this before.

“I’m fine I’m just- I could really, um, need you… right now.” There was a short silence, but it was long enough for Jimin’s palms to become sweaty.

“I’ll be there in 10.”


“I’ll hurry.”


Then Jimin hung up and threw his phone back in his bag.

He turned up the music and placed himself in the middle of the floor. Maybe since his mind didn’t work, he should just try and shut it off and just use his body.
So that’s what he did. Well, he tried.

Every move he made looked so awkward in the mirror. It looked out of place and stupid and weird. It was as if he just couldn’t get the vibe.

He could feel the vibe, but he couldn’t channel it through his body.

This just wasn’t fucking working for him and he was getting more and more frustrated.

He put the music on repeat and then he put himself on repeat. He tried again and again and again. He tried a new move every time, but it still wasn’t right.

So he tried again and again and again and again, and before he knew it, 10 minutes had passed.

“Baby?” Jimin turned around so fast he almost fell. Jungkook was standing in the doorway, looking at Jimin from head to toe, clearly enjoying the very short shorts Jimin was wearing.

Then he started coming towards Jimin. Jimin could see a bit of sweat on his forehead and his breath was kind of uneven.

Had he been running?

“Don’t tell me you ran all the way?” Jungkook shook his head. “No, just from my car.” He stopped right in front of Jimin and studied him closely. Jimin felt a little self-conscious for some reason. 


“Are you okay?” Jimin did a mix of a nod and a shake of his head.

“I don’t fucking know Jungkook. This fucking routine is frustrating me. It’s just not working, nothing is going my way, nothing is-” He hadn’t realized his voice had become louder and his body had started to shake as he spoke.

Not until Jungkook gentle grabbed his arms and tried to steady him.

“Hey, Jimin look at me.” And Jimin did. He could never refuse Jungkook.

“You’re gonna make it, okay? It’s gonna be fine.” Jimin almost believed it when Jungkook said it.

But if he was going to make it, then why the fuck was it so hard right now?

“No, it’s not, I’m gonna fuck it up.” Jimin’s mind was going crazy. He needed something to shut his mind up.

Something to distract him.

Something like-

He grabbed Jungkook’s collar and forcefully pulled him into a hungry kiss. Jungkook was clearly surprised, but he tried to keep up with Jimin. Though Jimin was a whole lot hungrier than he was.

“Jimin what are you-” 

“Shh,” Jimin shushed Jungkook and kissed him again. However, Jungkook was being difficult. 

“Jimin, are you-” 

“Please just help me make my mind shut up.” A long look was exchanged between them, until Jungkook finally gave in. He grabbed Jimin’s hips and pulled him into his arms as he kissed him.

This time he easily dominated Jimin.

Jungkook’s lips were bitter, and Jimin could taste coffee on his tongue. “Thought you said you would only drink my coffee,” teased Jimin, already feeling his mind fogging just like he wanted.

“It was only once,” said Jungkook in between the kisses. “It meant nothing to me.” 

“Cheating bastard. I should leave your ass.”

“You would miss my ass too much.”

Jungkook’s hands found their way to Jimin’s ass and squeezed both of his ass cheeks. “I think it’s more the other way around, don’t you?” Jungkook groaned in satisfaction, obviously enjoying Jimin’s ass.

“You can’t just wear shorts like this and expect me to not get a boner.” Honestly, Jimin hadn’t thought that far. He wore these because he felt good in them.

The fact that they gave Jungkook boner just made them a little better.

“I would be disappointed if they didn’t give you a boner.” Jungkook squeezed Jimin’s ass a little rougher.

“Please tell me no one has ever seen you in these.” Jimin’s breath got stuck in his throat as Jungkook kissed his jaw.

“Only Chi- Chiwon, but don’t worry he won’t-” 

“Now I have two reasons to kill him.” Jimin just laughed, well tried to. It was a little hard to do so with Jungkook so sinfully touching his body.

Jungkook lifted his head so he could look Jimin in the eyes. “You are never allowed to wear this in front of anyone but me okay?” Jimin just rolled his eyes and tried to look away from Jungkook’s eyes, but Jungkook grabbed his chin, refusing to let him move his head.

“Understood?” Jimin’s hardening cock forced him to nod, just so they could get back to business, but internally he wasn’t going to let Jungkook decided what he could or couldn’t wear. 

“Good,” said Jungkook, ignorant to the decision being made in Jimin’s mind.

Then Jimin started trailing kisses down Jungkook’s throat as he simultaneously started unbuttoning Jungkook’s pants.

He felt Jungkook hesitate for just a second. “No one is gonna come in. The whole studio is mine tonight.” That made Jungkook smile.

Jimin stuck his hand down Jungkook’s pants, grabbing his cock and started palming it as he looked into Jungkook’s eyes. “Fuck,” exclaimed Jungkook, squeezing his eyes shut.

It was hard describing how good it felt for Jimin to finally being the one pleasuring Jungkook like this.

He gave Jungkook a quick kiss, and then he went down on his knees in front of the taller boy. He pulled down Jungkook’s pants and underwear and his hard cock sprung out. Jimin was pleased with himself when he found out Jungkook was already hard.

Maybe he had magic hands too.

He grabbed Jungkook’s cock and looked up at the taller boy as he started stroking it. Jungkook leaned his head back and moaned, and holy shit it was music to Jimin’s ear.

And this was music Jimin knew how to work with.

He placed a gentle kiss to the tip of Jungkook’s cock, and then another.

“Don’t tease me, baby,” said Jungkook.

“You’re not the only one who can punish someone you know.” Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s hair and pulled it back so Jimin was looking up at him.

The taller boy was clearly showing who was in control here.

“Oh baby,” he said amused. “Do you really wanna play a game you know you’ll lose?” Jimin rolled his eyes. 

“I always lose, don’t I? Yet for some reason, I continue to play. You should be more scared of me than I should be of you.” Jungkook raised an eyebrow as he looked down at the boy who was still holding his cock between his tiny hands.

“Are you really sure about that?” The smirk on Jungkook’s lips sent chills through Jimin’s body.

All the way to his dick.

Instead of answering Jimin just took Jungkook’s cock into his mouth and started sucking with all his might. Jimin had given a few blow jobs throughout his life, and by the response, he got from the guys he sucked off, he was good at it.

Seemed like Jungkook agreed, since he was moaning loudly.

“Shit Jimin, your mouth is amazing.” Jungkook’s grip on Jimin’s hair tightened, but Jimin didn’t mind.

He took all of Jungkook’s cock into his mouth, and almost choked on the length. Jungkook was massive, but Jimin had a good gag reflex, so he didn’t hesitate to take all of Jungkook into his mouth a second time.

Jungkook didn’t hesitate to thrust his hips gently forward, practically fucking into Jimin’s mouth, but the smaller boy didn’t mind at all.

“Shi- shit baby. Such a slut for my cock, huh?” Hearing Jungkook being a stuttering mess was something Jimin didn’t know he needed in his life.

Now he was quite sure he couldn’t live without it. It was music to his ears.

Now being called a slut was not something Jimin had thought would happen. However, the most surprising part was the fact that he didn’t even mind.

Jungkook could call him whatever trashy nickname he could come up with and Jimin would probably still love it.

“You like that?” asked Jimin, though he knew Jungkook did since he was moaning like crazy.

“Like it? I fucking lo- love it, baby.”

Jimin once again took Jungkook into his mouth and licked and sucked with everything he had. He could taste Jungkook’s pre-cum in his mouth. Jimin really wasn’t one for swallowing, since he didn’t like the bitter, salty taste of cum, but he was quite certain that if Jungkook told him to swallow, he would do it without hesitation.

Jimin started to stroke Jungkook’s cock as he sucked on the tip, and the tight grip on Jimin’s hair told him Jungkook fucking loved it. “Soon. If you don’t stop I’m gonna-”

Jimin knew what Jungkook was talking about, as he started sucking faster.

“No, I wanna- shit- I wanna fuck you baby. Can I fuck you, baby?” Did he even have to ask? 

Jimin gave Jungkook’s cock one last suck, and then he got up from the floor.

Jungkook smoothly kicked off his pants and underwear, and then he placed his hands on Jimin’s hips as he gently pushed him back towards the wall.

“I’m gonna make you feel so fucking, good baby.” 

“I know,” said Jimin, almost lost for breath. He hit the wall and Jungkook didn’t waste a second before he pulled down Jimin’s pants and underwear and grabbed Jimin’s painfully hard cock.

“You know,” said Jungkook as he stroked Jimin. “This is the best dick I have ever touched.” Jimin didn’t exactly believe that, but he enjoyed the compliment nonetheless. 

“Just fuck me Jungkook. I seriously need your di- dick up my ass right now.”

Jungkook kissed him deeply and Jimin practically melted into it.

“I don’t exactly have lube with me,” said Jungkook as he gently stroked Jimin’s dick with one hand and placed his other fingers against Jimin’s plump lips. “So suck.”

Jimin opened his mouth and Jungkook pushed two fingers in.

Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s wrist with both hands and started sucking in his fingers, coating them in his saliva. “Your mouth is really pornographic baby. I might come just by looking at you sucking on my fingers so sinfully.”

While Jimin certainly wanted to see if that was true, he wanted Jungkook inside of him more.

He released Jungkook’s wrist and Jungkook understood what Jimin wanted. He pulled out his fingers from Jimin’s mouth, saliva dripping down his chin. 

“Turn around, baby.”

So Jimin did.

He turned around and placed his hands against the wall and stuck out his bare ass.

“Fuck,” muttered Jungkook under his breath at the sight of Jimin’s ass, and Jimin smiled to himself, very pleased with Jungkook’s reaction.

Merely seconds later, Jimin felt the taller boy’s fingers against his hole and he gasped when one finger slipped in and started fingering him fast. Jungkook pressed himself up against Jimin’s back and he could feel his breath against his ear.

“You can add a- another,” said Jimin, and Jungkook didn’t hesitate to do so, making Jimin moan loudly in response.

It was lucky the dance studio was close to soundproof, not that it mattered all that much since no one was in the building right now, but if they had it would have been very awkward.

“Relax baby,” said Jungkook, obviously finding Jimin a little to tense. “It’s okay, I’m gonna take really good care of you, baby.” Jungkook kissed Jimin’s ear since it was the only thing he could reach from his angle right now.

“Relax,” whispered Jungkook one last time, and Jimin tried his best to do so. He pushed all of his worries and problems aside and focused solely on Jungkook. Right now all that mattered was Jungkook’s fingers fucking him and Jungkook’s breath on his neck and Jungkook’s lips against his ear and Jungkook.

All that mattered was Jungkook.

“Just like that baby.” Most of the tension had left Jimin’s body, and with ease Jungkook pushed a third finger into him, making Jimin cry out in pleasure.

“I’m re- ready Jungkook.” The taller boy thrust his fingers in and out a few more times before he pulled out completely. Jimin looked over his shoulder and saw Jungkook taking out his wallet from his jacket. 

“Don’t tell me you about to pay me,” joked Jimin. “You could never meet my prize.”

Jungkook chuckled as he leaned and in and kissed Jimin.

“You’re already mine baby.” 

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot that,” giggled Jimin.

The mischievous smile on Jungkook’s lips told Jimin it probably wasn’t the best thing to say. “Then I’ll just have to remind you, baby, so you’ll never forget who owns this ass.”

Jungkook hit Jimin’s ass and he gasped in both pain and pleasure.

It seemed Jungkook had finally found what he was looking for because he took off his jacket at threw it on the floor along with his wallet. Jimin heard the familiar sound of a condom being opened and put on.

Jungkook said nothing as he placed the tip of his dick against Jimin’s hole and pushed himself in, making Jimin moan from both surprise and pleasure. It was quite clear Jungkook wasn’t as gentle as he had been Friday night.

He was rougher, but Jimin absolutely loved it.

He thrust in and out of Jimin hard and deep as he grabbed Jimin’s dick and stroked it simultaneously. “You’re so fucking tight around my cock baby, fuck it feels good.”

Jimin nodded in agreement, not able to speak with Jungkook’s dick so far up his ass.

It seemed Jungkook wasn’t entirely satisfied with Jimin’s loss of words. He started fucking into Jimin faster and harder, making Jimin cry out. “Fuck Jungkook this is-” He was unable to finish his sentence.

Much to Jungkook’s dismay.

“This is what, baby?” Jimin merely moaned as an answer. “Tell me,” demanded Jungkook and placed a kiss on Jimin’s neck, making him shiver from the surprisingly gently action. “This is fucking fan- fantastic.”

Jungkook picked up his pace on Jimin’s dick, not caring that Jimin was seconds from collapsing, not able to stand up for much longer. 

“It is,” agreed Jungkook. “And it’s all mine. You’re all mine.” When Jimin did nothing but moan, Jungkook got a little impatient.

“Say it, baby.”

And Jimin knew what he wanted him to say.

Didn’t mean he was going to say it though.

His dick started to twitch violently, and Jimin knew he was going to come soon, especially with Jungkook working his dick so good in his hand.

“If you wanna come baby then say it.” Jimin’s pride was long gone when he clenched his fists against the wall and said those words Jungkook was dying to hear.

“I’m yours, Jung- ah – Jungkook.” 

“Good,” said Jungkook and thrust into Jimin harder, taking what was his. “I‘ll never let you forget it. Never.”

Jimin pushed his ass against Jungkook’s dick, begging him to let him come. He was at his limit, and he would probably come in a few seconds with or without Jungkook’s permission, but there was something about getting that permission – that approval – that satisfied Jimin deeply.

A praise kink deep inside him that came out whenever Jungkook was around.

“Please, Jungkook – ah – please let me come.” And so Jungkook stroke Jimin’s dick faster and Jimin cried out as he came, his cum landing on the wall and the floor.

Jimin found it, not only gross, but also a tad embarrassing to come all over the dance studio where not only him but many other students practiced every day.

However, right now all that mattered was the orgasm running through his body and Jungkook’s dick up his ass.

“Such a good boy,” praised Jungkook and Jimin smiled at his words, loving the praise.

Jungkook continued to fuck into him, and not long after Jimin, Jungkook came into the condom as he moaned into Jimin’s ear, almost making the smaller boy come again from the sound alone.

Jimin could feel Jungkook’s body twitch slightly as he rode out his orgasm.

After a few more seconds, Jungkook finally pulled out, and Jimin didn’t hesitate before he turned around and kissed Jungkook’s lips hungrily. Shit, he tasted like heaven.

“Well this was not what I had expected when I came over, but I’m positively surprised. Very much so.” 

“If you weren’t prepared, then why did you have a condom in your wallet?” Jungkook shrugged. 

“I always carry one with me just in case the cute guy from literature suddenly gets down on his knees and starts sucking my dick.” Jimin playfully hit Jungkook’s chest, laughing like a drunk fool.

“In case that cute guy from literature gets any more funny ideas, you should probably put an extra in that wallet of yours.” They kissed again. Gently, softly, sweetly, lovingly.

“But now you should probably leave.” 

“You suck my dick and then you throw me out? Are you using me for my body Park Jimin?” 

“Yes. Now leave so I can get some work done.” Jungkook placed a hand over his heart as if Jimin had wounded him, but Jimin just laughed.

Jungkook took off the condom and threw it in the trash can, then they both started dressing themselves. “I think the janitor is gonna be a little surprised when he finds a condom in the trashcan,” said Jimin. 

“I think he’s gonna be more surprised when he finds dried cum on the walls.” 

“I’m gonna wash it off you idiot, I’m not a savage.” 

“Of course not.”

When Jimin was done dressing himself, he went over to grab a few paper towels from the cupboard and dried off his own cum from the wall. He knew it was his own, but it was just as gross as if it had been someone else’s.

“Having fun?” 

“Fuck off dickface.”

He threw the cum covered paper towels in the trashcan. “You’re all set, now leave me alone,” said Jimin, but there was no annoyance in his voice. 

“You sure you don’t want me to stay? I could just sit real quiet in the corner and-” 

“No, you’re too distracting, so you need to leave.” Jungkook seemed pleased with that reason.

“Okay fine, I’m going. But call me if- where’s my phone?” Jungkook tapped his empty pockets as he searched the floor. “Ah, it’s over there, can you get it for me?” Jimin looked behind him and saw Jungkook’s phone lying on the floor.

It must have fallen out when he threw his jacket.

He picked up the phone and almost as if the universe hated him, a text appeared on the display. He read it three times before he walked over to Jungkook and placed it in his pocket.

“Thanks, baby.” Jungkook kissed Jimin’s cheek, but Jimin didn’t react to it. 

“You okay?” Jimin hurried to nod. “Yes, yes. Now leave.” He smiled shortly and pushed Jungkook towards the door.

“Remember to call if you-” 

“Yeah, I got it. Bye.” 

Then he pushed a half confused Jungkook out of the studio and shut the door behind him.

Jimin really just wanted to focus on his dance right now. But there was only one thing going through his head.

Who the fuck was Yugyeom?

And why the fuck was he asking Jungkook to meet him?

And why the fuck was he telling Jungkook he missed him?

And what the fuck was going on?

Chapter Text

Park Jimin had never had an awkward moment with Kim Taehyung, his best friend for life, his soulmate, his brother.

Never in the 2 years, he had known the boy had he felt uncomfortable in his presence.

Never in the 2 years, he had known the boy had he felt suffocated by even the smallest silence between them.

Until now.

“You should really hear Hobi sometimes,” said Taehyung and stuffed another piece of sushi into his mouth, chewing as he continued to speak. “Every time Yoongi is mentioned I can practically hear his heart skip a beat. It’s really just adorable.”

Jimin halfheartedly smiled, pushing his sushi around his plate with his chopsticks, avoiding looking at Taehyung.

“Too bad Yoongi is as straight as they come. Or maybe he’s asexual? I mean I have never seen the boy interested in anyone.”

“He had a girlfriend once,” said Jimin, contributing to the conversation after 5 minutes of silence from his side.

Yoongi wasn’t very open about his romantic life by his own free will, but if Jimin asked, Yoongi didn’t have a problem telling. Which was why practically no one knew anything about his romantic life. Since no one dared to ask.

“I was almost hoping he was asexual. For Hoseok’s sake. He really has a little schoolboy crush,” giggled Taehyung. Jimin would be lying if he said he didn’t know Hoseok had something for Yoongi.

The boy was always a little odd whenever Yoongi was around, but from Jimin’s point of view, it had never looked like anything serious.

In the beginning, Jimin just thought Hoseok admired Yoongi since he was into rapping and composing too. But of course if that was the case, he would be as flustered around Namjoon, and he wasn’t.

The two boys fell silent. Taehyung was eagerly eating his sushi, but Jimin couldn’t bring himself to eat. Not when something heavy was resting on his shoulder.

He was going to tell Taehyung.

He was going to tell his best friend, his soulmate, his brother, that he was seeing Jeon Jungkook, and had been seeing him for quite some time now.

Taehyung had been a little surprised when Jimin had forced him to go to Kanagawa with him on a Thursday. “But it’s not sushi day?” had Taehyung said.

“It’s a make up date since you blew me off that Monday,” had Jimin argued.

Taehyung had raised his eyebrow in suspension. It had been weeks since that had happened and Jimin hadn’t mentioned it before. Not even once.

Eventually, Taehyung had agreed. They were probably going out anyway, so the place really didn’t matter. Though it felt a little weird going to Kanagawa on a Thursday.

Ga Hyuk had been surprised too when the two boys walked in but had welcomed them with a smile nonetheless.

Now all Jimin had to do was open his little mouth and tell Taehyung what he had been dying to tell him for some time now but had been too afraid to say.

Telling Taehyung wouldn’t result in everything getting out of control. He trusted Taehyung with his life. This was nothing.

He inhaled deeply.

“Tae there’s something I really need to tell you.” Taehyung stuffed a big piece of sushi into his mouth and looked at Jimin.

“Yeah, what is it?” Taehyung asked so casually, unaware that Jimin’s insides were on fire.

“I was gonna tell you that day on the bench. You know the day you…you told me about your parents.” Taehyung’s entire face fell at that. He clearly had not been thinking about it at all, and now Jimin, that fucking idiot, had brought it up.

“Oh,” said Taehyung, and he suddenly looked deep in thought.

“Yes, well,” tried Jimin again. He had already shot himself in the foot and he hadn’t even told Taehyung yet.

“I’ve kinda been… well for some time now I’ve been- what’s wrong?” Taehyung had put down his chopsticks and was looking down at his plate. It was quite clear he wasn’t really listening.

“Tae?” The boy looked up, his expression unreadable. Jimin didn’t like that.

He could always read his best friend.

“Sorry,” said Taehyung, and in that moment Jimin knew that he had to put aside his own thoughts and feelings right now and focus on Taehyung.

No matter how much he wished he could just ignore Taehyung’s feelings right now, he couldn’t.

“Has something happened?” Taehyung did a mix of a nod and a shake of his head. “Nothing new really. I’ve just been ignoring their calls for some time now. I guess I totally forgot about them because they finally got tired of calling when I wouldn’t pick up.”

“Why won’t you pick up Tae? It’s your parents.” Jimin really shouldn’t be the one to give lectures on ignoring one’s parents.

“I’m just so- so-” He was clearly struggling to express his feelings, but he was obviously frustrated. “I’m just so fucking mad at them,” he finally said, and Jimin was surprised by his rage.

Taehyung wasn’t an angry boy. Jimin had never seen Taehyung really angry. Would he finally see it? He hoped not.

“But you seemed okay when you told me?” it was a mix of a statement and a question since the sudden burst of feelings took him by surprise. He hadn’t seemed all that mad at the bench.

What had changed?

“I guess I wasn’t. It was all so new, and I hadn’t had the time to even think, but suddenly I just-” Taehyung held a short pause, in which it looked like he didn’t breathe. “I fucking hate them.”

Jimin couldn’t even try to hide his shock at Taehyung’s blunt words. He had never heard the boy express such a strongly negative feeling about anything, or anyone, let alone his own parents.

“Taehyung it’s not their fault they fell out of love,” tried Jimin.

“I know it isn’t. I’m not mad because they don’t wanna be together, I’m mad because they are so selfish.”

Jimin really had no idea of how he was supposed to understand Taehyung’s feelings. They didn’t make all that much sense to him.

“They have been planning on getting a divorce for months Jimin. Months!” The anger in the boy’s voice was clear, but it wasn’t aimed at Jimin.

Not yet at least.

“It fucking sucks that they won’t be together anymore, but it isn’t even about that anymore. It’s about the lying. The going-behind-my-back shit.”

Jimin swallowed hard.

“But it’s their relationship Taetae. Isn’t it… their choice?” God, he wished Taehyung would say yes.

“No, it’s not Jimin! I’m here too. They’re supposed to tell me. I’m their son, they shouldn’t fucking lie to me and keep me in the dark like this!”

Jimin was fidgeting with his fingers under the table. His palms were sweating, and he had a hard time controlling his breathing.

“But Tae, they never meant to hurt you. They love you, they just-”

“Stop defending them Jimin!” snapped Taehyung, and Jimin flinched slightly.

Taehyung must have noticed because he looked down at his lap slightly ashamed and his voice softened as he spoke again. “I’m sorry. I’m taking my rage out on you when you haven’t done anything wrong. You’re not the one lying to me and stabbing me in the back,” laughed Taehyung humorless, unaware of the heart attack happening in Jimin’s chest.

The guilt he had felt the last few weeks was nothing compared to the guilt he was feeling in this moment.

“Can you forgive them?” asked Jimin, afraid of the answer. “If they apologized. If they explained. Would you be able to?”

Taehyung avoided Jimin’s eyes as he thought. A pained expression overtook his face. It made him look strangely older. He looked exhausted and confused and hurt and Jimin wanted to give up everything for Taehyung to just smile again.

He would give him the world if it would make the pain in Taehyung’s chest go away. He didn’t deserve it.

Jimin held his breath, waiting for Taehyung to answer.

“No,” Taehyung finally said. “I’m not sure I can.”

Jimin didn’t answer right away. He didn’t look at his friend, afraid Taehyung would be able to see right through him. That Taehyung would be able to detect the fear running through his body.

“Never?” tried Jimin again after a minute of silence.

Just say maybe, thought Jimin.


“I don’t want to think about it right now Jimin,” sighed Taehyung, done with this conversation. “Someday maybe, but not now.”

Jimin just nodded.

The silence that spread between the two boys was excruciating. Jimin’s leg was bouncing under the table. His hands were shaking slightly. His head was hurting. His breath was uneven.

Had he just been saved from losing his best friend?

Or had he just lost his best friend, and he just didn’t know yet?

“I’m sorry. I completely ruined the mood.” Taehyung tried to laugh it off, but the laugh was as fake as his Gucci shirt.

“It’s okay.” Taehyung didn’t seem to agree. He still had a pained expression covering his face.

“You know you can tell me everything Tae, right? I will always be here. No matter what I do or say, I’ll always be here for you okay?” Taehyung seemed taken back by the sudden confession of undying trust and loyalty.

It just told Jimin he didn’t say it as often as he should.

“Thanks, Jimin.” The warmth behind Taehyung’s voice relaxed Jimin just the tiniest bit.

But the realization that the weight on his shoulder had just maximized made him swallow hard.

He was supposed to come clean. He was supposed to tell Taehyung. And then Yoongi. And then Hoseok and Namjoon. He was supposed to tell his friends because he didn’t have the right to keep Jungkook a secret anymore.

He didn’t want to hurt him anymore.

“Fuck I’m sorry. You were about to say something before I made everything about me.” Jimin shook his head.

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

“You sure?”


“Yeah, it’s nothing.”

Nothing at all.






Friday afternoons were some of Jimin’s favorite. His Friday classes always ended rather early, and so he had the whole afternoon free.

Usually, Taehyung and Yoongi had late classes, which sucked, but today, both of them had the afternoon off too.

Which was why all three of them, including Namjoon and Hoseok, who had the entire day off, was chilling in Taehyung and Hoseok’s room.

“I’m just saying,” began Taehyung and sat up in his bed. “Zombies wouldn’t be that terrifying if they couldn’t run.” 

“Yes, they would. They look fucking disgusting. That’s terrifying,” argued Namjoon. 

“So does Hobi, are you scared of him?” 

“I will suffocate you in your sleep,” threatened Hoseok from his own bed across from Taehyung’s.

Taehyung paid no mind to Hoseok’s threat, as usual, keeping his attention on Namjoon, waiting for his reply. “If a zombie was standing right in front of me I would be fucking terrified, even if it couldn’t run after me.”

Jimin groaned as he shifted in Taehyung’s bed, laying his head on the boy’s lap.

Namjoon had made the mistake of mentioning one of Taehyung’s favorite movies, ‘Train to Busan’ and now there were no stopping the boy from expressing all of his inner and outer thoughts on the zombie topic.

Jimin, Hoseok, and Yoongi had immediately zoomed out of the conversation, but poor Namjoon had been trapped in it since he was the one who had brought it up.

Though Jimin hardly pitied the man. He knew as well as them never to not start such a conversation with Taehyung, the TV Fanatic.

“But wouldn’t it be more terrifying if they could run? I mean, I think-”

“No one cares. Let’s talk about something else,” complained Yoongi and looked up from his phone.

“But Yoongi, don’t you agree that-”

“No I don’t. Stop talking about zombies or I’ll kick you out.”

“It’s my room!” Taehyung leaned back in his bed, crossed his arms over his chest and pouted.

Jimin, whose head was still lying in Taehyung’s lap, looked up at his best friend. Taehyung didn’t look at him but was glaring at Yoongi.

The boy was such a drama queen.

Jimin raised his hand and pinched the brown-haired boy’s cheek gently. “We can see ‘Train to Busan’ later okay? Then you can tell me all of your weird ass thoughts.”

Taehyung’s eyes lit up at the suggestion. “This is why you are my best friend,” he said, and Jimin pinched his cheek a little harder.

“I thought I was your best friend because I’m the only one you know who eats sushi.” Taehyung seemed to think it over for a moment as if he suddenly became a little confused himself.

“You’re right,” he said. “We’re only best friends because I don’t wanna eat sushi alone.” Jimin smacked his cheek, but Taehyung just grinned.

“Just date already,” said Hoseok, not looking up from his own phone. 

“Are you jealous Hobi?” teased Jimin, and Hoseok snorted.

 “Of Taehyung? Maybe,” he said and winked playfully at Jimin. “Of you? Fuck no. I would rather die than date that.” He didn’t have to point to clarify who he was talking about.

“Don’t lie Hobi, you found me totally hot when we became roommates.” It wasn’t exactly a secret that Hoseok had developed the smallest crush on Taehyung when they first became roommates. Jimin didn’t blame him. Taehyung was insanely hot.

The crush quickly died once Hoseok got to know Taehyung, but the younger boy would never let it go, always bringing it up whenever he could.

“You have a good ass, but that’s probably the only good thing about you,” said Hoseok, keeping both his voice and expression as neutral as possible.

“I do have a great ass, don’t I?” Jimin was quite certain it was a rhetoric question, but he nodded nonetheless, making his best friend grin satisfied.

“Then are you jealous you don’t have anyone to cuddle with?” asked Taehyung, still teasing. “I have Jimin and Namjoon has Jin.” At the mention of his name, Namjoon looked up from his own phone confused.

“What?” But no one answered him.

“Shut up, it’s not like I’m the only lone wolf. Yoongi doesn’t have anyone either.” It seemed like Hoseok regretted bringing Yoongi into this the moment the words had escaped his lips, but it wasn’t until Taehyung spoke up Hoseok’s eyes really widened with regret.

“Well, then you and Yoongi can cuddle.” Taehyung was looking directly at Hoseok, a teasing, playful, knowing smile plastered on his lips.

Hoseok looked embarrassed and Jimin felt sorry for the boy. Taehyung could be a real dick sometimes, but luckily Yoongi was too ignorant of everything going on around him to realized anything.

“Don’t bring me into this,” he merely said, not looking up from his phone. It had been glued to his hand all afternoon. It had been a real struggle to convince Yoongi to even come with Jimin to Taehyung and Hoseok’s room. He had only succeeded in convincing the older boy because he promised him he could take his phone and headphones with him.

“Stop being a dick,” said Jimin, trying to discreetly save Hoseok for becoming even redder in the face.

“I’m just saying that-”

“Yeah, we heard, now shut up. You don’t have to talk all the time.” Taehyung looked down at the smaller boy on his lap and they had a staring contest.

Jimin was telling Taehyung to shut up and Taehyung was telling Jimin he didn’t want to.

Eventually, Taehyung surrendered and Jimin could see Hoseok visibly relaxed.

The poor boy was so smitten with Yoongi it was ridiculous.

“Guys.” They all looked at Namjoon. “Would it be cool if I asked Seokjin to come?” They all nodded.

“Sure Joonie, the more the merrier,” said Hoseok.

Jimin didn’t have a problem with Jin tagging along. He liked the older boy a lot. Not to mention it was clear from their lunch date that Jin fitted right into their little friend group.

Then there was Jungkook.

Jimin hated to admit it, but he fitted annoyingly well into their friend group too. A little too well for Jimin’s liking.

At least he wasn’t coming.

“Hey, tell Jin to bring Jungkook.”

Scratch that. Jimin wanted to kick Taehyung.

“Are you sure?” asked Namjoon, and Jimin swore he looked at him a little longer than necessary. Could Namjoon possibly know something? Had Jin told him?

“Yeah of course,” exclaimed Hoseok. “He’s cool.” Taehyung nodded eagerly.

Damn these fucking dipshits, making Jimin’s life so damn complicated all the time.

