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Go Fish

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Park Jimin had never liked violence. He was never very fond of violent action movies and if he saw even the slightest hint of a fight starting, he would turn around and walk away.

Yet here he sat. 


And he was gonna kill Kim Taehyung.

Now Taehyung had always been a good friend. The best actually. He would listen to him the way no one else would. He would cry with him on the bathroom floor at 3 in the morning. He would always consider Jimin’s feelings, even over his own.

Yet here he sat.


And he was gonna kill Kim Taehyung.

Jimin wasn’t exactly much of a party guy. He went to a party every once in a while, of course, and he couldn't claim it was necessarily boring, but he would rather do something else.

He preferred frat parties over bars any day - liking the chaotic none judgemental atmosphere better - yet Taehyung had persuaded him into coming to the bar anyway.

A double date was what he called it.

At those words, Jimin had immediately said no.


But Taehyung was determined and when he was determined nothing could change his mind.

The boy had been crushing on a guy from his music class for months, and luckily it wasn’t a completely one-sided crush that would end in misery and broken hearts.

After months of low-key flirting, Hajun had finally asked him out, and Taehyung - being the good friend he thought he was - asked Hajun if they could go on a double date. Taehyung would bring a friend, and so would He.

That’s how they had ended up at this bar.

Jimin hadn’t been here before, but he couldn’t deny that it was a classy place. It was big enough to fit hundreds of people. Big enough to drink half of Seoul under the table in minutes with their multiple bars and the endless amount of alcohol.

And sitting there alone, it somehow felt even bigger then it did at first.

The date had started out fine. Hajun’s friend, Jiwoo, was quite handsome, with a pretty smile, a tall lean body, and great hair. On top of that, he was also very polite and Jimin had immediately felt quite at ease in the boy's presence.

They had found a table in one of the corners of the bar and sat down minutes after arrival and Jimin had been grateful for the quietness it gave him.

At first, they all made small talk, but the friendly atmosphere didn't last long before Taehyung and Hajun started scooching closer and closer until they were practically sitting on each other’s labs.

It was quite clear they were already in their own world - talking with their faces centimeters apart - so Jimin turned his full attention to Jiwoo, not interested in seeing his best friend make out aggressively right next to him.

Taehyung didn't seem to mind and Jimin wondered if the boy had momentarily forgotten he was there as well. That he had dragged him along against his will.

Jiwoo seemed to think the same and they looked at each other and tried to conceal smiles, as they seemingly did their best to avoid their best friends' eyes. Not that the two boys saw anything but each other anyway.

It took a few awkward minutes in silence until Jiwoo spoke up first and Jimin was grateful for his courage to do so when he didn't have it himself. He didn't know what to say.

“You’re a dance major, right?” he asked, and Jimin nodded.

“I’ve seen you leave the dance studio every now and then,” he said. “I have astronomy in the same building every other Friday.”

“You’ve seen me on campus?”

He had been told that Hajun’s friend went to the same university as them, but their dorms were in different buildings and they shared no classes, so Jimin had never seen him at the school.

Now that Jiwoo had noticed him, he suddenly felt very embarrassed that he hadn’t noticed the other boy as well.

“Yeah, every now and then.” He gave Jimin a shy smile, and he couldn’t help but feel his cheeks heat up a bit at the flattering reaction.

He had never had anyone be so shy around him. It was both flattering and somewhat really embarrassing at the same time.

“So, you’re an astronomy major?” asked Jimin, trying to take attention away from his blushing cheeks.

Jiwoo nodded. “Yeah, astronomy has always fascinated me,” he told Jimin. The boy suddenly looked much more composed and Jimin figured it was probably the familiar topic change.

“How so?” he asked - wanting to put the boy at ease once again.

Jiwoo leaned in a little and rested his hands on the table as he got himself more comfortable and Jimin liked the change in his body language. It didn't feel so awkward now that Jiwoo didn't look so shy.

“I don’t know, I’ve just always loved the stars. They have always intrigued me you know?” Jimin nodded along even though he didn’t really find the stars that interesting. For him they were just tiny lights on the sky, nothing special really.

“They are millions of years old and millions of lightyears away yet they shine so bright on the sky every night.” Jimin couldn't help but smile at Jiwoo's clear love for the stars.

There was something about people talking about their passions that always intrigued Jimin. He had always thought that people were the most beautiful when they did that, which was really fucking cheesy but also really fucking true.

