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The Need

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Chapter 1

The first time Emily felt The Need, she didn’t realize what was happening.

She was gliding from Present to Hold as gracefully as possible during Positions Class, when she started feeling like her skin was too tight for her body. There was an almost itching sensation all over. She tried to Hold, but she kept fidgeting. Teacher instructed the class to continue the Hold, and walked over to Emily.

Emily tried as hard as she could to Maintain. She hated disappointing Teacher.

“You normally do so well with the Hold, Emily. What seems to be the problem?”

“I feel strange, Teacher.” 

The beta woman gave Emily a knowing look. “Think about how you’re feeling, then think about your lessons. What do you think the problem could be?”

Emily considered for a moment. “Could it be…” She lowered her voice to an excited whisper, “Could it be The Need?” If it was indeed The Need, she would be the first in her class to move into the next stage of training, Preparation.  She felt equal parts excitement and apprehension.  Preparation was the last stage before Service. She felt a ripple of heat run from her head to her toes as The Need intensified.

Teacher smiled down at the slender sixteen year old. “Yes, girl. You have The Need.” Then her expression sobered a little. “Work on maintaining your hold. Alpha’s are not subject to your Need. You must practice waiting until they decide to Release you.”

Emily took a deep breath and rocked back on her rear, legs folded beneath her, hands palm up on her knees. She arched her back and tried to focus on maintaining Position. She would be going to an Alpha soon to request Release. She wondered what that meant. As thorough as the education at the Training Center was, students were told they must learn about Release directly from an Alpha after they developed The Need.

Teacher returned to the front of the class, pulled out her communicator and alerted Headmaster Alpha of her student’s development. The Beta turned to her students, saying, “Students, maintain your hold, and listen. Emily is the first of your year to develop The Need.”

The strain of thirteen, sixteen year old boys and girls fighting the urge to turn and look at the girl in question filled the room with palpable tension.  By year sixteen any omega who couldn’t maintain a Hold would likely never make it to Service. But Teacher was good at her job, and her class Maintained well.

“After class I want you to say your good byes calmly. Soon each one of you will have the joy of moving to Preparation. In the meantime, Maintain.” Teacher moved around the room, occasionally stopping at a student to offer instruction or use her thin pointer to adjust an arm or tap a back that wasn’t arched enough.

Emily was having a difficult time staying in position. She felt a hunger she had never imagined. Not for food but for….something. The open room with its high ceiling and cheery sunlight began to feel stuffy. The smell of her fellow omegas began to offend her. Even Teacher’s barely there beta smell was irritating. She felt herself unraveling, but before she could break Hold, she imagined an Alpha was in the room. As much as she hated disappointing Teacher, the thought of disappointing an Alpha was abhorrent.

 All good things came from the Alphas.

 To disobey is madness.

If Teacher expected her to Maintain during The Need, it meant that’s what Alpha’s expected as well. She imagined Headmaster Alpha standing in front of her, watching. The though was immediately soothing and her mind was able to move to the quiet place it found during any Maintain command.

Teacher kept an eye on Emily as she moved around the room. The girl was doing surprisingly well for experiencing her first Need. After this long, some omegas began crying or shaking, but not her Emily. She was the most natural omega Teacher had ever come across in her decades at the Training Center. Of course, all omegas were born with a desire to submit and serve, but some more than others. She wondered who Headmaster Alpha had in mind for her. Likely a very prestigious, powerful Alpha.

As well as Emily was doing, Teacher still kept an eye on her timepiece. There were no clocks on the walls, and students were not taught to tell time until Preparation.

Time should only matter to an omega in the context of an Alpha’s commands.

She had notified Headmaster of Emily’s condition and now all she could do was wait until he chose to Release the poor Omega. As valuable as omegas were, Teacher was often glad she was a beta. The Need was not an easy gift to bear.

Her communicator chimed and Teacher turned again to the class, “All right everyone. You all did very well today, even with the added distraction. You may Break.”

The omegas preened at her praise, and gracefully stood up and turned toward Emily. She was till in Hold, eyes closed, breathing even. If Teacher hadn’t known her condition, she would have never known her body was in chaos. Teacher frowned and moved in front of the girl. “Emily? Can you hear me?”

