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Park Jimin had always been quite good with his hands. He was quite amazing at guitar hero, he could give a mean handjob and he was pretty great at untangling headphones.

But one thing Jimin had never tried was pottery and he was positive he wouldn't be good at it.

“This is what you had planned for a second date? Pottery?” Jimin eyed the large room they had entered just a moment ago. There were tables and chairs and ovens and clay and old people. A lot of old people. Actually, there were only old people.

“Look I was panicking okay. I wanted to do something fun.” Jimin turned towards the boy and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“And in Jeon Jungkook’s world pottery is the equivalent to fun?” Jimin had a hard time suppressing a laugh. It certainly wasn't what he had expected when Jungkook had picked him up around 7. This time, Jimin had texted Jungkook a place they should meet up in advance, just so they could avoid the same awkward situation as last time.

When Jungkook had mysteriously told Jimin to follow him, but not telling him where to, Jimin had been both excited and frustrated at the unknown that awaited him.

Now he was just a little bit frustrated.

Jimin had been certain they were going on another fancy restaurant date, so he had dressed accordingly. Or he had tried to at least. His fanciest clothes were still Jungkook’s everyday clothes, which was still quite sad.

As he looked around the dirty room he really regretted wearing his favorite black skinny jeans if they were just going to be covered in clay.

“Have you ever tried pottery before, Jimin?” The boy shook his head as an answer. “Then you don’t know if it’s fun or not. So let’s find out.” Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s hand and led him over to two empty seats a little further away from the other people.

Jimin dumped down in the small stool and looked before him to see a little round table with a potter’s wheel on. He eyed it for a few seconds before he looked up at Jungkook for answers, but the boy just smiled at him without giving him any explanation.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” He winked at Jimin before he walked over to, who Jimin assumed, was the man who ran the pottery place. He was an old man with grey hair and a long, thin beard. He was wearing the same ugly, blue apron as the rest of the people in the room, but Jimin had to admit he bore it a little better than everyone else.

The older man’s eyes lit up when he saw Jungkook walk towards him, and Jimin was certain they knew each other. And by the look of it, quite well actually. The older man placed his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder as he spoke - his smile so big his eyes almost disappeared.

The two seemed to fall into a conversation that probably wasn’t about pottery, so Jimin decided to do something else instead of staring at them. He pulled out his phone and almost regretted it when he saw a few messages from Taehyung.

All of them were telling Jimin to come by when he was done with his laundry and the boy felt an uncomfortable rush in his stomach. He thought long and hard about whether he should answer His best friend, but in the end, he decided that not answering was the best, so he locked his phone and placed it back in his pocket with a heavy sigh.

“Sexting with someone else?”

Jimin almost flinched as a voice spoke from above him. He looked up at Jungkook who was standing in front of him and his little potter’s wheel. Two aprons were swung over the boy's shoulders, and he had a big bucket of water and a lot of clay in his hands.

“Yes,” replied Jimin without missing a beat and Jungkook seemed to be rather amused by that answer.

He placed the water and the clay on the floor between their seats, and then he leaned in towards Jimin - a little closer than the boy would've liked in this public place. “Naughty behavior Jiminie.” He had a smug smile on his lips and a spark of mischief in his eyes that made the smaller boy swallow hard and his cheeks redden.

“Someone needs to teach you some manners.”

Jimin could hardly argue with that, but now was not the place for a lesson. Jungkook wasn’t going to teach him anything other than pottery tonight.

Instead of replying to Jungkook's shameless words, Jimin grabbed one of the aprons from Jungkook’s shoulder and put it on as elegantly as he could while sitting down. Jungkook studied his every movement closely with an amused smile on his lips, obviously finding Jimin’s reaction quite funny.

“Are you gonna stand there all day with your dick out, ready for it to be cut off, or are we gonna make some pottery?” Jimin had never had a stronger desire to make pottery than in this very second.

Jungkook didn’t respond to that, he merely put on his apron and sat down in his own seat. 

“You and your dick threats. You seem to have a dick fetish,” chuckled Jungkook.

“Oh, did I forget to tell you I was gay? Well this is awkward,” said Jimin sarcastically.

“You didn’t have to. I see the way you eye my dick every time you can.” Jungkook said the words a little too loud and a few of the elderly people turned their heads their way. A deep blush spread on Jimin's cheeks at the unwanted attention and he turned towards the Jungkook and hit the boy's shoulder as hard as he could from his seat.

“You’re giving the old people a heart attack, dipshit.” Jungkook merely shrugged, clearly not bothered at all even if some of these old people actually did have a heart attack.

“I’m sure they’ve heard the word ‘dick’ before. Some of them have probably sucked some as well.” This time, however, Jungkook spoke quietly enough for none of the old people to hear.

“Yeah? Which ones?” asked Jimin and looked around at all of the people present. Jungkook leaned in next to Jimin and pointed at a man in a black t-shirt and the same ugly apron as the rest.

“How can you be sure? You can only see on half of his face.”

“I know my people,” said Jungkook - sounding almost insulted that Jimin could doubt his gaydar.

Jungkook leaned in a little closer as he tried to point at another man hidden behind the first. The boy's face came closer and closer to Jimin’s, and the smaller boy did everything in his power not to let it bother him.

While Jimin could hardly focus on anything else, Jungkook didn’t seem to struggle at all. It didn't seem like the boy lean in close to make Jimin into the flustering mess he was, but because he genuinely wanted to show Jimin who he was talking about.

Jungkook’s gaze was focused on the man, but the only thing Jimin could focus on was the fact that Jungkook’s face was so close to his, that if he turned his head a little to the left, their noses would touch.

It was an odd thing to focus on, but it was the only thing going through his mind.

Jimin wasn't paying the man any mind even as the taller boy eagerly pointed at him. His eyes were locked on Jungkook - he cheeks heating up as he felt Jungkook’s breathe on his cheek.

But for the first time ever, Jungkook seemed totally oblivious, as if he had no idea that his harmless little action was making Jimin’s palms sweaty, and his throat tight.

Finally, Jimin had had enough. 

He bent down and dipped his fingers in the bucket of water and sprayed it at Jungkook - who instantly jumped back in surprise.

“What the fuck?” he exclaimed and used the back of his hand to dry off the water Jimin had frantically sprayed on his face.

“We didn’t come here to test your gaydar. Now teach me to do pottery.” Jimin did his best to look away from Jungkook so the boy didn’t see his reddening cheeks.

“But using my gaydar is fun,” said Jungkook, obviously oblivious to the real reason Jimin was so eager to do pottery.

“Yeah, your gaydar is amazing, now put it away and teach me.” Jungkook seemed to surrender at last - still wonderfully oblivious to Jimin's flustered face.

“The first thing you do is take a lump of clay and put it on your wheel.” Jungkook picked up a lump of clay from the bag and placed it in the center of his wheel. Jimin eyed his movements before he did the same - picking up a clump of clay and place it on his own wheel.

