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Park Jimin usually woke up before Min Yoongi. On the weekdays that is. On the weekends Yoongi had a tendency to wake up before him and discreetly wake him by opening the curtains.

Jimin had a theory that Yoongi only woke up early if early was around 9 am of course because he didn’t mind waking up when he had no plans.

On the weekdays Yoongi would wake up with a groan because he had to go to class. On the weekends he would wake up relatively early because he could work on his music or go out eating or whatever.

Unfortunately for Yoongi, today was a weekday.

“Yoongi get up, it’s 7.30.” That didn’t seem to do anything for Yoongi. He just rolled over and ignored Jimin. “You gotta go to class Yoongi.” Jimin got out of his bed and made his way towards the bathroom.

He looked at himself in the mirror the moment he entered the bathroom and immediately regretted it.

He looked like shit.

Absolute shit.

It had been no surprise to Jimin that he had had a fucking hard time falling asleep. He had turned and turned and he still couldn’t sleep.

Jimin was quite certain he finally fell asleep around 5 am, which meant he had slept for 2 and a half hours.

He felt tired. But more mentally than physically.

He grabbed his toothbrush, applied some toothpaste and started brushing his teeth reluctantly.

He wanted to sleep. He needed to sleep. But he knew that if he went back to bed he wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway, so it was pointless. Lying awake in bed would just make him think and Jimin didn’t want to think at all right now.

When had woken up, he had made a resolution.

Today was going to be a Jeon Jungkook free day. He would not see him if he could help it. Not talking about him or to him. And most important, not think of him.

Not even a little bit.

He went out of the bathroom and saw Yoongi still lying in his bed. “Yoongi you can’t keep missing your morning classes.” That seemed to at least get Yoongi’s attention. Just a little bit.

“Leave me alone,” he groaned. He was so grumpy in the morning.

“I’ll go take a shower, when I’m back you’re out of that bed, capiche?” Yoongi said nothing, but Jimin knew he had heard him, so he gathered his things and walked out of the dorm room and down the hall towards the showers.





Jimin absolutely hated community showers.

The first couple of months at the university, Jimin would mostly shower at around 2 am, because there was not a soul in the showers at that time. Jimin had gotten more used to it now.

He didn’t shower at night, though he still tried to shower early or late so he could avoid as many people as possible.

When he opened the door to the showers he could hear the faint sound of someone talking. Luckily it didn’t sound like there were more than two or three so Jimin didn’t mind.

Until he saw who it was that is.

He tossed his clothes on the bench, took off his clothes and wrapped his towel around his waist. Then he walked towards the showers, humming quietly to himself and picked the shower the furthest to the right, away from the two other boys. Then he placed his towel on the hook, walked into the shower and turned on the water.

The water started out cold as ice, but Jimin didn’t mind. He needed to wake up.

Each shower was separated by shower curtains. It was quite easy to just open the shower curtains and peep on each other, but everyone seemed to respect each other’s space so Jimin didn’t complain.

Of course, there always had be an exception to the unofficial rule.

“Thought it was you Park Jimin.”

Jimin turned around so quickly he almost slipped on the wet floor.

Nam Muyeol had pulled apart the shower curtains and was staring at Jimin with a childish grin on his face.

He had a towel wrapped around his waist, which was a hell of a lot more than Jimin, who was completely butt naked.

Jimin grabbed the shower curtain and tried to forcefully pull it shut, but Muyeol was fighting him. In the end, Jimin grabbed the shower curtain to his left and did his best to wrap it around the lower half of his body. He hurried to shut off the water.

“No need to hide, you got something to be proud of that’s for sure.” Muyeol was smiling like a douchebag and Jimin wanted to slap him. But he was too busy holding on to the shower curtain. “I can see why Jungkook would want to tap that ass.” Jimin swallowed hard at that. Why did Muyeol have to be such a first-class pig? And why the fuck did he have to bring up… Him?

“This has been a wonderful conversation indeed,” said Jimin sarcastically. “But I would prefer it if we could continue this another time. Like a few days after never.” Jimin spat out the words, but Muyeol’s smile didn’t fade.

Not even a little bit.

“Why? Our conversations are so great.”