As Emily slowly opened her eyes her body began shaking slightly. Her eyes widened in horror as she realized everyone was up and she was still in Hold. “I apologize for my disobedience, Teacher! Please punish me!” As she spoke she moved forward, still on her knees but now her head was on the ground at Teachers feet in Supplication.

Teacher placed her hand on the back of the omega’s head. “There is no need for that, child. You are handling The Need very well. Go say goodbye to your classmates.”

Emily looked up at Teacher incredulously, but obeyed. Her fellow omegas gathered around her. Everyone knew better than to ask her about The Need. Instead they placed their hands on her gently and whispered words of encouragement and congratulations.

Omegas were never to be loud or disorderly.

Omegas were to be soft, gentle, and above all else, obedient.

After their sweet goodbyes, the other omega’s filed out of the classroom calmly, leaving Emily alone with Teacher. “Back into Hold, little one. You’re doing very well, but that seemed to soothe you.”

Gratefully Emily returned to her mat and glided onto her knees. She felt like she was on fire, and there was an odd sensation between her legs. At this point, she was no longer scared of Release, if it made this feeling go away, she didn’t care what it entailed. She closed her eyes and drifted.

Omegas do not need to think about time, they are merely required to obey.

Minutes or hours may have passed, when suddenly, she smelled something heavenly come into the room. She recognized the smell as Headmaster Alpha. He had always smelled pleasant and safe, but now he smelled delicious.

She opened her eyes, but kept them downcast without even considering making eye contact. Omega training had begun the minute she could walk, and proper behavior was as natural to her as breathing. 

An Omega never looks directly into an Alpha’s eyes unless he commands it.

Headmaster took a moment to look her over. He had been keeping an eye on this omega for a while. Between her looks and her natural submission, she was easily the best omega the school had seen. He licked his lips and ran his eyes over her body. She was small, as an omega should be, but she had wide hips and high set breasts, with a slim waist. He couldn’t wait to have her plush lips on his cock as he gave her Release for the first time. Training omegas was a difficult job, the children were insanely valuable and any mistake that lead to the injury or improper training of one of his charges could ruin him. But it was moments like these that made it all worth it.

He noticed a slight tightening around her mouth and eyes and figured he’d made her wait long enough. God, he loved them desperate and begging, but this wasn’t time for that. He wasn’t at home with one of his own, he was training an omega that could one day belong to the most powerful Alpha in the country. He took a breath and leaned down to run his thumb over the girl’s lips. Her sharp intake of breath went straight to his cock as he noted she still did not meet his eyes.

“Good omega.”

A full body tremor went through her at the praise. Headmaster smiled. Today was going to be a good day.







Emily fought to keep her shaking to a minimum. Must be good for Alpha. Students did not get a lot of interaction with Alphas until Preparation, but Emily had learned from a young age that all good things come through Alphas. Her job was easy. All she had to do was please her Alpha.

Alphas had to worry about how to run things and what decisions to make. Betas worked hard and kept things running smoothly. All an omega had to think about was pleasing her Alpha. If an Alpha was particularly pleased with their omega, they may even give them a life to grow. Receiving Life from an Alpha was the highest calling. Emily didn’t really know what that meant, but she was determined to be the best Omega she could.

Headmaster Alpha reached down and brushed her lips with his thumb and she couldn’t suppress a shiver.

“Stand up and follow me, Omega” His voice was like rich velvet and she hung on every word.

She stood up as gracefully as her uncooperative body would allow, and followed him out the door. She kept her eyes on his lower back and walked slightly behind him and to his right, but it didn’t stop her from looking at his body with a new appreciation. Everyone agreed Headmaster Alpha was an attractive man, but today she just wanted to rake her eyes over his body. But her training held strong and she kept her eyes where they were.

She followed him out of the building and her thin flats did little to protect her feet from the crunch of the gravel. She was glad for the discomfort, since her thighs brushing together with every step was driving her crazy. She felt a sensation growing between her legs, and she wanted more friction. The walking was not satisfying. She felt The Need blooming in her lower belly. Soon she told herself. Soon Headmaster will give you release. She licked her lips in anticipation.

