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Park Jimin didn’t usually initiate hangout sessions with his friends. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to hang out with them, they just usually were the ones initiating it.

Taehyung was a needy fucker and Hoseok always forced everyone to attend, saying he couldn’t deal with Taehyung’s hyper ass alone.

Namjoon always joined because he loved hanging out and Yoongi always complained when one of them ‘forced’ him to join, but secretly he liked it. Jimin knew that.

But on this ordinary Tuesday, Jimin approached his friends, asking them if they wanted to hang out.

Luckily none of them had really been suspicious. It wasn’t like Jimin never did it.

Once every third month maybe, but still.

He wanted to keep it as casual as possible so when they asked him what he wanted to do, he merely shrugged and said they could just chill in the dorms, play some video games or something.

Taehyung had immediately taken over and invited everyone to his and Hoseok’s dorm room after classes, and Jimin was grateful even if he didn’t voice it.

He had to save his voice for a much more important conversation.

Namjoon and Yoongi had been the last to arrive around 5 pm when their music class ended, while Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok had been playing video games since 2 pm shamelessly.

Yoongi had immediately dumped down in Hoseok’s comfortable desk chair like he always did, refusing to sit on the floor or Taehyung or Hoseok’s hormone-covered beds, as he called them.

Namjoon had dumped down on Taehyung’s more uncomfortable desk chair.

Upon their arrival, the three boys had decided to stop the video game knowing neither Namjoon nor Yoongi wanted to play.

Jimin had hurried to jump up from his seat between Taehyung and Hoseok on Taehyung’s bed, and placed himself on Hoseok’s bed. That way he was facing all of his friends, which made it a whole lot easier to read their expressions when he dropped the bomb on them.

He wasn’t sure how he should start the conversation, however.

It wasn’t exactly something he could just say, was it?

However, it didn’t feel right to say ‘so, there’s a reason why I have gathered you all here today’. That just felt too formal, too business like, as if his relationship with Jungkook was a professional thing.

His friends had started a conversation about the food in the canteen. Apparently, Namjoon had somehow taken Jin with him because Jin had been curious about what the food tasted like since they all hated it so much.

Of course Jin and found it as disgusting as they had, told Namjoon it was a disgrace to the culinary society and insisted that Namjoon invited all of them to come and eat at his place so he could give them a taste of real food.

Jimin wasn’t exactly very engaged in the conversation, but even he didn’t miss the almost nervous look on Namjoon as he awaited their reply to the invitation.

He was clearly very eager for his friends to hang out with his boyfriend.

“Of course Namjoon, that would be fucking great!” exclaimed Hoseok, followed by a nod and a smile from both Taehyung and Yoongi.

Relief covered Namjoon’s face as he smiled fondly.

“Jungkook’s coming too right?” asked Taehyung. The two had clearly already bonded a lot through video games and childish bickering.

Of course, the mention of Jungkook’s name sent an anxious shiver through Jimin as he fidgeted with his fingers in his lap.

Jimin wondered if it was the appropriate time to bring it up now that the topic of Jungkook was in the air.

“I believe so yeah,” replied Namjoon. “Jin cooks for him all the time so I would find it odd if he didn’t invite him.”

The thought of Jin often cooking for Jungkook made a lot of sense. It explained why he didn’t have much food in his fridge. Not to mention the fact that it was so like Jin to insist on making food for him, so he didn’t eat take out all the time.

“So when are we gonna do it?” asked Hoseok and Namjoon shrugged.

“Whenever you guys have the time I suppose.”

“I’m not exactly busy,” said Taehyung, and Jimin had the feeling he was trying to guilt trip him for hanging out with him less and less.

However, that was going to change now so Jimin tried not to feel too guilty.

“Tae you literally have hundreds of friends at the university to hang out with, so just hit them up if you’re bored,” said Hoseok a little teasingly as he smiled at Taehyung.

“I know that, but they’re not as fun as you guys.” A collectively ‘aww’ was heard from their friends.

“Of course Hoseok isn’t part of that since he is as funny as a rock.”

“Rocks can be funny,” said Hoseok nonchalant.

“You can paint them and collect them if they’re pretty.” He pointed at himself. “And you can throw them at people.” He looked at Taehyung with a smug smile.

“You’re right. You’re not as funny as a rock.” Hoseok kicked him with his foot.

“Seriously, you guys always bicker. It’s a wonder you haven’t actually had a physical fight yet,” said Yoongi, but there was a hint of amusement in his voice.

They all always complained about the two roommates bickering, but they secretly all found it hilarious.

“We don’t have to fight. I would win that’s for sure,” said Taehyung matter-of-factly.

“That’s such a lie and you know it.”

Jimin had zoomed out of the conversations a few minutes ago, only listening with half an ear as he was deep in his own thoughts.

How did he say it? How did he break it to his friends properly?

“I always win at video games,” argued Taehyung.

“That’s because you only have to use your fingers, once you have to use your entire body and strength you’re useless.”

Think Jimin, think.

“I’m strong as fuck Hobi. You wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Just fucking say it, coward. Tell them you have something important to say and say it! Jimin was practically screaming at himself inside his head.

Just do it!

“You’re funny Tae, almost funnier than a rock, if only-”

“I’m seeing Jungkook.”

The whole room fell silent and Jimin didn’t have to look up from his hands to know they were all staring at him.

“Or dating is probably more the right way to put it.”

He finally looked up, and his eyes were fixed on Taehyung.

He had feared all of their reactions – apart from Yoongi’s of course – but he had feared Taehyung’s the most.

While they all deserved to know, Taehyung deserved to know more.

Surprisingly Hoseok was the first to speak up, but Jimin didn’t look at him, his eyes still fixed on Taehyung as he spoke. “You’re- you’re dating Jungkook? You and… Jungkook?”

“Yeah, we’re- we’re dating.”

Taehyung’s face was kind of unreadable to him. He was shocked, but then his face had shifted to a slightly confused look and finally something resembling relief.

“That makes a lot of sense.” Jimin tore his eyes from Taehyung and looked at Namjoon.


“Wha- You- you knew?”

Namjoon’s face was soft and somehow he looked a little relived too.

Why was everyone looking like that? Well, except Hoseok of course, he looked nothing but shocked.

“No, I didn’t know I just… I had a feeling something was going on.” Jimin was about to ask how, but Namjoon explained further before he could.

“You’ve been a little weird lately, not to mention the fact that Jin keeps asking me questions about you.”

That piece of information was not what Jimin had expected.

“He- he does?”

“Yeah. Well, he’s been doing it for a really long time now but he-”

“I had a feeling too.”

Jimin immediately looked at Taehyung – Namjoon’s words completely forgotten.

“I knew something was up with you and then we had Jungkook entering our lives all of a sudden, and well, I didn’t really think much of it since Jin entered our lives at the same time, but it just seemed a little odd.”

Jimin had to give his soulmate more credit. He wasn’t as oblivious as he had assumed. He was a dick for assuming that.

“I’m I the only one completely shocked by this?” exclaimed Hoseok, looking around at the boys. His eyes finally settling on Yoongi.

“What about you Yoongi, aren’t you-”

“I’ve known for a little while.”

Everyone looked at him, and Jimin hated the slightly hurt look – mixed with some disappointment – that briefly covered Taehyung’s face.