“No, they’re not, so get the fuck out of here if you wanna keep your dick attached to your body.”

“You keep saying that. Do you really wanna see my dick that badly?” Muyeol raised his eyebrow and he smirked.

“No I don’t- just- fuck the fuck off Muyeol.”

“Come on Jiminie, I’m just kidding around.” Muyeol’s wide grin said otherwise though.

“What do you want Muyeol? And make it fast, cause I wanna shower.”

Of all the guys who lived in the same building as Jimin, why did it have to Muyeol who took a shower at the same time as him? Jimin had a never-ending supply of bad luck.

He was surprised he hadn’t been hit by a truck yet.

Or something worse.

Like meeting Jeon Jungkook.

Oh right.

That did happen.

“You have a tendency to get straight to the point. I like that.”

“Well, you don’t. I dislike that.” Jimin awkwardly shifted, making sure the shower curtain stayed where it was supposed to.

Muyeol was not going to see even the smallest bit of Jimin’s butt.

“I honestly just wanted to remind you that we have a history assignment coming up.” Jimin mentally cursed. Of course, they did. As if Jimin didn’t have enough things on his plate.

Was it even worth it?

There was nothing going on between him and Jungkook. Not anymore at least. Did it really matter that people knew?

Jimin knew the answer to that.

“You could’ve told me another time you idiot! Like in history class, or some shit like that. Not while I was taking a goddamn shower!” Jimin hissed out the words.

“Okay, I detect a little anger here, correct me if I’m wrong.”

Jimin absolutely loathed this guy.

“I will kill you.”

“Okay, a lot of anger.” Jimin glared at him.

“Okay, okay. I was gonna, but then I heard your sweet little voice and thought this would be a whole lot funnier.”

“You got your fun, now get lost.”

Muyeol let go of the curtain and raised his hands in surrender. “Alright, alright, I’ll let you have your shower.”

Jimin hurried to grab the shower curtain to pull it shut, but Muyeol was a little faster.

“Oh, and I saw your lover boy on campus an hour ago.” Jimin’s eyes widened and Muyeol seemed to be very pleased with that reaction. “Did he come by to give his little lover a… good wakeup call…?”

Jimin really wanted to die right now.

“He looked rather down though. Trouble in paradise?”

“Shut up Muyeol!”

“Well by the look on his face I thought you might’ve left him at the altar or something,” Muyeol laughed, clearly not aware of how accurate that actually was.

Well of course not 100%, but same feel.

“Get your disgusting nose out of my business!”

“No need to be rude about my cute, little nose.” His nose was anything but cute.

“Just leave me alone okay, I’ll do the damn assignments just fuck off.”

Muyeol seemed pleased with that. “I always enjoy our time together.” Then he winked at Jimin and let go of the shower curtain. Jimin pulled it shut immediately and stood frozen for a moment, making sure Muyeol had left the shower before he turned on the water again.

He let the hot water hit him in the face.

For a moment he wondered if it was possible he could drown in a shower.

He found himself eager to found out.






When Jimin got back to his dorm room after taking a long, scolding shower, he found Yoongi lying exactly where he had left him 45 minutes ago. Jimin wasn’t surprised.

Not even a little bit.

He wondered if he should say something, but he knew it was useless. Instead, he put down his things and literally jumped on top of Yoongi.

“What the-” said Yoongi and since he was lying on his side he could only turn his head, so he did and look up at Jimin.

“You gave me no choice Yoongi. I’m trying to save your education.” Yoongi tried to push Jimin off, but Jimin had the upper hand. He was stronger than Yoongi and actually awake.

Yoongi didn’t put up much of a fight when he was awake, much less when he was practically asleep.

“Stop being an educational hero and get off me.” Yoongi sounded tired, but not annoyed or angry.

“No,” said Jimin sounding like a little kid.

Then he leaned forward so he was practically lying on top of Yoongi.

“You know, it’s even harder for me to get up with you lying on top of me.”

“Are you gonna get up if I move?”


“Then let’s cuddle.” Yoongi let out a breathless laugh, probably having a hard time breathing deeply with Jimin lying on top of him.

Yoongi and Jimin cuddled every now and then.

