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Park Jimin loved his roommate Min Yoongi.

They hadn’t had the greatest beginning. They hadn't exactly come off to the greatest start, but now Jimin couldn’t imagine a better roommate. He couldn't imagine anyone else waiting for him when he pushed open the dorm room door at any moment of the day.

Yoongi was a bit on the quiet side when it came to new faces, and in the beginning, Jimin had mistaken his quietness for irritation. Sometimes even silent anger.

For the first 2 months of Jimin's first year at the university, he had been convinced Yoongi hated him.

He tried everything to get on the boy's good side - wishing for nothing more than a good relationship with his roommate - but nothing seemed to work for. He had only gotten more and more convinced of the boy's dislike towards him.

He would bring Yoongi food when he was too busy with homework or his music. He would make sure to clean regularly so Yoongi wouldn’t be annoyed with his mess. He would do whatever he could without being too obvious.

But Yoongi’s attitude towards him didn’t really change that much.

He eventually realized that Yoongi didn’t hate him at all and he never had. The boy was just more timid than he was used too. He was quieter and less enthusiastic about socializing with others. He just wasn’t really a stereotypical people person.

Once Yoongi's wall came down, Jimin saw his mistake immediately and felt embarrassed over how much he had read into the boy's actions and totally misunderstood everything.

Yoongi wasn’t actually all that quiet and indifferent towards people as he first believed he was. He could be silly and funny and miserably sarcastic. He was nowhere near as black and white as Jimin had foolishly convinced himself he was.

Jimin loved a lot of things about Yoongi, but the thing about him, that Jimin had grown to love the most, was his subtle ways of showing how much he cared.

Two months into his first year, Jimin fell ill with influenza. He absolutely hated it, not because he was sick, but because that forced him to stay in his dorm room, with Yoongi, for 6 six days straight.

And he was completely convinced that Yoongi found it incredibly annoying.

The boy had not been very verbal about the whole deal. He had asked a few times a day if he could get him something or do anything, but Jimin had embarrassedly rejected his offer each time - not wanting to annoy the boy further the way he was absolutely certain he already was. 

Yoongi hadn't looked either happy nor disappointed with the rejection - leaving Jimin clueless as to what the boy wanted from him.

On the fifth day, Taehyung had stormed into their dorm room and begged Jimin to let him borrow his black dress shirt for something the boy had never heard in his fever haze.

Jimin had groaned, rolled over and ignored Taehyung as persistently as he could, but his best friend was stubborn as well. However, when Taehyung practically jumped onto his bed, he eventually surrendered and told Taehyung to just take whatever he needed from his closet.

The younger boy had beamed with glee and hurried to his closet, only to be filled with disappointment when he couldn’t seem to find what he needed.

“Jimin, where’s the shirt?”

“It’s not there?”


“Then it’s probably in my laundry basket.” Taehyung groaned in a mix between annoyance and disappointment and Jimin rolled his eyes at his friend's reaction.

“Well, I’m so sorry that I wear my own clothes,” said the boy - sarcasm dripping from his voice. “And since I’ve been sick for the last five days, I haven’t really had the time to do laundry.”

Taehyung's eyes roamed over Jimin’s almost empty closet before he wiggled his nose in sympathy. “Well, I hope you do soon because you got no clean clothes.” Jimin rolled over in his bed with a loud groan - not interesting in hearing more bad news while his fever was still so high.

“Shit, I have to go. Get well soon, Jiminie!” said the boy suddenly as stormed towards the door. “See you later Yoongi!” The boy barely acknowledged Taehyung’s goodbye, only nodded to answer as if the two hadn't known each other for two months already.

Jimin looked over at Yoongi, who had his back turned to him, and wondered what the boy was thinking. He was completely lost in his computer, where he quietly composed his music as if he was the only boy in the world.

He was amazing at it, that much Jimin knew from his limited knowledge, but he had only heard snips of his music every once in a while. Mostly by accident, but Jimin took what he could get.

He had fallen asleep not long after - his fever stealing all of his energy in an instant - and when he woke up five hours later, he woke up to an empty laundry basket and a pile of clean, folded clothes on his desk.