“I walked in on them while they-” he paused for a second, probably not wanting to say what he walked in on them doing.

“I walked in on then at the party last weekend.”

Jimin briefly looked at all of his friends before he looked back at Taehyung.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” The comment was for all of them but mostly aimed at Taehyung.

“Why didn’t you?” his soulmate asked, and Jimin didn’t miss the disappointment in his voice. But there was no anger.

“In the beginning I just… In the beginning, I didn’t think anything would happen so I just didn’t see the point in telling and then it started progressing and I just-” He sighed.

“I was just a coward and a dick and a bad friend. I thought I was somehow doing the right thing and it took me too long to realize I wasn’t.”

The silence that followed his words wasn’t all that uncomfortable, but it wasn’t all that pleasant either.

“You know we would never judge you for who you’re dating right?” said Namjoon, his voice filled to the brim with kindness.

“I know that,” said Jimin. “After some time I had just buried myself in too many lies and excuses.”

No one commented on that and Jimin somehow felt a little uncomfortable. He had a hard time reading their expressions, so he needed verbal reactions to understand them.

“When I pushed you into going out with Jiwoo, part of me hoped you would finally confess. Of course, I wasn’t sure exactly what is was, but I knew there was a reason behind your resilience to go out with him.”

Taehyung was almost smiling amused as he said those words, and Jimin felt a little relieved.

“But then you actually called him and I dismissed the thought.”

Jimin was about to tell him he kept the truth from him because of what he had told him about his parents and how he couldn’t forgive them, but he couldn’t do that in front of the others.

“I was such a coward, I’m sorry for lying to you for so long.”

“How long?” asked Hoseok.

Jimin looked down at his fingers once again.

“Since the double date,” he confessed.

He waited a few more seconds before he hesitantly looked up.

“After Jiwoo left and I couldn’t find Tae and Hajun I sat at the bar and then-” For some reason the memory made him smile. He didn’t really know why.

“Then he was just there. He was being a fucking dick, saying he would only give me money for a taxi home if I won in a card game.” Of course, there was a little more to the game than that, but Jimin kept that to himself.

“I lost, but since I was too drunk to walk home in the middle of the night he took my back to his place and let me crash there.”

“So that’s how you came home?” Jimin nodded.

“After that, he wouldn’t leave me alone.” Jimin chuckled as those words left his lips. It was funny to think about how much he had been fighting Jungkook in the beginning. Pushing him away, only for him to hold on to him tightly a month later.

“I can’t believe you’re dating Jeon Jungkook,” said Hoseok amused. “That guy is literally in the spotlight all the time and you hate attention.”

Jimin swallowed hard at those words, knowing that once people found out they were dating, he would get a lot of unwanted attention.

“I know. That was exactly why I didn’t want people to find out.”

He was anxious for that to happen, but he was not going to let that get in the way. Not everything in their relationship could go according to his head and he had to accept that.

And he wasn’t in it alone. Jungkook was right beside him, so he was going to be okay.

“If you guys wanna know all of it, just ask and I’ll tell you, I promise, but right now I just want you guys to know how sorry I am for lying to you for so long.”

He sent all of them an apologetic look.

“From here on out, I’m officially quitting being a fucking dick and I’m gonna start being a good friend again.”

For the first time after his confession, Taehyung gave Jimin one of his beautiful box smiles and Jimin’s heart fluttered in his chest.

“Good, cause I’ve been missing you like crazy.” Jimin didn’t even have time to prepare himself before Taehyung lunged forward, tackling Jimin to the bed in a tight hug.

“I’m sorry,” he repeated.

“Don’t be sorry. Be happy.”

A wide smile spread on Jimin’s lips and a warm feeling filled his body.


Taehyung made no move to get off Jimin, and though he was slowly being crushed under the younger boy’s weight, he didn’t want him to go anywhere.

“It explains why you’ve been glowing so much lately,” said Hoseok, getting all of the boys’ attention.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about you getting sex on the regular.” The room broke into a fit of laughter and the sound was music to Jimin’s ear, though Hoseok’s words made him blush like crazy.

“Are you jealous Hobi?” teased Namjoon. “Fuck yeah I am!” he exclaimed. “Jimin is running around sleeping with the hottest guy at the university and I jerk off in the bathroom alone.”

“Ew, Hobi! I didn’t need to know that!” whined Namjoon.

“That’s gross, dude,” said Yoongi.

“Would you prefer to have someone in there with you?” asked Taehyung, sounding generally curious.

Hoseok wasn’t fazed with the disgusted reactions from his friends, nor did he look ashamed. But Hoseok had of course always been shameless so Jimin wasn’t surprised.

“Well, it would be nice if I had someone who could do it for me. It’s getting tiring doing all the work,” pouted Hoseok.

“You’re gross. I want a new roommate.”

All the boys collectively groaned at Taehyung’s comment, since he uttered those words too often.

“You would miss me,” replied Hoseok.

“I would never.”

The two roommates continued to argue, but Jimin didn’t even care as he kept smiling like a fool.

Nothing had changed.

Nothing bad had happened.

Everything was alright.





It had been quite some time since the last time Jimin went to the grocery store by himself. Usually, Yoongi would just go do it, rarely Jimin would accompany him, so he never really went alone.

Standing in front of the baking isle, Jimin felt like a fish out of water. There were at least ten rows of different boxes of cake mix and Jimin had no idea which one he should take.

He wanted to impress Jungkook, but he knew shit about baking and he feared he might accidentally poison him instead. It was definitely a possibility.

Jimin had called Jungkook the night before asking if they could do something the next day. He didn’t tell him the reason for it, but he didn’t have to for Jungkook to agree.

Jimin had told him his last class ended at 2.30pm, and Jungkook had groaned before he told him his last class finished at 4 pm.

Of course, the first thing Jungkook had said was that he would just skip them, but Jimin had told him he would kick his ass if he did.

After a few minutes of arguing Jungkook gave up. He told Jimin he could wait at his apartment if he wanted to and Jimin had immediately agreed only to realized he didn’t have a key.

“I’ll place an extra under the doormat.”

“You don’t have a doormat.”

“I’ll buy a doormat.”

Jimin didn’t even want to ask how he planned on doing that before school the next day, so instead, he just told Jungkook he would be waiting for him in his apartment before he ended the call.

So here he was, standing in the grocery store looking for cake mix because he wanted to impress a guy.

Jimin wasn’t even sure how he had gotten it into his head that baking a cake would impress the taller boy, but he didn’t know what else to do so he just went with it.

At last, he just decided to take the first cake mix box he saw, which was some kind of chocolate chip cookies with a weird name.

He grabbed a bag of baked cookies too, just in case he fucked up as he believed.

Then he hurried towards the cashier before he could change his mind, but on the way, something caught his eye.

It was some kind of net one could hang up on the wall packed in a transparent bag. Glued to every thread was an origami. There were birds and butterflies and other shapes he didn’t know what was, but they were pretty. It was pretty.

He didn’t really think too much before he grabbed the bag and hurried to the cashier, putting it on the desk, along with the cookie mix and backed cookies, before he could change his mind.

The walk to Jungkook’s apartment was quick and when he arrived at Jungkook’s door he rolled his eyes as he looked down at the newly bought doormat.

‘Welcome baby.’

Jimin had no idea where he could even get such a doormat, but he didn’t dwell on it for too long.