Mostly at night if Jimin woke up from a nightmare. So when Jimin quietly called Yoongi’s name in the middle of the night, Yoongi merely lifted up his duvet and Jimin would sneak under it wordlessly.

It wasn’t anything they talked about during the day. They didn’t even comment on it during the night. It was just a silent understanding they had. Jimin couldn’t even remember when it had started, it just had, and Jimin was forever grateful.

Now Jimin and Taehyung cuddled quite frequently. Taehyung absolutely loved to cuddle, and often said he slept the best when someone was lying next to him. He loved wrapping his arm around his bed buddy and Jimin didn’t mind being that bed buddy every now and then.

Even during the days, Taehyung and Jimin would just lie in bed on their phones and cuddle.

It was a natural thing for them. It had been odd in the beginning, since Jimin had never really had such an intimate friendship with someone, but Taehyung quickly grew on him.

“Are you okay?” Jimin raised his head in surprise and looked at Yoongi.

He suddenly looked so serious.

“What do you mean?” Yoongi looked at Jimin long and hard before he spoke.

“You’ve just been a little off the last few days. I was just worried.”

Jimin thought he had concealed everything that had been going on since Saturday quite well, but apparently, Yoongi had seen right through him.

Like he always did.

“Yeah, I’m fine Yoongi, don’t worry about me.”

“I can’t really do that Jiminie.”

“You can try.”

“I wouldn’t be successful.” Jimin hugged Yoongi tighter.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Worrying. Even though I don’t want you too.” Yoongi laughed.

It was a funny friendship they had the two of them. They had deep moments, but once they passed, it was as they had never happened.

But that’s what Jimin liked. It seemed incredibly weird, but he liked it.

It was as if you could get whatever bothered you off your chest, and then it was forgotten. Yoongi wouldn’t mention it unless Jimin wanted to, and the other way around, that way they weren’t walking around like constant reminders to the other.

“Now get off so I can get ready for class.”


“Yeah, yeah, as if you would let me keep sleeping anyway.” That was true. Jimin got up and so did Yoongi. He was just a lot slower than Jimin.

“I have a tutoring session with Namjoon in 15, and then classes afterward, so won’t be back before at least 3 pm.” Yoongi yawned, ran his fingers through his messy, black hair and nodded.

“I’ll probably stay after music class and play a little anyway.”

Jimin originally started telling Yoongi his daily schedule to discreetly tell Yoongi when he had the room to himself. Now it was just a habit and Yoongi had started doing it too.

“I’ll see you later,” called Jimin. He picked up his bag pack with all of his books.

He had just opened the door when Yoongi spoke.

“Um, Jimin?” Jimin turned around.

“Yeah?” Yoongi pulled off his shirt and threw it on the floor next to at least 4 other shirts.

Then he used a second to look through the room for a clean shirt before he looked up at Jimin.

“You’re still coming, right? Tonight.” For a minute Jimin was about to ask what was happening tonight, but then he recalled what Yoongi had asked him just yesterday.

He felt unbelievably guilty for forgetting.

How could he forget that?

He was the worst roommate in the universe.

“Yeah, of course, Yoongi, of course, I’ll be there. Ready to support you with all I got!” Jimin gave Yoongi a big smile, hoping Yoongi hadn’t seen the surprised expression on his face.

“Thanks, Jiminie. It means a lot to me.” Yoongi exhaled deeply, obviously relieved that Jimin hadn’t changed his mind.

“I didn’t wanna go alone.”

“You’ll never go anywhere alone if I can help it.”

Yoongi threw the clean shirt he had in his hands at Jimin.

“Stop being cheesy and go to your tutoring session. I don’t wanna look at you annoying face anymore.” Jimin laughed.

Then he left.






Jimin absolutely sucked at English. He wasn’t sure why he was so bad at it, but he was. English just didn’t come naturally to him. He just couldn’t get the hang of it.

Luckily Kim Namjoon came to his rescue not long into Jimin’s first year.

Namjoon was one of Yoongi’s closest friends. They were in the same year, had music classes together and shared the same love for composing music and rapping.