There was something about the confidence that entered their blood as they shared their greatest loves, Jimin found incredibly fascinating.

“I’ve never thought of that, but I guess you’re right,” he said. Jiwoo smiled in return, obviously pleased Jimin found it interesting as well.

They went on with the small talk - talking about a few different things, nothing really deep or personal, just the surface, but Jimin didn’t mind. He didn't like going too deep and he didn't like feeling too exposed. 

But the surface was good. The surface was safe.

They ordered a few more drinks until they both agreed that they probably shouldn’t drink much more since none of them wanted to be hungover the next morning.

After some time, Jiwoo got up and asked Jimin if he wanted to dance and the boy could already feel his cheeks redden by the mere thought of him having to dance awkwardly at the dancefloor.

Now Jimin pride himself to be a good dancer, but he didn’t do much party dancing.

That was too fucking embarrassing and Jimin was usually too fucking sober to try.

However, seeing Jiwoo’s outheld hand, he knew refusing would be rude, so he took his hand and followed him to the dancefloor, secretly hoping the world would end on his way to it so he didn't have to dance.

It started out really fucking awkward, and it kind stayed that way the entire time.

Jiwoo didn’t have a problem doing the usual party dancing, but Jimin was struggling. Even though he was a bit drunk, he still felt awkward. He was sure he had felt the alcohol in his bloodstream as they sat by the table, but once he stepped foot on the dance floor, he suddenly became painfully sober.

He could once again feel his cheeks redden from embarrassment.

Jiwoo leaned in with a teasing smile on his lips, and Jimin had a feeling he knew what he was going to say even before he said it.

“I thought you were one of the best dancers at the University of Seoul,” said Jiwoo - smiling teasingly.

“Well, not in party dancing.”

Jiwoo's expression changed from a shy smile to a confused wriggle of the nose and Jimin furrowed his own brows in confusion. He couldn’t hear the phone ringing because of the loud music, but the other boy must’ve felt it vibrate in his pocket as he pulled it out.

Jimin took a glance at the screen, seeing the word 'mom' pop up on the display.

Jiwoo looked at the screen for quite some time, clearly debating whether or not he should answer the phone while he was with Jimin.

“Just take it, I don’t mind,” hurried Jimin to say.

Jiwoo shook his head and declined the call. “No, that would be rude. Don’t worry, my mother will understand when I tell her I was on a date with such a handsome guy.”

Jimin was taken back by the sudden compliment and shyly smiled at Jiwoo who grinned back. It felt awkward being complimented so freely, and it felt oddly unsatisfying for some reason. 

It didn't make his stomach erupt in butterflies the way he thought it would. Instead, it made him feel slightly out of his comfort zone.

He felt horrible for feeling like that over something as kind as a compliment.

They didn’t dance for long before Jiwoo’s phone vibrated again and Jimin knew without a doubt that it was his mother. Jiwoo was once again debating whether or not he should answer.

“Please just take it, I really don’t mind,” said Jimin more determined than before. Part of him didn't mind the interruption.

Jiwoo looked up uncertain as to what he should do. “Are you sure?” Jimin nodded.

“If she calls twice it must be important. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine for 5 minutes.”

Jiwoo nodded, gave Jimin a smile and left the dancefloor to answer the phone call.

It wasn’t until Jimin stood on the dancefloor alone that he realized he was actually standing on the dance floor all alone.

He looked around trying to figure out how he could stand less awkward as he waited for Jiwoo to return, but he never found the stupid trick, because the awkwardness never went away.

No one was looking at him yet he felt like everyone was as his body stood completely still between all the other dancing bodies on the dancefloor. 

Luckily Jiwoo returned a few minutes later and Jimin was so happy to see him, he didn’t notice the frown on his face at first.

“Ah, Jiwoo it’s so good to- what happened?”

Jiwoo clenched the phone in his hand hard enough to turn his knuckles white before he looked up at Jimin with a troubled expression.

“It’s my father. He collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.”

Jimin’s eyes widened at the horrible news that was suddenly thrown at him and he felt a painful pang of sympathy in his chest as he looked at the troubled look on Jiwoo's face.

“That’s awful,” he exclaimed. “Is he okay? Are you okay?” He gently placed a hand on Jiwoo’s arm, hoping the gesture would be somewhat comforting, but he wasn't all that good at comforting people so he wasn't sure whether it made a difference or not.

“Me? No- I mean, yes- I don’t know,” he answered honestly.