“Alright I’ll text him,” said Namjoon, and a loving smiled spread on his lips as he typed on his phone. That boy was so whipped.

“Come to think of it,” said Taehyung. “Why do you call him Seokjin?” Finally, a conversation Jimin was interested in.

“I’ve been wondering that too,” he said.

Namjoon used a second or two more to type on his phone, then he looked up at his friends and shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess I just like his name. It’s really petty.” Jimin saw a slight blush overtake his friend’s cheeks.

“God that’s adorable,” said Taehyung at the same time Hoseok said, “I’m gonna puke.” Jimin couldn’t help but snort at the different reactions that reply got.

“You’re just jealous,” said Namjoon and Hoseok looked legitimately offended.

“What? No, I’m not, I’m just-”

“So fucking jealous, just admit it Hobi.” Of course, Taehyung had to get involved too.

“You know what? You two fucking suck, I want new friends.”

Taehyung threw a funny comment. Then Hoseok threw one back. Namjoon occasionally threw something, trying to contribute to the conversation, but it was clear it had turned into another Hoseok-and-Taehyung argument, so he really didn’t have much of a say in the matter.

Jimin didn’t pay much attention to the argument. He had heard it at least a million times before and he was surprised Taehyung and Hoseok still bothered after 2 years.

He took out his phone and aimlessly scrolled through all the social media apps he had. Nothing interesting was happening, but he wasn’t surprised.

He tried not to think of the fact that Jungkook was going to walk through the door in a minute. At least he knew he was coming this time.

Jimin just had to sit a few feet away from him so he didn’t come up with any funny ideas to fuck with him. He wouldn’t put it passed Jungkook to try and do something stupid.

The boy was an idiot.

Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into half an hour, and then there was a knock on the door, and Jimin tried not visibly show how the knock made him jump.

Namjoon was closest to the door since he was sitting by Taehyung’s desk, while Yoongi was sitting by Hoseok, who was lying in bed, while Taehyung and Jimin were cuddling in Taehyung’s bed, Jimin’s head on his lap.

Jimin couldn’t help but wonder what Jungkook would think. He and Taehyung were best friends and he knew Jungkook knew that. But he didn’t really know how close their skinship was.

Would he be jealous?

He would be an idiot if he was since nothing was going on, but he wouldn’t put it passed Jungkook to be jealous of literally nothing.

Namjoon had barely opened the door before he leaned forward and kissed Jin on the cheek and said, “Hi babe.” At least Jimin assumed Namjoon kissed Jin’s cheek since he couldn’t see him because Namjoon hadn’t opened the door all the way.

Though the chances of Namjoon kissing Jungkook’s cheek was slim, it would be hilarious if he did.

“Hi,” greeted Jin, and then he gently pushed passed Namjoon and walked into the room. “Hi guys,” he said to the 4 boys occupying the room. He smiled so brightly Jimin couldn’t not smile even if he wanted to.

They all greeted Jin and then Jungkook appeared behind him. He greeted them too as his eyes roamed over them stopping at Jimin. His smile wasn’t as smug this time, probably because he knew his presence wasn’t a surprise like last time.

The smile did, however, falter just a little bit as he looked between Taehyung and Jimin.

Jimin merely raised his eyebrow challenging and Jungkook seemed to decide to back down quickly, to both surprise and joy.

“Just sit wherever,” said Hoseok to the two new arrivals. Jin was quick to find his way to Namjoon and sat down on his lap. But Jungkook eyed the room a little longer before he made his way to the edge of Taehyung’s bed, next to Jimin.

No fucking way, thought Jimin.

He stretched out his legs so there was no room for Jungkook just as he was about to sit down.

“Sorry,” said Jimin, sounding anything but that. “My legs hurt.” Jungkook merely stood at the edge of the bed, looking down at Jimin unable to hide an amused smile.

“Don’t be rude Jiminie,” said Namjoon.

“Yes Jiminie,” said Jungkook, saying his name in a teasing tone. “Don’t be rude.” Jimin said nothing, he just held Jungkook’s gaze.

He was not winning this time. That was all that mattered.

“You can sit here,” said Hoseok and gestured to his bed. Jungkook held Jimin’s gaze for a few more moments, then he went over to Hoseok and sat down on his bed.

He continued to look at Jimin after he sat down, and Jimin had a hard time reading his expression. Though the very small, almost unnoticeable, smile on his lips told Jimin he at least wasn’t mad.

Not that he had the right to be, but it did make it all a little easier that he hadn’t somehow offended the boy. He did not want to deal with a pissed off Jungkook. Not right now.

Because a pissed of Jungkook was an unpredictable Jungkook.

“So what have you guys been up to?” asked Jin, looking around the room, but settling on Namjoon, clearly more interested in his day than the others’.

Not that Jimin blamed him. His day had been boring anyway. So instead of answering he just scrolled thought Instagram once again.

“Nothing exciting. Had the whole day off, so I’ve really just been at the music studio with Yoongi.” 

“You’ve started a new project?” asked Jin, clearly excited.

It warmed Jimin’s heart to know how interested Jin was in Namjoon’s music. The hopeful smile on his face made Namjoon smile and therefore it made Jimin smile.
“Oh no, I was helping Yoongi on the piece he’s making for Jimin.” At the mention of his name, Jimin looked up from his phone.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he could also see that the mention of his name had peaked Jungkook’s interest as well. He felt flattered.

“Yoongi is making music for Jimin?” asked Jin, this time looking between Yoongi and Jimin. For a moment Jin looked a little too confused, and Jimin wondered if he thought there was anything romantic behind the action.

“He’s composing the music for my dance to the summer festival,” explained Jimin, and the slightly relieved look on Jin’s face told Jimin he had been right in his assumption.

“That’s so cool,” exclaimed Jin.

“And he’s really fucking good at it,” praised Hoseok. He looked to Yoongi, probably seeing if the boy reacted to his words.

He looked away slightly disappointed when Yoongi didn’t even lift his head as he spoke. “It’s really not that exceptional,” he said as he sighed, sounding almost annoyed at the compliment.

However, Jimin knew he loved the compliment, he just didn’t love the attention that followed. Not when 6 eyes were watching him.

Yoongi really wasn’t a people person and he hated attention.

“Ignore him, it’s amazing,” said Jimin looking at Jin. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Yoongi looked up at him a tiny bit, an almost undetectable smile on his lips.

“What genre?” asked Jin.

“Contemporary,” answered Taehyung before Jimin could.

“Beautiful,” said Jin. “I can’t wait to see it.”

“You’re coming?” Jin nodded.

“Jungkook is forcing me to go with him.” Jin teasingly winked at Jungkook, and Jimin saw Jungkook look slightly embarrassed, and maybe a little betrayed.

“I’m not forcing you to anything,” shrugged Jungkook. Something told Jimin that was a little lie. He was trying to play it off, trying to be cool about it, but Jimin really didn’t want him to.

“Can’t go without a chaperone?” he asked a raised eyebrow and a sly smile on his lips. It was his time to pock to Jungkook.

“Exactly,” Jungkook merely said, keeping eye contact with Jimin, not missing a beat. “Without Jin who should hold my hand as I crossed the street and zip up my jacket when it gets cold?”

All the boys laughed at that, clearly finding Jungkook funny, which really wasn’t what Jimin was going for.

He looked away, annoyed Jungkook had found a way around his teasing.

“You can go with us if Jin doesn’t want to,” offered Hoseok, but Jin quickly interfered.

“I didn’t say I didn’t want to!” They all laughed at that.

Well except Jungkook and Jimin, who was still staring at each other.

Jimin had a feeling Jungkook was coming up with some sort of punishment in his head right now.

Was it bad that Jimin hoped it had something to do with nudity?

“We can all go together,” said Namjoon. “I mean, Jimin, Hoseok, and Yoongi are gonna perform so me and Tae could use the company.”

“What? You don’t wanna spent some alone time with your favorite second year?” whined Taehyung.

“My favorite second year is Jimin,” teased Namjoon, though Jimin knew that wasn’t actually true. He appreciated the gesture, but Taehyung was without a doubt his favorite. Jimin was more like a close second. Not that he minded.

“Why is everyone out to break my heart today?” said Taehyung, putting a hand over his heart.

What a damn drama queen.

“Then I guess I won’t tell you what I was going to tell you.”

Jungkook must’ve received a message because he pulled out his phone and his eyes scanned over the screen. Jimin watched him closely.

“Don’t be like that Tae.”

Jimin couldn’t help but study his expression as he read the message. It was close to neutral, but there was something behind his eyes Jimin couldn’t pinpoint.

“Nope, I’m not telling you assholes anything.”

Jungkook must have read the message at least 4 times before he unlocked his phone. Either that or it was a long ass message.

“Come on Tae, we’re sorry, please tell us.”

He seemed to be conflicted in what to respond. Jimin couldn’t be sure, but it looked like he wrote something and then deleted it again a few times.

“Okay, okay fine, you’ve convinced me.” 

“That didn’t take long.” 

“Someone from my social study class is throwing a party tonight at his house, and he said to bring whoever.”

Jimin wished his mind didn’t go there, but he couldn’t help it.

Was it Yugyeom he was texting? Had he answered his text after Jimin had given him the phone last Wednesday? Had they been texting since then?

“Who’s coming?” 

“Practically the whole university. His parents are rich, so he has a fucking massive house.”

He had thought about Yugyeom at least a thousand times since Wednesday. Who he was, what his relationship with Jungkook was, what the fuck he wanted.

Jimin hated that he cared so much. Hated that it made him so insecure and uncertain and stupid.

“It’s a little late you say this Tae.” 

“Yeah, I’m not really in the mood for a party.” 

“Come one guys! We haven’t been to a party in ages!”

It seemed like Jungkook had finally decided what to write. He confidently typed away on his phone and then it looked like he hit send.

“Please, please, please!” 

“Okay, okay fine! But only if everyone else comes.” 

“Yes! Namjoon?”

However, Jungkook continued to look at the screen, maybe re-reading the messages again and again.

“Only if Jin can come.” 


“Okay, then I’m in.”

The unreadable look in Jungkook’s eyes was still there, and it pained Jimin that he couldn’t understand it. That he didn’t know what was happening in Jungkook’s head.

Was it something secret? Something he didn’t want Jimin to see?

“Yoongi you’re coming right?”

Jimin didn’t see himself as a very insecure person. Sure he wasn’t completely confident in his own skin and he knew there were more interesting people out there, but that single, stupid text made Jimin more insecure than he had ever been and it scared him.

“Yoongi? Yoongi!” 


Did Jungkook and Yugyeom have some sort of relationship? Was it just friendly? Or romantic? Or maybe sexual?

He hated how desperate he was to get answers.

“You’re coming to the party tonight.” 

“I don’t wanna party.” 

“Don’t be a buzz kill Yoongi.”

Was Yugyeom pretty? He must be if he had a relationship with Jungkook.

Was he prettier than Jimin?

“We’re all going so you are too.” 

“What about Jimin?”

Jungkook was still looking at his screen and Jimin wanted to scream. He wanted to storm over to him and grab the phone.

He hated how fucked up his head suddenly was. He had never experienced this before.

“What do you mean?” 

“If he’s going, I’m going.”

He couldn’t ask Jungkook. He simply couldn’t. He would be all smug about it and tease him for being jealous.

And he wasn’t.



Or would Jungkook lie? Would he say Yugyeom was no one even though he clearly was someone if he missed him and wanted to see him?

“Earth to Jimin.”

Jungkook finally put his phone back in his pocket, but the unreadable expression was still there as he looked over at Jimin.


Was Jungkook seeing him?

Was Jungkook –


Jimin snapped his head up to see everyone looking at him.

“What?” He hadn’t even realized he had zoomed out of the conversation.

“The party tonight?” Jimin raised his eyebrows in confusion. “The party I just told you about?” Jimin still wasn’t sure what Taehyung was talking about.

“For fuck sake Jimin. We’re all going out partying tonight. You in?” They were all still looking at him, anticipating his answer.

Yoongi looked the must interested, so Jimin figured Yoongi only went if he did.

Then he locked eyes with Jungkook, who didn’t look all the interested in the party, but maybe more in the fact that Jimin was looking at him funny.

“I’m going if Jungkook is.”

He wasn’t sure where those words came from. He hadn’t thought them through before he said them. They just fell out of his mouth.

Jungkook looked momentarily stunned, and everyone else seemed a little confused too.

He wasn’t sure what possessed him to say it. All he knew was that he wanted Jungkook’s attention.

He wasn’t sure that was a great idea, but he couldn’t take it back now.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll go.” Taehyung sighed in relief. 

“Amazing! It’s gonna be great.”

Jimin suddenly found himself getting up from the bed.

He needed air. He needed space. He needed time to think and breathe. Yugyeom was fucking with his mind and he didn’t even know who the fucker was.

“I’ll… um… see you all tonight.” He didn’t give his friends time to answer before he hurried out of the room.

He already had a feeling it was a stupid idea to go to the party. Something in his gut told him that going was a horrible idea, but now he had promised.

There was no going back.






Jimin didn’t have a lower alcohol tolerance than the average university student, but he did get drunk a whole lot faster than everyone else since he poured down a drink in around 10 seconds.

He hadn’t been drunk since his night at The Blue Lagoon, and he missed the buzz. He missed the feeling of being invincible and strong.

He missed being drunk and so he hurried to take a few shots the moment he arrived at the party.

Jimin never got the name of the boy hosting the party, but it hardly seemed to matter. The house was even bigger than a fraternity and Jimin was quite sure the whole university was there, so saying hello to the host seemed stupid. He was never going to find him anyway.

“Maybe you should cool down a little huh?” Jimin turned to his right to see Yoongi. “We arrived two minutes ago and that is your fourth shot.”

He had arrived with Yoongi, Hoseok, and Taehyung, but the two latter had disappeared the minute they walked through the door. That probably had something to do with the fact that Jimin went straight for the bar, not saying anything.

Yoongi had followed him though, and Jimin really wished he hadn’t. He always paid too much attention to how much Jimin was drinking.

“It’s fine Yoongi. Let’s take a shot together.” Yoongi seemed to hesitate for a moment, but he must have realized that they were at a party, so drinking was part of it. Not to mention that the alcohol was free.

“Okay fine let’s do some shots.” Jimin smiled as he poured them two vodka shots each. They both scrunched their noses as the strong liquor ran down their throats. The taste was fine, but the shot was maybe a little too big to take in one go.

“Shit that is awful,” exclaimed Yoongi and stuck out his tongue.

“It’s amazing.” Yoongi merely shook his head as he laughed.

“You’re gonna die of alcohol poisoning one day.” Jimin grabbed the second shot.

“Then let it be after I win first prize at the dance festival.” They cheered and then they drank.

“This shit is strong,” complained Yoongi. Jimin raised the bottle, dangling it in front of Yoongi. “I’m not having another.”

“Boo, you suck.” Then Jimin poured himself two more.

Yoongi did not seem to think that was okay.

“Jimin you’re not having four shots in a row like that, okay, you-” Jimin ignored Yoongi as he took both of them. “I’m not cleaning up your vomit when you puke.”

“I didn’t ask you to.”


They held eye contact and the longer they did, the guiltier Jimin somehow felt. Yoongi’s gaze was too piercing.

“Okay, I’ll stop.” Yoongi smiled victoriously.

“It’s probably going to hit you in around twenty minutes, so be careful.” Jimin saluted him.

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m going to get you a glass of water and you’re gonna drink it.” There was no room for questions or objections. Yoongi gave Jimin a hard look and then he disappeared further into the kitchen.

Jimin stood a little awkwardly by the bar. The music was loud, and so the only thing he could hear was the sound of two guys talking beside him.

“No it’s a joke,” said one of the guys to the other. 

“Yeah, but it’s dumb.” 

“Do you even get it? Why does Peter Pan always-” 

“Yes, yes. He always flies because he never lands, as in Neverland. See I do get it.” The guy sounded pretty annoyed with the conversation, but Jimin couldn’t help but find it a little funny.

Jimin didn’t really eavesdrop on other people’s conversations, but he was bored, alone and the talk didn’t seem so private, so he felt no guilt in just listening.

Two guys discussing jokes at a party. Not something Jimin though he would hear.

“Come on, it’s fucking funny.” The other guy didn’t seem to agree. 

“Your joke sucks okay, just quit it.” 

“I hate you. I’m gonna tell it to Haewoon, she’s gonna find it funny.” The guy stormed off as the other guy called after him.

Suddenly Yoongi was back, and a cold glass of water was pushed into his hand. “Drink.” And so Jimin did. He emptied the glass and placed it on the table.

There were people all around them, though too far away for Jimin to hear their conversations. Others were dancing, some were singing, some were drinking. There was a girl on the counter doing body shots and around 4 guys doing beer bong beside her.

This party was lit, but Jimin didn’t feel the excitement yet.

All he could think about was Jungkook. And Yugyeom.

Jimin wasn’t sure when he would arrive. He, Jin and Namjoon were coming together, but they hadn’t told them when they would be there.

Jimin wasn’t really sure getting drunk was the best idea when Jungkook was going to be there. He might do something stupid.

But right now, all he wanted to do was just get buzzed.

He could deal with Jungkook when he arrived.

Right now, he needed to do something. He needed to think of something else. He needed-

“Do you wanna dance Yoongi?” Last time Jimin had done party dancing had been at his messed up double date, and it had been horrible. It had been awkward and embarrassing, and for some reason, Jimin needed it right now.

Besides, in fifteen minutes he was going to be drunk enough not to care.

Of course, Jimin already knew Yoongi didn’t want to dance with him, but he tried anyway. “I hate dancing.” Of course, he did. He hated all physical activity.

“Please. Just a little dance.” The begging got Jimin nowhere. Yoongi shook his head again. “You know, you’re really not a party guy.”

“You don’t say.”

“Then why did you come?” Yoongi didn’t answer, but Jimin was way to occupied with scanning the room to notice that his roommate had gotten silent.

“Jimin!” Jimin turned around to see Jonghyun coming towards him with a red cup in his hand. He hadn’t really talked to his dance partner since he tripped over his bag and Papa’s coffee shop. They had, of course, had dance classes together, but Jimin had been too caught up in his own little bubble to really notice that there had been people around him.

“Jonghyun!” greeted Jimin with a big smile.

“I didn’t know you were coming,” said Jonghyun. “I would’ve thought you would be busy in the dance studio.” Jimin’s smile faltered just the tiniest bit at that.

He hadn’t gotten any further. He hadn’t been able to focus after Jungkook had fucked him good the other day. But that probably had more to do with a certain text and less to do with the amazing sex.

“Yeah, well, even I need to let loose every now and then.” Jonghyun nodded in agreement and took a sip of the drink in his hand.

"You deserve it, you work too much.” Jimin really wanted to argue, since that certainly wasn’t true. He had accomplished nothing with his dance. Nothing at all.

An awkward cough behind him reminded Jimin that Yoongi was still very much there, and Jimin was being unbelievably rude.

“Oh, shit, sorry. Jonghyun this is my roommate Yoongi. Yoongi this is Jonghyun from my dance class.” The two boys exchanged a quick ‘hi’ and a smile. Though Jonghyun’s greeting was much more cheerful than Yoongi’s.

“Well I just wanted to say hi,” said Jonghyun, eyeing Yoongi slightly. Jimin had forgotten that if you don’t know Yoongi well, his first impression is never very good.

“I’m glad you did,” said Jimin. “Yoongi here doesn’t wanna dance with me. What about you?” Jimin gave Jonghyun his best puppy eyes and his sweetest smile. It must have worked because Jonghyun chuckled.

Jonghyun emptied his cup and placed it on the table. “My girlfriend refuses to dance with me too, so I’ve been waiting all night for someone to ask me.” 


Jimin turned around and poured himself a quick shot. He made the mistake of looking at Yoongi afterward, who was sending him a very disapproving look. “Don’t judge me,” whined Jimin. He was not in the mood for Yoongi’s disapproval.

He grabbed the shot out of Jimin’s hand and took it himself before Jimin could protest.

Jimin opened his mouth to curse Yoongi’s ass, but Yoongi held up a hand to stop him. “You’re gonna thank me in an hour when you’re not hunched over the toilet.” Jimin decided not to argue since it was probably true.

He had already taken six shots and he knew they would hit him hard eventually.

“You’re a great roommate, even though I kind of wanna cut off your dick right now,” said Jimin and Yoongi snorted. It was the first genuine act of joy Yoongi had done all night.

“Yes, yes, I’m the best. Go dance and be careful.” Yoongi gently pushed Jimin towards the dancefloor and the tipsy boy gave his roommate a drunk smile before he disappeared into the dancing crowd with Jonghyun.

It was the entire living room which had been turned into a dance floor, and it was huge. It made sober Jimin a little more at ease to see that the dance floor was so full no one was going to notice him.

Getting into the rhythm was a little difficult since Jimin wasn’t used to party dancing, but Jonghyun seemed to do just fine and so Jimin felt a little better dancing next to him.

It started out awkward, just like it had at the bar with Jiwoo, but luckily Jimin had an easier time easing into it this time. It probably had something to do with the fact that they weren’t at a fancy bar, and there were more people on the dance floor and Jimin was slowly becoming more and more drunk.

“So how’s the dance coming along?” yelled Jonghyun over the loud music. Jimin shook his head. 

“No talk about the dance competition. We’re partying!” yelled Jimin, and a few nearby people cheered at his words, which made Jimin giggle just a little bit.

The alcohol was beginning to work.

Jonghyun raised his hands in surrender. “Fair enough,” he just said, and they that conversation was out of the window. Actually, all of the conversations were out the window. They didn’t talk as they continued to dance to the music.

Jimin had no idea how he looked. He was simply swaying to the music, jumping a little and doing a few turns. Though he was quite certain he looked better than the blond girl next to him, who really didn’t know how to dance.

However, she was clearly shitfaced drunk, so Jimin didn’t blame her for looking like an idiot.

Instead, he just continued to dance.




He didn’t know how much time had passed or how many songs they had danced to, but suddenly Jimin felt a hand on his arm and turned around to find Hoseok behind him.

It must at least have been at least twenty minutes since he left Yoongi because the alcohol had hit him just like Yoongi had predicted.

“Hoseok!” greeted Jimin, maybe a little too cheerfully. He couldn’t help but be a little disappointed when he realized that Hoseok definitely wasn’t as drunk as him.
Was he the only one drinking tonight or what?

“We’ve been looking for you for, like, forty minutes.” He really hadn’t thought it had been that long.

“Fuck, sorry, hadn’t even realized it had been so long.” He turned to Jonghyun who was dancing happily beside him. By the look of it he was standing next to someone he knew, so Jimin didn’t feel guilty when he tapped his shoulder and leaned in to whisper into his ear that he had to go.

Jonghyun gave Jimin a smile and two thumbs up, then he went back to his friend and Jimin told Hoseok to lead the way.

It was a little harder walking than Jimin first thought. He wasn’t shitfaced drunk or even close, but he was drunk enough to feel a little too hot and flustered. And just a tiny bit dizzy. Yoongi had certainly done him a favor when he took that shot from him.

“We all agreed to go together and then you bail on us,” whined Hoseok, but Jimin could hear the amusement in his voice. He wasn’t mad. Not even the slightest.

“Yoongi didn’t wanna dance with me,” complained the drunk boy. “And you and Taehyung left me when we arrived.” 

“No, we didn’t. You were the one who ran to the bar before we had the chance to stop you.” 

“Oh. Right.”

Hoseok continued to lead Jimin through the crowd of drunk university students. It had been some time since Jimin had last been to a party like this. It shouldn’t feel different than the last time, but for some reason it did.

For some reason being at that party didn’t give him the same feeling as it used to. He didn’t feel free or relaxed or anything.

He felt tense.

Even with six shots running through his blood, he still felt somewhat tense. And he just knew it was Jungkook’s fault.

That fucker.

“Jimin watch out for-” Hoseok warning came too late.

Jimin only had time to look up from the floor before a drunk girl walked right into him and her drink spilled all over Jimin’s shirt.

All Jimin could hear over the loud music was a not so pleasant laugh coming from the girl who spilled on him.


“So- sorry,” said the girl, but she was too drunk to talk properly, and another giggle escaped her lips before she walked passed him.

“This is why I’m gay,” complained Jimin as he looked down at his wet shirt. He was wearing a shirt with Usher on it. It wasn’t his favorite shirt, but Usher deserved better.

“She got Usher all wet,” pouted Jimin. “How dare she get legendary, pop-sensation Usher wet. If anyone is gonna make Usher wet, it’s gonna be-” 

“Yeah, yeah, come on lover boy, the others are over there.”

Jimin still looked down at his shirt with a slight pout as Hoseok dragged him through the crowd and over to their friends.

“I found him,” announced Hoseok as they stopped in front of the little group of boys who looked up at the new arrivals.

Jimin hadn’t looked up yet, still staring at wet Usher.

Now he had to walk around wet all night because some dumb chick couldn’t handle her liquor. He sniffed the stain.

“Fucking blueberry!” he exclaimed in disgust. “Couldn’t she at least have a good taste in alcohol?”

Luckily he was wearing a jacket, so he zipped it up so no one could see the stain. It felt uncomfortable, but he couldn’t really do anything about it.

Jimin looked up at his friends for the first time since his arrival. They were all sitting on a small sofa or a pair of armchairs in the corner of what Jimin assumed was a second living room. This house was big enough to have multiple living rooms.

Namjoon was sitting on the small sofa, and to no surprise, Jin was sitting on his lap. Jungkook was sitting on the sofa next to them and Yoongi and Taehyung were both sitting in their own armchair on each side of the small sofa.

“Hi guys,” greeted Jimin, sending his friends a drunk smile, which made Taehyung snort. 

“We’ve been here for an hour and you're already wasted?” The boy laughed. Jimin shook his head.

“I’m not wasted you idiot,” he said.

He found Jungkook’s eyes, and the boy was smiling amused at him. That was until Jimin tried to shift his weight from one leg to the other and was very close to tripping if Hoseok had steadied him. Then Jungkook immediately looked concerned, and for split second it looked like he was about to jump up from the sofa.

“I’m fine,” said Jimin and smacked Hoseok hands.

“Good thing I took that shot from you,” muttered Yoongi. 

“My savior,” said Jimin teasingly and Yoongi gave him the finger.

“Okay, we’ve been sitting here too long,” said Taehyung. “I’m gonna get us some drinks, and then we get this party started.” Jimin didn’t want to point out that the party had already very much started, and that they were the only ones not feeling it.

Taehyung jumped up from the armchair elegantly. “I would like a-” 

“You’re not getting anything. Just sit down so you don’t fall.” Jimin stuck out his tongue and then he dumped down on the floor. He ran his fingers through the soft carpet.

“Enjoying the floor?” asked Hoseok as he made his way to Taehyung’s armchair and sat down. “Very much.”

His eye wandered over his friends. None of them really seemed to be in the party mood. By the looks of it, none of them was even close to being drunk. Not even tipsy.

Such lively friends he had.

His eyes found Jungkook – his eyes always found Jungkook – and the boy was already looking at him. They shared a few secret smiles.

But then Jungkook’s phone vibrated and just like that, Jimin was forgotten again.

What the fuck was so important on his phone.

Who the fuck was so important?

His mind wandered to Yugyeom. It did that a lot today.

Jungkook was frowning slightly as he typed, which shouldn’t really ease Jimin’s mind, but somehow it did.

If Jungkook was texting Yugyeom, then at least they weren’t sexting. He couldn’t imagine Jungkook sexting with a frown on his face. More like with his hand down his pants maybe. Or at least a smug smile on his lips.

Taehyung returned with a lot of cups crammed in his hands. He handed one to all of them, except Jimin of course, who only got an almost parental look.

Jungkook looked up briefly as Taehyung handed him a red cup. He said a quick ‘thanks’ before he sat down the cup and directed his attention to his phone once again.

The group quickly started up a casual conversation, but Jimin didn’t pay attention. Not to them at least.

Jungkook didn’t pay attention to the conversation either, and Jimin finally had enough.

Before he had even thought it through he opened his mouth.

“Hey,” said Jimin, interrupting Hoseok and getting everyone’s attention.

Well, except the one's he really wanted.

He laughed a little too much as he continued. “Why does Peter Pan never land?”

He immediately realized his mistake and frowned.

“Fuck, I told it wrong,” pouted Jimin, looking genuinely saddened by his own mistake.

His friends said nothing. They looked at Jimin at the floor and then at each other, probably trying to understand why Jimin was suddenly talking about Peter Pan.

“Okay, okay let me try again-” 

“Jimin what the fuck are you talking about?” Jimin shushed Taehyung immediately and tried again. 

“Why does Peter Pan always fly?” Jimin looked at his friends in anticipation.

Though he looked at Jungkook a little longer. The boy briefly glanced up at Jimin, but then back down at his phone again a second later.

It shouldn’t bother Jimin that much, but it really fucking did.

He looked away from Jungkook since the boy clearly wasn’t the least bit interested, and at his other friends. Confusion clear on their faces while Jimin was grinning like an idiot.

“Because he never lands. You get it? Never lands, as in Neverland. The island, you know the– don’t look at me like that Yoongi.” He was a little disappointed that he was the only one laughing, but it didn’t stop him from doing so.

“Why are you talking about Peter Pan?” asked Namjoon. Jimin just shrugged.

“Heard some guys in the kitchen talk about it.”

He looked directly at Jungkook as he spoke again. 

“They were hot.”

No reaction. Not even the twitch of an eye.

“Just because they were hot, doesn’t mean their humor is good,” said Hoseok matter-of-factly.

“You can’t be that hot and have a bad sense of humor,” tried Jimin again, while looking at Jungkook.


This was fucking frustrating and he couldn’t bear it anymore.

Hoseok was just about to say something, but once again Jimin interrupted him. Poor guy thought Jimin, but he didn’t pity him enough to let him finish.

“Who wants to dance?” Jimin got up from the floor smoother than he would’ve thought with the alcohol in his blood. Maybe it was finally wearing off.

In that case, he had to do something now otherwise he would be too big of a coward to do so later.

“I’m really not feeling the dancing,” complained Taehyung. Jimin didn’t even bother looking at Yoongi, and one look at Namjoon and Jin told him they didn’t even hear him, too indulged in a private conversation between the two of them.

That made Hoseok his last hope.

“I really don’t wanna Jiminie,” whined Hoseok as Jimin looked at him, hope glistering in the small boy’s eyes, but it quickly died again. “I’m not in the mood for a crowd of drunk university students to grind up and down my glorious body.” Hoseok winked, Jimin gagged.

“I thought we were going to party,” complained Jimin, sending all of his friends the stinky eye. “I’ll never go to a party with any of you again.”

He unzipped his jacket at took it off. Then he threw it right at Jungkook, who finally looked up from his phone.

“Would you be so kind to hold that while I go let all the university students who want to, grind up and down my glorious body.” He shot Hoseok a teasing smile before he looked back at Jungkook.

The dark-haired boy had an unreadable expression on his face, but Jimin didn’t want to stay long enough to dwell on what it could mean.

He turned around and made his way to the dance area again, this time with a purpose.

Jimin really didn’t want any disgusting, drunk university student to grind on him, but he found himself pathetic enough to do just about anything to get Jungkook’s attention.

He was a sad excuse of a man.

Before Jungkook came along he had pride. He had dignity. At least a little bit.

Now he didn’t seem to have anything.

He stood by the edge of the dance floor and looked at the dancing crowd as he swallowed hard. What was he going to do now? He hadn’t really thought so far.