Yoongi had been the one to suggest that Namjoon could tutor him. Jimin had quickly said no since he didn’t know Namjoon and didn’t feel like he would force that upon him.

However, Namjoon had been totally up for it. He had agreed immediately, and when Jimin had told him that he really didn’t have to do it, Namjoon had insisted, so Jimin just said thank you.

Over the last year and a half, Namjoon had tutored Jimin almost once a week, which meant that they had become very close. They weren’t exactly those type of friends who hang out together just the two of them, but they always enjoyed each other’s company.

Namjoon was also really great friends with Hoseok. They had a lot of classes together and though they seemed very different, just like him and Yoongi, they were incredibly close, just like him and Yoongi.

Namjoon was a sweet, friendly, very clumsy genius.

“Well, don’t you look absolutely refreshed this morning?” asked Namjoon sarcastically as soon as Jimin sat down in the chair next to him.

“Slept like a baby,” replied Jimin.

“I can see that.” Namjoon opened his notebooks and took out a few pencils and an eraser.

“Are you prepared for the quiz tomorrow?” Jimin squeezed his eyes shut and cursed.

“Shit I totally forgot.” Namjoon sighed, but not annoyed or angry. Almost as if he knew he was going to get that answer.

“Do you even wanna pass English Jimin?” Jimin placed his forehead on the table.

“If I say no would you be surprised?”

“No, but I think your teachers would be a little disappointed.”

“Screw the teachers,” said Jimin, and raised his head.

It was completely quiet around them, which of course was the whole purpose of a library. People didn’t hang out randomly at the library, so only those who actually studied came. Jimin himself visited the library quite frequently.

There was something about the quietness Jimin enjoyed very much.

But right now Jimin needed there to be noisy so he couldn’t hear his own thoughts.

“Let’s just start with the quiz and then we’ll look at the assignment afterward.” Jimin nodded.

“Sounds like a good plan.”






After an hour of intense English tutoring, where Jimin had almost cried twice, they finally decided to call it quits.

“I’m sorry I have to put you through this every week,” said Jimin, feeling extremely guilty that Namjoon use his spare time on Jimin and he showed so little progress it hurt. Namjoon dismissed it with his hand.

“It’s fine. I like tutoring.” Jimin raised an eyebrow.

“Really?” he said in pure disbelieve.

“I mean I could use my time on something worse,” he just said and grinned.

In that moment Jimin couldn’t think of anything worse than spending one’s time with Jimin. He pitied himself for being forced to spend so much time with himself.

Why was he so pathetic at the moment?

“Yeah, like stick a fork in your eye,” said Jimin and Namjoon laughed. “Seriously, I owe you big time, Namjoon. I would’ve failed English long ago if it hadn’t been for you.” Namjoon closed his books and placed his pencils back in his pencil case.

“I’m sure you’ll find a way to repay me,” said Namjoon.

“I like Ryan Plushies.”

Jimin turned to look at Namjoon, expecting to see a huge grin on his face, but Namjoon looked serious.

“Really?” Namjoon nodded, completely serious about his plushies.

“I collect them.”

Jimin laughed. He couldn’t help it.

Namjoon looked at him a little confused and maybe a little embarrassed. “Why are you laughing?” Jimin immediately tried to simmer down his laughter, since he didn’t want to insult Namjoon, though he did find a little funny.

Okay, a lot.

It’s not every day you hear a 22-year-old saying he collects plushies.

“No I’m sorry it’s not funny, it’s just,” started Jimin, trying to find the right words so Namjoon wouldn’t feel hurt.

“I’ve seen you perform in music class, and I have never seen someone looking as badass as you.”

“What? A man can’t kill it on stage and collect plushies at the same time?”

“Usually no, but you somehow make it work.”

“Thanks. I think.”

Then they both laughed.

Namjoon wasn’t as shy about his music as Yoongi. He had performed in the music class several times. Jimin had watched every now and then when he went there with Hoseok or Taehyung, or to wait for Yoongi to be done so they could go out for some dinner.

Namjoon was fucking talented.

“I really wish I could repay you by tutoring you, but you’re literally good at every class at this university. It’s really fucking annoying.” Namjoon just shrugged, but the smile on his face told Jimin he liked the compliment.