“Then what?” he said, while awkwardly patting the clay in front of him - not knowing what else to do with it.

“Then you spank it.”

Jimin snapped his head in Jungkook’s direction so fast he was sure he would get whiplash. The boy was grinning like an idiot, and Jimin wasn’t sure if he should interpret it as a joke or not. He couldn't possibly be serious, could he?

“I am not spanking the clay, Jungkook.” Jimin was not going to look like a freak, spanking a lump of clay in front of a room filled with old people. There was still a small piece of pride left in Jimin and he refused to give it up by spanking a piece of clay.

“It’s part of pottery, baby. You gotta spank the clay.” Jimin wrinkled his nose in both disgust and discomfort as he eyed the lump of clay in front of him.

Suddenly it felt like the clay was mocking him. The fucking clay.

“Having trouble, sweet cheeks?” Jungkook's voice was on the verge of being mockingly and Jimin really wanted to stuff the clay down the boy's throat. He indeed had trouble. But it wasn’t the clay that was his goddamn problem right now. Well, it was one half of the problem. The other half was sitting right next to him.

“Need help?”

“No.” Jimin stubbornly rejected Jungkook’s offer as he placed his hands around the clay and slowly started to hit it. However, he was hitting it so softly it really didn’t make any difference.

“You fucking suck at spanking.” Jimin didn’t look at Jungkook, he just continued to hit the clay softly.

“I’m hitting it, aren’t I? So, what’s the problem?”

“You have to hit it hard, otherwise you’re just an idiot hitting a lump of clay.”

“I am an idiot hitting a lump of clay!” argued Jimin frustrated.

Jungkook sighed deeply and it only seemed to fuel Jimin's annoyance further.

“Stop caressing the clay and look at how I’m doing it.” Jungkook showed clear annoyance with Jimin’s inability to hit clay. What was the big deal anyway? Did it really make a difference if he beat the clay before he started? Apparently, it did. Which was incredibly annoying.

Jimin turned his eyes in Jungkook's direction and watched the boy hit the clay a lot harder than Jimin had. He really disliked the fact that Jungkook didn’t look the least bit stupid while he spanked his piece of clay into oblivion. The boy had clearly done this many times, and it showed.

“You wanna know my secret?” Jungkook looked at Jimin out of the corner of his eyes as he continued to hit the clay and Jimin nodded intrigued. Then Jungkook stopped and leaned in towards Jimin, who leaned in too out of curiosity.

“I’m imagining it’s your gorgeous ass.”

Jimin blushed deeply and pushed Jungkook away from him so hard he almost fell down the chair. Jungkook merely laughed like a maniac as he regained his balance on the chair, but Jimin couldn't stop the blush that instantly took over his face.

“Don’t talk about my ass while we’re doing pottery!” Unfortunately, Jimin had forgotten that they weren’t alone in the room, and awkwardly looked around to see a lot of unwanted eyes on them.

“I’m very sorry, he has no filter,” said Jungkook to the elderly people looking at them with judgmental eyes. Jimin merely hit Jungkook’s shoulder, not wanting to say anymore.

Reluctantly, he turned his attention back on the clay - looked at it long and hard and somehow hoping his intense stare would make the clay beat its own ass.

That didn’t happen, much to Jimin's dismay.

“Jimin, you just gotta hit the damn clay.” Jungkook was definitely getting frustrated and Jimin didn’t blame him. He just couldn't help but feel incredibly foolish.

Finally, he put his pride aside and started hitting the clay a little harder. He was quite sure he looked pretty awkward hitting the clay, and the grin on Jungkook’s face confirmed this.

“See, it wasn’t that hard. What’s your motivation?”

“I’m imagining it’s your face.” Jimin gave Jungkook an exaggerated smile and gave the clay and extra hard hit as he maintained eye contact with the boy.

“Ouch,” said Jungkook - obviously very amused.

It took a few hits before Jimin got used to how disgusting the clay felt in his hands. He didn't have to be a genius to know he would have clay everywhere once he was done. Under his nails, on his pants, everywhere.

“Now I’ve beaten this lump of clay, then what?”

“Then it’s all about forming it. What do you wanna make?” Jimin shrugged - not having much knowledge about what you could actually make out of a piece of clay.

“I don’t know. A cup?” Jimin wasn’t really sure what he should use a cup for, but it seemed fairly easy to make. Right?

“Okay let’s make cups then.” Jimin looked down at his lump of clay and wondered how that was ever going to become a cup.

“Watch what I do.” Jungkook started his potter’s wheel and placed his hands around the lump of clay as it began spinning. He kept dipping his fingers in the water as the clay spun around in his hands before he placed his thumb on the top and pressed down slightly. The clay slowly started to sink down in the middle and Jimin followed the movements intensely.

Jungkook looked like a pro. He looked annoyingly natural and annoyingly handsome.

“You try.” Jimin looked down at his own clay again. He dipped his hands in the water and placed them around the clay - awkwardly trying to get a good grip on it before he started the wheel.

The potter’s wheel was faster than he had believed and he had a hard time controlling the clay in his hesitant hands. “Wait, wait, wait!” yelled Jimin frantically to the clay, but the clay gave no fucks as it spun completely out of control.

He frantically stopped the potter’s wheel and looked at the sad excuse of a lump of clay before him - groaning annoyed at the sight.

“You need to have the right speed, otherwise you’ll just fuck it up.”

“Like I just did?”


A deep sigh escaped the smaller boy's lips before he placed his hands around the clay once more and started the wheel. This time a little slower - doing his best to maintain a good speed. It didn’t exactly go great, but it wasn’t completely horrible either. He tried to hollow the lump of clay with his thumb, but that didn't go as he had imagined it would. He didn’t exactly hollow it, he rather flattened it.

He looked over at Jungkook and was mildly annoyed when he saw great the boy was doing. He had practically already made the cup and to Jimin's great dismay, he was making it look incredibly easy.

“Can you-” Jimin cleared his throat and awkwardly looked over at Jungkook. “Can you maybe… help me?” It really went against his will to ask for help - especially from Jungkook of all people, who was going to be all smug about it - but Jimin was no fool. He needed help if he was ever going to make a stupid cup.

For a moment, Jungkook looked taken back by the request as he blinked a few times while looking at Jimin. Then his lips quirked into a smile. It wasn't smug nor mockingly, but rather kind. Almost as if he was happy Jimin wanted his help.

He didn't hesitate before he got up from his chair and walked over to the struggling boy. “Place your hands around the clay.” Jimin did as Jungkook said and awkwardly placed his hands on the clay like before.

“Then press your thumb down on the top. Just a little bit.” Jimin once again followed Jungkook's words, but this time it was a little harder to do so and he failed miserably.

He sighed deeply in frustrations - almost ready to throw in the towel. “This isn’t fucking working, Jungkook.” He was genuinely frustrated by the fact that he couldn’t do it.

“Wait a second.” Jungkook grabbed a stool from a nearby table and sat down on the other side of the Jimin's wheel.