He lifted the doormat and grabbed the tiny silver key underneath. He unlocked the door and stumbled into the empty apartment.

He couldn’t help but think how weird it was to be in Jungkook’s apartment when he wasn’t there. He knew Jungkook was cool with it, but for some reason, he felt like he was invading his privacy, which was stupid since Jungkook had been the one suggesting it, but he couldn’t help it.

He took off his shoes and went over to the kitchen where he placed the grocery bag on the kitchen counter.

He checked the time. Only 2:48 pm. Jungkook wouldn’t be home for an hour and a half, so Jimin had plenty of time to fuck up the cookies.

After an internal debate, Jimin decided that there was no reason to delay the baking. He might as well fuck it up now and have lots of time to erase the evidence when he without a doubt messed up.

Jimin quickly realized that the most difficult thing with baking wasn’t the actual baking but finding the kitchen equipment. Jungkook had a little of everything so finding exactly what he was looking for was difficult.

After going through 3 cupboards Jimin finally found a bowl and after 2 more he found a measuring cup. Luckily the spoons were in a jar on the counter so he didn’t have to look for them.

Reading the instructions turned out to be easier than he thought.

He had never baked anything in his life and so he was sure it would be hella difficult, but it was simple and easy.

All his had to do was put the cookie mix in a bowl, add some water and some milk, which luckily Jungkook had in his almost empty fridge.

Then he had to mix the ingredients and add some chocolate chips and then just put them on a sheet pan and stuff them in the oven.

Easy peasy.

The most difficult part was finding a sheet pan.

He went through the last few cupboards and was just about to give up when he spotted them on top of the oven.

It was just cruel.

Even when he got on his toes he could barely reach.

Eventually – after numerous tries – he gave up on his pride and fetched a chair he could stand on.

The sheet pans were easily grabbed now that he was 7ft tall and the better view made it possible for him to see the unopened cardboard box behind them.

A whisk.

A newly bought, no doubt expensive, white fucking whisk.

“This fucker,” sighed Jimin, but the smile on his lips was as wide as it could possibly be.

He quickly finished mixing the cookie dough and hurried to form the dough into small balls on the sheet pan before he pushed them into the heated oven.

He gave himself a moment to proudly observe his cookies before his gaze shifted to the mess he had made on the kitchen counter. Flour and milk and chocolate chips everywhere. He was not a neat baker it appeared.

Cleaning it up was done quickly and while his cookies baked he decided to hang up the origami net he had bought.

He had no idea where to do it – he didn’t even know if Jungkook wanted it – but the apartment felt too empty and Jimin wanted to fix that.

He really, really hoped Jungkook wouldn’t mind.

He ripped open the bag and was relieved to see small suction cups attached to the top of the net. For a moment he had feared he had to nail it to the wall.

Since Jungkook’s entire right wall was made out of windows the only difficulties he had was reaching the top.

Why did he have to be so goddammn small?

He fetched the chair once again and hung up the net without too much trouble. Of course, it was a little tangle up so it took a few minutes untangling it, but other than that it was easy.

Today seemed to be his lucky day.

With around 30 minutes till Jungkook’s arrival, Jimin decided he deserved a break. The origami net was hung up on the window and the cookies were baking. He deserved to rest.

However, before he could throw his butt on the sofa he looked down at his flour-covered shirt. He hadn’t even been aware that he had spilled flour on himself.

It wasn’t exactly a huge amount – he could easily wipe it off he wanted to – but Jimin found himself walking towards Jungkook’s closet anyway.

There was just something about Jungkook’s clothes that comforted him greatly. Maybe it was because the fabric that was ten times softer than his own, or maybe because it smelled like Jungkook and Jungkook smelled like heaven.

He pulled off his own shirt and threw it on the floor next to a dozen other shirts, then he grabbed a sweatshirt – that was somehow always his go-to clothes from Jungkook’s closet.

But as he pulled it out at least ten other shirts followed and Jimin didn’t have the time to catch them before they fell to the ground.

“Jesus, Jungkook, organize your closet sometimes, will you?” scoffed Jimin.

He bent down to pick up the shirts but before he could stuff them into the closet again, something in the back caught his attention.

He let the shirts fall to the floor and instead grabbed the tiny plastic container. He turned it around in his hands – examining it closely – for a least 2 minutes before he found out what I was.

It was a flower crown.

A small, brown, dead flower crown. Jimin had no idea how old it was, but by the look of it, he was sure it was very, very old.

Why Jungkook had kept it was a mystery. Maybe he had gotten it from someone important and he could bring himself to get rid of it, even though it was deader than dead.

Maybe he had gotten it from his grandfather before he passed?

Jimin smiled softly at the thought.

2 months ago Jimin would’ve laughed if someone told him that the school’s heart breaker, Jeon Jungkook, was keeping a dead flower crown in his closet and gave candy bars to sad, little kids.

But now Jimin couldn’t imagine that Jungkook wouldn’t do such things.

He hurried to put the plastic container back in the closet and stuffed the shirts in, hiding it like before.

There was probably a reason for Jungkook to hide it, so Jimin didn’t want Jungkook to know he had seen it. If he one day wanted to tell him, Jimin would happily listen, but right now he would pretend he didn’t know anything.

He put on the sweatshirt and made his way to the sofa in the living room – throwing himself down on it with a loud moan.

The softness of the sofa was indescribable and Jimin found his entire body melt into it. He was never leaving this sofa again.

Only 15 minutes to go now.

Jimin had been quite impatient all day to see Jungkook. He wanted to tell him that he had come clean with his friends.

That now they knew, and they were cool with it.

That now they didn’t have to hide anything anymore.

Jimin had planned on telling them since his date with Jiwoo. He had decided then and there that he would tell him first chance he got – no more lying and delaying – but the incident with Yugyeom had fueled his desire to come clean.

Yugyeom had been utterly shameless – insisting on seeing Jungkook even though he was aware that Jimin was there too – because Yugyeom didn’t give a shit, and Jimin couldn’t help but believe that his recklessness came from the fact that no one else knew about them.

Yugyeom didn’t feel threatened by Jimin’s presence because no one knew it was there.

But now people were going to know that Jungkook was his and he was Jungkook’s. That Jungkook wasn’t free for someone to snatch, even though that someone was a tall, gorgeous man with no physical imperfections.

Maybe now he would fuck the fuck off and leave them alone.

For a second he feared Jungkook might not want that, but he pushed the thought away immediately.

He was enough for Jungkook. At least he really hoped he was.

He once again reminded himself that if Jungkook didn’t want him, then he would’ve kicked him out weeks ago.

He wouldn’t have cared that much about Jimin going out with someone else, he wouldn’t have shared such personal stuff with him if he didn’t want to be with him.

He wouldn’t have-

What was that smell?

It took less than a second for Jimin to register that that smell was the smell of something burning.

Or in this case, the smell of his cookies burning.

He didn’t think it was possible to get up from a sofa that fast, but it appeared it was.

He rushed out of his seat and ran to the oven – turning it off immediately – and opened it. Smoke oozed out of it the second he opened it and he coughed like crazy, smoke filling the air.

“Fuck! Fuck! Why did I forget to set a fucking timer?!” Jimin was yelling at himself, though it didn’t exactly help the situation all that much.