“Well, you could buy me dinner at the new Korean barbeque down the street.” Jimin sent Namjoon a raised eyebrow and a dirty smile.

“Kim Namjoon are you asking me to ask you out? You? A taken man.” Namjoon burst out laughing.

“No I was asking you to buy me dinner so I wouldn’t starve to death,” he said.

“But you could buy me a drink instead.” Jimin smiled smugly at him.

“I’m still not asking you to ask me out, I literally just need to get a drink. It has been way too long since I went out.”

Jimin thought about it for a moment. He hadn’t been drunk since Saturday, which wasn’t even that long ago. Like 3 days, but it felt like an eternity, and Jimin needed alcohol.

Which was probably a terrible idea, but he needed it.

“I’m going to the Blue Lagoon with Yoongi tonight,” said Jimin. “Let me pay you back by buying you drinks the whole night. Which will be like 2 and a half drinks, but still.” Namjoon squeezed his eyes shut and laughed.

“Well, 2 and a half drinks are better than nothing.” Jimin agreed.

“Why’s Yoongi going to the Blue Lagoon, though? He hates that place.” Jimin threw the last of his books into his bag rather aggressively since he hated those damn books.

“They’re playing his song.” Namjoon widened his eyes in surprise.

“What? He’s performing?” Jimin shook his head.

“No, they are just playing his song. He even gave them a fake name so no one knows it’s him.”

“Why? He deserves the recognition.”

“That’s what I said!” exclaimed Jimin and pointed at himself to clarify that it was, in fact, him who had said that too.

“Yoongi is so weird. He could literally slay this entire fucking university but he chooses not to.” Jimin nodded aggressively, agreeing eagerly.

“I don’t know when we’ll be there, but I’ll text you as soon as I can,” said Jimin and got up.

“Sounds good,” replied Namjoon and got up too.

“Great job today,” said Namjoon and raised his hand. Jimin high fived him.

“Not really, but I appreciate your lie.” Then they parted ways.

Namjoon went to his math class.

And Jimin?

Jimin went to his literature class.






The moment Jimin had walked into the classroom, he wanted to die.

He had arrived early to make sure that he came before Jungkook. If he even showed up that is. Which Jimin kind of hoped he didn’t. He could not look him in the eye after last night.

He just couldn’t.

He sat at his usual seat, which was luckily far away from Jungkook’s usual seat in the back. There were only 4 other students in the class, none of who Jimin was really friends with.

Jimin took out his laptop, ready to take notes.

He was so focused on his laptop he didn’t notice someone dumping down in the chair next to him. He looked up in shock.

“Hey Jimin.” Dohun greeted, who had sat down in the chair.

Which wasn’t really surprising since they always sat next to each other.

It wasn’t because they were all that close, but they did dance together quite frequently and they had a pleasant enough time talking, so they just had an unspoken agreement that they sat next to each other in literature.

Dohun was exceptionally sweet. Just like he had been in the dance studio Sunday night, unlike the two other males who unfortunately had to be in the studio too. He was very friendly and happy, but also had a tendency to get nervous quite easily.

Just like he had about the Summer Festival, which didn’t start until June the 1st.

“Hey Dohun,” Jimin said, but his heart wasn’t really in the greeting. Luckily Dohun didn’t know him well enough to detect that.

“Have you finished Namok by Park Wan-suh?”

“Shit,” exclaimed Jimin. He had totally forgotten. He had planned on finishing it over the weekend, but he totally forgot. Jungkook had really been messing with even his education. Not just his mind, or his body, or even his heart a little bit.

But his education too.

When Jeon Jungkook fucked something up, he thoroughly fucked something up.

“I can give you my notes if you want? I have it all in here anyway,” said Dohun and pointed at his head with a cheeky grin.

“Thanks, Dohun you have no idea how grateful I am,” said Jimin and almost hugged him.

“You’re welcome. I bet you have been busy with dance practice so it’s an honor to help.” Jimin did his best to give Dohun the fakest smile he could muster as he accepted the noted.

If only that had been the reason.

Dohun gave Jimin a sweet, friendly smile, but Jimin paid it no attention because the door was opened and in came Jeon Jungkook.