“Place your hands again.” Jimin placed his hands on the clay and Jungkook gently placed his hands on top of his. It was an intimate feeling Jimin was sure he hadn't experienced before and the thought left a blush on his cheeks.

“Start the wheel.”

Jungkook's hands felt incredibly soft against his own and it sucked all air out of him in an instant. Too occupied with feeling Jungkook’s warm hands on his own, Jimin hardly heard what Jungkook said to him.



“Start the wheel. Slowly.” Jimin followed Jungkook's order and begun the wheel - doing his best to keep the speed under control.

The clay spun around in Jimin’s tiny hands, but he hardly felt it with Jungkook's on top of his. The only thing he felt was Jungkook’s hands. “Place your thumb on the top.” Jimin once again followed the boy's request and Jungkook did the same as he placed his thumb on top of Jimin's and pressed both their thumbs down on the clay - hollowing it slowly.

Jimin was quite certain Jungkook caressing his thumb wasn’t part of pottery, but he really didn’t mind as he subconsciously surrendered to the touch.

“See it’s not that hard.” The wheel continued to spin but Jimin diverted his eyes from the moving clay and instead looked at the boy before him. It seemed like Jungkook had had the same thought in mind because the boy was looking back at him with soft eyes.

For some reason, all that went through Jimin’s mind was how beautiful Jungkook's eyes looked right now. That seemed to be his only thought. They were sitting merely 20 inches apart, but it felt closer. He wasn't sure how, but somehow it just felt closer.

Finally, Jimin awkwardly diverted his eyes from Jungkook and cleared his throat before he spoke again. “So,” he started. “You, um, you come here often?” 

“Not that often.”

“You don’t take all your dates here to make pottery?” asked Jimin, mostly joking, but there was a slight fear it was true. A slight fear Jimin wasn't the only person Jungkook had brought here.

The boy shook his head and Jimin felt conflicted at the relief running through him. “No. You’re the only one I would bring here.” Jungkook’s words sounded so genuine Jimin felt a weird rush in his stomach.

“I feel so special.” An awkward laugh followed the boy's words as he tried not to be affected by Jungkook's blunt words, but he wasn't succeeding as much as he would've liked.

“You are.” 

Jungkook said it so casual - so naturally - as if it was just a given. There was no argument, there was no teasing, no mocking. It felt so… genuine.

Jungkook took a deep breath as if he was preparing himself to speak, and Jimin studied him closely - watching him bite his lips and felt his hands squeezed his own a little harder.

“I was here with my grandfather,” he said, and Jimin stayed quiet - indicating that Jungkook should continue, but not pressuring him to do so.

“We came here a lot when I was a child. Not as often when I got older, because I thought it was fucking embarrassing to do pottery with my grandfather.” Jungkook laughed at that, but the laughter sounded almost painful.

“Now I kind of wished I had taken him up on his offer a lot more.” It didn't take long for Jimin to understand Jungkook's words and it left a cold feeling in his chest. He almost felt physical pain in his body when he looked at the painful expression on Jungkook’s face.

“When did he die?” Jimin did he best to sound as gentle as he could, but he was sure no one could ever sound as gentle in situations like this as they would like to.

“Last year.”

“I’m so sorry Jungkook.” The boy shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal, but Jimin didn't have to know him well to look through his facade. This mattered a lot to the boy and it felt good to know that Jungkook trusted him enough to take him to this place and tell him about his grandfather.

“Tell me about him,” said Jimin, hoping Jungkook wouldn’t be offended by his request.

“He practically raised me,” began Jungkook. “He and my grandmother always took care of me. When my family and I moved to Seoul they moved with us, refusing to let me go alone.”

Jungkook seemed to be very focused on the clay as he spoke - clearly avoiding Jimin’s eyes - but Jimin didn’t mind as he simply let the boy do whatever made him most comfortable.

“He always had time for me. Always.” He held a pause, and for a few seconds, they worked on the clay in silence.

It didn’t feel weird or uncomfortable as Jimin had feard. Somehow, he felt at peace, and he hoped Jungkook did too.

“He always took me to the restaurant we went to. That’s why I love it so much. That’s why I wanted to take you there.”


Their conversation at the spring fair made more sense after the revelation and Jimin felt terrible for assuming it had been an old lover.

“He is- he was the most important person in my life. I miss him.” It was the first time Jimin had heard Jungkook sounding so vulnerable as he spoke to him. He sounded so… human, and it was almost scary to hear.

But it was also wonderful in a way.

Jimin pulled his thumbs out from under Jungkook’s and instead started caressing Jungkook’s thumbs. The motion seemed to catch Jungkook off guard for a moment, but then he eased into the touch.

“He sounds great. I would’ve loved to meet him.”

“He loved- would’ve loved you,” said Jungkook, stumbling over the words.

They continued to work on the clay. It was actually starting to look like a cup.

“I think I got the hang of it now,” said Jimin. “You can go finish your own.” Jungkook hesitated for a moment before he got up and went over to his own seat again.

“Let me show you how a cup is supposed to look.” Jungkook sent Jimin a grin, and Jimin returned it, happy Jungkook was smiling again even if it was because of his stupid arrogance.

“Mine is gonna be prettier, just you wait.”

“As if, sweet cheeks. I’ve been doing this shit a long time, you don’t stand a chance.”


Then they both started working intensely on their clay - having an unspoken competition it appeared.

After just 5 minutes Jungkook proudly showed off his well-made cup to Jimin, who blew him a raspberry before he went back to his own cup once again.

“Well, since I have a lot of time left I’ll just make another.” Jimin rolled his eyes - trying to block out the cocky asshole next to him.

“Yeah, yeah, make another stupid cup, you dick.” Jungkook said nothing as he took off the finished cup and placed it on the table before he took another lump of clay and started beating it, while Jimin hurried to finish his.

It wasn’t as pretty as Jungkook’s he had to admit that. Though he was only admitting that to himself.

“It’s pretty,” said Jungkook, though everyone knew it wasn’t. “Now you can go home and make yourself a cup of coffee in your homemade cup.” Jimin took the cup of the wheel and placed it on the table.

“Not really,” he said. “I don’t know how to make coffee.”

Jimin really regretted saying that when Jungkook turned to look at him in disbelief. “You don’t know how to make coffee?” Jimin shook his head.

“I’ve always just bought it. If I want coffee I’ll go to papa’s coffee house or make Yoongi do it.”

“You can’t go through life without know how to make coffee Jimin.” He rolled his eyes at Jungkook’s words. Who gave a damn if he could make coffee or not?

“Fuck off, it’s not a big deal.” Jimin rose to his feet and picked up his cup.

“Where shall I place it?” Jimin looked around the room, searching for the big oven.

“Over there.” Jungkook pointed behind him and Jimin followed Jungkook's finger as he hurried over to place his cup next to the oven.

The floor was covered in water and clay and Jimin had to do his best to avoid stepping in any of it on his way back. 