He looked frantically around for some oven mitts but found nothing. Why did Jungkook not have oven mitts next to the oven like a normal person? Did Jungkook even have oven mitts?

Finally, his eyes settled on a used dish cloth. He didn’t think twice before he grabbed it and used it to pull out the hot sheet pan.

He danced with it in the air for a few seconds – not knowing where to put it – but when the heat became too much he hurried to the stove and practically threw the sheet pan on it.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch!” he exclaimed. Luckily he hadn’t burned his fingers that much, but the dish cloth hadn’t been so lucky. It was completely burned where it had touched the sheet pan.

“Oh shit.”

He only had time to throw the dish cloth on the counter next to the stove before the door flung open and in came Jungkook.

“Hey, baby how- what happened?” Jungkook studied Jimin closely as he sniffed the air. “Why does it smell like smoke? Did something burn? Are you okay?”

Jungkook hardly had the time to throw his bag on the ground before he stormed to Jimin, scanning him from top to toe, looking for injuries Jimin presumed.

“No, I mean yes, I’m fine,” hurried Jimin to say. “I just-” His cheeks reddened in embarrassment as he looked away from Jungkook’s eyes. “I was trying to bake cookies, but I forgot to set a timer so… they kind of… burnt.”

Jimin was almost startled when Jungkook broke out in a fit of laughter. He looked up at the taller man feeling his cheeks reddening even more.

“Stop laughing!” exclaimed Jimin and hit Jungkook’s arm. “I was freaking out! I thought I had burned the entire kitchen to the ground!”

Jungkook’s laughter slowly died down, but it didn’t stop completely.

“I’m sorry, baby.” He pulled Jimin into his arms and though Jimin’s mind wanted to fight him, his body wouldn’t.

“Are you sure you’re okay though?” He scanned Jimin’s face. “You didn’t burn yourself, right?” Jimin shook his head.

“Well since I couldn’t find any fucking oven mitts it wasn’t exactly pleasant to take out the sheet pan with a dish cloth.”

Jungkook looked over at the disaster on the stove and cracked a grin. “You used a dish cloth to take out the sheet pan?” he asked amused as he picked up the burnet cloth.

“I made a judgment call, you weren’t there.”

Jungkook chuckled as he grabbed Jimin’s hands and gently lifted them to his lips so he could plant small kisses on them.

“I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?”

“Because I don’t have any oven mitts.” Jimin sent him a look of disbelieve. How could he not have any oven mitts? That’s required when you have an oven so you can avoid burning your fingers like Jimin just did.

“You don’t have any- Jungkook why the fuck do you even have a kitchen?”

“So my boyfriend can bake burnt cookies and ruin my dish cloths,” he teased, but the only thing Jimin really got from the sentence was the ‘boyfriend’ part.

Jungkook must’ve noticed Jimin sudden silence, slightly parted mouth and wide eyes, because he sent him a confused look.

“What?” Jimin hardly even blinked as he looked at the boy in front of him.

He knew that that was what they were but hearing it out loud just sounded so surreal.

“Nothing, just-” He took a small step back from Jungkook, feeling a little embarrassed.

“We just haven’t- you haven’t called me that before. ‘Your boyfriend’…”

Realization dawned on Jungkook as his eyes widened slightly too.

“Do you- do you not what me to call us that? I mean is it-”

“No, no, it’s… I like it. It’s just a little weird.” Jimin sent Jungkook an embarrassed smile, a little ashamed of his exaggerated reaction to such a small thing.

“Are you sure? We can totally wait if you’re not-”

“No, I want to. I- I want to be your boyfriend. I want us to be boyfriends.” He wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s neck and pulled him closer.

“I like it,” he said against Jungkook’s lips. “So say it again.”

Jungkook broke into an almost childish grin as he wrapped his arms around Jimin.

“My boyfriend.”

Jimin crashed their lips together almost painfully, feeling like the words needed to be confirmed somehow.

Their kiss got more and more heated and Jimin didn’t pull back until he felt Jungkook fumbling with the buttons on his pants.

“Nah ah,” he said breathlessly and pulled Jungkook’s fingers off his pants.

“You don’t wanna have sex?” Jimin shook his head. “But this kinda felt like the appropriate time to have sex.” Jungkook almost pouted as he said those words.

“Please. For you, every time is the appropriate time to have sex.” Jungkook shrugged.

“Well, you’re irresistible all the time, what do you expect from me?”

Jimin rolled his eyes amused as he gently pushed Jungkook a little back, giving both of them some space to breathe after their heavy make-out session.

“I didn’t come to have sex.” Jungkook pouted. “I came to tell you something, so get your ass on the sofa so we can talk.”

Jungkook narrowed his eyes at the smaller boy. “Is it something good?” he asked suspiciously.

“Yes, now get out of the kitchen.” After a few seconds, Jungkook reluctantly turned around and made his way into the living room.

Jimin went over to the grocery bag and pulled out the already backed cookies. He sent his burnt cookies a dirty look and then he joined Jungkook in the living room and threw himself down on the sofa.

“Cookies for a Kookie,” said Jimin, laughing a little at his own joke as he placed them on the coffee table, but Jungkook didn’t say anything. He wasn’t even looking at Jimin, too busy looking at the origami net hanging on the window.


“Did you do this?” Jungkook’s voice was unreadable to him much to his dismay. He wasn’t sure if he was annoyed, happy or something else.

“Yeah I- I did.” For a second he had forgotten all about it.

“It’s, um, it’s just attached with suction cups, so you can take it down if you-”

“I love it.”

Jungkook turned around from his place in front of the window to look at Jimin and the smaller boy’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the smile on his lips.

He liked it. Thank fucking God, he liked it.

“Really? I mean it’s not anything special, I just saw it and it reminded me of our first date, and- and your apartment is to empty so I just thought-”

Jimin didn’t have time to finish his rant before Jungkook rushed over to him, grabbed his face between his hands and leaned down to kiss him.

“I fucking love it,” he whispered against Jimin’s lips.

“Good,” he said and kissed Jungkook again.

When they pulled apart Jungkook dumped down on the sofa next to Jimin, he studied the origami net for few more seconds before he gave Jimin his undivided attention.

“So what did you wanna tell me?”

Jimin turned his body towards Jungkook on the sofa and made himself comfortable before he spoke.

“I told them,” he said. “Taehyung, Hoseok, Namjoon. I told them.”

He had been so relieved when the rest of their afternoon had been exactly like it always was. It hadn’t been awkward, none of them had treated him different. Of course, he had been teased a little bit – or a lot – but there had been nothing but genuine affection in their teasing.

They had asked about the party and Jimin didn’t even have to say anything before Hoseok guessed what they had been doing just before Yoongi had walked in, resulting in all of them laughing their ass off.

Other than that, they hadn’t been snooping too much in their relationship. A few harmless jokes and questions here and there, but Jimin actually found himself enjoying it rather than hating it.

“You have?” Jimin nodded. “And how did they… react?” Jungkook looked at him a little wary as he waited for Jimin’s reply.

“Good.” He grabbed Jungkook’s hands. “They reacted exactly like best friends do when you tell them you have a boyfriend. With teasing and jokes and smiles.”

He gently caressed Jungkook’s soft hands, enjoying the safety he felt in holding them in his own small hands.

“They weren’t even angry. They forgave my stupid ass for lying almost immediately and Hoseok even said-” He chuckled as Hoseok’s words raced through his mind.