“You should go,” he insisted - feeling guilty for keeping the boy here when he shouldn't stay.

“I can’t just leave you here,” Jiwoo replied, and Jimin couldn’t help but be flattered that Jiwoo was thinking of him even in a situation like this. They didn't know each other after all. He owed him nothing. Especially not something like this.

“No, don’t worry about it, I’ll go with Taehyung or some shit. Please don’t think of me, just go.” Jiwoo didn’t look all that sure. “Jiwoo please go, your family needs you. I’ll be just fine, I promise.” He gave Jiwoo a reassuring smile - hoping it would comfort the boy's troubled mind and at last, it seemed to do the trick.

“I’ll make it up to you, I swear,” he finally said. Jimin merely nodded as he gently pushed the boy's shoulder - telling him not to wait any longer.

He gave him one last smile before he hurried out of the bar and Jimin followed him with his eyes until he no longer could.

Jimin stood still at the dancefloor a few seconds more before he went back to their table - not wanting to continue to humiliate himself on the dance floor. Especially, not when he no longer had anyone he could wait for.

Yet the only thing he found when he arrived was an empty table. It had already been wiped clean - almost as if no one had ever sitten there at all.

Jimin could already feel the anger rise in him at the lack of notification on the two love birds departure, but he pushed it down and decided to search the bar for them - hoping they hadn't left him there.

The chances of them leaving were quite big, but Jimin hoped Taehyung had been smart enough to stay until he came back.

Or at least find him if they were in such a rush to go suck each other's dicks in one of their dorm rooms.

When there was no sight of them anywhere, Jimin could feel the anger resurface. He stuck his hands in his pockets - searching for his phone - as he came up with a rather long speech he was more than ready to throw at his best friend.

However, he quickly realized he didn’t have his phone in any of his pockets.

Or his wallet.

Or his keys.


In sheer panic, Jimin went through the bar twice, before he admitted to himself that the two boys were long gone and he was forced to ask at the bar if he wanted any hope of making it home.

He stood at the bar for a few seconds before he got the bartender’s attention. He was a tall man, clearly very fit and maybe in his late 20’s or early 30’s and Jimin was surprised with the kindness in his eyes considering the huge tattoo on his neck.

“What can I do for you?” he asked Jimin and the boy felt a little loss for words.

“Do you, um, know where the guys at that table went?” he asked and pointed at the empty table in the corner he had been sitting by an hour ago. The bartender looked in the direction he pointed before he shrugged.

“I think left about 20 minutes ago, though I’m not completely sure.”

Jimin sighed heavily and almost collapsed onto one of the barstools as he felt his soul leave his poor body. It was the news he had counted on getting but not hoped for.

“You okay buddy?” the bartender asked and Jimin just shook his head.

“Did the guy leave you here alone?” he asked. Jimin shook his head again a little unsure. Technically he had, but he wasn't exactly to blame.

“No, I was with this guy, but he had to leave.” The bartender gave Jimin an apologetic look, and the boy was quite sure he had misinterpreted his answer.

“Hold on,” the bartender said and went over to the other side of the bar - leaving Jimin a little puzzled behind.

A minute later the bartender returned with a drink in his hand and placed it in front of Jimin. The boy eyes the pink drink closely before he frantically shook his head.

“Oh no, I don’t have any money,” Jimin hurried to say, but the bartender only pushed the drink closer to him.

“It’s on the house,” he said. “Getting dumped sucks.”

Jimin was about to explain that he certainly hadn’t been dumped, but looking at the drink in front of him, he swallowed his pride and merely thanked the man for his kindness.

It wasn't as if it really mattered anyway and it felt stupid to correct the man and lose a free drink for something a juvenile as his stupid pride.

It didn’t take him long to finish it. Thirst mixed together with despair giving him enough motivation to practically empty it in one sip. The alcohol burned his throat, but Jimin didn't exactly mind. There was no reason to stay sober anymore and God knows he could use the intoxication that came with it.

The bartender returned a little while later and chuckled when he the already finished the drink standing neatly on the counter.

“That went down fast,” he said amused.

Jimin shrugged. “Too bad there isn’t more of it,” he said and looked at the bartender with innocent eyes as he played with the empty glass between his fingers in a desperate attempt to seem as persuading as possible.

“I know what you’re trying to say, kid,” said the bartender as he exclaimed a deep chuckle. “But I can’t just keep giving out free drinks.”