At his bedtable stood a glass of water and a pack of peanuts. A small detail that gave Yoongi away in an instant. He was the only one he knew who eat peanuts like an addict.

However, Yoongi was nowhere to be seen.

It was late in the evening so Jimin had assumed he was probably out eating. But 20 minutes later, Yoongi returned with a takeout bag from Kimchi Princess and placed it at Jimin’s bed table as indifferently as one possibly could be.

“I hope you’re hungry,” said Yoongi and sat down in his desk chair. He made no move to roll the chair closer to the boy on the bed and they were therefor left with a somewhat awkward distance between them.

Jimin sat in silence for a long time - having a hard time comprehending Yoongi’s actions - as his gaze shifted from the food to Yoongi.

“Jimin, you really need to eat. You haven’t eaten any proper food in 5 days. You’ll just get sicker.”

The boy's senses returned to him slowly before he finally pushed his body into motion and sat up in his bed. He reached out for the takeout bag and realized right away that the bag was too heavy for there to be food to only one. He looked into the bag and only saw one set of chopsticks. He shifted his gaze to Yoongi and furrowed his brows in confusion.

“There’s only one set of chopsticks.”

“Yeah? Do you need two sets?” Jimin shook his head dumbfounded.

“Well, no, but you’ll need them. Won't you?” Then it was Yoongi’s turn to shake his head.

“It’s just for you. I’m not hungry.”

It had taken a second for Jimin's fever delusional brain to connect the dots in front of him. The boy before him had gone all the way down to Kimchi Princess just to get food for him. He would've had a hard time understanding that even without a high fever.

The realization left a warm feeling in his body he was certain wasn't fever-induced. It was a feeling he had never thought Yoongi would bring him.

He bent his neck to take another look down the large takeout bag - spotting a big portion of rice, a small paper bag with dumplings, a large portion of beef and vegetables.

There was no way he would ever be able to eat all of it.

“I can’t eat all of this. Eat with me?”

“It’s okay Jimin I’m not-”

“Please, Yoongi. I don’t want to eat alone. Besides, you need food too and peanuts aren’t proper food.”

Yoongi hesitated for a second too long before he finally curled his lips into an amused smile and slowly rolled his desk chair over to Jimin’s bed. He helped the boy unpack the food before he wordlessly rose from his chair and left the room. Jimin was left staring after him for a minute or two before he returned once again - a set of chopstick in his hand.

“Where did you-”

“Hoseok always have chopstick lying around. I don’t know why maybe so he is prepared for moments like this.”

Jimin couldn't help but giggle at the boy's unintentional silliness and the boy must've been smitten with the lighter atmosphere because a smile spread on his lips as well. A beautiful gummy smile Jimin hadn’t seen very often.

They eat in silence for a long time, before Jimin finally couldn't take it anymore and spoke up. “Thank you for doing my laundry, you really didn’t have too.” Yoongi stuffed an entire dumpling into his mouth and chewed it rather slowly as he regarded the other boy.

He had almost swallowed the bit when he spoke. “It’s no problem, I had to clean my own anyway.” He diverted his eyes almost instantly as he bent his neck to look down at the dumplings before him. He looked very focused on the food all of a sudden.

Jimin's eyes shifted their attention towards Yoongi's laundry basket behind him. It was trapped between his bed and his desk - too big for the limited space.

It was stuffed to the brim with dirty clothes.

“I’ll pay you back for the laundry, and the food.” Yoongi shook his head and waved his hand in the air to dismiss his offer.

“Don’t. It’s my treat.”


“I won’t accept your money so shut up and eat before it gets cold.” Yoongi went back to eating, ignoring Jimin’s eyes on him. He refused to look up at him, but Jimin was content enough with being ignored like this. It didn't feel bad at all because he knew the boy had malice intentions. 

At least, he knew that now.

He knew the boy cared in his own way.

Yes, Park Jimin loved his roommate Min Yoongi.

Which was why he couldn’t help but smile when he, at 3 in the afternoon, opened the door to his dorm room to find Yoongi sitting in front of his computer. The boy was sitting in his desk chair in an oversized black hoodie with black skinny jeans and his black hair looking like a hot mess.