“Jungkook when do we-”

He had just arrived next to the boy when he slipped in a pool of water on the floor and stumbled right into Jungkook - sending him flying forward into his lump of clay.

The boy was just about to apologize but the words died on his tongue as he caught of glimpse of Jungkook's clay covered face. He couldn’t help himself as he broke into a fit of giggles - making every pair of eyes in the room looked at him. However, this time some of them actually laughed instead of glaring at them.

“Don’t laugh!” exclaimed Jungkook but the boy's outburst did nothing to kill Jimin's uncontrollable laughter.

Jungkook got up and Jimin did his best to stop his laughter as the boy took a few threatening steps closer to him. Even with clay in his entire face, Jimin had to admit that the boy still looked good.

“I’m gonna go wash this off. Can you take my cup to the oven?” Jimin nodded wordlessly as he struggled to contain a wide grin on his face.

“You are gonna regret laughing,” he threatened before he hurried out of the room and towards the bathroom. 

Jimin picked up the cup and placed it next to his own, next to the oven. Then he took off his apron and placed it on the chair - folding it neatly.

He was genuinely surprised by the fact that he had actually rather enjoyed himself tonight. He absolutely sucked at pottery, but he had to admit that it had been fun to try. He was not dismissing the thought that he would like to do it again.

“Let’s get out of here.” Jungkook emerged from the bathroom - his face clay-free and his wet bangs sticking to his clean forehead. He placed his own apron on the chair - not as neatly as Jimin had - and grabbed the smaller boy's wrist - dragging him with him.

“What about the mess?” 

“It’s fine. Xiu will do it.” Jimin looked behind him and spotted the owner of the pottery place smiling and waving at them like an excited child. He didn't seem to mind and Jimin couldn't help but wonder if Jungkook ever cleaned after he visited. He probably didn't.

“Bye,” yelled Jungkook and Jimin hardly had the time to wave goodbye before the taller boy dragged him out of the place.

”Where are you taking me?” asked Jimin, when Jungkook continued dragging him down the street and further away from the pottery place.

“I’m going to teach you how to make coffee.”

Oh God, he wasn’t… was he?

“We’re- we’re going to your place?” Jimin swallowed hard.

“We are,” Jungkook said knowingly, almost as if he could hear the panic in the smaller boy's voice.

“Can’t we- can’t we get some food first? I’m starving.”

He hoped that getting dinner would buy him some time before he was trapped in Jungkook’s apartment once again. It really hadn’t gone all that well the last time and the thought of going back left an uncomfortable tingle in his gut.

“We can grab some pizza on the way.” For the first time, Jimin really wanted to go to a fancy restaurant and eat a 5-course meal, just so he didn’t have to follow Jungkook to his apartment.

God, what was he going to do?





“Pour the ground coffee into the coffee filter.”


“Do you see any other coffee filters?”

“Be cocky and I’ll stuff it up your ass.”

“Who says I wouldn’t enjoy that?”

“Oh my God, you’re disgusting, I’m going home.” Jungkook lifted his hands in surrender.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop.” The smirk on his face said otherwise though.

Jungkook had taken Jimin to a pizza place right after they left the pottery place. Jimin had done his best to convince Jungkook to stay and eat at the pizza place, but Jungkook couldn’t be persuaded. The moment they had gotten the pizzas, Jungkook was dragging Jimin out of there and towards his apartment.

They had eaten the pizza quite fast and then Jungkook had decided it was time Jimin learned how to make coffee since it was such a disgrace that he didn’t already know.

Jimin had to admit it wasn’t as difficult as he first thought. Of course, it was the most basic coffee he was making, but Jimin was still rather proud of himself.

“Shit, I did it,” exclaimed Jimin in glee as the finished coffee started pouring down the coffee carafe.

“You’re not done until you taste it. What if it tastes like shit?” Jimin suddenly had a feeling it was going to taste like shit.

“Give me a cup and we’ll test it.” Jungkook grabbed a cup from the cupboard and handed it to Jimin.

He was just about to grab the carafe when Jungkook stopped him.

“No, no stop! The coffee isn’t done you idiot. See it’s still pouring out.” Jimin hadn’t really thought of that. 

"Then when do I know when it’s done?” Jungkook didn’t answer, he just looked at Jimin with a raised eyebrow and a look of disbelief on his face.

“When the coffee stops pouring. Got it,” said Jimin awkwardly, knowing his question was really fucking dumb.

Jimin tapped the kitchen table with his knuckles as he waited for the goddamn coffee to stop. Both boys merely looked at the coffee machine, waiting for it to stop.

Finally, it did. Jimin grabbed the carafe and carefully poured the coffee into the cup. As he handed it to Jungkook, he suddenly felt so anxious. What if it sucked?

Jungkook lifted the cup to his lips and took a sip. His expression was annoyingly unreadable and Jimin waited for him to say something.

“Is it…?” Jungkook rolled it around in his mouth before he swallowed and made a sour face.

“Wha- is it bad? Does it taste like shit?” He hurried to grab the cup from Jungkook’s hands and took a sip.

It tasted… fine. Just fine.

“You fucking dick, it tastes fine!” Jungkook started to chuckle and Jimin gently hit him on the chest.

“It’s my first time making coffee and then you pull shit like that? Shame on you.” Jungkook didn’t seem to be even remotely ashamed.

“I feel honored to pop your homemade-coffee-cherry.” Jimin glared at him.

“You are not popping anything, mister.” He took another sip of the coffee, then Jungkook grabbed it and took a sip himself.

“It is actually pretty good, considering you’ve never done it before.” Jimin smiled proudly.

“Really?” He sounded like a little child desperate for approval.

Jungkook laughed as he nodded. “A true master.”

Jungkook sipped the coffee again, and Jimin just studied him.

He couldn’t help himself. Jungkook looked unbelievably good right now. His white t-shirt revealed his muscular biceps and his firm chest. His skin was a little dark in the dim light and his hair was big and dark and messy, but Jimin adored it.

Jimin couldn’t understand how someone like Jeon Jungkook was interested in him. Jungkook could have anyone and everyone he wanted.

He looked like a God so why he had decided that he wanted to invest time in annoying the shit out of a nobody like Park Jimin, was a mystery.

It simply didn’t make sense.

But whatever reason Jungkook had, or didn’t have, it didn’t change anything right now.

It didn’t stop Jimin’s dick from twitching in his pants.

Or his palms from becoming sweaty.

Or for his heart to beat a little too fast.

So, when Jungkook put down the cup and sent Jimin a look that could end all wars, Jimin did the one thing he had wanted to do for so long.

Because suddenly Jimin wasn’t thinking straight.


He grabbed Jungkook’s shirt and pulled him towards himself.

And finally - after what seemed like an eternity - Jimin crashed their lips together.

For a very short second, Jungkook seemed too surprised to do anything. But then he wrapped his arms around Jimin’s waist and pulled him as close as possible, and then he deepened the kiss.