Jimin leaned back in the barstool, a fake, sad smile on his lips. “It’s just so hard being dumped,” he said and once again the bartender chuckled.

“Okay fine, but not a word to anyone.” Jimin nodded eagerly.

“I’ll keep it so secret I won't even tell myself,” he said and gave the bartender a salute, somehow thinking that was the appropriate response in his intoxicated state of mind.

He waited a few minutes before the bartender returned with a new drink and the boy could almost feel his fingers tingle with need. he found it quite pitiful that this was the highlight of his night.

He reached out for the new drink, but the bartender snatched it back just before he could get a hold of it.


“When you’re done with this you go straight home, alright?” Jimin hurried to nod, needing the alcohol now and not caring much about the requirements for doing so.

“Straight home,” he repeated and took the drink eagerly.

Then the bartender disappeared once again and Jimin was left with his drink, a weird mix of pineapple juice, vodka and something else he couldn't quite pinpoint at the moment.

“And why are you sitting here all alone?”

Jimin turned around so fast the drink almost fell from his hands as he came face to face with dark brown eyes.

He recognized the eyes instantly. Almost embarrassingly fast if he had to say so himself.

They weren't exactly friends after all even if they both were second years and attended the same literature class.

Though it wasn't strange to see his face around campus every now and then. It wasn't exactly a face you could ignore even if you wanted to. Nor was his name.

He had many friends at the university according to Jimin's limited knowledge, but most of the time when he saw him, he was by himself.

And it appeared that tonight he was as well. 

“Jun- Jeon Jungkook?”

He sat down in the barstool next to Jimin without an invite to do so and smiled arrogantly as if he owned it somehow.

It suddenly occurred to the boy that Jungkook probably didn’t know who the fuck he was and must find it incredibly creepy that Jimin knew him.

“Ji- Park Jimin,” he said. “We have literature together.”

“I know,” said Jungkook, his smile not faltering for even a second as if he expected the words and was amused by them.

Jimin made an ‘o’ with his mouth and awkwardly nodded, not knowing what else to say to the boy next to him.

“So,” said Jungkook, breaking the short-lived silence between them. “Why are you sitting here all alone?” Jimin merely shrugged at that, not having a direct answer for that.

“I have awful friends,” he replied and Jungkook chuckled.

For some reason, he really liked that sound.

“Well, that sucks.” Jimin nodded in agreement.

“So why are you sitting here all alone?”

“I’m not sitting here alone. You’re here with me.” Jimin rolled his eyes, but he couldn’t help the childish giggle and he had a feeling it was the alcohol's fault. At least, he hoped it was.

“You know what I mean,” he said and Jungkook shrugged nonchalantly.

“I thought it was a good idea to go to a bar, and I was obviously right,” he said and gave Jimin a smug smile as if there was a dirty undertone to his words, and it wouldn't exactly be a surprise if there was.

Jimin was well aware of the boy's reputation after all.

He didn’t know if it the was the big amount of alcohol in his blood, the warmth in the bar or embarrassment, but Jimin could feel his cheeks redden.

“Cute,” cooed Jungkook and Jimin shyly covered his cheeks with his hands - trying to stop his blushing but failing in doing so.

“Stop that,” he said.


“It’s embarrassing.” Jungkook only laughed more at that, making Jimin blush even harder than he already was.

Silence spread between them and while Jimin found it incredibly awkward, Jungkook seemed to find it greatly amusing.

Not knowing what to say or really do, Jimin reached out for his drink and quickly finished it in one sip before he placed it back on the counter before him.

“Well,” Jimin said, breaking the silence. “I promised I would go home when I finished that.”

Jungkook raised an eyebrow. “And who did you promise that to?” Jimin pointed at the bartender with his head and Jungkook looked behind him. There was an odd look on his face as he located the bartender but Jimin had no idea of what it could mean so he simply ignored it.

“He gave him the drink for free, but only if I went home once I finished it.” He pointed at the empty glass. “Finished,” he stated as if it wasn't already obvious.

“And how do you plan on going home?” Jungkook asked. There was an edge to his voice as if he knew something Jimin didn't, but the boy hardly paid it much mind in his intoxicated state.

He didn't question why Jungkook seemed like he already knew the answer before Jimin did.

“Well, I thought I would just call for a taxi and- fuck.”

He had completely forgotten that Taehyung had left with pretty much everything he owned, which basically meant he was stranded at this bar for the time being.

“Taehyung has my wallet,” he said. “And my phone. And my keys.”