“Hey,” greeted the boy. He looked up for a split second before he directed his attention to his computer screen once again.

“Hey, Yoongi. How was your weekend?” Jimin threw himself on his bed - bouncing slightly as he tried to get comfortable.

If only he had woken up in this bed this morning.

Then life would’ve been normal, and simple and boring again. Right now, Jimin craved normal and boring like crazy.

“Good, I guess. My brother got promoted, so that’s great.” Yoongi sounded so casual Jimin couldn’t help but laugh.


“Your brother getting promoted is amazing, the least you can do is show just the tiniest amount of human happiness,” teased Jimin.

“Why? It’s not like I got promoted.”

Jimin leaned back in his bed and looked up at his white, boring celling he so desperately wanted to have slept under last night.

“No, who would ever promote you, you’re useless.” Yoongi grabbed the nearest object on his desk, which happened to be his dirty socks and threw them at the bratty boy on the bed. “That’s disgusting, Yoongi, don’t you ever wash your socks?”

“If I did, it wouldn’t be fun for me to throw them at you, now would it?”

Jimin shrugged in dissatisfied agreement.

“So,” said Yoongi. “How was your weekend?”

The last two days flashed before his eyes and left a troubling feeling in his gut and a dizzy spell in his mind. His tongue grew double in size as he struggled with saying a word.

“Uneventful,” answered the boy at last. He wasn't sure if it was convincing, but Yoongi didn't seem to notice the slight difference.

“By the pretty hickey on your throat, it can’t have been completely uneventful.” The boy's voice was nonchalant as he spoke, but Jimin's heart skipped a beat as he registered the words. He hurried to cover the hickey with his hands as if it would make a difference at this point.

He hated how observing Yoongi was at times.

“I was on a double date with Taehyung.”

“He finally asked out Hajun?” His voice sounded very casual, but Jimin knew Yoongi well enough to know the difference in his voice. Even though it was practically impossible for the human ear to hear.

The boy was happy for his friend. He would rather die than admit to that, but he was pleased with Taehyung's success.

He would never be very verbal with his care of the blond boy, but Jimin knew he did care. 

While Jimin had had no problem befriending Hoseok, Taehyung had had a few problems befriending Yoongi. It had been a rather forceful friendship the boy had tried to push onto Jimin's quiet roommate and it had not ended very well for him. Yoongi had done his best to avoid any friendship with him; ignored him, pushed away his physical affection and even rejected the boy's friendship requests online.

Yoongi had befriended Hoseok pretty quickly though, much to Taehyung’s dismay.

“I saw him first!” had Taehyung childishly told Hoseok, but the boy hardly cared about something so juvenile.

In the end, though, Yoongi had given in.

Taehyung had that effect on most people. He either made you loved him from the start, or he eventually grew on you like athlete's foot.

“Yeah, but don’t mention him to Taehyung.”

“Why? I thought they liked each other.”

“Yeah, they did. They just didn’t really like sleeping with each other.”

“Oh. Well, that sucks, since Taehyung love sex.”

A snicker ripped through Jimin's throat and bit down on his lower lip to refrain himself from laughing too loudly.

“What? It’s true.”

Jimin couldn't disagree with the fact. Taehyung was quite shameless when it came to sex. He didn't much care what other people thought as long as he was satisfied himself. He was very verbal about that as well.


“Hey, Jimin?” He snapped his head up to look at his roommate.

“Yeah?” Yoongi cleared his throat before he continued.

“There’s this… music night at The Blue Lagoon this Tuesday. I was wondering if you wanted to go with me? You don’t have too, it’s kinda dumb, I mean the price is way too high. Don’t they know university students hang out there? As if we have the money to-”

“Of course, I’ll come.”

“Really? Thanks, Jiminie.”

Jimin couldn't help but find the request odd. Yoongi didn’t really go to The Blue Lagoon since there were too many drunk university students and too little decent music. He liked going to more quiet bars where he could drink in peace and didn't have to run into somewhat familiar faces.

It was a mentality Jimin shared most of the time, which meant the two boys were excellent drinking buddies. If one of them had had a rough day, the other grabbed their jackets and without even saying it, they knew just where they were going.

It was a silent understanding they had with each other. Something Jimin had never experienced with anyone else before.