He was about to just let it go and turn around and go back – what had he even been thinking? – but then he noticed a boy in the middle of the dance floor who was very obviously eyeing him with what Jimin assumed was his best attempt at a flirtatious smile.

It just looked borderline creepy. Like one of those smiles, older guys give younger girls.

Jimin fought down the shivers and made his way to the boy.

He remembered seeing him make out with another guy earlier that night, which meant he was exactly what Jimin needed right now.

A very temporary flirty dance partner with no commitment whatsoever.

The first thing Jimin noticed when he stood in front of the nameless boy, was that his smile was even creepier up close.

The boy grabbed his arms and slowly eased him into the dance. It felt awkward and it probably looked awkward too.

They stood a little too close for Jimin’s liking, but he just had to swallow it down and hope that Jungkook would appear soon.

God, since when had Jimin gone to such a length to get someone’s attention? What kind of spell was he under?

He started swaying his hips a little sexier if he had to say so himself. It still felt awkward, but he pushed it away and started to move a little more confidently. It was hard, but not impossible and after a few minutes, Jimin was sure he looked a lot more confident and a lot sexier than he actually felt.

So he made a few turns and few shakes with his ass.

And when he looked up – there he was.

Jungkook was leaning against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest and a mix of amusement and annoyance on his face.

He was without a doubt the most handsome guy at the party.

It was probably a mix of the alcohol still in Jimin’s system and his desire to get Jungkook’s attention that gave him the ability to maintain Jungkook’s intense eye contact.

He didn’t look away even once from Jungkook as he pulled the nameless boy closer. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the boy’s satisfied smirk. He was definitely into Jimin and the closeness between the two.

He turned around and pushed his back against the boy’s chest, and thus his ass against the boy’s dick.

The action made Jungkook’s eye twitch and Jimin was living for it.

He was going to get Jungkook’s full attention even if it killed him.

Jimin swayed his hips to the music against the boy’s crotch and he could feel the boy growing hard in his pants.

Jimin didn’t really feel bad for turning on the boy and then leave since the boy himself was only an hour ago making out with some other guy.

Jimin’s eyes didn’t leave Jungkook’s as he bit his lower lip and pressed himself against the nameless boy.

A thin layer of sweat was covering Jimin’s skin from all the dancing and the still moist shirt was sticking to his stomach showing off his abs, though they weren’t as defined as they used to, Jimin was still rather proud of them.

Jungkook’s eyes scanned him as he licked his lips, and Jimin couldn’t help but lick his own lips, which seemed to turn Jungkook on even more.

Jungkook’s eyes were filled with lust as he looked at him, and Jimin felt fucking fantastic. Being the object of Jungkook’s desire was a feeling Jimin would never get tired of. Having Jungkook look at him with such piercing eyes was something he couldn’t get enough of.

Jimin turned around, showing Jungkook his ass, and put his arms around the boy’s neck. He smelled of cheap booze, cigarettes, and a disgusting cologne. It was a smell Jimin certainly didn’t enjoy, but he just had to put up with it for a minute or two.

The boy grinned satisfied and placed his hands on Jimin’s hips, clearly believing Jimin was totally into him.

It was a good thing Jimin wasn’t really worth spreading gossip about, and it was even better that the guy didn’t go to the university.

No one was going to talk. No one was interested enough in doing so.

It wasn’t the first time Jimin had flirted with a guy at a party, but it had always been awkward and hard and weird. It didn’t feel weird now. Maybe it was because Jimin didn’t actually care about the boy this time.

It was the same at the restaurant with Jungkook. It was easy to flirt with people when it wasn’t their attention he was trying to capture.

Jungkook had been glued to his phone all night, and even though Jimin had no clue who was taking up all of his time, he felt somewhat jealous.

He feared it was Yugyeom. He knew it could be literally anyone, but Jimin was so fucking pathetically scared that it was Yugyeom.

Jimin would normally never be pathetic enough to flirt with someone else, just to get someone’s attention. He didn’t feel like an attention whore. He didn’t actually enjoy attention all that much.

But then Jungkook came into the picture, and Jimin found himself doing things he would never even have thought of before. And for something as silly as attention.

Since Jungkook had dumped down in the bar stool next time him all those weeks ago, Jimin found himself thinking, feeling and acting completely different.

He still wasn’t sure that was a good thing or a bad thing. Only time could tell.

“That’s enough.” Jimin hadn’t even noticed that someone had come up behind him before a hand was wrapped around his wrist and he was pulled away.

“Hey, we’re dancing!” argued the nameless boy, but neither Jimin nor Jungkook gave a shit.

“I don’t care.”

Jimin didn’t even bother giving the boy a smile as he let Jungkook pull him out of the dancing crowd.

“Jungkook? Didn’t even see you there,” said Jimin innocently. Jungkook said nothing, he just continued to drag Jimin through the house.

It wasn’t easy making their way through the crowd of people. There were still so many students partying and for a brief moment, Jimin wanted to shake off Jungkook’s hand, not wanting anyone to see. But he knew everyone else was too drunk to notice anything. Not to mention that he was still buzzed himself, which meant he gave fewer fucks than sober Jimin.

Sober Jimin really hated drunk Jimin, but right now all of that didn’t matter, because Jungkook was right here in front of him, and all of his attention was on Jimin. That was all that mattered.

That was until Jimin caught sight of their friends.


They were still sitting in the smaller living room and they were all indulged in conversation. None of them had noticed Jungkook and Jimin yet, and Jimin prayed it stayed that way.

Then Jin looked up from his seat on Namjoon’s lap.

For the smallest second, he looked surprised, then he smiled so sweetly Jimin wasn’t sure if he had seen right.

Why did their relationship matter so much to Jin?

Namjoon must’ve seen that something had caught Jin’s eye because he turned around and Jimin held his breath.

However, before Namjoon could notice them, Jin gently grabbed his chin and kissed him. It was the first time Jimin had seen them kiss, and it looked so annoyingly sweet.

Those two was just too annoyingly sweet.

Jin opened his eyes slightly as he continued to kiss his boyfriend and Jimin sent him a quick thankful smile before he was pulled away.

Jungkook had noticed nothing and was still dragging Jimin through the house. Jimin didn’t know where they were going. Were they leaving?

It seemed like they weren’t. Jungkook passed through the hall and made his way to the stairs. He practically ran up the stairs while Jimin had a hard time following.

Jimin hadn’t been to the first floor, but it was just as big as the ground floor. A long hallway and many doors.

There weren’t all that many people on the first floor, must of them shit-faced drunk.

Jungkook walked determined down the hall and Jimin could only assume he knew what he was looking for.

It seemed they had reached their destination, but what Jungkook hadn’t expected was the door flying open and a girl, too drunk to even walk properly, came out. Jungkook almost walked right into her, but luckily stopped before. 

Jimin wasn’t as quick. He awkwardly walked into Jungkook’s back.

“Jeon Jungkook?” slurred the drunk girl as she realized who was in front of her. She could hardly keep her eyes open.

“Yes, that’s me,” said Jungkook, sounding quite impatient.

“You – ah – you look-” her words were slurred, and she hiccupped a few times as she spoke. “You look go- good.” She smiled flirtatiously and placed her hand on Jungkook’s chest.

She wasn’t really all that ugly, but she looked like a mess - make-up smudged and hair looking crazy. If she hadn’t been so drunk, Jimin might have felt a little threatened by her, since she actually seemed to be very pretty under the hot mess of make-up.

But right now, he could only chuckle at her weak attempt of flirting with Jungkook.

“Thank you,” said Jungkook - little interest in the compliment. “But I’m busy.” He gently pushed passed the girl and entered the room she exited. Which happened to be the bathroom. He locked the door after them.

It was huge, with white, polished tiles and a huge bathtub. It was actually really pretty, but Jimin didn’t have the time to admire it.

Jungkook turned around and captured Jimin in a tight embrace, wrapping his long arms around Jimin’s tiny waist.

He said nothing as he crashed his lips, almost painfully, on Jimin’s, kissing him hungrily.

There was nothing but pure lust and need in the kiss, maybe even a little anger. But Jimin wasn’t even ashamed of the joy spreading in his chest from getting Jungkook’s attention, even if it was in the shape of anger.

“You have really been testing my patience all night, haven’t you?” asked Jungkook in between the hungry kisses. 

“How would you know?” asked Jimin, not even trying to conceal the pettiness in his voice.

“You think I don’t pay attention to every little thing you do?” 

Jungkook looked surprisingly serious, and Jimin suddenly didn’t want to answer him or even look at him. So instead he placed a gentle kiss to Jungkook’s lips and then he got down on his knees.

Jimin struggled to unbutton Jungkook’s pants, and after a few seconds, it just became a little awkward.

“You need help?” teased Jungkook from above him. 

“Shut up,” he muttered as he tried a little harder to get the damn pants open.

He actually didn’t think it could be any worse, but the world seemed to continue to play a cruel prank on him, because Jungkook’s pocket vibrated.

Jimin stopped fumbling with the pants and he looked up at Jungkook.

Please just tell me to ignore itPlease.

But Jungkook pulled the phone out of his pocket and unlocked it in his hands as he read the new message. Jimin tried not to be too disappointed.

After a few silent seconds Jimin spoke up; “You okay?” Jungkook typed away on his phone for another second or two before he reached out to place it on the sink.

“Yeah, I’m good. I think we were in the middle of something,” said Jungkook, smirking down at Jimin, but the smaller boy didn’t let the smirk fool him. Seconds ago, he had been frowning and Jimin wanted to know why.

“You’ve been on your phone an awful lot today,” Jimin stated. Jungkook’s smirk faltered. 

“Yeah well, it’s not important right now.” 

“It must be quite important if you’ve been glued to it all day.”

It was a little weird having this conversation since Jimin was on his knees in front of Jungkook, but he was too big of a coward to have this conversation with Jungkook face to face.

Face to dick felt a little easier.

Strangely enough.

“Is that why you’ve been so weird all day? You wanted my attention.” Jimin did his best to restrain himself for smacking the playful smirk off Jungkook’s face. But it was obviously true, so no need to try and deny.

“What’s going on?” tried Jimin. Jungkook looked deep in thought, and for a moment Jimin was sure he was about to tell him, but then the usual playful smile was back. 

“Do you wanna blow me or do you wanna talk?” he asked, obviously believing Jimin would choose the former.

“I wanna talk.” Jungkook’s smile faded. “If something is bothering you I wanna help. Please let me.” Jimin was practically begging him.

“Jimin it’s really not a big-”

“Cut the bullshit Jungkook. Just fucking tell me, please just-” Jimin was growing painfully frustrated. “You’re frowning, and you're distant and I hate it.”

Jungkook sighed deeply. Then he reluctantly squatted down, so he was face to face with Jimin. Though he still hovered over the smaller boy who was on his knees.

He gently placed his hand against Jimin’s cheek and caressed it softly.

“I’m sorry.”

“I respect that there are things you don’t want to share, but I just can’t sit by when something is bothering you. I don’t want to.”

A long look was exchanged between the two.

“It’s my dad,” said Jungkook, and Jimin felt relief running through his body. It wasn’t Yugyeom.

“He’s been trying to convince me to attend this stupid business trip in like a month or two, and I just really don’t give a shit about it. He’s been nagging me like crazy.”

“Why don’t you wanna go?”

“Because he wants me to,” said Jungkook and Jimin wrinkled his brows in confusion.

“I hardly ever hear from him, let alone see him, and suddenly when he needs me he can contact me. He can fuck off for all I care.” Jungkook sounded mad, almost disgusted, but Jimin could detect the hurt too.

“You don’t see your parents very often?” Jungkook shrugged. “I see my mom every now and then, but my dad is always too busy. Not that I really care, he’s a dick, but it would be nice if he could show some genuine interest in me occasionally.”

Jimin had the feeling Jungkook was lying when he said he didn’t care, but he decided not to push it. Jungkook was finally telling him, he didn’t want to screw anything up.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’ve gotten used to it by now.” Jimin gentle cupped Jungkook’s face, a pained expression on his face.

How could anyone neglect this stunning man?

“I know you wanna know, and I promise I’ll tell you all of it eventually, but right now,” Jungkook placed his hands on top of Jimin’s. "Right now I just wanna enjoy you.”

“You just want me to suck your dick, don’t you?” 

“Yes please.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and leaned in to kiss Jungkook’s soft lips. Jungkook tasted fantastic, but he didn’t taste the least bit of booze.

“You haven’t been drinking?” asked Jimin.

“I’m not really much of a party drinker.”


“But if I keep kissing you, I’ll be drunk in a few minutes.” Jimin hit his chest. “Fuck off, I haven’t been drinking that much.” He didn’t even feel drunk right now.

“Whatever you say.” Then Jungkook got up again and by the smug look on his face, Jimin knew what he was hinting.

“Do you need me to help you with the buttons or do you-” 

“If you keep talking I might bite off your dick instead.” That shut Jungkook up.

Jimin fumbled with the buttons, but the determination helped him get them open faster than he thought.

He pulled down Jungkook’s pants and then his underwear letting his half hard cock spring out. He had been fully hard before, so Jimin could only assume the talk about his father had killed his horniness a little bit.

He started stroking Jungkook’s cock and the taller boy exclaimed a few moans. Jimin was sure this was how angels sounded.

The strokes became a little faster and Jungkook grew harder and harder in his hand. When Jimin decided that Jungkook was hard enough, he licked the tip of his cock before he took it in his mouth. He could hear Jungkook hiss from above and one of his hands was placed on top of Jimin’s head, caressing it gently.

“Fuck Jimin, you have a gift for sucking my dick.” Jimin blushed slightly at the compliment and licked the side of Jungkook’s length, making the boy moan again.

“Yeah? Better than the last guy who sucked your dick?”

“The last person who sucked my dick was a girl, and she can’t even compete with yo- you.” That gave Jimin the motivation to twirl his tongue around Jungkook’s hard cock and suck it a little more.

He must have been teasing a little more than he realized, because suddenly he felt Jungkook press his head a little closer to his crotch making Jimin almost gag on the dick being pushed down his throat.

“So- sorry,” said Jungkook, stuttering as he moaned. 

“It’s okay.” He started stroking his dick as he looked up at the taller boy who was biting his lip. “You can fuck my mouth if you want,” said Jimin seductively and Jimin was sure Jungkook was about to come from the suggestion alone. 

“Holy fuck Jimin, you’re killing me.” Then he took Jungkook’s cock into his mouth again.

Jungkook tangled his fingers in Jimin’s hair, and then he slowly and gently started to thrust his hips forward making Jimin take in all of his cock in one go.

Jungkook hit the back of Jimin’s throat repeatedly and Jimin thanked the gods for his gag reflex.

He couldn’t describe how great it felt to finally have all of Jungkook right in front of him, not focusing on anything but Jimin.

The taller boy started to fuck Jimin’s mouth a little faster, and Jimin took that as a sign that he was close.

“Fuck Jimin, I’m clo- close. Can I…?” Jimin had a feeling he knew what Jungkook meant, so he nodded and two or three thrusts later Jungkook came and filled Jimin’s mouth with his cum.

The sound of Jungkook’s moan as he orgasmed made Jimin’s dick twitch in his pants.

Jungkook pulled his dick out of Jimin’s mouth and instead grabbed the smaller boy’s chin with his thumb and index finger.

“Swallow,” said Jungkook and Jimin didn’t hesitate to do so. He knew that if Jungkook wanted him too, he would.

Jungkook tasted better than the last guy he had sucked off, but the taste still wasn’t all that great.

Jungkook used his thumb to wipe off some cum on Jimin’s lips and pushed the thumb into his mouth, making Jimin lick it off.

“Good boy,” praised Jungkook, an almost too kind smile on his face, considering what they had just been doing. Then he pulled his underwear and pants up.

The taller boy eyed Jimin’s crotch as he got up. “You want me to…?” But Jimin shook his head.

“This was about you,” he clarified. “Just you.” Then he placed a quick kiss to Jungkook’s lips.

Jimin had tried to make it about him all night when it really wasn’t.

He then walked to the door and unlocked it, but before he could open it, Jungkook spoke. “I haven’t even buttoned my pants and you're already on your way? Shame on you.” Jimin grinned as he made his way back to Jungkook, placing himself in front of the taller boy.

“What? I'm just teasing.” He eyed Jungkook’s pants. “You need help?” He didn’t give Jungkook time to say anything before he grabbed Jungkook’s pants and fumbled slightly with the buttons.

“How sweet of you.” Jungkook pushed Jimin’s bangs out of his eyes, exposing his forehead a little bit. Then he leaned in and capture the smaller boy’s lips while he was still fumbling with the buttons.

These pants fucking sucked.

Then the door flew open.

“Sorry, didn’t think anyone was-”

Jungkook and Jimin didn’t have the time to separate before they turned their heads.

And right there stood Yoongi in all his glory.

And his eyes were wide.

And his mouth parted slightly.

And Jimin’s whole body froze.

Holy fucking shit.

Chapter Text

Park Jimin had never before had a heart attack.

But in this moment, he was quite sure he knew how it would feel.

“Yo- Yoongi,” stuttered Jimin. The boy looked between Jimin and Jungkook and glanced down briefly at Jungkook’s crotch where Jimin’s fingers were still holding on to the buttons.

He let go immediately and stepped away from Jungkook.

“I can explain, just-” But Jimin didn’t have time to finish his sentence.

Yoongi stormed towards Jungkook and pushed him so his back hit the sink behind him. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” yelled Yoongi, rage visible in his eyes.

With both hands, he gripped Jungkook’s shirt. “He’s drunk so you take advantage of him?!” Jungkook looked absolutely baffled by Yoongi’s words. And furious.

He pushed Yoongi’s hands off him, but Yoongi just grabbed his shirt again.

Jungkook was much stronger that Yoongi, so Jimin could only assume Jungkook didn’t want to hurt the boy.

“I’m not fucking taking advantage of him!” yelled Jungkook. “I would never do that.” Yoongi didn’t seem to believe him, not even for a second.

“I’m not letting you fuck with him like you do all those other people you fuck and forget!”

Jimin could see the rage in Jungkook’s eyes. The way Yoongi’s words fueled something in him Jimin hadn’t seen before. There was something about Yoongi’s words that really rubbed Jungkook the wrong way.

He wasn’t sure what Jungkook was capable of now – he had never seen him in that state – but he feared it wouldn’t end well if Yoongi kept being this close to him.

He grabbed Yoongi’s arm and with all his strength he yanked him off Jungkook, making him stumble back slightly. He placed himself in front of Jungkook as if he was protecting him from Yoongi.

“It’s not like that Yoongi. Please listen to me, I never-”

“Do you even know how much shit he’s done?” said Yoongi, still shouting though not as loudly as before. “He goes through people like Taehyung goes through shoes! Fucking a new person every weekend!”

The words were harsh and Jimin felt the need to protect Jungkook from them.

He, of course, knew of the boy’s reputation but he was quite certain it wasn’t as bad as Yoongi made it out to be. People just made a bigger deal out of it because he was Jeon Jungkook.

Why Yoongi of all people made a big deal out of it was a mystery.

“That’s not fucking true and you know it!” yelled Jungkook taking a step forward, but Jimin blocked his way with his arm.

“Yoongi please,” begged Jimin. “It’s not what you think, please let me explain.” Yoongi didn’t seem to hear. He looked between Jimin and Jungkook, but at last his eyes settled on Jungkook. He wasn’t sure if it was to keep an eye on him or because he couldn’t look at Jimin.

“He’s fucking using you Jimin, and I’m not just gonna stand by and see him hurt you.” He wasn’t yelling anymore. The rage was almost gone from his eyes. He had an unreadable expression on his face, and Jimin couldn’t understand it.

It looked stern and forced. As if he was trying to forcefully look natural, but he couldn’t.

“I’m not fucking using him, I care about him,” said Jungkook. He wasn’t yelling either, but the rage was still very much there in his eyes. Jimin could feel him tremble slightly with anger as he clenched his fists at his sides.

“I didn’t want you to find out like this, Yoongi, I swear. I never wanted to do this to you.” His voice was shaking.

He had never expected Yoongi to have such a strong reaction to it. He hoped it had more to do with the manner he found out than the actual secret.

Somehow he was sure it was both.

“How long?” asked Yoongi. 

“Please, Yoongi let’s go and talk about-” 

“How fucking long?!”

Both Jimin and Jungkook was silent for a few seconds. Jimin had feeling Jungkook wanted him to say it himself. To share as much as he wanted, since it was his friend standing in front of them.

Jimin swallowed hard.

“A- a few weeks,” confessed Jimin. Yoongi’s eyes widened, clearly not expecting Jimin to tell him they had been seeing each other for so long.

Something in him probably hoped it had started tonight, or at least just a few days ago.

Then the rage was back and Yoongi stormed forward, trying to get to Jungkook, but Jimin held him back.

Jimin could smell the faint smell of alcohol from Yoongi’s mouth, and though it probably shouldn’t make him feel better that Yoongi was buzzed, it somehow did. We all tend to overreact when we’re drunk and Jimin desperately hoped that was it.

“How the fuck can you do this to him?! A few weeks of fun until you grow bored of him and then what? You’ll just continue with your fucked up lifestyle while I have to see him fall apart!”

For some reason, Jimin felt insulted. And suddenly he felt angry too. How the fuck dared Yoongi act like he knew what this was?

How it would end.

“How fucking dare-” But Jungkook was interrupted by Jimin. 

“You don’t know shit about this Yoongi, so just shut up and listen to me!” It was the first time Jimin yelled, his voice filled with anger, and Yoongi was clearly surprised by the outburst.

He took a few steps back while blinking rapidly at Jimin as if he didn’t quite understand the words came from him.

“Jimin, I-” 

“No, now you listen to me. You don’t get to make assumptions when you don’t know anything. And don’t be angry at Jungkook when he hasn’t done anything wrong.”

For some reason, Jimin just felt an urge to defend the boy.

To protect him.

Yoongi was quiet for a minute and it was excruciating for Jimin. It was painful for him to look at his roommate while he looked at him with eyes he had never seen before.

Eyes of betrayal.

It looked like Yoongi was deep in thought as his eyes looked from Jimin to Jungkook, an unmistakably frown on his face.

“You’re right,” said Yoongi finally, and it sounded like all rage had left him. Like he was too exhausted to continue arguing.

“It’s fucking you I’m angry at.”

Jimin’s heart skipped a beat at Yoongi’s words. He felt like he had been slapped across the cheek. Hard.

“Yoongi-” But it seemed like Yoongi didn’t give a shit, because he gave them both a last hard look, and then he turned around and stormed out of the bathroom.

Jimin called after him, desperation clear in his voice, but Yoongi didn’t return.

He readied himself to run after Yoongi, but Jungkook grabbed his wrist, hindering him in doing so. 

“Jimin wait.” 

“No, I can’t wait, I need to get to him. I need to talk to him.” 

“He won’t listen Jimin, please just stay.”

Jimin shook his head as he pushed Jungkook’s hand off his wrist. It seemed Jungkook had accepted it quite quickly because he didn’t resist.

“It’s Yoongi,” said Jimin as if that explained everything. “I will always run after him.”

For a minute Jungkook looked hurt, and Jimin really wanted to tell him that it wasn't a competition. That he wasn’t choosing Yoongi over him, but right now his roommate was his priority.

He had neglected him for too long.

“Right now I need to focus on Yoongi. I haven’t been fair to him.” Jungkook seemed to get that, at least to some extent.

“Okay,” he said. 

“I’m sorry,” said Jimin, a pained expression on his face. He didn’t like leaving Jungkook like that. He wanted to stay and take care of him too because he had been hurt as well. But he couldn’t continue to push Yoongi aside.

“Don’t be. I understand.” And Jimin felt relieved since Jungkook sounded genuine.

With one last look at Jungkook, Jimin ran out of the bathroom and after Yoongi. He had no idea where the boy was, but he knew he wasn’t here anymore.

Jimin ran out of the house, not giving a shit about the people cursing his ass for pushing them aside.

He needed to find Yoongi.




The first place Jimin ran to was their dorm, but he wasn’t surprised when the dorm was empty. It would’ve been too easy, and they both knew it.

He pulled out his phone and called Yoongi. Not that he expected him to pick up, but maybe if Jimin called enough times Yoongi would eventually grow frustrated enough to pick up.

Even if it was just to curse Jimin’s ass and tell him to stop calling. Even if it was to tell him to fuck off.

Then he ran to the music studio, but it was empty as well.

He had no idea where Yoongi would run off to if he wasn’t there.

He tried the library, not because he actually believed it. He tried the canteen. He tried everywhere he could think of. Places he believed Yoongi would go to because he wouldn’t think Jimin would think he was there.

Jimin felt like he had been running around campus for hours. He had been everywhere and there was no sight of Yoongi.

But then he saw the lights.

From the windows in the dance studio, Jimin could see light. It wasn’t like it would be weird if someone from his dance class was practicing, but Jimin just prayed that it wasn’t.

That inside the dance studio was Yoongi.

He ran.

He ran like the devil was after him. He pushed open the door to the building and ran down the hall. Then he pushed open the door to the studio.

And there he was.

Sitting against the wall, looking exhausted, but to Jimin, he had never looked more stunning.

He didn’t look even the least bit surprised as he turned his head and saw Jimin breathing heavily in the door, and Jimin took that as a good sign.

He hadn’t expected not to be found. Maybe he even wanted to be found. Jimin could hope that was the case.

“I had a feeling you would find me,” he just said, all emotions gone from his voice.

Jimin slowly made his way towards Yoongi and sat down beside him, though with a few feet between them. He didn’t want to push his luck.

“I don’t know what to say Yoongi. I’m so fucking sorry.” Yoongi looked down at his hands as he was fidgeting with his fingers.

“I’m sorry too. I let my rage cloud my judgment, I said some things I didn’t mean.” Jimin eyed him, a hint of disbelief glistering in them. “Okay well, I didn’t mean to say them out loud.” The tiny chuckled that left Yoongi’s lips ignited a hope in Jimin he hadn’t dared thinking of before.

“You have every right to be mad at me. I’ve been lying and hiding. I haven’t been fair to you. You don’t deserve this.” Yoongi shook his head. 

“No, I don’t.” Jimin swallowed hard and looked away from Yoongi.

“I just really hate the guy,” confessed Yoongi. “All I ever hear about him is shit. He’s rude and obnoxious and he fucks around and doesn’t give a shit about anyone. When I saw you with him I just snapped.”

Jimin didn’t exactly blame him. One rarely heard so many good things about Jeon Jungkook. All that was interesting was who he was fucking, and that didn’t do him justice.

He was more than that.

But Yoongi didn’t know that, so Jimin couldn’t blame him.

“I thought that in the beginning too,” said Jimin. “I thought all he wanted was to sleep with me, and then he would push me aside.” Jimin crawled over to sit in front of Yoongi. “But he’s not like that.”

Jimin maintained Yoongi’s eye contact, doing his best to make Yoongi understand that he was telling the truth.

But Yoongi still looked wary.

“How do you know? How do know he’s not just gonna play around with you until he gets bored or something?” Jimin wasn’t sure how he should explain. It was just a feeling he had. A feeling he trusted.

“Because the way he is around me…” Jimin paused for a moment. It was weird saying this out loud. It felt too personal to share with someone, but this was Yoongi.

He could always trust Yoongi with his heart.

“It’s fucking weird to say this, but it’s true. He cares. I know he does.” But Yoongi was still uneasy. 

“I don’t want to see you hurt Jiminie. I wouldn’t be able to bear it.” Jimin leaned in and captured Yoongi’s face between his hands.

For a moment he was scared he had overstepped a boundary too soon, but Yoongi didn’t seem to mind one bit.

It wasn’t like skinship and intimacy was strange to them, so the normality in the action made Jimin happy.

“Even if he does,” said Jimin. “Even if he does turn out to be a juvenile dipshit and dumps me and breaks my heart, I have you.”

Yoongi was silent as he looked at him and the short silence suddenly made Jimin a little anxious.

“Right…?” Though he was begging more than he was asking.

Yoongi’s silence didn’t comfort him.

He placed his hands on Jimin’s and gently pulled them off his face.

But he didn’t let go. He still held onto him.

“Right,” he said. “You still have me.”

Jimin exhaled deeply.

“You mean the world to me Yoongi, you know that. I hate myself for making you worry like this. For hurting you, I never wanted to do that.”

Yoongi looked down at their intertwined fingers and caressed the back of Jimin’s hand with his thumb.

“You’re the only one at this place I really trust. Hell, maybe the only one wherever.” Jimin was momentarily taken back by the confession.

“When I told my parents I wanted to study music at the university, they practically kicked me out. They didn’t support me. And then I arrived at the university and I was so fucking mad at everything. And I know I have Namjoon and Hoseok. Hell, even Taehyung.” Jimin chuckled at that, and so did Yoongi.

“But you understand in a way they don’t. It was because of you I reached out to my family and because of you that I didn’t lose them completely.”

Jimin had used a long time trying to convince Yoongi to reach out to his family since he was too big of a coward to the same, but he didn’t think it was all because of him. He just thought he had nudged him a little bit.

“You’re a pain in the ass most of the time-” Jimin pulled one hand out of Yoongi’s and hit the boy’s chest. “-but you’re my best friend.” Jimin felt his heart beat loudly in his chest.

He knew they meant a lot to each other, and though the words warmed his stomach, they also made him feel more guilty for doing this to him.

“You’re my best friend too,” said Jimin. And it was true. Jimin just hadn’t really realized it before. Yoongi was more than a roommate that much he knew, but when he spoke of him he always just called him his roommate.

It was almost as if he had been hiding the truth for himself too.

“I thought Taehyung was your best friend?”

“Not anymore,” giggled Jimin. “Now he is just my soulmate.”

He probably shouldn’t tell Taehyung that though. The boy was almost as jealous as Jungkook.

“Without you as my roommate, I would never have made it this far Yoongi. Never.” They looked at each other and the kind look in Yoongi’s eyes almost made him cry.

He hadn’t lost him.

“Of course you wouldn’t. You’re hopeless on your own.” Jimin laughed. A real, genuine and loud laugh.

“You’re ruining our moment!” complained Jimin through the laughing.

“Yeah, well, the moment is over.”

Jimin couldn’t even be mad.

“Let’s go get some sleep,” said Jimin and grabbed both of Yoongi’s hands again. 

“What about Jungkook?” asked Yoongi, and Jimin could hear the uneasiness in his voice.

“He’ll still be there tomorrow.” Yoongi smiled.


Then they helped each other up from the floor and made their way out of the dance studio, turning off the lights after them.

“Can I… um, can I sleep with you?” asked Jimin, a little anxious for the answer. A little scared he was pushing it too far too soon.

But Yoongi didn’t even hesitate before he nodded. “Sure. But if you kick me in your sleep I will push you out.” 

“That’s fair.”

They made their way to their dorm, and as they got ready for bed, Jimin pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to Jungkook.

‘Everything’s okay’.

I felt good to know that those words were somewhat true.

He didn’t bother waiting for a reply. He could check in the morning.

He tossed his pants and changed his shirt and then he jumped on Yoongi’s bed, lying like a starfish taking up all the space.

“Okay that’s it, you’re sleeping on the floor.” Jimin pouted and reluctantly moved to the side so there was room for Yoongi.

They both got under the covers and Jimin snuggled closer to Yoongi.

“I already have a feeling you’re gonna kick me in your sleep.” 

“I will not!” 

“If you do I will push you out.” 

“That’s fair.”

A short silence.