Jimin couldn’t explain how wonderful Jungkook’s lips felt against his own. They were even softer than he had imagined. And Jimin cursed himself for waiting so long to kiss him.

There was no fight for dominance in the kiss. Jungkook immediately dominated Jimin’s tongue with his own, and he didn’t object one bit. He just let the other boy take over.

Then Jungkook pulled back, just a little bit.

“I thought you said you wouldn’t kiss me until our wedding day.” Jimin looked at him in pure annoyance.

“You wanna argue over who said what, or do you wanna make out?”

“I wanna make out,” hurried Jungkook to say.

“Good call.”

Then Jimin wrapped his hands around Jungkook’s neck and practically forced the taller boy’s lips on his own again.

“Does that mean we’re married now?” asked Jungkook, through the kisses.

“No, and shut up.”

“We’re so married now.” The smaller boy merely kissed him a little more forcefully.

And damn it was good.

Jungkook started trailing kisses down Jimin’s throat, and Jimin was quite certain this was what heaven felt like.

But this time, Jimin didn’t want to beat around the bush. Jungkook had sucked on his throat enough times.

He wanted more now.

He needed more now.

More than he ever thought possible.

“Take me to the be- bedroom.”

Jimin felt a shiver as Jungkook placed a kiss right under his ear.

“You sure?” he asked, as he lifted his head to look Jimin in the eyes.

Jimin nodded. “I want this,” he said. “I want you.”

Jungkook looked so taken back as if he had never imagined those words to leave Jimin’s lips. Which is why he said it again.

“I want you Jungkook.”

He placed his hands on Jungkook’s cheeks and pulled his face closer, minimizing the distance between their faces.

“I want you so badly.”

For a moment Jimin was afraid Jungkook wasn’t breathing, but then he smiled so brightly and leaned in to capture Jimin’s lips in a kiss, which Jimin reciprocated immediately. And they continued kissing as Jungkook slowly started to walk back towards the bedroom, gently dragging Jimin with him.

It was a little difficult kissing and walking at the same time, but they both refused to separate their lips.

So, it just had to be 10 seconds of awkward kissing.

It took both of them by surprise when the back of Jungkook’s thighs hit the edge of the bed. While Jungkook seemed to try and maintain his balance, Jimin decided to push Jungkook so he fell down on his back.

Jimin merely smiled shyly down at Jungkook, as he straddled his lap sitting on top of Jungkook, who looked very into the position change.

“You can touch me you know,” said Jungkook almost teasingly as he saw how Jimin’s hands were resting awkwardly on his own thighs since he didn’t know where to place them.

“O- okay.” Jimin slowly placed his hands on Jungkook’s firm chest.

“Is this- is this okay?” It had been so long since Jimin had had sober sex and to be honest, he had no idea of what he was doing right now.

“It’s fucking amazing,” said Jungkook and grabbed the boy's thighs, squeezed them gently. Jimin gasped in surprise, but he liked the touch. More than he thought he would.

He leaned down and captured Jungkook’s lips in a soft kiss and it felt so undeniably good.

The taller boy’s hands slowly found their way to the buttons on Jimin’s jeans. Unlike last time, Jimin didn’t suddenly regret anything. This time Jungkook couldn’t get Jimin’s pants off of him fast enough.

Jungkook slipped his hand inside Jimin’s open pants and wasted no time starting to palm his half hard cock and he moaned loudly at the sensation.

God, it had been too long since another human had touched his dick.

“You like that?” Jimin squeezed his eyes shut as he nodded aggressively.

“Then tell me.”

“Wha- what?” asked Jimin, having a really hard time talking with Jungkook’s hand down his pants.

“Tell me how much you like it.” Jungkook picked up his pace and Jimin almost cried out from pleasure.

“Fu- fuck I love it, Jung- Jungkook.”

A satisfied smirk appeared on the taller boy’s lips and then in one swift movement, Jungkook turned them over so Jimin was the one on his back.

Jungkook was looking down at Jimin, whose cheeks were already heated up and he probably already looked like a hot mess. He wasn’t sure if he was just easily pleased or if Jungkook was just inhumanly good.

Probably both.

Jungkook took off Jimin’s shirt and tossed it on the floor, then he started kissing and licking his chest and collarbone, and Jimin couldn’t stop moaning as he felt the taller boy’s lips everywhere on him.

“Shit Jungkook this is- this is fucking amazing.” Jimin had a hard time lying still on the bed. He felt Jungkook smirk against his skin, clearly satisfied with his own abilities.

And he should be. That man had a gift.

“Sto- stop. I want you to-” Jimin couldn’t finish the sentence, too embarrassed to say it out loud, which Jungkook seemed to find that very amusing.

“You want me to what, baby?” He stopped kissing Jimin’s body and instead leaned it so close their noses were almost touching - his eyes boring into his with a mischevious glint in his eyes.

“You know,” said Jimin shyly. Jungkook shook his head, but he damn well knew.

“No, so tell me. Tell me what you want me to do with you.”

Jimin looked away awkwardly as he bit his lip.

“Please touch me again,” pleaded Jimin in a small voice, feeling really embarrassed.

“Look at me and say it again.”

Jimin really didn’t want to but in the end, his horniness won and he locked eyes with Jungkook - which deepened his blush immensely.

“Please touch me again, Jungkook. Please.” Jungkook grinned, and Jimin had the urge to caress his face.

“I would do anything for you, baby.” He leaned in to kiss Jimin’s lips and then his hand found its way to Jimin’s pants, where he started palming him again.

He started by stroking his hard cock in fast motions, but slowly the strokes got slower and slower and Jimin suddenly feared he was going to stop.

“Don't- don't stop," pleaded Jimin - the boy literally drowning in pleasure, and he hadn't felt like that in months, if not longer.

But It didn't seem like Jungkook listened to him as his movements came to an almost abrupt stop. The boy was holding Jimin's painfully hard cock motionlessly in his hand as he looked down at the boy with a teasing, cocky grin on his face as if Jimin's misery was amusing.

“What are you do- doing?”

“I told you, you would regret laughing.” For a moment Jimin was confused as to what he was talking about, but then he remembered the little incident at the pottery place. He remembered Jungkook's clay covered face and a giggle bloomed in the pit of his stomach at the image. 

“But it was really funny." 

“And I think this is really funny,” replied Jungkook as he continued to hold Jimin's cock motionlessly in his hand - not giving him any satisfaction whatsoever.

“Jungkook,” whined Jimin, feeling very sexually frustrated and in desperate need of a release. “I’m sorry, forgive me?” Jimin sent him the best puppy eyes he could muster - throwing away pride and stubbornness in exchange for Jungkook's mercy.

Finally, Jungkook leaned down to kiss Jimin once again and the boy hoped that was Jungkook's way of giving him his forgiveness.

“I’m gonna let this one pass this one time because I really wanna fuck you, baby, but next time you’re not getting away with it.”