“Why do you wanna go there? You hate the Blue Lagoon.”

“Of course I do. Their prices are too high and they costumers are idiots.”

“Then why?”

A pregnant silence spread in the room and Jimin furrowed his brows in confusion. he had expected the atmosphere to change like this and wondered what Yoongi felt so hesitantly about sharing. He hurried to sit up as he eagerly waited for Yoongi to explain.

“You know that demo I finished a couple of weeks ago?”

“Yeah, of course,” replied the boy.

“I emailed it to Kim Minho, the owner of the bar, and he wrote back a few days ago.”

“A re you serious? Shit, Yoongi, that's fucking great! I can’t wait to see you perform that song in front of-”

“I’m not performing.”

The boy cut him off shamelessly and Jimin's excitement died a little as he registered the words. He had really wanted to see Yoongi in action. For a year and a half, he had patiently waited for the boy to finally chase the sky he was secretly aiming for.

He knew Yoongi knew he was good too. Yet he always kept it to himself, as if it was his deepest, darkest secrets.

And maybe it was.

“If you’re not performing what are you doing?”




A half grin took place on Jimin's lips as he sighed in amused annoyance at Yoongi's good-for-nothing reply.

“You gotta give me something I can work with because you’re making no sense.”

“Sorry, I forgot your brain can’t think for itself.”

“Asshole.” Yoongi chuckled - clearly pleased with his joke.

“They’re just playing my track. I’m not preforming.”

“You’re good Yoongi- You should go show those talentless university students how it’s done.” Yoongi didn’t seem to agree as he shrugged uninterested in the image Jimin was trying to lure him into.

“I don’t want people to know it’s me. I just want to know what people think.”

“How are they not going to know it’s you? It’s your voice Yoongi. Not to mention your name.”

“I gave Minho a different name, and I highly doubt anyone is going to recognize my voice." He shrugged indifferently - truly not believing anyone would ever recognize his voice. "I just want some anonymous feedback, no recognition.”

Jimin sighed heavily, but he let it go anyway. There was no reason to argue with Yoongi, he never gave in. He was incredibly stubborn at times. Sometimes even too stubborn for his own good, but Jimin couldn't declare himself conductor and preach to a choir who wouldn't listen.

“You do you,” said Jimin and rose from his messy bed. “I’m going to the dance studio, but I’ll definitely be there on Tuesday.”

Yoongi typed away on his computer as he spoke - not even bothering to turn around to look at him. “Don’t practice too late. If you’re not back by 10 I’m going to throw your pillow in the toilet.” Jimin grabbed his sports bag from the floor and swung it over his shoulder as he teasingly sent Yoongi a sour face of.

“If you touch my pillow I will kill you, Min Yoongi. You don’t toy with a man’s pillow.” He stuffed a water bottle, some granola bars, a towel, and some clean clothes down his bag and struggled with zipping it shut while walking towards the door at the same time.

“Then you better be back before 10.”

Jimin merely laughed at Yoongi's threat as he exited their dorm room - remembering to take his phone, keys, and wallet with him.

He was not going to end up in a similar situation as last night. From now on, he would never let another human being hold his stuff.

Especially not Kim Taehyung.

Never again.








The dance studio was in one of the buildings the furthest away from Jimin’s dorm. It was only around 5 minutes if you walked fast, but in 3 in the morning, after hours of intense practice, those 5 minutes felt like days.

It had been some time since Jimin had practice so late, but he never forgot the exhausting 5 minutes’ walk at 2 am.

He pushed open the door to the building and was hit with a wave of warm air. It was in the middle of March, but the school still turned on the heat in that particular building. Jimin had no idea why they did that. It was a waste of money, but he did somehow enjoy the warm air in the dance studio.

It felt more comfortable and welcoming that way.

The building was called ‘the dance building’ by most of the students since there were only two other classes in the building, and the dance studio took most of the space.

Jimin walked passed one of the doors. ‘Astronomy’ was written on it, and Jimin’s stomach turned.

He felt bad that he hadn’t actually thought about Jiwoo since last night. Not even once had he crossed his mind unless it was Taehyung brining him up, and even then, Jiwoo left his mind quickly again.