It felt surreal. As if time slowed down and Jimin just starred at Jungkook making his way through the classroom and sat down in his seat in the back.

Jimin was staring, and he couldn’t look away even if he wanted to. Muyeol had been right. Jungkook didn’t look like the same as the last few days.

He didn’t walk like the world owed him something.

He didn’t smile like he knew everything that went on around him.

He didn’t have that adventurous spark in his eyes.

Jeon Jungkook looked painfully ordinary, in the worst possible way.

Jungkook turned his head and they made eye contact. Jimin wanted to break it immediately, but he found himself unable to do that.

And when he finally could, he regretted he hadn’t been able to do it sooner.

Jungkook’s eyes were cold. Not dead, but cold. The same look you would see in the eyes of a stranger who didn’t really want to be where he currently was.
He looked strange.

That was the only thing Jimin could use to describe what he saw.

And just like that, Jungkook looked away. As if it was the easiest thing to do.

“Attention class!” Jimin snapped his head in the direction of his teacher. “So I hope everyone has finished Namok because the first task of today is to talk with each other about it. I want you to share the things you noticed and listen to each other’s opinions on the book.”

Jimin looked down at the paper in his hands with Dohun’s notes and skimmed it quickly. He knew it didn’t really matter since he would just be talking to Dohun and he already knew Jimin hadn’t read, but he didn’t want to be completely clueless.

The class slowly started to talk to the person they sat next to, but the teacher stopped them.

“No, no,” he said and everyone looked up.

“You’re not talking with your table partner. I’m splitting you into pairs.”

Oh no.

His teacher pulled out a little piece of paper from his bag and unfolded it.

Jimin held his breath.

It was just his luck. He was always so fucking lucky. He had never been paired up with Jungkook before, but of course, it was going to happen today, of all days of course-

“… Park Jimin and Rim Byunghoon…”

Jimin was so happy he could cry.

After all the pairs had been called, all the students got up and found their partners. Jimin sat down across from Rim Byunghoon, and though he didn’t know him at all, Jimin wanted to kiss him in gratitude.

Jungkook was talking with a brown-haired boy a few tables away. Jimin did his best to stare as little as possible, but sometimes he looked a little too long.

Luckily Jungkook didn’t seem to spare him even the smallest glance, which made Jimin both glad and disappointed.

Couldn’t he stop thinking so much about it? He was the one who had rejected Jungkook.

He was the one who had run away.

He was the one who had ended whatever had happened or was about to happen.

That was all him.

So now he had to let it go.

Jimin explained to Byunghoon that he hadn’t actually finished the book and the notes he had was Dohun’s, but Byunghoon didn’t really seem to care.

They quickly talked about the book and ended up being finished before everyone else, who was still talking.

Jimin couldn’t help himself.

He slowly turned his head an inch to his right so he could see Jungkook out of the corner of his eye. For the first time that day, Jimin saw a little smile on his lips as he spoke with the boy. Jimin didn’t know him, but he had seen him with Jungkook before, so he assumed they were friends.

However, the smile quickly faded once Jungkook made eye contact with Jimin.

Jimin looked away immediately, feeling rather embarrassed and ashamed.

“Are everyone done?” All the students turned towards the teacher and basically, everyone said yes.

“Very well.” The teacher clapped his hands.

“I hope you learned something new and useful. Because you’re going to pass that information on to your next partner.”

Jimin physically felt like he had to throw up.

And once his teacher announced the new pairs, Jimin was sure he was going to run to the bathroom and throw up the sushi from yesterday, his breakfast and his will to live.

Jungkook clearly wasn’t going to come over to Jimin, so after a minute of Jimin being too stubborn and too afraid to get up, he slowly rose to his feet and walked over to Jungkook’s table where he sat down in the chair opposite him.

He was sure he wasn’t breathing again.

Jimin looked down at the paper in his hands with Dohun’s notes and placed it on the table in front of him.

“So,” started Jimin, his voice weak. “Namok starts off in-”

“Those aren’t your notes.” Jimin looked up at him.

Jungkook was leaning back in his chair with his arms crossed over his chest.