“What?” asked Jungkook curiously.

“He said that explained why I had been glowing lately.” Jungkook furrowed his brows in confusion while a small smile played on his lips as if he knew it was funny but he didn’t know why.

“Because I’m having regular sex,” explained Jimin and broke into a fit of laughter, closely followed by Jungkook.

“That’s so not true,” said Jungkook and Jimin hit his arm. “You’ve been glowing long, long before that.” Jimin rolled his eyes at Jungkook's cheesy reply.

“Nice save.”

The blush on Jimin’s cheeks was obvious, but Jimin felt no need to hide it from Jungkook anymore. For some unknown reason, Jungkook found it endearing even though Jimin hated it like the plague.

But if Jungkook loved it, then Jimin would do his absolute best to stop hating it.

“I’m glad you told them, but-” Jungkook paused for a second and he looked a little uncertain as he continued. “-are you?”

Jimin was absolutely baffled by Jungkook’s sudden insecurity. The confidant, fearless Jeon Jungkook was insecure.

“Yes.” He squeezed Jungkook’s hands. “I have regretted many things over the last few weeks. And I mean a hell of a lot of things, but this is not one of them.”

“Thank God,” moaned Jungkook and practically collapsed on the sofa.

“I said a lot of fancy things last Saturday,” began Jimin. “And now I’m gonna show you. I don’t just want you to hear it, I want you to see it, feel it.”

“Feel what?” asked Jungkook a little confused.

Jimin had spit out a lot of promise that night. A lot of fancy promises but they didn’t mean shit if he didn’t keep them if he didn’t show Jungkook that he meant them.

“How much you mean to me. I’m sorry it took so long for me to show you that.”

“It’s okay baby. It’s okay. I know why you didn’t, I understand why you didn’t and it’s okay.”

Jungkook was so unbelievably understanding and Jimin once again wondered how he had been so lucky. He was fucking grateful that Jungkook had been so goddamn persistent in the beginning otherwise he would’ve missed all of this.

He would’ve missed him.

“You mean a lot to me Jungkook and I haven’t told you or even admitted it to myself before, because I’ve been so afraid that I’ll end up hurt. That you’ll somehow hurt me.”

Jungkook scooched closer to Jimin, his face determined as he looked into Jimin’s eyes, practically looking through him once again.

“I don’t ever want to hurt you Jimin.”

“I know you don’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.” He smiled almost apologetic at Jungkook as those words left his lips.

“No one has ever had this kind of power over me before Jungkook, and it’s fucking terrifying.”

No one had ever been able to make or break him as Jungkook was able to. No one had ever had that power before, and the thought of someone finally having it was a scary thought.

He prayed to God that that terrifying feeling would fuck off soon so he could breathe probably.

“This is new to me too Jimin. I’m learning all these new things too and I’m fucking terrified as well. But I have you, and you have me.”

They had each other, so it was going to be fine. It was going to be fucking fine because that’s what Jungkook believed, and Jimin trusted Jungkook with his entire being.



A sweet promise. A gentle kiss. A tight embrace.

“Now let’s get out of this deep hole and do something chill. Like watch a movie and eat some cookies.”

Jimin agreed. They seemed to have fallen into a lot of deep holes the last couple of days. Holes Jimin had never been in before.

And that wasn’t just because he was a bottom.

“And by that, I mean the store baked cookies and not your disaster cookies.”

“My cookies would’ve been fucking fantastic if they hadn’t burnt.”

“Sure, sweet cheeks.”

“It’s true!”

Jungkook clearly didn’t believe him so Jimin just had to prove it.

But the only thing that was proved by doing that, was that Jungkook was absolutely, one hundred percent, fucking right.

As always.






“How is he in bed?”

“Taehyung! What the fuck?”

“I’m just curious.”

“Well don’t be!”

Taehyung pouted, clearly offended by the fact that Jimin didn’t want to tell him how Jungkook was in bed. As if that piece of information was his to know.

“He looks like a walking sex God okay, I just wanna know if he really is.”

“You’re not gonna let it go, are you?” sighed Jimin.

They had been playing video games in Taehyungs bed most of the afternoon and Taehyung had been discreetly asking that question for the last hour and Jimin had ignored him every time until of course, he gave up being discreet and just directly asked.

“Nope, so just tell me, cause this is getting ridiculous.”

Jimin wanted to tell him that the only ridiculous thing was him, be he refrained from doing so. It wasn’t like it would kill Taehyung’s curiosity anyway.

“He is.”


“He’s a walking sex God. Happy?”

“I expected as much. You can’t be that hot and suck in bed. Scientifically impossible.”

“If you were so sure, why did you ask?”

Taehyung shrugged - a childish grin covering his face.

“I just wanted to hear you say it. You have to make up for 5 weeks of hiding.”

Jimin swallowed hard at those words.

None of his friends had shown any signs of holding a grudge for his behavior or changed their minds about forgiving his stupid ass, and he knew Taehyung didn’t mean anything bad by his words, but the guilt would probably never fully go away anyway.

“I’m sorry.”

“Jimin stop apologizing, I forgave you the minute you did it the first time. We all did, so stop. Now we’re just teasing you.” Taehyung paused the game and looked at his best friend.

“I just-” Jimin paused for a second, having a hard time finding the right words.

It seemed like he had had that problem a lot lately.

Which was very unfortunate since he had been having a lot of important conversations in the last couple of days.

“I fucked up bad, Tae. I lied and I hid and I was a fucking bad friend to all of you.”

Taehyung sighed frustrated and almost banged his head against the wall.

“For fuck sake Jiminie. Stop doing that to yourself. Yes, you fucked up and you lied, and you were being a first-class dickhead, but now you’ve apologized and it’s time to just let it fucking go.”

The words were followed by a reassuring smile from Taehyung but Jimin was still slightly taken back.

He needed to get it into his head. He needed to somehow forgive himself too if he ever wanted to let it go.

Because that’s part of moving on. Forgive but not forget. Forgive and make amends.

“I was gonna tell you that day at Kanagawa,” said Jimin, finally having the opportunity to do so.


“The make-up date.”

It turned out to be quite a shitty make-up date, that resulted in quite a lot of trouble for Jimin because he was such a coward.

“That’s what I wanted to tell you that day. I wanted to tell you about Jungkook, but then we started talking about your parents, and you said that-”

“I couldn’t forgive them for lying to me.” Realization crossed Taehyung’s face, followed by nothing but regret.

“Oh, shit Jimin, now I understand why you-” Jimin hurried to interrupt him, not wanting him to finish that sentence.

“No, don’t.” Taehyung fell quiet.

“You had every right to say as you did Tae. You had every right to be mad. Your words don’t excuse what I did. I should’ve just gotten it together and told you because you deserved to know.”

When he had decided to keep quiet it was because of selfish reasons. Taehyung wasn’t to be blamed.

Taehyung scanned Jimin’s face, an almost proud look in his eyes.

“Since when did you grow up so much, Chim?” Taehyung leaned in and ruffled Jimin’s hair, laughing as he did so.

“Don’t call me that you dick. And get off me, I’m older than you!” he argued. Not that Taehyung really cared about that. He somehow never gave a shit about the 2 months age gape between them.

“If you’re smaller than me I get immediate hair-ruffle permission.”