Jimin didn’t even give a shit about the last part of that sentence - even though he had a feeling they would eventually matter. But all he could focus on right now was Jungkook's filthy promise that appealed very much to Jimin's twitching dick in his hand.

Jungkook grabbed the edge of Jimin’s pants and ripped them off of him. He wasted no time taking off Jimin’s underwear too and grabbed Jimin’s hard cock in his large hand. Jimin let out a moan loud enough for the neighbors to hear as his cock finally got the attention his cock was craving.

Jungkook stroked Jimin’s dick and ran his thumb over the head where some pre-cum was leaking and spread it all over his cock.

“It feels good to know this dick is no longer off limits to me,” said Jungkook teasingly. “Now you’re all mine.”

Jungkook’s possessiveness weirdly enough turned Jimin on quite a lot - though he would never admit to it. And he realized that he really didn’t mind being Jungkook’s if it felt like this. 

“Yes,” moaned Jimin. “So, fucking- fucking take me.” Jungkook picked up his pace on Jimin’s dick as if his words gave him motivation - and maybe they did.

“You want me to make you mine?” Jungkook’s smug smile made Jimin’s dick twitch violently in his large hand and he caught the satisfied smile on Jungkook's lips when he noticed it.

How come the very things about Jungkook that Jimin had loathed 2 weeks ago, now was what he liked the most? His arrogance, his cockiness, his possessiveness spiked desire in him he didn't think he would ever feel. And maybe it wasn't all physical.

“Ye- yes, Jungkook. Make me yours.” Jimin wasn’t sure if he meant heart, body, soul or all of the above, but right now he really just wanted to be as close to Jungkook as he possibly could. Whatever that entitled. 

“I would love nothing more.”

Jungkook got up from the bed and took off his shirt, pants, and underwear and tossed it on the floor -  leaving Jimin anxious yet strangely excited for what was to come. Then he went over to his nightstand and took out a condom and a bottle of lube.

He tossed the condom on the bed and soaked his fingers in the lube before he placed himself between Jimin’s legs again - the smaller boy instantly parting his legs for him like a needy slut.

“Ready baby?” Jimin nodded aggressively, wanting to feel Jungkook inside of him in every way he could.

“Are you?”

“Yes, yes,” hurried Jimin to say, realizing Jungkook wanted him to tell him and not just nod.

Jungkook’s finger found their way to Jimin’s hole as he slowly circled it before one of his fingers slipped inside and Jimin moaned loudly at the sensation. It had been long since someone had last fingered him open but never before had it felt so intimate and oddly important in a strange way.


“A- amazing.”

Jimin grabbed the bedsheet in a tight grip, having a hard time controlling his pleasure as Jungkook's finger worked their magic in his tight hole.

He was gentle, but not in a boring way. He hit all the right spots with the right speed as if he had done this to Jimin specifically before.

This man was really a sex God.

“A- another,” pleaded Jimin, and tighten his grip on the bedsheet as he readied himself for more pleasure. Jungkook instantly complied, slipping a second finger into Jimin's slick hole and the boy had to bite his lip to refrain himself from crying out in pleasure.

Jungkook pumped his fingers in and out of Jimin fast, but he couldn’t get enough. He didn’t remember that getting fingered felt this fucking good. He had, of course, fingered himself a few times since he had needs and no one to help him satisfy them, but nothing compared to this.

Not even all of the sex and the masturbation Jimin had done in his entire life, measured up to this.

And Jungkook hadn’t even fucked him probably yet.

“I want yo- you Jungkook. Please – ah – fuck-” Jungkook seemed to get the hint.

He pulled out his fingers from Jimin’s hole and reached over for the condom. He put it on fast and smoothly - clearly, a prof - and Jimin could actually see the excitement on him and licked his lips in anticipation.

He started stroking his own hard cock coating it with the leftover lube on his fingers. Then he positioned himself between Jimin’s legs and parted them as much as possible - Jimin’s legs easily parted a bit more than most people’s.

“Someone is flexible,” chuckled Jungkook as he admired the boy.

“Perks of being a dancer.” Jungkook licked his lips as he looked down at Jimin - and the smaller boy swallowed hard at the desire flaring in Jungkook's eyes.

“We’re gonna get a lot of use out of that.” Jimin instantly started blushing like crazy and turned his head so he didn’t have to look at Jungkook - afraid it would only make the blush worse.

“Nah ah.” Jungkook leaned down and grabbed Jimin’s chin, gently forcing him to look at him.

“Look at me,” he said, his voice low and sensual. “Don’t look away from me, okay?”

“Ok- okay,” replied Jimin - obeying the command instantly.

Jungkook captured Jimin’s lips in a rough, wet kiss, and then he placed the tip of his cock at Jimin’s entrance - making the smaller boy moan.

“Ready?” asked Jungkook, not moving until Jimin said yes. “Keep your eyes on mine.” Jimin just nodded as he stared into Jungkook’s brown eyes, not even blinking. And probably not breathing either.

Jungkook gently crashed their lips together as he slowly pushed himself into Jimin’s hole. Jimin moaned, but Jungkook shut him up by kissing him again - hardly even giving him room to breathe, but for some reason, Jimin didn't really care.

“Shit you really a- are the biggest fucking dick,” laughed Jimin through the moans - finding it oddly relaxing to laugh even with Jungkook's cock far up his ass. It was clear Jungkook tried not to laugh, but he cracked a wide grin anyway and made something warm spread in Jimin's stomach.

“I fucking tol- told you didn’t I?”

“I just thought you were all talk and no show,” teased Jimin, though he always had had the feeling Jungkook was seriously loaded in those expensive pants.

“You wound me, Park Jimin.”

Jimin cracked a smile as he lifted his hand and placed it on Jungkook’s cheek - caressing it with his thumb. He could feel the heat radiate from Jungkook and his cheeks were turning slightly pink.

Fuck he looked gorgeous.

Jungkook placed both hands on either side of Jimin’s head as he thrust in and out of Jimin faster and deep making Jimin tilt his head back as he moaned loudly and squeezed his eyes shut.

Jungkook started thrusting in an out of Jimin a little deeper and hit Jimin’s prostate repeatedly, making him cry out in pleasure.

“Fu- fuck, Jungkook.” Jungkook merely studied Jimin closely and the smaller boy felt shy, yet too occupied by the pleasure to pay it much mind.

“You have no idea how fucking much I have wanted this, Jimin.” Jungkook placed his right hand against Jimin’s cheek and Jimin immediately placed his own hand on top of Jungkook’s and leaned into his touch - finding it comforting and intimately. 

Never before had he felt there was more in the sex he was having than just the physical part of it. It had never been intimately the why it was right now, with Jungkook, and that was strangely terrifying and incredibly welcoming. 

“Fuck you look so fucking beautiful lying here, taking my cock so good, baby.” Jimin had never loved a compliment more than that one. It was filthy and vulgar and... perfect in a way.

Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s cock and started stroking it fast as he slammed in and out of the smaller boy who had a hard time controlling his moans as his pleasure intensified.

“Kiss me,” begged Jimin - needing the boy's soft lips against his own - and Jungkook didn’t hesitate before he kissed Jimin with so much passion and hunger that Jimin almost got dizzy. Jungkook tasted like coffee and Jimin had never loved coffee more than in that moment.

“My coffee turned out really good,” said Jimin, wrapping his hand around Jungkook’s neck refusing to let him get too far away.

“It did. I’m never drinking anyone else’s coffee again,” said Jungkook and kissed Jimin again - as if he was sealing the promise with a kiss. “And I’m only taking it like this.”

“But then what was the point of- of making the cups?” giggled Jimin.

“I just wanted to show you how good I am with my hands.” At that Jungkook picked up his pace on his strokes on Jimin’s dick and Jimin bit his lips hard to silence a moan.

“You- you really a- are,” whispered Jimin out of breath, not being able to speak probably.

Jungkook’s thrusts started becoming more uncontrolled and Jimin could feel he was reaching his limit, but it seemed like he refused to give in.

However, Jimin couldn’t go on much longer and he didn't mind giving in and let the orgasm consume him. He could feel it build up in his body and readied himself for the release.

“I- I’m gonna-”

“You wanna come baby?” Jimin nodded aggressively, fisting the bedsheet and biting his lips - not being able to verbally confirm Jungkook's question.

“Ask nicely and I might consider letting you.” Jungkook slowed down on the speed in his thrusts and the strokes on Jimin’s cock and smiled smugly down at Jimin, who would’ve smacked him if he hadn’t been grabbing the bedsheet so hard.

“I will fucking cut off your- your motherfuc- fucking dick, Jeon Jungkook.” But it didn't sound so threatening through the weak voice and teary eyes.

“Someone really needs to learn some manners.” Jimin had no idea how Jungkook could speak so casual while thrusting into him so sinfully. Jimin was a stuttering mess having a hard time focusing on talking and taking Jungkook’s dick at the same time.

But Jungkook didn’t struggle between fucking and talking.

“Just please – ah – please Jungkook.” Jimin was pleading and Jungkook was being cruel. He started thrusting into Jimin faster, and Jimin got the feeling he was reaching his orgasm too.

“Kiss me, please ki- kiss me,” begged Jimin, having a huge urge to feel Jungkook’s lips on his again - especially now that he was so close to reaching the closest thing to heaven he knew existed.

Jungkook smiled almost too kindly at Jimin's request as he leaned down and kissed him so gently and softly, Jimin could feel a warmth in his stomach.

Why in the world had he denied himself Jungkook’s lips? He began to think that refusing to kiss Jungkook hadn’t been a punishment for Jungkook, but himself.

It seemed like Jungkook had finally decided to let Jimin come. He started stroking Jimin’s cock faster and planted a kiss on Jimin’s forehead before he spoke.

“Come for me, baby.”

And Jimin instantly complied his demand - his body trembling and his breath got caught in his throat as the climax hit him - almost knocking him out - and his cum, landing on his stomach. It ran through his entire body as he felt a deep, satisfaction in the pit of his stomach that was indescribable.

That was without a doubt the best orgasm he had ever experienced.

Fuck, you’re so fucking stunning, Jimin.” The smaller boy opened his eyes again to see Jungkook hovering over him - looking at him with such admiration that Jimin felt almost shy and flustered.

“No one is ever allowed to see you like this, God, I would kill anyone who got to see you like this.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and pulled Jungkook down by his neck to kiss him. “Luckily the list is very short.” Jungkook merely cracked a smile, probably not able to talk since he was reaching his own orgasm any second now.

The taller boy placed his forehead against the smaller boy's and with a few more heavy breaths and deep thrust, Jungkook moaned as he came - filling the condom with his cum. Jimin found himself blushing at the disappointment he felt that Jungkook hadn't come in his ass instead - suddenly having the urge to feel Jungkook fill him up with his cum and feel it slide out of him.

Jimin could feel Jungkook’s body tremble as he rode out his orgasm and nuzzled his face in the crook of Jimin's neck. Though he couldn’t exactly see Jungkook’s face, he had the feeling he looked fucking amazing while coming and found himself strangely excited to someday see it, which filled him with an odd sense of excitement.

Slowly Jungkook pulled out of Jimin - some of the lube escaping too and landing on the bed sheet. He took off the condom and threw it on the floor, then he lied down next to Jimin and pulled him into his arms - and away from the lube stained bedsheet - as he kissed his forehead softly.

“Are you just gonna let the condom lay on the floor? That’s gross Jungkook,” said Jimin and wrinkled his nose in disgust - though he should judge considering he had his own cum on his stomach.

“I’ll get it later. Right now I wanna lay here with you.” He pulled Jimin even closer, and Jimin placed his cheek against Jungkook’s firm chest.

“I never know when you’ll be gone again.”

The words were barely above a whisper and Jimin felt a pang of guilt and regret in his stomach. This wasn’t the kind of thoughts Jimin wanted Jungkook to have of him, but he didn’t blame him for having them.

“I’m here now.” Jimin knew it probably wasn’t much of a comfort since that didn’t guarantee that he stayed there, but it was all he could say.

Jimin gentle ran his fingers over Jungkook’s naked skin as the latter caressed his back. It felt so natural lying there in Jungkook’s arm. As if he was meant to lie there all day every day.

He had without a doubt just had the best sex in his life. Not that he had really had all that much sex, but this took the cake that’s for sure.

However, he couldn’t help but wondered if Jungkook felt the same. Jimin had a feeling he didn’t since he was incredibly inexperienced and had no idea of how to please Jungkook.

He wasn’t… disappointed, was he?

“Do I suck in bed?”

Jungkook stopped caressing Jimin’s back and waited a second before he looked down at him.

“What?” he asked, sounding both confused and amused.

“It’s just, none of the guys I have ever slept with wanted to sleep with me again.” At that Jungkook laughed, and Jimin hit his chest - feeling his cheeks flaring up.

“I’m being serious! I don’t wanna suck in bed.” He really didn’t. Not when Jungkook was this fucking good. He didn’t want to bore Jungkook. He didn't want him to wish for something else.

“You don’t suck in bed baby.” Jimin smiled a little to himself. “It’s your annoying personality that makes all the guys run for the hills.” Jimin sat up in one swift motion and glared down at Jungkook, who smiled mischievously.

“I’m a delight,” argued Jimin, and Jungkook merely pulled Jimin down in his arms again, not answering him.

“But seriously, do I suck? You can tell me the truth, I wouldn’t be mad.” Jimin suddenly felt a little insecure. “Okay, it would probably wound my ego a little bit,” he admitted.

“You were amazing Jimin. You are amazing.” Jungkook awkwardly leaned down to kiss Jimin on the lips, which was a little difficult since Jimin was lying on his chest, so he had to crock his neck in a weird position, but they made it work.