“You didn’t have a laundry day, did you?” Jimin shook his head against Yoongi’s neck, a little smile playing on his lips.

“I should’ve known, but we spend so much time doing laundry and talking about laundry that I didn’t think twice about. I’m an idiot.” 

“Maybe just a little bit.” Yoongi nudged Jimin hard with his elbow.

“No, you are certainly not an idiot.” 


Another short silence.

“I knew there was something going on after he got you that jacket. I guess I just thought the thought of you together was so ridiculous that there couldn’t possibly be anything in it.” Yoongi paused for a second, and Jimin remained silent. “I guess I thought you were smart enough to never get involved with him.”

Jimin felt an uncomfortable rush in his stomach. He suddenly felt like he had disappointed Yoongi. That Yoongi had expected better of him, and he hadn’t been able to deliver.

Of course, he felt a pang of anger too. Jimin wasn’t dumb. That was exactly why he had tried to get rid of Jungkook in the first place. Because he was smart.

But he couldn’t blame Yoongi.

And he still couldn’t guarantee that getting involved with Jeon Jungkook wasn’t a dumb idea.

The uncertainty was killing him.

“When exactly did it start?” Jimin wasn’t sure how much information he should give Yoongi about the night they met.

He should probably keep the whole Go Fish game to himself. Yoongi’s picture of Jungkook probably wouldn’t better after hearing that.

“At the double date with Tae. After Jiwoo left and I couldn’t find Tae, I was sitting in the bar, nagging the bartender for free drinks because he thought I had been dumped.”

He never really got the chance to thank him probably for his kindness.

Not to mention the fact that if he hadn’t given him all those free drinks, he wouldn’t have stayed in the bar long enough for Jungkook to approach him.

It was weird how seemingly insignificant things somehow served a greater purpose.

“And then there was Jungkook. For some reason, he just wouldn’t fuck off afterward. Eventually, he grew on me, I guess. Like athlete's foot.” Yoongi snorted.

“You got that right.”

Jimin hit him on the back of his neck.

“Do you love him?”

The question took Jimin by surprise and he had a hard time opening his mouth and form any words.

In the end, he just decided to be completely honest.



Since he couldn’t see Yoongi’s face he didn’t know what kind of expression he had.

“But I-,” He held a hesitant pause. “I think I could. Eventually.”

And it was true. It was scary, but it was true.

“As long as you are happy.” Jimin snuggled closer to Yoongi. 

“I am. But that’s also because I have you.” '

“Stop being sappy and go to sleep.” Yoongi was never good with sappy conversations, but Jimin knew he appreciated them. So he just smiled.

“Please don’t tell anyone,” muttered Jimin against Yoongi’s neck. 

“Not even Tae?” 

“No. He- he wouldn’t forgive me.”

Yoongi didn’t seem to believe him. “Of course he would. He loves you.” Jimin really wanted to tell him that it didn’t matter. If Taehyung couldn’t forgive his own parents, then he couldn’t forgive Jimin.

“Goodnight Yoongi.”

Yoongi was quiet for a moment, probably debating if he should drop the topic or not.

He eventually did.

“Goodnight Jimin.”




Wednesday had been quite chill so far. He had woken up chill. He had brushed his teeth chill. He had gone to class chill.

But of course, Jimin never got to chill for too long at a time.

The universe was cruel.

He had completely forgotten that his dance class was right next to the astronomy class until he was on his way out of the building but instead walked right into someone.

Someone who was Jiwoo.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t even- Jimin?” Jimin froze at the sound of his name. He was almost too afraid to look up.

Was it too late to run? Indeed it was.

“Jiwoo. Hi.” 


An awkward silence.

Jiwoo looked like he was trying to come up with something to say, and Jimin still wanted to run.

The boy was holding a stack of notebooks in his arms and was awkwardly sliding his left foot back and forth over the floor.

He was slightly nervous and that made Jimin nervous.

“I, um, I was actually going to text you, but I see I don’t have to do that now,” he said, followed by a nervous laugh.

Jimin had never had anyone being like this in his presence. Being all nervous and stuttering and kind of adorable. Why did Jiwoo have to be so sweet? It made everything so damn hard.

“Text me? But-” 

“I, um, I asked Taehyung for your number.” Of course, he did. And of course, Taehyung would give it to him.

That kid was determined to get Jimin laid, not knowing he was actually getting sex on the regular now.

Which was kind of weird, but also really fucking great.


“Yes, well, so I know you’re probably still busy, but I really wanted to-” 

“I’m so sorry Jiwoo, but I- there’s a lot right now and I’m behind and- I’m really sorry.” The words weren’t very confident and involved a lot of stuttering.

He was such a fucking dick.

“Oh, well that’s okay.” Jiwoo’s entire face fell at that. “But here.” Jiwoo opened one of the notebooks in his arms and pulled out a pen from his back pocket. Jimin didn’t ask why he had a pen in his back pocket.

He wrote something on the paper, then he ripped it off and handed it Jimin. “Please call me when you got the time. That would, um, be great.”

It seemed like Jiwoo didn’t want to stay and hear Jimin’s reply, because he hurried passed him, and Jimin could see the slight blush on his cheeks.

He looked at the number in his hand. Mostly he wanted to throw it away, but eventually, he put in his pocket.

For fuck sake.

And Jimin’s day just got worse.

He had taken two steps into his dorm building when someone placed themselves right in front of him, blocking his way.

“Park Jimin. The man of my dreams.”

“Fuck off Muyeol, I don’t have time for you.” Muyeol exclaimed a gasp that certainly wasn’t genuine. 

“You always wound me Park Jimin.”

He was going to wound him a whole lot more if he didn’t get lost right now.

Jimin tried to walk past the taller boy, but Muyeol smoothly took a step to his left, blocking Jimin’s way once again, the cocky grin never leaving his face.

“What now? We don’t have a history assignment.” 

“I can’t seek you out just because I want to see you?” 


“Alright then.”

Muyeol continued to smile smugly. He always did that when he was tormenting Jimin, and he kept wondering why Muyeol was determined to be such a constant dick to him.

Maybe he was just bored since he had broken up with his girlfriend a few weeks before he approached Jimin.

He only knew that because Muyeol had tried to get out of history assignments by telling their teacher he was too heartbroken to do them.

Jimin had felt no sympathy with him then and he still didn’t. Muyeol was a doucebag.

“We have some homework for next week.” Jimin frowned. “I’m not doing homework. We agreed on assignments and that’s it.” Muyeol shook his head and poked Jimin’s nose with his finger as if Jimin was a child.

If he didn’t fuck off with that Jimin might throw a tantrum soon.

“Oh, no, no, no. Homework too.”

This fucking asshole.

Jimin rolled his eyes at him but Muyeol’s smile didn’t fade the least bit. “So we got a deal?”

He really just wanted to tell Muyeol to stick a cactus up his ass and never talk to him again, but right now was not the time for him to get on Muyeol’s bad side, and make him blabber about him and Jungkook to the whole school.

“Yes, yes, you prick, just get lost.” Muyeol only seemed to hear the ‘yes’ part, because the harsh words did nothing to his satisfied smile.

“You’re the best Park Jimin.” He ruffled Jimin’s hair, and Jimin groaned.

Then the taller boy said a quick ‘bye’ before he walked away, leaving Jimin with messed up hair.

What a chill Wednesday he had had.

Suddenly a new body placed itself in front of Jimin and he was this close to throwing a punch.

“Why can’t people just fucking fuck off, I’m- Hobi?” Hoseok had raised his hands in surrender and had taken a step back, eyeing Jimin cautiously.

Jimin didn’t exactly blame him. He had been so close to just kick the person. He was surprised he actually hadn’t.

“Hello to you too sweetheart,” said Hoseok, chuckling as he took a step forward again when he realized Jimin wasn’t going to hit him.

“Sorry Hoseok,” apologized Jimin and sighed deeply. “Too many people, too little time.” Hoseok didn’t seem to understand, but he didn’t seem interested enough to ask.

“I was just gonna run a few things through you regarding our group dance. Do you have time?” Jimin honestly didn’t want to. He was still way behind with his own and he didn’t have the surplus energy to deal with new adjustments to the group dance.

“Hobi I was just gonna go hang out with Tae, I don’t really...” He sighed heavily again. “I’m behind myself so-” 

“Oh. I’m- yeah, I’m sorry. I was just struggling with it.” Hoseok’s entire face fell – just like Jiwoo’s had – and Jimin didn’t have it in him to disappoint another one in such a small amount of time.

“Come on.” Jimin grabbed Hoseok’s wrist and dragged him with him towards his dorm.

“Jiminie you don’t have to if you don’t-” 

“I wanna do it Hobi. It’s cool.”

Jimin didn’t have to look at Hoseok’s face to know he was smiling brightly. At least he made one person smile today.

They arrived at Taehyung’s and Hoseok’s dorm room and Jimin kicked in the door expecting to see a lazy Taehyung lying in bed watching k dramas.

Instead, he saw a very energic Taehyung sitting in his bed, a game controller in his hands while yelling and laughing.

Though the sight of Taehyung didn’t surprise him – he had seen the boy play video games before – it was the sight of someone next to him that didn’t use to be there.

What the fuck was Jungkook doing here?

“Tae what the fuck! The room is a mess!” yelled Hoseok upon seeing the amount of dirty clothes, shoes and other shit lying on the floor.

Hoseok's yelling got everyone’s attention.

“Oh hey Hobi, hey Jiminie. Come join” Taehyung was smiling cheekily, but Jimin was too busy burning holes in Jungkook to answer him.

That son of a-


Jimin nearly jumped fifty feet in the air when Yoongi spoke up.

“Oh, Yoongi didn’t know you were here too.” Yoongi was sitting by Hoseok’s desk, the computer turned on.

“Yeah I needed to borrow your computer, hope it’s cool.” Hoseok hurried to nod, clearly a little taken back. And maybe a little flustered.

Jimin didn’t exactly have time to wonder why Yoongi wanted to borrow Hoseok’s computer since his own was ten times as fast, because he was glaring at Jungkook.

Why was he here?

“Didn’t know you were here Jungkook,” said Hoseok, but he was still glancing at Yoongi. Probably trying not to get a boner at the thought of Yoongi sitting in his chair.

“Yeah, Taehyung mentioned he was gonna play some video games with Jiminie and I thought I would join.”

Such an innocent smile on such a devil.

“It’s cool. You’re here a lot these days,” laughed Hoseok, though he didn’t sound the least bit annoyed by it.

“He is,” said Yoongi, barely audible for anyone, though he sounded a little more displeased.

“Come help me beat Jungkook, the kid’s insane,” said Taehyung, but he was too busy with the game to look up at Jimin.

He felt relieved when he had a good excuse to avoid playing on the tip of his tongue.

“I have to help Hobi with some dancing so I can’t-” He was interrupted by the ringing of Hoseok’s phone, and he already had a feeling he wouldn’t like it.

“Hey, Namjoon! No, I’m- but I was gonna- Yeah, yeah I’ll come.” He sighed annoyed as he placed the phone back in his pocket and smiled apologetically to Jimin. “The idiot broke the computer keyboard, I have to go.”

Of course, Jimin wasn’t surprised, but he was slightly annoyed he know had no reason to say no to Taehyung.

“It’s fine. Go, I’ll just…” He eyed the two boys on the bed. Taehyung was too busy playing, but Jungkook sent Jimin a stupid smile.

“I’ll catch you later, then you can help me. Bye guys!” waved Hoseok, glancing at all of them, though at Yoongi a little longer.

Then he left and Jimin continued to stand awkwardly in the middle of the room.

“Come on Jiminie, don’t stand there looking like a dipshit.”

That, funnily enough, didn’t exactly make Jimin all that eager to join them on the bed.

He did his best to come up with a good excuse to leave. The thought of playing video games with his oblivious soulmate and the guy he’s secretly seeing, while his best friend and roommate, who knows about them, watch them, was unsettling.

However, eventually, he decided to make his way to them.

The two boys were sitting with their back against the wall and their feet dangling over the edge. The mini TV that Taehyung had smuggled with him was placed on a rocky chair with the Xbox next to it.

Jimin made his way to sit next to Taehyung on the edge of the bed, but Jungkook was faster. He threw his jacket at the spot next to Taehyung where Jimin had planned on sitting. “Sorry, you can sit here.” Jungkook patted the space next to him, still the same innocent smile.

Jimin just prayed Taehyung didn’t find the action weird or suspicious. Luckily, the boy was to busy with his game to notice anything.

Jimin glared at Jungkook as he made his way to him and sat down in the empty space next to him.

He made sure to make some distance between himself and Jungkook, not giving the boy any funny ideas.

He caught Yoongi’s eye. The older boy was watching them closely, but when he got caught looking he turned around quickly. Jimin had a feeling it wasn’t the computer he came for.

He was still unsure of what to think of Jungkook it appeared. And Jimin understood that.

“Catch.” Jimin just had time to look before Taehyung threw a controller at him.

“What are we playing?” asked Jimin, awkwardly shifting in the bed to make himself more comfortable without moving closer to Jungkook. This time there was not able to conceal his hands if Jungkook got any funny ideas, and Jimin feared it wouldn’t stop him from doing so anyway.

“What we’re always playing. You’re Peach.” 

“I don’t wanna be Peach, I wanna be Toad. I’m always Toad,” whined Jimin. 

“Jungkook’s Toad. He was here first.” Jimin glared at the boy. 

First, he invades on video-game-time with his soulmate and then he steals his favorite character?

What a fucking douchebag.

“Then can’t I be Luigi or something? Peach got the ugliest car.” Taehyung simply ignored him and locked in Jimin as Peach. The boy didn’t have time to argue any further, because Taehyung had already started a new race.

“This is so unfair, I hate you.” 

“Calm down, Princess.” Jimin was so close to throwing the controller in Jungkook’s smug face.

“This princess is gonna fuck you up so badly you’re gonna move to the mountains, exclude from the community out of shame, and die alone and unloved.” 

“Can’t wait.” Jimin kicked Jungkook’s foot.

“You’re in last place Jimin,” commented Taehyung, as if Jimin couldn’t see it himself. “Shut up Tae.”

Taehyung shut up, but Jimin lost anyway.

“He has been beating me all day,” pouted Taehyung. “I haven’t won even once. And I thought you could help me Jiminie, but you’re even worse than me.” Jimin felt incredible insulted. “We’ve played one round it doesn’t count.”

Jungkook was smiling in self-satisfaction. Probably very pleased with the fact that this was another game Jimin couldn’t win at. At least this time there were to prices.

“Yeah but I win most of the times anyway so it’s not really-” 

“That’s not true, I win just as many times as you. Actually, last time we played I-” 

“I let you win because you were having a bad day.” 

“Wha- you dick!”

Jimin leaned back against the wall and crossed his arms over his chest as he pouted. “I’m gonna beat both your asses and then we’re gonna see who’s the real loser here.” He tightened his grip on the controller and gestured for Taehyung to start another race. He smiled smugly as he did so, but he said nothing.


(⌐■_■)=/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿


The race was close. Closer than before, but Jungkook was of course still leading. That son of a bitch was leading in every single thing he did.

“Taehyung throw that goddamn turtle shell before I cut off your dick!”

“I need to get close enough otherwise I will miss!”

“Hey! Ganging up on me is cheating.”

“We’re not ganging up on you, we happen to benefit from the same things, it’s not the same.”

“Well, even if you did, which you are, I will still win.”

“Cocky bastard.”

The three boys had been playing none stop for an hour. Around fifteen races had been played and Jungkook had actually won every single one of them. Once in a while, Taehyung would come close, but the dark-haired boy always won in the end.

Yoongi had been sitting by the desk, his back turned to them as he worked on something, but Jimin knew most of his attention was on them. What they were doing and saying.

Every once in a while, when one of them said something strange or made a weird sound he would turn around, but other than that he remained silent.

“Jungkook is cheating,” declared Jimin after he lost for the sixteenth time. His character, Princess Peach, was in the bottom right corner with the number 6 over her. It was almost humiliating that that was one of his best rankings all day.

“Don’t be mean just because you’re losing.” Jungkook placed his hand on Jimin’s knee and patted it teasingly. It wasn’t until then Jimin realized he had scooched so close to Jungkook they were touching. He knew he should probably move back a little, but he found himself unable to.

He actually scooched a little closer, earning a discreet smile from Jungkook.

“How can you be so good at this? I play all the time, how can you beat me?” Taehyung seemed genuinely baffled by the fact that Jungkook was better when he played so much.

“I played this all the time when I was a kid. No one can beat me.” Jungkook was clearly very proud of himself.

“It was all so much simpler when I was just playing against Jimin. I always won.” He sent Jimin a playful smile and Jimin gave him the finger, making Jungkook laugh.

“Maybe I let you win you know. Maybe all this time I’ve just been a good fucking friend letting you win.” Jungkook and Taehyung sent Jimin the same raised eyebrow and smug smile, not believing his weak ass lie for even a second.

Jungkook opened his mouth to speak, but Jimin was having it. He placed his hand flat on Jungkook’s face. Though his tiny hand didn’t cover his entire face, it shut Jungkook up, which was the purpose so Jimin didn’t mind.

“I’m gonna beat your ass for real one day Kim Taehyung, and then you’re gonna regret ever offering to help me unpack my dorm room.” Jimin pointed his finger at Taehyung and the boy grabbed his hand and pulled him forward so hard he fell over Jungkook’s legs.

“Park Jimin the day you beat my ass is the day it snows in July.” 

“Then prepared to see a miracle.” Taehyung sent Jimin his beautiful box smile, making Jimin laugh at the wonderful sight.

Taehyung’s smile was one of Jimin’s favorite things. It could always make him happy.

He had almost forgotten he was still lying over Jungkook’s legs until he cleared his throat. “If you two are done flirting, can we get back to the game?” He was smiling playfully, but Jimin knew it wasn’t all playful.

Which of course meant Jimin wouldn’t move.

Instead of getting up he pulled Taehyung a little closer and made himself a little more comfortable on Jungkook’s legs. “But we’re not done, are we Taehyungie?” Taehyung shook his head, playing along happily and obliviously.

“Does our sweet love annoy you?” he asked.

“No, but Jimin’s huge ass is suffocating me.” Jungkook poked Jimin’s ass, and Jimin slapped his hand away.

“Don’t bring my ass into this, you ass!” But he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Then get it off me.” 

“As if you mind.”

Jimin’s eyes widen at the realization that he might have said a little too much. Jungkook looked at him with raised eyebrows and an amused smile on his lips, clearly finding Jimin’s slip up funny.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see that his comment had caught Yoongi’s attention too.

“Now you’re the ones flirting. Stop it so I can play!” whined Taehyung pushing Jimin away from him, and Jimin didn’t even mind as long as Taehyung didn’t find it unusual.

“Yes, Jimin stop flirting with me,” said Jungkook, the teasing smile never dying. Jimin hit his chest.

“Now I’m gonna beat Jungkook’s ass, so let’s-” Taehyung was interrupted by the ringing of Jungkook’s phone and Jimin’s whole body froze.

He pulled it out and by the restrained look on his face, Jimin knew who it was.

“Sorry I have to go, Jin he- he needs me.” Jungkook plastered a fake smile on his lips as he got up from the bed. “It was great hanging with you guys, let’s do it again soon.”

Taehyung immediately told him that they would indeed do it again and that it was awesome, and he was welcomed anytime.

Jimin, on the other hand, said nothing, just watched as Jungkook’s whole aura changed.

Jimin had of course never meet Jungkook’s father, the great and mighty Jeon Junghoon, but he already hated the man like the plague for having this effect on his son.

Jungkook said goodbye to them all, even Yoongi, and then he hurried out the door leaving Jimin torn between running after him and giving him the space he probably needed.

“It’s funny,” said Taehyung after a few seconds of silence. “He’s nothing like the rumors say. Thought he was gonna be a total dick. He’s actually quite great.” A warm feeling spread in Jimin’s stomach at the words. It was as if Taehyung had complimented him, not Jungkook, but him.

It was a weird feeling for Jimin, caring about someone so much that compliments aimed at them made his heart flutter.

“Maybe it’s just a front.”

Jimin snapped his head in Yoongi’s direction. He was stilling sitting with his back to them. 

“Nah, I think it’s legit Yoongi,” said Taehyung casually.

“Yeah, let’s see how long it lasts.”

Jimin felt the anger build up in him.

He knew Yoongi had issues with Jungkook. Even before he knew anything he was the one who showed the least interested in Jungkook hanging out with them and Jimin knew it was mostly because he wasn’t a big fan of new people, but he didn’t have to be such a dick.

This was just ridiculous. It was like he wasn’t even trying to change his mind about him.

“If you’re gonna be a dick then leave.” Jimin was surprised with the confidence in his voice. It appeared Yoongi was too because he turned around to look at them. His eyes found Jimin’s immediately and he could see the regret in them.

It was clear he was trying to apologize silently, but Jimin was having it.

At last Yoongi got up. “Sorry. I’m done anyways.” He clicked a few times on the screen and then he turned it off. “See ya,” he awkwardly said as he left.

When the door closed behind him Taehyung left out a short laugh. “Someone doesn’t like their friend group expanding.” Jimin felt relieved that Taehyung had already made up a reason for Yoongi’s behavior in his head. A reason that didn’t make Jimin look suspicious.

“Yeah well, he just has to get used to it then.” Taehyung nodded in agreement.

They were silent for a few seconds, then Taehyung spoke up.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I bumped into Jiwoo yesterday.” Jimin’s whole body froze.

Oh no.

“I gave him your number. Told him to call you.” Taehyung sent Jimin a smile. “You’re welcome,” he said as if Jimin should be grateful. However, he definitely wasn’t.

Jimin was fidgeting with the controller in his hands, not looking at Taehyung. “Yeah, I- I know. I bumped into him today.” The blond boy moved closer, an excited smile playing on his lips.

“So…?” Jimin gave him a confused look. 

“So what?” 

“When are you going out?”

Jimin had no idea what to say.

If he could lie – if he could somehow come up with a good lie – he would fucking do it. He would spit out lie upon lie right now, but no good lie came to him. No good excuse or good explanation came to mind.

“We aren’t going out Tae.” Jimin swallowed hard as Taehyung’s whole face changed. He looked sad, disappointed, confused, annoyed.

“Why not?” “I’m just too busy Tae. The dance festival and school and all. It’s just…” Taehyung didn’t seem to buy any of it. He leaned back against the wall and crossed his arms over his chest. He looked generally annoyed.

“Cut the crap Jimin. You have the time.” Jimin sighed deeply. He did not want to have this conversation. “Okay, but I’m just not in the right place right now to think of my romantic life okay?”

“Jimin you need to get out there, okay? Get some kisses, get some dick.” Taehyung seemed almost too invested in this. As if the fact that Jimin was single was a personal offends towards him.

“I don’t need dick right now.” What a lie.

“You hit it off on our double date,” argued Taehyung. “How would you know? You hardly looked anyone else but Hajun.” It was true. They had spent the whole night looking at each other as if no one was around.

Jimin was certain Jiwoo could’ve fucked him over the table and Taehyung wouldn’t have noticed.

“Fuck off, I noticed. He was fucking into you Jimin. He came to his best friend’s ex-fling to get your number. That says something about him.” Jimin couldn’t deny the fact that he felt a little flattered.

However, he also felt a million times worse since he couldn’t go out with the poor guy.

“I know that, but-” 

“No, but,” interrupted Taehyung. 

“You’re going out with him.” Jimin looked at Taehyung with parted lips and a baffled look on his face. 

“You’re not the boss of me!” He yelled a little louder than he meant to.

“I am when you fuck yourself over!” yelled Taehyung. Jimin couldn’t believe they were actually fighting about Jimin’s love life.

“It’s my goddammn life Taehyung. If I don’t wanna go out with someone I don’t have to.” For some reason, Taehyung didn’t agree, and Jimin felt a vein pop in his forehead.

“You’re going on that date.” It wasn’t a suggestion. It was a statement.

He reached over for Jimin’s phone next to him and held it out for Jimin to take. “Call him and tell him you’re going out on Saturday.”

His face was completely serious, no room for arguments. He looked like a strict parent, forcing their child to take their medication or some shit.

“I’m not-” 


“Because I don’t have the time and I-” 

“No, not that shit. You give me a good, solid reason for not going out with Jiwoo right now or you call him.”

The two boys looked at each other. Taehyung’s gaze was piercing, but Jimin had gotten used to Jungkook’s so his soulmate’s gaze was nothing.

He really didn’t know what to say. His reason for not going out with Jiwoo was because he was going out with Jungkook.

Jungkook was the reason.

“Why is this so goddamn important to you?” asked Jimin, already defeated. It seemed like Taehyung softened up a bit at the words. As if he knew he had been going a little too strong.

“Because I’m scared you’re lonely. And I know you have me and you have Yoongi and everyone else. But there’s a spot left in your life for someone special and you deserve to find them.”

If someone had told Jimin 2 months ago that there was a spot left for someone special in his life, he would’ve given them the finger. He wasn’t missing anything. He didn’t need anyone ‘special’. He was doing just fine.

But now he had found someone special – at least a little bit special – and he would be lying if he said it didn’t feel like that someone had filled out a place in his life he didn’t know had been empty.

Since when was Jimin’s life a fucking sappy romance movie?

“If you don’t have a good reason then please call him Jimin.” Taehyung was still holding out the phone for Jimin, but his eyes weren’t as stern anymore. They were softer and more hopeful than before.

No reason came to Jimin’s mind. No reason good enough.

He reluctantly took the phone and pulled out Jiwoo’s number from his pocket. He took forever to type in the number and held a really long hesitant pause before he pressed dial.

Taehyung sent him the biggest smile he could as Jimin put the phone to his ear and heard the phone ring. He tried his best to smile back, but it wasn’t genuine. It was painfully fake. Almost physically painful.

He knew Taehyung did this because he believed he was doing the right thing. He believed he was somehow helping Jimin in his own fucked up way, but it didn’t better the situation.

He was just forcing Jimin to lie even more than he already was. To even more people than he already was.

The situation was getting out of hand and Jimin couldn’t stop it. He couldn’t stop it, because if he came clean now he would lose Taehyung. And he couldn’t lose Taehyung.

He just had to keep going and hope that somewhere along the line everything would turn out okay. No one would get hurt. No one would be mad.


“Hey Jiwoo, it’s, um, it’s Jimin.”

Chapter Text

Park Jimin had walked through the streets of Seoul at night before.

Sometimes he was out getting a late-night meal with Taehyung. Or maybe a late-night drink with Yoongi. Sometimes it was a late-night walk with Hoseok to clear their minds and talk about dance. Sometimes he would just go for a late-night walk alone, going for some coffee or something.

But no matter who he walked with or where they were going, he always had a reason. A destination or a plan or a meaning behind it.

He never just walked around aimlessly with no purpose. Never.

Until tonight.

It had been too much. He had known it would be overwhelming, but somehow it still took him by surprise. It still knocked him over.

He had thought he had been prepared when he opened the bottom drawer. He thought that he was finally ready. He could read it and he would be okay.

Because he knew what it was going to say. He knew the words written in the letter before he even opened it, yet the words surprised him.

And before he even knew what he was doing, he got up from the bed, put on a pair of pants and grabbed his jacket, then he tiptoed to the door, making sure not to wake Yoongi.

And then he left.

He kept walking while the tears threatened to spill. He avoided all eyes as he practically ran down the streets of Seoul. Though not many people crossed his way at 3.46am on a Friday night

It was chilly, but not uncomfortably cold. Of course, Jimin was practically running so the last thing he felt was cold.

He kept his head down, looking at his own two feet moving fast.

One, two, one, two, one, two…

He kept counting almost obsessively as if it was the only thing keeping him together.

He focused on his breathing. Doing his best to keep it steady and even.

“Watch where you’re going.”

And that was it.

That was all it took for Jimin to break. Walking into a stranger, interrupting his counting, interrupting his breathing.

He didn’t even have it in him to say sorry, so he just ran. Even when the guy called after him he continued to run.

The tears spilled from his eyes, sliding down his chubby cheeks. They blurred his vision, making it almost impossible for him to see anything in front of him, but he didn’t care, he just kept running.

He didn’t know where he was going, but he didn’t stop to think.

He let his legs chose where he was going, because his eyes were blurry, and his mind was clouded.

Why was he such a cowered?

Why hadn’t he just stayed with Yoongi? He knew the boy would understand. He wouldn’t judge his tears or be mad about being woken up. He would help him. He would support him. He would care for him.

So why did Jimin run?

It wasn’t until he ripped open the all too familiar door, ran with all his might to the all too familiar stairs and knocked on the all too familiar door, that he realized his legs hadn’t chosen where he was going.


Jungkook was standing in the door, wearing nothing but boxers and scratching his sleepy eyes. His hair was a mess, but Jimin was certain he looked a lot worse than him.

His eyes were read and puffy from crying. Tears were still spilling, and his mouth was quivering. His hair was sticking up from all sides and his heart was beating with a thousand beats a second.

“I- I’m sorry, I don’t-” he couldn’t finish the sentence, because he didn’t know what he was supposed to say. He didn’t know what he was doing in front of Jungkook’s door.

The taller boy didn’t look sleepy anymore as he stared at the frantic looking boy at his doorstep. His eyes were widened as they scanned Jimin from top to toe, probably looking for visible injuries.

“Jimin,” he said again, but this time it wasn’t a question.

Jimin tried to dry his face, but the dry cheeks fooled no one. He wiped his nose with the back of his sleeve and tried to straighten his back.

He felt like a fool, standing here at Jungkook’s door at 4 in the morning with puffy eyes and trembling hands.

“I’m sorry, I- I don’t know what the fu- fuck I’m-” But Jimin wasn’t able to finish before he broke into sobs and Jungkook wasted no time pulling Jimin into his arms and embracing him tightly.

And Jimin broke.

He let it all out and he cried. The hallway was filled with loud, pathetic sobs from a small broken boy, but as he cried in Jungkook’s arm he didn’t feel so alone.

“Come, baby.” Slowly Jungkook guided Jimin into his apartment, awkwardly closing the door with his foot, not letting go of Jimin.

He guided him to the bed where he sat down, pulling Jimin onto his lap. He gently rocked him from side to side as he caressed his back, trying to calm him down, but the sobs wouldn’t stop.

Jimin wondered when Jungkook would lose his patience. When he was going to demand that Jimin told him why he showed up at his door in the middle of the night while crying like a child, but he never did.

He held him tightly, repeatedly told him he was safe and that he was right here for him while pressing soft kisses to his forehead as he let him cry until he had nothing left.

“Baby tell me what’s wrong so I can help you.” But Jimin just shook his head, the tears still spilling from his eyes.

“I can’t- I- I-” he couldn’t finish the sentence, too busy crying like a child. “Baby, listen to me, you need to breathe.” But Jimin couldn’t. He shook his head as he continued to sob and not breathe properly.

“She loves me,” he cried. “She loves me, but she shouldn’t.” Jungkook tightened his hold on the smaller boy. “What are you talking about Jimin? Who?”

A loud sob escaped him. He sounded like he was dying, and somewhere deep within him he probably was.

“It’s all my fault! I did this to her. She’s dying and it’s all my fault!” He was practically screaming now, but he couldn’t control himself. He couldn’t calm down and he couldn’t understand his own mind.

It was like he was drunk, but instead of feeling nothing he felt everything too strongly and it was tearing him apart.

“Jimin what are you talking about? Who is dying?” He could hear the desperation and the confusion in Jungkook’s voice.

“My mom,” he sobs. “And it’s all my- my fault.” Jungkook shook his head. 