They entered the Administration Building and she followed him into the elevator. She moved to stand behind him as she had been trained, but he stopped her. “Kneel next to me and place your head on my leg.”

She gladly complied, and he placed his hand on her head. The contact grounded her and she relaxed slightly. The elevator dinged as it passed each floor, but she couldn’t be bothered to count how many floors they went up. The door opened and Headmaster continued down the ornate corridor as Emily followed dutifully behind until they reached a huge wooden double door. Everything in this building was much fancier than the simple Omega Building. It took all her self control not to raise her eyes as they entered a large room dominated by a huge oak table. There were six other Alphas seated at the table.

An older, grey Alpha looked up as Headmaster came into the room. “Ah, Benedict. Is this the little omega that so desperately requires your attention?”

“Indeed,” He turned towards Emily and pushed her forward a bit with a hand on the small of her back.

Emily felt simultaneously intimidated and flustered. She had never seen this many Alphas in a room at once. The smell was heady and she fought to remember her training. She moved into Display. Standing tall with her back arched slightly, holding her arms at her sides and inclining her head to expose her neck. She was wearing the simple grey tunic that every omega in training wore, but she felt naked in front of them.

“She seems very well trained. You can barely tell she’s in Need.” Another gentleman at the table leaned forward to get a look at her.

Emily beamed internally and worked harder to Maintain.

Headmaster Alpha stood in front of her and asked, “Do you have something to ask of me, Omega?”

She tried not to sag with relief as she glided onto her knees into Supplication. “Headmaster Alpha, If it pleases you, I have The Need and beg for Release.”

Headmaster Alpha turned to the other men, “See? He’s going to love her.” The other Alphas nodded, obviously impressed. Emily remained in Supplication, trembling slightly. She could no longer fight The Need. She hoped it would please Headmaster Alpha to grant her Release soon.

“You will receive Release soon enough, little one. Follow me.” Headmaster turned towards his board members, “As you can see, I have some important business to attend to. I trust you can carry on without me?” The other Alphas nodded, but not without some envious looks.

Headmaster turned and left the room, with Emily following close behind. She barely noticed when they went through another door and ended up in a large office. Headmaster turned and faced her so abruptly she almost ran into him and she immediately stepped back and knelt in Hold.

“Good girl” Headmaster then unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, exposing his half hard member. “You’ve been taught what to do with this, yes?”

Emily kept her eyes downcast and answered in a small but clear voice, “Yes Alpha. We drink our breakfast out of simulators every morning.

“Omega, it pleases me to give the gift of Release. Do as you have been trained.”

Emily dove for his cock and sucked it greedily into her mouth, hands behind her back as she had been trained to do. Headmaster was a little larger than her morning simulator, but she did the best she could. As he hardened she kept taking him into her throat and swallowed him down. His proximity and smell was quieting the fire raging inside her, and when she tasted precum, she felt a cooling all over.

Since she could kneel, she had received her morning meal from a simulator. As she grew older, they increased her simulator size gradually until it was clear she could take a full sized knot. The motion and the fullness in her mouth was familiar to her, but the range of other sensations was overwhelming.

When Headmaster petted her head and praised her, she didn’t think the moment could get any better, aside from The Need that was intensifying inside her. She sucked and licked for all she was worth hoping it would be enough. Soon she could feel his knot begin to grow and she opened her mouth as wide as she could to allow it to catch behind her teeth. His hand tightened in her hair, pulling slightly, but she found that she enjoyed the feeling.

“Look at me.” Headmaster used her hair to tilt her head up. The idea of looking him in the eyes was foreign to her, but she did not want to make him tell her twice so she hesitantly looked up at him.

She’d never seen his face up close before, just snuck looks from afar. His dark, curly hair had fallen slightly into his face, and his eyes were dark with lust. The angular planes of his face made his green eyes stand out and his lips were full and sensual. With a low shout his knot caught fully, and she felt him pouring down her throat. Suddenly, blessed relief. Her body cooled and the itching sensation was gone. In its place was a high that sent her mind soaring into the sky and her body sagged as the tension left. Her stomach felt full and tight, fuller than after her morning meal, and she could feel him still pulsing into her.