“That’s not your handwriting. You didn’t finish, huh?” said Jungkook almost mockingly. 

“No my weekend didn’t exactly go as planned.” 

“That makes two of us,” said Jungkook in a whisper, as if he didn’t actually want anyone to hear.

“What do you-”

“What if our partner hasn’t finished the book?” yelled Jungkook to the teacher, getting everyone’s attention. Everyone was looking, listening. Jimin’s face heated up like never before.

Had Jungkook just… outed him to the teacher?

That fucking-

“Well if that is the case then I suppose you just have to do all the work Jungkook since your partner hasn’t.” Jimin wanted to die. He wanted the earth to swallow him whole.

Luckily Jimin didn’t really care that much about his literature teacher’s opinion of him, but he was still pissed that Jungkook had given his teacher a bad impression of him.

“Why did you have to do that?” hissed Jimin, once everyone had gone back to talking with their own partner.

“I was genuinely interested in knowing what I'm supposed to do.”

It appeared his lies still sucked.

“You’re such a fucking ass Jungkook.” Jungkook merely raised his eyebrow as if he had no interest in whatever Jimin was saying. He didn’t answer, which only pissed Jimin off even more.

Why was he acting like this?

Sure, Jimin knew last night must have been quite terrible for him too, but couldn’t he just try to be civil?

Jimin sighed. “Can’t we just talk about the book? I know I haven’t-”

“No thank you.” Jimin wanted to scream. Why was he being so goddamn salty?

“Why are you acting this way?” At that, Jungkook’s eyes flared with a little more than just annoyance.

“Why the fuck do you think?” Jimin wasn’t sure if he should be glad or sad that Jungkook wasn’t trying to act as if nothing had happened.

“Look, Jungkook-” 

“I don’t want to hear you explain anything. So just shut up.” Jungkook’s voice wasn’t as harsh as his words, but it still stung.

“I don’t have to explain myself,” exclaimed Jimin.

“I didn’t do anything wrong.” At that, Jungkook laughed unamused.

“Saint Park Jimin.”

“Shut up.”

“Oh, so you’re allowed to talk but I’m not?”

Jimin slowly folded the paper in his hands, trying to calm himself down so he wouldn’t grab Jungkook by his collar and slam his face down on the table.

“Did you even for one second try to put yourself in my situation?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You might fuck around okay? I don’t judge you, we all have our own ways of getting by, but that’s not my way.” Jungkook wanted to say something but Jimin was faster.

“Don’t think I’m like you. I don’t fuck around. Never have, never will. And even if I did, I would never do it with an emotionally constipated jerk like you.” That seemed to hit Jungkook where it hurt.

“I am not emotional constipated! Your view on life is just so superficial and selective. You only see what you wanna see,” said Jungkook, obviously doing his best not to shout.

“Do you think a wanna see a guy I barely know, who barely knows me, buy my ass with a stupid game and a Saint Laurent jacket? No that’s not the world I wish to see Jungkook.”

That seemed to stun Jungkook. It certainly wasn’t what he had expected to hear.

“Alright, everyone!” The teacher clapped to get everyone’s attention.

“If you could all come back to your seats we can continue.”

Jimin grabbed his piece of paper, that he hadn’t gotten much use out of, but simultaneously Jungkook reached forward to grab Jimin’s wrist, his expression soft.

“Jimin that wasn’t even near what I wanted to-”

“I can’t believe I actually wasted a good night's sleep thinking about this. I thought about apologizing,” said Jimin, and sent Jungkook the most disgusted look he could muster and shook off his hand on his wrist.

“I’m glad I didn’t waste my breath on something so useless.”

Jungkook looked shocked, then he opened his mouth to speak, but Jimin got up before he could.

Fuck Jeon Jungkook and his stupid ass.






Jimin walked towards his dorm room with heavy, reluctantly steps. Never before in the history of man had someone wanted to go to bed and stay there till the end of the world, as badly as Jimin.

He smashed his key into the keyhole rather aggressively and unlocked the door. He pushed it open with his foot and stormed in, his head hanging low.


Jimin screamed. And jumped at least 34 feet into the air.

“What the fuck Yoongi?!” Yoongi looked rather relaxed laying in his bed, holding his phone tight in his hand.