Replaced by another.

Did this count as cheating? Technically it didn’t at all. Jimin and Jiwoo weren’t dating. They had been on one date. Still, Jimin couldn’t shake the feeling that he had somehow done something wrong. Was this how it felt to be in a relationship?

Jimin wouldn’t know.

He walked down the hall and opened the door to the dance studio. Jimin hadn’t expected anyone to be at the studio since it was in the middle of the day on a Sunday, but he was shocked to find not only one but four of his classmates to be in the studio.

They weren’t dancing yet, merely stretching so they couldn’t have been here long. The music was on, it was quite loud even, but Jimin had been too caught up in his own thoughts to hear it.

“Oh shit. Sorry I though the studio was empty.” All four students turned to look at him.

“Hey Jimin,” said Dohun, a short, blond-haired boy from Jimin’s dance class.

Behind him sat two other males from their class, and a girl. Jimin wasn’t really friends with the other two males. They were in the year above and way too posh and rude for Jimin’s liking.

Though he did like one of them better than the other.

However, he knew Hyeon. They had chemistry together.

The subject that is.

She was incredibly quiet, something one wouldn’t have thought if they saw her dancing. She was fierce on stage, despite her small size, she just wasn’t very fierce off the stage. Her dark, red hair gave her the fierce look she unfortunately only took advantage of when she danced. But though she was quiet, she was not shy.

She was the prime example of someone who didn’t talk and just silently judged everyone around them.

“I don’t want to disturb, I’ll come back later,” said Jimin and turned around to leave.

“Don’t. Just come practice with us, we could need the help,” laughed Dohun. The two other males in the studio, Chiwon, and Kangmin, didn’t seem to agree.

They were too proud to ask for help from a second year.

And especially from Jimin of all people.

Hyeon looked unfazed by the sudden expansion of their group. Her and Jimin got a long quite well. They could small talk if need be, but most of the time they just had an unspoken understanding that that wasn’t their thing.

None of them were very good at small talk, so they just didn’t do it. No need for both of them to sit through the pain.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll stay.” Jimin placed his bag in the corner of the dance studio and went over to join the other four students sitting in a circle.

Chiwon glared at him as Jimin stretch out. For some reason, that guy just didn’t like him very much.

He didn’t really know why, neither when it had started, but for a long time he had just disliked him.

Jimin bent over to reach his feet, just as the others, but because the third years’ eyes on him, Jimin decided to give him something to look at. He reached out as far as he could, and without a problem, he bent like cooked spaghetti and stretched beyond his feet. Something Chiwon certainly couldn’t do.

He couldn’t help but smile as the older male rolled his eyes.

“How about you Jimin?” Jimin looked up and met Dohun’s eyes.

“What?” He had spaced out completely, not hearing a word of what Dohun had said.

“Are you nervous for the summer festival?” Jimin simply shrugged.

“Well, maybe when we get closer, but right now, no.”

Dohun clearly thought it was something to be nervous about months in advanced, cause he widened his eyes in surprise. “Really? Not at all? But you’re going to compete. Isn’t it your first solo dance at the university?” the words were practically falling out of Dohun’s mouth.

Deep down a little part of Jimin’s heart skipped a beat.

He had of course known he was gonna be one of the second years who were gonna compete. But even though he had known that all along, it felt like it was only hitting him now.

He hadn’t preformed solo since he was 16. Maybe he had told himself it wasn’t a big deal and that’s why he hadn’t thought so much about it.

He had been fucking lying to himself.

“Well, it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve ever danced solo. It’s gonna be fine.” He was lying his ass off. Was he sweating? Could they see he was sweating?

“Someone sure sounds confident in his own abilities,” Chiwon commented, sounding almost disgusted.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” answered Jimin, looking him straight in the eyes.

Chiwon was just about to answer, probably ready with another sarcastic or even insulting comment, but Hyeon spoke first. “I thought we were gonna practice.” She got up from the floor and went over to the speakers to change the song.

They all slowly got up from the floor. Chiwon was still glaring at Jimin, and Jimin was sure that he was going to snap at any moment now and kick Chiwon’s ass.

What was wrong with this guy?