She wished she could feel like this for the rest of her life. She had never appreciated not being in Need, and now that she had Release, she didn’t think she would ever take it for granted again. She struggled to breathe through her nose as her mouth stretched painfully over his knot, but all she felt was content.

Headmaster’s hand was still tangled in her hair, and she still looked up at him, as he hadn’t given her any other command yet. He breathed out, untangled his hand from her hair and pulled a chair over and sat down heavily.  This put her on her knees in between his legs with her hands behind her back as she waited for his knot to go down.

“Well done, little omega.” Headmaster ran his hand over her hair soothingly. “Well done.” Then he leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes as he continued to Release down her throat as she looked up at him obediently.


After some time, Headmaster opened his eyes and checked the clock on the wall. It had been about 15 minutes and his knot was starting to deflate. He looked down and noticed that she was still looking up at him. She really was something else. Her heart shaped face was flushed, a rosy blush on her high cheekbones. Her lips were puffy from abuse, stretched wide over his cock. Even with his knot deflating, his considerable cock filled her mouth completely.

“Do you like what you see, omega?”  He asked. He saw her wheels turn as she realized he wanted her to answer with him still in her mouth.

“Mmhmmm.” She responded and the sensation went straight to his groin. Headmaster petted her one last time then pulled himself out of her mouth.

“What do you say to an Alpha after he blesses you with Release?” He asked.

“I am forever grateful for blessing me with Release and allowing me to please you, Alpha.” The omega’s voice was a little hoarse, and it pleased him.

“How do you feel?”

She thought for a moment. “Odd, empty, relieved, happy, content” She furrowed her brow as if trying to make sense of the sensations.

“You please me, omega.” Headmaster smiled then moved behind his desk and sat down. He gestured under the desk. “I have work to do, and I need to make sure you don’t Drop, so kneel under the desk and Warm.”

Emily stood up, swayed a little then complied. Headmaster noticed the slight bump of her fully belly under her tunic. Excellent.

Emily found the space under the desk was roomy, and a kneeling pillow was already in place. Once she knelt down, Headmaster moved his seat into the desk and she rested her chin on the chair while she took him into her mouth and held. Warming had been taught with simulators, but this was the first time she had ever been asked to Warm a real Alpha. She felt her cheeks flush with pride and replayed all the times Headmaster Alpha had been pleased with her that day.

Alpha began typing and making calls and she just Maintained under the desk, riding out the high she had just been given. She was so lucky to receive so much from an Alpha. She basked in the afterglow. She had pleased him, he had told her so!

As she came down, she noticed that while she no longer felt The Need, there was a general feeling of want just under the surface and the sensation between her legs hadn’t gone away. She still felt a warmness  and an odd desire for…something. It was nothing like the intensity of Need, but she still felt unsatisfied. She pushed it to the back of her mind and tried to focus on how much she had pleased Headmaster. Her mind found its rhythm and she drifted.

Benedict was having a hard time focusing on his work. He just loved giving omegas their first Release. He looked forward to watching the video of the event. Maybe he would play it for Martin later. He could have their omegas watch, too. They never liked it when he took a personal interest in students. Of course, they were too well trained to act jealous, but he could tell.

He grinned to himself at the jealousy they would feel watching another omega please him. He liked keeping them needy and desperate and often came up with little competitions for them to vie for his attention. He sighed and looked at the clock. He would need to keep track of how frequently her Need came. The first week or so was always irregular, then it would even out to about twice a day.

 He sighed and called his partner. “Darling, an omega at work just came into her first Need and I’m going to have to spend the next few days or so here until she evens out.” Martin was understanding of course, and told him not to worry about the omegas at home. He’d care for them. They exchanged “I love you’s” and Benedict went back to work with a smile on his face. He was lucky to have such an understanding partner. Alpha/Alpha relationships were rare, but not unheard of. Whatever pleased an Alpha, as long as it didn’t harm another Alpha was acceptable. Not to mention, omegas were lovely, but often one craved companionship from an equal. He and Martin fit each other well. They fulfilled their need for physical intimacy with their omegas, and had an amazing partnership. He set the communicator down and began trying to focus on expense reports.