“Of course it’s not your fault Jimin, you haven’t-” But Jimin didn’t listen.

He jumped out of Jungkook’s arms, getting on his feet, though his legs were trembling like crazy.

“No! No! You don’t understand!” He was yelling, but he didn’t give a shit.

“Then explain it to me,” begged Jungkook and got up too. He took a few steps towards Jimin but kept his distance.

Jimin just shook his head as he avoided Jungkook’s piercing eyes. They were looking for answers and Jimin was too big of a cowered to give them to him.

“I can’t,” he muttered. “Yes, you can. Baby, of course, you can.” Jungkook took a step forward and gently grabbed Jimin’s arms, steadying him.

“No. You’re- you’re gonna hate me,” he whispered all most to quietly for anyone to hear, but Jungkook heard him. “I could never hate you, baby. Never.”

But Jimin didn’t believe him.

He hated himself for what he had done, so how could Jungkook not?

“No, no, no…” he repeated. It seemed like Jungkook realized that Jimin wouldn’t be able to stand on his own much longer because he lunged forward and wrapped his arms around the smaller boy.

Jimin wasn’t sure how long they stood there, or how many times he said ‘sorry’, but after some time Jungkook had managed to guide them both to the bed and gently placed Jimin under the duvet.

None of them said anything.

But then Jungkook started to hum. And slowly and softly he started to sing. A gently and fragile voice filling Jimin’s ears.

He had never heard Jungkook sing before – never knew he even could – but his voice was the most beautiful sound Jimin had ever heard.

He didn’t recognize the song, but it didn’t matter. It was beautiful.

He felt his breathing even and his heart beat slowing down. He felt the tears stopping and his mind turning off.

Jungkook held Jimin close in his arms as he sang the boy to sleep, and before he knew it, the world around him turned dark.


( ಥـْـِـِـِـْಥ)


Jimin woke up in an empty bed, with dried tearstains on his cheeks and a headache.

It took him a second to recall last night. The letter, him running to Jungkook, him crying in Jungkook’s arms.

He cringed a little at the memory.

He could hear the sound of something being fried and smell pancakes. He knew Jungkook was in the kitchen, but Jimin was too afraid of getting out of bed and face him so soon.

He needed to think before he looked Jungkook in the eyes. He needed to understand what the hell was going on in his mind before he tried to let in Jungkook.

He felt calmer than he had last night. His mind felt less clouded and his heart was beating at a normal pace.

He held the memory of the letter at an arm’s length, refusing to acknowledge it just yet. He knew he had to eventually. He had to face it and accepted it, but right now he couldn’t.

He rolled over on his stomach, planting his face in the pillow, and for a second, he almost hoped he would suffocate and die right there so he didn’t have to face anything. Or anyone.

The bed sheets were soft against his skin, though most of it was covered with clothing since he hadn’t exactly had the time to take it off.

He rolled over on his back and looked up at Jungkook’s white celling. If was funny how much he had hated waking up under that celling all those weeks ago, but now he loved it. Now he wouldn’t have wanted to wake up any other place.

Not even under his own familiar celling at his dorm.

How things had changed in such a short amount of time.

Finally, he forced himself to get out of Jungkook’s bed. It was a struggle from start to finish. His body was weak, his willpower was weak, his head was weak.

Everything was weak, and it was a miracle when he finally stood on his own two feet beside the bed.

He inhaled deeply. Once. Twice. Then he reluctantly made his way out of the bedroom and into the kitchen.

Jungkook was standing before the stove. By the impressive pile of pancakes on the plate next to him, he must’ve been standing there a long time.

The sound coming from the pancakes being made and the cooker hood made it impossible for Jungkook to hear Jimin’s hesitant steps, and so he was unaware that Jimin was standing by the edge of the kitchen, his heart starting to race again.

Which kind of bothered Jimin since he somehow didn’t want to announce his presence to Jungkook, he would rather just have Jungkook notice him. That way he didn’t have to say anything.

But after a few seconds Jimin realized he would be standing here all day if he didn’t do something, so he awkwardly cleared his throat and Jungkook turned around instantly, clearly not expecting Jimin to be out of bed so soon.

His eyes scanned over Jimin quickly and then they softened. He smiled sweetly at him, but Jimin had a hard time reciprocating it, so instead, he awkwardly looked down at his own two feet as he played with the zipper on his jacket.

He was glad he was exhausted enough to fall asleep without a problem last night because his jacket couldn’t exactly have been comfortable to sleep in.

“I-” started Jimin, thinking he should probably give Jungkook and explanation, but the sentence stopped there.

Jungkook was still standing by the stove, but the missing sound of frying pancakes told Jimin he wasn’t cooking anymore.

“Last night I, um, I’m sorry, I don’t know what…” the words got quieter as he talked and eventually they just died on his tongue.

He heard the sound of Jungkook moving and a few seconds later two feet came into view right in front of his own.

But he didn’t look up. He couldn’t look up.

“I’m sorry I disturbed you I didn’t- I mean wasn’t sure where to go and-” Jimin’s rambling was cut off by Jungkook gently placing his fingers under his chin and tipping his head up.

Jimin wanted to fight him, force his head to be down so he didn’t have to look Jungkook in the eyes.

But once he met Jungkook’s beautiful brown eyes, he somehow felt a million times better.

“Don’t apologize for shit baby,” he said and offered Jimin a reassuring smile. “I’m glad you came, okay?” He obviously tried his best to make Jimin feel better, but he still felt like a dick for showing up like that.

“Obviously I wished you would’ve called beforehand, so I wouldn’t have had to run to the store at 8 am on a Saturday, but oh well.” He chuckled teasingly, obviously believing the joke would make Jimin laugh, but instead, he just felt even more guilty.

“No- no you really shouldn’t have, I’m sorry, I-” Jungkook’s smile faded when he realized his joke had done the exact opposite of what he had hoped. “Shit, no, Jimin, it’s okay. I’m glad you came to me, okay?”

He cupped Jimin’s face with his hands. “Okay?” Jimin slowly nodded, not taking his eyes off Jungkook’s.

When the taller boy seemed satisfied he leaned in and pressed his lips against Jimin’s, giving him a quick kiss.

“Let’s get something to eat okay? I think you need it.” Jimin nodded, but he didn’t return Jungkook’s smile as he let himself be guided over to one of the bar stools.

He sat down and a few seconds later Jungkook placed a pile of pancakes on the table along with some sugar, strawberry jam and two plates. Then he sat down on the stool opposite Jimin.

“You don’t eat syrup, do you?” Jimin shook his head. “I didn’t take you for a syrup guy either.” He winked at Jimin as he slid over the pile of pancakes, the sugar, and the jam.

Jimin looked down at the food in front of him and suddenly he felt uncomfortable eating so many calories. Especially in front of Jungkook, and he wasn’t sure why.

The dance festival was coming up and this wasn’t the time to gain weight.

“You don’t like pancakes?” Jimin snapped his head up to look at the boy in front of him, who looked anxiously at him.

“No, no I’m just… not that hungry.” Jungkook didn’t seem to believe him. “I can make something else? I have some toast I think and I can-” “No! no it’s fine.” He hurried to grab a pancake and put on some jam and sprinkle some sugar on it.

He sent Jungkook a reassuring smile, but it wasn’t all that genuine. He had a feeling Jungkook could see that, but he said nothing,

Jungkook took a pancake for himself and in silence, they eat.

It was painfully awkward and Jimin wanted to die.

He could see Jungkook open and close his mouth multiply times as if he wanted to say something but decided against it, and he found himself doing the same a few times.

But what could he say?

Should he just come clean about everything?

Should he just say, ‘thank you for letting me crash’ and then leave?

Leaving was what he wanted to do most. Leaving was what he was best at.

But he found himself unable to do just that for the first time in his life.

It was getting a little too hot to have his jacket on and he could feel how sweaty his shirt was from the running last night, not to mention the fact that he must’ve sweat in his sleep too.

Jungkook must have seen Jimin’s discomfort in his own clothes. “I’m gonna go draw a bath for you,” he said, leaving no room for objections but Jimin didn’t mind. He could really use a bath right now.

Jungkook disappeared into the bathroom and Jimin hurried to finish his pancake before he returned.

It took a few minutes to force it down.

“Baby?” called Jungkook and Jimin got off the bar stool and slowly made his way to the bathroom.

Pushed to the side of the massive bathroom was a bathtub, already filled with water.

Jungkook turned off the water and turned towards Jimin.

“It’s still a little hot so maybe wait a minute more. I’ll go get you some clothes and then I’ll just go wait in-” 


Jungkook snapped his head up to look at him, clearly surprised.

Jimin wasn’t sure what possessed him to say it, but the thought of being along right now scared him.

Or maybe it wasn’t the thought of being alone, but more the thought of being without Jungkook that scared him.

“I- I mean, get the clothes but don’t leave. You slept next to me, so you could probably… um, use a bath too… right?” His cheeks reddened like crazy and he looked away, feeling too embarrassed to make eye contact.

He awkwardly scratched his neck and stubbed his foot on the floor.

“Sure.” The smile on Jungkook’s face just made Jimin blush even more.

He left the bathroom to get the clothes and Jimin slowly neared the bathtub. He dipped his finger in it. It was still a little too hot to get in, but the thought of his skin burning somehow felt comforting right now.

Strangely enough.

“You know, you need to take your clothes off in order for you to get in the bath.” He turned around to look at Jungkook in the door.

“Unless of course you wanna wash your clothes at the same time, but I wouldn’t recommend it.” He placed the clothes on the laundry basket by the sink and walked over to the still fully dressed Jimin.

“And I’m not just saying that because I wanna see you naked.” He smiled smugly and for the first time that day, Jimin let out an honest laugh.

“Then get me naked, you dick,” he said, and the hope glistering in Jungkook’s eyes made him smile.

Jimin was certain the hope wasn’t about the nakedness, but more about the fact that Jimin laughed.

At least he hoped it was.

“Anything for you baby.” Then Jungkook very slowly and very carefully neared Jimin.

For the first time, Jungkook looked hesitant in stripping Jimin naked. Something he never thought he would experience.

He quickly slid the jacket off him, but he was fumbling with the buttons on Jimin’s pants, something Jimin never thought would happen.

“Need help?” Jungkook looked almost startled as he looked at Jimin, clearly not expecting him to make a joke.

However, the tiny smile on Jimin’s lips reassured him and within seconds the buttons were opened and Jungkook elegantly slid the pants off him. Then he pulled the shirt over his head and pulled down his boxers.

Jimin had thought standing in front of Jungkook, butt naked without them about to have sex, would be weird, but it felt strangely right.

Jungkook ran his hands down Jimin’s arms as he studied his face closely, making Jimin shiver.

“God,” he breathed. “You’re so fucking beautiful.” He ran his hand through Jimin’s hair and the smaller boy eased into the touch, closing his eyes at the wonderful sensation.

Then he leaned in and captured Jimin’s lips in a soft kiss.

“Don’t just let me be naked alone,” he whispered against Jungkook’s lips. The taller boy placed one more kiss to Jimin’s lips and then he started undressing himself, while Jimin made his way to the bathtub.

The water was burning against his skin, but he embraced the feeling, settling himself down in the left side of the tub.

He almost still felt somewhat cold, despite the burning water.

The tub was big enough for Jimin to stretch his legs without hitting the other side, and it was tall enough for the water to reach right under Jimin’s shoulder.

After another second Jungkook, in all his naked glory, got into the tub in the opposite side. However, he wasn’t as silent as Jimin had been.

“Ah shit, it’s hot!” he exclaimed, but it didn’t stop him from settling down in front of Jimin.

It took a few seconds before Jungkook didn’t look like he wanted to jump out of the water, but finally, he relaxed and stretched his legs enough for them to be tangled up in Jimin’s.

The touch made Jimin feel more at ease somehow. He new Jungkook was right there – he wasn’t blind – but feeling Jungkook was better than seeing him.

The only sound that echoed through the massive bathroom was the sound of the water every time one of them moved. It was a calming sound, but Jimin was too anxious to fully relax.

Did Jungkook want him to explain now?

“Are you…” Jungkook looked up at him. “Are you gonna ask or…?” He didn’t just want to throw it on him unannounced.

“Do you want me to?”

Jimin neither nodded nor shook his head, he merely looked at Jungkook, unsure of what to do.

Jungkook seemed unsure too. Probably debating whether or not he should let it go or pressure him into talking.

“I like to sing.”

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows.



“You once asked me what made me feel the same way you feel when you dance. You know, an orgasm outside of the bedroom.” He smiled teasingly and if Jimin hadn’t been so confused and somewhat shocked, he probably would’ve smiled.

“But… why didn’t you just tell me?” Jungkook shrugged. 

“I’m Jeon Jungkook. The heir to one of the largest companies in South Korea.”

Jungkook sounded as if that explained everything, but it really didn’t.

“So what?”

“Singing is for the poor.” 

“Who told you that?” 

“My dad.”

Jimin felt his heart skip a beat and his breath getting stuck in his throat.

It appeared they had more to common than he thought.

Jungkook must’ve noticed that the topic of parents wasn’t the right conversation topic right now, because his eyes slightly widened.

Jimin really wanted to tell him that it was okay – he wasn’t a baby – but no words escaped his sealed lips.

Right now he didn’t want to talk, he wanted to sit here and look at Jungkook and listen to him talk or sing or anything, as long as he didn’t have to-

“Do you wanna hear about my grandfather?”

Had Jungkook read his mind?

Jimin nodded.

“Okay…” Jungkook shifted in the bathtub, making himself a bit more comfortable before he continued.

“He was actually the only one I sang for before he… um yeah.” Jimin suddenly wanted to tell him that he didn’t have to talk about it, feeling a little guilty once again, but Jungkook hurried to continue.

“He said I could go professional if I wanted to. I told him he was an old fart who knew nothing about the music industry, but I was fucking ecstatic to hear it you know? All my dad did was tell me what I should do and shouldn’t do, and singing was definitely a ‘don’t’”

Jimin really began to hate Jeon Junghoon.

“But my grandfather? He was the best. He fought with my dad a lot. He didn’t exactly agree on many of the things he did. It’s hard to believe they’re father and son. They’re – were – so different.”

Jimin just decided that watching Jungkook talk about his grandfather was his new favorite thing. The boy lit up like a Christmas tree whenever he mentioned him.

Jimin couldn’t help but be saddened by the fact that he would never get to meet him.

“My dad had a lot of stupid rules and a lot of stupid things he didn’t believe a Jeon should do. Singing was one of them and crying was another.”

Jungkook laughed humorless as he spoke and Jimin furrowed his eyebrows in confusion again.

“’Crying is a sign of weakness and a Jeon isn’t weak’ That’s what he always told me. 8 years old and I wasn’t allowed to cry. Fucking dick.” Jungkook was still chuckling humorlessly.

“My grandfather didn’t agree, of course, he was a bit of a cry baby himself.” He smiled genuinely at the memory.

“There wasn’t much he could do about it because, you know, my father is a pretty fucking powerful man. And a dick. So he gave me this stupid blanket.” Jungkook’s face lit up at the memory and he smiled as he explained.

“This ugly, yellow blanket. I have no idea where the fuck he got it, it was ugly as fuck, but-” He paused for a second and his eyes found Jimin. The smaller boy was watching him closely.

“Whenever I needed to cry I just had to get the blanket. I would sit under it and then I could cry as much as I wanted. It was my safety blanket. Safe from my dad, safe from the world.”

The smile on Jungkook’s lips was contentious and Jimin found himself smiling just a little bit too.

“It sounds really stupid when I say it now, but it made sense then,” he awkwardly laughed, but Jimin just shook his head.

It sounded wonderful.

“I don’t know where the blanket is now, but it’s not like I need it, so fuck it.” He grinned at Jimin, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes the way he probably hoped it would.

They were quiet for a few seconds before Jungkook spoke again. It sounded a little forced and Jimin had a feeling he was trying his best to keep the silence away from them.

“I bought the coffee shop right after he died.” Jimin looked up at him in surprise.

“We were there every week. It would’ve gone bankruptcy if we hadn’t visited so much. When he died I couldn’t go for a long time.” He looked almost ashamed as he said it.

“When I finally did, they told me they were closing soon, and I couldn’t let that happened. It had been our place you know? For almost ten years, ever since we came to Seoul, it had been our place.”

Jungkook ran his hand through the water, making water rings.

“I bought it right then and there and hired Jin the next day.” “Jin?” “Yeah, he was just out of culinary school and need a job before he could continue his education.”

It didn’t surprise Jimin that Jin liked cooking, but it did make him wonder how he and Jungkook became friends. He was certain Jungkook had never sat foot in a culinary school.

“I’ve known Jin since birth,” he said.

Could he read Jimin’s mind or something?

“His mother was my nanny growing up.”

Jimin had not expected that. His eyes widened in surprise and Jungkook chuckled slightly at his reaction.

“Didn’t see that coming huh?” Jimin shook his head, a little blush playing on his cheeks.

“But yeah. My parents didn’t exactly have the time for me and getting family to take care of me was what poor people would do. My father has a phobia of everything ‘poor’” He chuckled slightly, but he was clearly ashamed of his way of thinking.

“So Jin and his mother moved in and took care of me. Jin was a pain in the ass in the beginning. He’s four years older and he loved to remind me. He still does. That dick.” A genuine laugh and it warmed Jimin’s heart.

And then Jimin realized that Jungkook was doing it again. Talking about himself – taking attention away from Jimin – just like he had that time in the dance studio.

He was giving Jimin exactly what he needed, but Jimin hadn’t even been aware that he needed it. Not until now.

“He’s the only friend I’ve had who stayed. Growing up he had to, it was his mother’s job and all, but once he moved out he still stayed with me. He didn’t leave.”

Jimin felt the urge to pull Jungkook into his arms and embrace him tightly. Tell him he wouldn’t leave either.

But he couldn’t promise that when he was still sitting on a secret he wasn’t sure Jungkook would like.

Maybe he didn’t want him to stay after he told him.

“Why are you telling me all of this?” It wasn’t because he didn’t want to hear it. It wasn’t because he wasn’t curious, because he was. He just couldn’t help but wonder why.

“Because I have never told anyone else.”

“Then why me?”

Jungkook was quiet as he studied Jimin’s face, and the smaller boy felt a little self-conscious. He probably still looked like shit.

“Because it was about time I said it out loud, and there’s no one else I want to share it with but you.”

Jimin’s cheeks reddened like crazy and he had to look away, earning a chuckle from Jungkook.

The bathroom was quiet but this time Jimin didn’t mind as much.

He didn’t feel cold anymore, even though the water was colder than before. He felt warm. Warmth from within and that shit was powerful.

His legs were entangled in Jungkook’s, gently rubbing each other and the feeling was comforting.

Jungkook was here. Right in front of him. Sitting naked in the bathtub with him, telling him things he didn’t have to. Sharing things that were sacred to him. Letting him into a place in his heart no one else was.

It was time he did the same.

“My mom has cancer.”

Jungkook’s whole body froze as he gave Jimin all of his attention, looking at him with such piercing eyes. But there was nothing but kindness and affection in them.

“She- she had been sick for a long time before we found out.”

“Why didn’t you go to the hospital?” Jimin looked away ashamed. He knew the question was obvious, but he still wished he hadn’t asked it.

“We couldn’t afford it,” he said and Jungkook made an ‘o’ with his mouth.

“We couldn’t afford it because of me.” Jungkook furrowed his brows in confusion and Jimin knew he had to explain, he just didn’t know how.

“My father he- he’s a fucking dick,” he started. “He knocked up my mother and left.” The anger was clear in his voice, even though he tried to conceal it.

“He came back when I was 13. Fucking 13!”

He had never said this out loud before and he was shocked by how badly he was handling his anger all these years later.

“He wanted me to attend the same school he did. Take the same education so I could inherit his work. I didn’t want to. I wanted to dance, that was all I wanted.”

His father had shown up unannounced one day, sitting by the kitchen table with his mother when he came home from school as if it was normal.

As if he did it every day.

But he didn’t.

He came by once a year, if not less, he didn’t have the right to act like his presence was a normality.

“I was gonna audition for Busan School of Art that summer, and he wasn’t having it. ‘no son of mine is going to dance for a living’ he said that quite a lot.”

Jungkook was still silently watching him, listening to him, and Jimin was grateful. It made it a lot easier.

“We were poor, there’s no need to deny that. My mother’s job was shit, so we survived on the money he sent every month.” It was embarrassing to tell Jungkook this, or anyone for that matter.

“He gave me a choice. Either I did what he wanted and got the education he chose, or he cut us off.”

The shock on Jungkook’s face wasn’t surprising and the knowing, apologetic look that followed told Jimin he already knew how it ended.

“I chose dance.”

He anxiously fidgeted with his wrinkled fingers under the water.

“He told me I was no longer his son, that he would no longer take care of me, or my mother. That I was dead to him and if I was smart, I would think the same.”

He still remembered that day too well.

The anger on his father’s face. He looked so close to slapping Jimin across the face and he still wondered why he hadn’t.

Then he had turned around and left their little house, and Jimin hadn’t seen him since.

“Jimin-” But Jimin wasn’t finished. He needed to get it all out now otherwise he never would.

“My mother supported me. She didn’t blame me, she didn’t hate me.”

All his mother wanted was his happiness, and she sacrificed herself for it.

“But then she got sick. She got sick and I couldn’t do anything, and she couldn’t do anything because we couldn’t afford it.”

He still remembered the months of constant uncertainty and sickness.

“I found her passed out in the kitchen one day.”

He shivered at the memory.

“I took her to the hospital and they told me what was wrong. Cancer. Such a fucking ugly word.”

He was violently fidgeting with his fingers, scratching the skin, almost making them bleed.

“If she had gone to the doctor sooner they would’ve been able to fix her. They said that.” He looked frantically at Jungkook.

“She wouldn’t have to be sick now if she had just gone sooner! If I hadn’t been so fucking selfish she wouldn’t be sick anymore Jungkook!” He was almost yelling now.

He looked up at the brown-haired boy as the tears spilled silently from his eyes.

“They could’ve cured her but instead she is walking on ice every day, just waiting for someone to tell her she’s unfixable. Waiting until she fucking dies! And I can’t do anything!”

He broke into loud sobs, not being able to control himself anymore.

“She just stays in that fucking, stupid house every day and I can’t face her! I’m too big of a cowered to face my own mother!”

He was covering his face with his hands as he loudly cried, so he didn’t notice Jungkook reach out for him until he felt the taller boy pull him into his arms.

“I did this,” he sobbed into Jungkook’s shoulder, but the other boy disagreed.

“It’s not your fault Jimin, it’s your father. He’s the one who did this, not you.” But Jimin just shook his head as he said ‘no’ repeatedly.

“Yes, Jimin, listen to me. It’s not your fucking fault okay? It’s not fucking you, it’s your father. He’s the fucking asshole.”

Jungkook rocked him softly from side to side as he caressed his naked back and shushed him – not to silence him, but to comfort him.

“Why aren’t you hating me?” asked Jimin in a whisper, the sobs not stopping.

“Why should I hate you?”

“Because I do.”

He wasn’t sure he would ever be able to stop.

“Baby, I could never hate you. Especially not for this. You didn’t do anything wrong Jimin. You were hit by bad luck. You were fucked over by your dad and the universe, but it’s not your fault, okay?”

Jimin said nothing, just continued to sob.


But Jimin shook his head and buried it deeper in Jungkook’s chest.

Jungkook wasn’t having it. He cupped the smaller boy’s face, so they could look at each other, and Jimin really didn’t want to look him in the eyes.

“Say it.”

But Jimin couldn’t.

“Jimin, say it’s not your fault.”

He just couldn’t.

Jungkook leaned in and kissed the boy. Placing a small kiss on his unmoving lips.

“It’s not your fault,” he whispered against his lips.

He kissed him again and told him again. Then he kissed him again and told him again.

Jimin wasn’t sure how many times he did it, but his crying slowly died and eventually, it stopped completely.

“Say it, baby. It’s not your fault.”

Another sweet kiss.

Another comforting lie.

Another sweet kiss.

Another comforting lie.

Another sweet kiss.


“It’s- it's not my fault.”

The words tasted sour on his tongue, but not as horrible as he had thought.

“It’s not your fault,” repeated Jungkook and kissed him again. This time Jimin moved his lips.

They kissed for a long time.

It was sweet and gentle and beautiful in its own way.

When they finally pulled apart, Jimin’s lips were flushed and his fingers were even more wrinkled.

“Don’t ever forget it okay? I will remind you every fucking day if I have to.” Jimin reciprocated the smile, looking away with flushed cheeks.

Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s hands and intertwined their fingers.

The action was sweet for around two seconds before Jungkook exclaimed a sound of childish disgust.

“Ew, it’s like holding hands with my 90-year-old grandmother.”

Jimin gave him the finger.

“I hate you.” 

“No, you don’t.”

He was pulled into another deep kiss, and despite Jungkook’s words, Jimin didn’t hesitate to melt under his touch.

Not that he really had a choice in the matter. He always melted under Jungkook’s touch.

“How about we get out of here before we turn into raisins?” Jimin nodded, that was probably a good idea.

Jungkook got out of the bathtub and grabbed two towels. He helped Jimin up and then he covered his body with the large, soft towel.

“You want me to help you get dressed?” Jimin hit his chest, but the playful smile remained.

“Go put your own on.” 

“Okay, okay. Call if you need help.”

Then Jungkook exited the bathroom and Jimin picked up the fresh clothes.

He couldn’t help himself. He lifted the clothes to his nose and sniffed it. Fuck, it smelled good.

And fuck, he was such a creep.

He hurried to put it on, feeling the soft material fall loosely on his body.

“You wanna watch a movie or something?” called Jungkook from the bedroom.

A movie. Something so ordinary and mundane.

He could use that right now.

“Only if we watch She’s The Man!” called Jimin.

“Anything for you baby.”

Jimin was glad Jungkook couldn’t see the deep red painting his chubby cheeks.




“I would look hella good as a chick.”

Jimin snorted.

“What? It’s fucking true. I have the legs, I have the face. Give me a wig and some fake boobs and I’ll be the prettiest girl you’ll ever see.”

It wasn’t like Jimin didn’t agree. Jungkook was one of those few blessed people who would look good in anything and as anything.

“I didn’t disagree, I was just given you a chance to come down from your high horse, you smug bastard.” Jungkook didn’t seem the least bit insulted.

“I’m just stating facts, sweet cheeks.” Jimin rolled his eyes, but he snuggled closer to Jungkook, burying himself in between his body and arm.

They had put on She’s The Man, right after they got out of the bath, and had been curled up in the bed ever since.

For some reason, Jimin had expected everything to change after he came clean about his family.

About himself.

But everything was normal. Nothing had changed.

Jungkook looked at him the same. He kissed him the same. He held him the same.

Nothing had fucked up the way he had thought.

Everything was… alright.

Maybe everything would be okay if he came clean about Jungkook.

Maybe it wasn’t as bad as he thought?

But if it was. If it was as bad as he thought, was he really ready do deal with the aftermath?

He wasn’t sure.

“Have you ever done the tampon thing?” asked Jimin, a weird curiosity blossoming in him.

“Stuck a tampon up my bleeding nose?” Jimin nodded. “Nah. Mostly because I didn’t have a tampon. It looks like a legit life hack though, but those fuckers as expensive. Poor woman and their bleeding vaginas.”

“Okay, you know, sometimes you can just say no.”

“But what’s the fun in that?”

Jimin’s phone vibrated beside him on the bed.

A text from Yoongi.

He had called the boy before they started the movie to tell him he was at Jungkook’s and so he shouldn’t worry.

Of course, Yoongi had cursed his ass for leaving in the middle of the night, but as long as he was safe it was okay.

He just had to tell him the next time he felt like running to his lover in the middle of the night.

Jimin hadn’t told him about the letter. He somehow knew Yoongi would be a little saddened by the fact that Jimin didn’t come to him, which was understandable.

The truth is he didn’t know why he didn’t just go to Yoongi. He had never had a problem having some deep moments with the boy before, but somehow he had found his way to Jungkook.

‘Are you coming home to sleep?’

Jimin texted a quick, ‘I don’t know’. He didn’t want to say no if Jungkook didn’t want him to, but he didn’t want to say yes, because he actually wanted to stay the night.

“Who’re you texting?” “Just Yoongi. Telling him I’m safe. Well mostly safe.” “Mostly?” “Life’s always dangerous when I’m with you, is it not?” He sent Jungkook a flirtatious smile and kissed the corner of his mouth.

“I love it.”

Sure he did. He had a danger kink buried somewhere deep within him. Or maybe not even that deep.

“Jungkook?” “Yeah?”

He tipped his head up so he could look up at Jungkook.

The boy was even more handsome from the angel. What an unfair world they lived in.

But then again. Jungkook was his. No one else’s. So maybe the world was actually too kind.

“Do you wanna be a professional singer?”

The question took Jungkook by surprise because he tore his eyes from the screen and looked down at Jimin, eyebrows furrowed.

“What? Where did that come from?”

“I don’t know I just… You said your father didn’t want you to sing, but you’re good and you could get far, so I guess I’m just wondering…” 

“If I actually wanted to sing professionally?” Jimin nodded.

“I don’t think so,” he said, barely hesitating.

“Wha- but why? You’re seriously good!” “You think so?” “Fuck yeah I do! I haven’t fallen asleep so fast in forever. Granted, I was exhausted, but still.”

It seemed to warm Jungkook’s heart to hear that because he pulled the smaller boy even closer.

“Then I need nothing more.” “What do you mean?”

The brown-haired boy ran his hand through Jimin’s black hair, a simple yet wonderful action.

“I don’t want to sing for others.” Jimin furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and Jungkook softly ran his thumb over them.

“What do you mean?”

“I used to sing for my grandfather. Then I sang for me, and now-” he kissed Jimin’s forehead. “-now I wanna sing for you. I don’t need anyone else to hear it.” 

“Wha- but you’re too good to hide it,” pouted Jimin.

“You think so? I mean, I always knew I was a little above average but I-” 

“Yes so go out and show the world! Show your fucking dad you can.”

But Jungkook just shook his head.

“I love singing Jimin. I love it, but I do it for me. Not for people to hear it. Unless of course, it’s you.” He kissed his forehead again.

“Then you better sing to me all the time,” demanded Jimin like a child.

“I promise.”


The finished the movie with some more meaningless talk and a few sarcastic comments about it.

After they finished Jungkook ordered some takeaway and the put on another stupid chick flick as they eat their food.

If felt so good laying in bed with Jungkook like this.

There was nothing sexual about any of it – just like their bath together – it was just two people spending time together because they wanted to.

Because it made them happy.

But all good things had to come to an end eventually.


(⌐■_■)=/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿


“It’s getting a little late, should we think of some dinner or something?” Jimin shrugged. He wasn’t exactly hungry since they eat lunch around 3 hours ago.

“Nah, I’m not that hungry. But I could use some water.” He sent Jungkook his best puppy eyes, but the boy was immune right now it appeared.

“Get it yourself.” 

“You’re not thirsty?” 

“No. If you want some, get it yourself.” 



Jimin reluctantly got up from the bed and made his way to the kitchen. He wasn’t sure where everything was, so he just looked through all of Jungkook’s cupboards.

“Hey, can you get a glass for me too?” Jimin rolled his eyes, but he wasn’t surprised. 


“Thank you, baby!”

He finally found the cupboard with glasses and took two.

For a moment he considered spitting in Jungkook’s just because, but then he thought better of it.

He had class.