“What? No, you don’t, fuck off.”

Taehyung once again didn’t seem to give much of a fuck, because he lunged forward, wrapped his arm around Jimin’s neck and started ruffling his hair almost painfully hard.

“Ouch, get off! Get off!”

It took one hell of a fight before Jimin was finally free from his soulmates cruel hands.

Those perfect hands might be God’s creation, but he certainly used them for the devil’s work.

Jimin leaned away from Taehyung and grabbed everything he could reach and threw it at the boy.

An old brown pillow, an ugly yellow blanket, a few socks, and even an empty soda can. Everything he could reach was thrown at Taehyung who groaned in dissatisfaction.

“Stop throwing shit! I promise I’ll stop!” Jimin grabbed the brown pillow and started hitting Taehyung repeatedly.

“If you ever-” A hard hit on the top of Taehyung’s head. “-ruffle my hair again I will kill you Kim Taehyung.” He gave Taehyung a last hit with the pillow and then he threw it on the floor.

Taehyung didn’t reply to Jimin’s threat, he merely laughed and settled himself more comfortable on the bed now that he wasn’t under attack anymore.

The silence between them was the most comfortable silence they had had in the last 6 weeks. It was like it used to be. Before Jungkook and before Jimin’s stupidity.

It was like it always had been, and always will be from now on.

“I love you Tae, I really do. And I-“ The words weren’t hard to say. The weren’t hard to find. They were just hard to express the right way.

“And I’m gonna do my best to show it. I realized I’m not really good at showing it, but I promised Jungkook and now I’m promising you that I will do my best to try here on out.”

“Show your love to me by buying me a car.” Jimin was quite sure he popped a vain in his forehead.

“I’m being fucking serious, you dick, don’t ruin it.” But somehow he wasn’t really all the angry.

“Stop being serious then. You keep looking at us, all of us, with that look in your eyes as if you’re just waiting for one of us to yell at you.”

Jimin was quite taken back by Taehyung’s statement. He knew he had been a little withdrawn, but he had believed he had hidden it well enough.

“I’m not-” he began, but Taehyung interrupted.

“Okay, okay, that might be a little exaggerated, but you get the point. Since Tuesday you’ve had that look in your eyes as if you’re lost and I hate it.”

Taehyung pointed at Jimin’s face as if he would be able to see his own expression.

“I want you back Jiminie. I want the grumpy, stubborn, dick-cursing guy back. You don’t have to change everything about yourself to make amends, okay? You are a sweetheart, so just start showing it.” Taehyung winked at him, a childish smile on his lips.

“Okay. I promise,” he said. “But if you ever call me sweetheart again I will cut off your-”

“-dick. Yeah, yeah I know.” He flashed Jimin a box smile. “Good to have you back.”

Jimin was about to tell Taehyung that it was good to be back, but the door flung open and Hoseok came tumbling in.

“Taehyung I’ve been calling you like fifty times, you fucking idiot.” His face was strained as he looked at Taehyung, probably trying to bore holes in him.

Taehyung reached for his phone and looked at the screen.

“Oh yeah. Why did you call me?” Taehyung was completely calm – unbothered by Hoseok’s death glare – which was so intense even Jimin had to look away.

“Why did I- If you had picked up you would’ve known!” Taehyung merely shrugged.

“I silenced it.”

Hoseok looked like he was about to combust and Jimin was even sure he saw a vain pop in his forehead.

“We were gonna do laundry you idiot. We made a deal yesterday to meet at the laundry hall and do it together and now I’ve folded everything you- you-”

For a moment Jimin feared Hoseok might have a heart attack.

“You better get your ass off the bed and help me lift all of it. Half of it is yours!” Hoseok left no room for questions or objections, so after a few seconds Taehyung reluctantly got up and groaned every step of the way to the door.

Hoseok hit him in the back of the head two times before he pushed him out of the door.

“That hurt dipshit,” groaned Taehyung and rubbed the back of his head where Hoseok had hit him.

“Good,” he replied. Then he looked at Jimin and his face shifted so fast Jimin almost got whiplash.

“See ya later Jiminie.” He sent Jimin a soft smile – almost too soft considering the rage he had just been in – and then the two roommates left.

Jimin exhaled deeply and collapsed on Taehyung’s bed.

Taehyung’s words echoed in his head, in the silence of the room it almost sounded as if Taehyung was here saying them himself.

Perhaps it had been true that Jimin had been a little too withdrawn since his little confession. Maybe he had felt constant uncertainty around his friends since he had come clean.

Keeping it a secret had just been such a big deal for such a long time that maybe deep down Jimin just couldn’t believe it had been resolved so well, so easily.

It felt too easy and maybe that was why Jimin had such a hard time just accepting it and returning to normal.

Maybe somewhere deep down he even hoped something bad would’ve happened so his actions could be just a little bit justified.

But no such thing was happening and Jimin felt guilty for feeling just a little bothered by it. Just the tiniest bit.

But he had to accept that he had been wrong. He had to accept that, so he could move forward.

Eventually, Jimin got up from Taehyung’s bed and made his way out of his dorm room and towards his own.

Jimin wasn’t surprised when the door wasn’t locked when he grabbed the handle.

Yoongi usually locked it – hating being disturbed by random people – but when Jimin had left 3 hours ago he hadn’t locked it after him.

Since it was still unlocked that meant Yoongi hadn’t even gotten up from his chair in those 3 hours.

“Hey Yoongi, have you- what are you doing here?”

The sight of Yoongi sitting in front of his computer was a common sight, but the sight of Jeon Jungkook on his bed was not.

“He wouldn’t leave,” was all Yoongi said, not even turning around as he did.

“I wouldn’t miss out on hanging around my favorite third year for anything in the world.” Jimin laughed, but Yoongi just rolled his eyes.

“Don’t kiss my ass,” he said and tuned around to look at Jimin.

“I’m meeting Namjoon at the music studio,” he announced and got up. “Tell him to stop coming by uninvited.” He pointed at Jungkook without looking at him.

“But we had so much fun,” said Jungkook teasingly and winked at Jimin.

“No,” said Yoongi but Jimin detected the tiniest smile he had ever seen on Yoongi’s lips. Had they been talking or something?

Then he exited the room leaving Jimin and Jungkook alone.

Jungkook leaned back on Jimin’s bed – using his arms as a pilled behind his head – and smiled cheekily at Jimin.

“What did you do to my roommate?”

“Wha- I didn’t do anything,” whined Jungkook, like a child getting wrongfully scolded by a parent.

“You always do something,” said Jimin. “So what did you do now?”

“I just came by to see you, but you weren’t here so I just figured I’d wait.”

“Why didn’t you just call me then?”

“Where’s the fun in that?”

“Then why didn’t you ask Tae, since I’m always with him?”

“That would be too easy.”

“But then why-”

“Just come here,” interrupted Jungkook and patted the space next to him on the bed.

Jimin felt the urge to continue with his questions, but in the end, he pushed it away and joined Jungkook on the bed – laying his head on his chest and his arm on his torso.

“What do you want then?” asked Jimin. Not that he minded having Jungkook wait for him in his bed, but he must have a reason, right?

“Do I need to have a reason to see my boyfriend?” Jimin’s cheeks heated up like crazy at that, and he buried his face in Jungkook’s chest to keep him from seeing.