He was really fucked.

Jungkook clearly didn’t share Jimin’s concern as he merely chuckled at the boy's distress and Jimin felt slightly insulted by the fact that his misery seemed to amuse the other boy.

“That’s a really shitty situation you got yourself in,” he stated and Jimin nodded in agreement.

“I don’t have money for a taxi. I can’t even call anyone for help, but even if I could I don’t have the keys to my dorm and my roommate won’t be home until late afternoon tomorrow, well today actually. I guess I could crash in Tae’s room, his roommate would mind, but I need to get back to the university first, but I...” He was rambling like crazy, saying things Jungkook probably had no interest in hearing.

He paused his rambling for a second to look up at Jungkook and the boy looked conflicted between amusement and confusion.

“What should I do?” he asked, genuinely wanting a solution, and not sober enough to know the other boy didn't have the answer.

For a moment Jungkook just looked at Jimin’s face, very confused by his sudden words.

Then the fucker started laughing.

“Well, I guess I could give you money for a taxi,” said Jungkook, and Jimin’s eyes lit up at the sudden act of kindness he hadn't expected to get from anyone, let alone Jeon Jungkook.

“Really? That is so kind of you, you have no idea how much-.“

“I didn’t say I would do it for free.”

Jimin’s smile faded in a second as the new knowledge hit him.

“Well, I don’t have any money right now, obviously, but I will totally pay you back tomorrow, I promise.” However, Jungkook shook his head, not interested in Jimin's offer at all.

“I don’t want your money.”

"You don’t?” Jungkook shook his head. “Then what do you want?” asked the boy a little skeptical.

Jungkook looked between his eyes as if he was searching for something before he spoke again.

“How about a game?”

“A game?”

“Yes, a game. If you win I’ll give you the money for a taxi, and you don’t even have to pay me back.”

“What kind of game?”

Jungkook shrugged. “A card game?”

“Yeah, but which one? Because I’m not good at that many card games.”

“You pick. Anything you want.” Jimin narrowed his eyes as he thought about it, needing time to think it over. Card games weren't his forté.

He couldn’t figure out why Jungkook was suggesting they played a game at all. It sounded rather silly and childish.

Couldn’t he just give him the damn money and let him pay him back tomorrow?

“Wait,” he said. “What if you win? What do you get?” Jungkook smirked at that - clearly sitting on a secret he didn't want to share just yet.

“We’ll get to that when I win.”

When? Don’t be cocky,” said Jimin, but he couldn’t help the giggle that followed his words as if Jungkook's answer had been amusing.

He was clearly still drunk.

“So, what game are we playing?”

“Go Fish.”

“Go Fish? Really?” The disbelief clear in the other boy's voice.

Jimin shrugged. “It’s the only game I’m somewhat decent at. You said I could pick. I pick Go Fish.”

“Fair enough,” said Jungkook. He turned towards the bar and snapped his fingers to get the bartender's attention. The man registered it immediately, almost as if he had been waiting for it. “Can we borrow a deck of cards?” The bartender eyed the two boys for a second before he nodded and pulled up a deck of cards from under the counter. He placed it in front of the two boys as he locked eyes with Jungkook for just a second longer.

“Already on to a new guy?” said the bartender and grinned at Jimin. There was an amusement underneath his voice Jimin couldn't interpret, but he hardly cared enough to do so anyway.

“Getting dumped really sucks,” Jimin repeated, though he was smiling as he spoke.

"I feel you, buddy,” replied the bartender before he left the two boys alone.

“Dumped?” Jungkook questioned. He didn't look so surprised though.

“He gave me free drinks because he thought I had been dumped. I just didn’t correct him.” Jungkook chuckled.

“Well shall we?” he asked and gestured to the cards.

“Isn’t it a bit unfair though?”

“How so?” questioned Jungkook.

“Well, I’m clearly drunk,” he said and pointed at himself. “And you clearly aren’t.” He pointed at Jungkook.

“I see, then how about I drink a few drinks and then we’re even?”

Jimin thought about it before he nodded in agreement. “That’s fair, I think.”

“Good. Head over to that table and I’ll be there in a few minutes.” A pout spread at Jimin's lips as the taller boy so shamelessly ordered him around. “I said now Jimin,” repeated Jungkook when the boy didn't move, and Jimin was surprised when his body moved before his mind registered it.

Jungkook joined him a few minutes later just as he promised, with two drinks and the cards.