They somehow made it work.

“Suddenly feeling insecure after having the best sex of your life?”

“Wha- How did you kno-” Jimin immediately shut up when he realized he had walked right into Jungkook’s trap.


“Okay, but to be fair I can only compare you to 3 other guys, which means it’s not that hard coming out on top. I have a lot of people to compete with.” Jimin regretted saying the last part a little bit, but Jungkook seemed to brush it aside.

“There’s no competition when it comes to you, sweet cheeks.” Jimin just rolled his eyes, knowing that Jungkook was definitely lying his ass off.

“Are we really gonna build a relationship on lies?” asked Jimin, a little smile playing on his lips.

“We’re building a relationship?” Jimin just kissed away Jungkook’s smug smile instead of answering.

It was way too early to have that talk, but they were also way too far along to pretend it would never come.

“You’re just gonna ignore me, aren’t you?”

“Ding, ding, ding, we got ourselves a winner.”

“What did I win?”

“A very beautiful, very artistic, very unique, homemade cup.” Jungkook pouted.

“I want something else.” Jimin rolled out of Jungkook’s arms got up to rest on his elbows so he could look at Jungkook.

“You can’t get everything you want, dickface, be glad you get something.” That didn’t stop Jungkook in pouting like a little child.

“Stop pouting, and go throw out that condom,” said Jimin and pointed at the used condom on the floor. He wrinkled his nose in disgust again, but Jungkook made no attempt to get up and throw it out.



“You’re gross. I want a divorce.”

“I thought you said we weren’t married?”

“Well, we certainly aren’t now.” Jungkook pulled Jimin in and kissed him deeply.

Then Jimin’s phone rang.

Jimin immediately pulled back, almost as if they got caught and Jungkook looked slightly annoyed and a little hurt.

He crawled over to his pants on the floor and pulled out his phone.

It was Yoongi calling.

For a long moment, he debated whether he should answer it or not. He didn't know what to tell the boy.

The phone stopped ringing.

“I have to go,” said Jimin. “It’s already 11:20 and I have to get up early tomorrow.” Well, not exactly early, since the lunch was at 12, but he should probably go before Yoongi got suspicious.

“Or you could stay?” Jimin looked behind him at Jungkook. His expression was hard to read and Jimin wasn’t sure if he looked fearful, hopeful, anxious or whatever.

“I can’t Jungkook. I have that lunch thing tomorrow,” said Jimin, feeling like he had said that a lot of times by now.

“Take me with you.” Jimin really wished Jungkook would shut the hell up with that shit. He knew Jimin couldn’t do that.

“Jungkook you know that won’t happen.”


“Because… you know.”

“You don’t wanna show off your little mistress.” At that Jimin glared at Jungkook, he looked annoyingly accusing as he stared back at Jimin.

“You’re not a mistress Jungkook, don’t be an idiot.”

“I’m beginning to feel like one.” Jimin reached down and picked up his underwear.

“Yeah, well, that’s your problem.” He reached for his pants as well and rose from the bed.

“Stay,” Jungkook tried again, but this time Jimin refused to look at him.

“Stop okay?”

Jungkook fell silent and Jimin felt guilty.

He grabbed his shirt before he made his way to the bathroom and wiped his own cum off with a damp towel - hoping Jungkook wouldn't mind too much that he ruined his towel. Then he hurried to put on his clothes before he walked back into the bedroom to see Jungkook lying exactly where he left him.

“What should I tell Yoongi huh? He’s gonna be pretty fucking suspicious when I don’t come home.”

“You can tell him the truth?”

Why didn’t Jungkook fuckin get it? Their business wasn’t everybody else’s, why was he making such a big deal out of nothing?

“Fine,” said Jungkook, and Jimin could hear in his voice that he had nothing else to say on the matter.

Reluctantly Jimin made his way past the bed. He made the mistake of turning around and look at Jungkook, who was still lying naked on the bed. He couldn’t read his face, but he didn’t exactly like what he saw.

Goddamn him.

“I’ll… I’ll see you around,” said Jimin awkwardly.

Jungkook looked at him for a moment with an unreadable expression on his face as if he was deep in thought.

“Yeah, sure,” he said, sounding both exhausted and frustrated. Then Jungkook just turned around and got up from the bed and made his way to the bathroom.

Jimin was left standing at the edge of the bed rather awkwardly for a few seconds before he decided to just walk towards the door. There was no reason to prolong the goodbye.

It took him 7 seconds to reach the door and it was the longest 7 seconds of his life.

He felt so fucking guilty once again. Guilty for sleeping with Jungkook just for him to leave the moment they were done. Jungkook had fucked him well - almost lovingly if Jimin had to be completely honest - and he had held him close afterward, yet Jimin was fleeing like a coward.

And he was a coward, but he justified it by calling it self-preservation. 

Because he couldn't stay.

Not just because that would without a doubt make all of this more real and terrifying but also because he didn't know what to do afterward.

He just couldn’t stay because then he would have to come up with a fucking good excuse and what would that be? Yoongi would never believe him anyway. He would see right through him.

Yes, staying was a no go.

So why did he find himself walking back to Jungkook’s bedroom?

No less than a second later, Jungkook emerged from the bathroom wearing underwear. He looked quite surprised when he saw Jimin standing at the edge of the bed as his eyes widened.


Jimin awkwardly looked around, not wanting to look Jungkook in the eyes - his cheeks already reddening.

“I just- I mean I was gonna go but then I remembered that- that-”

Jungkook made his way toward Jimin and placed himself in front of him - yet Jimin still didn't look up as his cheeks heated up even more.

“Yoongi he’s gonna- But, um-” Jungkook gently wrapped his hands around Jimin’s wrist and pulled him a little closer.

“So yeah, I think I’m gonna-”


“I wanna stay.”

Jimin himself was surprised by his confession - not believing he actually had the guts to say those words.

Jungkook was obviously surprised too as he looked at the boy with wide eyes. But no more than a few seconds later, Jungkook's surprised expression melted into something softer as he smiled.

“Then stay.”

Jimin let Jungkook guide him on the bed. “Take off your clothes,” he said, but this time there was no perverted undertone to it. So Jimin took off his shirt and pants and crawled under the duvet with Jungkook once again but this time it almost felt more intimately than when they were naked.

And maybe in a way they were.

“But I have to get up at 11 tomorrow, because I need to-”

“Yeah, yeah, baby, we’ll make it.” Then Jungkook pulled Jimin into his arms and turned off the night lamp on the bed table.

“Goodnight baby.”

Jimin’s head was resting on Jungkook’s chest and he could feel the fall and rise as he breathed in and out.

It felt so peaceful.

It felt so calming.

He could feel the beating of Jungkook’s heart.

And he was quite certain his own heart was beating as fast as his.

Fuck, he liked this. Maybe a little too much.

“Goodnight Jungkook.”

He could feel the beating of Jungkook’s heart.

And he was quite certain his own heart was beating as fast as his.