The low chuckled that escaped him told Jimin he had noticed, but he didn’t comment on it.

“I’m glad you’re here.” It was almost cheesy to say and Jimin found himself craving to make a sarcastic comment or a joke, but it was the truth.

He was glad Jungkook was here with him, and he wanted him to know that.

“It feels great coming by without having to hide or lie.” Jimin felt a huge urge to apologize once again, but he kept himself from doing to.

He had been apologizing like crazy the last couple of days, and the words had lost its meaning along the way, so he swallowed them again.

“No more hiding,” repeated Jimin. “Now you can come and bother me whenever you- on second thought, can we go back to hiding?” He smiled teasingly up at Jungkook who pinched him in the side.

“I’m gonna shove my beautiful boyfriend in everyone’s faces and watch them die from jealously.” While Jimin was definitely flattered by Jungkook’s words, he also had a brain that knew that practically no one would die from jealously over him.

Maybe the other way around.

“They’re gonna be jealous of me since I’m the one dating you,” he said. “You’re Jeon Jungkook, every guy and girls wet dream.”

“And you’re Park Jimin.” Jimin looked up at him with a raised eyebrow as he waited for him to finish that sentence. “Every stylist’s worst nightmare.” Jimin got ready to hit him but pause half way through when he realized it wasn’t actually a lie.

“I don’t buy clothes based on how good it looks, I buy clothes based on how cheap it is.” Somehow Jimin thought he would feel a little embarrassed admitting that to anyone, but he didn’t.

That was probably because Jungkook wasn’t just anybody.

“So it’s actually a wonder I don’t look worse.” Sad, but true.

“Then let me buy you some badass clothes,” offered Jungkook and caressed Jimin’s cheek – making Jimin’s eyes flutter in adoration.

“No,” he said, and by the look on Jungkook’s face it was clear he had expected it – he was mildly annoyed by it – but he had expected it.

“I like not having style. It’s part of my identity. I’m the gay guy with sick dance movements and no style whatsoever.”

“But I can’t show you off to the world with holes in your socks,” said Jungkook and pointed and Jimin’s feet. Jimin didn’t have to look to know he had holes in his socks.

“Don’t show me off to the world, I’m not a Gucci bag.”

“Of course not. A Gucci bag has style.”

Jimin didn’t even bother to move his hand and hit Jungkook’s chest. It almost hurt him more than it hurt Jungkook, so what was the point?

“But if I can’t show you off, how are we gonna tell the world you’re mine?”

Jimin shrugged, feeling a little anxious all of a sudden.

“Do we have to tell? I mean-” He hurried to continue before Jungkook got the wrong idea. “-can’t we just stop hiding without having to do this big gesture or some shit?”

“But I want something big – something rememberable,” pouted Jungkook, acting like a child getting denied his candy.

“Then get another boyfriend you can do that with,” said Jimin, not meaning a single word. “If you want something huge I’m not your guy.”

It took less than 3 seconds for Jimin to register those words, and he didn’t have to see Jungkook’s face to know he was smirking.

“Shut up.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“You didn’t have too.”

Jimin felt the rise and fall of Jungkook’s chest. He listened to his heart beat and felt Jungkook’s hand run through his hair in a gently – almost hypnotizing – way.

If Jimin were to die in this very moment, he knew he would die peacefully and somehow content.

If Jimin had to choose a place to spend the rest of his life, he would choose this place.

Jimin hadn’t noticed that Jungkook had moved just the slightest, but suddenly he heard the sound of a camera and looked up to see Jungkook pointing his phone at him.

“Yah! What the fuck are you doing Jeon?” Jungkook didn’t answer he just took another picture, smiling satisfied as he did so.

Then Jimin raised his hand and hit Jungkook’s wrist hard enough for the phone to fly out of his hand and fall down behind the bed.

“That’s what happens when you fuck with me,” said Jimin as Jungkook glared at him, a little pout on his lips.

“I just thought you looked cute baby,” defended Jungkook teasingly, knowing it didn’t make Jimin forgive him.

“I wanted to immortalize this moment.” Jimin didn’t answer he just glared at Jungkook.

It wasn’t that Jimin didn’t like getting his picture taken. He wasn’t camera shy per se, but he didn’t like it when he wasn’t aware of it.

He wanted to prepare for the picture since he always looked like a mess when he was caught off guard, and he didn’t want Jungkook to have a bad picture of him saved on his phone.

“Now get off me so I can grab my phone.” Without warning Jimin, Jungkook turned his body around and almost pushed Jimin off the bed and down on the floor. Luckily he caught himself before he hit the floor, using a few seconds to stabilize himself on his legs.

“You salty dick.” Jungkook did nothing but smile innocently as he always did, which really didn’t correspond with how sinful he really was.

Instead of reciprocating the smile, Jimin just turned around and decided to look for a t-shirt, since it was too hot to wear a sweater for much longer.

He opened the single door to his small closet – which felt even smaller after he had gone through Jungkook’s numerous times – and grabbed the first shirt he saw.

But before he changed out of his own, Jungkook spoke up.


“What?” he asked, not turning around but continued to fumble with the shirt.

“Why was this under the bed?”

Jimin’s eyes widened and faster than humanly possible he turned around to a sight he never wanted to see.

Jungkook was still siting on the bed, a wicked smile on his face, his phone in his left hand and a dildo in his right.


Jimin didn’t hesitate before he threw himself at Jungkook, doing his best to force the grey dildo out of Jungkook’s hand, but the taller boy was stronger – much to Jimin’s annoyance.

“Give it to me right now Jungkook or I swear to God I’ll-” He continued to reach for the dildo while Jungkook continued to block his way while laughing like a crazy person and Jimin was sure his face had never been redder than right now.

“Why do you-” Jungkook had a hard time forming a sentence since he was laughing so hard.

“You have a dildo under your bed. A fucking-” He didn’t finish that sentence before he broke out in another fit of laughter.

“Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up!” repeated Jimin, getting more and more flustered the longer Jungkook was waving it in the air.

Eventually, Jungkook was laughing so hard he no longer had the power to hold Jimin back, so the smaller boy hurried to rip the dildo from his hand and practically threw it behind his bed again – hiding it as he had before.

“You didn’t see anything okay? You didn’t- stop laughing!” But Jungkook’s refusal to do so only fueled Jimin’s flushed cheeks.

They were so hot they were physically burning him now.

“I fucking hate you. You’re the fucking worst.” Jimin had had enough and got off the bed before he did something stupid – like slapping Jungkook across his laughing face – but the taller boy was quick.

He grabbed Jimin and flung him down on the bed – crawling on top of him so he was hovering over him, still smiling wickedly.

“Let me go!” yelled Jimin and tried to wriggle his way out of Jungkook’s strong grip, but the taller boy was holding both of Jimin’s wrists – pressing them down on the bed next to his head.

“I knew you were naughty, baby, but I hadn’t expected to find a dildo under your bed. Tell me, do you lock the door when you fuck yourself with it or do you enjoy the thrill of getting caught?”

The question did nothing to simmer down Jimin’s burning cheeks, and the strong grip on his body made it impossible for Jimin to even move his head to the side, let alone escape.

“Fu- fuck off Jungkook, I don’t use it.” Jungkook raised a questionable eyebrow.