“Are you going to dance or are you going to stare at Jimin?” Hyeon’s voice snapped both of the two males out of their intense glaring competition. Jimin snorted and Chiwon somehow looked very embarrassed.

He obviously didn’t like being called out on his bullshit.

“Come on guys I wanna get this routine down before dinner. Let’s go!” said Kangmin and clapped his hand to get everyone’s attention.

“Yeah, I’m not interested in being here longer than necessary,” said Chiwon and once again looked at Jimin.

Something told him it wasn’t the studio Chiwon had a problem with. But that was of course just Jimin’s own personal belief.

Jimin had mentioned this to Hoseok a few times. Not that he had been complaining or ‘telling mom’, but because he wanted to know if he was the only one Chiwon hated.

Apparently, he was, because Hoseok had noticed nothing.

“He is a great guy, Jimin, you just need to get to know him.” Jimin had no desire to get to know him. He could fall off the face of the earth for all Jimin cared. Him and his posh friend, Kangmin. Though Kangmin was nowhere near the same level of asshole as Chiwon was.

They were both great dancers of course, much to Jimin’s annoyance. And they liked to make everyone around them know.

Jimin couldn’t understand how anyone on the dance team could make it through more than 5 minutes with them.

Chiwon especially.

They were both tall, at least a head taller than Jimin. And they were both lean and had brown hair. Their shoulders were broad and their clothes were ridiculously expensive. It didn’t really make it better that they were actually somewhat decent looking.

Jimin wished he could deny it but looking at them objectively he had to admit they weren’t horrible to look at.

Even Chiwon.

“We need to do our best cause Jeon Corporation is sponsoring the summer festival this year.” Jimin turned his head towards Dohun so fast he was sure he got whiplash. Huh?

“Seriously? Didn’t think summer festivals were something Jeon Junghoon would sponsor,” said Hyeon casually.

“Doesn’t he only sponsor, like, sports events and charity events? Why would he sponsor a summer festival?” Jimin hated agreeing with Kangmin, but he had too.

Why was Jungkook’s dad sponsoring a silly summer festival?

“It’s probably just because his son is attending the university.”

“He didn’t do it last year, though.” Hyeon shrugged.

“What do I know Dohun? Let’s just practice so we can give a good performance.” Everyone seemed to agree and found their position on the floor.

It took a little longer for Jimin to find his position. Chiwon was sending daggers his way, probably because he was so slow. But Jimin didn’t care.

Not even a little bit.

Not even at all.






Dohun, Hyeon, Chiwon, and Kangmin called it quits around 6 pm. Which was, according to Dohun, practically night.

The four dance students were going out for some pizza, and Hyeon asked if Jimin wanted to tag along. “You need food too,” she had said. Jimin had declined.

Not because Chiwon and Kangmin were both throwing daggers his way, but because he needed to practice. Needed to feel his heart racing and his body burn.

“Don’t overdo yourself,” was the last thing Dohun had said to him, and 2 hours later he was definitely overdoing himself. He had a tendency to do that. Not really on purpose, just because that was the way he did things.

He either succeeded or died trying.

He took off his sweater and threw it on the floor a few meters from him. He didn’t know why he hadn’t done that hours ago, cause it was warm as hell, but he must have been too caught up in his dancing too notice that he was boiling like a dumpling.

“Why can’t I get this fucking move right?!” he exclaimed.

This one single move had been bugging him for the last 2 hours. If only his perfectionist brain would let him go home, it would be great. His brain wouldn’t let him though.

Neither would his body even though it was aching for rest.

He fell down on the floor in both exhaustion and frustration. He closed his eyes and breathed heavily.

“Fine.” He sighed. “I’ll take a 10-minute break and then I’ll continue,” he said to no one. “Just 10 minutes.”

His entire body gave in at those words. Almost as if his body was doing its absolute best to take advantage of the 10-minute rest. And probably make it a hundred times harder for him to get back up again.

Great. Even his own body was betraying him.

For some reason, he started thinking about Jungkook again. Weirdly enough, the first thing Jimin thought was, “What is he doing right now?” He didn’t really know why it should matter.

It wasn’t like it was going to change anything.

He just suddenly found himself being curious.