“I- I thought you would be at the music studio. You said you would be at the music studio.”

Jimin’s heart was beating rapidly in his chest.

“I changed my mind,” Yoongi shrugged. Jimin inhaled deeply, trying to calm down his heart from the heart attack.

“Jesus, you scared the shit out of me.”

“Sorry.” Jimin dismissed it with his hand.

“It’s fine, I’m just- well yeah it’s fine.”

Jimin threw his bag at the floor and then himself down on his bed with a deep sigh.

“Rough day?”


Yoongi said nothing. Yoongi never pried, and Jimin was grateful for that.

Especially right now, since the last thing he wanted was to talk.

“We’re drinking tonight right?” asked Jimin.

“Do you wanna drink?”


“Then we’re drinking.” Jimin smiled at Yoongi, who smiled in return.

Though his smile wasn’t as happy.

“When are we leaving?” asked Jimin, taking out his phone so he could text Namjoon.

“I thought we could go around 8 pm.” Jimin nodded.

“Sounds good, I’ll tell Namjoon.”

Then he texted Namjoon, saying he could meet them at the bar around 8:20 pm.

“Namjoon?” Yoongi looked at him confused. “What do you mean?” Jimin hit send and turned his head to look at Yoongi.

“Yeah, I wanted to buy him a drink as thank you for tutoring me and since we’re going out tonight at figured tonight would be good.”

Yoongi sat up in his bed to really look at Jimin.

“You invited him to come tonight?”

“Yeah, I- Did you not want that?” Jimin looked at Yoongi, he didn’t really look all that happy.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think you would mind since Namjoon really loves your music too.”

That didn’t seem to make Yoongi feel any better.

“Jimin I didn’t want anyone else to come.” Yoongi sounded genuinely mad, and Jimin sat up quickly in his bed.

“I just thought you wanted-”

“I wanted you to come because I didn’t want to go alone.”

He paused for a moment, then continued.

“And since we live together, and you’ve already heard some it I figured it would be easier if it was you.”

Jimin squeezed his eyes shut and mentally cursed.

“Fuck,” he cursed out loud.

“I’m so sorry Yoongi, I really didn’t think it was a big deal.” The moment those words had left Jimin’s mouth, he wanted to take them back so badly.

He mentally cursed again.

“I suppose it isn’t,” mumbled Yoongi, got up and walked towards the door.

Jimin hurried to get up and caught Yoongi’s hand, stopping him from walking out. Yoongi seemed quite surprised by Jimin’s action and looked at him with wide, confused eyes.

“Yoongi I’m so sorry,” he started, holding Yoongi’s big hand tightly between his two small hands.

“This was about you and only you, and then I went against what you wanted. I’m so fucking sorry.”

Yoongi looked at Jimin long and hard, the same surprised look on his face. Then after a few seconds, his eyes softened.

“It’s fine,” he just said. Jimin shook his head.

“No, it’s not fine Yoongi. It’s a total dick move and you have every right to throw my-” he held a dramatic pause. “-pillow down the toilet.” Yoongi laughed.

“Stop being such a drama queen.”

Yoongi was too kind, and Jimin was unbelievably selfish. He had fucked up. Big time. And Yoongi had forgiven him. Jimin didn’t deserve that, but he was grateful anyway.

Yoongi tried to gently shake Jimin’s hands off him, but Jimin held on.

Yoongi shook his hand more violently.

“Let go of my hand you ass,” said Yoongi, trying to use force to rip Jimin’s hands off of him.

“I’m not letting go before you smile.”

“I have smiled you imbecile,” exclaimed Yoongi.

“Oh.” Then Jimin let go of Yoongi’s hand and Yoongi used his newly freed hand to hit Jimin in the back of his head.

“You know what that’s for,” said Yoongi and turned around.

“Where are you going?” called Jimin.

“I’m getting my laundry.”

“Oh, I thought you were- never mind. I’ll be ready at 8.”

Yoongi raised his thumb as he exited the dorm room.

Jimin sighed in relief.

After one of the worst days to date, things suddenly seemed to go well.

Too well.

And Jimin was naïve enough to think it would last.