He filled the two glasses and made his way back to the bed.

He heard his phone vibrate, probably Yoongi, so Jimin asked Jungkook to give it to him as he placed the glasses on the nightstand.

“Who is Jiwoo?” Jimin looked up at Jungkook who was holding Jimin’s phone in his hands, looking at the display.

Holy fuck.

He had forgotten all about Jiwoo and that stupid fucking date he didn’t even want.

Jimin quickly grabbed the phone and put it in his pocket.

“No one,” said Jimin and that convinced no one. “Well if he’s no one, then why is he picking you up in 30 minutes?” Jungkook’s right eyebrow was raised.

“Oh, that Jiwoo,” said Jimin and awkwardly laughed as he sat down on the side of the bed, but he didn’t say any more than that, and Jungkook clearly didn’t like that.

“Who is he Jimin?” Jimin looked long and hard at Jungkook.

“He’s the guy from the bar.” That didn’t seem to do it for Jungkook. He still looked confused.

Not that Jimin blamed him, it was a horrible explanation and Jungkook deserved more.

“What guy from the bar? What are you talking about?” 

“You know the one from my, um, my double date with Tae. You know the night we…” Jimin didn’t have to finish for Jungkook to understand.

“You’re going out with your double date?” It wasn’t really a question as much as it was an exclamation of disbelief.

Jimin slowly nodded. “Why the fuck are you going out with your double date?” Jungkook was mad. Jimin didn’t blame him.

“It’s really not a big deal Jungkook,” Jimin tried to reassure him with, but Jungkook did not look reassured and once again Jimin didn’t blame him. 

“It is a fucking big deal when you’re going on a fucking date with someone else!”

Jungkook was really mad.

He got up from the bed, standing in his boxers and a shirt.

Jimin did the same, though he was wearing both shirt and sweatpants.

“I don’t want to!” argued Jimin. “It’s Tae who is forcing me.” Jungkook shook his head in disbelief and irritation. 

“Then tell Taehyung to fuck off!” They looked at each other long and hard.

Jungkook was burning holes in Jimin and Jimin was too weak to continue looking him in the eye.

He was fucking everything up again.

“I can’t okay? Jiwoo has been asking me for days about that second date he owed me. I told him I couldn’t!” hurried Jimin to say, making sure Jungkook knew he had said no. “But he talked to Tae, and Tae said I owed it to him and myself to go on a date with him. But I said no again!”

Jungkook continued to look at Jimin with a raised eyebrow, probably waiting for the good explanation.

“But Tae, that dick, wouldn’t let it go, and he said that if I didn’t have a good enough reason not to then I had too. I had no choice,” explained Jimin.

Jungkook looked absolutely pissed.

“Of course you had a fucking choice Jimin. You could’ve told him! How fucking long are you gonna keep this shit up?” Jimin wanted to answer but he didn’t know what to say.

“I can’t do that Jungkook.” 

“Why the fuck not?”

Because Taehyung would never forgive me, thought Jimin, but he didn’t say that.

If Taehyung couldn’t even forgive his parents, he would never forgive Jimin.

And Jimin couldn’t let that happen.

He couldn’t lose his soulmate.

Jimin didn’t want to answer Jungkook, so he said something else instead. “It doesn’t mean anything Jungkook, it’s just a fucking date.” 

“If it doesn’t mean anything then don’t fucking do it!”

“It’s just for tonight. It’s a silly platonic date and when it’s over, it’s over.” 

“Does he know that? Jiwoo. That it’s just a platonic date?”

Jimin opened his mouth to say yes, but Jiwoo didn’t know that.

For him it was a real date.

“I’m not gonna let you go on a date with someone else.” At that Jimin felt rage build up inside him. 

“That’s not your decision, Jungkook. You don’t have a say in what I do.” 

“Yes I do! I own you!” Jimin rolled his eyes at Jungkook’s overused excuse.

“Fuck off with that shit Jungkook! I can do what I want!” They were beginning to shout and Jimin was sure the neighbors could hear them.

“That’s not how a fucking relationship works you idiot! You don’t go on dates with other people.”

“We never said anything about being fucking exclusive Jungkook! You can go on dates too for all I care!”

Jimin didn’t mean that at all, he really didn’t, but he spoke before he thought. Why couldn’t he just fucking think before he talked?!

Jungkook looked stunned, pissed and disappointed. Jimin knew he was hurt too, but he didn’t show it on his face, which made it easier for Jimin to keep looking at him.

“I don’t want to go on dates with anyone else!” 

“That’s your fucking problem! I don’t give a shit!”

That was another lie.

Jimin did give a shit. He did fucking care, so why the fuck did he say that?

The words shut Jungkook up.

His face tuned into an unreadable expression as he was looking at Jimin long and hard, and Jimin had no idea what was going through his head.

“Get out.”

Jimin blinked rapidly, suddenly having a hard time breathing. 

“Wha- what?” 

“I said get out. Now.” 

Jungkook sounded angry, but most of all he sounded somewhat exhausted.

He walked over to the door and opened it for Jimin.

Jimin didn’t move.

Jungkook wasn’t actually kicking him out, was he? He wasn’t actually doing that right now, was he? Jimin suddenly felt incredibly cold.

“Get the fuck out Jimin!” That snapped Jimin back to reality. He slowly made his way towards Jungkook and the door.

Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s jacket from the hook next to the door and his shoes from the floor and practically threw them at Jimin, who barely caught them.

“Jungkook please just listen to me,” pleaded Jimin in a small voice as he stood in the doorway, looking at Jungkook who was practically closing the door already. 

“I can’t do this shit Jimin. Just fucking leave.”

And that was the last thing Jungkook said before he slammed the door shut.

Jimin stood frozen outside Jungkook’s apartment.

“It doesn’t fucking mean anything Jungkook!” shouted Jimin, but the effort was pointless. Jungkook didn’t open the door, he didn’t even answer.

Jimin squeezed his eyes shut and placed his forehead against Jungkook’s door.

What the fuck was wrong with him?

Chapter Text

Park Jimin had been to Kimchi Princess a handful of times.

He had been there with Taehyung multiple times and with Yoongi a lot, though they hardly ever ate at the restaurant.

He had taken Hoseok with him a few times before. He had even thought about bringing Jungkook.

Every time he had been there, it had been great.

The food was great, the atmosphere was great, the music was great.

But sitting there with Jiwoo, Jimin understood that it all depended on the company, and though Jiwoo was probably the sweetest guy Jimin had ever met, he was not the company he desired.

“It’s great isn’t it?”

Jimin was ripped out of his thoughts when Jiwoo spoke up after a few minutes of silence.

“Um, yes, it’s- it’s good.”

They looked down at their food again, not uttering another word.

It had been mostly like that since the moment Jiwoo arrived at Jimin’s door over an hour ago, picking him up for their date.

Jimin had just made it home from Jungkook’s apartment and had hurried to change out of Jungkook’s clothes, feeling too guilty to wear it to the date he was going on.

Of course, Jimin hadn’t expected the date to be good even from the get-go, but the whole situation with Jungkook had just fucked it up from the beginning.

He couldn’t even pretend to be enjoying himself with Jiwoo, and he knew Jiwoo had noticed.

The walk from the dorms to the restaurant had been mostly silent, only a few comments about unimportant things had been spoken.

At the restaurant, it hadn’t been any better and it obviously hadn’t improved at all in the last 30 minutes.

“How is the- I mean… the dance festival.” Jimin looked up at Jiwoo and saw the panic behind his eyes as if he thought he had said something wrong, but he really hadn’t.

Jimin was pretty sure that Jiwoo could say whatever tonight, and it wouldn’t be the wrong thing.

“It’s okay. I’m still a little behind.” Which was true.

Yoongi still hadn’t finished the piece, so he only had the little snip of it to go from. But Jimin knew Yoongi would finish it soon so he didn’t worry too much.

He hoped at least.

“I hope you figure it out. But I’m sure it’ll be fine. You’re really good.” Jiwoo’s smile was sweet, his words as kind as any words could be, so why did Jimin not blush at the compliment?

“Thank you Jiwoo, that’s really sweet of you to say.”

Then why the fuck wasn’t he blushing?

Why the fuck wasn’t his cheeks turning 50 shades of pink like they always did when…

Jesus Christ.

Why did everything always circle back to him?

The restaurant was filled with the voices of costumers talking happily all around them, but the only sound that came from Jimin’s table was the sound of the metal chopsticks scratching the plate and the sound of chewing.

The guilt was eating Jimin from within and it appeared one of the first things it ate was Jimin’s hunger. He could hardly look at food, let alone eat it.

Placed in front of him was a big plate filled to the brim with Galbi. The marinated ribs were just mocking him. It was one of his favorite dishes, but he couldn’t even enjoy it a little bit.

His head was on overdrive. Thoughts were racing through his mind and none of them were good. They all just contributed to making him even more nauseated.

“It’s Jungkook, isn’t it?”

Jimin choked on the small bite of food making its way down his throat.

What did he just say?

“Wha- what?”

Jimin’s heart had been racing in his chest this entire evening, but suddenly it had some newfound energy because it was beating so fast Jimin legitimately thought he was physically dying.

He looked up at Jiwoo and his eyes were covered with panic. He could almost hear the alarm bells ringing around him and red lights blinking.

Jiwoo wasn’t dumb enough to miss the huge sign screaming he had hit the nail on its head. It was almost as if he could hear the alarms and see the red lights too.

He let out an almost defeated sigh, laughing humorless, clearly not satisfied with the fact that he was right.

“I had a feeling it was because of him.” He didn’t seem surprised or shocked, he just looked… disappointed.

“How did you know?” Jimin felt a little guilty when the first words out of his mouth wasn’t an apology.

He owed that to Jiwoo, but it didn’t come as natural as he had hoped.

“I saw you two at campus a while ago.” The words both shocked and terrified Jimin.

If he had seen, then who else had? Was it possible that others had seen too? If they had, then at least they hadn’t spread it around campus yet.

“But if you knew then why did you-”

“I guess I was just hoping it wasn’t what I thought.”

The disappointment in his voice was clear, and Jimin really wanted to tell him that he shouldn’t be.

He missed a bullet with Jimin.

He really wasn’t missing out on anything when it came to Jimin. All he had to offer was a lot of emotional baggage, grumpiness, and lies.

No one wanted that.

Well, Jungkook had.

He wondered if Jungkook had finally come to the conclusion that Jimin wasn’t worth all the heavy baggage.

“I- I don’t know what to say,” confessed Jimin honestly. He didn’t know if he should apologize or run or die right then and there.

Which one would Jiwoo prefer? He wouldn’t blame him if he was liking the last option the most.

“Why are you here?” The words held no anger, just curiosity with a little hint of annoyance.

Jimin opened his mouth to answer, but no words came out.

Because Taehyung wanted him too?

Because he was scared?

Because he was a dick?

Or all of the above?

“I don’t know. I honestly don’t know anymore.” It was painfully honest in a way, and Jimin hoped Jiwoo wouldn’t be too offended.

He wouldn’t blame him if he was since Jimin himself would’ve been.

“When you called and asked me out, I was sure I was wrong. About you and Jungkook. But then we came here and you’ve been somewhere else this entire time, and as much as I wanted to believe it was the dance festival or school, I just knew it wasn’t.”

How did he explain to Jiwoo that none of this had anything to do with him without offending him?

How did he tell him that this date was just Jimin’s way of keeping his soulmate and that the last thing he wanted was to hurt Jiwoo?

“What the fuck are you doing Jimin?”

Jimin was baffled with Jiwoo’s sudden use of profanity when the boy had never cursed even once in Jimin’s presence.

Not to mention the almost hard tone in his voice that he had never before used against him.

It felt like Jimin was sitting in front of someone else. Not the stuttering, shy boy who had approached him all those times.

“I’m- I’m trying to keep everything in control.”

“Then you’re not doing a great job at it.”

Jimin felt offended. Jiwoo didn’t know shit about his situation so he had no right to say something like that to him.

But deep, deep down Jimin knew there was some truth to his words. He knew it wasn’t completely wrong, but Jimin refused to see it, because that meant he had been doing the exact opposite of what he had intended. That everything he had been doing had done more harm than good and he wasn’t sure he could live with that.

“I’m doing the best I can,” argued Jimin, trying to convince Jiwoo he was doing the right thing.

Or maybe he was trying to convince himself.

Jiwoo’s words had really triggered a doubt in him he didn’t like.

“No, you’re not. You’re hurting yourself and I can only assume you’re hurting everyone else around you as well.”

Jiwoo didn’t sound angry, nor did he sound accusing. It felt more like he pitied Jimin.

Jimin, on the other hand, felt a little taken back by Jiwoo’s words – confusion and surprise clear on his face.

Was he hurting them?

No. Absolutely not. He would’ve known if he was hurting him. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt anyone.

He tried to push the doubt away Jiwoo’s words were leaving.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t get involved but I just…” Jiwoo looked a little guilty as he saw how big an effect his words had had on Jimin, but Jimin really wanted to tell him that he shouldn’t apologize.

He was the last person who should apologize for anything.

“I can literally see you fall apart in front of me Jimin. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but I can see that whatever you’re doing it’s not doing anything good for anyone.”

Was that really true?

Was he really looking as fucked up as he felt?

Was he really hurting more than he was healing?

Destroying more than he was mending?

No, he couldn’t be.

Could he?

The doubt was returning and Jimin wasn’t sure he could push it away again.

“I’m just trying to keep everything from falling apart.” The words left his mouth in an almost broken voice as he finally decided to stop pretending.

He no longer cared for maintaining his façade. Jiwoo had seen right through it anyway, there was no reason to lie now.

“But you’re not.” The words were too kind and Jiwoo’s eyes too soft.

Jimin laughed humorlessly. “That’s your opinion.” He said the words a bit harsher than he intended. Suddenly his walls just came back up to protect him, but they were weaker than ever.

Jiwoo, however, didn’t look fazed, almost as if he expected Jimin to react like that to his words.

“Why are you going on this date with me Jimin?” Jimin had a hard time reading Jiwoo’s feelings since his voice sounded so nonchalant. Almost emotionless with a hint of curiosity.

It felt like Jimin was at the police station, being questioned about a crime he had witnessed.

Or maybe he had committed it. Yeah, that sounded more right.

“I… Because-” Jiwoo patiently waited. “Because I couldn’t tell Taehyung I’m-” was? “-seeing Jungkook.”

“Why?” Jiwoo sounded so neutral as he questioned Jimin. So calm.

“If he knew I had been lying he- he wouldn’t forgive me.”

“Why do you think that?” Jimin couldn’t tell him about Taehyung’s parents. That wasn’t his to tell.

“Because he told me. He said he couldn’t forgive people for going behind his back, for lying.” He hoped it made enough sense for Jiwoo.

“You’re such an idiot.”

Jimin snapped his head up to look at Jiwoo, his eyes widening slightly and his breath got stuck in his throat.

Had he just called him… an idiot?

“Wha-” But Jiwoo didn’t let him speak.

“If you believe that your own best friend won’t forgive you for something as stupid as this then you’re an idiot.”

It wasn’t stupid, Jimin wanted to shout but the words were stuck in his throat.

“You don’t understand.”

“People always say that when they’re wrong.”

“I’m not wrong.”

“But are you right?”

That shut Jimin up.

He wanted to say that he was definitely right, but he suddenly wasn’t so sure.

Was he right?

Or was he really wrong?

He had been so sure for so long, but all the words that left Jiwoo’s mouth were like stones shattering the one-way-mirror in his head.

There was something behind his own reflection, but he had been too blind to see it.

Or maybe he had simply chosen to ignore it because it was tougher to deal with.

“What is the reason for keeping Jungkook a secret then? Who wouldn’t forgive you for seeing him?”

Jiwoo was not being gentle as he cut right to the bone with every raw question he threw Jimin’s way, and though he didn’t like being attacked, deep down he knew he needed to hear them and answer them.

“I don’t want people to make up all these rumors about me, and I don’t wanna be the gossip at the university because I’m dating Jeon Jungkook. I don’t want-”

“Get your head out of your ass Jimin.”

Once again, Jiwoo’s blunt words shut him up.

Was this really the same shy boy he knew? Had Jimin’s fucked up life choices really ignited such a burning fire in Jiwoo that pulled profanity out of his throat?

His life choices must’ve been worse than he thought.

“You do realize every reason for keeping Jungkook a secret you have just told me was about you right? What you want, what you need. Have you even for a second tried to put yourself in Jungkook’s shoes and think about was he needs? What about Taehyung?”

Suddenly Jimin wasn’t breathing anymore.

He was even quite certain his heart had stopped beating in his chest because he no longer felt anything.

Had he really been that selfish? That blind?

How had he not realized it?

What the fuck had he been doing?

“No. I- I haven’t.” The words left a horrible aftertaste in his mouth. They left guilt in his heart and pain in his head.

“All of these people care about you Jimin, but you push them away. Why?”

Jimin didn’t want to answer that. It was too personal. Something he had only just shared with Jungkook.

It seemed like Jiwoo understood that because he moved on quickly.

“I don’t know Jungkook,” said Jiwoo, his tone a little gentler than before. “And I don’t know Taehyung all that well, but I know they don’t deserve this.”

No, they didn’t.

They didn’t and Jimin knew this, so why had he still wronged them?

“How would you feel if Jungkook refused to tell people he was dating you? How would you feel if your best friend was lying to you?”

Jimin didn’t answer because it was quite clear what the answer would be.

He would absolutely hate it.

Any and every human being on earth would. So how had Jimin gotten it into his head that somehow this time, for the first and only time in human history, would it not be like that?

“Would you forgive Taehyung if he told you he had been seeing Hajun this whole time without telling you? Or any other guy for that matter?”

Jimin didn’t even have to think before he nodded.

Of course, he would.

Because it wasn’t-

It wasn’t that big of a deal.

Jimin actually sighed as those words raced through his mind.

“Why did you think he would be any different? Why do you not have faith in your friendship?”

Jimin studied Jiwoo’s face closely as he spat out words of wisdom he hadn’t believed was hidden in him.

He looked good as he told Jimin what he had been overlooking for too long. Serving truths and looks at the same time.

If only Jimin had that ability.

Everything that had left Jiwoo’s lips this night had been a slap to his face. But the pain had been well-deserved and the realization it gave him had been ignored for too long.

How had his stupidity clouded his mind for so long? How had he been so fucking blind?

“I thought I was doing the best I could,” said Jimin, his voice vulnerable and weak. “I really thought I was doing the right thing for everyone.”

He felt pathetic as those words left his mouth because for once they were completely honest.

He had actually believed he was doing the right thing. He had actually been stupid enough to believe that.

Jiwoo’s eyes softened as he took in the boy in front of him, falling apart with every word he heard.

“I know Jimin.” So much kindness and he didn’t know if he deserved it.

“So do the best you can now to fix it.”

For some reason, the words of encouragement took Jimin by surprised. Perhaps he had believed that there was no going back now, that now he knew he had fucked up beyond repair.

“Do you really think I can fix all of this?” He tried not to let the hope in his chest grow too big too soon.

“Not with that attitude.” Jiwoo cracked a grin and Jimin couldn’t help but follow him.

What an absurd situation they were in.

“But you need to understand that your perception of the world isn’t the only one. There are other people here too Jimin and you need to consider them as well.”

Jimin listened closely, nodding along.

“I know you love the people around you. You wouldn’t have done all of this shit if you didn’t, but you have to start showing it Jimin.”

It almost felt like Jimin was being lectured by a parent, or scolded was more like it, which left a hint of shame in him.

However, he pushed the embarrassment aside and listened carefully because Jiwoo was spitting out truths he had been too stupid to see.

“I’ve been such a dick to them, haven’t I? I’ve been so fucking stupid all this time without really realizing it. They’re worth so much more than being treated like this.”

Jimin felt so defeated as he said it, but he at the same time he felt so motivated.

“You’re worth it too Jimin, and you have to realize that as well if you want to fix everything.”

Jimin scanned Jiwoo’s eyes, trying to see if he was being honest or just trying to comfort him.

Jiwoo must’ve seen the doubt in his eyes because he smiled reassuringly.

“I don’t know you all that well Jimin, but even I can see that you don’t believe you deserve good things. But you do. You just have to fight for them.”

Fighting wasn’t an unfamiliar thing for Jimin.

He had been fighting his whole life.

But maybe he had been fighting more for himself than he should’ve and less for others.

Maybe somewhere along the line, Jimin had decided that the only way to avoid real pain, was to look out for himself.

Oh, how dumb he had been.

“I need to fix this,” he announced and the almost proud smile on Jiwoo’s lips made Jimin’s heart flutter.

“You do. So how are you gonna do it?”

Shit, he didn’t know.

Should he go to Taehyung and explain?

Should he call Yoongi and tell him?

Should he-

“Go to him.”

Why did everything leaving Jiwoo’s mouth sound so easy?

“Do you think he’ll even want to see me? We didn’t exactly part on good terms when he found out what I was doing tonight.”

It was embarrassing to say, but somehow it didn’t feel so hard to tell Jiwoo anything now.

“Maybe, maybe not. You’ll only find out if you go.”

He thought about it. He came up with a lot of good reasons not to go to Jungkook tonight – to let him cool down first – but he found himself unable to listen to those reasons.

He wanted to see him, and he prayed that deep down Jungkook wanted the same.

“I’m so sorry Jiwoo.”

It was about time those words left his mouth. They had been pushed away for too long.

“I’m so fucking sorry that you got dragged into all of this and I’m sorry for ruining your night.”

Jiwoo laughed, clearly aware how weird all of this was, but Jimin was relieved with there was no hint of anger in his voice.

“Yeah, it wasn’t exactly how I had imagined this date going.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. You got a good heart Jimin. Start showing it.”

The words warmed Jimin, but he didn’t know what to say to them, so instead, he just apologized again.

He couldn’t do that too many times anyway.

“But I’m really not the one you should be talking to right now,” said Jiwoo.

“I can’t just leave like-”

“Go before I kick your ass.” Jiwoo’s threat was followed by the kindest smile Jimin had ever seen and everything in him ignited as he got the motivation he needed to begin his journey of redemption.

Starting with Jungkook.

He pulled out his wallet but Jiwoo stopped him.

“Just go.”

“Jiwoo I can’t just-”

“I will kick your ass.”

Jimin looked at Jiwoo long and hard, but the boy didn’t cave in.

“Thank you. Not just for that but for- I didn’t know how much I needed to hear this. Thank you Jiwoo.”

“You’re welcome.” Jiwoo looked pleased with himself, rightfully so.

Jimin pushed the almost full plate away from him and got up. He grabbed his glass of wine and finished it in one sip.

He needed just a little bit of liquid courage right now.

“I know it’s probably too late to say now, but I’m really glad it was you who went on that double date with me. Despite what a dick I’ve been to you, I really did enjoy it. You’re a great guy Jiwoo, you deserve the best.”

The words were so easily said because they held no lies. Jiwoo had been incredible, and Jimin almost wanted to tell him that if he had never met Jungkook he would probably have fallen for him.

But he knew that that probably wouldn’t make anything better since it wouldn’t change anything right now.

Jiwoo smiled shyly and his cheeks reddened a bit, and the familiarity in it felt great.

He didn’t comment on the compliment, but rather told Jimin to go once more and Jimin did.

He hurried out of the restaurant and down the streets towards Jungkook’s expensive apartment building, hoping to God he wasn’t too late.






Jimin pushed open the door to Jungkook’s building and ran to the elevator. He frantically pushed the button repeatedly and the elevator started to come down from the 17th floor.

16th floor… 15th floor…

Fuck it.

Jimin ran with all his might to the stairs, as if he was racing against time. And maybe in a way he was.

When he reached the 12th floor he nearly collapsed. He had sprinted the entire way and now he was practically dying. But he still rushed to Jungkook’s door and started beating on it like a maniac.

For a moment he thought about shouting Jungkook’s name, but he feared he wouldn’t open if he knew it was Jimin standing on the other side.

And it wasn’t like he would blame him.

If he was him he would’ve told him to go to hell. Maybe say hi to his homophobic uncle while he was down there.

Finally, after at least 2 minutes of knocking, the door was ripped open and on the other side stood Jungkook.

He was clearly surprised and annoyed by the loud knocking at his door at 10.30pm, but he was still dressed in the clothes Jimin had last seen him in, so at least he hadn’t been sleeping.

When he saw the person disturbing his night he frowned instantly. He looked just as mad as he had when he had slammed the door in Jimin’s face a few hours ago.

“Jungkook, I need to-” But Jungkook didn’t let him finish.

He slammed the door shut and left Jimin standing alone outside of his apartment for the second time that night.

It appeared it wasn’t as easy as he had first believed.

But maybe that was for the better. He no longer deserved easy. He deserved to fight now, so fight he would.

“Jungkook, please! I just need to talk to you!” he shouted, but he got no response, not that he was surprised, he hadn’t exactly expected Jungkook to change his mind so quickly.

“It’ll only take 5 minutes! 3 if I talk fast!” He had rehearsed a speech in his mind on the way here. Repeating, again and again, all the things he wanted to tell Jungkook so he wouldn’t forget.

He feared he might anyway though.

“Jungkook please open!” He knocked on the door again, a little harder this time.

Maybe if he knocked hard enough Jungkook would open. Even if it was just to tell Jimin to fuck off, it was still something.

“Jungkook!” he yelled and knocked again, so hard he thought he might break the door with his small fist.

No such thing happened.


“I’m not leaving until you open, so spare us both the time and just open!”

No response. Nothing.

“Jungkook do you hear me?!”

Jimin knew Jungkook was ignoring him, listening but ignoring him.

He wondered if he was once again doing the wrong thing.

Maybe Jungkook just really needed time to cool off. Maybe the best thing Jimin could actually do wasn’t to force him to listen, but maybe just wait till he was ready.

But he also feared that if he walked away now, Jungkook wouldn’t let him come back.

It was an impossible situation, so he just had to go with his gut.

And his gut said stay.


“Just go home Jimin.”

Jimin was startled when he heard Jungkook’s voice from the other side of the door. Though it sounded a little distant, so he was probably a little further from the door than Jimin was.

“Okay… I’m not gonna do that though!” replied Jimin.

He felt conflicted between doing what Jungkook was telling him to do and do what he believed was the right thing to do.

He really fucking hoped he was doing the right thing.

“I’m not going anywhere so please open!”

No response this time.

He tried knocking loudly.


Then the corner of his eyes caught movement behind him, and he was startled to see a little boy peeking out from behind an almost closed door a little further down the floor.

It appeared Jungkook wasn’t the only one living on the floor as he had first believed.


He mentally cursed when he realized he had just cursed in front of a child no older than 8.

“I mean… did I wake you?” He was almost whispering now, so unless Jungkook was glued to the door on the other side, he wouldn’t hear him. Which was highly unlikely.

The little boy shook his head but said nothing, just kept staring at Jimin.

“Well, shouldn’t you be sleeping? Are your parents home?” The boy once again shook his head and Jimin wasn’t sure if he was answering both questions or only one of them.

“I’m sorry to disturb you,” apologized Jimin, feeling a little guilty for the loud shouting.

He looked down the hall to see if there were any other doors, any other neighbors, who could hear him. The only door was the boy’s door.

The little boy was still mute as he looked up and down Jimin, probably trying to understand why there was a strange man shouting in his hall.

“Are you home alone?” The little boy nodded.

Jimin frowned. Who lets an 8-year-old stay home alone like this?

“Then where are your-” Jimin didn’t have time to finish before the little boy closed the door and disappeared into his apartment, leaving Jimin alone in the hallway again, again.

For a moment he thought of going over and knock on the boy’s door, but he probably shouldn’t disturb the kid.

Instead, he sighed deeply as he leaned against the wall next to Jungkook’s door and slowly slid down so he was sitting on the floor.

“I’m gonna be right out here until you open!” shouted Jimin, deciding it was the last time he would shout so he wouldn’t disturb the little kid again.

He leaned his head back against the wall and closed his eyes.

Jiwoo’s words were still ringing in his ears. He was quite certain he would be able to hear them for a very long time.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t known he had been irrational, it just somehow… made sense to him. And then he thought it made sense to everyone else too.

But it hadn’t. It didn’t.

Who would’ve thought Jiwoo would’ve been the unexpected hero?

He wondered if he was going to sit out here all night. He wouldn’t be mad if Jungkook wasn’t coming. He wouldn’t blame him if he never opened that door.

He hoped to God he would because the floor was unbelievably cold, but he wouldn’t be mad if he had to stay here all night.

He knew Jungkook would have to leave the apartment eventually, so Jimin just had to wait. Minutes, hours, it didn’t matter.

Now it was his turn to wait.

His turn to be patient.

He heard the crack of a door opening and snapped his head to the side, only to be disappointed when the little boy came into view.

He was still covering most of his body with the door, but it was a little more open than before.

“Are you okay?” Jimin asked. Maybe the little boy was scared of being home alone and a shouting stranger was probably not bettering the situation.

The little boy nodded, and Jimin felt just a little bit relieved.

They looked at each other in silence and Jimin felt really exposed for some reason, as the little boy looked at him with such curious eyes.

“Did you lock yourself out?” Jimin was surprised by the maturity in the small boy’s voice. He sounded like a child of course, but at the same time, he sounded much
older. It was hard to explain.

“No- no I didn’t,” replied Jimin a little embarrassed.

No, he hadn’t locked himself out, he had fucked up.

“Then why are you sitting out here?” The little boy showed no sign of being shy, apart from the fact that he was still hiding a little bit behind the door. But his voice was confident, and his eyes were curious.

“I fu- I did something bad and I need to fix it,” he tried to explain without using the words ‘fucked up’. It probably wouldn’t be good to learn the kid how to curse when he didn’t even know him.

“What did you do?” This kid was really curious.

“Some stupid grown-up stuff.” It didn’t have shit to do with being a grown up.

Actually, it was more childish than anything else, but he really couldn’t bring himself to tell the kid.

“Grown up stuff?” Jimin nodded. “Did you cheat?”

Jimin chocked on his saliva.

“Wha- No! Where did you get that from?” The boy shrugged nonchalantly.

“That’s what daddy did.” Jimin could actually hear his stomach drop at the words. By the look on the boy’s face, it didn’t seem like he really knew what those words meant.

“Holy shi- no, no, it’s not like that.” 

“Then what is it like?”

This kid.

“You’re really nosy, aren’t you?” But he couldn’t help but chuckle.

The boy shrugged again.

“I hurt someone I really care about. And I lied to my best friends.” The little boy wrinkled his nose, looking almost disgusted and Jimin couldn’t even be mad.

“That’s not very nice,” said the boy. “You shouldn’t do that.” Jimin nodded in agreement. 

“No, I shouldn’t. I was being an idiot. A really big, selfish idiot.”

The boy nodded and Jimin cracked a tiny smile.

This kid was adorable even when he was telling Jimin off.

“Have you bought him a toy?” Jimin furrowed his brows in confusion.


“A toy?” The boy nodded. 

“Last week Kibum pushed Jisoo off the swings and the next day he gave her a teddy bear and then they played together again.”

If only it was that easy. If only they were kids too.

“I don’t think that’s enough.” 

“Two toys?” 

“No amount of toys would be enough.”

The little boy looked genuinely confused as if he couldn’t believe all the universe’s problems couldn’t be solved with toys.

“Daddy bought mommy flowers,” he then said, but Jimin shook his head again. “Still not good enough.”

The little boy frowned. “You must have done something really bad.”

Jimin couldn’t agree more.