“So, what exactly was the reason for you coming here?” asked Jungkook and started drinking his drinks.

“I was on a double date,” explained Jimin - feeling his stomach turn at the thought. He certainly wasn't doing that again.

“A double date? Then how come you end up alone?”

Because he was fucking unlucky, but he didn't say that.

“Tae and Hajun are probably going at it in Hajun’s dorm room, and Jiwoo’s father collapsed, so he really can’t be blamed.” He had really been hit by bad luck tonight and wondered if this was another stop on the way or a brighter path ahead.

“Then it’s good I showed up, don’t you think?” said Jungkook and smirked as if his presence was the greatest gift the boy could get.

Jimin was too flustered to answer so he just ignored the question since Jungkook's smirk somehow tightened his pants and made his palms sweaty. He blamed it on the drink even though he knew it wasn't as simple as that.

“Are we playing or what?” Jungkook emptied the last of his second drink and nodded before he pushed the empty glasses out of his way. “Go Fish,” he repeated and placed all the cards on the table in front of them in a big messy pile.

“It’s seven cards, right?” asked Jimin as he started collecting cards.


“You start with seven cards, don’t you?”

“I thought you were good at Go Fish?”

“Well, I was when I was like, eleven, or something,” exclaimed the boy defensively.

Jungkook chuckled at Jimin's reaction as he collected seven cards himself. “Yes, it’s seven.”

Then they began the game.

Jimin was doing pretty well if he had to say so himself. He already had 3 books while Jungkook had none and he wasn't sure if it was the alcohol or his ego, but one of them was the cause of the wide smile on his lips.

“Seems like I’ll get home tonight after all,” said Jimin cheerfully.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, I’m still gonna win.”

“I don’t think so,” said Jimin. “But if you do, what is it you win again?”

There was a long silence before Jungkook spoke.


Jimin snapped his head up and looked at him.


“If you win I’ll give you money for a taxi, but if I win, I own you.”

Jimin looked at Jungkook long and hard before he started to giggle amusedly. “Yeah, right,” he said as he looked through the cards in his hands.

“I’m not kidding.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I’m not.” Jimin frowned as he lifted his gaze to meet Jungkook's eyes and he shivered under the intenseness in them.

“Nobody owns me, I’m not a thing,” replied the boy - feeling quite insulted by the sudden objectification.

“You want to go home, right?”

“Well, yeah of course.”

“Then stop complaining. If you don’t like the terms then all you have to do is win.”

“You bet your ass I'll fucking win.”






Jimin lost.

Quite big actually.

He hadn’t gotten more than 3 books and it’s was somehow a bit humiliating to lose to significantly.

“Fuck,” muttered Jimin under his breath.

“I guess you weren’t as good at Go Fish as you thought.”

Jimin placed his forehead on the table gently and closed his eyes to minimize the dizziness he felt from the alcohol. “My memory has failed me,” uttered Jimin with a groan.

He could feel the room turning and realized that he should probably leave now if he wanted to make it back to the university before morning.

“I’ll leave now,” said Jimin and got up from his seat. It obviously wasn’t the best idea because the alcohol in his blood made his legs wobbly and if I weren’t for Jungkook’s strong arms, he would’ve fallen.

Jimin grabbed on to Jungkook’s arms and gently squeezed them in a pointless attempt to steady himself. “You’re really strong,” said Jimin in amazement, knowing it was the alcohol in his blood that talked, but not really caring at the moment.

Jungkook chuckled amused at the odd comment and though Jimin knew he should be embarrassed, he didn't feel it in this state of intoxication. “Come on, let’s get you a taxi.”

“But I lost,” he said - puzzled by Jungkook’s words.

“I can’t just let you go out there like this,” said Jungkook. “I take good care of what’s mine.”

Jimin was about to tell him that that was pure bullshit because he certainly wasn't Jungkook's, but Jungkook pulled him towards the exit before he could say anything and Jimin didn't have the strength to fight it.

Once they got out on the street Jungkook easily got a taxi. He gently guided Jimin into the car and placed him elegantly in the seat. He buckled the boy's seatbelt before he jumped into the taxi as well.

Jimin’s eyes suddenly felt incredibly heavy and before he knew it, he placed his head on Jungkook’s shoulder and felt exhaustion overtake him.

He fell asleep before the taxi even started to move.

He hardly even heard what directions Jungkook gave the taxi driver.

Though he was quite sure he didn’t recognize the address.