“Well I- I don’t use it anymore,” he confessed. “But even if I still did – which I don’t! – I lock the door.” Jimin might have a few kinks up his sleeve, but public sex – in this case masturbation – was not one of them.

“Why not?” asked Jungkook, sounding generally surprised. “There’s nothing better than feeling that tiny rush of excitement by the possibility of getting caught in the act.” It appeared public sex was very much a Jeon Jungkook kink – not that Jimin was really surprised at this point.

Jungkook leaned down and planted wet, open-mouth kissed to Jimin’s throat, and the smaller boy had the feeling Jungkook was about to make his kink a reality.

Jimin was surprised when he found himself rather excited.

Jungkook released one of Jimin’s wrists and instead unbuttoned his pants before he sneaked his hand in – palming Jimin slowly.

“So,” said Jungkook, moving his lips closer to Jimin’s. “Do you want the dildo up your ass?”

Jimin was surprised by himself when the comment didn’t heat up his cheeks again. It appeared he had reached the limit of shame now.

“Why would I want a dildo up my ass when I can have your dick up my ass?” he asked, impatiently longing for Jungkook’s lips on his.

“Who says you can’t have both?” Jimin pulled his head slightly back as he watched Jungkook’s face – searching for any indication of teasing or joking.

He found none.

“You wanna rip me open? You sadist.” He halfheartedly laughed, still unsure if Jungkook’s was joking or not.

Jungkook’s pace on Jimin’s dick got faster as he spoke. “I wanna make you feel good,” he said and planted another kiss to Jimin’s throat.

“Then kiss me and stop talking about fucking dildos.”

Jimin had to admit he wasn’t pushing the offer completely off the table. Maybe pushing it to the side – close to falling down but not close enough to actually fall – since Jungkook seemed very into the idea.

And who was Jimin to deny his boyfriend?

“Just a suggestion,” said Jungkook before he crashed his lips to Jimin’s – biting his bottom lip and licking into the smaller boy’s mouth.

“Don’t ever- ever tell anyone or I will castrate you,” threatened Jimin in between kisses.

“Don’t worry I would never-”

“And you told me nothing was going on.”

None of the boys on the bed had heard the door open – too invested in each other to notice anything – and in the threshold stood Muyeol smiling ever so smugly.

While Jungkook had definitely been surprised by the sudden interruption, it didn’t take him more than a few seconds to compose himself again as Jimin pushed him off and jumped out of the bed, his heart beating fast in his chest.


“What the fuck are you… what are you-”

“You should really apologize to me for lying Park Jimin. Telling me nothing was going on between you and Jungkook when something clearly is.” He tsked as he shook his head, still smiling.

He gestured to Jimin’s crotch with his eyes and Jimin blushed deeply as he hurried to button his pants again.

“And who are you?” asked Jungkook, sounding both annoyed and somehow bored. Jimin really envied his ability to stay calm at all times.

“Wha- You haven’t told him about me Park Jimin?” Muyeol placed a hand over his heart as he looked to Jimin – fake puppy eyes at display.

“Muyeol get the fuck out,” hissed Jimin, but the boy had already turned his attention to Jungkook again.

“We have history together. The subject that is,” he said and winked at Jimin. “And I’m here for Jimin’s history homework.”

Jimin mentally cursed himself. Shit, he had totally forgotten everything about the fucking history homework.

“I told you to fucking call before you- Just fuck off Muyeol!” hissed Jimin but the boy didn’t leave.

“Not without the homework you promised. You wouldn’t want me to tell everyone about…” he trailed off as he not so discreetly eyed Jungkook as if the taller boy wouldn’t notice.

“What are you talking about?” The bored look on Jungkook’s face vanished instantly as he looked from Muyeol to Jimin.

“Oh, you haven’t told him about our little arrangement Jiminie?” he said, teasingly saying his nickname.

“What arrangement?”

No, no, no. This wasn’t how Jungkook was going to find out about that. This wasn’t what was supposed to happen.

How could he have forgotten all about Muyeol?

Jimin stormed to his desked and pulled out the badly written history homework and practically threw it at Muyeol.

“Here, take it and leave,” he snapped.

“But I was just telling Jungkook-”

“I said fucking leave Muyeol!” Even Jimin was a little surprised by the authority in his own voice and so was Muyeol as he hesitated for a few seconds before he surrendered.

“Very well, Park Jimin, I’ll leave you two love birds to yourself. Adios,” he said and then he left, closing the door after him and leaving the two boys alone.

Jimin immediately looked at Jungkook who was watching him with suspicious eyes.

“What arrangement?” he asked again, but by the sound of his voice, Jimin had a feeling he already knew.

“Jungkook I swear to fucking God, I didn’t-”

“Just fucking tell me.” Jungkook sounded more exhausted than angry.

Jimin sighed deeply before he continued, his heart once again beating too fast.

“He saw me leave your apartment that Sunday after the bar and the game and all of that,” he began. “I told him nothing was going on because it wasn’t, not at that time at least, but Muyeol didn’t believe me and he told me he would tell everyone.”

Jungkook sighed as those words reached his ears.

“I didn’t want people to find out so I agreed to do his shitty assignments to keep him quiet. I know it was a fucking stupid choice but I- I didn’t want people to know because- well you know.”

How could he have forgotten about Muyeol? The guy had been torturing him for weeks, how did he forget?

He had completely forgotten to tell Muyeol that the deal was off, that he no longer had to keep his mouth shut because Jimin didn’t care if people knew anymore.

He was gonna tell him to go fuck himself now that their relationship wasn’t a secret anymore, but he had forgotten. He had honestly, totally, completely, forgotten.

“You’ve been doing someone’s assignments for weeks so they wouldn’t tell people about us?” Jimin nodded in shame. “And you’re still doing his fucking homework even after-”

“No!” exclaimed Jimin, interrupting Jungkook.

“I was gonna tell him to fuck off, but I- I completely forgot. So much was happening with you and Tae and- and I totally fucking forgot that he even existed that he even- I’m not hiding it anymore Jungkook, I promise I’m not.”

Jungkook didn’t look convinced and Jimin hated the fact that he couldn’t blame him for not believing him. Not after everything, but he wasn’t lying. He wasn’t.

“I can’t fucking believe this.” Jungkook shook his head in disbelief before he got up from the bed and walked passed Jimin towards the door.

“I’m not still hiding Jungkook,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper now. “I’m done with lying and hiding I am! I just- I just forgot.” Jimin cursed his own ass as those words left his lips because they sounded so frustratingly fake that even Jimin was beginning to doubt himself.

He wasn’t lying. He was telling the goddamn truth, but it sounded like a fucking lie.

“Just-” Jungkook didn’t finish the sentence, uttering a frustrated sigh as he grabbed the door handle.

“I mean it Jungkook, please,” pleaded Jimin, feeling a weird sense of déjà vu as he watched Jungkook open the door.

“I know, just-” Jungkook held a hesitant pause. “I need to get out of here.”

Somehow Jimin didn’t get the feeling that Jungkook was mad. He was frustrated but he wasn’t mad.

Something told Jimin that Jungkook believed him, he was just shocked by the revelation and Jimin didn’t blame him.

Jungkook sent Jimin an almost apologetic look as he finally left the room and closed the door after him, leaving Jimin alone in the suddenly way too large dorm room.

Out of one hole and into another.

Jimin could not remember the last time he had had such an eventful week.