“Yeah, I really did.” He leaned back his head and sighed, but not in defeat.

He wasn’t giving up.

“But Jungkook will forgive you.” Jimin snapped his head in the boy’s direction again.

“How-” But then he realized Jungkook was the only other person living on this floor and the kid was obviously no idiot. Not to mention the loud shouting of his name.

“You think so?” The boy nodded. 

“He bought me a candy bar when I was sad because my parents were fighting. He’s nice.”

The thought of Jungkook doing such an act of kindness felt both weird and strangely right.

“He really is.”

“Is he sad too?” Jimin nodded. “Then give him a candy bar.”

Jimin let out a breathless laugh.

This kid was really something else.

“I still don’t think that’s enough but thank you.” The boy sent him a nod, saying ‘you’re welcome’.

“It’s late, shouldn’t you sleep?” 

“Shouldn’t you?” Jimin wanted to argue that he was 21-years-old, so he could do what he wanted, but he wasn’t going to be a dick.

“You’re right, but I can’t go home until Jungkook opens the door.”

“What if he never does?”

“Then I guess I’ll never sleep.”

Jimin sent the boy a teasing smile, and the little boy smiled back for the first time.

Jimin was taken back by how much younger he looked when he smiled. He actually looked like a child and not a tiny adult.

“Jungkook would want you to sleep,” said the boy. “He likes you.”

Jimin was momentarily stunned by the confession.

“Wha- How do you-” 

“He looks happier after you started coming by.”

Jimin hadn’t even been over that many times, but nothing went passed this kid it seemed.

“You- Are you watching us?” asked Jimin, mostly teasing, but the small boy froze completely and then he slammed the door shut.

“No! Wait! I didn’t- Shit.”

Jimin banged his head softly against the wall.

It seemed his jokes were as bad as ever.

He pulled out his phone.

It was 11.20pm.

Had he already been sitting out here so long?

He unlocked his phone and opened the folder with games. He might as well do something to kill time – he might be here all night.

However, the universe wasn’t on his side.

He had just opened Candy Crush when his phone died.

“Fucking great,” he cursed and squeezed his eyes shut.

He feared that with nothing to entertain him he would eventually fall asleep, and he was sure Jungkook would sneak passed him if he did, so he had to stay awake.

He heard the sound of footsteps.

Then it got quiet.

For a moment he hoped it was Jungkook, but he quickly realized it came from the boy’s apartment.

Then a candy bar was slid under the door.

He looked at it for a few seconds in disbelief.


Then another one.

Jimin got up from the floor and made his way to the door a few feet away. He bent down to pick up the two candy bars and examined them closely in his hands.

One for Jungkook and one for… him?

He had never seen this kid before – didn’t know his name or that he even existed an hour ago – but suddenly this little kid was giving him candy because he didn’t want him to be sad.

“Thank you,” he whispered through the door.

He got no response, but a few seconds later he heard the sound of tiny feet running away from the door.

This fucking kid.

He inspected the two candy bars in his hands for a few moments more before he went back and sat down next to Jungkook’s door.

It wasn’t his favorite, he wasn’t the biggest fan of nuts in candy, but suddenly he found himself changing his mind.

The hallway fell completely silent, and Jimin couldn’t help but think Jungkook must have gone to bed – lying in his soft bed while Jimin was sitting on the cold floor.

He envied him, but he didn’t mind.

At least he tried very, very hard not to mind.

Either Jungkook didn’t believe Jimin would stay so he decided to go to bed, or he just really didn’t want to see him.

Either way, he didn’t blame him.

Either way, Jimin was still sitting on the cold floor alone.

But it was okay.

It was an expensive apartment building so even the floors were quite classy. They were clearly cleaned at least once a day if not more and though the floor was cold, the carpet offered a small comfort.

The hallway was long considering the fact that there were only two apartments on this floor. Of course, it made sense, since Jungkook’s apartment was huge and he could only believe the little boy’s apartment was as large, leaving no room for any other neighbors.

He wondered who the boy’s parents were since they could afford to live in the same building as Jungkook. They must be pretty rich.

He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Letting him relax for a few minutes. There was no rush. Not right now at least.

All he had to do was wait, and though he had never been good at it, he knew there were a lot of things he had to become good at if he wanted to make things work. Not just with Jungkook, but with everyone.

Having patience was one of them.

Having faith in others was another one.

Then he heard it.

The quiet, but unmistakable sound of Jungkook’s door opening.

Jimin got up from the floor so fast he almost got dizzy and rushed to the door.

Jungkook looked more than startled as he took in the boy standing in front of his door breathing heavily as if he had just run a marathon.

“What are you still doing here?” Jungkook sounded more surprised than angry. He probably hadn’t actually believed Jimin would still be there when he opened the door.

Which was good.

Jimin could work with surprise.

“I said I’d stay, didn’t I?” He was done lying. Even about the smallest things.

“Shouldn’t you be on a date right now?” Jungkook’s frown was back and Jimin swallowed hard.

It wasn’t how his speech was supposed to start, but he just had to work with what he got.

He opened his mouth to talk, but nothing came out.


He had forgotten his speech.

Jungkook raised his eyebrows as he waited and Jimin panicked.

When a few seconds went by and Jimin still hadn’t said anything, Jungkook sighed and proceeded to close the door.

But this time Jimin held out his arms and hindered Jungkook in doing so.

“No,” he said.


“No. Where I’m supposed to be is here. And I was supposed to be here all those hours ago too.”

Jungkook let Jimin push the door open and Jimin felt hope blooming in him.

“I don’t want to date anyone else,” he hurried to said.

He had said that because he was scared and stupid and an idiot. But he didn’t want to be any of that anymore.

“And I really don’t want you to date anyone else either.”

Of course, Yugyeom came to his mind, but he didn’t dare say that out loud. He was like the younger, Asian version of Lord Voldemort – he couldn’t say his name out loud out of pure fear.

He prayed he was just as hideous to look at, but he probably wasn’t.

“I don’t know what the fuck I’ve been doing Jungkook. I don’t know how I could be so blind to my own selfishness for so long, but I don’t want to be like that anymore. I don’t like that version of myself.”

He was done with his own shit.

If he could kick his own ass he fucking would.

“I’ve been hurting you, and Yoongi and Taehyung, though he doesn’t know it. Yet of course since I’m gonna tell him, I just have to find the right-” He stopped when he realized his rambling about Taehyung wasn’t important right now.

“I didn’t for a second put myself in your place Jungkook. I didn’t see things from your side because I was too busy believing my side was the only right one. I was too busy in my own fucking ass to notice what a dick I was.”

He paused, giving Jungkook a change to say something if he wanted, but he remained silent so Jimin continued.

“I’m so sorry.” He looked between Jungkook’s beautiful, brown eyes, but they were unreadable to him and he didn’t like that.

“I’m so fucking sorry, and I know it’s not enough. I know that and if you give me the chance to prove it I will.”

All he needed was for Jungkook to give him a second chance.

And then he hoped he would be able to earn it.

“I’ve been scared and anxious because all of this is so fucking new to me, and I know nothing. I just felt like a fucking fish out of water. And not one of those pretty fish with long tails and fancy colors, more like those fish no one wants in their aquarium because- no that’s not the point.”

He was rambling like crazy, forgetting everything he had rehearsed on the way. Instead, he was talking shit.

Fucking fish? Really?

“All I know is that I’ve started to depend on you. Depend on the fact that I can call you when I feel like shit, or when I’m fucking ecstatic, or when I need someone to tell me I’m good enough, or even just when I’m fucking bored.”

It was almost scary how fast Jungkook had become such a normality in his life.

Such a lifeline he took for granted.

He was done with that now.

“I don’t know what the fuck this is Jungkook.” He waved his hand between them.

“And I don’t know what the fuck will happen or where the fuck it’s going, but I wanna find out.” He looked Jungkook in the eyes, feeling confident enough to maintain eye contact.

Or maybe he was just too scared to look away.

“Because being with you is a goddamn pain in the ass,” he said.

“But not being with you is ten times more painful.”

He felt relieved as those words left his lips.

“So please, just-” He sounded as frustrated as he felt, as he practically cried the words.

“Please just forgive my annoyingly stubborn ass and give me a second chance before I die of embarrassment.”

The embarrassment of sitting in this godforsaken hall alone and pathetic.

He looked desperately at Jungkook, waiting for his response.

He thought the long silence would tell Jungkook that now Jimin had said what he wanted to say – that it was his turn to talk now.

But he maintained the same unreadable expression, making no move to speak.

And Jimin could physically feel his heart drop at the silence.

It hadn’t been enough.

Or maybe it had been too soon.

Whatever reason, he had no reason to bother Jungkook any further tonight.

Jimin blinked rapidly as he looked away from Jungkook’s face.

He felt unbelievably awkward and embarrassed right now.

“I’m sorry, you’re right I shouldn’t have- I shouldn’t have stayed.”

He looked down the hall, avoiding Jungkook’s eyes as he continued.

“You can just call me when you- or not! That’s… that’s okay too.”

He stood still for another second, then he clenched his fists around the chocolate bars and turned around to walk away.

It appeared he didn’t have to share anyway.

But he was stopped rather bluntly by Jungkook grabbing his jacket.

He looked up at him hesitantly, almost afraid of what he would see.

But Jungkook’s whole face had softened and Jimin wanted to cry in relief.

“You stupid, ridiculous idiot.”

Then he pulled Jimin into his arms and the smaller boy held him so tightly he was almost afraid of suffocating him.

Good thing Jungkook was a muscle pig.

“I know,” said Jimin against the boy’s chest. “I know and I’m so sorry Jungkook. I’m so fucking sorry.”

Jungkook didn’t say anything as he embraced the boy, but Jimin didn’t want him to.

He didn’t want to hear Jungkook saying he forgave him because maybe he shouldn’t do that.

Not yet.

Jimin had something he had to prove first.

“How about we get some sleep?” asked Jungkook and Jimin pulled back a little.

It wasn’t like he didn’t want to – he really fucking wanted to – but he didn’t want to rush anything.

He had just apologized, maybe it was too soon to resume how they were before. He didn’t want to force Jungkook into anything he didn’t want.

“We don’t, um… I mean maybe it would be best if tonight we didn’t-” “Just shut up and come sleep with me.”

Jungkook let out an amused sigh as he pulled the smaller boy closer, and Jimin nodded before he even realized it.

Then he let himself be guided into the familiar apartment and to the all too familiar bed.

“Get your sweaty clothes off and- why do you have candy bars?” Jungkook pointed to the two candy bars clenched in Jimin’s small hands.

“Oh, um, the little boy who lives on the floor gave them to me. Said it would help you forgive me.” Jimin chuckled at the thought.

He already liked that boy a lot.

“Jimin.” Jimin looked up.

“There’s no boy who lives on this floor.”


“Wha- what do you mean he was- I mean he was right there and-”

“I’m fucking with you. God, you’re so easy.”

“You fucking prick!”

Jimin didn’t hesitate before he let the candy bars fall to the floor and threw himself at Jungkook, landing weak hit after weak hit on his chest as Jungkook laughed like crazy.

“I take everything back, you’re a dick.”

Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin, making him unable to continue his attack.

“I’m sorry, baby.” He didn’t sound sorry.

“Yeah, yeah, just let go so I can get out of these sweaty clothes and get into bed.”

Jungkook pressed a kiss to his hair and let go.

They silently undressed and slipped under the covers, lying on their sides, facing each other.

There were mere inches between them, but Jimin felt like it was miles.

He wanted to scooch closer, but he was still too scared to go too quickly.

Jungkook must have noticed something was bothering the smaller boy because his brows furrowed as he scanned his face.

“What are you thinking?”

Jimin hesitantly reached out for Jungkook’s face, barely touching his cheek as he ran his fingers over his smooth skin.

“Can I- can I kiss you?”

Jungkook looked momentarily taken back, but then he nodded, a small smile playing on his lips.

Jimin nodded too, and then he leaned in, keeping eye contact as he did so.

He had kissed Jungkook’s lips merely hours ago, but he missed them so much it was ridiculous. He was addicted, but he wasn’t even ashamed.

The kiss was soft. Two hesitant lips meeting and it almost felt like it was their first kiss.

It felt new but good. Weird, but right.

And maybe in a way it was their first kiss. Their new first kiss.

They pulled their lips apart, but their bodies were glued together.

“I can’t believe you actually stayed out there,” laughed Jungkook.

“I said I would, didn’t I?” Jungkook nodded. “I’m done with the lying. To you, to my friends. I thought I was doing the right thing, but I wasn’t. I’m sorry I hurt you.”
Jungkook dismissed his apology, but Jimin didn’t want him to.

“Don’t brush it off Jungkook. I’ve been a dick let’s be honest.” Jungkook let out a breathless laugh as he ran his hand down Jimin’s back, making the boy shiver slightly.

“But I’m gonna fix it. I’m gonna do this for you, and for Tae and Yoongi, and everyone else.”

He caressed Jungkook’s cheek.

“And me,” he said. “I’m gonna do it for me too because someone told me I was worth it too.”

For some reason, the words didn’t sound as selfish as he had believed they would. They felt true. He was worth it too, he just had to prove it. To Jungkook, to his friends, to the world and to himself.

“Who said that?”

“My date.” Jimin smiled a little teasingly, hoping it wasn’t too soon to joke about it.

When Jungkook rolled his eyes amused, Jimin felt relieved. While some things were going to change from now on, it felt great to know that the right things remained the same.

“Mmhm,” he muttered.


“Maybe he’s not so bad after all.” Jimin shook his head.

Jiwoo had been a sweetheart from the moment Jimin met him, but now he felt more like his unexpected savior than anything else.

“Maybe I should dump you and take him anyway.” Jimin tried to hide the teasing smile on his lips.

“Don’t you fucking dare,” laughed Jungkook and pulled Jimin into his arms.

“I couldn’t even if I wanted to. I’m yours after all, am I not?” 

“You are. And I’m not letting you go.” 

“Good. Cause I don’t wanna go anywhere.”

He caressed Jungkook’s soft cheek.

“The only one I want is you and I have been horrible at showing it.”

For a moment Jimin was sure that Jungkook wasn’t breathing. He scanned Jimin’s face as his eyes almost looked through him – as if he wasn’t sure if he believed Jimin’s words.

The smaller boy gentle took one of Jungkook’s hands into his and squeezed it once before he caressed it, hoping the gesture would make Jungkook understand he wasn’t lying.

He meant every word.

Even though it had taken too long for him to realize it. Even though he had been awful at showing it.

Then Jungkook chuckled and the sound was like music to Jimin’s ears.

“Then start showing me.”

“I will. I promise I will.”

Soft touched and tender kisses were exchanged between them. They were in their own world, created for them, and them alone.

“We should probably sleep.”


Jungkook reached out to turn off the lamp on the nightstand, but something else caught his attention and Jimin looked up to see Jungkook looking at his phone.

Jimin couldn’t see the screen, but he could see the sour expression on Jungkook’s face.

Was he still arguing with his father?

Somehow the expression on his face said something else, but Jimin didn’t have time to think too much before Jungkook put down the phone and turned off the lamp.

Then he pulled Jimin closer as he got himself comfortable in the bed, but Jimin suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

Not wanting to linger on it he decided to speak so he didn’t have to think.

“I’m expecting a full brunch buffet tomorrow, just so you know.”

In the darkness, Jungkook couldn’t see the playful smile on Jimin’s lips but he had a feeling he didn’t have to.

He already knew him so well.

“I really need to go grocery shopping more often so I can be prepared for moments like this.”

“You really do. Your fridge is always empty.”

“It’s lonely buying food for one.”

“You’re not buying food for one anymore.”

Jungkook was silent for a few seconds.

“Say it again.”


“Say it again.”

Jimin furrowed his brows in confusion, but he did so anyway.

“You’re not buying food for one anymore,” he repeated, though it sounded more like a question.

Jungkook made a satisfied sound and Jimin was quite certain the taller boy was smiling.

“You’re so weird, you know?”

“Yeah, I do. But you obviously can’t live without it so don’t act as if you hate it, sweet cheeks.”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s sleepy time.”



No more words were exchanged that night.

But they didn’t have to, and Jimin found himself falling asleep with a smile on his lips.






“I can’t believe Wing Kee has been right under my nose for almost 2 years and I haven’t tried it before.” Jimin pushed an entire eggroll into his mouth and chewed it rather loudly.

“I wouldn’t exactly say it was right under your nose since it’s a 30-minute car ride away.”

“I have a big nose.”

“You have the tiniest nose I’ve ever seen. Is there even room enough for you to breathe through it?”

Jimin threw his used paper towel at him but Jungkook had sick reflexes so he easily caught it midair.

The two boys had slept until noon, and even when they had woken up, none of them had made a move to get out of bed.

Which resulted in them lying in bed – arms around each other – until 3 in the afternoon, and it was only the rumble of Jimin’s stomach that finally forced them to get up.

Jungkook had offered to go grocery shopping and make lunch, but Jimin’s hunger couldn’t wait that long, so instead Jungkook had called for some Chinese take out from his favorite restaurant.

At first, Jimin was sure they had ordered too much food when 3 paper bags of food arrived 30 minutes later, but another 30 minutes later they were sitting on the sofa and almost all the food was gone.

“Shit this was really fucking good.” Jungkook nodded in agreement as he stuffed the last eggroll into his mouth.

“I know my shit, sweet cheeks,” said Jungkook, spiting a little as he did so since his mouth was still stuffed with an eggroll.

“Say it don’t spray it,” replied Jimin, wiping away the imaginary spit from his face as he smiled teasingly.

“I’m just enjoying my food,” stated Jungkook and swallowed the large bite at last.

When Jimin had woken up it had taken him a second to remember the previous night’s events. He had feared that the morning would be awkward, but when Jungkook woke up and kissed his forehead, he realized that there was no need to worry.

“Let’s clean up and watch a movie or something,” said Jimin and Jungkook nodded along as he started gathering the empty take-out boxes.

Jimin grabbed the empty bag they had used for the trash and made his way to the kitchen and threw it out.

“Your trashcan is filled with take-out,” said Jimin. “How are you not fat yet?” 

“I work out a lot,” replied Jungkook as he gathered the last of the paper towels and boxes.

And it most certainly paid off.

Jungkook’s body was made by the heavens, no question about that. He was tall and broad and buff and Jimin couldn’t even pretend not to be a little jealous.

Next, to Jungkook he looked like a scrawny kid who had never spend even a second in the gym.

“Just promise me you’ll stop working out before you get to big to walk through the door Kookie.”

His words rolled off his tongue naturally, but they were followed by an odd silence and eventually, Jimin turned around to see what had shut Jungkook up so abruptly.

Jungkook was standing next to the kitchen island, the trash bag in his hand and a surprised expression on his face.

Why was he looking at Jimin like that?

“Why are you-” But Jimin didn’t finish the sentence before he figured it out.

“Sorry, it just… slipped out,” he said, though it sounded like a question.

Jimin wasn’t exactly sure why he was apologizing. He had just called Jungkook by a nickname, but Jungkook looked so startled Jimin feared he might have said something wrong.

Jungkook still didn’t answer him. Instead, he placed the trash on the table, awkwardly shifted his weight from one leg to the other and looked away from Jimin’s eyes.

He suddenly looked a little… embarrassed.

“Do you not like to be called Kookie? I can call you something else, or maybe no nickname if that’s better? What do you-”

“No, it’s not… um, it’s fine.” But Jungkook still wasn’t looking at him, instead, he looked more embarrassed than before.

Jimin finally had enough. He walked towards Jungkook, who then took a big step back as the smaller boy neared him.

“Jungkook what the fuck is-”

But then Jimin noticed it.

The slight bulge in the taller boy’s pants.

Was Jungkook… was Jungkook turned on by the nickname?

“Oh my God, don’t tell me you’re-”

“Don’t look at it!” whined Jungkook and placed his hands in front of his crotch, hiding his boner.

Jimin couldn’t help but burst out laughing and Jungkook glared at him.

“It’s not fucking funny, okay? My grandma calls me that!”

Jungkook’s outburst only made Jimin laugh harder. He had to grab the table to steady himself before he fell on his butt.

“Then how- If she- You got a fucking boner!” Jimin couldn’t form a proper sentence, too busy dying from laughter.

“I don’t fucking know! I just heard you say it and then… I’m not in control of my dick all the time!” Jungkook was doing his best to justify his awkward boner, but nothing he could say would make Jimin stop laughing.

“I can’t believe you,” said Jimin. He was practically crying now. “You got a boner from the nickname your grandmother calls you.” Saying it out loud just made him laugh even more. And cry.

“Shut up! It sounds different when you say it!” argued Jungkook, believing that would better the situation.

However, it didn’t.

Jimin slowly made his way towards Jungkook, a wicked grin on his face. “Kookie, Kookie, Kookie…” he chanted teasingly.

He poked Jungkook in the ribs as he continued to chant the nickname, earing an eye-roll from Jungkook.

Eventually, the taller boy snapped and in one quick movement he wrapped his arms around Jimin and made him unable to poke him anymore.

However, he continued to chant.

“Shut up,” said Jungkook, but he didn’t sound mad. A little annoyed maybe, but not mad.

“Come on, it’s really fucking funny.” Instead of answering, Jungkook just shut Jimin up by planting a hungry kiss on the smaller boy’s lips.

Jimin wanted to continue to chant, but he was unable to resist Jungkook’s lips, so in the end, he gave in, letting Jungkook sneak his tongue into his mouth and bite his bottom lip as he pleased.

He was so weak to Jungkook’s kisses.

“Say it again,” said Jungkook.

“Are you sure you can handle it?” Jungkook just shook his head and kissed Jimin again.

“Kookie,” whispered Jimin against the taller boy’s lips, trying to sound as sensual as possible.

He could feel Jungkook smiling against his mouth and he couldn’t help but let out a giggle.

“Please let me be there the next time you’re gonna see your grandmother.” “I’ve already told you it’s not the same!” exclaimed Jungkook, obviously frustrated with Jimin’s refusal to accept that.

But Jimin just continued to giggle as he wrapped his arms around the taller boy’s neck.

“It’s you saying it that turns me on,” mumbled Jungkook, clearly still a little embarrassed about it.

“Didn’t know you were so easily turned on,” teased Jimin. “You’re easier than me.” Jungkook actually looked offended at that, and so Jimin felt a little offended too.

“I most certainly am not!” “You say that as if I’m easy!” “You are!” Jimin hit Jungkook on the back of his head.

“You take that back. I’m not easily turned on.” Jungkook didn’t answer, instead, he raised an eyebrow, clearly not agreeing with Jimin.

Truth be told, Jimin knew that when it came to Jungkook it didn’t take all that much for his dick to twitch. It had done that a lot. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t
withstand the temptation if he had too.

“Are you really challenging me?”

“Are you scared Kookie?”

“I can’t wait to see you on your knees, begging for me to fuck you, in no time.”

“The only one who will be begging is you.”

“Keep telling yourself that sweet cheeks.”



( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



One hour and half a movie later, and no boner had been spotted.

Jimin’s dick was soft in his pants and he could only assume Jungkook’s was as well.

Jungkook had put on Magic Mike, probably hoping the almost naked men would give Jimin a boner, but no white boy could make Jimin’s dick twitch.

While the movie had been playing both Jungkook and Jimin had tried various things, but none of them had caved so far.

Jungkook had rolled up his sleeves, revealing his strong, vein-covered arms, while he caressed Jimin’s thigh, knowing it did things to Jimin he wasn’t proud of admitting to.

He was however proud of the fact that he actually managed to withstand the temptation and kept his dick in check.

Jimin multiple times ran his hands over Jungkook, either his arms or legs or neck. But all he got was a shiver from Jungkook and no tent in his pants.

Of course, Jimin had called him Kookie multiple times as well, but Jungkook hadn’t reacted at all.

“Are you thirsty?”

Jungkook eyed Jimin suspiciously before he slowly nodded. His eyes followed Jimin all the way to the kitchen where he took out a glass and filled it with water.

When the glass was filled he placed it beside the sink, but instead of turning off the water he turned the handle all the way to the left and let the water run on full speed. He stuck his hand under the water, making it splash everywhere.

Everything was soaked, including the white shirt he was wearing, which was now transparent and sticking to his chest, showing his toned body.

Now it wasn’t as muscular as Jungkook’s, but he was still rather proud of it.

He smiled in satisfaction and made his way back to Jungkook with the glass of water.

“I’m sorry, I had a little accident in the kitchen,” said Jimin innocently as he gave Jungkook the glass. He hardly looked at it as he accepted it, too busy staring at Jimin’s wet shirt.

Jimin could actually see Jungkook swallow hard and the smile on his lips widened.

He was so winning this time.

Jungkook cleared his throat and blinked rapidly, probably trying to compose himself again.

“Well, accidents happen.” Jungkook’s smug smile was back, and without taking his eyes off Jimin he slowly tilted the glass in his hands, spilling all over his own shirt.

“Oh, would you look at that. Another accident.” Then it was his turn to smile innocently and Jimin’s turn to glare.

That son of a bitch was using his trick. That’s cheating!

“Clumsy me,” smiled Jungkook and without breaking eye contact with Jimin, he pulled off the wet shirt, revealing his muscular body, and threw it on the floor.

Jimin didn’t let himself stare for too long, because he didn’t trust his dick to stay down if he did. Jungkook was hot and Jimin was weak to it.

Instead, he aggressively pulled his own shirt off, throwing it on the floor next to Jungkook’s.

The two boys stared at each other, but none of them said anything.

The situation was absurd and somewhat really awkward. At least it should be awkward, but both boys were too invested in the game to really care.

Jungkook leaned back in his seat on the sofa and stretched his arms above his head, making sure to flex his muscles while doing so.

Of course, Jimin couldn’t help but stare for a second before he hurried to look away. But it was too late. Jungkook had already noticed.

“Wanna touch?” teased Jungkook, flexing his muscles a little more.

Jimin suddenly felt the urge to put his shirt back on, feeling a little self-conscious next to Jungkook.

But instead of caving in, he straightened his back and walked confidently towards Jungkook.

“I would love nothing more,” he said. Jungkook clearly hadn’t believed Jimin would take him up on his offer, because he looked taken back and slightly uncertain as Jimin neared him.

Jimin didn’t give Jungkook time to come up with a reply before he got on his lap, straddling him with his thighs.

Of course, Jimin made sure to rub his ass against Jungkook’s crotch and lean in so close their noses were almost touching.

Jungkook swallowed hard and Jimin could actually feel movement in Jungkook’s pants, much to his delight.

“What?” asked Jimin innocently. “Am I… turning you on… Kookie?” He wrapped one arm around Jungkook’s neck while simultaneously running a finger down his rock-hard abs.

Jimin would be lying if he said he wasn’t turned on too by the closeness between them, which totally went against his plan.

He wasn’t supposed to turn himself on.

Jungkook opened his mouth to answer but nothing came out and Jimin smiled victoriously. Jungkook was speechless and Jimin was winning.

But then came Jungkook’s counterattack and it certainly wasn’t what Jimin had expected.

In one quick movement, too quick for Jimin to prepare for it, Jungkook pulled off Jimin’s arms and pushed him off his lap so he fell down on the floor, hurting his butt in the progress.

What the-

“That hurt you dick!” exclaimed Jimin, sitting on the floor in front of Jungkook, rubbing his sore butt.

“Yeah… well… too bad sweet cheeks, you were blocking the movie.” Jungkook gestured to the screen, but when Jimin turned around it was the credits rolling.

“Of course. It would be such a shame to miss the credits,” said Jimin and rolled his eyes. Jungkook’s smile was back as he nodded, clearly finished with composing himself again.

Jimin wrinkled his nose in annoyance before he got up from the floor. He sent Jungkook a raspberry before he made his way to Jungkook’s closet to get a fresh shirt. Or maybe something else.

Jimin decided to go through the entire closet, hoping to find something kinky he could wear.

Some tight jeans or maybe a see-through shirt or maybe even a harness. He was sure there was something. This was Jeon Jungkook he was dealing with. He was a kinky guy, so he must have some kinky clothes.

The closet was big, so it took time to go through all of it and after a few minutes Jungkook called from the living room. “Finding something baby?” Jimin could hear the smirk in his face.

He clearly believed that Jimin was in the bedroom trying to calm down his dick and not actually looking for clothes.

Jimin didn’t answer as he went through the clothes, throwing some on the floor or the bed or wherever.

At last, he just gave up.

He grabbed the first shirt he saw, and he was about to put it on when his eye caught something he was certain was leather.

He slowly pulled it out and his eyes widened as he realized what it was.

In his hands was a pair of very, very short shorts made entirely out of black leather.

Jimin didn’t linger on the thought of why Jungkook had these. He wasn’t even sure he wanted to know.

Instead, he hurried to take off his pants and hoped to God he could fit into the shorts.

He almost cried in relief when the shorts slid on like a glove.

He hurried to the mirror in the corner of the room and he was shocked to see how well he actually looked in those shorts.

They only reached right under his butt cheeks, which meant that if Jimin bent over, half of his butt would be exposed. Which was perfect.

He turned around a few times, staring at his butt, which looked really fucking good in those shorts.

He was going to kill Jeon Jungkook.

When he was done admiring his own ass, which was his most prized possession, he grabbed a shirt from the bed, but he didn’t put it on. Then he slowly made his way out of the bedroom.

Jungkook didn’t look up from his spot on the sofa, busy with going through the TV-channels. He didn’t notice Jimin, which kind of annoyed the smaller boy.

Then he’ll just have to make him, thought Jimin, a little smile on his lips.

“Finding something interesting?”

“The only thing they’re showing are cooking shows and reality sho-” Jungkook’s words got stuck in his throat as he finally turned his head to look at Jimin, who was standing in the middle of the living room in nothing but the leather shorts.

Jimin could practically see Jungkook’s heart skip a beat.

“What? Is there something wrong with the shorts?” Jimin turned around, giving Jungkook a full view of his ass from every angle.

Jungkook swallowed hard as he scanned Jimin from top to toe, lingering a little longer on his ass.

This was going even better than Jimin would have thought.

Finally, Jungkook pulled himself out of his daydream, closing his mouth and looking directly into Jimin’s eyes. Though Jimin could see he was struggling a little bit to maintain eye contact.

“No, not at all. I just think they’re very… ugly.” Clearly a big fat lie.

“Oh is that so? Well, that’s too bad,” his voice was sweet as honey as he spoke.

“Then I guess I’ll just go change.” He then, not so discreetly, let go of the shirt he was still holding, letting it fall to the floor. “Oh, would you look at that. Clumsy me,” he said, using Jungkook’s words from earlier.

He turned around and then he bent down to pick it up from the floor, pointing his ass in the air, giving Jungkook a good view.

He moved insanely slowly, making sure Jungkook got a long, good look.

However, it turned out Jimin didn’t have to stall for so long before Jungkook got on his feet and practically ran to him. He barely even had the time to grab the shirt before Jungkook grabbed him and turned him around.

“You’re playing so fucking dirty baby,” muttered Jungkook as he wrapped his arms around Jimin’s waist, pulling him against his naked chest.

“Surrendering already?” Jungkook practically growled as he buried his face in Jimin’s neck, planting small kisses.

“Not surrendering? Oh well then.” Jimin wriggled his way out of Jungkook’s arms and turned around to walk away, but Jungkook didn’t let him. He grabbed Jimin’s arm and roughly turned him around, slamming him against his naked chest once again.

“Fuck, okay, okay. I surrender, you win.” It clearly hurt Jungkook’s pride to admit that, which only widened Jimin’s victorious smile.