The most likely scenario was probably that Jungkook was lying in his large, soft bed, inside his large, expensive apartment. Maybe he was sleeping, maybe he was watching TV.

Jimin couldn’t possibly know cause he didn’t know Jungkook at all. What he liked, what he disliked. Nothing. Well, expect for the fact that he seemed to enjoy making Jimin into an embarrassing, blushing mess.

Park Jimin didn’t know Jeon Jungkook. But he hated him anyway.






When Jimin woke up, it was even darker outside.

No sunshine shinned through the windows, only the dimed light from the celling lighted up the large dance studio.

Oh shit.

He sat up fast. How long had he been sleeping? Beside him stood a bottle of water and behind ham laid his sweater, curled up as a little pillow. He definitely hadn’t used his sweater as a pillow when he had fallen asleep.

Then who-

“I told you to be back before 10 you stupid idiot.” In the door stood Yoongi, a clear unmistakably frown on his face, that Jimin was the only one who knew what really meant. Jimin knew him well enough to see when he was angry, even if everyone else couldn’t.

And Yoongi was pissed.

“What time is it?” asked Jimin and scratched his eye.

“Over 10 that much I can tell you.” Jimin didn’t answer, he just looked at Yoongi with an apologetic look on his face. “10:45 or something.” Jimin groaned loudly and threw himself back on the cold, hard floor.

A 10-minute break his ass. If he kept slagging off this much, even Chiwon and Kangmin was going to catch up to him.

Hell, even Yoongi would be able to do better, and that boy had no rhythm in his small, fragile and pale body.

“Jimin if you’re exhausted then come home and sleep. Please don’t sleep here.” All of the silent anger Yoongi had gathered up vanished into thin air, and all that was left was concern. Jimin had a tendency to make Yoongi concerned.

He did stupid things all the time. It was a wonder Yoongi hadn’t changed the locks on the door and locked Jimin out yet.

“I’m sorry, I was just gonna take 10 minutes and then I fell asleep.” He looked up to meet Yoongi’s gaze. “I’m sorry you had to come all the way over here.” Yoongi kneeled down beside Jimin.

“It’s fine I needed some fresh air anyway.”

“You always need fresh air. Seriously, you’re fresh-air deprived.”

Yoongi shrugged. “There’s air in our dorm room,” he simply said. Jimin snorted. Laughing felt good.

“It’s not fresh Yoongi, you’ve been breathing the same air for almost 2 years now.”

“Not true. I open the window every now and then.”

“No, I open the window, you close the window.”

They laughed for a good minute. None of them saying anything. They just sat there. Laughing. Smiling. Jimin somehow felt like he could breathe again.

“You didn’t throw my pillow in the toilet, right?” Yoongi’s long silence was nowhere near reassuring. Finally, he shook his head. “Let this be a warning to you. Next time your pillow will end up in the toilet.” That was the best thing Jimin had heard all night.

Oddly enough.

“Come on Jiminie, let’s go home and sleep. You need it.” Yoongi got up and reached out to help Jimin up from the floor. He happily wrapped his own small and cold hand around Yoongi’s larger and warmer hand. Getting up was a little difficult. Jimin’s legs were practically useless and Yoongi was, well, very weak.

So it wasn’t easy.

“You need to work out some more, Yoongi.”

“You need to shut up before I shove a cactus up your ass, Jimin.” Jimin only answered with a laugh.

When Jimin was standing somewhat stable on his feet, Yoongi let go and went over to grab Jimin’s bag. Jimin bent down to pick up the water bottle and his sweatshirt. He reached out to grab his bag from Yoongi’s shoulder, but Yoongi stepped to the side so Jimin couldn’t reach it.

Then he silently exited the dance studio.

Jimin hurried after him, putting on his sweater and taking a large sip of his water bottle. “Thanks, Yoongi.”

“As I said, I needed the air.” Jimin swallowed a large sip of water and almost choked on it, but he forced more water down his dry throat anyway.

“No, I mean for the water and the sweater-pillow.” Yoongi raised his eyebrows. “

The sweater-pillow? I thought that was you.”

Jimin, once again, almost choked on his water.

If Yoongi hadn’t done it, then who had?