“Fuck, it feels good to finally win.” Jungkook didn’t answer, instead, he bent down to pick Jimin up and practically ran to the bedroom, where he threw Jimin on the bed.

“So dirty,” repeated Jungkook as he crawled on top of Jimin, hovering over him. “So fucking dirty.” Jimin could do nothing else but smile so fucking satisfied with himself.

He had finally fucking won something and fuck it felt great.

Jungkook kissed everywhere on Jimin’s chest and stomach, planting wet kiss after wet kiss. When he neared the shorts he looked up at Jimin.

“I almost don’t wanna take them off. You look so fucking good in them.”

While Jimin was living for the compliments, he did not agree with the not-taking-them-off part.

“You take them off right now and fuck me Jungkook.” Jimin realized his mistake too late.

“Are you… begging me baby? It appears I might not have lost after all.”

“That’s not- you surrendered, I won. End of story. Now take off those shorts!” Jimin was relieved when Jungkook didn’t argue, but instead unbuttoned the shorts, sliding them off him as he looked at Jimin.

He didn’t waste any time as he pulled Jimin’s underwear off immediately and started stroking his hard cock while kissing his thighs.

Jimin practically cried out at the contact, grabbed the sheets so tightly in his hands. ”Shi- shit Jungkook.”

Jungkook picked up the speed, stroking Jimin’s cock faster as he started trailing kissed up Jimin’s body until he reached Jimin’s face.

“The first time ever I lose, and I’m not even so sure I did.” He kissed Jimin hungrily, biting his bottom lip and exploring his mouth with his tongue.

Jimin did his best at trying to keep up with him, but he could hardly focus on anything with Jungkook jerking him off so fast.

“Bull- bullshit. This can’t be the first time you’ve ever- ever lost.” 

“But it is. I always win baby. Even when I lose, it appears I win.”

Jimin really wanted to call him out on his bullshit, but he realized that he actually didn’t give a fuck right now. More important things were happening.

“Fuck, Jungkook, can you…” Jimin wasn’t sure what he was asking. For Jungkook to blow him? Fuck him? Jerk him off even faster?

Jungkook seemed to be deep in thought for a single second, but then he made his way down Jimin’s body, and without warning, he took Jimin into his mouth and started sucking him off.

The sensation was almost too much for him. Jungkook’s warm mouth around his cock felt better than he could’ve ever imagined, and he realized that this was the first time Jungkook sucked him off.

But holy shit he was good at it.

Jimin had gotten a few blow jobs throughout is life, but once again nothing compared to Jeon Jungkook.

He swirled his tongue around his member, sucking like a pro while jerking off the base of his cock where his mouth didn’t reach.

Jimin had to admit that he didn’t have the biggest dick, so it wasn’t exactly hard for Jungkook to take all of him in one go and only gag a little.

Jimin moaned Jungkook’s name on repeat, knowing he loved it as much as Jimin did. Maybe even more.

“Is it good?” asked Jungkook and Jimin could only nod and moan as he tangled his fingers in Jungkook’s hair, making Jungkook growl in satisfaction.

“I asked you something babe. Is it good.”

“Fuck, ye- yes it is.” Jungkook smiled pleased, then he put Jimin in his mouth again.

He was quite certain that if Jungkook continued to work his magic on his cock for much longer Jimin would come, so he gently pulled back a little.

“If you continue I’ll- So please fu- fuck me Jungkook.” Jimin didn’t even care that he was begging.

Jungkook hurried over to his nightstand where he pulled out the lube and a condom. He almost ripped off his own pants and underwear as he took them off and hurried back to Jimin, positioning himself between Jimin’s parted legs.

“I’m gonna make you feel so good, sweet cheeks.”

“I don’t doubt you Kookie,” teased Jimin, earning an amused eye roll from Jungkook.

He coated his fingers with the lube and without warning pushed two fingers into Jimin’s hole. He was clearly getting his revenge, and though it stung, Jimin welcomed the feeling.

“Fu- fuck. Someone is sa- salty.” Jungkook didn’t answer, which only confirmed Jimin’s words. However, he didn’t even mind Jungkook’s salty ass if it felt like this.

Jungkook’s finger pumped in and out at an almost dangerous speed. He inserted a third finger so fast Jimin almost wasn’t ready for it, which resulted in him crying out in both pain and pleasure.

“Is it okay, baby?” asked Jungkook, realizing he might have gone a little too fast, but Jimin hurried to say yes, and Jungkook continued to finger him fast.

Though the feeling of Jungkook’s fingers inside of him was amazing, Jimin wanted more. Not to mention he thought it was only fair he gave a little in return.

He gently pulled Jungkook’s finger out of him and got on his knees in front Jungkook. He could feel the lube sliding down his thighs, but he paid it no mind.

They were both on their knees on the bed, but Jungkook’s was still towering over him.

The taller boy looked at him with an amused, curious look in his eyes. Jimin didn’t give him time to ask anything, before he crashed their lips together and grabbed Jungkook’s cock, making Jungkook moan into the kiss.



Jimin didn’t even jerk him off for that long before Jungkook pushed him back on the bed, making Jimin gasp in surprise.

“While I do love your hands around my cock, I love my cock inside you a little more.” He reached out for the condom on the bed, but Jimin stopped him.

“Don’t,” he said, and Jungkook sent him a confused look.

“I- I mean. Am clean, and I want to- I want to feel you, really feel you, so…” For some reason, he was a little anxious for the reply. Maybe Jungkook didn’t want to fuck him raw.

“Fuck,” exclaimed Jungkook after a few seconds of silence. “Yes, yes, fuck yes,” he exclaimed and tossed the condom on the floor. “I wanna feel you too baby, all of you.” He leaned down and captured Jimin’s lips in a needy kiss.

“And I’m clean too,” he hurried to say and winked at Jimin, earning a little giggle.

He parted Jimin’s legs a little more, then he positioned his cock against Jimin’s hole and Jimin didn’t even have time to beg him to fuck him before he pushed in.

Jungkook’s naked cock felt even better than he could’ve imagined.

Jimin was already close before Jungkook pushed into him and so when Jungkook grabbed his cock and started jerking him off, he knew he wouldn’t be able to last very long.

“I’m gonna come in two seconds if you don’t sto- stop jerking me off,” said Jimin, almost a little embarrassed.

However, Jungkook didn’t stop, he slowed down, but he didn’t stop.

He started fucking into Jimin a little faster and deeper, hitting his prostate repeatedly, making him cry out from pleasure. He probably wanted to come at the same time as Jimin.

But then it suddenly seemed like Jungkook had other plans.

He pulled out of Jimin, who almost cried because of the empty feeling it left.

“Get on your knees,” said Jungkook and Jimin didn’t hesitate to comply. He could never fight against the dominance in Jungkook’s voice anyway.

Jimin turned around and got his knees and hands, sticking his ass in the air for Jungkook to claim.

“Shit you look good like this,” moaned Jungkook and without warning, he smacked Jimin’s ass making Jimin gasp in surprise.

It wasn’t painful, but it certainly wasn’t gentle either.

“You like that?” asked Jungkook and when Jimin nodded he spanked him again, earning another gasp.

“I’ve been thinking about doing that for quite some time now,” confessed Jungkook and spanked him again.

Jimin thought back to the pottery date they had been at, where Jungkook had told him he was imagining his ass when he spanked the clay.

It appeared he hadn’t been lying.

And it appeared Jimin just got jealous of clay because Jungkook was damn good at spanking.

Jungkook gave Jimin one last smack and the smaller boy was quite certain his ass was going to be a little red tomorrow.

But he didn’t mind at all.

“Ready baby?” And before Jimin could say anything, Jungkook’s pushed into him, making Jimin moan loudly.

Every thrust was deep and fast and Jimin barely had time to breathe in between them.

Jungkook bent over Jimin as he continued to thrust. He placed soft kisses to Jimin’s sweaty neck as he grabbed his cock and started stroking it.

The sensation was almost too much and Jimin was almost embarrassed when he came mere seconds after Jungkook started jerking him off.

“Fu- fuck!” he moaned as he came, spilling his seeds all over Jungkook’s sheets and his hand.

“Good, baby,” praised Jungkook as he kissed his neck again, and Jimin blushed at the compliment.

Fuck he loved it when Jungkook praised him.

It didn’t take more than 10 seconds before Jungkook cried out in pleasure as he came inside of Jimin and by then Jimin was so sensitive he needed Jungkook to pull out immediately.

“Out, out,” he said, feeling his entire body spasm by the over-stimulation.

Jungkook got the hint immediately and pulled out.

“Sorry, are you okay?”

“Yes, yes I’m fine. Just a little sensitive,” he confessed, blushing a little as he did so.

Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin and pulled him down on the bed with him. Luckily he pulled him over to his side of the bed so Jimin didn't land on his own cum.

“Was it good?” asked Jungkook and Jimin nodded.

“It was amazing Jungkook. Especially the blow job.” He kissed the corner of Jungkook’s mouth.

“Really?” Jungkook sounded genuinely surprised as his face lit up in happiness.

“Yes you idiot,” laughed Jimin. “Don’t you hear that all the time?” Jungkook was fucking good with his mouth so it couldn’t be the first time he heard that.

“Well considering I haven’t given a blow job before, no.”

At that Jimin’s eyes widened and he looked up at Jungkook, expecting a teasing grin, but he looked serious.

“What?” The disbelieve clear in his voice.

“Yup,” he said. “First time giving a blow job.” Jimin couldn’t believe it.

“But you’re so good!” he exclaimed. “How was that your first time giving one?”

“I always just receive them, I never give them.” Jimin had a feeling it had something to do with Jungkook and his dominant ass. He didn’t get on his knees for others, they got on their knees for him.

“I can’t believe you’re that good the first time you give head,” he confessed, and it was true.

“I’m sure you were great the first time too.”

Jimin froze at his words and Jungkook must have noticed.

“What? What’s wrong?”

Jimin shook his head. “Nothing, it’s- it’s nothing.”

He hoped Jungkook wouldn’t think too much of it, because he really didn’t want him to know.

“Don’t lie to me Jimin,” said Jungkook, but his voice was gentle. “Tell me what happened.”

It wasn’t really something he had told anyone before. He was ashamed of it, and he knew he shouldn’t be since he didn’t exactly do anything wrong, but he didn’t want Jungkook to think badly of him.

“I, um, I was 14 I think. It was at a party held by some of the older kids from my school.”

His school was shit. There was no other way to describe it. It was made up of teachers who didn’t care and students who all bullied each other.

“They got me drunk and one of them, who I kind of had a crush on, took me upstairs. I don’t really remember all that much since I was drunk, but I remember him saying that if I really like him I would suck his dick.”

He could feel Jungkook tense under him.

“I did. And before I knew it all of his friends came in, laughing their asses off. I don’t even remember how I got home. I think one of the guys felt sorry for me and drove me home.”

He held his breath as he waited for Jungkook’s reaction.

Would he be disgusted with him?

Would he-

“I’m gonna fucking kill them.”

Jimin was slightly surprised by Jungkook’s outburst. He hadn’t expected him to be that angry.

“Don’t bother. It doesn’t matter,” said Jimin and grabbed Jungkook’s hand, squeezing it gently.

“The fuck it does. They can’t just get away with shit like that!” While Jimin was flattered with how protective Jungkook was, he really didn’t want him to dwell on it.

“I don’t give a shit about them anymore Jungkook. I’m right here in your arms and they’re probably trying to forget about their pathetic lives by drinking too much.” He kissed Jungkook’s lips.

“I won in the end, so fuck them.” He gave Jungkook a reassuring smile and after a few seconds, Jungkook reciprocated it.

“I’m still gonna kill them though.” Jimin sighed, but he couldn’t help but smile.

“You’re impossible, you know that?”

“I can’t help it okay? I don’t want anyone getting away with hurting you.”

“My hero,” teased Jimin, but he meant every word.

Jungkook didn’t say anything, only chuckled slightly as he pulled Jimin a little closer – if it was even possible.

For a long time after that, they just laid in silence in the bed, still naked and sweaty. But none of them made a move to get up.

Jimin was still breathing a little heavy and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t a little exhausted.

Having sex with Jungkook was even tougher than running a marathon.

Not that Jimin had ever run a marathon, but he could imagine it was tougher.

Jungkook caressed Jimin’s back, drawing circles, while Jimin softly ran his hands over Jungkook’s chest, scratching him gently with his nails as he did so.

As he was lying in Jungkook’s arms, he realized he had never felt safer in his life.

Safe from his negative thoughts.

Safe from the judgmental eyes of Korea.

Safe from the entire world.

Safe from his father.

For the first time in his life, the thought of his father didn’t leave a wave of immense anger in him. He didn’t want to curl in on himself or rip out his hair or smash something.
For the first time ever he felt somewhat calm and he knew why.

He wondered if he could make the anger go away completely.

It was worth a try.

“Can I- can I tell you about my father?”

Jungkook stopped caressing his back for a second.

“Only if you want to. I don’t want you to feel obligated to tell me just because-”

“I want to,” interrupted Jimin. “I need to.”

Jungkook didn’t hesitate before he spoke. “Okay.”

Jimin swallowed heard. He wasn’t so sure how to begin. What to say exactly.

“I- he- um…”

“It’s okay baby, take your time.”

Jimin nodded and fell quiet for a few more seconds.

“My father he… he comes from a wealthy family. Fancy schools and fancy homes and fancy clothes. My mom… my mom is the exact opposite. Her family was poor. They didn’t have much money for anything, but my mom had never cared about material things, so she didn’t mind much.”

At the thought of his mother, a painful feeling spread in his chest.

“They met at a grocery store. I’m not sure how it all happened, but they met, they went out and not long after that my mom got pregnant. She was 19 he was 24.”

Jungkook remained silent as he caressed Jimin’s back and held his hand gently.

“My mother’s parents they’re – were I suppose – not very forgiven. When my mom refused to get an abortion they kicked her out, saying she shouldn’t come back.”

Jimin had therefore never met his grandmother and grandfather on his mother’s side, but he really didn’t mind.

“And then we have my father’s family.” He laughed humorlessly. “They weren’t married and my mom was poor. They didn’t like it one bit, but they were more open than my mother’s family I supposed.”

However, he wouldn’t have minded if they hadn’t been.

“I don’t know if it was them or my dad or my mom, but for the first few years of my life, I visited my dad’s family every now and then. Playing with my cousin who was my age. But they were assholes. It was clear they didn’t like me. Glaring at me, always telling me no even when I hardly did anything. They didn’t even let my mother come. The only one who was somewhat sweet to me was my grandmother, though I don’t really remember her.”

They treated Jimin like garbage, but they treated his mother worse.

“Eventually I stop seeing them. I don’t know if it was them who finally had enough or if it was my mom refusing to let me go when I always came home crying.”

He tightened his grip on Jungkook’s hand, but the boy didn’t complain.

“My dad came by maybe once a year after that. Maybe even less. He sent money and that was pretty much it.”

Even when he came by, he never stayed for more than an hour. He would ask how school went and ask if they needed more money. He didn’t give a shit if Jimin was happy.

“If we needed more money he would send it, but one thing he would never contribute to was the dance school I attended. It was a shitty place, but my mom had to pay for it herself, so she couldn’t afford anything better. My dad didn’t want me to dance so he did everything he could to prevent me from doing so.”

He would refuse to contribute with money, he would degrade him and his dancing whenever he could and he would laugh when Jimin mentioned it.

He did everything he could to kill Jimin’s love for dance, but he never succeeded.

“He continued to visit until I was 13 as I told you, and well, you know the rest.”

There was no reason to repeat what he had told Jungkook yesterday. It wasn’t something he wanted to repeat for a long time.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through all that. I should’ve done something, I should’ve-” “You couldn’t have done anything Jungkook, you didn’t even know me.”

Jungkook didn’t reply, he merely caressed Jimin’s back.

“I’m okay now Jungkook. I’m okay.” He wasn’t sure if he was reassuring Jungkook or himself.

“I’m happy you told me, baby.”

“I’m happy I told you Kookie.” He smiled sweetly and Jungkook pinched his cheek as if Jimin was a child.

Well, he was a little childish, so he supposed it made sense somehow.

He heard the sound of a vibrating phone and he could’ve sworn Jungkook almost flinched.

Jimin was about to reach over Jungkook to get the phones, but Jungkook was faster.

The taller boy hurried to reach out for the two phones on the nightstand before Jimin could. He looked at his own first, and it seemed like he relaxed completely when he realized it wasn’t him.

“It’s yours,” he said, and Jimin was certain he heard the relief in his voice.

Why was he so relieved it wasn’t his phone?

Jimin hesitantly took his phone from Jungkook and looked at the display.

‘I wanna show you some of the song, can you come home?’

He hurried to reply, telling Yoongi he would be home in under an hour.

“Who is it?” Jimin was so close to throwing the question back at him. Asking him who he was so anxious about receiving texts from.

“Yoongi. I have to get home.”

His voice was little stiffer than he had hoped, but if Jungkook noticed he said nothing.

“Can I take a shower before I leave?” Jungkook nodded. “Yeah, knock yourself out. I’ll find some clean clothes for you.”

Jungkook leaned in for a kiss before they got up, but Jimin smoothly avoided his lips, getting up from the bed quickly.

He decided not to look at Jungkook, but instead, just hurry to the bathroom.

He wasn’t even sure why he acted salty. It was probably just his father anyway, nagging him about the business trip, but the doubt in him was persistent.

“Have you talked more with your dad about that business trip?” He wasn’t sure if Jungkook even wanted to tell him if he had. It had been a struggle to get it out of him in the first place and he didn’t know if he could get out of him a second time.

“Not really. Been ignoring his text like the plague. I think he’s given up.”

Jimin swallowed hard at that.

So it wasn’t his dad?

Jimin merely nodded, not trusting his voice to stay indifferent if he spoke.

He hurried to the bathroom instead.

He opened a few of the bathroom cabinets until he found a pile of clean towels. He pulled one out and placed it on the hook next to the shower.

Since he was already naked, he quickly slipped into the shower, but turning it on seemed to be harder than he had thought.

The showers at the university were easy. You turn it to the left – it’s cold. You turn it to the right – it’s hot. But Jungkook’s shower was complicated somehow. When he turned the handle nothing happened, and he couldn’t figure out which way was hot and which way was cold.

“Need help?” Jungkook was standing in the door, wearing a pair of boxers and holding a pile of folded clothes in his arms.

Jimin didn’t have time to answer before Jungkook placed the clothes on the laundry basket and neared Jimin.

Jungkook started pulling and turning the different handles while he told Jimin what he did, but Jimin was too caught up in his own thoughts to listen.

If it wasn’t his father texting, then who could’ve gotten him so anxious?

He really hoped his gut was wrong.

Suddenly Jimin was hit in the face with warm water, which snapped him out of his thoughts.

“You got that?” Jimin hurried to nod even though he hadn’t heard any of it.

“Good. I’ll be in the living room, call if you need anything.” Once again Jimin didn’t answer, merely nodded, but Jungkook seemed satisfied enough with that so he gave a smile and left Jimin alone in the shower.

For a few seconds – minutes? – he stood completely still in the shower, letting the warm water wash over him.

He really didn’t know why he always got a bad vibe when it came to Jungkook and his goddamn phone.

He trusted him completely.

He had told him things he had never told anyone else. That was trust, wasn’t it? He trusted him with his secrets.

So why was Jimin suddenly so scared?

Jungkook would never hurt him.

He had been through too much shit with Jimin to just give up now. If he didn’t want Jimin, then he would’ve left weeks ago.

When he had finally been standing still for too long, he reached out for the shampoo bottle but realized that it was completely empty.

Who takes the last shampoo without putting a new one in the shower?

Jimin had a feeling he wasn’t really angry about the shampoo, but it was easier to accept.


He had no idea where the shampoo was, so he decided to just get Jungkook.


But the son of a bitch didn’t hear him. Probably because the shower was so goddamn loud.

He didn’t have a clue how to turn off the water, so he just left it on as he walked over to the bathroom cabinets and started looking through them.

He found nothing.

At last, he decided to just go out and get Jungkook. The boy must have some shampoo somewhere.

He grabbed the towel and wrapped it around his waist, then he left the bathroom, the shower still on.

He only made it to the edge of the living room before he heard Jungkook’s voice.

He was talking on the phone with someone and since his back was turned towards Jimin, he didn’t see him come out of the bathroom. And because of the loud ass shower, he didn’t hear him either.

“Calm down, it’s not my fault you didn’t check your phone before you got in the car.”

Jimin was about to turn around and go back to the bathroom – he didn’t want to disturb Jungkook’s conversation – but then something got his full attention.

Or rather a name.

“Don’t blame me when you’re the idiot Yugyeom.”

Jimin stopped dead in his tracks, and though he wasn’t proud of it, he stayed where he stood, not making a move to leave.

“This has nothing to do with you, so stop acting like it.”

Jungkook’s voice was hard, he was clearly upset about something, which shouldn’t ease Jimin’s mind, but it somehow did.

“Yes, I’m with him now.”

Jimin froze completely, his heart skipping a beat.

Was Jungkook talking about him?

“This has nothing to do with him.”

He was sure he was talking about him and he didn’t like to be called ‘him’ by Jungkook. It felt so impersonal.

“No Yugyeom, go home.”

Jimin’s grip on the towel was tight.

“You’re not coming up so just go home. What do you mean ‘why’, why do you think?!”

It took a second for Jimin to understand what was going on.

Yugyeom was here.

In Jungkook’s building.

Asking to be let in, asking to see Jungkook even though he knew Jimin was here.

He knew Jimin was in the apartment, yet he didn’t care.

Just who was this man?

He suddenly had a burning desire to find out.

Jungkook kept talking on the phone as Jimin hurried back to the bathroom. He hurried to put on the clothes, not giving a damn about the shower he was in the middle of.

He could shower when he came back to the university.

When he was fully dressed he stormed out of the bathroom, grabbed his phone from the nightstand and hurried to the door.

Jungkook had just ended the call when Jimin reached the door.

“Jimin?” He turned around.

“Where are you-”

“Emergency. Yoongi he- he needs me, so I have to go. I didn’t know how to turn off the shower so… yeah. I’ll, um, see ya!”

He didn’t give Jungkook time to answer before he grabbed his jacket and shoes, not bothering to put them on, and exited the apartment with lightning speed.

He didn’t wait on the elevator, running straight to the stairs and sprinted down.

When he reached the lobby, he was surprised to see a crowd of people. Not many people had been in the lobby the last few times Jimin had been there.

The crowd only made it harder for Jimin to spot Yugyeom. He had no idea what he looked like and with all these people it was practically impossible to find someone familiar, let alone a stranger.

He stood on his toes as he scanned the crowd, but he saw no young man.

He had a feeling he would be tall, handsome and well-dressed, but he saw no man who fitted that description.

Jimin sighed deeply. It had been pointless. He wasn’t going to find him, he didn’t even know what he looked like, there was no way he would-

His eyes fell on a tall stranger, making his way out of the lobby.

He was walking fast and determined and Jimin hardly even got to see his face.

He was wearing a clearly tailored suit, his dark hair was nicely styled and his shoes were practically shinning.

Jimin couldn’t be sure, he kept telling himself that, but somewhere deep down he was.

That was Yugyeom.

It had to be him.

It must be him.

Just before he exited the lobby, the man turned his head around and Jimin held his breath.

The man didn’t see Jimin, but Jimin certainly saw him.

He was handsome, no, he was drop dead gorgeous, without a doubt.

His gaze scanned the crowd quickly and then the man left, leaving Jimin a breathless mess as he stood there in the lobby, hair wet and shoes in hand.

Was that really Yugyeom?

Was that his competition for Jungkook’s heart?

In that case, he was fucked.

He was absolutely, one hundred percent fucked.

Chapter Text

Park Jimin didn’t usually initiate hangout sessions with his friends. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to hang out with them, they just usually were the ones initiating it.

Taehyung was a needy fucker and Hoseok always forced everyone to attend, saying he couldn’t deal with Taehyung’s hyper ass alone.

Namjoon always joined because he loved hanging out and Yoongi always complained when one of them ‘forced’ him to join, but secretly he liked it. Jimin knew that.

But on this ordinary Tuesday, Jimin approached his friends, asking them if they wanted to hang out.

Luckily none of them had really been suspicious. It wasn’t like Jimin never did it.

Once every third month maybe, but still.

He wanted to keep it as casual as possible so when they asked him what he wanted to do, he merely shrugged and said they could just chill in the dorms, play some video games or something.

Taehyung had immediately taken over and invited everyone to his and Hoseok’s dorm room after classes, and Jimin was grateful even if he didn’t voice it.

He had to save his voice for a much more important conversation.

Namjoon and Yoongi had been the last to arrive around 5 pm when their music class ended, while Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok had been playing video games since 2 pm shamelessly.

Yoongi had immediately dumped down in Hoseok’s comfortable desk chair like he always did, refusing to sit on the floor or Taehyung or Hoseok’s hormone-covered beds, as he called them.

Namjoon had dumped down on Taehyung’s more uncomfortable desk chair.

Upon their arrival, the three boys had decided to stop the video game knowing neither Namjoon nor Yoongi wanted to play.

Jimin had hurried to jump up from his seat between Taehyung and Hoseok on Taehyung’s bed, and placed himself on Hoseok’s bed. That way he was facing all of his friends, which made it a whole lot easier to read their expressions when he dropped the bomb on them.

He wasn’t sure how he should start the conversation, however.

It wasn’t exactly something he could just say, was it?

However, it didn’t feel right to say ‘so, there’s a reason why I have gathered you all here today’. That just felt too formal, too business like, as if his relationship with Jungkook was a professional thing.

His friends had started a conversation about the food in the canteen. Apparently, Namjoon had somehow taken Jin with him because Jin had been curious about what the food tasted like since they all hated it so much.

Of course Jin and found it as disgusting as they had, told Namjoon it was a disgrace to the culinary society and insisted that Namjoon invited all of them to come and eat at his place so he could give them a taste of real food.

Jimin wasn’t exactly very engaged in the conversation, but even he didn’t miss the almost nervous look on Namjoon as he awaited their reply to the invitation.

He was clearly very eager for his friends to hang out with his boyfriend.

“Of course Namjoon, that would be fucking great!” exclaimed Hoseok, followed by a nod and a smile from both Taehyung and Yoongi.

Relief covered Namjoon’s face as he smiled fondly.

“Jungkook’s coming too right?” asked Taehyung. The two had clearly already bonded a lot through video games and childish bickering.

Of course, the mention of Jungkook’s name sent an anxious shiver through Jimin as he fidgeted with his fingers in his lap.

Jimin wondered if it was the appropriate time to bring it up now that the topic of Jungkook was in the air.

“I believe so yeah,” replied Namjoon. “Jin cooks for him all the time so I would find it odd if he didn’t invite him.”

The thought of Jin often cooking for Jungkook made a lot of sense. It explained why he didn’t have much food in his fridge. Not to mention the fact that it was so like Jin to insist on making food for him, so he didn’t eat take out all the time.

“So when are we gonna do it?” asked Hoseok and Namjoon shrugged.

“Whenever you guys have the time I suppose.”

“I’m not exactly busy,” said Taehyung, and Jimin had the feeling he was trying to guilt trip him for hanging out with him less and less.

However, that was going to change now so Jimin tried not to feel too guilty.

“Tae you literally have hundreds of friends at the university to hang out with, so just hit them up if you’re bored,” said Hoseok a little teasingly as he smiled at Taehyung.

“I know that, but they’re not as fun as you guys.” A collectively ‘aww’ was heard from their friends.

“Of course Hoseok isn’t part of that since he is as funny as a rock.”

“Rocks can be funny,” said Hoseok nonchalant.

“You can paint them and collect them if they’re pretty.” He pointed at himself. “And you can throw them at people.” He looked at Taehyung with a smug smile.

“You’re right. You’re not as funny as a rock.” Hoseok kicked him with his foot.

“Seriously, you guys always bicker. It’s a wonder you haven’t actually had a physical fight yet,” said Yoongi, but there was a hint of amusement in his voice.

They all always complained about the two roommates bickering, but they secretly all found it hilarious.

“We don’t have to fight. I would win that’s for sure,” said Taehyung matter-of-factly.

“That’s such a lie and you know it.”

Jimin had zoomed out of the conversations a few minutes ago, only listening with half an ear as he was deep in his own thoughts.

How did he say it? How did he break it to his friends properly?

“I always win at video games,” argued Taehyung.

“That’s because you only have to use your fingers, once you have to use your entire body and strength you’re useless.”

Think Jimin, think.

“I’m strong as fuck Hobi. You wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Just fucking say it, coward. Tell them you have something important to say and say it! Jimin was practically screaming at himself inside his head.

Just do it!

“You’re funny Tae, almost funnier than a rock, if only-”

“I’m seeing Jungkook.”

The whole room fell silent and Jimin didn’t have to look up from his hands to know they were all staring at him.

“Or dating is probably more the right way to put it.”

He finally looked up, and his eyes were fixed on Taehyung.

He had feared all of their reactions – apart from Yoongi’s of course – but he had feared Taehyung’s the most.

While they all deserved to know, Taehyung deserved to know more.

Surprisingly Hoseok was the first to speak up, but Jimin didn’t look at him, his eyes still fixed on Taehyung as he spoke. “You’re- you’re dating Jungkook? You and… Jungkook?”

“Yeah, we’re- we’re dating.”

Taehyung’s face was kind of unreadable to him. He was shocked, but then his face had shifted to a slightly confused look and finally something resembling relief.

“That makes a lot of sense.” Jimin tore his eyes from Taehyung and looked at Namjoon.


“Wha- You- you knew?”

Namjoon’s face was soft and somehow he looked a little relived too.

Why was everyone looking like that? Well, except Hoseok of course, he looked nothing but shocked.

“No, I didn’t know I just… I had a feeling something was going on.” Jimin was about to ask how, but Namjoon explained further before he could.

“You’ve been a little weird lately, not to mention the fact that Jin keeps asking me questions about you.”

That piece of information was not what Jimin had expected.

“He- he does?”

“Yeah. Well, he’s been doing it for a really long time now but he-”

“I had a feeling too.”

Jimin immediately looked at Taehyung – Namjoon’s words completely forgotten.

“I knew something was up with you and then we had Jungkook entering our lives all of a sudden, and well, I didn’t really think much of it since Jin entered our lives at the same time, but it just seemed a little odd.”

Jimin had to give his soulmate more credit. He wasn’t as oblivious as he had assumed. He was a dick for assuming that.

“I’m I the only one completely shocked by this?” exclaimed Hoseok, looking around at the boys. His eyes finally settling on Yoongi.

“What about you Yoongi, aren’t you-”

“I’ve known for a little while.”

Everyone looked at him, and Jimin hated the slightly hurt look – mixed with some disappointment – that briefly covered Taehyung’s face.

“I walked in on them while they-” he paused for a second, probably not wanting to say what he walked in on them doing.

“I walked in on then at the party last weekend.”

Jimin briefly looked at all of his friends before he looked back at Taehyung.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” The comment was for all of them but mostly aimed at Taehyung.

“Why didn’t you?” his soulmate asked, and Jimin didn’t miss the disappointment in his voice. But there was no anger.

“In the beginning I just… In the beginning, I didn’t think anything would happen so I just didn’t see the point in telling and then it started progressing and I just-” He sighed.

“I was just a coward and a dick and a bad friend. I thought I was somehow doing the right thing and it took me too long to realize I wasn’t.”

The silence that followed his words wasn’t all that uncomfortabl